It’s Official: Michael Snyder Is Running For Congress And He Wants To Turn Over The Tables In Washington D.C.

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On the 241st anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, I publicly announced that I am running for Congress. If you have not seen my speech yet, you can watch it right here. In early 2016, Franklin Graham issued a nationwide call for good men and women to get involved in politics, and that is something that always stuck with me. At the time, I never imagined that I would personally answer that call, but I was hoping that many would heed Graham’s words. Politics is a very dangerous realm, and it takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there, but if we want to have any hope of turning this nation around we have got to get good people into positions of authority.


In early March I was doing research like I normally do on a daily basis when I came across a news story that stopped me in my tracks. The story explained that Raul Labrador had announced that he was not going to run for Congress again in 2018 because he had decided to run for governor instead. Raul Labrador currently represents Idaho’s first congressional district, and that is the district where my wife and I live. As I digested the information in the story, I had a very unusual experience. It was one of those moments where God shows up and points you in a completely new direction.

Up until that time, getting directly involved in politics was not anywhere on my radar. If you had asked me the day before, I would have laughed at the notion that I would soon be running for Congress. But I have always told the Lord that I am willing to do whatever He wants me to do and I am willing to go wherever He wants me to go.

So I don’t know what God’s purposes ultimately are for this campaign, but I definitely want to be responsive to what He is trying to do.

The first person that I talked to about this was my wife. She always tells it like it is, and so I didn’t know how she would respond to such a wild idea.

She was definitely surprised that I was suddenly talking about running for office, but she was also extremely supportive. I also bounced this off of a number of other people that I trust, and they all seemed to think that it was a really good idea too.

In early May I went on the Alex Jones Show and announced that I was “very, very strong considering” running for Congress, and subsequently I shared the same thing on radio shows all over the country. I knew what I intended to do, but I did not want to formally announce anything until the beginning of an FEC quarterly reporting period. This is just good political strategy, and so now that it is early July politicians all over the nation will be announcing that they are officially entering races.

And as I go through this process, I want to share what I am learning with all of my readers. Hopefully my experiences will inspire other good men and women out there to run for office themselves. The election of Donald Trump showed us that all things are possible, and we just need to have the courage to step forward and put ourselves on the line.

When the mainstream media figures out who I am and what I am trying to do, it is likely that I could quickly become one of the most hated candidates in America by the left. I don’t know that anyone has ever declared that they plan “to go to war with Planned Parenthood” if they are elected, and I am quite serious when I say that I want to bring that wicked organization to an end. To me, it is not nearly enough to defund them. They are committing crimes against humanity in their clinics every single day, and it will be a great day in America when the last Planned Parenthood clinic in the entire country finally shuts down for good.

I am also likely to get a lot of flak for wanting to get rid of the IRS, the income tax and the Federal Reserve. Of course these are all ideas that Ron Paul supported too, and the truth is that we could get by just fine without all of them. In fact, during the greatest period of economic growth in U.S. history we didn’t have an income tax or a central bank. Today, seven different U.S. states, including big states like Texas and Florida, do not have an income tax. They get by just fine without one, and we could do the same thing on a national level if we were willing to reduce the size and scope of the federal government to a more appropriate level.

You can find out more about the issues that I am running on here. I am not pouring so much time, effort and energy into this campaign just to be another politician. If I am elected, I plan to go to Washington and start turning over tables. I have been a fighter all my life, and I am going to fight like mad for the values that we all cherish so deeply.

And I certainly don’t want to do this alone. One member of Congress can make a big difference, but 100 members of Congress can start a revolution. I am encouraging good men and women to run for public office all over the country, because that is the way that we are going to take this country back.

If America continues on the path that it is on, there is no future for us as a nation. We have got to get back to the values and the principles that this nation was founded upon, and we have got to have leaders that are willing to fight relentlessly for those values in the face of extreme opposition from the radical left.

If I win, I am going to deliver the same message of warning that I have been sharing for the last seven years on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives. To find out much more about what I plan to do, please visit

If you like the status quo and you want just another career politician, then I’m not your guy. But if you want someone that will be a wrecking ball once he gets to Washington, I hope that you will stand with me.

Back in 1776, the rest of the world thought that our Founding Fathers were crazy to try to stand up to the mighty British Empire.

But they chose to have faith, and because of their faith the United States of America exists today.

Now it is our turn.

I believe that we can defeat the forces that are trying to destroy this country, and I believe that we can restore our Republic if we will just return to the principles and the values of our founders.

Are you with me?

  • paul mullin

    I wish I was American. You’d have my vote in a sec. Heck, I’d even commit voter fraud and stuff the box with rigged ballots. Let’s go Michael!


    I think that you are terribly naive to think that the ‘deep state’ elites will allow you to be elected to anything. Expect to be slandered viciously at the most inappropriate time close to the time to vote, if you even get that far in the process. It takes big money to run for office nowadays. I doubt you will get enough of it to make it to your goal.

    And if you were to get elected, how long would you try to stay in office? You won’t get much done as a first time representative, the pay is pretty good and so are the perks of office. Will you be tempted by them to ‘fit in?’ You’re getting older, you have a family to support, and the economy is horrible and the future doesn’t look very bright for the peoples of the planet. Which path will you follow? The bribes of the position, or the suffering of the noble martyr?

    By the way, what are you going to do about all those babies being born by men and women who don’t want them? Are you going to create a National Orphanage? Who is going to pay for it? Will you punish the women that get pregnant? Will you sterilize the fathers? Will you prohibit birth control products and procedures other than abortion? What if the mother’s life is at stake?

    You’re obviously a good man that wants to do good. I’m just always suspicious of people who get their marching orders from some ‘gaseous vertebrate’ they can’t prove exists and to whom they assign all responsibility for the outcome of their actions and decisions

    But I’m sure you will have an answer for that. You religious types always do.
    So I expect you will pray for me too.

    • Paul Patriot

      Wow???? “…..suspicious of people who get their marching orders from some ‘gaseous vertebrate’ they can’t prove exists…”

      Yes, We will pray for you, for your deceived mind and heart to be opened to the Truth….so you see the foolishness of your “suspicion” of those who get their “marching orders” from the most high God, whom you irreverantly, and disrespectfully referred to as a “gaseous vertebrate”


        Paul Patriot…

        Thanks for your input.

        We’ll see if your prayers have any effect.

        My brother (very religious) and his wife are always praying for me too.

        So far not much has happened.

        I’ve had a good bit of interactions with some local churches last year when I was in between places to live and on limited funds. Got some good referrals and some help from Real Life Ministries in Post Falls, Idaho for a couple weeks until someone responded to my Craigslist ad for a place to park my RV. Got a response immediately from a fellow who was renting to other people down on their luck who I am still renting from. I’m the only one left as code enforcement and nosy neighbors LOVE to interfere and get you evicted so they can increase the already ENORMOUS homeless population which they continue to harass where ever they find a place to rest.

        So far, in the last seven years, I’ve had my life savings ($200K) stolen by my broker (Jon Corzine at MFGlobal), had a ‘friend’ steal my brand new Harley Ultra Glide ($26K), worked for people as a caretaker who didn’t appreciate anything I did for them (at my expense!), and been hounded by local police whenever I parked on a curb or at our local Walmart who threatened to arrest me and impound all my vehicles and charge outrageous storage fees. This in a community where I have lived for 20 years. Had my second Airstream trailer which I used for a workshop and storage burglarized in the storage facility that had ‘security cameras’ but claimed that nothing happened on their property and stole about $15,000 worth of tools and other irreplaceable items. Didn’t have insurance on the trailer and the rental agreement I signed said they were not ‘responsible’ for any negligence or anything else that might happen to my property. The Small Claims judge said the contract rules. So,people who lie about their ‘SECURED’ facility can shirk their responsibilities by putting some small print and a check box on their rental agreement.

        You just have to LOVE what America has devolved into.

        So, is your ‘god’ helping me out due to all the ‘prayers’ you religious types always have handy, but rarely do more to help out other than utter “oh my!, how sad!”, or is it that your ‘god’ is rubbing my nose into the ground to show me just how low I can get in order to get to the point where I have to get on my knees and beg Jesus to come back and fix all the horrible crap that is going on around this world?

        Seems like my survival is all due to my own efforts as everyone else in this life has only screwed me over continually no matter how good, honest and trustworthy I have been.

        I’m sure you will find a quote in the Bible that will show me the right path and the TRUTH.

        Got any workable answers except to ‘pray’ more?

        • Paul Patriot

          Wow! I am truly sorry these things happened to you, but no offense, you sound kind of whiney, and angry that these things happened to you, again blaming God for it, not seeing that human nature sucks, and combined with mans free will bad things can happen.

          Sounds like you are clearly angry at God and blaming him for all the unfortunate things that have happened, due to possible lack of wisdom and discernment on your part, and sinful human beings doing what comes naturally to them with their rebellious nature to deceive.

          Often, God will allow us to new broken so that we will seek him and acknowledge our need for him…..when all is “good” people don’t think they have a need for God, and will remain in selfishness and humanism.

          Still praying for your eyes to be opened, to see the true state of a fallen world and the need for mankind to get right with God, thus, being born again, and changing behavior and how we treat one another.

    • “Expect to be slandered viciously at the most inappropriate time close to the time to vote”

      A.) Oh, like they did to HRC? And frankly 90% of all other pols who ever ran?

      B.) He has already made the mistake of publicly saying he supported Dithering Donald for President, so his chances have plummeted from that alone. Remember too that if you want to run for Republican office, the time to do so is when there’s a Lefty in the White House. The bizarr-o, schizophrenic manner in which our voters elect people always pairs a sitting President with Congress members of the opposing party.

  • biophoton

    The lobbyists need to be banned from DC because they are always bribing elected representatives. So in reality the elected representatives represent the interests of corporations who want to screw us over.

    • biophoton

      More specifically I meant Senate bill 1241.
      I really hope that doesn’t pass or we’re screwed.

  • Isaac

    I’ve been following your blogs for almost 7 years now. Thanks for the articles on the economy – they are insightful.

    I hope you will address the issue of making things in America again and the massive trade imbalance with China.

    China is taking advantage of U.S. as you’ve pointed out.

    There should be more things being made in U.S. That’s how it was in the 1940s-1980s and America prospered.

    It’ll hurt in the short run, but Americans need to stop buying so many things made in China and other 3rd world countries that exploit slave labor and seek to undermine the U.S.

    However, global free trade is not free and has not been fair. America needs to be making things again.

    Best of luck in your endeavor.

  • iris

    Michael, it sounds from what you’ve said, that the Lord has directed you to do this. If that’s the case, and you know that you know it, please go for it! Just be aware, that it may not result in getting elected. I would have voted for Ben Carson, and think he would have made a good president, but he pulled out of the race not long after Cruz pulled a fast one on his supporters in Iowa. He also, believed that God called him to run, and I believe He did. Carson’s obedience gave a lot of Americans hope for a more civilized union, because of his character, and his platform was truly inspiring for many Christians. The goal was achieved, imo, even though he didn’t make it. God bless.

  • Choosing this important day to self-aggrandize is precisely the slimy move one expects from sleazy politicians.

    You’ll fit in PERFECTLY with the other swamp-folk Putin’s Puppet has chosen for our government.

    • woodstock

      So Putin has chosen OTHER members of the US government besides Trump?
      That much control by a man overseas with his own country to worry about must be quite a difficult achievement indeed!

      • Oh? Has Putin chosen additional Micturian Candidates beyond Crooked Donald? I hadn’t heard or read any such thing.

        Sounds dubious to me, but then again you relish your own gullibility in half the crizzap you claim to believe.

        • Mike Lashewitz

          MANCHURIAN candidate. Do you even know what means?

  • libertybelle824

    Wow you struck a chord Michael. It seems the anti-christ trolls are out enforce! Good luck, I will pray for you and your campaign! You should let everyone know how to contribute so you don’t have to rely on establishment funding through RNC. Still don’t trust them! Glad to see a real reporter who knows “The Truth” get involved in Government to help Drain the Swamp!

    • And how, pray tell little sockpuppet, would this Crooked Donald supporter be allowed to Drain The Swamp™ while Crooked, Swamp-fillin’ Donald is in the White House?

  • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

    I have never been very good at asking for help. My father was an officer in the U.S. Navy, and he raised me to be very strong and very independent. So for my entire life, I have been a “pull myself up by my own bootstraps” kind of guy. From a very early age I came to think of asking others for help as a sign of weakness. Of course today I know that is not true, but there is still part of me that hesitates to enlist the support of others even when I really, really need it.

    But now I have been put into a position where I have no choice but to ask others for help. As many of you already know, I am running for Congress, and there is no way in the world that I could ever do that by myself.

    So this is very humbling for me, because I know that if this is not a team effort that I am 100% assured of failing.

    The good news is that a number of my readers have already stepped up to help, and I am so thankful for that. And if you would like to financially support my campaign for Congress, you can do so right here…

    Thankfully, I don’t have to raise enormous amounts of money to be successful. In some areas of the country, candidates for the House of Representatives raise millions of dollars, but in this district candidates for Congress usually only raise a small fraction of that.

    And there is going to be no incumbent in this district in 2018,
    because the individual that is currently holding this seat is running for governor instead. So the race is wide open, and none of my potential opponents is independently wealthy.

    So to win this race, I just need to raise enough money to be on the same playing field as the others. Because we have already been sharing my message with groups of voters, and after hearing my message many voters that were undecided or that were already committed to another candidate are coming over to my side.

    I am going to have the strongest message in this race, and I just need to get it in front of everyone in this district.

    Once again, this is not actually going to take very much. In fact, if every one of my readers were to donate 10 dollars today, I could be done funding my entire campaign by tomorrow…

    Over the past seven years, I have published well over 2000 feature articles, and those of you that have been following my work for an extended period of time know my heart. If you believe in me and what I am doing, then I am asking for your support. I am asking those that want to see me in Congress to show that you are standing with me by donating at least 10 dollars to the campaign.

    Perhaps later you will want to donate more, but right now we are just at the very beginning and we are trying to get things off the ground. This is such a critical stage, and we have got to raise some funds in order to do the basic things that every campaign needs to do.

    And of course 10 dollars is not a lot. Many of you will spend more than that on coffee this week. If you have been blessed by me and by my work all these years, would you consider being a blessing to me by helping in this way?

    I want to take the same message that I have been proclaiming in my books, on my websites, and on radio and television all over America to the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives. I wouldn’t be going there to “join the club” or to be just another spineless politician.

    Rather, if I win this election I plan to turn over the tables in
    Washington D.C. and I plan to be a wrecking ball to the spirit of
    political correctness.

    So many of us (including me) have complained that we never have anyone good to vote for, and so I am trying to do my part by putting myself way out on a limb. It is kind of scary out here, but I have faith that those that enjoy my work all over the nation will rally behind me.

    In every generation, Americans have had to sacrifice to defend
    liberty and freedom. Thankfully we don’t have to do that will guns and bullets today, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t sacrifices to be made.

    Over the next 10 months, I will be spending hundreds upon hundreds of hours on this campaign. I believe that the most pivotal time in modern American history is ahead of us, and we are going to need leadership in Washington that is going to fight for our values.

    If you would like to read more about where I stand on the issues, you can do so right here…

    But of course most of you all already know my heart. I have put everything that I have into my articles for the past seven years, and those of you that have followed me for a long time already know that I am a fighter.

    But if I try to fight this battle alone, I will lose.

    The only way that I am going to win is if you help me.

    Like I said, I am not accustomed to asking for help like this, so all that I can do is open up my heart and be completely honest.

    I need your help.

    If you would like to donate to the campaign, just follow this link…

    You can donate by credit card, Paypal or by check if you prefer. We are going to stretch every single dollar as far as it can possibly go, and we are going to fight for every possible vote.

    If you have any questions about any of this, please feel free to reach out to me at

    Our founders had faith that they could stand up to the mighty British empire, and because of that faith the United States of America exists today.

    Now it is our turn to believe that we can make a difference. If you would be willing to let me know that you stand with me by donating at least 10 dollars to the campaign, that would mean the world to me.

    It is during our times of greatest need that we find out who our real friends are, and I am looking for a few good friends to help me now.

    Thank you for following my work on a regular basis, and for more information about how you can get involved in this campaign, please check out my official campaign websites…

    Michael Snyder For Congress:

    Michael Snyder For Idaho: