I Just Lost All Faith In Our Deeply Corrupt Legal System And In The Rule Of Law In The United States

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hillary-clinton-photo-by-nathania-johnsonThe FBI just gave Hillary Clinton the biggest gift in the history of presidential politics. Two days before the election the FBI has announced that they are ending their investigation into Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information. After reviewing the emails that were found on electronic devices owned by Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner, FBI Director James Comey sent a letter to Congress telling them that “we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in July with respect to Secretary Clinton.” That means that there will be no indictment, and the path is now clear for Hillary Clinton to become the next president of the United States on Tuesday unless an election miracle happens.


These days it is unusual for a news story to hit me on a deeply emotional level, but this one sure did. When the FBI originally announced that they were renewing this investigation, it gave me a glimmer of hope that there may be a little bit of integrity left in our legal system.

But after today’s announcement I have lost all faith in our deeply corrupt system of justice. America has become a lawless nation, and the rule of law is completely dead in this country.

Yes, it is true that those of us in the general public do not know what was contained in those emails, and Director Comey says that nothing significant was found in them

In a letter to lawmakers, Comey said the FBI is standing by its original findings, made in July, that Clinton should not be prosecuted for her handling of classified information over email as secretary of State.

“The FBI investigative team has been working around the clock to process and review a large volume of emails from a device obtained in connection with an unrelated criminal investigation,” Comey said in the letter. “During that process we reviewed all of the communications that were to or from Hillary Clinton while she was secretary of State,” Comey wrote. “Based on our review, we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in July with respect to Secretary Clinton.”

But of course the truth is that the FBI already had more than enough to go after Clinton based on what they discovered the first time around.

In the world of national security, if you transmit a single classified document via a channel that is unsecured, you will lose your security clearance in a heartbeat and it is quite likely that you will be prosecuted and sent to prison for mishandling classified information.

In fact, two different members of the U.S. military were recently convicted for doing precisely that

Just last month, Bryan Nishimura, a California Naval reservist, was sentenced to two years’ probation and a $7,500 fine after he pleaded guilty to removing classified material and downloading it to a personal electronic device. The FBI found no evidence he planned to distribute the material.

Last year, Bronze Star recipient and combat veteran Chief Petty Officer Lyle White pleaded guilty to storing classified documents on a nonsecure hard drive in Virginia. He received a suspended 60-day sentence and a suspended $10,000 fine in return for the plea. White said the information was for training purposes to study and that he had no intent to communicate with anyone.

Neither of those individuals intended to mishandle classified information, and they certainly never intended to share it.

But they were both convicted anyway.

So what makes Hillary Clinton any different?

During the initial investigation, the FBI found 113 emails that contained classified information

Clinton had repeatedly said she did not have any classified emails on her server, but the results of the FBI investigation show that claim was incorrect.

Of the tens of thousands of emails investigators reviewed, 113 contained classified information, and three of those had classification markers. FBI Director James Comey has said Clinton should have known that some of the 113 were classified, but others she might have understandably missed.

And I would be willing to bet that the FBI found some more classified emails that they had not seen previously among the 650,000 or so that they reviewed for this renewed investigation.

But it doesn’t matter now. Hillary Clinton is free as a bird even though she mishandled 113 classified emails, and it looks like she is going to become the next president of the United States on Tuesday.

As a law student and then later as an attorney working in Washington D.C., I got to see just how deeply corrupt our legal system has become.

But after today, I don’t see how any American can ever have faith in the rule of law again.

If the law does not apply equally to all persons at all times and in all circumstances, we might as well not even have a legal system.

At this point, there is only one way that some sort of justice can be achieved in this case. And that is if the American people go to the polls on Tuesday and vote to keep her out of the White House.

It won’t be perfect justice of course, but at least it would keep Hillary Clinton from getting what she wants more than anything else in life.

The choice before the American people is very simple. Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt politician to ever run for the presidency, and the extremely long laundry list of Clinton scandals and crimes has been well documented over the past three decades.

The voters know exactly what they are getting with her. And if they choose her anyway despite all of the things that have been revealed, that means that America is willingly choosing lawlessness.

To most conservatives, this election is all about Trump, but I believe that it is far more about Hillary Clinton.

I am convinced that we are at a pivotal moment in American history, and if the American people willingly choose Hillary Clinton it will be an indication that there is zero hope for the future of this nation.

So let us pray for an election miracle, because right now Donald Trump is behind in most national polls and time is running out.

About the author: Michael Snyder is the founder and publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and End Of The American Dream. Michael’s controversial new book about Bible prophecy entitled “The Rapture Verdict” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on Amazon.com.

  • paul mullin

    Why postpone the judgement that is surely coming? Why put the coming Storm of the wrath of God on a temporary hold? If Trump wins that is what will happen. A mild reprieve. But if the demonic hell-child known as hillary wins, then judgement will be swift. I say enough with the waiting. Bring it on. Let the cup of wrath be emptied of its bitterness. Let the smoke and fury and hail and lightning commence. Let the mountains fall and let the wicked try and cower under them. Let the great and terrible wrath of the Almighty chase and pursue the cursed and damned reprobates over the edge and into the Abyss. Look to the heavens! For Behold! I come quickly! And My reward is with Me! To give to each man according as his work shall be! Maranatha!

    • Paul, a part of me agrees with your post. You said, “why postpone the judgement that is surely coming?”

      Remember, God is pure love. His heart yearns deeply for all his erring children. That is why I hope God will keep the peace a little longer and have mercy on the sinner. I say we seize the day and use this time to sow the gospel message. Let’s cooperate with God in rescuing as many people as possible out the lake of fire while there is still time.

      But regarding the storm that is coming, I do yield myself to God’s authority, and cry out like other men of old:

      ‘Let the Lord do what seems good to Him’ (I Samuel 3:18, II Samuel 10:12).

      • 105mmHowitzer

        God is love, but He is also a consuming fire. And based on the inordinately wicked cesspool of iniquity this country has descended into, He’s about to give America both barrels.

        If Hitlery is “elected” in this demonstrably rigged election, it’s over. Soon after she takes the helm, she’ll order the JCS to start a war with Russia over its position in Syria. In the resulting carnage that follows, the ICBM’s that are launched in our direction will create a nice big fat EMP over North America; turning this country into a dark abyss of horrific proportions.

        It’ll make the siege of Leningrad look like a family picnic in the park.

        “The wicked shall be turned into hell and all the nations that forget God.”
        – Psalm 9:17

      • 105mmHowitzer

        God is love, but He is also a consuming fire. And based on the inordinately wicked cesspool of iniquity this country has descended into, He’s about to give America both barrels.

        If Hitlery is “elected” in this demonstrably rigged election, it’s over. Soon after she takes the helm, she’ll order the JCS to start a war with Russia over its position in Syria. In the resulting carnage that follows, the ICBM’s that are launched in our direction will create a nice big fat EMP over North America; turning this country into a dark abyss of horrific proportions.

        It’ll make the siege of Leningrad look like a family picnic in the park.

        “The wicked shall be turned into hell and all the nations that forget God.”

        – Psalm 9:17

        • Remember, Jesus said:

          “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and THEN shall the end come” (Matthew 24:14).

          I would rather work towards that goal now, in a time of peace, than in the aftermath of another global war.

          But there is no doubt what you said is true. The day of judgement is coming on this wicked nation.

          Have you ever seen this passage before?

          “But in the fourth generation they shall come hither again: for the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet full” (Genesis 15:16).

          This verse is very interesting. It shows God keeps a careful account of the nations. I can’t help but wonder how full our cup is. Only time will tell….

          • greg

            Until Jesus declares which party he’s from and votes he has nothing to say

    • watchmannonthewall

      “My reward is with Me.” His reward is the saints who return with Him; those who loved not their lives unto death, those who follow the Lamb wherever He goes, those who have His name written on their foreheads. Not too far away!

      “The wicked strut about on every side when vileness is exalted among the sons of men.” (Ps 12:8)

      “A senseless man has no knowledge; nor does a stupid man understand this; that when the wicked sprout up as grass and all who did iniquity flourished, it was only that they might be destroyed FOREVERMORE!” (Ps 92:6-7)
      Everything is going according to (His) plan, even as you have stated!

    • aPEON

      We are to resist Evil, not abet it.

      • paul mullin

        The wrath of God on a nation is not Evil. Read what I wrote

        • aPEON

          I did read it, you advocate speeding up the process. Thereby opposing God’s timing-(will)-our part is to preach the gospel, and promote God’s righteousness, not tell God to bring it on because we are tired of waiting!

          • paul mullin

            Come Lord Jesus. Maranatha. Come Holy Spirit. Let the Fire Fall. Thy Kingdom Come! IT’S CALLED PRAYER!! Deliver us from Evil! Renew the face of the earth! All of creation is calling out! Our spirits are groaning within us. We shall not rest till we rest in Thee…

    • zeph

      Just vote & save the rest for your dog.

  • redlucy

    I don’t know why I can be so naive….sometimes…for some reason I thought that James Comey might actually do the right thing..My disillusionment is off the charts. You know we really need to realize that standing up for what is right and just is now going to come with a price….Comey apparently is too afraid. What is happening is real….history is about to be forever altered….if you can’t /don’t accept that God is in charge you will be in deep sh*t.

  • Mikey Somersall

    I have followed this blog for a while and felt compelled to comment for the first time. This is gut wretching while at the same time not a surprise. HIllary was selected from the beginning. Now the American people will have to “take their medicine” which is more like castor oil at this point. I will begin telling the people that vote Hillary that because of their decision, they will now how to suffer the consequences of their actions. America for the most part has no idea of what they are about to face. Think about that for a good long minute America.

    • greg

      That sir is spot on, in some way I want those who blindly follow her to get exactly what they deserve, however there is no way to do that without greatly effecting the entire country and that’s a punishment too great to even consider, We had been a great country until 2004

      • Mikey Somersall

        I understand what you mean. I mean I am just really frustrated at this point and it is because well meaning people get deceived. But the worse part is that they DEFEND their being deceived or JUSTIFY it. That is what makes it worse. I would definitely like to get through this situation with minimal damage but sometimes it makes me wonder deep down if the American people are really foolish enough to lay down and accept the death of their nation and then roast people like me who would ask a question like: How are you OK with this?

        • greg

          Roast you, NO, they’ll just shout you down or ignore you. It absolutely amazes me how intelligent people I’ve known forever who are professors, drs., jockeys, etc. would never allow their kids to lie and then lie some more but will not even consider that Clinton has lied at all and will actually sever friendships defending her, like their close family or something. I am a retired financial advisor who has managed some of their money and made them literally rich, anything financial I suggest they give me a carte blanche, yet if I say Clinton lied about an issue they don’t even want to consider it, sad, very sad

          • zeph

            Intelligence is not be be measured by anability to to pass and structure one’s life around false programming. It is measured by the ability to implement self-determination with a minimum of parasitic interference.

    • zeph

      Castor oil? No. Hydrochloric acid.

  • Scott

    IBD poll Trump + 1. USC Poll Trump + 6. Those were the two most accurate polls in 2012. Enough with the doom and gloom nonsense, the voters know Comey is a joke who takes orders from the Obama/Clinton justice department.

  • Farmgirl

    Chin up Michael… I don’t believe their polls and God has this. Pretty sure the show is not over yet.

  • Jim Clark

    I pity the fool who thought there was any chance that Hillary would be prosecuted. The rich and powerful are above the law…and any law enforcement officer who acts otherwise will find a horse’s head in their bed

    • watchmannonthewall

      Frankly, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the FBI director was spoken to about what a wonderful family he had and how healthy everyone was right now and how he should hope they stay that way, which they might if “you do the right thing today”. Call me a cynic.

  • biglipnagger

    “These days it is unusual for a news story to hit me on a deeply emotional level”…
    You are a lawyer. It should hit you deeply. You have a different view of the justice system than others. I am not a lawyer and I have lost faith in the last bastion of what America was with this announcement. It should hurt all lovers of freedom.

  • Robert

    Justice? In a country rotten with lawyers? LoL. The entire nation will need to plea bargain.

  • gogenhouser

    Eight years ago a Marxist coup took place it was voted in by the people
    Mostly by demoncrats, this is when I knew we were no longer the land of the free and the home of the brave. America has become amerika the land of the heathen and bloodsucker. Garden variety demoncrat over 3 thousand babies a day are murdered this is what they are voting for. They have a lot to look forward to Rev 21:8

    • zeph

      Can you imagine what a heavenly utopia this would be w/the coveted 3000 brats a day for the last 8 yrs? All the parasites bursting forward from roach cases to consume and foul every millimeter of this fetid nest. Lucky for you all the diseased putrid illegals are taking us up on that wretched refuse offer and the teeming masses are now milling about as murderous protoplasm. Trump better get in!

  • Jack

    Sit tight folks; I smell a ploy

  • I first started to wake up when I saw “Loose Change” on YouTube back in the Spring of 2005. Since then, I can’t believe all the stuff I’ve learned. It’s been a painful process. The writer of Ecclesiastes was not kidding when he said:

    “For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow” (Ecclesiastes 1:18).

    It’s been tough waking up and facing the cold hard facts that the country I grew up in and love is just an illusion. I realize now it was over for America long before I was even born. As far as I can tell, the dream of the Founding Fathers really ended sometime shortly after the Civil War.

    The “powers that be” seem to be dispensing with the pleasantries surrounding the illusion they created and are now going straight for Uncle Sam’s jugular. These people are not messing around.

    But don’t feel bad that America’s better days are behind her. Many, if not most of the Founders were Christian and knew it was never going to last for ever anyway. The hope of every Christian is in Christ’s kingdom. For those of us who are believers, we can “look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness” (2 Peter 3:13). The Bible tells us Christ’s kingdom will last for ever (Psalm 45:6, Luke 1:33, Revelation 11:15). Amen to that!

    • 105mmHowitzer

      9-II was an inside job.

      • No doubt. The collapse of building 7 is the smoking gun of 9-11. As I understand it, it takes several weeks to set up a controlled demolition. It’s impossible to set that all up in one day, let alone amid the chaos of that day. Building 7 screams of conspiracy. It wasn’t hit by anything and fell that afternoon at free fall speed.

        I live in Virginia and tried to get my fridge repaired a few months back. The repair guy was from New York. He had been a volunteer fireman up there and said he knew a lot of the guys that died that day.

        I started to talk about building seven with him and he became visibly nervous to the point he couldn’t even think straight. He got so upset he could not even write up my repair bill! He had totally bought into the government version of what happened. I just backed off and let it go.

        I’ve come to the realization that if you can’t see by now that it was an inside job, you probably never will.

    • Matthew Chen

      Luis, 911 was bad enough. Now please Google “The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia” and another article “infested” by Preston James PhD, to see the evil elites who really control America’s Federal Reserve Bank, Wall St, Big Banks, Big Oil, Big Pharma, the Arms Merchants, Academia, MSM, Congress, Obama, the WH, Hillary and Hollywood.

      Trump is right. It’s time to clear the swamp.

    • zeph

      Most of the founding fathers didn’t need the fantasy of a benevolent god to tell them right from wrong. Common sense and critical thinking are two lost skills they possessed that modern Americans are strangers to.

  • im4truth4all

    I am approaching my 74th birthday and have never seen the scale of corruption that now exists in the United States. The Constitution is effectively dead. I now seriously believe we could eventually end up in nuclear war down the road.

    The following is from a Catholic Church prophesy by Sister Sasagowa

  • TrollingforTrolls

    Dare I say, situations like these is how revolutions start. Corruption runs rampant within our government; absolutely no consequences for criminal behavior. Trump has planted the seed. Militia groups are rising, ready to defend our constitutional rights. Things could get very ugly in a hurry

  • David

    sounds like the Executive Branch of Government is flexing it’s muscles at Comey needless to say all this Stinks of Corruption from the top. this election truly has been a rollercoaster ride for sure.

    If Hillary wins this nation will evolve into a 3rd world hell hole.
    but that’s just my opinion.

    • On the up side, we all said the same thing eight years ago when it seemed that Obama was going to get elected… and everyone except for the most inveterate racists now agree that the country and the economy are much better off than before, and that guy is now leaving Office with ridiculously high approval ratings.

      High approval ratings for the lame duck President always equal the next President coming from the same party (in this case, obviously Dem).

      So if history proves to be an accurate guide, Clinton won’t do half the things that her opponents and detractors are worry-mongering about, and maybe if this country has any real patriots left, they will rise to the occasion and be “USA First”, not “Hate the B-word” first.

      A nation is only as good as its patriots.

  • tacoma

    It’s the FBI agents who discovered the Abedin/Weiner batch of emails totaling more than half a million. It was the agents who, after reviewing enough of them found enough disturbing evidence to bring it to the attention of the Director.

    The Director informed Congress but acted under pressure due to mishandling of the previous batch of email that angered many agents.

    You can bet the Director got an invitation to meet the president in some quiet place.

    With this finding 2 days before election Hillary is off the hook, again. But there will be war within the agency. Because it is now confirmed FBI is entirely corruptible. Just like the rest of the Establishment.

    • Zoe

      I personally don’t understand why the doj and fbi answer to the president. This O administration is a good example that more than one man should be the boss of these law enforcement agencies of government. For when corruption abounds at the top no one, not even congress can or will do anything about it.

      • disqussted999

        “Not even congress”…??? Who do you think pays and paid for their campaigns and otherwise got them into office? Congress is just as corrupt as the rest…bought and paid for. They haven’t represented WeThePeople in many decades, with rare exceptions like Ron Paul. They were intended by our founders to be normal people from among the various working classes. A long time ago they became professional politicians whose main goal was to stay in office. To that has been added to the goal of getting rich in office and then getting even richer out of office from those wealthy companies and individuals (and in Clinton’s case, as senator and then as Secy of State, even countries) they benefitted while in office. Total and utter corruption from top down.

        • Zoe

          No need to snap it was just a question. You know everyone is so angry that by the time this election is over the love of many will have waxed I to ice.

          • disqussted999

            No “snap”…don’t take things so personally. The comment was directed at our so-called “representatives” who have become nothing but traitors to WeThePeople. You just gave me opportunity by your statement that Congress cannot and will not do anything about it. Yes, they sure COULD do something about it. And YES you’re right…they WON’T!! They are an integral part of the problem, and they benefit from the corrupt system, which is why they like it and won’t stop it. And yes, treason and treachery, greed and deceit among those who are elected to serve make me very angry…and they should you, too.

  • K

    Sorry anyone is surprised by this. A few posts ago, I gave you 3 ways this could go. This was number one on the list. Do you not understand the level of evil, that has taken over this Country? For Michael. If God told you to go to D.C., and find him 100 just men. Do you think you could do it? How about 50?.Did you folks never think? The whole idea of reopening the investigation, was for just one thing.To flush out the few honest FBI agents left. Do you think this little maneuver, did not give them a list they can work from? If Hillary gets in. Take your worst nightmare, and times it by ten.

  • William Lutz

    I don’t mean to sound pessimistic, but America is already toast. A nation that is this corrupt, stupid, wicked and divided cannot survive.

  • Scot Wm

    Here is a regurgitation of my comment from the October 30, 2016 column: “Maybe FBI leaders feel that Trump will win and they want to be on the winning side. But, as the article suggests, the FBI will most likely drop the investigation right before election day and give Clinton a clean bill of health. This new “bombshell” may very well be a diversion meant to distract the news media from other serious Clinton criminal activity.” And Hillary Clinton is the most likely source of this revived FBI investigation that was quickly cancelled.

  • DJohn1

    It isn’t over until it is over. Even now a miracle might happen and he might win. Though that seems to be a shot in the dark.
    I do think Trump needs to write a new book.
    He should call it: “How to Win Enemies and Influence People.”
    If he loses it is because he has made far too many enemies in this campaign with his big mouth on top of a little brain.
    His past public comments did not help.
    His past did not help.
    Just like Romney having an occupation that put thousands out of work did not help.
    It seems in recent years that Republicans did not do their homework before nominating a candidate. Something very wrong in that practice.
    But who amongst all the candidates up there could have won against the Democrats? Well it probably wasn’t Trump.
    As Pogo once said in the middle of the swamp from a small boat: “We have met the enemy, and he is us.” or some such statement.
    So what image did Donald Trump come across with to the American People? Whatever that image was it sowed destruction.
    It brought a huge group of minorities together to defeat him.
    The choice here was “Crooked Hillary” against a “bad image Trump.”
    A lot of people chose Hillary instead of Trump for that reason.
    Choose an Icon next time that doesn’t have a huge background that can be imaged by the Democrats to keep them from getting elected.
    I intend to vote for Trump any way only because of the dirty tricks played by the Democrats in their campaign including using the President of the country in that campaign.
    A candidate must stand on their own merit not that of someone in office.
    If Hillary does become President-elect I predict it will be a short time in office. Only because with the spotlight on her, she will have her health fail or someone will be able to prove fraud against her favorite charity as it was used to make political collections while she was in office.
    Both situations hold more truth than is being told. For that she might be impeached.

    • Zoe

      You really have got to be kidding right? More people have been to Trump rallies that even thought about going to Hill’s. If Hill wins it will be only by voter fraud. I am not defending Trump because I don’t like him either, but the people are mad as the devil at his defeat at Calvary because we vote for republicans and have been stabbed in the back time and time again. Trump trashes those repub who have betrayed the people who voted them in office. He has given the ticked off republicans a voice. And again I don’t like Trump.

  • Paul Patriot

    Too many pre trib rapture believers think that if hitlery gets elected, then the rapture will occur before the real tyranny begins

    I think this is a dangerous place to be, because when freedom is lost, and persecution begins, many will lose their “faith” and be confused and deceived.

    Gods judgement is on this land, ands gods judgement is Coming to the house of God, to separate the real church from the false church so that his bride will be ready when he comes

    American Christians have been so comfortable and blessed, that many refuse to accept american Christians will not face the persecution we read about around the globe, they still believe that God is still blessing this nation as he has in the past, well the tide is turning, and decades of disobedience and splitting in Gods face…..is causing his judgement on this once blessed nation.

    Once the Constitution is either removed or diluted further and hitlery gets in, get ready for an attack on Christianity and the 1st and 2nd amendment like we have never seen or ever thought could ever happen in America.

    I believe that the church will not face the wrath of God poured out on earth in the final 7 year period on planet earth, however, to think God will rapture us before tyranny and persecution comes, will lead to delusion as Christians are promised that and told to expect it.

    If Trump gets in we may have a few more years of “free” speech and some form of freedom, but it is short lived unless this nation collectively repents and turns back to the God of its heritage.

    Fasten your seat belts folks we are in for quite a ride.

  • George L

    As I read I realized this entire revealing of Clinton corruption was not for FBI purposes from God’s view–He knew they would ignore it. IT WAS FOR THE AMERICAN VOTERS!! God might be saying, “Now you know–what do you choose?”

    • 105mmHowitzer

      “I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live.”
      – Deuteronomy 30:19

  • James Staten

    My Bible tells me that those who believe this 1st Corinthians 15:1-4, it ends very well.

  • chris

    ‘The voters know exactly what they are getting with her. And if they choose her anyway despite all of the things that have been revealed, that means that America is willingly choosing lawlessness.’

    In 2005 the voters in the UK decided to re-elect Tony Blair even after it was blindingly obvious that the 2003 invasion of Iraq was based on misinformation and deception. They willing chose someone who really needs to be sent to The Hague and put on trial.

    If Trump did win on Tuesday i can easily see Clinton seeking to overturn the vote based on the intervention of the FBI a couple of weeks ago. She could say that that swung the poles in Trumps favour and now that she has been found ‘blameless’ it was unfair. You might even have to rerun the election and Obama may have to stay on until that time….

  • greanfinisher .

    Yes, Hillary is thoroughly corrupt, and certainly unfit for the Oval Office. On the other hand, Donald isn’t much better as he clearly violated the Cuban Trade Embargo in 1999 (which makes him a felon), and he was recently charged with defrauding those in the so-called ‘Trump University’. In addition he embezzled charity funds from his own Trump Foundation for his own personal benefit which prompted the New York attorney general to close the Foundation down.

  • JCali

    I could not agree with you more Michael. No one can say they did not know she was a despicable criminal, and a wicked person. This choice will work a judgment on the U.S. The good news is that we (Christians) may be protected through the disaster. God can and often does differentiate his judgments. And even if we suffer, he will make it all work together for our good. There is no such guarantee for the Godless. Sorry to say that I have been feeling this for some time.

  • Chris

    America is not a lawless nation, it’s just lawless to the elite who are above the system. You can bet their rules, regulations and laws vigorously apply to you, the governed.

    It’s a shame the people of this country have allowed this republic to become corrupt and do not hold the leaders accountable. Turnover rate within the body of government is nil. We expect change but continue to enable the corporate, media and government elite in their power over us. It’s like we are in an abusive relationship and refuse to opt out.

    Good luck and prayers to us all.

  • watchmannonthewall

    Michael, begin with the end in mind.
    The point of our existence, especially in this age and this day, is that God’s people come to the realization no matter how noble or honorable the beginning, corrupt men want power over others, as does satan, and will manipulate, deceive, and twist as many things as they can to get the control they want. They will eventually destroy anyone who gets in their way. This is playing out today!

    If we truly want to extinguish such endings, we must be wiling to do things exactly the way He said they are to be done. He created the world and all that is in it and He knows just exactly how it will work to fulfill the purpose for which He created it. Manufacturers usually give instructions which detail proper use of their products for users, so they can enjoy the benefits of the product, right? So to does God!

    What is the purpose of Creation? It is found in Genesis when He walked in the Garden and had a relationship with Adam and Eve, and in chapter 22 of Revelation where He dwells among His people. He began with the end in mind and our realization mankind is completely evil and corrupt is necessary to for us to come to the place where He can once again dwell among us without destroying us. That will only happen when we learn that by doing things the way we want, by living by our own changing values and standards, destruction is the constant result, or their just wage (the “curse”).

    Recall that the reason He said He would not go to Canaan with the children of Israel after they sinned with the Golden Calf was that He would end up destroying them.
    We haven’t learned much since then. As of today the outcome would be exactly the same but He is working in His elect and teaching them how to walk righteously with Him, just the way they were instructed.

    “Line on line, precept on precept, here a little and there a little.” That is how we grow in wisdom and understanding!

  • aPEON

    The revealing clue for me that Comey set this all up to look as if he was hurting Clanton, and helping the GOP, was that they had this new batch of emails since early OCT. The site, ‘Wired’ said they could indeed process all of them in 8 days. So, from early OCT to Comey’s announcement, they could easily have known what was in them, planned the announcement for Friday, and the Absolution on Monday. All the time claiming they had to get a search warrant. No search warrant is needed when Evidence is in the sight of LEO.

  • jmo

    My feelings are on the same track as yours exactly. My heart sank when I read she was above the law once again even though there is so much proof of her casual and careless handling of classified materials and her intent to hide guilty situations.
    One can only hope that the FBI is now ‘following the money’ more deeply with the Clinton Foundation and the entire family will go to prison.

  • greg

    agree 100% this is very hard to stomach

  • EL_TED0

    Why did you still have any faith prior to Sunday?

  • Stogots

    Hillary Disqualified
    Word for word from the Cornell Law Library

    Cornell Law
    Library Former United States Attorney General Michael Mukasey tells MSNBC that
    not only is Hillary Clinton’s private email server illegal, it
    “disqualifies” her from holding any federal office. Very
    specifically points to one federal law, Title 18. Section 2071.

    For those of us
    who do not have United States Code committed to memory, here’s what it says:

    “(a) Whoever
    willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, or
    destroys, or attempts to do so, or, with intent to do so takes and carries away
    any record, proceeding, map, book, paper, document, or other thing, filed or
    deposited with any clerk or officer of any court of the United States, or in
    any public office, or with any judicial or public officer of the United States,
    shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or

    (b) Whoever,
    having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper,
    or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates,
    obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or
    imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and
    be disqualified from holding any office under the United States. As used
    in this subsection, the term “office” does not include the office held by any
    person as a retired officer of the Armed Forces of the United States.

    Yes, it
    explicitly states “shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from
    holding any office under the United States.”

  • Rusty Nale

    A false flag event, such as claims by the Obama administration that the “voting process was hacked by Russia, so I declare this election cancelled indefinitely.” Might just go sideways that way.

    • GetReal4U2

      anything is possible for sure…


    Don’t worry Michael, NARENDRA MODI will not only restore a justice, law and order around the world, but he will bring down the evil cabal that has been ruling the world for atleast 200 years, I promise you

  • “In the world of national security, if you transmit a single classified document via a channel that is unsecured, you will lose your security clearance in a heartbeat and it is quite likely that you will be prosecuted and sent to prison for mishandling classified information.”
    ^^^Nope! It didn’t happen to sitting President George W. Bush when it happened to him, nor did it happen to former Secretary of State Colin Powell when it happened to him.

    We simply have to find out WHY women are consistently held to higher standards than their male counterparts are. And then we need to stop it, because it’s wrong. Something about being good for the goose and the gander?

    • Bill the eighth

      Are you really that stupid to think this is woman’s issue? It is NOT! It is an issue about those with money and power being above the laws you and I would face. The rich and powerful have been above the law in this country for decades, man or woman. This is not a gender issue or a demon / repug issue!

      • When you start out your question asking the other person if they’re stupid, well, it’s more a matter of those four fingers pointing back at yourself.

        Second — G.W. Bush and Colin Powell were surely not more rich than HRC, so why did they get a free-muff-uckin-pass for having committed identical/worse crimes than HRC, while she is facing the Spanish Inquisition?

        See the same b.s. happening in Brazil, where [former] President Rousseff (a female) was impeached for having done the exact, identical actions as Cardosa, Lula da Silva, Franco and Collor, who didn’t get so much as a side-eye from their electorate.

        So to answer your stupidly asked question, YES, it very clearly IS about treating the woman differently than the man, as the men keep getting to cakewalk away, while the women are all but lined up in front of a firing squad. Just a little bit of attention paid to what’s going on around you would have saved you from asking that question.

  • JB

    “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” Psalm 11:3

  • GetReal4U2

    kind of like the “hope” of hildabeast losing tomorrow…sadly…it’s already been decided…we just don’t know it yet….obummer’s parting gift of the “peace plan” concerning Israel is going to bring terrible judgement to our country…

    I’m looking up…may GOD HELP US ALL…

  • Rhodey

    I am an immigrant. Arrived in 1975 and just as soon as possible became a citizen. America has been good to us, one son served in Desert Storm returned went to University got a degree and is now a Marine Biologist. My other son received an athletic scholarship currently GM, CEO of a private club.
    My wife & Ihave worked hard,saved and now retired, but I am still an optimist I still believe America will draw back from the abyss that confronts them, I also believe the truth will out, even by Willileaks. The head of the FBI is a disgrace to himself,the US ,his family,the FBI itself, and in turn I believe men of character will come forward and expose the malfeasance within both DOJ and FBI, and ultimately prosecute her.
    I believed until the FBI said no reason to change their original opinion about her that Trump would win in a landslide,,now I am not so positive. I pray voters will vote with their conscience

  • Matthew Chen

    Google “The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia” and another article “infested” by Preston James PhD, to see the crooked elites who really control America’s Federal Reserve Bank, Wall St, Big Banks, Big Oil, Big Pharma, the Arms Merchants, Academia, MSM,
    Congress, Obama, the WH, Hillary and Hollywood.

    Trump is right. It’s time to clear the swamp.

  • Defiant

    IT’s staggering that this corruption had been normalized and accepted by the majority of Americans. What recourse is there for the rest of us? The citizens who KNOW they’re being raped by the system and DEMAND Justice? How can this graft continue!? There was a time when exposing such crimes would end them. Today, exposure simply brings acceptance. WTF is going on!?

  • zeph

    Those of us who were paying attention saw flagrant examples of treason by Obama that went unquestioned and unchecked, even before the bloodthirsty hag was allowed to run. The American people have been asleep at the wheel so long, I hope our country hasn’t atrophied to the point of no return. Vigilance is the price of freedom. Today we’ll find out. Mr. Trump is our final chance.