Is The U.S. Food Supply Cursed?

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Dinner - Public DomainWhy are so many catastrophes hitting U.S. food production?  This week, we have learned that more than 7 million turkeys and chickens have already been killed as the result of a devastating bird flu outbreak here in the United States.  This particular strain of the bird flu has already spread to the states of Minnesota, Iowa, California, Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington and Wisconsin, and scientists are mystified as to why it is moving so rapidly.  But what we do know is that this flu has the potential to kill an entire flock of chickens or turkeys in just 48 hours.  This pandemic is quickly becoming a major national crisis all by itself, but when you combine this with all of the other disasters hitting our food supply, a very troubling picture emerges.  Could it be possible that the U.S. food supply is cursed?


Before we talk about the bird flu some more, let’s first review some of the other ways that our food supply is under assault.

-Due to the worst drought in the recorded history of the state, much of California is turning back into a desert.  And considering the fact that California produces nearly half of all the fresh produce grown in the entire nation, that is a very frightening thing.  Prices for many fruits and vegetables have already gone up substantially in our grocery stores.

-The multi-year drought in the southwest United States has also had a crippling impact on many ranchers.  At this point, the size of the U.S. cattle herd is the smallest that it has been since the 1950s, and the price of beef has doubled since the last recession.

-Over the past couple of years, porcine epidemic diarrhea wiped out approximately 10 percent of the entire pig population in the United States.  This particular plague seems to have subsided at least for now, but scientists tell us that it could come back strong at any moment.

-As my friend Mac Slavo wrote about the other day, the sardine population off the west coast has declined by 91 percent since 2007.  This is having a devastating affect on the food chain in the Pacific Ocean.

-Speaking of the Pacific, a whole host of other sea creatures appear to be dying off in large numbers as well.  For much more on this, please see this article.

-Down in Florida, citrus greening disease has hit the citrus industry extremely hard.  The price of Florida oranges has approximately doubled over the past 12 years, and crops keep getting even smaller every year…

The big squeeze is on in citrus industry, and it isn’t expected to lessen anytime soon.

Florida growers have yielded far fewer oranges over the past decade due to citrus greening, resulting in less juice in the market and fewer dollars in their pockets.

“Everything starts and ends with citrus greening,” said Fritz Roka, a University of Florida agricultural economist at the Southwest Florida Research & Education Center in Immokalee. “For the next several years, citrus greening will still be the focus of attention.”

-A plague known as the TR4 fungus has hit global banana production in a big way.  According to CNBC, this nightmare fungus may eventually completely wipe out the variety of bananas that we commonly eat today…

Banana lovers take note: The world’s supply of the fruit is under attack from a fungus strain that could wipe out the popular variety that Americans eat.

“It’s a very serious situation,” said Randy Ploetz, a professor of plant pathology at the University of Florida who in 1989 originally discovered a strain of Panama disease, called TR4, that may be growing into a serious threat to U.S. supplies of the fruit and Latin American producers.

“There’s nothing at this point that really keeps the fungus from spreading,” he said in an interview with CNBC.

On top of all that, now we have a major bird flu outbreak to deal with.

According to USA Today, 3.8 million hens will be destroyed at one farm in Iowa alone in an attempt to keep this flu from spreading even more…

Poultry producers in several states are bracing for more losses as a highly pathogenic strain of avian influenza forced producers to kill millions of chickens and turkeys in the USA in recent weeks.

The fast-moving H5N2 virus was confirmed on Monday at a chicken laying facility in Osceola County, Iowa. Some 3.8 million layer hens at the farm affiliated with Sonstegard Foods Company will be euthanized to try to prevent the spread of the disease, according to the company.

If this bird flu continues to spread in states such as Iowa, we could have a nightmare scenario on our hands.  Most people don’t realize this, but almost one out of every five eggs that we eat comes from that state…

Because of avian influenza, the state’s $2 billion commercial egg-laying industry has been on high alert this spring. Iowa, the nation’s largest egg producer, has about 50 million hens and supplies nearly 1 in every 5 eggs consumed in the United States.

“Anybody that has a poultry operation — whether large or small, whether you’ve got hundreds of birds or one bird — this should be a wake-up call,” said Randy Olson, executive director of the Iowa Poultry Association.

Unfortunately, this new outbreak is extremely puzzling to our scientists.  At this point, they really don’t know why it is spreading so fast

The deadly flu virus that has wiped out nearly 5 percent of Minnesota’s turkey industry is a part of a global disease outbreak, but scientists still don’t understand it.

After emerging in Asia, the avian flu spread to poultry farms in the Netherlands, Great Britain, and Germany.

Its quick arrival in North America has alarmed scientists who are trying to unravel the mystery of how these deadly bugs have infected so many turkey farms in such a short period of time.

“It’s been really troubling to understand how in the world this can possibly be happening,” said Carol Cardona, a professor of avian medicine at the University of Minnesota.

Have we ever seen a time when so many major catastrophes have hit our food production all at once?

It appears that this is a “perfect storm” of sorts, and we all get to feel the pain of this onslaught when we visit our local grocery stores.

So are we witnessing a convergence of unrelated coincidences, or could it be possible that there is another explanation?

Feel free to share what you think by posting a comment below…

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  • kfilly

    It seems like the US has found new ways to implement the old Stalin tactic of starving the people. Spread diseases to kill food sources. Curtail water to areas that are used for agriculture. I am so glad this science has advanced. This ought to be fun.


    The production of the vast majority of the food sources by a few locations and producers invites disaster. The globalization of our trade and importation of more and more food makes us dependent on a few other. Start by having food storage within your control. Buy food products on sale and you can build an emergency supply backup. Make alliances with others that you trust to provide homegrown vegetables. Learn to be more like our grandparents! We have made a spoiled generation and all have some part in it.

  • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

    As I wrote about on this site earlier this month, I recently went down to Texas to deliver a couple of very significant two hour talks. I consider them to be the two most important presentations that I have ever given in my entire life.

    DVDs are being made of these presentations, and you can order them at these two links…


    • william mony

      The Lord is coming soon and the hour Is very, very late.

  • K

    I believe the Chinese caused the porcine problem last year. A virus common there, but never seen here. Just happens to break out less than 30 days after they took over Smithfield. I can not help but wonder, if they own any of the Turkey or Chicken flocks. They easiest way to control people is food. So for those who have made no preparations, be ready to be little better than slaves.

  • DJohn1

    It appears that nature is reacting against the artificial patented food designed by Monsanto.
    How much of the food supply is altered? What are the animals eating?
    Are they caged permanently?
    Short term it works.
    Long term there may be a price to pay.

  • A.S.

    This is happening because the U.S. is pushing Israel to make deals with evil (so-called Palestinians/Hamas/Fatch/etc). If the U.S. starts not only to support Israel, but allow her to make decisions for the sake of its people, not for the sake of an evil President (Obama), the U.S. will flourish again. As G-d has said, “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you,” it is clear that G-d is cursing the U.S. for its actions agains Israel and Jews. On top of that, the U.S. is supporting immoral behavior such as gay rights, etc. Even gentiles need to behave morally. The U.S. did this to themselves. So they deserve all the plagues that come their way. Pharaoh of Egypt did not listen to G-d and neither are the people of the U.S. The U.S. needs to make major repentance for its sins.

    • folgers22

      California is naturally a desert. Their water problems are the predictabler result of too many people, too much infrastructure, and too much farming in what is traditionally an arid region with limited water.
      Our food problems could be minimized if we had more genetic variety, didn’t waste so much food, didn’t waste our crops on worthless ethanol, and didn’t eat so much grain-fed meat, among other things.

      We could also embrace the techniques the permaculture crowd have proven workable, such as food forests, composting instead of using chemical fertilizers, free-range grazing, and source our food locally instead of flying it in from around the world.

      We could also bring back the idea of the victory garden, the kitchen garden, and dismantle the current suburban culture that demands sculpted grass yards, not viable food gardens.

      • Pic889

        “didn’t waste our crops on worthless ethanol”

        Lol so true. As a commentor in Jalopnik said, Ethanol would have died a death long ago if the election (for whatever outdated reason) didn’t start in Iowa.

    • Gay Veteran

      bilge. you want to send money to Israel? then send YOUR money. OUR tax dollars need to stay home

    • Gay Veteran

      sounds like you would be more comfortable in another country. try Saudi Arabia

  • Chris Sky

    it’s a coordinated, orchestrated “Crisis” to provide opportunity for the government to grant it self more power and authority over the food supply, private property rights, water rights, and of course…. total control over the once citizen, serfs of the USA.

  • chris

    No it’s the US itself that is cursed.

  • folgers22

    Cursed? That sounds silly and superstitious. Our food supply problems are the predictable results of gowing a limited number of genetic strains crop-wise. One bug or disease can wipe out an entire crop in one fell swoop. With no genetic diversity in our food supply, it doesn’t take much to destroy our food supply.

    Look at the Cavendish banana. It’s our favorite, it’s the only banana in the stores, and it is dying out around the world due to a single fungus to which it has no resistance. Eventually, there will be no Cavendish banana and we’ll have to get used to a new type, which will be the sole banana on sale, and it, too, will eventually be killed off.

    When only Monsanto’s Roundup Ready corn is grown, eventually you can bet something will come along and kill that, too. Will that be a curse, or the predictable outcome of monoculture?

    • folgers22

      I’m struck by the throught it wouldn’t be hard for bad guys to find/modify a disease that can kill our Roundup Ready corn or soy beans and spread it around the US over a few years. It would be a slow, patient attack on our food security that would take years to mature before it suddenly became painfully obvious we had a serious food shortage.

      It wouldn’t have to be a wildfire-the cost of food would go up and up and up, making life for average Americans difficult and unpleasant. No one would necessarily starve, but as food costs go up, your options for everything else go down. Poor people would be hit the hardest.

      BTW-imagine a serious hit to the US food supply. Something that could simultaneously raise the price for milk, meat, grains, and vegetables iinto the stratosphere-you would have widespread chaos. Carol Quigley once wrote that any nation that has food shortages is inevitably a dictatorship because you can’t run a democracy when people are hungry. If there is ever a real food shortage in America, expect a freedom shortage, too.

    • laura m.

      folgers 22: I agree with your view and also blame the stupidity of farmers refusing to take a stand on this issue and demand gmo’s and excess spraying be stopped. The bad guys (large corp.) are doing all this on purpose to cause famine and economic collapse.

      • guest

        It will be fine. Here in the states we have plenty of ‘chubby’ females….. Long pork, mmmmm.

        • Jeff Wiitala

          u gotta be nuts

    • KP

      All you just did is describe exactly what a curse is.

  • folgers22

    Same with chicken farms and pig farms in the South. When I see cheap rural land on sale, I check the overhead shots to see if there are chicken barns visible nearby.

  • ProclaimingGodsTruth

    I think Almighty God is sending us a urgent message to ‘return to Him’ as outlined in Amos 4. Please folks, pay close attention to His warnings through nature – as He warned the ancient Israelites of their rejection of Him in the Old Testament, He will warn us using the same or similar methods. Heb 13:8

    • Dan

      Thank you for those biblical references.

  • standtall909

    No, it’s not a ‘CURSE’, it’s caused by sin and the total rejection of God in the culture. When we remove God, evil naturally moves in, it’s that simple.

    • folgers22

      Why would it be evil and not something as simple as nature doing what nature does? All the issues in the above article can be easily explained by science. They’re the results of our bad agriculture policies, over-development, and changes in weather patterns.
      -In the Midwest, over-use has drained the aquifier that supplies farmers with their water.
      -California’s drought is happening for 2 reasons: 1. too many people using up the water. 2. The weather patterns are shifting from wet to dry, which is apparently California’s general setting. I’ve read historically, CA is naturally an arid environment, not temperate. The 20th century in CA was apparently wetter than average, so farms did well there, but the environment is shifting back to arid. Change is a fact of life-not evil.
      -Our crops are susceptible to disease because we practice Monoculture-the use of single strains of plants for uniform appearance and taste. Monoculture is eventually doomed because all you need is the right disease to come along and wipe out your entire crop. (Apparently, diveristy is not just for colleges!) That’s why the bananas we all eat are eventually doomed-after 50 years of raising only 1 type of banana for commercial use, a fungus arose that can kill the banana tree. The fungus is spreading around the world, wiping out the common banana. (thankfully there are other varieties.)
      -The swine and bird flu is hardly God’s wrath. Illness is common among animals. Many of our diseases are traced to our early interaction with our herd animals. Our animals might have had a stronger immune system to fight disease, but American factory farming methods are inherently unhealthy for animals due to overcrowding, stress, bad diets, and they are overdosed with antibiotics and drugs. These animals are ripe for disease which can be quickly passed through migratory birds to other farms. Read up on Smithfield’s hog farming practices, and you will be horrified at what those animals are exposed to and what conditions they and their farmers live in. Witnesses say that area is like Hell on Earth. Swine flu is the least of their problems!

      • What really irks me is that California does not utilize its LONG coastline for desalinization plants like in other countries with the need for safe, clean water. It would be remarkably simple to start desalinization, cost effective too, yet we don’t do it. The Powers That Be definitely have a hand in that. Soon enough Cali will be begging for access to water, all the while being flanked by endless supplies of it to the west.

    • todd

      When we sin even nature grumbles

    • Gay Veteran

      riiiiiiiiiight, there were never any plant diseases in the past.
      oh wait, the Irish potato famine

    • Gay Veteran

      really? guess the Irish were really wicked right before that potato famine

  • Bob Smith

    Some say the drought in California is man made as a result of the government’s weather modification programs (chemtrails). God has not “cursed” us, but He might have lifted His protection from evil. We need to pray for forgiveness and intervention.

    • Pic889

      If chemtrails existed, they would spray during the night so you wouldn’t see them. And those pictures you see of barrels inside fuselages are from test planes to simulate the weight (shift) of passengers during test flights.

      Don’t try to look for conspiracies. The real cause is that all the “engineering” we put in food production is turning against us, plain and simple.

      • iamthey

        I have taken photos of chemtrails sprayed at night. Plain and simple.

  • Pic889

    And plants have grown weak because farmers spray with pesticides as if there is no tomorrow.

    It’s a common secret that if you give a plant too much water and too much pesticides, the weaker it becomes.

  • william mony

    Food will soon be a weapon as it becomes scarcer and scarcer.
    People mock our Lord and ignore the blessings that Jesus gave this great country.
    I say this is the birth pangs and “you ain’t seen nothing yet”
    A leader is coming soon that will seem to have all the answers. This man will be worshipped and loved. He will be accepted and many will let down their usual guard and follow him, even getting a chip so that one can’t buy,sell or live without this man’s approval.
    The antichrist will seem to have all the answers.
    Better to starve or be thrown in jail than to spend eternity Separated from the true king yeshua.
    Countdown to zero time is coming and who will you serve?

    • Gay Veteran

      “…People mock our Lord and ignore the blessings that Jesus gave this great country….”
      BS, didn’t have many food problems during slavery

      • william mony

        The USA continues to pay for the sin of participating in Slavery in lives lost, a presidents life and a delay in reaching its potential as slavery was a negative In Our nations history, not a positive. We still pay for its negatives today.

        • Gay Veteran

          and yet for 100s of years we had slavery with no cursed food

  • TheJokool .

    The Yank is always looking for a new horizon…He lives in tomorrow land whilst refusing to understand cause and effect…Its called the American dream due to you having to be asleep to experience it…
    The whole country is anesthetized….Zombie films are an accurate description…Zombies think they are living the American dream.

  • MyProudFist

    Yes… a loooooooong time ago actually.. It all started with the whisperings of a “serpent”

    • william mony

      And continues as earth is the battleground for the souls of men.

      • MyProudFist

        The vision of a haloed host
        That weep around an empty throne;
        And, aureoles dark and angels dead,
        Man with his own life stands alone.
        ‘I am,’ he says his bankrupt creed:
        ‘I am,’ and is again a clod:
        The sparrow starts, the grasses stir,
        For he has said the name of God.

  • Undecider

    The curse to America is:
    1) The ignorant American public
    2) The Anti-Christ and Satanic run government.

  • Preacher

    HAARP and Geoengineering at work, but why is my comment being deleted?

  • sweetlittleemogirl44 .

    Let’s not forget the erosion of the honeybee population which will affect all plant based food…

  • Alleged Comment

    The land beginning to SPEW YOU OUT because America supports SODOMY?

    You decide!

    • Mark

      ….supporting usury, unjust prices, unjust wages, sodxmy, fxrnication, pxrnography, abortion, contracxption, blxsphemy, and the genocide by the sxnagogue of Sxtan.

      • Gay Veteran

        sounds like you need to move… Saudi Arabia

        • Mark

          Contrary to the perverts’ initial lies that they just wanted to practice their vice in private, by now it is quite clear that their goal is to force us all to proclaim how wonderful their vice is, even in schools, even when it is practiced in public in full view of children on Sodom’s streets. No dissent allowed. No “tolerance” at all, only forced subservience to the vice of which they are so proud, the vice that defines not only their lives, but their eternal fates as well. Lucifer too is proud. You will find out how gentle a master he is.

          • Gay Veteran

            Contrary to the theocrats’ initial lies that they just wanted to practice their religion, by now it is quite clear that their goal is to force us all to proclaim how wonderful their religion is, even in schools, even when it is practiced in public in full view of children on Mammon’s streets. No dissent allowed. No “tolerance” at all, only forced subservience to the religion of which they are so proud, the false religion that defines not only their lives, but their eternal fates as well. Lucifer too is proud. You will find out how gentle a master he is.

          • Mark

            Really? Only “theocrats” object to public fxllatio on city streets in front of children? Only “theocrats” object to perversion being force taught to kindergarteners?

        • guest

          You should move to sodom. No need, you will be there soon enough, pack lightly it’s warm.

          • “Sodom” is what Paul Elam and the rest of you guys call your “special little underground bunker”, right? Where no females can go, because females iz icky.

          • guest

            SHHHHH, the MEN are talking.

          • SHHHHH, is that what you guys say before your woman-less orgies? Yeah, you know it is, Jeb!

          • guest

            What is it you feminazis say as you gather before the communal dil do?
            “It’s my turn” ?

          • See, Jeb, feminists (nor women) imitate you and your MRA routines.

            But I can understand how your tiny mind would never comprehend how humans are different from you and your fellow bigots.

            Remember to wash off your communal dilđo in between uses now, boys. I don’t care what uncle Paul tells you.

          • Gay Veteran

            well junior, we’re all going to the same place

      • Gay Veteran

        your spelling is as as as your logic

    • Gay Veteran

      riiiiiiiiiiiiiight, which is why tornadoes hit the Bible Belt

      • guest

        No no, I’m not qu eer, I’m ‘gay’.
        No no, it’s perfectly natural and normal to have a man give me beef injections up my an us.
        I think the ‘mud’ has packed your brain pan full up.

        • Gay Veteran

          sounds like you have a great deal of personal knowledge

          • I think this is his way of flirting, he wants more personal knowledge.

  • Robert

    This very good article reminds me of Soylent Green movie. Cadavers ground up and processed into food for humans. The very wealthy eating from the little fat of the land. Everyone else eating each other. Tough times and complicated ones.

  • william

    a classic example of:WHY,something is going to HAPPEN because there is no RESPECT for GOD’S creations.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Not a curse… there’s no such thing… we’re just screwing it up. Simple and natural.

    • Alleged Comment

      And ye, in any wise keep [yourselves] from the accursed thing, lest ye make [yourselves] accursed, when ye take of the accursed thing, and make the camp of Israel a curse, and trouble it. (Josh 6:18)

    • Superstitious people love to blame superstitious causes though. A person cannot easily hold religion (superstition) and logic in the same brain. You’re right, there are no curses; humans are just screwing this all up.

      • Alleged Comment

        And a curse, if ye will not obey the commandments of the LORD your God, but turn aside out of the way which I command you this day, to go after other gods, which ye have not known. (Deut 11:28)

        • He’s making a list
          And checking it twice;
          He’s gonna find out who’s naughty or nice…
          (Santa Claus Is Coming to Town)

      • guest

        ” humans are just screwing this all up.”
        Most don’t consider females and qu eers to be human so, you make no sense.
        Human like, sure. Regardless, california has been destroyed by the femiqu eer alliance.
        I hope none of the parasites escape into the rest of the country, so as to bring their disease onto innocent men.

        • Oh, Jebeduhhhh. Run along, the grownups are trying to forget about annoyances like you.

        • Gay Veteran

          wow, you must be really ugly if neither women nor gays are attracted to you

          • Buh-DUM-Bum!

            I was thinking “small”, not “ugly”. Because the rest of his obsessive vitriol really does point to being microweenis’d, forgive my spelling.

  • GetReal4U2

    the convergence of all these signs show the Lord’s return is very near…it’s time to make a choice…wars…earthquakes…famines…droughts…pestilence…evil being called good…and good being called evil…LOOK UP…your redemption draws near…

  • California most definitely is/was a desert! My mother came there in the fifties for health reasons — her Midwest doctor told her the dry, desert air would be good for her breathing.

    She told me that after everyone else started coming to Cali, pools and fountains and lush, green yards became common and since then it’s not been so arid. It’s been keeping the air moist, but it’s been obviously utilizing all the water for these selfish beauty purposes (pools, lush lawns, fountains).
    That’s not something the mainstream media told her, it’s something she lived and witnessed.

  • Paul Keenan

    This is STAGED and part of population reduction agenda of CLUB OF ROME. EXPECT more phony outbreaks or staged outbreaks. They want to remove our food supply. Then offer the solution; GMO FOODS!

  • Paul Keenan


  • Dave

    The over population of the Earth is the sole reason. Yes we are over populated. All of our problems started when we eclipsed 3 billion about 1974. Pure organic non petro chemical farming will feed 1-3 billion world wide.
    We need population control!
    OOPS, too late……

  • Gay Veteran

    “…After emerging in Asia, the avian flu spread to poultry farms in the Netherlands, Great Britain, and Germany….”

    ever see the movie “Contagion” where a deadly flu spreads from China to the rest of the world? viruses, fungi, and bacteria are constantly changing

    • guest

      That’s because you perverts have thousands of disgusting contacts.
      You qu eers are the incubation chambers of everything vile.

      • Gay Veteran

        don’t you have a Klan meeting to go to

  • Jakob Stagg

    Add to that, all the banned pesticides and herbicides get sent to Central and South America where they use it on the crops that get sent to the states. We are screwed.

  • guest

    I think the Earth is sick of females and qu eers and is finally starting to vomit upon them.
    Imagine when the Earth begins swallowing them up and evacuating them through it’s bowels.
    So glad that I’m a MAN.

    • Gay Veteran

      ROFLOL at pathetic excuse for a “man”

  • In my kindergarten, they force-taught us to believe in God, and to pray, and to recite learned Bible passages before doing our Easter and Christmas plays in chapel.

    The feIIatio was only the grownups’ idea though. And that probably never happened in full public view.