Invasion! Mexican Drug Cartels Are Openly Conducting Military Operations Inside The United States

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Many people wonder why so many of us are so hard on illegal immigration.  Well, it is not because we are against migrant workers coming into the United States to help agricultural giants pick fruit.  Certainly those workers should not be entering the country illegally – so if there is a real need for them a mechanism for bringing them in legally should be worked out.  No, the reality is that securing our border is actually a national security issue.  Federal agents and local law enforcement officials are now openly announcing that they are outgunned, outmanned and are increasingly being shot at by the Mexican drug cartels that are openly conducting military operations inside the United States.  Things have actually gotten so bad that the U.S. government is warning U.S. citizens to permanently stay away from certain areas of Arizona.  The truth is that so many of us are so worked up about illegal immigration not because we want to deny the “American Dream” to all of the people south of the border, but rather because we are actually witnessing a military invasion of our soil by some of the most ruthless and powerful drug cartels on earth.  It is unconscionable for our politicians to stand by and do nothing to secure the border as foreigners continue to pour in and openly conduct military operations against the American people.


Do you doubt that things are really that bad?

Well, let’s listen to what federal agents and local law enforcement officials along the border are saying.

Federal border officials recently said that Mexican drug cartels have not only set up shop on American soil, they are actually  maintaining lookout bases in strategic locations in the hills of southern Arizona.  From these forward bases, the armed drug cartel scouts can monitor every move made by U.S. border agents and law enforcement officials.  Federal agents say that drivers regularly bring these drug cartel scouts food, water, batteries for radios and everything else that they need to stay in the wilderness for long periods of time.

Are you alarmed yet?

One agent who patrols the border and who asked to remain anonymous told Fox News the following….

“To say that this area is out of control is an understatement.”

A different federal agent put it this way in an email to Fox News….

“Every night we’re getting beaten like a pinata at a birthday party by drug, alien smugglers.”

Not only that, but Arizona police have been openly threatened that if they try to interfere with all of this drug traffic they will be “taken out” by drug cartel snipers.

Yes, this is actually happening in 2010.

There is open war along the U.S. border and the Obama administration refuses to lift a finger.

And it is open warfare that is taking place.

In the video posted below, take special note of the following quotes from Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu….

“Drug cartels control this area.”

“Local law enforcement cannot handle and stop this on our own.”

“We are outgunned, we are outmanned and we don’t have the resources here locally for us to fight this.”

Local law enforcement officials and border agents are crying out for the U.S. federal government to do something.  Securing the border is one of the very few things that the U.S. federal government is actually supposed to do according to the Constitution.

And yet for years they have refused to do their duty to protect the American people.

This next video is a news report that explains how the U.S. government has now actually made some parts of Arizona permanently off-limits to U.S. citizens because of the threat of violence from Mexican drug cartels….

Are you starting to understand?

Things are totally out of control.

In light of all this, it is no wonder why Arizona passed the new law that it did.

But instead of letting Arizona protect their citizens, and instead of focusing on trying to figure out how to solve the Gulf of Mexico oil spill crisis, Barack Obama has decided to declare war – on the state of Arizona.

That’s right – instead of stopping this military invasion by Mexican drug cartels, Barack Obama is fighting to force Arizona to stand down.

Meanwhile, other communities around the United States are taking their cue from Arizona.

For example, residents of Fremont, Nebraska, recently voted in favor of a measure that makes it illegal to harbor, hire, or rent property to an illegal immigrant.

That will discourage illegal workers from coming in, but it still won’t do anything to stop the drug cartels from running rampant because they don’t need jobs.

So what is Obama’s solution?

Well, it is being reported that several U.S. Senators have learned of a possible plan by the Obama Administration that would provide mass amnesty for all illegal aliens without a vote by Congress.

And Obama would continue to leave the border wide open.

So why is he leaving the border wide open?

Well, that is actually very complicated, but Senator Kyl believes that he knows one reason.  According to Senator Kyl, Barack Obama told him that he’s not securing the U.S. border on purpose….

Of course Barack Obama denies this.

But if Barack Obama is using the border as a bargaining chip to get “comprehensive immigration reform” pushed through, then there are hardly words to express how disgusting that is.

The truth is that we can secure the border if we want to.  We have secured the border between North Korea and South Korea for over 50 years.  During that time not a single North Korean has gotten through illegally.

And securing the border is a national security imperative.  Not only are we being openly invaded by Mexican drug cartels, but border officials tell us that an increasing number of radical Muslim jihadists are sneaking over the Mexican border into the United States.

Considering how huffy politicians in Washington D.C. get about the threat of terrorism, how in the world can they allow millions of people to continue to enter the country unchecked across the Mexican border?

Frankly, it is a recipe for national suicide.

No politician should ever utter one word about “national security” unless they are willing to secure the border.  Otherwise they are engaged in rank hypocrisy.

Whether you are pro-immigration or anti-immigration, one thing that we should all be able to agree on is that we do not want armed Mexican drug cartel smuggling bands and radical Islamic terrorists crossing our borders.

But it is happening today, and it is going to happen tomorrow, and it is going to keep happening until someone in Washington D.C. decides to start doing something about it.

The Mystery Of The Shemitah

  • Greg

    Our government could stop the flow of illegal invaders and illegal drugs immediately but they do not want to. This is all being done to us for a purpose. When the chaos gets so severe that we can’t stand it any longer we will be rescued with more laws and government actions that will take away the rest of our freedoms.

  • concerned reader

    I find it ironic that the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and the operating costs of our over seas empire have recently exceeded one trillion dollars and we are leaving our borders open like a 24/7 shopping mall for any one to waltz in and what they want in this country. I can not fathom how we have spent fifty years and countless billions of dollars defending other nation’s borders and we leave ourselves wide open for attack. It baffles my mind at the sheer incompetence of our government in regards to guarding the border.

    As for the rising crime and violence both on the border and in America in regards to the narco gangs, it is only going to get worse. I was watching on Fox News where a malitia group armed with AK-47s have volunteered to go onto the border and provide security for this nation. Now, the Mexican army has made several encroachments into our territory. What is going to happen when these American malitia groups clash with the Mexican Army? And they will. All hell will break loose when they do clash. I can imagine malitia men, law enforcement and the common citizens standing shoulder to should to defend the border states from the onslaught brought on by a failed Mexican state and the narco gangs.

    As the growing Hispanic population begins to take effect with their voting rights, we are going to see the eventual return of all border states, including California, to Mexico. However, they will not stop there either. Once they have complete control of this territory they will go on to conquer the rest of America if we do not make a stand and defend our country. We can do this by shutting down and militarizing our borders, especially the south, for obvious reasons.

    Call it irony or poetic justice, but European Americans are suffering the same fate that they brought onto to the Native American population by the growing Latino population. Not only did guns and germs help Europenas conquer North America, but birth rates also played a significant part as well. Like the current white population, the Native Americans maintained a sustainable population growth and an equlibrium with the surrounding environment. Eventually whites, who had higher birth rates, over populated the native peoples and became the majority ethnic group on this continent. Similarily latins, with their higher fertility rates, are out pacing the Europeans and even Africans with babies. I say this without judgement, but they are birthing their way to power. I have to hope that once they are in power they will be generous enough to place white people on reservations and allow us to have casinos.

    Obama is allowing the border to stay open because they the large influx of immigrants will vote democrat if they are granted amnesty. There approxitmatly ten to thirty million illegal migrants in America. Remember that not all Americans vote and if the ten million plus illegals gain voting rights there will no way to get the democrats out of office and Obama’s second term will be a given because they will all vote for him in the 2013 election.

  • concerned reader

    The fact of the matter is that what is stated in this article is undeniably true. Kudos to the writer for bringing this subject up. Although I have met plenty of mexican people who are very hard working and always smile when they see you walk past them, Mexico is with out a doubt a dire thret to the United States in more ways than one. It is a much bigger threat than Iran and North Korea, or even Al Queda. Glenn Beck said it best about a year ago, he basically stated that Mexico will lead to the down fall of America and it seems like it may very well happen.

    Basically a civil war is taking place within Mexico and from what I have read and heared about the situation, it seems like the narco gangs are winning the war. Some experts have predicted the eventual fall of the Mexican governemt within five years. The Zetas, a Mexican specieal forces team that was created to combat the narco gangs and they trained in Fort Benning and now they are teaming up with the naro gangs. Their police and military are now joining forces with the narco gang as well.

    What is truelly sad about this situation is the human toll, particularly in regards to the immigrants. Alot of these people are coming here to pursue a better life and I understand that and Identify it, but the entire world can not come to our shores in the mass droves that did in the past. People have to make their natives contries work in their favor instead of conducting mass migrations. We are already seeing the fading of the american dream in alot of peoples live. Close to 40 million people are subsisting on food stamps because they can not afford to feed themselves. Massive home forclosures couple with tent citites popping up all over the country. An escalating nation debt that is pushing itself towards 14 trillion dollars with over 50 trillion in entitlement cost such as social security and medicare. We are being bled dry in two needless wars that have no long term benefits for this country along with a plethora of other problems that slap the common citizen in the face. Let’s take care of our own citizens first before we worry about the world.

    Look at the topic in this regard. If we grant amnesty to the estimated 30 million migrant workers in this country they will chain migrate tens of millions of their friends and family accross the border and we will eventually over load our carrying capacity. We are already having trouble feeding, employing, educating, incarcerating and housing our own country men, how can we accomodate these people and our own without having large numbers people with absolutely nothing.

    What is truely frightning is what will happen once the growing latino population, which is predominently catholic, will clash with the growing black population, which is becoming increasingly islamic by the day. All of you liberals will be really crying racism when you are caught in the cross fire between these groups.

    My biggest problem is the fact that none of these immigrants attempt to learn or speak english. There is a flea market where I go to shop and there are atleast twenty different languages being spoken at one time and especially spanish. This is one reason why our schools are failing because we the tax payers fork over atleast $2000 per student in the ESL program to teach a child to say, “How are you?” instead of “Como Estas?” and it seems like it is not working.

    Another reason to consider the human toll of illegal immigration is the fact that it is 21st century slave labor. Basically the government, big buisness and private citizens have reinvented the slave trade. We have just traded Africa for Mexico and south America. Modern day Mexicans are really in the same posiyion as blacks were in the 1800s. Slavery is immoral and wrong and everyone who hires illegal aliens in this country should be fined $10,000 per head or do prison time up to five years.

    Secondly, what about all of the diseases that the illegals may have that they will be exposing all of us to. There are plenty of new illnesses like drug resistent tuberculosis, MRSA, various types of flu and hepatitus, among others. As more mass migrations become more prevalent in the future, you will have to become more accustom to massive pandemic outbreaks like the swine flu of 2009. The third world squalor that these folks live in their native countries help breed such illnesses and first world countries like America have no immunity to what they have. When a population ha mo immunity to a virus, it spreads faster in a population and its death toll is always high. Remember that these folks are working in meat packing factories and resturants where are food is preped, cooked and handled, it almost makes me not want to eat at the thought of contracting any of theses illnesses.

    Mexico is not really a third world country. I will let you have a minute to take that into your mind. Mexico is a member of the G20 summit and they are supposedly the 11th largest economy in the world based on GDP. This means there are much poorer nations in the world. However, Mexico has virtually no middle class, they have an extreme rich class and an extreme poor class. Rather than spread the wealt towards their impoverished citizens, the rich class of mexico encourage them to migrate north and send remittances back home where the rich class takes a large cut for themselves. Carlos Slim, the richest man in the world with an estimated networth 53 billion dollars. He is richer than Bill Gates, this should tell you something. He got rich mainly by exploiting his own people.

    We do not have the infrastructure to accomodate a large population growth. All of our major cities and even towns are becoming so crowded that you can hardly drive any where without being stuck in traffic. I read a report a whil that stated that America is going to add another 10 million cars on its road in the next 10-15 years. Our infrastructure is crumbling with no sign of relief. I fear that we will plunder our road to the point that not even a bicycle can function on them.

    Here are some pictures of the boder war going on in Mexico between the narco gangs. I have to warn you that these pictures are very graphic.

  • Tam

    This writer is a huge idiot if he thinks North Koreans do not pass over into South Korea.

    • JoMama

      @Tam: Prove it.

  • Trent

    When a problem is readily obvious to the common man, and the solution is equally as obvious, yet the problem persists, there is a reason. The reason behind the problem of illegal immigration is the financial powers that control the world WANT and NEED illegal immigration to continue.

    They NEED a limitless supply of cheap labor to force wages down. Wage inflation is the single greatest threat to a debt-based fiat currency like the dollar. Keeping a thumb on wages by off-shoring, out-sourcing, and allowing illegal immigration is part of their PLAN to keep wages low and prevent the American worker from having the means to rebel against the monetary shackles placed on him. You are being impoverished on purpose.

    They WANT the profits from the drug trade. Drug lords deposit billions into the big banks. The big banks are desperate for additional capital after the huge losses suffered on their real estate loans and investments. They will keep the drug money flowing at all costs.

    Appealing to the Federal government for help is a waste of time. They are bought and paid for by the financial powers of the world. They will rant and rave, but in the end they will do nothing except provide protection to the drug and people smugglers and come after you for getting in the way of their profits.

    America is done. All that is left is for honest people to band together for support and protection. Repent, Pray, and Get prepared for very bad times. There will be war on your doorstep.

  • TruthOnTheBorder

    This war is real, and we are losing.

    Check out these videos:

    Headlines on Federal Lands and our UNSECURE BORDER

    Border Wilderness – Too Dangerous for the Public

    The Price of Admission – Wilderness Rape Trees

    Rape Trees – A Look At The Numbers

    Trash On The Border

    Realities of Wilderness on the Border – Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

    Wilderness Threatens Border Security

    Realities of Wilderness on the Border – HIDTA Report

  • Greg

    Trent – you sure are negative in your assessment – but correct.

  • Politicians won’t address this because they fear for their jobs, and are too busy making money and political power off of other issues. When Americans realize that the wars in the Middle East are not about defense but about profit and power for the military-industrial complex and the oil companies, then they will understand the predicament.

    It is time for states to stand up, such as Arizona. There is great power in nullification. The first step is to nullify federal drug laws. Apparently America learned nothing from Prohibition. Sinful people will not become moral because you make it harder for them to get the things they desire–all that happens is that crime goes up. When drugs are legal, prices hit the bottom and there is no Mexican drug cartel, period.

    In 1999, Portugal decriminalized possession of any drug (not distribution). IF one is caught smoking crack, they are taken to a counselor who advises them against such a lifestyle and offers help. Most don’t take the help and are released. Opponents to this decriminalization screamed that it would cause increases in drug use and drug related crime. Voila, it didn’t. Drug use actually nudged down, prison costs for personal use were saved, and drug related crimes were greatly reduced.

    • geepers

      And why would Politicians “fear for their jobs”, when 90% of American citizens want the immigrations of Mexicans and many Central Americans to stop? They are sick of paying for it.

      They fear for their jobs because One powerful “group” in the U.S. is largely behind the “diversity” and multiculturalism push….And they are doing it in Europe to:

      Listen to Barbara Lerner Spectre ( a formal American pushing “multiculturalism” in Europe and she says Jews have a large leadership role in this push for multiculturalism).. If you object you are a “racist”….

  • Quiz: Name the country this scenario could take place in in 1910

    A teenage boy is sent to town by his farmer father to pick up some goods at the general store. On the list are dynamite for the field, laudanum (an opium-based medication) for grandma’s arthritis, and that new machine gun that grandpa doesn’t know his a gift from the family; he’s always wanted one. The shop owner tells the boy, “No problem, son, your father stopped by and paid for it with Double Eagle last week, heres the change” as he hands him back 3 silver dollars. The boy packs the goods and returns home. And all is well.

    Answer: The United States, when it was a country that was not a democracy but a republic and when the word “liberty” was understood.

  • concerned reader

    What is truely frightning is what will happen once the growing latino population, which is predominently catholic, clashes with the growing black population, which is becoming increasingly islamic by the day. Keep in ind that religion is one, if not the most, reason that humans conflict with each other.

    An author by the name of Thomas Chittum predicted such a conflict in the coming years. He basically stated that the border states will fall first and then the rest of the country will follow. He described the conflict as a triangle with the three major ethnic groups: whites, latinas and blacks all jockeying for power at the others expense.

    As the black and latino populations continue to grow exponentially and with the bad economic out look in the coming decades, I just see the seeds of conflict being sown. With this declinig economy we have countless people who feel disenfranchised and seething with anger. People tendo to stick with their own during ardous times and with the fact that these migrants are not assimilating makes this even more deadly.

  • Aaron

    Well maybe if you stop buying drugs, there will be no stupid cartels and you will not spend hundreds of millions on border and immigrant police…

    Educate your kids (not about how bad drugs are, but about how armed mexicans can shoot their faces one day if they keep financing them with their stupid weed/cocaine parties)

  • The US government is involved with the drug cartels or they have secured our borders long ago. To secure the borders now would be civil war first with the catels and next with the government. The US government officials are just as crooked as the Mexican government officials. US citizens don’t have anywhere to turn and we are stuck in the middle of these mobster/cartel government crooks.

  • xyloman

    A ticking time bomb that will never be resolved.
    Legalize drugs – at worse decriminalize it all together. This will ease some tension and put some tax revenue into the government’s coffers. These drugs, in their natural state, were here long before we ever crawled out of the primordial slime or appeared from the magic wand of god – whatever – thats another topic … I would much rather be brought a nice bag of pot in the hospital if I needed so chemical drug. Maybe there is not enough profit margin – I don’t know that – but hey — just legalize it.

  • jojojo

    Easy way to stop drug violence. LEGALIZE the stuff. It would take away the power of the cartels immediately.

  • Nathan

    You can pretty much calculate the factual accuracy of an article by how many times it contains “Obama” as the demon or the angel.

    The drug cartels exist and are here because the U.S. government wants them here. That’s not the President’s government, whoever the President is at the time, it’s the government’s government, and it would be our government if we voted it so, but half of the country thinks the other half is the problem and vice-versa, Democrat versus Republican, and the truth is, the party that’s right is only right for now. When the super-rich 1% of people see the opportunity in the Democrats or Republicans, they run the adds they run and we all go vote based on those ads and debates where Dems think Reps are just lying and Reps think Dems are just lying. It’s ridiculous because so few people go to the source and checks the facts.

    That shallow involvement earns us the CIA involved with helping drug cartels and every other insane thing that’s happened and happening.

    If we want to know who are the good guys and who are the bad guys, we have to look to the rest of the world that doesn’t have our English-speaking ads running all the time to brainwash them.

    You may find the people you’ve come to despise are actually the good guys, and that’s a tough place to be in.

  • Manuel

    Well, clearly America should just declare war on the drug cartels and Nuke the ***** out of them.

  • Bob

    Seems like if we legalized drugs the cartels would be immediately out of business; or, at the very least, a major source of their cash flow would dry up.

  • Shadmin

    Who do you think will supply the ‘legalized drugs? The Cartels will still make money no matter what as long as America continues using illicit drugs like they’re going out of style? The Cartels would be out of business if all the druggies stopped their addiction!

  • conscience

    So many resources are wasted on imaginary threats how do you expect there to be enough resources to monitor the real threats that face the nation. Instead time is spent profiling and stereotyping whole nations. It is so sad because one assumes America is a mature nation full of rational people. It makes me wonder how many lives are wasted because some are too lazy to think and research a situation rather than just taking a lazy approach of stereotyping. Plus in-disciplined nonentities are used for work that requires the highest levels of discipline. Sometimes we learn the most important things from criticism. Criticism is nothing to be afraid of!

  • vinzerx

    Interesting piece. I’d just like to note, though, that there are already a number of North Koreans who have successfully crossed the DMZ to seek refuge in South Korea.