Guns In Church? Security Is Heightened As FEMA Helps Churches Prepare For ‘Active Shooter Incidents’

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Church In New York City - Public DomainDo you ever wonder if someone might come marching into your church one Sunday morning and start shooting? When I was growing up, I never even imagined that some mentally-imbalanced individual or a group of Islamic terrorists would ever attempt to attack a church service that I was attending, but times have changed. There have been more mass shootings in America during the presidency of Barack Obama than under the previous four presidents combined, and the primary target of the Islamic terrorists in San Bernardino was a Messianic Christian. The shooters in San Bernardino could have very easily decided to hunt him down at his place of worship instead of at a workplace Christmas party if they had wanted to. And we all remember the horrific mass shooting that took place at a church in South Carolina earlier this year. Our churches are very vulnerable “soft targets”, and Christians all over America are starting to realize that security needs to become a higher priority.


Just like schools, malls, movie theaters, concert halls and sporting events, churches are places where large numbers of people gather and where security is typically minimal. As Christmas approaches, FEMA is holding “specialized training” for churches that includes training for “active shooter incidents”

Christian churches have been refining their security plans ahead of receiving some of their largest crowds of the year for Christmas.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has been holding specialized training for congregations for “all hazards, including active shooter incidents.”

If Islamic terrorists were to even just hit one or two of our churches, attendance all across America would immediately plummet. Nobody wants to feel like they are taking their family to a place of danger, and so that is the power of random attacks like the ones that we recently witnessed in Paris. If terrorists can make us feel that they could strike anywhere and at any time, the panic and fear that will create will fundamentally change the way that we go about doing things.

Just look at what is already happening. Church greeters are already being trained to “feel for weapons” as they are hugging people coming in the front door…

Christian churches have been refining their security plans ahead of receiving some of their largest crowds of the year for Christmas. On a FEMA webinar last Wednesday on protecting houses of worship, the chief security executive at The Potter’s House, the Rev. TD Jakes’ megachurch in Dallas, gave tips about behavior that should raise concern, such as a congregant arriving in a long coat in hot weather. If needed, church greeters could give a hug and feel for weapons, said the executive, Sean Smith.

And at one Catholic congregation in North Carolina, backpacks, baby strollers and diaper bags have been banned from worship areas

In Charlotte, North Carolina, St. Matthew Roman Catholic Church, which draws about 30,000 worshippers to its weekend Masses, this month alerted parishioners to beefed-up security, such as uniformed and plain-clothes police officers at services, and a ban on backpacks, baby strollers and diaper bags in worship areas.

So what is next?

Will we soon have the TSA groping us when we arrive for Sunday school?

Personally, I believe that we are going to see some things that were once unthinkable in the years ahead. For decades, we have all been able to go to worship services without even thinking twice about our safety. But now we live in a very different world.

At one time, it was actually quite common for people to bring guns to church. In fact, a 1631 Virginia law actually required men to “bring their pieces to church”

It used to be the American way. For example, a 1631 law in Virginia required citizens to own firearms, to engage in practice with them, and to do so publicly on holy days. It demanded that the people “bring their pieces to the church.” Somewhere along the line we have lost this mindset. Today the ideas of church and arms are assumed to be at odds, as if loving your neighbor has nothing to do with the preservation and defense of life and property.

And now we are starting to see a resurgence of guns in church. The following comes from Time Magazine

But increasingly, churchgoers are able to pack heat in the pews if they wish. A number of states have recently passed laws allowing concealed weapons in churches, including Arkansas, Louisiana, Illinois and North Dakota. Bryan Crosswhite, president of 2AO, an organization that advocates for Second Amendment rights, says that roughly 25 states allow concealed carry weapons in churches. But after the shooting in Charleston, his group is pushing for more states to open up their churches to firearms.

“Churches are often gun-free zones,” Crosswhite says. “That makes them a major target for those who go to worship. In most churches, the congregation has their back to the doors. People could walk right in and shoot so many people if you don’t have a plan in place.”

To a lot of people, this may sound very odd. But if a crazy person or a group of Islamic terrorists decide to attack your church one Sunday, would you rather have a congregation that is armed or one that is entirely disarmed?

For years, Barack Obama and his minions have been pushing their gun control agenda and have been promising that they know how to keep us safe. But what have their efforts actually accomplished? I like how my friend Mac Slavo recently put it…

All the while the Obama administration continues to push a gun control agenda, while putting a wide security net over the personal communication and activities of the American people in an effort to convince us that we are being protected. The San Bernardino terrorists were not only admitted into the United States after having pledged support for Islamic terrorism proving what a joke Obama’s vetting process really is, but an investigation into their activities was halted due to concerns over racial and/or religious profiling. Moreover, despite all of the existing Federal and California State gun restrictions, they were somehow able to acquire firearms.

For the acute observer, this suggests that pretty much all of the trillions of dollar spent on Homeland security over the last 15 years have done almost nothing to make us any safer.

We live in a world that is becoming increasingly unstable, and the terror and the violence that are already plaguing much of the rest of the planet are now coming here.

Whether we like it or not, we are going to have to deal with certain dangers that would have been unimaginable to previous generations.

The truth is that it is only a matter of time before the next church attack happens.

If it happens at your church, how will you and your congregation deal with it?

That is something that we all need to be thinking about.

  • sam

    You can see on the site thereligionofpeace (dotcom that Muslims even blow up rival mosques.
    One shocking thing I learned today is that Israel has had 2,225 rock attacks in the last three months, which is about 24 rock attacks a day!

    • iris

      Yes, but the politically correct stance is that it’s all Israel’s fault, (sarc). The world is going mad, quite literally.

  • im4truth4all

    Even Jesus Christ was for arming oneself when He told the apostles to take a sword with them.

  • Dave

    I have worn a gun for years when I go to church.
    “And he who has no sword, sell your garment and buy one.” Luke 22:36

  • DJohn1

    The only good “indian” is a dead “indian” was a common slogan at the time when men wore their pistols and rifles to church.
    But then, we did not have the insanity running around everywhere we have today.
    WE did not have the drug control problems we have today either.
    Cops WALKED a beat and knew everyone in their neighborhood.
    Everyone also knew the people responsible for their safety.
    They knew their families as well. No respectable policeman in that time would pull the lies that they do today that are now being exposed on cell phones every where.
    By the way, it is often illegal to use a cell phone at the scene of a crime to record cops doing their duty or not.
    Might want to make that illegal before you use a cell phone as a witness to a crime.
    AT least one of the kids witnessing a cop being brutal in a classroom recently that cell phoned it was arrested for doing so.
    As for weapons in a church, no church should need this kind of security. But they do. Churches are often the scene of theft by druggies that go after the electronic equipment in a church.
    I do not carry a gun and probably never will.
    I have been trained both in the military as an AP and outside the military in the use of judo.
    My children all have belts in similar use of hand to hand combat.
    No one of us dare use it unless there is an extreme situation where our lives are in danger.
    I do not attend church very often any more. I have a real problem with sitting that long for obvious reasons. If I do attend I stay near the back door.
    Access to a men’s room is important to me. I simply have little warning before I need to go.
    Same with driving a car. Fortunately for me, bathrooms are everywhere there is a restaurant or gas station.
    What I do is listen to preachers on the radio in my car. I sometimes tune them in on the TV at home.
    IF and WHEN the terrorists start in on churches, they might be in for quite a surprise. Because a lot of people out there will defend a church no matter what the consequences in law might be.
    At least here in the Ohio that is so.
    I think Kentucky and Tennessee might also be like that.
    Pretty sure Indiana is.
    Also fairly sure laser sights on a pistol are going to be fairly easy to get in the near future. I know they make optional laser available on jig saws.
    What you do is partially close your finger on the trigger. The laser turns on. Adjust your aim and shoot.
    All of which can be done in a fraction of a second.
    My own favorite weapon and I do not own one is a .38 police special revolver. With today’s tech involved it can be made to be deadly accurate the first shot around.
    At home, I prefer a pistol crossbow to a gun.
    At night I can load and shoot six bolts and no one would ever know I was there in the dark. It has virtually no recoil and it can obviously go through armor.
    The total cost of such a weapon is under $35. They are not registered in our state. Though that might change.
    I once took a 150 pound rifle crossbow into a target against a hill. I had the children look for the bolt. They could not find it.
    I went through a target(straw-backed) and several newspapers. The bolt was buried beneath the soil of the hill.
    I never had anyone rob that location even though it was in a poorer neighborhood.
    I also kept a German Shepherd dog and she was 60 pounds of hyperactivity.
    I generally use a 75 pounder and I haven’t shot one in years.
    That might change if things get bad.
    I am qualified on the range as expert in both an old M-1 military rifle and the older .38 police special.
    Jesus also said that those that live by the sword will eventually die by the sword.
    Meaning we are not to use weapons against one another ever.
    I suggest the greatest danger in America for terrorists and innocent people of Muslim faiths is going to be themselves.
    Because there are a whole lot of people that will evict them from America if it becomes necessary.
    You want strong borders? That will do it.

    • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

      Just to clarify, it is legal to record the cops as long as you’re not trespassing or interfering with their duties.

  • HumbleAmerican

    Fear, the #1 marketing tool in the world.

  • Georgiaboy61

    Ron Paul is right about a lot of things, but he is dangerous naïve where Islam and Muslims are concerned. American intervention in the Middle East isn’t the cause of Islamic jihad or of Muslim hatred of the west. These things predate the existence of the United States by more than a millennium.

    The Koran and the Hadiths call upon all Muslims to wage holy war (jihad) in the name of Islam, until the entire world is within Dar al-Islam (The House of Islam).

    It isn’t only the west (European civilization) which is targeted, either; Buddhists, Hindus and others are also under attack. Islamic invaders into what is now the Indian subcontinent committed one of history’s largest mass killings during the 16th century, when more than fifty million Hindus were slain by the soldiers of Allah.

    • desert nudist

      On the radio I think Michael Savage said the Renaissance didn’t start until they kicked the Muslims out of Europe. Never saw that in the school “history” books.

    • MEP325

      So, the modern jihads are still motivated by ideas from the 16th century? Has nothing to do with the fact the United States has caused havoc and destruction in the region with bombs, deadly drone attacks, aggressively invading Iraq that caused hundreds of thousands of deaths and destabilized a country, which is now spilling over into Syria? Or the fact that the US helps keep Arab tyrants in power like the ones in Saudi Arabia that brutally oppress the population? I guess the mujahideen that resisted the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan back in the 80s were fighting for 16th century ideas.

      • Georgiaboy61

        Nice try at the red herring – i.e., changing the subject away from Islam’s numerous atrocities and slaughters over the last 1,400 years – but it didn’t work. Care to try again?

        • Gay Veteran

          how many muslims have died in the neo-con wars? over a MILLION in Iraq alone.

          payback is a bit ch

          • Georgiaboy61

            Have a Merry Christmas – and remember that if this was an Islamic country, you’d be in jail or have been executed for being homosexual.
            For the record, I am no neocon.

          • Gay Veteran

            you have a keen grasp of the obvious

        • MEP325

          I’m not denying that Islamic crusades were murderous and barbaric. But your notion that modern Islamists dislike the west because we are free, love football and beer and allow our women to work and attend universities is absolute nonsense. The fact is Bin Laden and the Islamists declared war in 1996 against the west for it’s perpetual interventionism in that region. They believe it’s their religious duty to resist western interventionism and protect their holy land. Your argument that they’re motivated to revive the Ottoman Empire and go on a modern day Islamic crusade is very elementary and silly.

          • Georgiaboy61

            Re: ” Your argument that they’re motivated to revive the Ottoman Empire and go on a modern day Islamic crusade is very elementary and silly. ”
            Your taqiyya won’t work on me, so don’t bother trying…

          • MEP325

            Pffft…. I guess the Islamists are going to load up their boats with their machine-gun mounted Nissan pick up trucks, sail across the Atlantic, invade the United States and convert all 320 million of us. They will do the same to China as well.

          • Gay Veteran

            wait a minute, wasn’t Saddam Hussein going to do the same thing?

          • MEP325

            He sure was! Now the Iranians are going to do the same thing. Btw, sorry for the name calling exchange we got into a little while back.

      • Georgiaboy61

        Re: “So, the modern jihads are still motivated by ideas from the 16th century?”
        You’re only a millennium too late….

    • Gay Veteran


      he was right:
      “…Why, for 45 years, was there no fear of Sharia law or a caliphate? Why did fears of terrorists attacking us at home begin more recently? Do you think U.S. invasions and occupations of Middle Eastern nations have anything to do with it?”

      payback is a bit ch

      • Georgiaboy61

        Facts are stubborn things: Islam – as a system of belief – is the greatest killing machine in history with upwards of 250 million deaths at its hands.

        It is the habit of Muslims (and their apologists), when they come out on the losing end of an argument, to play the role of the victim, just you are doing. Pathetic doesn’t even begin to describe it.

        Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

        • MEP325

          Yes, facts are stubborn things. He pointed out the fact that hundreds of thousands of Muslims died in the US led war in Iraq. That never would have happened if the US chose not to invade. That’s a fact and him pointing that out does not make him an apologist for Islam. The fact is the Islamists declared war against the west for it’s perpetual meddling and intervention in the Islamic world. Facts are stubborn things. Me pointing out that fact does not make me an apologist for Islam. I don’t care for the religion and I despise the hard core jihadists and the atrocities they commit. But I want to look at this issue objectively and I’ve done enough of my own research to come to my conclusions. Here’s another fact for you; majority of the insurgents in Iraq were Saudis. They came to fight Us troops, troops of a nation they absolutely despise because that nation helps to keep the Saudi government in power, a government that ruthlessly enforces Sharia law on it’s population. Maybe it’s time the US pulls out of that hellhole of a region completely and let them sort out their differences themselves.

        • Gay Veteran

          hey Einstein, what would happen if a foreign country attacked America because “Obama must go”? what if millions of Americans were killed?

          you think we would be looking for some payback?

        • Gay Veteran

          sorry snowflake but the only person on the losing end of an argument is YOU

  • merrileerj

    I would have thought movie theaters would be hurt substantially what with the theater shootings…but it seems not? Wow, I can’t imagine risking my life to see a movie. I know many say don’t let them scare you into staying home, then they win. Well, dead is dead also.

  • desert nudist

    looks like a Muslim just ran over people in Vegas
    as usual, total media blackout
    story on naturalnews

    • iris

      As soon as I heard about that one, I assumed it was a jihadist, especially since almost no information was relayed to the general public. Guess they think we’re that dumb.

  • BeenThere

    I don’t recall finding in the Bible, in spite of persecution and dangerous times, anywhere where the new testament church took their swords, bows, arrows etc to church. They seemed to rely on some quaint notion called faith.

  • watchmannonthewall

    I think too often we forget that there is a spiritual side to things taking place in the everyday physical world.
    While what you write above is very true, no real issues for years, focusing on the past and tracing developments to the current state of affairs misses the hidden reality.
    Scripture states there are appointed times for everything. The sign Jesus gave for beginning to have an awareness of the end times was the return of Israel to the land they were banished from about 135 AD. When growing up Baptist, we were taught that when the last person is “saved’ Jesus will return and then the Great Tribulation will begin. Now that I am older and have done my own “due diligence”, I see the Word says God has appointed a day when He will set these events in motion. That day has been in place since the beginning!
    What we are witnessing is the result of God bringing discipline on His people, Jews and Christians primarily, by Muslims, the rod of men”, for refusal to come into obedience to Him, His Word. Just as Moses called forth plagues against the gods of the Egypians after allowing them to worship them and believe in them for hundreds of years to show He was stronger than they, so to in our day is He calling forth judgment on on His people who are mixing and mingling all sorts of gods while claiming to belong to Him. A purge is occurring and it is just starting but it starts at God’s House. See the above posting about the Messianic who was killed at the Christmas party. Most Americans don’t know Christmas was at one time outlawed in the US and they sure don’t know why!! If you research the historical conflict between the Catholic Church and the Protestants you may understand. You will also know why the Pope doesn’t like evangelicals though most mix and mingle today.
    God is again going to whip the false gods just as He did in Egypt but first He is going to start calling His people out of these false practices and this begins by disciplining His people who are intimately involved with them. This also touches on the issue in MS’s latest posting about churches arming themselves at their gatherings. Sunday worship is never commanded in the NT. Jesus and Paul both practiced a 7th day Sabbath. It would never occur to either to do anything different. (Luke 3:16 and Acts 17:1-2) Once God has dealt with His people, He will then turn His attention to judging the gods of the nations, just like Moses did on Egypt.
    Jeremiah wrote, “Therefore behold, days are coming, declares the LORD, when it will no longer be said, ‘As the LORD lives who brought up the sons of Israel out of the land of Egypt,’ but, ‘As the LORD lives, who brought up the sons of Israel [all 12 tribes] from the land of the north and from all of the countries where HE HAS BANISHED THEM.’ For I will restore them to their own land which I gave to their fathers.” (Jer. 16:14-15) Most Christians are oblivious to the fact they are going to Israel, at the “rapture” in accordance with the promise of God given to Abraham and not to heaven. Paul said, “Therefore, be sure that it is those who are of faith who are sons of Abraham. And the Scripture, forseeing that God would justify the Gentiles by faith preached the gospel beforehand to Abraham..So then those who are of faith are blessed WITH Abraham, the believer.” (Gal 3:7-9) God promised Abraham the Land, an heir, and blessings.
    First God must clean His House and then He will clean His Land and the world. The Muslims play a large role in this cleansing!