Have We Raised An Entire Generation Of Young Men That Do Not Know How To Be Men?

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Have we completely and totally failed an entire generation of young men?  Have we failed to equip them with the tools that they need?  Have we raised an entire generation of young men that do not know how to be men?  Today, young adult men are nearly twice as likely to live with their parents as young adult women are, and young adult men are much less likely to go to college than young adult women are.  Now I want to make something perfectly clear before we proceed.  The point of this article is not to slam women or drag them down.  Not at all.  Rather, the goal of this article is to point out that we have a real problem with our young men and that they are lagging way behind.  Vast numbers of them don’t want to go to college, don’t want to pursue careers, don’t want to get married and don’t want to take on any serious responsibilities.  Of course there are always exceptions.  In fact, there are some young men out there that are absolutely outstanding.  However, what this article is trying to say is that the overall trends all point to the fact that our system has raised up a crop of young men that are generally weak, directionless, wimpified and unwilling to take responsibility.  This is not a good thing.


What comes to your mind when you think of men under the age of 30 in America today?  Does an image of an irresponsible, sex crazed, beer swilling slacker come to mind?

Unfortunately, that stereotype is way too true.  We have failed our young men.  We did not teach them how to be men.  Yes, as I noted earlier, there are definitely exceptions to this, but in general we have a real problem on our hands.

Let take a look at some of the hard numbers.

As a recent CNN article noted, young men between the ages of 25 and 34 are almost twice as likely to live with their parents as young women the same age are….

The number of adult children who live with their parents, especially young males, has soared since the economy started heading south. Among males age 25 to 34, 19% live with their parents today, a 5 percentage point increase from 2005, according to Census data released Thursday. Meanwhile, 10% of women in that age group live at home, up from 8% six years ago.

Among the college-aged set, the 18- to 24-year-olds, 59% of males and 50% of females lived with their parents, up from 53% and 46%, respectively.

So what in the world is causing this?

Men that are between 25 and 34 should be in their prime working years.  Instead, almost one out of every five of them is living with mommy and daddy.

This is a major problem.  Rather than working hard, taking responsibility and building their own lives, we have way too many young men that are living in our basements and that spend much of their time watching television or playing video games.

The lack of ambition among many of our young men is absolutely appalling.  Today, young women are far more likely to pursue a college education than young men are.  According to the New York Times, approximately 57 percent of all young people enrolled at U.S. colleges are women.  That means that only about 43 percent are men.

As I have written about previously, unemployment is also rampant among our young people.

Only 55.3% of all Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 were employed last year.  That was the lowest level that we have seen since World War II.

Today, there are millions of young men that are sitting around with no job, no hope and no direction in life.

But even many of those that do have jobs are not making much money.  The number of the “working poor” in America is rapidly increasing, and this is especially true among young adults.  Since the year 2000, incomes for U.S. households led by someone between the ages of 25 and 34 have fallen by about 12 percent after you adjust for inflation.

In the past, women always complained about the “gender gap” when it came to wages, but today we are actually seeing that reversed among our young people.  In fact, author Guy Garcia says that women in their twenties now earn more money than men of the same age in the ten largest cities in the United States.

This current generation of men also seems to be extremely hesitant to take on the responsibilities of marriage and family.  Today, an all-time low 44.2% of Americans between the ages of 25 and 34 are married.

Instead, most young men seem to want to run around “hooking up” with as many women as possible without any consequences.

But there are consequences.  The irresponsible behavior of our young men is putting an incredible amount of strain on our young women.

For example, in 2010 42 percent of all single mothers in the United States were on food stamps.

So what is causing all of this?

Well, certainly there are a lot of factors, but it certainly does not help that men are almost always portrayed as weak, irresponsible, sex-crazed idiots on television and in our movies.

This point was made very well in a recent article in The Washington Times….

If the fall TV season is any guide, the sexual revolution that was supposed to liberate men and women from traditional sex roles seems to have resulted instead in a straight-up role reversal. The male characters are messes — insecure, jobless, barely able to dress themselves without a wife or girlfriend and/or living in mom’s proverbial basement. Their female counterparts, meanwhile, are flaunting the same selfish, boorish ways that once got men called “chauvinist pigs.”

Today, our society generally does not teach young men that they should be strong, noble, ambitious and eager to take responsibility.

Instead, we are constantly sending our young men the message that we expect them to act like idiots, drink lots of beer, chase women and pretty much be as lazy as possible.

I fear that we have failed this entire generation of young men.  Yes, there are many that have turned out great, but in general we have a real mess on our hands.

So what can we do about all of this?

  • Tim

    I’m not sure what to make of this article, Michael. It seems to contradict everything you’ve been writing about since you started your blogs. I agree that there are many young men today who are irresponsible, foolish and lazy. But there are also many ambitious, young men of excellent character that have put off getting married because they either can’t find jobs or they have jobs but can barely support themselves, let alone a wife and children. Many young men (and women) who have college degrees live with their parents because of the economy. You know that. So who exactly is it that has failed these young men?

    • DaytoDay

      I have to agree with you Tim.

      I wasn’t expecting this at all! I mean, Michael, you do a really good job, in explaining the economic crisis, political debasement as well as the eroding morals and values of society.

      However, In this article, it seems that the “message” is to now blame young people for not having a job and for the failing economy. As Tim said, a complete contradiction of what you’ve been writing and I as well, don’t really know what to make of it.

      Here’s what I think. I do agree with you, that we have a generation of “partiers”. A lot of kids today, just want to get drunk, smoke weed and do pills all day. You are right, in the fact, a lot of kids have a laziness to them, and you can blame that on generations of TV, video-games, Facebook, Twitter, etc…

      I mean, who raised this generation? Are parents not be held for any accountability? Someone bought them the game systems, cell phones and allowed them to watch TV.

      So, I think this has been in the making for quite some time. My late grandparents (May they rest in piece) would talk about how my parents, who are in their mid 50’s, had it great compared to when they were growing up, and it’s the same thing that I’ve heard from my parents. So, the difference now, is that you have GENERATIONS, or in other words, a build up, just like our debt, and how politicians have been “kicking the can” down the road for decades, so has been the decline of society.

      You also have to remember, back in the “good o’l days” the Bible was being taught in schools and the majority of people (American Citizens) believed in God and went to church. In my personal belief, it is the absence of faith, that has caused society to spiral out of control over the years (decades).

      So, I think our societal problems are very deep rooted and have been in the making for decades, from past generations, “passing the buck” down to us. I think most young people don’t have a job, not because they’re just “so lazy” but, as you have said, the economy is in the gutter right now, and may soon completely tank.

      So, if you want someone to blame, blame the parents who raised them, blame society for allowing it, and blame the government for encouraging it.

      Stay strong and Keep up the good work!

      • Michael

        I did think that I put quite a bit of blame on parents and on society in the article.


      • Gary2

        However, In this article, it seems that the “message” is to now blame young people for not having a job and for the failing economy. As Tim said, a complete contradiction of what you’ve been writing and I as well, don’t really know what to make of it.

        Looks like Michael has gotten on the Cain Train!!!

        • Michael

          No, certainly as I have written about so many times, there are other economic factors involved.

          But when nearly twice as many young men between the ages of 25 and 34 are living with their parents as young women the same age are, clearly something is going on.


          • Brandon


            With all due respect, surely you can see through that siimplistic line of thinking?

            Young women of that age don’t live with their parents as much because they are shacked up with either a) older, relatively wealthy men, or b) the few men their age who arent destitute. Psst…they are pretty much all WHORES.

            This is life101 for my generation, pops…How can you not see it? A certain old jewish book in the way?

    • Kay

      These young men were raised by their mothers and failed by their fathers.

    • Max

      Basically you’re trying to say that women have emasculated men: http://goo.gl/f4pXo

  • Piglet

    “…don’t want to get married…” As a wise (and married friend told me years ago, “Remember, there’s nothing wrong with being single and happy.” Still, I ended up getting married at age 41, but I was luckier than most. With half of all marriages ending in divorce, it’s clear that marriage has its drawbacks. I certainly wouldn’t fly in a plane with a 50% chance of crashing or make a parachute jump with a ‘chute that only works 50% of the time. Many friends I’ve known are on their 3rd or 4th marriage, and many of the others who have stuck together are unhappy. Some have been in very abusive and even dangerous marriages. If I were still single today at 55, I wouldn’t be spending my time making babies with single moms, either. I’d just live my life, treat people well, and behave myself.

  • mondobeyondo

    “Two and an Half Men” is not the same as a man and a woman. Sorry.

  • CjWasan

    Not to mention the junk put into the water or food that has cause sterility in mice and rats (of which we share huge dna with) GMO’s too…Infowars, Naturalnews and others have a ton of articles on this, as it pertains to the changes physiologically. Another thing is all the prescription drugs for this and for that. From Ritalin to Sleeping aids, to depression etc etc. Never mind the older people, these are prescribed to young people!

    And one more horrible study I found. It’s like our society is really flat falling apart. One more, just to add a more disturbing piece of the puzzle: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2051902/Men-use-internet-porn-likely-hopeless-bedroom.html

    If you take the strong male out of the equation, in a fairly large brushstroke, you make it so he can’t fight, can’t resist…what is there left? The battle is won. :-(

    • kw

      Your an idiot. Look up the bildenberg group. Look up how it is an all male group. And how their only entertainment is gay strippers, gay porn-stars and gay prostitutes.

      Also look up how they finance both feminism and conservative misandry mindset’s that are found throughout this article and many of the older posters.

      Also factor in that they have already developed reproduction technology that renders women obsolete. You see they have financed the research of a method of turning sperm cells into fully functioning egg cells. The reason why this is so huge is because converting an egg cell into sperm cells doesn’t really work and never will. Sure it produces a sperm like cell. But the cell is so messed up that anything produced by it wouldn’t really be called human.

      All that is really left is developing more advanced gestation technology(probably 5 years to a decade away) and Babylon the Great will no longer be needed for the survival of our species.

      • Guido

        wow…just, wow.

  • Jason

    Maybe because young men are being “feminized” in school. Boys are made to feel that they are inferior to girls in school. This causes humiliation and consequently boys loose the fight to compete. The results are that in many mixed schools that girls are far outpacing boys in educational achievement.

    See http://www.angryharry.com
    for more on the men’s movement.

    • Colin

      I whole heartedly agree that there is a subliminal movement to de-masculinize men, young/middle/old men at that, into thinking that there is no difference between men and women.

      It does start at a young age. School, media, and governments are guilty of perpetuating this poison.

  • RockHard

    The first thing that needs to be done is for women to accept that they are women and not men and too shun feminism and acknowledge that there are vast differences between men and women that are necessary for a people to thrive. There’s a reason there are no women playing for the NFL.

    Rid the nation of feminism, political correctness, boot all women from the military forces (every single last one of them), boot them from the police and fire departments and to stop invading men’s’ domains, and that will be a good beginning.

    Teach women to be feminine and men to be tough gentlemen and there will be more marriages…attractions will be unstoppable.

    What normal man wants to marry another man? Today’s women (not all) are women only on the outside. God made woman to be at a man’s side–to be his advisor and most trusted friend.

    Today, many American woman just want a pool boy…because we must remember that they’re independent and don’t really need a man full time anymore.

    After all the women are booted out of the military and similar institutions, more jobs will be available for men to be men and become men. Women should be focusing on the next generation and not careers. Careers is an excuse used to avoid motherhood. The hardest and most rewarding job for a woman is being a wife and a mother, teaching their children the road they should travel…teaching boys to become men (with fathers leading the way here) and girls to become women–especially the girls.

    I’ve noticed that too–regarding the commercials and shows on television depicting men in all aspects of life as buffoons–as if that’s what the creators of the commercials and shows hope happens throughout America. The greatest desire is to pervert yin and yang.

    We need more movies like Braveheart and Gladiator…more shows like Daniel Boone and the original Star Trek. Theses movies and shows, while not only entertaining, gave moral lessons lacking in today’s empty world.

    Our youth is starving for direction from parents and from schools and they are not getting them. Sex, drugs and all sorts of immorality are splattered before there eyes day in and day out.

    Separate the children into schools for boys and schools for girls. Besides a strong curriculum of the basics, teach them etiquette, how to dance, how to speak to a young girl and how to treat the elders; do the same for the young girls and then perhaps this country will slowly begin to turn around–and most importantly, introduce them to God and his Son, Jesus Christ.

    These are terrible days for the upcoming generation being tossed about like a ship on the ocean without a rudder.

    Do this and young men will once again have direction, ambition and morality.

    Do this and young women will once again be feminine and attractive to men who not only want to be with them but would move the world for them.

    Women must remember that their weakness is their strength.

    • mark

      RockHard, much of what you say is right. I was a union plumber and in the70’s and 80’s a lot of women came into the trade. They were needed to fill affirmative action spots on government jobs. Most could not pull their own weight, but they were given the easy jobs. I sent my daughter to college and her degree is in accounting. She met a good man there and got married. She is working while he is going to college to finish his degree. I am paying for his schooling so they can finish and start a family. I do not want them to go into debt and never get out. My son is on a mission in South America. He is a good man and will finish college when he comes back to the States. They were raised with Christian values. They bucked hay as kids. They learned how to work hard. This also taught them to value a college education with a degree that would support them. I bet they did not want to be a blue collar guy like their dad. In one way or another they learn something from their parents. They stayed away from drugs and booze. They do not cuss. They believe in Christ and try to live as they should. My point is if we raise our children with correct principles they will grow up to be outstanding men and women.

      • RockHard

        Thanks for your words of agreement, Mark. You said it plainly by your actions. I believe the Proverbs say in words to the effect ‘show a man the path he should travel and he’ll never depart from it’

        You laid the foundation for your son and because of it our country is one man richer. I wish you and yours all the best in the Lord’s name.

    • Gay Veteran

      yeah! let’s go back to the 50s when women knew their place (in the kitchen), blacks knew their place (in the back of the bus), and gays knew their place (in the closet)

      sorry, we don’t need to repeal the gains we made in the 20th Century

      • Neanderthal

        Gains? Yes, I can see how much better off American culture is today.

        • Gay Veteran

          yeah, no gains, no Civil Rights Act, no Voting Rights Act, no end of Jim Crow laws, no end of discrimination against women, etc., etc.

      • Colin

        NO one is saying that. Let’s not ignore the differences between sexes.

        Men/Women AREN’T the same Mr. Gay Veteran.

      • ScoutMotto

        Yes, Gay Vet, this is obviously all about YOU.

      • mark

        No one is saying that you can’t have your lifestyle. At the same time we should be able to have ours. Some of us believe in Bible based values. You have your free choice as to how you want to live your life. Your actions to me are a sin, but at the same time you are still a child of God. There are many sins commited every day by all of us. The problem you seem to have is that you want us to say that your lifestyle is not a sin and that is not going to happen. I do not understand how you can claim that your lifestyle is the same as race problems. That dog does not hunt.

        • Gay Veteran

          “…The problem you seem to have is that you want us to say that your lifestyle is not a sin and that is not going to happen. I do not understand how you can claim that your lifestyle is the same as race problems….”

          gee, nice strawman you built

          I don’t care what you say, I merely demand my equal rights. Never said being Gay was the same as being Black, but we certainly face some of the same enemies.

        • LOL

          Biblical values = islamic values

          Check your OT bible, not much difference.

    • jackieR

      Keep living in your fantesy world.

    • kw

      You don’t get it. Blood has been drawn. Us young guy’s know the score and demand justice or vengeance. We will not tolerate things being swept under the rug we demand JUSTICE! Or we will simply allow our civilization to be destroyed. Either from within or without, but the west will not survive another 50 years.

    • Slasher Storm

      Bull sheeeeeeeeit men shouldn´t work so women doesn´t have to.
      A housewife makes you a man? Nope. Iraq or Syria, that makes you a man, do that or STFU.

  • Ron

    Well TV and movies portray SOME males as weak, stupid, clumsy and etc Just watch TV commercials for a quick instruction on what demographic is depicted as LESS THAN DESIRABLE.

    It is the WHITE MALE who is the butt of jokes and his woman is the boss and usually sighs out of exasperation. Then a wise, knowing Black man comes into the picture to set the situation straight. Years of that kind of scenario in books, TV, magazines, movies etc and it takes a toll. Over 40 years of Affirmative Action and all the Visas to give our jobs to 3rd Worlders, all of the preferences at universities for ANYTHING but White males, in fact White males are now a minority in the nation’s colleges. Wherever Whites turn they are targeted for extinction. So you ask about the males? Well that is an explanation. Rent the film: Save the Last Dance
    that is a SINGLE example of a tidal wave of media that propagandizes White females, to favor something other than their male counterparts. That film was advertised to a very revealing demographic: White girls ages 12-17. Now where does this all lead to? Do you recall in Texas about 2 years ago about 20 White males, early twenties were RAPED by an African-America from a “good” home the college attending son of PROFESSIONALS with a very good income. And yesterday a 70 year old White man went for his morning walk at 6 A.M. in Texas and a van full of African-American men in their 20s dragged him into the van and while raping him called him, “racial epithets” now I ask you if the races had been reversed do you think maybe that “Stuart” guy or Brian Williams or maybe Barak Hussein Obama or the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith or the Southern Poverty Law Center would have mentioned it? Or that maybe EVERY SINGLE TV NETWORK would be giving it BIG COVERAGE?

    Thursday, Nov. 3, 2011 Fox 14 Texas
    Elderly man gang raped near Socorro park
    Suspects sought in Socorro rape

    Socorro police are looking for four men who allegedly attacked and raped an elderly man who was out on his early-morning walk.

    Investigators said the 70-year-old was walking Thursday around 6 a.m. at Valle del Sol Park on Valle Rico Road and Valle Fertil.

    They said four black men got out of a late 90s Ford or Chevrolet van or minivan and demanded the man to give them money.

    When he said “No,” they allegedly grabbed him, threw him in the van and raped him.

    Racial slurs were being said to the man during the attack, police said.

    The man is in serious condition at a hospital.

    The suspects are black men in their mid-20s to 30s.

    • Brandon

      I don’t think male-on-male rape is a real issue, outside of prison, but yes. This article is insult added to injury.

  • VyseLegend

    Its true that we have failed our men, and to a large degree I can’t blame them men. The entire direction of the world right now its downhill and men don’t really see a clear cost/benefit ratio for putting up with all of the red tape it takes to be ‘be a man’ in America today.

    All of the optimistic propaganda we were told about the American dream turned out to be a fallacious nightmare. Corruption is the name of the game and they call it the American Dream because you’d have to be asleep to believe it, as George Carlin said.

    The reverse trend of feminism has as you say, reversed and done little to liberate anyone. To be honest, families are broken apart and children are not raised with the close care and supervision they need because both men and women need to work their ass off to make ends meet.

    The social fabric has been shredded and I think its time that we essentially throw overboard the rhetoric about ‘manhood’ and the like, because what it means to be a man in the future won’t be all that similar to what it was like in the past 50 years. Its going to take time for people to adapt to the new reality of life in the industrialized west, with reduced expectations and a focus on local living.

  • baked ziti

    I served in the army back in the 80’s. Was married,divorced, and married again, and then lastly divorced again. For the sake of marriage and “chivalry” I have lost everything. Everything. I was raised just as all of this “whimpification” was just getting started (1960’s) My father worked and worked at his job and led my family with a very firm and steady hand. The way things are now though, he would probably be labeled as an “abuser”. Male authority in the home is a thing of the past, and I fear nothing will ever bring it back. All thats left for me are memories of a long gone era and way of life in the land I was raised in and swore an oath to defend. Thanks Pop for your strength and your sure-footed guidance. I only regret that I didn’t measure up.

  • security

    Let’s be honest about our circumstances here. There are few decent paying jobs for young men and when they do go to work they have to compete alongside women. It should not be like this. Men and women should be kept separate in the work place.

    on second thought, maybe the women going to work and the men just being the progenitors of the human species is the way things should be. I think that’s how lions do it, the females go off and hunt for food and the males eat it and have sex. What’s wrong with that?

  • security

    Oh man Ron is so spot on with his comments. I’ve watched for years tv commercials where the young white guy is portrayed as some sort of dufus but the black dude is wise and has it all together. Makes me want to puke the obvious bias. No way could an advertisement today show a black man as a retard but white people you can crap on all you want.

    • Godiva

      The Media isn’t that great toward black men either. You have some points but to think that you don’t have a superior role in media is narrow minded.

  • Armel

    Terrific writing, and it’s about time someone pointed this out. I’m no expert but the two major causes of all this–and not just among men because there are plenty of women who, as a member of that gender, I happen to be ashamed of (i.e., “Snooki”), but I digress…the two things I can think of to blame are 1) television and 2) public school educations. If parents would shut off the stupid television sets, buy their kids books and make them actually read, the collective IQ of our nation would probably double. I have 3 young boys, all of whom are homeschooled. We do not let them watch tv, they have lots of chores to do each day and we set our standards high for them. I can’t speak for other parents, but I can take steps as a mother to prevent my kids from becoming warped by all this crap that is contributing to the delinquency of our nation. Keep up the great articles!

  • This article is also a good description of young men in the former Soviet Union.

  • HeartofShadows

    Wow mike..
    This is just absolutely pathetic.
    Demeaning an entire generation because they don’t move out as early as they do anymore(I don’t know because of the economy that you have been ranting about) or not getting married because of marriage being a total scam that leaves the man empty handed once they are divorced and thrown away or because the economy is not the ideal time to raise a family.

    Seriously Mike it just hurts man..
    I know you have to get your viewers but wow…

    But yeah like somebody above said the mens rights movement is picking up and men are realizing that marriage isn’t worth the risk when things like no fault divorce and family courts that completely benefit women.

    You need to see this if you think our new generation of men are pathetic because they don’t want to shoulder a useless and downright negative burden.



    • Colin

      What “Mike” says is true to a degree. He makes the point to say that this does NOT encompass ALL men.

      I think your heart is in the right place.

      I hold out hope that American society will reverse the current trend of recognizing new-age “genderless” beings. It IS healthy to recognize differences between us. What we do with those differences is what defines our legacy(s).

      To ignore the current trend is, well…..ignorant.

  • Kevin

    At some point in life we’re faced with “sink or swim” situations. We did not like those trials but, “That which does not kill you makes you stronger”. Many of us wanted to spare our kids this difficulty as much as possible. In the end we facilitated weakness.

  • Golden Child

    I usually agree with most articles you write, but this article is pretty incomplete. Do you really think hundreds of thousands of young men want to live with their parents into their 30’s?! We all know that flat-broke unemployed grown men in the mid 20’s to 30’s living with their mothers get all the girls right? I hope you detect the sarcasm here. Young men have been screwed by our economy. Being a successful young adult in today’s society often has more to do with luck than hard work. People who actually get jobs nowadays are through personal connections. Kids who “did everything right” by going to college like they were told and majored in useful fields are now extremely indebted, disillusioned and long-term unemployed. No company wants to hire an unproven young person with no job experience. Young women are a hotter commodity in the workplace because having attractive young women around is good for many different types of businesses. This is why young women dominate secretary and bartending positions.

    I also think it is insulting that you disparage the youth of today. What were the Baby Boomer doing in their 20’s? Well, a lot of them out right REFUSED to work and spent their days smoking absurd amounts of pot and abusing sanity testing lab-made drugs like LSD. The Hippies did mental gymnastics to fool themselves into thinking they were changing the world by being lazy, having promiscuous sex and abusing drugs in Golden Gate Park, Woodstock and Haight Ashbury. However, the Hippies eventually showered, cut their hair, bought suits and easily transitioned into lives of comfort, prestige and leisure while the poorer kids who were drafted to fight in Vietnam came home to homelessness, post traumatic stress disorder, drug addiction, alcoholism and unemployment. Seems fair huh? Afterall, the poorer underclasses have always footed the bill for the upper middle class and wealthy who don’t truly work in the first place. Surfing the internet all day at a salary is not truly working. But this is essentially what hundreds of thousands of upper middle class Americans do for a living because America doesn’t produce anything anymore.

    The reason young men today are so shiftless is because there literally aren’t enough shifts (jobs) to go around. Keep on living in an idealized version of the American past if you want.

    • roadrunner

      entirely spot-on.

    • VyseLegend

      I don’t think Mike disagreed with much of what you said. His article is definitely incomplete, but its pretty clear from what he writes that the economy and social fabric are in bad shape and its not the kids’ fault alone, not at all.

  • James

    You can’t blame men for not wanting to go to college. They don’t want to waste their time and money pursuing something that won’t get them a job. The fields that women are going to college for are nursing, human resources, secretaries, Etc. jobs that don’t attract men. Since when is it imperative that a man marry to prove his ability to accept responsibility? It would be wise not to get into a marriage if you don’t have a job. Men should not be expected to get married just to support a woman or children. Women have only themselves to blame for some of what is happening. They are taking jobs that men need to support their families. If women want men to marry them and take responsibility, maybe they should quit their jobs if they don’t need them to live on, and let the men have the jobs to take care of their families. Women should be staying home to take care of the children. This is one of the reasons our kids today are becoming violent and undisciplined.

    • Kevin

      What about the trades? An electrician makes a good living as does a certified automobile mechanic. Generally they are the domain of males.

      They have a tougher road ahead in many respects but parents have also made “The Nest” too comfortable.

    • Slasher Storm

      “Women should be staying home to take care of the Children.”
      No, men should be present in their children´s lives instead of mere cash cows.

  • Gary2

    Men that are between 25 and 34 should be in their prime working years. Instead, almost one out of every five of them is living with mommy and daddy.

    You did notice the current depression we are in???

    And you still need to ask this question???

    • Kevin

      Yes Gary2 the question is valid.

      I know of several young men that make a living but while living home they ran up debt because they could. Now that home prices are at lows and interest rates are at all time lows they should have $40k but instead have $20k in debt.

      People traditionally take the path of least resistance.

  • James

    I also am amazed that women rally think that they can overpower a man physically as police officers. he only reason they can exert power over men as prisoners, is because they have male officers to back them up if they get into trouble. If you were to take a woman with defense training that the police give to officers, and put them up against a man who has the same training. I would bet that the woman would not have a chance without assistance. The body size, strength, and aggressiveness of a man would overcome a woman. She is relying on help from males to keep her safe in police or military situations. If we were to go to a all out conventional war where there was hand to hand combat. You can bet that if a woman is taken as a POW, she would be raped, tortured, and mis-treated in ways that a male POW would never experience. Other countries and cultures don’t treat women like those in the U.S.

    • Kevin

      Think male POWs are not raped?

      • ScoutMotto

        Yes, male rape happens, but I think his point is that women are not the same as men. Women need men to back them up in situations that require the strength of man and nothing less than that.

    • Slasher Storm

      “You can bet that if a woman is taken as a POW, she would be raped, tortured, and mis-treated in ways that a male POW would never experience.”

      You have far too little imagination.

      For a starter, what stops the captors from castrating a male POW with a rusty knife, inject him with female hormones and then prostitute him?

  • KyTim89

    Sadly, I must admit that I fall into this category. Although I graduated from high school top ten of my class in 2007, I find that I am still living with my parents after two unsuccessful jobs. I am currently unemployed and mostly spend my time playing videogames and performing chores and driving people places. However, there is always a shroud of shame looming over my head due to being in this rut.

    This part might be a little controversial and scary, but I will say it any way. As men continue to be demasculated and women continue to rise in society and the pool of idle men continues to grow, there is quite a possibility that violent reprisals against women could escalate. What I am refering to is rape and sexual humiliation conducted on women by males who wish to regain their “manhood” by defiling the more successful females.

    It is common knowledge that well educated and employed women tend to avoid mariage and child birth in favor of careers. Couple this with the plethora of sex crazed males and it creates a recipe for disaster. I hope that this never comes to pass, but it just seems so likely to happen that worries me.

    • Colin

      What happened after high school? If you were ‘top ten’ in your class then wouldn’t higher education be an option? Video games must be what you want because options ARE out there

      I could have been you, but chose to bite the bullet and take out student loans, make sacrifices and pursue human science to a higher level…….I now hold a clinical doctorate and am a licensed health professional.

      Don’t let false realities make your choices for you. The choices you make help dictate your destiny!

  • KyTim89

    Here is a documetary called “Demographic Winter” and it explains a whole lot of the issues facing society today:


  • Michael1962

    Why would men want to go to college, pursue careers, get married and take on any serious responsibilities when the world’s against them?

    • Colin

      You’re right, men should just quit then……

  • Emily

    Thank you Michael for starting the conversation.

    • Michael

      You are welcome.

      I am afraid that I have initiated a bit of a firestorm.


      • Colin

        No, don’t be sorry. These are things that need to be addressed. I visit this site every day for this reason. Don’t stop!

        This topic is a huge reason why these times are the way they are.

        • Michael


          Unfortunately, I think a lot of people are not understanding the points I was trying to make.

          I don’t hate men.

          I don’t hate women.

          I love our young men and I want to see them become everything that they are supposed to be.


          • ScoutMotto

            I got the gist of your article, Michael. I think it just seems the picture is so big there are many factors to take into account, and I’m not sure we have all of the information. But your article does raise a good point.

  • Matt

    Why should young men become men? What’s in it for them? Young can get everything they want without becoming men, so why should they change?

    Perhaps if their parents threw them out of the house and women withheld sex then that might change things. People will change when they are made to pay the price for their stupidity.

    • Kevin

      Withholding sex. Yep traditionally a very strong motivator for young males.

      If you let them bring women home that stay all night, provide a roof over his head and climate control why leave the nest?

      The key is that woman.

      • LOL

        Most of them already do that to those men without a steady job in da USA.
        Most will not marry the no-sex-till-marriage women and see the whole no-sex-until-marriage as nonsense and a red flag.

        Kindly f*** off, parasite.

  • Ben

    Why should I get married? I see nothing in it but misery for me. Every man I talk to, married or divorced, all tell me it was the worst decision they ever made, yet they all said they married “the one”, or so they thought.

    • Kevin

      Everyone (or most) have problems in marriage that often are related to money (she spends, he saves). If you can get over that and come to an agreement that is followed and you both married someone your comfortable with it works.

      Marriage has been very good for me.

      Of course long term living together is a good option too. Her debt is hers and yours is yours. There is no real need to have disagreements over the “long term” when both are only responsible for themselves. It only works in the absence of children.

    • mark

      Well Ben, you have never asked me about marriage. Marriage was the best move I every made. My wife is great. Neither one of us are perfect and we have had to work out our problems. We raised two wonderful children and are happy growing old together.

  • Traditional Values

    You can still be ambitious and still live with your parents. The problem is when people live OFF of their parents. America has the deep social problems it has because people depend on government instead of family to get them on their feet. Family is much more effective. Moreover, people should live with family. Childcare is very expensive, and living with family allows time to save money to buy a house. This is how Asians, Latin Americans, Africans and some European cultures do it. Americans struggle because they kick kids out of the house before they have saved enough to buy a house.
    In the farm days families all lived together, until the young people went off to get married. Some still lived at home to take care of parents. American society is sick. Americans would rather let their parents rot in a nursing home and die of sepsis from bed sores than take care of them-pure evil selfishness.

  • Laramie Hirsch

    “Vast numbers of them don’t want to go to college, don’t want to pursue careers, don’t want to get married and don’t want to take on any serious responsibilities.”

    Can you seriously blame them? There’s no incentive to be responsible in this society. In that, the Marxists have succeeded. There are too many potential penalties for a man who chooses the route of responsibility.

    Nothin’ else to do but watch sports and play games.


  • Actually, some of your articles clearly shows an UNMANLY lack of faith, aren´t you a christian? Be a Light in the darkness instead of feeding all bad-news addicts their dayly dose of doomy gloom.

    • Colin

      There is nothing wrong with bringing this topic into conversation. I see this every day but is too hot to actually talk about openly outside of closed doors.

      What is your stance?

      • Guido

        You know, Colin, I agree with your point. There’s nothing wrong with talking about it. It’s a good thing to talk about stuff no one wants to talk about. What the heck is wrong with us and our kids? Seems like a good topic to me.
        I’m a Christian, too, but this isn’t about faith. This is something else. Perhaps discussing it will let us discover a solution that sitting around and praying about it might not reveal to the light of inquiry.

  • JMan

    I’m laughing right now. So how does the generation ahead of you think about you as men? Same thing? Spare me the tired, crotchety rhetoric! Let’s put it this way, the last two “men” the boomers sent to the white house were about as diluted as they come. Men who have stolen freedom, murdered innocents, and squandered our future in the name of God and country. Who should be appalled now? This generation is busy bringing up the level of political discourse and not spending money they don’t have. You have failed us, not in “raising” but in leading. We are not your responsibility. We are free and your arrogant, insolent judgement of us while ignoring the atrocious legacy your generation is leaving for us will be our mess to clean up for generations to come is a real plank in your eye you unquestioning flag waver.

    • HeartofShadows

      A voice of reason.
      We inherit the mistakes and garbage of the older folks to fix and they whine while it’ll take generations to fix what they’ve done.
      Hopefully they die off soon.

  • Ben Dover

    Women today got what their mothers wanted. I often hear young women complain about how dew decent men are available for husbands/fathers. I have heard young women say that they don’t want to raise kids AND a husband by themselves. Our public schools and culture in general have feminized boys. I bet when young women have sex with young men they often feel like lesbians.

    When I look at most young men, I feel sorry for young women.

    • Colin

      Yes, I feel the same way.

  • Orias

    I am really sick and tired of reading articles like these about men. The author does nothing but shame men into being the good little slaves like their fathers and grandfathers. The fact is more men have been raised by single moms who don’t know how to raise boys into men. Only fathers can do that. I know a lot of you women will disagree with me on that but when you let your emotions cool down and look objectively you’ll eventually agree with me.

    Why should men be responsible by your definition, by women’s definition, or by society’s definition? Why? What’s in it for them other than a lifetime of shaming, poverty, stress, ridicule, and early death.

    Family courts routinely strip men of their children, assets, and future paychecks when wife gets bored and decides to break the contract.

    Why go to college just to be further indoctrinated that they are nothing but a no good rapist. This indoctrination starts early in middle school that they are stupid, aggressive, rowdy and disruptive. Well, boys aren’t girls and they don’t learn the same way girls do. Boys want to learn by “getting their hands dirty” and learning while doing. They have been taught this is wrong and should sit quietly in class like the girls and memorize whatever they’re told.

    The article states 57% of college enrollment are women. Is anyone surprised at this with all the Federal grant money being allocated to women for women’s programs? Affirmative action?

    And the media? Give me a break! All over the media men see that women have all the privileges and no responsibilities in our society. Female teachers get caught sexually abusing their students and get what amounts to nothing more than a slap on the wrist from our matriarchal judicial system. Our society says the boy was “lucky” to be with an older woman. However, reverse the roles and see what happens. If a male teacher sexually abused a young woman and oh my god the sky must be falling, put that man in prion for 20 years. The double standards regarding men and women in our society is disgusting. And I’m not just talking about sex cases with teachers. It’s everywhere for every offense.

    Men aren’t stupid. They see the anti-male misandry everywhere in our society and they’re fed up with it. Even now whey I just typed the word “misandry” a red squiggly line appeared underneath as if the word doesn’t exist. The same is not true for the exact opposite word “misogyny”. Don’t believe me? Go to your MSWord program and type those two words and see for yourself. Type the word misandry and you’ll see it doesn’t exist in the dictionary and the program will suggest using a different word.

    Well it may appear that more men are being irresponsible but that’s by your definition of how men are “supposed” to behave. However, we may be witnessing men finally arriving on the battlefield of the gender war. The feminists have had free reign for the last 40-50 years.

    How are men fighting this war? Not by superior physical strength, logic or intellectual capacity, but rather, dropping out and going their own way. Feminists and women wanted equality. Well you’ve got it. Men have always been wage slaves. Now women are finally getting a taste of it and I don’t think they like it. They want men to remain in the 1950’s and be chivalrous and spend their time, money, effort on them and to lay down their lives for them for nothing in return.

    • Kevin

      “Why should men be responsible by your definition, by women’s definition, or by society’s definition? Why?”

      To get out of their parents wallet!

  • JFP

    “The point of this article is not to slam women or drag them down. Not at all.”

    No, its to slam men. I’ll offer my standard disclaimer as well. Yes indeed, there are lazy loser men out there. There are also plenty of men out there that see little reason to “man up” and work for a living only to have the wife/state take it all away from him on whimsy. Men aren’t getting married? It must be because they’re commitment phobes right? The state of “family law” has nothing to do with it, no siree. Men don’t talk or think about it much unless its been tossed in their face because its a forbidden topic (and you’re a loser who can’t get a date if you dare question the status quo).

    Mix in tv/entertainment memes, education trends (suspending boys for having tiny toy guns with their gi joes) and modern laws and its a wonder you don’t have more men rioting in the street. Instead they’re opting out and laughing at the society that castigates them for it.

  • Tom

    Wow, it is nice to know that I am not the only one who has thought these things.

    As more than one person has stated, look at TV. Men are portrayed as idiots, needing to constantly be guided by the superior, wise woman.

    And heaven forbid that you be a white man in today’s society. EVERYTHING BAD IN THIS WORLD IS THE WHITE MAN’S FAULT, if you believe the media, and, most of all, the courts. All that a woman or minority has to say is “Discrimination” or “Sexual Harassment” (usually when they don’t get their way on something) and the white male is guilty until proven innocent. Even if he is proven innocent, he is usually then accused of having gotten away with something, because, as we all know, in modern society, the male in general and the white male in particular, are always guilty of something. The women and other minorities are, of course, always innocent, long suffering victims and saints.

    Then there are the divorce courts. Study after study has confirmed what men have known for years: That the courts are biased against men and will always rule in favor of the woman, no matter how outrageous her behavior. If the woman refuses to let her husband see his children for his court ordered visitation, the courts will do….nothing. Let the man be late on one child support payment (that often is not used for the child’s benefit) and the courts will immediately start garnishment action, suspend the man’s driver’s license, and move to arrest the man. What man in his right mind would get married and have children knowing that these things are in store for him in a divorce? And they are almost certainly in store for him in a divorce, American women overwhelmingly use the children as weapons.

    Then there is the workplace (if the man is lucky enough to get a job these days). Once again, the man, especially the white man (because minority men can scream racial discrimination, while the white man can’t) has to walk on eggshells, because he is always wrong, always guilty, and has no affirmative action protection. Then, he is passed over for promotion because he is a male.

    Fifty years of this and people are surprised that young men are as described in the above article and that older men are angry? REALLY? A blind man (Ooops, I had better make that a blind woman of color to be politically correct) could have seen this coming with his (or her) cane.

    Actions have consequences. The actions of the past 50 years by our government and media are coming home to roost and we, as a nation, deserve what we get. As an older, angry white male, I shall enjoy watching the collapse and destruction. And, after the collapse, don’t ask me to help with the rebuilding. I will tell you to get a woman or other minority to do it. After all, as a male, I have been told that I am too stupid and incompetent to do anything correctly. And, as a white male, I would be too busy trying to oppress people to rebuild anything.

  • the truth

    Its true. school dont teach you how to survive in the real world. it doesnt teach you how to prepare for an job interview. It doesnt prepare you or help develope new kids that want to start there own business. It dosent help men/women how to be finacially stable on a fixed income. no but they will give you the other B.S that you wont use in the real world. It doesnt teach you how to prepare for rough times by saving. nooooo we rather buy useless crap to impress our friends even though we are a paycheck away from losing everything. fathers and mothers not teaching there kids either. they rather let the schools do it then complain. Our society do want to work period. look how many on welfare checks.blaming it on the corporations is crap. because you would do the same if in there shoes.People can grow food, learn a trade so they can make side money. but nooooo they complain and say theres no jobs out there. well make a damn job. you have all the time in the world why dont you come up with ideas or go to the library and read. nobody thats jobless does that. but i have given up on america and whatever happens we deserve it because all of this could have been avoided along time ago……………

  • Anonymous

    “Have we raised an entire generation of young men that do not know how to be men?”

    Well, if being a man is all about cash, then I guess so. The argument here seems to be that you aren’t a man if you don’t have enough cash to give some woman the house and children she wants. That’s a very gynocentric way of looking at masculinity. The writer appears to be worried that too many men are just hanging out and enjoying life—having too good a time and haven’t signed up to be a pack mule for a nagging wife and ungrateful children. The argument here isn’t that men aren’t manly because they lack courage or virility or character—but because they suffer from low-net worth.

    Is it too much to hope that our masculinity can be evaluated by more than the size of our bank accounts?

    And how are we supposed to find jobs when unemployment is between 9-10 percent and the recession hit men a lot harder than women?? How are we supposed to build our savings when the feminist revolution made women compete for the same jobs as us? Women are hypergamous (they prefer men who are higher status than themselves), but our parents basically guaranteed these women a generation of unattractive men when women were made into our economic competitors. Yes, we’re too broke to pay for dates…but that’s because my date is working the job I was hoping to get. How are we supposed to start families, when women themselves are using birth control to postpone marriage and commitment until their 30s? whereupon men are just magically expected to submit to their timeframe and dish out thousands for fertility treatments, I guess.

    What people don’t get is that womens’ liberation meant mens’ liberation as well. When women were liberated from their accountability to men, men were liberated from their responsibility to women—and guys are now waking up to that fact. That we don’t have to slave away in cubicle farms for 3% raises to have our 401Ks plundered by Wall Street in the next collapse. That we don’t have to marry some flighty, entitled woman with a ton of student loan debt—only to be divorced, falsely accused of abuse, saddled with crushing child support & alimony, lose half of everything you’ve worked so hard for and reduced to a part-time dad while you watch your children being raised by the next man she moves in with. All of this to flip on the TV set after a tough day see men & fathers invariably portrayed as violent, deadbeats, or clueless oafs. Why sign-up for this when I can instead get by at work, hang out with my friends, play Call of Duty, travel, drink decent beer for the first time in my life, workout, and have sex with young women who aren’t with me for my cash, but because they actually like me? Why sign-up for mens’ traditional roles, when women have been freed from theirs?? Why opt for slavery when you can be free??

    I look around me, and I don’t really see the incentives to “man up”.

    • Colin

      “I look around me, and I don’t really see the incentives to “man up”.

      You’re clueless…….Control your own destiny by making the choices you want for your life.

      If you don’t have cash, don’t expect someone else to put it in your pocket and quit complaining about not having anything. There are options, go get it!

      BTW: Women’s liberation didn’t liberate men, it denigrated them. Wake up.

      • J.M

        You are clueless my friend. Yes men worldwide need to man up and be successful that´s correct, however not successful for some stupid woman who feels entitled to your wealth, but for yourself. You said you feel sorry for the “ladies” after looking at the dire state of men in America!? Come on those ladies got the men they deserve, they are not even virgins so they can claim they can bring something of value to a relationship. Look I’ve sacrificed many things to become an engineer and you think I want to give it all to someone else. I´d rather go surrogacy route and have an steady rotating harem… and my son stays with me….that´s how sad state of affairs the Western World is

  • Jade

    I agree with Jason’s comment. There are so many factors as to why there has been a breakdown of male/female relationships. I think the author raises some good points but the root causes of misandry in western culture are much deeper than brought forth here, and are disastrous to both men AND women. I encourage anyone reading this to visit the website Jason left or http://www.avoiceformen.com

    Regardless, it is great to see these discussions occurring on other sites other than those related to the Men’s Movement. These things need to be addressed and it is obvious that more men (and some women) are starting to want better lives for themselves.

  • Ben Dover

    Hooray for the single parent family!! Boys don’t really need fathers!!

  • josh

    unfortunately this subject is on my mind a lot lately, i am a 30 year old male that is married and 95% of the males i know my age and below are losers. babied by their parents, never have had to have responsibility for anything. this problem is so rampant in my area that its a problem with other males within my own family. i talk about this with my wife quite a bit. none of the “friends” i had growing up ever grew up and are still acting like they are just out of high school, partying having sex with random chicks whatever it takes to be “cool” playing video games. its quite sad. no motivation to look or hold a job. when i was growing up i was taught to keep your word. what is really so hard about keeping your word? well apparently its a lost trait among people 30 and below. good luck to everyone we are going to need it.

  • Anonymous

    Well, if being a man is all about cash, then I guess so. The argument here seems to be that you aren’t a man if you don’t have enough cash to give some woman the house and children she wants. That’s a very gynocentric way of looking at masculinity. The writer appears to be worried that too many men are just hanging out and enjoying life—having too good a time and haven’t signed up to be a pack mule for a nagging wife and ungrateful children. The argument here isn’t that men aren’t manly because they lack courage or virility or character—but because they suffer from low-net worth.

    Is it too much to hope that our masculinity can be evaluated by more than the size of our bank accounts?

    And how are we supposed to find jobs when unemployment is between 9-10 percent and the recession hit men a lot harder than women?? How are we supposed to build our savings when the feminist revolution made women compete for the same jobs as us? Women are hypergamous (they prefer men who are higher status than themselves), but our parents basically guaranteed these women a generation of unattractive men when women were made into our economic competitors. Yes, we’re too broke to pay for dates…but that’s because my date is working the job I was hoping to get. How are we supposed to start families, when women themselves are using birth control to postpone marriage and commitment until their 30s? whereupon men are just magically expected to submit to their timeframe and dish out thousands for fertility treatments, I guess.

    What people don’t get is that womens’ liberation meant mens’ liberation as well. When women were liberated from their accountability to men, men were liberated from their responsibility to women—and guys are now waking up to that fact. That we don’t have to slave away in cubicle farms for 3% raises to have our 401Ks plundered by Wall Street in the next collapse. That we don’t have to marry some flighty, entitled woman with a ton of student loan debt—only to be divorced, falsely accused of abuse, saddled with crushing child support & alimony, lose half of everything you’ve worked so hard for and reduced to a part-time dad while you watch your children being raised by the next man she moves in with. All of this to flip on the TV set after a tough day see men & fathers invariably portrayed as violent, deadbeats, or clueless oafs. Why sign-up for this when I can instead get by at work, hang out with my friends, play Call of Duty, travel, drink decent beer for the first time in my life, workout, and have sex with young women who aren’t with me for my cash, but because they actually like me? Why sign-up for mens’ traditional roles, when women have been freed from theirs?? Why opt for slavery when you can be free??

    I look around me, and I don’t really see the incentives to “man up”.

    • Kevin


      All I ask is pay your own way. You can be a free spirited playboy but pay for the roof over your head by getting “Your own crib”. Save enough so that if you hit a single bump in the road don’t need “Mom and Dad” to bail you at when your in your 30s when you owe on a 30K car that was unnecessary while your parents lived a frugal life and SAVED.

      At some point grow up.

      • HeartofShadows

        Kevin go ************ in a fire.

        • josh

          Kevin has been spot on.

      • Anonymous

        “At some point grow up.”

        But why? Growing up isn’t rewarded or incentivized by our society.

        You’re dealing with an entire generation of men who have watched their fathers be destroyed by this. Our fathers decided to “grow up” only to watch their livelihoods get shipped overseas for a profit. Our fathers decided to “grow up” only to watch their wives divorce them and take away their children and half of everything they worked for. Our fathers decided to “grow up” only to be caricatured as violent abusers or sex fiends at every turn. Our fathers decided to “grow up” only to flip on the TV set and see men & fathers depicted as losers or clowns.

        I’m one of the young guys lucky to even have a job in this crappy economy. No, it doesn’t pay much but it allows me to live with a few buddies, drink good beer, hang out, travel every now and then and do the things I actually want to do. Why would any guy trade that in for a chance to be exploited and crapped on by a system that mostly sees men as walking wallets and expendable sperm donors or cannon fodder to be suited up and shipped off to kill other men who are often even worse off than we are??

        Naw buddy, no thanks. I’m just gonna chill. Asking guys to “grow up” and fulfill their traditional roles is total bull when women aren’t being asked to fulfill their traditional roles either.

        And why shouldn’t “Mom and Dad” bail us out? Their generation is the one responsible for this whole mess! They’re the ones who destroyed the global economy by letting financial markets “self-regulate”. They’re the ones who sent the working class jobs overseas. They’re the ones who never saw a Muslim country they didn’t want to invade at a cost of a trillion dollars. They’re the ones responsible for all this phony debt-fueled growth, real estate bubble and all that crap. They’re the ones who sat idly by while women initiated 75 percent of divorces, robbing fathers blind and taking their children away. They’ve screwed us big-time—why shouldn’t they pay??

        • VyseLegend

          Hey I partially agree with you about independence and living freely, but you sound really embittered about it all. I really think the better path would be to seek some higher level of responsibility and raise the one stable family that you know of. You don’t see the potential for something better than living like a college kid forever?

        • Kevin

          No need to fill a traditional role but just get out of the old mans wallet. That is growing up.

          “And why shouldn’t “Mom and Dad” bail us out? Their generation is the one responsible for this whole mess!”

          GTFOOH. Blue collar Mom & Dad have global power and economically direct the future of the planet. Hell this Dad worked in industrial conditions that would scare the crap out of any sane person all in the name of making a comfortable life for his family.

          “…allows me to live with a few buddies, drink good beer, hang out, travel every now and then and do the things I actually want to do.”

          WOW. And to think I just worked all the OT that I could get and saved my money and invested instead of drinking good beer and traveling doing the things I “actually want to do”. I didn’t have that luxury because I fed my family.


          • anon

            Hell — Maybe you shouldn’t have had a family then!

            Would have helped the global population crisis. (And I’m actually being kind of serious, when you think about it.)

    • Neanderthal

      Can see that side as well. Men are tired of wives finding a boyfriend, divorcing them, and then seeing her and her new honey get a large chunk of the ex-husband’s paycheck when, without the child support check, the new honey couldn’t care less about the kids, and probably wouldn’t give the woman a second look (after crawling out of bed with her).

  • Dipsey Kaboodle

    I am a 54 year old woman. I can tell you that I think that feminism was a huge mistake. Women should not be treated as equals. But, ever since prayer was taken out of school and women went to work this country has declined. We no longer have seperate rolls in the family. Children are being raised by strangers or grand parents. Since time began, men provided the family with food and a home. A woman took care of the home and children. We have lost that precious value. Men have lost thier place. I truely wish we could go back to that time. I do miss those days….

    • Neanderthal

      Both women and men have their “place”. This arrangement did not happen by accident. Our “uneducated” ancestors were pretty smart after all.

      re: College “educated”–There is an animal known as an educated fool. They are quite common today. In our world being “educated” is often confused with being smart.

      • Colin

        Well said.

      • Dipsey Kaboodle

        Amen!!! I feel bad for young men. Feminism, have taken away fathers. Most kids today are growing up without a possitive male role model in the home. So ladies, if you are raising kids by your self, be sure there is a positive male rold model for your kids, both boys and girls.

    • Chris

      “A woman took care of the home and children.”

      This statement is not 100% true. For centuries women took care of male babies until they were old enough to go with dad to work (the family business), which was at a pretty young age. Even today there comes a time when dad is leaving for work and their young son runs up to them wanting to go with. It’s ingrained because that’s how it’s supposed to be. You can’t teach someone “work ethic” without them seeing work and most men these days spend long hours (employed instead of self employed) at work only to come home and crash on the couch….that’s what our young boys see growing up. Women raising the next generation of men is only something that has been happening since the industrial revolution on any type of grand scale and well, that pot has finally reached it’s boiling point.

    • Slasher Storm

      For 200 000 years, both males and females worked to support the clan, family existed too but it wasn´t an economic unit, especially in hard times.

      When women stayed in the home and worked less than ever before in human history history, it lead to the spoiled baby boomers.
      Even then, most women didn´t know how to raise children, their husbands should have been working less and spending more time with their children.

  • pryman

    It shows that weak minded people always have to throw in race, which didn’t have a thing to do with this topic. That’s why this country is collapsing. America enjoyed the profits of racism, then continued to get even more greedy. At the same time it turned more and more immoral and wicked hearted. Even some blacks took this same wicked mentality, thinking that it was the way to go…tolerating and going along with racism and other self destructive stupidity. Now the honeymoon is over.

    The main topic was about America raising young men who don’t want to be men. But to the ones who want to blame the media and tie this into race, be honest and admit that this was done to the young black male image by the media first, along with all the rest of the negative stereo types.

    What America have a problem with, is the fact that whatever they put on the black community all ways spreads back to where it came. You reap what you sow. There’s no way around this so don’t get mad at black people. It’s not going to help one bit. Good things don’t happen to a nation when it continues to put itself above or away from God.

    • Slasher Storm

      The weak-minded are the ones denying the reality that races are different.

      if blacks are so mad at Whitney, they can simply go back to Africa, don´t beg with one hand while showing the finger of the other hand.

  • Sheryl in TX

    Radical feminism is a serious problem. Men have been repeatedly told that they are stupid, inept and mostly unnecessary, except to provide sperm for a baby. Televisions shows and commercials show this type of thinking day in and day out. The men have taken the cue and let themselves be ridiculed and downtrodden. Rise up men! Be men and refuse to be treated and portrayed like nothings. You are made in the image of God. Pull up your bootstraps and act like it, even if you are the only one in your group of friends that does so. Women – Quit listening to the lies of the feminazis and support your male friends, boyfriends and husbands. Women – Start acting like you are made in the image of God, as well. Don’t stomp around and act like a brat because you were made from the rib of man. That is the way God planned it and if you don’t like it, TOO BAD! Women – If you would respect yourselves and demand that your man respect you, he would! Quit acting and dressing like tramps! You are made in the image of God so act like it! Men – Demand the respect that you deserve and Women – Demand the respect and love that you deserve. If you hang around with sloppy, slovenly men, you have shown that you don’t respect yourselves and that the men don’t need to respect you. Have some pride in your appearances. Men – Stop demanding sex from every gal that you meet, that is stupid and immoral. Women – quit giving it away and you might actually be respected. Women – Quit moving in with guys unless you are married to them. Who really wants to buy the milk when the cow has already put out and is free? This is my two cents and believe me, if men and women will live as though they are made in Christ’s image, their entire lives will be infinitely better.

    • VyseLegend

      Religious rhetoric aside, I like what you have to say.

  • Chris

    What does the future hold in this era of decadence?

  • Hefsmaster

    Best article i have read all year.. The comments are even better… Infowars has over 400 comments and still racking them up fast in 12 hours.
    If todays modern man sucks.
    Wait till the next model comes out….

    • Michael

      Wow, 400 comments eh?

      It looks like I really struck a nerve.


      • kw

        Well if you blame an abused people for the abuse they have suffered and suggest more abuse as the remedy, don’t be surprised when they decide that you need a little abuse.

        You do realize every article you make from this day on will be tainted. You will never be left alone, nor taken seriously again. Enjoy your place next to Andrea Dworkin.

        • Michael

          I am not suggesting “abuse” at all.

          If you look more closely, I am advocating that men should step up and be all that God has called them to be.


        • VyseLegend

          What are you on about?

  • I agree with many of the posters that the white male is the most vilified and demonized person on the planet. The bias towards white males in advertisements and TV shows is so apparent you’d have to be blind not to see it.

    My husband and I are both middle aged. We know how tough it is for white men and white women, especially those who are over 40 and who are not in the “in” crowd anymore.

    But this is what I see objectively with the young men and women who are between 25 and 40. Spoiled brats. Will whine they have no money but will blow $300 on a tattoo or a high end cell phone.

    I was raised in an old fashioned household. Sadly many women I see in their 20’s and 30’s cannot boil water. But I do see why young men do not want to marry young women. If they’re not obsessed with their phone, they’re constantly tweeting and checking their FB page OR what Brittney and Beyoncé is doing.

    There is a huge population of men who thought getting their hands dirty as an electrician, plumber or some other blue collar trade was beneath them. They chose the softer white collar lifestyle that has chewed them up, spit them out and tossed them aside for affirmative action hires and women replacements. Not learning a trade that can actually make something rather than changing numbers on a excel spreadsheet is part of the problem.

    Men who cannot find a job have to create their own reality. My husband knows that if he were laid off today, he’d be hard pressed to find another job that pays as well. He would have to create his own reality or a business that would pay the bills. Actually, we’re in the process now of creating our own business and relocating to a more rural area where we can be totally off the grid.

    Sadly, my generation (the baby boomers) have spoiled their kids rotten. Many of these kids are whiners, are lazy and have an entitlement mentality that is mind boggling. I struggle with this with my nephews. In the name of fairness my brother has bent over backwards with his oldest son and he now regrets babying him.

    When I go to a retail store I try and avoid the younger cashiers. They make zero eye contact and mumble. If I get a middle-aged cashier, male or female, I usually get better service as our generation has a better work ethic.

    I’ve told my nephews stay out of the military and do not become cannon fodder for the military industrial complex. Get a trade, invent something (made in America) and create a name for yourself.

    Until our men get their hands dirty, sweat and have to actually toil for a living, they’ll stay soft. If a man has anger or hidden resentments against women, he needs to arrest those demons if he wants a good life.

    We’re all to blame in some ways for this problem that lies with our young men. We have to show them the way that our ancestors used to rebuild a nation and have some compassion for both sexes.

    • Kevin


      Very well said.

    • josh

      “Men who cannot find a job have to create their own reality” love it! too bad they do not have the creativity it takes to do so.

    • pryman

      I don’t know how anyone can come to the conclusion that whites or any group have been more vilified or demonized in America than blacks. But if you want to believe the opposite and focus only on white men, then I guess white people our now racist against white men. You can’t have it both ways. This shows just how spoiled America has gotten over the years.

      Some of you think that’s it’s normal for black people to suffer…but it’s not. Then you make comparisons when whites men start to feel the heat. Then you let every little TV commercial that don’t show white men as the leader cause you to continue to ignore the fact that black unemployment is still suffering the hardest since this crisis, and before. Now people are mad because things are starting to catch up with them.

      A lot of your post make sense. But when you start complaining that white men are more vilified, it doesn’t make much sense. Because it is white men who are controlling the media.

      • James j

        Well said pryman. I am willing to bet many of these posters throwing out the racist against whites card were the same hypocrites shamelessly basking in the aura of white privilege not too long ago (it still exists IMHO).

        I enjoy michael’s posts because they derive from numbers and stats. Not some whiney knee jerk reaction predicated on some reverse discrimination doctrine.

        • dink

          White privilege has been dead since this generation of white males have been born. It’s all about wealth anyway. There are wealthy men, women, black, white, yellow and brown. That’s all that matters and frankly all that ever mattered.There are poor white men did you know that? What? That is inconceivable for your world view? It is in fact true. Maybe those poor white boys should stop getting bullet-ridden for “intellectuals” like yourself to run off at the mouth regurgitating things you’ve heard biased media outlets spew.

      • dink

        Actually jews control the media and have a history of vilifying black men in the media especially. The old “put on a dress”. It’s not protestants controlling the media, it is jews and they hate all goyim equally. Don’t direct your anger in the wrong direction.

  • Trooper Smith

    The article is not bad. The comments show how confused people are. I don’t see half this stuff people are talking about, but I don’t live in a big city. I don’t know of too many “feminists”. I don’t think we should blame this on one sub group in society.

    It was bound to happen that women would assert themselves and our high tech society would be the time to do so. For centuries many were treated no better than chattel.

    I think the men are going to have to “re-define” themselves, and figure out what a “man” is exactly. If defining manhood is wrapped up in domination, then it’s high time it is changed. Men have lots of options; blaming “feminism” and bitching is not a good one. It certainly is not a “leadership” stance.

    What I see in the world these days, with all these bloody invasions and force, I don’t see as feminine, but hard core masculine domination, empire, and brute force.

    The world is in chaos, not because of women, but because one system of domination is being challenged by COOPERATION, which is a more feminine trait. All men have feminine sides, as do women have masculine. If our world is to survive, it will require cooperation.

    I’m giving a hint for what men can do (and it is only one example). They can begin to incorporate cooperation into their masculine armor. If you want to be leaders, then you will need to grow up and begin to redefine yourselves within a context of cooperation.

    • J.M

      Sorry but your beliefs are disproved by the mere facts and looking at reality if men didn´t have the cooperation trait, if it were feminine, not one of the many things you use would be reality. And by the way read history books, only 40% of males reproduced in history while 80% of women achieved this fact. Yeah right, women were so “oppressed”.

  • Timothy Roy Culbertson

    Here is a story of my life as a 20 year old white male.

    Year between high school and college: I took a break between high school and college so I can study up in areas that lacked of. I should not even passed as a Sr. high school and I had to study up between this time. I had work nights and lived with my mother. 40 hours a week and I almost killed myself from be so disconnected with the outside world. Half a year, I keep on telling myself. I going to college and I final enrolled to RSU.

    Year in college: Due to lack of time and how my job set my hours I only take 12 hours a semester with one of the classes which does not count in hour for my degree. I enjoy life even know it was hard. I got on to day shift. During the spring that year They OVER WORKED ME. I was pushing 34 hours when I should have been near 20 hours a week, which reason I failed in college.

    The way it look now: I going to be living with my mother until my 26 birthday when I get out of college, or when money start flowing to my pockets. Does this make me a failed man? No, because i am working for a degree that will be stable to support my family. I am waiting because 20 year oldies play silly dating games and make bad choices.Why should I rush into a relationship that could financially ruin me rest of my life? Why Should I work hard for my things as the women party? Most of the time, women win their children in custody battles. I was rise by a single father, and what failed me is society. I talk to old people all the time, 60% of my friends are 40+ , so I can learn their life lessons and not do the same mistakes.

  • ScoutMotto

    I have to wonder if a lot of these young men have given up because they see the big picture. There are no jobs waiting for them, they’ve been taught by their teachers and by feminists that they are the cause of all the problems of the world. They are not taught the good that men have done. In schools the girls will sit in their seats all smug, while the boys are sinking in their chairs almost apologizing for their existence.

    There was a company who made t-shirts which had artwork with a caption which said “Boys are stupid. Throw rocks at them.” What message does THAT send I wonder? If it said “Girls are stupid” there would be a tremendous outcry. With these kinds of messages, where is the motivation for these men to grow up and be leaders? Where are courses in college called “Men’s Studies?” There is no affirmation for being male today in the west, only condemnation.

  • Richard

    That’s what the coming Depression is all about – bringing people back to earth with a bump. And when the depression is finished and there are still assholes of both sexes out there, we’ll have a nice little nuclear holocaust (courtesy of the Chinese) to finish the job… and get rid of tens of millions of unnecessary people. That’ll solve ALL the problems – unemployment, social security, health care, degenerate social values, immigration… BRING IT ON!! I’ll go willingly…

    • Slasher Storm

      Unnecessary is a compliment.

      They are blood-sucking leeches that needs to be cut out from under the host´s skin.

  • Jim

    This is realy a misguided and misleading article but who has the time to straighten the author out? Women destroyed the family 50 years ago. Raise children without fathers. Duh!!

  • I call *************** on this article and the author, if he believes this crap he spewed everywhere.

    I am 50 and barely can make it after 20+ years as a professional. How the hell will young men (or women) make it when someone like me can’t?

    Put the blame where it squarely is. The forced conscription for fighting bogus and immoral wars of Empire… the dismantling of our entire way of life… the absolute thievery (with support from the owned politicians and the lap dog media… the bogus war on drugs that imprisons or disenfranchises the masses over a weed for *************** sake.

    Should I go on?

    Normally, I consider this place a great resource, but this article is full of malarky.

    • You are a prime example of what the is article is talking about.

      #1 your a coward because you can’t post your real name. You sit at your computer and shoot out bogus name…

      #2. I am willing to bet that you are enslaved to the american dream, and all the gadgets that comes with it. (ie house, car, tv’s etc..)


      Take responsibility and work hard. I’m doing it, and guess what I’m making it, and when I fail I don’t blame someone else. I pick myself up and start over and make it again. Come on!

      Grow the heck up.

      • Slasher Storm

        #1 Said the anonymous commenter.

        Work hard for what? Oh yeah, to support this rotten society and the parasites feasting on its carcasse.

        I´ll tell you what is worth working hard for, help bring down this rotten system.
        What is worth working at is my own terms and for what i want, not those of my would-be parasites, not moralizing twats such as yourself either.

  • Gay Veteran

    one partial solution to the problem is JOBS!!!

    and too many posters have a fundamental problem with equality for women

    sorry but this country is not going back to white male patriarchy


      Gay Veteran,

      Seriously? Have you checked the gender and racial background of those in the real positions of power lately? Joint Chiefs of Staff and other flag officer ranks, Banking executives and other CEO positions of major corporations, Congress, Governorships, etc.? The positions with real power (actual or figurehead) reside in the hands of mostly WHITE MALES! I am not going to sugarcoat this for your ego, but the fact of the matter is that most of the positions of power reside in the hands of white males. You can stick minorities in a few positions and you can stick a half black half white male in the White House (although he is backed by banker money with these banks being run by full white males by the way) but the bottom line is that white males, especially in the GOP, are not going to cede power, not without a fight to the death, period. So, celeberate the Barack Obamas, the Oprah Winfreys and the Maria Cantwells of the world because these select few are figureheads and nothing more. True power rests behind the
      throne(s), not with the few minority man(men) and woman(en) who may have the fortunate “privilege” of sitting upon it(them)………

      • Gay Veteran

        whoa Reed, I basically agree with you

        I meant “white male patriarchy” on the family level, not the elite level

        I see a lot of commenters are really hostile towards women

  • Chris

    Even if everything that has been said about women and the feminism movement never happened we would still be where we are today. Period. Why?

    2001 The year China joined the WTO and opened up their markets.

    Almost every single job men have traditionally done has been outsourced to China or India or some other country all in the name of profits. So, what jobs are we left with…service jobs and who has always been better at service type work, women. Why? Because most service type jobs require return clients and women have always excelled at creating relationships. All those blue collar jobs manufacturing XYZ that kids grew up watching their dad leave for are no longer here…where do men go to get work? And how does a “push button/pull lever” type male worker fit into the new Services paradigm that favors women?

    • Kevin


      Yep those Free Trade agreements gutted the traditional well paying employment.

      Don’t fret. The service economy is a creation to appease the masses while industry fled. It has no sustainability. Those “Women jobs” are soon to end too.

  • Maximus

    SIngle mother syndrome is the primary reason for all of this, plain and simple!!

    The New World Order planned this long ago and has implemented it perfectly through the application of feminism and other subversive techniques with the goal of breaking up the family unit.

    When a boy is raised by a single mother he becomes completely dependent on her only and she becomes the primary role model and he becomes much like her. Boys need a full time father to raise them and a full time mother in order to be properly mentally balanced. A full time father is necessary so that a boy can see what it means to be a man and how that man acts with his mother.

    Our society rewards single mothers by providing various forms of assistance and the courts reward them in divorces and the guy is forced to pay and support this mockery financially. This encourages more women to follow this trend.

    It is a fact that society is set up to encourage single mother syndrome and this is the reason men have become so weak and irresponsible. I know plenty of women who are successful and they are only interested in guys who are complete slackers and losers with low paying menial jobs. Why is that do you think?

    Women have been suckered into this by the new world order and most of them have no clue what is happening but many women think that they can raise a child alone and don’t need any help from a man. THAT is the problem. Yes they may be able to raise the child but he will NEVER really know how to be a real man because he was raised by a woman.

    Women have fallen for this scam and are now becoming single mothers in record numbers and it will continue to get worse, i guarantee it!

    • Ben Dover

      I can see why so many men throw in the towel after divorce and evaporate. Have you read the newspaper listings of men who tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in child support? As an occupation, most are listed as laborers. The child support dollar figures are totally out of touch with reality.

      • Slasher Storm

        Even 300K a year in child support and the child may still be barefoot, because all that money is simply blown on buying unecessary stuff.

        Who is irresponsible? The father (or fathers) of course, that slacker is not paying enough! Why don´t young men want careers and marry good women?!? Slackers! They must work HARD, so the state and women can live off them!



      You have an excellent point there. I hear women all the time say: “I don’t need a man” like a man, in and of himself, is a disease to be avoided at all costs. But what they really mean is they can do without a man but they can’t do without his wallet. Hence shacking up with the directionless slacker because he can not and will not challenge man hating schemes………..

      Divorce court is most every man’s nightmare, unless he has irrefutable proof that mom is unfit to raise a child. Other than that scenario, the courts are going to stick it to the father, make him pay obscene amounts of child support and alimony, (which if he gets behind in any way, results in an arrest warrant, jail, and more indebtedness due to back child support, alimony, and fees added on by crooked judges, which leads into a vicious cycle of lifetime indebtedness).

      The courts also take away custody with limited to no visitation of said child(ren). Good gig for a man hating feminist if you can get it. Which explains why Bill Maher, although he has never said this in an open forum to my knowledge, has never been married and will never have kids. He knows the score, and does not want to be taken to the cleaners and have a man hating feminist steal his laundry…………..

      • lone survivor

        The judges think they are “rescueing” some poor woman whos getting a divorce. Never mind she’s got a live in boyfriend who’s really going to enjoy the child support money to go bar hopping and buy weed with!
        And the woman will “claim” the ex is molesting the kids, so he’s not allowed to see them anymore.
        The reason why the colleges are now top heavy with women, is because the colleges give a woman a 10% bonus to her entry, but a white male looses 20%. In my area, even the newspapers wrote the women now make up 60% of college students, and don’t forget that there are only so many spots open each semester. And in high school, many female teachers are man hating lesbians and will give male students a lower score on tests.
        The media tells women to be more like a man, and they want men to be more like women. I’ve seen men? wearing makeup, nailpolish, carry purses and even one wearing a dress similar to what my mother wears! WTF?
        Women today feel that they don’t need to be married and have a family, just sleep with some guy and have a baby. And they figure that boys don’t need a father-just two lesbian mothers!

    • Slasher Storm


      The baby boomers, Woodstock, majority back then were raised in single mothers? Nope.

      Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson voters? Not either.

  • Anonymous

    why are my comments being censored??!?!

  • HeartofShadows

    I see alot of people have stepped up and I’m glad.
    I know and agree that white men are portrayed really negatively but the few shows I’ve seen of black people they do the exact same thing.
    Shows like tyler perry portray black men as being woefully ignorant, stupid and discriminate to everybody and need to be guided by their loudmouthed christian wife.
    I believe the only show that showed black man in a good light was family matters and from then on here came the stereotypes.

  • “the goal of this article is to point out that we have a real problem with our young men and that they are lagging way behind. Vast numbers of them don’t want to go to college, don’t want to pursue careers, don’t want to get married and don’t want to take on any serious responsibilities. Of course there are always exceptions. In fact, there are some young men out there that are absolutely outstanding. However, what this article is trying to say is that the overall trends all point to the fact that our system has raised up a crop of young men that are generally weak, directionless, wimpified and unwilling to take responsibility. This is not a good thing.”

    Two things I see here.

    1)Men 18-30 y/o were raised in an environment where is was shameful to display traditional masculine traits. Because of this, society ended up with a bunch of men who don’t display those traits and instead are “generally weak, directionless, wimpified and unwilling to take responsibility”. Basically, you ended up with men who display the worst and most complained about attributes of an out-of-control 18-30 y/o woman. This isn’t coincidental.

    2) We have a generation of men who are weak, directionless, wimpified and unwilling to take responsibility. Great. So what? Simply telling men not to be that way isn’t going to accomplish anything. What the author should have asked is “why are men like that?” Of course, that would raise the uncomfortable reality that being strong, focused, ambitious and responsible are all difficult traits to achieve and maintain. On top of that, most 18-30 y/o men have no reason to maintain those attribute because they are no longer invested in the system. If a society is just going to screw you over, there is no reason to be a productive member of it.



      At bottom in quotation marks the only excerpt in your post that made any real sense. What you failed to mention, and could have expanded upon, is how and why is this possible? The global elites of the world want a wimpified, directionless, dumbed down population that can not and will not challenge their fascist, corporate rule. One method the globalists use are doughnut eating killers and buffoons called law enforcement to bust skulls, tear gas peaceful protesters, sexually assault you and your children at airports and put dozens of bullets into you for no reason and then plant a gun on you claiming you shot at them first all to keep you in line.

      Another method used to make and keep the masses dumb and docile is to reward lazy, stupid, and useless people who produce nothing good for society. Hence, making millionaires and celebrities out of people like the Clintons, the Palins, the Cheneys, the Rumsfelds, the Obamas, the Charlie Sheens, the Joe the Plumbers, the Lindsay Lohans, on, and on, ad infinitum……… When people see riches and celebrity being heaped upon people for not a day’s hard work, what example do you think they are going to follow? The same decadent, disgusting model that allowed the aforementioned people to harvest the riches and celebrity, that in a true meritocracy, they would have never attained………….

      “On top of that, most 18-30 y/o men have no reason to maintain those attribute because they are no longer invested in the system. If a society is just going to screw you over, there is no reason to be a productive member of it.”

  • Gary2

    None of this would be an issue if we just taxed the rich and spread the wealth!

    • Kevin


      You can tax the rich at 100% and it will not compensate for the loss of wealth creation from the evisceration of manufacturing. As I previously showed if you took all the money from the Walton family and gave it to all the Wal Mart employees it would account for $41K per employee. Fine for a year, maybe two. Then what? No job, business is gone.

      The cause was the Free Trade agreements (which are increasing) that both party’s in majority numbers backed.

      • Gary2

        I think that 41,000 per employes would generate so much demand there would be a ton of jobs created.

        • Kevin


          That is $41,000 per employee one time pay. Spend that $41,000 and the “collective” no longer owns the company. Don’t spend it and the employees must “collectively” figure out how to increase their wages in a 3% profit margin.

      • LOLWUT

        Take those parasites out of the equation and the economy gets better, not worst.

    • Vladimir

      Well said Gary!
      This fiat money ponzi scheme is on the verge to collapse… just matter of time.

  • Kevin

    Wait to the money well complements of Mom and Dad runs dry and real poverty hits. It’s “sink or swim” and while many will learn to swim out of necessity a significant number will not.

    The least socially prepared generation will be faced with the greatest economic decline. This is not the end or even the beginning of the end. It is however the end of the beginning. Were just at the start of this.

  • steve

    As a guy it is depressing to see some of the above
    comments, its a no brainer.

    1. We have an almost 80% divorce rate and a man
    loses always. Know guys who may NEVER see their
    kids again. Really takes the fun out of dating
    let me tell you 8-]
    2. Laws on hiring FAVOR women. I see this where
    I work all the time.
    3. Men are expected to tolerate behavior from
    women that is insulting an demeaning.
    4. Few men can make the $$$ to support a
    household expected by women. There is a true
    saying “no money, no honey”, reality in america.

  • VyseLegend

    “If a society is just going to screw you over, there is no reason to be a productive member of it.”

    Thats the crux of it. What you say about masculine values is true too. Its not that people have inherently changed, its that our expectations of them have, along with the opportunities available to them.

    For alot of men, the equation between a menial computer job with no prospects and playing Call of Duty for 10 hours a day is relatively straightforward.

  • mondobeyondo

    Maybe the feminist movement is to blame. I don’t know. Women were on the streets burning their bras in the late ’60’s and wanting to be “equal” with men. Equal they are, in many areas (not in employment – men still earn per capita more for a job than women do for the same job, but we do have two Supreme Justices who are female).

    But the family unit as a whole is suffering. Who is home to watch the kiddos when both Mom and Dad are at work? Well the schools, of course! Problem is, schools were meant to EDUCATE your kids, not to be their nanny AND educate them!! And feed them Cap’n Crunch and Raisin Bran for breakfast.

    • Kevin

      I’m not sure the women wanted to be equal. It was more like “what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine”. They wanted equal pay for equal work but for you to pick up the tab at dinner, open doors and buy them things.

      Some people are just a bit more equal than others.

      Someone once said, “If it has *!*$ or tires it’s going to one day give you a problem”.

  • Richard

    So you delete my comments now, huh?

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Before he went off the air in early 2009, I enjoyed listening to a very controversial talk show host named Tom Leykis. Prof. Leykis had a lot to say about the evolution of American women in the last 40 years (none of it good) and why he preferred dating Latin American and European women over American women. It was easily the most politically incorrect show on commercial radio, but having done a considerable amount of traveling in foreign countries, I have to agree with Signore Leykis that there is an enormous difference between feminism in parts of Continental Europe and feminism in the USA. Feminism in Italy, France and Spain simply meant equal pay for equal work; radical American “feminism” of the Andrea Dworkin/Catherine McKinnon variety has been an exercise in male-bashing run amok. Is it any wonder that American men in Gen-Y are sick of hearing how “inferior” they are? Between the shrill male-bashing voices of radical Dworkinist “feminism” and the corporatist neocon bastards who have destroyed the American middle class and the American economy, young American men are facing a very grim future in The Banana Republic of America.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      But I’ll tell you the name of one American feminist I developed enormous respect for: Naomi Wolf, who I applaud for speaking out against the Patriot Act and other police-state measures of the neocons. And the fact that she has been willing to find common ground with some libertarians on the right (including Alex Jones and Ron Paul) speaks well of her.

  • As a 21 year old i must agree with michael. Most of the people i know are irresponsible and all they care about is going out and getting wasted. They are also more concerned about celebrities then the corruption going on in this country. Most women don’t even act lady like anymore. And i’ve noticed that most girls now are sooo immature.
    Luckily, I am awake and know not to go down that path.

    • Furthermore, my generation is a disgrace. America doesn’t have a future if we are the future.

    • Michael

      I wish there were a lot more like you out there Forte.

      Stay strong.


  • Maybe this has a thing to do with mental colonization…could be a psyop operation by the mainstream media to help the NWO.

  • Aaron

    The “wussafication” of an entire generation is no accident. The feminist movement with it’s so called freeing of women pushed that generation of men out of the picture leaving boys to be raised with no strong male role model. With worthless public schools, the vomit box (TV) and video games as the teachers of maturity a generation of boys will permanently boys. Let’s not forget a constant diet of bisphenol-a driving their testosterone levels lower than ever.

    As this country decays and inches toward revolution I see only a tiny percentage of young men who will fight against tyranny, for freedom and the ideals the founders fought for. By design the rest will be either cannon fodder or slaves.

  • mondobeyondo

    “Men, men, manly men, men, men…..”

    (That’s from the theme song for “Two and a Half Men”…)

    If you want to meet a truly manly man, meet up with a U.S. Marine sometime.

  • Hefsmaster

    Michael, Do you have time for some private correspondence? Would greatly appreciate the opportunity to speak with you. I could use some advice….
    You have my e-mail i assume…

  • noticed that about TV, in the 50’s, a bit too WASPy, a bit too un-normal, but TV then supported proper roles and proper conduct. Now, since at least the 80’s, male TV characters somehow work all day (many shows, the woman is still a stay-at-homer), but despite the paycheck, nice suburban home, he is a moron. The wife has all the answers. man knows nothing. Just see many scripts of the Jim show, with Belushi. Though his character at times, does surprise one, still, stay at home wifey has answers, Jim most of times is a knuckle dragger..yet they want for little and have a nice picture perfect house in the suburbs….that formula is repeated time and time again in other shows…….and we men take it, support it, and directly and indirectly, pay for it……coupled with the dumbing down of schools, surprising anyone today has any balls left…oops, thats right, that is what sports is for…

  • Paul

    MAXIMUS has absolutly nailed it! Why can’t people see through all the BS? Bottom Line: None of this has happened by accident. It all stems from the home and lack of a father SHOWING boys what it means to be a man.Start by turning off your TV. It is the most effective brainwashing propaganda machine ever invented.When the seed is planted in soil that is no good,chances are it will not grow into a healty plant.

  • Matt Strictland

    Living with ones family is actually healthy for society at least if junior is working and contributes to the household budget.

    Anyway, the reason people aren’t living apart as much is that they can’t afford it.

    Decent, safe housing in a neighborhood they socially want to live in is not affordable with todays wages and the need for massive college debt just to get modest wages.

    And yeah sure roommates and all that. Its not easy in todays world to find trustworthy roomies. Ones family one can trust however and as an added bonus, budgeting can be flexible if say someones job is outsourced or automated away.

    Also working harder than one needs for someone else these days is kind of foolish, it benefits only the 1% or the people getting transfer payments. Why bother working harder or participating since man working hard today, baring having ones own gig will not get ahead anyway. Its a passive approach but its a safe one suited for incarceration nation and our nascent police state.

    to your point about teaching young men, I agree. Not teaching them this was a form of social control. It is hard to have a society like the Elite wanted with traditional men in it. Once they found out the game was rigged, all hell would break loose.

  • ray

    “Now I want to make something perfectly clear before we proceed. The point of this article is not to slam women or drag them down.”

    your nation implodes before your eyes, but by all means, let’s all keep avoiding the truth while composing another anti-male “thunk” piece

    we wouldn’t want to upset the Dearies, now would we? because golly, that mean’s WE’D have to “man up” and actually speak honestly to (and about) the Amerikan Matriarchy

    half-a-century of crushing fatherhood and masculinity, of Glorious and Empowering aparthied against the male half of humanity in every aspect of your k-k-kulture, but gee, y’all just can’t IMAGINE why Those Lazy Good For Nothing Males aren’t rising to your ridiculous (and impossible) demands and expectations

    your problem, like Amerika’s problem, is distillable into one word: feminism

    but somehow, like most everybody else, your article manages to avoid confronting the actual problem

    you don’t even have the nads to confront women on a website! instead, you pompously demand a masculinity in others you don’t yourselves possess

    you dare to criticise the men whose opportunities you and your Sistem removed and destroyed (by law no less!) yet you lack even the minimal courage to place the blame where it properly rests — with the greedy, selfish, hateful Amerikan female, and with the simpering poodle-men (like you) that she rules over, utterly

    you aren’t part of the solution; you’re just another brick in the wall

    bill bennett and similar shill-boys will rot in hell — looking forward to it very, very much

    the gynogulags of the western world — and the cowards who have supported our matriarchal monstrosities — will not buy, bully, or ********* their way out of this

    they will reap what they have sown


  • Gary2
    • Michael

      Does anyone actually watch that channel?


      • El Pollo de Oro

        I get RT America here in Philly and watch it a lot. Gerald Celente is a frequent guest on RT.

  • John Rambo

    Well, who raised these young men? SINGLE WOMEN, mostly. Therein lies the blame.

    Please join Crimes Against Fathers


    Please take the time to read a FREE short 100 page book called “Living Free in a Fem-Nazi World”. This book is about freeing you from the fem-nazi, fem-fascist state you live in to live your life as you choose. This book will show you how to no longer be subject to the fem-nazi ‘legislation’ that claims you are a slave with no rights at all.

    After reading this short 100 page book, you will understand how to become completely legally free of the feminist legal system worldwide. That is, no woman will ever be able to persecute you or harm you through false DV charges, false rape accusations, feminist divorce courts, etc. In short, you will indeed be a free man in a world of feminism, free and safe from being harmed by feminism.

    Download the ‘Living Free in a Fem-Nazi World’ eBook for free here:


  • Guido

    Wow, a lot of rapid fire opinions being hurled back and forth. I agree and disagree with a little bit of everything. I think part of the problem is many of we commenters are a little too stuck in our own ideas and dogmas to appreciate one fundamental point- You can’t really pick a single cause or answer out here. Are men a pack of wussies today? In many, if not most, cases, I think yes. What’s the cause?


    Did we dump religion?
    Yep. We dumped a fundamental support structure of every successful civilization and society history has ever recorded. We failed to come up with a better replacement for God than ourselves. In fact, we even attack the folks who do believe in a God and ridicule them for having a belief structure of any kind. If you remove the religious aspect, it seems crazy to be mad at people who want to see a list of 10 things you shouldn’t do, including don’t kill other people, don’t steal things from other people, and don’t disrespect your parents, posted in public places.

    Did women get liberated?
    Yep. We cut traditional cultural restraints off women. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with placing women on an equal level in all, or most, workplaces with men.(I think certain jobs, i.e. the military, probably require a different standard.) The problem with the so-called liberation movement was they convinced women the other gender was the enemy. They also convinced men and women they didn’t need to be responsible for their choices.

    Are boys/men today weak and lazy?
    Yep. They sure are. And we let them get that way. We raised them that way. We did to them what our parents did to us, only more so. Our parents did to us what their parents did to them after WWII, only more so. And they? Well, they dug their way out of a depression and fought a world war, so it’s understandable they would want a better life for their kids. Unfortunately, in the rush to make a better life, they went from success to an over-abundance of success and that bred corruption and decadence. Our present kids and young men are the result of years of benign neglect. So are many of us. If you’re an X-er, with 60s parents, a significant # of you and your fellow X-ers grew up as latch-key kids (a term pretty much invented for you) while your parents were off discovering themselves and pretty much being self-absorbed. I don’t think these kids are really that different from the rest of us. We just lucked out, for the most part.

    Did we over-sexualize our kids?
    Yep, we sure did. I don’t know why everyone is in such a rush to force kids into sex. I can understand teaching them about it, about how to make the right choices and how to properly treat members of the opposite gender. I think the responsibility should have rested with parents-but they abdicated that responsibility. What I can’t understand is parents letting their kids have sex at home, “where they’re safe,” hiring strippers for their kids’ parties, and buying overly-sexualized clothes for their kids. Then again, they probably dressed similarly and did the same stuff when they were young, too-based on the wonders of the 60s generation and their X-er kids. Now you can get stripper poles for your little girl or a slutty Halloween costume or just let your boy surf for porn online while chatting with anonymous perverts. I’ll never forget meeting a twisted 16 y/o girl and her 15 y/o friend who trolled the local military base for soldiers’ #s. That was a sick, sad moment. Thanks to our wonderful free speech, embrace of artistic expression, and anything-goes mindset, our kids can now watch any number of slutty women or violent, foul-mouthed imbeciles on TV, in movies, and music videos; idols for a valueless and directionless world. Again-with no competing values or traditions, why not go out and do what you want-or nothing at all?

    Did our entertainment make us violent?
    Yep. It sure did. I read a statistic that says the average 18 year old has seen over 100,000 murders on TV, in movies, and now probably 10X that in video games. I don’t see how that can’t scar you a little bit inside over time as you see progressively more and more grisly images. The same psychological effect is what they use in some martial arts and military training-desensitization. Read On Killing for more.

    Are drugs at fault?
    Yep. They sure are. Kids today are so desperate for a high, they’re willing to swill cold syrup. A few years back, I heard huffing fumes off crap was becoming popular in some areas. When I lived in the country, a guy informed me you could have a great time sniffing the methane off fresh cow pies. Retarded, if you ask me. I assume that’s the outer fringe, since pot is so easy to get. One kid told me it was easier to get pot than alcohol. I think it’s appealing to them for the same reason it appealed to us and those before us-they can be fun! Sure, you won’t accomplish much, but you won’t mind it while you’re not accomplishing it. And I think Carlin had a point about kids smoking, “Kids smoke for the same reason we do-It relieves stress!” Of course, it’s harder to keep kids off the stuff after 2-3 generations of heavy, wide-spread drug use. How odd is it for the folks running the country and telling you not to do drugs are the ones who were the biggest drug users a couple decades ago? Remember Clinton, who didn’t inhale? Obama, who did coke? And Bush, who was a coke head and an alcoholic?

    Did we fail to offer them opportunities?
    Yep, we sure did. Although it wasn’t so much not offering them as the nation becoming so corrupt and decadent, the economy and fabric of society finally unraveled. We are all responsible for this. We’re the ones who ran up the national credit card on them, shipped the jobs overseas, let the illegals take all the low-wage jobs, demanded instant gratification, and so on. These guys were babies when Clinton and Bush Sr. sold us out in the name of Globalism. Since they were born and matured, they’ve seen millions of our jobs disappear. All the stuff we enjoyed isn’t there for them now. I guess I don’t blame them for being pissed or let down. And we certainly haven’t done much to teach them to fight or work hard for success. We ran up the national credit card and deferred the payments to future generations, and now someone is getting left with the bill. No wonder they’re content to sit at home with mom and dad and the Xbox.

    Did we men leave our wives and kids?
    Yep. We left. For some of us, it was easier to just take off than deal with our responsibilities. For others, we wanted few duties and casual sex more than a stable home. Some of us probably never should have married in the first place. And the government was all too happy to give newly-empowered and suddenly-single moms money and tax write-offs. In fact, LBJ pretty much helped lay the groundwork for inter-generational poverty and absentee fathers when he set up the Great Society to reward single mothers. I’ve read there are some folks who marry, then divorce and live together to enjoy the increased tax monies that flow as a result. (I dunno if there have been any attempts to reform this.) It’s a shame because marriage is one of the best anti-poverty programs around. In we males’ absence, women were forced, and in many cases chose, to raise kids with little, if any, male input beyond the original insemination. If people are like the yin/yang, a combination of male and female, as some believe, how much good can come from half the equation being left out? I believe the best option is two stable, committed parents, male+female. I won’t say other equations are doomed to automatic failure, but I think stable, committed male+female is the best solution-it’s only got about, oh, all of recorded history behind it…

    I could go on, but I think you can see what I mean. There is no single cause. Ultimately, we’ve destroyed the old world our parents and grandparents knew. We knocked all the supports our civilization rested on, traditions spanning centuries, over the last 60 years, but we never replaced that culture with anything comparable. Nothing particularly good has replaced religion. Science is great for explaining a lot of things in a dispassionate and logical manner-but we’re not a dispassionate and logical people. And science doesn’t teach morals and decency. Nothing particularly good has replaced the 2 parent man+woman family, no matter how many permutations we try to introduce. Nothing particularly good has replaced the old fashioned education system. We spend more money than anyone per student and get worse results every year. Try taking an 8th grade exam from 1908. You would fail so miserably, it would be embarrassing to admit. We don’t teach our kids traditions. We over-protect them. We’re scared to challenge them. Hell, it was only the early 1990s when they announced they were dumping dodgeball and kickball because they were inherently dangerous and mean-spirited. It was the early 1990s when this disgusting BS started where we give all the kids trophies and tell them they’re all winners. Remember when they tried to argue minorities needed to be taught in slang because English was too hard and, thus, unfair? As a result of never wanting to bruise their precious little egos, American kids score the lowest in knowledge in the Industrialized World, but we have the highest self esteem while doing it!

    So here we are. Even if we were to figure out the perfect solution, we’re stuck with what we have. Any answer will take at least 1 generation to implement, assuming the idiots we have now are interested in doing some really hard work on themselves AND their kids. I don’t think that’s likely. So I figure we’re probably headed for either some extremely dismal times, a neo-dark age, OR Idiocracy. I don’t know if I’m completely bothered by that, either, because I would like to believe the children I raise will embrace tradition, morals, a love of knowledge, and a sense of duty. Plus a really strong sense to survive and prosper. Perhaps they’ll be kings among retards? I could settle for warlord over everything from the big tree across to the burned-down building and down to the river…

    • Michael

      Wow you put a lot of time and effort into that one Guido. :)


      • Guido

        It’s such a big issue, I think there’s no way to isolate a single cause. When I consider it, it’s like one thing links to another to another to another in a big circle. How do you fix it? The most obvious answer is jobs-but that leads to even bigger problems. You can’t just miracle up jobs for the masses. And if you managed to create those, these guys still have their own internal emptiness to deal with and no one can just fix that. Even if you come up with a solution, these guys’ parents are screwed up, too. And their parents were screwed up. So you would have to both work on yourself, then insure your kid was fixed, too. Not that likely, if you ask me.

        Guy Odom theorized that every society eventually collapses due to the winnowing out of talent. In his book, America’s Man on Horseback, he explained how in our society, high-achieving men and women have become more interested in career than family. Odom considered the most creative, high-achievers to be dominant, or the result of strict leadership and achievement-oriented upbringing, while the vast majority of us are non-dominant, ranging anywhere from average to utterly stupid. He felt Jewish culture, specifically Jewish mothers, had produced a very tough, tradition of dominant leaders who inculcated in their kids the need to achieve. (It’s not hard to see where he would get the idea, look at the incredible # of Jewish Nobel Prize winners in all fields. You could also consider the strength and resilience of a culture that has constantly been on the edge of destruction for thousands of years.) While many men went on to accomplish various things, Odom was certain it was the women who insured this trait was instilled in the next generation. These days, and for some time now, these same women who might have directed their energies to the next generation, focused on career and personal fulfillment outside the traditional housewife role. While they went far in these roles, they neglected to share their traits and knowledge with the next generation. This conscious decision insures there are fewer and fewer achievers and leaders in each succeeding generation. Eventually, this dearth of vital, creative energy must be felt in the decay of society. Odom believed the US was suffering from this distinct lack of talented youth and could end up collapsing as a result. It was a fascinating read.

    • Slasher Storm

      “Did we dump religion?”


      Political correctness is a religion, even the wealthy can’t blasphemy it.

      The one religion that was dropped is the one that originally destroyed the western Roman Empire and stagnated the Eastern one until 1453.
      We did have civilizations before it and after it too (China).

  • Henry

    Why American men should boycott American women


    I am an American man, and I have decided to boycott American women. In a nutshell, American women are the most likely to cheat on you, to divorce you, to get fat, to steal half of your money in the divorce courts, don’t know how to cook or clean, don’t want to have children, etc. Therefore, what intelligent man would want to get involved with American women?

    American women are generally immature, selfish, extremely arrogant and self-centered, mentally unstable, irresponsible, and highly unchaste. The behavior of most American women is utterly disgusting, to say the least.

    This blog is my attempt to explain why I feel American women are inferior to foreign women (non-American women), and why American men should boycott American women, and date/marry only foreign (non-American) women.

    Tens of millions of American men have had their lives completely destroyed by American women through the following crimes:

    1. False rape accusations (it has been proven that up to 80 percent of rape accusations are FALSE)

    2. False DV charges (same as above)

    3. Financial RAPE of men in divorce courts

    4. Emotional destruction of men by ex-wives who have stolen their children from them and forbidden contact

    5. Divorced dads who commit suicide as a result

    Not one single American woman has EVER condemned their fellow American women for committing these crimes against men. Silence means consent. Therefore, American women support and enjoy destroying men’s lives and causing men to commit suicide. Therefore, is it any surprise that a huge percent of American men no longer want anything to do with American women, other than using them for easy sex and then throwing them away?

    Over 50 percent of American women are single, without a boyfriend or husband; so the fact is most American men no longer want to marry American women. Let these worthless American women grow old living alone with their 10 cats.


    • Guido

      Why not call it the HeMan Woman Haters Club?

      I, Stymie, Member in good standing of the He-man Woman Haters Club, do solemnly swear to be a He-man and hate women and not play with them or talk to them unless I have to. And especially never fall in love. And if I do, may I die slowly and painfully and suffer for hours or until I scream bloody murder!

      • Guido

        Actually, I did just what you suggest-I married a woman from Eastern Europe. It’s been a rewarding experience.

    • Dolores

      I am an American woman who will rise up and condemn these crimes against men. I am one of a small and growing number of ladies against feminism. My voice is small because I have no platform. My domain is my home, where I joyfully revel in womanhood and not feminism. I love my husband and my children and there is practically no room for my opinion in the market place of ideas. (sigh) A feminist will always shout louder and longer and more crudely than the rest of us. But there are still some of us out there. If only we could turn back the clock but we can’t.
      Feminism has destroyed the home and is destroying society.

      • Jazzy R.

        Dolores, I am a feminist. I do not want children at this point in my life for personal reasons. However, that in no way gives me the right to say what I do with my life is any better or more “feminist” than what you do with yours. I admire women who WANT children and can run a home. It is HARD work.. I sincerely think there is nothing harder or more important in the world than raising healthy, happy children, and the women who do so deserve medals. Feminism wants women like you to be treated equally. They want women who aren’t like you to be treated equally. The problem is that a homemaker and a mother is the role our society has determined for women, regardless of if they want it or not. That is a standard I will always be held to, even if I will not conform. Women who choose the path you have chosen deserve respect, as do women who choose the path I have chosen; one without children. Don’t ever let anyone put you down for the choices you have made, even if they claim to be feminists.

    • Jazzy R.

      haha if getting fat and being “unchaste” are the biggest crimes women can commit against men then I’d say you guys have it pretty good!

  • jack melford

    Ray: Thank you atleast there is one person in this world that speek the truth.

    As a divorce father who been drag trough the mud in the feminazi family court I thank you from teh bottom of my hart for that comment.

    How can father be fathers when the family court strip them of their god givn right to be fathers and not once I hear an american shanks speek out about the injustice of the nazi family court as a matter of fact they just add insult to the injustice.

  • Whosker Doo

    The one item that everyone is missing here is this:
    I believe that in 2 pages of posts, I saw only 1, count it 1, response from a female. Thankfully,
    that was a positive, exhortative response too.

    But realize this guys … none of these other women will, for even a second, speak out against her entitlements and the one sided rule of law.
    We are alone fellas. Face it. Even your wives will do nothing to help you. Rather, they will pick over your carcasses in a Court of Slaw.
    You will die destitute, if they have any last say over you.
    Stop pandering and Believe Reality Guys !
    If we know the score, then we can plan the game post collapse. This cannot ever be allowed again!

  • Gary S

    Documented NWO mission as described in their own writings from the 30’s and before:
    (1) Destroy the family unit through cultural change, and have children raised by the state. Welfare only for single moms, K-12 indoctrination, mass media film topics and characters and music – It takes Hillary’s village. This has been done

    (2) Culturally and literally (BPA, estrogen added to foods etc.) feminize the male so he won’t stand up for himself & his family, thereby allowing a more compliant transition to the NWO of state control.
    I give you the well planned successful mission creep toward 1984.

  • The ghost of Kurt Cobain

    Seriously, screw you. Now that things are going bad fast, NOW you pay attention to the poor bastards who had *no* fathers growing up, who were smothered by their emotionally incestuous mothers, their just-as-maladjusted sisters,their emasculating soul crushing conveyer belt education system,who lived in broken dysfunctional families from the start, who were drugged with dangerous antidepressants & prescriptions meds meant to make them more manageable & docile, who were indoctrinated to act more like little girls with penises & go along to get along,be a nice guy, to not show a shred of hostility or backbone…and NOW you complain that they are broken? NOW you want them to pick up the slack because things are looking dicey? You scare your boys to death for years, you screw them up in the head and NOW they have to come to the rescure or something? Give em a kick in da butt & whip out the shaming language- oh how can the women today STANNNND these LOSERS? YOU WEAK BUMS!

    i applaud any guy who gives this sinking ship up. Men have worked themselves to death for centuries only to be spat on by their women, their families, their goverments….let it all burn, its time for something new. Men have been cannon fodder for too long.

    • billiewilliesillie


  • John Rambo

    Yes, modern women will NEVER speak out against the CRIMES that her fellow women commit against men.

    Therefore, AMerican and western women need to be COMPLETELY BOYCOTTED!

    Don’t date them, don’t marry them, just use them for a one night stand and dump their worthless ass the next day!

  • rose

    reading this article reminds me of a book i read back in the very early 90s, written by a woman of the former soviet union. she mentioned that the men were in terrible condition, not unlike what’s mentioned in this article. perhaps it’s what happens when a society is collapsing. she mentioned that it was the women that held society together in russia.

  • United We Stand

    Well, let’s see. As the world turns and events unfold before our eyes: The self-appointed rulers have decided there is an overpopulation problem and are pushing this idea. The economy has been destroyed to the point that it’s a hard rocky road to maintain a home and raise a family. A lot of land bordering Canada may about to be declared fed property. Obama care has/or would like to have birth control be free, while ironically aphrodisiac pharmaceuticals are pitched en mass. Evidentally, the populace is incrementally being manipulated to be a mass of drug-addicted sex-crzed usefull idiots unable to reproduce all the while being told to endorse same sex unions. (can’t bear children on their own)
    “News” is a constant stream of crime and violence. Where o where in the land of milk and honey is the value of God and country and families united being celebrated in the media, one must ask?
    Do you think it is deliberate that media portrays men as bumbling idiots incapable of being strong men able to support a family? Is it intentional that droves and droves of foreigners come with little to no appreciation of American history? No idea what our forefathers fought for and no knowledge of something to stand up for?
    Seems to me somewhere in the future there will be order out of chaos. However;
    I’m holding onto the values that made our Country great.

  • Dewayne

    Young men aren’t generally weak. They just understand today’s marriage is garbage for men.
    For example, a blog said there was a recent book called “The Secret Lives of Wives” and the author stated wives should have “boyfriends with boundaries” in order to maintain the happiness of their marriage.


    I looked for this book on the internet and its all over it! So much of the media (female journalists) are promoting the idiot book. If we are supposed to be treated like garbage, what man in his right mind would want to get married???

  • James

    I’m a 26 year old male. I have my bachelor’s degree. I spent 3 years as a journalist and opinion columnist in college. I also was the state chairman of the college republicans (who I now dislike, but that’s another story). I’ve worked politics in DC, at my local state capital, and I’ve worked for Google.

    I’m obviously not lazy or unmotivated.

    Now I work as a delivery driver making barely over $8/hr. I qualify for no loans, student aid, or grants to get an advanced degree, and unlike others my age, I refuse to go into debt.

    Marriage? Yeah, that would be nice. Unfortunately society has removed the ability to hold women accountable for their actions (it’s “abuse” or “domestic violence” if they act up and you get upset). Then they get financial benefit if there’s a divorce (alimony, child support). Does marriage work without accountability? I think not.

    Own a house? Yeah, that would be nice too. Oh, right, crap economy. It’s not even something I can consider at the moment.

    For many men my age the only motivation to have a good career and be responsible is the dream that someday we’ll meet a good woman and make some kids.

    But most of these women today are lying, cheating, whoring, irresponsible children. “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a ladder” ring a bell? How about the bumper sticker “bitch” on their cars? Granted, there are a few good women left, but not many.

    95% are only good for one thing, and you don’t have to put a ring on their finger to get it.

    I’m stubborn so I keep trying anyway. But many have lost faith in the system and society, so they think “why should I bother?”

  • xxx

    Ha funny, if this generation of men are screwed up what about the reverse side of that coin, what are our young women like generally? Oh thats right its only ok to dump on men, women are always blameless in this soicety, sheltered victims preyed upon by big bad men.Always cushion your criticism of them but let the guys have it hard?

    All your daddy starved girls are complete sluts by the way and equally unfit to be mothers or wives, their toxic egos being blown up to monstrous proportions. No man has ever anchored them just like no one has showed the young men how to stand upright and BE anchors. The girls seem to want to act like obnoxious men, taking on this qrotesque parody of masculinity, a half baked idea sold to them by our wonderful mind f*%k media that this equals greater equality on their part. Theyre promiscuous, they binge drink, do drugs,act openly rude and when they are called out on their behaviour somehow it always turns into a man’s fault. They are men until its worthwhile to be a woman again.

    Both genders are so deeply out of balance by years of social engineering & degradation its a miracle more chaos hasn’t been reaped; do you have any idea how many shattered families litter our landscape? You have so many broken people out there & for reasons you couldn’t even begin to fathom, judging from the tenor of this article. Don’t add fuel to this never ending gender war with articles that smack of shaming language if you aren’t going to include the other side of the equation; we don’t exist without both sides. This mightve worked in the past when we had more tradition (when a man had to do what a man had to do) but in case you hadn’t noticed, the world has moved on quite a bit, for better or worse, since then; this isnt the 50’s anymore. You can’t demonize all that then fall back on generally outmoded attitudes when you want something. You’ll just aggrivate old wounds & make alot of those in your audience angrier; younger guys have been taking a special sort of shame all their lives & are in no mood for more of it

    • Jazzy R.

      Oh boy, yes! Because ALL women want to be mothers and wives!!! You sir, you deserve a cookie!

  • serfevolved

    This article is such BS, an all of these people who think we are picking on women need to take an other look at what is going on.

    During sex who gets pregnant? Women.
    During child birth who gives birth? Women.
    Who is usually the primary care giver? Women.
    Who is most likely to be a school teacher and spend the majority of their waking hours with our children? Women.
    Who is more likely to file for a divorce: Women.
    Who is more likely to have a child out of wedlock? Women.
    Who is more likely to be a single parent? Women.
    When it comes to sexual relations who is generally the chooser? Women.

    So if women get to choose with whom and when they get pregnant, they get to decide if they even get married or they get to choose when to opt out. They get to educate and be the primary care givers for each new generation, then who is truly responsible for the current batch of men?

    The problem is women biologically are the ones taking all of the risks sexually but they expect society to transfer all of the the risk they take and pass it on. Historically women used to have to be much more choosy because there was no safety net if they made a bad decision they payed for it by them selves. You want to fix the problem make women responsible for there own actions. If they get pregnant out of wedlock they are SOL. Should have got the ring first. And no fault marriage should be abolished.

    • Jazzy R.

      The title of your comment should be: Perfect examples of logical fallacies; an idiot’s guide.

  • Kevin

    You don’t need to get married to be a man.

    You do need to take care of any children you father to be a man.

    You do need to pay your own way to be a man.

    It’s pretty simple.

  • Owen

    Dang! If the Titanic went down today, it seems there would have been a lot more women in the water!

  • Cheri in ca

    Wow, first men are no longer the men our fathers where.
    Let’s not bash women. I have 4 kids, I allow my ex husband
    To avoid paying support because he makes 10th of what I do.
    Also I let the kids dads see them anytime they want. So don’t
    Act like women are impossible. From money to time I give.
    Also when my ex husband from who I divorced 11 yrs ago, is
    In trouble, I help him. My boyfriend lives with me and we work
    Together, but he had little to nothing when I met him. He is
    Very smart, book smart. I am not book smart at all, matter
    Of fact I went from welfare at age. 18 with a child, to
    As of today owning. 14 homes and broker an escrow co…..
    Bottom line is, my 16 yr old is surrounded by boys who aren’t
    Being taught how to be men. I have to ask my son to hold a
    Door open. Just basic proper things u want ur boy to know.
    I am the exception to the rule. Having been on both ends.
    Also I see greedy women. I never raided my exes life of $$.
    I see so many who are lazy, men and women. Entitled thinking.
    Boys need to be like our fathers where, rugged and able to
    Change a tire. Today half the men are pretty boy, can’t get my
    Hands dirty. I won’t even go into the tattoo comments, but
    Wow…….what tattoos meant In 1980 is not what they mean
    Today. Everyone have a great day !

  • JD

    Ok I gotta put my two cents worth on this one. BTW, sorry havent got back with ya Michael. Been real busy working my ass off. Yes todays young men are feminized and homosexualized by the man hating nanny state of America. I however am an exception to this rule. I was raised by a hardass cowboy marine John Wayne and Clint Eastwood type of Dad and I am forever grateful. I am happy being a single good looking employed childless man in this day and age. The reason is simple. I dont put up with one ounce of ****** from todays women. I make it very clear that im in charge.

    • LOL

      Sure you are, phaaag.

  • JD

    And I they dont like it theres the door. See Im one of those old fashioned real man types. I can build houses, raise animals fix cars ya know man stuff. Ive gotten my heart broken so many times by selfish untrustworthy whores that I just cant take it anymore. Where are all the good women? You cant find one who knows how to cook. I told one of my girls not to cook anymore cus she would ruin the food.

  • JD

    And Guido right the F on man couldnt have said it better myself. I dont hate women I love some of them dearly. But Im at the point where I will never get married unless they sign a pre-nup. Im not about to let my inheritance go to some money grubbing welfare mama that only wants me for my material wealth. Trust me the lady I pick will be well taken care of. I can feed her and give her a great place to live in beautiful central Montana. It will sure beat the city hellhole she lives in now. Oh wait she probably wont like the cold.

  • Here is one solution: home school.

    Part of the party animal mentality of young men today derives from just being around their public schooled peers. Add to that the party aspect of their parents….

    And another thing: love the heck out of your kids, and take them on trips that encourage them to figure out what they want to do in life.

    Our son (who is not married) just out of college is doing the kind of career work that would make most envious: he gets paid to go fishing! (He works for NOAA). But he has had a love of sea and water life since the age of about 7. When our daughter (who loves Asian cultures, karate, anime, etc.) gets out of college hopefully with knowledge of Chinese and Japanese she will be able to pursue careers in Asia, which is where it’s heading in terms of world leadership. But with her it was taking her and our son to karate classes and (thanks to out local preacher who lived in Japan 12 years) private and free Japanese lessons.

    So, why do young men get to be wusses? Their parents let them be wusses!

  • JD

    Oh another example: A Tide laundry comericial. A man and his wife are doing laundry together. Aw, how cute. Anyway they are talking about having triplets and how great Tide is but at the end the woman turns to the man (a white dude) and says “You suck at folding.” Like its a cute joke but now after reading this article and the comments I will look at TV a little more critical now. Im old school the man should be out cleaning the yard or fixing the car while his wife should be doing the ************* laundry!!! Wake up and grow some balls girly men. Women will walk all over you untill you stand up. Then she will do one or two things leave or follow you. God made us men to be the stronger spiritual vessel. We have to lead and protect our families, not leave them behind.

  • A.S.

    To Quote from above:

    “Today, there are millions of young men that are sitting around with no job, no hope and no direction in life.”–

    This is happening mostly not due to their own fault. It is the economy, it is the lies from Congress, it is the lies from the media, it is the lies from the establishment. We were promised good jobs and lives, as part of the “American Dream” if we only went to college. And the dream was not fulfilled. Seeing their (boys/young men under 21) older counterparts a failure, this new generation of young men started thinking “why even try if my older brother/friend/etc. is a failure?” So when they become 21 (the typical age for graduating college), these are the men that the article is talking about. You want someone to blame–start with people like Obama who relentlessly send more job to China and don’t do a single thing to grow the economy.

  • Simone

    Don’t even know where to begin. Ignorant ideologues usually take what could obviously viewed as a sociological issue, like age of marriage, and make it into a moral one. As a feminist, I agree, there are lots of dumbed-down men out there, and lots of damaged, abused, crazy-acting, partying women too. Men are being given bad messages: go party, play video games, buy stuff. But women are given bad messages too: act sexy, spend money and time on your appearance, indulge yourself, be catty, be submissive, be Jessica Simpson. BOTH genders are messed up because western white capitalist society is INSANE and amoral. You can’t use a few statistics to make it all about men. Our society is in this together, both genders equally. The bad messages come from the ever-encroaching, ever-more-stupid electronic culture that affects both genders. BTW it is really not cool to equate “being a man” with being responsible or whatever. What about “being a woman”? What does that mean? Shouldn’t we be talking about being responsible human beings?
    and if guys are having a hard time in this economy and turn to booze and TV and can’t support themselves, it’s just an obvious reaction to the money situation. Could they do better, yes. it is surprising that when things get bad, people get bad too? Besides, why should they have to get married and have children, we’ve already got 7 billion people on this planet. Why should men have to take a “normal” job, dress “normally” and conform to your personal standards of “being a man”? This is the kind of simplistic, moralistic rant that conservatives have been spewing ever since the feminist revolution. And congrats, you won guys, no one wants to be a feminist any more, women are more screwed now than ever, not because of a movement seeking EQUAL treatment, but because they are screwed by the same toxic corporate culture that men are.

  • ca

    Fathers refuse to be fathers to their children! Even fathers in their homes refuse to be the dads they could CHOOSE TO BE!!!! They’re too obsessed with sports or their jobs and their kids are selfishly ignored & neglected, until it’s too late, or there is a problem!!!!!!!! My sons have grown up with a selfish, distant dad, and rude husband, in our home, who only watches t.v., reads the newspaper, brags about about himself and his job, and never spent any time with his kids. Now wonders why his kids don’t care much for him, or his opinion!!!

  • YBM

    Love it! Enjoying the decline! I’ll be out preying on your daughters tonight at the nightclub and I’ll kick her out in time for a little MW3 before bed :) :) :)

  • Ralph B.

    I happen to fall into this category of young males ( 20-30 ). I grew up wanting a family and children but I was always a very observant boy. I quickly realized that marriage and a family would be my downfall if I chose this path. I see no advantage of having kids in today’s environment when the family court is heavily biased against me as a male. I stand to loose everything if cupcake decides that she is *bored* and wants to *cash out* on our marriage. Most alimony is paid by men to women..not the other way around..yet there are all these *professional* women you guys speak off….why does alimony even exist I ask. I support myself and don’t live with my parents, but i refuse to overwork myself and I am not in the *rat race*…and yes I enjoy video games and having fun.

  • ManOnAMission

    1) Men aren’t bahaving like men because women aren’t behaving like ladies

    The female dream is get some degree in a useless subject, sleep with alpha males until they hit thier 30’s, then find some beta chump to support them until they get bored. Then they divorce said chump, legally kidnap his children and steal half his wealth.

    Why should I settle down and marry that? No thanks. You now have competition, and you are losing out to video games and porn because you have become a horror story of entitlment, cruelty and desolation. Why should i have a relationship with some chick who can get my butt tossed into jail if i annoy her just by making an accusation of abuse?

    2) You aren’t entitled to our blood, sweat and work anymore. You are equal now ladies..you get to stand up on the damn bus, you get to go down with the ship and pay for your own damned meals. You want chivalry? get back into the kitchen and look after my children. You want me to die for you, to bleed for you, to work for you? Too bad. You aren’t worth it. You wanted eqality, you got it, and then some.You wanted to shatter gender roles? You got it. Now we have decided to shatter geneder roles too. That means men aren’t going to “man up” if we don’t feel like it. Got a problem with that? Too bad.

    You told us you didn’t need us ladies..so now we are walking away. You won the war of the sexes and in doing so you made a desert and called it peace. Now we men have decided to show you why you do need men by simply doing nothing.

    Bed. Made. Lie in it.

    • jeff

      Great statement….you are entirely correct. Been down the road twice, and never again. Not in America. I don’t blame the woman though; I blame the communist social engineers that brought us the revolutions of the 60’s. Woman have been conditioned to be unhappy with being the second in command within the family structure, that they should go to college, that they should have careers, and that men are chavenist pigs. And walla….2 generations later?
      A young man would be a FOOL to be wed to an Americanized, selfish, unreasonable & over-emotional slut. Because that is all they have become.

      • LOL

        Q: Why do you bitch about sluttery when whoredom is so much more costly?
        R: Because you don´t get any.

        • Robert Jones

          technically…i’6 consi6er to6ay’s 6ating game as equal as prostitution… so what’s your point?

        • Hugh Currier

          great come back.. I mean you get your jollies and prove his point at the same time. good job..

    • Jason

      I am buying each and every single one of you guys a drink. You’re all geniuses.

    • Bill

      This BLEW MY MIND!! Amazing, amazingly true and well put statement.

    • Females take some blame

      As a girl….. I completely agree. Todays females are….. disgusting.
      Perhaps being raised mostly by guys and taught to be a “lady” and not a
      free for all get what i can by screwing everything and one whore
      because no man respects them and if i want respect to not ever act like
      that., makes me think and act differently?? There are maybe a few of us like that out there, maybe, I’ve never actually met anyone like me but i’m sure I can’t be the only one. Being given rights to get educated and work, did not give us the right to drop our pants, family values, and ethics, morals, whatever else has been tossed out the window.
      and to top it off girls like that have ruined well the chance for the rare ones like me to get the chance to have a good companion, lover, husband, life, however you want to put it. I have never understood why anyone would want to be a single mom, want their children to be without their fathers, to take the extra stress of having to play both roles, and do all the extra work. Thats why it takes male and female to make children, care for them, and raise them. Otherwise the story would be Eve & Eve in the garden, not Adam & Eve lol (no i’m not a religious person in anyway just a good fact)

      • Robert Jones

        …hasn’t ruine6 me yet… not completely.. but it’s 6amn near close… there are still a few guys willing to try.. but that’s about as far as it goes…any ba6 luck from here on out, then yea…there will be probs.

        • Hugh Currier

          i wish you would do the 6 for d thing. it makes you look prepubescent and you raise good points….

      • Michel

        You’re “very smart” – stay “classy.”

    • Jimmy Rustle

      well said! brb-taking a screen shot of your comment and reading it to my sons every night.

      • tylerj

        Those poor kids. They’ll be vile bitter deadbeats too

    • Dragos Voicila

      and what you said is true, because.. vast generalisations always reflect reality??!…. give me a break.

    • tyler

      Lol.you are transparently pathetic. Sucks to be you!

    • Slashing Storm

      1 ) Bullssyth. Being a true man is its own reward, not a mere disguise to get laid or married.

      Better be the alpha instead of being a metrose-xual, untermensch bag of fat, fail and weakness.

      No waite, you don´t want that. You whinne about women sleeping with dem alphas because you sure aren´t one, you are simply weak-minded and have no will or even desire to change that state of affairs, nothing but a humanoide maggot that shouldn´t reproduce.

    • Jazzy R.

      You do realize that you are actually a fan of feminism, right? Equal pay means women support themselves financially. Your definition of chivalry is not chivalry at all. Chivalry does not expect a woman to “make me a sandwich” in return for holding a door open. You have such a distinct misunderstanding of equality I’m not surprised your wife divorced you at all.

  • I’m loving the new TV Show with laura dern ‘Enlightened’ – her character is finally portaying a real woman – mindless, insensitive almost aspergic. Hopefully Mike White doesn’t try to make her sympathetic – I love hating Amy Jellico and cobversely her ex-husband is my new hero. My favourite moment of the series is when he storms off from the Camping Weekend once he finds out that Derns character has dumped his stash in the river. his comments – “what about me? what about MY happiness?

  • John

    Why would anyone want to marry a white western feminist? No thanks. They screw their way through their 20s and then expect a wealthy good looking decent man to marry them in their 30s when they are all used up.

    Newsflash ladies – men in their 30s date younger women, not women in their 30s.

    Enjoy spinsterhood you unbearable feminist harridans!

    • Jazzy R.

      Your idea of feminism is fascinating! You mean to tell me that the movement that demands equal pay for women so they can support themselves financially, the movement that got employers to stop calling their female employees “sweetheart,” the movement that demanded women should have the right to vote, the right to be treated as more than live in maids and baby machines, that is the same movement that is telling women “marry a man for his money, it’s not like you can actually WORK or think or anything! Working and thinking is for BOYS!!!”

  • WFH

    This article is ridiculous. Everytime someone wants to speak of the moral breakdown in this country, it’s blaming men for everything going wrong. How about the fact that, for the past 50 or so years, women have become so warped by crazy feminist philosophies that they give absolutely no incentive for men to want to “man up” and take responsibilities. These women complain about how we act but it’s only in a response to the fact that they themselves aren’t doing what they’re supposed to do. Most American women are slutty, materialistic, self-absorbed, mean-spirited, and just downright unpleasant. There’s nothing wrong with men that isn’t wrong with women so how come people never hold women to account even though their behavior is responsible for alot of the moral breakdown in this country?

  • Dubcik

    “But there are consequences. The irresponsible behavior of our young men is putting an incredible amount of strain on our young women.”

    Your kidding right? So men getting the short end of the stick in jobs, wages and education (not to mention family law) is affecting, get this, not men, but WOMEN? Either a female wrote this article, or the author is a huge *******. I am a women and find this statement beyond ridiculous.

    • rob

      i agree. that sentence is the one i was coming to comment about, as well.

    • rob

      i am a 26 year old white male- you know, the demographic it is legal to discriminate against. i graduated from a school with a degree in Computer Science where that degree is rated number 7 in the world. for the past two years i have been running my own software business. however, i eventually gave up when i got tired of minority-owned (including women-owned by the way the laws are written) businesses getting to undercut my ideas for projects because my clients legally had to track down minority-owned businesses and pitch my ideas to them for competing bids- if they said they could do the project for less, the decision was legally made for the client; they had no choice and i stood no chance. so i quit the game and got a developer job somewhere. why are we getting crapped on? because our fathers lacked the temerity to stand up and preserve our rights in the face of being called politically incorrect. im just doing my best to prove it is possible to make a good living if you work hard, despite what you feel like when you’re the one demographic the government is allowed to discriminate against.

  • anonanon

    rather simple and narrow. blame all the effects and not the cause. generally speaking, you cannot be a “man” in many jobs. it is straight and narrow, dodging responsibility because being responsible for something will get you fired, no opportunity just castration. marriage? an opportunity for a guy gets to have his assets seized. college is great. but what can it mean? pay to work rather than hunting fortune? follow in the footsteps of millions?

  • rob

    i am a 26 year old white male- you know, the demographic it is legal to discriminate against. i graduated from a school with a degree in Computer Science where that degree is rated number 7 in the world. for the past two years i have been running my own software business. however, i eventually gave up when i got tired of minority-owned (including women-owned by the way the laws are written) businesses getting to undercut my ideas for projects because my clients legally had to track down minority-owned businesses and pitch my ideas to them for competing bids- if they said they could do the project for less, the decision was legally made for the client; they had no choice and i stood no chance. so i quit the game and got a developer job somewhere. why are we getting crapped on? because our fathers lacked the temerity to stand up and preserve our rights in the face of being called politically incorrect. im just doing my best to prove it is possible to make a good living if you work hard, despite what you feel like when you’re the one demographic the government is allowed to discriminate against.

  • Tom

    You combine dog-eats-dog global finance capitalism with gender-confusing social liberalism, you get the results. Young men fail because there are no secure jobs/careers in today’s western economies. Young men fail because they are raised like girls. Young men fail because, thanks to political correctness, they are given no honest discipline and guidance. Young men fail because, for years while going through adolescense, they are brainwashed to distrust women and think that they must have “game” and many other fickle “social skills” to score a girlfriend or a good job. By the time they grow up and realize how the world really works, the psychological damage has been done and the window of opportunity has been missed. So, we get the result: today’s young men are aimless in their careers and clueless at how to start a family. The current socio-economic constructs are so messed up that chivalry, honesty, religiosity and even industriousness are seen as liabilities in today’s world because if a young man is honest, chivalrous, etc., he will suffer both socially and economically.

    • Slasher Storm

      Actually the distrust women part is entirely justified.

  • bookworm

    I am a 35 year old male, living with my parents again. I have been looking for work for the past SEVEN MONTHS. I am Caucasian. I have been working OVERTIME trying to make ANY kind of money, and to get ANY kind of job, and I have FAILED. I have applied at hundreds of places. I was not getting hired, so I opened a small business, and I failed. In my experience, it is miraculous how difficult things have become.

    I do not have felonies, i do not smoke, i do not use drugs, i am healthy and attractive, cultured, outgoing, and it seems I am 100% worthless to society. There is no use for me, and it is because I am a white male. I do not watch TV, I do not play video games. I apply for jobs constantly, and attempt to network all day every day, and all I ever find is rejection. 

    The entire workforce is ran by women, they are the admins, the Hiring Managers, the majority, and the “HR Department”. I dropped out of college because the quality of education totally sucks. It is not education if it makes people identical, stupid zombies. I did reapply this year because i want to meet people, but I found that college is just a place for women to hate men. College is hostile towards men. And, what was ever so difficult about working towards a degree? What is the cap and gown and congratulations for working so hard, for what? It seems like college education is just a great privilege. The students pursue their interest, be around a group of likeminded peers their age, having every resource necessary to satisfy their thirst for knowledge, have a sturdy home base to mingle with experts, go to occasional parties, and getting laid every night after study time, isn’t that a snap? It sounds like a CAKEWALK to me! If only the Womens Resource Department would cut me some slack for not being female, or gay. The admin office is just a giant roadblock, or cockblocking, to filter out men who can think for themselves. My professional opinion is that colleges today are jam packed with mentally ill American women. 

    My parents are no better. They are dysfunctional losers, they have no interests in life, and no positive parenting skills. They watch TV and are abusive losers. Gee, thanks for all your help raising me, guys. It is frustrating to see that my parents got to have careers, and save money, they got kids, cars, friends, vacations, and houses. Basically they had everything they ever wanted and they did not seem to struggle much to get any of it. They worked, but they were never rejected. If they were rejected, it was not a bottomless pit of constant rejection with no chance in site. I am not impressed at all by my parents, on the contrary I am disgusted by their arrogance. Narcissism is a better term and their “generation” is a bunch of abusive losers who can care less.

    Men my age have been systematically stripped and raped of any opportunity. There is nothing weak about me. I have direction, but everything is a dried up and a toxic path. The concept of never giving up and keep working towards your goals was systematically destroyed. The path was sabotaged, in specifically the direction of great men, and very few (if any) will make it.

    I see older guys who are fat, bald, lazy, beta, with health problems, and they had everything given to them on a golden platter. All men had to do in those days was apply themselves and they could make money to survive, and even with a minimum wage job they could move out and be on their own. These old farts were never rejected trying to work a minimum wage job. And if I do get that minimum wage job, the workplace is so hostile towards men, it is like being assaulted. There is no making friends at work anymore, because toxic coworkers are ready to kill for minimum wage and that is not even enough to survive.

    How are men supposed to be beer guzzlers if they can not make a single penny to save their lives? Where did they get the beer money? Damn. Obviously I have fallen out of touch with reality, because men like me fall hard down the social ladder without any friends and living with abusive parents. I have not made a buck for MONTHS, Damnit, I always wanted to contribute something better to the world, I have interests and i continue to drive towards them without the Phd.

    Heck, I would like to play Mr. Mom if I could. I would do a better job taking care of kids then the majority of American women, and at least I have made efforts to learn what loving behavior is, it is basically the total opposite of my poisonous parents and no repeating it. And really, thinking back of my past few girlfriends, none of them knew how to cook a healthy meal, and they had messy apartments, and no motherly skills at all. I am an excellent cook and kids like me. Kids like men more then these stressed out single moms, but the moms are trained to have dads arrested for who knows what kind of false charges. Most single moms don’t even like motherhood, they just want to play Sex in the City.

    I have zero respect for people my parents age; especially the cocky and arrogant men, with their fat bellies hanging out over their belts, who eat junk food diets and pharmaceuticals, and drive sports cars they worked so hard to buy? They wear their bellies and bald heads as if that is just what happens to people as they age. They truly do not even know how recklessly stupid they are? Newsflash: people go fat, bald, and grey, because they never even attempted to have a healthy diet and lifestyle. Totally brainwashed and bedazzled idiots who “trust your doctor”.

    I hate the whole mess. Society is totally poisoned more and more everyday. I wish i can get a job and savings and i will relocate to somewhere not contaminated by Feminism. Even if I have to be homeless, i just can not risk being here any longer. This country is being led by women now, and we are driving full speed ahead directly into a thousand year pit of mass death, starvation, murder, rape, abuse and torture. I want out.

  • berliozB

    …and if you have focused, well defined interests you are instantly an Asperger’s case …or if sitting on one’s arse is disagreeable, young man, you shall be drugged with amphetamines until you learn to attend and obey like a good beta sheep…

    The better composed young men had nannies early on that were good confidantes that provided psychological safe harbor, whom worked out to be sufficiently good surrogates for mother and father –that’s my impression of things anyways

  • MJ

    I think one of our biggest issues in America is the disproportionate number of women teachers that we have raising our young men.

    I’m a young man myself, and up until I reached high schools, I could count the number of male teachers I had on one hand. FACT: boys and girls do not learn or develop the same way. Why are we forcing our young boys to act like little girls in school? Because they are being taught by women who don’t know any better.

    I think we need to split the sexes up in school, at least at an early age. Heck, even let them have recess together, but classroom time should be separated. I personally regret not going to an all-male university when I graduated high school.

    As a 27 year old “young man” myself, I feel like our generation and gender was cheated. I suppose I lucked out: my dad was an all-around handyman, a hard-working, no-nonsense, man’s man, and he raised me to be the same. My mom grew up with a tough father, too, so she was supportive of raising me to be a man, not an androgynous “persun”. Do I feel like many of fellow men got the short end of the stick? Yes. I see it now with my sisters raising their sons, and it makes me sick. Boys will be boys; they will play rough, throw jokes/insults at each other, and generally just make trouble. Guess what? WE AREN’T THE ONLY SPECIES THAT DOES THAT. Stop coddling our young men, and stop raising them to be women.

    I see women my age complaining all the time about how there aren’t any good men. Really? I know quite a few. Most of them don’t fit into the TV stereotypes, with chiseled jawlines and six-pack abs. Most of them don’t wear suits to work at their fancy corporations. Most of them don’t know the difference between a pair of Armani and Levi’s jeans. But they have honesty, integrity, hard work ethics, and potential to make great fathers one day if a lucky young woman would give them a chance. These are guys I served with in the Army, and it bothers me that they are so unsuccessful at dating, just like myself. I’ve been single for 6 years (21-27), and these are supposed to be my prime years. But I look around at women my age and realize that I’m not really missing anything. I don’t actively search for dates anymore, because I see a generation of Facebook and cell phone addicts who are more obsessed with the brand of clothes they wear and how others perceive them than the world at large: politics, economics, social issues, and personal development.

    I hate to say it so soon in my life, but I have a feeling that this intelligent, educated, hard-working, handsome gentleman has already called it quits on the dating game. I wish I knew where to point the finger.

  • Irene

    So, let’s see. When women act in a masculine way, you congratulate them e.g. all those fancy diplomas and fat paychecks and high-powered careers. However, when men fail to act in masculine ways, you ridicule them? If you want men to man up, maybe you should encourage women to stop being masculine? Is everybody supposed to be a masculine superstar in your world? Maybe women should give up education, jobs and wages if they want men to provide or excel at such things. Why do you force men and women into meaningless competition for status and power? If women have it all, why do they need husbands anyway?

    • Jazzy R.

      Maybe the issue is that “fancy diplomas and fat paychecks and high-powered careers.” are seen as masculine in the first place? Why is success a masculine quality?

  • Saren

    Hi Im a hard working independent 22 year old male who supports himself and I happened upon this website and read this article, the reason why a lot of my fellow young men are giving up is because nobody respects us, I find it disgusting that people accuse the men of my generations of being lazy, most of us are hard working and intelligent, were just sick of this bullshit system feminism has created and were not gonna fall for feminist shaming tactics to try an get us working for there lazy asses!

    We went threw school being told that our fathers, grand fathers, and great grand fathers, were all horrible oppressive men, we were told that women were good and that men are inherently evil, some of us grew up with abusive mothers who treated our fathers like shit and held the whole family hostage, enabled bye feminist courts, it seems like most of the women treat us like shit and use us as walking atm/sperm donors, I have had several of my older friends who have gotten married only to have there so called life partners divorce them and then rape them in the courts, reducing them to slave’s, I even heard of this one guy who got screwed so badly that he ended up committing suicide. Essentially you would have to be one really dumb guy to get married with the way feminist got things set up!

    To add insult to injury many feminist say that were immature, because we don’t want to play a game that has been intentionally rigged against us, manning up in this culture just means slaving up and putting the slave chains on for your feminist overlords and there courts, its bad enough that most places only seem to hire women, but they actually want us support them too. Fact is that feminist have infinite government and media recourse to spread their hatred towards us men, we on the hand have none, there isn’t a single group that’s standing up for us guys, there isn’t anyone to protect our civil right, us guys are on our own.

    So most of us are choosing to opt out of the game, “If the game is an unfair cheat, don’t play the game” ill be sitting at home playing my Xbox wile the feminist rot in the hell they created.

  • ella

    I live in Miami, Florida and this is the description for almost every single guy out here. When at the supermarket all they buy is beer, with tattoos all over and pants falling down, it is very sad.Even at church more than half belonged or were rescued from gangs and some even murdered people or did drugs constantly. I am almost 25 years old and have been single since I moved here from the Caribbean. If you are woman with values who dresses nicely, doesn’t drink, smokes, do drugs and keeps herself for marriage well forget about getting serious with any Miami guy as the loose woman gets the price constantly. You are ignored 95% of the time cause they can smell the “innocent” in you and run away to a complete lost woman who’s going to torture them. As soon as I graduate I’m moving as fast as I can.

  • AS IF!!!!

  • Article is old, but I have to comment. I am one of four children. I have three brothers. Ages 34,23 & 20. The 34 year old is doing 30 years in prison – drug trafficking, 3rd offense. The 20 year old is doing 6 years in prison for a string of burglaries. The 23 year old is doing OK for RIGHT NOW but its only a matter of time before he’s back on my moms couch. Its cyclical. Me? Im a middle class single mom of one, never been in trouble, i have a good job, car, house who has clawed her way out of poverty with virtually no help from my daughters irresponsible father. What happened? What happened to my brothers? I’m so sad tis country has failed its young men. We have a serious problem in this country.

    • whatajoke

      Yes, this country purposely failed it’s young men. It favors women because they are gullible and will conform to the slavery that is just on the horizon. The government has worked hard to create this division and is feeling quite comfortable that now, the men will not rise to defend women, children or country. Good job women, your selfish, self centered, narcissism has destroyed this nation. You will be just as enslaved as the young men that were cheated for your ‘benefit’. Who are the only people that will be surprised when it comes? Women. The men saw it and know it, women are to gullible and easily led.

      • Lillian

        No one was cheated for anything. Women were given the opportunity of an education, took it, surpassed you.


        • dink

          There is a difference between opportunity and affirmative action sweetheart. One is through effort, one is through government-mandated appropriation.


      • Slasher Storm

        Since 1945, they have always been failed by the societies and women who expects and demands their support.

        It is just that 50 years ago, they could be manipulated and blinded, having a job and a house gave them dellusions of manhood but work mules is what they really were, sacrifying their health so their women could enjoy a life of consumerism.

        Now there is no more such BS and they can see the void now.

  • This is a product of an overdose of feminism they engineered it and want it that way and it will take at least 3 generations to correct their work,but you’d need to get rid of the male hating feminists first,which you’ll never do.

    • whatajoke

      Funny every woman I have talked to doesn’t ‘agree’ with the feminist stuff. Yet they all line up for the freebies and protected class status. They also spew the same tired b.s. while claiming nowalt. Good luck women, enjoy your empty ‘careers’ and single lives.We men, have judged you as useless for any good thing, because that’s exactly what you are.

      • Lillian

        I have a job, funny I don’t recall lining up for any freebies. How about you show me where these lines are? From all the job interviews I’ve ever been too they told me I was qualified to program computers- have I just been coloring in a coloring boot=k this whole time? What the hell am I typing on?

      • Yeahright

        Yeah, dudes are totally put off by women having careers, want women who will stay at home, completely dependent on them for a living and demanding that they work more so they can spend more.

  • What has happened is the nineteenth century belief Male should be strong and Female protected is still in effect in the information age. This is the problem: this differential treatment is working from infancy to hurt mental/emotional/social/academic skills and later damage the ability to compete in the information age. The aggression given the Male child as early as one year of age and increased as time passes, creates higher average stress; higher muscle tension; and creates social-emotional distance from others over time. This in turn, creates more activity for stress relief; poor handwriting/lack of motivation to write; impeded learning due to higher average stress; and less motivation write. Also Males are only given love/honor on condition of power/status. With the bad preparation they are given, this then hurts their honor potential early in school. Many Males then turn to sports, video games, and other to achieve measures of love/honor. Many Males are reading the handwriting on the walls due to more harsh treatment and giving up early. This hurts boys, later men, women, and in the end, society.

    The belief girls should be protected allows for much quality and good continuity of mental, emotional, social, academic support and skills that remain supported through adulthood. This creates lower average stress; much higher social vocabulary; higher maturity; and much closer communication tools with society. Also the freedom of expression allowed by society from this support creates perhaps an even false impression that strong and even more commanding words may be seen as a form of strength.

    Unless this differential treatment is ended and Males are given more correct treatment from a young age, this problem will grow to a critical point where Males seeking honor may resort to even fatalistic means to achieve, if even only a very temporarily, some sense of honor/respect from society. I feel this critical point will not be seen coming by society until it occurs. By then it will be too late for society to change in time to correct the problem..

  • bweazel

    Haha, typical…. men men men men. Never once do these types of articles mention women. If men don’t know how to be men anymore, women definitely don’t know how to be women. The door swings both ways… but somehow authors of this sexist nonsense always seem to forget that. Hey ladies, woman up…. oh wait… you’re too busy being men. Haha, I give up, I’ll let them be “men”. Work your ass off while all your eggs dry up, the hell do I care? I’ve already given up on having children anyways, so I’m out of the game.

    • You’re an idiot.

      Way to prove their point, bro. Because men dont know how to be men, women automatically dont know how to be women? Im curious as to how you found the logic in that. By saying you give up and are going to let the “women be men”, you are showing how immature and americas male youth is.

      • Gene Novak

        What are you basing your assumption on that women know how to be women? If we can define what a man is we can define what a woman is as well. The concept of what a man is supposed to be is based on how they used to be. Women are not like women used to be either so if we can assume men are no longer men we can also assume the same of women.

      • Jason P

        Western women are not real women anymore, thats the main problem, men today will not sacrifice their freedoms for a naggy arrogant bitch who THINKS she is equal but still wants all the priveleges of being female and weaker than a guy.

      • richard morris

        you will look for a savior from this and his name is antichrist

        • Yeah, right!


        • Michel

          You got that “right” – they’ll cry; “Daddy Antichrist – please rescue/save us!”

    • Gigoy

      This is a generic work-aholic’s idea of manhood… go to college, get married… blah blah blah. (as if that was all to being) Ironically there are others who see the college goodie as the wimp. It is true however that boys aren;t be raised well at all. Men should learn the sacred masculine principle of self-defense rather than 9-5 work-horse crap (which is not real responsibility)

    • tj

      Good, please do stay out of the game.

    • J D

      Do you know what projection is? Becrying what you subconsciously identify as a weakness in yourself or your argument or the group you are representing, so it can’t be originally pinned on you?

      • bweazel

        Ok then, JD… where was I projecting? It’s nice that you give the definition and all, but please, point out where I am projecting my insecurities by saying that these people who claim to be against sexism are usually the most sexist people among us?

    • emma

      Not all of us care about our eggs. Dont you het that. Not all women want to pop out brats and stay barefoot and pregnant and rely on a stupid man.

    • Joe

      You’re a loser in life. Femi nazi ism lured you in.

      Just listen to yourself. No wonder no men ever wanted to be with you.

  • It amazes me how many of my female friends (close to my age group and below) are supporting men. The men stay home, complain about not being able to get a job and the women go to work and pay the bills. They keep up with the house, etc. It seems worse in the younger generation. It’s just absurd. If both parties aren’t working or contributing then there’s no real relationship there IMO.

    • whatajoke

      It’s about time. Women wanted to be men, so they can finally start having all of the responsibilities. I wouldn’t even consider marrying one of these things unless and until she agreed to support me. Man up baby, that’s what you wanted right?

      • ananomis

        So, apparently, every women in this generation is a feminist who happens to work as an independent women or is concerned or annoyed about the way CERTAIN men are taking on life? It’s not your business to assume that. That’s just an answer with attitude. You are making big assumptions. Step back once in a while and try to see things from someone else’s perspective-women and other men alike. B/C if we treat others equally, we don’t have to compete like that. I don’t feel the need to “man up”-you telling women to do that as a joke in fact divides the issue even more.

      • Lillian

        Oh, you aren’t married? Don’t worry no one’s lining up.

        If you can’t fathom why a woman wouldn’t want an education and wouldn’t want to do anything meaningful in her life, it’s because you yourself are just that lazy with just that basic a mindset. One of those men that only did those things because they had to, who, were he raised today, would be one of the slobs described in this article.

        It doesn’t occur to you how good it feels to learn, to work, to strive, to accomplish. You can’t imagine those traits in a human because you don’t have them in yourself.

        • dink

          What would a woman know about accomplishment based on her own merits? Even if one had truly made it on her own, it’d be drop in the bucket compared to those who had government training wheels on their whole careers. Not only that but quit their job with those “degrees” they accomplished to have babies and make a provider male pick up the slack for their loss of household income.

          • Slasher Storm

            “Not only that but quit their job with those “degrees” they accomplished to have babies and make a provider male pick up the slack for their loss of household income.”

            Good luck being such a loser and being molested by the court system for alimony and child support.

    • dink

      There are absolutely no consequences for not hiring a man unless he’s a minority (usually black). There are however consequences for not hiring women. Go out today into a retail store or a grocery store or wherever and what do you see? Women working. In the time of economic tight-assed employers who can only hire a certain number of people, why hire a man when you are responsible for hiring women? You can see the dilemma.

    • Slasher Storm

      They are being realistic, actually.

      They have the priority in jobs due to affirmative action and feminist mentality, they are also more likely to get a payrise or a promotion.

      Much better than expect men to do the supporting because of some BS view on manhood when the system is actively rigged against them.

      Just sayin´.

  • crystallinegreen

    Most men these days would seemingly rather rant and rave about so called “feminazis” than get up off their butts and develop skills useful in the modern world and embrace their responsibilities. For years, many men have simply not been reliable husbands and parents – many of us reading this article will be able to recall fathers who did not “show up” for their responsibilities whilst we were being raised. Although we hear a lot these days about how men are discriminated against in custody battles – men who apply for a majority stake in custody are still very much a minority – most simply don’t want it. Growing up amidst this situation sends a rather motivating message young girls; there’s a good chance that as a woman in the modern world you will have to care and provide for your own children single-handedly. As a result, most young women grab every opportunity to increase their educational and career standing as well as becoming domesticated and proficient (read: independent) in all aspects of life. On the other hand, men as a whole seem to have embraced their shirking of responsibilities and as such have little motivation to aim high in their careers. “Why should we marry when these feminazi types will only bleed all our money for child support should we happen to devorce?” is the mantra. Eh? When did men stop thinking it a reasonable expectation that they should provide for their children, no matter what, for as long as is necessary? There are of course exceptions to the rule; there are plenty of hard-working and responsible men out there, however, it seems increasingly commonplace for men to wilfully extend adolescence well into their mid twenties, living party lifestyles from their parents home, happy to work jobs which will only ever earn enough to support themselves. In short, in so much as men are shirking responsibilities, women are having to adapt by becoming proficient in male-dominated areas by attaining tertiary education and skilled professions, as well as retaining traditional feminine home-based skills. And they’ve got plenty of time to do it, too, while they’re waiting for their men to grow up.

    • whatajoke

      Well let’s see here. Women thrive in traditionally male dominated areas because….. big daddy government forces employers to hire them, skills are optional. Quota’s for the ‘protected class’. Schools have been geared to accommodate girls, ( incidentally, they’re not really learning anything more than basic compliance to the government overlords). There has been a war waged on boys for over 20 years, I guess you were too busy grabbing up your freebies, set asides and privileges to notice. Women, keep believing that you are independent and have done it yourselves. The fact is that you’ve traded Daddy and Hubby for big daddy government. Quite hypocritical that ’empowerment’ eh?. We hear you scream ‘slackers’. Let me explain what a slacker is. A slacker is typically a young man who knows that he will not be allowed to succeed and refuses to pretend otherwise. The ‘slacker’ is the most honest member of this society.

      • Sorry you are so bitter. Women have no choice but to pick up the slack. Would you suggest a women allows herself and her children to go hungry, live on the street, etc. so as to not upset her husband’s delicate ego. Most women would love to stay home and care for their home and children and have the loving support of a decent man, but that is a rare instance these days. Most men have willingly taken on the passive role because it is an easy route. Society sold women a bill of goods over 40+ years ago–“there is little fulfillment in being a homemaker, you will be better if you took a job outside the home”. Guess what, these women bought into it, packed up their kids off to day care and sought a job. Most could only get low paying jobs, but then they sought educational support and advanced themselves. You rarely heard a peep from the husband…he was only too happy to have an additional income. He still lived his life, didn’t take on any extra work (mom still did the housework, shopped, cooked the meals, etc.) so he kept silent. I’m sorry but women became independent out of necessity. Husbands and fathers who abandon their children and responsibility and complain incessantly about paying child support are nothing but whiners. Women did not make them that way. They should step up to the plate and do the right thing, take care of their children. Yes, women have stood by as children themselves and observed their mothers living with a shiftless father with no hope in sight, she had no job or personal income. Kids who see these know that they will not be in the same position if they can help it. This mess didn’t happen overnight and I’m sure it will not disappear soon. FYI most women don’t get freebies from the government, that is reserved for the illegals.

        • Gene Novak

          Half of all single mothers rely on the government.

        • Slasher Storm

          “Husbands and fathers who abandon their children and responsibility ”

          Uh no, they are forbidden to see their own children by the biaised courts, in divorces that are mosty started by women.

          So yes, women kind of did make them that way, in most cases.
          In many cases, the child support is simply blow on Gucci handbags, latest iphone and other such “needs” by “women” who makes Homer Simpson look like a responsible parent.

      • Lillian

        The government altered a failure of society- sexism. Do you just suppose that the Jews in WWII were accepting our freebies? When the government corrects something, there was a problem.

        Women are hired because they are competent because they are now allowed an education and to be competent.

        Try not to get too bitter about being less impressive than you used to be.

        • Brian

          Its great for the government because they can tax both the men and the woman.

        • Slasher Storm

          Women are hired in spite of being incompetent because they are women, fact.

          More educated than a woman in the 1940s? Oh, very impressive, true that.

      • Michel

        Man, that “whine” is getting “old.”

    • Reality check101

      I made some changes.

      [When did -women- stop thinking it a reasonable expectation that they should provide for their children, no matter what, for as long as is necessary (during the day)? There are of course exceptions to the rule; there are plenty of hard-working and responsible -women- out there, however, it seems increasingly commonplace for -women to wilfully extend “Childhood” well into their mid twenties, living elaborate lifestyles from their “husbands” home, happy to work jobs which will only ever earn enough (or earn nothing) to support themselves.]

      Sounds like the same crap men pushed in the 1950s but the roles are reversed. A true Chauvenist. Good luck with that attitude.

      Or Maybe women have problems communicating their feelings… especially toward men.

    • Gene Novak

      If you take government assistance in any fashion you are not independent. If you saw in the article something like 45% of single mothers get assistance. That is not independence. I also question why so many women with the litany of birth control options available have kids when they can’t afford them. Something I don’t see a guy doing.

    • Slasher Storm

      They have responsabilities to themselves, not to their would-be parasites.

      So what if their fathers don´t “show up”? Then they should, needs to learn on their own.
      You think only men can teach discipline? How wrong you are!

      Single mothers? It is simple, if men are so god darn lazy then single mothers should learn to work together and have each others back.

      But they don´t want that, they just don´t want go along other women because that bruises their egos, they must have A Man to tell them when and how to whip their own buttes, they don´t want to grow up either.

      Men have to MAN UP, work their buttes off so you don´t have to? No, *raises both middle finger* they don´t and that is only fair, they would only be separated and divorced for not working enough if they did.

  • Tom

    Being raised by a single mom I was never disciplined. I did good in school because I didn’t want to see my mom cry over my grades. Never knew my dad growing up. None of my stepdads’ treated me like a fellow human being; let alone a son. So I never really learned discipline. If my dad had not come back into my life when I was in my later years of high school I think I would have been a pessimistic lazy prescription addicted person too, but I had a father figure. Made me dig ditches and see what it is like to not be sheltered by my mom. Made me grow up a lot. I love my mom for always being there and my dad will always be a piece of shit compared to her(she ate oranges for a week because there wasn’t enough food for the both of us, she had no free day care or medical, and had a mortgage and other bills), but I really did need his discipline to become more responsible (guess you could say becoming a man?) at that age. I graduated from college a year ago with honors as an Oceanic Engineer. I help develop oil platforms now. Most of my male friends either failed college, lost scholarships, had babies while living with parents, got addicted to oxy’s and coke, play games all day, and live paycheck to party. I see insecure female friends nearing mid-late 20s having kids with no way to support them, some having kids with men because they think they have money and the guy was just renting the car and house, and female friends that I assume are having great careers right now that went to college. As far as the feminist thing. I can see how it was used to get both sides to work for tax revenue and a way for women to pursue the right to happiness through access to resources. My mom has been passed over for promotions just because she was not a man, and she didn’t go to fellow employee/bosses coke parties, was very honest, exposed corruption, kept in shape, was smart. I can see now that most people male or female would be intimidated/jealous/scared of an honest person that keeps in shape, looks good, isn’t afraid to say where the bear shits in the woods, doesn’t do drugs, with an alpha personality.Me and my mom would do not easily fit into this society because it is filled to the brim with corrupt/lazy/fat/insecure/narcissistic/drug addicted people that have become secondary psychopaths from this culture. Do I have the power for massive change? No, but I do try to lead by example. If the USA falls I know I tried to do something.I used to think society would end up as an Idiocracy or Pathocracy , but truly I think we will go the route of Atlas Shrugged or maybe just maybe we might make a resource based economy.

    • Consideration

      “I see insecure female friends nearing mid-late 20s having kids with no way to support them,”
      Q: How many are starving or doesn´t go to school?
      R: None.

  • MTV Varsity Swimmer

    Hahaha I actually laugh at these kinds of articles. I think the person who wrote this article only looked at the guys who are immature. That is pretty much a self-serving bias for her need to put down young men. Although I hope this isnt talking about my generation.

    • Birger_Skruddusvingen

      “I think the person who wrote this article (…) her need to put down young men.”

      The author is a man.

      • ananomis

        haha. Booya.

  • Birger_Skruddusvingen

    “Have we completely and totally failed an entire generation of young men?”


    But you could easily remove “men”

    Or even “of young”.

    Heck, even “an entire generation”.

  • heretic

    Birger i believe it is the younger generations that will be harvested. they have no direction or guides because more and more their guides are the very systems that entertain them and educate them and are designed to create distance from the older generations who could guide them appropriately in the old ways of discipline and decency. the younger generation are vulnerable and dependant on the system. if the older generation were to be removed our future is in the hands of the young, the gullible, the easily influenced and the afraid.

    the future will be written by our children who will know only what others tell them.

  • David Hayes

    A lot of faults fall on how young men are raised today. They are way over protective. Never told to take on responsibility. Never were taught any skills such as working on cars, or mowing the yard. It seems that parents today bought them video .games and let them play on the computers with no set time limit. I was kick out of the house every morning and told not to come home till dark. So what did I do ? Go to school, worked a part time job, and play sports. I think today’s young men should be required to have to serve in the military for at least 2 years to develop into a man.

  • Jeffrey Witty

    I feel this article is correct, average north american (usa/canada) man isnt much of a man in the traditional view point.

    I am a 32yo Canadian man and although i live alone, renting, i do not have a savings to speak of, i am (like everyone else in Canada it seems) in the information technology field (servicing PC’s to Servers) and wages are fairly tightly controlled (unless your “the guy” and i am not lol). I have no wish to marry (considering what i see around me..fickle everything), the idea of children is repulsive (read parasitic to my own life “aspirations”) and have little wish to compete heavily for anything.
    BUT THATS JUST ME IN A NUTSHELL, now the real point.

    I work with people from many different parts of the world. During the setup of a few tests the IT team was talking (PS i am the only “real” Canadian on the team, the others are Arabs and a few men from India) about moving up the IT ladder. None of the others on the team had any fear that i would even attempt to compete against them because i was “Canadian” and in their wording we are mostly “squashed manhoods” (they used a more colourful term than “manhood”).

    So straight talk is now lots of the worlds men dont see us as completion, just there to be easily swept aside.

    Fix it?…ya maybe if you had 2 or 3 generations to reset the mindset
    Accept it?… ya and 20 years from now we become the 3rd world
    Point it out?…EVERYONE ALREADY KNOWS, no one cares!

    I, myself, will be burying a 5th of whiskey to dig up later so atleast i can watch the world burn with a shine on :D

    • Steve

      REAL MEN do what has to be done. North America in general is full of a bunch of Peter Pan’s and IMHO I do not hold out any hope that this will change ever. We are going the way of the Roman empire and this Republic will not endure due to liberal-progressive-blame-my-lot-in-life on “the rich, the establishment” ie doers not talkers. I have worked since I was 8 years old, went to college and played music to make a living while doing so and have my own business that requires a ton of my time and all of my focused attention. I despise men who do not even try to work, to function as those who are deserved of having a pair swinging underneath them! Oh well this is certainly futile. Time to get off of my soapbox and get back to WORK.

      • justinept

        I agree with the sentiment, but not the political statement. I’m a 29-year old liberal man. I grew up with the false idea that if I went to school and made good grades that I’d be rewarded with my dream career upon graduation. Clearly, I was wrong. Part of it was because of the poor job market – but a bigger part of it was because of false assumptions on my part. What it wasn’t, was a case of my liberal ideology brainwashing me into a mentality of ‘not wanting to work.’

        When I began college in 2003, I chose to study journalism. It wasn’t a path that would make me rich, but I enjoyed it enough to work hard at it. I made my grades. I won a number of writing awards – both national and local. I felt like I did everything right. But guess what? The job market was awful when I graduated – even worse, the newspaper industry was on its dying legs. So you know what I did? I adapted. I took an unpaid internship. I worked part-time jobs. I worked out of a temp agency and did menial work that I previously thought was reserved for people that chose not to attend college. Basically, I did whatever I had to do in order to move out of my parents’ house at 22-years old and pay my bills while continuing to pursue a career in an industry that demanded I gain more experience.

        What I saw too much during that time was friends who refused to take the same path – friends who were liberal, conservative, black, white, whatever. Friends who used their situation as an excuse. Who preferred to complain rather than take action and make their situation better. Who thought the best course of action to achieving their goals was to do nothing of consequence, to sit on their butts and endlessly apply to jobs they knew they wouldn’t get, and to simply wait for good things to happen. Friends who felt like making money doing something menial was beneath them. To me, that’s always been the issue here. This generation has chosen to make excuses.

        • Slaughter Storm

          “Basically, I did whatever I had to do in order to move out of my parents’ house at 22-years old and pay my bills while continuing to pursue a career in an industry that demanded I gain more experience.”

          What does that give you?

          Good that you are active of course but you should have done everything you needed to build a hideout in the countryside instead, learn to shoot and so on.

          What if your friends had been hard-working instead? They would have just been supporting the growing mass of parasites that are slowly but surely choking western societies.

          They´d get married only to be divorced and violated by the courts, they would pay a ton in taxes to feed politcians and buraucrats snake oil schemes. More bombings in the third-world, more immigration and so on.

          What is worth working to achieve is survive the coming carnage and when possible, undermine the current society in any way possible.

          • mike

            I see myself as a being in human form that happens to be a white male and programmed to communicate in the English language. Perhaps if we see ourselves for what we are first then other things secondary there will be peace.

      • perfect 8

        I have to say that as a single mom with little physical support from their dad, though I love my children…. what I wouldn’t give to have the physical freedom to go work my ass off (having already accomplished a meaningless BA degree) and change my direction. But for now, I am busy giving my children a steady parent who is home to support them with homework, real food at our meals, and for social and emotional all support. I do work part time, but I am home. And it shows in my children. Straight A’s, well adjusted, one almost a black belt, and they do their chores. I chose this over being absent in their lives in order to get ahead because I value this over money. It would have been nice if I could have done this with my ex; we could have built an empire. But he consistently quit jobs, left all the household needs to me so he could go smoke-out with friends, and of course, my resentment grew along with my mouth, and eventually the arguments grew… enough to put him on the list of abuse. It is a sad world we live in :-

        • J D

          especially when apparently faultless moms are reduced to complaining about others’ incompetence to justify their unhappiness, god knows where she found the time…

          So your saying it would be nice for you and your children to have a guy taking care of you, like patriarchy? There it is, the final battle for feminism: fighting round the world to finally return to where they started after ruining everyone else’s position and proving they are just as good in every way.

          • Michel

            Someone needs a “cookie and a nap.”

  • Anon

    All it takes is changing Ourselves. The way we treat/raise our children. The way we behave. The things we teach others. The decisions on what we will let in our lives. Stand up. Change. Do it for more than just ourselves. We can show, by example, how to live.

  • John Henry

    Men of the past became men because they had reason to do so. Work to go to, just wars to fight, and women who wanted them as husbands. These men were not raised they were built by a society that needed them.
    Today men go out into the world that tells them they are unneeded. No jobs, no good fights to fight, and an over all disrespect that borders on hate from those who would normaly accept them and help them build themselves into the men they need to be.
    If you want to help men you have to have to give them something to do, some place to be, and someone who needs them. Untill that happens men will stay boys.

    • Lillian

      And yet the women are growing up out of an inner desire to better themselves.

      Everyone, gender aside, should simply be taught the values of work ethic and intellect.

      • justinept

        I graduated in 2007. So I’m right in the sweet spot of the criticized group. Here’s what I’ve observed from my friends in the years since graduating …

        Men are impatient. They’ve been taught that if they worked hard in school and got good grades, then their dream job would be waiting for them after college. That obviously didn’t happen for our generation. The recession caused unemployment to skyrocket and prevented companies from hiring people with no real world experience. So what did my guy friends do? Most of them played video games, endlessly applied to jobs they had no chance of landing and complained that they’d been duped by a system that broke its promise to them.

        Women – they reacted differently. They might have had a degree in education and found themselves in a situation where schools weren’t hiring new teachers – or a degree in accounting and found themselves in a situation where accounting firms weren’t hiring … but instead of complaining about their bad luck, about graduating into a poor job market, they went out and worked at a restaurant, they waited tables, they worked as baristas at Starbucks… They did whatever they had to do to get a paycheck, to make money, and to move out of their parents house while they continually applied to jobs more suited to their qualifications.

        Watching this – living through it – being a man that graduated into this poor job market, it always irritates me to read about boys that use the job market as some kind of excuse. It isn’t. Not being able to land your dream job – or not getting an interview for a full-time job – is not a reason to stay unemployed. Unemployment is a choice. You choose not to work. Stop complaining. Stop acting like your degree makes you too good to work that menial, part-time job. Go to work. Make money. Move out. And pay your bills. Just grow up.

        • destined to play

          Exactly! Coming fron single parent house heres what you learn: you must pay the bills and pay for mama until you die

        • Robert Jones

          …females marry up anyway…so how they panne6 out, 6oesn’t really matter… they were going to be taken care of anyway..

        • thaddeusbuttmunchmd

          OTOH-if we STOPPED eating out-restaurants Baristas, even drinking at Bars, we could fire another 25 million and Destroy Capitalism FOREVER!!

      • Gene Novak

        People need a reason to push themselves. In my opinion, most men are driven by different needs than women. These needs involve finding a respectable way to prove their value as a man and a purpose in life. A lot of the ways men have historically done this have been diminished or are no longer available. We don’t need a lot of other stuff to be happy.

    • Slasher Storm

      It all goes down to this, being a true man is its own reward, the ones telling us to “man up” are our would-be parasites.

      I spite on that rotten world and the human maggots feasting on its carcasse, I want it to burn and them to scream out in eternal agony…

      Fight for ourselves, for the Weiß Volk and for the lulz, not for the weak-minded and stupid, that is good enough.

  • Break the Cycle

    I am a 23 year old woman. I graduated from a top university pre-med, did well on the MCAT, and decided to forego medical school and shift my career focus mainly due to an all to unstable health care system in the US (and especially California where I live), but also because of a desire to start a family before the age of 30 and without a mountain of educational debt. I am now applying for MBA programs. I make $70k annually.

    My boyfriend is 25. He graduated from the same top university at the same time I did. He is currently working full-time in a very competitive and prestigious internship that pays $65k annually. He is also completing his MS in Accountancy concurrently during this internship. This makes for long days and little down time, but he manages to keep a 3.8 GPA and is continually ranked at the top of the internship with a job offer on the table upon graduation.

    We recently moved in together (judge all you want, it is right for us).

    Now that you have some background: my boyfriend sounds like one of those “exceptions” to this article. I love him, but I have had to work TREMENDOUSLY to teach him an acceptable level of responsibility in our relationship. When we met he was partying every night and stuck in a lease with his ex-girlfriend sleeping on a futon in the living room. He worked at a bank making barely 35k with no potential for upward movement.

    I am not sure why the men of my generation have a waning motivation for success and responsibility, but I will say that the strong young women of my generation can help turn it around. I refused to settle for a man that was not what I deserved. In less than 2 years, he STEPPED UP. He met me and wanted a life with me. He knew it would take keeping up with me professionally and intellectually to do that…SO HE DID.

    Women, encourage the potential in the men around you. Do NOT take care of them. Do NOT mother them. Their moms did that enough (NOTE: I love his mother). Remind them of their potential, encourage their success, and support them emotionally through the long work weeks and the studying. Stand by them while they grow up and they will do it. Refuse the date the man child, and you just might end up with a real man.

    I cannot take credit for his success, but I can honestly say I am not sure he would have done it for himself if I weren’t in the picture.

    • Patrick Bonacoscia

      “Do NOT mother them. Their moms did that enough”

      And that is precisely the problem. Their mothers did that even too much. It seems that some mothers don’t really want their sons to become adults, like if they wanted to keep them for themselves always. You can see that very well in some cultures, like in Italy or Greece.

      Another thing that horrifies me is the high number of adults still calling their mothers & fathers “mommy” and “daddy”. This is a huge sign of immaturity.

    • man

      you sound like an absolute joy. “I have had to work TREMENDOUSLY to teach him an acceptable level of responsibility”. good luck with your narcissistic victim complex. making 35k as a single young man and spending your free time partying? nothing wrong with that, settling down with a power tripping alpha female in your prime years? good luck with that.

    • Brandon

      So you forced him to change? Can we get an update on how you’re doing now?

    • tyler

      That’s the key right there, don’t give them the mommying that they crave. They shape right up or go running back to their real mommies. If its the latter, no loss whatsoever!

      Listen to the whining going on here! Mommy the girls are SO mean out here in the real world! They aren’t doing what I want them to do!oh Mommy, hold me!

      • Michel

        Ha ha ha.

    • My name is Jonhetta Cash

      My name is Johnetta, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-lifes who spend every second of their day looking at stupid a ss websites. You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten any +50K salary by the age of 23? I mean, I guess it’s fun making fun of people because of your own insecurities, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than jer king off to pictures on facebook.
      Don’t be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I’m pretty much perfect. I graduated from a top university pre-med, did well on the MCAT, and decided to forego medical school and shift my career focus mainly due to an all to unstable health care system in the US.

      What graduation do you have other than “jack off to naked drawn Japanese people”? I also get straight 70Ks, and have a banging hot boyfriend (He just blew me; s hit was SO cash). You are all phaggoths who should just kill yourselves or be forcibly sterilized. Thanks for listening.
      Pic Related: It’s me and my he bi tch.

      i1.kym-cdn.c o m/entries/icons/original/000/002/901/OrigCash.j pg

  • nykei

    I am 19 and I live with my mother. I dropped out of high school and am doing nothing with myself. Not because I have nothing I want to do but because I was stupid. I left school because I was bored. I don’t have my GED because I am to dependent on my mother and I hate that. I left because I want to be independent and on my own. I am back because of personal reasons. My father has been locked up sense I was born. I would use that but that would be an excuse. I take full responsibility for my actions just wish I was a little wiser.I plan to get my GED because I will not be one of those men still living with mom. if reading these comments has done one thing for me it boosted my resolve and I think all of you for that.

    • Nykei, don’t beat yourself up. I don’t see you living with your mom as a big problem IF you are working or going to school so you can get a decent paying job. It is never too late to start over. Try talking to a career counselor at one of the Technical schools in your area or going back to your high school and talking to a guidance counselor. You can take a test that will indicate what areas you are talented in. You may then know which track you should follow. 19 years old is very young and it is great that you found out all about this now. You’ll be fine, just hang in there and use the time you are living with your mom as a resource until you can venture out on your own. The “living with mom” thing is incidental at this time if you are using your time wisely. IT IS NEVER TOO LATE!

      • dboy89

        Terry’s right. Check out some technical schools, programs, and certifications out there. Some fields can net you 80-90k per year after just a year or two of earning certification. for example, PMP (Project Management Professional). These guys do something called planning and scheduling, which is an extremely-high-demand job in the construction and construction management industry.

        Regardless, at 19, it is incidental. Better yourself every day, remember that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and respect yourself.

        • dboy89

          Scratch that part about getting PMP within 1-2 years; I was wrong, it takes a while.

  • jason

    Its hard to move out of your parents house on $10-12/hour and for minimum wage, forget about it.

  • Bobby

    Haha what a joke. Just blame the men for all these single moms… even though it takes two to make a baby and it’s a woman’s decision to have it. What a cop out. I think the main issue here is that life for most young men these days is freaking awesome… between bullshitting with buddies, playing video games, going to movies, skateboarding, shooting hoops, chasing girls, etc. (the list of activities is endless), it seems like more fun to stay a kid than to “grow up”. Why take on a never ending responsibility list and only be able to have fun occasionally? A buddy of mine just bought a house and a has a girlfriend and a kid at 25… and works like 50+ hours a week to support that. NO THANKS. People are just bitter. The ones that work all these hours can’t stand people who don’t because they would love to have their lives like half the time… in a perfect world for half the week you could goof off with friends and the other half be responsible and have a wife and kid and all that… but how many relationships work like that? Like I said, people are just bitter and like to blame others for their’s and societies problems. If dudes are fine playing video games in their mom’s basement for the rest of their life who the hell cares? Somebody is letting them do it. So what if he doesn’t have kids it’s not like the human race won’t continue. Don’t be bitter women because you are wearing the pants now… that’s what you wanted isn’t it? If you want to wear the pants then you have to accept responsibility, plain and simple. Why you girls don’t goof off more I don’t know… still stuck in your gender roles I guess. You could be playing video games and getting high all day too without a care in the world. Just get over your ego drives of finding a man and having kids and let loose. Then we can all just play call of duty, take magic mushrooms, and have protected sex (screw having kids) all day. It will be great :D

  • jozie

    what an interesting article and very controversial. i believe both sides have a valid point. I dated a man for over 10 yrs only to find myself by myself after giving much of my time to raising his son and putting up with Man/Son behavior that it my right mind should have walked away from. after years of failed relationships i straightened up my act and attitude b/c i so wanted to learn how to succeed at being responsible. I grew up in the 70/80’s and wasn’t taught the fundamentals. i had to experience them thru the yrs at the brunt of much pain and disappointment. Needless to say the Man/Son are exactly where in life the above article states. The Man was never going to commit and the Son has no ambition, lives in a video playing non-reality world and yes, like father like son the father has bred a clone of himself. looking back on all this, why did it not work? i believe change in one may or may not produce change in another…people do have the capacity to change..in all honesty it boils down to “how bad is your want to”…for me a lesson learned “don’t wait around on another person to change” b/c it’s more likely they will never see it for the reality that it is. thru all the years we all have “A” responsibility at whatever phase in life we are at…what do i mean exactly? when kids are young we need to mold them but also set clear laid out boundaries on what is expected. Many young people today have a mindset of “It’s the Parents Job or Place”..this it true BUT…in a real humility, common sense kinda way “Aren’t we all responsible for One Another”…I believe this is where the “Breakdown of the American Family” has sadly disappeared. What will happen to the Baby Boomers who are aging? It won’t be their kids taking care of them like they did when their kids were sucking the life out of them while young…The young generation of today has no concept of “Sacrifice”

    • dink

      Sounds like you made terrible decisions as a young woman and now are facing the consequences. There are consequences to actions, who knew? Of course it’s his father’s fault and not in anyway yours for choosing to spread your legs to the Man/Child who let’s face it, you deluded into thinking was going to be a good father. I see so many lonely good-hearted men who would want nothing more than a family and worse than just rejecting them in your youth (which you do) you place blame on them AND make them pay for you while you do it. You are the true blight on society, not your son.

  • Netta

    So funny to read lame comments from lazy, inarticulate, unambitious child-men. Whining and complaining about women and trying to bring up themselves by putting us down. Here’s a piece of advice: get your lazy, immature asses up and make something of yourselves and then articles like these won’t keep popping up! The article is right, you manchildren are an embarrasment to society!

  • Lillian

    Well lets see the women are educated and hard working. You see this as a flaw? If you see education and hard work as a flaw, you’re probably just upset this article describes you.

    • Will

      More and more women are becoming educated and succeeding in the workplace. The problem is not that they are succeeding. The problem is that society is telling these women that they don’t need a male companion. In turn these entitled females are not looking for decent, responsible men to be their counter parts. They want a man that exists to fulfill their needs instead of being humble and partnering with a man that she could fulfill. The problem is not male/female. The problem is narcissism in America.

      • Jerilyn Capaccione

        Amen to you Will. I couldn’t have said any better! I am a retired mom. My children are still at home, 39, 37 and 31. All my children have experienced in life is that to them there are no males or females out there who really want to settle down, raise a family and do it the way my husband and I did–provided for our family, both of us working to do it. My husband passed away in 2013 and we were happily married for 41 years at that point. Now I have to sit back and watch my children struggle to find the type of person(s) they would like to be married to because my children were brought to believe that this is the way it is suppose to be. What is wrong with that? Nothing! My husband and I went through years of struggling to survive but we always provided for our children and they knew we loved them and now they want the same type of relationship my husband and I had and they feel like it isn’t possible because of the way men/women are today. What did we do wrong? I don’t believe we did anything and in fact feel that my husband and I had a strong, real love for each other which is lacking today in our society big time. No wonder there is so much divorce. I’m sorry but until male/females get it back in their heads that we need to follow the way the bible says it is suppose to be in a marriage, divorce, single parents raising children will continue. Yes, Will, I believe you are right the problem is narcissism in America. When a young man in our day graduated from high school, he either went to college for 4 years or got a job and then the next step was looking for a woman to marry. Today, it is graduate from high school, get a job or go to tech school or college and then sit and play video games ( if you get a job). Then when he is done with college or tech school or gets a job, the women are more interested in just having male friends–they don’t want to get serious and settle down and raise a family. We raised our family, my husband drove tractor trailer and I worked and we were happy for 41 years and I wouldn’t want to do anything different with my life if I had the chance. I miss my husband a lot right now and why, because we were so much in love for 41 years. We respected each other, never cheated on each other, worked together to raise our children and we were happy. We went through a rough time and lost our home but we still loved each other and I still love him and may not get married again because of my love for him. That is true love which many people miss out on today because everyone is concerned with “me” today. What you as an individual can get out of life instead of wanting to share your life and love with another person and experiencing true love as we had. There is nothing wrong with what we had and if more people would do as we have done for 41 years, they would be happy but I guess that isn’t going to happen in America.

        • Alice Eggers

          why the hell are you’re grown children still living with mommy? I am a 63 year old divorced woman with 3 kids the same age as yours. They are struggling also, but I know they have to sink or swim on their own. How else are they gonna grow up? Overcompensating parents have been half the problem! I’ll bet your own parents never would have allowed three adult children to live in their house. Are you afraid youre kids won’t like you if you boot them out? Are you so lonely that you use you’re kids as substitutes for building a life without them? Do they at least pay some of the bills? When I tried to go back home at the age of 25 my mother wanted to charge me rent. I was horrified! Pay to live in my own childhood home?! Do you see where I’m going with this? I stayed for three months, got a new job and got out of there. Thank god my parents didn’t coddle me because I ended up divorced with 3 kids to raise on my own with no child support (another story).

    • Gene Novak

      The article also mentions that women are showing the same boorish behavior that once got men labeled “chauvinist pigs.” I definitely agree with that considering how society treats men anymore.

    • Jonathan Gray

      ‘The women’ :p. Plenty of ‘the women’, are poorly educated, unemployed and single mothers at a very young age. Many are drunks. Many are no better than many of their male counterparts in other words.

      It is a generational problem. Your attempts to make it one of gender are illuminating as to your attitudes and concerns.

      However, I do think this is generally a blame game. Many are the factors that lead to these outcomes for so many of our young people. We should be trying to help, trying to find out why it has happened, not blame. Blame is childish and pointless.

  • Rob

    Please, I’ve worked in software for a decade in many many companies big and small including fortune 500s, and I know the “amazing” programming skills you posess. Every rare female programmer in the team outright sucks and has her code copy pasted from google searches and patched together by male colleagues she bugs …. for those all important internal nobody will see projects or documentations. When you have a google or a facebook or twitter / windows / linux, heck ANYTHING of real significance built by a woman programmer, let me know. Heck even a REAL useful invention … cars, planes, cellphones, chips, ANYTHING! And not the token useless historical language or stupid news reports of highschool girls making inventions that never come out. Until then realize you are part of the problem, women were built for a greater and different purpose … creating and nurturing HUMANITY. Leave the tools to us, you suck at them anyway.

    • Michel

      Oh what “Total BS.”
      – And FYI, a “woman” created the computer; Einstein.

  • claes

    So something I’d like to point out that through all this commentary is still absent is the obvious and rather simplistic way the author has used this visual of men drinking without disregard to their livelihood or the potential of securing a livelihood with others and how its directly related to laziness or the lack of responsibilty.. who the hell said someone with responibility isn’t allowed to drink on the weekends with their friends… I’m pretty sure that shit has been going on for hundreds of years in our western culture.. there’s a reason why its a tradition.but more importantly, while drinking can obviously lead to acts of slothfulness, it isnot directly related to the conditions of men. I know yyou’ve backed up all of this with statistics but I’d like to point out (and quite obviously)as well that these statistics don’t define men in every situation. I am a 28 yr old male and have graduated from college and am now finishing up a second degree. Yes I have lived with my parents for period time but I’ve also lived out of the home, and have worked odd jobs to make my financial means meet. I have travelled and have been responaible in many ways and have actively pursued the idea of not settling down for quite some time because I felt that I wouldn’t to until I’m financially secure. I have drankon a lot of weekends but that doesn’t mean I go out and booze every single time . As a matter of fact, I hardly do. The point I’m trying to make is that due to our generational influences men have been able to think about their future with more insight with more time and rightfully so because the specificity of having a career path is not so clean cut and job security is in no way as reliable, so simply becoming a responsible man who makes a means and has a career isn’t as simple as it used to be. Furthermore, the roles of women have changed dramatically, in the workforce obviously but more importantly they have been given less responsibility within the household. It used to be that men would provide for woman and that woman would subsequently provide children and food. I don’t agree with this mindset but my point is that now they no longer hold the same the sponsibilities, so women , how can you blame men for doing the same thing?

  • Rich

    I agree, young people in the US are generally , with exceptions weak hearted mommy and daddy’s boys and girls more materialistic than ever relying on boyfriends and parents to provide for them well into their 20’s. However the one thing this article asked after 4 paragraphs of statistics and asking why kids are the way they are, it failed to give an answer, just more statistics. The reason why is because today’s young people had parents that failed them as parents. Kids don’t just become the way they do on the scale they have done so be used of TV and peer pressure. It was because of weak hearted parents that were more interested in being their child’s friend than their child’s parent, and weak hearted parents that didn’t teach their children responsibility or values because they were to involved with their own individual lives and didn’t have the determination or balls to teach their kid right from wrong or correct abnormal behavior. Instead they approved of every nonsensical endeavor with a blind nod and a “that’s nice honey” to their kids, wether the action was right or wrong.

    Parents must learn how to be parents again for the survival of this country. They must stop being their children’s friend first. They must learn how to say no to their child and, not be afraid to correct them. They will get over it.

  • The Master

    I can’t believe this article. “The irresponsible behavior of our young men is putting an incredible amount of strain on our young women. 42 percent of young women are single mothers.” Are these women not at fault also? Did the men force them? Also the ‘more women are graduating college’ stat is misleading. Yesmore women are graduating, but they are in courses like ‘Liberal Arts’, ‘Gender Studies’ or ‘Psychology’. In the fields of science men are ahead with 2 out of three graduates being male. Which degree is more useful a Liberal Arts or a STEM degree? Another thing is that when women decided they wanted a career and to not be a housewife then should men not be able to say they don’t want to be husbands and breadwinners? What is good for the goose is good for the gander and men are opting out of traditional gender roles. They don’t need good jobs if they are only supporting themselves!

  • MacLeod Cushing

    Women started taking over men’s jobs in the late 1970s and corporations were happy to give preference to hiring women because they don’t stand up for workers’ rights like men used to do. That’s why the ratio of CEO-to-worker pay has increased 1,000 percent since 1950. The whole society is totally f*cked up and today’s young men are just “the canary in the coal mine”. More than in any previous generation, today’s young women want to party and drink massive quantities of alcohol, while “hooking up” for one night stands. No wonder young men don’t want to settle down with these lowlifes. And women initiate 75% of divorces these days; they break up the marriage at the first sign of discomfort. Women can’t be trusted, so why should young men bother trying to start families? The whole country has become a fascist corporate oligarchy, with no one getting ahead but those at the very top. Today’s young men can sense the futility of it all, even if their elders are in denial. Everyone’s getting ripped off. I admire today’s young men for refusing to be “had” like the rest of us.

  • Jay B

    Wow, I blame the men for accepting the hand they are delt. I am 37, white man, no college degree, raising 3 kids with a wonderful lady. Could I have stayed at home with my parents. Yes, but I wanted to afford my own stuff. Have a carrer and be a success. I tried to get a grant for college but I was the wrong gender and color. I know this because plenty of my friends in the same situation but of different color or gender were awarded the aid. I didnot let it stop me. I worked my way up in a small company and I am now making as much as I would have if I had that college degree. So my point is, men get up and get to work.

    • justinept

      Congrats. Someone that actually gets it. Is the deck stacked against the white male in our society? Are women to blame for wanting equality? The answer to these questions are both opinionated and completely irrelevant. Who cares if your situation is difficult? That’s no excuse to sit on your butt and do nothing to better it. It’s no excuse not to work. At the end of the day, your unemployment is a choice. You choose not to work. You can’t find the job you want, then go take the job you can get. Your degree, your parents success, your qualifications – none of that makes you too good to bus a table if that’s what needs to be done in order to make money. You have a job that doesn’t pay enough for you to rent your own apartment? That’s no an excuse to mooch off your parents hard work. Get a second job. Find a roommate. Do whatever you have to do in order to support yourself. That’s called responsibility. That’s called being a man. And anyone that disagrees with these sentiments – who spews out excuses as to why they refuse to take these simple steps – is simply providing another example to support this author’s statement.

      • SuperShrug

        Being a man and being a wage slave have so much in common.

      • Slasher Storm

        There is no excuse for you.

        You know the system is rigged against you and you still support it? Then you are not a man, not by a long shot, you are simply a b**** and a dumb workmule.

        What is worth working hard for is ripping off the feeding tube and have that rotten system collapse and build something new.

        Yes, Whitney ought to work but only on his self-sufficiency, his own terms and sake, not for the terms of his would-be parasites to whom he owes no “responsability”.

    • Slasher Storm

      “I am 37, white man, no college degree, raising 3 kids with a wonderful lady.”

      Suuure you are.

      I love how you moralizing a ss holes just go on making claims about your life and expect us to just buy it without any thinking whatsoever.

      The system is rigged so Whitney should just accept that and support it? F*** you a*** hole!! Whitney should not accept this system and whitdraw the feeding tube and send it collapsing, that is fair.

      I agree that men ought to work but only on their own terms and for their own sake, not to their would-be parasites to whome they have no “responsability”.

      Atlas Shrugged, b****!

  • justinept

    I don’t disagree with the premise of the article, but I think the author misses the point here. The fact is that young men today are ‘dreamers’ and ‘excuse makers.’ Most of us saw the lives our parents led – good jobs, good money, nice home – and we thought that by going to college and getting good grades that the lifestyle we grew up with would be waiting for us. But then disaster struck our generation. By the time most of us graduated from college, we were deposited into a real world recession where unemployment was skyrocketing and companies weren’t hiring people without real-world experience. So a lot of us just sat around waiting for that to change – living in our parents’ house, endlessly applying to jobs that we weren’t qualified for, and complaining that we had been ‘duped’ by a system that promised us the world if we just went to college and made good grades.

    Don’t take this as some baby boomer complaining about the laziness of today’s generation. I’m 29-years old and fit well within the confines of the group being criticized. And while I refused to victimize myself to the circumstances of the real world, I’ve seen this scenario play out with a number of my friends who chose to be unemployed either because they thought they were above taking an unpaid internship to gain that necessary real-world experience or, worse, because they thought their degree made them too good to work a “menial” job like waiting tables.

    I just wish this generation realized that unemployment isn’t a punishment; it’s a choice. You choose not to work. Your college degree was never a ticket to your dream job; it is simply a vehicle that provides the capability of getting you there. But consider this – just as you wouldn’t sit in your car hoping for it to start after it broke down in the middle of a long road trip, you shouldn’t refuse to work and pay bills simply because your degree isn’t getting you where you want to be as fast as you want to get there. Apply for internships, wait tables, do whatever you have to do to be an adult, to move out of your parents’ house and to pay bills. Just grow up and be a man.

  • SuperShrug

    “Vast numbers of them don’t want to go to college, don’t want to pursue careers, don’t want to get married and don’t want to take on any serious responsibilities. ”

    Boo hoo capitalism and the nuclear family are dying. What do you expect from diminishing returns, for men to just sign their lives away and not even get to potentially kill anyone doing it?

  • Brah

    This article is pretty much useless, it would be nice if you would try to tell a bit more about the cause of the problem instead of only pointing out the problem which is: the increase of men being lowlifes. I honestly think it’s true. But you should know that men and woman are not equal, they are complementair, we are a team. And right now I don’t think that women arn’t behaving like a good ladies etiher. I think that the slutization of our society is a big factor. You see, those losers you are talking about in this article, they have probably ****ed a hundred 10/10 girls. Have you ever thought that the useless men and slutization of woman might have a correlation, are complementair? In the begin of the 20th century, women would look down on men the OP describes, and that’s the difference between than and today. We talk about profound psycho & sociology which a 18 year old boy like me don’t know **** about. But men’s behavior heads to extremes while it’s the job of woman to approve or disaprove, to take care of.

    • Slasher Storm

      Yeah we know the drill, they all need to get married to just one woman and work 8 to 18 in order to support her and her spending habits.

      The governement and banks also. The “minorities” living on welfare too.

      “Chaste” women isn´t going to change things either, they´ll still be gaming the court systems and be even more entitled.

      So I “say” **** you and your BS morality with a meat tenderizer, go die in an ebola-infected pie hole.

      No, men´s behaviour shouldn´t be regulated by what women approves or does not approve of.

  • nancy Alfred

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    – I’m 72 and a widower of four years. – I firmly believe young women today want absolute freedom without ANY accountability and have a ME FIRST,LAST,AND ALWAYS attitude.- Having been happily married for 46 years to a wonderful LADY and mother to our children I am extremely grateful to have had her for my wife. = Men NEED to be needed, PERIOD.- The womens’ lib movement ruined America and made young men what they are today. If men aren’t NEEDED, then why should they get married ? – Stay single young man and cheat some poor deserving female out of alimony and 60% of what YOU worked for and earned.——- PARTY HARDY GUYS ! ! !

    • Barbara

      So by your reasoning, women should pretend to be incapable of taking care of themselves just so men can be men? Just how “manly” is that?

      • Slasher Storm

        I´ll answer that, not manly the slightest.

        But if you are an insecure and weak-minded fool, it will make you feeel like a man.

        If I get drafted in a future war or find myself in a fight, I sure don’t want these kind of “men” having my back.

    • Slasher Storm

      “Men NEED to be needed,”

      The ones who does are insecure and weak-minded fools. Want to feel like a real man? Go to Iraq or Syria, then!

      Marrying for the sole purpose of being needed? Beta to the max and not in any good way!

  • Charlie Heal

    That is a lame and pathetic excuse real men fight for what they want and don’t give up and real men marry the woman they want to spend the rest of there lives with. Your Generation of “Men ” think like ManOnAMission and that your all to good to seattle down so you settle for a train wreak of a woman and you use her to get your rocks off and those women know that so they get knocked up on purpose! then your stuck for your miserable life raising some piece of trash litter all because you didn’t want to make it work with a good woman !!!!!!

    • Slasher Storm


  • The genetic models tell us that some how Males are either not as intelligent or working hard enough in the information age. Thus Males are seen by some as simply not working hard enough or not willing to compete and become good family heads, etc. The truth however, is that the very harsh differential treatment given Male children, later adults to make them tough from the nineteenth century belief boys should be strong, is allowing much more aggressive treatment toward Male children as early as 1 year of age. This is creating higher average stress that hurts thinking, learning, and motivation to learn (mental reward received for mental work expended). This aggression given Male children increases the child grows, creating more social/emotional distance; distrust of adults; lower social vocabulary; and more activity for stress relief. This aggressive treatment is maintained by parents, teachers, peers, and the media. Since boys are not given kind, stable, mental/emotional/social/verbal interaction, support, and skills, they are stymied in mental/emotional/social growth due to lack of the same care young Females receive. The higher muscle tension from the higher average stress also creates more pressure on pencil/pens creating poor handwriting, more fatigue, and less motivation to write. Boy are also given love/honor only on condition of achievement, status, power, etc. Boys failing at school will receive more discipline and ridicule to make them try harder, despite the need for much more care, support, and help. The hurtful ridicule is used for fear of coddling Male children. Boys not achieving will then seek out bits of love/honor from video games, sports, and risk taking.
    After years of falling behind, Male children are then much less able to work in the information age. In fact, the gross stereotyping against Males is making even more menial work harder to work at in view of more aggressive leveled against them by their managers, many of them are women.
    The belief girls should be protected is still here and so provides girls from infancy through adulthood, a wonderful continuous support system of kind, stable, mental/emotional/social/verbal interaction and other continuous mental, emotional, social supports and care by parents, teachers, and peers. This creates for girls a wonderful highway for mental/emotional/social/communicative growth through adulthood. Since girls are given love/honor simply for being girls, they develop much better communication, trust, and care through adulthood.
    We must stop this gross differential treatment for Male children to have any chance of competing successfully in the information age.

  • rossy

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    • Not For Prophet


  • Brandon

    Kate, I love how half of the inventions on that list involve cooking, cleaning, babies, etc. Would you care to compare the list of women inventors to the list of male inventors?

    • tyler

      Why didn’t any men invent any of that silly baby stuff if its so easy and meaningless? The guys replying to this thread are just SO disgruntled its hilarious. So you feel useless? Think that’s cuz maybe you are? U mad bro? Awwww.

      • Brandon

        You missed the point, Tyler, and only focused on my side comment. My point is that the list of significant male inventors is MANY times longer than the list of significant female inventors. That’s an objective truth.

      • J D

        because that was women’s area. It would have been sexist to invade their turf.

        And nice male shaming from a supposed male tyler without any logic at all. Embarrassed? U mad bro? awwww.

  • destined to play

    Theres no jobs for men and we get fired all the time ,thanks to ilegals even guys with education get booted out of any job, meanwhile women get their whole education paid some stripdance and get cash and live with mom paying nothing for rent, we have to pay all the bills, nobody helping hard working guys

  • Deeanna Burns

    Uggh this is the most vile woman hating site that I’ve ever seen! Take responsibility for yourselves and stop blaming women for everything! SICK!!!!

  • Robert Jones

    this is a governmental/ economic an6 6omestic policy issue… which unfortunately overlaps many areas of sociology.

  • Billy

    Wow…. a lot of replies by boys who have to find someone or something else to blame it on besides themselves. Awww, poor, poor boys, acting out because they want to be boss, mad at women because women don’t want to be ruled and shouldn’t be (we are all individual humans first). Aww… your not getting the respect you want. Women never have and never will, yet most still step up and take care of what they should. Always someone or something else’s fault, right? I see no problem with someone being lazy if that’s how they want to live, my problem is someone who is a burden on others because they refuse to take care of themselves and their responsibilities…. as partners we are supposed to help each other and take care of our children, when one partner does not give their share the other, and ultimately the children, if any, suffer. I can see by some of the comments, there are a lot of women hating men in this generation. Men who feel it is their male birth right to rule another human (a woman) and are bitter and angry because they aren’t getting what they think they are entitled to. Sure, there are women who use and abuse, but it’s them individually… it has nothing to do with gender … so don’t blame all females for the action of some. And if a man chooses to behave badly it is certainly no one else’s fault but his own. I think it’s a problem with a generation of men who have had constant excuses made for them in the media and elsewhere. Look at the what the politicians and sports stars get away with today, this is what our boys have to look up to and it’s sad. And an attitude of “Well, he is a guy.” Seems to me like excuses all around and a lot of men don’t step up and make themselves better, because it’s easier to let someone else take the blame… and the responsibility

  • Billy

    Wow…. a lot of replies by boys who have to find someone or something else to blame it on besides themselves. Awww, poor, poor boys, acting out because they want to be boss, mad at women because women don’t want to be ruled and shouldn’t be (we are all individual humans first). Aww… your not getting the respect you want. Women never have and never will, yet most still step up and take care of what they should. Always someone or something else’s fault, right? I see no problem with someone being lazy if that’s how they want to live, my problem is someone who is a burden on others because they refuse to take care of themselves and their responsibilities…. as partners we are supposed to help each other and take care of our children, when one partner does not give their share the other, and ultimately the children, if any, suffer. I can see by some of the comments, there are a lot of women hating men in this generation. Men who feel it is their male birth right to rule another human (a woman) and are bitter and angry because they aren’t getting what they think they are entitled to. Sure, there are women who use and abuse, but it’s them individually… it has nothing to do with gender … so don’t blame all females for the action of some. And if a man chooses to behave badly it is certainly no one else’s fault but his own. I think it’s a problem with a generation of men who have had constant excuses made for them in the media and elsewhere. Look at the what the politicians and sports stars get away with today, this is what our boys have to look up to and it’s sad. And an attitude of “Well, he is a guy.” Seems to me like excuses all around and a lot of men don’t step up and make themselves better, because it’s easier to let someone else take the blame… and the responsibility

  • One problem is that school teachers no longer have pensions, they have 401Ks, so they can’t retire, and the schools are full of old ladies who are tired, and worn out. Young men are just not interested in sitting there all day listening to them, so they can’t stand it. Schools don’t pay enough to attract male teachers, and female teachers don’t inspire boys.

  • Mike Oxbig

    Men don’t want or need the misery of being called (or otherwise assumed to be) a creep, scumbag, dirtbag, loser, tormentor, abuser, rapist, harasser, etc. for the “crime” of approaching a woman in a gentlemanly manner with the intention of pursuing a relationship with her, Such an accusation can result in his economic and social devastation.

    Job loss, humiliation, insult, mockery, contempt, derision, disrespect, slander, disgrace to his reputation, etc. All of these factor into the equation and it’s simply not worth him taking the chance or making the effort.

  • Not For Prophet

    Men don’t want or need the misery of being called (or otherwise assumed to be) a creep, scumbag, dirtbag, loser, tormentor, abuser, rapist, harasser, etc. for the “crime” of approaching a woman in a gentlemanly manner with the intention of pursuing a relationship with her. Such an accusation can result in economic and social devastation for him.

    Job loss, humiliation, insult, mockery, contempt, derision, disrespect, slander, disgrace to his reputation, etc. All of these factor into the equation and it’s simply not worth him taking the chance or making the effort.

  • Stephen Crowe

    Wow the hate on both sides is like bad smoke in my face.
    There is a-lot of truth here coming from the male perspective. Men in western society (especially white males) have been given the short end of the stick. A-lot of people are right too, that it is not just women behaving not like ladies, or expecting way too much from their possible mates, but just current realities that affected them like this in the first place and changes throughout our society that affect people’s incomes, and their forth livelihoods which have hurt men much more than women in general and therefore have masculinized them (making women think they are not good partners), because of old 19th century beliefs that men are suppose to be strong all the time, while women are suppose to be treated special and delicate.

    Yet I find it strange that no one has mentioned a few reasons why extreme feminism was created, and supported by the elites that run this country.
    Well first off, you got to get rid of the idea that America is a country anymore. It isn’t, it is a segment of the world where a large portion of our global dynamic economy takes place in my opinion due to strong laws that favor the ultra rich (mind you I didn’t say upper middle class, wealthy) I mean the ultra rich, such as the 400 Americans that made in 2012 336 million dollars a piece in income for that particular year.
    Secondly, we live in a disposable economy that is meant to enrich these already super rich people, because I think for two reasons.
    One I think these people like to be evil (if you believe in god) as they know that they are taking way too much from the world economy to enrich themselves while at the same time making everyone else’s life that much harder, by hoarding all of this wealth, that could be spread a bit more and two because essentially this is all they know or want to do anymore.
    In any case living in a disposable economy and which continues to award people more so in educational roles, when more and more women are being supported to go to college while men seem to not be supported in the same way, creates a work environment for men that makes them almost like disposable commodities, because the skills they are bringing to the table by and large are not worth that much in the information age.
    Now this would be bad enough, if just losing your job (being a male) is all that happened to you. Yet in our society we treat males that do not make either any money or good money as if they are trash and completely worthless.
    Men use to be coaxed in this type of mentality, when there were real specific rewards of doing so (in my opinion guaranteed sex and possibly a life partner that would stick by you and possibly children) in a harsh world, so they had something of real value that they could live for the rest of their lives.
    Yet now, there is no such absolute rewards, even after doing what society told them to do (go to college, get a start in a career, have a career or at least a stable job) to build a family, a life with someone etc.
    Furthermore combined with the fact that men are not really fathers to their children, since the government at any time can just take them away from him, if he has problems supporting them, (even if these issues are not directly his fault).
    Added on to the fact, that the courts are biased towards males in general, so if something goes wrong in a marriage (the woman usually can take a unfair portion of the guy’s wealth).
    Lastly, if a guy has children now with a woman, and not only is fleeced, he can go to jail for not paying child support (even if real economic issues are coming into play for him) where he can’t pay for such support and live himself.
    Thus, the deal for men in terms of marriage has become a rotten one for them in Western society, (because sex is fleeting) and also because of our American culture that just sees men basically as a walking wallet, a commodity so to speak, rather than a human being as well.
    I’m telling you all of this, because I suppose you would call me one of these hated monsters of man.
    I use to have a career ten years back while I starting back. I was a archaeologist. I also obtained two degrees so I did go to college and graduate school. I also part time work, but I don’t make enough now to move out (yes I had to move back home) due to a bad market in my old field. I’ve also written two novels, but they haven’t sold yet.
    To tell someone like me now, well go back to school, when going twice didn’t work out for me at all, and not only wasted money but time in my life, to say the hell with it, and risk everything I have left on the chance that a different degree might help me establish a new career, when school now from everything I read is even more expensive then when I went, and the reward for such an endeavor for me is dubious at best ?? is moronic.
    Lastly, because I was in graduate school, during a certain portion of my life, I can’t seem to find a different job than the part time one I am doing, because I never got work experience in those fields (and why didn’t I? because I was already in a specific profession and my bosses at the time in archaeology work heavily implied to me that going into graduate school was a good use of my time in order to down the road get a better job within the field).
    Graduating in 2012, I found the job market in archaeology so bad, that not only did I not get my start to that better job within the field, but I found out I studied a-lot of science based computer programs for nothing, as not only did I not get a more professional job within the field of archaeology but I couldn’t get any job within my old field.
    When I finally started applying to what I call whatever jobs, I found that I never got called back a-lot or that I didn’t have work experience in that field so I wasn’t even given a chance.
    I am 36, now and probably will have very little opportunity to build any real life (unless I get super lucky with my novels soon) and the source of all of my problems is choosing a major in college, that was meant for a industry, that for a number of reasons (a-lot out of my own control) just went to shit.
    Thus the point here I am trying to make here, is that young men who are a decade younger than me, should feel cheated by a system that essentially heavily implied to them that they MUST GO to college and or graduate school in order to just get a job or any GOOD job, and then come out and discover that there are so little opportunities for them to even start these careers.
    Yet mainly, everyone should really be mad at the fact that our society, allows a few people at the top to have so much wealth, while not giving a shit about younger versions of themselves (especially when these few people at the top in society) in my opinion had almost everything laid out to them almost on a silver platter.
    The real answer to this dilemma in my opinion is that young people (but especially young men) have to now unite. I should restate this too, I mean (especially young white men) and essentially take over a section of the United States and secede from the U.S. and form their own country, essentially starting over, so to make fairer laws for them since the older generation of mostly white men in my opinion made policies that affected our generation lives in such personal and horrible ways, so they can at least feel they can get a new start to build up whatever is left of their lives.
    The United States was not always a country either, so why is there a belief that it will remain united forever as one? The first thirteen states were British colonies for awhile. Yet that didn’t stop a minority of individuals to fight for a independent country of their own where they could establish laws that would be much fairer to them.

  • Michel

    “Good one,” Kate.

  • Harold Bernied

    Good blog post ! BTW , you a NY General Form 15 , my husband found a blank form here https://goo.gl/dAZ5xn


    Good article, Thanks!

  • migsly

    you can thank liberalism for it.