Is Illegal Immigration Destroying The Southwest United States? 19 Immigration Facts That Very Few People Are Talking About

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Immigration is not a bad thing.  In fact, the United States is a nation that is made up of immigrants.  However, the truth is that rampant, unchecked illegal immigration is a really, really horrible thing and it is permanently destroying many areas of the southwest United States.  The U.S. government has refused to control the U.S. border with Mexico for decades, and this has allowed millions of criminals, drug dealers and gang members to cross freely into the United States.  Not only that, but our refusal to secure the border has allowed thousands (if not millions) of people that have very serious diseases into the country.  After illegal immigrants arrive they either try to make a living legally (by directly competing with blue collar American workers and driving their wages down) or illegally by selling drugs or being involved in other kinds of criminal activity.  The economic burden that these tens of millions of illegal immigrants has put on our system is almost incalculable.


The sad thing is that virtually all of this illegal immigration can be prevented.  The U.S. military has completely sealed the border between North Korea and South Korea for the past five decades, and yet the U.S. government completely refuses to seal our border with Mexico which is actually a much bigger threat to our national security.

In the United States today, if you want to get on an airplane you must subject yourself to some of the most invasive security measures imaginable, and yet every year our government knowingly allows millions of people to move into the United States by simply hopping over the border and then provides them with all kinds of free benefits once they get here.

What is most infuriating of all to many Americans is that these illegal aliens are taking jobs away from U.S. citizens.  According to a review of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Census Bureau data, legal and illegal immigrants gained over a million additional jobs between 2008 and 2010 even as millions of American citizens were losing their jobs during that same time period.

Once again, immigration is not a bad thing.  But allowing rampant, uncontrolled illegal immigration is absolute insanity.

The following are 19 facts about illegal immigration that very few people are talking about….

#1 Nobody knows for sure how many illegal aliens are in the United States today, but the highest estimates put the number at well over 30 million.

#2 Today, far more immigrants move into the United States illegally than come in through the legal process.

#3 The vast majority of illegal aliens would never even dream of paying income taxes, but Mexicans living in America send billions upon billions of dollars out of the United States and back to Mexico every single year.

#4 Although illegal aliens pay next to nothing in taxes, they have no problem receiving tens of billions of dollars worth of free education benefits, free health care benefits, free housing assistance and free food stamp benefits.

#5 It is estimated that U.S. taxpayers spend $12,000,000,000 a year on primary and secondary school education for the children of illegal immigrants.

#6 The hordes of illegal aliens taking advantage of “free” medical care at hospital emergency rooms has caused dozens of hospitals across the state of California to completely shut down.  As a result, the state of California now ranks dead last out of all 50 states in the number of emergency rooms per million people.

#7 It was estimated that there were approximately 7.7 million illegal aliens employed by U.S. employers during 2008.

#8 Just across the U.S. border, the city of Juarez, Mexico is considered to be one of the most dangerous cities on the entire planet because of the brutal drug war being waged there.

#9 U.S. authorities say that there are now over 1 million members of criminal gangs operating inside the United States. According to federal statistics, these 1 million gang members are responsible for up to 80% of the violent crimes committed in the U.S. each year.  Latino gangs made up primarily of illegal aliens are responsible for much of this violence.

#10 According to the Center for Immigration Studies, some of the most notorious gangs are made up almost entirely of illegal immigrants….

“Gang investigators in Virginia estimate that 90% of the members of MS-13, the most notorious immigrant gang, are illegal immigrants.”

#11 The Mexican government says that as many as 28,000 people have been slaughtered by the drug cartels since 2007.  A very significant percentage of those deaths have happened in areas right along the U.S. border.

#12 Federal border officials say that Mexican drug cartels have not only set up shop on U.S. soil, but they are actually maintaining lookout bases in strategic locations in the hills of southern Arizona.

#13 The drug war being waged on both sides of the border is so violent that it is almost unimaginable.  For example, one very prominent Mexican assassin known as “the soupmaker” has confessed that he made approximately 300 bodies disappear by dissolving them in acid baths.

#14 Arizona police are being openly told that if they try to interfere with the drug traffic in their area that they will be “taken out” by drug cartel snipers.

#15 Each year, it costs the states billions of dollars to incarcerate illegal alien criminals that should have never been allowed into the country in the first place. It is estimated that illegal aliens make up approximately 30 percent of the population in federal, state and local prisons and that the total cost of incarcerating them is more than $1.6 billion annually.

#16 During one recent 23 year period, the state of California built 23 prisons but just one university.

#17 Border officials tell us that a growing number of radical Muslims are sneaking over the Mexican border into the United States.

#18 Approximately 75 tunnels along the U.S. border with Mexico have been discovered by law enforcement authorities in the last four years alone.

#19 One Rasmussen Reports telephone survey found that 60% of American voters nationwide favor an anti-immigration law just like the one that Arizona recently passed, while just 31% of Americans are opposed to such a law.

In a recent article I detailed the horrific economic decline that the state of California is experiencing right now, and quite a few readers left comments linking that decline with the massive influx of illegal immigrants into the state.  The following is a sampling of those comments….



Many of the problems in California have to do with… wait for it…
Are you ready?

Illegal immigration!!! (GASP!)

The same as in other southern border states – Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

Fix that problem, and you’re halfway there.


I have lived here off and on for 42 years. Hellhole is not strong enough a word for it. One cannot go anywhere without seeing Graffitti from these gangs. Illegal Aliens are literally on every corner and every home depot. LA County alone spent 600 million in aid to illegal aliens not including education being factored in and the state spent 110 billion last year on just programs, welfare, aid to illegal entitlement programs, no ***** wonder why we are broke, the liberal agenda out here is astonishing, these liberals literally couldnt see the forest through the trees. I am so sick of seeing Nortenos, Surenos, LaFamilia, and other hispanic gangs crowding our prisons, illegals underage having their anchor babies, illegals crowding the ER’s, crowding the schools. No wonder why the teachers are pissed off. I agree, this state sucks, and we will be moving very soon.


Anyway, a few times I tried to work in restaurants and got pushed out by the illegal Latinos. Instead of just being appreciative that they have the opportunity to live in (and make tax-free money from) America, they come onto the scene and think they own the place.


Once again, immigration is not an evil thing.  It can be a very good thing in fact.  But current U.S. immigration policy is beyond insane.  It is severely damaging our economy, it is a law enforcement nightmare and it is a very, very serious threat to our national security.

It is not too much to ask those that wish to move to this country to come in through the front door.  But the politicians in Washington D.C. seem absolutely determined to leave the back door open.  It would be difficult to understate how absolutely foolish that is.

  • alex

    so by worryng about a few measly billion dollars spent on food stamps and jails you are mising the bigger picture. those banksters robbed you and your childrens children blind for trillions of dollars get the picture now. these illegals are running from a global policy thats comming here next. im a legal resident but i used to be illegal and im just disappointed that i read your blog with such admiration only to see something today that shows how ur just a volcano of of hate. and as for not paying taxes i always paid stupid taxes i just couldnt file for a return because i didnt have a social security number. i spent my 17nth birthday washing dishes. i guess i deserved that. you lost a fan today i thought u were out for the litle guys but no

  • The Sojourner

    There are some very sinister individuals in the upper echelon of our government. And there is a tremendous amount of money to be made due to this problem.

    Allowing the illegals to permeate our society keeps the prison industrial complex running smooth and a few are becoming quite wealthy because of it.

  • alex

    you think your country is just going to lock itself in with all the wealth and resources in the world (after their corrupt politicians sold them out) and nobody is going to say anything were just going to love and respect you, go fudge yourself you did this to yourselves its too late now to worry about it now. just get some popcorn and some good wine, sit down and shut up.

  • (1) Bring our troops back from Afghanistan and Iraq.

    (2) Secure our borders.

    (3) Identify all residents of the USA and take appropriate action.

    (4) Politicians that are not willing to support the above actions need to be replaced.

  • mondobeyondo

    LEGAL immigration is not a bad thing. Nearly everyone in the U.S. is a descendant of immigrants. Most came voluntarily; some, like African Americans, came by force. The only truly native Americans are, well, the Native Americans.

    ILLEGAL immigration is a totally different animal. And it is killing us, our economy and our society.

    Arizona’s construction industry used to pay very well. You could make a decent living building houses. Not anymore. Just hire some illegals to do the job for one-tenth the pay. The value of your legitimate labor just hit the fan. You can build good houses, but your illegal counterpart can build the same house, for one quarter or one half the money. The illegal guy avoids income taxes, because he’s paid “under the table”. Your labor is too expensive. Your wages go down. Your illegal counterpart is happy, because even at our “poverty” wages, life is far better here than in his home country.

    His illegal pregnant wife can’t wait to give birth in this country, because the child will instantly be a U.S. citizen. (Health care, education, food stamps, etc. What a country!!)

    Something must be done about this, and fast. Building a wall and electrified fence is a solution, but that would make the U.S “East Germany Lite”, along with our very own Stasi Border Patrol! Not exactly a beacon of freedom, is it?

    Any other solutions??

    Wake up, people. “Leave it to Beaver” has been cancelled, permanently. “Permitelo a Pedro” just got renewed for a new season. Get used to it.

  • Richard

    “illegal immigration is a really, really horrible thing”
    Really really? Is it really really really? Or just really? (Sorry, really, really).
    STOP TREATING US LIKE CHILDREN. Just give us the facts and allow US to decide how “really really horrible” they are. We do NOT need our emotions spoon-fed to us like we were 6-year-olds. I keep telling you to stop this. You don’t listen. It is REALLY REALLY VERY VERY irritating… Thank you.

  • William

    Diluting, and eventually destroying, the Anglo-Saxon majority in America is just part of the plan to subjugte this country. The same plan calls for the destruction of the family unit, the acceptance of homosexuals, and the acceptance of sexual depravity and promiscuity. This has nOT happened by accident. Do YOU know about the Bilderbergers, or the Illuminati??

  • Tahoe

    It’s all true, every damn word of it.

  • Delaware Bob

    Illegal aliens are destroying this Country, and one would have to be almost blind not to see this. How much longer do we have to support these illegal aliens? How much longer do we have to school their illegal alien children? How much longer are we going to let them have our jobs? How much longer are we going to put up with all the crime, stolen identities, forged documents, fake green cards? How much longer are we going to allow these illegal aliens to send money out of this Country and bring our Country down? Oh, amnesty will correct all this. WRONG! Nothing will change except we wouldn’t be able to call them illegal aliens any more. Let’s get rid of these illegal aliens! Let’s get them back to their own Country where they belong!

  • Bonnie

    The southwest is becoming a nightmare!
    No city in the U.S. should be allowed to be a sanctuary city! This is BS and everyone knows it.
    That is why I can’t stand Gavin Newsom
    and he will be California governor some day!
    He is a dirty American rat in my view.

  • Gary

    I completely agree with the article. We have too many low skilled uneducated people already in this country. We do not need more. Anyone who thinks immigration is good simply needs to drive down the freeway during rush hour and ask themselves if they want even more people clogging up the roadways.

    All of this is caused by greedy employers-mostly conservative-who want to drive down labor costs by allowing illegal immigration and by hiring illegals.

    As Michael says we could solve the problem tomorrow if we decided to do the North/South Korea border here.

    As a liberal I am 100% against all immigration except where it will benefit the country by allowing highly skilled people in-the rest need to be kept out as they are a net loss. This is not the 1800’s anymore and we do not have limitless land etc. Maybe this is an area we liberals can find agreement with some on the right?

  • W M Freeman

    Illegal immigration, Mexian drug cartels and Washington politicians are destroying our country. None of us can do anything about it but worry and wonder why. I believe if anything is done to forcefully reverse this problem in the courts and with legislation, it will met with strong resistance from the left in the courts and with legislation. At some point in the future I see the end of our United States.

  • June

    I’m a bit tired of hearing that we’re a nation of immigrants. I think we’re a nation of 300 million Americans and 30 million illegal aliens.

  • Guido

    They’re everywhere on the East Coast, too. Go to Northern VA, NC, or MD. Seems like all the signs are in Spanish. Ride the bus in DC and all you hear is Spanish. It’s gotta stop.
    I love freedom and I’m a total patriot, but I would be GLAD to see door-to-door searches, block lockdowns, and cattlecars taking them all off to prison and forced repatriation. I have a foreign-born LEGAL immigrant spouse and the current system is a total insult to those of us who follow the law.
    It would be great to hire those 14 million unemployed Americans to guard the damn border, build walls, obstacles, minefields, and bunkers. Make it like East Germany. THAT would keep the threat out.


    Like I stated before you unmotivated 99er’s who have been sucking my tax dollars through your welfare / unemployment checks for 99 moths plus can pack your 1972 Ford Pinto’s with 50″ mags in the rear and leave my BEAUTIFUL STATE OF CALIFORNIA!!! You can take your useless asses to my sister in laws state of Michigan! There you can have a higher foreclosure rate, and unemployment! plus, FILTHY ice, and snow six months of the year!! The summers are just as hot as California’s central valley, BUT HUMID AS HELL! Poor Sandy wishes she NEVER left the San Franciscan Bay Area! SHE HATES THE RUST BELT!!!! PLUS HER TAXES ARE RISING BEYOND BELIEF! I LOVE CALIFORNIA!!!!

  • The cost of harboring illegal immigrants in the United States is a staggering $113 billion a year — an average of $1,117 for every “native-headed” household in America — according to a study conducted by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).

    FAIR’s Executive Summary & Report:

  • A deductive analysis of why it is imperative to have a massive immigration to the United States now:
    Americans -mainly the ones of European ancestry- are indeed the offspring of a failed generation. In fact, the states involved in the eugenic programs during the first decades of the twentieth century did not strictly enforce the sterilization laws on these people (low IQs, retards, deformed individuals, disease carries, imbeciles, etc. That’s why their ancestors were labeled as undesirables in Europe).

    Consequently, the new generations -starting from the “Baby Boomers” and so forth- are the best evidence that defective genes has been transmitted from one generation to the next and worst of all, the chances that their descendants’ DNA carrying a more complex sequence of these defective genes are 100% guaranteed – they can scientifically be confirmed (i.e. bizarre mutations that will make these individuals being categorized as subhumans)

    Besides that, never forget the following:
    “It is better for all the world, if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime, or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind…Three generations of imbeciles are enough.”
    Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
    Buck v. Bell, 274 U.S. 200 (1927)

    Therefore, the only way to sustain this unproductive generation of Americans (approximately 80% of the entire population of the United States) is by allowing a massive immigration of people from elsewhere in order to be assimilated into the system, so the government can heavily tax these newcomers.

    America will need at least more than 100 million foreigners to help to pay for the upcoming cost related to supporting the care of these subhumans.

  • levotb

    My favorite anti-Invasion posters June and DelawareBob are here! Whatta treat!

    Dave Gibson (The Examiner’s excellent investigative writer-columnist), activist-expert Michelle Dallacroce and I believe the actual number is 50 to 60 million. Anyone want to join us? Dave G. had a great piece on this a few months ago that I posted on my blog. We believe that since the 1986 Amnesty, an average of 2 million illegals have successfully broken into the U.S. per year and that 6 million were already here by the time Reagan signed that Amnesty. That would put the figure at 54 million.

  • levotb


    Legal immigration IS a bad thing…as 40% of them are overstaying their visas and becoming illegals. Not only that, many of them are bringing over their families who then become illegals along with the original alien-father-husband.

    A moratorium should be slapped on all legal Immigration for 5-10 years.

  • Aurora

    Only an idiot in denial thinks California is still beautiful and a great place to live.

  • See ya!

    Alex – I am not sure how you pay taxes other than by buying something from the store. If you work under the table then you don’t pay taxes. Also, the author did not promote hate in his article. He apparently can’t write without saying very, very or really, really often but that is ok. We don’t have to read here if we don’t want to. Your issues Alex are from having a problem with our laws. I am not sure how you became a legal citizen but I hope it is through the right process and not simply finding someone to marry you in. You want to see hate? Look at how people are treating natural born citizens. We are told to take it up the rear because, hey, the illegals are going to keep doing what they are doing to get by. Those of us playing by the rules are getting reamed. But then again I imagine you don’t give a d*(n.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    I agree with every damn word, and like June I’m getting really tired of hearing we’re a nation of immigrants. This is not 1898 where the US needed the bodies they’re 300 million people in the United States ENOUGH ALREADY!!! I don’t understand a people who come here call people racist when you want them to leave and promptly turn it into what they left.
    I also agree with Gary (Horrors!!!) Immigration should be allowed for people who can help the country with badly needed skills, not for people who are in some cases illiterate not only in English but in Spanish.

  • mondobeyondo

    @ June
    We here in the U.S., are a nation of 312 milion people (give or take a couple million) who are descendants of immigrants from Europe, Asia and Africa.

    The illegal immigrants are starting to sink the boat we’re all on. We just can’t keep accepting more of them. The entire ship will go down. Mayday, mayday!

    Do you think the Chinese will throw us a life raft? Or will you go to Wal-Mart and buy your own?

    Immigrate here? That’s fine. But please do it the right way. Go through Ellis Island and get a green card (the right way) – NOT through the back door, or over/under the fence (wrong way).

  • Concerned Reader

    Go watch the movie Children of Men if you want to see what the western world is going to face via massive illegal immigration.

  • quercus1

    Actually the United States was once a country of immigrants, but that is no longer the case. Today the majority of Americans are natives. They were born here.

    Most of today’s countries have had an immigration past. Very few counties are composed of just the native element that founded it. People across the planet have migrated from one area to another for centuries. The US is not the lone shining example of a country having an immigration history.

  • Brent

    First, the borders are very different in sizes when you compare Korea to Mexico…

    Second, The REAL problem is that large corporations are hiring these illegals to the jobs, so they can pay them under the table and not have to pay legitimat…e wages. I live in LA and dislike what is happening. But I have to say that it is not really their fault. They are coming here because WE the united states are giving them work. This is the fundamental problem. In fact, many of the immigrants in the early 1900’s did the same thing, they came here to work. The only way we can stop this is with fining the corporations LOTS of money. NOT by building walls!

  • mondobeyondo

    Here in my west Phoenix neighborhood, the dominant grocery store chain is Food City (which we lovingly call “Food S***ty”. It’s full of low quality produce, meat, and lots of Hispanic people which one can assume are illegal. Yes, I know about assumptions (making an a$$ out of U and Me, etc). But it’s a strong hunch on my part, they’re milking the U.S. cow for all the milk it’s worth.

    I can drive a few miles to El Home Depot, and hire a day laborer. But I refuse to do so, mainly because he’s probably not bonded or insured. And he probably doesn’t even know what the BBB is. (It’s not Besos, Besos y Brazos. It means Better Business Bureau, mi amigo.)

    Americans work hard. So do illegals. But we do it legitimately! Get a legitimate job, file a 1099 or 1040 tax form (that’s un documento mil quarenta para impuestos, amigo), like the rest of us do.

    Just do it the right way, that’s all I’m saying…

  • mondobeyondo

    One other note…

    You have until April 15th (that’s el quince de abril) to file your paperwork to the IRS.

    And then you can dump your earnings down the same black hole as the rest of us. Yes, even Gary2.

  • Jan

    The only people who cant or refuse to see the ramifications of Illegal Immigration/Amnesty are
    #1.Those who are illegal or family and friends of illegals.
    #2.Businesses who monetarily benefit with low wages and no mandatory employee costs such as workers comp,U.I,overtime etc. NO PAPER TRAIL
    #3.Bible thumpers
    #4.The ACLU who seems to think that the 14th amendment birth rights should be upheld w/o any regard to the illegals vastly using the 14th amendment to only serve themselves.
    #5.Politicians who’s re-election hinges on the Hispanic vote.
    #6. Anyone who… doesn’t work or pay taxes, care about the economy or rising crime and those socially remove themselves from the visual reality.
    I’m sure there are more blind,greedy Amnesty supporters out there who read into the 14th amendment what suits them but, nowhere have I found that premeditated,blatant illegal acts qualify for a rewards program. It’s time to say NO to our border neighbors and pay close attention to our own backyard.

  • Philip

    Here are the numbers of legal immigrants to the U.S in 2010 and the country they immigrated from.
    The percentage is by country for the last ten years.
    Mexico 175000 23.7 %
    China 50900 4.7 %
    Philipines 47800 4.2 %
    India 59300 4.0 %
    Vietnam 33700 3.0 %
    Cuba 14800 2.7 %
    El Salvador 24900 2.7 %
    Dominican Republic 24900 2.3 %
    Canada 24200 2.3 %
    Korea 17900 2.2 %

    The U.S. has allowed 5 to 1o times as many Mexicans
    to immigrate to the U.S than any other countries on this list. This doesn’t count the millions of illegals.
    Mexicans show their appreciation for being at the top of the list by calling Americans racist and demanding
    even more.

  • Jan

    If there are any Facebook members that would like to join this group you are all welcome to so

  • alex

    no this country really is evil look at all the super evil things they did past 100 years cancer aids all man made im america its there on the web research it. but as americans long as u made money you silently watched this gov do its thang. and yes if you arent indian your parents parents or somewere along the line migrated here you cant ignore that. your people took this land by violence. mk ultra secret experiments on its own people come on folks dont act so innocent. this country pioneered ugenics. the nazis used that defense in the cops keep aresting blaks and mexicans barly any white im not lying its wait for it …… dont tell me whites commit less crime please dont. so worry anout the new hemmi truck or the superbowl go back to sleep sheeple.

  • Another nonsense hysteria which would be a boatload of fun to watch. This is where you can call Western Civilizations death is going to be slow and grinding.

    We help Americans find jobs and prosperity in Asia. For details, visit

  • Patrick Henry

    My legal Brazilian girlfriend says as long as they can get jobs, they will come. She’s right.

    And that is the problem, the AMERICANS who hire them. And it’s not just the big company, it’s the little guy too. The local landscape company, the sheetrock contractor or framer. They are all hiring illegals.

    You want to stop illegal immigration, prosecute, vilify the employers, problem solved. No work, no illegals.

    Face it, most Americans don’t give a damn and would rather make a buck and watch the country go down the tubes. From the people that have their products made in China or other 3rd world slave labor hellholes, to the local construction contractor or restauranteer hiring illegals because they’re cheap, don’t complain, and work their ass off.

    And what about you? When’s the last time you jumped on something that was cheap, knowing full well it was made in China when you could have bought an American made product that costs more?

  • Bryan

    Alex quit your bellyaching. “worrying about a couple of measly billions”…ya billiuons funded by me and my friend fresh out of college saddled with debt up to our eyeballs paying taxes that we dont see one red cent of benefit frombecause tis busy being spent on wars we dont approve of, bailouts , and last but not elast immigrants like you. This has nothing to do with hate bc Im back – its obvious the choice between immigrating legally vs illegally is a no brainer bc the govt makes it so hard tof ile legally, and so easy to just sneak in illegally – still the fact remains you cant have your cake and eat it too. If you do that people are going to look at you sideways and deservedly so, your not entitled to what they earn. Thats why people dont like you or anyone freeloading – i dont care how hard you work at your illegal immigrant job washing dishes or whatever bc its still freeloadin when you aint contributing to that tax honey pot and we catch you taking from it.

  • Victorian

    EVERY immigrant{legal or illegal} either takes an American’s job or drives down the wages of other American’s jobs. We have no “frontier” that needs to be settled. Immigration today in America is used by two groups for two reasons. The first groups is the democrat/republican politicians. They are two sides of the same coin. They want bodies to vote for them and will hand them anything to keep their own control of power. The second group is “businessmen”. Not the real American that builds a family business and adds to his local area. No the type of businessman that will suck this nation dry, as long as they see an increase of their bottom line. The 1965 immigration act was treason. Please don’t say this is only the dems. After all Reagan gave out amnesty and did not stop the invasion. Bush was all for the invaders. This is a corp. owned politician thing, dems/repubs/Corp.

  • Victorian

    Thank you for a great site. Too bad you do not have a radio show. The tv is full of democrat liars. The radio is full of corp. liars. Sorry, I have no use for rush, beck or hannity. If Americans realised they are only getting half the story with them. Yes, many of the things they say about libs ARE true. But then they protect the corp. that have bought and paid for the libs and neo-cons. Anyway thanks again.

  • I am sick and tired of illegal immigrants getting into this country without a green card, being willing to work for low wages, which takes jobs away from more capable US citizens, and cannot speak English! This annoys more more than anything-learn to speak and understand English, or get the hell out!! President Obama needs to make an effort to patrol the borders more effectively and not allow these people in. I am a tolerant person of people of all races and color, but if you cannot speak the language, have some education, and are only looking for a free ride here, then GET THE HELL OUT AND GO BACK HOME!

  • alex


  • alex


  • Wodat

    With an Illegal alien as President, I expect nothing less than full capitulation.

  • Eva

    While you make some good points, many of your facts are detrimental to your case, that is racist, stereotypical, and simply wrong. Illegal immigrants do not take jobs, they take jobs that other people refuse to take. This article is full of hate and racism. Many of them are here as refugees from the Drug wars. Would you tell a Somalian refugee to “Get the hell out”? These poor people are willing to work hard and pay taxes, but are not allowed, as they couldn’t get a visa through the complicated process that we promote. Your ancestors were immigrants, and not necessarily legal. So get the hell out.

  • Brittanicus

    Not much was said in the open sequence of President Obama’s State of the Union speech, relating to the mass invasion of illegal invaders. He described the crash of the Dream Act not being enacted, but nothing about the undercurrent of who pays for it, or immigration law allowing millions of more family members entering under the Chain Migration sponsorship. My attitude on illegal immigration doesn’t really matter as a blogger, however my deep rooted investigation of the truth does? There are hundreds of authentic reports on the Internet with a reality view of Congressional spending that includes States. Politicians like Sen. Harry Reid are the main cause of this nation’s demise through catering to the occupation of foreign intruders and stifling the use of a mandatory E-Verify employee verification program. These reports and articles come from not only Liberal sources, but the commercial and government archives.

    The American people complain all the time about the porous border, the Dream Act, Amnesty, Sanctuary cities and the mass emergence that are straining our welfare system for the instant citizenship of babies of illegal parents. Sanctuary states like California are truly in a terrible way, because the Sacramento Lib-Democrats have done nothing to stop welfare fraud and financial support of illegal immigrants. The majority of law abiding naturalized Americans and residents, who came here are honoring the laws of this great country. They have freedom of their religion and whatever their color, race or creed are not being hunted by ICE agents. Generation of legal people from South of our national border have joined the TEA party and other organization, because they too are frustrated since the illegal alien population explosion and do not deserve being connected with the illegal wrongdoer’s from whatever part of the world they hailed from? Legitimate Americans, green card holders, permanent residents of every kind are being branded with the same reputation and looked upon with disdain and anger. They too want no more amnesties or any special privileges from their indigenous countries people who entered illegally as they themselves have already assimilated, speak the common language, adjoined our culture and live amongst us, as one America.

    In the past two years, as unemployment remained near 10 percent, more than 1 million immigrants, of whom 35 percent were undocumented or illegal, have gotten work in this country. The story is that in the past two years, U.S. business owners have chosen to go for discount immigrant help, while the economy as a hole has shed millions of jobs for U.S. workers. California has a 26 billion dollar drain in this once flourishing state, caused by the malfunction of ICE and homeland Security to remove the infestation of illegal families. The Federation for American Immigration Reform estimates that the cost of illegal immigration to the states stands at about $113 billion, with nearly half that amount going to education costs. It’s easily explained as one illegal worker slips past the border patrol, rents a home and then the whole family comes over the border. Then there is the problem with entry via a tourist or student visa, but with no intentions to return to their nation of birth.

    The main culprits in entitlement programs are education for infants through k-12, the birthright citizenship law of the 14th amendment, the free hospital emergency room that has become a visit for sore throats and common flue. These subsidizing public services are by no means the limit to pandering to the illegal immigration invasion. Another massive disbursement is the criminal sewer rats, which also have made their way from our Southern border and even European countries. Last month, the Los Angeles County supervisor , Michael Antonovich, , released new statistics showing welfare costs for the children of illegal immigrants cost the county $600 million last year, up from $570 million in 2009, as reported by Fox News. Going beyond the cost of food stamps and welfare-style benefits through the state program CalWORKS to include the expenses of public safety and health care, the total cost for illegal immigrants to Los Angeles taxpayers for 2010 was more than $1.6 billion, not including education costs. Last week, the California Department of Education released data demonstrating that for the first time Latinos now make up the majority of California’s public school students, cracking the 50 percent barrier for the first time in state history, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

    Illegal aliens are reducing the retirement payments, pensions to our old folk. At According to the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons Volume 10 Number 1 spring 2005 (the report on Illegal Aliens and American medicine) defines the issue as a monolithic non-reimbursement concern of hurting hospitals across the United States. Illegal aliens are costing more than the prior Iraqi war as seen here, There reports are just the tip of the iceberg. Removing illegal immigrants from America that we are feeding, housing and giving free hospital access, would go a very long way in saving bankruptcies in state treasuries and the federal failure of placing American taxpayers before nationals of other corrupt countries. Call your Senator or politician about illegal Immigration

    No copyright ever. Distribute freely.

  • Sithicus

    Somalian refugees working hard and paying taxes? That would be the something. We’ve got plenty of them in UK, 95% comes here to get benefits and spoonge of the taxpayer. The only good thing thats gonna come from UK’s economic bancruptcy is that all those parasites, no matter whether domestic or foreign will starve or get out of here as the money they’ll receiving will disappear. There’s about 6 million of them. You people have no idea how annoying is the thought that while we work our asses off, pay the ever increasing taxes, pay our mortage – they enjoy free housing (either provided directly by councils or rented from private landlords that councils pays the rent), their utilities bill are paid for, they got food stamps etc, the list is very long.

  • Elizabeth

    I agree with Brent. We all know that illegal immigration is hurting the country, but not many people are giving any suggestions as to what we should do. I hear complaints left and right and I’m honestly sick of it. The blame is not solely on the shoulders of illegal immigrants. If the United States had secure borders, punished big corporates for hiring illegal immigrants, and worked with Mexico to find a way to return the immigrants, then we would be off to a good start at fixing America’s many problems.

  • Watcher

    Just sits back and watches all the bickering knowing none of these people will do anything to help anything. The time of change is closer at hand then anyone knows.

  • movingoutofca

    I’m so sick of the illegal’s like Alex crying..boohoo..! I don’t know how you got you’re legal status..but the fact is you took a job (washing dishes) from another AMERICAN BORN Citizen! FACT! I really hope you didn’t marry someone to become legal! That would be breaking the law…

    People need to rise up! VOTE these liberals out! Change our law’s and require thumbprints and ID at every single stop…Birth in our hospital’s..if mom doesn’t have a thumbprint that matches in the system then deport her and baby on 3rd day! At school’s, K-12, juinor doesn’t have a school and call the authorities and deport.

    Heavy fines for those that hire illegal’s and govt fines for those that try and give them any type of Aide! I own a business and we only hire LEGAL resident’s..I have a gardner who speaks English and is AMERICAn! Yes I pay about 10-15 dollars more a month..I have a housekeeper..American..I pay a little more but it is principal and shame on those who hire illegals to save a buck..YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!!!

    Get involved in community groups..we can complain, but we need to start protesting at our local govt. levels and Washington..go to schools and protest! Carry Signs and Vote. WE must stop the destruction of our Country!

    Also I don’t understand why we tollerate gang’s? Especially if they are Illegal? They should be deported on the spot!! Much cheaper in the long run…and I’m with another poster..start doing door to door..I don’t care..get rid of them!

  • mondobeyondo

    Okey-dokey then! Let’s just dismantle that Statue of Liberty thing in New York, because it’s a relic from a bygone era. It was fine back in 1890, but that was then. We don’t need any more huddled masses yearning to breathe free; we already have enough. Replace that eyesore with a giant statue of Frank Sinatra.

    Sydney would be a good place for Lady Liberty’s new home. Yeah! Set that statue up right next to the Opera House. Immigrants can cross the tempest-tossed waters of the Pacific, and there’s plenty of room in Australia to breathe free. (But the Aussies probably don’t want any more immigrants either! And the French would be insulted. The Statue of Liberty is a gift from them.)

    And get rid of Ellis Island too – it’s taking up valuable real estate that could be used for a condo or something.

  • sharonsj

    Health care in an emergency room is not free. If you don’t pay your bill, the hospital goes after your assets or paycheck. If they can’t collect from illegals, then the rest of us are stuck with the bill in the form of higher taxes.

    I am a liberal, but I want this flood of illegals to stop. This country cannot afford tens of millions of people looking for jobs (or taking them at low pay and no benefits) when regular citizens can’t find one.

  • Not a crazy person

    So bad links, bad stats that have no back-up(bad links or just no links at all), and news reports meant to scare the average joe instead of actual findings. Nice. Even the title lies (Many people know about this). Im not against blocking the border but seriously do you think anybody will be able to do this effectively. The Korean border is guarded by mines, armed soldiers on both sides and there aren’t civilians living anywhere by it that could possibly help a crossing immigrant.

    How about making it easier for the illegal immigrants to become residents? And therefore they would pay taxes and whatnot. It would ease the taxes of the rest of us if these billions upon billions of illegal immigrants started paying their taxes. They already do the jobs we don’t want to do (If you honestly want to work at McDonald’s, please get off the internet and go get an education first). Why not tax them for it?

    Or instead of trying to convince the people, try convincing the federal government agencies(not just Obama, he’s not the ruler of all) to get to work on fighting this drug war. Not task forces and agencies meant to just watch the drug-cartels but actual military force to root out these gang members. Im not sure about this, but most of them are smart enough to know that you probably shouldn’t mess with the US army.

  • John

    If everyone stops focusing on the problem and start becoming more educated of the seriousness of the times we are living in and start seeking the Lord through his word for the answers.The reason the “Government” allows such a massive influx of illegal mexicans into this country without due process is they need them politically to influence the catholic vote so they they need an overwelming catholic vote in this nation as to help those Already in the seats of our Corrupt government to pass more and more of the unjust laws we see today.The rule of the day is to get rid of national sovernty and join in with the prophecied ten kingdoms in the “Club Of Rome” that was done in secret in the 60s.This is Why the fabricated crisis in our Economy :the housing crisis (morgages) i.e. Banks taken over by our “Government” and there ifiltration in the private sector :auto industry.And the latest… :Health Care. Fake Bail outs:the bailout was done in my opinion to strenghten their hold an thier financial institutions.Thats WHY all of it. The antichrist is Prophesied to rule the world in the book of revelations in (THE BIBLE) and in order to do that he has to have all world government and resources to do it.Our Own Government at least a good majority is selling out to Rome cause thats where all the orders are coming from.Right down to and illigal president in the white house. Just call upon Jesus Christ while he is near seek him while he may be found Let the wicked forsake his way and the un righteous man his thoughts and let him return to the Lord and he will aboundantly pardon.Remember it is prophesied to get much much worse right until Jesus comes. Those that hve “EyEs TO See” will understand. ButFor more info on Present Truth Please visit God Richly Bless you All…

  • eugene wessel

    I think facts #15 and #16 are most disturbing. To think that America is spending more money incarcerating illegals than it is on schools! Can’t wait to get citizenship so I can vote and change this. –Proud eb-5 green card holder

  • Texas state and local governments should have the right to control immigration as they see fit when the federal government has not stepped up to the responsibility.The Federation for American Immigration Reform also known as FAIR calculated approximately thirteen million illegal resident immigrants were residing in the United States of America as of 2007 FAIR . Ten years ago the estimation was drastically lower at about five million illegal resident immigrants. This significant rise in the number of illegal immigrants has put a financial burden on the United States taxpayers.

  • Jody

    I dont mind mexicans coming over, just do it legally and dont bring crime with you. What gets me is that all these gangs are taking over city blocks that dont belong to them. They didnt buy all these city blocks. They charge food venders rent to sell their food on “their property” which they have no rights to. The gangs that get life in prison for numerous murders should get the death penalty. Why should we pay to house these people their whole lives and they are still running gangs in prison anyway. Just stupid.

  • Ben Fenton

    My favorite part of the article is all the non-facts, speculations and hype.

  • GAIL


  • michael

    Your “facts” are in dispute! please verify the sources with links of your “facts”.

    The IRS can stop illegal immigration today by fact checking the tax returns of the illegal employers that are providing the bait for people that have nothing to come here to work for less than what wed will or care too. Americans do not want to get their hands dirty and American illegal employers can exploit the illegal workers they employ to get this work done. No taxes, no SSI, no Medicare taxes!

    Yes, we educate and medicate those that are here illegally. Those systems are set up to take care of people. The illegal employers that are not paying their taxes and creating the market for illegal activity are the ones that need our immediate attention.

    Take your drug comments for instance, if the illegal employers were dealing in drugs instead of illegal labor there would be a bounty on them! why isn’t there one? Ask your government representative about their employers, business…

  • The New Colossus

    By Emma Lazarus, 1883

    Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
    With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
    Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
    A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
    Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
    Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
    Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
    The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
    “Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
    With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

  • Micheal

    Not all mexicans are drug dealers or criminals and not all illegals are mexicans.

    • Jack1

      According to recent reliable statistics over 60% of illegals in this country are Mexicans.

  • idiots

    Half of you are uppity snobs. Nice to see there are some wise people in here that see through this spiteful nonsense.

  • taco boii


  • JR

    The United States is under an invasion. Wether it is officialy declared or not,California,Texas and the entire Southweet are gonig to be part of Mexico. The rest of it will follow. Illegal immigration and drug smuggling are destroying the U.S. A major part of the problem,is our corrupt politicians. It is high treason that they will bankrupt our country for a place like Iraq,while refusing to protect the U.S. border.

    • Liliana

      I would like to see you working in the orchards at 100degreees or higher or in freezing tempatures. Not all drugs come from Mexico or other latin American Countries.

      • “I would like to see you working in the orchards at 100degreees or higher or in freezing tempatures.”

        That depends on the wages, benefits etc., don’t it?

        “Not all drugs come from Mexico or other latin American Countries.”

        Well, it have to come into the country somehow, don’t it? Unless it’s produced inside the country, of course. Which border do you think most of it passes over – the Canadian or the Mexican?

    • Jack

      Completely agree with you here JR! This is an invasion resulting in the slow death of America as the wonderful place where our parents and grandparents grew up.

  • Durp

    Here’s another fun fact: 10% of all people born in Mexico live in the United States.

  • lui12345

    most white peaple dont wante imigration they call them selfes civilized when most of them cant stop bitching about mexicans being druge dealers when moste of them arnt most drugs are made in columbia not mexico so stop bitching

  • lui12345

    im just saying what i feel and what i knowe is true

  • emily

    This article is very funny you should get more information before you open your mouth. You should work in the field like they do and you would know why american do not want that job. I do not understand why people think that they are better than illegal immigrants they only need to speak english to be more efficients than american. Please educate yourself…it is a pleasure to be around of different cultures and colors. We live once enjoy your life and let the goverment deal with innocent people (immigrants).

    • “it is a pleasure to be around of different cultures and colors.”

      Well, I definitely don’t think so.

      “let the goverment deal with innocent people (immigrants).”

      Illegal immigrants are, by definition, not innocent. What do you think “illegal” means?

      I think that you and many others really need to spend some time reading on!

  • melanie

    This website is nothing but the result of pure ignorance. how dare you say that hospitals had to be closed down because of the “free” services given to illegal immigrants when your government doesnt even offer free health care system to its own citizens. you also say that 23 prisons were erected and somehow youre connecting that to illegal immigration when the truth is that when an illegal immigrant commits a crime (not like murder)they’re deported so news flash for you most of those criminals posses a green card.
    So please do the world a favour and educate yourself and drop those xenophobic thoughts before filling the internet with more of this nonesense.

    • Jack

      You’re wrong Melanie! When an illegal immigrant commits a crime that person must first go to prison to do his/her time. Once the prison time has been paid illegals are processed by an immigration judge who normally dictates deportation. So, in conclusion, YOU are the one who needs to get your facts straight!

    • mikeaff

      Yeah Melanie, you have no idea what you are talking about. Illegals cost hospitals millions. You should look it up and you will find that it is a true fact. Also, illegals do go to prison and get deported. Remember this person was just saying that we expend resources trying to catch illegals. These law enforcement professionals could be used elsewhere to fight other crimes instead.

  • disqus_DQwCeasIJP

    In nyc we have a problem with both illegal Mexicans and illegal Asians! They live 4 families in a 2 family house and its impossible to find parking on my block! Those asians do nit pay property taxes on those houses because their”churches” buy those houses and put whoever they want into those houses! Like the asian up the block from me doesnt have a job, all he does all day long is collect bottles and cans….so i definetly know that he would never be approved for a mortgage! Not to mention that there are more homeless sleeping on the Subways….then they put illegals into public housing in nyc, meanwhile we have homeless families out here who are actually Americansliving in homeless shelters! The USA govt is setting the american people up for failure, they’ve been doing it for the last 14 years and they are going to keep doing it! Then the govt has the nerve to make excuses for illegals “claiming” that foreigners are more fertile! I’m sorry I think I missed that lesson in biology class! From what I remember they always taught us birth control. I am very fertile, however, I choose not to have kids that I can’t pay for!

    • mikesaffs

      What a great reply. Bravo this is great point. Illegals are indeed irresponsible people who are stealing from Americans.

  • George

    The Oregon town I have lived in for the past 30 years has been over run with illegal Mexicans. They have ruined the schools, hospital and even our Catholic Church. They do not pay their fair share of any services – just take and take. They belong in their own corrupt country instead of dragging the USA down.

  • Misty Blu

    Wow! Here it is some years later and the problem with illegal immigrants has gotten worse….Much worse!…Worse in the way that even Our own President went and authorized driverslicenses for these ILLEGALS! How about that? it gets better…..They are still in talks about finding a way to just let them CRIMINALS come into OUR AMERICA, free, by passing the Immigration office and paying their dues and testing and all getting immunized to be allowed in our country!!! This President is taking America down, with the allowance of letting these illegals come in to OUR LAND FOR FREE, and then feeding, clothing, housing then! Mr President…how bout all those people that dont have jobs? the ones that live here,were raised her huh? Then there is your specialized treatment of Muslims, we see how you cater to them and maybe even side with them when they are in conflict with another country.Gotta quit trying to save the world, the mexicans, the muslims ie… your own country first, for we are a broken country and the enemies know that and challenge us.

  • debby

    don’t vote for mexican rubio.

  • Karlo Agusto

    Too late for that, anglos: Hispanics are here to stay and conquest. So, be prepared, because we are going to hunt every motherfucker that is being racist against hispanics. I already have a huge list of white racists, and as soon we get our mexican presidente, I´m going to send them back to Europe, were they belong. But don´t worry: we are not gonna kill you (you are the killers, not us), we are only going to make your dream of living in a full white society come true, so we are going to send you to Ukraine.

  • We love it when there is no mention of The Republic of Texas, which not unlike the Americans, we too have a DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE! Everyone knows what happened at the Alamo, as I live in San Antonio, but few know what happened at GOLIAD and at SAN JACINTO where General Sam Houston and his Texan won our independence from the sovereign nation of Mexico! So, I would say that we have not only standing but precedence. Fully 3/4 of all the nation’s natural oil and gas come through pipelines courtesy of the Lone Star Nation. (You had better start burning those phone lines down to get that Keystone built for you have no other way to bring oil and gas to/from your states) We have 2 state controlled military installations: Ft. Hood and Ft. Bliss. We, unlike any of the other 49ers, have our own power grid. The Federal govt couldn’t turn our lights off. What state do you know of that has its own TX NAVY, TX AIR, TX COASTGUARD, TX MILITIAS, TX BORDER AGENTS, TX GUARDSMEN who are at the direct command of our Governor, TX OATHKEEPERS, THE BANDIDOS MOTORCYCLE CLUB, THE TX TEA PARTY PATRIOTS-the military arm AND THE ELUSIVE, EVER PRESENT BUT DEADLY YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS? And now that Obama has made the police a vs Obama and the veterans vs Obama, (really stupid on his part) we have both of those, and let us never forget the citizen’s own firepower, as we have complete open carry with no infringements. We also have more Fortune 500 companies here than any other of the 49’ers. About 1/4 of all the world’s rigging and drilling is right off the coast of OUR GULF OF MEXICO at the Port of Galveston, and never forget the great shipping port of Houston, The Republic of Texas, where, if necessary, we could shutdown any out or incoming shipments of oil. And let’s also say the Federal govt refuses to give the senior’s and what they owe our citizens their govt checks, which is a contract between you and the Federal government? I betcha my boots that when we put, say a 49% tariff on all of the nation’s natural gas and oil, that would bring those checks quickly back to the citizens who worked long and hard for their social security pretty damned fast. And that doesn’t even begin to say of what we are sitting on in regards to fossil fuels that we have yet to discover. I say the last man with the oil is king. I believe we have that one covered. So, why is the Republic of Texas never mentioned? I again will betcha my boots that all of those illegals that Obama brought in last summer during the “invasion of the aliens” would work in concert with us against all of the jihadist Muslims, for they do not like them anymore than we do. So, that is just a tidbit of Texas history. And when we go to the polls this week, we have our budget so in control that we are in the black and are giving back to our citizens by 1) lowering all property taxes across the board, 2) funding the additional roads to US Hwy 281 without any toll roads as we try to make our Republic a free from tolls Republic, and FINALLY THAT PROPOSITION THAT SEALS OUR GUN RIGHTS IN BLOOD while at the same time placating the EPA? This we will add to our State Constitution: All people have their inalienable right to hunt(what do you hunt with?) fish or harvest wildlife in the traditional manner as a means of wildlife conservation. Of course this does not include the regulations against trespassing and shooting off your guns in populated places. YOU BET WE ARE GOING TO VOTE FOR BOTH OF THOSE! for WE ARE THE REPUBLIC OF TEXAS AND IN 1836 WE WERE THE NATION OF TEXAS: Said General Sam Houston: “Texas will again lift its head up against among the nations, for it ought to do so, for no other country on the globe can compare to it in its natural advantages.” YOU CAN GO TO HELL; I’M GOING TO TEXAS.” David Crockett (he was never known as Davy in his lifetime–a little trivia there. And those resources mentioned above..those are just the tip of the iceberg! P. Kathy Kleiman