Is The New Madrid Fault Earthquake Zone Coming To Life?

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What in the world is happening in the middle of the United States right now?  Thousands of birds are falling dead from the skies, tens of thousands of fish are washing up on shore dead, earthquakes are popping up in weird and unexpected places and people are starting to get really freaked out about all of this.  Well, one theory is that the New Madrid fault zone is coming to life.  The New Madrid fault zone is six times bigger than the San Andreas fault zone in California and it covers portions of Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi.  The biggest earthquakes in the history of the United States were caused by the New Madrid fault.  Now there are fears that the New Madrid fault zone could be coming to life again, and if a “killer earthquake” does strike it could change all of our lives forever.


So exactly what events have happened recently that are causing people to take a close look at the New Madrid fault zone?  Well, just consider the following examples of things that have been popping up in the news lately….

*According to the U.S. Geological Survey, more than 500 measurable earthquakes have been recorded in central Arkansas just since September.

*A magnitude-3.8 earthquake that shook north-central Indiana on December 30th is being called “unprecedented”. It was strong enough to actually cause cracks along the ground and it was felt in portions of Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin and Kentucky.

*More than 3,000 red-wing blackbirds fell out of the sky dead in the Arkansas town of Beebe on New Year’s Eve.

*Large numbers of dead birds were also found in Kentucky right around Christmas.

*Approximately 500 dead blackbirds and starlings were also recently discovered in Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana.

*Approximately 100,000 fish washed up dead on the shores of the Arkansas River just last week.

So could all of these things have some other very simple explanation?


But the fact that they all happened in or around the New Madrid fault zone is starting to raise some eyebrows.

About 200 years ago, in 1811 and 1812, there were four earthquakes that were so powerful in the area of the New Madrid fault zone that they are still talked about today.  All four of the quakes were estimated to have been magnitude-7.0 or greater.  It is said that those earthquakes opened deep fissures in the ground, caused the Mississippi River to run backwards and that they were felt as far away as Boston.

The last major earthquake to hit the region was a 5.4-magnitude quake that struck the town of Dale, Illinois in 1968.  Things have been strangely quiet in the region since then until recently.

If a true “killer earthquake” struck along the New Madrid fault zone today, cities such as St. Louis, Missouri and Memphis, Tennessee could potentially be completely destroyed.

Unfortunately, this is not an exaggeration.

The following video describes just how incredibly powerful the earthquakes along the New Madrid fault in 1811 and 1812 actually were….

So could such a thing happen today?

Well, that is exactly what many seismologists now fear.  The following video news report from ABC News explains why so many scientists are so concerned about the New Madrid fault zone….

One interesting theory is that the “oil volcano” unleashed by the BP oil spill in 2010 may have sparked renewed seismic activity in that part of the world.

Jack M. Reed, a retired Texaco geologist-geophysicist, has been carefully studying the geology of the Gulf of Mexico for over 40 years.  Reed is convinced that the Gulf of Mexico is currently tectonically active, and that the Gulf of Mexico is the source for most seismic activity along the New Madrid fault.

According to Reed, there is substantial evidence that the New Madrid fault zone is directly connected to “deeply buried tectonics” in the Gulf of Mexico….

“This entire zone through the United States is suffering some type of tectonic activity that I believe is tied to the deeply buried tectonics in the Gulf of Mexico.”

So did BP disturb those “deeply buried tectonics” by drilling such a deep well and unleashing all that oil that flowed into the Gulf of Mexico?

Let’s hope not.

If a truly historic earthquake did strike along the New Madrid fault the amount of damage that could be done to surrounding states such as Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, Indiana, Alabama, Missouri, Arkansas and Tennessee could potentially be unimaginable.

Jeremy Heidt of the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency says that life in the region would be instantly transformed in the event of a major earthquake along the New Madrid fault….

“All communications would be out. All air travel would be out as the FAA air control would go down. All rail travel would fail. Ports would shut down; oil and natural gas pipelines could be off line.”

According to a recent study by the University of Illinois, a 7.7-magnitude earthquake along the New Madrid fault would leave 3,500 people dead, more than 80,000 injured and more than 7 million homeless.

So what would happen if an 8.0 earthquake struck?

Or an 8.5?

Or a 9.0?

Remember, an 8.7-magnitude earthquake would be ten times worse than a 7.7-magnitude earthquake.

There are even some who believe that if a powerful enough earthquake hit the New Madrid fault someday it could potentially alter the surrounding geography enough that it could actually create a new major body of water in the middle of the United States.

So, no, it is not just California that needs to worry about “the Big One”.

Right now seismic activity has been dramatically increasing all over the globe.  Just think of the unprecedented number of volcanic eruptions that we have seen over the past year.  Major earthquakes have been popping up all along the “Ring of Fire”.  Just over the past couple of days a magnitude-7.1 earthquake hit central Chile and a magnitude-7.0 earthquake struck northern Argentina.

So to think that “it can’t happen” in the United States is just being totally naive.

Let us hope and pray that a devastating earthquake does not hit the New Madrid fault any time soon, because such an event could completely wipe out our economy.  The U.S. economy is already teetering on the brink of disaster, and all it would take is one major blow to bring the entire house of cards crashing down.

Just remember what happened in Haiti.  A magnitude-7.0 earthquake killed 230,000 people and caused such horrific devastation that it is still hard to even try to put it into words.  Let us hope and pray that nothing like that happens in any U.S. city any time soon.

  • mondobeyondo

    I first learned about the New Madrid fault way back in high school, several centuries ago. (Well okay, it was in 1982).

    If memory serves me right, it’s one of those hidden/forgotten fault lines, much like the one which caused the Lisbon, Portugal earthquake in 1755. (Go ahead, Google it.)

    Of course, the San Andreas fault gets all the ink in the newspapers, and air time over the TV. But it’s not the only fault we need to worry about.

  • Gary

    Hopefully if there is an earthquake it will take out some red states. We need to rid our country of conservatives and republicans. Until the cancer that is republican conservative is eliminated from this country we will continue to go backwards and not forward.

    I am sorry to be so blunt, however, I am sick of seeing selfish conservatives destroy the country. I know-if there is an earthquake the republican answer will be to give tax cuts to the rich. They are so ignorant its hard to believe they remember to breath.

    • Scott

      I make 80k I pay alot in taxs. Why should I support people who wish to not take care of themselves. I do not care republican or democrat. You are the problem. I bill recently was voted on it was republican. All votes for it were rep. all votes against were dem. It never matters how good or bad the issue is. Just which party authored it. I see both parties as having good and bad ideas. It is people like you that stall them. To be so one sided is just pig headed.

      • Jacka

        I agree with Scott! This has nothing to do with the article but since ya all are talking about it, I’ll add my 2 cents. In my opinion, Obummer is a lying socialist and member of the “New Party” whose mission is to make America like Europe. If our American ways are so bad, why don’t all you Obummer supporters move out of America and let us American’s live the life that this country was founded on. Obummer and his cronies need to read the Constitution and realize this is what live by-not his version of what HE thinks America should be. That’s already been established!

  • paul

    The difference between the Haiti quake and the similar sized quakes that have hit other parts of the Pacific Rim this year, is building quality.

    On September 4, 2010 Christchurch New Zealand was hit by a 7.3. No one died. Buildings were damaged, and some are being torn down. The key thing is that we have a building code, just like you do in the US. This means buildings have to be built toa safe standard. Haiti has no such code, so their buildings fell down and people died.

    A 7.7 quake would be a huge disaster, but your comparisons to the Haiti quake effects are at best naive, and at worst Chicken-Little panic inducing stupidity.

  • William

    Yet another informative article. Thank you for posting this. This is the sort of info we won’t hear about in the news un til it is too late.

  • Guido

    There’s a great fiction book about the subject, THE RIFT, about what it could be like in a full-blown event, including the damage, recovery attempts, militias and other groups, and wide-spread panic and chaos.

    If this really happens, I figure the heart of the country will be torn out and we’ll be screwed. Like Germany in 1945 screwed.

  • And there’s nothing we can do about it except hide in our homes and buy gold.

  • This is a frightening perspective to me. I can’t imagine how incredibly devastating something like this would be to the middle of the US and the nation as a whole. Makes me worry for the family I have out there.

  • John

    Gary, you’re officially an idiot. And it’s people like you, who use places like this to rail on conservatives, that are the reason why the GOP romped in November. This is a science article — not a political one. Get your head out of your ass and go comment on the Huff Po or Al Franken’s blog.

  • Jan Thomas

    WOW, Gary…you are actually suggesting that people die???? that is more than blunt and harsh..well, I am in a red state and I hope and pray that the red states don’t die b/c not everyone in a red state is a Republican…Would you not feel bad if there was such a devistation and it looked worse than Haiti did/does?? I hope your wish doesn’t come true and if it does, I hope you can’t live with yourself!

  • SGary

    Sad how some people use every single news story to express their hatred towards others. Jesus Christ foretold these events for the last days – both the coldness of people’s hearts and the cataclysmic events. Suggestion: get your hearts right. Gold won’t help you when there is no food and no ability to deliver the essentials of life. Taxing the rich won’t help when the infrastructure is destroyed. For some people there will be joy in seeing others as miserable as they are. Doubly sad.

    • Forgiven Forever

      Very true……Many will think they are saved when the day of GOD’s wrath is poured out. But the bible tells us clearly: “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’ (Matt. 7:21-23)
      I thought I was saved, but over and over I was told about, Godly repentance, being sorrowful to the core for my own sins, letting the holy spirit reveal my sins to me, and asking for forgiveness. I pray, that it is truly done. My fear is that our hearts are wicked and I don’t want to be foolish. It also says to make sure our election is sure. My prayers are that me, my family, and many are acceptable to our Father because Jesus will judge our hearts. Thank you Lord

  • Huh?

    So how do birds falling from the sky and fish dying have any relation to a fault line?

  • Aurelius 7

    Gary isn’t sorry for anything. He needs to be banned from commenting on this site. To wish death upon anyone simply for their political leaning shows his character — or lack thereof. Additionally, his touting of Socialism, which is a bridge to Communism that has killed hundreds of millions in modern history is nothing this country needs to embrace.

    Get rid of Gary. He’s nothing but a worthless troll and obviously still living with mom and dad at age 45.

  • Frank Nelson

    Hey Gary, if and when the big one occurs, I hope there’s plenty of left-wing liberal twinks to dig your sorry ass out of your collapsed house. What a dipshit. This was for a comment on a potential earthquake, and you use for a stupid political comment.

  • Darla

    This is a frightening prospect, however,I can assure you that when something major like this happens, people will step up to the plate, at least those that can, and we will help each other out and get through it.
    At least the conservative Republicans that Gary was so quick to put down will be ready to lend a helping hand when needed. Gary, I believe will be one of those bashing out windows, stealing from stores, turning over cars and killing people to take from them just so he can survive. Oh don’t bother to deny it Gary, you are so hate filled and negative towards a class of people that you don’t care about anyone but yourself.

  • Ouida Gabriel

    Please fix that last picture. Not only is the bare buttocks shown (lack of modesty) but it is dishonoring the dead. Thank you.

    Ouida Gabriel

  • Bill

    I have family in Arkansas and we were just dicussing the dead birds and fish over there and how weird it was! If it is because of the New Madrid fault line is now active we are in some big time trouble here in this area! But that would explain it some what! I live in north Alabama one of the areas that will be affected if a earthquake does happen along the New Madrid fault! And as for Gary you troll I see you posting your idiotic ramblings on almost every subject on this excellent site shut up you liberal troll and go crawling back to the liberal blogosphere where your kind hides from the light of day!

  • JT

    once again…. well done informing article with no agenda intended except for reporting unreported news to the public and to better the knowledge of the public and a freakin idiot by the name of Gary has to spew his idiotic beliefs and prove to the rest of the world that he is clueless and has no idea of how things work…. what a putz

  • de Malfosse

    “Mr. Edgar Cayce; please call your office. Thank you.”

  • Mr Carpenter

    Paul, I hate to break it to you but none of the buildings in the mid-part of the United States, nor on the East Coast, have been built to be earthquake resistant.

    The problem is the fact that nobody in living memory has seen the devastation of the fault lines in these areas, therefore nobody has built to withstand the “once every 200 to 500 year” earthquakes.

    So when (not if) they happen, it will be quite literally the collapse of a civilization, or at least, part of it.

    Gary; please do grow up. To see you wishing the deaths of people who disagree with you is at best insulting and at worse, inhuman and evil. Why is it that almost always when I see this kind of commentary from people, they are left-of-center folks? You truly must hate yourself to actually appear to hate others to this extent – just as infamous tyrants have in the past, including the ones who did the most murder and genocide of the 20th century.

    You should see a counselor, Gary; you have issues which go way beyond your comments. And believe it or not, I am saying that out of love (which is an action, not just an emotion).

  • Chicken Little

    The sky is falling.

  • Dan

    Gary, your comments disgust me. What your saying is you want all Republicans dead? I feel that you have similar views that Hitler, Sadam, and Bin Laden had. That is very scary, I certainly hope you NEVER get into politics. There are good people and bad people all over the place, you do realize there are good people (not to mention small children) all over these “red states”. I hope you change the way you look at life and politics my friend.

    “Hopefully if there is an earthquake it will take out some red states. We need to rid our country of conservatives and republicans. Until the cancer that is republican conservative is eliminated from this country we will continue to go backwards and not forward.

    I am sorry to be so blunt, however, I am sick of seeing selfish conservatives destroy the country. I know-if there is an earthquake the republican answer will be to give tax cuts to the rich. They are so ignorant its hard to believe they remember to breath.”

  • chestnutt

    Gary…And you will cower in your house waiting for the government to rescue you, you libtard.

    We conservatives will rely upon ourselves for food, water, and other survival skills which maybe we will be able to share with our neighbors.

    You sad moron!

  • David

    But Gary, if all the red states are to be swallowed up, how will all the bankrupted blue states survive? There won’t be any more wealth to redistribute to the brain-washed masses who depend on the government for their income. I mean, you can’t take from a person who spends their life taking from others. Sounds like an interesting dilemna to me……

  • geo

    This article has a number of misleading suggestions:

    1. “The New Madrid fault zone is six times bigger than the San Andreas fault zone in California…” – No, its not. The image shown at the top of the article is grossly misleading. It appears to be some sort of “felt” map (where people reported feeling the earthquake). The size of this area may be different because of the different magnitudes, and likely because seismic waves may travel much further in the hard rocks of the central and eastern U.S. compared to the relatively soft rocks along the west coast. For more basic info: (~800 miles long) and (~150 miles long)

    2. I haven’t seen any credible reports that suggest a causal relationship between the New Madrid Seismic Zone and the dead birds and fish… that seems to be a stretch without good evidence.

    3. Who thinks a large New Madrid earthquake “could actually create a new major body of water in the middle of the United States”? Probably not a seismologist or geologist (not counting those in made-for-TV movies). It could form a pond, or a small lake, but its not going to put the region under water.

    4. There HAS NOT been a dramatic increase in global seismic activity (earthquakes) and volcanic eruptions. What you have seen is an increase in the number of dramatic and tragic events reported by the media:

    There has been a lot of geologic/seismologic research in this region over the last two decades, it is important that local building codes and emergency response plans are updated accordingly. While it would certainly not be as bad as Haiti, local building codes are probably not on par with Christchurch New Zealand or California.

    Rest assured, the continent will not be torn in two.

  • Michael

    Gary, you are so silly.

  • If you want an even scarier scenario….how long did it take Katrina victims to get help. It’s comforting to know that we are all safe in Gov’t hands….I Think Not!!!

  • James17

    On the West Coast there are building codes that require new structures to be able to withstand large earthquakes. Those building codes were not enforced in the Mid West to the East Coast. The type of earthquake that happened in 1811/12 could take down entire cities. Any structure made out of bricks would not be able to withstand the shaking. This article says, “a 7.7-magnitude earthquake along the New Madrid fault would leave 3,500 people dead”. I live in So. CA and have felt a few that only lasted a few seconds. The one we had last year in June was 5.4 and things were falling off the walls in the garage where I was working. I was out of state when the other big ones hit, so for me that was a big one. Every point up is 100,000 times stronger then the number before it. Ask yourself if a 7.7 would only cause damage that would leave 3,500 dead. I think that number would be over and above 350,000 considering how many states it would effect.

  • Pamela’s Protest

    great I moved from California to Illinois… lol…

  • Bill

    @ Gary… you are an idiot and need to get swallowed by an earthquake. I eat morons like you for lunch while solving the NY Times crossword puzzle. Uninformed, uneducated, and unscrupulous. You probably think that high taxes are the answer to everything and you let the government do all your thinking for you. Go away. Leave America. I am sure China would love to have you.

    As for the article? I purchased an earthquake rider on my homeowner’s policy back in 2003 and I live in Virginia. Most people don’t know that a typical policy does not cover earthquake damage. If you live in the the zone featured on the map above, better get the rider. It’s only about $90/year extra.

  • Tom Cooper

    Narrowing search parameters to principal earthquakes of 6.5> on segments of the San Andreas fault system yields 2 cycles. #1)None have occurred in 200 years for about 6 weeks near the spring equinox and for about 2 1/2 months the fall equinox (mid feb thru march. #2)Using the metonic cycle of 19 years (235 lunar months) check the main segment for multiples (19,38,57,76, etc)1838, 1857, 1952, 1971, and a bit early by the roman calendar 1989(count as 1990) or, off the coast in 1812, 1927, 2003 or, nearer to Mexico, 1892, late 1948(count as 1949),1968,1987. All have an average of multiples of 19 years between principal quakes. These two cycles tell us how they are triggered and importantly when THEY DO NOT GO OFF! If past events were studied there would be a way to project fairly accurate forecasts of when they would be triggered. Ditto for all major fault areas throughout the world on latitudes where the defining physical forces indicated by the metonic cycle occur.

  • LuckyChucky

    Hey Gary, What a stupid ASS you are. If it does hit a red area THEY will pick themselves up and begin to rebuild.
    It’s the red areas like N.O. when hit by Katrina that are populated by the puppets of the left that are raping and killing each other waiting sitting on there lazy fat asses waiting for there hand outs from the people who you hate so much.
    Get a clue, and while you are at it a life.

  • Critical stranger from abroad

    Weird. So for uncoming earthquakes birds fall out of the sky? Where is your scientific relation to this event? You simply name it, not explain this. Also, I don’t know this website, but should I assume this to be fair and balanced?

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    Can someone explain how a fault becoming active can kill thousands of birds and fish? I’ve heard everything from fire works and high altitude hail killed those birds, to me this just proves we know more about the moon than how our Planet works.

    I found out about this fault about three four years ago, the History Channel did a series on potential disasters and this was one of them.

  • CelesteDuckworth

    I am from California and have been in a 7.2 and some 6 plus earthquakes while I lived there. The 5 pointers were not so bad but I sure did wish they were shorter.
    The six pointers were horrible and the 7.2 one left cracks in streets destroyed buildings and glass and grocery store stocks were thrown to the ground. Not to mention I thought I would die in that one. Houses toppled down hills and we had a tent city for a year to find places for those without a home to go to. WATER was our biggest issue. If you live in these areas, strap down your hot water heater unless you have one of those new fangled small ones so that you can save your water supply because the pipes that carry your water to your home will break when the ground heaves up and down like a roller coaster. Keep a crow bar by your bed and a pair of tennis shoes so you can pry yourself out or someone else out of the debris and a flashlight if it goes black…its happened to me so please prepare and save some water for yourself it takes weeks to get water and food to you. Like 6 or 7 or 8 weeks due to the fact that the overhead streets break in half also. No trucks in nor out. Be safe out there!

  • Mo

    @ Gary – If you think there is a difference between Republican and Democrats, then you are as dumb as you sound.

  • plato

    The comments in the article about BP unleashing an” oil volcano” makes total sense, as it seems to have an after effect. I also read that there was alot of methane released from the gusher, and had it not been stopped (ever wonder why that dropped of the MSM?)it could potentially cause a Tsumani wiping out the entire gulf coast.

    On another note–I tend to believe the bird and fish kills were caused by chemical weapons unleashed at the military testing site in Arkansas. Too coincidental. How exactly can birds die from the onset of a massive earthquake?

  • TXlogic

    Did I actually see someone (Gary) say Republicans who want their friends to be rich are horrible so people like him should be in power (that being folks who want to see children crushed in their own beds and orphaned by the thousands in a disaster)?? Sometimes the hypocrisy and stupidity of people just sets me back a step.
    Go ahead someone… try to educate or help a guy like that!

  • Gary2

    OK-I may have been a little over the top in wanting an earthquake to take out red states. The point I am trying (unsuccessfully) to make is that as a liberal Democrat I do not believe that we can try to work with conservatives any more. Obama has tried and failed. When you have a cancerous tumor you do not try to negotiate with it you cut it out and move forward. Because I see conservative republicans as a cancer on this country the metaphor is apropos. I humbly apologize for offending anyone. I too believe all life is precious which is why I get so upset with conservative republicans who are destroying our country and turning it into a third world country. They need to be sent to the corner for a time out.

    PS-I still think we need to tax the rich and spread the wealth :)

    • Larry

      This is of a typical liberal, progressive.All of you think there should not be any personal responsibility. You want to take from those that bust their ass off and give it to someone that sits on their ass and does nothing for it. If this continues this country is doomed to be a third world nation. Thanks to Obama,Reid,and Pelosi.I hope they Obama and pelosi lose this year and Reid in his next election. Once that happens this coutry will be well on its way to becoming what the Founding Fathers envisioned it to be.

  • K Smith

    If you live within 300 miles of the “zone”; BE PREPARED!
    Stockpile/HIDE a 2 year food supply. It should mostly be dry goods such as beans, peas, rice and dried corn. Don’t over do it with canned goods because the shelf life is not guaranteed. Peanut butter is also a good source of protein and carbs, I recommend the peanut butter sold in plastic jars. They won’t break if they fall off the shelf.
    Also store enough potable (drinking) water for at least 2 months and enough water purification tablets for another year.
    Arm yourself for hunting and self defense! That “friend” down the street won’t be so friendly if his family is starving because he didn’t get prepared.
    Don’t brag about stockpiling food and water. Keep it low key because the military will gladly take all of your supplies under martial law; if that neighbor hasn’t killed you first.
    Buy a fair quantity of vegetable seed and plant a garden this spring, especially if you never had a garden before. That is a skill that could mean your very survival.
    Buy a small emergency generator that you could power a small refrigerator and TV or radio with. Have enough fuel to run it about 3 hours a day for a couple of weeks. For a 5KW unit that would only be about 25 gallons of treated gasoline. A solar system would be a better choice you could make use of on a daily basis. A 120 watt system I cobbled together cost less than $400.00. That’s how I power the LED lights in my house.
    Be prepared to take care of your family for much longer than that 72 hour figure given by FEMA. Help may never come if it’s a really big one. 72 hours might do in a hurricane, but not this scenario.
    If you live in town: you may not be able to stay for much longer than a week or so. If the electrical grid is severely damaged; you will begin to see raw sewage in the streets. Most water treatment plants only have enough fuel to run for 72 hours. Remember: no power = no water or no sewage disposal.
    Be as prepared as you can afford to be. Start NOW! this post may be our only warning.

  • Steven Cornett

    Speaking of another type of earthquake, this one financial, you might want to look at this presentation on Foreclosure Fraud by the Attorney General of Florida, at this link.

    View the whole thing.

  • Steven Cornett

    As another aside, one of the more destructive quakes to occur east of the Mississippi is the Charleston SC quake of 1886. Apparently, interplate faults can be found all over the east coast of the US (the above mentioned Ramapo fault is another example).

  • Boneshaker

    @Mo… you tell him! They wear different colored suits, but they’re all on the same team… and it isn’t OUR team (the american people’s) either!

  • motnu

    for those asking how earthquakes relate to birds dieing. My understanding is that earthquakes can release methane gas that will kill birds first, hence sending birds into mines to test the safety.

    I don’t know if the birds dieing is a sign of an earthquake to come but I think it’s annoying that birds are dieing in three different states (Kentucky in late Dec., Arkansas and Louisiana in early Jan.) and “officials” insist that it is just a coincidence.

    If there was evidence that a major earthquake might happen, would “they” really tell us? Imagine all the people in the area in panic and fleeing. If you’re far enough away it might be easier to wait and see what happens and clean up afterward.

  • Brenda Starr

    Like it was said above there are so many misleading parts in the article. Birds don’t die from seismic activity or there wouldn’t be a live bird in southern California.

    Art Bell would also love this story–or have the aliens taken him. Hmm, that is it, aliens are causing the birds to fall dead.

  • Abby

    @ CelesteDuckworth

    We really dont have overhead streets that would provide problems getting around, but we DO have a fair amount of bridges.

    Years ago when I was 8 or 10 we had an earthquake in St. Charles MO. Our house was strangely on the fault line. That is when I learned about it. The kids at camp, and parents on a cruise, we came home to find our driveway cracked. Was cracked almost the whole time we lived there. Foundation cracked, tree’s messed up, etc.

    I know that in KCMO where I am now I am not prepared. We have one crank flashlight, and I should get another. Our emergency supplies and tools are scattered, so now I feel I should do something about that.

    I have a motorcycle, and kinda glad I do now. If I need to, I can get around with little gas, and in areas cars wont.

    I am not freaking out, but just making sure…

    You just never know.

    As for the birds and fish, you can look up the bible reasons or the scientific ones. It is very common that the wildlife can die at the slightest change in the environment. Especially the polarity. Which, btw, changes during times where the fault lines move – even slightly. We dont always have to feel them. Remember the olden days when the animals were the first alert of natural happenings? We may start paying more attention to our pets…

  • motnu

    if scientists and elected officials start fleeing the area that would be a pretty good indicator that something is amiss.

  • Max Speedwell

    What will happen when the New Madrid fault releases?

    The great lakes will tip to the north and for a short time (minutes)the Chicago waterfront will be dry.

    The lakes will then tip to the south and flood the Mississippi taking out cities all the way to the Gulf.

  • steve

    Wow,looking over these comments people making everything political. Here is something to think about?
    1. Birds dying? Ultrasonic waves prior to a earthquake? The trauma thing coulld be just hitting the ground.
    2. Fish dying? Could be a small release of gas from a fissure opening in the Arkansas river bottom feeders were killed.
    So if I was a scientist I would be checking the river for fissures.

  • Randall Breeden

    Hello all,

    I hope that this does not happen anytime soon or even at all. I live in West Virginia and I hope I speak for my fellow West Virginians when I say, we are ready to help if this happens and anyone in these red areas can come and stay in West Virginia. As for Gary, I think all of you said what was needed to be said. Some people like Gary are not too bright and need to be taught respect and manners.


  • mondobeyondo

    What do dead blackbirds have to do with a fault line in the Midwest U.S.?

    Even I don’t know.

    But I would be cautious. Watch the canaries in the coal mine. And watch the blackbirds outside of the coal mine.

  • mondobeyondo

    An alternative explanation:

    Birds hatch from eggs. The eggs hatch, and they are fed from mommy and daddy birds. They grow up, and eventually meet a male/female bird on their own. They form nests and lay eggs, and start their own little birdie family.

    (And then, some idiot on a post Christmas shopping spree decides they’d rather have a pigeon in a palm tree instead of a partridge in a pear tree…)

    Yeah, I’ll take the partridge. Is it half off?

  • yvdc17a

    When all of the “Republican” “Conservatives” are dead…………who is going to be left to pay the taxes for all of the “bleeding heart liberals” that are sitting around looking for a hand out? Even the politicians in Washington will be scrambling to find funds to continue paying for their “fat Cat” life. I don’t see any of them doing without. Their ideology sound great……in theory…..but it does not extend to them. Even the new health care bill does NOT apply to them. They have a separate and extremely good health plan that is not privy to you. You talk about hypocrites……Honey, you should start doing your homework and stop letting people fill your head with nonsense. If those “fat cats” don’t make a profit…..where do you think your welfare will come from. “You cannot take blood from a turnip”. I think it is time you woke up and smelled the coffee. Your political views are extremely childish and unrealistic!
    Ignorance is no excuse. You better start doing your own homework and stop listening to “liberals” who only tell you what you want to hear…………but never deliver. They lie to you to get your vote. Once they get your vote they go on to carry out their own agenda…..not the one they promised to you. It is just pie in the sky! I actually feel sorry for you.

  • Rob

    There was a prophetic word given by a John Kilpatrick that should the USA be the cause for dividing Israel between the Jews and the Palestines, God will divide the USA. No all this maybe rubbish and gibbrish – time will tell, like the Nile turning blood red, hail and fire falling from the sky and the angel of death stuff passing over Egypt during the days of the Pharaoh. No one has to believe it, its unscientific, and a fable – so don’t bother, party up people.

  • infodeception

    Many articles and news reports are done to manipulate people´s opinions! This article is obviously full of unconnected assumptions, as several intelligent posters noted. Usually this kind of dis-info is used to cover up other, more important, events, like the the bankster crisis and the fact that the dollar and the US, as a world power, is going slowly down the drain.

    It might also be the recent bird story. The birds could indeed have been killed by a secret weapon. Of course it is all a guess, but this guess might bring us closer to the real offset of the article (and many others that are similar). And sure there is always a Gary-figure to turn loose the full deception off the reader!

  • Sam

    An interesting article. These unusual bird and fish deaths are happening in other areas of the world also. Millions of fish dead in Brazil, thousands of red snappers in New Zealand, Birds falling dead in Sweden, thousands of small fish/crabs dead on the coasts of UK and Italy to name but afew in the last week alone. I fear whatever the issue is, it is possibly a global one. Or a horrible coincidence.

  • Mark …

    Large earthquakes in California are usually well contained within a relative small area because the forces are rapidly absorbed by mountain ranges which simply move a bit higher.

    Similar size quakes in the East travel much further as very little stops the rolling waves on flat lands of the Mid West.

  • Arthur Guy

    This is obviously, the Military, as is behind everything that happens on this Earth, including, Earthquakes, floods and droughts, just look at the massive amounts of chemicals they spray into our atmosphere every day. They are planning an end of days, scenario, but it will not be a judgement from God, just the Military and their disgusting weapons.

  • Bill

    I will check into the earth quake rider for my homeowners policy! Here is a thank you to Bill in Virginia from Bill in Alabama.Gary you liberal troll its the hard working man and women in the red states that keep blue state parasites like yourself going! To bad all of us evil hard working conservatives in the red states cant just keep our tax dollars in those red states and let the blue states starve from lack of our tax dollars!

  • Guido

    Gary-this isn’t the place for political nonsense like yours. It’s not relevant to the discussion. Plus it’s pretty ignorant tripe.

    For the person who expressed disbelief on the animal issue-look it up online. There are numerous historical examples of animals behaving strangely, such as tame animals acting wild, wild animals acting tame, snakes coming out of hybernation, as well as loud thunder without storms, strange clouds, balls of light or lightning, and other unusual events.

    I have to agree, I never heard of animals dropping dead from seismic activity, but I’m no expert. The methane idea is quite possible. There’s evidence that suggests massive bubbles of methane are released from the seafloor from time to time, possibly causing birds to collapse. These bubbles are believed to sink ships due to disruption of their water displacement and may explain some of the sinkings in the so-called “Bermuda Triangle.”

    Additionally, there is evidence to support the idea of man-made earthquakes. Look that up and you’ll learn we figured out in the 1960s you could pump water deep into the ground to cause seismic activity. There’s also a huge Chinese dam and reservoir that was built near 3 fault lines and believed to have caused a massive earthquake.

  • Bill

    Gary you are still an idiot of the highest order and I sincerely hope that you never breed.

    Obama failed you the moment he took office because HE walked away from over 50% of his platform issues on DAY 1. His immediate abandonment of campaign promises is heavily documented if you care to do just a little work for yourself. It has nothing to do with conservatives not working with him.

    As Mo pointed out, and I will repeat for the hard of thinking, there is no Left/Right paradigm. It is a smokescreen meant to distract you from the establishment puppeteers. They all follow the same agenda — Obama and Bush are no different, just look at the Obabma Cabinet if you doubt it. Re-treads, one and all.

  • Guido

    This is a very interesting topic. There’s a fault they discovered underneath NYC. I think it was midly active in the 1990s. NC and MD have both had small quakes in recent years. MD had one in mid-2010, if I remember correctly.
    Who knows?

  • serena

    Gary – the rich work hard for their money, and the they know how to make it work for them. The money they save in taxes they invest to make more money – often this increases jobs.
    stealing from the rich to give to those who don’t want to work as hard is one of the cornerstones of socialism. Both parties are pushing this agenda. The divide between Republicans and Democrats is an illusion – the same agenda is moving inexorably forward.

  • jo

    Interesting news for sure, but as scientists will admit, they simply don’t know enough about earthquakes yet to make accurate forecasts. My understanding is that they only know minutes before they occur. Strange happenings for sure but how do these stack up to the past? I understand that birds falling in mass from the sky is rare but not unheard of…same with mass amounts of dead fish. I remember living in Tokyo and the constant talk about ‘due for a big one’ that would destroy the city. that was over 30 years ago and Japan continues to experience daily earthquakes. The ‘big one’ could strike tomorrow or 250 years from now.

    As for Gary….apology accepted. I am a liberal democrat, and I found your rant offensive. I will agree that there a few…a minority in fact of rabid conservatives out there, as there are rabid liberals…both need to step out of the way and quit blocking progress. But it is comments like yours that make people defensive and causes continued division. And God forbid we EVER have a one party system!

  • Mike

    Wow, Gary…

    Yeah, that’s a really liberal and forward way of thinking. I think it was the Nazis who said the exact same thing about Jews.

  • Walt

    I have been reading all these comments from conservatives attacking this Gary dude for his lowbrow comment. It might have been a distasteful joke but I couldn’t help the hypocrisy coming out of these people. I mean do you guys every look in the mirror at yourselves?

    I mean, for anybody who is paying attention (and that means not watching FOX News or listening to Limbaugh, Savage, Beck, and all the other right wing charlatans)this unfettered­, unregulate­d, laissez faire Capitalism that you GOP/Tea Party/John Birch Society/Ay­n Rand disciples blindly worship… is slowly destroying the planet and humanity. For what? So that 1% can own 40% of the wealth in the world?

    These conservatives comments were, at best, typically hypocritical and naively stereotypical. Gary might have said something he shouldn’t have. But I fully understand his anger. Until you conservatives pull your heads out and see what the conservative movement in this country as become, you will just be part of the problem.

  • archivesDave

    Poor Gary,
    U still don’t have a clue….Mo is correct!
    Do yourself a HUGE favor and start doing some gumshoeing on youtube….Start with Maj Gen Smedley Butler.

  • Tamara L. Waters

    There was a 5.1 earthquake in April, 2008, followed by a few smaller aftershocks–it was actually centered toward the northern edge of the seismic zone, in the Wabash Valley Fault which is the northern part of the New Madrid Fault.

  • ray

    As soon as I started reading this I thought, BP.
    I never even went to college and I was concerned about the oil spill creating something like this… Do you remember the reports of moments before the BP incident about the workers on the platform telling some big hotshot, that we need to shut this down and the company office dude yelling back NO! KEEP IT GOING!!! I wonder how much he got paid… Be prepared for Marshall Law,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Tamara L. Waters

    I live in southern Illinois on the fault and it hasn’t been reported in the media but there were dead blackbirds in my area also within the last few days and even one incident in early December.

  • William

    Just to clarify a few minor details, first would be that the New Madrid fault is not your tipical slip fault like the San Andreas, it falls into the catagory of
    Oblique-slip fault but even that is a little off the mark. The New Madrid will behave more like a rip zone where the earth parts as oppose to buttresses against itself. What this means is that the two halves of the fault are moving in different directions. The western portion would be tugged north since thats the direction the plate is moving and the eastern portion would shift north east once again because of tectonic movement. I honestly have no clue if the actual break will ever come to pass but if it does, picture the US torn from the Gulf of Mexico up through to the great lakes. And yes it does hold the potential to split the tectonic plate that the US sits on. Bad bad mojo for anyone within a few hundred miles at least.

    • Admin

      William thank you for the excellent explanation. You mentioned several things that I was not aware of.


  • Walt

    Hey, maybe that billionaire right wing Christian (in name only) Evangelical, Pat Robertson will come out at and announce this is a sign from God that 35 years since, the Reagan revolution, of unfettered, unregulated, laissez faire Capitalism is destroying the planet and humanity… And the GOP/Tea Party/John Birch Society/Ayn Rand disciples will all of a sudden… get a conscience. Yeahhh, that is about as far from reality as you can get.

    Hey, it’s just a joke… or is it? There was a time before the Reagan revolution when there was a government for the people… instead of multinational corporations and the banksters. Hey conservatives did you hear about the conservative wing of the supreme Court giving unlimited power to multinational corporations to buy elections without revealing who they are? And did you hear about all the good bills that came out of the House that would have reigned in a lot of this Fascist abuse only to see them filibustered to death by the Republicans you support in the Senate? 1% own 40% of the wealth in this world. Why do you feel tax cuts for the rich will solve all our problems?

    It has been brainwashed in your consciences for so long that government is the problem that you have a track record of electing politicians who create this reality. Now we all reap what you have sowed. But that is ok. Rush Limbaugh will set you straight.

    I know you won’t publish this because you can’t handle the truth. Reagan opened up “Pandora’s Box” and 35 years later here we are. You are so damn frightened of the word “socialism” that you let right in corporate fascism which is doing all the damage you feared. Reagan moved this country from center to too far right and now he is considered the center of reason. There is only one party. Clinton and, more and more it looks like, Obama is the left arm of the Republican party. And liberal/progressives are left with very little representation.

    Your website, “end of the american dream” is right but your moral reasoning is wrong. We didn’t have to go down this road. But you voted to because you listened to the lies and the fears. It is a joke to read these sanctimonious hypocritical comments by these so call good conservatives.

  • Sandra

    Wel this funny… al this left en right political discussions. Doesn’t anyone see that it doesn’t make any difference? They give you two choices but both are bad anyways. Gary is a moron for believing that it makes a difference at all. The US is run by big corporations. When do you americans stand up to al the bull-shit from the FDA deciding what kinda fod you need to eat.
    Worry about that!

    As for the earthquake.. i sincerely hope nothing like that will happen. It sure would be devastating. Stay safe you all en keep watching en helping the neighbour as well!

  • bruce beasley

    What does the New Madrid fault have to do with dead birds and politics?

  • DM

    NOW NOW everyone don’t call sweet Gary names… Don’t you know he is a liberal and they (according to them) are not mean spirited… only the conservatives are!
    HA! what a dumb SOB…. Gary… your a real piece of “S”! Typical, mean, hateful, gross, dispicable, liberal and I can’t even call you a human being!
    I hope wherever it hits your right in the middle of it!
    SO LONG!

  • Stray Cat

    Gary, your apology doesn’t mean s*** to me, you long haired, maggot infested, dope smoking FM type.

    I agree, you should be banned from the comments section.

  • KT_Jane

    Yeah, I heard also that the movement of plates cause the earth to release methane into the atmosphere, therefore asphyxiation would occur if birds flew through a cloud of this toxic gas. I think people need to wake up more, the earths plates are repositioning themselves at extraordinary speeds right now. The major floods in Australia and Indonesia are not caused by excessive rainfall, the flood waters are not retreating. Could it be possible that these countries are just sinking? Earthquakes do appear to be increasing (google trends), and more areas that are not used to them are seeing more. Just in the UK, within the past two weeks we have had 2 earthquakes measuring around 3.5 on the richter. According to records the average is just one per year, at this magnitude. Keep an eye on these movements. But remember it’s nothing the earth hasn’t experienced before.

  • Gary, for all of those wanting to spread the wealth around I have the following questions:
    1. Who worked to earn this wealth?
    2. What are you going to do after those who
    consume it but don’t produce anything have
    spent it all?
    3. Where are you going to get more after
    everyone is poor?
    4. Whose money is it anyway?

  • Robert

    People, wake up! What killed all of those birds? Not fireworks like they claim. It’s the poison they spray in the sky. Look up once in awhile. See those puffed out lines criss-crossing all over the place in the sky? Chemtrails. What’s in them? High levels of aluminum, barium, e-coli and whatever else they decide to spray that day. Toxins made those animals drop dead. And anyone who fails to see the true picture is truly an idiot and deserves to be part of the human raced to be destroyed in the upcoming depopulation event.
    Earthquakes the cause. LOL!! That’s funny. I’m just wondering why humans weren’t killed…just the birds and fish. Perhaps the toxins weren’t enough to kill larger species, just give them a dose of poison enough to cause a terminal illness? Hmm. Think people. Wake up. Wear a ventilation maske on heavy spray days. Don’t get a flu shot. Eat organic, fresh food. Do not drink water out of a city tap. And for God’s sake, don’t believe everything on the news. Don’t you know it’s one of the biggest form of mass control?

  • Marie

    I am truly hurt to see the kind of responses were given to Gary’s post. It does not make you any better then he when you are saying that libertarians are trolls or some of the other horrible things said. I work hard; 80+ hours every 2 weeks, I’m educated (business school but still) and I would never wish anyone death shame on you Gary. But I would not belittle a full group over some misled members.

    As for the earthquake the real reason people should be posting, I can see why birds would fall from the sky and fish float to the surface. someone (can’t remember who to many of you all posting to keep track lol) said that the gas coming up from the breaks and the waves and all that. But at the same time as was said there would be no bird or fish in California if that was the case. Not to say that the earthquakes couldn’t happen, and gods willing it wont ever happen but if it does we’ll be there for each other no matter who or what. I think perhaps the birds and fish just have finally been overcome by the pollution in this world, some can survive it and some can not as is the way the world is sometimes.
    Okay I’ve said my peace. Blessings to you all.

  • infodeception

    It is weird that non of you talks about HAARP!
    HAARP causes Earthquakes by sending mirrored concentrated waves of energy to a certain point of a tectonic plate (yes it is that easy really)….
    The European Parliament sees HAARP officially as a weapon!

    google HAARP and you´ll be amazed!

  • Mike S

    In a strange coincidence (if you believe in coincidences)recently down here in New Zealand loads of fish have been washing up dead on the shore. See link below for more info:

    And of course we had a major quake in Christchurch late last year. More powerful than the Haiti quake, loads of damage but thank goodness no loss of life

  • Mike S

    And further to my last post we recently had a tragedy with 29 miners dying at the Pike river mine. Massive explosion due to undetected (so must have been fast rise) increase in methane levels in the mine and ignition via an undergroud heat source.

    NZ lies on a major fault line, it seems there is massive seismic activity happening all over the globe

  • About the birds falling dead out of the sky. Perhaps it’s a combination of two factors – possibly related to the chemical trails – (chem trails) and the extremely cold winter this year. Maybe the combination of those two things are causing the death of these birds. It’s weird it was only reported in a few places though, Arkansas being especially hard hit. Since there have always been earthquakes occuring, it seems more likely, that a source of chemicals could be the culprit.

  • HE2

    Gary some “red” republican is probably working hard right now to pay your or someone close to you’s salary (or fund your food stamps) or in some way keep this barely-running show on the road. Follow the money to its source and you’ll see that’s true. So show a little respect and get back to work.

  • bill

    There is one striking error in this article–the author is comparing incorrectly. When the Richter scale was changed, it became incorrect to compare the old 8.0 quakes to a new scaled 8.0 quake–a new 8.0 quake would be much more powerful than than an old 8.0 quake.

  • About the birds falling dead out of the sky, perhaps it’s a combination of chemical trails – (chem trails) and the extremely cold weather conditions. It’s weird that it’s in just a few places though, especially Arkansas being especially hard hit.

  • Alan

    Arthur Guy, I didn’t know the military was so powerful in 1811-12 when the Great Earthquakes hit.(as you claim they control everything on Earth)

  • Jiggs

    No direct cause-and-effect relationship is being made in this article between dead birds and fish and the New Madrid fault zone. It is simply pointing out that the bird and fish kills occurred in the same general area as the NM fault. Is there a connection? That’s what we need to find out.

    Leave it to the fanatics of partisan politics and Dark Age religion to muck up another otherwise interesting and probably important story.

  • Steven

    To Walt:

    If you think we have unfettered, laissez-faire, capitalism, then you don’t (or refuse to) understand what that really is.

    We have over 80,000 pages of regulations in the Federal Register alone. Add in state, county, and city regulations. Mix in the greatest market manipulation mechanism (a central bank = Federal Reserve) and you end up with something that is far from unfettered, laissez-faire, capitalism. It’s not socialism or communism either. It’s a mixed-fascist (state controlled business) economy. Or in other words: corporatism.

    In reality, there has never been an unfettered economy (to our detriment), but we have had economies that were much freer than ours (China right now in many ways is). The truth is that wealth distribution has favored the wealthy more and more as freedom in the market has gotten less and less. Those with wealth have used government to create regulations to perpetuate and enhance their own wealth. Those regulations have many affects, the primary one to limit competition.

    Don’t buy the slight-of-hand that socialists want to us to believe, that what we have today is free market capitalism, as it is very much not true. Don’t fall for the trap that we need more government involvement (waste) to solve problems that the government itself created.

  • Shakingfist

    I always found this video fascinating and I wonder if it explains anything:

  • Buzzy Glass

    Yes this is going on because our government will not pump our oil out. They fell they will not make as much tax’s as our gas would be between .25 to .50 a gallon. And why have the pumps out west have not been allowed to run for so many years? We would pay $1.00 for them to make even more tax’s but they are not real to us at all. We have more oil below us than any other country. So in the end you see what is going to happen to the USA because of our fraud government people. Good luck to everyone maybe some time we will have a real government for the people only !!!

  • Pat

    What has been written in the Good Book is coming to be true.

  • mark

    I live in col.Ga self employed been running my company for 12 years had the biggest paint co. around, When that middle eastern terrist came in office my rich customers burried there money. want spend it. I work for some very welthy people and if they dont get tax breaks they dont spend. Im living proof of that, and if they dont spend i lay off men with familys, I dont want to pay for some free lodders health care. , all us hard working folks has always paid for the bums health care ,food , lights ,and what really makes me sick is these litte bastards driving brand new cars when they dont work. What they do is draw welfare and sell dime bags of pot that comes from people that should not be here any way feeding on my tax dollars. so if we going to get this place right again we have to stop the hand outs. If your not in a wheel chair go to work and stop leaching off us good people. If you dont have a visa get out,

  • April

    Gary, if you didn’t have republicans you would have no wealth to spread! On another note this article is awesome and many of your comments are too. I live in the new Madrid zone and have been warned of a quake like this my entire life. I sure hope it’s not coming but I think I might stockpile some stuff just in case. I don’t trust the government to warn us even if they do suspect a relation between these events and the new Madrid fault system and I don’t trust them to help us either.

  • April

    And you know people the government is not responsible for spreading the wealth…we are. Morally we are responsible for taking care of our fellow Americans in times of crisis, financial ruin, illness, and other devastating circumstances. Americans are by far the most giving people in the world and I believe that we are much better at spending our money than the government. Maybe if that single mother didn’t have to give uncle Sam so much money for pork barrel projects, she could afford to buy her babies milk, just saying.

  • Ronin

    @Gary: Thx for being a tool, you really give liberalism a good name /eyeroll… you should never wish death upon anyone, and you should know the only people who would really be hurt are the hard working men and women… not the rich who are walking on their backs.

    @Everyone @ing Gary: While he IS an idiot, some of your responses are equally idiotic.

    Quite frankly, I think all you liberals, conservatives, democrats, republicans, “tea partiers”, constitutionalists, yada yada yada are ALL wrong. This system simply won’t hold, it can’t. The sooner you all realize that and just drop this nonsense, the better off we will all be.

    oh, and Mark… I don’t even know where to BEGIN with you. I’d prolly start by throwing you into a refugee camp in africa so you can learn a bit more perspective and compassion.

    It’s not that bloody complicated people. Your jobs… meaningless. Your car, your tv, your computer, all useless. Fun and nice to have, sure… maybe… But we ALL need food, water, shelter, and love. Until we have that, wtf is the point of the rest of this drivel?

  • Cholivan

    The reason for the dead bird phenomenon is because of the gases leaking somewhere in the fault line. Birds are susceptible to gases.

  • Thomas

    Google This: HAARP

    The nutcase elitists have an earthquake machine. I would like to think they would not use it at all, but especially on their own country. But Hey, 9/11 happened. It is amazing how the earthquakes coincide with HAARP being turned on. Go to Amazon and check out “Angels Don’t Play This HAARP”. Tesla Technology. The people who run this country are pure evil. Gary, the problem is not specifically Republicans but Politicians. If you are still part of the democrat vs. republican argument rather than the people vs. the gov’t argument then you are just plain stooopid. Get a glove and get in the game would you? Corruption is the only bipartisan thing in Washington. Obama really made things better with a democrat house, senate, and the white house, right? No wait, George Bush made things better right? They are the same big government, facist party. Maybe you should stop watching TV and learn how to form your own thoughts before the big earthquake.

  • James17

    The 545 People Responsible For All of America’s Woes – < That has nothing to do with the earthquakes and dead birds but it is well worth the time to read.

  • Guess it’s time to quit your job, sell the house and take that year off you always dreamed of to travel and see the world…while it’s still there….!?

    We help Americans find jobs and prosperity in Asia. For details, visit

  • Dave

    The Gulf oil leak may have caused this activity in the Madrid fault?, nonsense.
    That was a mere pin prick that is like a garden hose running from a leak under Niagara falls.

  • chris

    latter days folks. Things are and will intensify. Natural destructions and man-made (man’s evilness), will continue to bring about consequences of destruction. Yet, God is at the helm. Strive to keep His commandments, repent, listen to the promptings of His Spirit, and endure, daily, and till the end. Keep your family relationships strong. Keep your eye on the signs of the times, middle east, and the middle of the surface earth, specifically Missouri, the future New Jerusalem.

  • Encourager

    Have any of you wondered if a solar flare could be responsible for the flocks of birds dying? Birds use the magnetic field to navigate. If that is disrupted, birds could possibly fly right into the ground. Just a thought. We have had a lot of solar flares and more on the way until they peak in 2012. As for the fish in the Ark river, weren’t they all the same species? Could a disease cause it? Let’s think this through and stop getting side-tracked with politics. As one poster said, we all need food, water, shelter and love. So what have you done to protect yourself and your families? Anything? Or are you trusting the government to take care of you? Remember Katrina!!!

  • Saint

    Question I had did a search on another subject on ancient maps and on this map of North America showed a lake of some sort in the middle of North America. Is it possible as stated above this earthquake instead of creating a new body of water just bring back the body of water that was on this ancient map of North America. This body of water was about three or four states big. If I can remember right, that’s a lot of water and displaced people.

  • Martin

    On the birds issue, have they yet to rule out a poisonous gas leak, perhaps methane?

    On the quake issue some seem to suggest, possibly,
    a massive sinkhole.

  • Calum

    If birds dying were signs of an earthquake, then here in New Zealand we would have birds dying every day. We had a 7.1 Earthquake late last year, caused by a faultline that hadn’t moved in around 7000 years. Did masses birds die? Umm, no. The implication that “birds dying = faultlines coming to life” has as much credibility as a three dollar note.

    And as for the “Ooo, it must be the End Times” theists, if a good thing happens due to “mysterious” circumstances, it is called a miracle, yet if bad things happen in mysterious circumstances, it’s demonic or “End Times” approaching. The same mysterious circumstances can lead to good and bad things happening, yet only the good things are called miracles? Why? The same cause for both occurred. “Mysterious circumstances” means we haven’t found the reason for it yet. If we gave up looking and believed the theists, we may as well go back to living in the 1500s.

  • Things are interrelated to coming events of 2012
    and around that date. Birds falling from the sky
    due to geomagnetic pole shift, air pollution by
    contrails, sudden viral disease outbreak or all
    these things taken together. Possibility of big
    earthquake at New Madrid fault exists like every-
    where else in the ring of fire. We will see if
    the Sun companion is closing on on us in the near

  • The fault of New Madrid and the fate of America
    are related to the fate of St. Emeric the Hungarian prince and the name giver to this
    continent. His death came after boar hunting and
    his body was ripped apart. It happened on 3rd of
    September 1031. At that time Hungarians or the Magyars run and sacked the Europe for ransom using military techniques inherited from the Far East. We the People somehow descended from them and only ETs of universe will know when that wheel of fate and fortune will close down on this continent and the world through the earth changes. Maybe those are the changes we were
    promised in 2008. That’s my story of the fault.

  • mark

    I blame the Republicans for any earthquakes….no make that the Democrats. I think G.W. Bush started the faultlines and now B.O. is trying to fix them. The liberals are responsible for natural disasters….no make that the conservatives.

  • BilWe

    Beyond denial, it’s all related to covertly-injected HAARP. Once it’s switched off, the “climate” will return to normal, among other unexplained “anomalies”.

  • echo 1

    Note to author: Haiti was a crapbox before the quake. I don’t think the quake there really did much to hurt that place.

  • CJ

    @Mark: First off, you say you “had” the biggest paint Co. around when “that middle eastern terrist came in office my rich customers burried there money” (your words)…LOL. It’s people like you that just don’t get it. With your rich customers who you say don’t spend their money if they don’t get tax breaks, well wahh, wahh. You have absolutely no clue that it’s the middle class who make this country run NOT the rich who DON’T spend their money and DO get the tax breaks. You sound like one of those pitiful birthers who have been laughed about and who criticize anyone who doesn’t look like you, get a life, this country was founded by immigrants. You might do yourself a favor and make sure all your workers are legal, as it’s business owners who continue to employ undocumented workers in this country and pay them low wages.

    As far as the dying birds and fish go, there are some really interesting posts on here and I have been reading all of them with interest.

    • nhghc

      everybody stop talking about politics. the government. does not have any thing to do with natural disasters. I KNOW OBAMA SUCKS BUT LISTEN TO YOUR SELF’S! WHY WOULD YOU BLAME THE GOVERNMENT! IT IS NOT LIKE THEY CAN JUST FLIP A SWITCH. they are plenty of reasons why these animals are dying. if technology was not so damn advanced and we did not have these big buildings and every thing we would not care. as some of you may have heard this phrase: buildings kill not earthquakes. any thing is possible in this world remember that.

  • JL

    Ok, look it’s all pish posh really. Some here believe that science doesn’t have the knowledge… When in fact they can tell you how to solve a rubix cube exactly how many moves and which ways to do it… (I’m confused) Now lets see here, science knows that earth crust displacement is real (moving tectonics). They even know which way’s it’s moving and at what rates and distances. They also track magnetic and geomagnetic feilds on and around the earth. They have a reasonably good grasp on how all the layers we are standing on, that are floating on magma raise and fall and at what points this happens… They even keep anatomical time (which has had to be adjusted several times) to monitor these events. (how do they keep adjusting that so?) (do they have an official watch winder to tell them if their clock is wrong?) sorry being facetious… This guy some where up in the comments says well drilling is like a pin prick… ? dude, fill a baloon with air stand a book up on each side of it ^ like that(equal height is recommended for this experiment), now take the top to a shoe box first ripping all four corners out of it, and lay it across the top of the whole thing. Got all that? Set a glass of wine on the shoe box top right over the ballon and give the baloon a prick and watch. For best results prick the baloon at an end and not in the middle, now see how long the glass of wine stays on the box top over the baloon… Come on people every little thing has a big impact on this planet, thats why mother earth kills so many so often. None of you (or to be fair I should say most of you) are not prepared to trade your conveniences to live the way we should for the bennefit of the planet, disposable life styles are to easy to maintain…

    • Taylor

      Wow, so much to think about. I know I would be willing to give up lots of modern junk. My sister & I talk of it lots. You sound smart. I am on Mother Nature’s side w/you!

  • Mary Louise Cameron

    Unbelievable. Do some of you people really believe that 2012 is the END of TIME? What about all of those people who went to the highest peak in Northern California, threw their house keys in a pile and proceeded to wait for the rapture? (this was back in 1995) They thought the world was coming to an end at Midnight December 31., What about the hundreds of thousands who KNEW that the earth was coming to an end on December 31, 1999? Oh Lord help us.

  • infodeception

    On Chemtrails (weird airplane lines in the sky) watch this movie

    What In the World Are They Spraying ? The Movie

  • JL

    The thing that kills me is the ignorance of the people, this whole article is wack… Its was supposed to be a discussion about a fault line and ended up politicaly based??? The new madrid fault line itself is just as big as san andreas you dorks. It goes from south of the gulf to through the great lakes in its entirety, thats only one hundred and fifty miles? Haiti is on the south point of the same fault and it goes through the great lakes to the atlantic by maine, now what? The dead animals, do some research the other side of the world had nearly the exact same thing happen… (check for yourselves) Is there anyone in this world that doesnt run on dumb? You should only let semi intelligent people post here, on topic please… Now this bs about thirty five hundred dead and eighty thousand injured??? Come on two hundred and thirty thousand people in Haiti and its not even a third of the center of this country that new madrid covers, you need to rethink your figures.

  • JL

    If ignorance is bliss america is fine…

    • Reba

      You’ve got that right. End times, Planet X, New World ORder. . . I have never seen so many people who want to believe such BS.

  • connie

    HAARP and Scaler technologies are being used as weapons by many nations. The UN agenda is to decrease the population of the world by 90%. A massive earthquake in the middle of this country probably would take care of a good percentage of the quota that this country has to come up with.

  • Muddigrl

    I tend to agree with JL… come on people wake up!!!!!!!!

  • Russ

    In no way take this beleive as fact or fiction, im a nerd and the dead birds raised my attention and then the media raised my attention to the fish dieing all around. In do to my beleifs I am seeing all this very clear, take it as you want.

    Wikileaks , John Wheeler, Earthquakes, Birds, Fish

    CLICK ALL LINKS, it all makes since

    Notice the video date on which it was released

    January 07, 2011Fri, 07 Jan 2011 05:00:00 GMT12:01 AM EST

    Germany halted sales of poultry, pork and eggs from more than 4,700 farms Friday after animal feed was contaminated with cancer-causing dioxin, while authorities elsewhere rushed to figure out how far the tainted food had spread. THE VIDEO THEY DIDNT WANT YOU TO SEE Indiana Earthquake happened Thursday Dec 30 2010 ….Dead Birds Found in Osgood IN

    Earthquake in Southeastern Missouri Jan 2 2011—Birds found dead near Gilbertsville kentucky

    11 earthquakes rocked the middle of arkansas near Guy Arkansas from Dec 29 2010 to Jan 4 2011…..Marshall Arkansas and Beebe Arkansas reported mass bird death also dead fish New Hampshire Jan 2 2011 an Earthquake hit….no signs of dead birds as of yet

    Dead Birds Investigated in Denver

    Earthquake hits North Carolina Sunday Jan 2 2011 Bird Death investigated in virginia 2 Earthquakes in Oklahoma Jan 1, and 4th 2011 No reports of dead birds

    and Iran just got hit by an earthquake cnn story

    The Investigation was brought to you by Google earth , gallery settings_recent earthquakes and surprisingly, the showing locations of dead birds is around the general vicinity of these earthquakes.

    Update time = Wed Jan 5 10:00:00 CST 2011
    Here are the earthquakes appearing on this map, most recent at top …

    y/m/d h:m:s deg deg km

    1.8 2011/01/05 05:49:03 35.302N 92.316W 6.3 3 km ( 2 mi) SSE of Guy, AR
    1.9 2011/01/04 10:15:38 35.288N 92.335W 3.4 4 km ( 3 mi) S of Guy, AR
    1.8 2011/01/03 20:50:31 35.308N 92.316W 4.7 3 km ( 2 mi) SE of Guy, AR
    2.0 2011/01/02 18:28:13 35.329N 92.291W 5.7 4 km ( 2 mi) E of Guy, AR
    1.9 2011/01/02 08:19:53 35.347N 92.299W 5.8 4 km ( 3 mi) NE of Guy, AR
    1.7 2010/12/31 18:49:52 35.278N 92.338W 4.7 5 km ( 3 mi) S of Guy, AR
    2.3 2010/12/31 17:44:39 35.290N 92.332W 3.0 4 km ( 2 mi) S of Guy, AR
    2.3 2010/12/30 20:48:13 35.308N 92.333W 4.2 2 km ( 1 mi) S of Guy, AR
    2.3 2010/12/30 18:55:14 35.298N 92.335W 2.8 3 km ( 2 mi) S of Guy, AR
    2.1 2010/12/30 17:54:43 35.302N 92.334W 3.6 3 km ( 2 mi) S of Guy, AR
    2.3 2010/12/30 17:51:53 35.316N 92.325W 2.1 1 km ( 1 mi) SE of Guy, AR
    2.0 2010/12/30 01:58:48 35.287N 92.335W 3.2 4 km ( 3 mi) S of Guy, AR
    2.2 2010/12/30 01:56:30 35.284N 92.333W 3.6 5 km ( 3 mi) S of Guy, AR
    2.5 2010/12/28 23:10:30 35.291N 92.335W 5.2 4 km ( 2 mi) S of Guy, AR
    2.0 2010/12/28 18:22:06 35.329N 92.286W 6.0 4 km ( 3 mi) E of Guy, AR
    2.0 2010/12/27 19:48:48 35.304N 92.325W 4.5 3 km ( 2 mi) SSE of Guy, AR
    2.1 2010/12/27 16:27:04 35.263N 92.352W 6.4 5 km ( 3 mi) NE of Greenbrier, AR
    1.5 2010/12/24 16:56:41 35.315N 92.313W 6.1 2 km ( 1 mi) ESE of Guy, AR
    1.9 2010/12/22 23:53:53 35.292N 92.328W 4.1 4 km ( 2 mi) S of Guy, AR
    1.8 2010/12/22 16:12:28 35.300N 92.321W 4.2 3 km ( 2 mi) SSE of Guy, AR
    1.9 2010/12/22 13:13:54 35.313N 92.311W 5.1 3 km ( 2 mi) ESE of Guy, AR
    2.3 2010/12/22 04:07:25 35.278N 92.352W 6.9 5 km ( 3 mi) SSW of Guy, AR
    1.4 2010/12/20 02:08:58 35.292N 92.325W 4.5 4 km ( 2 mi) SSE of Guy, AR

    New Madrid earthquake Signs? Notice that there has been earthquake activity near beebe arkansas

    This Just in that its happening other places around the world


    Researched this more and came to a conclusion that the bees are dieing off, without bees, 80% of population dies, Pestisides that we create damaged the bee pollinization which inturn affected Creatures dissapearance and just take a good look at the oil spill, It was a HUGE RELEASE OF METHANE GAS and the government tried to cover it up and they are failing miserably.
    Here id like to show you these videos and you make up your mind about the wildlife dieing off…

    And this can happen to show signs in 4 years Comeon people do i have to put it any simpler than that? THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING………
    and the bird footage, they was wearing hazmat equipement, dont let em fool you.

    But that isnt the Kicker, Since the Slight Pole Shift, We could Have an Asteroid Hit Earth By The Pole shift, methane release, famine disease, climate change and Guess what people, Its a Surprise to the Nightly news that Jupiter “took one for the team”

    Oh wait heres something really neat, The Big Bang Video here and if you do more investigating, there was Debris kicked up from the recent sun flare that happened, its in the second video but to think about a astroid coming “near” earths atmospher full of Methane Gas?

    The “bp Explosion” happened April 20 2010, now think about the dates on this link to the dates of the other link below me….

    now this flood hitting in australia and the news not focusing on any wildlife loss across continents… <—australia flood footage

  • JL

    I myself don’t believe that 2012 is the end date, the experation. It was an estimate of the time around about that there would be great change, but you cant really rely on it because there have been a few political and religious adjustments to the calendar we now use. Including but not limited to years lost or gained by convenience of ruling calendar changes. It would be as though china for example took over the us and we all changed to their calendar, just as a basic example. It is supposed to be a time of change as a matter of principle.

  • bj

    May 21 2011 Judgement Day…Mass Earthquake.. google it

  • Amy youwho

    I live close to the fault line. When we built our house the inspector insisted on crush block in case of earthquake. Gary, this girl will rebuild along with my republican neighbors.

  • Moe

    I think we can see information now faster than ever before online. I think the media is “usually” lying to us or spinning the info to make us think it isn’t as bad as it is. I think we just need to keep our eyes and ears open and take care of our own families and neighbors.

    • Reba

      I think you ought to think again who is “lying” to you. Any half baked “theory” is taken as fact. Why do you want to believe such nonsense?

  • Ken

    There have been massive reductions in bee populations lately, which gravely threatens human survival. I would blame many of these phenomena on human activities- pollution of various kinds, mostly. Another contributor could be the large quantities of oil, water, etc. being extracted from underground.

    • Sar

      You need to ask Monsanto about the bees.

  • Lynne

    If I were to just guess.I would have picked gas dispersants birds are often seen drinking together same location, but just last week more dead birds found in Italy and another european my knowlege no gas dispersants there they are banned in that country so it really is a mystery, or omen .Its interesting I keep looking to see if any news , but nothing, we are back to chasing octo mom on TV.

  • John M

    The Mississippi River flows down what is known as a rift valley. Rift valleys are created as the continent spreads apart. Rift valleys can be seismically active for long periods, like the one in Africa or they can be inactive for a long period, with brief periods of massive activity. The Madrid Fault is part of the rift valley’s structure and if it has stored up a significant amount of energy that is released all at once, it will produce a quake that will be highly destructive and very likely to change the course of the lower Mississippi River so that the river runs down the Atchafalaya River valley, completely bypassing Baton Rogue, New Orleans and the delta region. In the process of changing the flow, it would destroy roads, railroads, powerlines, oil and gas pipelines, as well as buildings and lives.

  • Michelle

    I’m a geologist.
    This story is Bull Sh*t.
    BUT… the New Madrid fault zone is active, and always has been. So watch out.

  • brian

    The threat is real and people don’t listen!

  • Girl

    3.8 magnitude quake in Greenbrier, AR this morning.

  • wlm

    For you who think the BP mere oil drip is the cause of new madrid fault waking, well in a sense you are right, it was not the leak that is pushing the fault into moving, it is the fact that there are thousands of holes in the gulf from years and years of drilling thatis pushing the fault into action. Under the floor of the ocean the oil ticoons have left so many homes of emptiness what is expected other then a earthquake or the gulf sinking/falling in…wake up man smell the risk`s

  • Sitius

    There was an alien spaceship circling above my town tonight, and on its side was painted, “New Madrid Fault Line” Weird…..

  • …..

    did you hear that georgia is holding 500,000 coffins in case of this situation…scary thought man…look it up if you havent already..truth is scarier then fiction..thats for sure.

  • scott

    @Saint the body of water you are talking about is the aquafer which is almost dried up.

  • Nay

    Well every person commenting can explain these facts however they chose. It doesn’t change them. I live in southern TN. We have felt the tremors over the last several years. The fault is waking up. I don’t think any person can predict the end of the world. But I also don’t think all of the things that are happening are unrelated. And if you connect all of the horrible things happening all over the world one right after another…you have to admit one thing: the chances that your life will forever change in the coming year due to a horrible natural disaster are much greater than they have ever been. So maybe we should just all be ready to act in the event that something like this does occur. And I am an emergency response and communications specialist. Government officials have us preparing for what they consider an eminent earth quake. The current prediction is that we will have major quakes in 2012 but we could have tremors and even small quakes leading up to this event. So be informed and prepared it doesn’t hurt and it could save your life.

  • Wow

    Do anyone notice a lot of trees dying off over the pass several years faster than ever?
    When I was younger, I remember trees being more flush and green. Now the trees are dull, diseased, and easily knocked over

    • Amal Shakur

      I’ve been noticing it also. I just dont remember seeing this many dying trees back in the 80s.

    • Dee

      Yes, we have noticed trees are dying in Virginia

  • poot

    You may want to ask that tree question to your state agricultural department. Ash trees will be extinct in our lifetime most likely, thanks to the emerald ash borer, many other hardwoods are in danger from exotic (non-indigenous)insect species too–oaks, laurels, ash, you name it.


    Next earthquake will be on 4/11/11 at the New Madrid fault line. This earthquake will split the United states in half.

  • sherri

    HAARP is responsible for the birds dying. Also HAARP has the technology to make “natural disasters” & they have capabilities of mind control. Everyone needs to find GOD now & study his word. We don’t have much longer, we r the generation of the fig tree(the last generation). Google HAARP & learn for yourself.

  • deets

    You are all CRAZY.
    Live your lives and stop reading this BS!

    • me

      you’re reading it…

  • PJ

    There are lots of things going on to cause this:
    HAARP (scientists doing experiments with giga-microwaves aimed at the ionosphere)
    Planet X moving closer to earth
    Solar Flares (explosions on the sun)
    New World Order – Satan & designated angels taking the earth by force (design to decrease the world’s population to 1/2 billion)

    Put all this together and guess what – the end times are here folks – get ready! My physical body may die but my spirit wants to meet Jesus in the air. Only God alone knows the actual date!

  • Cathy

    I would like to see the sand geysers, they
    apparently erupted in fields a little like a
    volcano. I have been through a 3.5 in Missouri
    when I was very young, which felt like the end
    of the world then. After reading about the 1811-
    12 quake on the New Madrid, and about the faults
    and subduction zones off the coast of California,
    I’d say a big earthquake will hit there first.

  • Tiona

    Well its 12:38 here in Central OK and we have had a 4.7 earthquake around Oklahoma City early yesterday morning and another one here a bit ago that was a 5.6 around the Tulsa area. (The 2nd strongest ever felt in OK) This quake was felt clean down around the Texas area and up into Ark. I’m located at an hour and 35 minutes from Mena, Ark. and we felt it here around the Poteau area and surrounding areas.
    Say what you want but something is going on and its only gonna get worse, could be looking at ocean front property in the near future. and I don’t think it the end of the world either, just nature taking action where action is due.

  • Jim Buck

    Geological evidence of ancient faults should be proof enough that Earth has been a very dynamic place far into the past, and is likely to be just as dynamic far into the future as well, and does not require human activity to do so.

    Or maybe the alarmists over fracking should look even deeper and find evidence of other culpable, very ancient civilizations, that were disturbing those fragile bumper-boats on a sea of molten rock that we call tectonic plates.

  • Nina Melito

    Glad you liked the post and enjoyed the thinking behind it Audrey. In many ways, you’re absolutely right: I really think more people need to be less beholden to a job, and instead live more prosperous lives outside its confines, perhaps by starting their own enterprise.

  • worry

    this is really bad god hep us

  • ???

    Gee, excuse me for saying so, but the person who wrote this full of BS. Also,if you believe this pathetic excuse for an article, then you are a total moron. Just saying.

  • Reba

    I cannot believe the rampant ignorance and gullibility the internet has brought out. “Chemtrails”, “HAARP”, “the end of days” “well drilling is pin pricking the earth, as if it were a balloon”. Good grief people. Get an education.

    • ionvestigator1

      you really are a stupid person…you really should watch less TV and start talking to people with an education instead of gossiping with neighbours….
      there is PLENTY of evidence for chemtrails, and Haarp, these things are not even theory anymore, if it is good grief you want, start looking on the internet that you so despise and LEARN SOMETHING before you shoot your dumb mouth off again!…troll.

  • Celeste

    Folks, we are in the end times. No man knows the day or hour of the Lord’s return, but He does say that we will not be unaware of the seasons and time. There will be signs and intensification of weather patterns, earthquakes, etc. Get the Bible out and read Revelation. It has been prophesied for several years now that the New Madrid Fault Line would one day produce an earthquake that would devastate parts of the United States. The New Madrid Fault Line is six times bigger than San Andreas in California. Not only will the New Madrid errupt, but there is an earthquake coming to the West Coast that is going to do major damage. It has all been prophesied because this nation will not humble themselves and turn back to God. God is a God of love, no He is LOVE itself. But He is also a God of judgment. This nation has basically kicked him out. This nation is no longer founded on God, but on what man decides he wants. “Men do what is right in their own eyes”. We cannot do whatever we want, whenever we want, and not suffer the consequences of our actions. The earth is groaning and will continue to groan more and more as time goes on and as people decide to keep doing what is right in THEIR own eyes, instead of doing what God says in His Word. So when everything starts hitting the fan, do not be surprised.

    • Elijah Enoch

      It is very heartwarming to see so many of you who have your eyes opened. It certainly is true that all this IS a part of Gods judgement on this nation. He has always judged nations using any means He chooses. The personal judgement is at the very end. The nation is definitely wicked and perverse in great part however, the Church is guilty as well, whoring after the dollar with the best of them as well as several other issues). Did you know that Melchizadek in the book of Malachi was actually Jesus himself? It’s true. No lineage, no beginning and no end. That criteria belongs to only 3 entities in this universe. The Word says that Abraham paid tithes to Him of the PLUNDER, not his daily living which was raising sheep, goats, cattle and veggies. Tithes were never money, unless brought by those traveling a long distance where the food would spoil. That money could be used only to buy food for the priest. That is why God said “bring all the tithes into the storehouse that there may be FOOD in my house, NOT money in my bank account! In Hebrews 8:13 it says that whenever there was a new High Priest that all the rules and regulations were invalid and should soon pass away. They haven’t because so many are getting soooo rich while the poor (Jesus’s favorite people) are right outside their doors but don’t have good enough clothes or big enough wallets to be able to participate in the “milk fest” going on inside. Shame on them!! I feel certain that He will be angry when He sees His sheep naked from all the fleecing and weak from a diet of milk with little or no meat. And not ready for the tribulation. The word rapture is not even in the Word, it is a word and a concept that those weak in the faith invented because they are afraid and denying the power of the Holy Spirit to protect them thru it much the same as the Jews were protected thru the plagues in Egypt. The Word says a lot about it and if you look carefully at what Jesus said, the clues are there, perhaps the elect may be the only ones to “see”. There IS a form of rapture but there are actually two. The first one (the clues are in “The Revelation” where it calls one the “first resurection”, which is only for those who were killed for the Gospel or beheaded for It, or did not take the mark of the beast (during the tribulation). Those are all dead people and we probably won’t see it. The second is at the end when The Great White Throne Judgement happens, when “the sea gives up its dead and all the other places where people have died go up first and then those who are alive and remain will join them (for judgement). Thats where many so called “Christians will not agree with being cast into the fire because they “cast out demons in His Name etc, etc. His name is POWERFUL and many use it for their own agendas but they will be told “I never knew you”. So many, many know about Him but do not know Him personally. He MUST also know you personally. Satan knows Him but not on a personal basis. He is His worst enemy as many running around this planet are. I am retired and have a luxury that many don’t have…time to pray and STUDY the Word, day and night. There is so much that I would love to share with True believers and I will attempt to do that but I will stop here and collect all the rhetoric that must certainly follow. By the way, the two witnesses in the Revelation are probably Elijah and Enoch. Jesus gave us the clues by something He said. I’ll share that later. It’s very interesting what The Spirit of Truth reveals in the Word when you study in the Spirit. After all, He wrote it all and was there for every part of it. The Spirit knows Everything except the day and hour and He can show it to those who are seeking “The Truth” because He is The Spirit of Truth, just as Jesus is “The Way, the TRUTH, and The Life. And The Spirit always points to Jesus. Later, later. In His Service (name doesn’t matter. You can call me servant or brother. I certainly have been called worse. Pray for The Church, her dress is soiled badly and He is at the door.

  • June Thompson

    I thought I just felt a rumble under the floor here in Campbell, Mo. It was 2:54PM on March 10th, 2012
    This is a small town in the bootheel of mo. I was wondering if we had a tremor??

  • Tina

    1-For all you ppl that talk down about this website or don’t believe why read it, better yet why did you get on this site anyway…”Inquiring minds”!! And for those of you that think this is a sign or warning from scripture think again MAN will destroy himself.These are not acts of GOD this is man own ignorance.We will die by our own hands, now go study to show thyself approved.

  • Rob

    I just want to know why the leftwing, governement stoolies at Google are blocking most of the good videos about the Madrid Fault Line. It’s nothing new, so are there bits and pieces of some puzzle they are trying to hide from Joe Public? The internet evolved into a “public knowledgebase”, but the powers to be and their moronic followers are trying to keep us stupid.

  • Connie

    My response to ???, Feb. 2, 2012: Just saying, if the author is a “total moron” as you claim, why on earth did you read it???
    I live on the Mississippi River in Iowa & I have felt the tremors; usually in the early morning hours. (No, it’s not my hubby). No doubt in my mind, the earth is “definitely shifting” here!

  • BilyeBob

    Hey guys – you need to dig a lot deeper then the big Madrid fault.
    Like priors stated, man has basically doomed himself in one way or another. Just in the sky (astroid) floating out there since last year and it’s coming back past us.
    Man has basically destroyed his food supply via not just the hidden drugs to want to eat more but releasing things such as pathogens – much worst then bird flu or mad cow. These ever changing bugs – man can not comeup with a counter medicine. These bad bugs cause the adnormal amount of diseases out there (increased breast cancer, Alzhiemers, etc.)

    The govment knows exactly what is going on -but as usual they put on a front (know first hand).

    If man does not put the final nail in the coffin, then for those who belive in God, He has a backup to do away with the corruoted, greedy, and power hungry man we have these days. Unless one can analyze the whole picture (Japan tsumani/nuclear/trash), the Chernobl case, the oil slicks of BP and Valdez, sinking islands, the fact they want to start a major war in the Mid East that will spread to this country – man doesn’t really have a prayer. Again man brought it on himself and if God cleanesed man a couple times before He will do it again.
    Also rember as the earth evolved it doesn’t stop when we came into life. It will continue to evolve until it becomes dead like Mars.

    • Forgiven Forever

      However, Evolution is a false religion in of itself. It has been disproved many times over, but unfortunately Man does not wish to believe because he rather Hate G-D than to LOVE him. Please do not be fooled by the worldly views of “evolution” Science and Archeology academically have proven the birth of Christ many times over. Oh, and YES applied theoretical mathematics. Besides, it is ludicrous that evolutionist want people to believe they are derived from pond scum! We used to think a cell was simplistic in structure and form. However, with our improved technology, we know that a single cell is like a universe unto itself. With small structures that can differentiate other structures and functions. It is incredible that our Creator has made us so complicated and yet so simple. What a wonderful thing. The sad part is,,,,Satan and his fallen angels do not want people to go to heaven. They want them to accompany them in the lake of fire…in Hell. Watch Angela dead 23 hours went to Heaven and Hell on you tube. PRetty good testimony. Hell is real, and we have been warned time and time again. NOW …….we are witnessing before our very eyes the prophetic fulfillment of our Lord’s return. Do not let the Satan or his demons win :(

  • Zoot

    Why don’t you atheists wake up and smell what you’re shoveling. The Bible is full of predictions that have already come to pass. The world has become unbelievably wicked, wars and rumors of wars, Israel is a nation again. All one has to do is read 2nd Timothy to ascertain that we are in a lot of trouble. Not to mention Daniel and Revelations. These strange sounds can’t be explained by anyone, clearly there are asshats who enjoy throwing hoax videos onto youtube but it’s happened in Germany, Canada, Cosa Rica, none of these places encapsulate the fault you speak of. This is a global problem and yes, we are near the end of an age. It won’t likely happen this year, but it’s coming. These dead animals you speak of are occuring at a rapid pace all over the world. What the hell is it going to take for you people to pull your head our of your ass?

    • Michael

      Yes, the Bible is very true.

      In the Scriptures, God tells us that one of the things that makes Him distinct from all of the false gods out there is the fact that He tells us the future in advance (Isaiah 46:9-10).

      God has done this in a wide variety of ways, but one of my favorites is through the amazing prophetic holidays that He has given to us.

      For example, the vast majority of Christians, the vast majority of Jews, and the vast majority of the rest of the world has totally missed the prophetic implications of Passover.

      During the original Passover right before the people of Israel left Egypt, God instructed the people of Israel to kill a lamb and to put the blood of that lamb on the doorposts so that the death angel would pass over their homes.

      Why the doorposts?

      Well, even today most doorposts are made of wood.

      And where does wood come from?

      It comes from a tree.

      So the message of the original Passover was that the blood of the lamb on the tree delivered them from the wrath of God.

      After the people of Israel got to the Promised Land, God required that His people gather at Jerusalem on one specific day every single year in order to celebrate the Passover.

      Looking back, we can now see that God had His people gather together every single year in the exact city where Jesus would die on the exact day when Jesus would die and He had them act out rituals which precisely foreshadowed the shedding of the blood of the lamb on the tree (the cross).

      Even though this was done every single year for 1000 years in advance, most of the people still missed it.

      One of the words that is used to identify holidays such as Passover in the Scriptures can be translated as “dress rehearsal”. The truth is that the holidays that God has given us are meant to have us remember things in the past but they are also prophetic dress rehearsals for things that will happen in the future.

      Please feel free to share this information with others, and if anyone has any questions about any of these things I would be glad to try to answer them.


      • pennine (UK)

        Thank You !!! Have you a newsletter i could subscribe to? Kindest & God Bless You.

      • Forgiven Forever

        That is an AMAZING point…

      • Elijah Enoch

        Michael, nice work. You obviously study as you should. May God bless you and yours. We’re getting close. In His service

      • Robin Taylor

        Michael this is great information. Thanks so much for posting

  • frank

    sorry but you people are not getting off that easy with your wrath,it will not be this big god driven happening,we are all going to die slowly and very painfully with all the poisons we are putting in our ground,air and water,you can pray all you want because it will not matter,i am glad i am old and wont see it but your children will,time to pay the piper.

  • billy

    hellooooo peeps…….

  • America’s Native Son

    there are many more scenarios no one speaks of. the locks on the illinois river, the draining of lake michigan down said river. the fact that the scarp, shelf in st louis dropped on the north side, caused the miss to run north in 1812, combine this with the illinois river fed from lake Michigan. if the illinois river schisms laterally, also, it could increase the volume dumped through the inop locks along the illinois. then when said miss runs backwards, it will raise the level substantially in the fox valley. its obvious on a topo map, this has happened before. the aquifer is only 20 ft under ground surface in the fox valley.


      Look into the Edgar Cayce Readings on the coming Earth Changes. He prophesied that the Great Lakes will empty in the Gulf of Mexico and that Idaho will be oceanfront property.

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    Translation: “BUY MY BOOK!”

  • ByrdShott

    I have a theory of the dead birds..youT Chemtrail generated lake mead cloud. Doesn’t the Jet stream carry our weather towards that area of the USA??