If You Promote A Cure For Ebola, Men With Guns Could Show Up At Your Door

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Police State - Men With Guns At Your Door - YouTube ScreenshotIf I had a cure for Ebola, I could never sell it to you.  I don’t have a cure for Ebola of course, but even if I did I could never promote it.  And if you have a cure for Ebola and you start promoting it on the Internet, men with guns could soon show up at your door.  Unfortunately, I am not kidding.  Even if you have made a discovery that could potentially save millions of lives, that will not earn you an ounce of mercy from the FDA.  In fact, the FDA has just issued a statement that contains a chilling warning for anyone that is claiming that they know how to prevent or cure Ebola.  And without a doubt, FDA bureaucrats are scouring the Internet right now for any sign of an Ebola cure or treatment.  When they find one, they are likely to crack down very hard based on their history.  So if you do have a cure for Ebola, you might want to be very, very careful.  You could end up having men with automatic weapons conducting a military-style raid on your home when you least expect it.


I wish that things were not this way in America.

I wish that this nation was not being transformed into a Big Brother police state.

I wish that we could feel free to share information with one another without the fear of men with guns coming to our homes.

But the cold, hard reality of the matter is that this is 2014 and we live at a time when our government is being run by paranoid control freaks.

On August 14th, the FDA published a warning that is specifically targeted at those that are claiming to know how to prevent or cure Ebola.  The following is an excerpt from that warning…

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is advising consumers to be aware of products sold online claiming to prevent or treat the Ebola virus. Since the outbreak of the Ebola virus in West Africa, the FDA has seen and received consumer complaints about a variety of products claiming to either prevent the Ebola virus or treat the infection.

There are currently no FDA-approved vaccines or drugs to prevent or treat Ebola. Although there are experimental Ebola vaccines and treatments under development, these investigational products are in the early stages of product development, have not yet been fully tested for safety or effectiveness, and the supply is very limited. There are no approved vaccines, drugs, or investigational products specifically for Ebola available for purchase on the Internet. By law, dietary supplements cannot claim to prevent or cure disease.

Individuals promoting these unapproved and fraudulent products must take immediate action to correct or remove these claims or face potential FDA action.

It is important to note that according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Ebola does not pose a significant risk to the U.S. public. Unfortunately, during outbreak situations, fraudulent products that claim to prevent, treat, or cure a disease all too often appear on the market. The FDA monitors for these fraudulent products and false claims and takes appropriate action to protect consumers.

So what prompted all of this?

Well, the New York Times has given us a clue.  According to the Times, the government is particularly concerned about a product known as NanoSilver that is being promoted by the National Solutions Foundation…

While discussing the shipment to Liberia of an experimental drug the panel did endorse, ZMapp, Nigeria’s health minister, Onyebuchi Chukwu, said an unidentified Nigerian scientist living overseas had arranged for Nigeria to get a different experimental medicine, according to Nigerian news outlets. They identified it as NanoSilver, a supplement offered by the Natural Solutions Foundation, which said that it contains microscopic silver particles, although, as a food supplement, it is not tested by regulatory agencies. Silver kills some microbes on surfaces and in wounds, but it can be toxic and is not F.D.A.-approved for systemic use against viruses.

Personally, I have a lot of respect for the National Solutions Foundation.  And Dr. Rima Laibow has been working very hard to share what she knows with the global community over the Internet…

Recently, the foundation’s medical director, Dr. Rima E. Laibow, posted an “open letter to heads of Ebola-impacted states,” dated July 29, claiming that NanoSilver cured Ebola. She also claimed to have addressed 47 African health ministers at a 2007 conference and to be in touch with “West African governments and their advisers.”

Dr. Laibow could not be reached for comment. On Friday afternoon, after The New York Times emailed her a series of questions, two of her websites briefly became unavailable, then reappeared with headlines saying they were “under attack” and directing readers to other sites selling a different product, Silver Solution.

But in the end, it is not going to matter to the FDA at all whether what Dr. Laibow is saying is true or not.

The only thing that is going to matter is that she is promoting alternatives that have not come from the pharmaceutical drug cartel.

And when you cross the FDA, they don’t just send you a threatening letter in the mail.

As I mentioned above, men with guns could show up at your door.

The following are just a few examples from the past few years…

-The FDA raided an Amish farmer at 5 AM in the morning because he was committing the “crime” of selling raw milk.

-The FDA raided Morningland Dairy in the Missouri Ozarks because they were committing the “crime” of selling raw cheese.

-The FDA raided a cancer clinic in Oklahoma that was offering patients natural alternatives to chemotherapy and radiation.

So right now, this is where we stand.  The FDA says that there is no way to prevent or cure Ebola, and you better not say that there is a way to cure of prevent Ebola either.

Meanwhile, it looks like Ebola has potentially spread to even more countries and the outbreak continues to grow at an exponential rate.  In fact, the World Health Organization just released a statement in which it said that “the numbers of reported cases and deaths vastly underestimate the magnitude of the outbreak.”

If you have not been taking Ebola seriously, you need to start doing so.

The turning point for me was when so many health workers started getting the virus.  So far, more than 170 health workers have become infected with Ebola.  And remember, these health workers go to extraordinary lengths to keep from being exposed to the disease.  For example, you can see some photos of what an Ebola isolation ward looks like right here.

If they are catching the disease so easily, what chance are the rest of us going to have?

Sadly, it looks like this crisis is going to continue to get worse for an extended period of time.

And you better not mention that you might have a solution, because if you do, men with guns might just show up at your door.

  • Tim

    “The only thing that is going to matter is that she is promoting alternatives that have not come from the pharmaceutical drug cartel.”


    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      I think that you hit the nail on the head Tim.


      • Tim

        No, you did. :-)

  • Syrin

    Who can say they still love America? We have become Germany circa 1934 I love the people without the entitlement mentality, and the land. Beyond that…..

  • Richard

    I totally understand where you’re coming from, Michael. But the sad fact is that Americans are such a dishonest lot that if they’re not protected against themselves, you’re going to have all kinds of scam artists and charlatans selling crap. I’m sure you can see that and I’m surprised you didn’t make mention of it.

  • Jason

    I’m a big fan of ionic silver, but only in the treatment of bacteria. It’s a foolish choice against a virus. Intravenous Vitamin C in the 50 to 75 gram per day range will defeat Ebola quite easily. Supplement this with an oral dose of powered C up to bowel tolerance, as well as liposomal C, and it’s an easily won battle. No virus survives vitamin C in vitro, it’s only the delivery that challenges the common household. Intravenous delivery is paramount, although massive doses of liposomal may perhaps be enough.

  • DJohn1

    The trouble is that it takes millions of dollars to go through the FDA to get approval for anything. So the only ones that can afford this process are big drug cartels.
    In the beginning of the FDA they put the fox in charge of the hen house. In other words, the pharmacy industry was to police itself. Well we all know how that has worked out.
    In the 50s, someone discovered artificial lab sweetners. The head of the FDA at the time approved them for use. The result was diet pop. After this director retired, he became an official of the soda pop industry. Nice promotion.
    We still have diet pop and it is the worst health issue I can think of for people that are overweight. It literally makes you more thirsty.
    Not to mention side effects.
    IF I did have a cure for Ebola I would arrange for a Russian doctor to discover it. THEN it would be all over the papers, all over the internet, and most likely given a free pass here. That is what I think happened with the polio vaccine.
    Doctors here were making megabucks from iron lungs and other treatments for polio. Then a “cure” was found in the way of a vaccine in Russia.
    I would obviously do the same thing for any real cure for cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc. Because the only cure you will see here will be the police silencing the cure.
    If someone came up with a magic pill that sent all cancers into remission, the next day there would be a doctor sponsored hit squad sent out to keep the cure from happening. There is way too much money being made from cancer by the American Medical Association. The only legal treatment for cancer is Chemo. That is right, it is written right into the law by jerks from D.C.
    Not all health care professionals are involved. Not all doctors are involved. There are some really good people out there sincerely attempting to give us all longer lives.
    This writing treatment into law has gone into overtime with the new health care laws from D.C.
    I suggest that we do progress in our treatment of patients out there. I am no doctor. But I do know good doctors out there. The little people that volunteer to go to out of the way corners of the world and treat people for free as part of their training.
    I also know doctors that do surgery when surgery is not required.
    I know a hospital system that is totally out of control in its price to the public. A system of money rather than medicine in a lot of cases in partnership with the insurance industry.
    That insurance money requires you stay in a hospital even if you do not need to be there. To the tune of an extra 10,000 in some cases.
    That is out of pocket after they pay the insurance part. If you leave, the insurance will not pick up your expenses.
    We are a nation of thieves. Probably the greatest thieves the world has ever known reside right here in the USA. Every form of illegal activity known to man can be found in major cities all over this country. The worst thieves are those with label professional. Doctors and Attorneys head the list. Bankers are not very far behind them.
    In the 70s, there was a book out in paperback called “The Screwing of the Average Man,” and it was all about the professional theft of money from the rest of us. Nothing has changed. If anything it has gotten worst.
    The FDA is the greatest Union in the world for those thieves.

  • Anything that big pharma/big government can promote & control, they will try to stop it, especially if it cures people.

  • student take

    in Syria and irag, isis territories, people of good will should leave and shake the dust off their feet; that includes usa military; a suggestion; its in the Good Book, Bible

  • Nigeria is ebola free now