Many Young Adults Are Turning To Witchcraft As A Way To Rebel Against Their Conservative Christian Upbringings

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Witchcraft Witch - Public DomainYoung adults in America are far less likely to identify themselves as “Christians” than previous generations of Americans, but that does not mean that they have given up on searching for spiritual meaning in their lives. According to Wikipedia, one very popular form of witchcraft known as Wicca has been growing at a rate of more than 100 percent annually in recent years, and this has been happening at a time when Christianity has been in decline in the United States. Of course other pagan and occult groups have been exploding in popularity as well, and as you will see below, one of the primary reasons for this is because many young adults are seeking ways to rebel against their conservative Christian upbringings.


I have written much about how young adults in this country are far more politically liberal than their parents and grandparents, and this enormous cultural shift in values has a spiritual dimension to it as well.

A recent Barna Group study found that only 4 percent of Americans aged 18 to 29 have a Biblical worldview.

Only 4 percent.

The shocking truth is that the values of most Millennials much more easily fit into pagan spirituality than they do into most evangelical Christian churches.

If you want to sleep around with as many people as possible, that is okay in witchcraft. If you want to take drugs and get high every day, that is okay in witchcraft. If you want to be a radical pro-abortion feminist, that is okay in witchcraft. If you want to be a gay transsexual exhibitionist, that is okay in witchcraft.

Essentially, one of the great draws of witchcraft is that nobody holds you accountable for anything and you can do so many of the things that the Bible commands you not to do.

So for those that wish to rebel against their conservative Christian upbringings, getting involved in witchcraft can seem quite natural

Witchcraft in this context is a “counter spirituality to the religious conservatism that defined many [queer people’s] childhoods,” as game developer Aevee Bee puts it. The visual novel Bee co-created, We Know The Devil, explores what it means to embrace witchcraft through three queer teens who attend a Christian summer camp, where they spend a night in the woods awaiting the devil. “What [the protagonists] encounter in the woods they understand and perceive as the devil because that is what they have been taught to understand their desires, identity, and love as,” Bee says. By embracing the devil, the protagonists find liberation from their religious upbringings, just as someone might by realizing it’s acceptable to be queer.

Alex Mar is one prominent author that became deeply involved in the world of witchcraft, but she was not raised that way. In fact, Mar is very open about the fact that she was raised as a Christian

I was born and raised in New York City, but my roots are more exotic: between my Cuban Catholic mother and my Greek Orthodox father, family religion involved the lushest, most high-drama strains of Christianity. The elaborate clerical robes, the incense and tiers of prayer candles, the stories of the martyrs cut into stained glass, the barely decipherable chants – as a child, these were embedded in my brain. To this day, despite my liberal feminist politics, I still imagine the world as overseen by a handsome, bearded young white man.

She says that once she learned “to think for myself”, her liberal political views took her away from the church, and those same political views eventually sparked a curiosity about witchcraft

Once I was old enough to think for myself, I broke with the church on issues of sexuality, marriage, the right to choose and the concept of “sin”; I also couldn’t swallow the thin reasoning behind excluding women from the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox priesthoods. At the same time, however, I was haunted by the memory of high mass, the sense that there are mysteries in the universe. When I learned that there was a living, growing American witchcraft movement – one that is radically inclusive, that views women as equals to men, and in which God is just as likely to be female – I was instantly curious.

This is why what we feed our minds with is so vitally important.

Our public schools have become liberal indoctrination centers that are teaching our young people to adopt an anti-Christian way of viewing the world, and all of that propaganda is being backed up by the thousands upon thousands of anti-Christian entertainment that our young people are constantly consuming.

So it is actually not a surprise when many of our “Christian young people” end up like this guy

Dakota Hendrix, a non-binary trans witch based in New York—an identity Hendrix jokingly refers to as “goat femme,” describing their combination of body hair, a smoky eye, and talons for nails—says the practice of witchcraft is a way to take control in a world that can be both metaphysically and mortally threatening.

It’s a supernatural form of self-defense that Hendrix says includes amulets that fight off mis-gendering, rituals that provide protection when walking down the street, and paying honor to queer and trans ancestors who don’t have descendants of their own paying homage. Not to mention—since, Hendrix says, contemporary witchcraft is connected to social justice work—a hex or two on the NYPD for good measure.

But while the rituals are plentiful, the rules are not, and Hendrix says being a witch is all about choosing one’s own path: “Being a witch is being autonomous; that’s the whole point. That’s how we draw power. We are defying the patriarchy, we are defying the submissive norm.”

Allowing our children to immerse themselves in popular culture is doing far more harm than most of us originally realized.

Popular culture is trying to take the next generation away from Christianity, and it is imperative that we start to understand this. And actually, many of the “stars” that our young people idolize are actually into the occult themselves, and once in a while they even admit this openly

“I’m really a witch,” rapper Azealia Banks quipped last January, shortly before all hell broke loose on her Twitter account.

Banks is known for her online rants. She tends to share fairly dense ideas, spontaneously spun out in punchy lines liberally interspersed with curse words. I don’t know a person on this earth who can agree with every one of them, but her opinions are smarter than she usually gets credit for.

Still, even by Banks’s standards, the witch thing was weird. It came out in the middle of a run about black Americans and their relationship to Christianity:

I wonder if most of the black American Christians in the US know WHY they are Christian. I wonder if they even consider for a SECOND that before their ancestors came to the Americas that they may have believed in something ELSE.

As a Christian, it deeply alarms me that we are losing an entire generation of Americans.

If we keep doing the same things that we have been doing, we will continue to get similar results. That is one of the reasons why I laid out a recipe for spiritual renewal in my latest book entitled “The Rapture Verdict“, and my hope is that the church establishment will embrace what watchmen such as myself are saying instead of fighting it.

If we continue on with business as usual, the evangelical church in America will continue to shrink and multitudes of our young people will continue to seek out other outlets for their spirituality.

At the same time that interest in witchcraft is growing, interest in Satanism is skyrocketing as well. I recently wrote about how the Satanic Temple has experienced a huge surge in membership since Donald Trump’s election victory in November, and at Clemson University students are reportedly going to hold a “lamb sacrifice” and a “Bible burning” to celebrate the opening of a new campus chapel

The poster contains imagery associated with Satanism, like pentagrams and an illustration of the goat-headed Baphomet.

It goes on to state that a live lamb will be provided for sacrifice by “[their] friends” at the Clemson Collegiate Farm Bureau. A Bible-torching ceremony is listed as part of the proceedings, with a cash prize for the student who burns the most Bibles. Finally, attendees are invited partake in a pentagram completion event, where they will “help summon Baphomet to celebrate the new Clemson Chapel.”

There was a time when it would have been unthinkable to put up a poster like that in America, but unfortunately those days are long gone.

Christianity is on the decline in this nation, and witchcraft and Satanism are on the rise.

We desperately need a major spiritual renewal, so my hope is that the church in America will wake up soon.

  • john folger

    islam says its ok to still burn whitchs, the only thing they have wright

    • William Lutz

      Islam has a very dark side, but at least some of it speaks out against such forms of wickedness.

      • am

        The Bible also says witches aren’t allowed to live.


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        • SweetMarmot

          Old Testament. It was rescinded in the New Testament. See the book of Acts where new converts burn their witchcraft books and paraphernalia.

          • savethewilderness

            A lot of Christians don’t think so. Christians were killing those accused of witchcraft in Medieval Europe and the New World.

    • SweetMarmot

      No. Many of the crimes that required the death penalty in the Old Testament had the death penalty rescinded in the New Testament, when Jesus died for our sins on the cross. These were mostly sexual and occult sins. Now, when someone is guilty of these sins, we aren’t supposed to kill them, just call them to repentance. If they refuse to repent, we still don’t kill them. The longer they live, the more chance there is that they will some day see the error of their ways and repent. So the longer they live, the better.

  • K

    Put on the full armor of God, in these wicked days.

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  • am

    take drugs and get high every day

    To my knowledge the Bible doesn’t say not to, it just says not to get drunk which for me is like 2 swallows.

    • William Lutz

      Self harm is forbidden in the Bible. Drugs like heroin and crystal meth wreck your body big time. Therefore, Christianity rightfully condemns it.

      Anyway, tobacco, alcohol, and reefer are not that dangerous.

      • am

        A lot of kids are on crystal meth—Big Pharma just renamed it Adderall.
        Alcohol is healthy—Antonio Garcia lived to 107 by drinking red wine (non-gmo yeast) all the time.

        • William Lutz

          Yes I forgot to mention Big Pharma medications.

      • R.C. Gerber

        Sin is sin… doesn’t matter what kind it is. All of it and any of it is all the same to God. You should know that though.

        • William Lutz

          I know all sin is equal in the eyes of God. However, I’m not going to become a bible thumping, clean living, soft spoken saint. Screw that. As long as your behavior doesn’t impose on anyone or doesn’t harm you intensively, go ahead and participate in it. God’s not really going to curse you if you decide to light up a joint or if a pregnant woman chooses a life saving abortion. It’s impossible to live a sin free life.

          • Bill L

            Well, your god won’t have a problem with those things because he is a god of your own making. JESUS would say to you “as it is written “, in the HOLY SCRIPTURES. You curse yourself by rejecting HIS commandments. Check out the sermon on the mount , Matthew 5-7.
            Without faith, it is impossible to please GOD. We aren’t to be passive but active in HIS service. And we seek to sin less, we will not be sinless until we are with HIM in glory.
            Don’t let satan deceive you, trust what JESUS said and did, JESUS won’t let you down.

      • “Self harm is forbidden in the Bible.”

        biblestudytools. com/topical-verses/bible-verses-about-your-body/

        And the body is G-d’s Temple too. Yet look at the bodies of so many supposedly G-d fearing people! Obese! Filled with beer! Filled with nicotine! Gluttony, saturated fats, sugar, (forget lame wine) — church-going Americans are leading the nation in not just obesity, but morbid obesity.

        I do wish Seventh Day Adventism would have a healthy resurgence. They are the only Christian sect I can think of which remembers G-d’s admonitions to treat our bodies right (since they are only on loan from Him).

        • Morrison

          You know, you’re correct. Our bodies are only on loan from God. That is going to be my mantra whenever I ache to stray with bad foods or with lethargy.
          I need to return my body to God at the end of my life just as shiny and as healthy as I received it on my first day of life.
          A sincere thank you to you miss.

  • William Lutz

    Wow, the religion of witchcraft is pretty insane. It basically tells you that all kinds of immorality is acceptable.

    • watchmannonthewall

      Could be this is exactly what Paul was speaking of when He wrote, “He sits in the temple of God showing himself that he is god”!

      Understanding our bodies are intended to be the “temple” of God, who could it be that stands in the heart of man and shows HIMSELF that he is god? Could it be each man that refuses to obey God’s Word has indeed set himself up in opposition to God and so takes the place, in his OWN heart (self worship), in his temple, God was intended to occupy, just like satan in his heart?

      This could be the spiritual meaning of the following from Genesis, though I do believe there may also be a parallel physical fulfiillment of Paul’s statement. Paul did say, “The Law is spiritual”, indicating there is something applicable beyond what is physically seen.

      Satan’s words to Eve were that if she ate of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. she would “be like God”. Were his words actually a prophesy of what most of mankind becomes before the return of Messiah? Embracing the activities Michael writes of would make a person an idolator of himself!

      The most common line throughout Judges is, “Every man did that which was right in his own eyes.” Sounds a lot like the result of your comment, doesn’t it?

  • am

    Probably a lot of millennials were born illegitimate or serpents seed and can’t go to heaven.

  • DJohn1

    The problem with magic in general is it is not scientific
    Witches practice magic. What kind of magic? Sympathetic Magic?

    There are many kinds of magic and no two people seem to agree on what is what.
    Extra Sensory Perception is often the way the “witches” practice.
    That involves a whole bunch of things, none of which is repeatable in a science lab.
    The whole thing is phony and is rift with con artists of one kind or another.
    Nothing about it is new. It goes through the entire old testament of the Bible and prophets of God exposed it continuously. They killed the witches and magicians. Often they were killed themselves in various ways by governments back then.

    The only true power is God. That God is clearly defined as the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. No one clearly understands God. But he created it all. He is capable of doing just about anything.

    And God has given power to his son, Jesus Christ and authority over life and death on this planet.
    Most of the activity between God and mankind occurred in the Old Testament. By activity I mean a physically active God maintaining a presence on this Earth and physically changing things.
    Today, we do not see a God residing in a temple. We do not see a God residing in a pillar of fire like when Moses dealt with God for his people’s sake.
    Since Jesus Christ came, we deal with God through his intercession.
    What is going to happen?
    I suggest that Jesus will return and evacuate the planet Earth before it is destroyed with Fire. He will at that point in time take his followers with him. Then shortly thereafter the planet will be destroyed.

    That is personal opinion. It is based on readings from the Bible.

    Do not think it will happen unless the Earth is totally corrupted.
    That is going on right now. It is predicted. It probably cannot be changed.

    What we do feel is the Holy Spirit in the churches. And that is a form of magic as far as mankind can perceive.
    Healings do happen in our churches with prayer.
    No one can predict what God will or will not do.

    No one can predict what Jesus will or will not do.
    Unlike going to a doctor and getting predictable results from medicine meant to heal someone, no one knows if Jesus under his Father’s direction will or will not do something.
    There will be a New Earth and a different array of constellations in the heavens.

    When Jesus commands it will occur. Now that is real Magic.
    Jesus said he has gone to prepare a place for us.
    The rest is phony. It is a lie. By the father of lies.
    No human being on this planet can make an exception to the laws of physics by which the Universe operates.
    We do not even know the rules.
    The time is coming. Your choice young people is either to go with Jesus or go with the Devil. It is that simple.
    I just hope we are not put to the test. Because most humans I know are weak and lack the courage necessary. There are exceptions to that weakness and they often die.
    You will know them by their fruits. Well, Islam’s fruit is to torture and kill Christians. That is very apparent where ever they go.
    The media do not even report it anymore. It is not considered news.
    This world is indeed doomed as is the Devil that runs it.

    • davidnrobyn

      This reveals the double standard in which the left wraps itself in a robe of scientific respectability but have no standards of proof when it comes to their belief system.

  • Dont Mention The War

    “this is because many young adults are seeking ways to rebel against their conservative Christian upbringings.”

    Or because we simply don’t believe the stories our parents and teachers spun us. I was kicked out of a religious studies class when I was 12. I simply refused to believe the guy preaching to us. I was brought up not to lie, ever, this guy was clearly lying to me, so I told him so. I still stand by that and still think religion is all/just about controlling a population.


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    • easter.alvarado

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    • SweetMarmot

      Hopefully, you will some day have a good, healthy relationship with Jesus. Then the unhealthiness of individual Christians and hypocrasy in the church will not interfere with your salvation, as it does now.

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    • Marguerite

      I am sorry that you were treated this way. We didn’t always do right with our kids. The teacher was wrong to throw you out of a class when you were 12 years old. Jesus would’ve never done that. We are to follow Him and His example was to embrace children, letting them come to Him. I know if you search with all of your heart, mind and honestly asked the Lord to show Himself to you, He will and you will find Jesus. You are at the age of accountability and it is now up to you to seek God to find out if He is real. Search the Holy Bible, His scriptures for truth. God never changes! He wants to show you His mercy over justice. Blessings on a true pursuit of God’s wonderful grace.

  • Barry Goldwater

    Should we not take a long hard look at ourselves and our institutions in examining why young people find Christian Churches unacceptable?
    One of my own community’s Churches uses it’s visitation card as a means of deciding who is economically and socially compatible with the Church, in other words it’s become an asset driven Church and yes it’s populated with the local political and government class. If you don’t hail from the right side of the tracks you’ll not be asked to return.
    Another church in my community will usher out a woman for showing up in pants the second time after a warning the first time. Excuse me ?
    The Church is profoundly guilty of alienating people on many levels and yet questions what’s wrong with people and their attitude toward them.
    Is it any wonder young people are turning away in droves from the business of Christianity ?
    As a believer I don’t question God’s word but I seriously question and indict the way modern church leaders have turned the church into self serving corporations.

  • chris

    ‘one of the primary reasons for this is because many young adults are seeking ways to rebel against their conservative Christian upbringings.’

    I disagree slightly. In my opinion the primary reason for this can be found in the promotion of the occult by various big name pop stars, promotion of the occult in Hollywood films and also books and magazines aimed at the young.

  • Bill L

    During the reign of Obama, the LORD was trying to humble the USA. You did not see the USA repent before ALMIGHTY GOD and ask forgiveness for murder, adultery, theft, idolatry, witchcraft, covetousness, rebellion of parents, abortion, etc.
    This trend started in the 1950s-1960s. The removal of the Bible, prayer, 10 commandments which led to the drug, hippie, free love, satan worship (1st church of satan, Anton Levay ).
    There were those in the 1980s-1990s who warned if it wasn’t reversed, evil would take a foothold and grow. Now 2000s-2010s, are we really surprised that only 4% hold to biblical Christianity?
    The Church needs to fall before THE LORD and repent, ask forgiveness and stand against the evil, be wise as serpents, be harmless as doves. Take the authority of GOD, Luke 10:18-20, put on the full armour of GOD, Ephesians 6 and pray against the evil (satan,fallen angels, demons) . We are in the last days brethren, pray, preach, watch, THE LORD is coming, be ready.

  • davidnrobyn

    I have to run the gauntlet of a daily drive to Portland for work. I’ve noticed that there are a lot more license plates from the South than you would ever see around here 20 or 30 years ago. As you know, Portland is rather distant from the southeastern US, the Bible Belt. Just as Portland has become a very big draw for young hipsters all over the country, I theorize it’s become a big draw for hipster-wannabees from the South who want to leave the culture they were reared in behind.

  • James R. Calvert

    Micah 5:12 is an eschatological prophecy predicting “witchcrafts.” Revelation 9:20 is another eschatological prophecy predicting the worship of demons, sexual immorality, and drug use. What we are witnessing is the fulfillment of biblical prophecy.

    • pharma kills

      Especially pharmaceutical drugs which take countless lives every year. You should see the pharmadeathclock website.

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  • Not surprised being that the bulk of contemporary Christianity is best depicted by Christ in Matthew 5:13 as salt that’s lost its savor, good for nothing but to be trampled under the foot of man. This, because they are anti-law, anti-kingdom here and now, anti-dominion.

    They have consequently turned what was Christendom (Christians dominionizing society on behalf of their King) in 17th-century Colonial America into mere 4-walled Christianity, aka Christendumb. Why would our youth be interested in such stupidity?

    For more, see blog article “Self-Imposed Impotence” Click on my name, then our website. Go to our Blog and search on title.

    Then “10 Reasons the Kingdom Here on Earth Isn’t Mission Impossible.”

    • Grundune

      Whoa, there fellow. They have lost their savor and good for nothing but to be trampled under the foot of man because they are ANTI-DOMINION??????

      Goodness gracious, man, the whole Gospel of Jesus Christ is one of choosing freely to follow Him. There is nothing in there about dominating others. You are 180 degrees out of sync. Doesn’t that make you an anti-Christ?

    • Beware! Grundune is a Mormon who rejects the Christ of the Bible and the Word of God (Psalm 19:7-11; John 1:1-3, 14; 1 Timothy 3:16; 2 John 1:7-11; etc.) and whose “Doctrine and Covenants” demand he defend the Constitution as divinely inspired (D&C 101:80, etc.), much the same as with the “Book of Mormon.” He knows if the Constitution is exposed for the biblically seditious document it is, that the entire Mormon house of cards comes tumbling down.

      He also rejects that Christ is our (ONLY) Sovereign (whom Grundune likes to identify as a dictator) now, despite a plethora of New Testament passages that prove otherwise.

      Grundune, will, of course, deny that any of this (except that he’s a Mormon) applies to him. I’ll let you the reader determine from his Mormonism and posts whether this is true or not.

      Tragically, many Christians are more inclined to follow “Doctrine and Covenants” than they are the Bible when it comes to the Constitution.

  • Gregory Alan of Johnson

    How many Fathers/Mothers, while walking out their faith before their children, are actively praying with them in the 1Corinthians 12 Spiritual gifts? I want my children to practically come out of my Brides womb speaking in the Holy Spirit! I want them to have a daily encounter with Yahweh’s Ruach Ha’Kodesh! That should solve the issue of wanting to depart from the way they are raised (Proverbs 22:6).

  • SantosGarcia
  • Kevs Sanover

    You want to know what the problem is? If the power of God is made manifest through His people yet more and more darkness is spreading, who is to blame? The Christian community has only itself to blame! While most of you sit in your church pews socializing together and living a life of nothing more than a lukewarm Christian, the world around us is growing more and more evil. If we truly serve El Elyon then we should be able to face the enemy head on. In today’s church society a whole congregation of so called Christian people don’t have enough power combined to blow out a candle, let alone face the enemy in spiritual warfare. Go ahead and engage the enemy and see how fast your faith is cracked like an eggshell! Brittle and weaknesses is what I see in most Christian people today. Wake up and stand in the might of God and use the spiritual weapons and authority given to you. Wake up your churches, your congregations, yourself. Become a raging fire instead of a wisp of smoke. For our battle is not FLESH AND BLOOD!!! Does that sound familiar to you? The powers of darkness have to be targeted and the strongholds broken. If this is not happening, then the only people to blame are God’s people who sit on their hands and just watch the world fall to hell! There are very few real churches left and even less real Christians left….don’t be like them.