John McCain’s Incoherent Questioning Of James Comey Shows Why We Need Term Limits

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Does America really need a permanent ruling class of career politicians? According to Real Clear Politics, right now Congress has an average approval rating of just 18.8 percent. It is an institution that is dominated by politicians that are able to keep winning elections over and over again because they are extremely good at raising money. And our permanent ruling class of politicians has learned that it greatly pays to pander to the special interests and the wealthy donors that are able to inject large amounts of cash into their campaigns. This incestuous system produces many incumbents that are almost unbeatable, and the result is that some of these Congress critters end up staying in Washington much, much longer than they should.


On Thursday, we witnessed a perfect example of this. Senator John McCain’s incoherent questioning of James Comey got so much attention on social media that USA Today did a whole story about it

The Arizona Republican spent most of his allotted time for questioning Comey to ask about the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was secretary of State. But his questioning wasn’t exactly coming out in the most coherent manner.

“So she was clearly involved in this whole situation where, fake news — as you just described it, is a big deal — took place,” McCain said, referring to Clinton. “You’re going to have to help me out here. In other words, we’re complete, the investigation of anything former Secretary Clinton had to do with the campaign is over, and we don’t have to worry about it anymore?”

Comey replied, “I’m a little confused, senator.”

I would have been confused too.

No matter what you may think of McCain, it is clear that his ability to think clearly has gone way downhill. In the aftermath of the hearing, McCain released a statement in which he blamed his incoherence on staying up late to watch baseball games…

“I get the sense from Twitter that my line of questioning today went over people’s heads. Maybe going forward, I shouldn’t stay up late watching the Diamondbacks night games.”

Of course there are many Democrats that are in the exact same boat. For some reason, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has a really hard time remembering Donald Trump’s name

For at least the third time, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi referred to the current president as George W. Bush.

Talking about her battles with Republicans over abortion, Pelosi said, “For decades I’ve served in Congress and for decades I’ve had to fight the Republicans’ opposition to birth control, contraception and family planning.

“They do not believe in it,” Pelosi declared at The Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. “And a lot of those people voted for George— for, what’s his name?” she asked, apparently struggling to remember President Trump’s name.

And just recently, Pelosi could barely get through a 7 minute speech to Refugees International

She botched country names as she read them from her notes.

“With the specter of famine looming in, over northeast Nigeria, Somalia, south “Sudon,” and “Yuma — Yamen,” she said, flubbing “Yemen.”

Pelosi asserted cutting the foreign aid budget would “only deepen the crisis fighting — facing the children.”

“Children, America, children need America to be their champion,” she said moments later.

Pelosi thanked Refugees International for “channeling — challenging us to honor our values.”

Just over 7 minutes after she started, Pelosi thanked the group for the invitation, stood and stared awkwardly, then made her way off the stage.

We end up with politicians like this because the system makes it nearly impossible to conduct successful primary challenges against incumbents. And once the general election comes, most areas of the country lean so far in one direction or the other that the candidate from the other party doesn’t stand a chance.

And to ensure that their “political careers” keep going, most members of Congress never stop raising money for their next campaigns. In his new book entitled “Giant Of The Senate”, Senator Al Franken admits that he often spends several hours a day on the phone raising money…

“It’s not uncommon to have three straight hours of call time scheduled as part of your day. … It’s brutal.”

This is why I am proposing that we limit all members of the House and all members of the Senate to just one term. If there were no re-election campaigns to raise money for, perhaps they could spend their time doing the jobs that we elected them to do in the first place.

This would be one of the fastest ways that we could clean up Washington. Special interests and big donors would lose their ability to legally bribe members of Congress by donating to their next campaigns. And instead of a permanent ruling class of career politicians, we could return to the days of actually having citizen representatives.

But of course convincing members of Congress to willingly limit their own political careers is not going to be easy. Just getting any sort of term limits passed would be a great victory, but my long-term dream is to limit all members of Congress to just one term.

So other than members of Congress, who else would be against term limits?

Well, perhaps unsurprisingly I did find one article in the Washington Post that was against the idea…

Here’s a plan that is sure to improve the quality of your local hospital: Fire all the doctors and nurses with nine to 12 years of experience. Just kick them all out. Or why don’t we fire every Apple software engineer who has been at the company that long? That’ll surely yield better iPhones. Or fire every Post reporter with a decade under his or her belt.

No? Sound crazy? I agree. Those are terrible ideas.

If Congress was doing a good job, there may be some merit to that argument.

But at this point the American people are so universally dissatisfied with Congress that it is clear that something must be done.

So we should definitely encourage those that love liberty and freedom to challenge corrupt career politicians all over America in 2018, but we should also push very hard for term limits on every level of government.

It won’t be easy to get them, but just about anything that is worth doing in life is going to take some hard work.

  • Joel W

    McCain & Pelosi are almost certainly are suffering from dementia. I mean that not as a joke. They literally show all the signs of actual dementia.

    • Well, gerontologists have said as much about Dithering Donald for almost a year now. The articles from medical professionals are piling up about Donald’s incapacity to make a point — let alone a coherent one.

      The kind thing to do would be to gently retire all people in positions of power at no later than 62, or perhaps 65 IF they can pass rigorous mental exams.

      Someone who’s going to be dead of old age in a few years oughtn’t be allowed to make policy for future generations anyway!

      • Pastor Bob

        Spoken in the likeness of the mentality and attitude of what some would label as a “millenial”. No value or honor given to those with a lifetime of experience and knowledge. Sorry Carrie, that is a pathetic and extremely vicious statement generalizing about those who are age 62 and older. I hope that you may gain wisdom and knowledge as you grow older-along with some graciousness and kindness toward others. Perhaps you may even learn a thing or two.
        By the way-I have a problem with the fact that you post a Scripture verse and then you make such an ungodly statement as this. People who do such things greatly sadden me Carrie.

        • If I’m a Millennial, it’s from the one before this most recent one. But thanks for complimenting my apparent youthfulness.

          There is nothing vicious about stating facts. We as a society can look to the past or look to the future. It is not vicious to look toward the future. In fact, the intelligent argument would be in favor of the worrying about bettering the future rather than about salving the egos of old people. I know this, because I AM an old person. Just not a mind-blowingly selfish one who thinks future generations should be pointlessly beholden to the social norms of generations past.

          As for your problem allowing someone other than your holier-than-thou’s self to post the Word of G-d is your own pathetic and extremely vicious hangup. I’ll side G-d and His Word over a short-sighted Internet yapper’s word any day of the week. Have a problem with it, fine with me. I’m also not barefoot nor pregnant, many have “an issue” with that problem of mine as well, and have threatened to rain down some of G-d’s worst tortures upon me and my family. But you supposedly religious folk never seem to get too riled over that sort of stuff, do you? Nope, because some people only use G-d and His Word for exacting punishment on those whom you feel you have dominion over.

          • Pastor Bob

            Carrie, your second paragraph is 100% incorrect. And God is not G-d! As for women, we’ll I’m not even going to waste my time on such an ignorant assuming statement that you believe I have such a distorted viewpoint about women. I take the word of God very seriously and accurately, it is obvious you are full of false doctrine.
            Also I do not have dominion or power over others, let God be the judge over sinful mankind as I am not God, for I am merely a man who loves Him with all my heart.

          • “I take the word of God very seriously and accurately, it is obvious you are full of false doctrine.”

            No. If you took the Word of G-d even slightly seriously, you would be denouncing the slithering serpent in the White House non-stop; instead you are name-calling at a woman who knows the Bible better than you. I am not full of false doctrine, unless you call the Word itself false doctrine. (It wouldn’t surprise me, considering you think the vile /ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ-Grabber-in-Chief is A-OK in God’s eyes.)

            “not even going to waste my time on such an ignorant assuming statement”

            Well, if you want people to stop believing ignorant things about you, just stop making wildly ignorant statements in a public forum. It’s almost like you think people won’t affiliate you with the opinions you express publicly.

          • Pastor Bob

            1. I never said that I am a Trump supporter. I did other vote for such an ungodly man. I am neither a Republican nor Democrat by the way.
            2. You assume you know the Bible better than me. You have no idea of what my educational background and experience consists of. I am not a prideful man, so as such I don’t care to list my achievements in front of you. I don’t care much about titles either as that is man’s way of measuring “success”, but never mind about that. As far as your statement in which you maintain that you know the Bible better than me-well okay, great. Can I see some fruit? Is it even possible for you to love a Brother or Sister in Christ? I surely do not see any fruit. Sorry. If you are truly my sister in Christ then I will love you as my dear sister in Christ.
            3. I am but a sinner saved by grace. That’s it-just a sinner saved by the grace of God. I am no better than you in God’s eyes. My righteousness is as filthy rags before Him. Remember that each of us is fully capable of ANY kind of sin, that includes you, that includes me. Thus I am not “holier than thou”. It is only by the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ who has brought me out of bondage to sin and given me life eternal with Him. That’s the bottom line Carrie.
            4. I don’t wish anything whatsoever against you or your family. Y’all are precious in the sight of God, and He loves you so. I would hope you would feel that way about my family. I am married, and have many precious grandchildren ranging in ages from 1 to 15. This is some of that fruit of which I am talking about Carrie, that is the love for others-from all walks of life.
            5. The last several presidents were worldly men. Mr. Trump is arrogant and full of selfish and foolish pride. The man owns casinos for goodness sake. You can see “TRUMP” on the face of a large golden building in Las Vegas from miles away. Do you think I am impressed by such a thing as this? Do you think I am in awe of all the gold, glamour and glitz of his many mansions? Think golden calf if you will. His groping at women is disgusting Carrie. But you know, Jesus loves Mr. Trump as he loves you and me,a sinner saved by grace. I am neither better nor worse than Trump, my sin is just as disgusting before God as the sin of any other man or woman. However I am a born again follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, thus my sin has been cleansed by the blood of the Sacrificial Lamb.
            Carrie-have a great day, and may God’s many special blessings fall upon you and your family on this day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.
            Pastor Bob

          • Gay Veteran

            oh my, a liberal posing as a Bible thumper

  • Isaac

    Trump seems to be suffering from dementia too.

    • trump in movie

      He’s in the movie Home Alone 2.

    • Tony Covfefe

      Stfu, u have nothing worthwhile to say. Blocked

      • Isaac

        Your rambling comment makes no sense kind of like McCain.

  • Obama’s Recession

    McCain was considered a coherent, sharp as nails maverick and seeker of truth while he piled on Trump trying to destroy the Trump presidency all these months. As soon as McCain asks embarrassing questions today about the double standard applied to Clinton, who Comey refused to prosecute for real crimes, and President Trump, he is portrayed as senile and incoherent by the mainstream media. His question to Comey was quite clear, except perhaps to biased reporters out to defend Comey, Clinton and the Democrats.

    • iris


  • GPC

    And American politicians are the best, credible and most schooled? What many people are saying these day, fake…..what

  • DJohn1

    I suggest it be two terms of office. The first term we look real close at everything they do before electing them to a second term. But that would mean someone has to do their homework before we re-elect anybody.
    The truth is no one is looking.
    How else would you have turn-coat republicans voting for Planned Parenthood . . .
    Or keeping a new health care bill from going thru.
    Perhaps we should look real close at everything that YOUR representative does in Congress. Same goes for mine.
    The deal currently is money talks, bulls**t walks.

  • I voted for him last year

    • jaxon64

      I am non-committed on marijuana legalization either way, but please, name even one disease that marijuana “cures?’

      • sam

        There’s zillions of web pages showing how it knocks out cancer. Also epilepsy (study finds CBD greatly slashes seizures in severe epilepsy cases), lyme disease, slows plaque buildup in the brain of people with Alzheimer’s, eases migraines (Hawaiian dream strain does this & does not induce brain fog).

        Pharma drugs are MUCH worse than a plant: pharmadeathclock dot com

  • Mike P

    Maybe we shouldn’t have passed the 17th Amendment when term limits were already built in based on the house being able to recall the Senate. Even with two terms in the senate they would still serve 12 years. The house can be changed every two. So if the people wanted new representatives there house member could change the senate every two years. Guess the founders might have actually know what they were doing.,

  • Richard Broberg

    I have been saying for a long time that the N. Vietnamese hit him on the head once too often.

  • AuGuR

    Might just be me, but took McCain’s question as one asking Comey to verify whether or not he was saying that the Clinton’s weren’t worth going after. Everything before the last question was a lead up to just that.

    Yes, I’m amazed myself I’m (kind of) defending McCain. And yes, term limits should be instated either way. Cronyism on all “sides” is more than problematic in DC. Can you say “gridlock” for decades?

  • sam

    So as long as someone is a Christian there doesn’t need to be term limits?

    Tyrants like Obama would have loved for the founders to put that into the Constitution. He could’ve spent the first few years pretending to be Christian while consolidating power then eventually rule like Stalin.

    Everyone needs term limits.

  • Interesting… so Senator McCain rambled and spoke incoherently JUST LIKE OUR PRESIDENT DOES, and he needlessly focused on the mythical wrongdoings of a NON-politician of the opposing party JUST LIKE OUR PRESIDENT DOES DID, and yet Crooked, Saint Jude Children’s Cancer Charity-Robbin’ Donald still gets a free pass, while McCain gets called on it.

    Sad. Not just sad, but pathetic.

    patheos. com/blogs/steelmagnificat/2017/06/eric-trump-offers-excuse-biblical-proportions/

    • Zlatko Milanovic

      It doesn’t matter to these people Carrie, they justify anything, as long as it’s their guy. Logic, truth, facts are all out the window unless it conforms to their twisted world view. Truth is subject to political ideology.

      • Tony Covfefe

        What u know about truth komrade. U r a shill a mindless zombie spewing communist propaganda. U amount to nothing, u r nothing, a faceless leftist, one of millions. Get a job and distinguish yourself

      • Gay Veteran

        interesting comment, especially since Carrie loves to defend Hillary

    • Had Enough

      Please go back to huffpo, blocked

      • reconmtns

        Think I’ll have to do the same thing. Her comments are irrational.

        • Not to rational people, they aren’t.

          If you think Crooked Donald has come off as coherent yet, then you are part of this country’s problem, sockpuppet.

          • reconmtns

            Trump is simply the lesser of 2 evils. The BILDERBERG Hillary was a much worse option for people who don’t want a country headed toward communism.
            Many people do like communism so I can understand why you’re upset she didn’t win. Personally I prefer someone who doesn’t represent big government because I love freedom.

          • What Crooked Donald is is an incoherent buffoon and an international humiliation upon the great nation of ours.

            The lesser of two evils bullplop?? Really?? Still?? No. He was the reason that we ALMOST GOT former Secretary of State Clinton elected as our President. Dithering Donald should never have been allowed to become our nominee. Granted, our other GOP choices weren’t all stellar, but each and every one of them would’ve handily delivered to us a President who got more votes than former Secretary of State Clinton did, and now the Left can [correctly] rub in our faces that Defraudin’ Donald garnered far fewer votes even with all of the $h!t thrown against HRC which substantially lowered the number of votes she was poised to receive.

            “Lesser of two evils” is just lazy, stupid, and flat out wrong. But looking at your moronic second paragraph which is bereft of fact, I guess you’re not capable of better.

          • Gay Veteran

            “…our other GOP choices….”

            liar, you always defend Hillary since you’re a liberal democrat

      • HuffPo? I can’t go back to where I’ve never been.

        When you decide you can be rational and on-topic again, feel free to unblock yourself.

        • Gay Veteran

          you need to go join your fellow liberals at HuffPo

    • Tony Covfefe

      Carrie thx to the 1st amendment u can spout all the leftist drivel u want. But guess what? I’m given the same right, and I’m gonna call u out. U.r.a. Moron.go to Canada.plz, we don’t need worthless flabs of fore skin like u using our resources here. Don’t go away mad, plz just go away. Now!!

      • I am neither a leftist, nor have I ever spouted their drivel. Speaking the truth about Ditherin’ Donald is not drivel. I sure do miss the days when the Right used to appreciate truth and facts.

        I am familiar with the First Amendment. I’m also familiar with the Twenty-Fifth Amendment, specifically Section Four. It will be the only thing that rescues our good country from our Orange $atan.

        I do like how you really lean into Dimbulb Donald’s incoherence with your own choice of a disqus surname. It speaks more to your [lack of] intelligence than all of your posts put together.

        • Gay Veteran

          poor sCarrie, still butt hurt that your precious Hillary lost

    • Gay Veteran

      “…mythical wrongdoings of a NON-politician of the opposing part….”

      if a mere peon like YOU had done with classified info like Hillary did you would be in jail

  • Zlatko Milanovic

    “And our permanent ruling class of politicians has learned that it greatly pays to pander to the special interests and the wealthy donors that are able to inject large amounts of cash into their campaigns.”
    Mitch McConnell has this down to an art form, as do all Republican Senators and Congressmen/women. It’s not just their campaigns, they benefit personally too, lining their pockets and then voting to deny you and your kids health care.

    • jaxon64

      All–not just republicans. Sorry but your team sucks too. I don’t know who is more loathsome–Waters, Mc Connell, Graham, Pelosi, McCain, Reid ( thank goodness he’s gone) equal pigs and overlord mentality. God forgive me, but I absolutely despise the lot of them.
      We don’t have a government of the people–and with the districting and 98% of those with the biggest warchest winning the elections, there will be no change from our sorry state.

    • Gay Veteran

      psssttttt, republicans = democrats

  • Mr.Cipher

    With the tax payer funded cushy lifestyles they lead I’m sure they’ll live well past 100. Like the Clintons they cannot let go of power. Sick people.

  • In May, Americans learned that under its new autocratic administration, the subject of an investigation can fire the investigator. One month later, that fired investigator, former FBI head James Comey, appeared before the hearing to describe an executive branch that operates less like a democratic institution and more like a cross between a Mafia shakedown and a shady audition for The Apprentice.

    Transparency, checks and balances, and due process have been replaced
    by secret dinners, loyalty oaths and casual declarations of obstruction
    of justice.

    Fortunately, James Comey took notes. All hail the lone Hero we need at this moment in our tenuous times.

    • Gay Veteran

      Comey the hack who made sure Hillary escaped justice

      • taqiyya

        You’ve never had any attraction to women?
        I’m a eunuch and still attracted to a few of them, just a ton less/fewer and no attraction to vag & usually zero attraction to bre
        no lib ido
        Actually b4 I started sleeping at 0 volts I often had very little attraction to women but it increased a bit with the grounding pad.

  • reconmtns

    Illegal border crossings have declined well over 70% since Trump took office!

    • Wow, that’s almost as high as his decline in approval ratings among his few remaining pablum-swallowers!

      Oh, wait… border crossings went down under Obama too, gaul-darnit. A cursory review of the actual numbers show that there was a surge of illegals entering the country JUST PRIOR to the election, and as such the number of post-election crossings was going to be lower regardless… even if dopey Jill Stein had won!

      Poor you, still can’t figure out how to unstick your lips from that slimy orange sphincter.

      • reconmtns

        “border crossings went down under Obama”

        Have you taken your meds today?

        • “Have you taken your meds today?”

          Ah yes — the international equivalent of “I have no arguments to support my positions, so I will instead resort to a foolish and false Ad Hominem attack”.

          I gracefully accept your defeat.

          • Gay Veteran

            no, actually that was a good question

      • Gay Veteran

        fixed your sentence: Poor you, still can’t figure out how to unstick your lips from that hillary sphincter.

  • Tatiana Covington


  • Gay Veteran

    do you get paid by the word?

  • I didn’t ask you for your best qualities… this isn’t a job interview.

    • TheRunningMan

      Wow…slow day for you, trolling back to last week. You clearly need to get a life.

      • Your troll comment to me from a few days ago was put into my low priority folder.

        I am cleaning out folders today, and I finally got around to my lowest priority ones. That’s what having a life means, not telling others to *get* a life.

        • TheRunningMan

          Ah, cleaning out folders, important work. So, having a life means attempting to insult others who have simply posted a youtube containing Obama gaffes for the consideration of others. I did not insult you, Obama perhaps, but not you. Carrie, you have a nice and productive weekend.

  • Yet another psychiatrist has come out against Ditherin’ Donald’s so-called Presidency:
    A psychiatrist uses the Army’s field manual to show how Trump is mentally unfit to be president. 16 Jun 2017 at 08:07 ET

    President Donald Trump’s mental fitness for the office of the presidency has been regularly debated among psychiatric professionals, and now one psychiatrist has gone so far as to consult the U.S. Army’s own field manual to show just how unfit Trump is for the job.

    In an editorial for the Los Angeles Times, psychiatrist P. L. Gourguechon reviews the field manual’s descriptions of what it takes to be an effective leader in the army and finds that Trump seems to be sorely lacking in all of the key traits.

    As outlined by Gourguechon, the main traits of successful military leaders are the ability to establish trust, the discipline to control your impulses, the ability to think critically, a capacity for self-awareness and reflection, and the willingness to empathize with other people.

    Touching on self-discipline, Gourguechon notes that the field manual describes an undisciplined leader as someone who reacts “viscerally or angrily when receiving bad news or conflicting information” and “allows personal emotions to drive decisions or guide responses to emotionally charged situations.”

    This certainly seems to apply to Trump, who is often unable to stop himself from rushing to Twitter with angry reactions to bad news, as he did on Thursday this week when he again described independent counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into him as a “witch hunt.”

    Additionally, the field manual says a leader who lacks self-awareness often “unfairly blames subordinates when failures are experienced” and “rejects or lacks interest in feedback.”

    Assorted leaks from White House staffers have revealed that Trump regularly casts blame at subordinates for problems that he himself
    creates, as seen recently in reports that Trump has put Chief of Staff Reince Priebus on notice that he’ll be fired if he can’t stop Trump’s own White House from being dysfunctional and factional — despite the fact that it’s Trump who has encouraged rivalries within the West Wing.

    And finally, the manual explains that a leader who lacks empathy often “shows a lack of concern for others’ emotional distress” and “displays an inability to take another’s perspective.”

    In the past, Trump has regularly mocked opponents for their appearances, most famously when he ridiculed a disabled reporter during the 2016 presidential campaign. Added to this, Trump has never apologized to anyone for childishly saying cruel things about them.

    In summing up her findings, Gourguechon encourages us all to
    carefully read over the Army field manual’s traits of effective leadership and decide for ourselves whether Trump meets any of them.

    “Because of Trump’s Twitter habits and other features of the contemporary media landscape, far more data about his behavior are available to everyone — to citizens, journalists and members of Congress,” she writes. “And we are all free to compare that observable
    behavior to the list of traits deemed critical for leadership by the U.S. Army.”