Meanwhile, California Fault Lines And The Area Around Yellowstone Are Shaking Like Crazy

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Latest Earthquakes - USGSOver the past few days the mainstream media has been fixated on the largest mass shooting in U.S. history, but meanwhile there has been highly unusual seismic activity along major fault lines in California and near the Yellowstone supervolcano.  Let’s talk about Yellowstone first.  In recent months, the big geysers have been behaving very strangely and this is something that my wife and I covered on our television show.  And now, just over the past week there have been three very significant earthquakes in the region.  On June 9th, there was a magnitude 3.7 earthquake, on June 13th there was a magnitude 4.3 earthquake and earlier today there was a magnitude 4.0 earthquake.  Yes, the area around Yellowstone is hit by earthquakes all the time, but most of them are extremely small.  For earthquakes of this size to be striking right around Yellowstone is highly unusual and more than just a little bit alarming.


The map below comes directly from the USGS, and it shows all of the earthquakes of magnitude 2.5 or greater that have hit the western portion of the United States over the last week.  The three big earthquakes that struck southwestern Montana are visible on the map, although they are hard to see because the dots all overlap.  But the main reason why I am showing you this map is because I want you to see all of the earthquakes that have been happening along the major fault lines in southern California in recent days…

Latest Earthquakes - USGS

The biggest was a magnitude 5.2 earthquake that hit an area northeast of San Diego on Friday.  The following comes from NBC Los Angeles

A magnitude-5.2 earthquake centered in the desert northeast of San Diego caused shaking early Friday morning across Southern California.

The earthquake occurred at about 1 a.m. northwest of Borrego Springs in San Diego County, according to the USGS. The earthquake was initially reported with a magnitude of 5.1 before it was revised to 5.2, according to the USGS.

But that earthquake was not the end of it by any means.  It is being reported that this large quake was followed by at least 800 aftershocks.

Yes, we normally expect there to be aftershocks after a large quake, but to have that many is very, very unusual.

The quakes that have been striking farther north off the coast of northern California and Oregon are also of great concern as well.  Just recently, I wrote about the fact that the federal government has been conducting drills that have attempted to simulate the response to a magnitude 9.0 Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake.  If such an earthquake were to strike at this moment, the damage caused would be incalculable.

And the USGS has confirmed that such an earthquake is very possible and that it “would likely trigger huge tsunami waves”

The USGS has worryingly confirmed the same computer models show it is capable of producing  an earthquake with a magnitude up to 9.3, which would likely trigger huge tsunami waves.

This would be more powerful than the magnitude 9 tsunami-causing quake that hit Japan in 2011, claiming thousands of lives and taking out nuclear reactors.

Worse still, many scientists say the US is not yet prepared to deal with such a natural disaster, and it could strike at an time.

Scientists tell us that we are actually way overdue for such a quake and accompanying tsunami, and when it comes large numbers of Americans that are clustered right along the coastline will die.

Why all of this is of greater concern now is due to the fact that many areas along the “Ring of Fire” that roughly encircles the Pacific Ocean are roaring to life right now.

For example, just today the biggest volcano in Eurasia sent hot ash more than 3 miles into the air

Eurasia’s largest volcano Klyuchevskaya Sopka in Russia’s Far East erupted shooting hot ash miles into the air on Tuesday, the local geophysical service said.

“The eruption was detected [Tuesday] morning…the eruption column rose 6 kilometers [3.7 miles]. The steam-gas plume stretched for 47 kilometers to the west of the volcano,” a representative of the Russian agency told RIA Novosti.

And down in New Zealand, there is evidence that a brand new major volcano may be in the process of forming under a small town…

Beneath Matata, a small coastal town 125 miles from Auckland, on New Zealand’s North Island, scientists recently discovered a massive magma build-up, possibly signaling the beginnings of a new volcano.

But oddly, this magma chamber is nowhere near an active volcano.

According to geophysicist Ian Hamling, since 1950 an incredible influx of magma – enough to fill 80,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools – has accumulated beneath the small New Zealand town, pushing up the surface of the ground by 40 cm (16 inches).

In my new book entitled “The Rapture Verdict” I talk about how Jesus prophesied that we would see a great increase in seismic activity in the last days, and that is precisely what is taking place.

The crust of our planet is becoming increasingly unstable, and we have seen a series of very disturbing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions so far in 2016.

Here in the United States, in recent weeks we have seen very large earthquake swarms develop under Mt. Hood, Mt Rainier and Mt. Saint Helens simultaneously.  Perhaps you don’t think that this is significant, but many of the experts sure do.

At some point there will be major volcanic eruptions along the west coast.

At some point there will be major earthquakes along the west coast.

Scientists tell us that it is just a matter of time before we see these things.

Unfortunately for all of us, these things may start happening with a frequency and an intensity that none of us are expecting.

*About the author: Michael Snyder is the founder and publisher of End Of The American Dream. Michael’s controversial new book about Bible prophecy entitled “The Rapture Verdict” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on*

  • James Dohnalek

    Hundreds of European nuclear reactors are severely leaking radioactive water. There are breaches in the single and double wall containment nuclear reactors. These reactors, some which leak badly are shut down, then radiation monitor readings are taken, then after the readings the reactors are turned back on. These reactors are past their life cycle. But Europe is in the red and they can not build new reactors. So they just keep running the same old, leaking reactors.
    I think all countries are in the same boat. Russia, Eastern Europe, China, AND USA. I would like for you to listen to a u tube website, it will blow your mind as to the large amount of radiation leakage.

    • There are more nuclear reactors leaking along the New Madrid faultline than there are in Fukushima. One good shake from a bake.

  • Brian

    Thanks Michael. One day The Big One will hit California. Chatworth L.A. is the porn capital of the world. God just will not tolerate this abomination 2 continue much longer. My only advice for the people of California is 2 seek God for discernment and if your spirit is not at peace about where you reside, move ASAP.

    • r2d2

      What about all the other sins the Bible talks about? I wonder if they are just as bad? Like painting face (makeup), woman wearing garment that pertains to man, not keeping sabbath, serving other gods, etc.
      A chain breaks at its weakest link so maybe they’re all equal.

      • Both the Bible and the Koran are very clear about what should be done with homosexuals.

        • Gay Veteran

          nuff said

    • Gay Veteran

      “… God just will not tolerate this abomination 2 continue much longer….”

      guess “god” must be busy

  • Robert

    Why worry? Some lady at a beach in VA was impaled and killed by a beach umbrella blown into her by a gust of wind. When the death angel comes for you, you are going out. So much easier to deal with events that way.

  • winrob

    Geologically, there have been for centuries some 500 volcanos in some stage of activity at any one time, and about 10% actually erupting. Wide variations, of course, but I see nothing unusual happening today. The major difference is that with the world’s population increase, many more people live nearer to active regions than ever before.

  • LazyToad

    Whats causing this though people? GLOBALLY – We are being visted by Nemisis our twin binary Star with its solar system – Planet X, Nibiru, Wormwood…… however/whatever you call it OR dress it up its here and causing this. Look at some YT channels such as – jeff p – Steve – olson – steve dryer – dill martin – leak project etc etc.
    God help us all & God Bless

    • DJohn1

      If we are being visited by Nemisis where is it?
      I suggest Nemisis is probably about as far out as it can get in its solar orbit. Possibly 2 light years out.
      I also suggest it may have been the Star of Bethlehem approximately 2,000 years ago. IF it is in a comet-like orbit of approximately 3600 to 3800 years then we have a little way to go before it returns.

  • vaccines autism

    There’s actually A LOT MORE Muslim terror going on in the US besides what the MSM is just reporting. For example, some days ago there was a shooting in Wal-Mart courtesy of Mohammad from Iran.

    • Blobee

      I heard about that – it was minimized and brushed over (on T.V.) as simply an employee dispute with a manager.

      I think if it were a Christian white guy and the manager was Muslim (or Black) we’d have a major “hate crime” incident, (complete with the “beating of the dead horse (over the top and relentless media “coverage”) that serves to lecture us on how to think.

  • DJohn1

    What I think is happening is we have released most of the weight from the ice around the poles. This in turn is breaking up the platelets structure around the Pacific and the Atlantic structures. Iceland comes to mind in the European side along with active volcanoes near Italy.
    Japan, Korea, New Zealand, and even Antarctica are likely candidates for extreme geological changes in the near future. California to Alaska is another area to expect these changes.
    Yellowstone sits on one of the biggest super volcanos in history. If that goes all bets are off.
    Even relatively stable areas are likely to see new activity soon if I am right about the ice.

  • Jay

    Murphy’s law says everything east of the San Andreas fault is going to slide off in the Atlantic Ocean.

    • Wrong fault, that would be the New Madrid and everything east of the Mississippi River.

  • kjf

    Just tuned in to this website. Although I find nothing wrong with being prepared, this site enhances fear. Fear is not of God and it is this fear that drives people to buy stuff. Not a big fan. Sorry.

    • Maddog


      • kjf

        You don’t have to be rude.

    • If fear is not of God, why are we told to fear God?

      • kjf

        Don’t take the words of the bible so literally. You are reading the word fear in a different way than its meaning. It means to trust in the Lord your God with reverence and awe. Show God respect because he deserves it.

        • I don’t take the words of the bible any more literally than I took the words of Dr. Seuss, since they are equally gobbledigook. I don’t trust in that which I do not know, and “God” has failed to make him-, her-, or it-self known to me for over 61 years, and there is nothing apparent in this world that would require the intervention of a deity that doesn’t appear to exist.

          • kjf

            How do you breathe? What gave your cells life? What started your heart to beat? What started life? What IS LIFE? How did that innate life force within every human being start to live and drive every cell in your body? What set the earth in the perfect distance from the sun for life to exist? What set the universe to be unending? How did it even begin? You see, it’s harder to not believe than to believe. As a created being, I realize that my finite mind CANNOT fathom the infinite. I am sorry that you have lived for 61 years on this planet and have not recognized the existence of God that surrounds you. How did you do that? That right there is a miracle.

          • It is the miracle of omnipresent consciousness that surrounds me.
            It is that which created us and all that we see. It didn’t require a deity, created by man to control man, to create any of it. So far as anyone can tell, all that is has always existed, and will always exist. It doesn’t matter whether we can explain it or not, and it is not important to consciousness how it is used. Value judgements are subjectively the judges’.
            A miracle is simple something that the observer cannot understand. Miracles rely on ignorance, not omnipotence.
            “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Arthur C. Clarke

          • kjf

            Oh, okay. Got it. Slough off what is unknown and forget about it. Just live baby, and then die. Thanks for sharing.

          • You are as adept at ignoring the pervasive consciousness of the universe as I am at failing to recognize what is anything but self-evident. This is but one incarnation of the consciousness which is my soul.

        • Texas Arcane

          God is not the author of confusion. Your words are queer and display a lack of manliness in the face of disturbing development. You keep trying to define the word “fear” for us. Your responsibility to your loved ones is not to be dismissed. Better for you a millstone should be put around your neck and you were thrown into the sea if you do not prepare for their sake. Jesus is coming with a sword, not a rave party.

    • Alligators “enhance fear” too. The Bible also should, in hearts of unrepentant.

      I just want to know the truth. The governments of the world are lying.

      Seek God, in Jesus Christ. So fear not.

    • Texas Arcane

      Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. You’re so overconfident you don’t even fear the wrath of God. That’s absolutely appalling that you call yourself a Christian yet do not tremble at God’s just and righteous dealings with this wicked, unrepentant world. If your knees shook properly you’d know preparation is simply fulfilling God’s word. You keep waiting on Jesus to fetch your umbrella but you’re still all wet.

      • kjf

        Do you even KNOW what “fear of God” actually means? It means to trust in God with reverence and awe. It doesn’t mean you tremble out of fear like a coward. Your anger is noted in your post. From the heart the mouth speaks. You hypocrite. How dare you judge me.

        • Texas Arcane

          You’re a new age metrosexual poof. Fear of God is the beginning of all wisdom. You trust Oprah more than the Lord.

  • Debamboozler

    The missing link associated with the sudden rise in seismic and volcanic activity is the sun. The sun failed to reach maximum during its last cycle. This is a major event that should have been headline news, yet not one peep from establishment sources. The reality is that the universe is dominated by electrical forces. During solar maximum the sun charges the earth which is essentially a giant multi-layer dielectric capacitor. Since the sun failed to reach maximum and recharge the earth capacitor, our planet is now discharging which manifests in the form of seismic and volcanic activity. What we are witnessing is not just a terrestrial event, but one of cosmic proportions. Although technology exists to stimulate volcanic and seismic activity, it is unlikely that technology extends to an ability to manipulate the sun. The sun is classified as a variable star since its energy output varies over time which are called cycles. There are numerous cycles which vary in their periodicity. The normal solar cycle is 11 years where its energy output varies from maximum to minimum. Other well documented cycles are called Epic or Grand Solar Mimimas which occur every 200 years. These minimas are characterized by extremely low solar output as the sun enters a quiescent mode resulting in major earth-capacitor discharge which manifests in the form of increased volcanic and seismic activity. These minimas also herald colder temperatures and culminate in a mini ice age as occurred during the Maunder Minimum when the river Thames froze solid. When the various super volcanoes erupt, the particulates they spew into the atmosphere will further reduce solar energy reaching the earth’s surface, thus plunging our world into another period of frigidity. Something wickedly cold this way comes.

    • Maddog

      My wife asked me what I thought was coming last year. I said that I had a dream that we needed to prepare for it to be very cold.

      • Debamboozler

        We could be going into a less devastating short-term mini-ice age, however, there is evidence it may be a full blown event that will last for many generations. It is undisputed ice ages come and go…it is only a matter of time. Regardless, as the current Epic or Grand Solar Minima progresses, global temperatures will decline due to reduced solar output. Correspondingly, as the discharging of the earth-capacitor intensifies, initiating the eruption of one or more of the numerous super volcanoes around the planet, the resulting sudden introduction of vast amounts of particulates into the atmosphere will dramatically reduce solar radiation reaching the earth’s surface, thus in very short order plunging temperatures even further. The phenomenon of the flash frozen Wooly Mammoths of Siberia serve as a stark reminder of how swiftly the thermal balance of this planet can change. The elitist power structure dominating our world is walking a tight rope. They cannot reveal rapidly evolving events that will change life as we know it for fear of the chaos that will certainly ensue. Thus they have contrived the socio-political scheme of Global Terrorism as a cover to gain total control over the masses before it becomes abundantly clear we are headed into an event of cosmic proportions. One may find solace in the knowledge that the soul is eternal. One need not fear the natural order of events which invariably will culminate in a renewed earth and a period of great peace and contentment. Who can know the Mind of that which created the Universe out of nothingness. In contemplation of the alternative…absolute void…existence in and of itself is a miracle requiring no further embellishment. We are not alone in this vast Cosmos and help may come from an unexpected, benevolent source that has been monitoring our progress from the beginning. Crop Circles may be communication from other benevolent worldly beings imparting knowledge that could assist us in the coming transition. One such communique, which was in response to an earthbound query scribed in a field of grain…imploring the Circle Makers to “talk to us”…was “Apponos Astos”. Translated from an ancient language, it indicated that “they” were “opposed to cunning and deceit”. What better way to describe the mentality of the Secret Society Elite obstructing our destiny amongst the stars.

    • Each maximum is a different maximum. Saying the sun didn’t reach a maximum is like saying it didn’t set a record, which it hasn’t in a long time. The overnight lows have been falling in the northwest Big Horn Basin.

    • Tina Puls

      That’s why they have been blocking our sun! Thanks for explaining that. I have done a bunch of reading and researching and had not run across the info you shared. But it makes sense!!! I thought it was for other reasons well I guess all the reasons are rolled up into one. Well the military has been sure busy! I started noticing them in 2007 hard at work dumping all those nano particles of heavy metals by the tons. Alzheimer’s in my county is up by 260% because of this crap.

  • Debamboozler

    It strikes me that terrorism is being used as a covert means to gain control over the masses in advance of catastrophic earth changes now in progress. Characteristic of those in control, they will never tell the people the truth. One motivating factor for this behavior is their fear of inciting panic amongst the population which would lead to chaos. Maintaining calm and the status quo is the establishment’s number one goal. If the population were to become aware of the imminence of catastrophic changes, all hell would break loose. Terrorism has thus become the method of choice to bring the population to heel before they become aware of the greater threat this planet now faces.

  • Debamboozler

    Russian scientist are well aware this planet is descending into a mini ice age. This explains Russia’s recent actions in the Ukraine. During the last mini ice age the Ukraine was the only area where wheat could grow, thus earning it the moniker of “The Bread Basket of Russia”. The world as we know it is coming to an end by way of fire (massive volcanic eruptions) followed by ice!

    • Ukraine’s elected president overthrown in a coup made in USA because they made a deal with Russia. So the ethnic Russians said our rights are better protected independent of the Nazionale government in Kiev, and Crimea, 90% Russian, voted to return to Russia.

      That righted the totalitarian Ukrainian Krushchev’s transfer of that large area to Ukraine.

  • freewheelinfranklin543

    Be afwaid! Be vewy,vewy afwaid!

  • Steve Harris

    The Orlando shooting though it was a terrible terrorist attack is still not the largest mass shooting in US history. The worst mass shooting in US history was December 29th, 1890 in South Dakota when the US military surrounded and an entire tribe of native Americans living on their reservation, ordered then to drop their arms and them slaughtered them.

    • Orlando has a lot in common with Sandy Hook and Gulf of Tonkin.

      • Steve Harris

        Oh please enlighten the rest of us of the similarities? And before you say the same gun that is not correct also in Sandy Hook the shooter left his rifles in the trunk of his car and did his shooting with 3 pistols, which is worst then being shot with the rifle as it causes more damage. There’s video proof of this btw.

        • Sandy Hook was a drill that took place in a school that had been vacant for several years. The Gulf of Tonkin never happened at all, like the bombing of the Maine, it was cooked up by a newspaper reporter that had a photograph to corroborate it. If you’ll believe anything they’ll tell you, they’ll tell you what they want you to believe. “Trust but verify” Ronald Reagan

          • Steve Harris

            I didn’t know I would need a tinfoil cap for this.

          • Why would you need a tinfoil hat for something that is proven by extensive scholarship and/or freely admitted by creditable historians in and out of government?

          • Steve Harris

            I could possibly believe this could be a false flag event, however until there is definitive proof I will wear my tinfoil hat.
            however I see what you are getting at, and your right there is a huge lack of evidence like video footage of the shooter at the club etc.

          • Maybe you should check with Santa and the tooth fairy before you make a decision.

          • Steve Harris

            Sounds to me like you already have.

          • I lost interest in both of them before puberty.

          • Steve Harris

            Better late then never, maybe you can make up for late realization that Santa and the tooth fair aren’t real and realize that the fact that he pledged himself to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi proves it was a true ISIS attack and he followed ISIS procedures.

  • I live a hour east of Yellowstone Lake and we felt nothing here. Since the majority of the article is about the west coast, should we expect a tsunami rather than a steam cloud if Yellowstone Lake were to drain into the “supervolcano” that has never developed from the caldera?

  • Jehovah.

  • Oblomov

    This is new age diabolism. You ought to get out of it before you finish up possessed. Don’t find out the hard way that the “ascended masters”, “spirit guides” or whatever it is that you call them are most decidedly not your friends.

  • Jehovah. In English.

  • Gay Veteran

    “…Scientists tell us that we are actually way overdue for such a quake and accompanying tsunami, and when it comes large numbers of Americans that are clustered right along the coastline will die….”

    odd you wrote that, undercuts your religious argument

    • vaccines autism

      u still don’t want to tell me if you’re a little attracted to women or not at all?