Nation Of Sickos: Should We Be Concerned About The Moral Collapse Of America?

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The Moral Collapse Of America - Photo by NazzzHow bad does it have to get before we admit that America is an absolute cesspool of filth and wickedness?  The horrific Navy Yard shooting that took place on Monday is yet another reminder that the thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted is rapidly disappearing.  At this point, nobody is fully safe anywhere in the United States at any time.  Sadly, the Navy Yard shooting was far from an isolated incident.  Every day, there are news reports that detail some of the most heinous crimes that you could possibly imagine.  In this article, you are going to read about incredibly disturbing things that sickos have done to animals, young children and elderly Americans.  The goal is not to entertain you.  Rather, I hope to spark a discussion about the moral collapse of America.  The United States has become a nation of perverts, sickos and psychopaths, and we need to ask ourselves some very honest questions about why this is happening.  No matter what other solutions we may come up with politically and economically, this country is not going to have any kind of a future unless we are able to address the moral decay that is rotting the foundations of this nation at an absolutely astounding pace.


Just recently, a beautiful little kitten named Hope was found near a dumpster in suburban Detroit.  According to the Huffington Post, experts believe that someone viciously tortured this precious little cat and set it on fire…

“We opened up the carrier and stood in complete shock,” said Laura Zain, founder of the nonprofit. “It was the worst thing I’ve ever seen in 25 years of doing this. I’ve never seen something so sadistic, ever.”

Emaciated, feverish, with pale gums and covered with fleas, Hope’s worst problem was deep, severe burns on her back, sides and ears.

“She absolutely was set on fire,” Zain said.

The veterinarian confirmed that Hope had been tortured and set on fire.

How sick and twisted do you have to be to do something like that?

There are other sickos out there that want to do absolutely nightmarish things to our children.

For example, just check out what one man in the Boston area planned to do

A Boston-area man, who was planning to kidnap children, lock them in a basement dungeon, rape and eat them, should be imprisoned for at least 27 years, federal authorities said in court documents filed this week.

Geoffrey Portway pleaded guilty in May to distribution and possession of child pornography and solicitation to commit a crime of violence, according to court documents. He is scheduled to be sentenced on September 17.

“Portway has pled guilty to some of the most vile and heinous crimes known to our society,” federal prosecutors wrote in a sentencing recommendation.

I am normally not squeamish when it comes to describing the evil that is overtaking our society, but what this monster was planning to do to children is so horrific that I cannot even include it in this article.

If you would like to read the rest of the CNN article, you can find it right here.

Are you convinced that we are a nation of sickos yet?

If not, perhaps reading what happened to a 93-year-old woman in Nebraska will persuade you…

In July, 93-year-old native Nebraskan Louise Sollowin was brutally murdered in the home she lived in for more than 70 years. She was beaten and raped, allegedly by a 19-year-old illegal immigrant from Mexico.

The following is how a local Iowa paper described the crime…

After being arrested Sergio, through an interpreter, reportedly admitted to beating and raping Louise. He said he had been drinking heavily and was “angry with women.” He stated he had been working as a roofer. The autopsy report listed “blunt force trauma, broken cheekbones, head injuries, broken teeth, broken ribs and a broken nose.” Sergio had never met the grandmother prior to the attack. The police report stated there was blood on “walls, floor, ceiling and bed.”

How far gone do you have to be to treat a 93-year-old woman that way?

Unfortunately, a lot of the time our only “help” comes from the police, and often they are some of the sickest ones of all.  In California, police officers routinely take injured dogs and cats out to the shooting range and shoot them

Animal lovers are questioning a policy where Merced Police officers take injured animals out to the police shooting range to kill them.

The penal code has been on the books for decades. Some officers say it’s the most humane thing you can do, while others call it barbaric.

Officers use deadly force to save the lives of others, but what about shooting severely injured dogs or cats found on the street?

And of course some of the worst sickos of all are walking the halls of power in Washington.  I have written dozens of articles about the corruption of our politicians, and now those same politicians want to start a war with Syria and use the U.S. military to help murderous jihadists that are loyal to al-Qaeda take over Syria.

The brutality of these so-called “rebels” knows no limits.  Just check out the following example from the Daily Mail

The sword rests briefly on his neck as a blindfolded man kneels under a clear blue sky.

Moments later, the executioner raises his right arm, slashes downwards and the prisoner is dead.

The whole barbaric episode is watched by a crowd of jeering men, many of them armed.

And sitting on a low wall only a few feet from where the wretched captive died so violently is a line of young boys.

They were still there as the dead man’s head was dumped on his body.

This is who Barack Obama wants us to be allied with?

This is who Barack Obama is sending weapons to right now?

As I noted the other day, these psychotic predators are ruthlessly murdering Christians, using chemical weapons and dismembering little girls.

But none of that bothers Barack Obama.

In fact, it has been announced that we are going to be giving even more help to these human monsters…

The US, UK and France have agreed to bolster Syrian rebels by providing more help, press Syria into delivering on its promise to hand over chemical weapons and seek an end to the conflict, which would involve ousting of President Bashar Assad.

It is hard to find words to describe how foolish that is.

But this is what is happening to our society.  We celebrate sin and we have almost lost all sense of what right and wrong are.

For instance, do you remember that disgusting performance that Miley Cyrus put on at the video music awards a while back?

Well, now ticket sales for her events are soaring.  Everyone wants to see her.

Fortunately, there are at least a few people out there that were willing to stand up and speak out against what they saw that evening.  The following are a few examples from some of the complaints that were sent to the federal government…

* “My family was horrified by this performance.”

* “She should be banned from all TV performances in the future!”

* Cyrus was “acting like a devil flicking that tongue as deamons do.”

* Cyrus engaged in “implied sexual acts with bears.”

* “The scars on our childrens minds cannot be easily erased.”

* Woman’s 10-year-old girl “was compelled to bury her head under the covers.”

* “Good heavens! I’m certainly no prude, but even I was shocked.”

* Cyrus appeared “under the influence of drugs or alcohol.”

* “Just disgusting and almost made me want to puke.”

* “As an educator I have to stand up and say, ‘Enough is enough.’”

But of course those comments represent the “lunatic religious fringe”, right?

Because these days America has no problem with performers such as Miley Cyrus.

In fact, we celebrate them.

Unfortunately, the truth is that Miley Cyrus is simply a reflection of what is happening to our families and to our society as a whole.

At this point, the family in America is in the worst shape that it ever has been before.  The following are just a few statistics that show this…

-More than half of the women under the age of 30 that are giving birth in America today are unmarried.

-For couples that have children that are just “living together”, two-thirds of them split up by the time they have a child turn 10 years of age.

-At this point, approximately one out of every three children in the United States lives in a home without a father.

For much more on this, please see my previous article entitled “27 Facts That Prove That The Family In America Is In The Worst Shape Ever“.

But of course not everyone is a sicko.

There are still some people out there that are trying to do the right thing.

Just consider the following recent example from the Boston area

A homeless man turned in a backpack with $2,400 in cash, $39,500 in travelers checks and a passport that he found at South Bay Mall in Dorchester.

Boston Police officers at South Bay Mall were flagged down by the man in front of the TJ Maxx Store.

The man said he found a black backpack that contained a large sum of money and a passport in the front of the store.

So what do you think?

Is there hope for America?

Please feel free to share what you think by posting a comment below…

  • Jodi

    Michael, this article up on the blaze: couple planned to have sex with children before the were born. yes society is sick.

  • Tatiana Covington

    There are no demons. There is nothing supernatural. There are only people who themselves are nothing but flesh and blood.

    As science has proved.

    • Jim Davis

      Science has not proved “there is nothing supernatural”. How can anyone prove a negative anyway?

    • Charles

      For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

      Science has NOT disproved Christ and never will…and don’t call me ignorant or try to spout off some scientific jargon because I have a PhD in biochemistry and an MD from one of the top medical schools in the nation.

    • Ricky Ross

      Boy oh boy are you in for a big surprise!

    • william mony

      Science hasn’t proved a thing. There is still time to repent. Use it was wisely and I will pray for you.


      • Hammerstrike

        You are an atheist troll.

        The belief that there is no God is really un-scientific, since there is no evidence to back that up. -)

    • usmcmailman

      you are a dumb azz!

      • Gay Veteran

        how christian of you

        • Vross

          As if you are in a position to judge what “Christian” even means.

          • Gay Veteran

            so you think calling someone a “dumb azz” is christian?

          • Vross

            Saying the truth is very Christian… and yes, you and she both appear to be dumbazz.

            Nor do I see him making any such claim to being a Christian.

          • Gay Veteran

            I’m sure Jesus would call someone a dumbazz, NOT

          • Hammerstrike

            In his view, Josuah himself was just as politically correct as he is.

            That includes not calling people stupid when they actually are stupid, because that hurts their precious feelings.

    • JAFO425

      Prophecy is supernatural! Take the time to look into biblical prophecy and learn how it was fulfilled to the very day God said it would happen. Even to day you see it fulfilled, the rebirth of Israel in a single day, the restoration of their language, the recapture of Jerusalam. All this was fortold thousands of yeas ago. God gave prophecy as yet another form of definititive evidence to prove His existence to an unbelieving world ……

      • Hammerstrike

        Nope, the joos themselves made that happen, with our money, tactics and technology.

    • Esther Plodowski

      Tatiana, some of those who reply below are correct, some are not. But Science cannot prove God does not exist – or that demons do not exist because science deals only with the physical realm. I pray the Lord will open your eyes to the truth – Charles, below, has the truth of it.

      • Kim

        I agree! Wind and electricity can’t be proven either. in a strictly scientific sense, wind and electricity are theories. Only their effects can be proven. Would anyone deny the existence of wind because it can’t be seen or proven? ? It’s not hard to see the effects of demonic thinking and desires of demons being carried out by humans for their enjoyment.

      • Hammerstrike

        The thing about mainstream science, it is very much incomplete, there are entities that shouldn´t exist but very much do.

    • Evvy J

      Science has proved practically nothing. God’s Holy Word is our guide for our life.

      • Gay Veteran

        said the person who is alive because of vaccines, modern medicine, modern sanitation, modern agriculture, etc.
        Yeah, things were soooooooo much better in the Dark Ages when religion was king and science barely existed.

        • charles

          I am alive because Christ gives me life everyday.

      • Hammerstrike

        You are just an “atheist” troll trying to make christians look bad, go suckle yourself off.

    • WM

      If you are correct, then the Bible is wrong, because it mentions many times the reality of demons.

  • Tatiana Covington

    As for the Navy Yard: one man with a .38 would have solved the problem by firing a bullet through that asshole’s useless head.

    Problem solved… FINALLY.

  • Nick

    We live in a modern day Israel. God will eventually punish a nation that becomes morally ruined, and America is getting there rather quickly.

    • Paul

      Modern Israel is a far better place than the U.S.A. for a family and raising children. Unfortunately many there like to emulate the American stupidity. Israeli’s must break away from American culture to maintain their superior moral values.

      • lilly

        perhaps its because we give 8.5 million in aid to Israel a day.

    • Dave

      Why is it a modern day Israel? I’m not hearing anything like this coming from Israel. I hear of women being brutally raped, honor killings, little girls being dismembered, men being beheaded and other sick things coming from modern day muslim countries but not from Israel. Also, a modern day sodom or gomorrah would have been apt. God doesn’t need to lift a finger, we will punish ourselves for a nation that has so lost it’s moral way will fall and die, slowly and painfully.

  • We are living below hell. In hell you only pay for your sins but in here the good guys suffer more…even if you remain honest all your life…you suffer more everyday….

    Its a trick…. be very very careful of the word called HOPE….Humanities biggest enemy is HOPE..This word just makes you go in circles….

    The AI that is ruling this planet is the master of deception…There are 2 programs that are running now on this planet…RA & TABOR

    Simply put..

    TABOR >> Good Cop

    RA >> Bad Cop

    For example, in the above article…90% was bad news but 10% was a single good news where a homeless man returns the money back…..You will always see these kinds of Hope surrounded by tragedy news ….This is a trick on your psyche to remain hopeful and maintain the status quo….You are led to believe…look not everything is bad….there is still some HOPE left for humanity….

    Now, After few days…You will again see 90% bad news and 10% good news..They want you to remain HOPEFUL of the future reading 10% good news….while they go around destroying everything……

    The 10% good news just does not do anything for larger problems at hand while giving us HOPE and make us do nothing….Its a DECEPTION…

    We need to look at the biggest picture…We need to be completely HOPELESS….HOPE is a weapon used to keep us enslaved…..There is nothing good going on….In the above good news…The man was homeless…how good can it be for him but it was made to look like good news for us…

    Once, we are completely hopeless and not get soft by reading 10% good news…The real solution will come…The spirit of fight & freedom will emerge in all of us…We all will be truly free once we are completely hopeless…..

  • NFL420

    Our moral bankruptcy preceded our financial bankruptcy.

    • NowAlive

      Astoundingly insightful remark.

    • Exodus Micah

      Fool. Financial bankruptcy is not the ruler of the heart. Financial prosperity just allows sinners to indulge more into their vices.

  • Colin

    Alexey Pushkov, a member of the Russian parliamentary foreign affairs committee, tweeted this message:

    “A new shootout at Navy headquarters at Washington – a lone gunman and 7 corpses. Nobody’s even surprised anymore. A clear confirmation of American exceptionalism.”

    Our nation’s exceptionalism is becoming seen by other nations as a pattern of self-destruction that has worn out its novelty.

  • Leah


    • laura m.

      The older a person is (retirement age) the more they see the hopelessness of America and it’s trashing morally, culturally, economical. Yep, the US has tumbled into the abyss to rise no more. I quit voting thirty years ago.

  • Ricky Ross

    Just as planned…

    The Communist Takeover Of America – 45 Declared Goals

    Communist Goals – Congressional Record – Appendix,
    pp. A34-A35 January 10, 1963

    (as read before Congress in 1963)

    #15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the
    United States.

    #21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion

    #24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling
    them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.

    #25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books,magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.

    #26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity
    as “normal, natural, healthy.”

    #27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion
    with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a “religious crutch.”

    #28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”

    #40. Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage
    promiscuity and easy divorce.

  • Ray

    what this article doesn’t talk about is why most of these problems exist specially the problems within the family well I will tell u in two words, WHITE MAN, yes that’s right the white man, he makes these stupid laws that has virtually destroyed the family, if u look at ur child the wrong way u can be charged with child abuse, look at the stand ur ground law somebody like a Zimmerman can go out and start some crap and if he is getting his tail whooped he has the right to kill u, police officers can beat the crap out of u and u better not even THINK about defending urself. This article also shows u the bigotry that is very much alive in this country, the person mentioned the naval shooting but no mention of the murder of the black guy by the cops the other day, every story was about a white person or a dang on animal, and yet we call ourselves a united states,get real.At the end of the the us luxury ship is sinking and I for one will shed no tear, this country at one time was blessing to live in but everyday it is becoming more and more a hell hole

  • Skrunklesthepig


  • Ybeyellow

    Has essaiv finally lost his lust for blood guts and gore. I think there’s is room for one final outburst of self anihalation.

  • Don_in_Odessa

    “America is an absolute cesspool of filth and wickedness? ”
    Not all of us are members in standing. But, the element always has been in our midst. It’s all just out of the “closet” now. I think the difference now is that we used to tolerate less than we do now. That is more Christian to live peaceably with all, is that right? But it does seem to hasten our demise.
    Perhaps that is not such a bad thing after all. Come quickly Lord Jesus.

  • Many of the teenagers who attended Rebecca Ann Sedwick’s funeral wore brightly colored ribbons and T-shirts to draw attention to the Internet messages they say convinced the 12-year-old that she was better off dead.

    Rebecca Sedwick / CBS

    The one message that her mother, Tricia Norman, cannot forget urged Rebecca Ann to kill herself.

    “‘You haven’t killed yourself yet,'” Norman recalled the message saying. “‘Go jump off of a building.'”

    And that is exactly what Rebecca did, her mother said.

    In the hours before Rebecca leaped from a tower, she said goodbye to her closest friends in online messages.

    • Hammerstrike

      Appeal to emotions… something I utterly loathe.

      Sad for her but no, just no. Darwin was right, ever read his book?

      Anyone dumb enough to kill themselves over insults on the internet have not much business living.

  • Bill

    Michael Snyder is a specialist in negative blogging, and while I no doubt believe these things all happened, there are good things that happen as well. Why sick minds would project out as a mass psychosis on everyone in America is something only a negative blogger would consider and post on the internet. No, these bad things should not be swept aside but let’s keep the damn thing in perspective.

    • Carlos Danger

      Typical Troll. Go to a website entitled: “Waking People Up And Getting Them To Realize That The American Dream Is Quickly Becoming The American Nightmare.” Then, criticize the perspective which, according to you should not be swept aside or discussed?

      From the article,

      “There are still some people out there that are trying to do the right thing.”

      • Hammerstrike

        Being sceptical is not always being objective.

    • Syrin

      I hope you give that speech to the DHS agent who comes to your house to take you and your family to your locally designated FEMA camp.

  • K

    As long as we use terms like sickos, crazies and other such terms, we miss the point. The darkness of evil is growing every day in this Country. Ignoring this fact, just makes it grow all the quicker.As to the Naval Yard shooter, yet another strange case. In the past this man in a rage, shot out the tires of another mans car. No charges filed. This man discharged a firearm in his apartment, the bullet went into a neighbors apartment. No charges filed. With this background, he got a high security clearance to work on the Naval Base. And just like all the other incidences lately. It starts out as multiple shooters involved. To finally be blamed on a lone gunmen. Yes nothing at all strange about this story.

  • usmcmailman

    We are already there !

  • tom

    Are people doing more crazy and sick things, are these things being reported more frequently, or is it a combination of both? I think that we are bombarded on a daily basis with advertising like “Just Do It” and “YOLO”. Themes like “you deserve this” and “we’re all winners” also play a part in my opinion too. No one says “NO” and there is very little delayed gratification anymore. We have gotten away from substance and instead seem consumed with style and status. That’s not what this country was ever about!

  • apeiron

    Swift public execution would get a lot of “sicko’s” attention; we’d be amazed at how restrained they could be.

  • Disgusting! They should have gotten the death penalty!

  • El Cid

    Great fan of your blogs Michael. I’m waiting for your book to come out on the NOOK, please hurry! ………..side note: Hi Gary

    • El Cid

      meant 2Gary2

  • look2thesky

    The mistake most people make is that america ever had any true morality in the first place – This country was built on the bones of the innocent – remember?
    Do you think any of the native inhabitants who were slaughtered in the name of “Manifest Destiny” were shown any moral uprightness?
    Any who think this is or ever was a “christian” nation needs to study the teachings of Christ, and learn that
    “Christ didn’t teach christianity – especially not the americanized versions of it – He taught the will of Elohiim”
    Turn off Fox news – get off your drugs – caffiene, alcohol, tobacco, prescriptions, illegals – and possibly you’ll start to see things as they truly are – america never was a morally upright nation and is bound to “reap what it has sown” –

  • Syrin

    Look at the collapse of every major society and what you will see is that the moral decline preceded all other events. The US is no different.

    • Hammerstrike

      The current moral decline is deliberate, what do you know of cultural marxism?

  • DJohn1

    “Is there hope for America?”
    The only hope America has is to get back to the basics.
    One of those basics is to Love the Lord your God with all Your Heart and all of your Soul.
    That also means not supporting any politician that shows any sign of corruption. The first LIE should be the last LIE that politician ever makes in public. Vote them out of office at the first opportunity.
    Following the basics of ethics and morales clearly put forward by the BIble might be a start.
    Our ancestors were a lot wiser than we are. They said to NOT get entangled with foreign wars.
    Basically they remained neutral. But our leaders think otherwise. What has it got them?

    The police in any local area can tell you all about the sickos. They deal with it on a daily basis. There is a time every month when every lunatic in the country appears to come out. Usually it is between around the 22nd to the 26th of the month.
    We have to change the rules. We have to put “justice” back in the court system or the appearance of justice. The adversary nature of our courts is part of the problem.
    The only way I know that will bring us back to our former greatness is to follow the principles laid down by our ancestors. Those that don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat history.

    • Hammerstrike

      The hope is the same hope as back in 1776, secession.

  • Carlos Danger

    Gun free zone = shooting gallery.

  • Clee White

    Anomia, Greek word, translated = lawlessness. Because Satan has a firm grip on planet earth at the moment there is a spirit of lawlessness covering it. When one thinks of lawlessness they may consider it to mean breaking the law (burglary, murder, assault,etc.) but the Greek translation means “without the laws of God”. The communist regime that has overtaken this country from within has systematically stripped God from every public arena possible. Those of us who know the Lord understand that they can never take it from us. Those who do not know the Lord are under anomia…a spirit of lawlessness.

    Pray for the lost, especially those within your own family and circle of friends, we are approaching midnight and must have our houses in order!!! Read Psalms 91 daily!!!

    • Evvy J


  • Rumplestitlskin

    There were crowding experiments done with rats which proved that overcrowding produces all sorts of psychological abnormalities.

    What you are finding out about the human animal has nothing to do with a moral decline as you understand it, but with the psychological affects of overcrowding. The more crowded we become the more our altruistic natures take a hit, because of the overload of competition.

    It is an animals way of getting rid of the competition in a very loose sense. Humans are just now coming to grips with that nature, and are finding it hard to understand how we can do the things we do to each other.

    Morals are an aspect of our ability to reason. Reasoning takes brains, but with the dumbing down of our population by its education system and the psychological manipulation of our emotions by advertizing and marketing as well as Public Relations, it becomes doubly difficult to reason.

    This has nothing to do with morals handed down by God, but by what we inherently understand about our altruistic natures, coupled with the need for nurturing and feeding our young.

    • Evvy J

      But if our morals do come from God and we abandon them then we are giving in to morals and lusts of another entity, either our own or from another. Therefore, we abandon the love that was first given to us. Romans 1: through the rest of the chapter reinforces this.

  • Joel

    Happy late B’day Joyce J.

  • We are doomed.

    • Kim

      Not really:

      Ps 37:34

      “Hope in Jehovah and keep his way. When the wicked ones are cut off, you will see it.”

      Humans reflect a deep sense of justice, as we are made in God’s image. We long for justice. This is why God will allow those hoping for justice, to see it first hand, when it’s carried out righteously. I live for the day we all see true justice!!!!!

  • Mr. Brabus

    i agree with alot of ur points. our cat gave birth to 5 adorable kittens on 7/7 i cant imagine if something lik that were to happen to them….but in my personal prefrance i still like the sexual stuff tho makes life exciting lol

    • Kim

      THis comment should be deleted. IMO.

    • ducrider900

      this idiot is a prime example of the problem…

  • Kim

    I remember studying the scriptures about the last days about 20 years ago and thinking, – it can’t get any worse-. Yet here we are, worse than I would have ever imagined. It won’t be long, God will intervene. There is biblical precedent and prophecies. He will fix this.

    Ps 37 10 And just a little while longer and the wicked one will be no more. You will certainly give attention to his place, and he will not be. But the meek ones will possess the earth and they will find their exquisite delight in the abundance of peace”

    Won’t that be a wonderful time!!! Something to look forward to! :-)

    • angeldays

      Thank you for that. It is a great promise =)

      • Kim

        My pleasure! And thanks michael for providing the printed page to get a message across!

    • Charles

      This lifted my heart on a day when I needed it most. What a great promise we have in His return!

    • eddie333

      I think the same thing, Kim. Thank you for sharing that scripture. Abundance of peace! It will truly be a wonderful time and for eternity.

    • Dave

      We’re a long way from that. First it will get a lot worse, people will be prosecuted and put to death for their faith and testimony. The world will digress to a state that is so bad the Jesus Himself said nothing has ever been before so bad nor will it ever be again, that if it were not stopped there would be no flesh left to save.
      The mark will be given and those who refuse will be put to death. There will be a time after antiChrist’s betrayal when men will beg for death but it will elude them. There will be exponential starvation, more than a third of the world’s population will die off. There will be fires and a drying up of the world’s waters. Throughout all of this God does not intervene until it gets so bad that were it not stopped there would be no flesh left to save.
      And what happens when the meek possess the earth? The ‘meek’ are some of the most brutal and cruel of all. We just don’t always hear of it because, now, they have no power. Most of all the people written about in the article are meek.
      Look at when the Psalm you cited was written. The evil one still is. This ‘little while’ must be from God’s perspective because from man’s perspective it’s a pretty darn long time since that was written and the the evil one is not yet gone.
      It’s a nice something to look forward to, but if you are not prepared for what is to come before that then you will fall and never see it.

    • TrueMor

      why wait? wouldnt you rather start today and help society. Most ppl wont even read the post you just posted. God may intervene, but are you willing to just sit around and let the world burn. shoot what if one of these criminals comes at you in an hour from now? then what will you do ? pray?

  • JG

    We live in a “good” neighborhood in California. The high school my kids go to I went to 30 years ago, it is now a freak show. Run down, filled with the most horrible children, raised by the most horrible parents, run by the most vile of humans. My wife calls them all liberals, but I always tell her this is not liberalism, it is barbarianism.
    My neighbors are all Obama lovers, they are all paper pushers, with no real skills, no matter what they love the government, we do not even talk anymore, they are zombies, it freaks me out.
    America is dead. Hip Hop, illegal Mexicans, “liberal” socialism, printing money, terrible monster children, homosexual everything…………And to think I used to think of myself as liberal, my God!

    • Jim Davis

      That’s a typical Obama lover. A parasite. Government job. No useful skills. Possibly “educated” but ignorant to reality. Perhaps holding a worse-than-useless degree, in feminist studies, African studies or other such tripe. Modern Liberalism = Parasitism. These people are “all in” with the welfare state. Not just Cali but most everywhere now. They think it will last. It will only last as long as the producers let it.

    • rjnvpn

      Wow. There definitely is something in the air and it is everywhere. No doubt in my mind that things have really changed for the worst and it will get even worse.

  • Juridiccus

    As the prophet Isaiah said: “the flowers fade and the grasses wither, but the Word of God endures forever.” There is both wisdom and hope in this statement. The reason the Word endures is that it presents a timeless truth. If we but turn back and embrace that truth there is great hope for America. But, God has required that we make that choice. Because of his great love for all of creation, he allows us to make our own choices, even if they are destructive. It is time for us to recognize that we have the choice to return to a society in which we respect each other’s rights and put others before our own selfish motives. When we do, there is hope that the depravity will end.

  • Joe Shmo

    I agree. Very strange “facts” being presented to the sheeple.

  • Marc

    As God’s Word says “in the Last Days men will wax worse and worse”.

  • patrick


  • bill

    the people here are totally toast, and the people of our nation who have lived under freedom will now enter into sub jugation because of there filthy degeneracy, sodomite marriages, and the murdering of unborn children. millions will die here in the U.S. and that includes many of you sick and mentally ill liberal democrats, you are going down and your God Obama cant stop it or help you, because he will have to flee the U.S. very shortly with his pants down and he better pray to his little god Satan that he makes it to Hawaii.

    • Gay Veteran

      hey bill, how many unwanted babies have YOU adopted? none? then STHU

    • Carlos Danger

      Seems you struck a nerve with the Gay one below. The Sodomite part I believe.

      You don’t have to adopt children to be pro-life any more than you are required to kill an unborn child to be pro-choice. By the way, what would the baby choose? Life of course!

  • seth datta

    The perpetrator was suffering from organised stalking and electronic harassment. He was not in the right state of mind. He was a victim too. Look it up to find out more.

    • Lou Reed

      That was my first thought, too. I am a target and a former PSYOP soldier. A lot of the male targets seem to have military backgrounds and have held security clearances. All the better to get our records, entire life history, and to build a profile on us…

      Today, I see the MSM reporting that “he heard voices.” V2K, baby! The targets who can no longer endure the torture and eventually lash out, are just as expendable as the victims of their forced “crimes.” Human life and the sanctity of the mind mean nothing to the people running this program.

      The really scary thing is, when they start doing this to “nobodies” like you and I, ANYONE can be next. And many WILL be next. I hope people wake up in time to stop these cowardly sociopaths, but I have my doubts. Still, the truth WILL come to light, and pure evil will be held accountable, in this life or the next!

    • Hammerstrike

      Electronic harassement?

      Someone wrote bad things about him on the internets? Yeah, he is a victim!

  • Evvy J

    If we as Christians here in America, continue to ignore The Lord and try to solve these plagues with man made rules, laws or projects, we will ultimately fail. We the Christian people have to take time out everyday to pray for our country, people and children, even the aborted ones. These abortions have to STOP. We simply have to have a conscience about it and for the prayers for our great nation.
    2Ch 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble
    themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked
    ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and
    will heal their land. This prayer was placed on my heart several years ago for this nation and it is relevant today as it was back then. Come on Christians, pray like we have no tomorrow because we may not if we don’t change our attitudes about The Lord.

    7:15 Now mine eyes shall be open, and mine ears attent unto the
    prayer that is made in this place.
    America has a heart problem and this call from God for America to
    revival is from this prayer. I have seen it on a few sites but not
    that many. We need to get this out to all that will accept and do as
    The Lord has instructed us to do. Not just for America either but for
    the lost world. WE MUST DO THIS, IT’S THE ONLY WAY!

    • blackciti_fo5


  • Jonathan


  • Arizona

    THE christain people stood by and watched as the devil worshippers ,THREW THE LORDS TEN COMMANDMENTS OUT OF AMERICA,not a single one said,WHAT WILL WE USE FOR LAW IF THIS IS ALLOWED,answer,everyone will do their own thing,get ready to see hell america,YOUR GOING TO HAVE YOUR WISH GRANTED,”BY THE MOST HIGH” never wish for something you really don’t want,the LORD might give it to you,AMERICA CAN’T BE FIXED.its to late now….whats going to come on america NOW,is beyond your most HORRORIFIC NIGHTMARES,and there won’t be many survivors either……………….

  • Arizona

    WANT TO KNOW THE FUTURE OF AMERICA,I’ve seen it ,along with other servants of the most high,RUBY,at rubys table talk,has too,steve quayle,greg evenson,nathan leal,nani9,weather bill,Jack johnson and a hundred others have been shown the future,look for them on the net,THE LORD is making sure ALL his children are aware of coming events,IF YOU CARE???and I can tell you,IF you don’t now,YOU WILL SOON………………….

  • Elaine Perkins

    No hope UNTIL JESUS CHRIST returns. If you know the scripture in our Holy Bible, you recognize that America and the world has become what the Holy Word says will happen in the last days. These are the Last Days. America is Sodom and Gomorah.

  • Mary Brown

    I no longer go anywhere unarmed, small pistol is easy to carry hidden and nobody will know.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    As The Banana Republic of America slides deeper and deeper into the Third World fascist abyss, you’re going to see the country become increasingly hellish in many different ways: more corruption in government, widespread poverty, violent crime left and right, more mental illness, a decaying infrastructure, an intrusive police state, more police corruption, DEA thugs killing innocent people, bizarre and dangerous cults becoming more prominent, debtors prisons that will be every bit as filthy and squalid as the prisons in Peru or Panama, plummeting life expectancy for most of the population. The ultra-rich minority will live in gated communities with armed bodyguards just like the ultra-rich minority in Honduras or Paraguay, but if the thugs and kidnappers pay off their bodyguards, they’re on their own. And good luck getting help from la policía. In many Third World hellholes, los policía are even more dangerous than the kidnappers and carjackers.

    Welcome to life in a filthy Third World hellhole. The worst is yet to come.

  • lucille rothstein

    Why do you have to throw in the illegal aspect of the One guy in there? All the others were better because they belonged here? It just brings out division in the psyche of people. I have seen Christians loose their composure over a piece of paper(Birth Certificate/Social Security #) that says that you are a member of Babylon(America) If the laws were followed by all none of it would be as it is. But no one follows any of them. Especially the very laws that God himself gave us to follow. This nation has become a habitation of devils. It will end, it is written. Anyone that cries for it or turns back to look at it as it falls will be lost with it. Someone below me stated that America was never a Christian nation. Some truth to it. There was a large percentage of good Christian people. Not all of them were though, all you have to do is take a stroll in an old cemetary and look at all the Masonic obelisks, and symbols on the headstones. They were worshipping devils under the guise of Christianity. The bible states that God abhors the Obelisk(Washington monument). I can go on and on, but you need to look it up yourselves to know that we live in a nation that has been in spiritual warfare(True Christians against all manner of darkness from all sides) The end is here because their is way fewer of us now. You might think different on Sunday mornings when you watch TV and see all those Mega churches with thousands of people sittting around listening to the prosperity teachers(whole other subject) but we are in the last days and we are about to enter a time when you will be alone with your thoughts and won’t want to share the gospel with others because you could end up in jail or dead. You can loose your job now, that has happened to me, for sharing the love of God with others at work. I am sure that eventually they will consider me a nut and either place me in a looney bin or a FEMA camp. Both will end the same with me in a government coffin buried in a mass grave along with others like myself. God is my judge and I will stand on the word of God and state ” Jesus Christ is Lord and he loves you and wants you to have abundant life. Choose God. God bless you if you hate the world and choose not to be it’s friend.

  • Gay Veteran

    Half Of Syrian Rebels Are Jihadists Fighting For Al Qaeda-Linked Groups, British
    Defense Study Finds

  • Gay Veteran

    you’re posting the same old garbage

    • Ricky Ross

      You call it garbage and I call it reality…but either way, it is the TRUTH!

  • im4truth4all

    An anthropologist by the name of J.D. Unwin initiated a study with the premise that marriage as not necessary and possibly even detrimental to the development of great societies. At the end of this study he completely reversed
    his hypothesis.

    “Perhaps the definitive work on the rise and fall of civilizations,”writes Fitzpatrick, “was published in 1934 by Oxford anthropologist J.D. Unwin”:

    In “Sex and Culture,” Unwin studied 86 human civilizations ranging from tiny South Sea island principalities to mighty Rome. He found that a society’s destiny is linked inseparably to the limits it imposes on sexual expression and that those sexual constraints correlate directly to its theological sophistication and religious commitment.

    Unwin noted that the most primitive societies had only rudimentary spiritual beliefs and virtually no restrictions on sexual expression, whereas societies with more sophisticated theologies placed greater restrictions on sexual expression, and achieved greater social development.

    In particular, cultures that adopt what Unwin dubbed “absolute monogamy” proved to be the most vigorous, economically productive, artistically creative, scientifically innovative and geographically expansive societies on earth.

    The following are grave words for the USA that come from noted Harvard sociologist Pitirim Sorokin who was personally requested by the president of Harvard University to accept a position there. At Harvard, he founded the Department of Sociology. He found no culture surviving once it ceased to support marriage and monogamy. None.

    Now we can do a basic analysis of marriage in the USA. Current illegitimacy rates are as follows:

    Black 73%

    Hispanic 53%

    White 29%

    for an overall rate of 41%. Currently the rate of illegitimacy for women of all races under 30 is 53%.

    “Once a society departs from a social norm of absolute marital monogamy, social chaos ensues within three generations.” — Anthropologist Joseph Daniel Unwin

    Some statistics from single parent families:

    – Graduate from high school less frequently

    – Suffer more addictions

    – Suffer more abuse

    – Twice as likely to become an alcoholic

    – Three times more likely to have a baby out of wedlock

    – Five times more likely to commit suicide

    – Five times more likely to fall into poverty

    – Twelve times more likely to be incarcerated.
    It takes no genius to see where we are headed – I personally think we have passed the point of no return.

    • jhunted7667

      What people don’t tend to realize,, or do realize but don’t talk about it because it would cut back on the behavior is disease ,, during that period of time where people strayed from Monogamy was probably had the highest incidence of Sexual transmitted diseases and violence , but to associate Sexual deviance and promiscuity with disease they would have to admit to a corrective force , which would lead them to God , God I think designed Marriage as a way to not only to procreate but to build bonding of behavior of the same type and functional relationships based on trust , for instance my network is continually being hacked by male 2 legged dogs seeking to manipulate around me with different women for sexual gratification which upsets me great
      but the Bible says that those dogs will either be driven from the land or slain , so soon they will be no more , so the case with the deviates of society , it’s sad that the innocent will suffer too , but studies are only good as a learning tool after the fact , the Bible is the only pre-emptive book I know of to solve problems before they arrive

  • poptoy1949

    Let’s do the math. I have a friend that owns a company. He needed a new crew of 10 people that would make up his new crew. Now remember that jobs are few. He picked the 50 best resumes from his files. Informed all 50 to show up at a certain time. It happened to be all at the same time on a certain day. 50 people showed up. He had them all in the parking lot of his main office complex. He told them if they wanted the job to follow him in his vehicle down to the place where they do basic drug screening. Those that passed the drug screen would be considered for the job. When they got there only 30 people showed up. So that means that 20 dropped out of the parade somewhere along the way. They tested all 30. When all was said and done 10 people passed the drug screen. So 10 out of 50 were found to be clean. 1/5 or 20 % . Moral Decay? Moral Crisis? When our churches are as empty as they have been for the last 20 years and drug use is at a level you could only dream about in 1968 combined with the continued long over looked Alcohol Problem in this Country would you not think we are down a road of Moral Decay? Where I come from we have a saying about people when they get into some sort of trouble. “To much Saturday Night and not enough Sunday Morning.” For those of you that find this post offensive I do not apologize.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    As dangerous as the BRA is becoming, there are some clueless people who believe we need to disarm Americans and do away with the 2nd Amendment. My response to such insanity: if you outlaw guns, only cops and criminals will have guns.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      “Am I in favor of guns? You bet. Do I
      own them? You bet I do.”—Gerald Celente

      “These are Gerald Celente’s three Gs:
      gold, guns and a getaway plan.”—Gerald Celente

      “We’re sandwiched between authoritarian government and street thugs.”—Alex Jones

      “In the L.A. riots, the Korean stores were the ones that didn’t get looted. The Koreans got together, sat on top of their shops, and they defended their keep. And more power to them.”—The Patriot Nurse

      “You know the guy who shows up for an important event in sandals, sweatpants and a stained t-shirt? That is us. We are only a shadow of what we once were as a nation, and we desperately need to change course.”—Michael T. Snyder

  • Bruce Wayne

    not much of our world is any better….The middle east is a place where very high moral standards ( No TV drama’s, no porn, and laws against fornication and gambling) are enforced and yet the place is filled with barbarism and violent war after war

  • Troyw1974

    No, we’re on a down hill slide. It only gets worse from here

  • Paul

    They already are changing the TEN COMMANDMENTS. For instance: Thou shall not MURDER to thou shall not KILL to Thou shall not DEFEND YOURSELF. All western Judeo/Christian values are under attack; private property, marriage, family, respect for other people all being destroyed. But what do you expect from this Communist government. The Obama agenda is to destroy the U.S. and he is succeeding brilliantly!
    Be ready and keep your powder dry.

  • Harbinger

    There’s no hope for not just America but the rest of the west to boot. Moral and cultural relativity have set in and there’s nothing THAT WILL BE DONE to stop the rot.
    If you wanted to stop the inevitable from happening it would mean removing the msm, academia, politics, the judiciary etc from the current hands they’re in.
    It would mean doing exactly what Hitler do in order to stop the cesspit from growing that was the Weimar republic after WW1. It would mean removing (exiling) prominent members of those ‘in high positions of power’. from the USA and the west.
    Society will get worse and worse as it’s been planned to become.

    • Hammerstrike

      No, the moral of the cultural-marxists/liberals is certainly not relative, they only want ours to be relative.

      Exactly, Hitler and his acolytes won that battle, they wrestled power from the “weimar” plutocracy and international banking, mind you, they didn´t have the internet.

      What is needed are political soldiers and even more, leaders to coordinate those opposing this engineered ethical/moral collapse.
      Do what Hitler and his followers did to smash the system, we´ll soon have our own October 1929, maybe not all of the west will be taken back but bastions can be secured.

      • TedHewlett

        Hammerstrike and Harbinger do not seem to have read history, or there is something drastically wrong with their moral judgement. Hitler was not an answer to moral degeneracy (which certainly existed in the Weimar Republic as it exists in the West today). Hitler WAS a moral degenerate. The violence of his regime towards its minorities culminating in the gas chambers and the arrogance of that regime marked a new low in 20th Century history.

        • Hammerstrike

          On the contrary, unlike you, I actually grasp history´s basic lessons.

          I see that Hitler´s tactics and ruthlessness won the day against the system and I rather try to keep my beef with some of his policies from blinding me to that realization.

          I also see that your “morality” is naught but falsehood and cheap propaganda.

          I see that even in your mind, you are a slave of the system, the tool of the sociopaths in power today.

          Violence is no “moral degeneration”, rather your “morality” is what is degenerate, contradicting nature, namely the origin of species through the means of natural selection.

          fc05.deviantart.n e t/fs70/f/2010/334/a/e/natural_selection_by_torture_device-d33y2tv.j pg

          Don´t bring up religion, whever it is Vishnu or Jesus who is in charge, violence is approved by whatever higher powers ruling those world and directing humans lives.

          • TedHewlett

            Merciless tactics and sheer power have often won the day (temporarily). But after winning the day, what sort of regime will result. In the case of Hitler a morally degenerate government that was much worse than the degeneracy of the society it replaced.
            To say you have a beef with some of Hitler’s policies is pretty mild criticism. What policies? Persecution of the Jews, disregard of the rule of law, masses sent to gas chambers. Do you, I wonder, recognize the evil of these or just have a mild beef with them?
            Social Darwinism, the acceptance of violence as a determining principle of human action, the recognition of no standards other than the “law of the jungle” can only lead to a society that is truly degenerate when all moral standards have been abandoned.

          • Hammerstrike

            How many joos he had put into the chamber of secrets, flushed down toilet or fed to German shepherds is irrelevant to as how he beat the “weimar” plutocrats and their schemes 9 years prior.

            And correct if I am wrong, but wasn´t there some circa 20 millions civilians deaths in the Soviet-Union and 20 millions in China?

            Why are the lives of these joos so much more important than those of Serbians, Poles, Russians, Chinese, Greeks, Romanians etc? Because they win the victimhood Olympics?
            Although, all that does point out to how far he and his acolytes went.

            National-Darwinism is objective reality, how things are
            and work, 2+2=4.
            Ignoring reality is not “morality”, it is
            dellusion, 2+2=5.

            Your ”morality” gets even more deadly and
            counter-productive because it has been carefull constructed/influenced by
            sociopaths who makes the current paradigm running, constructed with the objective of luring the masses in complacency and apathy, to retain power with the least amount of efforts and skills necessary to do so.

            Really making the populace choose reassuring lies, trust
            and weakness over wits and fortitude. Doesn´t matter if the chocolate ratios
            are just rectangular dog schlog with a coat of chocolate, they got the best system there is, democracy!

            These ”leaders” allows their own minions, like Ambassador
            Stevens, to be gang-raped and murdered because doing so is what is most convenient
            to them.

            Yet, they get re-elected barely 2 months later, an
            election riddled with frauds by both parties but the party that comitted the
            most frauds is the one that is victorious and the populace accepts that.

            They start military campaigns (such pathetic efforts
            should not be called war) on blatant lies and then proclaime innocence when
            those lies are cleary and thoroughly exposed, they fund Islamic guerillas,
            nothing but feral subhumans who butcher christians and shias every single day
            in Syria now, give these Islamists a massive arsenal and had been organizing
            the overthrow of the Syrian and Libyan governements long before 2011 but even as they pretended to
            offer peace.

            Even beyond that, they lead their peoples into ruin, into
            a wasteland of unfulfilled potential.

            Yet, these maggots are allowed to fester and expand the wound, as long as ”people” can have their precious ”normal life”, thought that part is getting harder and harder now.

            Rule of law? Haha, no such thing, except if you got soneone´s boot on your neck! Or in Saddam´s case, a rope…
            Those making it have been spitting on it time and time again for all to see.

            The current paradigm is the consequence of that ”morality”, what it offered is naught but a pool of putrid, stagnant filth.

  • SantosGarcia
  • Hammerstrike

    That´s cultural marxism and “diversity” for you!

  • Hammerstrike

    If democracy and humanity solved anything, the entire world would have become one big utopia by now.

    National-Socialism is the answer.

  • New_Con

    Bashar Al Assad is a bigtime sicko, have you seen what he did in gassing children? That sick bastard needs to beput out of his misery!

  • concern

    If you are a Christian, go all out for God. Do what you can to put God in the schools, workplace, and government. We can save this country and we better hurry. There is something going to come upon our country soon.

  • Harold Smith

    I see the “Navy Yard shooting” as a case of “what goes around comes around”. The illegal, immoral actions of the “U.S. government” have put us all at risk. The criminality of the “U.S. government” being obvious to the whole world, anyone today who supports U.S. government militarism, e.g., by working at a military base, is morally defenseless against an attack – even an attack by a “lone nut”.

  • ZombieDawg

    As much as one might want to make all these events look like symptoms of a sick modern society, the informed among us know that these events and FAR worse have been happening throughout history. One need only look at the games of the Roman empire to see things you won’t learn in history books or in school. Things that would probably get censored here if I tried to post them.
    No..we do indeed have a sick society and indeed a sick race as a whole on many levels. Nothing will change until a major evolutionary leap occurs and that looks to be increasingly remote given the almost brain-dead zombiefied person of the modern world.
    Don’t look to blame others when you are part of the cause.
    Don’t look for solutions when you are unwilling to make personal changes to implement those solutions.
    Don’t expect politicians to give a damn about you or your problems. They don’t care.
    You want a better life? Then you go out and make it happen.

  • thinker

    What would happen if we became a neutral country, only fighting if war came to our shores?

  • thinker

    What if every country did the same?
    The fear we would have to conquer as a species would then become our greatest challenge.

  • madelene

    I like how you ended a heinous list of crimes with the Miley Cyrus performance at the VMAs, as if their equatable. I’m no fan of Cyrus but you cannot blame all bad things that are going on in the US to changing social norms in terms of family units. My mom raised me a single parent and I’m fine. Better than fine. Barack Obama was raised by a single mom and look where he is: running one of the most powerful nations in the world. This article is bias and very flawed.

    • Arizona

      GEE madelene,you forgot something ,OBOOZO is also a demon from hell and plans to murder everyone in america,HIS mom,is also the cousin of the queen whore drug dealer of england,another demon from hell,and besides america AIN’T the most powerful nation anymore,BUT it is a nation of depraved child killers….and yes the current leader is the most depraved leader the worlds ever seen.and soon everyone will learn just what depraved really means………………

  • 2Gary2

    tax the rich spread the wealth

  • Mikhail

    Adam Lanza…….Jewish. Columbine Trenchcoat Mafia…….Jewish. Jared Lee Loughner…….Jewish. Ted Kazinski……..Jewish. Most of Obama’s Cabinet & S.P.C. appointments……Jewish. Most Senators & Congressman/women supporting gun control for Americans………Jewish. First head of Homeland Security………………(Russian) Jewish. “Failed” banks on Wall Street that sold worthless derivatives to America’s pension funds KNOWING THEY WERE WORTHLESS ALL ALONG……Jewish. Hollywood, where the demeaning of various peoples and races originates in America……Jewish. Ownership of ALL slave ships that brought captured Africans to America……..Jewish. Onwership of 90% of American media by 6 families……(Wall Street) Jewish. Only tribe in existance today that hasn’t renounced blood sacrifice…….Jewish. Please search any and all.

  • Hope

    I was away at the Feast of Tabernacles – an 8 day festival that is commanded in the Bible. Anyway, I didn’t go on the Internet the whole Feast, nor watch TV (by choice and some by circumstance). I was able to get away from the problems of the world for 8 days, and focus on God’s plan of salvation for ALL people and enjoy fellowship with brethren.
    Now I’m back in the world, and have to be confronted with all this garbage.
    May Christ return soon!

  • eric.

    I completely agree that America is falling apart. I know that America still has millions of good people that will attempt to stem the tide. Whether or not “good” or “bad” prevails is highly dependent on every single individual. I for one will fight. I may not win, but I will still fight.

  • Arizona

    IS THIS a cartoon show?or is everyone that decieved?THE dog and pony show is over,get close to the Lord,ITS time for the main event,NO matter WHO you think you are,YOU start killing anyones children,AND it don’t matter if they are on the other side of the planet,THEY WILL FIGURE OUT A WAY TO COME HERE,and they are here, in force,MY job is to warn you of the coming of the sword,and tell you to repent,YEA I’ve seen whats coming and personally I think america deserves everything thats about to happen to them,STUPID is no excuse for what americans have glady done in other countries,NOW ITS YOUR TURN,your ALL leaving this world soon,call on the LORD,repent of your sins and be saved,OR keep doing what your doing and find out,WHERE HELLS AT,cause oboozos about to punch your ticket for home………….

  • claudius

    Let all the poisons lurking in the mud “HATCH OUT”