In Anticipation Of The Coming American Apocalypse, 2 Lawmakers Plan To Create ‘Christian Survivalist Centers’ In Rural Areas

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A couple of lawmakers from South Carolina want to establish a network of self-sufficient communities in their state in preparation for “societal collapse”.  In the long-term, they hope to “train and equip one million neighborhood leaders” that will be able to establish “a fresh beginning for America” in the aftermath of the great crisis that is coming.  State Representatives Josiah Magnuson and Jonathon Hill are both relatively young, they were both home-schooled, and each of their fathers are pastors.  They are calling their dream the “Virtue Solution Project”, and they are examples of a new breed of American politician that recognizes that the system is failing and that we desperately need to return to the values that this nation was founded upon.


In the short-term, Magnuson and Hill hope that the centers that they are establishing will enable communities to be able to survive the extraordinary challenges that are rapidly approaching.  Like someone else you may know, Magnuson and Hill are warning of a great economic collapse, catastrophic natural disasters, geopolitical instability and a complete breakdown of society.  When these things begin to unfold, their hope is that people will reach out to their neighbors and will work together to survive.  The following comes from U.S. News & World Report

The centers will be there when the economy collapses, a natural disaster occurs, a foreign nation attacks, the federal debt dooms the country or an electromagnetic pulse wipes out the nation’s infrastructure. All are scenarios they have considered.

It’s also at these “micro hubs” that neighbors and fellow members of their “militia” will be able to learn about spiritual leadership, first aid, farming techniques, renewable energy sources, and setting up “perimeters” and other “tactical defense” strategies.

And of course Magnuson and Hill hope that their centers will have a strong spiritual dimension as well.  According to material that they have created, there will be “a special emphasis on repentance, spiritual awakening, and love for God and one’s neighbors”

Each center will be a warehouse and also a training venue. We will place a special emphasis on repentance, spiritual awakening, and love for God and one’s neighbors. At the philosophical core of this training, we will address the principles of government power, explaining that the river of government begins at the spring of individual virtue and flows downhill to family, church, community, county, state, and Federal levels. We will show that our future must rely on local self-sufficiency.

Magnuson and Hill have taken a lot of criticism for what they are trying to do, but at least they are taking action, which is much more than can be said for the majority of the “coach potato activists” that are out there these days.

When Noah was warned that a great flood was coming, he and his sons started building a boat the size of a World War II aircraft carrier even though nobody had ever seen a flood of that magnitude before.  It took them many, many years to complete the project, and the relentless mocking that they had to endure must have been very painful, but in the end they were the ones that survived.

And when Joseph learned that seven good years would be followed by seven years of famine, he didn’t sit back and party for the seven good years.  Instead, he instituted the greatest emergency food storage program that the world had ever seen during the seven good years, and by taking bold action he saved the entire nation of Egypt, the entire nation of Israel and the bloodline of the Messiah.

Radical faith almost always involves taking radical action, and this is something that I cover extensively in Get Prepared Now.  Sadly, there is so much complacency out there right now, but the truth is that this is the exact time when we should be prepping more than ever before because time is running out.

Of course there are many that do understand these things, and one of the ways this is manifesting itself is in a mass exodus out of the major cities.  In previous articles I have discussed the large numbers of people that are moving away from California and away from major cities in the upper Midwest, and earlier today I came across a Daily Mail story that talked about how nearly a million people have left New York over the last six years…

Almost 1 million people have fled the New York area in the last six years, the highest rate of any major metropolitan area in the country.

Between April 2010 and July 2016 a net total of 902,000 domestic migrants left the New York metropolitan area, census data shows.

That number was head and shoulders above Chicago, the second-biggest loser with 409,000 more people leaving than arriving in the same period.

If you feel called to move to a different area of the country, it will be far easier to do it now while things are still relatively stable.

Several months ago, I wrote about the multitudes of Americans that have felt led to relocate to the Great Northwest.  Whenever my wife and I encounter newcomers, we like to ask them why they decided to move.  In almost every instance, they tell us that they felt called to come to this part of the United States, and some of the stories that we have heard are quite extraordinary.

If you don’t want to get prepared for what is coming to America, that is fine, but at least don’t jump on everyone else that is trying to do something.  These days there are so many people that love to spend much of their time throwing filth at others, and that doesn’t accomplish anything.

So if you are completely convinced that the United States is moving into a new golden era of peace and prosperity even though everything around us is indicating otherwise, then just keep on doing what you have been doing.

But as for me and my house, we are going to heed the warnings, and like Magnuson and Hill we are going to do what we can to thrive during the incredibly challenging times that are coming.

  • Jeanne Dukes

    Yeah, sounds too much like Mormons.

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    • Maubi

      Actually this is not Mormonism because there would be more than one wife, the churches today are so busy trying to get more parishioners they are willing to water down the Bible to accomplish this. In most cases the churches today don’t even preach the whole Bible, because they are afraid of losing revenue, so those churches are dead ( luke warm) you know the ones God vomits. The true Christians read and acknowledge the whole Bible, and do not take it as metaphoric stories. God Bless these people for standing up for the Word of God and willing to live the life God wants us to live.

      • Mormonism isn’t much about polygamy anymore though.

        Besides, it’s the Adventists who are known for their preparedness skills.

        • Muhammad Abbass

          Mormons are also into survivalism and storage, whether or not they’re known for it. The Mormons provided massive tonnages of grain from their own stores after WWII and it was the grain sent from the US to feed Europe at that time. I am a Muslim now but at one time a long time ago was a Mormon myself. We Muslims do believe in polygamy by the way but it is very rare and if one reads the full text about it, the fact is polygamy is not actually taught as it is merely permitted under conditions so stringent the last sentence admits “but you cannot” Like many things some men will bend the truth to fit their own agendas.

      • Muhammad Abbass

        Mormons don’t do polygamy anymore you goose.

    • joe

      Mormonism is Judaism.


    why should christians worry so much about collapse when it says:
    he shall cause craft to prosper
    craft is manufacturing

    • Gary

      That word “craft” in Hebrew does not mean “manufacturing.” מִרְמָה (mirmah, or meet-maw’) means “deceitful false, feigned, guile, treachery.” He shall cause treachery to prosper. Blessings.

      • PK Hodges

        And may I add to your list of craftiness, Gary? WITCHCRAFT.

      • VAXXED

        i looked on wiktionary for the old definition and it looks like i’m right

        the he part probably refers to catholic church since they’re the only group willing and able to bail out our bonds

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  • Partysover

    You should think about getting rid of the video advertising “Survive The End Days”. First of all, 0traitor did finish his 2nd term, and America has just got another President who’s name in Donald Trump.

  • Partysover

    You should think about getting rid of the video advertising “Survive The End Days”. First of all, 0traitor did finish his 2nd term, and America has just received another President who’s name as we all know is Donald Trump.

    • Maubi

      It doesn’t mean that these things won’t still be coming, it can still happen if we are hit with a massive terror attack. Just because Trump is there don’t mean things can’t happen, he could have been placed there to prepare us for such things. After all just look at how the liberals are blocking him at every turn to try and stop the muslims from entering the USA !

      • Muhammad Abbass

        Trump IS Clinton on steroids. Not sure what he is doing that she did not promise to do frankly. As for stopping the “Muslims”…sure he is. he just finished dancing faggy dances and playing with the Saudi’s swords and touching their magic orbs as his first stop and they are the world’s main Islamist terrorist sponsor. ISIS in suits. The countries his ban refers to are victims of US aggression, not countries which target the USA at all.

      • Eileen Kuch

        Well, Maubi, some good news has come out from the US Supreme Court just recently, upholding Trump’s ban on travel from the Muslim countries on his list to the US.

  • Joan Camara

    So there’s not enough info in the article, like is there a way to contact these guys, or where it going to be located? It be nice to have some answers, other people would love to join them, or help them in some way!

    • Wōtan’s Justice

      “Virtue Solution Project”

    • Muhammad Abbass

      Use Google.

  • md

    coach potato activists – spell check

  • Dan Wingert

    I have already settled in the Great Northwest.

  • Sheesh, when Mrs. Obama was begging Americans to plant gardens and grow [healthy] foods and become self-sufficient like our ancestors, we all went batp∞p nuts on her.

    She wanted everyone to have their own Garden of Eden to eat from. I wish more people had ignored the first lady’s haters and had begun growing their own self-sufficient little gardens, for really ALL the reasons: health, organic/safe foods, cheap eats, convenience, and pride.

    • Muhammad Abbass

      I don’t. You want ignorant scoffers to survive? Karma has a way of weeding out those kind and you’ll maybe live to see it in action.

  • Dan Smith

    Christians hiding? I guess Peter and Paul missed that memo

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  • BJ Giauque

    Oh”…. I thought they were all going to be raptured. So why prepare.. Oh right…. Just in case their Jesus leaves them behind. What a farce Christianity is.

    • Muhammad Abbass

      They don’t all believe in the rapture like that frankly. I don’t know why I bother it isn’t as if Muslims don’t already face enough ignorance and bigotry of our own but to me all bigots are the same, their targets may differ but the morons will also be the same sort of dirt ignorant inbred red-neck know nothing..

  • Jacques Devin

    Is this a joke ? WTF there won’t be apocalypse if the US bring it’s troops home and stop meddling and bombing any defenseless countries that don’t suck up to the US and its dictate…

  • T.j. Thomas

    “Magnuson and Hill have taken a lot of criticism for what they are trying to do…”

    I don’t have a problem with it – just so long as they’re not using taxpayer money to do it.