Isn’t It About Time That The United States Got The Heck Out Of The Middle East?

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In Afghanistan right now, a one-legged Afghan Red Cross worker named Said Musa is sitting in a prison cell awaiting his sentence.  Musa, a father of six children, was arrested by the Afghan government as he attempted to seek asylum at the German embassy last year.  He was sentenced to death by an Afghan court that was established by the new Afghan government that the United States worked so hard to set up.  He has been horribly mistreated for months.  An Afghan judge has told him that he will be killed within a matter of days.  So what was his crime?  He was a Muslim that has become a Christian.  Under Sharia law, that is punishable by death.  Is this is the “freedom” that we have sacrificed so many American lives to bring to Afghanistan?  This Christian father of six will be hung by the Afghan “democracy” that the United States has been “nurturing” and that U.S. soldiers have been working so hard to defend.


If this is the “liberty” that the United States is “exporting” to the Middle East, then why in the world are we still over there?

Isn’t it about time that the United States got the heck out of the Middle East?

Barack Obama and the rest of the U.S. government have been strangely silent about the fate of Said Musa.  At this point it does not appear that the U.S. government is going to do anything to intervene.

What a disgrace.  We have been in Afghanistan for about 9 and a half years.  Up to this point, it is estimated that the U.S. government has spent over 379 billion dollars on the war in Afghanistan.  Way too many U.S. soldiers have bled and died on Afghan soil.

And for what?

But it is the same thing in Iraq.  Up to this point, it is estimated the the U.S. government has spent over 775 billion dollars on the war in Iraq.  A lot of Americans lost arms and legs in Iraq.  A lot of Americans will never be coming home from Iraq at all.

And for what?

Before the war Christians felt safe in Iraq.  Now large numbers of them are fleeing Iraq as fast as they can.  More than 80 Iraqi Christians were recently beheaded on a single day.  All the Christians were trying to do was attend a church service.

These days all Christians in Iraq attend services knowing that there is a good chance that they may not live to see tomorrow.

Exactly what have we “accomplished” in Iraq?

Is Iraq any safer than before the U.S. invasion?


Is Iraq producing fewer “terrorists” than before the U.S. invasion?


Today there are more Iraqis that would like to harm the United States than ever before.

But we sure have spent a lot of money.

Since 2001, the total cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan breaks down to well over $3,600 for every man, woman and child in the United States.

We have spent well over a trillion dollars that we didn’t have on these stupid wars that have accomplished next to nothing.

Not only that, but we also spend hundreds of billions of dollars each year on “foreign aid” to corrupt governments in the Middle East.

Why in the world would we do such a thing?

As I have written about previously, we don’t exactly have any extra money to be throwing around.

So why are we giving these corrupt governments all this money?

Is it so that they will do what we want?

Well, it is not exactly working.

If it was working, the U.S. government would not be working so hard to bring about “regime change” in so many of these countries.

In fact, the U.S. government and the globalists have been quite busy in the Middle East so far this year.

The previous method used by the U.S. government and the globalists to initiate regime change, direct invasion, turned out not to work too well.

It turns out that the countries we invade end up resenting us deeply and that makes them hard to control.

So now the U.S. government and the globalists have decided that “color revolutions” are a lot better way to go.  It costs a lot less money, and foreign blood gets spilled instead of the blood of American soldiers.

Is it any accident that so many very organized protest movements have erupted in so many countries across the Middle East all at the same time?  is it any accident that so many of these protest groups seem to have similar talking points?

Once these protests are successful, the globalist organizations in the United States that worked so hard to fuel these protests swoop in to make sure a “new constitution” gets written and that their man gets put in charge of things.

In a recent Activist Post article, it was noted that this is exactly what is happening in Egypt.  The mainstream media is attempting to position globalist minion Mohamed ElBaradei as the next president of Egypt….

MSNBC recently republished a New York Times piece titled “U.S. scrambles to size up ElBaradei,” suggesting somehow Egypt’s Mohamed ElBaradei may pose an obstacle to American and Israeli interests in the region. The utter contempt for their readers’ intelligence is revealed when considering ElBaradei is a trustee of a prominent US think-tank, the International Crisis Group (ICG) along side George Soros, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Richard Armitage, and Kenneth Aldelman.

The Activist Post article also noted that organizations affiliated with globalist “color revolution” meddler George Soros have already been busy drawing up a new constitution for Egypt….

Though many pundits see the Egyptian military’s dissolving of parliament and the suspension of the nation’s constitution as a step backwards for the protesters, it was exactly these steps that were demanded by ElBaradei’s mobs according to the Nation Endowment for Democracy (NED) funded Project on Middle East Democracy. The fact that George Soros, a fellow ICG trustee along side protest leader Mohamed ElBaradei, is funding organizations that have submitted drafts for Egypt’s new constitution adds insult to injury to the evisceration of Egypt’s national sovereignty.

So is this the new paradigm that the globalists will be using?

Are we going to see even more “color revolutions” in countries that aren’t doing exactly what the globalists want them to do?


So why are we seeing these protests erupt in North Africa?

What is it about those nations that got under the skin of the globalists?

Well, it turns out that “Islamic banks” don’t charge interest and they have been experiencing explosive growth.

The globalists don’t like this one bit.

The son-in-law of deposed Tunisian President Ben Ali opened the very first Islamic bank in Tunisia on May 26th, 2010.  Zitouna Bank was seen as a direct threat to the Central Bank of Tunisia.

So what happened almost immediately after the “revolution” in Tunisia?

The Central Bank of Tunisia (owned by the globalists) took control of Zitouna Bank.


So what about Egypt?

Well, Egypt is considered to be a pioneer when it comes to Islamic banking.

Some of the most prominent Islamic banks in Egypt include Faisal Islamic Bank, Al Baraka Egypt (Al Ahram Bank) and Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank.

It would seem likely that we will witness some more “banking reform” in the aftermath of the protests in Egypt.

Encouraged by recent success in Tunisia and Egypt, the globalists are pushing for more.  As you read this, the government of Libya is on the verge of falling.  Bahrain, Yemen and Algeria are also embroiled in violence.

The globalists are even attempting to revive the “Green revolution” protests in Iran and they are attempting to spark a “Jasmine revolution” in China.

But eventually the rest of the world is going to figure out what the U.S. government and the globalists are working so hard to accomplish and they are going to deeply resent all of the meddling.

The truth is that the U.S. government needs to stop listening to the globalists once and for all.  We should not have ever invaded Afghanistan.  We should not have ever invaded Iraq.  We should not be working with globalist organizations to fuel revolutionary protests in other countries right now.

In the end, all of the meddling that we have done over in the Middle East will probably end up backfiring on us big time.  You see, the truth is that “forgiveness” is not a big thing in many of the countries over there.  In the U.S. grudges may last for months or years, but in the Middle East grudges can last for centuries.

We are literally making millions upon millions of enemies that will never, ever forgive us.

We have spilled a massive amount of American blood and we have spent over a trillion dollars on wars over there.

So where is all the “freedom” and “liberty” that we were supposed to be “exporting” to those people?

The more we meddle the more we just seem to make things worse.

The truth is that the U.S. government has no idea what it is doing in the Middle East.

This is not a “conservative issue” or a “liberal issue”.

A government that we set up and that we are protecting with our soldiers is going to hang a man for changing religions.

Is there any “conservative” or any “liberal” out there that is going to stand up and defend such an atrocity?

If not, then perhaps we can all agree that it is time to get the heck out of Afghanistan.  If they are going to hang people for what they believe then we should not be any part of it.

Am I wrong?

  • Colin

    No.Unfortunately, the American government has a long history of supporting dictators and suppressing pro-democratic leaders. Here is an example that resonates to this day:

    Though I am skeptical of your theory, I do believe that there is more to this story than what is being reported in the news.

    As for Afghanistan, I am afraid that we will be in that country for some time. This is why we will be in there for some time:

  • PatriotRider

    Get the hell out….and leave them to their own devices. Protect OUR borders and forget about everybody elses problems, we have too many of our own issues to be dealt with, without having to deal with other countries problems and sticking our nose where it does not belong.

  • Mark

    All of a sudden the story that the Egyptian Foreign Minister told in early Jan. of 2010 in which Obama swore to him that Obama was a Muslim makes sense.

  • Jack Nichols

    I am ashamed to be American

  • TK

    Wow, this is just horrible. I do not even know where to begin.

    #1 I will have to agree that it is high time we stopped being the world’s police.

    #2 I am utterly shocked that no one is going to rescue this poor Christian from the hands of the WICKED and EVIL MUSLIM government. Absolutely shocked!

    #3 I had no idea that Christians are getting killed in Iraq. That is just horrible. What is going on? How did we allow TWO ANTI-Christian country’s to come into existence?

    I am absolutely stunned. Our government and military helped produce 2 Christian hating country’s. I am at a loss for words.

    I will seek God’s face and pray that He will give this Christan man and his family strength.

    It would be good if we all prayed for the persecuted Christians. God only knows how many of us would hold onto our Christian name if they were killing us like animals.

  • Concerned Reader

    Is it time to get out of the Middle East? This is a definite yes. However, why stop with that region? Why get the heck out of Asia, Europe and even latin America. We have spent nearly fifty years guarding the borders of such countries as Korea and Japan. Would these nations ever commit their own troops to help us gaurd our southern border? Most likely no and that is why we should step down from being the world’s policemen because we defend these nations from evil empires and at the same time are called imperialists.

    One of the main reasons for why Europe is so socialized is because American pay for their defense. We have been in Germany for the last fifty years and they barely want to help out with NATO in Afghanistan. The same is with such countries as France. We saved their ass from the Nazis and yet they call us the imperialists.

  • dfasdf

    The writers on this website are such ignorant simpletons.

  • It looks to me like we’re rapidly on our way to the future of Tom Kratman’s Caliphate. The biggest question is when and what the triggering event will be which turns the American Republic into an Empire, and how ugly the witch-hunt for closet Muslims and tranzis will be. If we’re lucky, it’ll be something comparable to the Red Scares. If we’re not, think in terms of the Great Terror in the late and unlamented USSR.

  • We invaded Iraq the first time because Bush Senior was inspired by God and Halliburton.

    We invaded Afghanistan to get Bin Laden and “fight terrorists over there so we would not have to fight them over here”.

    We invaded Iraq the second time because Bush Junior was inspired by Daddy and Halliburton.

    Our victory in Iraq is screwing up the balance of power between the Shia and Sunni Muslims. We had fewer problems when Iraq and Iran were wasting all their resources attacking each other. The Shia Muslims are now confident that they can take over the entire Middle East.

    Most oil from Iraq will be going to Communist China.

    We remain in Afghanistan the help Communist China exploit the mineral resources in that region. The highest priority of Washington is “doing what is best for the Chinese people”.

    Christians and Muslims will both be excluded from the New World Order. Globalists are just doing whatever they can to reduce and eliminate this part of the world’s population.

  • Mark McBee

    If Americans want cheap oil then they have to exchange it for blood. Take your pick.

  • Gabe

    There has to be a better way to do good in this world than to invade a country. What happened to diplomacy, I guess it got lost somewhere in the Bush.

    We help Americans find jobs and prosperity in Asia. Visit for details

  • john w

    Well, yes we should get out of Afghanistan – but you know the saying – you break it, you buy it. The Reagan administration more or less created the Taliban and armed them, hoping to undermine the Soviets. (Gee, what a surprise that radical Islamists turned out not to be the best types of people to encourage and arm.) When the Taliban turned out to be a horrible mistake, Clinton and the second Bush decided it would be a good idea to arm and encourage tribal leaders and disgruntled thugs to fight the Taliban, which (surprise, surprise) led to about as much stability as creating the Taliban had.

    So what do we do now. Yes, we want to get out, but there are millions of Afghanis who are no happier than we are with the Islamic fundamenlists that the US foisted on them. After we have completely *#$!ed their country, do we pull out and say “Oh sorry, we didn’t realize we were going to make such a mess. This is too expensive for us. You are on your own. Hope the fundamentalists we armed and encouraged don’t kill you all. Bye bye.”

    Well, maybe we do. Maybe there is nothing else to do now. But……When have Americans ever given a flying *@$! for anyone or anything but themselves and their own comfort. I feel sorry for the American middle and working class, but what can I say? The selfishness they have supported around the world (by reelecting politicians who believe they world is their little plaything) to maintain their lifestyles has come back to bite them in the you know what.

    What goes around, comes around.

  • Bifurcatio

    ‘The Abrahamic Trilemma’ (Jew, Christian, Muslim). Will it never dissolve? And the ridiculously myopic part of it is that in the 3 million year history of the human race (if you believe the scientific data that ‘Lucy’ was the DNA mother of us all), the last 10 thousand years, ‘The Abrahamic Period’, equals only 1 inch on a 27 foot scale. Bumper sticker: ‘Envision Post-Abrahamanism!’

  • mondobeyondo

    And WHY did we invade Afghanistan in the first place?

    Oh yes. September 11, 2001.

    Without having to go into great depth as to whether 9/11 was an inside job or not (whew!) – that date remains a focal point as to why we are still fighting “terrorists” in that desert land.

    The U.S. has satellites that can read a license plate on a vehicle from 120 miles high. Do you think that if we really wanted to, we could have found Osama bin Laden by now?

    Just saying…..

  • mondobeyondo

    The original Persian Gulf War (Jan-Feb. 1991) was mainly about oil. OIL. Oh-Aye-Elle.

    America needed oil. So-Damn-Insane said, “I’m invading Kuwait, and taking it over”. So we sent the troops, ships, army, etc. and took it back from So-Damn.

    But we needed even more oil. So we made up an excuse about Iraq having “weapons of mass destruction”, under the smoke screen of “Iraq has terrorists, they were responsible for 9/11. They are evil, they gassed the Kurdish minority in the north with chemical weapons…”, etc. So the U.S. took their case to the United Nations. Just one big error though…oops, the alledged 9/11 hijackers were SAUDIS, not Iraqis. They were never in Iraq! Ow, that big toe really hurt on that stumble!

    Saddam even admitted he did have WMD’s used to massacre the Kurdish minority, but he had long ago destroyed the WMD’s. The U.S. didn’t believe it. We took the case to the United Nations. The U.N. said, “Yep, So-Damn has chemical weapons. America, you have our permission to take him out.”

    So off we went, in early 2003, to “liberate” Iraq and to bring their people “democracy”. Hee hee!

    And we are STILL there Obama says our troops will be gone in July, or something like that. Yeah, uh-huh. Maybe U.S. forces will be gone by April 26, 2015, or by October 3, 2019. Got my fingers crossed!!

    And why are we there anyway? Fighting for what? Freedom for the Iraqi people?? Hell no. We’re there to keep the price of oil under $100/barrel. Just my opinion though. (Good luck trying – Iran and Libya just threw a big wrench in that plan!) To hell with the Iraqi people and their “freedom” – America’s SUV’s and Range Rovers are thirsty.

  • Nexus

    The US has never been the world’s ‘policeman’ as suggested by one commentator. The US acts in its own interests like any other nation. US policy has had massively negative impacts on the World’s people’s that goes back a long time. For example the Munroe Doctrine in the early 19th Century established the Americas (South America) as a US sphere of influence and the US then threatened military action against European nations – the result was the collapse of South American economies as European nations withdrew investments. Economic modelling suggests that the South American economies would have grown very strongly along with standards of living if the Europeans have continued to invest.

    The US has been involved in almost all of the wars since WW2 either directly via the killing of millions of people in Indo-China, or through proxy wars carried out by mercenaries armed and trained by the CIA in South America. The recent and stupid wars in the Middle East and ‘support’ for Israel represents a continuation of this tradition of interference that is disguised under the cloak of ‘democracy’,’freedom’, etc. The pot calling the kettle black.

    The US has removed democratically elected governments if those governments sought to bring equality to their people and operate contrary to US Finance Capital – it is coincidental that the Middle East is the centre for Islamic banking which is at odds with the perverted banking system we have in the West. In terms of countries Chile is one example of a US precipitated overthrow of a DEMOCRATICALLY elected leader followed by the imposition of the ‘economics of empire’ (Monetarism) that quickly turned Chile into an economic basket case. America only likes ‘democracy’ where it coincides with US Finance Capital interests in terms of selling public assets, winding back social programs, etc – this would be hardly ever.

    Perversely, Americans themselves have brought into ‘exceptionalisam’ and believe that they are the freest people in the World – the harsh truth is that the political system in the US is hardly representative of that freedom and nor does it represent the will of the people in its actions. The system has been hijacked by narrow and very powerful elites that lobby and pay for policy that suits their purpose. This can been seen through the influence of the US Transnationals, the Bankers or Wall Street via the private Federal Reserve and the collusion of the political body. In reality the US acts on the world stage through the prism of these elites and not with the approval of its people.

    The US may have built up a ‘bank’ of respect for following WW2 but this bank of goodwill is rapidly being depleted and lifting the skirts of the US establishment reveals an empire in decline. No different to any other empire that existed in history – the Romans came and went, so did the British and there were others.

  • Concerned Reader

    All of the upheaval currently going on in the Middle East is just the begining. Keep in mind that these revolutions are being fueled mainly due to the large amount of unemployed youth in that region. Also, the oil revenues of many Middle Eastern petroleum producers is drying up as well. This means even fewer opprotunities for the youth. To add insult insult to injury, the Middle East’s population is expected to double within the next twenty years and the amount of water is drying up too. All of these issue will increase the amount of conflict and migration projected from that part of the world.

  • Keryx

    In the beginning of our now infamous “islamic wars”, US were at service to the world economy (and admittedly, hence our own) due to the probable instability of the WORLD’S oil supply. We saw that the burgeoning far east economies led by China, would not take kindly to the economic realities mandated by the lack of oil and would quickly move to annex massive Siberian reserves in Russia. Could world war be far away?
    Nor would north Americans (yeah, you too, you Canadian finger pointers) take kindly- nor in fact Japan, Europe or anyone who sells us masses of automobiles- enjoy the effect of a paucity of hydrocarbon fuel on the world economy. Not even the Berber or any number of rural tribespeople worldwide, most of whom cook and purify water supplies with kerosene. Those least involved would, sadly, be hurt most.
    So, enough excuses already, that which we sought desperately to prevent is now upon us. And yes, now even I agree that we MUST GTFO of everywhere. The pile-o-cash is now one that has been printed. We can no longer afford to police the world and not exact so much as a square inch of land for our trouble.
    But, at the very least, please do not do us the disservice of accusation. In our naivete we had no idea that BANKSTERS would end up in charge of even the potus (hey, nice move Soros, you bastard).
    Now that it is so please know that there is no more compationate heart than that of the American people. Nor, I would caution, one more vindictive. Please take that into consideration up there in Canada you ungrateful bastards. We’ve given you technology and had your back for 6 decades. Now it makes you sleep better to have someone to point your finger at? You cant handle the truth “john w”

  • Concerned Reader

    If you want to know what Europe’s future will be in regards to Islam then all you have to do is look to its past. Since the crusades in the 1100s Christian Europe has been at war with Islam. Fast forward to modern times and the nations of Europe have swallowed a very nasty scorpion by importing massive amounts of radical Muslims into their countries. In my crystal ball I see massive religouse ward engulfing the major cities of western Europe by the mid point of this century. Cities such as Paris, France; London, England; Amsterdam, Holland; Berlin, Germany and Brussels, Belgium will look like Yugoslavia in the early 1990s.

    The more I read about Europe’s Muslim debacle the more I have to ask what has happened to our European brothers? There was a time when each nation in Europe such as England and Germany were power houses of the world. They ruled over countless colonies around the globe and subjegated millions to their whim. Now after two world wars and fifty years of liberalism and political correctness have essentially castrated the former European powers. Unless they regain a backbone then they may very well be conquered by Islam, not by guns, bombs, or swords, but by the birth canal.

    From what I have read and heared, most European nations have fallen below replacement level fertility while their Muslim cohorts have a much larger birth rate. Nature proves that when one species ceases to repopulate itself while a more reproductive species propogates itself then the weaker species will inevitably die off and the stronger one will take over. Will the countless millenia worth of European history be brought down via birth rates?

    If these birth rate disparities are true then Europe may have less than a few decades to take back their homelands. This is why I forsee the rise of a twenty-first version of Hitler who will gain enough power to expell the non-European from the continent. However, this time the strong man will not have to brain wash the masses because the threat of multi-culturalism will be so grave to the people of Europe that they will willingly follow his commands. Of course I am not a supporter of Hitlerism, but I do see another strong man rising to power to save Europe, if we are lucky.

  • Keryx

    So, then is it your hope for a “benevolent” dictator to assume control of Europe?
    As appealing as it may sound on some level, it is asking for disaster. As long as the axiom “..absolute power corrupts absolutely” holds true for humankind (does anyone see it changing?) dictators are a bad idea, unless and until he or she agrees to give up their life at the will of a plebiscite. We havent seen one of those yet.
    Otherwise it will never go well.

  • Guido

    It’s not America’s job to interfere with other nations. Look it up-our nation was more or less intended to be traders, not global enforcers. We should be in the Middle East as salesmen, nothing more.

    We should be selling Iranians and Iraqis weapons to kill each other, oilfield equipment to Saudis, and hydroelectric equipment to the Egyptians.

    What we shouldn’t be doing is meddling in other peoples’ governments. They’ll never forgive us or accept what we “give” them. They have to earn their goverment. You can’t give it to them.

    Look at Germany after WWI. We “gave,” read imposed, a more democratic order on them than our own and it led to the Nazis a few years later. Egypt is no different. They’ll end up with the gov’t. they’re prepared to have, no more, but possibly much less. You can only have a gov’t. system you’re ready for.

    Try to impose democracy on folks who have only known kings, tribes, religion, and corrupt dictators, i.e. Iraq, and watch how their people adapt it to Tribal politics, religion, and corruption.

    I think this whole sitation is very interesting. We’re learning Google is partly behind these revolts. We’re learning the Egyptian sr. defense leaders were all in DC when the revolt started. We’re learning Soros’ handpicked guy, Baradei, who has been out of the country for decades, was being pushed as the new choice. We also learn the WhiteHouse knew about this revolt months in advance and that it has been planned for 2 years or so.

    There’s some real sketchy stuff going on here and it will, no doubt, blow up in our faces like most of our daring foreign policy does. (When you look at US foreign policy, it seems like we’re pretty ham-handed most of the time. We could learn a lot from the French and the Brits.)

  • Guido

    Mondo-what are you talking about? If oil was the justification for Iraq, as sooo many claimed, why didn’t we take the oil? US firms had to submit bids to pump any of it after we liberated it. It isn’t going to us, that’s for sure. The Chinese are in iraq buying up everything they can. And the oil they are pumping has never reached pre-war levels. If we just wanted the oil, we could have saved a ton of cash and lives and ignored Iraq’s backwards, crazy people and their nasty little leader. We could have had KBR out there in a few days, fixed the wells, and pumped it all for ourselves. That didn’t happen.

    The way things are these days, I wish we had taken their oil. I wish we never shared with the Saudis, either, back in the 1950s. I wish the US had given them 24 dollars in beads and other trinkets and kept that strange black stuff under the sand for ourselves. We would probably be in a better place today if we had.

  • Guido

    The news is saying Saudi Arabia may be about to get its own protests. I don’t know if anyone knows this, but they’re sitting on an upset population, widespread unemployment, and an Iranian-backed Shiite minority in the oilfields is demanding freedom and self-rule. Protests could lead to something much worse.

    There’s also the issue of Saudi Arabia’s DoomsDay plan to blow up the oil infrastructure if anyone attacks them. They have placed explosive devices throughout key parts of their oil pumping, refining, and pipeline infrastructure. They’ve even put radioactive material in some of their explosives with the intent of denying their riches to invaders over the long term. Things could get very, very nasty.

    Interestingly, the Saudis use a banned and now out of production Czech Semtex that is designed to be odorless and hard to detect. This explosive was intended to scare possible invaders away, but their stock of it is limited, dated, and will soon decay to a useless state in the next few years.

  • Frieda

    “The truth is that the U.S. government has no idea what it is doing in the Middle East”.

    The US is in the Middle East(Libya will be next), to establish not only global hegemony for a dying empire, but also to prop up this joke of an economy. Think about the billions in taxpayer monies that go out to thug contractors like Xe/Blackwater, oil companies like Chevron,etc. These US “outsourced” workers send their remittances back to the US to support the failing economy (after they spend the requisite amount on hookers and dinners at Appleby’s during their weekend visits to Bahrain or Dubai.

    If the wars were to end tomorrow and the government contractor thugs came back we would see the real unemployment numbers and probably more violent crime.

  • Terry

    USA will leave these countries just like the Soviets did…broke and barely able to afford to repatriate the soldiers. We will have accomplished nothing. When will USA realize that “nation building” is a fool’s errand?

  • Virginia

    Before the US invaded the Middle East, they were prosperous and doing well even under their so-called “evil regimes.” We have created a hell for those poor people. What right have we to go and tell them how to do their business, run their government and where to pray or to whom? We are no better than they are and have no right in their countries. They are proud people and humble people and would rather die than be like us.

  • JohnFromIreland

    Said Musa was released from prison, US are not the world police THEY ARE THE WORLD TERRORISTS.

  • Pazuzu

    Sunnis and Shia have been fighting a sectarian war for 1400 years. Whose side should we chose to do proxy warfare for? This is a no-brainer…NEITHER. They want to run us around in circles so as to deplete us monetarily and hobble our army and divide our house. Then they’ll invade us. This is known as the death of a thousand cuts. It has worked well for them for centuries