Is The Mainstream Media Covering Up The Truth At Los Alamos, Ft. Calhoun And Fukushima?

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What in the world is really going on at Los Alamos, Ft. Calhoun and Fukushima?  There are millions of Americans that would like the truth about what is happening at these nuclear facilities, but the mainstream media has been strangely quiet.  Instead, the mainstream media is running headlines such as “10 Dirtiest U.S. Beaches Named” and “Pole Dance Stops Times Square Cold”.  Yes, those are actually headlines that appeared on the front pages of major mainstream news websites in the United States today.  Sadly, you really have to dig to find anything about the problems that are currently happening at nuclear facilities in the United States, and the mainstream media seems to have gotten really tired of talking about Fukushima.  It is almost as if the mainstream media actually prefers to talk about mindless things rather than focus on the truly important events that are happening all around us.


Look, most of us are not nuclear experts, but when one of our nuclear plants is completely surrounded by flood waters and another one is being seriously threatened by a raging wildfire we have a right to be concerned.

Sadly, the coverage by the mainstream media has been so sparse that the majority of Americans don’t even know that there are problems at Los Alamos and Ft. Calhoun.  Most Americans also don’t understand how serious the Fukushima disaster really is.

Let’s take a closer look at what has been happening at Los Alamos, Ft. Calhoun and Fukushima lately….

Los Alamos

A 93 square mile wildfire has approached the perimeter of the Los Alamos nuclear lab in New Mexico.  Authorities are warning that this wildfire could soon double or triple in size and an all-out effort is being made to fight it.

Right now the major concern is that the raging wildfire could threaten a dump site where an estimated 20,000 55-gallon drums of nuclear waste are being stored.

Instead of being stored securely, these 20,000 drums of nuclear waste are being stored in above-ground tents.

Authorities are telling the public that the wildfire has gotten to within a few miles of the dump site.

However, it has also been reported that the wildfire is now within 50 feet of the Los Alamos facility itself, and there was even one report that flames were “just across the road” from the southern edge of the famous lab where the very first nuclear bomb was developed during World War II.

Authorities at Los Alamos continue to insist that there is nothing to be concerned about.

But that is also what they said about Fukushima at first.

Joni Arends, the executive director of the Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety, says that if the wildfires reach the nuclear waste it could be a total nightmare….

“The concern is that these drums will get so hot that they’ll burst. That would put this toxic material into the plume. It’s a concern for everybody.”

But the dump site is not the only concern.

According to a recent Reuters article, there is quite a bit of plutonium at the Los Alamos facility….

John Witham, a spokesman for the anti-nuclear group Nuclear Watch New Mexico, said it is the only place in the country that produces plutonium pits that are carried in the core of nuclear bombs.

Three metric tons of highly radioactive weapons-grade plutonium is stored in concrete and steel vaults in the basement floor of a building near the center of the complex, with an air-containment system surrounding it, Witham said.

So in light of all of this information, don’t you think that the mainstream media should be keeping us better informed about what is really going on out there?

Ft. Calhoun

As you read this, the Ft. Calhoun nuclear power plant in Nebraska is completely surrounded by water, and there has been some minor leakage into some of the buildings.

On Sunday, the swelling Missouri River surged past a 2000 foot inflatable berm.  Approximately 2 feet of water rapidly surrounded all of the buildings at the facility.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission insists that there is nothing to worry about, but it is also being reported that flood waters are literally “at the door” of the primary buildings.

Yes, this is not going to be another Fukushima, but it is a very, very serious situation.  The American people deserve to be told about what is happening.

In a recent article about the Ft. Calhoun disaster, Michael Wolf raised some very interesting questions about what is going on at Ft. Calhoun….

The government is telling us not to panic. All is under control, just like in Japan. But here are a few troubling inconsistencies. One, the Red Cross shelter next to the Fort Calhoun plant has been closed. They claim it was due to “decreased need.” During a flood? Now there is a no-fly zone around the plant. Then there is the disturbing news that the spent fuel rod pool was so full that they store the surplus fuel rods in a dry storage area outside the safety of the pool. How long will that area stay dry and what happens if it gets wet? One reporter claims the dry storage bunker is now half-submerged. One of the intake structures is prone to flooding that could affect the water pumps. Non-functional water pumps? Does that sound familiar?

The few news reports that we have gotten out of the area have been more than a little alarming….

Sadly, most Americans don’t know anything about Ft. Calhoun because the mainstream media has been largely ignoring this story.


Of course the ongoing saga at Fukushima is one of the biggest news stories of this century.  Most analysts are finally acknowledging that this is the worst nuclear disaster in history.  The disaster at Fukushima will be seriously affecting our environment and the health of millions of people for decades to come.

More bad news is continually pouring out of the region.  For example, did you know that large numbers of people living in northern Japan now have radioactive urine?

It’s true.

More than 3 millisieverts of radiation has been measured in the urine of people living 30 to 40 kilometers away from Fukushima.

How would you feel if that happened to you?

Very, very high radiation levels continue to be detected all around Fukushima.  For example, check out what an article in the Telegraph recently had to say about the level of radiation that was found in the water in one trench near the facility….

The water seeping into a trench outside the Number two reactor at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in northeast Japan had a radiation level of more than 1,000 millisieverts per hour.

Such a high level can cause temporary radiation sickness including nausea and vomiting and far exceeds the 100 millisievert per hour which is generally regarded the lowest amount at which cancer risks are apparent.

How many people in Japan (and around the world) are going to end up developing cancer as a result of this disaster?  The truth is that we will probably never know the full health toll.

Radiation meters are now being handed out to approximately 34,000 children that live near Fukushima.

Shouldn’t this have been done about 3 months ago?

The way that the Japanese authorities have handled Fukushima has been a complete and total nightmare.  We may never know the full truth about what has been going on.

But what we do know is that Fukushima is now the worst nuclear disaster in history.  Just check out the following excerpt from a recent article by Stephen C. Jones….

By way of comparison, the Chernobyl nuclear disaster that occured in 1986 in the Ukraine, Russia- heretofore the worst nuclear disaster on record- burned for 10 days and cumulatively killed an estimated 1 million people worldwide. The Fukushima, Japan nuclear disaster has 5 nuclear reactors burning, 2 in partial meltdown and 3 in full meltdown- and they’ve ALL been uncontrollably burning since March 11th. Its been over 3 months and this nuclear disaster remains completely out of control. In fact, some industry estimates cite the possibility that these meltdowns will be contained (optimistically) in 1-3 years, at the very earliest.

Sadly, our politicians and those that control the media apparently believe that it is better for us “not to panic” than to receive the truth.

So what do you think?  Please feel free to leave a comment with your opinion below….

  • Tatiana Covington

    If Calhoun blows, then much of this country’s food-producing areas and much of its best farmland, will be permanently poisoned for millennia to come. That would force Americans to be afraid of their food.

    That would ruin the country, perhaps cause it to politically and industrially collapse. That, or force the abandonment of the entire Middle East, to keep control, put down food riots, enforce rationing, seize Canada for its safe farmland.

    The situation is potentially that serious. It’s happened before. Look at Chernobyl, which was Communism’s heart attack.

    Nuclear power will probably have to be abandoned as unsafe and unreliable. I expect its abandonment everywhere by 2040 at the latest.

    • LC Lobo

      And I’m fairly sure that BHO would have no problem declaring marshal law in America. With the attacks on our freedom, Houston VA said that you can’t used the G word, you might offend someone, the Indiana courts tossing the Fourth under the bus, hey the cops don’t need a warrant to come into your house, and Ohio courts stating that yes, the government has the “right” to make you buy something, that’d be the Sixth. The whole “Gun whatever they want to call it” ATF screw-up, a left end run on the Second. Yeah, the pResident would love to do that and clamp us under his mix of marxism and islam.

    • A.S.

      When 300+ million people start to riot for safe food, there will no force on Earth, except G-d, to stop all of them.

      Yeah, I know who you are already, Tatiana. You don’t believe in G-d (I have seen your posts before). But maybe if you start praying that He saves you now, you won’t have to be in the U.S. when all hell breaks loose.

      • Tatiana Covington

        Save yourself, instead of mouthing empty prayers to a sky fairy that doesn’t exist.

        Self-reliance is far better than waiting for others to do it for you. This is why the whole concept of salvation is so lethal. It prevents us from doing for ourselves, and encourages us to wait on others instead. That in turn makes us contemptibly weak and spineless.

        And they never show up.

        My command to mankind? “Do it yourselves.”

        • Momma G

          Disagree with you here Tatiana ( love your name!). Search out Rural Revolution blog by Patrice Lewis. She has a beautiful post somewhere that speaks about because we are Christians, we must prepare for what is coming. God sent Joseph to prepare for the 7 years of famine. There are other examples to be found in the Bible. “If a man does not work then he should not eat”, etc. I don’t know if you have read the Bible (I know some atheist seem to know the Bible better than some Christians!) but I believe the Bible to tell us to prepare for the future as well as live as if Jesus is coming back for us today. I leave you with goodwill.

          “The LORD bless thee, and keep thee: The LORD make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.” Numbers 6:24-26

        • Wow, you’re really going to be in for a shock one day when you find yourself standing before God.

  • Lionel Gambill

    Nuclear power has a history of lies and cover-ups. Every nuclear reactor in the US is leaking tritium. When the Chernobyl cloud passed over California, Point Reyes Bird Observatory recorded complete reproductive failure in 52 species of land birds wherever it rained as the cloud passed over. Radiation leaks at Hanford WA left a dead zone that’s unsafe for farming. Cancer incidence rises in inverse ratio to distance from a nuclear power plant. The State of Pennsylvania tried to cover up unexplained infant mortality along the path of the Three Mile Island radiation cloud.

  • Katie

    My dad used to say… “sometimes you just have to face the music”. Is this one of those times?

  • I spent 25 years in Los Alamos. The Mainstream Media is doing a good job of covering the fire but they can not tell you anything about the laboratory that they do not know.

    (1) The laboratory covers 43 square miles with more than 50 sites.

    (2) The fire did enter the laboratory area but was extinguished – the Mainstream Media did cover this.

    (3) There is less vegetation within the laboratory area than in the surrounding national forest.

    (4) The laboratory has reported that the waste storage barrels are sitting on concrete slabs. Last time I visited this waste storage site, there was nothing in the immediate area that could generate a significant amount of heat.

    (5) The soil in many of the canyons associated with the laboratory is contaminated with radioactive material. After the fire is extinguished, more water will be flowing through these canyons. The city of Los Alamos obtains their drinking water from wells at lower elevations.

    (6) The original laboratory site that developed the bomb was at the north edge of Los Alamos Canyon. Most of the laboratory has been moved to the south side. For many years, contaminated soil from the original laboratory site would flow over the edge with each summer rain storm.

    (7) The bomb was not developed “just across the road” from the southern edge of the laboratory.

    (8) Some of the vegetation within the laboratory area is contaminated. Many laboratory sites have contamination problems of different types. For example, tar covered roof tops are often contaminated around exhaust stacks.

    (9) Prior to the last major fire, the laboratory had a water cooled nuclear reactor with a wooden cooling tower. The Mainstream Media should be more interested in current experiments and potential ground water problems.

  • Justa Guy

    TPTB don’t care about anyone else in the least, only money and power. We are all expendables to them. It is worth the risk to our lives vs. the potential money to be made. The only reason they try to avoid panic is because it would cost them money. Stocks would plunge, riots that destroy assets, lawsuits would be lost due to a direct correlation to the problem. If they can downplay it by making everything sound vague and non-specific, then you have a difficult time proving it caused your health problems for a lawsuit. Don’t believe anything TPTB and their media/lackeys tell you. Assume the worst and protect yourself accordingly.

  • Maria

    Los Alamos, Ft Calhoun and Fukushima are the tip of the iceberg.

    MSM serves tasteless pablum for the mindless sheeple.

    Alternative media hunts down the truth and serves it up hot by the plateful…more than people could possibly digest in one sitting.

    The purpose of MSM is no longer to inform the people, but to placate the sheeple. Keep them distracted, entertained, marginally cognisant of very few significant issues, and COMPLETELY POLARIZED to the right or left. Either party…doesn’t matter. Just keep the sheeple focused on fighting against each other. Don’t want them realizing both parties serve the same master. And definitely don’t want them to unify…they might turn their focus against the real enemy…the secret society of multi-national corporations and banks forming a “one world government”…the control grid.

    If I never hear the word Republican or Democrat again, it will be too soon! I refuse to accept the 2 party limitation of the control grid. My beliefs are not embodied in either of the completely corrupted “port-a-parties.” I want to hear the voices of other candidates, and I want each person’s vote to count! If every person’s vote counted, then every person might just vote! Get rid of the electoral college! As Gerald Celente says, “Let the people vote!”

    Free speech is a right that we will lose if we don’t start using it more. If we lose one right, we will lose them all. I participate here, because I still can.

    Thanks, Michael, for giving us a forum to break away from the right/left paradigm and make our voices heard.

    Speak up everyone! Be heard!

  • Maria

    Yes, I said port-a-parties. Both political parties stink from all their filth, and there isn’t much I dislike more than having to use one.

  • anne

    not sure of the veracity of this site, but it says the Gavin’s Point Dam is about to be blown (parts of it at least) because it is failing. That would push the water to Ft Calhoun I think.

  • Francois Aldoma

    Millions of Americans, connected to the consensual TV, Press, News mainstream, ignore what is really happening.

    Same remark is available for Europeans, Chinese, Africans…

    I think it’s a personal attitude to check wether we’re satisfied of the unidimentional stuff they provide and if we can look elsewhere – the activist network for example.

    Many people are running after a (small)salary, care the kids and grand-parents, pay the bills. Many of them know that they are bullshited by the polititians, corporations, institutions that are supposed to support them.

    I’m not shure that they want the details about how they are cheated on!

    Now, it’s a matter of sef-respect for the mainstream, to believe or not to their”stories-telling”.
    You’ll neve convince them from the outside, it has to be a personal approach.

  • Steve

    I agree that there needs to be more information shared through the media which will allow people to make better-informed decisions. There are people, however, that would argue that if the news agencies were to share “reality”, those news agencies are simply sensationalizing the news to gain ratings, advertising dollars, etc. There’s no winning here; “damned if you do, damned if you don’t”.

  • mondobeyondo

    Don’t depend on the mainstream media to tell you the truth about anything, except maybe Justin Bieber’s haircut or the winner of “America’s Got Talent”.

    There was a report I saw on ABC News (I think that was the network) that showed a list of nuclear power plants, and their proximity to populated areas. The general gist of the story was, “John and Jane Doe live 300 feet from this nuclear facility, raising 2 kids and a puppy, and they feel totally safe and healthy! Tune in to (take your pick – 60 Minutes, 20/20, Dateline, etc) and get the full story!!” Uh-huh. Just keep singing the same old tune.

    Fukushima: “Nothing to worry about, it’s under control”
    Los Alamos: “The nuclear facilities are safe”
    Ft. Calhoun: “Nuke plant under water, but don’t worry!”
    Star Wars: “These are not the droids you’re looking for”

    Hey, you know, some of us can see through the Jedi mind tricks the mainstream media tries to put on us.

  • mondobeyondo

    Those one eyed fish with 12 fins you see swimming by Three Mile Island? Not to worry, it’s just a new species! They’re Cyclops trout (fishus nuclearus troutus cyclopsis). They are perfectly safe and very tasty. You’ll find them next to the genetically modified Frankenfish, I mean salmon.

    • Justa Guy

      There’s your proof of evolution!

  • Guido

    Nuclear energy is scary as hell to your average person, however once you meet an expert; you’ll find they take a laid-back, seemingly lackadaisical, attitude to it. The best way to explain it would be to compare them to a veteran who isn’t flustered by loud booms.

    I used to work at a nuclear power plant and I was surprised by the attitude of the pros who worked there. I was always very careful and attentive to what I was doing. I watched my dosimetry like a hawk.

    One time, I got a hot particle on my boot while working in the contaminated area of the reactor auxiliary building. I was terrified when the survey meter needle went past the red line all the way to the right. When the HP (Health Physics) guy came in, he didn’t seem to have a care in the world. He looked at my boot, ran the meter over it, remarking “Yep, you got a hot particle,” then he used something like windex, paper, and ducktape to remove it with all the urgency of someone wiping up a spill on a countertop. I was terrified up to that point. I thought perhaps my boot would be languishing in a nuclear waste dump for 10,000 years. Folks who work around the stuff understand it and just don’t seem that worried by it.

    I found the cooling pool very interesting. Essentially, it is a very deep swimming pool of water which I understand is mixed with borax for cooling purposes. It’s very blue. The rods sit in steel racks at the bottom, occasionally bubbling. The hottest rods, the ones fresh out of the reactor, glow a cool purple. It looks like some kind of nuclear mood lighting. Most folks don’t know that part-they think they glow green. A plant operator explained to me those rods were so hot they would melt you like butter were you to stand next to one.

    That would lead me to guess the rods being stored in bunkers at Calhoun are probably either unused or very, very cool and low-risk, perhaps after a long, long cooling. We used to move them around on specialized railcars with immense crash-proof bodies that were supposed to be able to withstand anything, natural or man-made, you tossed at them. I would think you could transfer threatened rods to these railcars for temporary storage or transport elsewhere, however I’m sure the NRC has rules about how long they can sit on a railcar.

    Believe it or not, the NRC is very strict with nuclear plants and has extensive regulations regarding every aspect of plant operation. If they don’t obey the rules, they can be fined huge amounts of money. Plant operators, as a result, are very strict.

    I’m sure the Fort Calhoun folks are doing the best they can and I’m sure there are enough watchdogs paying attention they won’t be able to hide anything for very long. My plant had watchdogs constantly observing and spying on us, looking for dirt to get us shut down.

    I’m not sure what the Fort Calhoun plant is like, but I’m willing to hazard a guess things won’t be too bad there as long as they can maintain backup power. They should have massive diesel generators on site, larger than the average house, which can maintain power if the outside power fails long enough to safely shut down the plant. They have lots of redundancies, which makes me feel good.

    I would guess there is a minor threat of contamination from water flowing into the contaminated area; however these areas are actually quite clean, they’re just delineated as contaminated areas for purposes of controlling access and insuring everything on the inside is tested before leaving. There is probably a low-level risk of some hot stuff getting out, but overall, I would say the risk is probably not that great. Keep in mind that ANY flood is hazardous, since our infrastructure, such as sewers and sewage treatment, is not generally constructed to be flood-proof. We also do a very poor job of storing fuel and other toxic chemicals, so in floods the water ends up being full of nasty stuff.

    Let me add one thing that does bother me-A SC plant recently went to digital controls. Most plants use old analog equipment, since it is simpler and much more reliable. Analog gear is long out of date for nearly all other uses, but it persists in the nuclear industry. Digital, to me, works great when it works, but I’m afraid it would be more susceptible to accidents, power loss, etc. I’m afraid going to digital would make nuclear plants less safe. I also wonder if their analog equipment would better stand up to an EMP? Most of their stuff is located in huge, thick concrete and rebar structures which might protect equipment from an EMP. (The power went out here yesterday, which is great for reinforcing the possible threat of an EMP!)

    I don’t know what to think about the Fukushima disaster, aside from “it’s a disaster!” That seems like such a perfect storm of bad events, mismanagement, poor design, deception, and unforseen failures.

    And it figures the fedgov would run the poorest operation. Who thought it would be a great idea to store nuclear waste in drums above ground in TENTS?!?! I hope at least a couple peoples’ heads roll over that one. BTW-does anyone remember this same thing happening 10-15 years ago? I seem to remember a disasterous wildfire that threatened the area. Conspiracy buffs at the time claimed the fire was really an excuse to evacuate the locals and look for missing secret stuff, since the Chinese spy incident was also breaking at the same time.

    • Tatiana Covington

      That glow is the Cerenkov effect.

  • wobbly-1

    The situation is compounded by the fact that one cannot see/taste/smell radiation. So, all it will take is someone in authority to disclose “it’s leaking” and we will have a reaction much larger than the actual event (if there is even one).

    This would set off fear of food contamination, destruction of produce markets through non-purchasing of items thought to be contaminated, and financial ruin for those who are farming the area in/around the plant (even if they are not exposed/contaminated). Since it can’t be seen or tasted people will react totally on feelings, fears, and reports by new outlets/regulatory reports.

    This could be worse than an actual event if fear takes over the consumer’s mindset.

  • larry

    “In a ham and eggs breakfast, the hen is involved, but the pig is committed”.

    • mondobeyondo

      If you’re a turkey, be sure to vote for Thanksgiving this November. Your vote counts! It really does!!

  • On top of Fort Calhoun and the Cooper Nuclear Station, two more facilities housing nuclear materials are now at risk. Of course the mainstream media is all but totally silent on this issue as it is a bit worrisome for people to think about fourplants on the brink of potential nuclear disaster. Not to mention the worst industrial disaster of all time, Fukushima, that continues to spew radioactive particles into the air,groundwater, and ocean.

    What should concern the people of America is not just that there is a possibility that there could be a nuclear disaster in the continental United States, but that we can expect the engineers and regulatory bodies to react as they did at Fukushima. This is a grim thought, because it has now become clear that, according to the Dean of Engineering at the University of Melbourne, Dr. Iven Mareels, “Engineers likely understood [Fukushima] containment breached immediately.” You wouldn’t be out of line in wondering if the same exact tragic events might repeat themselves here in America.

  • Ron

    “Is The Mainstream Media Covering Up The Truth At Los Alamos, Ft. Calhoun And Fukushima?”

    After Waco and Ruby Ridge I realized, with horror, that the government does not tell us the truth, that they lie to the American people as others breathe.

    When the government announced they were ceasing tests and removed their radiation monitors from the West coast, and halted testing of milk and water until August they said, then refused to test seafood from the Pacific, anyone who reads this blog or it’s sister blog, would KNOW that SOMETHING was up.

    Whenever .gov talks you have to carefully parse their sentences. I watched one of the OFFICIALS from the Feds on NBC yesterday saying, “there is no specific danger from Los Alamos.”

    Translation: LEMMINGS just die like we intend you to.

    The greatest danger to the survival of the white folks is in Washington, DC, if you don’t realize that by now you haven’t got the information you need to successfully resist your extinction.

    Does anyone know if PRUSSIAN BLUE is available without prescription? If so who sells it? Studies suggest that it rids the body of Cesium and other radioactive particles.
    Then again if it is prescription, who had the $ to pay some psychopath physician $300 for an office visit just to obtain something NEEDED to save one’s life?

    America, I knew it when before it became the USSA.

    • Ron

      . gove protecting us from these serious side effects and so you are at the mercy of the psychopaths in white coats if they will prescribe it for you and that is AFTER you fork over the literally HUNDREDS of $$$ for a visit to the #!*^& fiends.

      FROM FDA:
      “Are there any side effects associated with taking Prussian blue?

      The most commonly reported side effects are constipation and upset stomach.”

      That is why it is on prescription only.
      You know what the GOVERNMENT is the PROBLEM not the SOLUTION.

      To say I am ANGRY is the understatement of the decade.

      PB FLUSHED Cesium out of your body. But we can’t have it.

      There is a WORD I think describes these slimeballs but as a Christian man I won’t use it.

    • mondobeyondo

      In a word… yes.
      They are covering up the truth. Just like all big enterprises and businesses will do anything to cover their donkeys, um, azzes, and present themselves in the best light possible.

      Makes you want to go out and buy some Gulf Coast oysters, clams and shrimp, doesn’t it?
      (Don’t worry, they’re fine. The former British Petroleum chief, Tony Hayward – aka The Wizard of Ooze – says Gulf seafood is just fine.) Yum!! Don’t mind that petroleum taste, it’s natural.

  • SiliconJon

    Well, the good news is that radiation mixes well with idiocracy.

    Of course, these reactors in catastrophe were “superior” 40 years ago when built, so pardon me if I don’t get fooled twice, particularly seeing how people who are so insistent on remaining blissfully ignorant they sweep under the rug any attempt to highlight problems, which means they also won’t be addressing them.

  • Patrick

    It surprises me not that we, as the general public, are not being informed about issues that potentially can affect EVERYONE that lives in North America (and to such a negative extent). While watching the coverage of the 2008 Presidentail elections, I completely lost all faith in the non-biased, free- speaking press that our country is so proud of. However, I feel this must be added as well: If this WAS being covered heavily by all major national news broadcasting stations and newspapaers, would the average american citizen even give a shit? My experience tells me they would change the station back to whatever reality show and ignore it. We have put too much faith into a system that cares not for the well- being of it’s citizens. And if we (as Americans) weren’t so uncaring and complacent, blissful in our self- absorbed ignorance, I WOULD say it’s time we demand accountability for the actions of the elite who are screwing us over, and the press who turns a blind eye….

  • Gary

    ALL the MSM is crap. This is why we are so grateful for these sites Michael!

  • Perry K

    The type of reporting that you are suggesting (sounds like what I saw back in the seventies), would require actual investigative reporters (“reporters” are now spoon fed their stories through press releases from the government and the corporations) and for the American public to have an attention span longer than a couple of minutes. We loved watching film of the tsunami wrecking havoc, but it is pretty dull watching pictures of a building containing a nuclear reactor that is in meltdown. We need action! . . . “Brian, we are going to cut away for Breaking News!!! . . . Lindsey . . . Charlie . . ., blah, blah, blah.” You know, the really important stuff.

    • mondobeyondo

      There is very little real “investigative news” reporting. Edward R. Murrow is sadly, long gone, dead and buried. “60 Minutes”, once upon a time, was a well respected and reliable source for real news. These days, they do profiles about how Sheik Yamani is shaking his money.


      • mondobeyondo

        (oops, screwed that post up didn’t I!)

        UPDATE ON BREAKING NEWS!! Cat rescued from tree in downtown Pittsburgh!! Scott Pelley is on the scene now! Scott, give us an update! Scott, I hear the cat has SPOKEN to you! What did the kitty say?

        Scott: “She said, “Meow”. No further comment…”

  • MeetMeetMeetsu

    Supposedly according to Russia’s nuclear agency, the Calhoun plant has been spewing radiation since the fire on June 7th and BHO has ordered a media blackout.

  • I have to laugh because with all the global issues and disasters, the stock market keep going up like gangbusters.

  • mondobeyondo

    Aw come on! A little cesium never did you any harm, right? You NEED cesium! It makes your skin tan. Or maybe you need UV rays for that? What’s the difference, it’s all radiation anyway! Glow in the dark urine? That’s why they call it “uranium”!! Don’t you know the bananas you eat are radioactive? Yes, it’s because of the potassium they contain! (This was actually a news story. No joke.)

  • We live in southern New Mexico and have been checking radiation levels from the beginning of the Japan crisis.

    Here in Catron County (200 miles south of Los Alamos) and the previaling winds are from the south west of here
    have not been able to record any level of radiation what so ever.

    I would not want to be down wind of there though, (thaT would be OK, MO, etc ) it may all be hype but better safe than sorry.

  • Dena Hering

    I live in close to the site in Los Alamos, and frankly I havn’t been to concerned and neither do any
    of us around the surrounding towns. We have all been down this road before, and there really is not alot that anyone can report on. Everyday the fire rages out of control because winds stir up suddenly and take the fire in a different direction, guess who is in control of these winds and quakes and floods? GOD. We have tremendous smoke all over and residents displaced all throught the towns. Media cannot get up to the area to give you reports. My frieds home and business have just burnt down and we are going to focus on helping people instead of what the government should do. We need PRAYER! And I think us that are Chtistians should be looking up because our redemption is drawing closer! Maranatha.

  • huw

    Oh, what a suprise.
    They are not telling us the full truth.
    I’ve just fallen out of bed with shock.
    The Government covering things up. What next?

  • LANL’s Fire Mitigation Efforts Going “Extremely Well”

    Los Alamos, New Mexico, July 1, 2011, 4:00pm—There are no fires—including back burns—burning on Los Alamos National Laboratory Director property, and fire mitigation efforts are progressing “extremely well,” Los Alamos Fire Department staff reported.

  • GMA214

    My oldest son has been with local law enforcement in Council Bluffs IA for several years. CB is right across the river from Omaha NE. There is no imminent danger to the public from the Ft Calhoun Nuclear facility. It is surrounded by water, not inundated by water. If there was a reason to panic, my son would have moved his family out, and also would have said something about it. There is not.

  • Virginia

    The weather this spring and summer has been particularly unusual. It’s almost like we are experiencing somewhat of a “nuclear winter” type of climate with cold weather and reduced sunlight. For all we know, it could be radioactive fallout. All the fires in the Southwest could be contributing also to this effect due to dense smoke in the upper stratospheres. It’s very irritating that all you hear and see on the news is a bunch happy smiling, perky little news casters reporting their bubblegum news stories. It’s obvious you cannot depend on the news for anything really noteworthy anymore.

  • Ever heard of the Manhattan Project ?

    The very existence of Los Alamos was kept such a carefully guarded secret during WWII that even Vice Pres. Harry Truman didn’t know until he was informed following the sudden death of FDR.

    They built a huge sprawling city in the New Mexico desert, populated it with thousands of scientists, engineers and laborers.
    And effectively kept it a secret for years.
    Until Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    “But..but … they could never pull off a conspiracy like that !!! Its too big. Too many people would know. Someone would tell….”

  • Harlee

    As a Canadian I subscribe to cable TV and therefore get the main American channels. I sometimes watch ABC World News and am always amused by its content as there is very little WORLD news reported on it- just American news and most that is fluff.
    The Canadian news channels (CBC & CTV) also have their fair share of “soft” news but thankfully do report on serious issues from around the world,including Japan,The USA ,Greece and other counties.
    Don’t I wish that ABC,CBS & NBC were not so insular and would report on more world news.It would act as a fresh approach to the Canadian broadcasts I watch.
    But I may be waiting a long time before that happens……


    A report by the insurance company Munich Re found that 2010 was one of the worst years on record for natural disasters, nine-tenths of which were related to extreme weather, such as the floods in Pakistan and eastern Australia and heatwave in Russia, which is estimated to have killed at least 56,000 people, making it the most deadly natural disaster in the country’s history

  • solarfly

    Crap, I just wanted to grow vegetables. Guess I have to fight for my right to grow them – but what if the soils full of cesium? Where’s my medication?

    I agree with those saying we should do for ourselves, this quality has been systematically bred out of us through TV and Hollywood.

    Today I read an ad by Rogers Communications in Canada, it said “It’s all about you” in reference to cell phone services. Doesn’t that sum up the sleaze we’ve listened to for far too long. Why do people buy this crap?

    Thanks for this blog. Muchly appreciated.

  • Angeles

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