Is Vladimir Putin Dead?

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Vladimir PutinRussian President Vladimir Putin has not been seen in public since March 5th, and the Internet is abuzz with rumors that he is either seriously ill or dead.  So could it be possible that there is anything to these rumors?  At this point, Russian officials insist that Putin is just fine and that he isn’t even ill.  But a trip that Putin was supposed to make to meet with the presidents of Kazakhstan and Belarus was abruptly canceled.  A speech that Putin was supposed to make to his old friends at the Federal Security Service was also suspiciously canceled.  So what in the world is going on here?  Of course Putin could put an immediate end to all of these rumors by appearing in public, but he has chosen not to do that so far.  But why wouldn’t he?  Is more going on inside Russia than meets the eye?


These rumors about Putin have been circulating in Russian media for a few days, but on Thursday they started exploding all over the Internet.  The following is from Debka

DEBKAfile reports that Russian websites Thursday morning began running unconfirmed reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin had suddenly died. This has not been confirmed by any official in Moscow. But a short announcement of Putin’s death was seen briefly on Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev’s website early Thursday, only to be removed after 20 minutes.

Why would an announcement of Putin’s death show up on Dmitry Medvedev’s website?

That seems rather odd.

And another thing that raised eyebrows was when Putin’s planned visit to Kazakhstan was suddenly canceled

Vladimir Putin has postponed a visit to Kazakhstan, officials from both countries said on Wednesday, though the Kremlin dismissed another report that plans had changed because the Russian president was unwell.

Dauren Abayev, adviser and spokesman for Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev, announced the delay of the meeting between the two allies, originally scheduled for this week, without giving a reason or a new date.

Another Kazakh government source, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Reuters: “It looks like he (Putin) has fallen ill.”

Of course the Kremlin is completely denying that there is anything wrong.

Here is more from Debka

The Kremlin Thursday dismissed rumors that President Vladimir Putin was ill after he canceled a trip to Kazakhstan. The rumors flying through the Russian Internet claimed in fact that the 62-year old Russian leader had suddenly died. Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, asked by Reuters if the president, who had not been seen on live TV since March 5, was in good health, replied “yes”. “He has meetings all the time,” he said by telephone. “He has meetings today, tomorrow. I don’t know which ones we will make public.” A Kemlin website photo of a Putin meeting on March 10 with a provincial government proved to be an old picture. Still, Russian financial markets were stable and the ruble improved in value.

And Putin’s own personal spokesman says that even though a scheduled speech to the Federal Security Service was canceled on Thursday, Putin is well enough to “break your hand” with his handshake…

President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman has dismissed rumors circulating on the Internet that the Russian leader is in poor health.

Dmitry Peskov told Ekho Moskvy radio station Thursday that the president was “absolutely” healthy, adding that the president’s handshake was still so strong it could “break your hand.” Peskov’s comment was a reference to the Kremlin’s usual response to regular queries about the fragile health of former President Boris Yeltsin, who had heart surgery during his tenure.

Peskov also said that Putin would not be appearing at a meeting with the Federal Security Service Thursday, which he often attends.

“Yes, he’s usually there,” Peskov said. “But this year he was not planning to be.”

So should we just trust that the Russian government is telling us the truth about this?

Would we trust our own government to tell us the truth?

Sadly, the cold, hard reality of the matter is that governments lie.  That is what they do.  So until Putin appears in public, doubts are going to remain.

And as the Washington Post has pointed out, we need to consider what has happened with previous Russian leaders…

There’s also a history here. At the end of the Soviet era, three separate Communist Party chiefs died suddenly in office, and during the end of Boris Yeltsin’s time as president of Russia, alcoholism and poor health led to a number of unexplained and embarrassing absences. Again, Putin is certainly no Yeltsin — he’s a black-belt in judo and known to be extremely health conscious — but many Russians now assume that the state would lie about the health of its leaders.

This all comes at a time when the western world is turning up the heat on Putin.

For example, the Telegraph is reporting that the UK is considering exposing the secrets behind Putin’s enormous wealth in an attempt to publicly embarrass him…

Britain may broadcast the financial secrets of Russia’s ruling elite as part of the information war against the Putin regime, the Foreign Secretary has indicated.

Philip Hammond said he was interested by the idea of publicizing the wealth of the Russian president’s inner circle in order to embarrass them in front of their people, as part of the response to the ongoing incursion into eastern Ukraine.

And the Obama administration has just made the decision to send drones and armored Humvees to Ukraine

The United States announced Wednesday that it is sending small unarmed drones, armored Humvees and other assistance to Ukraine in its fight against Russian-backed separatists – but for the first time the White House said arming Ukraine hasn’t been ruled out.

Some lawmakers are upset that lethal weapons haven’t already been included as part of $75 million in new aid announced Wednesday.

Asked during a White House press briefing to confirm that the U.S. won’t send weapons to the former Soviet nation, Press Secretary Josh Earnest said, ‘That’s not necessarily accurate.’

Needless to say, the Russians are not going to like that one bit.  This is something I discussed in an article earlier this week.

On the flip side, the Russian government is taking some bold stances recently as well.

For instance, this week a top Russian official suggested that Russia has the right to move nuclear weapons into Crimea and that a key nuclear weapons treaty with the United States may be in jeopardy

On the question of sending nuclear weapons into Crimea, Russia’s Interfax news agency quoted Mikhail Ulyanov as saying, “I don’t know if there are nuclear weapons there now. I don’t know about any plans, but in principle Russia can do it.” It’s a position that other Russian officials have articulated in the past. Ulyanov’s boss, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, made similar comments in December.

More surprising was Ulyanov’s warning about the status of the Intermediate Range Nuclear Force Treaty, signed by the U.S. and the Soviet Union in 1987. The deal was designed to eliminate the two countries’ stocks of nuclear and ballistic missiles with ranges of between 300 and 3,400 miles.

In addition, the Russians have formally announced that they are completely withdrawing from the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe

Moscow has announced it is “completely” ending activities under the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE). Russia’s participation in the treaty was first halted in 2007.

The Russian Federation has taken the decision to halt its participation in meetings of the [consulting group] from March 11, 2015. Therefore, Russia is ending its actions in the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe, announced in 2007, completely,” a statement from the Foreign Ministry said.

The war drums are getting a little louder with each passing day.

Many people probably hope that if Putin’s time is over that it will help to calm things down a bit.

Unfortunately, my research has led me to the conclusion that the exact opposite will probably be the case.

So what do you think?

Do you believe that Putin is ill or dead?

And where do think things between the United States and Russia will go from here?

Please feel free to add to the discussion by posting a comment below…

  • sam m

    no way! putin is gog :-)

    • RageHard84

      How do you know Gog and Magog is Russia and allies, and not Turkey and allies?

      • sam m

        good question. there are no prophecy experts, only prophecy students. with that said, i’ve studied it and that is what i believe.

        • T.

          sam m – How do you Know that “gog” is Not “of the synagogue of Satan” from Revelation 2:9 and 3:9. Because, that’s who I believe they are and I’ll take the word of the Lord Jesus given here over that of man’s every time. Oh, and I too have studied this out. Please read the entirety of those two verses.

      • sevines

        Because Turkey is Togarmah, silly goose.

        • RageHard84

          And Togarmah is part of th’alliance that’ll attack Israel. Good explanation, but you are in violation of Matthew 7:12 by calling me a silly goose.

      • T.

        Please read Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 and discern that “gog” is “of the synagogue of Satan” as I replied below to sam m.

  • Joe

    We better hope Mr. Putin is still alive. He is almost a liberal or moderate compared to many in Russia. Mr. Putin’s real opposition is The Communist Party. All these other western-leaning groups are small splinters and have very little pull in Russian politics.

    • Karen

      of course Mr Putin is alive & you are one of the few that realize that the US better be careful in its desire to see Putin gone…..americans understand so little of Russian politics…Putin has been gentle with Obama , the next man might not be…..

    • TheLulzWarrior

      I for one hope for a nationalistic regime that sees the purge of the oligarchs in the Russia federation and an immediate military intervention against the Kiev oligarch regime too.

    • ItIsWell

      His disappearance makes me somewhat nervous. Last time Putin was about to do something serious he went to his orthodox religious leaders first. I wonder if he is there?

  • K

    I will present you with 5 possibilities. 1. He is very ill, to the point it would be obvious. 2. He is dead, and nothing will be announced until the transition is complete.3. He is in meetings, with someone he does not want us to know about. 4. He is preparing a first strike, and where he is would be a secret. 5. He is fine, and observing how we react to the rumor.

    • Karen

      interesting but maybe he has the flu!!1 I love the extremes people go to…maybe he has a cold , an intestinal virus & puking….anything…but he should be proud that if he takes a day off of work the world talks about it…Obama is on another vacation in California & nobody bats an eye……

      • K

        That would be covered under 1. The flu can make someone look very ill. If he were to appear that way, some would claim something worse, was wrong with him. He will not give them such a chance. If you are asking what I think, 1 with a lot of 5 would be my opinion.

    • jaxon64

      6. Maybe he has a family member who is sick or dying.
      7. Maybe he is grieving for the loss of a loved one and wants some privacy.
      8. Maybe he is meeting with military advisors to plan a response to O-bama ordering military equipment into Ukraine on Wednesday.
      9. Maybe he is in China holding meetings about the currency war or selling of treasuries…….etc, etc, etc
      Didn’t we go through this about a month ago when fat boy from N Korea disappeared for a week with shoulder surgery or something?

      • Sue Breslin

        or 10. His girlfriend gave birth, he is there and wants privacy and security for her, and him.

    • ItIsWell

      I hope it’s not 4 because that does make sense. Surely he wouldn’t be in public telling the world what he is going to do.

  • MIchael in Chicago

    Where is Dmitry Medvedev and why did he not attend Putin’s canceled events?

  • Jim Davis

    Is Debka still around? Some of the most absurd pro-Israel propaganda ever came from that site, and I thought everyone knew their level of credibility was a -800 on a scale of 1 to 10.

    I thought quoting Glenn Beck was bad, but quoting freaking Debka? WTF???

    • RageHard84

      What’s wrong with Glenn Beck, besides the fact he doesn’t understand gaming.

      • Jim Davis

        What does he understand except how to make clownish faces and high-pitched voices? He’s a pseudo-conservative grifter. I think he may be a poofter too!

  • j lemurian

    Debka..yep this blog has reached tabloid status…

    • Jim Davis

      Michael has run out of highly improbable natural disasters to scare us with so now he’s scraping the bottom of the barrel for apocalyptic content. And what do you know, he dredged up Debka!

  • Karen

    Oh somebody please show me the death notice that was on Medvedev’s website even for a second?? that is a total lie…but Putin should be flattered that the entire world is wondering why he missed a day of work …Obama is in California , away from work yet again & nobody notices a thing!!!!

    • T.

      Truth is that at this point we don’t know if he’s (Putin) dead or alive, because unlike our great leader – Putin does Not play golf.

      • Karen

        too funny!!! yes we do know that Obama is not in the white house doing his job but in So California where I live , appearing on the Jimmy Kimmel show…that’s how we keep track of him…..

    • RageHard84

      Thing is we typically know what Obama is doing when he’s not working. No one knows what Putin is up to.

  • DJohn1

    What is the chain of command in Russia? Who is next in line if Mr. Putin has indeed died? Those are the questions I would be asking.
    When I was in the newspaper business, we often proofread biographies of prominent people in case they died. That way on almost no notice, a full biography of a recently deceased person could be put together on short notice.
    At the time we were limited by the linotype machine. It produced type at 7 lines a minute. Later we got machines that could accurately produce 12-16 lines per minute. When they went beyond 15-16 lines per minute the type was unusable because of machine errors.
    The Linotype was a fascinating machine. If you ever get to a printing museum watch an operator use one.

    ‘So it was logistics that dictated us having biographies of various leaders on file and in type carefully stored in case we needed them.
    I can think of many things that could take a viable leader down in a hurry. A hidden case of Diabetes might do it. If the man simply ate too much of the wrong things, drank alcohol with it, and was in an advanced stage of type two, his sugars could max the meter out at over 600. If it reached over 700, the man was toast.
    Only quick thinking might save anyone in a circumstance like that.
    If the sugars went far too low, it is heart attack time.
    Judging by how fit he appears, the later is more likely than the former. Or it could be any number of other medical conditions.
    Anyone in a position such as he holds is vulnerable.

    I think if he is ill, he needs the best doctors that we can assist him in getting back to health.
    It is better to have the devil we know than the one we do not know.

  • jsmith

    What is wrong with this picture? I’d rather see political leaders here in the states vanish, than see one of the best statesmen in the world in the figure of Putin gone. I’m relying on Putin to temper western foolishness and aggression.

    • Mike

      Unfortunately, Russia’s tempering the foolishness of the west might mean blowing us to smithereens.

    • ReluctantWarrior

      You got that right brother!!!!!

  • ReluctantWarrior

    I certainly hope that this is not true. Mr. Putin is the only person standing between us and nuclear war. He has demonstrated good judgment and patience in not responding to the obvious provocations of a rogue NATO organization. If Mr. Putin is dead…KABOOOOM!

    • Guest


  • ReluctantWarrior

    Let me add to my previous remark. In an election between Mr. Obama and Mr. Putin…I would vote for Vlad!!!!!!!!!

  • ReluctantWarrior

    The death of our 35th President John Fitzgerald Kennedy had an obviously dramatic impact on the course of history. Both he and the Soviet Premier realized that Nuclear war would end life on earth and together they both fought for a new birth of freedom through world peace. Alas it was not to be. The death of Mr. Putin would be an enormous tragedy for the world because he also understands the finality of nuclear war. He has a family too! What leader (other than idiotic NATO leaders) would want to risk scorching their friends and families in a atomic holocaust.

  • ReluctantWarrior

    One other disconcerting thought (and then I promise to shut up). Suppose Mr. Putin has thrown in the towel on the Ukraine conflict with NATO and has decided the only way to protect Russia is to take more drastic action. I do not believe that this is the case but perhaps he has gone into hiding on the advice of his security team.

  • MissaJim

    If he is dead I hope the US wasn’t behind it. God help us. Plus, if he is dead, the crazed war mongering neocons will go ape and set off WWIII for sure. Putin has actually been the voice of reason as far as most of the US’s crazed warmongering in the obomber administration. Scary when Russia is the voice of peace in the world…

    • Jim Davis

      I am glad there are a few sentient people left that can see thru the neocon BS.

      • bddd

        What? Escalation of wars under Obama is “neocon”? You poor fool. There is not a
        nickels worth of difference between neocon and progressive! Both take
        you to the same place. Govt control of everything… .

        • misterkel

          I think he’s saying that the neocons own the war policy of the nation, so liberals just go along.
          I believe there IS a difference between liberal and neocon, but it is not an oppossitional difference. More like the difference between a CEO and a CFO – each has their own agenda, but fundamentally supports the other.

          So neocons push a warlike foreign policy and liberals push a bloated, top-heavy government that crushes the domestic economy.
          Both policies wreck the nation, each in its own way.

          • T.

            Except that Both parties are RUN by NEOCONS. The Warmonging CONS get the Wars They want – It doesn’t matter which Puppet They place in Their oval office.

          • misterkel

            A valid theory, what with the COG program and the shadow gov. I tend to think the monetary powers are the real controllers and they let the neocons do their thing as part of their overall global agenda.

          • T.

            True. The Monetary Powers have CAPTURED the Governmental Powers for the purpose of Global Enforcement (War). They are all interconnected. At the top of the Pyramid (all seeing eye) is Lucifer followed by; 1.) Monetary Powers (Babylon) through which They have Bought the other Two, 2.) Governments (Military Power) lastly, 3.) The Main Stream Media which does two things: 1.) Provides Cover (for their dirty deeds) and 2.) Spews Propaganda ( to shape public perspective).

        • Veritas Invictus

          Pretty much,the false “left-right paradigm” or Hegelian Mindtrap has the public ,alrealy indoctrinated autoatns tuned in to qither CNN or FOX and both parties are chock full of globalists.The only thing Clinton and that “94” congress agreed on without much dispute was the NAFTA and GATT treaties,jobs gone overseas to NEVER come back.Then we have a private and foreign enitity issueing our Nations currency and charging us the vig.Income Tax was unheard of before the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 and coincidentally that was when the century of world wars began,or U.S involvement in them.

    • Guest

      Escalation of wars under Obama is “neocon”? You poor fool. There is not a nickels worth of difference between neocon and progressive! Both take you to the same place. Govt control of everything… .

  • Cuppagreen

    The US soundbite counterpart to that story bit from The Daily Star Lebanon’s piece (about Putin being well enough to “break your hand” with his handshake) could run something like this:

    President Barack Obama’s Press Secretary has dismissed rumors circulating on the Internet that the US leader is of poor mental health.
    Josh Earnest told Washington’s WMAL AM630 radio station Wednesday that the President was “strategically” healthy, adding that the President’s mind was still so strong he could “force-choke you over the phone”.

  • Piglet

    It wasn’t too long ago that the current leader of North Korea hadn’t been seen in public for a short period of time and all sorts of rumors and theories abounded. Was he seriously ill, was he dead, had he been overthrown in a coup? It all turned out to be nothing.

    There’s a lesson to be learned there.

    • Sue Breslin

      It was quickly stated on the news, that putin girlfriend was pregnant and was about to deliver. Suggested that he slipped away to be with her.

  • TheLulzWarrior

    “For example, the Telegraph is reporting that the UK is considering exposing the secrets behind Putin’s enormous wealth in an attempt to publicly embarrass him…”

    I hope they go ahead, you bet this migh backfire!

  • catsarecool

    I’m sure he’s OK. Now if the Kremlin made a statement that Putin had a cold, then yeah, he’s dead, but I don’t think that’s the case. He’s probably out somewhere wrestling some tigers or something.

  • Paul Miller

    You took Alex Jones’ word for this? Seriously???

    • Jim Davis

      Another neocon tool. When does Alex Jones ever question Israeli influence in our government? The biggest not so secret conspiracy is right in our faces and he thinks there is some kind of mysterious illuminati satanic elite cult that is controlling every thing.

  • messtime

    He is spending quality time in the “War Room” a large room with maps of the world posted around the walls.

  • Airborne 71

    WHAT IF , he has gone underground to his bomb proof shelter to start WW III ! Keep watch of people like his diplomats at the UN and in the USA , if they disappear , watch out . But he is the type of leader that would cast them aside in a second to keep everyone guessing.

  • j lemurian


  • Hank Greenberg

    Hey Michael,
    Don’t you feel embarrassed at this. You speculated wildly about his absence and it was all for naught. I expect the MSM like CNN to gossip and rumormongering but not you. Don’t you think you should apologize for this.


  • DJohn1

    I think he is afraid that the same people that took out the opposition will take him out as well. He is keeping a very low profile.
    No one is immune from being killed by professionals. If his name is on a list of potential leaders that will be hit, I think I would keep a very scarce profile also.
    IF he is on someone’s list to get killed, then who else is on that list?
    We live in a world and that world is often not very nice.
    We live in a world where anyone could be a target.
    Personally, I would listen very closely to his security force if such a thing is in the works.

    I too would keep out of public view.

  • Gay Veteran

    oh my, we have a troll here.

    “…He invaded Crimea and held illegal elections at gunpoint….”

    LIES, and of course elections are “illegal” if the U.S. doesn’t like the outcome.

    “…His drunken grave robbing scum in eastern Ukraine shot down that airliner then removed evidence….”

    WHERE is the EVIDENCE?!?!?!?!?

    “…He has stolen hundreds of billions of wealth from the Russian people while subjecting them to righteous sanctions for his illegal annexation of Crimea and lying to the Russian people about what is really happening….”

    sanctions because Russia won’t kowtow to U.S.

    “…The UNited States armed forces is the Most Powerful Military in Human History and Russia and China know it….”

    hmmmmmmmmmm, when was the last time U.S. won a war? Grenada?