Member Of Congress: It’s Easy ‘To Manipulate A Nation Of Naive, Self-Absorbed Sheep’

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Sheeple - Photo by Andrew R TesterYou may not believe the incredible things that one member of Congress is saying about the corruption of our political system and the gullibility of the American people.  In a brand new book entitled “The Confessions of Congressman X“, one anonymous member of the U.S. House of Representatives confesses that he hardly ever reads the bills that he votes on, that his main job is to get reelected, and that it is “far easier than you think to manipulate a nation of naive, self-absorbed sheep who crave instant gratification”.  This book is being published by Mill City Press, and it is being billed as “a devastating inside look at the dark side of Congress as revealed by one of its own.”  I don’t know if you would classify this anonymous member of Congress as “brave” since he does not wish to reveal his identity, but the things that he is admitting confirm suspicions that many of us have had for a very long time.  Just check out a few of the most important quotes from his book…


-“Most of my colleagues are dishonest career politicians who revel in the power and special-interest money that’s lavished upon them.”

-“My main job is to keep my job, to get reelected. It takes precedence over everything.”

-“Fundraising is so time consuming I seldom read any bills I vote on. Like many of my colleagues, I don’t know how the legislation will be implemented, or what it’ll cost.”

-“Voters are incredibly ignorant and know little about our form of government and how it works.”

-“It’s far easier than you think to manipulate a nation of naive, self-absorbed sheep who crave instant gratification.”

-“It’s about getting credit now, lookin’ good for the upcoming election.”

-“We spend money we don’t have and blithely mortgage the future with a wink and a nod. Screw the next generation.”

That last quote made me want to tear my hair out.

This is exactly what I have been saying for years.

One of the things that will really get me ranting is the national debt.  Since Barack Obama entered the White House, we have been stealing an average of more than 100 million dollars from future generations of Americans every single hour of every single day.

What we are doing to future generations of Americans is beyond criminal.  In a just society, a whole lot of our politicians would be going to prison over this.  And now this anonymous member of Congress is openly admitting that they understand precisely what they are doing.

And in the quotes above you can see the contempt that our career politicians have for the American people.  They know that society has become so “dumbed-down” that it is easy to trick and manipulate most of the population.  And they are also very well aware that the key to staying in office is raising as much money as possible.  In fact, according to the Washington Post the candidate that spends the most money wins 91 percent of the time.

So that is why these Congress critters spend as much time as possible raising money.  If they want to keep their jobs, that is what they need to do.  Whether they actually do any good for their constituents is basically immaterial.  If you want to read more of what this particular anonymous member of Congress has to say, you can find the book right here.  I think that because of these revelations this is going to be one of the most important political books to come out in decades.

In the end, I believe that our system of governance is heading for an inevitable implosion.  Even now, most Americans have completely lost faith in the way that we are being governed.  According to an average of polls compiled by Real Clear Politics, Congress has a 12.8 percent approval rating and a 78.8 percent disapproval rating right at this moment.

Those are absolutely stunning numbers.

And trust in the main institution propping up faith in our system of government has also fallen to extraordinary lows.  One recent survey discovered that only 6 percent of all Americans have “a lot of confidence” in the mainstream media at this point…

Trust in the news media is being eroded by perceptions of inaccuracy and bias, fueled in part by Americans’ skepticism about what they read on social media.

Just 6 percent of people say they have a lot of confidence in the media, putting the news industry about equal to Congress and well below the public’s view of other institutions.

There are lots and lots of reasons why the American people are dissatisfied, and I write about many of them on my website.  But it isn’t just the “big issues” that are upsetting people.  Today, we have gotten to a point where the government cannot seem to perform even the most basic functions such as fixing our roads and protecting our power grid.  The following comes from CNBC

America is falling apart. And the repair bill is getting bigger.

That’s the conclusion of the latest “report card” on American roads, bridges, airports, power grid and other critical infrastructure from the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Over the next decade, it would cost more than $3.3 trillion to keep up with repairs and replacements, but based on current funding levels, the nation will come up more than $1.4 trillion short, the group says. When projected to 2040, the shortfall is expected to top $5 trillion, unless new funds are allocated.

I would like to believe that it is going to be possible to smoothly reform our system and make it a lot less corrupt.

I would like to believe that we can return to the ideal of “citizen politicians” that our founders envisioned.

But everyone knows that those things are not likely to happen any time soon.  With each passing year, we come closer to resembling other extremely evil and wicked societies that experienced great falls.  What we are doing right now is not even close to being sustainable.  If we continue on this current path, it is only a matter of time before our nation completely implodes.

My hope is that there will be a mass awakening and the United States will be pulled back from the brink at the last moment, but the truth is that it may already be too late for that.

*About the author: Michael Snyder is the founder and publisher of End Of The American Dream. Michael’s controversial new book about Bible prophecy entitled “The Rapture Verdict” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on*

  • K

    Nice someone is admitting to it. But many if us have not suspected it. We knew it.

  • AzDi

    Want to know why the government can manipulate people? Because the liberals in government (who constantly lie) are in charge of the education system. They started in the 60’s and it only gets worse. The K-12 and most of the collages are taught by liberals and the kids do not get the “whole” story. Only one side. And they are duped!

    Not only do they know nothing about our country, they could care less about anything in Washington, which is why nothing gets done or things get passed with no accountability. Our government was based on “representative” government. THAT MEANS THE PEOPLE MUST PAY ATTENTION, understand and make them accountable!! That is more then just voting. It is calling them out when they do things against the will of the people.

    Sad state of our country, because very little of that happens. Especially today.

    I wish Michael would send this article to everyone in Congress!!

    • Robert

      “If your vote counted, they would not let you vote.” Mark Twain

    • Richard

      Agreed entirely with what you say… Just please remember that the expression is “couldn’t care less” (not “could care less”)

      • WileEC

        Yes Richard,isn’t it simply amazing and quite sad really how many people always get this very familiar expression wrong. Same here in Aus.

    • jbstoner43

      Conservatives are just as corrupt as the liberals. They’re just the lesser of the 2 evils. Both are whores to the special interest affiliates.

    • freewheelinfranklin543

      There ain’t a dimes wortha difference between the libs or the conservs. It’s all a big show!

  • Robert

    Congress has always been bankrupt. They resisted paying and supporting the Continental Army in the field fighting the British. Nothing has changed. It is the bureaucrats who run things. Congressmen are not respected by anyone. They are whores (apologies to whores) and have always been so. Is anyone really surprised if indeed the book isn’t some fabrication by some kid with a computer. I doubt the authenticity of the book but unlikely to know the truth of it as to authorship.

    • Abe

      At least real whores earn there money.

      • Incognito

        Real whores are disgusting.

    • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

      It’s probably a fake. I doubt that such an egotistical politician would waste his time revealing the corrupt nature of Congress, and do so anonymously. What would be in it for him? Not that the content of the book is untrue, probably just the authorship.

      • Lazarovic

        Ya, I’m skeptical too. We don’t really know if it’s an actual congressman.

        • amishmime

          While I have to agree with you… I wouldn’t put it past an actual congressman saying this stuff. Get a few glasses of scotch and some “campaign donations” and you’re likely to get this type of confession from 80% of congress.

          • iris

            yep, they do breath a different level of air than we do, sarc., maybe they think they’re untouchable. In this temporary state, maybe they are. There are a few good ones left, but they get outvoted.

        • freewheelinfranklin543

          Do you disagree with the premise or are you all just trolling.

          • davidnrobyn

            Totally agree with the premise…in fact, the author probably doesn’t know half of the really horrible details that a real congressman could supply.

      • Kat T

        Lots and Lots of revenue from the book sales.

        • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

          Possibly. But a congressman as unscrupulous as the putative author of this book probably has the instincts of one who is already wealthy (about 40% of members of the House are millionaires) , and there are other ways that congressmen can make money ( for instance, having access to information that can lead to very profitable investments in the stock market and real estate. That was supposed to have been banned by the 2012 STOCK act, but I have read that there are plenty of loopholes). Also, if he values his career, would it be wise to risk the possibility of exposure from any inadvertently identifying info in that book? And why stir up the public, if this author is really who he says he is? I don’t think he’d want to rock the boat. This sounds like someone’s composite of venal congressmen that we all hate but keep voting back into office year after year.

          • iris

            very possible.

      • VigilanteCaregiver

        Agreed. When these sort of confessionals come out there’s subtleties, insider language, something very incognito mentioned in passing recognizable by other insiders, or some minor detail or verifiable hint that points out this person really was in there. The author used too many generalities. Sounds like something made up to assist in inflaming what’s already here.

  • Rhialto the Marvellous

    Must be a congressman from a blue state…

    • Lazarovic

      If it’s really a congressman and not a blogger or some other imposter. I’m skeptical.

    • Gay Veteran

      as if the ones from a red state are any different

  • Dan Jones

    So it is easy to manipulate liberals? Now it all makes sense….

    Always be a light that is .shininginthedark.

    • Vizar

      No liberal or conservative buddy just politicians or actually Patricians. Get out of the Matrix and see reality.

  • Mr. Cipher

    The book sums up how the scum bag Paul Ryan is where he is

    • Lazarovic

      Yep! 100% correct.

  • larrythelogger

    The problem I have is that the book claims the source is an “anonymous” member of Congress. I have no doubts regarding the corruption, lies, deception of most federally elected and even appointed leaders but this “revelation” of the ridiculously obvious is irrelevant sans names. And, I agree, this Congressman is certainly NOT brave at all.

    That being said, even if most Americans watched half of Congress admit to their corruption and openly call Americans the self-absorbed idiots that they are, nothing at all would be done about it and the population, if they could pay attention long enough to watch themselves being insulted, would drop their heads back down into their cellphones to see if they received a new social media post.

    I guess what I’m saying is that there is no need for this “anonymous” Congressman to hide himself in the shadows while presenting the truth. He could do it along with all 535 members of Congress, the president and every appointed person admitting their evil and corruption with details and irrefutable evidence, live on camera, laughing at and flipping off the voters and not one thing would happen to any of them except the very, very few who do NOT participate in corruption. Those in that tiny minority of honest politicians would then be skewered by the press and forced to resign.

  • horse777res


    • Vizar

      You nailed it. History is repeating Itself and our children and grandchildren will suffer for it unless we step up NOW!

      • William Lutz

        Unfortunately, even if we wake up NOW, it is already too late. We should’ve raised our arms a long time ago. So now let’s deal with the consequences. We have no choice.

    • Алексей К.

      “bread and circuses” is all it takes for a nation to be turned into a selfish herd of sheeple. Nothing changed indeed over the centuries. The Fouth Reich (the US) will follow exactly in the footsteps of her predecessors.

  • michael malachi

    It is too late for change for judgment is here. We WILL pay the piper and very soon. The people get the government that they deserve. For all of the ignorant, self absorbed, egotistical, selfish, short sided, unbelieving, uncaring, corrupt and lack of morality that make up so much of this country. It is a shame that the few who are prepared, awake, moral and otherwise good people will end up being drug down with the rest. It is also likely that they will also be blamed for the problems.

    • watchmannonthewall

      That has historically and Biblically been the pattern. We should expect it and attempt to prepare those around us, family and friends if they have an interest, for this eventuality. Satan’s tactics always have the same oucome: blame the messenger for the failures of the present system (a fleshly reaction) but one which always finds many adherents, and many are unaware of their complicity. Particularly so in these days of spiritual darkness for many.

      • michael malachi

        If we completely dedicate ourselves to Jesus Christ and live a faithful, righteous life – then we don’t have anything to fear. Be bold and fear not.

      • iris


    • iris

      yes, probably so, in fact, we already are. We’re the haters, the ignorant, intolerant bigots, don’tcha know? Ah well, in a world where good is evil and evil is good, what else should we expect? But God will not be mocked for much longer. He is in control and He is returning. He’ll rule this world He made in truth, peace and justice, in the way mankind never could have since Adam and Eve fell. God bless, mm.

      • michael malachi

        God Bless You also. Please – a word of warning from one believer to another. Please understand that God’s ways are not our ways. Whether he raptures us before tribulation or not, do not lose faith. If the rapture does happen before tribulation, consider it like a get out of tribulation (jail) free card. It will be more likely that any escape from tribulation will be the hand of God’s protection. Again, God Bless You

        • watchmannonthewall

          Finished reading Michael’s book, “The Rapture Verdict” this weekend. He does a great job of deconstructing the pre-trib rapture doctrine with scripture, not that I ever believed it anyway.

          One thing I did find quite interesting was a quote he gave from Hypolletus (sp?), a disciple of Polycarp(?), who stated that the 2 witnesses finished their course at the time the anti-christ is revealed, and at the same time the “forerunners” finished theirs also. I wonder if the “forerunners” are the 144,000 sealed at the time of the opening of the 6th seal.

          This timeline makes it appear as if the “forerunners” and 2 witnesses (the Elijah of Malachi 4:5?) were making last calls to those who claim to belong to Yeshua before the Lord allowed His discipline to begin, the Great Tribulation, for the rejection of the call and gave the remaining rebellious over to the power of the anti-christ, as stated in Daniel 8:9-14. Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might!

          • michael malachi

            Thank You. Just one thing, in John 1 The author speaks of John the Baptist and from what I remember refers to Malachi 4:5 in reference to him. God Bless

          • watchmannonthewall

            I was actually wondering about your thoughts concerning the possibility of the 2 witnesses ministering BEFORE the Great Tribulation and of the “forerunners”. I had not come across this idea before. It is obvious you are well learned in scripture.

            As to your response, above, yes, true. Malachi actually speaks of Elijah coming twice: once “before the great (1st time) and terrrible (2nd x) Day of the Lord.” The “great” day of the Lord was the first advent. The “terrible” Day of the Lord is the 2nd coming.

            Jesus confirmed this understanding in Matthew 17:10-13: “And his disciples asked Him saying, ‘Why then do the scribes say Elijah must come first?’ And He answered and said, ‘Elijah IS COMING and will restore all things [2nd x- Acts 3:21]; but I say unto you, that Elijah already came [1st x] and they did not recognize him, but did to him whatever they wished. So also the Son of Man is going to suffer at their hands.’ Then the disciples understood that he spoke to them about John the Baptist.”

            Elijah is a pattern in scripture; a person who prepares the way of the Lord in the office of a prophet by upholding the Word of God as the final authority for life and calling God’s people to repentance. This is what the last “Elijah” will do also. I really doubt it will be the OT Elijah, as the Church believes.

        • iris

          So true, and thanks.

  • Lazarovic

    Good article, thanks Michael. I truly appreciate when your write coherently and truthfully.
    I have been very critical of some articles on several occasions, and rightfully so; you often get side tracked with fantastical nonsense.
    I am a regular reader and it makes me feel much better when your writing is normal and not all that crazy stuff. More normal stuff, please.

    • Bill G Wilminton NC

      You consider anything spiritual ” crazy stuff ” ” fantastical nonsense ” go to a book store and find some books you like…..Michael has a reason for this site.

      • Lazarovic

        Not at all Bill. Just some of the dispensationalist theology, not Christianity as a whole. Good day.

        • watchmannonthewall

          From reading Michael’s atricles, and his book, and watching his DVD’s from his presentation last year in Texas (I think), Michael is not into the dispensational stuff.

        • Bill G Wilminton NC

          Michael is Biblical…….

          • Lazarovic

            Do you understand what I mean when I say dispensationalist?

          • Bill G Wilminton NC

            Yes and I am not a dispensationalist nor a reader of the scofield Bible

  • William Fuzi

    The thing he doesn’t recognize, is we have only one Shepherd. and just wait till he comes back, and sees what our leaders have done.

  • Charles

    It’s no different than the way people are so easily tricked and fooled by religion. Fooled by politicians or preachers, the sheep love em all.

  • jsmith

    A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious . But it cannot survive treason from within.
    Marcus Tulius Cicero

    • moneyevil


    • Vizar

      Right on the money sir!

  • Philosopher

    I have been prepping for years. I also pray along with being armed. If you have extra wealth, silver is still affordable. For now.

  • davidnrobyn

    Uh, I hate to be the one to ask, but speaking of naive, how do you know a US Congressman wrote the book?

  • Vizar

    You are so spot on it is scary. People, Republican/Democrat = crook. Get it yet?? We have ourselves to blame as we empowered these people to ruin us. It is ROME all over again. Wake UP Sheeple!

  • Gay Veteran

    “…Over the next decade, it would cost more than $3.3 trillion to keep up with repairs and replacements….”

    the cost of our war of aggression against Iraq would have paid for that

    • ISA41:10

      And our wast of money for AIDS research!

      • Gay Veteran

        And our waste of money for mental retardation research!

        • lifesite censors

          Perhaps the most influential voice in the U.S. that hates you is the American Family Association. Right now they’re having a big boycott against Target because they support trans. 1,299,815 people have signed the boycott so this means a lot of social conservatives visit their site. If u need something then shop at Target. I don’t like AFA because they would not approve my comments after I added a marijuana leaf with the words cannabis oil cures cancer. Apparently they rather have people dying of cancer but yet they approved a comment from a user that had a cigarette image. Cigarettes are very unhealthy. They wouldn’t even approve my comment weeks after I removed the clip-art and I had a neutral disqus name the whole time. Very intolerant organization.
          You could tell people to shop at Target.

          I’m telling people because i’m not happy about being blocked.

  • lilbear68

    then comes the group that still believes the insider mantra that ‘we can change it from within’ or ‘incremental change’ which has always meant No real change. add the group that still believes that re electing the same ‘business as usual’ politicians will some how bring about the needed change. none of these seem to understand that the ppl that would vote on Real govt reform are the same ones that are benefitting from the system the way it is now. I just don’t see congress being willing to vote itself a pay or benefit cut they way they ask the avg tax payer to. I also don’t see congress voting itself into fiscal responsibility.

  • A.S.

    Doesn’t matter who you vote for, no one who is elected (or rather chosen by the Bilderbergs) cares about you. The never did since the assassination of Lincoln. As Jefferson said, there needs to be a revolution every so often when government gets out of hand. A major revolution is way pas due. All of Congress, with maybe the exception of Ron Paul, is evil and deserves everything they wish upon us. They not only should be fired but put in prison for their crimes.

    • iris

      That’s just what they want, so they can instill martial law or worse. Like you said, they don’t care, but they have technology we can’t imagine at their fingertips if they want to use it. Remember that movie, Enemy of the State, came out decades ago, I think? All that stuff was in existence then. Imagine what they can do now. Anything electronic can be pre programmed, hacked or re programmed. Even for the rich, there really isn’t anywhere to run or hide, not for long, at least. I prefer to put my hope and trust in God, continue to serve Him, and brace myself for a final impact, which will be very temporary if it occurs. God can and will protect those He wants to, though, for His own good reasons.

      I agree, many of them should be imprisoned, but just remember, “The wheels of justice grind slow, but they grind exceedingly fine”. It won’t be like this forever.

    • RageHard84

      Dude I can understand this sentiment. Neither Clinton or Trump seems to have the interests of the common people at heart.

  • William Lutz

    To annotate your last sentence, it is undoubtedly too late for that. Just look at everyone around you; they obviously don’t seem to care enough.

  • iris

    Just read an excellent short article about the bathroom controversy. The author was wisely showing that this whole thing is just another exercise in the Hegelian dialectic, with the goal being to get us to lose our will and courage, resulting in relinquishment of our rights, privacy and individuality, in other words, like the photo above, an easily led, vapid bunch of sheep. God given fear, common sense and a decent grasp of reality, well, tptb would like them tossed out the window. How dare one think for themselves, much less, disagree, much less resist? We’re not talking about skin color and slavery, we’re talking about the slavery of the mind of the collective.

  • iris

    The real battle going on is a spiritual one for our hearts and minds. Our enemies are not flesh and blood, to quote Scripture, but ideas and methods of spiritual entities which only seek the harm of anything or anyone living, because God loves what He made, and they reject His love and His ways. These are enemies much stronger than we are. We have to be Davids at this point, and place our trust in God and have courage. He is able to give us strength and wisdom. What happens, happens, but we can be free in Christ, regardless.

  • Charles Reece

    But because MOST of the American People – and particularly of the Middle Class, who carry a hedonistic mindset, CHOOSE to fill their minds with tabloidish filth from the Media – from the newspapers or telecommunications; they thus produce elected representatives who are, so to speak, “a cut from the same cloth”! That is, since the American People are so “busy” in FULFILLING their lusts for money and material things; that consequently, with their usual immoral selves, they typically elect POLITICIANS with the same negative characteristics that uncoincidentally REFLECT the people’s own debaucherous selves. In other words, the so-called “American People” are ultimately to BLAME for the shenanigans of the Aristocracy; because the people themselves DO NOT hold their leaders ACCOUNTABLE. Since they are so habitually preoccupied in trying to FULFILL their lust for money and material things; that consequently, it does not ever occur in their own minds to even make any attempts to INFORM themselves as to just “what” their own “government” is doing to them and to other nations abroad. It only that very small demographic – or tiny portion – of the American population (such as the socially-conscious “conspiracy researchers”) that has a “conscience” – or is “ethical-minded” enough – to make themselves constantly vigilant in exercising their God-given constitutional right for petitioning our “government” for a redress of “wrongs” or injustices being committed against individuals, groups, the society-at-large, and/or against other nations around the world.