Is The Tea Party Dead?

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Tea Party R.I.P.Do you remember when the pundits were talking about how the Tea Party movement was going to transform American politics?  Do you remember when establishment Republicans in Congress were scared to death of having Tea Party challengers come after their seats?  Well, those days are over.  In primary after primary in 2014, it has become abundantly clear that the establishment is in full control of the Republican Party once again.  And recent polling data also supports the theory that the Tea Party movement is losing steam.  Back in 2010, 31 percent of all Americans supported the Tea Party.  Today, an all-time low 15 percent of all Americans do.  So is the Tea Party dead?  Perhaps not yet, but without a doubt it is on the ropes.


Ever since the last election, Tea Party activists have been pointing toward 2014 as the year when top establishment Republicans would finally be held accountable for acting like liberal Democrats.  But instead, establishment Republicans have been crushing their Tea Party opponents in contest after contest.

On Tuesday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell destroyed his Tea Party challenger in Kentucky by 25 percentage points.  During the campaign, McConnell was not afraid to verbally attack the Tea Party movement, but that did not seem to energize the voters on the other side much at all.  Back in March, McConnell predicted that establishment Republicans like him would “crush” the Tea Party all over the nation, and it now looks like his prediction is going to be quite accurate…

This election season, Republicans led by Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky are taking a much harder line as they sense the majority within reach. Top congressional Republicans and their allies are challenging the advocacy groups head on in an aggressive effort to undermine their credibility. The goal is to deny them any Senate primary victories, cut into their fund-raising and diminish them as a future force in Republican politics. “I think we are going to crush them everywhere,” Mr. McConnell, the Senate Republican leader, said in an interview, referring to the network of activist organizations working against him and two Republican incumbents in Kansas and Mississippi while engaging in a handful of other contests. “I don’t think they are going to have a single nominee anywhere in the country.

In the May 20th primaries, it wasn’t just in Kentucky that Tea Party candidates got hammered.  According to Politico, not a single Republican incumbent lost on Tuesday…

After a year of threats from conservative outside groups, no GOP incumbents lost Tuesday. Idaho Rep. Mike Simpson beat back a tea partier supported by groups such as Club for Growth, with help from the business lobby and Mitt Romney. National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Greg Walden, targeted in Oregon by a national campaign called Primary My Congressman, received triple the support of his opponent with more than half the votes in. And House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Bill Shuster prevailed over his challenger in Pennsylvania by 18 points.

And in Georgia, not a single Tea Party candidate even made the July runoff for the Republican Senate primary.

So why can’t Tea Party candidates even win in some of the most conservative states in the entire country?

What has gone wrong?

For a while there, it seemed like there may be hope that the Tea Party could break the stranglehold that the establishment has on the two party system in the United States.

But now things look very different.

And the future does not appear to be very bright for the Tea Party either, because the U.S. is becoming more liberal with each passing day.  Younger Americans tend to be much more liberal than older Americans, and older Americans are steadily dying off.  Unless something changes, the country is going to continue to drift to the left in the years ahead.  It is just a matter of demographics.

According to a survey recently conducted by the Pew Research Center, Americans from age 18 to age 33 are “significantly more liberal” and are “far more likely to vote Democratic” than older Americans are…

Members of the huge millennial generation are less religious, less likely to call themselves “patriotic” and significantly more‎ liberal than older generations, new research shows.

Although adults aged 18-33 are much more likely to call themselves political independents than their elders are, they are also far more likely to vote Democratic. Their views favoring activist government, as well as their stands on social issues such as gay rights, reinforce that voting behavior, an extensive study by the Pew Research Center shows.

This trend toward liberalism is especially pronounced when it comes to social issues.

For example, a recent Gallup poll found that national support for gay marriage is up to a brand new record high of 55 percent.  Leading the way, of course, is younger Americans.  According to a different survey, an astounding 70 percent of Millennials now support gay marriage.  Unless something dramatic happens, support for gay marriage in the U.S. is going to become absolutely overwhelming as older Americans slowly die off.

And is America ready to accept a gay president?  According to a recent Pew Research survey, 66 percent of Americans think that “it wouldn’t matter if a presidential candidate is gay or lesbian”.

Obviously, these are not values that most Tea Party voters would identify with.

Another place where we can see the huge philosophical divide between old and young voters is in the 2012 presidential election voting results.

In 2012, 44 percent of American voters age 65 or older voted for Barack Obama.

If they had determined the election, Obama would have lost.

Fortunately for Obama, 60 percent of American voters age 18 to age 29 voted for Obama.

Unless a miracle happens, it seems clear that the establishment is going to remain fully in control of the two party system here in the United States and that the country is going to continue to drift to the left.

So if you are hoping for a political solution to the problems that this nation is facing, you can quit waiting.

It simply is not going to happen any time soon.

  • Gay Veteran

    “…This trend toward liberalism is especially pronounced when it comes to social issues….”

    the elites use these social issues to keep Americans divided, to give us an illusion of choice at the ballot box

    • Rastus

      And that… we can agree on.

    • aghast

      Please use mouthwash.
      The s e m e n breath is overpowering.

      • Gay Veteran

        you must be smelling your mother’s breath

        • aghast

          I missed our little talks.
          But can’t you come up with something original, rather than just piggybacking on others’ comments? That’s weak. You can do better than that.

          • Gay Veteran


          • aghast

            Now I DON’T miss our little talks. You’re not even capable of a little camaraderie or good will. That’s most fitting for troll behavior.

          • Gay Veteran

            are you off your meds? why would I have a “little camaraderie” with a bigot?!?!?!?

          • aghast

            “Bigot”? That’s in the eye of the beholder. But that’s too deep for you.

          • Gay Veteran

            wrong yet again

          • aghast

            What camaraderie do you have with ANYONE here?? All I see you do is start trouble and fight. Are you capable of considering that maybe there’s a problem with YOU?

            I’m wasting my breath talking to a troll. Conflict is what you want.
            Sayonara, evil, heartless dirtbag.

          • Gay Veteran

            about blood time you got off my a ss

          • aghast

            I don’t get paid to be here. You do.
            So my time is limited.
            Plus, I cannot out-slime you.
            You’re comfortable with it. I’m not.
            So later, but if you keep denigrating everyone, I’ll be back.

          • Gay Veteran

            see you later, liar

          • aghast

            Later, demonic dirtbag.

          • aghast

            I finally understand you. The reason you’re so fond of D. . . ks
            is because you are such a P . . . y.

          • Gay Veteran

            project much?

  • Captain Canuck

    “So why can’t Tea Party candidates even win in some of the most conservative states in the entire country?

    What has gone wrong?”

    1. They scream about the Constitution and the moral fabric of the United States, yet walk out of Washington, shut the government down and refuse to respect the process and procedures of the Founding Fathers.

    2. They deny global warming even exists even though the global scientific community has proven it repeatedly.

    3. Champion the concepts of “freedom” and “liberty”, yet refuse to accept homosexuals as equal citizens. Why are gays and lesbians not allowed the same freedoms and liberties the Constitution enshrines to everyone?

    4. They pine away for the “glory days” of the 1950’s when racial segregation was accepted and women’s rights were non-existant.

    5. They would rather have predatory insurance corporations treat disease as an industry, rather than fund universal health care.

    These are just off the top of my head, I’m sure more will come to me.

    • DMyers

      Captain, are you brain dead? “They would rather have predatory insurance corporations treat disease as an industry, rather than fund universal health care.” You think Obamacare is the equivalent of universal health care? You think the Democrats are universal health care advocates when what that gave you was Obamacare? Open your eyes and note that Obamacare is a universal insurance tax. Right. You get health care just like you used to. You pay for it. Only now you have increased deductibles and higher premiums. But the Tea Party didn’t give us Obamacare. Who did? Obama! A Democrat.

      • Captian Canuck

        Obamacare has proven to be a complete sham, unfortunately.

        But it they would’ve tried to pass a complete universal healthcare bill it would’ve died within seconds because Americans are petrified of it.

        Newsflash. Its a better system and it keeps money in your pocket, instead of forking it over to the insurance companies and big pharma.

        The commodification of physical ailments is part of the downfall of the United States.

    • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

      As for your third point, I cannot recall a single tea party member proposing that gays and lesbians ought to be denied the right to free speech, or subjected to unreasonable searches; be forced to provide lodging for soldiers, have their guns taken away, be subjected to long prison terms for minor offenses (while their heterosexual counterparts would be treated much more leniently): what do you mean ?

      • Captain Canuck

        I’m talking about right for gays to marry.

        • SEKPrepper

          Gays and heterosexuals ALL have the right to marry! The laws of the States determine the definition of marriage. If a State law says only a man and a woman joining together is the definition of marriage, gays and heteros can choose to exercise that right to marry or not. As far as I know, NO ONE IS DENIED!!

          • ChrisB

            So it would be fine with you if your sister or daughter or niece married a gay man and became his beard? Really? You can’t think of anything that can go wrong with that?

  • Quite sad, as what was once a grassroots effort seemingly co-opted and now it appears to be reversing trend. In 2007 the grassroots people traveled to events by car and looking to car pool. Once Obama was elected the money came pouring in, you can speculate from where, and fully developed social networks sprung to life and cross county bus routes were established almost instantly, This was not done using chip-in or some poor PayPal donation account. The momentum lasted for some time and the tools put in place still served the purpose of the true Tea Party republicans and others looking for change, the real kind vs. “hope & change”. It appears whoever turned on the money stream within weeks of the 2008 presidential election has turned it back off when the challenge was to establishment republicans.

    Side thought and opinion, anyone that can boast and predict outcomes of any event, most likely, has a thumb on the pulse and/or knows who can control the outcomes.

  • TruthIsAll

    As you can tell below, Captain Canuck is an example of why the Libertarian and Tea Party movement has utterly ground to a halt. The online presence of shills exploded in the past years to misinform the public and co-op the movement while misrepresenting it.

    Even a figure such as Ron Paul who has a steady track record of voting what he says has been destroyed by these people. A libertarian constitutionalist suddenly becomes a racist, moronic, anti-science fanatic with constant repetition because the lazy, brainwashed masses of America are simply too lazy to investigate for themselves.

    • Captian Canuck

      The question I answered was “What went wrong?”

      Believe it or not, although I am a leftist, Canadian, “pinko, commie, liberal” I actually think the Tea Party has some great ideas economically. Ron Paul, most notably is quite fascinating.

      Any conservative who agrees that war in the Middle East is unnecessary and too expensive is ok in my books.

      Also call for a return to the gold standard is a very captivating idea.

      If the Tea Party could get away from their antiquated social platform (ie gay marriage) they would not be seen as so prehistoric.

      • JerrySupportsIsreal

        Hay Cap Canuck, did you hear that your government stopped testing fish from Japan due to it having radiation contamination? Hope your not eating sea food lately.

      • t4test

        I am a conservative Canadian, who has citizenship in the US, and understand the pinko, commie liberals have damaged Canada beyond recognition. Most likely you like in Vancouver area, or TO. Guess you’ll have a grand old time when, and the Vancouver Sun reported (article by Dave Eberhard), they were letting 6,000 people just DIE because their care was too expensive. You unthinking leftists will be singing a different tune when *your* turn comes. And BTW, the benefits of marriage are meant to help defray the very real costs of raising children – the are not a reward for living together. And, as nature herself developed it, children are best raised by a man and woman. No doubt if this were 1937, you’d be calling those who disagree with National SOCIALISM (Nazism) “prehistoric” too.

    • K2

      They are labelled as anti science because they are antiscience. They blindly ignore overwhelming scientific evidence. And people who talk about individual freedoms should respect gay rights.

      Would it kill them not to be antiscience while still being libertarian?

  • K

    It also does not help, that most of the American public, has the attention span of a house fly. It is however a great example, of why you have to go third party. There is just no way, to work within the two established parties.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      It is true. Even I find that my attention span is extremely short. I blame cable television and the Internet. :)


  • DJohn1

    300 Congress people voted for the end of due process in the United States with the 2009 Security BIll. That was both parties voting for something that is fairly close to treason. At least as far as the Constitution of this country is concerned. You know the document they all swore to uphold . . .
    The Tea Party movement was doomed under the vile number of Congress people that have a record like this.
    For the record, the public remembers things for 3 days with one exception. That exception is when it effects their wallets. Then they are reminded every payday that something is wrong.

  • xander cross

    How did the tea party lost you say? Well, it was hijacked by Sara Palin and Ron Paul. The very people that lead you all on false hope that they were going to take “their country back” from established republicans. After all, people like Rand Paul and McConnell work for the bankers.

    • Taking care of business!

      True. The percentage may be down, but not the patriots nor the message.

  • Captain Canuck

    State run scientists?

    Wow, you guys are conspiratorial. I’m talking about scientists from around the world. Who deal in quantifiable facts and numbers.

    For a bunch of people who think Obama is inept, you give him far too much credit to be able to orchestrate a worldwide run, global warming conspiracy.

    Check the numbers. Or even since you live in Texas, just step outside.

  • krinks

    The power of propaganda. I didn’t have to read the article to know that mocking and ridiculing a group at every turn on every major media outlet has an effect. The last election cycle quite a few people who I’d bet my life on the fact that they had no idea who the Tea Party was or what they stood for expressed their hatred for them.

    The churches are dying for the same reason. When was the last time a TV show had on it a Christian Pastor on that wasn’t an immoral degenerate or criminal? Yet these same folks closely monitor every show to ensure that blacks are gays are positively portrayed.

  • msm3165

    The amerikan voter will get what they deserve. It’ll be hilarious when things go belly up and the EBT cards and other welfare doesn’t work. The beast can’t be reformed, it’ll have to die.

  • Cronos17

    Third party politics don’t work in American because of the vote for one election system. Any third party will either split the vote or be absorbed as a marginal subgroup. It is simply the consequence of mathematics.

    • Oldphartbsa

      And you accept that?
      I surely don’t.
      I want the two party system destroyed.

      • Seen2013

        I certainly do:
        *Committee on Presidential Debates

        *6 Corporations control the price of exposure beyond door to door campaigning.

        *Organization and interstate in addition to overseas contributions
        The crux of the matter here is you have supranational or otherwise global institutions funneling money from overseas into campaign contributions abroad for example Goldman Sachs was a top 10 donor in 2004 and 2008, yet it was benefactor in the Euro crisis and bailed out in Greece, Ireland, and etc. Then, you have 2 national parties funneling contributions from State to State in a highly organized fashion. In addition, you have the IRS scandal that was codified to extremely disable Tea Party political activity in bipartisan crackdown from the establishment.

        * The IRS political suppression by definition must be added into the fourth point of divide and conquer. There are thousands of Independent Parties that thus far couldn’t unify and coordinate efforts with how polarized people are today to save their own skin, and the IRS suppression effectively places a fail safe into the mix

        With these four points, Independent Parties do not have a Top to Bottom approach to establishing solutions. The only option available is challenge the top while the bottom up approach is established.
        I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t see Independent Parties restructuring themselves to to counter the astroturf design of UN initiated local expansion to encourage its policies like Agenda 21 and sustainable development who in effect partners governments with their utility company and Urban Planning or even enforcing State government’s largely acting as prefects or clerks of the central government.

        With the lack of outcry by people to the IRS scandal, it is safe to say that the top down challenge; the false two party system will continue towards becoming an open one party system.
        It should be obvious when you study the dual desires to repeal the 22nd Amendment and dismantle the Electoral College.
        First, the 22nd repeal would allow every previous 2 term President to run again including Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama. I could be wrong, but they could even add term limits by expanding the duration to a decade term for Senators and Representatives to ensure minimal challenges. Consider the implications right there.
        Secondly, the EC dismantlement means the larger the State population; the easier it is to override challenges. In simple terms, California, Texas, and New York determine the Presidency from that day forward. Swing states by definition will only add to that superiority.
        This means the false two party system gives way to an open one party system. Recall Independent Parties are now locked out of the top without affiliating with Democrats or Republicans who both coordinated the crackdown. Then, you have the ability to steamroll the ambitious visions of these establishments by repealing the 22nd, dismantling the EC, and adjusting terms and limits which I might add the bait and switch has always been lengthened durations for the limits. 12 year terms even at 2 term limits is 24 years or otherwise about 4 term Senators aka career politician.
        One more tidbit that I’m compelled to point out much of the West east of California are by majority of land percentage per state was made public or otherwise federal land. This means most of those states will only ever attain enough population to justify 3 to 6 EC votes by sheer political expediency and effectively. New York is the third largest populated State, and it has more population than most of those states alone with the EC dismantled. It becomes a pure numbers game of who possesses the highest population, which whoever controls what is or is not federal land determines the Presidency. Gerrymandering is nothing compared to that political expediency.

        Chances are; we’re looking at a open one party system by 2020. If the economy collapses within the next few years, the emergency powers guarantee that development.

  • Seen2013

    “Is The Tea Party Dead?”
    Pretty much, the Tea Party made the same mistakes past movements made, and their focus was Top Down for achievement. The Establishment Democratic Republicans simply tore down the attempt, and the IRS scandal was codified.
    It truly looks to be a done deal.

  • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

    Good for you Cronos. I wish that there were a lot more people like you that are willing to change their opinions when presented with overwhelming evidence.

    In this day and age, it is imperative that we all learn to think for ourselves. There are way too many people out there that want to do our thinking for us.


  • El Pollo de Oro

    In a fascist banana republic, dissent will either be neutralized or violently crushed. The Tea Party could have been a strong libertarian anti-corporatist resistance movement, but it was neutralized and co-opted by the banksters when it allied itself with the Republican wing of The War Party. The Tea Party made a deal with the devil (the corrupt, filthy two-party system) instead of allying itself with third parties such as the Libertarian Party. Ron Paul is technically a Republican, but his positions (legalize drugs, end the military/industrial complex, no more empire or corporate welfare) are really Libertarian positions. Had the Tea Party fully embraced Ron Paul’s constitutionalist message and posed a genuine threat to corporate power, it would have been violently put down the way the Occupy protests were violently put down by “the enforcers for the crime bosses,” as Gerald Celente puts it. I remember seeing Ron Paul debating the war on drugs on “the Morton Downey Jr. Show” back in 1987 or 1988. He was demonized by neocon Republicans and called “soft on crime.” The Republican establishment and The War Party hated him then and still hates him now. Rush “OxyContin” Limbaugh, the pitchfork devil who crawled right out of the bowels of hell itself, has spent the last 25 years attacking Ron Paul and the Libertarian movement. But what do you expect from the same neocon who told us that Ross Perot was a racist for opposing NAFTA?

    Never underestimate the evil of the bankster thugs who control The Banana Republic of America. The more the empire collapses, the more vicious they will become.

  • Sanpedrojoe

    And, what about the impact of the IRS assault on the Tea Party organizations?
    Come on! If you. Are going to do an analysis, DO ONE!


  • JerrySupportsIsreal

    We have not gone anywhere. We are just being patient, and are in for the long haul. But it takes time to bring people around when your being called all kinds of untrue names. But a lie spreads around the world before the truth gets out of bed. You all will come around. I just hope its before the nation falls.

  • Oldphartbsa

    This next election I’m going to the polls to vote for County Sheriff, local crap and state bonds. I won’t be marking a ballot for anything else. 2012 proved to me that voting no longer matters in any other arena.
    I will be doing this for the rest of my life.

  • Oldphartbsa

    I was the maid of honor at a lesbian wedding. your thing, it doesn’t affect me. I personally think it’s ickky, but to each his own. I’m not the one to judge.

  • K2

    common? How many climate scientists of the total percentage of climate scientists, are climate skeptics?

    • Vi Winner

      How many climate scientists are paid by the government to push the global warming propaganda. Science is based on evidence and the evidence is the world has been cooling for the last 17 years and the ice sheets have been expanding. Do the research yourself I did enjoy the global warming research ship being stuck in the ice last year

  • K2

    Are those sources trustworthy? Anybody can make a website (the website you mentioned) or make a movie peddling b*****it.

  • David Hammond

    I guess we will see during the elections. Problem is, the media portrays the tea party as right-winged loons, and the majority of the masses believe every word that cable news tells them to believe.

  • test

    15%. If that is true (and I doubt it is that low – after all, WHO is reporting? – recall that the radical gays are perhaps 1 – 2% of the population. If you think we are going away, get a clue. To skew a phrase, we’re here, we’re NOT queer, and we’re never, ever going away. Get used to it

  • Magdiel

    All of us the true conservatives must move to a certain state and secede from the Union. Yes,there is a 99% probability of a civil war,but I’m up to the task,are you? I don’t see any other solution,do you?

  • Lars Lonte

    Lyndon LaRouche is a progressive Tea Party Member and Christian Humanist Democrat – a patriot, not a Neocon – he is against Neoliberalism, Free Trade and for protectionism EIR NEWS

  • Marcus Harvey

    “…the establishment is going to remain fully in control of the two party system here in the United States and that the country is going to continue to drift to the left.

    So if you are hoping for a political solution to the problems that this nation is facing, you can quit waiting”

    Moving to the left IS the solution this country needs. We need to be more like Germany and similar advanced social democracies.

  • hon788

    We sure do not need a 110 lb weak nut like Ron Paul running around saying crazy things thats for sure.