Is The Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill Going To Kill The American Dream For Millions Of Americans?

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As BP works feverishly to contain the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, many are now coming to the realization that this will be the most economically painful environmental disaster in U.S. history.   The oil spill in the Gulf is already larger than the entire state of Florida, and it creeps closer to the Gulf Coast with each passing hour.  According to official estimates, approximately 5,000 barrels a day are leaking into the Gulf, but outside groups working with satellite-imagery claim that the leak is at least five times that amount.   In fact, John Amos, a geologist who heads an environmental group called SkyTruth estimates that the leak is actually 26,500 barrels a day.  As oil continues to pour into the Gulf at a frightening pace, large numbers of Americans who depend on the Gulf of Mexico for their economic survival are wondering what is going to happen next.  Is the Gulf of Mexico oil spill going to kill the American Dream for millions of Americans?


The reality is that the oil is already starting to make landfall in some areas.  For example, oil from the massive spill has already come ashore on a chain of islands off the Louisiana coast.  But now scientists are even concerned that oil from the spill could actually get into the “Loop Current”, which would mean that it would be carried south along the Florida coast and into the Florida Keys.  In fact, it is being reported that one prominent oceanographer says that he cannot think of any scenario where the oil spill doesn’t eventually reach the Florida Keys.

That is really bad news.

Needless to say, residents of the Gulf Coast region from Texas all the way to Florida are preparing for the worst.  As the massive oil spill continues to expand, states bordering the Gulf are bracing for an absolute environmental nightmare.

Just check out the following CNN video report.  This oil is some really nasty stuff, and wildlife in the region are absolutely going to be devastated by it….

It would be hard to understate what this disaster means for the folks who live along the Gulf of Mexico.  For many of them this is not going to just be a temporary crisis.  The truth is that this is going to permanently change the lives of large numbers of Americans.

But don’t take our word for it.  The following are eye opening quotes that have appeared in mainstream media sources over the last several days that reveal just how serious this situation is….

Florida Governor Charlie Crist:

“Florida is currently preparing for what we all know is an environmental disaster of unprecedented proportions for our state and Gulf of Mexico partner states.”

Public Service Commissioner Benjamin Stevens:

“You get hit by a hurricane and you can rebuild. But when that stuff washes up on the white sands of Pensacola Beach, you can’t just go and get more white sand.”

Hotel Owner Dodie Vegas:

“It’s just going to kill us. It’s going to destroy us.”

Richard Charter of the Defenders of Wildlife:

“It is so big and expanding so fast that it’s pretty much beyond human response that can be effective. … You’re looking at a long-term poisoning of the area. Ultimately, this will have a multidecade impact.”

The Telegraph:

“Worst case scenarios almost never happen,” Professor Robert Thomas, of New Orleans’ Loyola University, was quoted as saying yesterday. “In this case, almost everyone I have known with technical knowledge of oil spills – people who have worked in the industry 30, 40 years – say it is upon us.”

Louis Miller of the Mississippi Sierra Club:

“This is going to destroy the Mississippi and the Gulf Coast as we know it.”

An anonymous Louisiana resident:

“A hurricane is like closing your bank account for a few days, but this here has the capacity to destroy our bank accounts.”

And no, they are not exaggerating how economically devastating an oil spill like this can be.

Fishermen in Cordova, Alaska are still struggling 21 years after the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill devastated the fishing industry in the region.

Right now, the state of Louisiana produces more fish and seafood than anywhere in the United States except for Alaska.  The cost of this disaster to the fishing industry in Louisiana alone could top 3 billion dollars, and it is being projected that the tourism industry in Florida could lose even more money than that.

Yes, things could get really, really bad.

In fact, some local shrimpers in Louisiana are predicting that it will be seven years before they can set to sea again.

What do you think that will do to the shrimping business?

The disaster is still far from over, and already lawsuits are starting to pop up all over the place.  A federal judicial panel in Washington D.C. has been asked to consolidate at least 65 potential class-action lawsuits claiming economic damage from the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  Commercial fishermen, shrimpers, hotel owners, charter boat captains and even would-be vacationers have filed lawsuits from Texas to Florida seeking damages that could reach well into the billions.

So how much worse is this disaster going to get?

Hopefully not too much worse.

Underwater robots positioned a 100-ton concrete-and-steel box over the blowout well on the seafloor on Friday.

BP believes that this massive box could pinch off up to 85% of the gushing oil.

But this kind of procedure has never been done at these depths.  In fact, what BP is attempting to do is extremely difficult as Bill Salvin, a spokesman for BP, recently explained….

“We are essentially taking a four-story building and lowering it 5,000 feet and setting it on the head of a pin.”

That certainly does not sound easy.

In fact, there is no guarantee that it will work.

In fact, U.S. Representative Edward Markey says that oil leaking from the BP well in the Gulf of Mexico could increase as much as 12 times to 60,000 barrels a day if the company fails to stem the flow.

So let us hope that they fix this thing as fast as possible.  The damage that has been done already is unprecedented.

If something is not done quickly, we will soon be witnessing the economic demise of an entire region of the United States.  For those living on the Gulf Coast, the American Dream is quickly turning into the American Nightmare because of this oil spill.  It is a heartbreaking thing to watch a business that you have spent years building be destroyed because of something that you cannot control.  It is also heartbreaking to watch the beautiful beaches and coasts that you have grown to love become soiled by millions of gallons of oil.

Let us pray for those who live on the Gulf Coast and do whatever we can to help them out.  This disaster is quickly becoming even worse than Hurricane Katrina, and there is a very real possibility that the economy of the Gulf region will never fully recover from this nightmare.

  • Greg

    Very sad. The American Dream was actually killed a long time ago and it has been a walking dead man for a few decades due to God’s mercy. We killed it with the following:
    Legalization of baby butchering with over 50 million butchered
    Glorification of sodomy
    Overall elevation of the Constitution over God’s law
    Removal of God from our schools
    Removal of God from most churches
    Bye-bye dream….hell-o nightmare!

  • Greg

    God is a god of justice. Let’s consider the ultimate hypocrisy and see one of the reasons why America is being judged with things like this oil spill. Environmentalists demand that we cease drilling off of our coasts, that we shut down pollution-generating industries, stop lumber harvesting, return farm and ranch land to an undeveloped state, etc. However, these same hypocritical wackos then pump gas into their cars and buy manufactured goods from other countries, eat food grown in other lands, have houses built with wood from other countries, etc. Why do those hypocrites talk about “saving the earth” but the only “earth” they care about is their back yard? If it is “bad” for America, why is it good for some other country? Those other countries typically generate several times more pollution per developed quantity so how is that saving the “earth”? The only reason we have gotten away with this hypocrisy up to now has been due to our wealth and power. Those days are coming to an end and even the earth worshippers are going to wish that we had some of that nasty ol’ development back. But the sad news – its not coming back!

  • adoula

    A little oil spill.Leave my Bp stock alone.Lets start drilling another oil well next to it asap.

  • wunsacon

    >> However, these same hypocritical wackos then pump gas into their cars and buy manufactured goods from other countries, eat food grown in other lands, have houses built with wood from other countries, etc.

    Eeesh. What real choice is there? And why should we do it alone, especially knowing that won’t solve anything?

    If I want to get to work, what choice do I have but to pump gas into my car? (I can’t afford a new car. And there aren’t a fleet of used hybrids/electrics for me to buy second-hand. Yet.) Without paying 3x the price, how many locally manufactured goods do you think I can afford? As for housing, which consumers get to choose the suppliers of the builder? Your charge of hypocrisy is childish. We live in the same world you do and face the same constraints.

    And I’m not going to martyr myself, to live a greatly substandard living, by buying a new, expensive hybrid or buying locally, while you and yours do whatever you want, because then all I will have done by not buying foreign is make those foreign goods (incl. oil) cheaper for you or anyone else who decides they want to keep buying foreign. When some people conserve and others don’t, then they’ll just use up the excess capacity and not change policy. Bottom line: if you don’t sacrifice, I’m not going to either.

  • Greg

    wunsacon: typical liberalism…force the masses to bow to the wishes of the liberals, THEN you will change too! Get a bicycle if you are opposed to drilling for oil in America but certainly don’t whine about stopping everything here and then buy it from other countries. The real sacrifice that we will be dealing with if the wacko mentality continues is the sacrifice of humans…oh yeah…we already do that and have butchered over 50 million in this “land of the free”.

  • benny

    This spill has nothing to do with the wrath of a godlike figure. are we really that primitive? it has nothing to do with abortion…homosexuality…separation of church and state. nothing. America has been money hungry and oil hungry for a long time. and there have been numerous avenues for our way of life that had the technology to completely cut oil out of the works. but these things aren’t part of our reality…because the people who make the decisions don’t see much profit in it. that’s the sad part. it’s not about liberal view points vs conservatives. you wanna know the real wackos in this scenario? the people who have campaigned for destruction and bloodloss and war in the name of oil. can’t you see? the fat corporate moguls aren’t caring where this oil ends up or how it gets cleaned…just as long as they still make their margin of profit. that’s where WE are foolish. because we bicker like children, pick political sides, and banter back and forth…not realizing that our voice really doesn’t matter all that much to the people who have the power to make the decisions.

  • John

    you appear to be the only person here with an ounce of sense!

    It’s good business to divide, separate and conquer the masses. Just get them all riled up about issues the corporations don’t care about. Distract them and keep them voting for 1 of the 2 parties. Keep them occupied with guns, god and gays, and taxes, and they won’t notice that they have no power anymore, because instead of fighting the real evil the multinational corporations, the <1% of the world that own 99.4% of the worlds wealth, the people can fight each other. Then the corporations win!

    People please wake up and see that it is not each other we must fight, it's the very powerful that are destroying everything for more money and more power and they don't give a **** about the people, the animals, the environment we depend on to make a living. They laugh at the game of manipulation they're playing.
    Eisenhower said in his closing speech "Beware the military industrial complex."

    For the bible thumpers out there, I think there is something in there about praying for discernment.

  • D2sdonger

    john you sound like stewy on family guy blaming everything on “corporations”. Oooooooh these evil corporations who do their corporation stuff that oppresses the little guy. Sounds like me in high school. What a sorry excuse for not wanting to take responsibility. Who is it that empowers these companies (if u want to call it power)? Us. Who sits on the sidelines and continues to vote for politicians receiving kickbacks because of “key issues”. WE DO. In the race for political power topics like abortion and immigration are used simply for votes. Only unpopular politicians take up issues that aren’t popular. Once you understand this then u understand that power is in the ballots of the mis informed. Once you can see past that then you will no longer be a part of the problem. Do you feel same about stockholders as you do corporations? Whats ur solution for large scale production? Government? Or should we live in caves? I would prefer the second. Its people that don’t understand economics or even the basics of how business works that screw us. Or maybe its these “anti-everything”, “i am unique and special” people who just argue for the sake of it. If the second then grab ur Depeche Mode CD and Mac-book, then head the the local Starbucks where you are out of my way. On a side note, BP needs to clean that crap up even if it bankrupts them. Companies as well as individuals need to take responsibility for the health of our planet or we wont have one left.

  • aj

    It is super sad that this had to happen, I am really hoping there is some way…(most likely not,unfortunately) to clean this whole mess up, or prevent it from spreading to other parts of the ocean. It is a Damn shame our world is selfish and corrupted. I don’t pray as much as I should, but I am definitely praying for a solution, an ethical solution that will benefit our planet and the animals within it. After all it is our only home in the universe.
    I just feel bad that our planet has to suffer because some people( a lot of people) take our world for granted, and the innocent such as the animals that live in the ocean have to suffer.
    I want to live in another world because this one is starting to really get on my nerves.

  • let all pray for help from our lord an if he doesn’t do anything then it’s because he has a play maybe he wants to end earth an send his people up with hm you got to start believing an praying because he’s coming soon an when you see him an he looks at you saying why have you been sinning so repent an trust god will give you the best in theses days for renken look at yourself an think is this how I want to live if you don’t start believing your going to go to hell an burn forever an satin mite rape you too just start praying for America!

  • Hi Endoftheamericandream,
    Interesting Thoughts, President Obama has been shown walking in Gulf waters and having Gulf seafood with his family to prove the safety of gulf seafood. Perhaps a little more research on the long term effects of the BP oil spill might change his mind.
    Great Job!

  • Courtney Celadon

    oil spills are always bad for the environment, we should avoid them as much as possible. –