Is Sarah Palin’s Political Career Almost Over?

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In the United States today, perhaps only Barack Obama is more of a polarizing political figure than Sarah Palin is.  When it comes to Sarah Palin, the vast majority of Americans seem to either absolutely love her or absolutely hate her.  Unfortunately, the number of Americans that can’t stand her seems to be increasing, and this is really bad news for Palin as she considers making a run for the White House in 2012.  A staggering 59 percent of the respondents to a recent Washington Post/ABC News poll said that they would not even consider voting for Sarah Palin in 2012.  The same poll found that just 8 percent of registered voters said that they would “definitely” vote for Palin and 31 percent of registered voters said that they would possibly consider voting for Palin.  Those are really, really dismal numbers.  Sarah Palin has tried to cast herself as the leader of the Tea Party movement, but right now it is just not working.  In fact, it seems that Palin can’t do much of anything right lately.  At one time Sarah Palin was considered the clear front-runner for the Republican nomination in 2012, but now all that is ancient history.


But this is a time when Palin should be at her strongest.  The Republicans dominated the election back in November and several dozen Tea Party candidates were sent to Washington D.C.

Unfortunately, all of the recent polls and surveys that have been taken recently show that support for Palin is rapidly diminishing….

*According to a new CNN poll, 56 percent of Americans view Sarah Palin unfavorably.  Not only that, but the number of independent voters that view Palin unfavorably has risen by 14 percent in just the last few months.

*The same Washington Post/ABC News poll mentioned earlier found that Sarah Palin would lose a hypothetical matchup against Barack Obama by 13 percentage points.

*Other polls are even more ominous.  A recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found that Sarah Palin is trailing Barack Obama by 22 points.

*A Neighborhood Research survey of Iowa Republicans also discovered that support for Sarah Palin is slipping.  When asked about potential 2012 Republican candidates, 24 percent chose Mike Huckabee, 19 percent chose Mitt Romney and only 11 percent picked Sarah Palin.  The poll also found that Sarah Palin had an “unfavorable rating” of 19 percent among Iowa Republicans, which was the highest unfavorable rating by far of all the potential 2012 candidates.

Other polls have shown Sarah Palin doing a little bit better in Iowa, but everyone agrees that she has a huge image problem at this point.

So exactly what is the problem?  Well, part of the problem is that Sarah Palin literally seems to be everywhere.  On CNN, Fox News and MSNBC, it seems like they are constantly talking about Sarah Palin all night, every night.  In fact, Sarah Palin is a “regular contributor” on Fox News and whenever one of their shows needs a “rating boost” they just bring Sarah Palin on.

All the major newspapers run stories about her at least a couple of times a week.  She regularly gets far more Internet searches than any other Republican politician.

Her daughter was recently on Dancing with the Stars and a reality show featuring her life in Alaska on TLC recently wrapped up.

So why is everyone talking about her so much?

Well, she is far more “interesting” than most of the other Republican candidates.  Guys like Huckabee and Romney are downright boring.  The media needs someone to be a “star” for the Republicans and Palin fits the bill.

But the bad news for Palin is that all of this overexposure is magnifying all of her flaws and her poll numbers just keep dropping.

Every time something big happens, the media waits to see what Sarah Palin is going to say.  Unfortunately, she is not very good on her feet, and she has a dismal team of advisers around her, and the result is that she keeps putting her foot in her mouth over and over and over.

At this point, most establishment Republicans can’t stand her.  Stalwart establishment Republicans such as Barbara Bush and Karl Rove have recently made public statements suggesting that she should just shut up and go home.

So Sarah Palin has tried to cast herself as the “anti-establishment” Tea Party candidate.  The only problem is that over and over and over she has been alienating libertarians, and that is a huge problem because libertarians are a core component of the Tea Party movement.

Yes, Sarah Palin still has a small core of very enthusiastic supporters, but it is going to take far more than that to win the White House in 2012.  If Sarah Palin continues on the same path that she is currently on, she doesn’t have a prayer of even getting the Republican nomination, much less actually defeating Barack Obama in the general election.

Right now Sarah Palin is trying to pitch a tired, worn-out neocon establishment Republican message to a Tea Party movement that is made up increasingly of libertarians and anti-establishment conservatives.  It makes for entertaining subject matter on the evening news, but it is not a winning formula.  Sarah Palin can make all of the videos about the greatness of the Tea Party movement (such as the one below) that she wants, but until she wakes up to what the American people really desire (liberty, freedom and a return to the U.S. Constitution) her candidacy is going to be dead in the water….

So considering how bad the poll numbers are right now, is Sarah Palin actually going to run for president in 2012?

Well, for the moment she is enjoying teasing the media, but we all know that she wants to run.

Perhaps the only thing that will stop her from running is if it becomes clear that she has no way of winning.

Palin probably realizes that 2012 is the only shot she will ever have, so if she believes that there is even a slight chance that she can win she will probably go for it.

Recently, when Palin was asked if she was going to run in 2012, she responded by stating that she was giving it “prayerful consideration” and that a final decision will not be made for “some months”.

Well, whether you love Sarah Palin or you hate Sarah Palin, one thing seems to be clear at this point.  Unless Sarah Palin fundamentally changes her approach and message, there is no way in the world that she has even the slimmest chance of winning in 2012.

So, what do all of you readers think of Sarah Palin’s chances in 2012?  Do any of you believe that she can still be a viable candidate by the time election season rolls around?

  • mondobeyondo

    After the events in Tucson, Arizona on January 8th, one would think that Sarah Palin’s career has slammed into a huge roadblock.

    But you never know. There are plenty of supporters of the “White Knight of the Far Right”. If she’s really crazy enough to run in 2012, she will be defeated easily by Barack Obama. It’s scary any way you look at it. Another 4 years of Obama, or 4 years of Palin. Ron Paul might run again, whereby he will be totally ignored by the media, labeled an “idiot” or “conspiracy theorist”, and get about .000002% of the vote.

    Besides, what would be her platform? Helping the homeless? Nah. More hope and change? Yikes! Try “Maiden of the Second Amendment”. She’ll use her moose hunting skills to ensure our right to bear arms. The far right and the NRA will be drooling over themselves. And all will be great in the land, until the next mass shooting…

  • VegasBob

    Michael wrote: Unfortunately, she is not very good on her feet…and the result is that she keeps putting her foot in her mouth over and over and over.

    I’m sorry but I was a Republican for nearly 40 years, until Bush the Dumber cured me of my conservative leanings. My first presidential vote was for Nixon in 1972, and I voted for Ronald Reagan twice.

    The reason that Sarah Palin is sinking in the polls like a lead weight is that compared to the likes of Eisenhower, Nixon and Reagan, Sarah Palin has the IQ of a gnat. As comedian Bill Maher put it during the 2008 campaign, Palin is a “Category-5 moron.”

  • Concerned Reader

    Ron Paul for president in 2012. I can not say any more!

  • Richard Posey

    I’ve never thought of Palin as anything more than the product of her handlers and people’s fantasies that she is something more than what she really is … which is to say, “not much.” She demonstrates very little in the way of deep thought about issues and she has virtually no credentials. Plus, she quit the last job that she had.

    I’ve always been stunned that people, which would include John McCain and his handlers, think she’s an answer to anything.

    Just my opinion.

  • William

    VegasBob, I too am a former Republican. The evil Smirking Chimp and war criminal Bush who wrecked America cured me. The real problem now is that Obummer seems to be an empty suit. Where, oh, where is the real presidential timber of this country?? Second tier players like LLoyd Benson and Dan Quayle make the current crop of idiots like Palin look horrible.

  • RevBryan

    What is bothersome to me is that apart from Ron Paul, the current crop of potential GOP candidates for president are a mix of neo-cons and big-government-enamoured-globalists. Such chimaeras will have an adverse effect on the GOP’s chances in 2012.

  • mike

    Ron Paul is our only hope.

  • Mark …

    Sorry, she makes me puke every time I see her.

    The way she looks, talks, and the names she gave to her kids … I simply can not identify myself with her.

    Ron Paul is probably the only politician I would vote for.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    The Tea Party condemned itself to failure the minute it allied itself with neocons and the Republican Party. If The Tea Party really believe in libertarian ideas (as opposed to neocon ideas), they would have been much better off getting behind the Libertarian Party and building a strong third-party movement. But no, the Tea Partiers allied themselves with Jim DeMint, Michelle Bachmann, Dick Armey and other Republican neocon looney tunes who were more than happy to serve as apologists for the Constitution-eroding, big-spending, deficit-exploding George W. Bush Administration. And if the Tea Partiers have any sense at all, they will distance themselves from the empty-headed Sarah Palin.

    Palin is a Christian Right neocon to the core. She isn’t about “limited government”; she is about very big, intrusive, in-your-face government. Liberal/progressives aren’t the only ones who cannot stand the sight of Sarah Palin, a.k.a. “Governor Quitter”; there are plenty of libertarians who despise her as well.

    A friend of mine in the UK said she was sick to death of hearing about Sarah Palin, and I responded, “Well, how do you think we feel here in The Banana Republic of America? We can’t turn on the news without hearing the shrill, annoying sound of her voice, which is about as pleasant as the sound of an electric drill.”

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    Sarah Palin has been beat by the lame stream media like a runaway slave. She can’t do anything right with out being ripped to shreds by ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Slime and the others get the picture? Lets face it most of the sheeple get their information from the above add the mix of critical thinking being dead in America you have a population that is willing to believe anything if it’s said enough times.

    That said I by no means think Sarah Palin is the answer, what makes her appealing to the Tea Party is that makes her a potential disaster as a Chief Executive. Like most Americans she’s not what I would call a four dimensional thinker. I don’t think Obama is a four d thinker either, but for different reasons. Sarah Palin because of her background never really had to be I think she’s much smarter than her enemies give her credit for being pretty and smart can get you far. Obama is not a four d thinker because he has been filed with so much left wing BS his filters are clogged to the point he can’t see anything beyond that.

    What’s tragic about how Sarah Palin is treated is it deters anybody with good ideas beyond this left/right BS from going into politics.

  • is it over? when did it start? :D

  • The Good Bitch of the South

    Gosh I certainly hope so

  • MikeinNeb

    I’m still a registered Republican, but I consider George W. the worst President we ever had and the current Republican “Leadership” a bunch of do nothing-say no to everything but have no plan of their own jerks. I like Obama. I think he’s trying and he definitely isn’t a moron like Bush II or Palin. I think the main problem is that this mess isn’t fixable. Our kids and grandkids lives are going to be harder than ours.

  • Bill

    We can only hope that her time in the limelight is fast coming to a end!
    Sarah Palin is a joke along with the gaggle of talking heads she has as enablers!
    Folks like Sarah Palin and Glen Beck and Bill O’Reilly are just pipers leading the sheeple astray!
    If you want some real change and some real hope Vote Ron Paul!!!
    In 2012 Vote Ron Paul and lets save this country before its gone!!!

  • mondobeyondo

    Stick a fork in her, she’s done!

    Her political career is roasty-toasty. You betcha!

  • Guido

    I find it hard to believe people see a difference between the Rs and Ds. They’re really the 2 wings of the same party and it seems like they’re both fighting to take us towards Socialism, just at different speeds. I find it hard to see it as a real choice, especially when you see the top donors give massive amounts to both sides.

    Palin was a breath of fresh air, but I don’t think she has sufficient experience to be a president. Sorry folks, but the current resident is at least as big a fool as Palin. Too bad he didn’t get as much scrutiny as she did.

    Seriously, though-people really want Huckabee and Romney?


    Huckabee comes off like some kind of creepy, disingenuous, wanna-be Mr. Rogers. I hate listening to him speak. He’s just too contrived. Romney, on the other hand, is such a flagrant liar, I wouldn’t vote for him if he was paying me. I’ll never forget his phony claims he was a hunter from wayyy back. I would like to vote for a conservative, or at least a Republican who isn’t as fake as a 3 dollar bill. I like Paul, but his own party wouldn’t support him when he’s likely to attack the big money interests that support the party.

  • Robert F.

    Give Sarah a break. What ideas does she have that you disagree with? All the animosity is personal, bigotry. Where are the facts to back these ideas up? The same was said about Ronald Reagan before he ran and, as they say, the rest is history.

  • Victorian

    Sorry, she is a nice looking woman. That is not what I am worried about when picking a president. She is for the 2nd amendment, which is good. However, I have heard nothing about a real plan to save America. Not from her or ANY of the republican expected to run. We are being offered more, “legal immigrants are good”, we will “look into” illegal immigration, we will fight every neo-con war. The same thing bush handed us. Until someone is will to take on the Corp. nothing will change. Then again American have not taken to the streets to demand it. Americans have not use whatever spending they do to demand it. There does seem to be more Americans waking up everyday. A good sign, IF we can last long enough for more to wake up.

  • Tom Osbourne

    SP is a supreme idiot, a fact she proved countless times on national media and the 8% that like her must be the Ozark inbreds. She is also divisive, rhetorical, and completely without depth and intellect. She babbles relentlessly and her voice sounds like a cat caught in the clothes dryer. But I don’t hate her.

  • duaneage

    For someone who is not in office, has not declared herself a candidate, nor has proposed anything detrimental to our lives she sure does get a lot of grief.

    Why is that and what’s the big push to bury her? I see a lot of people calling her an idiot, well it takes one to know one. How many of you have done anything close to what she accomplished? Any former governors on here? Anyone manage an entire state budget and deal with a legislature?

    Didn’t think so. Big O never did any of that either, hence he outsources running the country to Congress for 2 years.

    I hope she doesn’t run because it wouldn’t be fair to put her family through the gauntlet of it all.