Man Knocked Out, Stripped Naked And Robbed Of Everything As Crowd Of Onlookers Laugh Hysterically

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How would you feel if a group of young thugs punched you in the face, knocked you to the ground, stripped you naked and took off with your car keys, your watch, your money and your cell phone?  Well, that is exactly what happened to one man in Baltimore recently and it was all caught on camera.  Perhaps the most frightening thing about this incident is that nobody from the crowd of onlookers helped this man.  Instead, most of them appear to have been too busy laughing hysterically at what was happening to him.  Sadly, this kind of behavior is becoming all too common on the streets of America.  The hearts of our young people are growing very cold, and in a lot of major U.S. cities it is simply not safe to go strolling around after the sun goes down anymore.  The man in the video that you are about to see is lucky to have gotten away alive.  When he was punched in the face he fell directly backward and in the video you can hear the sound of his skull loudly hitting the pavement.  But instead of checking to see if he needed medical help, the crowd around the man descended on him like a bunch of crazed looters.  This incident happened on St. Patrick’s Day, but it is only now that the media is starting to take notice of this video.


The YouTube video posted below is a local news report about this incident.  It contains footage of him being knocked out, but it does not contain footage of him being stripped of his clothes….

The video footage of him being violently stripped of his clothes and belongings is on YouTube and it is quite easy to find.  But please be warned that it is quite graphic, and you might not want to watch it.

Sadly, this is just another sign of how much our society is decaying.  And it is not just happening in the big cities.  This kind of behavior is going on in every area of the country and not even the very rural communities are immune from the craziness that is going on.

As I have written about previously, America is becoming a very lawless place and criminals are becoming much bolder.  Very creepy home invasion horror stories are being reported all over the United States and there has been a shocking increase in gang activity in the past few years.

America is rapidly changing and you simply cannot count on most people to show you even an ounce of compassion these days.  Most people simply do not want to get involved in something that is not their business.

For example, would you stop and help an 86-year-old man with a broken leg that was crawling across the pavement at a gas station trying to get assistance?

Well, that exact scenario played out near Detroit recently.  An 86-year-old World War II veteran was brutally carjacked in broad daylight.  After the attack, his leg was broken and he could not walk.  So he started to crawl across the parking lot toward the door of the gas station.

So did anyone help him?

Not according to the surveillance video….

A surveillance video shows Aaron Brantley, 86, struggling to get from the fuel pump to the gas station’s door to get help as people walked and drove by him Wednesday morning.

This is what America is becoming.  A place where nobody cares about each other.

If you get caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, don’t count on anyone helping you out or even showing you a single ounce of compassion.

But just because the hearts of most Americans are growing cold and hard does not mean that has to happen to you.  The next time that you see someone in a desperate situation out on the streets I hope that you will remember to stop and be kind to that person.

So what do all of you think about the video posted above?  Please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts below….

  • MisterD

    It is absolutely disgraceful to see these things happening all across the country. What have people become? It’s hard to imagine how heartless and despicable the vast majority of society keeps becoming day after day.

    • xander cross

      Why don’t you ask Rick Santorum and his supporters as to why do they pretend to try to kill president Obama when he was at a gun range? Why Ron Paul make racist newsletters against blacks and why does Ron Paul support the KKK? I bet knightowl77 never answer that one.

      • Matthew

        Are you kidding me about Ron Pauls news letters. You need to do more research. HE DOESNT Support KKK nor what was writen on the newsletters. Your a joke. Ron Paul is the only hope this country has.

        • xander cross

          Yes, Ron Paul does support the KKK and have said this many times not only on his newsletters, but actual state interviews as well. Ron Paul only cares about his pockets, nothing more, nothing less. This is why he supports Mitt Romney.

        • Myself

          Ron Paul will never be president; he’s a racist buffoon and not to be taken seriously. The voters have decided this already and as it is, so shall it be done. The majority of Americans ( no matter the color they come it) are sick and tired of racist division and rhetoric. Either get with the program or take the option you seem to want to offer to others..trace your family history back to your country of origin and go there. America has no more room for people like you.

          • not sure

            america has no room for people like you, take your pie in the sky ideas and leave.

        • Ron Paul

          Xander is ill informed. I know this based on the statement “He supports Mitt Romney”. Get on you Tube and search “Ron paul tells mitt romney to read the constitution” Keep in mind that was 2008
          Ron Paul is anything but a racist, I dont know how you can be a racist, and be for gay marrige. So he hates blacks but its ok for gays to be married……..Your cognitive dissonance will soon subside.
          “Myself” needs to turn no futher than his or her tv(CNN MSNBC FOX) to find racist division an rhetoric, rascism aslo inlcudes hate towards other religions. Matt is right ro more research. OBAM-NEY 2012

      • ME

        Remember the professor who had students write a story about the **************** of W?

      • ME

        Xander will apologize for them until HE is a victim. Say what you want, but especially in a group, this is typical of blacks. When they stop acting like hyenias, they will stop being treated as animals.

        • Myself

          Grow up and stop spreading the virus, you’re the hyena..barking and baying while spreading vehemence. Learn how to spell before you post anything and then make sure you post the truth.
          humans like you must be forced to be human to other humans; that’s why we have force people like you (and the boys who committed this horrific crime – you’re one and the same – just like each other. May even be related?) to behave with some humanity.

      • Gaye

        Zander, how do you know that all this happened, you do not give any proof or sites to show us.. anyone could say that of anyone.
        The left world wide are so soft on crime, of course it will get worse..

  • Piglet

    Unfortunately this sort of thing has been going on for years in Baltimore, and a lone white guy would have to be drunk or out of his mind to be on the street in a black neighborhood at night, which is made quite obvious by this video. Local predators have been attacking tourists around the (formerly) fashionable Inner Harbor area for quite some time because they know these people are strangers with money, and they can be easily picked off. The guy is lucky he got away with his life.

    • Curious

      These are the kind of comments that you get from RACISTS. #shakemyhead.

      • ME

        To blacks and idiot whiny leftist whites (who are an embarrassment to the white race), the definition of a racist is any white person who won’t cheerfully submit to whatever atrocities blacks want to inflict.

        • Myself

 The definition of racist as defined by Webster’s Dictionary is:

          1. a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.

          This is what you are. Wear it proudly, trace your family origins back to Germany and go there. America does not need you here.

          • Disillusioned

            The problem with the Webster’s definition of racism is that no one is racist according to that definition. Nobody actually believes that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities, as if to say that only knowing someone’s race is enough to know about that person. Rather, those who are often labeled ‘racist’ actually believe in AVERAGE differences between races. Thus, Webster is not being sincere in its definition of racism, because no one actually defines the word in this way. Rather, Webster uses a straw man definition of racism to make it appear totally irrational. They would never make racism sound reasonable by saying that racism is merely the acknowledgment that there are certain average differences between the races. Putting it that way, you would be a fool not to be a racist. However, I disregard this definition of racism. I define racism to be dishonesty about average differences between the races and all consequences thereof. Defining racism in this manner sheds light on who the true racists are: the leftist equality-worshipers who pretend that there are no average differences between the races! What happened in Baltimore is typical of uncivilized African American behavior. **************************

          • notsure

            why don’t you just get out of this site, you are either a liberal crybaby hippie or anti white, no one wants you, so get out…

      • Myself

        So true, Curious. Why waste your time with these people? They are not able to learn, they’ve been born and bred to think they are superior to others because of either their skin color – or lack thereof – and cannot be convinced otherwise.

        • DownWithLibs

          You do know that you are suppose to paint things in a ventilated room? You may wish to open a window before you lose any more of what few precious brain cells you have left!

    • roadrunner

      Piglet, thank you for the observation. Now lets all ask ourselves this one question. WHY is it possible to ask oneself, “a lone white guy would be either drunk, or out of his mind to be in the street, in a black neighborhood at night, (or during the day). If you switch “lone black guy” for “lone white guy”, and “white neighborhood”, for “black neighborhood”, then you would be accused of being racist, would’nt you….dont deny. Think about this.

      • Myself

        It will be even more dangerous if this lone Black person were in a white neighborhood and went out for Skittles.

    • strat4jazz

      I lived in the district for 3 years (where handguns are illegal to own or carry) So I moved back to my home state where these kind of things are not the normal mode. I’m sorry to the Mothers of the these children in advance, because someone is going to shoot these predators.

    • guido

      Actually, no, it’s not racist. It’s called Common Sense.
      For once, I’m with Piglet.
      I’ve been to Baltimore and it alternates between sections of affluence and utter ruin with various levels of ghetto in between. Even a lot of the normal areas look like no place you would want to be at night. I stayed there many times and only a regular would really know the difference. My buddy, who worked in a methadone clinic there, described it like a ski slope-blue square “beginner” ghetto, green triangle “intermediate” ghetto, and black diamond “expert” ghetto. Never, ever go into expert ghetto if you’re white. Why would criminals go to the Inner Harbor? Because, as Willy Sutton used to say, “That’s where the money is!”

      For all you wannabe race-baiters and holier-than-thou liberal white guilt-types who are so quick to call it racist to use common sense: Go to Baltimore, yourselves.
      Go to Baltimore and walk around some of the nastier places alone, day or night, and tell us all how much better you are for placing yourself in danger. Make sure you walk around alone, maybe carry your smart phone or Ipad with you, a pocket full of money, your open mind and the courage of your stupid convictions your only armor. Don’t forget your well-meaning, but dumb, tolerant look on your face. I have nothing to prove-I can apply what my eyes and other senses tell me and avoid trouble. If that’s evil, racist profiling, then I’ll profile away, just as my ancestors all the way back to monkeys profiled, thus surviving to perpetuate the species on down to me.

      For those of you who don’t know, Maryland has seen an increase in race-based crime, in which white people repeatedly pummel their heads and bodies into innocent minorities’ feet and fists multiple times and bigoted store clerks call the police on innocent minority social groups who frequent their businesses for spontaneous ‘fire sales’ of free clothing, food, beer, and other merchandise. It’s the racist media and police who are creating this impression the streets aren’t safe. Their hysteria is why they had to build that National Harbor dump over in Oxon Hill-it’s practically a self-enclosed tourist shopping, dining, and hotel bubble isolated from the rest of the area full of cameras, police, and private security.

      • Gaye

        We went to Thailand a couple of years ago and have friends living there. There are sections of affluence and utter ruin with various levels of ghettos in between there also but we do not hear of the crime rates that we are NOW getting in our democratic countries or should I say, countries that were once beautifully democratic.. Strange how so many democratic countries have had many years of left wing governments all at the same time, who are tying us down more and more and taking away our freedoms. If you read what socialism, communism, and the Fabian society say, then we see that they have us right on track…. which includes complete lawlessness….

    • JStevens

      This was not a “black neighborhood”. It was the courthouse by city hall and that’s not really a neighborhood. Just government buildings. NO place in Baltimore is safe anymore.

  • Adam

    Hey Gary2, bet these animals vote the same way you do. What does that say about your party? Since you love Obama and his supporters so much why don’t you move next to them? I’ll pay for your bus ticket (why not, I pay for your rent, food, phone, etc.)

    • xander cross

      Animals? You damn racist. Speaking of animals, lets talk about the one that killed 3 black people at random in Tulsa, Olkahoma yesterday, which was easter sunday, or the white racist that ran over a random black male to death with his car, good thing the racist got sentenced to life in prison because they were going to give him the death peantly, but the victims family pleaded with the court to spare the racist life. Funny how that is not reported on this site.

      • A Dodgy Bloke

        Or the white kid that was set ablaze, or the white kid that was beat up by black kids. Or what happened in my hometown two black men were going around robbing whites in the down town area. They would hit then in head with a baseball bat. Thank God nobody died. I personally I’m getting tired of race baiters black criminals and thier white apologists. If you people really want your race war, you may want to go do some research like the Bosnian Civil War. There was enough killing, rape and horror to last any sane civilization decades.

        • xander cross

          I personally get tired of white conservative racist that think that there superior to everyone else and yet, they commit the most rapes, child porn, and murder per captial, than any other race. I noticed A Dodgy Bloke, you did not metioned the racist white man killing random black people or did that escape your mind.

          • Myself

            I agree with you, Xander Cross. The vicious posts on this page show how gentle and angelic whites can be. Shame on them!

          • Gaye

            Zander, you are obviously not quoting what statistics say..
            It is sad that when our governments become soft on crime that we very quickly seem to reach the lowest common denominator, and the left world wide a soft on crime to the point that we can no longer say that, ‘crime does not pay’. All races commit crime, unfortunately stats say that the worst crime rates come from darker areas, Muslims in non Muslims countries seem to be the worst, and like you I do not have the stats.
            Except as an example in the Danish Muslim ghettos (as in most democratic countries where they have been kind enough to take these people to save them from death,) they reward us by gang raping our girls and crime rate and hostility is nine times high towards the surrounding community. It would appear in these cases that perhaps their intellect is to blame or could it be their religion or both. I am a white New Zealander and from my reading it would appear that some Asians have a higher intellect than anyone else..

        • Myself

          Good Thing whites never do anything wrong! The poor angels are always picked on and your friend Jeffery Dahmer who met innocent Black men, lured them to his home to butcher and eat..yeah, he ate them. Or like the innocent Charles Manson, he’s up for parole so maybe you can take him in. But let’s not forget Jon Venables and Robert Thompson who kidnapped, tortured and killed a White toddler (yeah.they were white too) in England. They are all civilized and innocent too.
          Face it, evil comes in all forms and colors, but cowardice comes from someone sitting at home, safe and sound, on the internet.

          • Gaye

            Myself, everyone knows that crime is not just in one race or another, but it would appear that certain races have a greater propensity to commit crime.. thanks to immigration we now have areas of Whites, areas of Blacks, of Asians, of Greeks, of Italians etc and areas of Muslims, because it is very natural for people of the same kind to stick together, but then it makes it easier to see where the areas of the LARGEST amount of crime comes from.
            There has however been many studies done on intellect, and as seen from this study… we whites do not have the best or the worst brains… Race differences in intelligence: how research changed my mind to …

          • Gaye

            Also, it does not say whether it was whites standing there laughing at what happened, and very likely unless it was an Asian area or a Black area, there were many if not mostly whites doing the laughing… sick so sick.. and so sad…
            I blame what we watch on TV, which has 95% of crime, on it, we have a constant diet of the worst of worst on TV.
            Notice most films do not have a married mother and father, just a lot of nastiness, killing, hatred, bed hopping, etc.. so of course if our young have a constant tsunami of this this, then it must have an effect..

    • Matthew

      WOW that was awsome…

  • Kevin

    Certainly by all accounts this unprovoked attack was not justified. One must however question the common sense of the guy putting himself in that position. There are places that are unsafe and that is one of those places. I wonder if Camden NJ would have been an OK place for him to hang out in at night. If these thugs are caught the punishment for assault and battery is minimal and for a guilty plea charges are typically reduced. I suspect the jail time (if jail time) will not deter the criminals and believe the odds are good that they have been locked up before and will be locked up again.

    To avoid danger you first avoid dangerous places. The guy is lucky he is not crippled for life with brain damage.

    • xander cross

      I agree, however, a lot of you don’t talk about the white gangs in Winston-Salem NC and the white gangs in Mississippi, Lousiania, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Maine that terrorize blacks quite often. Yes, this is a deplorable act, but Michael did not make an artice about the racist men that killed three black people at random in Tulsa, Olkahoma on easter sunday. He is like alex jones, trying to race bait white conservatives against black liberals.

      • Kevin

        xander cross

        I would like to know about these white gangs your referring to. No doubt such people exist on both sides. Maybe the media hides the white on black violence on purpose. I tend to think the black against white violence is more common but maybe I’m wrong. I keep out of trailer parks but cities are often unavoidable.

        It’s highly recommended to keep away from white trash too. The only saving grace is that most often bad people attack other bad people leaving good people alone because they are out of their social circle. This is why many people elevate themselves economically to keep away from them regardless if they are black or white.

        • Kevin

          Black people tend to kill other black people most often. Looking at data from the FBI Uniform Crime Reports from 2010 (2011 is not entirely completed yet) 2950 blacks were arrested for murder while 3062 whites were arrested for murder. The most telling part is that blacks are 12.6 % of the population while whites are 72.4 % of the population.

          The math is indisputable that blacks are 6 times more likely to commit murder. Poverty and hopelessness may be the catalyst but the numbers don’t lie. The black neighborhood is statistically much more dangerous.

          I stand by me statement that it is very unwise to travel there.

          • xander cross

            Your statement is false, because first of all, the police don’t always arrest white people that do crime to blacks and this has been going on for years. And, black are not, I repeat, are not 6 times more likely to kill. But then again, I though all of you did not believe anything the government said in the first place, so once again, hyprocrites cherry pick informtion best suited for their needs. How sad.

          • Kevin

            xander cross

            So blacks kill other blacks 6 x more then the average for whites killing anybody but blacks leave whites alone? Are you saying that blacks are not killing other blacks in a ratio of 6x the white murder rate? Your theory devoid of any facts is that the crime rate in the black community is done by white gangs coming down terrorizing while the police look the other way while the Attorney General of the USA for the last 6 years is black and not a word out of him about it? Pretty interesting considering that several of these high crime neighborhoods have black Mayors and a black Chief of Police.

            I know we need another AG after Fast And Furious and based on the previous paragraph you must agree.

            If you attempt to defend your position the logical conclusion is that the black police chiefs, mayors and AG are incompetent, corrupt or both. It’s my opinion that they are doing the best they can under a black youth onslaught of crime.

      • Josh

        There are no white gangs.

        • xander cross

          Tell that to the Hell’s Angels, The Mongrols, Aryan Nation, Ku Klux Klan, Volksfront, Almight Saints, Nazi Lowriders, Public enemy number 1. All white gangs that are active.

          • Myself


            Are you serious?

          • DownWithLibs

            You might be happier in Canada!

    • Gaye

      No, if people are going to lower themselves to this degree then we have to make the punnishment for crime far greater so that they do not want to come back for a second helping…
      It is not fair for the black people in these areas who are doing their best to bring up their children well, these people (families) deserve a safe place as well.. so make punnishment work.. make it hard, make it long and make it effective..

  • Golden Child

    I live right outside of Baltimore and this is no surprise. Huge swaths of Baltimore are some of the most crime-ridden, run-down and neglected places in America filled with an air of ominous lawlessness, death, addiction and danger. Even in downtown Baltimore around places like Lexington Market, it is not completely out of the question that you might get killed for looking at someone the wrong way. Being that I live in the suburbs, I have been beaten so badly by teenagers on the walking path that I woke up in the hospital not knowing what the hell happened. I also have been robbed in broad daylight on a sunny 70 degree day last year at around 1 PM by teenagers who should have been in school. The disenfranchised shiftless 14-25 year male old demographic in America here is capable of some gruesome things. Our young men have been pushed out of the job market completely, yet they are bombarded with the same consumer cultural apparatus as rich folks who can actually afford overpriced status symbols and material signifiers of wealth and well-being . A new pair of $300 Nikes still comes out every month although the economy is in the toilet and kids in the hood will kill you just to wear them. I won’t bring race into it because I’m originally from the one of the darker corners of the wild urban jungle of the Bay Area where Asian, Pacific Islander, Hispanic and Black kids all gang bang, sell drugs, rob people, shoot each other up and terrorize streets the same. But minorities and youth living in economically depressed urban areas are obviously hurting more even in good times. Nearby DC is also facing a giant uptick in youth robberies this year. Last week, I saw three teenage Black kids pull ski masks over their faces on the main shopping mall strip in Georgetown in broad daylight. I turned the closest corner as quickly as possible as my heart raced like a Nascar driver.

    • xander cross

      Just like the white kids that rob from target and wal-mart stores stealing shoes and baseball cards on the weekends. This whole site has become a right wing hate machine. Notice how there is no artice on the two racist white men that killed three innocent black men in Tulsa, OK or the racist white man who killed a black man in Mississippi with his car. Funny how all of you did not talk about the KKK gangs that been killing black people for ages.

      • Michael


        All murder is horrible. I thought you would know me better than that by now.


        • i’vegivenup


          I’ve haven’t seen you say one thing about the Trayvon Martin murder either. I live in Florida and this place is the pits run by a criminal governor REPUBLICAN Rick Scott who should be in prison for the things he did and a “super majority” REPUBLICAN house and senate. The “stand your ground” law is a totally dispicable endorsed by the NRA and was signed into law by none other than Jeb Bush. If George Zimmerman walks we are likely to see an explosion of riots. What about that Michael? Why don’t you write an article about that possibility? BTW…I’m a WHITE 60 year old man who is tired of seeing people instantly label blacks as criminals or thugs…

          • Michael

            I do not want to put labels on any group.

            I think that each individual should be treated individually.

            Why should we all gather into groups based on the color of our skin?

            I felt that the story I just posted was noteworthy because of how the onlookers reacted. That was the real story.

            I feel like the Trayvon Martin situation should have been an issue for local law enforcement to handle. Instead, it has been blown up into the biggest news story in the country.


            Because everyone wants to talk about race.

            Well, I think that we should all look beyond “black” or “white” or “Hispanic” and see what is in the heart of individuals.


          • guido

            The lamestream media outlets should all be indicted for attempting to incite a riot and, if/when Zimmerman is assaulted/murdered by ignorant racist black morons, they should be sued for their responsibility in the matter. It is rather ironic to see black lynch mobs running around following Spike Lee’s twitter comments in search of addresses of suspected Zimmermans.(Zimmermen?)

            The Trayvon case is a typical example of the liberal media having to create a mythical story to piss us all off. They had to shoehorn the facts into a racial mold. If you don’t believe there was liberal bias there, then why did they have to make a fake 911 call tape? The lamestream media had to make the story into something it wasn’t, create fake evidence to drum up a bunch of ignorant black protestors, and even tried to make it into a whites vs blacks thing. It’s the left that are the biggest problem when it comes to race. Even if they have to fabricate the evidence, it will be reduced to race somehow.

            It’s also been funny to see how the liberals had to pick sides between their favored minorities, i.e. a Hispanic versus a Black. Had Zimmerman been gay, I wonder if they would have left him alone? Or a green energy animal rights Occupy Wall Street transsexual protestor? I also can’t leave out the utter silence over black-on-black crime, which is fairly high from what I understand. If all these protestors made half as much noise about the murders, rapes, and other crimes in their own neighborhoods, perhaps things would be a little better.

      • ScoutMotto

        @xander – I’m not sure you’ve noticed, but the mainstream media has always jumped all over a story where it’s a white-on-black crime. Those stories garner national attention for long periods of time. Black-on-white crimes however get very little attention in the mainstream news. I see no reason for this site to have to cover what is thrown in our face all the time by mainstream news when this site offers us what the mainstream will not.

        If one only paid attention to the mainstream news, one would think only whites commit crimes against blacks. Obviously this is not the truth, but since it is not the truth, one would think the mainstream news would cover both, but they don’t. Why is that?

        It’s because the mainstream only covers what is politically correct. Same with gay hate crimes. Matthew Shepard garnered national attention for a year over a robbery-turned-trumped-up hate crime. But Jason Shephard, a man murdered by a homosexual for refusing his advances, got near-zero media attention. Why is this? The same reason young Jesse Dirkhising, killed by two homosexual men, was not heard of in the media. We can’t have the protected classes looking bad, right?

        Thank you Michael, for bringing this story to our attention.

      • guido

        So why do you waste so much time on this site, tearing it down?

        • Colin

          One of the issues associated with the Martin case is the Stand-Your-Ground, or Castle Doctrine, law. This law, or a variation of it, can be found in 34 states. Four other states are considering the law.

          The law is controversial in the legal community. It is controversial because the definition of what constitutes a reasonable belief of threat is subjective. In Florida, a prosecutor will find that bringing a shooter to court is difficult because in many cases the only person who can counter the shooter’s argument is the shootee. To date, all shootees’ have been killed, and only one of them was armed. A task force reviewed the law and determined that the law was confusing. Some have recommended its repeal for they believe the law is unrepairable.

          Race has been brought into the Martin case because of the tragic and bloody history of the police-black community relationship in Sanford.

          For myself, I believe that Zimmerman murdered Martin.

          • ME

            I’m unable to follow the logic that requires a victim to try to flee and hope they are faster or stronger than their assailant. The special prosecuter wouldn’t even present anything to a grand jury. Sounds like she had nothing to present. The state will try desperately to crucify Zimmerman. I want you to move to Martin’s hood. When things turn into a repeat of the L.A. riots, you will desparately want a gun to defend yourself from innocentyouths like Martin.

      • ME

        One of these “racist white men” was an american indian.

      • Dave

        You are sadly deluded. You seem to be trying to justify black crime in America. First off; dipstick; blacks comprise 12.9 % of the overall population in the United States; yet account for over 60% of all major crime in the United. Is this statement racist? NO. Its a fact; Y’know; from that OBVIOUSLY RACIST ORGANIZATION; the U.S. Justice Dept. This is extremely typical; and im not at all surprised. BLACKS are over 500%; YES; i said over 500% MORE likely to attack a White person; Than a White individual attacking a Black. Again; is this statement racist? NO!!!. It just happens to be the TRUTH. I could go on all day. Name me ONE FIRST WORLD COUNTRY NOW; OR IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD; COLLECTIVELY RUN BY BLACKS.? Thought so. Can’t do that; can you? That statement ISN’T RACIST. It happens to be TRUE. EVERYWHERE Blacks inhabit; they virtually turn that place into a desolate toilet. Seriously. How about this? For EVERY DOLLAR generated by the Black population overall economically in the United States TODAY; 13 DOLLARS ARE SUCKED OUT OF THE ECONOMY TO SUPPORT BLACK PROGRAMS AND INTERESTS. Now; is that statement racist? Nope again; dipstick. Thats a FACT. NO MATTER how you try to rationalize the arguement away; or to and deflect it; it ALWAYS comes back to whats TRUE. Want proof? DETROIT; ATLANTA; PARTS OF UTAH AFTER KATRINA; and ANY city or town where the Black population exceeds 50%. You can deny it ALL you want; but YOU CANT MAKE IT GO AWAY.

  • Proftel

    When I lived in Cubatão-SP (Brazil) reacted to an assault, it was in 1995.

    I took a 38 caliber bullet that pierced the stomach, large intestine and small intestine.

    Came and went, it was less than 5 meters shooting.

    I was in hospital 11 days and 60 days off work over a year without any physical effort (Interestingly, the reconstituted skin and muscles rapidamentes takes a year to return to normal).

    The taste in the mouth of lead was several months because the bullet pierced the stomach (and this was explained by the doctor – the taste of lead that was felt in the mouth because the stomach pierced, had nothing to do with taste buds).

    Given my situation of former military infantry, even having gone so never let someone get mugged in front of me, is a matter of principle and solidarity (even if you have to take another bullet).

    I do not mind enters a situation such as the Post.

    Polish My father always said: “- never sin by omission.”

    I follow this motto.


    • MB92083

      If only there were a lot more people like you in this world, we’d be ok.

      • Proftel


        I was sincere.

  • Curious

    Michael why is it that all of your examples of social breakdown involve African Americans? Does the “majority” not commit crimes of depravity as well?

    • Michael

      Yes, people of all races commit horrible crimes.

      And I think that if will you go through all of my articles about societal decay, most of them involve people that are white.

      If you notice in the article, I did not put labels on people. I try very hard to avoid blaming an entire group of people for the actions of certain individuals.


  • KyTim89

    The summer of 2012 is going to set a record for heat waves. With the record heat waves there is going to be even more youth violence. What happened to Trayvon Martin s just the begining. As the economy continues to falter these wayward youth are going to become increasingly bold and thus more concealed carriers are going to be on national TV sharing the spot light with George Zimmermann.

  • I see grass of green, red roses too
    I see them bloom for me and you
    And I think to myself what a wonderful world…………

  • chris

    Nothing new. Spent two years in Baltimore from around 06 to 08 i’m sad to say. They were murder capital then and i’m sure they’re still competing for one of the Top3 slots today. Even before the recession went into full swing murders were a daily occurance and white people being beaten to a pulp on buses by groups of teenagers were so wide spread one summer I believe they had to start putting cops on all the buses for a while. You couldn’t pay me to go back to that hell hole. It’s unfortunate because the Inner Harbor has some nice attractions but as Piglet pointed out the thugs know people with money go there so statistically your just as likely to get robbed or beaten there as you are walking through the rundown areas in a klan outfit. Maybe the “urban” lifestyle works for some people but for this Southern Maryland guy having to look over your shoulder constantly and having your cars repeatedly vandalized and stolen from is no way to live.

    Kevin called it “To avoid danger you first avoid dangerous places.”

  • Alexander Smith

    Still proud to be an american?

    how about proud to be a united states citizen?

    Should God bless america?

    Should God bless the united states?

    • i’vegivenup

      NO…because when we started putting money before people we lost any chance of this country remaining “the land of the free…and the home of the brave”…

      • ScoutMotto

        These days we are the ‘land of the fee, and the home of the slave,’ thanks to the govt.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Alexander Smith: I’m fond of saying “God help The Banana Republic of America.” Considering how much of a basketcase this country is on so many levels, we need all the help we can get.

    • chris

      Yes I am. It isn’t to late to restore Constitutional government. It isn’t to late to curb this moral decay. We can still find our way back into Gods favor.

  • didgeriedoo

    He probably blended in with the bums and homeless people in that hood.

  • Joe-liberty

    Get used to this. You can thank your parents, grandparents, and current acquaintances. I know many of them who could only give a care about what is on T.V. or how they can get the next gadget in their hand. They are heathens! They only care about self-gratification and the church is at fault as well. We went to a “egg-hunt” the other day at an elderly folks home and I watched worthless Americans bring their heathen children there who ran other kids over, trashed the property, and their parents were to worthless and lazy to clean up after their children. They laughed and mocked when we cleaned up after their worthless flesh. This is all the more reasons you should own guns, because these are the people who will let their kids starve, but will make sure they are well fed by killing you for whatever you have if the economy crashes and burns. If any of these people ever take a bullet in the act of a robbery, our country will be better off without them and there should be no tears shed for them.

  • Dude77

    Where are the hate crime charges??

  • Magdiel

    It is a.shame that the US Government has so many soldiers overseas when this Nation is becoming even worse than the Nation or Nations they claim to be helping against violence.I wish they bring back ********** and the other sorts of ancient punishments these days to give all these thugs a real lesson!

  • Sadly, this sort of thing isn’t new. It’s the grownup version of the playground scenario where a whole crowd gathers to watch one or two bullies torment a weaker kid, and not only does no one ever raise an objection, but a lot of times they’ll cheer the bully on.

    When Kitty Genovese was brutally murdered in her own apartment complex with no effective response from neighbors who saw and heard her struggling, there was outrage and some haphazard efforts to make sure it didn’t happen again. A decade later, another woman was murdered in very similar circumstances only a few blocks away.

    This sort of thing happens wherever large numbers of people live in close proximity, such that most of one’s social interactions are with strangers.

  • Imaplaneiac

    Micheal, I couldn’t find that other youtube video that you refer to. There are two other short videos that have RESTRICTED ACCESS – but I don’t want to have to ” sign in ” to view them. Perhaps the other video …has been removed from youtube? Or can you supply a link to what you refer to.

  • Cinderella Man

    You cant watch the original video Youtube says “This video has been removed as a violation of Youtube’s policy on shocking and disgusting content.” No what they really mean to say it has been removed because it shows blacks beating a white guy and whites are the only ones we wants seen a perpatrators of violence. I hope the Hatestream media is happy. All this race-baiting brought on by the Trayvon Martin shooting is making an open season on white people. Some might say this is racist but Im never been on to mince words. Blacks can never be shown beating and raping whites but a mexican kills a black kid and they will edit 911 calls and change ethnicity to suit their race-baiting propaganda. This sickens and disgusts me at the blantent racisim towards white people in this country. This will not end well for the blacks in this country. I fear many innocent people will be killed or hurt before this is all over.

    • i’vegivenup

      Racism isn’t just against white people. I’m white so what you say holds no water. I see injustices against EVERY race but especially minorities. When there are laws like “stand your ground” that gives permission to any nut job out there to shoot first and ask questions later. Prime example…GEORGE ZIMMERMAN…

      • Cinderella Man

        Youre the perfect example of the guilty white lib. Im am of mixed race in fact im white, native american and hispanic. I see none of the racism you refer to towards me. White people tend to be so terrifed of offending anyone when in fact the white male is the most discriminated against in this country. The white man applies for a job that he is well qualified for and gets turned down because of affirmitive action. He is constantly ridiculed on television and movies made out to be a weakling and that his white girlfriend would be much better off with either another woman or the strong black man. White people are meant to feel ashamed of their race thats why this Trayvon Martin is being exploited by the fake reverends and our own president to make whites feel guilty into voting Obama another term. See if white people would just be better than their decendants they can shed that guilt by doing the right thing and giving this man another term. Despite the fact that he is a dictator and destroys the constitution, none of that matters so go Obama cracker!

        • Kev

          Wise words.’racism’ and every other thought control is a construct of the psychological campaign against all sections of society.What the controllers fear the most is a tolerant,educated and fair-minded public.Wise up folks,you are being devided,segregated and slowly conquered.

        • xander cross

          And you’re the perfect example of a fox nexs follower who attacks anyone that is different from you. No surprise from racist such as yourself. You’re the reason why the country is such in bad shape now. How typical of you to call someone a cracker. You’re an hyprocrite.

          • DownWithLibs

            Move to Canada! Enjoy the Maple!!!!!!

        • uninformedLuddite

          I was watching a TV program the other day called Bones. If you ever get a chance to see the episode in which two of the cast are buried alive by a criminal called the gravedigger it is an object lesson in subtle mental programming against the white male.

  • SonOfSam

    Hey piglet, is Baltimore part of America? Ya know, the “land of the free”? Do our laws apply there? If they do, then your comment that the victim somehow asked for it is complete ******. If our laws do not apply there, then why do our TAX DOLLARS have to go to pay the welfare food stamps and free housing all over that part of the city? If OUR laws do not apply there, why do these scum get to vote in OUR elections?

    Wake up fool: you will see the world much more clearly when you ********************************************

  • xander cross

    Also, how do you know that the victim did not start a fight with gang in the first place? You all just saw the attack, you did not see what led up to the attack. You do realize that when drunk, people say things that they don’t normally do when they are sober. So, anything could have happen prior to this incident. Also, how do you know that the white guy was alone in the first place. It seems that Michael did not do any type of fact finding on this issue. Just like alex jones, he is trying to race bait you all to a race war.

    • Michael


      You should definitely know by now that is not true in the slightest.


    • Cinderella Man

      So Xander its a fair fight to have 3 on one. I just knew you would show up on this one. What about that poor white kid who was set on fire by black kids receving 1st degree burns to his face? His poor mother had to drag him in the house. The black kids were reported to have said “You get what you deserve white boy, this is for Trayvon.” You go off about racisim Xander but the ones who cry race are usually the racist one! I think you hate white people. There are far more black on white crimes being commited in the country than the other way around. BTW one of the Tulsa shooters is Native American not white! I just love how you race-baiter try to turn this into a war. Hate to say it Xander but you are waaay outnumbered my friend, White people are usually a tolerant one, but all tolerance has its limits. The blacks of this country need to be very careful about awakening the sleeping giant, not all of us whites are guilty liberals that are pantywaists that can be pushed around. You dont hear about this crap in MT!

      • ME

        If I am in a “fair fight” such as this, I failed to carry protection.

      • xander cross

        You’re are telling a flat out lie. There are more white on black crime then black on white crime. It’s just that the white on black crime is not reported as often just ask the LAPD who would plant evidence against black gangs, but not white gangs or hispanic gangs as well. Black people are the most tolerant and white people always have a history of killing, raping, and destorying minorites. Whites had a 400 year head start with it with your white supremency. Just like when whites killed black for being in their towns at night (also known as sundown towns). I bet you did not know about that part of your history. Black people being lynch because they outside at night. You are indeed a liar.

        • uninformedLuddite


    • Steve

      Dare I even ask what he might have said, while drunk, that not only required a beating in answer, but also the theft of his property?

    • Kevin

      xander cross

      And what justifies the robbery part or is a target of opportunity Ok?

    • ScoutMotto

      @xander – you need to get your eyes checked. I don’t care what someone says. When contact is made, it’s game on. They touched him first. One guy reached out and tried to get into green-shirt’s pocket, while goofy gal went up to green-shirt and provoked him by touching him inappropriately with her backside. He responded by pushing the guy’s hand away and pushing her away. They touched him first. He defended himself, and was punched for it. Then stripped and robbed. Do you condone this behavior?

      Here is another version of the video, with the above descriptions in it.

    • That’s almost laughable. How about saying the same thing in regards to Trayvon? Heck, you didn’t see how he was acting or what he might have been doing before he got shot to death. Lets give the murdering Zimmerman guy the benefit of the doubt here. For all we know Trayvon might have had it coming for something he said!

      • guido

        Good point-no one has heard Zimmerman’s side of the story, nor has he had his day in court, nor has he been found guilty of any crime. Until that happens, they can’t claim to know anything.
        The media should be prosecuted for inciting a riot, inciting violence, and slander-they made up the facts, concocted that fake 911 call, and even tried to turn a Hispanic man into a Caucasian, all in the name of racial tolerance.

        Spike Lee and the other twit who posted erroneous addresses for Zimmerman should also be cited for trying to incite a riot. What else can you believe they intended people to do with Zimmerman’s address? Visit him for a sincere and heartfelt philosophical discussion? Yeah, and I got swampland in Florida I can sell you for a song.

        • xander cross

          We did hear Zimmermans side of the story and also, we heard it from his father and fake friend as well. It’s funny how you all say that the 911 tapes are fake since it’s zimmerman on it himself. Also, since you want to arrest people for trying to incite a riot, does that include Rick Santorum, for pretending to kill the president of the United States at a gun range? Can we arrest the KKK for inciting an riot and actually killing innocent people that has been going on for decades? Can we arrest the tea party for actually having an riot at the white house against the presdient?

          • DownWithLibs

            I don’t know what you are smoking dude, but I’m guessing you could find more in CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • guido

            Really? So why did NBC have to apologize for faking the call??? Why is it 911 has a phone call on tape that differs from the one NBC played to raise outrage and racial violence? They had a pre-determined story and they fixed the facts to support it. It’s total Winston Smith; down the memory hole the truth goes… It’s not the first time NBC was caught tampering with the news, either. Do you remember when the still-new Dateline NBC was caught faking truck crash results? Or CNN’s fake claims of nerve gas use in Vietnam a few years back? Try newsbusters…

            If you don’t know your news is pre-digested trash, you’re even more ignorant than I would have thought. Little story-I was in grad school with a girl who worked for NBC nightly news. Her job was to assemble the nightly affiliate feed-what the locals play before the national news goes out. Essentially, your affiliates get a tape and a script from NBC news. They read the pre-written story, play the footage, and that’s the news, all wrapped up in a tidy bundle. Heat and serve. She explained to me that at NBC they had no illusions about the news being news. They considered it entertainment. That’s why they play to all demographics in a news show. You get your world events, you get a story about the Greatest Generation or about how medicare/social security is in trouble, you get a family-friendly story, a science story, and at the end, you get the weather-which is what most people are hanging on for, anyway. The news as you know it isn’t about informing you, it’s about entertaining you. Thankfully, at least some people are wising up. The legacy news shows are all finding their viewers dropping, while alternative media is taking off.

            At least Zimmerman will get his day in court and some of the facts we haven’t heard will be made available. I think we’ll find out he’s not the monster so many have been willing to make of him. Unfortunately, the media has so poisoned people on this story, I wonder if he’ll ever get a fair jury now?

    • Gary2wannabe

      You’re embarrassing yourself by desperately making excuses for these **************************************.

    • DownWithLibs

      All together now… “Oh, Canada!!”

      • xander cross

        Sorry, but this is not your country alone. I know you think that you’re superior than any other race, but you’re wrong on this issue. It’s amazing that your racism is showing. But then again, the problem with white people is that they are more superior than any other race.

        • DownWithLibs

          What makes you think I’m white? It appears to me that YOU sir are the true racist in the room. Now, about your plans to pack for Canada…!

  • mark

    I moved to the country in order to have a more peacful life. I do not go to the cities very much these days. I would try to help someone in need if I could. But it is best to avoid large population centers if possiable.

  • Ameen

    I am still utterly shocked by what I saw. Whether white on black, the reverse or same on same doesn’t matter, this video documents disgusting, uncivilized, frankly appalling behavior. What is happening out there???

  • All of this has been prophesied in Sacred Scripture. It is a proximate sign of Antichrist.

    • DownWithLibs

      Right you are. And it’s up to each of us to make sure that we are on the right side of the “fence” come the final day!!

  • Imaplaneiac

    Michael, AGAIN, that video – and others available on youtube – I saw listed previoisly requires the viewer to sign in or create an account. I prefer doing neither – why are those actions required!?

    • Michael

      I am not sure – sometimes YouTube does some strange stuff.


    • ScoutMotto

      It is likely for their legal protection due to video content.

  • Magdiel

    Hey Michael,I think you should make an article about the soon-to-come race war in this country,I believe there are a lot of facts to support such article.We have the right to know what is going on and what can we expect for the near future.Thanks,and keep up the good job you are doing!!

    • Michael

      It is so sad that people hate each other based on the color of their skin.

      But sadly we are seeing it all over the country and by a wide variety of different groups.


      • DownWithLibs

        Plus the irresponsible in the media and Politics that are adding fuel to the fire in their own precious little ways. “Unifier” my aunt fanny!!!!

        • xander cross

          Like how you filter against black people that disagree with you. Man, you are one true hyprocrite, just like knightowl77 and ron paul.

          • DownWithLibs

            CANADA! CANADA! CANADA! Or France. Or (insert destination of choice here). LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ivan

    WELL WELL PUT A FENCE AROUND THE WHOLE CITY Give the Grand Parents ( OLD FOLKS ) a free Ride to Disney Land Kick out Whitey and Give the Young *********** Folks Clubs 30 days everyone would be robbed, crippled or DEAD BUT REALLY WHY CAN’T we all get along–I lived there in 2000 I Have friend there he owns a Body Shop Good Man in Two Weeks we had 2 murders 75 foot from his Business SIRENS NEVER STOP THERE CLOSE THE STATE TO BLUE EYED DEVILS SO MUCH FOR 1 Race Theory.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    During the Summer of 2010, a nurse I know here in Philly wanted to attend some type of lecture at John Hopkins and asked me to accompany her to Baltimore (or as the locals call it, “Bodymore” or “Baltimorgue”). She had never been to Baltimore, and having been a big fan of “The Wire,” she was nervous about going down there by herself. That kind of amused me because this latina used to live in Mexico City, which isn’t exactly crime-free. But I suppose it’s a matter of the devil you know vs. the devil you don’t know. Anyway, we went to Hopkins for her lecture, then spent the rest of the day wandering around. I took her all over the place—the Inner Harbor, Fells Point, Lexington Market, Little Italy, Mount Vernon, Federal Hill, The Block (ha ha ha!), you name it. We walked for miles, and she ended up with a very good impression of Baltimore. I said, “Yes, but I only showed you a small part of the city. There are big chunks of East Baltimore and West Baltimore I wouldn’t visit even during the daytime.” And as this video demonstrates, bad things can happen even in parts of the city that aren’t considered overly dangerous.

    Disgusting incidents like this will become increasingly common in The Banana Republic of America (formerly Los Estados Unidos) as the country continues to rot and decay economically. The BRA will become more and more of a police state, but that won’t make it any safer. That’s the sick irony: as the government becomes increasingly abusive, so will the thugs in the street. So get ready to be terrorized by both the cops and the robbers in The Banana Republic of America.

    • DownWithLibs

      I always appreciate your words of wisdom…and some eye opening insights into other areas of the Western Hemisphere. Keep up the good work!!!

  • Piglet

    SoS: Try actually reading my post. I did NOT say “the victim somehow asked for it.” The victim did not deserve it, nor did he “ask for it.” Given years of experience (to say nothing of crime reports, TV and radio news stories, etc), it is, however, bad judgement to go into Baltimore at night (or during the day for that matter) and go anywhere near the predators. The true nature of modern Baltimore is well known, and going where they can attack you is akin to playing in traffic, walking on railroad tracks, strolling into the lion cage at the zoo, etc. Moral of the story: Don’t go where bad things can (and very likely will) happen to you. I used to visit Baltimore’s Inner Harbor but stopped years ago because of the crime. Sure, there are supposedly laws in Baltimore, but laws clearly don’t ensure anyone’s safety. If I were attacked and killed, very likely for amusement, and my dead body lay on the pavement, outlined in chalk, there would be little comfort in the realization that, down at the court house, there are laws against crime on the books.

    [Hey piglet, is Baltimore part of America? Ya know, the “land of the free”? Do our laws apply there? If they do, then your comment that the victim somehow asked for it is complete ******.]

  • mondobeyondo

    The recent events in Tulsa and in Sanborn, Florida illustrate that we have yet to put the demons of racism behind us. Many people thought that when Obama was elected, it would be a huge step towards racial progress in this country. Well, it was, and it wasn’t.

    Black on white/white on black crimes grab the headlines. But most blacks are killed by members of their own race. Same with whites. It’s the mainstream media who is trying to “race-bait” and start a “race war”. (It makes for a more exciting day in the newsroom.) Yes, the media is biased.

    A young blonde woman goes missing, and the media goes berzerk portraying her as the latest MBG (Missing Blonde Girl) of the week. You know, Natalee Holloway, Jaycee Dugard, etc. You rarely hear about missing young black women, or Hispanic women, or Asian women. Aren’t they just as important as any MBG?

    • mondobeyondo

      Oh yeah, almost forgot… the blonde girl in Utah who was kidnapped and held captive for several years in the back yard of a couple of freaks. Elizabeth Smart.

      • Gary2wannabe

        She was only held and forced to “marry” the freak for about nine months. You talk as though she was harmed or something. She could see her former home from their camp. See–her captors were not so bad.

        Excuse me, I lost my mind there for a moment!

  • How about the story of a student shot to death at a Mississippi State University residence hall last March?
    The victim’s name is John Sanderson, age 21, from Madison, MS. Sanderson is a first year student at MSU. A white man.
    Here is the story of the three black youths caught for the murder.
    Where was the Prez’s statement of how John could of been his son and where is Jesse and Al? Busy hyping race hatred and causing division?

  • Bob Marshall

    You can bet this is because of what happened to Trayvon.why let the justice work when you can take the law into your own hands. Much in the way the new black panthers have a reward out for Zimmerman.unfortunately, this is not an isolated innocent.

    • Trayvon is just another excuse for certain kinds of people to act like animals. They knew Travon about as well as they knew the guy that got beaten, stripped and robbed in the street. Lets get real, folks.

      • ME

        Ditto. Treyvon is being used as an excuse by people acting as the animals they are. I remember that fully 25% of the people who were arrested during the Rodney King riots didn’t even know who he was.

        • xander cross

          The same can be said for white people that don’t know who trayvon martin is and yet, they make racist remarks and stock on ammo. Typical racist remark by you. Remember, be careful what you ask for.

      • xander cross

        Oh, but you don’t say nothing when white people act like animals in baroom brawls and when they stalk and kill black people. How amazing how an innocent person got murder and all of the racist come on in full force. Just like how all of you racist line up at the gun shops talking about stocking up on ammmo for black people. Remember this, be careful what you ask for.

  • And nary a peep from our Racist in Chief and his “DOJ”. It must be wonderful to know that if you’re the right color, the DOJ and Obama have got your back, yo. Kinda hard to believe too that the Black Panthers are apparently above the law or even a call to civility by this administration as they publicly hire out for kidnapping, assassination and assault of white people. I think that’s still a crime, even a Hate Crime, if you’re the right color.

    This is disgusting but not surprising. But by all means, let’s keep it politically correct instead of addressing the real problem. In the meantime, I suppose it’s probably best that some people stay away from some other people in certain parts of town.

  • Eliza

    The video they used had the race of the people in the mob in the title, and that really changes how we view the piece. However, the point of the article is that (quoting)
    “But just because the hearts of most Americans are growing cold and hard does not mean that has to happen to you. The next time that you see someone in a desperate situation out on the streets I hope that you will remember to stop and be kind to that person.”
    Be kind to people in need.

  • Tatiana Covington

    His correct response would have been to draw his gun, go into combat crouch, and command them to leave. He is free. Therefore, he has the right to order others to leave him alone and to retreat, whether they wish to or not.

    They go on the attack.

    He shoots them down. He shoots to kill.

    He succeeds, then strips the now useless corpses of their valuables. Having no reason to concern himself any further with them, he holsters his gun and walks away.

    That is the proper way to handle it:

    Shoot them in the head!

  • This is craziness. Try that around here, and you’ll have a crowd of 50 or so people thumping on the guys that tried to beat up the old man..

    Seems that in the supposed “better” parts of the country, there’s this rampant apathy, yet out in flyover land, and down in the south (and no.. most of Florida is just a yankee retirement home.. it aint the south), we actually care about people and our neighbors. We see somethin bad happening, we’re gonna stop it.. not wait around for the cops to take their 30minutes to get here.

    Police are good for solving crimes.. but an armed, and unafraid citizenry is good for preventing them.

  • Nexus789

    What is it going to be like when society really starts to break apart. I am happy that I am not in the US.

  • The Sojourner



  • Imaplaneiac


    In your comments, yesterday,you made NO MENTION of this crime recently committed in Oklahoma?

    Open the below link to the report in the Daily Mail.

    love this old couple…..of course our liberal media will not publish this….sad the UK paper was the only one to publish this.
    Subj: FW: No Al Sharpton here

    In Oklahoma last Tuesday, Bob and Nancy Strait, who had been married for 65 years, had their home broken into by a black teenager (Tyrone Woodfork) unarmed except for a BB gun. The teenager beat and raped the 85 year old Nancy Strait to death. Her husband, a veteran of the 101st Airborne in WW2, is in the hospital struggling to make it.

    There will be no million hoodie march for Bob and Nancy, two mere white Americans. Their killer will have pro bono lawyers and innocence projects helping him until he’s finally set free again.

    Certainly Obama will make no statement on how Nancy Strait could have been his grandmother or how Bob Strait could have been that uncle who “liberated Auschwitz “. Mitt Romney did not pop up to call for a “thorough investigation”, reminding us of why Santorum kinda had a point about him.

    Bob and Nancy Strait won’t get the screeching coverage Trayvon Martin got about white racism because a Hispanic neighborhood watch captain shot a black teenager.

    In fact, isn’t it sad you will only find this story in a UK newspaper?

    • xander cross

      Gee, you don’t metioned the white family in west virginia that had kidnapped a black women and kept her in cages for many months. Funny how you don’t metioned that, also, you don’t speak about the white gangs in Mississippi and Georgia that terrorize many black communties for years. Oh sure, you bring up something from the UK magazine, but you don’t bring up the racist white man that killed three black men at random, let me say that again, at random. Why so silent about that Imaplaeic

      • Kevin

        xander cross

        You can cherry pick cases and say “Oh a white did this and a white did that” but going to the FBI Uniform Crime Reports blacks are arrested and convicted for violent crime in far greater percentages and far more likely to attack whites then whites attacking blacks. The numbers are 6 x (Six Times) for black violent crime verses white. Blacks are far more likely victims of violent crime too which was by far (actually far, far, far) most often done by another black. The figures are roughly 55% of murders and 68% of armed robberies are committed by blacks that are 12% of the population. A black person is safer living in a white neighborhood then in a black neighborhood.

        One can say that blacks are more likely falsely convicted but that does not change the dynamics. They might have got the wrong black guy in jail but a black guy did the crime which most often was against another black.

        The truth may hurts but it should be a wake up call for the black community. Excuses can be made but they don’t solve the problem.

        The numbers don’t lie. Look at the FBI Uniform Crime Reports.

      • uninformedLuddite

        How about you provide links to all of these white on black crimes. I bet you spend half your online time giggling into a cheap bottle of wine watching worldstarhiphop

      • uninformedLuddite

        sure it was random?

    • guido

      That poor, poor man and his wife. It’s utterly evil to see these aging heroes and our innocent elderly being preyed upon by animals like that punk and his friends. Death is too good for useless eater scum like that, if you ask me. And I stand by those carefully chosen words, Xander. The scumbags responsible for this heinous attack, and uncounted others, are of no value to society and will never, ever produce anything of value to you, or I, or anyone else. They will never add one iota of goodness to this world. They will certainly never do for this nation what Mr. Strait did. Their greatest gift to us would be their departure from this mortal coil. I wish our pathetic soft-hearted justice system was better able to deal with worthless garbage like these people. I think the Chinese model is probably much better-a bullet in the back of the head, no 30 years of death row cable TV and weight bench time, just a quick dispatch and a pauper’s grave. And I don’t go by color, either. Kill em’ all. We don’t particularly need people who rape or murder other people. I don’t know why we can’t seem to figure this out.

      If our culture is coarsening and becoming less warm and supportive, perhaps we can fast track killing off our violent criminals? We don’t seem to be getting around to that part fast enough.

  • Crystal

    For all the people that had a problem with the ghetto app this is why it’s needed. And for all small business owners that are right that it would take even more business from your shops, yeah your right, but ask me if I give a damn. What it to change, take an active roll in changing your neighborhoods.

  • joe

    So….if Obama had a son he would look like the homie who jacked the white guy right???

    • Donald

      H was black, was’nt he?

  • ohnomrbill

    If you think this a isolated instance well guess what YOU HAVE YOUR HEAD STUCK UP YOUR ASS.
    I have lived here my entire life. we were attacked in school on the streets at the public pools at the rec centers at the parks. How many times have i heard kill whitey and ever other slur. But try to fight back and the tv crews will label a racist for putting the black man down

    I agree with the other posters. Bring your liberal asses down here. Bring your wives and daughters all dolled up and drop them off on north avenue or pimlico or west Baltimore or the other thousands of spear chucker hoods.

    They will be rapped robbed tortured and murdered within minutes not hours.

    The area were this happened was outside the main court house for the city

  • TheGreenLatern

    How would you feel if you brother was murdered in a gated community Sanford FL with multiple witnesses saying that it was cold blooded murder. Why the spin towards blacks are you racist or something? Last time I checked, the past few mass shootings were done by white and asian people? No article on that???

  • Timetravel_1

    we are becoming animals, savages, the american youth is becoming sociopathic. there is nothing to be done because this country is dying… Romerica has become a place of death and anarchy

    • DownWithLibs

      Didn’t the Bible talk of a generation born for the Day of Wrath? This may well be the start of it. Buckle up!!!!

  • Imaplaneiac


    Since you are apparently obsessed with hatred, you apparently spend considerable time scanning the web for such crime reports?

    Dude, ALL human life is sacred. I DEPLORE the taking of anyone’s life! ESPECIALLY those of babies in the Womb! It’s against the Natural Law to kill another man! So why is it that Black Women allow the disproportionatly highest percentage of Abortions in our nation?! That’s why the population percentage of Blacks in America CONTINUES declining ( as you noted above ); resulting in Hispanics now being the largest Minority!

    Man has been killing out of hatred … since Cain and Abel! Man has been given Free Will to accept or reject the Word of God – His Commandments – and the Natural Law. ANYONE who takes innoncent human life obviously deliberately embraces the lies of the Deceiver! Neither I or you are accountable for the grave evils done by such pagans!

    I served 22 years ACTIVE Duty in the US Air Force. Do you know ANYTHING about Human Relations in our Armed Forces? How have YOU served your country?

    Finally, I live in an ” integrated ” neigborhood. Do YOU? Should I fear those living in my neighborhood?

    • DownWithLibs

      Sadly what you say will only fall on deaf ears. But nice try though.

    • xander cross

      Dr Umar Johnson talks about how white people put abortion centers in black communites to destroy the black population. Also, your racist remarks prove my point how most of you on this site view black people. Yes, you and knightowl77 are indeed racist and do not like to be equal to any minority. That is the true nature of consevatives.

  • JStevens

    These comments only worsen my despair for mankind. We are being conquered and soon we will be divided by tactics such as this. Race and wealth will be the top weapons of war between the People and the elite know it. I believe it is far too late to start a healing process, to live and let live. The waters of hate running under cities like Baltimore and Detroit are flooding now, overflowing with a stench detectable for hundreds of miles. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton-these men feed on the youth in these cities. They have taught them to use white guilt as a tool of advancement and to be proud of it. Forget working hard and educating yourself-the White Man did this to us!

    If you must judge at all, judge by a man’ actions, not his skin color. This is what should have taught. Too late now…

  • Sutekh

    Our nation isn’t “decaying.” It is being fed poison.

    Do you actually think that Obama and Eric Holder believe in Law and Order? Eric says that regardless of what a minority does to a white person, it can’t possibly be a crime, or even racism. Obama has ordered Holder not to prosecute black on white crime, or to investigate civil rights violations against whites. We have voted for Obama to play “South Africa” for us, except he wants us to be the “coloreds” in this game. If he were playing it in South Africa, it might be considered poetic justice, but in view of the unprosecuted murders of whites in that country, it looks like South Africa is getting it too.

    Ah the wonders of enlightenment and the electing of a black president.

    We are the equivalent of a nation of Jews that has elected Adolf Hitler as our supreme leader.

    • xander cross

      Funny how do did not metioned this when Bush was president, or Regan for that matter. Again, your racism is showing and it proves that you’re an hyprocrite, just like ron paul racist views. The mindest of the racist is to attack any minorites that is trying to being equal to you. That is the problem with libertarians, they cannot stand equality, and must always think that they are better than any other race.

  • Sutekh

    The Black Panthers are pretty much in charge of the Justice Department, now that Obama is in office. No one elected Ron Paul, so why are his private thoughts a problem, when Obama’s very real and menacing actions confront us everywhere?

    • xander cross

      Because Ron Paul is a racist and has been working in govermnet for many years taking the tax payers money. So much for those money bombs and yes, he admitted to working for mitt romney.

      • Michigan Patriot

        B.S. ! You are a wrongful idiot or a deliberate anti-White bigot !

  • n. daniels

    God only created one race….the Human race. Sadly the majority of that race turned against their creator and his teaching. Thus we do have a deep division among the human race now, but that division has nothing whatsoever to do with the color of one’s skin. We have those who do not recognize GOd as God, and thus behave accordingly. Wreaking evil and dismay and death on any they come in contact with, regardless of skin color. From the highest CEO to the lowest soul in the gutter there is only one true dividing line among mankind. There are those who because of the spirit of God seek to benefit others at the expense of themselves. Then there are those who because they have not this spirit, benefit themselves at the expense of others. All these socio/economic/race/political divisions mentioned before this are just denials of the truth. If the evil of man can be blamed on race or economics or “whatever” then we need not seek the truth. Especially if that truth might point out our own selfish agendas.

    • n. daniels

      Romans 1:20 For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God. 21 Yes, they knew God, but they wouldn’t worship him as God or even give him thanks. And they began to think up foolish ideas of what God was like. As a result, their minds became dark and confused. 22 Claiming to be wise, they instead became utter fools. 23 And instead of worshiping the glorious, ever-living God, they worshiped idols made to look like mere people and birds and animals and reptiles. 24 So God abandoned them to do whatever shameful things their hearts desired. As a result, they did vile and degrading things with each other’s bodies. 25 They traded the truth about God for a lie. So they worshiped and served the things God created instead of the Creator himself, who is worthy of eternal praise! Amen. 26 That is why God abandoned them to their shameful desires. Even the women turned against the natural way to have sex and instead indulged in sex with each other. 27 And the men, instead of having normal sexual relations with women, burned with lust for each other. Men did shameful things with other men, and as a result of this sin, they suffered within themselves the penalty they deserved. 28 Since they thought it foolish to acknowledge God, he abandoned them to their foolish thinking and let them do things that should never be done. 29 Their lives became full of every kind of wickedness, sin, greed, hate, envy, murder, quarreling, deception, malicious behavior, and gossip. 30 They are backstabbers, haters of God, insolent, proud, and boastful. They invent new ways of sinning, and they disobey their parents. 31 They refuse to understand, break their promises, are heartless, and have no mercy. 32 They know God’s justice requires that those who do these things deserve to die, yet they do them anyway. Worse yet, they encourage others to do them, too.

    • xander cross

      Save your lies for someone else because you and I both know that when you talk about your god, you are refering to god in your own, white image. This is why so many of you like Bill O’reily, Sean Hannity, Ron Paul, and mitt romney because you’re a racist and not only a racist, you use religion as a mean to express your racism. You’re just pure lying.

      • n. daniels

        I am almost certain that you Xander are the most racist person on this blog. No my God is not in my own white image My God is a spirit. And as for politics I could not care less. Jesus said “My kingdom is not of this world, if my kingdom were of this world then would my disciples fight”. I don’t vote in your elections for the same reason that I don’t vote in the Russian elections, “it has nothing to do with me or the one I belong to”. No I am not a racist, don’t care what color you are. All I do care about is your soul and apparently more than you care yourself. I have no idea what you think I may have lied about or why, just stated what the Bible says. You are so consumed with your own racist poison that you couldn’t see that though.

        • DownWithLibs

          Plus, God loves every one. It would just be nice if the Xander’s of the world loved themselves!

  • HolyCrap

    I order to have a decent society we need to lock up as many of the animals as possible. Their behavior justifies what I just said. We’re doing an OK job now locking them up, but we need to build more cages.

  • Donald

    Let’s just hope the police catch the thugs that did this. It’s not a racial thing, it’s a thug thing. The police will offer $5.00 reward for info leading to the arrest of everyone involved and they’ll sell each others backside’s for the $5.00.

  • chris

    There is no doubt that the shipping of African slaves to ‘the new world’ was the biggest mistake the europeans ever made. Its consequences are now destroying western civilization. Can you imagine what a relative paradise the USA would be if it was free of all that black parasitic violent scum that now infest its ghettos?
    I have been travelling the entire globe for more than fifty years (including the shithouse called Africa) and I have almost never had a positive experience with a nego. Rather, I have been mugged, attacked, and even been stabbed by blacks in several different countries on three continents. All of my personal experiences of them demonstrate that they are not a fit speices to share our space. White idealistic liberalism is a cancer that is destroying our civilization. Send ALL blacks back to Africa and let the eat each other is the only solution.

  • JustMe

    It seems kinda funny, ALL white people are called/labeled/regarded as rasists, satanists, evil whatever. Is that generalization not rasist in itself??? I have never been rude, rasist to anyone in my life….neither have most other “whites” that I’ve ever known. Yet we’re constantly told we are devils and inherantly evil. Is’nt THAT rasist??? Judgeing every white person based simply on the color of their skin??? Hate to tell you, we are ALL brothers. Our true enemy isn’t one another, but a small group of skum bankers and polititions who have been robbing and enslaving all of humanity. By promoting this kind of hatred, you are simply making it easier and easier for them. Divide and conquer right. THEY are laughing at us….hating each other because of color, looks, beliefs or any other wedge theycan use to keep us distracted by phoney divisions while they destroy our freedoms. Knock off the blind, rasist, BullShit and fight the REAL enemy… together. Until everyone of us understands we are all one and the same, HUMANITY, and accept one another for whoever we might be … “THEY” will always have control. Wnt to be FREE??? ALL OF US??? Change YOURSELF!!! Stop demanding others live/think/believe what you do. The only person you can change is you. If we each took that responsibility, we could end the BS hatred, and take on the real enemy, the corrupt evil system that has ******* us ALL, is putting the finishing touches on the prison planet designed for us ALL, and think the own us…ALL OF US!!

  • josh

    Gee this looks like it might be a heat crime….ya think he might have been targeted cause he was white? Naaaaah

  • josh

    or maybe a hate crime?…ha ha
    Yeah ron paul- a flaming racist- what a joke.

  • Steve Emery

    I think I would shoot them if I saw them trying to kill a guy. They are scum anyway and do not deserve life. But then the blacks would cry foul and say it was racial but they earn the labels by their actions.

  • Lori

    This is simply something we shouldn’t stand for. We should help our fellowman no matter who he or she may be. No one deserves to be treated like this. But we must not fight back with violence; God is trying to tell us ALL something.

  • John R

    America is becoming violent? Americans no longer care about each other? Young people are violent? Please. We know that it is a CERTAIN SEGMENT of our society that I will not say that is doing most of this. It is not the whole society, so don’t malign our whole country.