Is Pope Francis Laying The Groundwork For A One World Religion?

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Is Pope Francis Laying The Groundwork For A One World Religion? - Photo by FczarnowskiDoes Pope Francis intend to help the global elite achieve their goal of uniting all of the religions of the world under a single banner?  Will he be instrumental in establishing a single global religion for the glorious “new age” that the global elite believe is coming?  After he was elected, the cover of Time Magazine declared Pope Francis to be the “New World Pope“, and since his election Pope Francis has made it abundantly clear that he is going to make ecumenical outreach a top priority.  He has spoken of his “determination to continue on the path of ecumenical dialogue“, and he has already held a number of very high profile ecumenical meetings.  Not only has he worked hard to reach out to leaders from various Christian traditions, he has also made it a point to try to acknowledge the mutual bonds that he feels with all other religions.  For example, in one recent address he made it a point to say that he believes that Muslims worship and pray to the “one God” that he also worships.  This “all roads lead to the same God” philosophy is a hallmark of the one world religion that the global elite have been slowly building toward for decades.  The global elite know that even with a one world economy and a one world government, humanity will never be truly united until there is a single global religion.  Unfortunately, this one world religion that they are seeking to establish is diametrically opposed to the Christianity that we find in the Bible.  By throwing out Biblical truth for the sake of “friendship between men and women of different religious traditions“, is Pope Francis fundamentally betraying the faith that he claims to represent?


If there is going to be a one world religion, there will have to be a bond formed between Roman Catholicism and Islam.  They are the two largest religious traditions on the planet, and so any truly “global religion” would definitely require the participation of both of them.

That is one reason why what Pope Francis has already had to say about Islam is so noteworthy.  The following comes from remarks that he made during his very first ecumenical meeting

I then greet and cordially thank you all, dear friends belonging to other religious traditions; first of all the Muslims, who worship the one God, living and merciful, and call upon Him in prayer, and all of you. I really appreciate your presence: in it I see a tangible sign of the will to grow in mutual esteem and cooperation for the common good of humanity.

The Catholic Church is aware of the importance of promoting friendship and respect between men and women of different religious traditions – I wish to repeat this: promoting friendship and respect between men and women of different religious traditions – it also attests the valuable work that the Pontifical Council for interreligious dialogue performs.

But are “Allah” and the God of the Bible the same thing?

Of course not.  For example, Christians believe that Jesus Christ is God.  Muslims deny this vehemently.  For much more on why “Allah” and the God of the Bible are not the same, please see this article.

So either Pope Francis is denying the divinity of Jesus Christ, or he is exhibiting a frightening ignorance of basic Christian theology, or there is some other agenda at work here.

During that same ecumenical meeting, Pope Francis also made it a point to state that he feels “close” to those that belong “to any religious tradition”…

In this, we feel close even to all those men and women who, whilst not recognizing themselves belonging to any religious tradition, feel themselves nevertheless to be in search of truth, goodness and beauty, this truth, goodness and beauty of God, and who are our precious allies in efforts to defend the dignity of man, in building a peaceful coexistence among peoples and in guarding Creation carefully.

It is one thing to love people and to seek to build friendships with them, but it is another thing entirely to throw out the most basic beliefs of the faith that you supposedly represent in order to promote a specific agenda.

And Pope Francis definitely appears to have an agenda.  On another occasion, Pope Francis declared that it was time “to intensify dialogue” with other religions, and that he was “thinking particularly of dialogue with Islam.”

But this affinity for Islam did not just begin recently.  The truth is that Pope Francis was working hard to build bridges with Islam even when he was the Archbishop of Buenos Aires

“His humility drew my attention,” Sheik Mohsen Ali, an important Islamic leader in Argentina, told the Buenos Aires Herald. He “always showed himself a friend of the Islamic community.”

And Pope Francis has a reputation for being a cleric that really “knows Islam“…

Sumer Noufouri, secretary-general of the Islamic Center of the Republic of Argentina, told the Buenos Aires Herald that the new pope is a “respectful, pro-dialogue person who knows Islam.”

But of course Pope Francis is not just reaching out to the Islamic world.

He has also been working hard to “intensify dialogue” with other Christian traditions.

In particular, he seems quite interested in improving relations with the Orthodox churches of the east…

Before his address, the pope had a private meeting with Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew from Istanbul, who attended Francis’s inaugural Mass on Tuesday.

It was the first time the spiritual head of Orthodox Christians had attended a Roman pope’s inaugural Mass since the Great Schism between western and eastern Christianity in 1054.

At Wednesday’s meeting, Francis called Bartholomew “my brother Andrew,” a reference to the apostle who was the brother of St. Peter and was the first bishop of the Church of Byzantium.

Francis also held a private session with Metropolitan Hilarion, the foreign minister of the Russian Orthodox Church, the largest in the Orthodox world.

It won’t happen tomorrow, of course, but could Pope Francis be the Pope that brings the Roman Catholics and the Orthodox back together?

And of course a one world religion will not appear overnight either.  There are far too many differences to overcome right now.

But as the world becomes increasingly unstable, people are going to be looking for answers.  After the world is ravaged by economic collapse, food shortages, nightmarish pandemics, unprecedented natural disasters and horrifying wars, will it finally be ready for a one world religion that promises “peace and friendship” among all of the religions of the globe?

This is something to watch for in the years ahead.  The global elite desperately want a single global religion, and they will keep moving things in that direction.

For now, Pope Francis just seems to be laying the groundwork for the one world religion that is coming.  There is a 900-year-old prophecy that indicates that Pope Francis could be the last Pope.  If that prophecy is true, then it will be very important to watch the actions of this Pope very carefully.

So what do you think about all of this?

Please feel free to post a comment with your opinion below…

Pope Francis


    I’m very concerned by this pope also. He knows that the bible states: “(For the LORD thy God is a jealous God among you) lest the anger of the LORD thy God be kindled against thee, and destroy thee from off the face of the earth.” Does he really think God approves of him describing other religions as being equal to Christianity? God help the Catholics!

    • maxime1793

      I don’t think that he sees other religions as equal, however there has been a negative development in Catholicism going back a decade or so: that is, proclamations that you can go to Heaven not only while being of another faith (that’s fine with me, for many reasons) but that a legitimate path to Heaven is precisely by being a good and faithful Jew or Muslim.

      That is problematic. Certainly, you can be brought up a Jew or Muslim and live your life quite Christ-like, without ever being baptised. However, you can also follow Judaism or Islam to the letter and be a cruel person, since they are religions of a written law and obedience, rather than of the Holy Spirit.

      This goes back to JPII, however, and through Benedict’s time, so I imagine this new way of thinking has pierced the Curia quite strongly.

      Btw, though, let’s stick to the NT.

      • II Thess 3:5

        Btw, let’s stick to the NT? How foolish you are, Gods word is holy and pure, all of it! Yeshua said if you love me keep my commandments, do you think He was ignorant of God’s commands or just made up some new ones. This kind of thinking is distorted and is not based in fact!

        • maxime1793

          In a sense he did make some new ones. “This is my greatest commandment….and the second is like unto it….”, the liberation from the old law is explained by Paul.

          Every single word of the Bible (OT&NT) cannot be equally true, and is not meant to be construed as such. Not all of the human ethics and nature of God showcased in the OT are compatible with the NT.

          • II Thess 3:5

            That is your understanding, I do not share it, Jesus ‘ own words stand in opposition to this see Matt 5:17 “Do not think that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets. I did not come to destroy but to fulfill. 18 For assuredly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle will by no means pass from the law till all is fulfilled. 19 Whoever therefore breaks one of the least of these commandments, and teaches men so, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven; but whoever does and teaches them, he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven. 20 For I say to you, that unless your righteousness exceeds the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.

          • maxime1793

            1. Christ fulfilled the prophecy of the Messiah. We have the OT in the Biblical canon in no small part because of all the recorded references to this. Christ’s morality is meant as a perfection of the old morality, but it replaces the Old Law and both cannot be equally 100% true.

            2. The Ten Commandments are easy to follow, when interpreted narrowly. If that merely is the law, then you can be justified! Christ’s commandments are extremely difficult to follow.

            3. The Pharisees ended up killing Christ.

          • II Thess 3:5

            3. The Pharisees weren’t in power, but the Sadducees were.
            The Pharisees some of which had disagreement with Yeshua but not all, as seen by Nicodemas and Joseph of Arimathea seeing to a proper burial endangering their own lives by doing so.
            2. Keeping Gods commands are wise and not the cause of righteousness but rather the effect of Messiah’s righteousness to enable us to live wisely by God’s direction.
            1. There is nothing old about those scriptures as many things have yet to happen. Paul told Timothy the following; 2 Tim 3:4 But you must continue in the things which you have learned and been assured of, knowing from whom you have learned them, 15 and that from childhood you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.
            16 All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, 17 that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.
            When Paul said this there was no NT as such. The scriptures Timothy knew from his childhood were what you call the Old Testament.

          • II Thess 3:5

            Also to point 1. Jesus did not offer a single new thought, He defeated Satan with 3 quotes from Deuteronomy
            The New covenant is introduced in Ezekiel 37:25 Jeremiah 31:30. The Jewish apostles,which merely means sent ones would have torn their clothes and rethought taking the good news to Gentiles if they could have imagined the complete hijacking and subverting of the truth that has gone on. Paul under the direction of the Holy Spirit in Romans 11 warns against this very arrogance. Faith is not a belief that is separate from ones deeds. Paul and Jacob agree on this.

          • romans killed Christ

          • maxime1793

            No. Pilate told the multitudes he saw no fault in Christ but the Pharisees led the people to demand Christ’s murder and the liberation, instead, of a common robber.

            That is what the scriptures say.


          • II Thess 3:5

            Both those commands are from the OT as you call it

    • Nancy Pelosi will adore him! She loves anything or anybody of the devil. If this new Pope believes that Jesus Christ and Allah are the same then he is definitely of the devil.

    • FRLBJ

      The Pope does not believe other religions are on a par with the Catholic faith. You are misinformed. He is a Bible- believing Christian.

      • He may believe that there is a Bible, but he certainly is not Sola Scriptura. The RCC has placed traditions and marion apparition revelations ahead of Scripture.

        Also since Vatican II, it is anything goes in the Roman Church. Vatican II is to the RCC as the Emergent Church is to Evangelicalism.

  • seanipie

    As a Catholic who knows of this prophecy, I share your conern, BUT uniting Christianity is kind of his job. I am not fond of this ecumenism that has taken place with other faiths after VII, but this not even the least bit exclusive to this one pope, as all of the post-VII popes have done this(except JPI because his pontificate was so short lived).

    • Amaretto

      As a protestant allow me to tell you, that we, protestants, still go to hell, if the popes are rightful representing god

  • George

    It is sobering to think about what awful things will have to happen on the earth in order for these different religions to put aside their many differences. It may seem impossible to some, but I expect to see the last part of Revelation 13 (one world religion, mark of the Beast, etc.) fulfilled in my lifetime. Events can move very quickly, as we saw with the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe in 1989. Yes, it took 44 years (from 1945 to 1989), but when it finally happened, it happened quickly. There are undoubtedly a lot of behind-the-scenes talks and meetings going on (and have been for decades), and when the time is ripe, the coalescing into one world religion will happen very quickly. Error has no problem compromising with itself; it is only the Truth (as it is in Jesus) that Error will not acknowledge. False religions will unite in a brotherhood of error, papering over their differences and suppressing dissent. And spiritualistic (demonic) forces will be both the power that drives the movement and the glue that holds it together.

    • As I understand it, the Jewish, Christian and Muslim religious ‘authorities’ would prefer the *annihilation* of human civilization itself rather than to return to the original Revelations of their respective prophets, and repenting of their demonic doctrines in opposition to those Revelations.

      In fact, the monotheistic religions already have a “one world religion”, based upon the belief that the Doctrine of “resurrection” is the Egyptian ‘god of the dead’ (Chapter 20, verse 38 of the Gospel of Luke)-“synagogue of Satan” (Chapter 2, verse 9 and Chapter 3, verse 9 of the Revelation of John) doctrine of the physical raising of a dead body from the grave; the demonic doctrine which is at the foundation of ALL theological conflicts between Jews, Christians and Muslims resulting in religious violence, bloodshed and genocide.


      • maxime1793

        Stop watching Zeitgeist and learn more about religion.

        • What is Zeigeist?

          My focus is on the Revelations received by Moses, Isaiah, Daniel, Jesus and Mohammed…

          And their contradictions by the “false prophet” monotheistic religious ‘authorities’.


          • Your focus seems pretty scattered to me considering that Mohammed claimed to be the final prophet of “God” while Moses, Isaiah and Daniel pointed to Jesus as the only true God in the flesh. Even Muslims admit that Mohammed is dead and buried, still in the grave, while acknowledging that Jesus is in Heaven. If you were truly focused on what the Bible says, you would be absolutely focused on Jesus and no other. Without Jesus it is impossible to understand the Bible because it is spiritually discerned. Focus on Jesus and His salvation. Then, and only then, will you see clearly.

          • Jesusislord


          • Mohammed did NOT claim to be the “final prophet”. The term used was “the Seal of the prophets”. That does NOT mean “final prophet”. In any case, you do not understand the reply of Jesus to the Sadducees in the Gospel of Matthew and the Gospel of Luke in which he specifically repudiates the Egyptian ‘god of the dead’ doctrine of the physical raising of a dead body from the grave; describing, in figurative language, that “the resurrection” is the revelation of the memories of previous lives (“like the angels in heaven”).

            Nor do you have ANY Knowledge that the “Night Journey” of Mohammed is the same as the Vision of the “Son of man”.


          • maxime1793

            These assumed contradictions are assumed as fact in your postings, not explained. There is a degree of truth in all the large, surviving religions, and there is human corruption in all large religious organisations, but there are still very real differences between the religions and their established forms are not mere conspiracies to control the populace.

          • Explanation for what I have written can be found in the recordings on my 4Q529 YouTube channel.


      • BEAUTIFUL and I could agree more. God Bless you.

      • Roopods6

        M. Cecil (Cecil means ‘blind’) believes he has ‘received’ the ‘revelation of the resurrection’. He also claims to have ‘received’ the ‘revelation of the memory of creation’ along with the ‘memories of previous lives’. So in other words, he’s a “Medium” who gets his insider information from “dead spirits”. He particularly has a vehement hatred for the Apostle Paul and has a particular penchant for the teachings of Gnostics. I’ve looked him up and had the displeasure of having to dialogue with him in another forum. He isn’t a Christian and furthermore denies the ‘vicarious atonement’ of Messiah Yehoshua.

        • maxime1793

          You’re not a Christian.

          • Roopods6

            If that’s the ‘label’ you’ve given yourself and after the despicable things you’ve written here, then I’m only too happy to agree. I do however know that I’m “born again from above” (John 3:3), and belong to Messiah Yeshua (John 10:27-30). It’s the “Woman riding the Beast” of Revelation 17 who says that she, Mother Circe is the sole representative of Christianity and Christians on the Earth. That if you aren’t practicing any one of her unholy pagan sacraments then you aren’t one of hers. No, I’m not one of hers, but you definitely are. So in that vein of understanding I’d say that you are a ‘Christian’, because you follow another ‘Christ’, a ‘Khristós Helios’ like the one presented in Rome.

          • maxime1793

            No, the old Christian religion of the Syrians, Greeks, and Romans is not pagan. The fact that there a lot of religious metaphors in common between major world religions does not prove that they are all some Babylonian cult (although people who believe in that generally apply it to Judai sm as well).

            However, the word ‘elohim’ is grammatically a plural (unlike ‘allah’ its Arabic singular cognate).

          • Roopods6

            I’m aware of the pagan influences that immediately entered into the Assyrian and Roman-Greco Churches maxime1793. Those are those “religious metaphors” they hold in common with each other that are all traceable back to their original Babylonian form. Hence the very reason for King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of the statue interpreted by the Prophet Daniel (Daniel 2). Look up the word “Syncretism”, along with “supersessionism” and get a clue sometime, will ya?

            Elohim means “Mighty Ones”, and is the plural for “El” as in Yisra’el. It is phonetically pronounced as “Ale”. Yi in Hebrew means ‘He’, ‘Sra’ is Hebrew for ‘strive or save’, while ‘El’ is the ‘Might One’. So that Yisra’el means “He strives (or is saved by) the ‘Mighty One’. That ‘Mighty One’ of Yisra’el is YHWH. The plurality of the “Mighty Ones” being more a reference to the ‘Father’ and to His ‘Son’ (Genesis 1:26,3:22,11:7; John 17:4-5).

            Our intermediator is Messiah Yehoshua and not some man-made religious sect.

          • maxime1793

            ‘El’ means ‘god’ in Canaanite languages. ‘Elohim’ is a plural, ‘gods’. It is the word used in Exodus 20:3: לא יהיה־לך אלהים אחרים על־פני

          • Roopods6

            “Gods” is a generic pagan term for a deity, any deity. Zeus, Baal, Jupiter, …etc. El is a HEBREW word which means the “Mighty One”. Tell you what. You continue using your own pagan based terms since they mesh better with what you’re doing, and I’ll use the original descriptors that better quantify YHWH’s Word. I mean I wouldn’t want you to get out of line with Mother Circe in Rome, oh no.

          • maxime1793

            Are you implying ‘Circe’ is church? You are mistaken. The Germanic word church is taken from a Greek word for ‘temple’. The Latin word for church was ‘ecclesia’, a Greek word for gathering. ‘Circe’ comes from Kirike:, a pagan goddess – not related etymologically or thematically.

            Learn your languages, son.

          • Alaph, Lamad means litteraly Mighty one, Alaph, Lamad, Hay, Yad, Mayim=Mighty of Mighties, the word Gad, Gamal, Dalath= a troop or an army, one of the twelve tribes are the tribe of Gad, also it’s a Canaanite “mighty one”. The word is Al, and the 5-letter word is A-L-H-Y-M. First letter, prounounced is a glottal stop, and third letter is a breathy humm. All 22 letters of the language called “Y-H-U–D–Y-Th= a 6-letter word, and the NAME OF the Language of Yahudah, thought to be called Ay-B-R-Y-Th, a five letter-word for one who crossed over to a different land, a Hebrew, Abram is the first example in Genesis[BRA-Sh-Y-Th]. The language is Yahudyath, look up the “Hebrew Scripture, you’ll find this is the restored language of Th-U-R-H[Torah], The Y-Sh-R-A-L-Y-Th[Israelites] read only this language in the temple to keep speach PURE, when we call on Y-H-U-H [Prounounced Yah-oo-ah, we are safe], and His Son Yahusha, Yah-oo-sh-ai, and letter Ayin is a Uvula constriction, so the tonal characteristic is like the english word eye and sort of a rough sound and the letter Rash, the 20th letter is a fricative, Alaph, Rash, Ayin is Number 16, all these are gutteral contrary to popular belief, Hay is a vowel, Ayin and Alaph are vowels, paleo-and anchient Hebrew [Yahudyath]-Strong’s #3066 are Uau the 6th letter is a vowel“““`Yahusha-i- is spelled Yad-Hay-Uau-Shan-Ayin, this whole language is done through only the mouth gate, from uvula to lips, and from lips to uvula, impossible to whisper, Ayin would sound like Chath, or Heth

          • maxime1793

            Your post is not entirely clear, but I can say a few things…

            ‘el means ‘god’ in Canaanite langauges, as I have previously noted. If you take issue with this, I would like to see academic evidence.

            -yad-mayim is a plural but not a superlative.

            Y-H-U-H is not ‘we are safe’, it is a third-person form. The verbal root is H-W-H ‘breathe, be, exist’. Y- is third person singular masculine.

            To be exact, ayn is a pharyngeal fricative. There is no derivation then from Y-H-W-H.

            Rash is not a fricative.

            Hay is not a vowel.

          • Mustard Seed

            How about three persons in one God…Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

          • maxime1793

            I have no objection :)

          • maxime1793

            Btw, can you read Hebrew or do you just have your rabbis read it for you?

          • Roopods6

            “Btw, can you read Hebrew or do you just have your rabbis read it for you?” – maxime1793

            Amazing how racists think it a normal thing when making their vile remarks. Is this a tradition of ***your ancestry***too? You claim to be of the Eastern Orthodox tradition and yet you speak in the same manner as those of the Roman Universal Churches of Rome (Revelation 13:11). I know you think you’re just writing those remarks to me, but you’re failing to realize anyone with an internet connection can read what you’ve written here. So I’d suggest you keep your racist proclivities to yourself.

          • maxime1793

            A rabbi is a type of clergyman, not a racial statement.

            I would say you could not tell the difference except probably you can. You think writing ADL-like threats that people are racist for criticising your newly-found identity is intimidatory, when really normal people could care less. You think you can tell people they are whores of Babylon but be above criticism. Grow up.

            I see a lot of messianics lobbying for Middle Eastern wars, making yourselves useful for the NWO, eh?

            You cannot read Hebrew. ‘eloh-im’ originally meant ‘(the) gods’, as quoted in Exodus, ‘thou shalt have no other gods (<elohim) but me'. And yet you accuse others of neopaganism.

            And you don't know the difference between various churches because your propagandists only taught you this Catholic vs. good dichotomy. You don't know Church history.

          • Roopods6

            Backpedaling on your racist comment that I have a Rabbi. Trying to be more subtle then calling me a ‘Judaizer’ as before, huh? That you do this as a representative of the Roman Universal Church is a vile and despicable thing to say. Ah yes, you’ve made the distinction that you are Eastern Orthodox and not RCC. The reality being there is very little difference between the two and efforts at reconciliation between the two continue to grow.

            What I’m referring to is YHWH’s Word on the identity of the ‘Woman riding the Beast’ of Revelation 17. Yeah, too bad that’s “intimidatory” since it does hit so close to home but that isn’t my problem, it’s yours.

            That you have to create a false narrative concerning some imaginary strawman “Messianics” is a pathetic grab at an invisible straw. Lobbying for Middle Eastern Wars? Yeah. Right.

            You cannot read Hebrew? Don’t you have a computer and an internet connection? Elohim is best defined as I gave it, as “Mighty Ones”. Of course pagans (such as yourself) use their generic term “gods” since their “mighty ones” are from the demonic realm. The rest of your childish rant is indecipherable.

          • maxime1793

            Well, use your internet connection and connect to this:

          • It will be ez for roman catholics and islam to join as they both have the same boss

          • maxime1793

            But the crazy Messianics here might target Catholicism, but paint Orthodoxy and almost all Protestantism in the same light. So, you are saying then that Islam and all of Christianity has the same boss?

      • THEanon

        I like your name, but not your views.

      • jack nichols

        The entire Muslim Koran is nothing more than toilet paper
        for the true Christian. Allah is Satan and should be denied and even spit on.
        His prophet Moooohamand was the bastard son of some camel jockey weirdo. He
        continually raped young women; he killed his so called enemies that were
        actually another bunch of camel jockey Arabs, and was probably a practicing
        homosexual like most Arabs. This is the
        forbidden religion that the one true God Yahweh talks about, in the last days.
        Personally I reject all of Islam, and will gladly use the Koran for toilet
        paper. This is an evil religion that defies the moon god Allah, The moon god of
        the Kaabah where the black stone is worshiped. This is a religion that denies
        Jesus deity and actually makes him subservient to the Mahdi whom is most
        certainly the Christian antichrist. Sorry Charley, but the religion of Islam is
        blasphemy of the first order and the vile religion of violence and death.
        Followers of Allah are on a direct path to hell and damnation.

        • James King

          I”m glad your in a nation to be able to write your words because the intolerant Muslims would like to have your head. You wrote the truth!!!

      • Cheryl Denis

        Bravo, so true. I denounced being a Catholic (a religion chosen by my parents) in 1992 when I found that everything I was taught was not true according to the Scriptures. I decided then and there that I would believe God’s word, NOT MANS!
        The only thing the Catholic religion said that was true is that there was a God but then they destroyed that too by saying that Jesus is God which was the furthest from the truth. JESUS WAS THE SON OF GOD!

      • mariannesig

        First of all, Mecca is NOT a sacred house of the True God… and no the 3 religions do not believe in the same God.. there is only One True God and His Name is Jesus.. and if Muslims worshiped the same True God.. then why do they murder in the name of allah..? You are very decieved.. and misled..

      • Deanna Clark

        There has always been friendship among people who have religious differences. The problem is not the differences…the problem is threats, violence, and hatred. Does anyone really believe forcing a religion of mass consensus will change human nature? Nonsense!! People of good will will be kind, mean people will find new excuses to be mean.

      • turfbarn80

        Muslims DO NOT worship the same god as Christians. They worship Allah, who is derived from “Ellech,” the Arab moon god, who watched over them from the days when they moved around in the cool of the night. Islam is based on a few heretical Christian ideas mixed with the violent, pederastic tendencies of Mohammed. He murdered innocent people and authorized the gang rape of women captured in battle. Many of these women were Christians of the middle east, before Muslims wiped them out. Please lie to the ignorant next time–we informed people aren’t buying the parallel religion hype.

      • Blfstick

        Obviously The Muslim “god” is absolutely NOT the God [who the Christians worship.. The God we worship has a son – His name is Jesus. Their god does not have a son. Although they claim their god is the god of Abraham, Isaac and ISHMAEL …We worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and JACOB…. Jesus Christ the ONLY begotten Son of God declared that “No man comes to the father (God) but through me.”

        Hundreds of years later what was a matter of recorded history, your Prophet, working hand in hand with Satan himself, has re-written History to create “another Gospel” One that disguises Satan as the god of Abraham, Isaac and Ishmael. A God who is worshiped by the blood-lust of jihad and the venal lusts of menfor thereward of 70+ virgins in the after life. A religion that teaches Lies and deceit that promote the cause of Islam are honorable and worthyof praise.

        These simple facts show that the life you considergood and honorable is a life that the devil himself would take pride in.

        Mohammed was visited by a demonic presence who dictated another Gospel called the Quran. He wrote a fabrication of history that happened long before he lived. He had no personal experience of that history ….all he knew is what the demon told him to write ….unless he made it up on his own. Your Apocolyptic literature declares that your 12th IMAM will ride into the final battle on a white Stallion to do Battle against Jesus Christ. Your writers declare he will be victorious.

        The difference I see is that our Biblical books – both Old and New Testaments were written by the actually prophets, Apostles and contemporary historians who personally witnessed the Life of Christ and the Lives of the Patriarchs and Kings of Israel.

        In our own book of Revelation we see someone riding into the final batle on a White Stallion to do Battle against Jesus Christ …He is known as the as the AntiChrist ….and the Book declares that the AntiChrist is profoundly beaten and thrown into Hell for total destruction or never ending torture.

    • And Obama and puppeteer are chomping at the bit to get the show on the road. Kissinger made the comment a few yrs ago that Obama was being primed for the new world order.

    • Guest

      totally agree!

    • Salome Oliveria

      Totally agree!

    • Deanna Tullison

      Another Pastor has also validated he will be in the wilderness in his lifetime and he is nearing 70….so that is something to hear the confidence in his voice……..…really frightening! Should alert ALL BELIEVERS that WE HAVE NOT MUCH TIME LEFT! GET OUR TEMPLES IN ORDER for his coming and HIS WRATH!!!!

      • Kenneth Foster

        God is making big things take place and no one can inter fear even if they try to.

    • Kenneth Foster

      it is all in gods hands some people will like it and many will not.

  • AussieTintin

    Catholic prophet Maria Divine Mercy has been receiving messages regarding this very thing for over 2 years. She was foretold of PBXVI leaving of the Vatican before his death & that Pope Francis is the False Prophet as foretold in the Book of Revelation as well as many other events involving Syria, Egypt etc. This is the generation that will see the rise of the antichrist, the apostacy & schism as foretold at Fatima & the persecution of Christians/Catholics faithful to the teachings of Christ.
    Her messages are most compelling & deserve close attention even if the reader finds it unable to believe them at this stage as they give much needed advice in regard to the future but also remind us, as at Fatima, that this current non believing world needs to turn to God/Christ & prayer, much prayer is needed.
    There is much hope as The Warning, as prophecised at Garabandal & foretold to St Faustina will cause conversion in the billions.

  • Pope Francis does not “know Islam”.

    He does not know that the prophet Mohammed was Elijah and John the Baptist (Peace Be Upon Them) ‘raised from the dead’ in fulfillment of the Prophecies of Malachi and Jesus.

    Neither does he know that the Doctrine of “resurrection” was taught by Isaiah, Daniel, Jesus and Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Them when they are ‘raised from the dead’) as a Doctrine of ‘Rebirth’; thus establishing not an identity, but at least a connection to the Buddhist tradition of non-violence.

    It is only through understanding the Truth about the Doctrine of “resurrection” as a Doctrine of ‘Rebirth’ that genuine Peace can be attained between Jews, Christians and Muslims, as well as between the Eastern religions and the monotheistic religions.

    This is explained in some detail in the recordings on my 4Q529 YouTube channel.


    • Bertreit Anton

      And you don’t seem to know that the antichrist is a reference to Islam itself. It’s evident in all religions that predict the future.

      • The religion called “Islam” is almost as much of a contradiction of the Revelations received by Mohammed as Christianity is a perversion of the Teaching of Jesus, and Judaism is a contradiction of the Revelations received by Moses and Isaiah.

        The ultimate goal of the Revelations is Peace.

        The ultimate goal of the “false prophet” (Revelations 16:13), Jewish, Christian and Muslim religions is the Battle of Armageddon.


        • Jesusislord

          Still praying…

  • Pope Francis is correct with regards to the God believed in by both Jesus and Mohammed.

    The “Night Journey” of Mohammed, and the “sidrah tree” (mentioned in Sura 53 of the Quran) is the same as the Vision of the “Son of man” received by Daniel and the apostle John, and referred to in Genesis Chapter 3, verse 24 as the “Tree of Life”, and in the Thanksgiving Hymns of the Dead Sea Scrolls, written by Jesus, as the “Vision of Knowledge”.

    It is the Muslim and Christian religious ‘authorities’ who have denied and contradicted this Truth.


    • II Thess 3:5

      You are very confused

    • Jesusislord

      Praying for you already..

  • seanipie

    If you go to any Catholic forum you’ll find that Catholics are divided on Pope Francis. I assure you that the Catholic Church is anything but a one world religion, even if the visible institute of the Church was to give into the ideology, it doesn’t change the fact that the faith will still live on, unadulterated, without direct central leadership.

    “There are not one hundred people in the United States who hate The Catholic Church, but there are millions who hate what they wrongly perceive the Catholic Church to be.”
    -Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

    • One of the reasons for this statement by Bishop Sheen is that the media will not ALLOW it to be publicized that agents of the Roman church exterminated tens of thousands of Albigensians–many of them burned alive–for teaching precisely the same Doctrine that Jesus taught: that the Doctrine of “resurrection” is a Doctrine of ‘Rebirth’.

      Neither will the media allow it to be publicized that Jesus was the author of the Thanksgiving Hymns of the Dead Sea Scrolls, which contain poetic and figurative references to the “resurrection” as a Doctrine of ‘Rebirth’.

      Were these Truths merely to be PUBLICIZED, those who hate the doctrines of the Roman church would increase.


    • Archbishop also spoke of the “last” Pope.

    • FRLBJ

      The “visible institute of the Church” cannot change its doctrines since the Holy Spirit protects its doctrines from being adulterated. You also cannot separate the visible Body of Christ, the Church, from the Mystical Body of Christ. They are one. Read I Cor. 11 and 12. Also, there you see that at Corinth, the sinful men in the Church were doing their evil deeds. That did not change the veracity of the Truth of the faith of the Church that St. Paul was preaching to them.

  • C#

    “Francis” is really an anti-pope, who denies the Faith (as you have documented in part above). Likewise, what most people identify as the Catholic Church – the Vatican II sect – is not the Catholic Church. This is painstakingly detailed on Most Holy Monastery’s website,, which I strongly recommend to anyone.

  • Roopods6

    That the “Pontifex Maximus” of the Mystery Schools, the figurehead of the Roman “Universal” Church is seeking to “unify” the Pagan religions of the nations should come as no surprise. In fact, it’s his job. ‘Unification’ into a ‘Universal’ (Catholic means Universal) worldwide church under the Antichrist figurehead, that’s the goal as it has always been within the Roman Empire that has now begun to revive itself. It’s why you see that ‘woman’ (Rome) riding this revived beast in Revelation 17. ‘Pontifex’ means ‘bridge builder’ and that’s exactly what he’s doing, isn’t it?

    I believe as you do that YHWH is ‘raising up’ those who are more like those first “Christians” taught by the original Apostles, those Disciples of Messiah Yeshua. Such people who will follow YHWH’s Son instead of so-called leaders of the apostate sister churches of Rome who practice her “unifying” unholy pagan ‘sacraments’.

    • maxime1793

      Crazy messianic Jew.

      • Roopods6

        “Crazy messianic Jew.” – maxime1793

        I don’t know, but are racist comments appropriate here? No, probably not.

        • maxime1793

          Nothing to do with race but with crazy people from Christian families who adopted Judaising religious elements while rejecting the history of their actual faith.

          • Roopods6

            Hey dude, do you think you can quit with racist bigotry that all who follow that “Woman riding the Beast” of Revelation 17 like to give?

            Yeah it’s racism too. It’s the same term used by the Roman Universal Church to describe anyone who belongs to Messiah Yehoshua. Anyone who were taught by the original Apostles such as Peter or Paul.

            Colossians 2:16-17: “[16] So don’t let anyone pass judgment on you in connection with eating and drinking, or in regard to a Festival [Leviticus 23] or Rosh-Hodesh or Shabbat.” [17] These are a shadow of things that are coming, but the body is of the Messiah.”

            It has also been my own personal experience that people who call others “Judaizers” are vehement racists who do follow the ‘Woman riding the Beast’ in one form or another. I also find your own application of the term to offensively disgusting. Used by the ‘willingly ignorant’.

            You’ve demonstrated here that you haven’t a clue as to the “history” of the faith of those who believe that Yehoshua is the Messiah of the world, the Son of the Father YHWH.

          • maxime1793

            Dude, you’re not Jewish.

          • Roopods6

            You’ve got this thing with racism going on, don’t you? That’s your own error. Read what YHWH’s Word says about the true members of His body:

            Galatians 3:26-29: “[26] For in union with the Messiah, you are all children of YHWH through this trusting faithfulness; [27] because as many of you as were immersed into the Messiah have clothed yourselves with the Messiah, in whom [28] there is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor freeman, neither male nor female; for in union with the Messiah Yeshua, you are all one. [29] Also, if you belong to the Messiah, you are seed of Avraham and heirs according to the promise.”

            1 Corinthians 12:11-13: “[11] One and the same Spirit is at work in all these things, distributing to each person as he chooses. [12] For just as the body is one but has many parts; and all the parts of the body, though many, constitute one body; so it is with the Messiah. [13] For it was by one Spirit that we were all immersed into one body, whether Jews or Gentiles, slaves or free; and we were all given the one Spirit to drink.”

            I can’t definitely say whether I have a Jewish ancestor, or not. But I do know that we are all one who belong to Messiah Yeshua.

          • maxime1793

            Secondly, I am not Catholic.

          • Roopods6

            Oh yes you surely are! You may not accept that ‘label’ but you definitely do belong to her just the same. I’ve no doubt you already practice a number of her unholy pagan sacraments. You even got the lingo down that her own adherents use.

          • maxime1793

            I am a member of the Eastern Orthodox Church, which has over 200 million members and has probably the most direct link with early Christian practice (one can argue between the Greek and Syriac traditions).

            You’re a member of a small sect/cult about 45 years old.

          • Roopods6

            Yeah, that’s always amusing to me when someone ‘boasts’ about the “many” being subjugated by their ‘thought reformers’. You make the same boast about having the same “most direct link” to early Christian [pagan] practices that the woman riding the beast in Rome does. Your “direct link” is to Rome maxime1793 and its an obvious one too along with the hatred for YHWH’s chosen people. Do they also teach ‘supersessionism’ in the Eastern Orthodox Church as Rome also does?

            I’d rather be a member of the hated ‘few’ who truly belong to Messiah Yeshua then the ‘many’ who are like you, vain, boastful, and proud of your own unholy pagan practices, rituals, doctrines and traditions. That you have little problem in your own hateful screed about ‘Judaizers’, and labeling those who belong to Him as a “small sect/cult” that’s only 45 years old to boot. Thank you for giving us all a little insight into your own character.

            Matthew 7:13-14,21-23: “[13] Go in through the narrow gate; for the gate that leads to destruction is wide and the road broad, and many travel it; [14] but it is a narrow gate and a hard road that leads to life, and only a few find it. [21] Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord!’ will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, only those who do what my Father in heaven wants. [22] On that Day, many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord! Didn’t we prophesy in your name? Didn’t we expel demons in your name? Didn’t we perform many miracles in your name?’ [23] Then I will tell them to their faces, ‘I never knew you! Get away from me, you workers of lawlessness!'”

            You show little regard for what YHWH’s Word really says about anything and yet so proud and boastful about your own religious sect. That’s too bad. You’d think that’d be a clue as to where your allegiance really lies.

          • maxime1793

            All established churches of any size are what you would call ‘supersessionist’, including Baptists, Lutherans, Methodists, Orthodox, Monophysites, etc. This is not limited to Rome.

            I am not sure where you and your colleagues get off in barraging this board with wild insults aimed at most churches (but bound together as if they were all ‘Catholic’), which are, after all, certainly the tradition of ***your ancestry*** and then turn around and scream anyone who criticises your newfound ideas is mean, prideful, and ‘racist’ (when we are not dealing with race, you are probably racially similar to myself), not to mention gratuitously flagging comments, as I know you’ve done.

            In retrospect, I won’t let this annoy me. I think someone got to you and spouted a bunch of unfortunate propaganda, turning you against Christianity and the practice of your ancestors. I hope one day you will re-approach this question.

          • Roopods6

            “In retrospect, I won’t let this annoy me.” – maxime1793

            That’s hilarious! Listen good then since this will also “annoy” you; it’s called the ‘truth’. It comes with the “Spirit of Truth” found only within YHWH’s Word. The “supersessionism” of Mother Circe in Rome and all of her apostated sister churches is their assertion that they’ve ‘replaced’ the 12 Tribes of Yisra’el. A disgusting and despicable thing to presuppose too. An aspect discribed in Revelation 2:9, and 3:9.

            Revelation 2:9: “I know how you are suffering and how poor you are (though in fact you are rich!), and I know the insults of those who call themselves Jews but aren’t — on the contrary, they are a church of the Adversary.”

            Revelation 3:9: “Here, I will give you some from the church of the Adversary, those who call themselves Jews but aren’t — on the contrary, they are lying — see, I will cause them to come and prostrate themselves at your feet, and they will know that I have loved you.”

            There are no Gentile Gates in the new Yerushalayim according to Genesis 21:12. You are not superior to, or replacing Yisra’el maxime1793. The believing Gentiles are to be as ‘wild olive shoots’ grafted onto Yisra’el (Romans 11:16-20). But instead of being terrified at this prospect, you seem to prefer to be arrogant and prideful to the tradition of ***your ancestry***? Whatever twisted perversion of reality that means.

            Hey Nimrod! Get a simple clue about there only being one race of Human Beings on the planet! It’s called the “Human Race”. The Collectivist myth of there being many separate ‘races’ is just part of their ‘divide and conquer’ strategy. Creating racial differences due to eye, hair, skin color, or other physiological differences is pure ignorance. We are all related to Noah’s family.

          • maxime1793

            1) This is really a diversion, but anyway … there certainly are races that cannot clearly be traced to the ’12 tribes’, which can be proven both via genetics and ethnolinguistic research. These include the Indo-Europeans, the Turks, the Semites, 2-3 Caucasian peoples, a good number of Amerindian peoples, the Chinese, Austronesians, etc. If one wishes to be certain these peoples are all interrelated via Noah, the time depth must be very deep (at least 15000, probably 20000+ BC). This is hardly a ‘collectivist’ myth since it often stands in the way of collectivism (e.g., the USSR may have recognised and celebrated the heritage of minorities, but suppressed ethnic nationalism). I see in other postings you are worried about globalism, which obviously suppresses racial identities.

            2) I agree with you that race can be used to divide people. However, it is the Jewish religion among all the major ones of the world which is actually racialist, meaning, it segregates people by race, which is defined by blood-lineage. It is not Christianity, not Islam, not Buddhism, not even Hinduism (though it segregates by class). If you base your religious ideas largely on the Old Testament, centred on a ‘chosen people’ whom God repeatedly commands to separate from other peoples and punishes them when they fail to comply, it is *your* religion which is obsessed with race.

            3) When you speak of the ’12 Tribes of Israel’, it is in all likelihood that you ain’t descended from any of them! One must keep in mind that there was a very large world existing outside the perimeter of the Middle East as the Books of the Torah and the Prophets were written.

            I must say, I am curious to see if you insist you are descended from them.

            4) Given the above, the reasoning for assuming your religious views become more obscure:
            “The “supersessionism” of Mother Circe in Rome and all of her apostated
            sister churches is their assertion that they’ve ‘replaced’ the 12 Tribes
            of Yisra’el. A disgusting and despicable thing to presuppose too (sic)”

            —Firstly, I don’t know if you said ‘Circe’ by accident or if this is something your sect leaders teach you, but ‘Circe’ is not a Latin word for church, it is a ‘nymph’. It is not etymologically related to the Germanic word ‘church’, which comes from Greek κυριακη ‘temple’, not Κιρκη ‘magic goddess’. They’re not related at all! So I hope that is not part of the ignorance being taught…

            Secondly, so why do you believe what you do? What commands you to believe the Torah and follow Judaic law? ….. Let me guess … the Torah! It cannot be St Paul who preached what you call supersessionism (yes, he did). In Christianity, we have the Holy Spirit, which dwells among us and within us here on this earth. Much of our religion is experienced, it is intuitive, not only taught via a book. Our religion has nothing to do with race, unlike the OT taken by itself.

            Why would you choose to believe in a religion over-emphasising one race that you don’t even belong to just because its holy book says so (as if the same were not true of other religions)?

            5) Romans 11:16-20 does not mention Israel at all!

            6) You cannot chuck out 1900 years of Christian history because of a conspiracy theory about the Church Fathers.

          • maxime1793

            1) This is really a diversion,
            but anyway … there certainly are races that cannot clearly be traced
            to the ’12 tribes’, which can be proven both via genetics and
            ethnolinguistic research. These include the Indo-Europeans, the Turks,
            the Semites, 2-3 Caucasian peoples, a good number of Amerindian peoples,
            the Chinese, Austronesians, etc. If one wishes to be certain these
            peoples are all interrelated via Noah, the time depth must be very deep
            (at least 15000, probably 20000+ BC). This is hardly a ‘collectivist’
            myth since it often stands in the way of collectivism (e.g., the USSR
            may have recognised and celebrated the heritage of minorities, but
            suppressed ethnic nationalism). I see in other postings you are worried
            about globalism, which obviously suppresses racial identities.

            2) I agree with you that race can be used to divide people. However,
            it is the Jewish religion among all the major ones of the world which
            is actually racialist, meaning, it segregates people by race, which is
            defined by blood-lineage. It is not Christianity, not Islam, not
            Buddhism, not even Hinduism (though it segregates by class). If you
            base your religious ideas largely on the Old Testament, centred on a
            ‘chosen people’ whom God repeatedly commands to separate from other
            peoples and punishes them when they fail to comply, it is *your*
            religion which is obsessed with race.

            3) When you speak of the ’12 Tribes of Yisra’el’, it is in all
            likelihood that you ain’t descended from any of them! One must keep in
            mind that there was a very large world existing outside the perimeter of
            the Middle East as the Books of the Torah and the Prophets were

            I must say, I am curious to see if you insist you are descended from them.

          • maxime1793

            4) Given the above, the reasoning for assuming your religious views become more obscure:
            “The “supersessionism” of Mother Circe in Rome and all of her apostated
            sister churches is their assertion that they’ve ‘replaced’ the 12 Tribes
            of Yisra’el. A disgusting and despicable thing to presuppose too (sic)”

            —Firstly, I don’t know if you said ‘Circe’ by accident or if this
            is something your sect leaders teach you, but ‘Circe’ is not a Latin
            word for church, it is a ‘nymph’. It is not etymologically related to
            the Germanic word ‘church’, which comes from Greek κυριακη ‘temple’, not
            Κιρκη ‘magic goddess’. They’re not related at all! So I hope that is
            not part of the ignorance being taught…

            Secondly, so why do you believe what you do? What commands you to
            believe the Torah and follow Judaic law? ….. Let me guess … the
            Torah! It cannot be St Paul who preached what you call supersessionism
            (yes, he did). In Christianity, we have the Holy Spirit, which dwells
            among us and within us here on this earth. Much of our religion is
            experienced, it is intuitive, not only taught via a book. Our religion
            has nothing to do with race, unlike the OT taken by itself.

            Why would you choose to believe in a religion over-emphasising one
            race that you don’t even belong to just because its holy book says so
            (as if the same were not true of other religions)?

            5) Romans 11:16-20 does not mention Israel at all!

            6) You cannot chuck out 1900 years of Christian history because of a conspiracy theory about the Church Fathers.

          • Roopods6

            1) I just explained away racism and you immediately go right back into it. Then you begin writing on a subject you have no understanding about. Relying totally on bogus disproved racist pseudo-science. You’re a racist maxime1793, and the truth can be found nowhere in you. Furthermore and most importantly to believe in the fabrication which racism offers, you have to discount YHWH’s Word. So where’s YHWH’s Word that backs up your little Collectivist false narrative maxime1793? I just gave a few that I’m backing what I wrote up with. Verses you won’t address since the ‘truth’ doesn’t fit any racist agenda, does it?

            2) An ethnicity isn’t a ‘race’, it’s a cohesive group of families which share a common ancestor, or ancestors. A group related through genetic DNA traits. Again you’re showing us your inability to get over your own disgusting racist ideas taught to you. Let me put it in the simplest of terms in the vain attempt to get you to understand how this works. I have a family, kinfolk, grandparents, nephews and cousins. So do you I’m gonna guess. Just two groups of families who given enough time will multiply and flourish. But in no way are we two different races because we both belong only to one Human Race who ultimately came from one woman and one man. But let me guess, you still believe in racism, don’t you? Because the descendants of Abraham are all a people related by common genetic traits inherited by the father Abraham, who walked with YHWH and you have to distance yourself from them somehow, because you hate them, and therefore hate YHWH and His Son Yehoshua. Because that’s just how it works in your ‘racist’ world, doesn’t it.

            3)You really hate that whole “grafting in” part don’t you maxime1793? Because you never wanted to be a part of YHWH’s people who make up the body of Messiah (Romans 11:16-20); his bride Yisra’el. You’d rather continue forever in your Easter Orthodoxy, wouldn’t you? You could never phantom the idea of one day celebrating YHWH’s Appointed Times (Leviticus 23) or keeping His holy day of rest during Messiah’s Millenial reign here on the Earth. I know because this is why you must have your racism to stay ‘scattered’ among the lost pagan nations of the world. Maybe you should consider the Book of Ruth. Or consider what exactly happened to that “mixed-multitude” who came out of Egypt with Yisra’el.

            Romans 12:5: “so there are many of us, and in union with the Messiah we comprise one body, with each of us belonging to the others.”

            1 Corinthians 12:20: “But as it is, there are indeed many parts, yet just one body.”

            Galatians 3:28: “there is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor freeman, neither male nor female; for in union with the Messiah Yeshua, you are all one.”

            The divisive nature of the lie of racism ensures that it will perpetuate itself as a stumbling block for the willingly ignorant, to cater to the backward superstitious prejudices of the feeble minded. Racism is a tool of antichrists, the anti messiahs who prefer to control others through the manipulation of one group against another. It flies in the face of Genesis 1:26. I find it to be a detestably abhorrent and vile way to view humanity.

          • maxime1793

            1) If you think genetics is a racist pseudo-science (I mean, the racists in Israel *do* like to use it to try to see who has purer bloodlines, what about ethnolinguistics? You can’t make an argument, because you don’t understand it. There is nothing pseudo- about it.

            The Indo-Europeans expanded over most all of Europe as well as Turkey (which they later lost) and Iran and the Indian subcontinent. Most Semites today are Arabs, followed by Ethiopians, Sephardic Jews, and Assyrian/Aramaic tribes. I think you’re probably Indo-European. Note ‘white’ and ‘black’ have nothing to do with this – Indo-Europeans are Sri Lankan as well as Irish and Semites are Ethiopian as well as Lebanese. However, unless you are going to tell me the tribes of Israel scattered 20000 years ago, I am going to tell you you’re not Semitic.

            2) “An ethnicity isn’t a ‘race'”
            —Yes, it is. Distinctions are only made by an academic study or census bureau when it wants to distinguish between categories, e.g., the US Census delineates ‘Hispanic origin’ (like ethnicity) and says they can be of any race.

            3) “Because the descendants of Abraham are all a people related by common
            genetic traits inherited by the father Abraham?”

            —-Hey, anyone can be a Christian. But the rabbis don’t accept everyone out of a theory that they are all related to Abraham! How do I get this into your head – it is Judaism which mixes race and religion, and you choose to hold on to it. Why?

          • Roopods6

            1&2) There you go again, twisting what I wrote here. “Genetics” isn’t about “race”. Like I keep trying to explain to you within the “real” sciences there’s only one race called the “Human Race”. But since you seem unfamiliar with the terms, let me explain them to you.

            This is akin to the Biblical term of ‘kinds’ in Genesis 1:25. There’s only one ‘kind’ of ‘Human Race’ on the planet. There are variations of dominant or recesive genes within any given grouping of a ‘kind’ which express themselves in ‘traits’. Such traits as black, blond, or red hair, brown, blue, or green eyes, …etc. This is the science involving ‘genetics’.

            Now what you ‘believe’ in is called ‘pseudo-science’ that claims there are many different ‘races’ of the man kind. That presupposition is an unscientific one. It comes from the belief system of Darwinian Evolutionism. Old Chuck’s cousin Francis Galton created the pseudo-science of Eugenics which changed its name to ‘Social Biology’ after people realized the Nazis had adopted its precepts to impose genocide on what it deemed to be ‘inferior races’ of people. This is what you ascribe yourself to whenever you interject racist comments.

            I’d suggest you study the differences between the terms of ‘Science’ and the ‘Pseudoscience’ before you continue to make racist remarks. But of course facing up to the truth of the matter isn’t in you, is it? Indeed I’ve found that the “many” prefer the ‘beautiful lie’ to the cold hard ‘truth’. To such people ignorance is truly blissful. Again the choice for you is the way of the ‘many’, or of the ‘few’. Choose carefully, as if your very soul were in the balance.

            3) Again, you’re reasoning is unbiblical and not based on YHWH’s Word. Indeed, why is that? No doubt due to your own backward ancestral traditions. Anyone can claim to be Christian, as you do. But only those who are born again from above (John 3:3) belong to Messiah Yeshua (John 10:27-30).

            Romans 12:5: “so there are many [parts of the body] of us, and in union with the Messiah we comprise one body, with each of us belonging to the others.”

            1 Corinthians 12:20: “But as it is, there are indeed many parts, yet just one body.”

            Galatians 3:28: “there is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor freeman, neither male nor female; for in union with the Messiah Yeshua, you are all one.”

            …so then tell me if you refute these verses and instead prefer your own racist ideal. Within Judaism you’re either related through family ties or else you can be adopted into it. That isn’t racism. Again you’ve failed in being able to make simple distinctions. I suggest you educate yourself on the matter before going on, and on, and on about it.

          • maxime1793

            ‘Within Judaism you’re either related through family ties or else you can be adopted into it. That isn’t racism’

            —On the contrary, only a few Jewish sects accept converts. Most of them do not. I even have a friend who is patrilineally Jewish and was not only rejected by Chabad, but the rabbis themselves put out a lie that she was probably there to find a boyfriend and was not really Jewish so the (mostly not so devout) student members of this group should not talk to her! They are obsessed with their blood-lines.

            That you are not is commendable, but it is not understandable then why you want to hang on to this racist religion that has no room for you, and to insist that Christians keep Hebrew laws not intended for them, when St Paul already explained we were liberated from them!

          • Roopods6

            So you think Judaism is a racist religion? So you justify your own ignorant racism because of your own false presupposition that ‘some’ other religious sects are racist? This is just another example of how you use “logical fallacies”, as if somehow that is convincing. It is not.

            But let me be perfectly clear in pointing this out to you. Well okay it’s lost on you but to anyone else reading this. If you can sit there and type that Judaism is a ‘racist’ religion, then I cannot for the life of me believe you belong to the body of Messiah Yehoshua. Everything else you’ve written so far is just icing on that cake. But like the typical racist, you have no idea to concerning the ramifications of making such disgusting statements really are. The “many” rarely stop to make such considerations.

            Matthew 7:21-23: “[21] Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord!’ will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, only those who do what my Father in heaven wants. [22] On that Day, many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord! Didn’t we prophesy in your name? Didn’t we expel demons in your name? Didn’t we perform many miracles in your name?’ [23] Then I will tell them to their faces, ‘I never knew you! Get away from me, you workers of lawlessness!'”

          • maxime1793

            4) Given the above, the reasoning for assuming your religious views becomes more obscure: “The ‘supersessionism of the Mother Circe in Rome…is their assertion that they’ve ‘replaced’ the 12 Tribes of Yisra’el”.

            —I don’t know if you said ‘Circe’ by accident or if this is something your sect leaders teach you, but ‘Circe’ is not a Latin word for church, it is a ‘nymph’. It is not cognate with the Germanic word ‘church’ which comes from Greek kuriake: ‘temple’, not Kirke: ‘magic goddess’. They’re not related at all!

            So why do you believe what you do? What commands you to believe the Torah and follow the Old Law? …. Let me guess … the Torah itself! A book commanded it?! Well, it cannot be St Paul, who preached what you call supersessionism (yes, he did). In Christianity, we have the Holy Spirit, which dwells among and within us here on earth. Our religion is experienced, it is intuitive, as well as taught and read. Our religion has nothing to do with ‘race’, unlike the OT taken by itself.

          • maxime1793

            Lastly, you’re not Christian.

    • II Thess 3:5

      The truth is very distasteful to some.

  • The Bridegroom Cometh

    In their esoteric hierarchy, Islam and Roman Catholicism are the same thing under different guises.. watch this video for strong evidence.

    Both worship Isis, Horis, Set… The sun which in the end is… you know who!

  • Very balanced and well written post. The three things you outlined; one world economic system, governmental system and religion are so clearly being established. It amazes me that we are living in a day that the Prophets of the Old testament fore saw and wrote about. We are on the brink of the consummation of this age and are stepping through the door of the Millennial reign of Christ. Incredible time to be alive!

    But as George mentioned, very sobering as well, this is going to be a very violent and horrific time to live in. Thank God He will not leave those who love Him with out hope of His presence and ultimate protection no matter if we live or die at the hand of those who want to destroy us. I believe we will see the greatest moves of God in history in the midst of all of this. Even in America’s destruction which seems to be quickly approaching.

    • Beyond a doubt….Jesus has ceased knocking at the door, he is now opening the door and for those who failed to invite Him in their time is very short.

      • Jesus said He will knock, He did not say He will knock it down. Many are getting that knock but will they open their door which is their heart, mind and soul. The Bible says few will know the the truth. Many are being deceived. That is why He wrote us all a letter, the Bible. It is our responsibility to truly seek Him and if we do He promises the Holy Spirit will help us.

        • THEanon

          People have been saying the world will end since the dawn of time. Just give it up already, gawd. We all know that everyone on the Internet is 35 year old creeps or talking dogs! In my case I’m a Velociraptor.

          • II Thess 3:5

            The Bible has a specific word about your type; 2 Peter 3: 3 knowing this first: that scoffers will come in the last days, walking according to their own lusts, 4 and saying, “Where is the promise of His coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation.” 5 For this they willfully forget: that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of water and in the water, 6 by which the world that then existed perished, being flooded with water. 7 But the heavens and the earth which are now preserved by the same word, are reserved for fire until the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.
            8 But, beloved, do not forget this one thing, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. 9 The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.

            The Day of the Lord
            10 But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night, in which the heavens will pass away with a great noise, and the elements will melt with fervent heat; both the earth and the works that are in it will be burned up. 11 Therefore, since all these things will be dissolved, what manner of persons ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness, 12 looking for and hastening the coming of the day of God, because of which the heavens will be dissolved, being on fire, and the elements will melt with fervent heat? 13 Nevertheless we, according to His promise, look for new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells.

          • THEanon

            Requesting permission to be annoyed for stupidity of you!

          • Wandakate

            The anon…Just so U will know, the world is not going to end. It’s the world as we know it that is going to end. The first time everything was destroyed by water and this time it will be by fire. Sin is our problem. We won’t repent of our sins. There is only one GOD and he existed from the beginning of time, he always was. GOD is a spirit, not a mortal person. I’m using the internet and I’m not a 35 yr. old creep and what age did you say you are? There are people on the internet from kids all the way to 80 or beyond. It’s a wonderful tool if it is used properly. The Bible warned us that scoffers would come and you apparently doubt that anything is going to happen, but you are so mistaken. I’m sorry to hear that…
            are so

          • THEanon

            And time to be a grammar nazi. Nah, even I’m not that evil!

            The Internet, a mystical place beyond all imagination, not even God goes there, for fear of … The dark places. Anyways, the Internet: capable of telling us the definition of life, to the infinite possibilities of two females, and one cup. (Sorry had to make that reference)

        • Jesus is knocking on the door of the apostate Church, not your heart. He says “whoever will come out”. How can you come out of your heart?

          No he is calling his sheep to come out from a dead and apostate church that does not even realize that The Christ is no longer amoung them.

        • christopher mannino

          dont get lost in judging others by btothers and sisters thats JESUS job walk your walk with JESUS and LOVE thy enemy pray for all and stay in true doctrine and rember to never deny JESUS for any reason do not faint he will deliver us if we have faith and keep his commandements diligantly remember the true sabbath is saturday he sanctified the seventh day not the first rember to not add or take away from Gods word he says not to everything is literal in it with some sybolism but all meant to be taken very seriously cuz most are not going to make it to heaven many are called few are chosen. DONT let the devil decieve you stick to doctrine please and the LORD will do the rest.

        • Emil.C

          I agree. It wont be so simple to just receive salvation only counting on the fact we admit our belief in Christ and his sacrifice. He told us about heaven and taught things about the end times for a reason. So when it happens we will believe. How would we perceive it is happening if we do not bother knowing what Jesus said? If we did, then there would be no arguments on posts like this lol.

    • Wandakate

      John Barker…We are as U said living in the days just before the return of JESUS. We don’t have a spirit of fear and he will take care of his own. It is indeed an incredible time to be alive, even though it may be scary, violent, and horrible. We must continue to trust, obey, and have faith that this is all GOD’s plan. People are so deceived, but the Bible warned us that they would be in the end times. They have such attitudes, and are so unfriendly and untrustworthy. There doesn’t seem to be any loyalty anymore either. Prepare as best you can and survive as long as you are able. People are buying gold and silver like there is no tomorrow, but when we’re thirsty and hungry they won’t be able to eat their gold or silver, or their money. They will throw it in the street, it won’t be worth a dime. We know this life was temporary and our final eternal home will be with the LORD in the new Jerusalem according to Revelation.

  • A SECOND Beast will Rise.

    The coming Antichrist will have a religious partner . . .

    “Then I saw ANOTHER beast coming up out of the Earth,

    and he had two horns like a lamb

    and spoke like a dragon.

    And he exercises all the authority

    of the first beast (the Antichrist) in his presence,

    and causes the Earth and those who dwell in it

    to worship the first beast (the Antichrist),

    whose deadly (head) wound was healed.”

    (Revelation 13:11-12) (The Antichrist will appear to be resurrected from a wound)

    • b/c he will imitate Christ: His Passion and Ressurection.

    • Bertreit Anton

      Antichrist = Islam.

      • maxime1793

        Make it that simple and you are preparing yourself to be cannon-fodder.

  • More and more people are beginning to think for themselves and reject organized religion. In response, organized religion is struggling to stay relevant.

    Yea…good luck with that.

  • mike

    Ecumenism is utter bullshit, there is one true faith delivered by Christ and revealed to the Apostles or there isn’t. The Orthodox faiths have the truth but they refused to worship in the Roman dominated language and broke away and they are in error for doing so but they do have legitimate sacraments. All other Christianity is outside the grace of the Catholic Church. As for Islam and Judaism they both have rejected Christ and the Trinity as revealed by Christ. Judaism has written in the Talmud the most filthy contempt of Christ and are His implacable enemy. Islam is a deadly enemy of Christians is most countries where they are subjected to their rule. Islam also has morality that is anathema to Christian morals such as multiple marriage and divorce and the Shuria laws that sanction murder of their own children for minor acts of bringing shame on the family. It is an absurdity to expect them to be equal to the perfection of God’s Church the Roman Catholic Church and only the diminishment of our position to equality with falsehood and syncretism will be the result. Unfortunately I think this new Pope Francis is Masonic plant of the New World Order and their Alta Vendetta.

  • PJ is all over this

  • vietnamvet1971

    The Catholic Church / Religion is Babylon the Great as described in Revelations 17, a False Religion.

    • really? i am guessing you are a protestant? and is your church not founded by men? the Catholic Church is consectrated by Christ Himself. Through Peter, not henry the eighth.

      • vietnamvet1971

        Satan has diluted and Compromised Jesus Gospel through men to pervert the True Gospel, (Satan has Deceived every one) but Jesus will usher in his Kingdom BUT before he does that he must Conquer Satan/Sin before he can Re-Establish his New Kingdom.

      • Michael Aust

        why use Henry The Eighth? You are using the lie that protestantism started because Henry wanted to remarry. No No No. protestantism existed way before Henry. Look up John Wycliffe who was martyred before Henry. Before them the Waldensians, Waldenses, Vallenses or Vaudois.

        Read scripture, when people bowed before Peter, he told them not to bow as he is only a man. UNLIKE the pope.

        “As Peter was coming in, Cornelius met him and fell down at
        his feet and worshiped him. But Peter lifted him up, saying, ‘ Stand up,
        I myself am also a man.” (Acts 10:25-26)

    • seanipie

      umm no try again

    • FRLBJ

      That was Rome under the Pagan Roman Empire and the it is also the future last tyrant. The Catholic Church was founded by Jesus Christ and has outlasted all empires and tyrannies. It is the Catholic Church which is being persecuted by the world. So do you think Jesus made a mistake in starting His Church, the Catholic Church? That sounds presumptuous!

      • II Thess 3:5

        Are you serious, the fruits of this institution can not be identified w Christ! The institutionalized rape and molestation of its own children and subsequent cover up by those in authority is disgusting and has no root in Christ but in the destroyer Satan. By their fruits you shall know them, Yeshua of Nazareth.

  • Slim

    He is Petrus Romanus

    • Yes, even though he was in Argentina, his heritage is Italian.

  • Snyder you are without a doubt one of the most pitiful losers on the planet personally if a united religion does happen you’ll probably go mad and kill yourself (at least that’s what I hope)

    • PD1979

      Go and do it yourself!

  • I don’t believe extra Biblical prophecies, especially not from a servant of Babylon (The Roman Catholic Church). If you look into the prophecy you mentioned you will see all the other strange and even pagan things the guy claimed. But the rest of the article was informative.

    • Jesusislord

      Amen brother!

  • there is a Masonic element that wishes to use both religions as foils to usher in the new world order. but the religions are not the same in essence. one thinks of God as being an employer or slave master; the Other sees God as a Father (Which He Is), and His Son as a Brother.

  • no amaretto. God is Merciful.

    • Jesusislord

      And a just judge!

  • the devil masquerades as an angel of light.

  • Bertreit Anton

    Inviting all religions as One is one thing and good. His mistake is to invite evil into the fold of religion. Islam is not an authentic religion but was created as a tool for warfare. You cannot invite something with such long history of brutality and evil.

  • maxime1793

    We’ve heard this for I don’t know how long. I guess if there were ever any merit to it, it is fitting it would begin under a Jesuit pope, but I am sceptical.

    I want to make two comments though.

    Firstly, I don’t think the Russian Orthodox Church takes to Francis that well. They were, however, big fans of Benedict. I am glad to see they are in dialogue.

    Secondly, it is understandable to state that the God of Islam and the God of Christianity are different because they have fundamentally different ideologies (but it is same in comparing a Catholic God with a Mormon one, and, to a lesser extent, the Old Testament God of some evangelicals). However, “allah” simply means ‘the-God’ in Arabic (al = ‘the’; ‘lah’ = God).

    CHRISTIAN ARABS USE THE WORD ‘ALLAH’! It is cognate even with the Hebrew Old Testament ‘elohim’, only, elohim is technically a PLURAL form (as there may be a polytheistic ancestor religion to Judaism) and allah is singular.

    So, if allah is not our God, perhaps neither is elohim exactly.

  • bankruptBritain

    This one world religion thing has been going on a lot longer than Francis.

    The last Pope called for a new world religion. The head of the Jewish church also called for a one world religion and Prince Charles called for a coming together of religions while visiting Egypt.

    The UN building in NY has a chapel/temple in it. It is decorated with Masonic symbols and its run by The Temple of Understanding….TToU gets to sit in on closed UN meetings!!

    So basically, TToU is the new global religion. It has very strong links to all the major religions. If you look hard, you`ll find that TToU was setup by high ranking Freemasons.

    • FRLBJ

      Pope Benedict did not call for a new world religion. Instead he called everyone to know Jesus Christ crucified and risen from the dead who will come again at the end of time to judge the living and the dead. He is a Christian and loves Jesus and does not advocate anything but Him. You can read his writings and learn this.

      • Jesusislord

        Uh.. He did not mention Christ at all

        • FRLBJ

          I guess you have never bothered to read anything Pope Benedict wrote or said. Just because you have no interest in actually reading the Pope’s writings or sermons does not mean the talks, sermons and writings do not exist. Are you a New -Ager who makes up his own reality? I challenge you to look up Pope Benedict’s writings. They do exist.
          How can a Christian not talk about Jesus Christ?

  • Jh

    So the Jews are not worshipping the same God as the Christians, since the Jews don’t believe that Jesus is God? The Muslims worship Abraham’s God, the Only creator of the world. how many gods did Abraham have? 3?? The THEOLOGY of the three Monoteistic religions are different, but to say that they seek three different gods is rubbish. They have three different opinions of the same God. An Allah means The Supreme God, a name that was used by Christian Arabs long before Muhammed.

    And as long as the pope does start teaching that there is another way to the Father execpt through Jesus, he is absolutely right to promote friendship between the religions.

    You are merely speculating and clinging to old myths about Muslims who believe in the virgin birth of Mary and that Jesus was the Messiah sent by God. Still you would not dare to say that the Jews, who don’t even consider Jesus to be a prophet (some tradistions even say he was a son of a prostitute),

    • Jh

      (continued) …are not worshipping the true and Only God. Yes there are fundamental differences in their teachings.

      But are you for instance writing about another pope, because you clearly have different teachings about him than the Catholics…. Surly! This must be “another pope Francis”??? So there must be at least two of them, the one i read about in catholic media, and the one you write about????

      I hope you see the flawed logic

    • Jh

      Correction: as long as the pope DOES NOT teach another way than through Jesus the Messiah….. Why shouldn’t he promote friendship?

      • But since he agrees with Islam and states that their God, Allah, is the same as God, the Son and the Holy Spirit, then he is not Christian. The first Commandment….There is no other God before Me.

        • maxime1793

          Allah is the same God as the OT God. Islam arose from the same tradition.

    • Roopods6

      “So the Jews are not worshipping the same God as the Christians, since the Jews don’t believe that Jesus is God?” – Jh

      That’s what we call a “False Narrative”. I can only gather from what you’ve stated is that you know little if anything about either Judaism or Christianity. Judaism has always been, just as it is now, Messianic. So why didn’t YHWH’s chosen people (Jews) recognize their Messiah when he came the first time? Because the “Gentile world” hadn’t “entered into its’ fullness” yet (Romans 11:25-29). That is how it will be until Messiah Yeshoshua returns for his bride Yisra’el (Zechariah 12:9-10) at the end of Daniels 70th week (Daniel 9:27).

      What you’re doing is just agreeing with the “Woman riding the Beast” of Revelation17 in that you think three Monoteistic religions worship the same god. You’re agreeing that there is only one worldly religious body. Those who know YHWH’s Word would agree that this is what is about to occur too since a remaining prophecy to be fulfilled.

      • maxime1793

        They did not only not recognise him but killed him.

        According to the Scriptures.

        • Jesusislord

          No one killed Him. He gave his life!

          • maxime1793

            Ummm, yes, they killed him. His limbs were pierced and he was left up to starve and bleed to death. Pilate offered to release him but the Pharisees demanded his execution.

            Unless you mean to argue that because He was God he could have saved Himself but chose not to. No, then he would not have been fully man.

          • II Thess 3:5

            You really need to read the bible and
            leave out the words your subconscious is supplying. Yeshua said no one takes my life I lay it down. This spirit is always the same anti Semitic and Anti Messiah.

          • maxime1793

            Μπορω να διαβαζω την αγια Βιβλια στην κοινη ελληνικη.

            John 19:14b-15…
            καὶ λέγει τοῖς Ἰουδαίοις· ἴδε ὁ βασιλεὺς ὑμῶν.ἐκραύγασαν οὖν ἐκεῖνοι· ἆρον
            ἆρον, σταύρωσον αὐτόν. λέγει αὐτοῖς ὁ Πιλᾶτος· τὸν βασιλέα ὑμῶν
            σταυρώσω; ἀπεκρίθησαν οἱ ἀρχιερεῖς· οὐκ ἔχομεν βασιλέα εἰ μὴ Καίσαρα.
            my own translation: “and (Pilate) says to the Jews: ‘behold your King!’ And they cried out, ‘Away with him, away with him, crucify him!’. Pilate says to them, ‘Shall I crucify your King?’ The high priests answered, ‘We have no king but Cæsar’.

            How cute.

            This is a fact of the Passion Gospel, it is not its point, but it must not be swept aside only because you are philo-Semitic and think it might sound racist.

          • II Thess 3:5

            You might want to read Genesis 12:3 and also become philo-Semetic.
            Secondly This mysterious prophetic plan took place before the foundations of the world. The ruling Sanhedrin comprised of a Sadducean high priesthood made the decision to side with Rome. Mistakenly believing they could survive with one foot in the world and the other worshipping God. Read the book of Acts, nearly all those who believed were Jews and or proselytes or had already some relationship with the God of Israel. Look at Cornelius the first gentile convert, he was a man who had done many kind and generous things for the people of Israel including building their meeting place, Synagogue.
            When you make a statement using a scripture to support your belief, you must do so in accordance with all scripture regarding that topic. No scripture is of private interpretation. 2nd Peter 1: 19-21

          • maxime1793

            Translation of what you said: “Only I and people like myself who have the esoteric knowledge of the secret beginnings of the Catholic Church, which we (falsely) assume to have encompassed all of organised Christianity, and which we say have corrupted the true religion, can quote scripture”
            Also implied, “I don’t know Greek and cannot read the original New Testament”

        • Roopods6

          I don’t think calling Messiah Yehoshua a liar is a good move. According to Messiah Yehoshua, also known as the “Word” of YHWH by the Apostle John, nobody killed him.

          John 10:17-18: “[17] This is why the Father loves me: because I lay down my life — in order to take it up again! [18] No one takes it away from me; on the contrary, I lay it down of my own free will. I have the power to lay it down, and I have the power to take it up again. This is what my Father commanded me to do.”

          You see how racism makes people? What you write “according to the Scriptures” that you then distort and pervert to support your own vehement racism against YHWH’s people?

          You’ve never learned the ‘cultural context’ in which Messiah Yeshua became the “Lamb” of YHWH that takes away the penalty of sin which is physical, the first death, and spiritual, the second death. Because it was all done in “accordance with the Scriptures”.

          You’ve never learned the ‘cultural context’ of the two ‘Tablets of Stone’ housed within a ‘Tabernacle of the Testimony’, inside of the ‘Ark of the Covenant’. These tablets of stone written by the finger of YHWH celebrated for over 3,000 years by Yisra’el that’s today represented by a single tribes name of Judah, on YHWH’s ‘designated time’ of Shavuot. That “Appointed Time of YHWH” (Leviticus 23) being fulfilled on that day which we know of as “Pentecost” to which you never celebrate and yet claim to belong to.

          You know none of this because of your own racism against His people and against Him maxime1793. Even after telling you all of this you’ll still ignore, and deny it. Why? Well, according to the Scripture:

          John 15:18-21: “[18] If the world hates you, understand that it hated me first. [19] If you belonged to the world, the world would have loved its own. But because you do not belong to the world — on the contrary, I have picked you out of the world — therefore the world hates you. [20] Remember what I told you, ‘A slave is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will persecute you too; if they kept my word, they will keep yours too. [21] But they will do all this to you on my account, because they don’t know the One who sent me.”

    • II Thess 3:5

      They do not worship Abraham’s God or they would do the deeds of Abraham. Because you reject your Messiah don’t make a second mistake in allying with Islam that thinks the only good Jew is a dead one.

      • maxime1793

        Here your racism comes out! Hate Muslims because (we are told in our little cubby holes of America) ‘all Muslims hate Jews’ and Jews are the ‘chosen people’, more important than Christians.

  • Eamon

    If you truly believe Christians are the only people of God then you have lost your mind… Do you think he would save you and leave everyone else out?

    • Millions will be left out.

    • Jesusislord

      Read the Bible!

  • maxime1793

    On the contrary, I think standard Sunni Islam is like evangelical Protestantism. They both over-emphasise the Old Testament Creator-Father-God. They both over-emphasise moralistic rule-books. They both are decentralised (disorganised) and you can find an answer you want if you ask enough imams or non-denominational preachers. They both emphasise belief and obedience in a limited and finite sense. Both are easy to join and its members tend to think they are already saved.

    Extreme forms of both (Wahabbi/Salafi Islam and Christian Reconstructionism) are highly theocratic and wnat the government to enforce Old Testament-inspired codes of behaviour.

    Aside from that, Zeitgeist is thoroughly discredited by historians and theologians, even those who are rather non-religious.

    • Christians belief in the Old and New Testaments. That is why we are called Christians….the belief in Jesus Christ and the Holy Trinity…..God, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

      • maxime1793

        Right, but the NT takes precedence over the OT, as the Doctrine of the Holy Trinity comes uniquely out of the OT.

        The canon of the Bible was agreed upon (voted upon, really) by bishops in the ecumenical councils. Some books were accepted, others were not. It was never the case that OT books carried the same weight as NT books.

        The link that I am establishing between Islam and evangelical Protestantism is that the latter threw out most of Church history and forgot or neglected the fact that ecumenical councils actually built the Bible, then claim the Bible is 100% true and inerrant (except for Holy Communion, that somehow is exempted as symbolic). The end result is a Christianity that still believes in the Trinity in principle but over-emphasises the OT purely monotheistic, jealous and violent God who provides a written Law that you obey. Theologically then, it has stripped out (or just de-emphasised) of Christianity *some* of Islam’s very objections to it.

  • Stephen

    But are “Allah” and the God of the Bible the same thing?

    Allah is simply the Arabic word for God just as Dios is the Spanish word for God. Christians who’s native language Arabic pray to Allah all the time and yes, Jesus is Allah as is the Holy Spirit and the Father. Islam has a much different understanding of Jesus the Christ and do NOT believe He is Allah.

    Al-Masih Qam
    Hakkan Qam

    Christ is risen!
    He is truly risen!

    • Roopods6

      “But are “Allah” and the God of the Bible the same thing?” – Stephen

      No, they most definitely are not. The generic term you’re using is the pagan term for any god. By your own reasoning, Zeus is god too.

      The unique and explicit name is the tetragrammaton YHWH. Usually spelled out as ‘Yehovah’, ‘Yahweh’, or as ‘Yah’. I mean the unique and explicit name also because of the meaning of the Hebrew pictographic letters of YHWH (Yod Hey Vav Hey) which spoken out mean “Behold [the] Nail, Behold [the] Outstretched Arm & Hand”.

      Allah was the name of a pre-Islamic Moon god worshiped in Mecca. That you see the crescent moon and sun so prevalent on the national ensigns of Muslim countries should’ve been a hint of the Mystery School worship of the sun and moon founded at Nimrod’s Tower of Babel. But hey, let’s not have YHWH’s Word get in your way, huh?

  • if you veer away from the Bible you are sucseptablle to false teaching it’s the B.I.B.L.E and that alone it is the True Word of God All scripture is God breathed and be careful of who you trust. For as Satan transforms himself into an angel of light so his workers can transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, in the time we are living Lord Yeshua said let no man deceive you.

    • ProudInfidel

      Bible = Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth :-)

  • otter1111

    Michael, I really enjoy your articles, but I believe you are off base on this one. The Pope may be reaching out to the other faiths, but he will not compromise Catholic teaching. When the Catholic Church declares a dogma of the faith, it can’t be changed. So he can’t for example, come out tomorrow and say that Christ didn’t really rise from the dead. Or that elective abortion or homosexual acts are no longer intrinsically evil.

    Certain things, however can change. For example,

    In the early Church married men were permitted to be ordained as priests in the West. This custom was changed in the tenth century and since then, in the Latin Rite, candidates for the priesthood must be celibate.

  • Acushla

    There will be a resurgance of Christendom. This is the future.

  • I’m sorry but I am having a difficult time believing that the Islams who decpitate 5 year old children, because of doubts about their virginity and behead a sister because she married a Christian, Pray to the Same God. My God does not tell me to behead another person, or even kill him because he is not a Christian. I just don’t think a World Religion will be a true religion!

  • In4mayshun

    Christians believe that Jesus is God???? Not the ones that actually read the Bible. (See Col. 1:15)

    • FRLBJ

      The Bible was written by Catholics for Catholics and yes, those who knew and talked with Jesus said that he was God. How did He rise from the dead if he was not God? The early Church fathers, many of whom were martyred for the faith, all testify to His divinity.

      • In4mayshun

        Please don’t reply to something that you obviously know nothing about. Most so-called “religious” people I’ve met just spew regurgitated rubbish that they heard from their pastor and actually know little about the Bible. If you believe that Jesus or his disciples taught the Trinity you obviously have never done any deep Bible study.


    You do not understand the Catholic and apostolic faith! The Pope is not going to betray our Lord Jesus Christ in giving up basic Christian doctrine, like the Trinity. You are misreading the statement about Islam worshiping the same God. Muslims believe in one God, like the Catholics do, but that is as far as it goes. It does not mean that Allah and the One Triune God are synonymous. The Pope believes that the Catholic Church is the one True Church founded by Jesus Christ. He in no way believes that other non-Christian religions are equal to the Catholic faith. He has respect for the people who are non-Christians since they have dignity as people made in the image and likeness of God. It is on this basis that he wants to dialogue with them.

    The Pope seeks to present the Truth of the Gospel to the Muslims in a way which does not make them defensive. Now that is not easy and the Muslims are not very receptive. It does not mean we should not try our best.

    That is incorrect that all may go to Heaven while believing error. The Catholic teaching is that there is no salvation outside the Church. God is not bound by the ordinary means of baptism to save someone. He MAY save those who through invincible ignorance of the truths of the Christian faith and who are sincerely seeking God as best as they can and TRYING to practice good. That is a lot of ifs which does not mean it is easy at all for non-Christians to attain salvation. Pope Francis is a very Bible-believing Pope, like all Popes are. He cannot teach error in matters of faith and morals due to a special grace given him by the Holy Spirit. That does not mean he cannot make mistakes or is impeccable. He cannot predict the weather accurately or the stock market, for example. Popes do not always teach about faith or morals in their pontificate. They will not ever tell us that it is OK to steal or to lie for example. They themselves can sin in this area, but they will not ever proclaim that stealing is now allowed. The Free Masons hate the Catholic Church and are always trying to undermine its teaching. You are barking up the wrong tree if you think Pope Francis is trying to establish some godless world religion. He is trying to convert the whole world to Christianity!
    The Masons, Satanists and other enemies of Christ like George Soros (now he is a prime candidate for Anti-Christ as well as Obama.) are definitely trying to move the world in that direction. George Soros openly proclaims his hatred of nationalism and patriotism and that we should all be the same.
    That ‘900 year old prophecy’ is a hoax written in the 16th century. It has no truth. can clear up any misunderstandings about Catholic doctrine and teaching.

  • Allan

    I thought the last pope was supposed to Peter according to that prophecy? This pope is named Francis. So does that mean that the prophecy is not true now?

    • Kate

      It was revealed to a catholic seer Maria of Divine Mercy that the last pope in the prophecy ‘Peter’ is St. Peter who will reign from Heaven because this is a false pope.

      • Jesusislord


    • FRLBJ

      The prophecy is a hoax. What kind of authority does this supposed seer have? Why should we believe her? Don’t be so gullible.

  • “..the christianity that we find in the Bible…” Hmmmm, I don’t find ‘christianity’ in the Bible; but I do find ‘truth’ in it. Until one can extracate themselves from their ‘religion’, they will never be spiritually clean and cannot under any circumstances…call themselves ‘The Bride’. That too, is found in the Bible. :)

  • Kate

    Michael, You are absolutely correct. There is a Catholic seer named Maria of Divine Mercy, The Warning Second Coming, currently getting messges from Jesus. Jesus is telling her that this pope is the False Prophet in the Book of Revelation, and we are not to follow him. There will be a schism in the Catholic church with most going along with the one world religion led by this false pope. The small remnant of true catholics will not follow him. He will lead the one world religion, and soon the Antichrist will come on the scene to lead the one world government. The false pope and Antichrist will work together and fool people into following them. The Antichrist will appear to be a man of peace, uniting world governments. When WWIII breaks out and economies collapse from the wars, famines, and diseases, keep your eye out for this ‘man of peace’. Then will come the microchip which we must not take. Pray hard and stay close to God. Ask Him to help you see the truth and protect your family. He will help those who love and follow Him and keep his Commandments.

    • Jesusislord

      Jesus speaks through His Word (The Bible) no need of Maria of Divine Mercy.

  • kate

    Michael, You are correct. This pope is the false prophet in the Book of Revelation. Most catholics will follow this false pope, but true catholics will recognize him as false. This has been revealed to a woman named Maria of Divine Mercy, Second Coming The Warning. This false pope will be leading the one world religion which is evil, and he will work in concert with the Antichrist who will be coming on the scene shortly to lead the one world government. People will also accept this Antichrist because he will appear to be a man of peace when the world is turned upside down from WWIII, famines, and economic collapse. That is when they will come out with the microchip to be embedded in our skin. We must not accept it even if is necessary for buying or selling. God will provide for us. We must ask God to protect our families and stay true to Him by praying hard and keeping His Commandments. If we do this, we have nothing to fear. The Second Coming of Christ will follow with peace and a new Heaven and a new earth.

    • Jesusislord

      Praying for you too!


    This is not true. It is a false prophecy, probably occultic and particularly not of God.

  • S.T.A.G.

    He’s a Jesuit. That’s his agenda.

  • Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz

    Of course he is! He is a Satanic stooge!

  • Zen

    5 Thomas said to him, “Lord, we don’t know where you are going, so how can we know the way?”

    6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

    One must hope and pray that the head of the catholic church with over a billion members knows and preaches this as the gospel truth.

    • Jesusislord

      Matthew 7:14-15

      “Because strait [is] the gate, and narrow [is] the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.
      Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”

  • Matt

    The world under one religion is coming and that religion will be Islam. Check out these articles:

    Going from Greek 666 to “In the Name of Allah” –

    A Sign of the Mahdi’s Return: Comet ISON in 2013? –

    America in Bible Prophecy: Three Biblical Signs of Impending Doom on America –

    If Islam dominates the rest, then when will that happen? A lot sooner than you think. A series of wars will position Islam to take over the world.

  • Benedict on national TV said, if you are not catholic you are not saved, if you want to be saved, you have to become catholic. My Bible tells Me John14:6 Jesus is the only way, John3:16 ya. I read where Catholicism made the Islamic religion. Islams love Mary and pray to her too, so they have that in common. Catholics did away with God and His Word, exalting themselves (religion) far above God and His Word. They know not Jesus Christ but a wafer . He calls himself Holy Father, Only God is Holy Father. He also calls Himself vicer of Chrit, (Christ in the flesh , here on earth) Only Holy Spirit is that. (Get the picture) sitting as God ,showing himself to be God, exaltedfar above all that is God

    When benedict spoke on national tv at the same time, he invited all world religions to join his religion. That was the beginning of One World Religion . Allah said God has no Son (John3:16, God gave His only Son, Allah said, kill all infidels (who will not convert to Islam) God says , you shall not kill Ex.20/

    2Th 2:3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

    2Th 2:4 Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.
    The Lord warned us , see Matt.23 and Rev.17&18

  • Kim

    Jesus Christ is not God. He is the son of God. Which Muslims deny. Jehovah is God, Creator of all things, Almighty God, and he alone is the Most High.

    • Jesusislord

      John 14:10

      “Believest thou not that I am in the Father, and the Father in me? the
      words that I speak unto you I speak not of myself: but the Father that
      dwelleth in me, he doeth the works.”

  • The Great whore, the Church, will leave her true love Christ and will be given power by the Anti-Christ. When the Anti- Christ comed he will do do peacefully and prosperously forgiving all debts and bringing peace out of terrific chaos. All who fo not know the truth will belive he is Christ and worship h as God. He will be given miraculous powers as to deceive. In Revelations God tells us for the sake of the Elect his time in power will be shortened to 5 months for the Elect’s sake because he will be so convincing if he possible he may be able to deceive even the Elect, the ones established since the war in heaven when Satan attempted to destroy God. 1/3 OF the Angels stood with God at that time and were sanctified for their love and loyalty.1/3 stood with Satan and will have this human life to change their loyalties. The last 1/3 did not go either way. The are like some people today who don’t really care either way.But the Elect have eyes to see and ears to hear and know the Truth. Our job is to plant seeds and carry God’s word and plan to the other 2/3’s. Once we plant the seed it is their responsibility to do something with it. Every person is responsible for their own soul and who we choose to worship. THE DAY OF THE TRUE CHRIST’S RETURN WILL IN NO WAY HAPPEN UNTIL THE LAWLESS ONE SITS IN THE SEAT OF THE TEMPLE PRETENDING TO BE CHRIST. Who will you worship and follow. THE TIME IS NEAR. I love you all, we are brothers and sisters. Our Father is the same One True Master of this glorious plan. PEACE TO ALL OF YOU.~Colleen.

  • WarriorClass3

    The fact is that Francis is just continuing that which was announced in Vatican II, which is the belief that there are many roads that lead to God. The only thing worse than Vatican II was the Nicean Council of 325, which eliminated all things “Jewish” from the “Christian” religion, effectively rendering the The Torah and the rest of the old Testament null and void – leaving the New Testament thereby unintelligible.

    This caused all so-called Christian religions, protestants included, to fall into confusion. Who was it that changes God’s Sabbath to Sunday? Who changed God’s Calendar? The Roman Catholic Church. Who has declared the power and authority to change God’s Law? Well Daniel gives us a hint, in Chapter 7 verse 25 of that Book that bears his name.

    The real fact is that if you want to follow Jesus, you have to obey the written Torah, as He did.

    • Roopods6

      1 John 2:3-6: “[3] The way we can be sure we know Him is if we are obeying His commands. [4] Anyone who says, “I know him,” but isn’t obeying His commands is a liar — the truth is not in him. [5] But if someone keeps doing what He says, then truly love for YHWH has been brought to its goal in him. This is how we are sure that we are united with Him. [6] A person who claims to be continuing in union with Him ought to conduct his life the way he did.”

      1 John 5:1-4: “[1] Everyone who believes that Yeshua is the Messiah has YHWH as his father, and everyone who loves a father loves his offspring too. [2] Here is how we know that we love YHWH’s children: when we love YHWH, we also do what He commands. [3] For loving YHWH means obeying His commands. Moreover, His commands are not burdensome, [4] because everything which has YHWH as its Father overcomes the world. And this is what victoriously overcomes the world: our trust.”

      Matthew 22:36-40: “[36] “Teacher, which commandment is the greatest in Moses’ Teachings?” [37] Yeshua answered him, “ ‘Love YHWH with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ [38] This is the greatest and most important commandment. [39] The second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself.’ [40] All of Moses’ Teachings and the Prophets depend on these two commandments.”

      How is it that nobody ever realizes that Messiah Yehoshua’s paraphrasing the ‘Two Tables of the Testament’ here?

      Exodus 20:2-17:

      TO LOVE YHWH (Deuteronomy 6:4-9):
      1. Thou shalt have no other gods before me.
      2. Thou shalt not make unto thess any graven image.
      3. Thou shalt not take the name of YHWH in vain.
      4. Remember the Sabbath day to keep it Holy.
      5. Honor thy Father and they Mother.

      6. Thou shalt not murder.
      7. Thou shalt not commit adultery.
      8. Thou shalt not steal.
      9. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.
      10. Thou shalt not covet.

      Matthew 5:17: “Don’t ever think that I came to set aside Moses’ Teachings or the Prophets. I didn’t come to set them aside but to make them come true.”

      John 1:1,14:”[1] In the beginning [B’reshith-Genesis 1:1] was the Word, and the Word was with YHWH, and YHWH was the Word.” [14] The Word became a human being and lived with us, and we saw his Sh’khinah, the Sh’khinah of the Father’s only Son, full of grace and truth.”

      • WarriorClass3

        Well said!

    • maxime1793

      The entire Christian Church, which was not just the Western jurisdiction under Rome, adopted what you claim falsely to be not ‘God’s calendar’.

      The Syrians, Greeks, Copts, Armenians, etc.!!!

      Your propaganda faileth.

      • WarriorClass3

        So now Exodus and Leviticus are propaganda?

        • maxime1793

          The anti-Catholic angle at claiming the true worship of Christ is basically Judaic is propaganda, probably developed to target large numbers of Protestants who grow up with anti-Catholic prejudices.

          The problem with the propaganda is “Who was it that changes God’s Sabbath to Sunday? Who changed God’s Calendar? The Roman Catholic Church” and implying the RCC is behind the Nicæan Council. You fail to mention the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox traditions, the other four patriarchates and then some, which were never under the direct thumb of a Roman pope and which all have Sunday worship and a Christian liturgical calendar.

          And the Liturgy of St John Chrysostom is OLDER than the oecumenical councils!

          So, even if you want to really hate Catholics, what you say is historically inaccurate. It is a regurgitation of the propaganda assumedly fed to you and the other Messianics on this board – a false dichotomy between Roman Catholic and non-Catholic.

          • Roopods6

            You are probably unaware of what you just wrote maxime1793, so let me summarize. That the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox traditions stand with Rome, as in the Roman “Universal” Church of Rome. In short your own message is indecipherable to that of Romes.

            The last time I read the Prophet Daniels interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar’s it had ‘two’ legs. One for the “Eastern Empire”, and one for the “Western Empire”. So that they may differ to some points, they’re still joined at the hip.

            How someone can actually put forward the ludicrous assertion that the Nicæan Council wasn’t Roman is an example of someone under a strong delusion. Just as they can also refuse to see the syncretism of that same ‘universal’ church. I strongly suggest you heed the warning:

            Revelation 18:4-5: “[4] Then I heard another voice out of heaven say: “My people, come out of her! so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not be infected by her plagues, [5] for her sins are a sticky mass piled up to heaven, and YHWH has remembered her crimes.”

          • maxime1793

            The point is that *lots* of churches independently believe what your sect teaches some sort of Roman conspiracy. But if Rome did not control Antioch or Alexandria or Jerusalem or Constantinople or inner Syria or the Copts…then your conspiracy theory becomes quite wild. Apparently then, people from all over the world decided to subvert your religion!

            It is rather like having a 9/11 or JFK conspiracy theory where one alleges a full million government employees were involved and yet no good leaks.

            As for Babylon, it could just as well refer to NYC.

          • WarriorClass3

            No, it’s not what I am saying, it’s what Jesus said, “If you love me, keep my commandments.” Seeing as how He wrote the commandments, and is the Word of God, He expects us to keep them if we love Him. The fact that other groups have ALSO forsaken His Law is no excuse for the RCC. They can all be wrong together, but it still doesn’t make it right. This is not propaganda, it is the Word of God.

            The reason I single out the RCC is that the Pope is the subject of the article and they have been the major influence in the West. I live in the West, therefore I point out the RCC rather than the Eastern Orthodox. I am somewhat prejudice due to the fact that I was raised a RC and educated by the Jesuits, which severely retarded my spiritual growth due to their many confusing heresies. If I had been raised a Protestant, I may have singled them out for the same pagan practices, but the new pope is the subject of the above article, so that is the subject at hand. I’m not pushing Vatican II, he is.

            I don’t hate Catholics, BTW, I pray they start reading the Word rather than blindly following the pagan teachings of the RCC and begin being true desciples of Yeshua. Nothing I have said is historically inaccurate; i was just brief in my comments.

            Nevertheless, “Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.”


    WHEN THEY DECLARE “PEACE AND SAFETY” 1 Thessalonians 5:3 For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.


    ( )



    ( )

  • Sequoia Cougar

    I feel that ANY person claiming to be the doorway and mouthpiece to God is a danger.
    The Pope is a man…and the adulation he receives is to me tantamount to idol worship..
    .What right does ANY PERSON feel that he is the spokesman for Jesus or God…
    The Pope is, to me in the same league as any of the Musulim religious leaders…BOTH muslim and catholic religions are steeped with innocent blood…all in the name of their belief of how they feel God wants justice…
    For me…I am looking forward to the day ONE TRUE RULER…Jesus Christ will be here with us where this world will be at true peace, and true love…and worshiping the true God…not some man’s puffed up ego on thinking that they are the chosen one to represent God…

  • Marie K Barbosa

    From the time religion, more especially Christianism came into order, all battles, discordance and wars have been fought in the name of religion which in itself has caused a lot more harm than good. Religion was put into place in order to aniquilate any pagan or old traditions which did exist before Christianity. All religions attend to the same god, the only difference that stands out is the religion´s politics which in the end in no more than corporate laws! maybe if we arrive to one single world religion, may we be finally freed of all those unecessary blood history and still ongoing monopolies and wars! evolution starts with union and social understanding that we are much more than religion freaks but sensible human beings. But for that one world religion to be abble to function properly, that same religion has to be abble to encompass the rights and views of all of the others and not only the strict views of the Catholic Church which over the years has only showed us that it is indeed only a material corporation! we are in the year 2013 and no more in the 1400´s.

    • Roopods6

      Sounds more like the same old Collectivist Corporatism that began at Nimrod’s Tower of Babel and spread to infect the whole world. Evolutionism being just another tool being used by the current variation of the Collectivist order, the Globalists. These current ‘Globalists’ claim they’re ‘Citizens of the World’, and ‘Global Citizens’ to which Pope Francis also ascribes himself to being one of. Any man-made Collectivist-Corporatist system is in fact a ‘religion’. King Nebuchadnezzar’s vision of it is described in Daniel 2, and the Apostle John describes its final destruction in Revelation 18.

      Revelation 18:24: “In her was found the blood of prophets and of YHWH’s people, indeed, of all who have ever been slaughtered on earth!”

  • Salome Oliveira

    From the time religion, more especially Christianism came into order, all battles, discordance and wars have been fought in the name of religion which in itself has caused a lot more harm than good. Religion was put into place in order to aniquilate any pagan or old traditions which did exist before Christianity. All religions attend to the same god, the only difference that stands out is the religion´s politics which in the end are no more than corporate laws! Maybe if we arrive to one single world religion, may we be finally freed of all those unnecessary blood history and still ongoing monopolies and wars! Evolution starts with union and social understanding that we are much more than religion freaks but sensible and intelligent human beings. But for that one world religion to be able to function properly, that same religion has to be able to encompass the rights and views of all of the others and not only the strict views of the Catholic Church which over the years has only showed us that it is indeed only a material corporation! we are in the year 2013 and no more in the 1400´s.

  • This Video sums it all up and exposes it

  • Angel

    The bible is clear on the prophecy, there will be a one world government one world economy and one world religion (Revelation cap 13), the world is moving fast in that direction, there is nothing we can do to stop it, it will happens, actually is happening as I wrote this comment. The main purpose of this unification (Politic, Economics and religion) is to place us in a position that we have to worship the beast, the bible call it also the Antichrist, the world wide leader that will dominate the world. Satan wants you and me to worship him, and he will do anything in his power to accomplish that. It is your decision to fall on that or no. But I will give you an advice, there is a way out to this, Jesus said: if you born again you will enter the kingdom of God (John 3:3-6), and the way that happen is when you have a spiritual change, so that the Holy spirit of God come upon you and fill us with his power. This is the plan of Jesus, he wants to dwell in you, so you can overcome the devils tread. God Bless you.

  • Salome Oliveria

    From the time religion, more especially Christianism came into order, all battles, discordance and wars have been fought in the name of religion which in itself has caused a lot more harm than good. Religion was put into place in order to aniquilate any pagan or old traditions which did exist before Christianity. All religions attend to the same god, the only difference that stands out is the religion´s politics which in the end are no more than corporate laws! Maybe if we arrive to one single world religion, may we be finally freed of all those unnecessary blood history and still ongoing monopolies and wars! Evolution starts with union and social understanding that we are much more than religion freaks but sensible and intelligent human beings. But for that one world religion to be able to function properly, that same religion has to be able to encompass the rights and views of all of the others and not only the strict views of the Catholic Church which over the years has only showed us that it is indeed only a material corporation! we are in the year 2013 and no more in the 1400´s.

  • THEanon

    The pope —(totally looks like)–> Emperor Palpatine

  • maxime1793

    I see some nutty Messianic Jews and/or Adventists and/or other heterodox have congregated together on this board to talk about how the Catholic Church is the spawn of Satan because it is not a Synagogue that happens to say Jesus was the Messiah.

    These are cults emerging from the 19th century (Adventists) to 1970s (M.J.) with a shallow and conspiratorial understanding of the history of Christianity. First and foremost, the Early Church gave rise to numerous jurisdictions that are not currently Roman Catholic. The Syriac Church was huge and very strong and sent missionaries through India to China! Then there are the Copts, the Ethiopians, the Armenians, etc. Of course, there are the Greeks and the ancestry of the Eastern Orthodox Church. None of these jurisdictions became Catholic but they all recognised the SUNDAY Sabbath, they all have hierarchies, bishops, priests, they all favour the New Testament.

    Your conspiracy theories that the Catholic Church perverted Christianity for its own power-grubbing ends at a very early year are as crazy as the most extreme ultra-Montanists who think anyone outside of papal allegiance are heretics who separated from Rome and are condemned to Hell. For then the conspiracy must include also the Greeks, the Armenians, the Georgians, the Syrians, the Copts, the Ethiopians, the Assyrians, etc.

  • PD1979

    Maybe you Michael Snyder should focus more on articles like this one. Fight the antichristianity born from satanists like Alex Jones & Co!

    • maxime1793

      Jones is a Satanist? He sounds like a standard Protestant to me.

  • Jesusislord

    A false prophet!

  • Robert

    Petrus Romanus, I wonder if the reference to Peter is the fact that Peter denied the Lord Jesus three times, trying to save hiss own life. So now Petrus Romanus wants to deny Him again so the Pope can be part of the new world order!

    Mar 8:34 Then Jesus called the crowd to himself along with his disciples and told them, “If anyone wants to follow me, he must deny himself, pick up his cross, and follow me continually,

    Mar 8:35 because whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake and for the gospel will save it.

    Mar 8:36 What profit will a person have if he gains the whole world and forfeits his life?

    Mar 8:37 Indeed, what can a person give in exchange for his life?

    Mar 8:38 If anyone is ashamed of me and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when he comes with the holy angels in his Father’s glory.”

  • maxime1793

    Amidst all this talk on the message board that the Catholic Church is a giant conspiracy, I think a history lesson is in order.

    The Early Church evolved into a number of jurisdictions, the majority of which are not, and have never been, under the thumb of Rome. The Syrians, Indians, Ethiopians, Copts, Assyrians, and Armenians all have very ancient churches which are all now considered ‘Oriental Orthodox’. The Greek-speaking lands led into the Eastern Orthodox Church which split in the 11th century while expanding to the Slavs, but was never really under Rome’s thumb anyway. The Georgian Christians are a fairly ancient tradition and are Eastern Orthodox.

    All these jurisdictions believed in Sunday liturgy, in Christian Easter, in bishops, in the literal presence at Holy Communion, etc. All these bizarre claims by Judaising Saturday-Sabbath folk that the real, original church kept Jewish traditions do not hold any more true for Constantinople or Antioch or Yerevan or Alexandria or Jerusalem than for Rome!

    It is a very modern, bizarre esoteric conspiracy theory.

  • This man (the pope) was or is the head of the Jesuits… if this doesn’t say it all. For Jesuits is ok, to twist the truth if it helps justify their goals (means justify the ends). So when he, the pope, says that Islam and him worship the same god, he is not lying, they both worship satan.

  • Rapture Ready

    Mary is the second most venerated figure in Islam. Many people don’t know this or that Hindus have no problems worhsipping yet another “god”, nor do Buddhists mind a venerated figure. Thus Mary is the one & only figure the world’s religions will have in common after the Rapture. A woman will most definitely be riding the beast, as John saw in Revelation, dressed in priestly garb, looking like the Mary he knew in real life (hence his surprise), but this ain’t the Mary he knew – that’s for sure.

  • On April 13, 2013. Pope Francis declared he had chosen 9 cardinals around the world to help change and govern the curia. Do we have the 10 horns of Daniel and revelation here?

    • maxime1793

      Right, just like we heard about this last time and the time before and the time before and the time before and blah blah blah blah blah.

      Guess what, it is going to be the IMF, Fed Reserve, and multinational banks like Goldman Sachs who are going to steal your pension, not the Jesuits.

  • seth datta

    Petrus Romanus was added in the 18th century to the 16th century prophecies. The last “real” Pope has come and gone.

    It’s all about Barack o’Bilderberg bringing down the economy and putting the US masses into penury, which will cause other economies to fall like dominos.

    Mark of the beast is money, used to control others’ (and one’s own) life choices and actions. The beast system is more commonly referred to as “gang stalking”.

    • rkoen

      The Mark is expressly defined in the Bible as a mark upon the hand or forehead.

      • seth datta

        Mind (=thoughts) and hand (=actions), of those enslaved by the Beast System of control, aka gangstalking; most people in such a situation are removed from being able to support themselves economically, from what I understand.

  • robheffner

    On this subject I recommend two books…….”A Woman Rides the Beast” by Dave Hunt, and The Islamic Antichrist, by Joel Richardson. Blend what those two have said, and this article will make your hair stand up.

  • lookingforward

    Babylon Mystery Religions Unite!

  • Fatima

    Please stop throwing bricks and negative speculation at this humble loving servant of God and the Catholic Church.

    • rkoen

      A servant of which God? Not a servant of my God, the Holy Trinity, born of the Father, son and holy ghost….

  • Rev Gary

    The last Pope will be the False Prophet. REV 13

  • RammingSpeed

    Church of Rome and Islam, “Pray to thee Hell that you praise” By DH.

  • rkoen

    A friend to all is a friend to none.

  • USARickUSA

    Look up and rejoice, for your redemption draws near. Maranatha!

  • Robert (qslv)

    Nobody notices the elephant in the room? Michael, religious bickering here while the American Dream is ending in Boston? We need you to check in on what’s happening now.

  • PD1979

    Here is an infamous oath of the Jesuits: “I furthermore promise and
    declare that I will, when opportunity present, make and
    wage relentless war, secretly or openly, against all
    heretics, Protestants and Liberals, as I am directed to do,
    to extirpate and exterminate them from the face of the whole
    earth; and that I will spare neither age, sex or condition;
    and that I will hang, waste, boil, flay, strangle and bury
    alive these infamous heretics, rip up the stomachs and wombs
    of their women and crush their infants’ heads against the
    walls, in order to annihilate forever their execrable
    race! That when the same cannot be done openly, I will
    secretly use the poisoned cup, the strangulating cord,
    the steel of the poniard or the leaden bullet, regardless
    of the honor, rank, dignity, or authority of the person
    or persons, whatever may be their condition in life, either
    public or private, as I at any time may be directed so to
    do by any agent of the Pope or Superior of the Brotherhood
    of the Holy Faith, of the Society of Jesus.”

  • Robert Cleary

    I’m still watching this issue of “Peter-the-Roman” . . . .. never ignore a red flag .. the book is not closed

  • paul

    We as true worshipers of Christ are to rejoice because our God said these things must come to pass. Yes, our President is spiritually blind, ect. BUT, remember that it is our God who said He places leaders over nations and takes them down for His purpose. So as Obama, the Pope and others plan God is using them though they seem to be using God. Even in these time, for God never changes, if His eye is on the sparrow I know He watches me. Our hope is in our God and so dont sweat it man, rejoice that we are seeing proof that God is in control cause He told us these things would happen.

  • Magdiel

    this is a good point. Revelation’s prophecies prior to Christ’s Second Advent have to be fulfilled. The Beast is awakening!

  • “Does Pope Francis intend to help the global elite achieve their goal of uniting all of the religions of the world under a single banner?”

    Only if that banner reads, ‘Roman Catholic.’

    The Vatican has been reaching out to other religions, in an ecumenical way, with friendship and respect, starting with Vatican II Council. Pope Francis is only continuing that policy.

    The aim of the Church is to convert to save humankind, with a specific teaching and practice. They are in the business of conversion, not being converted.

  • jean

    I appreciate Michaels research and I hate to be picky, but the paragraph in the gray box following the blue words “that same ecumenical meeting” doesn’t seem to say what he said it did. Please explain.

  • He just may be a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”, for he is NOT who he appears to be! WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!!

  • mesell

    I believe in the Rapture of the Church. I personally think when that occurs, the Holy Spirit will be gone. Events will move so rapid, no one knows how it will come together. Will there by an “Unholy Spirit” taking charge? Just that thought should scare one to death. There’s an easy way to escape these horrors,.. Repent of your sins and make Jesus the Lord of your life,pray and study HIS word daily. I tell HIM sometimes, “I’m sorry I have not talked to you today, BUT YOU ARE ALWAYS on my mind. Maranatha

  • Isaac

    I’m looking forward to change. I’m not afraid of it. If this is all true, that means that God is close to his return. So let all this non sense happen because that is a step closer to me and my family being with God eternally.

    • Dagoberto Garza

      We should not want the return of Jesus Christ. Why? Because all this time the Father has given us to repent and live by his word. Through his son we were granted time to once again repent and live by his word. We should fear our Father our God. You are not aware of how mighty is the wrath of our God. Instead of awaiting his return, we should take action now and don’t wait until is late.

  • mary foster

    first of all want to say we appreate this site. totally agree with you all. just hate to think that there are going to be millions of people who will not see this coming. please keep up the good work keeping us informed. again thank you

  • Patrick

    The New World Order religion is the Global Warming Cult you blind fools

  • duffer

    right, worship paedophiles…good plan…that’ll work.

  • aidankirby

    The Church, since the Vatican 2 hijacking, is an apostate Church, headed by Freemasons and Judeo Bolsheviks intent on destruction, we are seeing the results…

    J E Ws have effectively declared war on The Church, (Protocols of Zion #14) and are carrying it out, same as with our society and the family in general.

    Every Catholic MUST Read ‘THE PLOT AGAINST THE CHURCH’ by Maurice Pinay (Online & Free), pen name of high ranking clergy who wrote this as a forewwarning to attending Vatican 2 Bishops.
    Also be sure to visit StSimonOfTrent Website.

  • Aldebaran

    The argument against ONE RELIGION, seems to stand on a Tradition of the rationale of ancestral deification. Rather the ir-rationale. Common sense surely discerns that all things cohere to the same fundamental reality. So why should Unity be the redheaded stepchild of traditional diversity? Is it so plutocrats can referee the ensuing melees? Just asking.

  • WeroInNM

    Vice President Biden Calls for a New World Order!
    “Food For Thought”
    Semper Fi!

  • Things the Bible talked about are taking place. God told us these things would happen but not to let our hearts be troubled. Always take a stand without compromising. The antichrist will come out from among the church, not the world. As the Churches continue to fall away from the truth they once took a stand on the day will probably come when the Christians will probably have to go back to meeting in homes.

    • No, the False Prophet will come out of the Church, the Big A will be out of Europe, having been born a Jew in the Middle East, who will be seen as a ‘secular’ leader, IN LEAGUE WITH the False Prophet…

  • Jim C

    When Napoleon’s troops took the Vatican and placed the Pope under arrest, they overturned the very throne on which the then Pope sat upon and found an inscription which read, “There is only one true God and His Name is Allah.”
    If you were to read up on the revelations given to the open world by ex-Jesuit priest Alberto in his booklet intitled “The Prophet” you will also find that it was the Roman Catholic Church that first financed the Islamic faith.
    Let us keep in mind that this new Pope is also a Jesuit.
    Our only hope lies in our Nations to once more to call onto the One True God, Jesus Christ!

  • Tomburst

    “Christians believe that Jesus is god” states this article. Do they?? The bible refers to Jesus as ‘the son of god’ and ‘gods son’. But NEVER as ‘god the son’. When did ‘son of’ ever mean the same as ‘same as’?

    • They do indeed…the mystery of the Holy Trinity is such, that there are THREE Divine Persons in One…

  • greysurfer

    He can go stuff his one-world religion. Millions of suckers will be taken in, thinking it’s all “peace and light, man”, but millions won’t. I’d like to see him try reconciling Islam with the gay and lesbian movement. ha! Anyway, how the heck can you force people to follow a religion? What will atheists do?

  • Mr Loco

    Or the Catholic Church could just torture & kill people of other faiths like they did in their glory days!!!

  • Bhakta

    There is one religion already… which is to LOVE GOD! You really think God created people just to cast them in hell eternally?? Only evangelical Christians are right about the revelation of God? Friends, this is not so God has constantly been revealing Himself throughout the ages in all cultures and languages for all souls fortunate enough to heed His call. If anyone is threatening humanity and their divine right to seek after and love God, it’s people who think like that! God has many names because He’s unlimited. God gave us a brain. Let’s use it.

  • THEanon

    Wait … Don’t CHRISTIANS believe that their religion is the only religion?

  • carl

    Come unto me and I shall give you a Lobotomy and peace you shall have.

  • here it comes….the false prophet makes way the path, soon comes the anti-christ

  • pbecke

    Consonant with your secular lights, you have completely misunderstood and misinterpreted the matter. Judaeo-Christianity foretells a universal turning to Christ.

    That cannot be achieved by Francis or any other human being, but what Francis is doing is preparing the ground for the acceptance by people of good will everywhere, for that eventuality; attenuating the historical animus, among Europeans, caused by centuries of scandalously inadequate witness by the institutional church, and among other mainstream religions, the instinct mutual animus arising from legalistic leadership cultures and ‘turf’ rivalries.

  • J.J.

    I couldn’t begin to speculate what is in Pope Francis’ heart and mind but I will tell you AS A CATHOLIC, the RCC is overrun with Marxists. :(

  • “BLESSED ARE THE PEACEMAKERS” Would it be better to declare Muslims as enemies? You have to befriend people in order to evangelize them. The Gospel is “Good News” and not “We are your enemies.” Christ said to “Love your enemies” and this is what Pope Francis is overtly doing. Now, if he directly says Allah is God then he is most certainly overstepping his bounds but we want to make sure this is what he is actually saying. The Koran says Judas died on the Cross instead of Christ and Francis would be out of a job if he were in agreement. The Secretariat to Promote Christian Unity was an infiltrative Hard Left of radical revolutionary Jews such as Cardinal Bea and Father Gregory Baum and others, who changed the Catholic definition ofecumenism from uniting all Christian denominations and sects to all world religions: One of the errors of Russia Our Lady of Fatima warned against and which was ignored throughout Vatican II by the

    Hard Left subjugating traditional Catholicism to its apostasy. If Francis is following this apostate agenda then he should be dismissed. Many Catholic public and private prophecies foresaw a coming end-time apostasy in the Vatican and Francis may be fulfilling it. In Rev 17 the Antichrist realizes he no longer needs the world religion to come to power and sets out to destroy it, so the major global deception will be short-lived.

  • Tunde
  • Acushla

    There will be a Resurgance of Christendom. This is the future.

  • Meg

    New World Pope means ONLY that he is from the New World, the Americas, instead of Europe, the Old World. The rise of paganism with its many gods, and that similarity with far eastern religions has done more for a one world religion and made the concept of God’s interaction with humanity in ONE way a very difficult thing for many to accept. The movement to a one world religion, where anything goes, is obvious and appears to be inevitable.

  • Larry Wolfe

    Bergoglio IS the False Prophet: READ Thursday, April 12th, 2012

    The next Pope may be elected by members within the Catholic Church but he will be the False Prophet

    My dearest daughter many people still reject Me in the world and it has to do with public opinion.

    So much darkness has descended over all of God’s children that very few have the courage to publicly proclaim My Word.

    Believers are frightened of the verbal abuse and vicious mockery they
    would have to endure were they to speak openly of My Holy Word.

    Even devout followers lack the nerve to stand up and fight evil laws
    introduced in their countries which defy the word of My Father.

    Priests are embarrassed to be seen to stand up for the truth of My teachings for fear of being ostracised.

    Now, more than ever, because of the shame they have to endure because
    of the wicked sins of some of their own orders, they find it impossible
    for their voices to be heard.

    When a brave sacred servant decides to stand up and defend
    the truth of My teachings they suffer terribly. They are accused of lack
    of tolerance, lack of compassion, lack of love and lack of respect for
    human rights.

    You see, children, the truth of My teachings, spoken through My sacred servants is treated as a lie.

    Lies, those twisted versions of the truth contained in Holy Scripture, are presented as the truth instead.

    Satan has won over so many souls, including leaders within My
    own Church which has meant that many innocent people find it hard to
    pledge allegiance to My Holy Will.

    How I have been deserted and pushed to one side to allow the lies,
    planted in the minds of My Sacred Servants, to be accepted by the

    These wicked lies extend way beyond this.

    The truth of My Scripture, contained in the Book of Revelation, has
    been interpreted by My many churches. So many variations, all of which
    are based on human interpretation.

    My beloved Pope Benedict XVI is the last true Pope on this earth.

    Peter the Roman, is My Peter, the original apostle who will rule My
    Church from the Heavens under the command of My Eternal Father. Then,
    when I come to reign, at the Second Coming, he will rule over all of
    God’s children when all religions will become one Holy Catholic and
    Apostolic Church.

    I only speak the truth My daughter.

    I must warn you that many new self-proclaimed prophets will now
    emerge, who will contradict My Holy Word given to you, the end time true

    First they will convince believers that their words come from Me.

    Their words will be carefully chosen and their meaning will be vague
    and a little confusing. But many will dismiss this weakness and embrace
    their messages because they seem to be in line with Holy Scripture.

    When many souls have been seduced, the attack will begin.

    They, My daughter, are being sent to prepare God’s children to accept
    the next Pope, who comes after My beloved Vicar Pope Benedict. This
    Pope may be elected by members within the Catholic Church but he will be
    the False Prophet.

    His electors are wolves in sheep’s clothing and are members of the secret Masonic and evil group led by Satan.

    This is how Satan will try to destroy My Church.

    Sadly, he will, this False Prophet, attract a large following. Those who oppose him will be persecuted.

    Run children, while you can. Denounce the lies which will be
    presented by those who attempt to convince you of the authenticity of
    the False Prophet.

    Be strong. Stay faithful to Me, your Jesus. Never doubt My Holy Word.

    The Book of Revelation, is the true word of God. It does not lie.

    Not all of the secrets contained within are known to you yet. I will
    reveal all through Maria Divine Mercy although the truth will be
    vehemently attacked and treated as heresy.

    Remember one important lesson. My Word, when I was on earth, was treated as heresy when I came the first time.

    My Word, given to you now, at My Second Coming will also be treated
    as such by believers, including My sacred servants who represent My
    Church on earth.

    Satan will sacrifice many souls to satisfy his final cravings to cause the greatest heartache.

    Be assured that it will be the Catholic church, founded by Me and
    placed under the command of My beloved apostle Peter, which will suffer
    the greatest in the end times.

    Be on your guard at all times.

    Please recite this Crusade Prayer (44) Strength to defend my faith against the False Prophet

    Dear Jesus give me the strength to focus on your teachings

    And to proclaim your Holy Word at all times

    Never allow me to be tempted to idolise the False Prophet

    who will try to present himself as you

    Keep my love for you strong

    Give me the graces of discernment so that I will never deny

    The truth contained in the Holy Bible no matter how many

    Lies are presented to me to encourage me to turn my back on your true word.


    The truth is written in Holy Scripture.

    The Book of Revelation does not reveal all because I come only now, the Lamb of God, to open the book for the world to see.

    Any human interpretation regarding the 1,000 years is not to be trusted.

    You must only trust in the word of God.

    Your beloved Jesus

    READ: Saturday, January 21st, 2012

    False Prophet will be treated like a living Saint. Those who oppose him will be considered heretics.

    My dearly beloved daughter of My messengers in the world, appointed
    to spread my Holy word have each been given a different role. No two the

    This is why My messengers must never confuse each message by comparing them with one another.

    You, My daughter as the 7th messenger, have been chosen to
    inform My children of the truth. Much of My truth has been given to you
    already but much more is to come now.

    Because of the secrets contained within these you will, when they are revealed, be ridiculed, sneered at and made to look like a fool.

    These messages are to help purify My people including those who
    accept the calling to follow Me as well as those souls empty of love and
    cold of heart.

    Without this cleansing the earth cannot be purified. It needs to be
    purified in order for it to be made worthy for Me to walk it again.

    My children must rejoice. Fear is not something which comes from Me.

    Fear comes from evil. Yet you would be forgiven and justified when
    you fear for those souls who walk in blindness. Not because they cannot
    see but because they choose not to see.

    You duty to Me, My beloved army of followers, is to help Me prepare the way for My forthcoming Divine Reign on earth.

    I need your help. I need your prayers. Your prayers will weaken the work of the anti-christ as well as the false prophet who will take up position in the Holy See of Rome.

    To all My children you must know that I am all forgiving. Even those
    who are involved with satanic groups, about whom I speak, can be saved
    from descending any further downwards to the gates of Hell.

    Sin can be diluted because of prayer. You do not have to go into battle and fight with your fists raised all you have to do is to pray.

    My New Paradise is magnificent children. So much
    preparation has been completed with the same wonders as presented to
    Adam and Eve which they rejected through sin. All is ready.

    You My followers will benefit from the beautiful New Paradise on earth over which I will reign.

    Because you, of this generation, have been selected to enjoy this Paradise you must not stop in your work to help Me take all of My children with Me into My Glorious Kingdom.

    My children be aware, however, that the false prophet will have you believe he is also preparing you for a similar place of Paradise.

    His lies will enthrall a naïve group of Catholic followers. He will
    present a wonderful and loving external charisma and all of My children
    in the Catholic Church will be confused.

    One sign to look out for will be his pride and arrogance hidden
    behind an exterior false humility. So fooled will My children be that
    they will think he is an exceptional and pure soul.

    He will be treated like a living saint. Not one word out of his mouth will be questioned.

    He will also appear to have supernatural gifts and people will instantly believe he can perform miracles.

    Anyone who opposes him will be criticised and considered heretics.

    All such souls accused of being heretics will be cast aside and fed to the dogs

    All truth regarding My teachings will be twisted. Everything will be a
    lie. Persecution will evolve slowly and be subtle at first.

    My true Sacred Servants will have to say Mass privately and in many cases not in a Catholic Church.

    They will have to offer Masses in refuges. Children when this happens you must not lose hope. This will be over within a short period of time.

    Just pray for those souls who will, in their pledge to the False Prophet, forget about the Blessed Trinity which is the very foundation upon which The Catholic Church is built upon.

    Many religions follow just one entity of the Blessed Trinity. Some
    honour the Father. Others the Son but all are one My daughter.

    There is only one true God. That is the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, three distinct persons all in one divine essence. All religions will be given the truth soon and many will accept this holy mystery.

    Follow Me towards the path of salvation for you, My followers, have a glorious future ahead but you must remain strong.

    This is the chosen generation for My New Paradise on Earth.

    Don’t reject this glorious gift of life which glitters in all its
    magnificence. Not one soul will want for anything. My New Paradise on
    earth will be an era of peace and happiness without sin.

    This is the divine will of My Father and has been His promise to mankind right from the start.

    Be joyful and happy for you have much to look forward to children.

    The trials ahead will pale into insignificance when you will witness the glorious Kingdom which is waiting for you.

    I love you children. I know that you love Me. Because of this I ask you to show love to those who are blind to My Holy Spirit.

    Pray for them at every opportunity so that they can see again the
    truth of My promise made to mankind when I died to secure your eternal

    Your beloved Jesus

    Saviour of all Mankind

  • JG

    This article states that Christians believe that Jesus is God. I beg to differ. True bible scholars will acknowledge that the bible speaks of God’s name as being Jehovah. King James led the charge in removing from the scriptures and replacing it with “the Lord”. The trinity was also fabricated to include not only God’s son Jesus, but terming God’s active force as a “holy ghost” that completes a three headed deity. Not exactly a Christian way of thinking.

  • Elsie Kirk

    Jehovah God will bring in his Incoming Government Daniel 2:44

  • Kenneth Foster

    If the pope is successful in bringing the people of this world into the one world religion if God deems it to be so then all will be well, but having said this he, the pope, and his peers, the Vatican, will be held responsible for implementing (bringing in) the changes God wants to introduce. And these changes will be emanated from the source in all manner of certainty. The reason being so is that Catholicism has a foundation of such that it is in a position of readiness.

    Having made this declaration; if gods religion is tampered with from the said organisation (Catholicism) or anywhere else for that matter then there will be much to answer for; because no man or woman or organisation will impede its progression no matter what, and no matter who does so, and if any do so then the results will be catastrophic, much to the fear and disappointment of all concerned.

    But if god’s religion The Faith of The Most Divine Spirit is successful then no one will have anything to fear. But having said this, let no one become complacent (negative) in their religious endeavours because they will be strictly monitored; and if they make a single step out of place and attempt to carry on as it has been so since their beginning; and try to force in their historic practices then they will be doomed as I have previously explained in Gods introduction to his religion.

    Be under no delusions God will destroy any attempt by any body or organisation to interfere with his progression for humanity, this will be so. Of course most people who read this will scoff yet again, then so will it be.

    If any of this does not take place then I must declare in this public place that I have been deceived for all of my seventy six years of life by something unknown and unidentifiable to me, but will be recognised as being the devil by millions. But in all honesty I believe, in fact know I am speaking and writing the truth; and just because much of this will be denounced by many people as being the devil then they need to look inwards to themselves and tell them what they see and live by more so when they all, yes everyone of them admit they are sinners and in reality do nothing about it, but pretend they do.

    Now I lay this in front of the people and declare that I am Gods proclaimed prophet, and not too far into the future God will enlighten the people as to that which I declare here and have done in several places, all of it is the Holy Truth. So help me God.

    Kenneth Foster also known as zebity.

  • Kenneth Foster

    What if the Pope took it upon himself to make it into the top of the one world religion, and another powerfull person of a different country also wants the same position, or several others decided the same. What then if no one would step back for any one of the others.

  • Brooklynresident

    An interesting aspect is that you have a pope, and a pope emeritus. You could see Benedict and Francis locked in a pope-antipope struggle. This could become most interesting.


    Love Sonnet Noos (formerly
    20th century Noos)

    1) Amman. So Viet Nam Tung US jawg ME

    2) SeOUL GrACE GhEM GhArb. Rome Sha King Fromm Iran?

    3) Kadhaffy Yasir Arafat Watt Sea.

    4) Amin Pal’stEin Cambods Speakes Waite IsTan-

    5) Bull IQraqow Pole Boot Argentina

    6) Anchorage Love Stars WEn Sharon Castro…

    7) Lib’s. Reagan Carter Ford Nixon China.

    8) Leban Grenad Marx Skinner Freud Trudeau

    9) Aye’toll KHowmean Beirut. HEarth Goldah Tyre.

    10) WHOscene AnWarSawdat OaRWELL OaRWHALE.

    11) Andropov Stalin KhRUSHchev; HUNGaRy. Ire.

    12) Mount Callvary Menachem Begin Isreal.

    13) Armygeddon Skull Hill? Belfast Eye Eve.

    14) De Gaulle Damaskus Yemen Tel Aviv …

    Eve rest Star Beth Babe Stable Pole Cross Stake

  • Phil Wainwright

    Have any of you thought that by bickering over semantics, and who’s God is the right one, you are all taking your eye off what is really happening?

    I have read some of the posts, and to be honest I am kind of sickened. You who are all supposed to be defending your relative religions have done nothing other than to cause yourselves to be labelled as crackpots.

    You cannot force people to believe, you can only extend the hand of friendship and faith. At that point you may be able to do your duty and spread the word if you really believe that is your calling.

    However, there is so much information missing from your arguments that you really don’t have an argument.

    Freedomsblaze mentioned Zeitgeist, and I would really suggest you watch it and learn from it. Then if you go back and look at your texts then, you will see how much is missing from your arguments.
    Finally also remember that the New Testament was assembled out of the collection of documents available. They were chosen to project a certain point of view, that of the council of Nicea (approx. 325 ad). Then they tried to destroy all the other documents so they could not contradict the ‘approved’ New-Testament. This is why the Dead Sea Scrolls and a very limited selection of others were buried, including the gospel of Jesus!
    Conversion is always easier if the other person wants to be converted.

  • brenden

    I definitely agree on the elite wanting a one world religion!
    and I also think it is a good idea, I have been studying many different philosophies, religions, sciences and cultures for a very long time now and what I can say is that sometime in the past this one world or close to it religion existed and seemed to have been torn to fragments. many different cultures around the world express the same subjects in different manners. also it would also be very hard to make a one world religion due to the many different contradictions and beliefs. I can see the orthodox and roman churches coming together, I also see Judaism and the eastern traditions like Buddhism Shintoism, hindi, and much more coming together, but what about the hermetic sciences, and occult like traditions, also there are many different branches of many different religions and many different philosophies and mind sets! what I am saying is there would have to be major sacrifices in different beliefs. the only way to fully attain a one world religion is to aquire scientific historical backrounds, there would have to be backup and evidence of science and nature!

  • Your friend

    Its just a matter of time before the papacy starts persecuting Christians again like they did in the 1260 days prophecy from 538 to 1798. 42 months 42×360 (Jewish calendar year)=1260 or time times an half of time (360 + 720 + 180) =1260 days. day in prophecy is a year so 1260 years. the whole world will wonder after the beast that had the deadly wound and lived…. the Sabbath of the lord is going to be the big controversy and is going to determine who is faithful to God or the beast. Those who honor and keep the law of God including the true Sabbath day (Saturday) will receive the seal of God and those who follow the beast ( Papacy) and its false Sabbath ( Sunday) will receive his mark. The Sabbath is the seal of God because it identifies God as the True and Only creator God ( Gen_2:2 And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made.

    Gen_2:3 And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made. see no other day has his blessing and no other day has been sanctified.

    Eze_20:20 And hallow my Sabbaths; and they shall be a sign between me and you, that ye may know that I am the LORD your God. Its your Choice Sabbath or Sunday. I choose Sabbath

  • JCNow

    LMAO. Oh the hilarity of those who choose religious delusion.

  • Sams Mwanauta Chiputa

    “GOD’s Temple” (of Rev.3:12) is “One-World-Temple” (which will be predominantly Jewish and partly gentle. To transform the “ROMAN-Catholic-Church” into “One-World-Church” (of Rev.3:12), let Vatican “Judaize the Catholic-Church and CHRISTen or change CATHOLICism to J/UDAism”. J/UDAist.

  • Sams Mwanauta Chiputa

    There’re “5-World-Kingdoms in the biblical-prophecy of Daniel 2” and each World-Kingdom is named after the race of its Ruler. Politically, the “Human-Statue” (of Daniel 2) represents “4-Gentle-World-Kingdoms” (i.e the “1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th World-Kingdoms”) whilst the “ROCK” (of Daniel 2) represents “1-Jewish-World-Kingdom” (i.e the “5th-World-Kingdom” to be called the “JEWish or J/UDaic World-Empire”). Religiously, the “Human-Statue” (of Daniel 2) represents “Gentle or non-Jewish Religions” (i.e “CHRISTianity, ISLAM, HINDUism, BUDDHism, ECKANKAR, TAOism, etc”) whilst the “ROCK that crushed the Statue” (of Daniel 2) represents the “Holy-Religion or GOD’s Religion” (i.e “J/UDAism”). Humanity is at the “FEET-of-the-Statue” living in transitional-period from the “4th-World-Kingdom i.e the ROMAN-World-Empire” (represented by the “LEGs-of-Iron” of the Statue of Daniel 2) to the “5th-World-Kingdom i.e the JEWish-World-Empire” (represented by the “ROCK that crushed the FEET-of-the-Statue of Daniel 2). The “FEET-of-the-Statue” is not yet crushed by the “ROCK”. “GOD’s Kingdom i.e the 5th-World-Kingdom or DAVIDic-Kingdom-globalized” (of Daniel 2:44-45) & “GOD’s Religion i.e One-World-Religion” will only be estabilished when the “ROCK” (of Daniel 2) crushes the “FEET-of-the-Statue”. To crush the “FEET-of-the-Statue” (of Daniel 2), the “Holy-See i.e Vatican” should Judaize the “ROMAN-Catholic-Church” and “CHRISTen or change CATHOLICism to J/UDAism”. JESUitist-J/UDAist.

  • Sams Mwanauta Chiputa

    Regarding the “5th-World-Kingdom i.e the JEWish or J/UDAic World-Empire”, the bible in Daniel 2:44-45 says : “In the time of those ‘evil’ Kings/Presidents, the GOD of Heaven will establish a ‘Kingdom’ (i.e the ‘DAVIDic or J/UDAic Kingdom’) that will never be destroyed, nor will it be left to another people other than the ‘Holy-People or GOD’s People i.e J/UDAists’. This ‘DAVIDic or J/UDAic Kingdom’ (which will start as a ‘National-Kingdom’ before being a ‘World-Kingdom’ in the Holy-Land or GOD’s Land) will crush all those ‘evil’ Kingdoms/Nations and bring them to an end, but it will itself endure for ever. After crushing all those ‘evil’ Kingdoms/Nations & bringing them to an end, this ‘DAVIDic or J/UDAic Kingdom’ will expand into a huge Kingdom and fill the whole world to become the ‘World-Kingdom i.e the DAVIDic-Kingdom-globalized’. This is the meaning of the vision of the ROCK cut out of a mountain,but not by human hands…a ROCK, after breaking the the Statue to pieces, became a huge mountain and filled the whole earth”. “Daniel 2:44-45” is the biblical-proof that “There will be another World-Kingdom” (that will be led or ruled by the ‘KING-of-Kings i.e JESUs’ who is a JEW-by-race) and in the absence of the ‘KING-of-Kings i.e JESUs’, this ‘DAVIDic or J/UDAic Kingdom’ will be ruled by the ‘Vicar-of-KING-of-Kings i.e the Black-Pope’ (who is the ‘Overcomer of Rev.2:26-28; Rev.3:12 & Rev.3:12). To establish “GOD’s Kingdom i.e the 5th-World-Kingdom” (of Daniel 2:44-45) to be led by the “Vicar-of-KING-of-Kings i.e the Black-Pope” and indeed establish “GOD’s Religion i.e One-World-Religion” (which will be “>14% CHRISTianity & 86% JUDAism”) to be led by the “Vicar-of-PRIEST-of-Priests i.e the White-Pope”, let VATICAN Judaize the “ROMAN-Catholic-Church” & “CHRISTen or change CATHOLICism to J/UDAism”. Alternatively, to establish “GOD’s Kingdom/Religion”, let the “Holy-See i.e VATICAN” representing “CHRISTianity or CATHOLICism” & the “Holy-Land i.e ISRAEL” representing “JUDAism” help restore both the “Holy-Party” & “Holy-Alliance” and help imlplement the “J/UDAic PG-SYSTEM i.e Son-of-DAVID’s PG-SYSTEM” in “GOD’s-LAND i.e ZAMBI-A”. JESUitist-J/UDAist.

  • Sams Mwanauta Chiputa

    “1st-World-Kingdom Ruler” “Nebuchadnezzar” was a “Babylonian-by-race”, so the “1st-World-Kingdom” (represented by the “Head-of-Gold” of the Human-Statue of Daniel 2) was called the “Babylonian-World-Empire”; “2nd-World-Kingdom Ruler” “Darius” was a “Mede-by-race” & his co-Ruler “Cyrus” was a “Persian-by-race”, so the “2nd-World-Kingdom” (represented by the “Chest & Arms of Silver” of the Human-statue of Daniel 2) was called the “Media-Persian World-Empire”; “3rd-World-Kingdom Ruler” “Alexander the Great” was a “Greek-by-race”, so the “3rd-World-Kingdom” (represented by the “Belly & Thighs of Bronze” of the Human-Statue of Daniel 2) was called the “Grecian-World-Empire”; “4th-World-Kingdom Ruler” “Caesar” was a “Roman-by-race”, so the “4th-World-Kingdom” (represented by the “LEGs-of-Iron” of the Human-Statue of Daniel 2) was called the “ROMAN-World-Empire”; & “5th-World-Kingdom Ruler” “KING-of-Kings JESUs” is a “JEW-by-race”, so the “5th-World-Kingdom i.e the DAVIDic-Kingdom-globalized” (of Daniel 2:44-45) will be called the “JEWish-World-Empire”. There are “Five (5) World-Kingdoms in the biblical-prophecy of Daniel of Daniel 2” (four have passed & one is yet to come) and each World-Kingdom is named after the race of its Ruler. The “Human-Statue” of Daniel 2 represents “Four (4) Gentle-World-Kingdoms” whilst the “ROCK” of Daniel 2 represents “One (1) JEWish or J/UDAic World-Kingdom”. To establish “GOD’s Kingdom/Religion”, let the “Holy-See i.e VATICAN” & the “Holy-Land i.e ISRAEL” help to restore the “Holy-Party of JESUs-CHRIST” or the “Holy-Alliance of ZAMBI-GOD” and imlplement the “SOLOMONic or J/UDAic PG-SYSTEM” in “GOD’s-LAND ie ZAMBI-A”. “GOD’s Kingdom/Religion” will start in “GOD’s LAND”. So, “GOD’s Kingdom” (of Daniel 2:44-45) is the “5th-World-Kingdom” to be called the “JEWish or J/UDAic World-Kingdom” and it will be possed & inhabited by “Holy-People or GOD’s People”. “J/UDAists” are “Holy-People or GOD’s People” & “JEWs” are “Holy-People” whilst “ANTI-SATANists” are “GOD’s People”. J/UDAist-SC.

  • Sams Mwanauta Chiputa

    Talking of the “Five (5) World-Kingdoms” (4 represented by the Statue & 1 represented by the Rock) the bible in Daniel 2:31-45 says “You looked, O King Nebuchadnezzar, and there before you stood a large ‘Human-Statue’, an enormous, dazzling Statue, awesome in appearance.The ‘Head-of-the-Statue was made of pure Gold’ (representing the ‘1st-World-Kingdom i.e the Babylonian-World-Empire’); the ‘Chest & Arms of the Statue of Silver’ (representing the ‘2nd-World-Kingdom i.e the Media-Persian World-Empire’); the ‘Belly & Thighs of the Statue of Bronze’ (representing the ‘3rd-World-Kingdom i.e the Grecian-World-Empire’); the ‘Legs of Iron of the Statue’ (representing the ‘4th-World-Kingdom i.e the ‘Roman-World-Empire’), the ‘Feet of the Statue, partly of iron & partly of baked clay’ ( politically representing ‘Europe’ & religiously representing ‘CHRISTianity/CATHOLICism’). Whilst you were watching, a ‘ROCK’ (representing the ‘5th-World-Kingdom i.e the Jewish-World-Empire’) was cut out, but not by human hands. The ‘ROCK’ (politically representing ‘ISRAEL’ & religiously representing ‘J/UDAism’) struck the ‘Statue’ (politically representing ‘Gentle-World-Kingdoms’ & religiously representing ‘Gentle-Religions’) on its ‘Feet of iron & clay’ (representing ‘Europe/CHRISTianity’) and smashed them. Then the iron, the clay, the bronze, the silver & the gold were broken to pieces at the same time and became like chaff on a threshing floor in the summer. The wind swept them away without leaving a trace. But the ‘ROCK’ that struck the Statue became a ‘Huge Mountain’ (representing a ‘Huge Kingdom/Religion’) and filled the whole earth (politically meaning that, once restored, the ‘DAVIDic or J/UDAic Kingdom’ will be globalized & religiously meaning that ‘J/UDAism’ will crush/swallow all Gentle-Religions to become ‘One-World-Religion’). This was the dream, and now we will interpret it to the King. You, O King Nebuchadnezzar, are the King-of-Kings, The GOD-of-Heaven has given you dominion and power and might and glory; in your hands He has placed mankind and the beasts of the field and the birds of the air. Wherever they live, GOD has made you Ruler over them all. As King-of-Kings, you Nebuchadnezzar are that ‘Head-of-Gold’ (representing the ‘1st-World-Kingdom i.e the Babylonian-World-Empire’). After you King Nebuchadnezzar, ‘another Kingdom of silver’ (i.e the ‘2nd-World-Kingdom’ called the ‘ Medo-Persian World-Empire’) will rise, inferior to yours (just like Siver is inferior to Gold). Next, a ‘Third-Kingdom’ (i.e the ‘3rd-World-Kingdom’ called the ‘Greek-World-Empire’), one of bronze, will rule over the whole earth. Finally, there will be a ‘Fourth-Kingdom’ (i.e the ‘4th-World-Kingdom’ called the ‘ROMAN-World-Empire’), strong as iron, for iron breaks and smashes everything, and as iron breaks things to pieces, so will it crush and break all others. Just as you saw that the feet and the toes were partly of baked clay and partly of iron, so this will be a divided Kingdom; yet it will have some of the strength of iron in it, even as you saw iron mixed with clay. As the toes were partly iron & partly clay, so this Kingdom will be partly strong & partly brittle. And just as you saw the iron mixed with baked clay, so the people will be a mixture and will not remain united, any more than iron mixes with clay. In time of those ‘evil’ Kings/Presidents, the GOD-of-Heaven will establish a ‘Kingdom’ (i.e the ‘DAVIDic or J/UDAic Kingdom’) that will never be destroyed, nor will it be left to another people other than the ‘Holy-people or GOD’s People i.e J/UDAists’. This ‘DAVIDic or J/UDAic KIngdom’ (which will start as a ‘National-Kingdom’ before being a ‘World-Kingdom’ in the ‘Holy-Land i.e ISRAEL or GOD’s-LAND i.e ZAMBI-A’) will crush all those ‘evil’ Kingdoms/Nations and bring them to an end, but it will itself endure forever. After crushing all evil KIngdoms/Nations, this ‘DAVIDic or J/UDAic KIngdom’ will grow into a huge Kingdom and fill the whole world to be the ‘World-Kingdom i.e the 5th-World-Kingdom’. This is the meaning of the vision of the Rock cut out of a mountain, but not by human hands, a Rock, which after breaking the iron, the bronze, the clay, the siver & the gold to pieces, became a huge mountain and filled the whole earth. The Great-GOD has shown King Nebuchadnezzar what will take place in the future. The dream is true and the interpretation is trustworthy. Then King-Nebuchadnezzar fell prostrate before Prophet-Daniel and paid him honor and ordered that an offering and incense be presented to him. King-Nebuchadnezzar said to Prophet-Daniel, ‘surely your GOD is the GOD of gods and the LORD-of-Kings & the ‘Revealer-of-mysteries’, for you were able to reveal this mystery. King-Nebuchadnezzar placed Prophet-Daniel in a high position and lavished many gifts on him. King Nebuchadnezzar made Prophet Daniel Ruler over the entire province of Babylon and placed him in charge of all wise men. Moreover, at Prophet-Daniel’s request, King Nebuchadnezzar appointed Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego administrators over the province of Babylon, while Daniel himself remained at the Royal-Court”. (Daniel 2:31-49). From “Daniel 2:31–49”, you will discover that “There are five (5) World-Kingdoms” (i.e 4-World-Kingdoms represented by the Statue & 1-World-Kingdom represented by the Rock). To form “GOD’s Religion i.e One-World-Religion” (which will be “14% CHRISTianity & 86% JUDAism”), let Vatican Judaize the “Roman-Catholic-Church” & “CHRISTen or change CATHOLICism to J/UDAism”. And to form “GOD’s Kingdom i.e the 5th-World-Kingdom” (of Daniel 2:44-45), let the “Holy-See i.e VATICAN” representing “CHRISTianity/CATHOLICism” & the “Holy-Land i.e ISRAEL” representing “J/UDAism” help to restore the “Holy-Party” or the the “Holy-Alliance” or both and help implement the “J/UDAic PG-SYSTEM or Son-of-DAVID’s PG-SYSTEM” in “GOD’s Land i.e ZAMBIa”. The “Son-of-DAVID’s PG-SYSTEM” is the “DAVIDic-Throne” (of Isaiah 9:6-7). JESUitist-J/UDAist (0977-926306).

  • Sams Mwanauta Chiputa

    “J/UDAism” is the irreplaceable name of “GOD’s Religion i.e One-World-Religion”, so to establish “One-World-Religion”, 1. The “Roman-Catholic-Church” must be Judaized & CATHOLICism must be CHRISTened or changed to J/UDAism; 2. “J/UDAism” (representing the “ROCK” of Daniel 2) must crush/swallow “CHRISTianity/CATHOLICism” (representing the “FEET-of-the-Statue” of Daniel); 3.& . Both the “Holy-See i.e Vatican” representing “CHRISTianity” & the “Holy-Land i.e Israel” representing “JUDAism” must help to restore both the “Holy-Party i.e UDP” & the “Holy-Alliance i.e UDA” and then help implement the “J/UDAic PG-SYSTEM” in “GOD’s-LAND i.e ZAMBI-A”. Neither SATANists nor Uncircumcised-People will be part of “One-World-Religion”. In fact, to establish “GOD’s Religion i.e One-World-Religion”, “All SATANists must be eliminated & removed from the world”. JESUitist-J/UDAist.

  • Sams Mwanauta Chiputa

    “Son-of-David i.e King-Solomon”, the wisest-man to have ever lived, is the author of the “PG-SYSTEM”. The “PG-SYSTEM” is the “System of running Government using Provincial-Governors (PGs)”. When introducing the “PG-SYSTEM” in the world, King Solomon divided the the “J/UDAic-Kingdom of Israel & Judah” into 12 Provinces and King Solomon appointed a Governor (who was a tribal-chief) over each Province. And each Provincial-Governor (J/UDAic-PG) was only responsible & answerable to King Solomon. Via the the “J/UDAic PG-SYSTEM”, the “Holy-Land i.e ISRAEL” became the richest-nation on earth during the SOLOMONic-era. King-Solomon’s concept of using Governors to run Government is still being used in USA & Nigeria (as State-Governors); China, Turkey, Iran, Afghanstan, Iraq, Thailand, DRC, Angola, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Liberia, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil etc (as Provincial-Governors). For ZAMBIa’s purpose, once the “J/UDAic PG-SYSTEM i.e Son-of-DAVID’s PG-SYSTEM” is implemented, each Provincial-Governor (i.e J/UDAic-PG), who must be a Party-President & Chief-Minister, will appoint 2 full Cabinet-Ministers, 3 Deputy-Ministers, all District-Governors (DGs) in his/her Commanding-Province & 10% of all Foreign-Dilpomats. If the “JUDAic PG-SYSTEM” made the “Holy-Land i.e Israel” to be richest nation on earth during the SOLOMONic-period, the “J/UDAic PG-SYSTEM” can make “GOD’s-LAND i.e ZAMBI-A” to be very rich, so let PF, HP, FDD, ULP, ADD, ABZ, PDP, MMD, UNiP & UPND jointly-restore the “Holy-Alliance i.e UDA”, adopt uncle Enoch KAVINDELE as 2016/2021 G10-UDA SH-Candidate & then implement the “J/UDAic PG-SYSTEM” (i.e 10-Party-GNU). Those proposed as Provincial-Governors (J/UDAic-PGs) for North-Western Province, Lusaka Province, Central Province, Western Province, Muchinga Province, Luapula Province, Copperbelt Province, Northern Province, Eastern Province & Southern Province are ex-Veep PF1-to-be Enoch KAVINDELE (North-Western), ex-Veep HP1 Brig. Gen. Godfrey MIYANDA (Lusaka), FDD1 Edith NAWAKWI (Central), ULP1 Sakwiba SIKOTA (Western), ADD1 Charles MILUPI (Muchinga), ABZ1 Fr. Frank BWALYA (Luapula), PDP1 George MPOMBO (Copperbelt), MMD1 ex-Veep Pastor Nevers MUMBA (Northern), UNiP1 Tilyenji KAUNDA (Eastern) & UPND1 Hakainde HICHILEMA (Southern) respectively. Once the “Holy-Alliance i.e UDA” is restored, all uncircumcised Party-Presidents will be required to undergo male-circumcision because all members of UDA are supposed to be “Holy-People or GOD’s People i.e J/UDAists”. Equally, once the “Roman Catholic-Church” is Judaized & CATHOLICism is CHRISTened or changed to J/UDAism, “All uncircumcised Catholics will be obliged to undergo circumcision”. Once UDA is restored & the “J/UDAic PG-SYSTEM” is implemented, a Provincial-Governor (in ZAMBIa), who must be a Party-President & Chief-Minister, will be more powerful & effective than the State-Governor (in USA or Nigeria). Failure for the said G10-Parties to restore the “Holy-Alliance i.e UDA”, the Patriotic-Front (PF) will continue to rule ZAMBIa indefinately because the “Holy-Party i.e UDP” or the “Holy-Alliance i.e UDA” is the ONLY SH-Successor of PF but ZAMBI-GOD won’t allow a SATANist nor uncircumcised-man to take-over State-House & rule ZAMBIa after PF1 Michael SATA leaves power or OP. “J/UDAism” is irreplaceably the name of the “Holy-Religion” or “GOD’s Religion”. Just like the “Holy-Religion i.e JUDAism”, formed by political-figures from the tribe-of-JUDAh via a “Political-Movement” called “JUDAh-Movement” started in the “Holy-Land i.e ISRAEL”, “GOD’s Religion i.e One-World-Religion”, to be formed by the said political-figures via a “Political-Movement” called “UDA-Movement”, will start in “GOD’s- LAND i.e ZAMBI-A”. To form “GOD’s Govrnment/Religion”, let the Holy-See & the Holy-Land help to restore the Holy-Party or Holy-Alliance or both & help implement “Son-of-DAVID’s PG-SYSTEM” in GOD’s Land. JESUitist-J/UDAist.

  • Sams Mwanauta Chiputa

    To form “GOD’s Religion i.e One-World-Religion” (which will be >14% CHRISTianity & 86% JUDAism to be led by the Pope), “J/UDAism has to crush or swallow CHRISTianity or CATHOLICism”. Alternatively, to form “GOD’s Religion i.e One-World-Religion” (to be led by the Pope), the “Holy-see i.e VATICAN” should JUDAize the “ROMAN Catholic-Church” & “CHRISTen or change CATHOLICism to J/UDAism”. “Pope-Francis should take-over J/UDAism”, & in turn, “J/UDAism must take-over CATHOLICism/CHRISTianity”. “J/UDAism” is the ‘irreplaceable’ name of “GOD’s Religion i.e One-World-Religion” (to be led by the Bishop-of-Rome). Religiously, the “FEET-of-the-Statue” (of Daniel 2) represents “CHRISTianity or CATHOLICism” (which is the “Heart-of-Europe”) whilst the “ROCK” (of Daniel 2) that crushed the “FEET-of-the-Statue” represents “J/UDAism” (which is the “Heart-of-ISRAEL”). Politically, the “FEET-of-the-Statue” (of Daniel 2) represents “EUROPE” (which is the “Heart-of-CHRISTianity”) whilst the “ROCK” (of Daniel 2) that crushed the said “FEET-of-the-Statue” represents “ISRAEL” (which is the “Heart-of-J/UDAism”). To establish “GOD’s Religion i.e One-World-Religion” & indeed establish “GOD’s Kingdom or the DAVIDic-Kingdom-globalized i.e the 5th-World-Kingdom” (of Daniel 2:44-45) to be called the “JEWish or J/UDAic World-Empire”, the “FEET-of-the-Statue” (of Daniel 2) have to be crushed by the “ROCK” (of Daniel 2). In reality, to form “GOD’s Kingdom i.e the 5th-World-Kingdom” (of Daniel 2:44-45), “ISRAEL/ZAMBIa HAS TO DEFEAT EUROPE”. Equally, to form “GOD’s Religion i.e One-World-Religion”, “J/UDAism has to crush or swallow CHRISTianity/CATHOLICism”. The “FEET-of-the-Statue” (of Daniel 2) is not yet crushed by the “ROCK” (of Daniel 2) but humanity is at the toes of the Statue (of Daniel 2) living in the transitional-period from the “4th-World-Kingdom i.e the ROMAN World-Empire” (represented by the “LEGs-of-Iron” of the Statue of Daniel 2) to the “5th-World-Kingdom or the DAVIDic-Kingdom-globalized i.e the JEWish or J/UDAic World-Kingdom” (represented by the “ROCK” that crushed the Statue of Daniel 2). JESUitist-J/UDAist (+260977926306).

  • James King

    The Popish Pimp over multitudes of pedophiles wants to be the head Pimp over the world religions.

  • Christian Soper

    People need to study religion before discussing this matter. Not just beliefs of certain religions as interpreted by others, but by finding the connections between them. If you’re talking about Christianity, read revelations. Look into the “Soper Stones” in oklahoma. Research the origins of tobacco, marijuana, etc. and also research what they are used for religiously. Before talking of new world order or anything else, study for yourself and discover your own religious views and interpretations. Don’t let others tell you what is right and
    wrong in your views. Just open mindedly and whole heartedly study, research, and discover your own views on God and religion.

  • Spirit of the Wind

    It’s funny, trying to unite everyone through religion. We will never unite, all they look at is the Abrahamic 3 religions. There are more religions that have one god, one great creator – such as CERTAIN Native America tribes, not ALL but some. Even if they try to spread a one world religion, we indigenous will never accept it, so this plan will never work – we are a high population; we indigenous, and without us you won’t take over, we will stand strong. You’ll never convert us to a unified religion, and if you kill us for not converting, it will just remind us that we’re indian just like when Christians did it. That is all, this one world religion will have to kill us again if it wants to stand a chance.

  • Simple truth seeker

    Only one true God, Jehovah. Jesus is his son and is our king. Think about what Jesus preached about a kingdom and to give all praise and worship to the true God. The model prayer asks for a kingdom to come the earth. That will happen soon.
    Respect and love to you all.

  • Dagoberto Garza

    “For example, Christians believe that Jesus Christ is God”. There is something wrong about this statement. Please notice when the Catholic community priests blessing goes with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I am a Catholic that knows the difference between the Father and the Son. My God is the Father, my Lord is Jesus Christ. I don’t pray to anyone else but them unlike many Catholics that have all different types of idols they believe and pray. Im not certain but i believe there is a difference between being a Christian and a Catholic. At last i like to leave this passage from he bible which i love to share with each one of you.

    John 14
    14 “Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God;[a] believe also in me. 2 In my Father’s house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you?[b] 3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am you may be also. 4 And you know the way to where I am going.”[c] 5 Thomas said to him, “Lord, we do not know where you are going. How can we know the way?” 6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. 7 If you had known me, you would have known my Father also.[d] From now on you do know him and have seen him.”

    8 Philip said to him, “Lord, show us the Father, and it is enough for us.” 9 Jesus said to him, “Have I been with you so long, and you still do not know me, Philip? Whoever has seen me has seen the Father. How can you say, ‘Show us the Father’? 10 Do you not believe that I am in the Father and the Father is in me? The words that I say to you I do not speak on my own authority, but the Father who dwells in me does his works. 11 Believe me that I am in the Father and the Father is in me, or else believe on account of the works themselves.

    12 “Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father. 13 Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. 14 If you ask me[e] anything in my name, I will do it.


  • Michael Segreto

    Wow look how much he has done in just one year :(

  • Remnant Clergy

    Yes indeed, Francis is the False Prophet of the Bible, the second beast in Revelation chapter 13.

  • Steven Cornett

    Will Francis be the “last Pope?”

    No, because the Lord has promised a perpetual succession of Pontiffs until His return. Francis may be a lousy Pope, and may even be heretical based on the conformity of his actions with the heresy of Modernism which was condemned by Pius X in Pascendi Domini Gregis, but, unless he confesses himself a heretic or the Church finds him to be such (a slow process, and not in the cards for many reasons), he’s still the Pope.

    The Prophecy you refer to has been widely misinterpreted on this count. The most likely interpretation of the line about “Petrus Romanus” (Peter the Roman) is that there be a line of Popes who feed the flock, which is the Church on Earth, until the end of the world. They may feed us gruel, and some have even tried to feed the flock poison, but they do feed the faithful.

  • You are looking for something that has already been. The ‘one world religion’ that you think will become is the dogma that was created upon the ‘7 mountains’ or seven hills of Rome. It is far greater than just saying the ‘Roman Catholic’ which spawned Christianity or that of Islam… the world religion that was created was that of ‘mammon’… The earth has been raped and pillaged by the forces of the beast. You are supposed to share the earth, create the ‘Garden’ and live as ONE, not own the earth for your own egotistical lusts and desires… the one who sits upon the seven hills took the ‘true’ religion and created the ‘dogma of self’ and, as Daniel wrote, divided the earth amongst her kings. There is no major religion on earth whose adherents worship anything other than money, power and greed… just look at the man on your pulpit and recognize the blasphemy from their mouth when they lie about the ‘interpretation’ of your sacred texts… When I am upon the world stage this darkness will show my Light to be darkness and the darkness of their religion, money and possessions, as the ‘Light’. Even Islam and the kings of the south rob the blood of the earth for profit… once you understand the proper basis by which this and all prophecy is told you will begin to see the truth… and one day soon the peoples of the earth will learn war no more as they lay down the constructs of their hands for the truth of the earth – he who blesses himself in the earth blesses himself in the God of truth…

  • Kenneth Foster

    Posted on January 2, 2013 by the time is now

    Seems to be as if it is being attacked by some force of controlled energy into fighting with many different enemies, many of which are invisible and some are visible. Human beings seemingly are also being attacked and are being used to attack others, which is causing mayhem throw-out the world.

    Is this the time?, God explained to me that he would take away the free will of humanity because they are yet again ignoring his demands, as I have already explained in previous blogs, when in his message to me, he contemplated he was going to cleans their soul and have them rid of their dark side. THOSE OF HIS CHOOSING.

    What is it< is it The devil, God, Spirit, or simply people them selves, or somthing else we do not know about?.

    MANY people are trying to save life, my blessing to them, and many are trying to destroy life, GOD HELP THEM.

  • Deanna Clark

    I disagree completely that dialogue and friendship mean agreement about religion. Jesus reached out to all sorts of people…devout Jews in the Sanhedrin, Pharisees, tax collectors for the Empire, Samaritans, and on and on. Did that mean He had no knowledge of truth, no devotion to His Father? Only a weak Christian has to live in a bubble. If you want to pick on Rome’s corruptions and power, fine. But picking on a Catholic for reaching out to different sorts of people is simply Unchristian and shows weakness…even doubt…what are you afraid of?

  • Jobe

    What do the Catholic church and Islam have in common?
    Well, both are into sexually abusing children for one.

  • Emil.C

    The catholic church view on Jesus is not quite the same as what was expressed in this article under the “Christian Theology.” Jesus BEING God is not a doctrine that the catholic church believes in according to their catechism. The churches following such as post-lutheran and reformation churches slowly developed the Jesus=God-they-are-the-same doctrine. But ALL people are guilty of adding/subtracting to the scriptures of the Holy Bible. Why else are there interpretations of the end times that do not agree with each other? When it happens, THEN people will know what the prophecies meant – duh. Just like in the first coming of Christ recorded in the Christian bible.

  • Emil.C

    I would also like to point out that the work of persecution, calling others cults and heretics was not the work of those who belonged to God – in referencing the Holy Bible. — So for people to point out “you’re wrong, you’re false, you’re demon-possessed” as a people gets us nowhere.

    Know and understand your scriptures (not doing either of these things is what leads to violent conflict) do not add your opinion or your interpretation either. That would make a huge difference i think.

  • jb

    Pope Francis is a Jesuit – not only this, but the Jesuit General himself (the Black Pope). Read about the dark history of the Jesuits and you’ll understand where this is headed.

  • roger

    Okay. I have never posted anything in response to a news article i have read before, but now i must. First, believing in the divinity of Jesus is NOT required to get to Heaven. Jesus Himself said, in the Gospel of John, if you do not believe in me, at least believe my message, so you might be saved. So Muslims are not discounted from Heaven because of their unbelief of who Christ is. Second, Islam itself says it will be Jesus Christ, whom they identify as the last messenger, who will judge all hearts and determine who is going to heaven and who is going to hell. So there is a much closer relationship between Catholic and Muslim, Christian and Muslim, than many of you realize. Both faiths confess that no man goes to heaven except through Jesus Christ, the final judge. We need to put our human passions and beliefs and understandings aside, and recognize that our ways are so far beneath God’s ways that we are foolish to think that we can understand. In the end, it will be the Love in our hearts, or the hatred, that will determine if we go to heaven or hell. Nothing more, nothing less. And you will know if love is in your heart, or not, by the way you treat others, and if you prioritize the needs of this world’s sufferings over your own luxuries. Think about that.

  • Sheena-Leader Of-the Fuzzheads

    Muslims are completely wrong about God.