“Let’s Arm The Mexican Drug Cartels With Thousands Of Guns And Continue To Leave The Border Completely Wide Open”

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How in the world are Americans living in the southwest United States supposed to sleep peacefully at night when the U.S. government has given thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartels and continues to leave the border completely wide open?  The brutality and viciousness of Mexican drug cartels is almost beyond description, and yet the U.S. government has armed them to the teeth and does next to nothing to stop their incursions into U.S. territory.  “Project Gunrunner” was supposed to be a U.S. government initiative to fight the flow of guns into Mexico.  Instead, it has now come out that ATF agents were ordered to facilitate the acquisition of thousands of U.S. guns by Mexican drug cartels and then halt surveillance on where those guns where going.  One of these operations was known as “Fast and Furious” and the revelations that are now coming out have Congress in an uproar.  If the full truth about what has been going on is revealed to the American people it is going to turn Washington D.C. upside down.


Right now, some of the most dangerous places to be on the face of the earth are along the U.S./Mexico border.  The Mexican drug cartels are fighting a vicious war against each other and against the authorities.

Just this past week, there were 40 drug war deaths down in Mexico in just one 24 hour period.  Over 35,000 people have been killed since the Mexican government declared war on the cartels back in 2006.

Every time one big cartel boss is brought down it just seems to cause the cartels to splinter and multiply.  Each year the cartels seem to become better armed and more sophisticated.

Now it turns out that there was a very good reason why the cartels are armed so well.

The U.S. government has been supplying them with thousands of weapons.

The following is a brief excerpt from a CBS News report that discusses the fierce opposition that many ATF agents expressed to allowing thousands of guns to be given into the hands of the Mexican drug cartels….

On the phone, one Project Gunrunner source (who didn’t want to be identified) told us just how many guns flooded the black market under ATF’s watchful eye. “The numbers are over 2,500 on that case by the way. That’s how many guns were sold – including some 50-calibers they let walk.”

50-caliber weapons are fearsome. For months, ATF agents followed 50-caliber Barrett rifles and other guns believed headed for the Mexican border, but were ordered to let them go. One distraught agent was often overheard on ATF radios begging and pleading to be allowed to intercept transports. The answer: “Negative. Stand down.”

CBS News has been told at least 11 ATF agents and senior managers voiced fierce opposition to the strategy. “It got ugly…” said one. There was “screaming and yelling” says another. A third warned: “this is crazy, somebody is gonna to get killed.”

Amazingly, according to Reuters, ATF agents were ordered not to track where the weapons ended up….

The agents complained they were ordered to break off surveillance of the firearms and instead follow the original gun purchaser rather than track where the weapons went.

Does that make any sense at all?

Something really stinks about this whole thing, and the American people deserve the truth.

The Obama administration has been claiming that we need more restrictions on American gun owners because guns from the United States have been getting into Mexico.

During 2009 and 2010, 70 percent of the 30,000 guns that were recovered by authorities in Mexico were determined to have come from inside the United States.

Now we know why.

It was the Obama administration that was supplying large numbers of them to the drug cartels.

So what kind of guns are we talking about?  A recent article posted on Natural News detailed some of the types of weapons that got into the hands of the drug cartels….

Among the firearms sold to the Mexican drug gangs were AK-47s, thousands of pistols and, remarkably, .50-caliber rifles which are typically used to disable vehicles or carry out sniper-based assassinations at extremely long ranges (up to two miles). The mainstream media is now reporting that these weapons are turning up in violent crimes being committed in Phoenix, Arizona.

So now the Mexican drug cartels can shoot our cops (or any of us) from up to two miles away thanks to weapons that the federal government helped them acquire.

Kenneth E. Melson, the acting director of the ATF, has been taking most of the heat for all this so far.

But the truth is that this goes much higher than Melson.  In fact, according to the Los Angeles Times, Melson is already pointing fingers at other agencies….

The embattled head of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has told congressional investigators that some Mexican drug cartel figures targeted by his agency in a gun-trafficking investigation were paid informants for the FBI and Drug Enforcement Administration.

So how deep will this rabbit hole go?

Will Congress have the guts to fully investigate this thing?

The reality is that is seems incredibly unlikely that Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano did not know anything about what was going on.

Could it be possible that even Barack Obama was aware of all of this?

Once upon a time, Obama administration officials were very proud of Project Gunrunner.

There was even 10 million taxpayer dollars for Project Gunrunner in the “Stimulus Bill” that was passed in 2009….

For an additional amount for ‘State and Local Law Enforcement Assistance,’ $40,000,000, to remain available until September 30, 2014, for competitive grants to provide assistance and equipment to local law enforcement along the Southern border and in High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas to combat criminal narcotics activity stemming from the Southern border, of which $10,000,000 shall be transferred to ‘Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Salaries and Expenses’ for the ATF Project Gunrunner.

Apparently, stimulating the drug war in Mexico was a high priority at the time.

Back in 2009, everyone at the Department of Justice seemed absolutely thrilled with Project Gunrunner.

Video of Deputy Attorney General David Ogden talking about Project Gunrunner on March 24, 2009 can be found right here.

On April 2, 2009 Attorney General Eric Holder gave a speech in which he discussed the expansion of “Project Gunrunner”….

“Last week, our administration launched a major new effort to break the backs of the cartels. My department is committing 100 new ATF personnel to the Southwest border in the next 100 days to supplement our ongoing Project Gunrunner, DEA is adding 16 new positions on the border, as well as mobile enforcement teams, and the FBI is creating a new intelligence group focusing on kidnapping and extortion. DHS is making similar commitments, as Secretary Napolitano will detail.”

Did Eric Holder know the full extent of what was happening with Project Gunrunner at that time?

Perhaps someone should ask him.

There are also reports that people have been trying to alert federal authorities to all of this gun trafficking for years.  The following is a brief excerpt from an article on www.salem-news.com….

As if the information isn’t bad enough, one of our reporters who has spent the last three years working on the border, gathering information on the narco cartels, Robert ‘Tosh’ Plumlee; blew the whistle on the gun walking operation known as, Fast and Furious by filing numerous reports to federal agencies and local law enforcement in May 2009 about these guns walking across the border.

The Salem-News article also claims that the cartels have huge stockpiles of mortars, RPGs and anti-aircraft guns down in Mexico….

Also, as revealed in our recent reports, there are major stores in Mexico of what Robert Plumlee refers to as, ‘high impact weapons’ which include anti-aircraft guns, rocket propelled grenade launchers and mortars. These weapons are of U.S. origin, they are ample and they include the latest and most deadly, the same high tech weaponry currently deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. While not fully tallied, there are reported sites where thousands and thousands of these weapons exist, along with ‘knock-off’ Mexican army uniforms

Things have gotten crazy down in Mexico.  Any American tourist that drives around in northern Mexico is literally risking his or her life.  While we have our troops busy poking around in the caves of Iraq and Afghanistan, a major league threat is developing just south of our own border.

Normally the American public does not do much thinking about Mexico, but now this whole scandal threatens to bring a lot of unsavory truths to light.

Many in the Obama administration are freaking out about all of this and are in “cya” mode.  All of the bigwigs want to cover their rear ends and make sure that they don’t get tossed under the bus.

Mexican lawmakers are already threatening to ask for the extradition of any U.S. officials that were involved in authorizing the sale of guns to Mexican drug cartels.

Tensions between the U.S. and Mexico are rising.  This will be an important development to watch.

One Mexican drug cartel leader is even admitting that many of the weapons being used by the cartels are being supplied by the U.S. government.

Just recently, Mexican federal police released an interview with Jesus Rejon Aguilar.  He is reportedly a top honcho in Los Zetas, and he claims that “all the weapons are bought in the United States” and even more shockingly he says that the American government was directly involved in selling guns to the cartels….

“There were buyers for a time – because they weren’t our people, they were buyers on the other side – telling us that even the American government itself were selling them”

You can view video of Aguilar making these statements right here.

So what has the Obama administration had to say about all of these new revelations?

So far they are being very quiet about the whole thing.

But what they are talking about is how we need to put more restrictions on American gun owners.  In fact, the Obama administration is promising new gun legislation in the “near future“.

Isn’t that lovely?

The Obama administration loads the Mexican drug cartels with guns, leaves the border completely wide open and then talks about how we need to curtail the ability of American gun owners to defend themselves.

What in the world are they thinking?

Today, ordinary Americans are forced to endure a nightmare of “security” just to get on an airplane and yet our borders are left virtually undefended.

Day after day, thousands more drug cartel operatives, gang members and street criminals cross our border with Mexico and make a beeline for our cities.

The truth is that the U.S. government does not really care about national security and has not for a very long time.

If the Obama administration really cared about national security then they would secure the border.

We have helped South Korea totally secure their border with North Korea for decades.  Nobody gets across that border without authorization.

But on the U.S. border with Mexico security is a joke.  Millions of people have crossed it illegally and the federal government does not seem to care.

The feds love to talk about the danger of “terrorists” overseas, but if they really cared about terrorism they would secure the border.

Hezbollah has been very busy setting up operations all over Mexico, Central America and South America for the past 20 years.  It is not a secret that Hezbollah is very involved in the drug trade and in trafficking illegal aliens.

Members of Hezbollah could be going back and forth across the U.S. border as you read this, but the federal government refuses to do anything about it.

But Hezbollah is just a small piece of the picture.

There are thousands of very dangerous people that go back and forth across the border on a continual basis and the federal government treats it like it is no big deal.

The entire region along the border is going downhill fast.  The sad reality is that there are a number of open war zones along the U.S. border with Mexico.

For example, the city of Juarez, Mexico sits just across the U.S. border and it is considered to be one of the most dangerous cities on the entire planet.  In fact, Juarez is now the murder capital of the western hemisphere.

But do most Americans know about this?

No, they are too busy listening to the mainstream media tell them all about Anthony Weiner and Casey Anthony.

Illegal immigrants continue to pour over the border at a staggering rate and a large percentage of them end up in gangs.

There are now over 1 million people involved in gangs inside the United States, and a rising percentage of those gangs are made up of illegal immigrants and are connected to the drug trade.  According to federal statistics, gang members are responsible for up to 80% of the violent crimes committed in the United States each year.

In a previous article about illegal immigration, I talked about the infamous “18th Street Gang” which is terrorizing cities all over America.  There are reports that the 18th Street Gang has thousands of members in the city of Los Angeles alone.

The following is what Wikipedia has to say about the 18th Street Gang….

A US Justice Department report from 2009 estimates that the 18th Street gang has a membership of some 30,000 to 50,000 with 80% of them being illegal aliens from Mexico and Central America and is active in 44 cities in 20 states. Its main source of income is street-level distribution of cocaine and marijuana and, to a lesser extent, heroin and methamphetamine. Gang members also commit assault, auto theft, carjacking, drive-by shootings, extortion, homicide, identification fraud, and robbery.

Just think of how much violence could be stopped by keeping these criminals out of the country.

Yet our federal government does nothing.

But it isn’t just gangs of young people that are the problem.

Some mainstream media outlets have been bold enough to report that Mexican drug cartels are openly conducting military operations inside the United States. Scouts for the cartels maintain strategic lookout bases in the hills of southern Arizona.  The cartels very much try to avoid any confrontations with our border patrol or with our local police, but once they are approached they are not afraid to open fire.

In fact, it happens all the time.  We just don’t hear about it much on the news.

The handful of agents that we do have guarding the border are tremendously outgunned and outmanned.

One very frustrated border patrol agent told Fox News the following about what is going on in his area….

“To say that this area is out of control is an understatement.”

How can we allow this to go on?

What is happening on the border is a national embarrassment.

Another border patrol agent put it this way in an email to Fox News….

“Every night we’re getting beaten like a pinata at a birthday party by drug, alien smugglers.”

So what is the federal government doing about it?

They are doing next to nothing.

Well, they are putting up some warning signs.

In some parts of southern Arizona today, the federal government has actually put up signs that warn American citizens to keep away from the routes that the Mexican drug cartels use to bring in drugs.

We are supposed to be the most powerful nation on earth, and yet foreign drug cartels dominate our border areas.

At this point, the Mexican drug cartels are deeply entrenched in all of the states along the border.  In fact, the reality is that the entire southwest United States has been fundamentally transformed over the past several decades.

Until the federal government secures our borders, it should not ask the American people to make one more sacrifice in the name of “national security”.

Our nation is under attack every single day by these Mexican drug cartels.  It was elements within our own government that provided them with thousands of weapons.  Hopefully Congress will be courageous enough to launch a full investigation.

So what do all of you think about all this?  Please feel free to leave a comment with your opinion below….

  • Ben Dover

    They can do all of this because Americans have a huge appitite for drugs.

  • Gentile

    I blame the US government for the suffering it is causing in Mexico (let me clarify that I do not support at all drug dealers and their malefic atrocities). But in general, drugs are not a Mexican problem. Mexicans consume next to nothing if you compare it to the US citizens. It should be the US who should eliminate its internal market instead of blaming some other countries for the smuggling…

  • Colin


  • KB

    We all know that the US government has been trying to create a false flag opportunity so they can institute martial law over the whole US. What better way than to have armed Mexicans in fake Mexican uniforms flowing over the border? Our current leaders are sneaky B-tards, and have been for the last multiple decades.
    So you have to ask yourself would that trigger an armed conflict between the two governments, i.e., war? Would this be a way for Obamination to take over Mexico by invasion? They’ve got oil. And it appears that Obi-wama’s intention is to disarm regular-folk Americans in the same process, so double the benefit.
    I am amazed that all our dabbling (“armed conflicts”) into other countries hasn’t yet created WWIII, but you know for sure that is what is going to happen eventually, so unless WWIII is a service industry war that somehow involves waiting tables, lobbyists, and banking, we are going to get our butts kicked big time. Of course, since the Washington wienies never pick on someone their own size (and yet they still have lost pretty much every conflict since WWII cuz in war, ties don’t go to the runner), it will be a big surprise when one day someone they’ve picked on taps their “big brother” to come to their rescue (think Pakistan and China).
    So, sure, big surprise that the US government reps armed the Mexican drug cartels. They do it in every conflict around the world. They push their nasty little fingers into everything. There was a good case made that the US government had started the influx of drugs to America in the first place.
    I am so disgusted by it all. We need to call every congressman, every senator, every major media outlet, etc., and demand that the people involved in this atrocity be called to answer for their actions. It will be interesting at least to see what their excuses are. However, whether the American public even cares enough to take legal action against the perpetrators remains to be seen.
    As an aside, I truly think that all elections should be independently verified by multiple sources, including making sure that the computer programs are not being rigged, because I sure have no clue as to how these idiots keep being elected.

  • ezquiel

    hezbolla in latin america that impossible

    • Michael

      No, unfortunately it isn’t

    • Guido

      A few years ago they discovered the Saudis were funding Wahabbi mosques in Zapata, where the Mexicans were dealing with poverty-stricken rebels.

      Middle Eastern terror groups are all over the world working to support their cause and convince others to join. Plus, building up a base in mexico can be useful for operations against us.

    • Ray

      You might want to check this out:


  • Maria

    You would THINK border security would be at the top of the list in the “war on terror”. It’s not, because there really is no “war on terror”. It is all a part of what I call the PARADIGM PROGRAMMING. It’s just another scheme to get more money out of the taxpayers and more control over the sheeple. Just like global warming and Agenda 21…more schemes to keep the false paradigm going a little while longer. Profit and control…that’s the real agenda. Supplying guns to gangs just ensures more terror and the “need” for continuing the war. What a farce! The sad part is our government uses our tax money to fund this scheme which is actually providing guns to the criminals who use them to kill us. Homeland Security…what a crock!

  • Michael

    That is a HUGE pile of money in that picture to the left of the first paragraph of this article! Or as Bill Gates calls it, pocket change.

    • lone survivor

      In Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California, the US Border Patrol has checkpoints set up on different highways that you must stop at.
      Sometimes, they might way you by, but other times they give you the third degree, where are you going?, where are you coming from? where do you live? are you an American citizen? Can I search your car? (Hell no!) Sometimes they act like they are pissed of at something and its all your fault!
      If you are black, mexican, or middle eastern looking, they will wave you by (because of racial profiling), but if you are white-they stop and haress you!
      And they now have radation dectators. So if a sick person has just had their chemo treatments, they had better have their doctors orders or the Border Patrol will stop them!
      What this does to stop illegal drugs or stop illegals from coming into the USA is beyond me.
      Who is buying all these expensive illegal drugs?
      Another thing you have to remember is that most police departments and military in Mexico purchase their guns from American companiesand sell them or give them to the various drug gangs. So no wonder when the guns are traced back, they are found to come from the USA! And several manufactures (in different countries) of full autos have reported that police departments(in Mexico), are requesting to purchase their firearms. Huh, I wonder why? And have told them that they will pay cash.
      I doubt that any of the drug gangs have snipers who could shoot a Barrett 50 cal. at two miles. Maybe 200 yards or so, if they could handle the recoil.
      What about the news repots of drug gangs now building armoured cars and tanks? Are they buying those at USA guns shops too?
      The government should build a wall all along the USA/Mexico border from Texas to California!
      The USA cannot accept millions of illegals every year. In fact stop all immigration to the USA now! Most countires see the USA as a dumping ground to get rid of excessive poor people or get rid of their criminals(so they don’t have to pay for prisons!)
      The population is now 310 million. Depending on who’s figures you read, the USA could have a BILLION PEOPLE by the year 2100! What would life be like then? Hell, India and Africa are going to hit a billion soon, if they already haven’t. What would happen if a bunch of those people deceided to come to the USA? Say 100,000 or 500.000 or a million? All within a month!
      The USA can help the budjet if the politicians quit giving out foreign aid to everybody in the world. The USA gives out 100’s of billions every year! To countries like England, France, Germany (who now exports more than the USA does!), Russia (unbeliveable), Saudi Arabia(why? they make billions every year selling oil),Japan, and the list goes on and on.

  • jcomp

    I have read about this on Illinoiscarry.com maybe a month or two ago. They have no problem dismantling our 2nd amendment yet pull stunts like this. Kudos for the Arizona politicos on one thing at least for constitutional carry for average citizens to protect themselves. To bad chairman quinn of Illinois cant accept any kind of carry nor any of the other swindling, low life, useless morons in our Springfield “ass”embly.

  • LC

    I’m shocked that the “little people” who work for the ATF would actually follow thru on these orders to give weapons to drug cartels. What in the hell is wrong with Americans?

    • Sandy B

      Most of the guys doing these jobs will tell you it’s “just a job. Can’t find one any place else.”

  • TK

    Wow, this should be 1st page of every major newspaper until the problem is solved. Unfortunately, it won’t be.

    Praise God for informative and truthful blogs like this one.

    We can not allow our country to be ruined by a weak border policy. I can’t imagine how the people who live in the border states feel. This is shameful at best.

    Where are the politicians who will come into congress with guns blazing until we get this problem solved? Where are they?

  • Matt

    This is absurd. Obviously this article is Chinese puppetry, why else would it slam the president?

    Here’s a tip: They sold it to the cartels because when the military comes in and seizes the weapons, they get them for themselves. This way, idiot mexicans don’t start lashing out at the US.

    Welcome to arms transfer, where the game is rigged.

    • Ivan

      Chinese puppetry? It appears that you’re just another Obamabot with pathological blindness. This idiocy has, in fact, occurred and the trail leads at least as high as Eric Holder. The reason we’re stuck with this idiot in office is because people like you are in favor of his brans of socialism.

  • Another bright idea from the morons that brought you the war on “terra.”

  • If anyone needed proof the we are ruled by a criminal government give them this article!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • William

      This is just another example that the federal government has become the enemy of the citizenry, from the criminal shrub Bush, to the DHS to the TSA, and on and on. Of course, this is all the slow boiling of the frog….most will not WAKE UP until it is too late. It might be too late today.

  • Piglet

    “The Obama administration loads the Mexican drug cartels with guns, leaves the border completely wide open and then talks about how we need to curtail the ability of American gun owners to defend themselves.”

    * It’s the same tactic used in American cities for many years. Disarm the law-abiding, leave them at the mercy of the criminals, and then claim to be the only answer for the victims of crime. In this case, our illustration, all-knowing government is going the extra mile by assisting the criminals to ensure We the Peasantry come bleating to the government in search of safety. It is, of course, a rigged game.

    “Today, there are 28,500 U.S. troops protecting the border between South Korea and North Korea. Nobody gets across that border without authorization.”

    * Not really. Except for a small number of US Army personnel in a joint unit at Panmunjom, no US military units are on the border, which is now entirely guarded by South Korean forces. US forces are further south, and are moving even further south. They are vacating Yongsan Army Garrison in metropolitan Seoul and moving south to an area near Osan Air Base. Just being in Korea in the US military doesn’t automatically mean being on the border. Quite the contrary! Besides, the US isn’t really there for the safety and security of South Korea. The US has had military forces in Asia going back to the 1850s, primarily for economic reasons and empire, and today it’s no different.

    “We are supposed to be the most powerful nation on earth…”

    * That, of course, is self-comforting nonsense. What truly powerful nation is so pitifully broke and in debt, and has such horrendous problems? Since when did a “powerful” nation have to borrow 40% of its funding from others just to stay afloat, and all it can look forward to is an even worse financial situation?

  • Gary

    I am with you all the way on this Michael. We need to look at drugs as public health, and follow the lead in other European countries where addicts can get their drug of choice administered in a clinic setting if they are unable to stop using with intensive treatment.

    This is truly a issue that effects us all, rich/poor alike.

    Regarding the border you simply need to follow the money. Business owners who hire the illegals need to go to jail. Period. They are breaking the law and hurting American workers by driving down wages which is their goal.

    • lone survivor

      The drug addicts don’t want help. If they did, there are plenty of places to go today, unlike 40 years ago.
      I say lock ’em all up in some warehouse and feed them drugs until they die.
      I’ve read stories in newspapers and on the net about US companies having illegals for employees. When they do get caught, the government fines them 100 dollars. The company owners laugh their asses off and just go out and hire more illegals! And some people say that the illegals only get paid low wages, but some places I’ve read were paying them 10-12 dollars an hour! But, they didn’t pay any taxes! As far illegal farm workers needed, they aren’t. There are machines to do all the work today. If a farmer can’t afford to purchase the machine, then they can rent one. If they can’t afford that, then they should be in a different business!

    • Perry K


      “driving down wages which is their goal.”

      Every time I hear the working class conservatives screaming about our unsecured border to the south, I can’t help but wonder why they seem to give Bush a free pass on this issue. I remember that stopping the flow of illegal aliens from the south was a big issue during the Bush years. Could they have passed legislation to close the border? Yes. Did they pass legislation? No. Why? IMHO it was because the illegal aliens are “driving down wages which is their goal.” I don’t think this is the goal of the working class conservatives, just the elite rich conservatives who own the congress and the businesses that can make more profits for the shareholders if they don’t have to pay as much in wages. Now the working class conservatives are clamoring for Obama to close the border. If Bush couldn’t do it with a very friendly congress that gave him virtually everything he wanted, then how do we expect Obama to do it?

      • Guido

        Those of us who were paying attention worked hard to keep the border closed and to try and get the lawmakers to act. Don’t forget, we did manage to stop the Rs from having an amnesty at least 2 times.

  • Our masters want us to hate our government. They want us to throw it away so they can give us their version. What we have right now is a taste of their version if they can only destroy the constitution.

    We actually have a good government defined by our constitution and bill of rights, if these people would just follow those principles. The problem is the super-rich democrats and republicans that we elect to those positions of leadership. They don’t like the constitution that protects us from them.

    Who are these people? Aren’t they the best educated people in America? Aren’t they the ones who boast of their smarts, courage and business experience and assure us they are best able to manage our country?

    Look in any phone book and you will find many building contractors with successful business who don’t have a college degree. The idea that we need the super educated to run this country has proven to me not to be so.

    Hay, lets vote for some carpenters, plumbers, cement finishers and common laborers, someone who may have our interest.

    • lone survivor

      Most millionaires in America were self made men.

  • jon

    You can blame the re-thug-licans for not legalizing drugs and not securing the border after 9-11. Even when you look at todays news the debt ceiling, it is obvious the republicans will be the downfall of the USA.

  • Guido

    This information is filled with mistakes. Oh, I know the fedgov did it. They love to speak out of both sides of their mouth. “There’s a gun problem in Mexico-And we’re causing it intentionally!”

    I want to point out-if these weapons were purchased legally in gun stores, as I’ve been told they were in the news, then they’re almost certainly all semi-autos. Full-autos are not easily acquired, they cost a ton, and their numbers are very limited, so it is highly unlikely 2000 real full-auto AK-47s were sold.

    Your average full-auto weapon legally for sale in the US can cost 10s of thousands depending on its cool factor and rarity. Since these weapons have been tightly controlled since 1986, 1968, and 1934, there aren’t many to pick from. Those weapons are most likely semi-auto AK-47-style weapons, such as Norinco knock-offs.

    The Barrets sound scary, but at the same time, they’ve been legal for a long time and you don’t hear about their use in crimes for a reason-They’re HUGE! They’re so damn big and bulky, I don’t think they’re going to be used much. At $5+ per round, and with limited sources, you don’t tend to plink with a .50. (If you were going to get a .50, why not just buy a mexican army M2 MG?) I would figure smaller assault rifles and pistols are the weapons of choice.

    I’ve heard some discussion about the weapon statistics that pokes holes in the stated #s. The statistic that %70 of all recovered weapons are US-made is loaded. The mexican gov’t selects weapons out of what’s captured that they believe will prove to be US-made and check those to see where they come from. %70 of THOSE cherry-picked weapons are US-made, not %70 of all weapons. The weapons available in mexico are much more dangerous than what they can buy in America, since their own military and police are corrupt and support the drug dealers.

    In any case, I don’t care if they’re legally purchased in the US, since the laws were followed on our side of the border. Someone legally paid and passed a federal background check to get those weapons. If the mexicans were enforcing their laws on their side, the weapons would be picked up at the border crossings. If you bring a gun into mexico, you go away for a while, as many US citizens have found to their surprise. Since mexico does nothing to help us stop drugs and illegals moving north of the border, why should we care about guns moving south?

    Ever hear of the Zetas? They were a mexican SF unit who were extensively trained and armed by the US. (mexico gets tons of weapons from the US gov.) The Zetas then mutinied and joined the drug lords they were supposed to fight, eventually becoming their own drug group. They didn’t need to buy semi-auto US rifles when they had full-auto US/mexican-provided weapons.

    I wonder how many Venezuelan AK-47s are flowing in? Venezuela has set up Russian-provided weapons factories. And the drug lords have nearly infinite supplies of cash to spend on the world’s weapon market. I don’t know about current prices, but they used to say an AK-47 on the world market cost about $25.

    ALSO-THE US DOES NOT MAKE RPGS!!!! That is a Russian/Chinese/East Block weapon, not a US one. There are tons of them in the world, but we never made them.

    In any case, weapons like RPGs, mortars, AA guns, and pretty much anything else are not legally sold to drug lords by the US. They’re sold to gov’ts. Thanks to the NFA and other laws governing weapons sales in the US, your average citizen can not buy anything larger than a .50 without a great deal of paperwork, fingerprinting, background checks, and a $200 tax on each device. There aren’t many devices available, either. Gov/Law Enforcement are the only real buyers who can get these items legally in the US, so if anyone is making them available to mexicans, it’s the folks who claim the drug lords need to be stopped. Since we know the mexicans are corrupt, would it be any surprise to learn their gov’t the source of these weapons?

    I think we can all see mexico is going to collapse. They’re a failing state. There’s no rule of law, widespread corruption, and grinding poverty even though their nation is one of the most materially wealthy in resources. I won’t be surprised if we don’t end up sending troops in within the next 5 years.

    This issue is also inextricably tied up with the illegal issue. I was previously stationed in Arizona with the Army. We were located just 20 minutes from the border. The flood of illegals through the region was ridiculous. You could find their signs everywhere, especially in protected parks and forests. They left incredible amounts of rubbish, damaging the local ecosystems. They also brought weapons and drugs.

    The Army on the base ordered us to be aware and to run away from illegals if we encountered them. It was humiliating to go into the desert on training and be ordered to run away from illegals trespassing on military territory. While I was there, authorities also found proof of terrorists passing through. In one notable instance, backpacks full of documents in Arabic were found buried in the desert. In another, Chechens were rumored to be passing through the area.

    I’m not at all surprised the mexicans have scouts and OPs hidden in our border areas. There are areas of the border that are very Wild West. I had a friend stationed on the border with an Army/Border Patrol operation. He said there was one area on the border where a hermit in a cabin was known to have killed over 25 illegal aliens. Everyone knew he was around and what he did, but no one was interested in pursuing the issue. The illegals flowed around his little area.

    There used to be a group called Ranch Rescue. I’m not sure if they’re still around, but their whole thing was to go out and rebuild border ranches that were destroyed by massive floods of illegal aliens through their land. The illegals leave a swath of destruction wherever they go. Trash, sewage, food, abandoned clothes, medical waste, etc. They destroy everything. They trample fences, attack livestock, and they bring violent crime, too. Many of these isolated ranchers are shot at, assaulted, raped, and they have to turn their homes into fortresses with covered windows, chainlink fences, and barbed wire. Even then, when they leave, folks sneak in and break into their homes. It is an undeclared war.

    We could solve it. We should have an East German border with mines, wire, guns, cameras, electrified fences, etc. It would be a great jobs program to get Americans out there securing their border. Inspecting more of the border flow would also be good. We only see a tiny percentage of the incoming vehicles and containers from the south, insuring drugs get through.

    We could also return our uninvited guests back across the border. I had a coworker who used to do bounty hunting for illegals. It was very easy to do with a little skip tracing, he said. I think we could offer $500-1000 a head for each illegal turned in and returned home. I also think we could discourage their presence by declaring their property and money to be the fruits of a continuing criminal enterprise and thus up for seizure and liquidation. The cops are always happy to go after crooks whose property they can seize and auction.

    • lone survivor

      Venezuela has been buying AK-47’s from North Korea (Solider of Fortune magazine), and supplying North Korea with oil and gasoline. North Korea has also sent them long range missles (maybe to sell or give to mexican drug gangs?)

  • Guido

    Actually, keeping the illegals in this country helps keep mexico functioning, since we’re a convenient bleed valve for their own revolutionary tensions. Plus, their surplus population here produces billions of dollars, which are sent to the US. I wonder how fast mexico would change if we returned their surplus population?

  • Bob

    Fast and Furious is the biggest scandal in the history of the United States.
    I hope that we can survive until November 2012.

  • Lilly

    This is an excellent and professional piece of journalism. I will be spreading the link far and wide.

    If you know the history of the radical left – and Obama is a player of this political and social variety – you know this was not an accident of mere incompetence. The radical left ALWAYS advocates for the empowerment of America’s enemies and opposites in the world. Obama armed the cartel on purpose for the “progress” of defeating it and rebuilding it in the image of his African style red dreams. He is an activist who has no problem breaking some eggs (killing a lot of people) on the way to a collective Utopia of poverty and death. The radical left hates America and hates you – the pro freedom and independent American. That is why Janet named constitutional activists as domestic terror enemies.

  • Marianne

    Drug Cartels.. people open your eyes. these are none other then ‘Terrorists Groups’ who have infiltrated, South America.. namely Hezbollah.. don’t let them tell you anything different.. who else decapitates?

  • Hank

    I have an Idea to fix this, lets move the capitol from DC to El Paso

    • Frances

      Best idea yet!!

  • We have now allowed Mexican truckers to come in and drive all over the states, we have been paying for their new trucks and tracking devices to be put into their trucks, When this first started they were just supposed to go along the NAFTA highways and to their destination which would be Canada and drop off points along the way, this is part of the N.American Union but they keep saying it is NAFTA, it isn’t, this is why they fought Arizona tooth and nail to open their borders to Mexican truckers, they are also opening these same borders to Columbia, Brazil and any other S American country thats wants to come here, with a 4 year visa to boot. Our Citizenship has now become a pass to enter, . The Chinese are here building Industrial complexes all over the country, one of them in Idaho is 50 square miles with their factory and homes included, the owners get free citizens ship and are tax exempt. What has our states to gain by this except more loss of jobs, the chinese bring their own, and no taxes so they are getting a free ride. What Obama is doing is trying to disarm us, give the country away and depopulate all at the same time. We know that more than just Mexican truckdrivers will be comin gin, the drug cartel and assorted Muslim terrorists and who know who else, if nothing is done aobut this man we will continue ot lose the fight for this country, once the borders are open and the Chinese are free to build here there will be no turning back no matter what happens to Obama, its just sad to see such a great country go down without a whimper and with no one representing us or on our side.There should be hundreds o farrests for treason, but who is going to arrest them , who isn’t in on this? Meanwhile Obama is fighting for our tax dollars, I say give him nothing, get it from the Chinese and the Mexicans.

    • Wesley Harden Tx

      Man That’s is hitting the nail on the head. I’m glad to see their are still petty of Americans who are watching and who see what’s going on. Thank you keep sharing the good info.

  • Marianne: Thank you, and adding to:
    who else skins bodies and leaves them hanging from bridges?
    Who else kills children along with the adults?Who else beheads the moms and stuffs the head inbetween the legs of a dead woman with dead chilrden lined up as well?
    Unreported, are the numerous mass graves already exhumes and reported that there are humdreds more lining the 2000 miles of border with MX.
    Who else refuses to target banking that clears millions daily of dirty money ?
    What leadership in our countries short history refuses to protect it’s own Americans citizens, but this one?
    Yes we have have terrorist cells throughout S.A. and have given HLS, the proof months ago. But you you know Juanita Nap. has her own agenda and that is to march in goose step with the Sultan.
    The way to fix this is to impeach.

    • Sandy B

      I crack up when Americans continue to call the terrorist group in D.C. “our government”. It’s not our government. Our constitutional government has been choked to death and has been replaced by the One-worlders who intend to kill this nation completely. And, they are because no one is stopping them.
      I repeat: A criminal syndicate is running the U.S., ex-government. Don’t keep bleeting to these criminals to do something to help you. It’s not part of their plans. They are not going to close the borders; they are going to continue to try to disarm you. They are criminals abetting and aiding other criminals to take this country down.
      If Americans want anything done about closing the border, whatever, they will have to organize and do it themselves. It has reached this point. There’s your options. Do it yourself, or die.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Makes perfect sense to me, it’s what I’d do.

    • lone survivor

      Yeah, but, do you really want Joe Biden as president or Nancey Pelosi?

    • Tatiana Covington

      How about everyone just stop buying drugs and using that shit? Then it’d dry up overnight.

      Of course, to those who cannot or will not avoid drugs, I say “To hell with you!”

      Then I turn it over to Darwin.

  • mondobeyondo

    Well now! It’s so comforting that I can have a good night’s rest, knowing that the U.S. government is covertly supplying Mexican drug cartels with high powered weaponry.

    Right now, they are mainly using these weapons to kill off rival drug cartel members in Mexico, and sadly, innocent citizens who just happen to be in the way at a nightclub or church or wherever.

    But it’s only a matter of time before it comes here as well. Los Angeles, Phoenix, Tucson, Laredo, El Paso – get ready!! (Phoenix, my humble home town, already has the 2nd highest rate of kidnappings in the WORLD! – behind Bogota, Colombia. That statistic may be out of date by now, but I doubt it.)

    • Michael

      Wow I didn’t know that about Phoenix.

      I knew that they had a very high rate of car thefts but I did not know that about kidnappings.

      Things are really getting crazy out there.


    • Guido

      Thanks, Mondo. I didn’t know that. I guess it won’t be long before the guns come up here, since they’re a desirable commodity, too.

      It’s pretty disgusting, though. Kidnappings are something you see in the 3rd world. We dealt with them in Iraq. I know they happen in South America. It’s not supposed to happen in the US.

      Aren’t kidnappings the jurisdiction of the FBI? Are they down there?

  • Bobby

    This stuff is so insane so surreal, that the whole Democrat Party is suspect. I can’t even remember anything as damaging as this happening in at least 50 years.

  • Guido

    Did anyone hear about Obama’s new executive order that all gun sellers alert the feds if someone buys 2 or more “high-powered” assault rifles in a week? They’re considering anything with a magazine that shoots a caliber larger than .22 an assault rifle. The law only applies to border states. For now.
    I don’t think it will work, nor will it be legal. Can Obama ban his DOJ from arming the drug lords? Would that work to stop the flow of weapons? http://www.theblaze.com/stories/obama-executive-orders-impose-new-gun-rules/

    • lone survivor

      Like the other writers have written, the Mexican drug gangs buy full-auto firearms on the black market from Central America or the middle-east. With billions to spend they just don’t have the time or people to send to various gun stores in America to purchase one gun at a time! And then haul them across the border.
      Haven’t you read or seen on TV that the drug gangs with their billions are now using and building submarines? To transport drugs to the USA. Well then, the US Navy should go after them as enemy’s of America and sink their submarines! That would take care of them! The same with them using airplanes to ship drugs to the USA, the air force should shoot ’em down! Problem solved! No wasted time with trials, lasting years, and having them get off on some technocality.

  • Marianne

    Your welcome, and thank you Carol and Madeleine for your replies. I also read somewhere that the Chinese are building something in Idaho.. I wish someone would take pictures.. then maybe people would believe.. this country is being destroyed from within. Then we have Mexican trucks, driving through our highways.. who’s to say what or who they have in those trucks. Will they be inspected?

  • Rotorman

    What you Mericans fail to see is that the CIA is smuggling drugs into the US through Mexico.

    Unfortunately the Coast Guard and the Air Force are much too good at their jobs so the clever CIA have opted to smuggle and distribute their Colombian cocaine and Afghan heroin through Mexico and with Mexican gangs that have been armed to the teeth to face off the Mexican police.

    You Mericans thought it is all about your precious borders when it is really about the lives of your children and the maniacs in your government.

    • Guido

      Can you cite any proof of that? Because I’ve heard the CIA rumor for decades, but the only thing resembling that conspiracy theory is the story of Barry Seale and the smuggling operation at Mena, AK. That is a very interesting story in itself. Long story short-a contractor pilot secretly smuggled drugs back after flying planes south for the agency.

      I recently read a book by a field agent who retired who explained how weak and toothless the CIA actually is thanks to an entrenched bureaucracy, inter-office backstabbing, and lazy careerists who don’t want agency operations to interfere with their promotion. If all this is true, the many, many stories attributed to the CIA in recent years are largely mythology. At one point, he was the only field agent operating in the middle east. He stated during the World Cup in 06, I think, various agency station chiefs put out orders stating no agents could conduct ops in Europe because of lack of hotel availability. I’ll have to dig to find the title-found it:The Human Factor. http://www.amazon.com/Human-Factor-Dysfunctional-Intelligence-Culture/dp/159403382X/ref=sr_1_15?ie=UTF8&qid=1310562124&sr=8-15

      Now, I could be completely wrong and the CIA is secretly VERY deadly and evil and behind everything from 911 to the guy that cut me off this morning, but I think it would make a lot more sense in this country for them to be a bureaucratic nightmare.

      I don’t believe they are smuggling drugs into the US.

      • Kevin

        @Guido – You are aware of Operation Paperclip are you not? and MK Ultra. CIA is certainly not benign. Not to mention that in Afghanistan our troops guard the poppy fields, which were at the time of our arrival in Afghanistan almost completely eradicated. Plus, the chemicals necessary to make the poppy’s into heroine come from the US and allies. It’s not available in Afghanistan. Now I don’t know about the guy that cut you off this morning…could be he was a Bin laden reincarnation for the 10th time. But for sure he was a CIA asset during the Iran Contra fighting. He’s got some nice picks with Z-big Brezinski. Peace

  • Bougnoule

    Mexico city and southern mexico is pretty safe…safer than black neighborhoods in the USA.
    And do not forget that California, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona and Tejas were mexican states they were invaded by the USA during the XIX century.
    So immigrants from Mexico are just taking back what belonged to us for thousands of years (at least in the states above)

  • Naming Names: Your Real Government (When dark deeds unfold, point the finger in this direction).
    by Tony Cartalucci

    The Real Revolution
    “Boycott the globalists, cut off their support, undermine their system, and they lose their ability to commit these atrocities. That will be a real revolution and it can start today. Not burning cities and masked rebels waving flags, but communities no longer dependent and fueling a corrupt system we all know must come to an end.”

  • Rolland

    Put the drug cartels out of business once and for all: end drug prohibition. Deal the drug cartels and crooked federal agents a single, crushing blow that ends life as they know it. It is the only sensible solution.

  • Whatever side of this “War on Drugs” you might be on, the Mexican drug gangs are only supplying something that is in extremely high demand. We can kill them and more will replace them, we can make busts but still only touch a small percentage of the total drugs available. The only way to eliminate the crime and violence associated with Mexican drug trafficking is to either legalize and regulate (and tax) drugs, or to wage war on the real problem – demand for drugs. If the demand isn’t going to go away, then neither are the drugs and the people who supply them.

  • Schmuyle Goldstein

    “We all know that the US government has been trying to create a false flag opportunity so they can institute martial law over the whole US. What better way than to have armed Mexicans in fake Mexican uniforms flowing over the border?”

    Martial law, not so much. Gun control, huge yes! The USA political establishment needs a “gun crisis” in order to pass the next stages of disarmament laws.

  • How can we stop this, the public are so brainwashed by television that there seems to be no hope, we can only make as many people aware of this as possible.

  • Mickey Jones

    No one knows what to do — REALLY? Come on folks, do you really not know what the proper steps are to taking control of the ILLEGAL MEXICAN – MEXICAN DRUG GANG problem — REALLY?

    Well, ok – let us examine the facts – the facts as any good American Should!
    1. The Illegals coming in are criminals.
    2. They sell drugs and kill.
    3. They brake american law.
    4. They come and draw welfare – the US is broke already.

    I suppose theres more – but that should be enough to tell each of us (American Citizens) what we are faced with doing – should it not?

  • The only sane one here

    This comment section has set the record for the most sophomoric, bigoted and unfounded half truths on the entire web. Congrats! According to the collective thoughts (that are rife with xenophobia and religious intolerance), on this page the country that fought from 30 years to tear down a the Berlin wall should build a fence with land mines. All drug users should either be killed OR drugs should be legalized (the hyperleft and the conservative right can’t agree). America is a place where white people are discriminated against but minorities are free to do as they please. 2000 guns from American Gun stores were sold to a cartel that has been infiltrated by FBI and DEA and when the cops follow the mules in the USA it is interpreted as “the worst scandal in American History” (holy shit this is naive)and proof “Obama wants to take away all our guns” (now thats a stretch). Nobody even considers the obvious that the ATF was selling guns to DEA and FBI informants to find the mules and gun store owners. Nor does anybody point out that 2000 guns is a joke, the cartels have MILLIONS of guns. In addition, it is proposed that the entire government is involved in a conspiracy to declare permanent martial law (even thou we can’t conquer small dysfunctional countries). Next, someone thinks getting rid of 2 million dirt cheap laborers that pay tax but receive no benefits (almost all illegals have fake social security numbers) will boost the economy (I hope this guy doesn’t expect any vegetables on that 99 cent hamburger). Finally, it is thought that Obama is a Muslim that has somehow managed to not get caught praying 5 times a day for 3 years. OH, I forgot the appearance of some 2012 Maya BS. Could someone please put up some of the accusations that Bush is an Alien and Obama is similar to Hitler, so that we can have a complete representation of the most ridiculous beliefs in American politics. It would make it more ironic if a everyone gathered in one place to exercise their right to free speech that was supposedly revoked by the almighty dictator that 69.5 million people voted for.

  • Cody

    It seems pretty obvious. Why does no one else see this? Why do we have a huge illegal immigration problem? Well, our government is doing it to us. I especially cherish Anne baker who is “mexican-American” and loves her “people.” And who are those people exactly? The Americans? Probably not.

  • john

    One solution, legalize marijuana. I’ve never smoked the stuff myself, but its pretty harmless stuff compared to most of the crap out there. The u.s. is a major buyer for the drug cartels, therefore if it was legalized here the cartels would effectively close up shop.

  • Brad

    The big problem for national security is at the canadian border. its less than one percent secure and thats where many of Hezbolla and al Quida have been arrested, crossing the canadian border.

  • This is really a horrible news for all of us. This should become the top news of any newspaper or any news website so that people can come to know that what is happening in the world and it should not be tolerated.

  • This is no mistake, agents are dropping weapons into Mexico because Canadians will just give these weapons back the moment FEMA decides it is time to stuff the camps. Mexico has a score to settle with the states… the people of the U.S. will support Mexico in abolishing the Feds. Carlos Slim Helu is in the U.S. and living in a 45 million dollar home. Anyone wonder why he is there and not in Mexico any longer? He is not scared of cartels, he owns them all.