Is ‘San Andreas’ A Cryptic Warning About What Is Going To Happen In America’s Future?

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San Andreas Movie PosterHollywood has a long history of inserting political messages, social commentaries, subliminal effects and even cryptic warnings about the future into big budget films.  So is someone attempting to use “San Andreas” to tell us something?  For many years, doomsayers have been warning that the “Big One” is going to come along and rip the coastline of California to shreds.  Up until this moment, it hasn’t happened, but without a doubt we have moved into a time of increased geological activity all over the globe.  As you read this article, 42 volcanoes around the planet are currently erupting.  That means that the number of volcanoes erupting right now is greater than the 20th century’s average for an entire year.  In addition, we have been witnessing a great deal of very unusual earthquake activity lately.  Just in the United States, we have seen unusual earthquakes hit Michigan, Texas, Mississippi, California, Idaho And Washington within the last month or so.  Could it be possible that our planet has entered a period of heightened seismic activity?  And could it also be possible that someone behind “San Andreas” is aware of this and is trying to warn us about what is coming in our future?


Of course just about everyone in the scientific community acknowledges that the “Big One” is eventually coming to California.  In fact, the U.S. Geological Survey recently came out and said that the probability of a megaquake along the west coast is greater than they had previously been projecting

A recent report by the U.S. Geological Survey shows the inevitability of just such a quake, which is predicted to hit within the next couple of decades.

“The new likelihoods are due to the inclusion of possible multi-fault ruptures, where earthquakes are no longer confined to separate, individual faults, but can occasionally rupture multiple faults simultaneously,” lead author of the study and USGS scientist, Ned Field says. “This is a significant advancement in terms of representing a broader range of earthquakes throughout California’s complex fault system.”

And it is undeniable that California has been hit by an unusual number of earthquakes recently.  Could this be a sign that our portion of the “Ring of Fire” is heating up?  Just over the past few days, there have been significant earthquakes at dormant volcanoes all over the state of California and in Nevada.  I don’t know about you, but to me all of this shaking is reason for concern.

If the state of California does get hit by a major earthquake in the near future, the damage that would be caused would be immense.  Among those trying to raise awareness about this is Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti

“I hope this movie can be a gut check and a visceral reminder to people of the danger from quakes,” Garcetti said before the screening. “But then that people will also do a head check about how they can really be prepared…to react by looking at some good research and using their heads about the dangers we really face.”

Garcetti has recently introduced a series of proposals called “Resilience by Design” to try to make sure the city’s buildings, telecommunications system and water supply are able to withstand a large earthquake. Emphasizing the challenges Los Angeles faces, the mayor noted how mobile phone service largely went down after the 1994 Northridge quake. And he said the water supply could also be challenged in the next big shaker, considering that the San Andreas Fault (depicted as causing the giant temblor in the Warner Bros.’ film) crosses the California Aqueduct in 20 places.

But not everyone appreciates this new film.  One of the features of “San Andreas” that has been heavily criticized as being “unrealistic” is the giant tsunami that engulfs San Francisco.  According to the Daily Mail, it is not possible for the San Andreas fault to even cause a tsunami…

And, unlike the film, the San Andreas can’t spawn tsunamis.

Most tsunamis are triggered by underwater quakes, but they can also be caused by landslides, volcanoes and even meteor impacts.

So why is a giant tsunami in the film?

Is it just there to make a summer disaster movie a little bit more spectacular, or is there something more to it?

In the United States today, 39 percent of all Americans live in counties that directly border a shoreline, and there have been many that have been warning about the immense devastation that will happen when a giant tsunami hits either the east coast or the west coast.

Could it be possible that the tsunami was in the film because someone believes that a giant tsunami is in our future?

Very few filmmakers make movies purely for entertainment.  Most of them want to “say something” through their films.

So what is “San Andreas” saying to us?

Whatever your opinion on that is, what is undeniable is that the Ring of Fire has been extremely active lately.  In fact, just this week Costa Rica was hit by a cluster of 23 earthquakes near a volcano not too far from the capital…

In a span of eight hours on Monday night and into early Tuesday, experts from the University of Costa Rica and the National University registered at least 23 temblors with epicenters located north of the province of Cartago, some 22 kilometers northeast of the Costa Rican capital.

Ronny Quintero, a seismologist at UNA’s Volcanological and Seismological Observatory of Costa Rica (OVSICORI) reported that the temblors originated on local faults west of Irazú Volcano’s main crater. Experts said they are not directly related to the volcano’s activity.

And all over the planet, volcanoes that have long been dormant are suddenly springing to life.

For instance, a volcano in the Galapagos Islands has spectacularly erupted after being dormant for 33 years

After almost 33 years of inactivity, Wolf Volcano, the highest in the Galapagos Islands and home to the only population of pink iguanas in the world, began to erupt early Monday, the Galapagos National Park reported. “The volcano is not located near a populated area,” the Park said. “There is no risk for the human population.” The Galapagos Islands are located in the Pacific Ocean, some 1,000 kilometers off the coast of Ecuador. Pink iguanas share the habitat with yellow iguanas and giant tortoises, located on the northwest flank. The lava flow has southeasterly direction, so the park expects the animals won’t be affected.

Our planet is becoming increasingly unstable.  I am fully convinced that we are going to see enormous natural disasters both inside the United States and all over the globe during the next few years.  In fact, I am of the opinion that we will actually witness natural disasters that are so destructive that they will literally change the geography of nations.

So what do you think?  Please feel free to share your thoughts by posting a comment below…

  • PrinceAshitaka

    cryptic? Not at all. It’s pretty obvious what the movie is about. Movies with the Rock in it aren’t that difficult to understand. I don’t think this movie is a warning of any kind, I think it’s just exploring one particular possibility and running with it. The world could end like this, but not because some movie said so.

    • Nam Marine

      What about “Red Dawn” ?

      • PrinceAshitaka

        lol not cryptic at all either.

      • folgers22

        An awful remake of a classic 80s film.

    • Robin Raven

      The movie was downright boring. Big CGI, horrible acting, DOA script… a total yawner. If this is their way of trying to implant some kind of fear message, they are really slipping.

  • GetReal4U2

    September approaches quickly…time is very short…

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      What do you expect to happen in September?

      • GetReal4U2

        Michael, I must admit…I’m very excited…your articles have shown the economic patterns…other articles are showing the environmental issues coming to a head…while others show the complete take over of the one world government…EVERYTHING that is happening relate back directly to the Word of God…the signs are being fulfilled before our very eyes…we share the same first name…and we are both watchmen on the wall for the Lord…the Shemitah year ends on September 13th…(Elul 29 – the date of the upcoming economic collapse or stock market re-set as some call it…)
        Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year starts the next day..ushering in the “year of jubilee”) this “biblical jubilee” event occurs only once every 50 years…check out what the shemitah and year of jubilee biblical events mean…it’s all about an economic re-set…) – it’s also called the feast of trumpets…

        God has always had a heart to warn people before He executes His judgment. God warned the people before the Flood, and He warned Niniveh before it was ruined. The Feast of Trumpets reflects God’s desire to summon His people to repentance so that He can vindicate them on the day of His judgment.

        The Feast of Trumpets fell on the first day of the seventh month , a month which stood out in the religious year as the Sabbatical month that ushered in the last three annual feasts, namely, Trumpets, Atonment and Tabernacles. These feasts, which became known as “The High Holy Days,” marked the conclusion of the religious year and typify the conclusion and consummation of the plan of redemption.

        The number seven, which is woven into the Biblical calendar, represents in Scripture completion and termination. This meaning is accentuated in three feasts of the seventh month, since they completed the yearly cycle of sacrifices and harvests. The Feast of Trumpets heralded through the blowing of trumpets the final phase of the Jewish religious year which, as we shall see, typologically brought to completion God’s plan for the final disposition of sin and the inauguration of a new world.

        Yom kipper occurs on September 23rd…this is also known as the day of atonement in the bible…and of course the feast of tabernacles occurs on September 28/29…which also has the last of the “blood moons”…which will be seen in Jerusalem, it’s also a “super moon” as well…God is warning his true believers that time is very short…I could go on about a lot more happening this September but as you can see with everything from the pope addressing the UN, who is going to try to bring a “peace plan” to split Jerusalem, let’s just say God’s not going to be very pleased…time is very short…all the signs point to something BIG happening this September…

        • SortingHat

          Or it could be a big coincidence.

          The bible also says for us not to set dates. I believe that God made it open ended on purpose of the end times so that mankind has a chance to decide for themselves.

          If we start making dates then it makes us look like the May Rapture guy who was wrong 3 times.

          I wonder what happened to him? I wonder if he got raptured and the whole prophecy was all about him and not us?

    • Jim Davis

      Something is always going to happen in September. Yawn…

      • El_Tigre_Loco

        How about April 14?
        Lincoln and Titanic. (& taxes)

    • Joan Camara

      Hi getreal4u2, good to see you again! (As we wait for september!)

      • GetReal4U2

        You know it!

    • Lorna

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  • Zenithon

    I think the news must be slow right now.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse


      Have you not noticed all of the shaking that is going on all over the world?

      • Zenithon

        Wow, did I hit a nerve? Yes. The world shakes and lately more than usual maybe, but the premiss of this article is that somehow a ridiculous Hollywood disaster movie is trying to warn us of our impending doom. Trust me this movie has one objective, which is to sell tickets and make money. There is no hidden agenda or secret society trying to warn the lemmings in this film. So in my opinion, the article was reaching, looking for something that isn’t there. If it had just focused on the earthquakes and volcanos and whatever other doomsday scenario that is in the news, I probably wouldn’t have commented in the first place.

        • Joan Camara

          What you don’t know won’t hurt ya…sad that some people think their the smarter ones and know everything.

          • Zenithon

            They’re not their.

  • Seen2013

    I haven’t seen the movie, but the San Andreas fault is on a Transform boundary that doesn’t tend to make tsunamis. I forget the specific term for San Andreas, but I think or want to say Strike Slip. Now, the San Andreas fault line also has several other fault lines not far from it that are a bit more traditional or not far removed from faults along Subduction zones like Juan Du Fuca aka Cascadia fault line. Cascadia is Washington-Oregon area that is capable of producing tsunamis. In fact, the Indonesian Earthquake and Cascadia are believed to possess parallel boundary compositions with a specific term beyond Subduction. I forget the term off hand, so my apologies there.
    It could be San Andreas is actually talking about Cascadia that like New Madrid is believed to be past due for its estimated ruptures.

    On the other hand, I fully recall in 1997 that USGS began implementing a new Richter methodology known as Moment Magnitude (MW) under the purposes of differing large earthquakes and believed ML was not accurate beyond so many miles on top of a hypothesis in which the depth of the fault and width possesses a maximum magnitude earthquake aka no San Andreas big one, which another scientist challenged basically asserting more than one went off around the same time or rapid succession.
    As for Moment Magnitude V Local Magnitude (ML), the San Fran quake in ML was 8.3 in MW it was 7.7.

    • Gary Daniel

      L.A. will be up by S.F. in the future from what I’ve been told.

  • jdumon

    Volcanoes are not influenced by AGW, but the warmists will say the contrary.

    • Jim Davis

      Warmists are wacko cultists.

      • iris

        What about EMP’s, and weather steering? I think God might be allowing sinister or power hungry people in high places to influence these natural events. N. Tesla created an earthquake in Colorado in the very early 1900’s, and it wasn’t a tiny tremor, either. There were laws passed internationally in the 70’s to make it illegal to wage war with weather. Hmm, that means the capability to do so has been around at least that long. Yes, maybe global warming is partially man made, if it’s not just part of the normal cycles, which can last for decades, hundreds or thousands of years, but if so, perhaps the global warming we are responsible for is due at least in part, to weather modifications. It’s all interconnected and we sure like to play God. We might have a big part in the signs of the last days that Jesus warned about.

  • kfilly

    The entertainment industry has a history of foreshadowing what will happen. The elite even telegraph some of these things. 9/11 was foreshadowed by an episode of the Simpons that had a picture of a plane flying into one of the twin towers. The Boston Bombing was also foreshadowed by an episode of Family Guy. Pas far as predicting an earthquake, I do not know. Unless they expect something big like a nuclear attack on that area to trigger one.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Well said kfilly.

      • n s

        Scientists used to say publicly that the L.A. area would sink. Now that everything is corporate they won’t. You should watch Off Limits: Los Angeles. The whole area is hollowed out underground by zillions of oil rigs. Additionally they piled tons of weight on top by making a huge city. It’s going to make the 1964 Alaska earthquake look like a picnic. That earthquake was big but I don’t think the area was honeycombed underneath from massive oil drilling & had zillions of pounds of city on top. If it was then the 1964 quake would probably have been far worse like what’s going to happen in L.A.
        Also tsunami’s (the result of Newton’s third law) can travel at the speed of an airliner & go many miles inland.

        • SortingHat

          *Dodo Bird chant from Ice Age* Doom on you! Doom on you! Doom on you!

    • alice

      You are so right. Remember the movie 2012 a few years ago? Yellowstone was made a big deal of in the movie and recently some “experts” have been warning what would really happen if the Yellowstone super volcano erupts. Or how about the DHS simulated zombie apocalypse drills a few years ago-watch Brad Pitt movie World War Z. The whole world is overrun by zombies in the movie except Israel who builds a giant Wall -The zombies eventually get inside the wall though. What’s interesting is that it sounds silly but then I watched some videos of someone who use to work for the government and later was in the military and he claims that there are 3 ways to create zombies for real and one of the ways is the neutron bomb and that Israel is the only country who still maintains an arsenal of neutron bombs in case they are attacked with nuclear weapons. Watch ” Real Zombies with Douglas Dietrich” ( part 1 and 2-they are 2 separate videos) on show Feet to the Fire-you tube. This guy makes wild claims and he is a little different but the more you watch him the more credible he seems. Part 2 really gets into the neutron bomb details

      • Quetzol-43

        World war A, armies of human-sized (or car-szied) ants would have been better, that would explain the wall thing (ala Starship troopers). Also, giant ants would be less easily broken down by bullets and bombs.

        • alice


      • n s

        What would happen during the Yellowstone Supervolcano has been known for a long time. There’s even an episode about it in the History Channel’s classics category.

        • alice

          I think you are right but it was new information to me. Pretty scary how much of the USA it would take out if it ever erupts.

  • Jim Davis

    No, it is a movie with some great special effects.

  • watchmannonthewall

    Scripture teaches that the unrighteous behavior of man has an effect on the force of the earth. Man and the earth are somehow connected. It is interesting that when Scripture records “that every intent of the thoughts of his [man’s] heart was only evil continually” this is when the fountains of the deep broke up and the rains came for 40 days and the Great Deluge occurred. Perhaps the seismic activity taking place today is just another possible application of Jesus’ prophesy concerning the last days before His return being just like it was in the days of Noah, man’s wickedness above and the earth responding to it by convulsing beneath him.

    • Jeffery Hays Black

      All of creation is in travail for the revealing of the sons of God. We are seeing that now. Joel and Acts record that just BEFORE the days of the Lord, the moon turns to blood and the sun is darkened, on the earth blood, fire and pillars of smoke. We see all of that now. All the volcanoes are the pillars of smoke, and by now most have heard of the blood moon tetrads. The last one is September 28th. Just after Yom Kippur but on the Feast of Tabernacles. This is the big show for the end of the world fans and coming of Jesus.

      • watchmannonthewall

        While I agree with most of what you wrote, perhaps all depending on what you mean when you refer to the return of Christ, I would emphasis that the coming of Jesus occurs 3.5 years after the abomination of desolation which commences with the stoppage of the daily evening and morrning sacrifices on Temple Mount. (Daniel 8:9-14, 9:27, and 12:6-7) We are not there yet. Once the sacrifices begin, we are extremely close. If you mean His return to rule and reign over the earth, then I am in!!!
        The problem with the reality versus the commonly taught rapture doctrine of today is found in the original Hebrew language of Genesis 48:15-19 where Jacob prophesies the blessings of Ephraim and Manasseh and says Ephraim will be scattered among the nations to become a Multitude of Nations. This was well over 200 yers before Ephraim even went into the Land! Those who have been scattered MUST be gathered by Messiah!
        Specific detail is lost in the translation from Hebrew to English regarding Ephraim being scattered among the nations and becoming “many nations” in Jacob’s prophesy. The regathering of Ephraim and the rest of the 10 tribes is what Christianity AND Paul refers to as “the rapture” (catching away) and occurs AFTER the Great Tribulation. See Deuteromony 30:1-11. Isaiah 27:12-13 where the Great Trumpet Paul speaks of (last trumpet) is blown, and Ezekiel 39:25-29 which introduces us to the Millenninial Kingdom of Messiah in chapters 40-48.

        • Jeffery Hays Black

          Well yes the second coming of Christ. We are entering that general time. However and this is a thorny subject with many, and one we can agree to disagree on, but I am also a pretribulation rapture adherent after much study. We could go back and forth quoting scriptures to our hearts giddy intent on the issue. Bottom line as with everything, is being ready by confessing Jesus dying on the cross as our payment for sin, and His resurrection as our justification. I could walk out the door tomorrow morning and fall dead from a heart attack I better be ready at any time. It is one thing to go through life without Jesus, but I wouldn’t play the lottery of even a billion to one, by getting caught dead without Him. No matter what our position on the timing, if we are born again John 3:3, then we’ll be at the right place at the right time. (Heaven) If martyred then thats fine with me as I see that as the highest honor. Amen, Preach Jesus and Him Crusified, thats the core of the gospel and is the power unto salvation.

          • watchmannonthewall

            I salute you sir! See you in the Kingdom!! It is good to find those who are not dogmatic about their beliefs. God is bigger than all of us and He has many mysteries still that still to be revealed! Pay close attention to what Michael has written and his presentation before the Prophesy Club. I urge you to purchase the DVD’s and watch them with an open mind and then go into the Sciptures and prove them for yourself! Time is short! Blessings!.

          • bonnie sharp

            The “church” isn’t mentioned on earth anymore after Rev chapter 3….maybe the rapture happen :)

          • Jeffery Hays Black

            Right, study the Feasts of the Lord. Outline here is this. There are 7 major feasts of the Lord. Leviticus chapter(s) 23-25. In Colossians Paul wrote that concerning the new moons and sabbaths, they are a shadow of things to come.(Prophecy) but the substance is Christ. Jesus fulfilled Passover as the lamb of Goud. Was placed in the tomb on “Unleavened Bread”. Rose on “First Fruits”, sent the Holy Spirit on the “Feast of Weeks, Shavuot or Pentecost in Greek. Now there are 3 fall feasts to go. The Hebrew word for Feast is Mo-ed. Literally means Appointment or rehearsal. The Next appointment is Yom Teruah. (Feast of Trumpets.) Which means at least 7 things. 1, Judgement. 2. Opening of the gates, 3. Opening of the doors, 4 Opening of the books, 5, The Hidden Day. 6, Wedding of Messiah, 7 Coronation of the King. Yom Teruah, is also known as the day that no man knows. 100 trumps are sounded on that day, the last of which is known as the LAST trump. Followed with 7 days of awe and mourning for sin. This culminates on Yom Kippur, known for 2 things, The Day of Atonement, and Judgement Day. The last appointment is Feast of Tabernacles, this points to when God tabernacles with mankind during the 1000 year reign of Christ. So the rapture will happen on the hidden day or Yom Teruah, of whatever year. Accounting for the Shmeitah years and Jubilee years also accounting for the harvest times of Israel, things seem to point to September of 2015 for something very big to happen. The pope is to show up at the UN on September 24th to confirm a covenant. The Sustainable Development Agenda. The end of global poverty, hunger, and war. 200 nations (the many) have already agreed to the agenda authored by Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon. This will be a confirmation, on Yom Kippur, the beginning of Judgement. It is also the beginning of yet another 7 year cycle of years on Gods calendar. This just happens to be a Jubilee year when all the slaves are to be set free, and the realization of regaining out inheritance. Thus the joy of the Jubilee. All things seem to be coming together. Sings in the heavens and signs on the earth. Everything written is falling into place. Pray always that yet be accounted worthy to escape all these things coming upon the Earth and to stand before the Son of Man. Luke 21.

  • Undecider

    You only have to worry when their fingers are hovering above the HAARP buttons. In the meantime, stock up on essentials.

    • this is the way you can fíll-up your bank account with added cash weekly; check for more info ìn my profìle

  • Mark

    There is nothing cryptic about an event the Lord has been warning numerous prophets about… read some of the warnings at revelation12 dot ca

  • Nam Marine

    YES !

    • alice

      Right! Scientist Michio Kaku has admitted that they used cloud seeding in Vietnam to intensify the monsoons so it made it harder for NVA to fight. They can do much more with all the HAARP and DARPA technology now -like create all sorts of natural disasters. Wonder if the idiots back then considered that the cloud seeding they used in Vietnam would make it harder for our troops as well?

  • U Make The Call

    This is a great possibility of what is coming. It matches G0v actions.
    Summary of P7X:
    May 2015 Update: Connecting the dots;
    (CUT AND PASTE IN Youtube)

  • Forever Free

    Wow..I think you’re getting onto something there

  • folgers22

    If we take movies as predictions and secret messages, I would love to know what Sharknado was trying to tell me.
    And what was the message in Snakes on a Plane?
    How about Pee Wee’s Big Adventure?
    Or Dumb and Dumber.
    Earthquakes and tidal waves are redone every 10-20 years. Remember Towering Inferno? Armageddon, Deep Impact, Volcano, Twister, etc. They’re just exciting disaster movies. People like to consume real disasters, too, like Hurricane Katrina, Superstorm Sandy, big tsunamis, earthquakes, Chernobyl, Fukushima, the Titanic, Triangle Shirt Factory Fire, etc.

    • Gary Daniel

      Sharknado II has all the answers.

  • francowgolf

    You have to be part of the Sheeple not to realize that this is only the beginning………………………..GOD BLESS………………FIND JESUS before it is too late!

    • El_Tigre_Loco

      Everything is created by the “Word” of God. So words have power. That is why we should pray to give power to the good side. So much talk of the evil one gives him power.

      • SortingHat

        Your right. We should all be afraid of saying the name Voldermort! Instead we should all cower in fear and say “He Who Must Not Be Named”

  • Alleged Comment

    I read a long time ago that they were always about 200 volcanoes active at all times, but I don’t know about eruptions but I think that is what they implied.

    So, this volcanic activity is not new, methinks. Unless it is in NEW areas.

  • Arizona

    KNOWING the entire US GOVERNMENT are nothing but a pack of LYING WHORES,how can anyone trust anything THE USGS says,its like listening to NASA,another pack of lying whores,THE LORD already told you, the entire GOVERNMENT are ROTTEN TO THE CORE,TOP TO BOTTOM,INSIDE AND OUT,anything coming out of their mouth is more then likely a lie,and hes sending them ALL to hell,yet people still are listening to them????…”NIBIRU…the Planet of the crossing”……type it in..listen to the video,its only 4 minutes long…IT was put up 15 years ago,by skywatch media,AND ITS COMING TO PASS NOW……….

    • Gary Daniel

      That planet is another 500 yrs off….if it exists.

  • schmannity

    “Very few filmmakers make movies purely for entertainment.” You must not go to many movies or your dog is sending you too many messages when your tinfoil hat is off.

    • El_Tigre_Loco

      None of this is new. Research the 1913 Ohio flood.

  • Cat

    The seismic activity on the planet has increased, and is increasing because the earth is tired of all our drilling and concrete buildings and bloodshed from war, therefore she is cleansing ready for a transition whereby the earth and everybody in it will move into a new higher frequency – leaving behind the negative entities that operate at lower frequencies causing us fear, stress and worry. I thinks it’s a shame that your website only addresses negative things but not the positive work that’s going on. We need to let go of fear, this is the time to move on from the crippling control we’ve been under for such a long time.
    Also, probably don’t watch this movie lol.

  • mgm5215

    Actually yes. The filmmakers said that the film was made not just for entertainment, but to caution people about the San Andreas fault and the future scenario of the Big One happening.

    Although the film is not scientifically accurate (the Hoover Dam is destroyed due to a fictional faultline), and it’s not the first nor the last movie to include a big earthquake in California (Check Earthquake, 2012, 10.5, etc), Also, it doesn’t matches with the descriptions of people have being preaching the destruction of California since Joe Brandt’s vision in 1937 (California doesn’t sink and San Francisco doesn’t get upside down).

  • 1adventureseekerblog

    I think the more interesting thing is that there haven’t been any films that depict a meteor strike near Puerto Rico while also depicting the damage to the Gulf area and the lower East Coast. Sure, we have disaster films portraying New York City, but the films seem to completely leave out what would happen to the rest of the Nation with this sort of event occurring.

  • SortingHat

    EVERYTHING in the universe is a sign of our state of collective awareness.

    These natural disasters are a sign of our own unstable core as we shift away from our false sand castle that the rich percents had have us built.

    The sand castle is now beginning to turn to goo and will accelerate like the story about the foolish man who built his house upon the sand it’s our turn for America but we don’t have to let it be so bad if we act civil and follow the laws of Jesus not the moses laws which were abolished.