Major Eruption Imminent? Earthquake Swarms Reported At Mt. Hood, Mt. Rainier And Mt. St. Helens

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Volcano Erupting Full Moon - Public DomainIs an eruption of one or more of the major volcanoes in the northwest United States imminent?  In recent days, very large earthquake swarms have been reported at Mt. Hood, Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens.  It is certainly not unusual for each of these volcanoes to experience earthquake swarms from time to time, but right now we are seeing this happen at all three volcanoes simultaneously, and this comes at a time when seismic activity along the Ring of Fire is on the rise all over the planet.  If you have followed my work for a while, then you probably already know that I have been consistently warning that an eruption of Mt. Rainier is coming, and of course Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens are exceedingly dangerous volcanoes as well.  If any one of the three were to erupt on a massive scale, it would instantly become the biggest news story of the year.


Mt. St. Helens

Many of my older readers remember the devastating eruption of Mt. St. Helens back in 1980 very well.  This volcano is probably not as dangerous as Mt. Hood, and it is definitely not as dangerous as Mt. Rainier, but a full-blown eruption could still do an immense amount of damage to nearby communities.

Over the past couple of months, there has been a very disturbing series of earthquakes at Mt. St. Helens, and just within the last 30 days there has been a total of 103 quakes.  In this article, I am going to share with you a series of maps that come from the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network via Google Earth.  On this first map, you can see that the earthquake swarm that has been striking Mt. St. Helens in recent days is centered right at the core of the volcano…

Mt. St. Helens Today

Scientists tell us that the reason for all of this activity at Mt. St. Helens is because the magma chamber is likely recharging

Multiple small earthquakes beneath the surface of Mount St. Helens the past two months suggest it may be recharging magma.

These tiny quakes which started March 14 have been happening at a depth of two and seven kilometers — or 1.2 to four miles beneath the surface. Over the last eight weeks, there have been over 130 earthquakes formally located by the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network and many more too small to be located, says USGS.

The small earthquakes beneath the surface may suggest Mount St. Helens is recharging magma. The magma chamber is likely imparting its own stresses on the crust around and above it as the system slowly recharges. The pressure drives fluids through cracks, producing the small quakes, per USGS.

Mt. Hood

Mount Hood is located only about 50 miles away from Portland, Oregon, and it is one of the most dangerous volcanoes in America.  Over the past 30 days, there have been 96 earthquakes at Mt. Hood, and most of them have been centered on the south side of the mountain.  Why this is so alarming is because it was also the south side of Mt. St. Helens that violently exploded back in 1980.

Here is a map which shows the recent activity at Mt. Hood…

Mt. Hood Today

According to Wired, the majority of the earthquakes that are happening are at a depth of between 3 and 5 kilometers, and this could be a sign that magma is ascending…

Right now, the earthquake swarm at Mt. Hood is centered just to the south of the main edifice (see below) and most of the earthquakes are between 3 and 5 kilometers below the surface. This is likely the zone where magma is being staged as it ascends from its source.

Mount Rainier

There haven’t been quite as many earthquakes at Mt. Rainier over the past 30 days – only 37 – but without a doubt it is potentially more dangerous than either Mt. Hood or Mt. St. Helens because it sits so close to major population centers.  On the map below, you can see that the recent earthquake activity at Mt. Rainier has been centered directly along the core of the volcano…

Mt. Rainier Today

For a long time, I have been warning about the apocalyptic consequences that a major eruption of Mt. Rainier would have.  For example, here is an excerpt from one of my previous articles

Mt. Rainier has been dubbed a “time bomb“, “the most dangerous mountain in the United States” and “one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world” because it sits so close to Seattle, Tacoma and other major cities along the coast of Washington state.  In the event of a full-blown eruption, countless numbers of people would literally be buried alive in a tsunami of super-heated mud.  These tsunamis of super-heated mud are known as “lahars”, and scientists believe that Mt. Rainier is capable of producing lahars that could move at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour.  I am so convinced that an eruption of Mt. Rainier is in our future that I even put one in my novel.

My wife and I once lived out near Seattle for about a year, and we know very well that Mt. Rainier looms in the distance as an ever-present reminder of the major disaster that is coming someday.  In the photo below, you can see how this extremely dangerous volcano is clearly visible from the central part of Seattle…

Mt. Rainier From Seattle

It is hard to even describe the death and destruction that we could potentially witness during a full-blown eruption of Mt. Rainier.  According to Wikipedia, super-heated mud from Mt. Rainier could potentially even “destroy parts of downtown Seattle”…

If Mt. Rainier were to erupt as powerfully as Mount St. Helens did in its May 18, 1980, eruption, the effect would be cumulatively greater, because of the far more massive amounts of glacial ice locked on the volcano compared to Mount St. Helens[33] and the vastly more heavily populated areas surrounding Rainier.[38] Lahars from Rainier pose the most risk to life and property,[39] as many communities lie atop older lahar deposits. According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), about 150,000 people live on top of old lahar deposits of Rainier.[8] Not only is there much ice atop the volcano, the volcano is also slowly being weakened by hydrothermal activity. According to Geoff Clayton, a geologist with a Washington State Geology firm, RH2 Engineering, a repeat of the Osceola mudflow would destroy Enumclaw, Orting, Kent, Auburn, Puyallup, Sumner and all of Renton.[32] Such a mudflow might also reach down the Duwamish estuary and destroy parts of downtown Seattle, and cause tsunamis in Puget Sound and Lake Washington.[40] Rainier is also capable of producing pyroclastic flows and expelling lava.

Scientists assure us that someday Mt. Rainier will experience another massive eruption, and it will be an apocalyptic event unlike anything the northwest United States has ever experienced before.  Let us just hope and pray that we have a lot more time until that happens, because nobody should ever want to witness death and destruction on that scale.

Unfortunately, the crust of our planet is becoming increasingly unstable, and the west coast of our country sits directly along the Ring of Fire.  It is only a matter of time until a major seismic event strikes, and it may be a lot sooner than a lot of people think.

*About the author: Michael Snyder is the founder and publisher of End Of The American Dream. Michael’s controversial new book about Bible prophecy entitled “The Rapture Verdict” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on*

  • Mar Lie

    “If any one of the three were to erupt on a massive scale, it would instantly become the biggest news story of the year.” Wait, what? Wouldn’t that be some type of micro aggression against the BLM, transgender bathroom, and other dumbass causes that take attention from things that really matter? /Sarc off

    I don’t want to see this at all but won’t be surprised if it happens.

    • TripWire

      Mar Lie,

      “If any one of the three were to erupt on a massive scale, it would instantly become the biggest news story of the year.” Wait, what? Wouldn’t that be some type of micro aggression against the BLM, transgender bathroom, and other dumbass causes that take attention from things that really matter? /Sarc off

      LMAO, good one! The eruption might take out a transgender toilet, so let’s spend 5 minutes on the eruption, death, destruction, economic turmoil, displacement, human suffering and 2 weeks talking about the toilet!

      Sounds like our prostitute media alright.

  • James Dohnalek

    All three will soon erupt. Especially as the electromagnetic (EM) force from another planet coming into our system gets closer and closer. Electromagnetic waves going through the crust heats up the crust to a higher and higher temperature. The EM waves are absorbed by #1) METAL then #2) water. This keeps building and building until it boils.
    I predict that the quakes in this area will increase based upon EM energy absorption. All three volcanoes WILL ERUPT.

  • Abe

    You haven’t looked at Glacier Peak?

  • MaxRockatansky33

    What about much bigger volcano- Mount Paektu in North Korea? Scientists are warning that eruption of this supervolcano could be imminent. And the eruption could be of strenght VEI 7. Enough to cause a nuclear winter or at least another Year Without Summer and global cooling with extremely harsh winters.

    • Kim

      What about a year without a santa claus?

      • MaxRockatansky33

        The “scientists” will blame Global Warming again.

    • michael malachi

      scientists are all bought and paid for. They scare people to suit the $ agenda $ before them. Want truth, it is usually the OPPOSITE of what a scientist tells you.

      • MaxRockatansky33

        Actually it is a North Korea which asked for assistance of South Korean scientists to check activity of Mt Paektu which is rare and bizarre. Scientist usually cover the imminent danger rather than scaremonger and spread panic. Global warming is exception.

  • Mistanick

    For the sake of argument, let’s say I am a teacher in Seattle. I am a single dad with a couple of kids in junior high. I read your revelation article of the possible imminent demise of me and my family. WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO? WHAT DO YOU WANT PEOPLE TO DO?

    Should I buy an RV and head out of town? See a lawyer to write my will? Ask forgiveness of all I have offended? Go out to one last dinner? Complain to my Congressman? What?

    Other than a gloated feeling you might have that you “obeyed your calling and tried to warn all us stupid mortals”, what is the purpose of your many apocalyptic blog articles? To sustain the readership of many, perhaps you owe us mere idiots an explanation? Or maybe not, as the more horrendous the prediction of imminent peril, perhaps Drudge will pick up on the article and greatly increase readership stats which translates to greater advertisement dollars.

    For the Christian, only God knows when my demise will come. We walk by faith, but we do not walk afraid.

    • Mike

      You apparently enjoy reading his articles. It gives you something to complain about.

      • Mistanick

        No Mike, I don’t like complaining a bit, but some aspects of articles like this deserve a counter view, don’t you think?

        • iris

          God given fear involves logic plus wisdom from past experience, but I agree, we are not supposed to walk afraid. We lock the doors, that’s being prudent, but we don’t stay awake half the night worrying about the possible scenarios if someone breaks in anyway. And sometimes, an inordinate amount of fear ends up leading to far worse problems. We just can’t control everything. To take precautions is smart, but for our lives to revolve around possible or real or perceived negative circumstances, that’s quite another. The old stock verse of Romans 8:28 really does apply, “..all things work to the good for those who love God and are called according to His purposes”. That has to include the bad things, too, in fact, my faith has been strengthened more in times of trouble than in the bubble and sunshine ones. He has reasons, meant for the good of all, but especially for believers, for everything which He allows in life.

          • jaxon64

            You are exactly right Iris. Worry, resentment, grudge holding–absolutely useless emotions and very self-destructive to one’s psych, spiritual peace and faith and our relationship with the Almighty.
            I have no power over asteroids, super volcanos, massive droughts, global warming, Coronal Mass Ejections wiping out the grid, new viruses or shifting antigens in existing bacteriological/viral organisms, the birth rate of Islamists etc, etc
            I can only have my spiritual house in order and my eternity secured through my Saviour. Then I will do what I can for any times of scarcity to protect and prepare for my family’s provision and safety/security.
            I am at peace–if an asteroid were headed toward us and it was a planet killer, I’d hate to think I spent years obsessing about all of these “possibilities” and stole my joy of daily living.
            God bless you and remember, we are promised peace and joy in our hearts–don’t let anyone hawk you fear and worry–these things are of the adversary.

          • iris

            Thanks, Jaxon64. What Jesus said, “Be as wise as a snake and as gentle as a dove”. We do need to be aware, think for ourselves, be prepared to an extent if possible, but it’s much more important to keep the mindset you mentioned! God bless you, too.

          • olde

            One of the world’s oldest people says they do not worry about anything.
            negative thoughts kill

          • Paul Patriot

            Burying YouR head in the sand and not taking warnings that may “feel” negative……also kills

        • lmarkievich

          I know what you mean and enjoyed your comment. Sometimes I feel that way, too. He can’t or shouldn’t come right out and tell people to move out of that area. He tries to be a journalist and gives us his facts and opinions and he does suggest preps which I think is good. There are plenty of places to live where you have a fighting chance of surviving weather related catastrophes but I wouldn’t mess with a big volcano like that. Yes, it is stupid but everyone’s utility is different. I think it is also stupid to live below sea level (Katrina). Michael is out there for sure and definitely living off this but I read the blogs for enjoyment and information to some degree.

    • carpkiller

      A teacher with the, smarter than,syndrom. I have seen it hundreds of times.

      • Mistanick

        Carp, I am neither a teacher nor do I live in Seattle. I am an aged insurance claims guy and live in an active earthquake zone.

        I don’t know what you have seen. I was trying to establish for the sake of argument a somewhat typical “subject” that the article seems to direct fear towards. The subject may very well be a female stockbroker in Tacoma or a blue collar family in Everett.

        Again, what does an article like this try to establish? A person’s life is set up in a certain area and zappo, that person is supposed to do what, because of the potential of volcanos ??

        I recently traveled through tornado country and the people there live with the same life uncertainties. Folks in the northern USA and Canada live with freezing. Florida, and the gulf coast, hurricanes.

        Hysteria is an emotion driven process that I believe does not please God. Again, we live by faith not by sight.

        • carpkiller

          Your correct. It does not say you are a teacher. My apologies.

        • naturalnews censors

          If your earthquake zone is the LA area you should get out. Submarines have been lost underneath that area. Yes, it’s so hollowed out that subs can go under it but yet they won’t say that on the news.

          Imagine what a big earthquake would do to a land mass that hollowed out???

          • Mistanick

            Central coast, but still doesn’t make any difference. He knows the number of hairs on my head, and the day of my Earthly death. If we are in Him, our thoughts and decisions where He wants us to be are also guided if we let them be. Peace.

          • michael malachi

            maybe it is floating!!! Remember the congressman that said that Guam might capsize.

          • CharlieSeattle


        • gypsearose

          Michael is all about fear mongering.Otherwise he’d have nothing to sell.Everuthing he writes is based on FEAR. Period.

        • rentslave

          People should move to NJ,as all we have here are corrupt politicians-and no investment freedom thanks to Adelson.

      • Lazarovic

        That’s ’cause teachers are smarter than you…

      • CharlieSeattle

        Ya, he is toast. At least next year he will not be here to annoy us!

    • charlie

      Yet for all your common sense at the beginning of your post what ruined it for me was the fact that with all your insights and knowledge you are still a christian.

      • Mistanick

        Charlie, first and absolutely foremost, I am a Christian, and praise His Holy Name for it!

        I will pray that one day, you too will accept Christ into your heart too. Revelation 3:20 says: “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.”

        • Charlie

          Sorry been there and am now agnostic. If you were born in India you would probably be a hindu.

          • Mistanick

            No, I trust in my Lord Jesus Christ and I would be a Christian. He died for me, Budda or whatever false Gods they worship did not.

            An agnostic has no beginning nor end. Charlie, life cannot just happen. It must have a beginning. An agnostic doesn’t want to take on the responsibility of their own soul and where it will end. Heaven and hell are real and forever. An agnostic doesn’t want to believe that, but truth will not be changed.

          • Charlie

            We all go to the same place when we die back to the source. We are all a part of that source. We are souls having a human experience. We are all energy.

            Whether you reincarnate back onto this earth or move on to another level of enlightenment is your choice when you leave this place.

            Jesus’ words were twisted by men. You are not getting his real message if you follow the christian religion. Study the truth for yourself.

          • Mistanick

            Charlie, what is the source you speak of?

          • Charlie

            The source is not what any major religion speaks of in terms of god. It is neither good nor evil. It is neither the bestower of blessings and curses.

            It is the infinite knowledge of every thing on this planet and others and their dimensions.

            It allows our souls to grow and learn. This learning process is the only way for a soul to transcend if you will into the infinite that is the unconscious mind.

            The true prison is here on this earth. With the rules and beliefs instilled down to us through generation upon generation of the well meaning.

            Taking away our power and closing our minds to all possibilities.

            Stifling the deity/soul that exists in every living thing on this planet.

            Your god of death and fear in the christian bible is not the source. In fact it is just the opposite. It feeds off the ego’s desire to maintain what it is in the here and now.

            Tethering us to the physical body and fooling us into believing that only the chosen select few will one day be free and live forever.

          • Mistanick

            Charlie, try as you might, you cannot make up your own version of life.

            God’s word, the Bible as you mock, was placed into written form by men through the inspiration of God.

            Who created the life that is within you? Who created the first life?

          • Charlie

            You are brainwashed. Not even willing to open your mind to anything for fear that god will strike you down.

          • Mistanick

            Charlie, when you know the truth, why would anyone want to open their mind to untruth?? Knowing truth is not brainwashed. Quite the opposite sir.

            My savior died for my sins. He then rose again from the dead three days later and ascended into heaven where he reigns forever.

            Forever is longer than the mind can comprehend. We can be in heaven with Him or in the land of everlasting fire of hell. Forever. Hell is described as a place where one would bite off their foot as if caught in a bear trap if it would mean easing of their pain. A place where souls know they will never leave but where they have a glimpse of what they are missing in heaven. Weaping and knashing of of teeth, such is the pain.

            Charlie, take some time to meditate on whether missing heaven is worth the risk you take with your philosophy without a foundation.

            Another way of looking at it is this. If I am wrong, you have missed out on nothing as you will end up in the same place regardless. If I am right, your present path is one of everlasting torment for you.

            Ask Jesus Christ into your heart, Charlie.

          • Charlie

            I feel really sorry for you. Would your jesus be as appealing if you did not get the so called promise of eternal life when you die?

            Your argument that you have nothing to lose if you are right and I am wrong is illogical.

            And perhaps is telling as it shows that you really do have doubt but are too afraid to question these things because you are afraid of the made up consequences.

            If jesus died for mans sins there should be no other conditions for eternal salvation. Yet there is always a catch, isn’t there?

            Do you really think that millions of people of different faiths will suffer the fate of eternal torment and punishment? Think about what that says about your god of “mercy and love.”

            Your comments just show the snare that religions have laid in the hearts and minds of humankind throughout history.

          • Mistanick

            Charlie, billions of people have and will go to hell because they reject Jesus Christ as their savior. There is no “catch” here Charlie.

            John 12:48

            “He that rejecteth me, and receiveth not my words, hath one that judgeth him: the word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day.”

            The choice is yours entirely. No catch.

            You know the choices as you walked away from Christ and became a whatever. You choose. Don’t play innocent. Rebellion against God is and has always been the real “snare” if you want to put it that way. It is your choice Charlie.

          • charlie

            Stop spreading lies.

            Since Patriot did not answer the question, let’s see you give it a go:

            If satan is such a bad guy why did god allow him to rule over the
            earthly plane? Why give a fallen angel power and authority over

          • Mistanick

            Charlie, In Genesis 1;26-28, God said: “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness; and Let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.”

            Note God’s special purpose for man. As the angels carried out God’s will in heaven, On earth, man was to have dominion.

            Sometime before God created mankind on Earth, He created spirit creatures (angels) to function in heavenly places. One of these angels, referred to as Lucifer in Isaiah 14:12, wanted to glorify himself instead of the Lord Jesus Christ. Lucifer wanted to be “like the most high” (Isaiah 14:14) and wanted to be the “possessor of heaven and earth” (Genesis 14:19,22). Lucifer fell into sin because of his rebellion and was renamed Satan (Hebrew for adversary).

            Satan knew that in order to control the Earth, he would first have to take that power from God’s human race. In Genesis 3, we see how Satan deceived first Eve then Adam into disobedience and rebellion.

            Remember, Adam and Eve had dominion over the Earth. By rebellion against God, man relinquished his crown to Satan. Satan gladly assumed dominion over the Earth in Genesis 3.

            Charlie, all men and women have a sin nature, passed down from the rebellion of fallen man. Just as Adam and Eve had the power to reject Satan’s temptation and rebellion against God, we have that same choice. We have a free will and God will not make you follow Him. He knocks and we open the door or not. His love for us is unending. We can walk away from Him, but he is still there knocking, ready to welcome us back into His loving arms.

            Hell does exist for the ultimate eternal abode for Satan and those that choose to follow him.

          • Charlie

            Thanks for answering the question.

            But your answer for the most part is not in the bible. It is a human interpretation.

            So what is the job of the angels in heaven exactly? And why are angels able to sin just like man?

            Anything evil done in this world is not done by the devil. It is done by the person.

            But since you seem to think that god lets the devil influence and control man, but only enough to bring about his glory; how do you reconcile supposed christians sinning when according to god believers are not under the temptation of satan. Only unbelievers are? (Colossians 1:13)

            Please tell me now a child being molested brings glory to god?

            Hell does not exist. But to play devils advocate if it did what exactly would be burning when a person dies since their flesh remains on earth? What would be the point in god for all eternity making the soul fry and endure terrible punishment for eternity? What would this accomplish exactly? It’s not as if according to you the soul can repent and then move on to a permanent death. So what would be the logic in regards to this?

            Also what do you think humans will be doing in heaven, besides kneeling before god and worshiping him for eternity?

          • Gay Veteran

            ancient men had to explain evil, thus satan was created

          • Mistanick

            1.) The answers I gave you are in the Bible.
            2.) Purpose of angels: see Psalm 34:7 and Hebrews 1:14 & 13:2. In short, angels do whatever God wants them to do to serve Him.
            3.) Neither angels nor man serve God because they are forced to do so. Note your own rebellion towards Him. Lucifer appears to have taken one third of the angels with him when he was cast out by God. See Hebrews 12:22 and Revelation 12:3-9.
            4.) Evil done by men is done so under their own free will to reject God, as Eve and Adam did (and Lucifer). A person’s free choice is to sin or not. Sin is really no more than love of self vs. love of God. Man has a sin nature and sins, even the Christian man. Stepping forward, a man chooses to serve God and not man or self. Certainly man can disobey and sin, whether a believer or not. The believer is given power to resist the devil through the unction of Holy Spirit but can still choose to sin.
            5.) Hell does exist my friend. Satan will try to convince you and all otherwise. Hell is an end result of rebellion toward God in one’s life. Locked up and forever in torment. Once a man dies, repentance is too late.
            6.) There are scriptures that describe what we will be doing in heaven. You can look them up. I picture the most glorious emotion and feeling on Earth that would please me (and God) and multiply that times 1 million or more. To me that is the glory of heaven in my feeble attempt to imagine it. Revelation 21 provides a physical description.

          • Gay Veteran

            “Charlie, billions of people have and will go to hell because they reject Jesus Christ as their savior….”

            what about the billions (past, present, future) who have never heard of Jesus?

          • Mistanick

            Vet, what does that matter to you? You have the choice to make and you have heard of Jesus Christ, have you not? Google this question and you will find many explanations or answers to the question. I don’t presume to know all the answers or the mind of God. I accept by faith the precepts in the Bible in a literal sense.

            The real issue is your response to the offer.

          • charlie

            Gay Vet – Accorinding to christians they get a free pass just like babies who die or young children – even though that is NOT mentioned anywhere in the bible.

          • charlie

            “A place where souls know they will never leave but where they have a glimpse of what they are missing in heaven.” Wow! Your god is really one of mercy, isn’t he. No wonder many christians are so smug and self centered. BTW does it bother you that the disciples did NOT write the bible? Not to mention how long after jesus came and went that it took for the bible to be written?

          • Kim

            He talking about Jesus’s own words referring to Satan as the “ruler of the world”. Look it up.

          • Paul Patriot

            The Bible says different, so either the Bible is wrong or you are.
            When we die our souls are destined for hell or heaven period. Jesus being the only way to heaven and unless you are born again, per Jesus, you will not enter heaven.
            Satan is a liar and wants people to believe all is well and we all go to same place when we die.

            According to Jesus, that is a lie.

            Conclusion, find out whether Jesus is who he says he is, and if his words are true.

          • Charlie

            If satan is such a bad guy why did god allow him to rule over the earthly plane? Why give a fallen angel power and authority over anything?

          • Kim

            To prove a point. But satans rule is not “ownership” and it won’t last for much longer.

          • charlie

            Actually it will last longer because god locks satan up and them lets him loose again for some unspecified time frame which could be a heck of a long time considering how long people have been waiting for jesus to come back to earth.

          • Charlie

            The bible is the lie. What is in it has been written to satisfy the agendas of men not god.

          • Kim

            Have you ever read the bible? You know the prophecies in the bible is quite accurate. There is nothing like it on earth. So much so, it changed the course of human history when some of these prophecies were shown to emperor Cyrus the Great. You should read some of those prophecies.

          • charlie

            Not true Kim. The bible was written specifically for the Jews during the time they lived in. While it may have some good moral codes for men to ascribe to it is not a prophectical book. Also how do you reconcile the bible being similar to other religious books written before the bible?

          • Kim

            It’s age, distribution, prophecetical accuracy, availability, narrative, historicity, et cet

          • charlie

            What about the second part of my question? You do realize there have been other religions and texts that are similar to the bible that were written before the bible?

          • Kim

            That’s not true. The bible says when we die we return to dust for out of it we were made. Jesus’s message was one of life and death not heaven and hell. Hell is the grave. In that sense we all go there. If it weren’t for Jesus’s sacrificial death and miraculous resurrection there would be no hope of the dead rising to life again– which Jesus himself demonstrated three times when he used his power from God to perform this great miracle. Imagine this happening on a world-wide scale when hell (the grave) itself it emptied and done away with.

          • Kim

            That makes no sense

          • Kim

            Hell may be real but it isn’t forever:

            Jesus promised the dead would be resurrected. Some to life and some to judgment. But the grave will be emptied of the dead (read your scripture) and hell (the grave, pit, Sheol, Hades) will become a thing of the past. Isn’t that encouraging?

            I think the point of these warnings is to prepare spiritually. It makes no sense to prepare (in any other way) for this threat of impending doom since no amount of preparation is going to save you. Sure, you could relocate but then Michael has a doom predicted for anywhere you go. He probably has predected doom for the north and south poles too. Only spiritual preparation can save your life, when it comes down to it.

          • Mistanick

            Kim, Hell is forever. In Revelation 20, we learn that at the end of the 1000 yr. reign, hell will be opened up and satan will be allowed, for one last time, to roam the earth. In the Great White Throne Judgement, satan and the damned will be judged and those whose names are not written in the Book of Life,ie those who rejected Jesus Christ, will be cast into the lake of fire (hell) for eternity.

          • Kim

            No, it’s says hell itself will be thrown into the lake of fire.

          • Mistanick

            Yes,along with those who rejected Jesus Christ. “hell” references those who came out for the final judgement.

          • Kim

            So, according to your interpretation, hell with be thrown into hell? How does that work? Lol

            That makes no sense. Hell is the grave. What the scripture is saying is that hell will be a thing of the past. Isn’t that what Jesus taught? Life eternal? That the dead would rise? That the wages for sin would be death but God’s gift is everlasting life based on the the death and resurrection of Christ himself as witnessed by the public at the time? Your views on hell run contrary to the basic teachings of Jesus Christ, his sacrificial death and resurrection and promise of everlasting life reiterated by the Christian apostles.

          • Mistanick

            We will just agree to disagree Kim.

          • Kim

            I’m ok with that.

          • Jacynthia Read

            There are two Greek words that are translated hell. One is the grave and the other eternal damnation or in other words the lake of fire.

          • Kim

            Those two words are translated to one single idea (one teaching – Virgil’s version of hell/Dante’s version of hell). This idea is not taught in the Hebrew text. The teaching of Sheol and Hades are grave, pit. Look it up. Everyone goes to the grave. Since it is true that everyone goes to Sheol and Hades (the bible says the faithful men of old times went there), it CANNOT POSSIBLY indicate what Virgil and Dante meant, and wrote about and what later (much later) crept into the Catholic doctrine (as well as Islam doctrine) for the clergy elite to use a means of thought control of the masses. It’s nothing new to you that the elite would, and have always, promote lies to exact money and control from the masses, right?

          • Kim

            I was just thinking too, there aren’t just few upper Catholic clergymen that would admit that this teaching was not ubiquitous until after these ideas promoted by Virgil and Dante, circa 1400-1500 were promoted. Dante was insane BTW. But these clergymen the are stuck in a larger system of corruption and control. They would have to leave it, denounce it completely. They aren’t willing to go that far.

          • Charlie

            Don’t you think it weird that god would a second time let satan out to roam the earth one last time? From a logical stand point that is just stupid is as stupid does. Yet not one christian is bothered by this?

    • Philosopher

      Have an escape route. You will have about 20 minutes to get to higher ground (depending on where you live). Keep emergency kits in your vehicle. Food, clothing, sleeping bags, a way to boil and filter water, to start a fire, a tent.

      Consider moving.

    • K

      I have never seen Michael attempt to instill fear. Mostly his blogs try to instill a little common sense. Something that does not seem so common anymore. What are preps for a volcano? According to your distance, and how big it is. If you are far enough away, and only likely to get ash. Then you would only need food and water, to avoid going out in that ash, nasty stuff. If closer to say Rainier. I would draw up exac. plans. Routes out of the area, that GPS systems would not recommend. Volcanoes at least sometimes give warnings/ In the case of Rainier If the ice pack melted off suddenly. I would be heading out a couple hundred miles. You may call this fear, I call it common sense. As to people in tornado country, many do ptrp. It is called a stocked tornado shelter..

      • Jacynthia Read

        True. I live in North Alabama when not working in California. We have a stocked tornado shelter as do most people living in the area.

    • Paul Patriot

      Was Jesus instilling fear when he said ” I am the way the Truth abducted life, no one cones to the father except through me”? Or ” unless you are born again, you will not enter the kingdom”?

      Instilling fear, or maybe a warning about things to come?

      • Mistanick

        Ah, Paul, telling the generations who Jesus Christ actually was is not on the same plane as predicting the eruption of 3 volcano’s.

    • Fred

      Wow, what a nut you are…

    • Court

      you should realize he is just watchimg the signs of the times but christ said to do… Sounds to me your afraid all on your own. Dont blame someone else for your fear. He doesnt put it then satan does and you let him.

    • Richard O. Mann

      He is passing on the same information which is being sent out by the local governments, State and Federal, and within the cities. If you check, you will see all the towns mentioned have volcano evacuation routes set up, or at least Seattle does. It made the Discovery channel a few years back. But, if you would rather stick your head in the sand and not pay attention to what is going on around you, that is entirely up to you.

      • Mistanick

        Well, ok, Richard. I see the Seattle evac plan is dated 2008? Why resurrect it now? I can see a million poor folks jamming the freeways desperately trying to follow the evac plan and thereby getting stuck in the gridlock for hours and maybe dying there. Yes, I see the pathetic government plan in action. So, what then?

        • Richard O. Mann

          Be ready to die.

    • CharlieSeattle

      Lol, God also gave you the common sense to protect your family and that means educating yourself.

  • Kim

    That reminds me, I want to take a hike up at Bird Meadow at Mt Adams. I couldn’t do it last year because of the wild fires. If anyone ever gets a chance, in July up at a place called Raven’s Roost, there are hundreds of butterflies that come out. All sizes and colors. It’s amazing. And the view is amazing.

  • Kim

    Yet when Mt Saint Helens erupted the world did not end as we know it. Life went on for most. People adapted and there was no second coming either (though I am sure that was really ramped up by the preachers back then).

    • Philosopher

      The eruption of Mt. St. Helens did not kill that many people because the area around that mountain is more rural. The population density is much greater near Mt. Hood and Mt. Ranier.

      The amount of glacial ice on Mt. Ranier is the biggest factor. Once that glacial ice melts and mixes with mud and hot ash that is what creates lahars, that can go as fast as 60 to 100 mph. Anyone caught in front of a lahar will be dead instantly.

      There are some excellent videos taken of lahars at a volcanoe in the Caribbean. The videos are more than 5 years old, they may be 10 years old. The island of Martinique. Anyhow they had to evacuate an entire town. It has been buried in the mud from lahars. No one lives there now.

    • Paul Patriot

      Your antagonism towards scripture is very clear, thank you for sharing .

    • Kim

      This is not me. FYI.

  • Philosopher

    Good article and information.

  • TripWire


    If you settle in an area and it is fraught with natural disasters that you may or may not be aware of, wouldn’t you like an update? Is this data being established by the prestitute media? They are more likely to wait until it’s a full blown story of death and destruction. Further, we all have the option of reading an article or passing it up. Now I’m no geologist but it does appear the individual did their homework. It may never happen as predicted, but then again that can be said for anything. If your faith is tight and your right with god, sounds like you got it covered. I would just keep walking and throw caution to the wind.

    I thought it was a good article. I do understand being inundated with bad scary crap, but that’s what the world is full of is bad scary crap. So we just go to our special place when it all gets to be a bit too much. Now if you want a better world our only hope is we all band together and have the same dream. Personally I’ve waited all my life for that to happen in the United States and we know we are getting screwed and we just apply the K-Y Jelly and keep sitting on one side of the fence or the other and lob media sound bites back and forth and claim intelligence. So, I guess we are back at square one.

  • michael malachi

    I have to say That I am not worried. Worrying cant change anything except your stress level. As for “will an eruption happen. Of course it will. Maybe tomorrow, maybe in 50 years, maybe in 5000 years. My bet is that it will be sooner rather than later and it will catch many unprepared.
    What is the best way to prepare for a volcanic eruption? Don’t live near a volcanic mountain or downwind!

  • Vantucky-ite

    “Why this is so alarming is because it was also the south side of Mt. St. Helens that violently exploded back in 1980.”

    Not that it changes the narrative to this story but just had to comment on this one minor error. It was the North side that collapsed on Mt. St. Helens.

    • Kim

      Yes! You’re right. The ash fall out hit my home town. To the north!

  • alan

    “this comes at a time when seismic activity along the Ring of Fire is on the rise all over the planet.”

    Um, that makes no sense. Its either “along the Ring of Fire”, or its “all over the planet”. Can’t be both, just by definition.

  • Dutchman1847

    Here is an insight from our Native American brothers…

    Sun Bear, Chippewa Medicine Man (1929-1992)

    A volcano that will devastate the Seattle area is foretold in an ancient prophecy from Washington State’s Puyallup tribe, which says,

    “The time will come when Little Sister will speak, and Grandfather will answer. And the land will be swept clean to the ocean.”

    Sun Bear explained that Donald Matheson, a leader of the Puyallup tribe, moved his people to Idaho in 1979 because he believed it was time for this prophecy to be fulfilled. In March 1980, the mountain that we call little sister began to whisper. May 18th of 1980, the Little Sister spoke with a cubic mile of mountain that was spread over the northwest area, and many other parts of the world… “The Little Sister is called Mount St. Helens. Soon, the Grandfather is going to answer so much bigger. That one is called Mt. Rainier.” Indian prophecies also foretold worldwide environmental catastrophes such as the greenhouse effect, “changes in the seasons and in the weather, disappearance of wildlife, famine,” and the ozone hole, which was referred to as a “hole in our lodging.

    Christ speaks to all people in ways they can understand…

  • VigilanteCaregiver

    Wish there were easy answers, Mike; really do.

    Honesty by all local and state authorities, leaders, prominent citizens, and media is necessary to inform folks of what’s going on and what to prepare for. This is just a hope; I don’t think they’ll do it effectively. Just like New Orleans.

    Throughout history, meteorites and volcanoes are the linchpins of major upheavals for all of human civilization. Now we’re witnessing that both are becoming rising threats yet again.

  • DJohn1

    I think what is happening concerns not just Seattle but the entire world.
    However, if I were near one of those volcanoes say within 50 miles, I would definitely plan on evacuating the area and put a mountain or two between me and the volcano. Just based on the eruption of St. Helens.
    No one place is actually safe. But some are safer than others.
    What I think is happening here is the Earth has an enormous weight of ice on it. This ice goes a long way towards holding the plates in place.
    Well it is documented. The ice is melting. Meaning that solid weight is now dispersing. Meaning the plates are not longer held in place by this huge weight of ice.
    If that is true then the entire geological structure of the North American Continent is changing. What all those changes mean is any one’s guess. But for a beginning anyone on the edge of the platelets is liable to see volcanoes and earthquakes start up.
    And it isn’t just here. It is also world wide.
    The bible suggests moving to stable mountains. But where is that? Because I am not sure what is stable and what isn’t.
    The portrayers of doom have been around as long as I can remember. The California doomsayers have predicted a massive earthquake and a good portion of the coast falling into the pacific ocean. This has been going on as far back as the early 50s. Probably a lot longer than that. So far they have been wrong.
    St. Helen scoffers died. They refused to evacuate when a huge explosion was likely. Nothing could convince them to leave even if it was temporary.
    And the doom sayers are responsible for that. They have cried wolf one too many times. And when the wolf actually came true people were not prepared for it.
    The long term doomsayers dating back to the 30s claim the new coastline will be in Nevada.
    So far they have been wrong.
    Michael uses facts in his articles not fantasy. So I put more credibility on his articles than some of the rest.
    The most likely dooms prediction is Yellowstone National Park. If that starts up it could provide us with a nuclear winter the likes of which we have never seen in the past. Or not.
    It could simply blow over with those three volcanoes relieving the internal Earth pressures. Which long term would be a blessing to the rest of us.
    But I would take his warning seriously only because he reports facts not fiction and he has been right several times in the past.
    The area he describes is not very stable right now.
    So if I were in that area, this might be a good time to sell. It might be a good time to transfer to a safer location.

  • Carol J Craig

    Just reading the dialogue thread disgusts me at how combative complete strangers are with one another. I am a U.S. citizen who is a teacher living overseas . I teach general science, physics, earth science chemistry and biology and I like to show certain things I find online to my high school students … When I see these arguments I show them to the kids too so they can see how NOT to behave when having discourse with another individual, especially a stranger, so thank you to all of you who will now be part of that lesson.

  • Shara Bingham Mills

    Are we really going to miss Renton?

  • My bible says Mt. St. Helens erupted on the NORTH side.