Henry Gruver’s Incredible Vision Of Russian Submarines Launching Nuclear Missiles At The United States

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A little more than 30 years ago, God showed Henry Gruver that someday Russian submarines lurking very close to our coastlines would launch an absolutely devastating nuclear first strike on the United States.  If you are not familiar with Henry Gruver, he is truly a remarkable man of God, and I do not use that term lightly.  He has literally spent thousands of hours prayer walking through cities all over the globe, and signs, wonders and miracles have followed his ministry for decades.  He has never sought to make a big name for himself, because his priority has always been following the Lord’s agenda.


So many people today claim to “get a word” about global events, but they don’t actually physically see or hear anything.  Of course many of those “words” end up falling to the ground because they were never from God in the first place.

But with Henry Gruver, the things that I am about to share with you were actually physically seen with his own eyes while he was awake.  Many refer to such experiences as “open visions”, and they can often be absolutely overwhelming to those that receive them because they are so powerful.

During a time that he was prayer walking through Wales in 1986, God caught Henry Gruver up into the heavens and showed him a future conflict between the United States and Russia.  In his vision, submarines that were lurking along our coastlines emerged from under the water and began launching missiles at major U.S. cities.  In his account of the vision, Gruver specifically mentioned the cities of New York City, Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego and Tampa.  After the vision was over, Gruver asked the Lord when this would happen, and this is what he was told…

“When Russia opens her gates and lets the masses go the free world will occupy themselves with transporting, housing and caring for the masses and will begin to let there weapons down and will cry peace and safety and that’s when it will happen.”

Of course Gruver was given this vision while the Cold War was still raging.  The Berlin Wall would not fall until three years later, but once that happened we did see the Iron Curtain come down and Russia did open her gates.  In fact, I was fortunate enough to go on a mission trip with Campus Crusade for Christ to Moscow during the summer of 1991.

To this day, many Americans are still crying “peace and safety”, but in reality we are closer to war with Russia right now than we have been at any point since the Cuban missile crisis of the 1960s.  In fact, the Russians have already pledged to respond with force the next time the Trump administration attacks Syria.

Henry Gruver has a tremendous track record, but one of the ways that we know that his vision was from God is because it has been confirmed by many others.  So many watchmen have also been shown that the Russians will attack the United States someday, and many of them have specifically been shown that the initial attack will involve nuclear missiles launched from Russian submarines.

In another vision, Gruver was shown that a ground invasion will follow the initial attack with nuclear missiles.  This is something that has also been confirmed by many others.  In a recent interview with Steve Quayle, Gruver discussed these visions.  You can find Part I of the interview here

The videos are rather long, but they are definitely worth watching.  You can find Part II of the interview here

Needless to say, a nuclear war between the United States and Russia would be a catastrophe beyond anything that humanity has ever known before.  The following is what the executive director of the Los Alamos Study Group had to say about this recently

But Mr Mello said even a “limited nuclear war” would wipe out large swathes of the US.

He added: “Keep in mind that nuclear war is not one or two Hiroshima-sized bombs.

“The imagination cannot encompass nuclear war. Nuclear war means nuclear winter.

“It means the collapse of very fragile electronic, financial, governmental, administrative systems that keep everyone alive.

“We’d be lucky to reboot in the early 19th century. And if enough weapons are detonated, the collapse of the Earth’s ozone layer would mean that every form of life that has eyes could be blinded.”

Unfortunately, things with Russia just continue to become even more tense.  Both sides have a deep distrust of one another at this point, and both sides continue to rattle their sabers.  For example, Russian bombers have violated Alaskan airspace for the last two nights in a row

For the second consecutive night, Russia flew two long-range bombers off the coast of Alaska on Tuesday, this time coming within 36 miles of the mainland while flying north of the Aleutian Islands, two U.S. officials told Fox News.

The two nuclear-capable Tu-95 bombers were spotted by U.S. military radar at 5 p.m. local time.

Unlike a similar incident Monday night, this time the U.S. Air Force did not scramble any fighter jets.

But before I end this article, I want to make one thing exceedingly clear.

The surprise Russian nuclear attack is not going to happen yet.

Yes, we should certainly expect the relationship between the United States and Russia to continue to deteriorate, and we have definitely entered a time of wars and rumors of wars.  We may even see limited military conflict between the United States and Russia, but the big war is not going to come for at least a little while.

That is because there is a series of prophetic events that lead up to the fall of America, and the surprise Russian nuclear attack comes at the very end.  My wife and I have studied thousands of prophecies related to the future of America over the years, and the reason why so many of them are so consistent is because they all come from the same source.  And there are still a whole bunch of things that have to happen before the fall of America, and so we know that the Russian submarines are not going to attack just yet.

But this will happen someday, and right now the pieces for this future conflict are falling into place right before our very eyes.

  • jaxon64

    Michael, you really have no understanding of Eschatology or the timeline of events from Daniel, Ezekiel and The Revelation of John.
    If the US is indeed “mystery Babylon” or the spirit of Babylon in the modern world as some surmise, then the assault and fall of Babylon and the weeping of the nations who profited from her is an event toward the end of the tribulation.
    The next biggie to watch for is the hook in the jaw of the Rosh, Meshak, Tubal (Russia)/Persia( Iran)/Togarmah-Gomer (Turkey) and a few other allied nations ( like Lebanon) as they start to march on Israel and are damaged severely ( they do have a second charge in them as they will meet the AC’s army, the Dragon of the East and King’s of the South later in the Valley of Megiddo).
    If Russia does indeed strike the USA with a sudden, large nuclear assault it will be after much of the horrors of the tribulation have already happened. The horsemen, scrolls, bowls and trumpet judgments are chronological.
    I know you don’t believe that God will remove those who are called by His name this time ( as He has done throughout the Bible when He removes the remnant before his wrath) but even if you don’t believe in Christ appearing as a thief in the night- in the air to call those to Him when least expected-and when the world is going on as normal with people working, marrying and living normally ( as opposed to those who think he’ll come during the war of Armageddon fits these Bible verse/scenarios)—-you should at least have some basic eschatological timeline if you are a legitimate “watchman.”
    PS: The Bible clearly talks of 2 separate events–the removal of the “Bride” during a time of relative peace when nobody expects, and a time when He descends to stop man from eradicating themselves and starting the millennial kingdom.

    • Jorma

      Excellent post. It would have taken me days to draft this. I would like to ask you simple questions out of my curiosity. Regarding the moment God removes the Holy Spirit from earth. This occurs before the Anti Christ is revealed correct? Christians that the Spirit dwells in are also caught up in the air when God removes the Spirit. And this occurs in a twinkling of an eye, meaning instant. And is the shout we hear. The trumpet of God, is this Michael the Archangel? Thanks for your posting.

      • oUCH

        It is my current understanding that God will remove His Holy Spirit and that this removal is what opens the “window” to the Anti-Christ to obtain complete power. Since God will not remove His Spirit from His people; His people must also be removed. There will be a period of time, a moment, a nanosecond, “some amount” of time where there is not any presence of God’s restraining power on the earth. “For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work, but the one now restraining will do so until he is out of the way, and then the lawless one will be revealed. The Lord Jesus will destroy him with the breath of His mouth and will bring him to nothing with the brightness of His coming.” 2Th 2:7-8.

        None of us can or will understand completely in this body;isbut we understand enough to know that there is one name given under Heaven whereby people can be saved.. Jesus, the Christ. We should concentrate on our relationship with Him and let Him handle all the rest I think.. I hope this helps..

        • watchmannonthewall

          There are many that now believe and teach, after researching the Greek contained in the passage, that the “Retrainer” is actually satan who restrains the righteous from shining forth. He is the one who sowed the tares that are intended to choke out the wheat. Satan is the one who will be “taken out of the way” when he is thrown into the bottomless pit for a 1,000 years. Evil has always acted as a check on those who would live righteously. Something worth considering.

        • Jorma

          It helps and thank you. I have really enjoyed this post and everyone’s comments on the matter.

        • Shawn M

          I think many Christians have a hard time understanding that God has distinct times for different groups of saints. The old testament saints are not known as the “Bride” of Christ. Only those in this time of grace. Those that will be saved during the tribulation period are not known as the “Bride” of Christ either. Those that are saved during the 1,000 year reign of Christ is also not known as the “Bride” of Christ. However we are all saved by grace through faith in Christ. Israel was once referred to as God’s wife that committed adultery against Him. However, later, He will restore that relationship with Israel, that the whole nation will be saved.

          Removing the Holy Spirit would be no different than when He was not here during the old testament. The Holy Spirit came upon David many times. I believe it will be the same during the tribulation period. The one who refrains, is the Holy Spirit who will be removed.

      • watchmannonthewall

        No, God does not remove the H.S. before the anti Christ is revealed. As Paul said in 2 Thess. 2:1-3, first comes the apostacy, then comes the anti-christ, then comes the Day of the LORD. We are in the apostacy now as people are falling off the wagon right and left and many are so married to their escatological doctrines developed between 1850 and 1900 that they don’t have a clue what God’s word actually teaches about the end of this age.

        Many for some reason like to completely ignore Jesus’ words in Matt. 24 where He says, “Immediately AFTER the Tribulation of those days, He will send forth His angles to gather together His elect from the four winds of heaven.

        Many, again for some reason, completely ignore John’s statement that the bowls of wrath are poured out just prior to the return of Messiah to the earth, but after the earth is reaped at the sounding of the 7th trumpet, even as John states in Revelation and Paul stated in 1 Cor. 15, and instead these knuckleheads claim the entire process of seals and trumpets consist of His wrath. They don’t!! The bowls are clearly stated to consist of God’s wrath and believers who follow God are not appointed unto His wrath!

        There is a reason Jesus said the kingdom of heaven is made up of children. Children actually believe what they are told instead of devising schemes and twisting words to make statements say what they want them to say!

        • Paul Patriot

          I am confused. Scripture says Christians will be saved from the great wrath to come.

          Why would God pour his wrath upon his bride whom he died for and already paid the price with his blood so that Christians would not have to endure the wrathful judgements of God?

          Many teach that the days of wrath (Jacobs trouble, Daniels 70 the week) the great tribulation, which God treads the winepress of his wrath onto planet earth, is for Israel and the non believers on planet earth, after the church has been removed to enjoy the wedding supper of the Lord.

          I have always struggled with the notion that God will pour his wrath, (a wrath by the way that makes what Hitler, Mao, Stalin did look like child’s play), upon the very church that he shed his blood for to save from the wrath of God???

          • watchmannonthewall

            God’s Word says we are not appointed unto wrath, right? Do the scriptures says the vials contain the wrath of God? Do the scriptures ever say the seals and trumpets contain God’s wrath? If not, why do we claim the entire process, starting with the seals through the vials is the wrath of God poured out on the inhabitants of the earth? Scripture doesn’t say that! It says the vials contain His wrath and they are poured out on the unrepentant, ater one like the Son of Man has reaped the earth (Rev. 14:14-17).

            Notice immediately after this another reaping takes place, and these grapes are thrown into the great winepress of the wrath of God! He gathers His wheat into the barn and then burns the tares with fire!!

            The seals and trumpets are His attempt to get the attention of those who claim to belong to Him but are mixing various kinds of worship with worship of Him. He is holy and those who will draw near to Him must also be holy!

            Today’s church is just like the northern 10 tribes of Israel when God scattered them among the nations. The LORD will judge His people. 2 Kings 17:32 and 41 tell it all, both then and now: “They also feared the LORD AND served their OWN gods according to the custom of the nations from among whom they had been carried away into exile”, and, “So while these nations [tribes] feared the LORD, they also served their idols; their children likewise and their grandchildren; as their fathers did, so they do to this day.” They mixed and figured it was OK, just like they did with the golden calf!!

            No man wants a bride that gets in her husband’s face and tells him she can do whatever she wants and he has to like it. That is what most christians do today with God!! That is one reason why the doctrine Paul did away with the Law is so insideous. Jesus never said He did away with it and as God He is the only one withthe authority to remove what He put in place!!! Such a doctrine, Paul did away God’s Law, teaches God’s people to be lawless. It is a doctrine from satan! They serve their idols and serve God also! What idols? Sports, TV, entertainment, Christmas, Easter, Sunday, materialism, children, education, you name it.

            Before Jesus returns He will plead with His people to come out from among them and be separate, hence, “the time of Jacob’s trouble”. The use of “Jacob”, rather than Israel, is an indication of an unregenerate heart before wrestling with God and having his name changed to Israel. Once this happens we walk differently. We submit to our husband and because of our submission he has an oligation towards us. We are guaranteed eternal life with Him, not being kept from evil in this one!! We pray for that!

            The argument that he loves His wife too much to let anything, we perceive as, bad happen to us necessitates viewing the apostles as something other than being a part of His bride, since all were martyred. New Jerusalem is adorned as a bride for her husband, yes? It is made up of living stones fitly framed together for a habitation of God by the Spirit. They are also part of the bride, and their lives and the giving of their lives testified as to their complete commitment to their Husband. He died for them, they could also die for Him!! That is complete and total love for your husband.

            Thankfully, God does not usually requre this in the natural!! But it may occur among the Tribulation saints, and does according to Daniel 11 and in Revelation.

            Finally, the doctrine about escaping from the Tribulation completely ignores the amount of time God spent in scripture on the subject of the Feasts of the LORD. The topic is a primary teaching in both the OT and NT.

            I doubt many have ever considered nearly the entire book of John is about what Jesus was doing dring the various festivals. His actions during these times specifically speak of the purpose for the feast!

            Ignoring scriptural references to these will leave one with a false understanding of the end times. As stated before, God works on His appointed times- “mow’ed” in Genesis1:14 and translated as “seasons”. But at that time, until the Flood, there were no “seasons”. The entire earth was subtropical. The word “seasons” should be translated as “appointed times”, or “holy convocations”. An indication of the biblical editors bias!

            There are many references to the festivals in Paul’s writings also as the festivals are used there to indicate the time of year events occurred. The references to them indicates they were still observed by the nation, even as Jesus was the Passover Lamb slain at Passover! Because the Church largely ignores these, it will not be prepared to obey God when the time comes, hence, foolish virgins. They will not be ready!!

            Jesus will still fufill the fall feasts, even as He did the spring feasts and Pentecost (Shavuot). Armageddon occurs at Atonement. Those who die there are the substitutes for those who were earlier “gathered” at Trumpets, just as the 1st born of Egypt were the atonement for the deliverance of all Israel at the Exodus.. It is a pattern in scripture. Same with Noah and those who died in the Flood.

            We are not appointed unto wrath, and many will escape but so as by fire, yet will go into the Kingdom naked. By God’s grace, I do not intend to be one of those but rather to be one who understands the times and to be about “doing” the will of the LORD.

          • Paul Patriot

            Thank you watchman, I appreciate you taking time to write all that, I am going to prayerfully get deeper into scripture and try to get a better grasp.

            Thank you again!

            Blessings to you and yours!

          • Ras

            That is because there is a difference between the wrath of God and the tribulation/world wide persecution that is appointed for God’s people during the tribulation period. The bowl judgments (the wrath of God) won’t happen until near the very end of the 7 years. They will be in quick succession of one another and one plague seems to tie into the other one with cause/effect. Much the same way the 10 plagues in Egypt were closely related too each other in time, intensity, and cause/effect.

            You are right the church is not appointed to God’s wrath “God…who saves us from the wrath to come (I Thess. 1:10)”.
            However, there will be a worldwide christian and Jewish holocaust caused by the Antichrist and the false prophet’s worship system that we can read about in Revelation 13.
            So the question is, will the bride be here for that? That is really what most of the contention is over: will the church have to be here when the devil comes down to earth in a great rage because he knows he has little time left?
            Are the “saints” in Daniel’s prophecy (Daniel 7:21) that the Antichrist wages war against the church? Different bible verses can be looked at to support either view. Luke 21:36 and Revelation 3:10 could be interpreted to mean that the church will be spared from this coming time-if indeed “all these things (Luke 21:36)” and the “test coming to all those upon the earth (Rev. 3:10)” is the Antichrist’s worship system being established all over the world.

            But then if you read 2 Thess. 2:1-3 as has already be referenced above by Watchmanonthewall, Paul seems to be telling the church that 2 events have to happen before the day of the Lord AND our gathering together (the rapture) with Him. What are those 2 events?
            1. The great falling away
            2. The man of sin is revealed-the Antichrist

            2 Thess. 2 along with Matthew 24 are two of the main scriptures that is used to support either a mid, pre-wrath, or even post tribulation rapture instead of a pre-trib. one. Personally I had always believed in a pre-trib. rapture before I really started to dig into the scriptures and read them for exactly what they say instead of just what man has taught for many years. I now believe in a pre-wrath rapture. That means that God will take His bride out of the earth before His wrath falls but not necessarily before terrible persecutions break out against His church.
            Really this persecution has already broke out in the Middle East and other places and will continue to get worse until Jesus does come back for His people.
            I hope I am wrong and Jesus does take us home before the Antichrist is revealed with the mark of the beast, etc. But we need to be spiritually prepared in case the church has the timing of this doctrine wrong. This itself could be the great falling away that we read about as many of the lukewarm church refuse to give up the world and are deceived by the Antichrist.

          • GoldenGirl

            I could have written this. I think you are correct that one can make a case for either event, depending on whether you think the rapture (at any point) and Second Coming are two separate events or if one looks at these end-times prophecies as being harmonic (one event expressed in different ways.) I was taught pre-trib rapture also, but like you have come to believe more in a pre-wrath event. The pre-trib position is rather recent in church history, and is actually not held by the majority of Christians worldwide. And when American Christians tell me they believe they will escape real persecution via a pre-trib rapture I now have to ask them what they think the persecuted and martyred believers in the Middle East must think of that? It’s almost insulting, not to mention arrogant. And are Americans so special that we get a pass? I kind of doubt it. Hope for the best but spiritually strengthen ourselves for the worst. Either way, come Lord Jesus!

          • Goshen

            God dismantled Egypt while the Israelites were fine in Goshen.

      • how does one remove the Holy Spirit, who is God and omnipresent, from the earth? That is a complete misunderstanding of 2 Thess 2. What was being restrained were the emperors at the time.

  • what

    “In his account of the vision, Gruver specifically mentioned the cities of New York City, Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego and Tampa.”

    Didn’t this site recently say California would sink?

    • Jim Davis

      Its hard to keep up with all of the End Times predictions of this site. I’m pretty sure we were all supposed to be dead or at least bankrupt five years ago.

      • what

        The other day you called me a bot and this time you responded normally.
        Changing names does make a difference!

        • Jim Davis

          Well if your post consists of seemingly random phrases strung together people are going to think you’re a bot!

          • what

            It actually wasn’t seemingly random. You’re just trying to save face (avoid looking dumb).

          • Jim Davis

            If you are using a different name everyday, then you might be a bot.

          • what

            A bot is an automated program that can’t give intelligent reply’s. More saving face. That’s okay, we all do it.

    • Nensul

      I believe these things will happen during the Tribulation

    • Apocalypse Now

      Nuke the Yellowstone area w/ a 100 megaton warhead…

  • Draco

    Actually, no, the Russians have NOT violated Alaskan airspace at all. The area is international.
    Secondly. God did not say that Russia would the ‘bad guys’ in this alleged nuke attack. As, the way it looks now, the USA has clearly become the “bad guys” and Russia is one of the only countries standing up for Christianity and Putin has recently affirmed that it is a platform of the Russian government and people. The way it looks now is that if Russia attacks the USA, then the USA will have deserved a good spanking. It is the USA which has attacked Russia through proxies since Perestroika. It was the USA behind the coup in Ukraine to which Russia only responded…and Russians of the Ukraine responded. It is the USA picking a fight in Syria. It is the US military which burns Bibles, not the Russians.

    And lastly, in any case Henry’s prophecy appears top be not true because Perestroika was 26 years ago and the people did not “flood out out of Russia”. Sure some left but today people are going to Russia to live. Russia is less of a communist police state in many ways than say Australia and Britain.

  • Jim Davis

    Going back to the 80s to dredge up the End Times “visions” of some guy nobody has ever heard of? It must have been a slow content day for Michael.

    • watchmannonthewall

      I’ve heard of Henry. I’ve also heard of Jeremiah and many of his prophesies still haven’t come true. Does that mean they won’t?

    • Ray S.

      Prophetic words are really interesting. It doesn’t matter when they were given. Some of the prophecies in the old testament are from thousands of years ago and came to pass in the last 50 years. Some of the words I have heard from the 60s and 70s are coming to pass now. God’s time table is not our time table.

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    • Sean H

      I have deffinitely heard of Henry Gruver and listened to his discussion on this vision many times in the past ten years. My biggest issue with this is that I truly believe that WWIII doesn’ t begin until after antichrist has come to power. In order for all of mankind to decide who they will follow the mark of the beast must be here first. If the world carries on as it is and people have to give up their comfort or to participate in the world system you will need the technology to institute it. Nuclear war will tear down technology and have a world where can live off the grid. Revelation says after the antichrist is in power and the mark of the beast is instituted, then the kings of the east attack him with a 200,000,000 man army (china and russia). First comes world government based on all the big fears of war, economy collapse, terror and environmental disaster. Then when the whole world sees they have been suckered by the guy with all the answers and their is global war and THEN Christ intervenes as King of Kings.

  • Robert Roberts

    jaxon64, you need to study a wider area of research. A lot of what you say is nothing but old guess made by ego led “scholars” from the past.

  • Bill Kelsoe

    I think Henry just likes to hear himself talk. While the George Washington Prophecy is two thirds complete & some of the AA Allen prophecies have been completed, none of Henry’s has that I am aware of. They have a name for these types.

    Hey Henry, next time your in Heaven, bring back some cool music or medical cures.

  • jaxon64

    When referencing “Rosh” Ezekiel speaks very clearly of the people “to the far north lands”–pretty much DIRECTLY north in the hinterlands –the same exact longitude as Jerusalem lies the city of……Moscow.

    • Draco

      That line barely touches Russia on the globe…..in fact it continues north up to Norway and Finland area.

  • A.S.

    I don’t believe in all this hype. God promised to Noah to never destroy the world ever again. That includes nuclear weapons. There won’t be any WWIII with Russia; the whole world will be gone. The only threat today is from North Korea, and even that won’t happen, as the Chinese are getting involved. Bottom line, I don’t believe or take seriously anything from the mouth of people like Henry.

  • DJohn1

    I have seen a disturbing pattern in history and we appear to be repeating it.
    God blesses us with prosperity and many other blessings.
    Mankind prospers in the land.
    The next generation has not the respect of the first toward God
    They do many things including many abominations towards God.
    God comes in anger either from others attacking or direct conflicts that bloodies the country and removes the prosperity.
    A remnant of mankind goes back to worshipping God.
    God prospers that remnant.
    Until a new generation comes along that does not respect God and his Blessings toward us.
    What can be done about it?
    Obviously the child raising is at fault. God must either come up with a new plan so that mankind does not stray. That means training. Because the obvious alternatives are going to be horrifying and the results could easily destroy the planet.
    We need to clean our own house before God Cleans that house for us.
    Nothing is more obvious that with a learned house an many people that love the Lord Their God with all their hearts and all their souls that all of this will not come to pass.
    There are many warnings and much evil endorsed by mankind in recent years.
    Even the most cruel people in history reformed under the reluctant leadership of Jonah.
    We did not get dirty over night. Only Jesus Christ and his father God, creator of it all can straighten this out. But without it the end result will be far worst than anything we may imagine.

  • Ray S.

    That’s it. I’m moving to Russia.