Governments Around The World Are Eagerly Adopting The Strict Population Control Agenda Of The United Nations

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Did you know that July 11th was “World Population Day”?  Unfortunately, it is not a celebration of the world population.  Rather, it is a day that the United Nations uses to “raise awareness of global population issues”.  Yes, population control now has its very own holiday, and an increasing number of nations are jumping on board and are adopting strict population control measures at the urging of the UN.  In fact, many world leaders used the occasion of World Population Day 2010 to highlight just how well they are doing in reducing their populations.  To many Americans, this kind of thing is absolutely sickening.  Population control by the government is directly opposed to the American Dream and to everything that our founding fathers fought so hard to establish.  But today, even most U.S. politicians have bought into the radical population control agenda and are helping to export it across the face of the earth.  The truth is that now it is very hard to find a major world leader that does not agree with this radical population control agenda to at least some degree.


So what are some examples of these population control measures that are being implemented around the globe?

Well, of course when most people think about population control these days, they think of China first.  China has the largest population on the globe, and they are famous for the strict “one child” policy that they have been running for decades now.  The communist Chinese are obsessed with population control and they have received awards from the United Nations for their “hard work” in this area. 

In fact, rather than letting up, China has been continuing to “push the envelope” when it comes to population control.  In April, officials in China’s Guangdong Province were accused by Amnesty International of carrying out coerced sterilizations in order to meet family planning goals.  Not only that, but it is an open secret that China has “mobile abortion vans” that are ready to spring into action when a woman who has already had a child is discovered to be pregnant.

But China is far from alone when it comes to implementing population control measures.

In Uzbekistan, things are becoming quite “Orwellian”.

Human rights groups claim that literally hundreds of Uzbek women have been surgically sterilized without their knowledge or consent in recent years.

So why are all of these women being sterilized?

Well, it apparently comes from the top.

In fact, it is alleged that Uzbek President Islam Karimov has ramped up a sterilization campaign that he initiated back in the late 1990s.

In an official decree issued back in February, the Uzbek Health Ministry ordered all medical facilities to “strengthen control over the medical examination of women of childbearing age.”

It is also being reported that the decree instructed medical personnel that “surgical contraception should be provided free of charge” to all Uzbek women who volunteer for the procedure.

And quite a few Uzbek women are volunteering.

But many are not and yet find themselves sterilized anyway.

In fact, witnesses claim that Uzbek authorities “are especially eager to sterilize women with HIV, tuberculosis or a drug addiction”.

This population control agenda is being promoted aggressively in Africa as well.

At an event celebrating World Population Day 2010, one Namibian official made the following statement….

“The delivery of reproductive services to communities has not only resulted in the reduction in the population growth, but has also led to improved general health and sexual reproductive health.”

You see, in the twisted world of the United Nations, more “reproductive services” does not lead to increased reproduction.

It always leads to less reproduction.

These programs are particularly pushed in the third world, because the global elite see those populations as mostly “useless eaters” that are using up the earth’s resources but not contributing that much to the global society.

In his recent article for, Jurriaan Maessen noted many other nations where top government officials are taking World Population Day and the global eugenics agenda very seriously….

In the context of the UN’s World Population Day (last July 11), several developing nations were quick to pledge allegiance to the eugenic deity. In the east-Indian state of Bihar, officials put out the announcement that:

“The Bihar government will soon formulate a new population control policy. The policy will be framed in collaboration with the United Nations Population Fund (UNPF).”

Another Indian state, Karnataka, had President Gladys Almeida “observe World Population Day” at which event she told local government employees:

“There is a need to create an awareness on the need for population control.”

Another individual present said:

“as the population increases, nature takes its own method to control it.”

President Zillur Rahman of Bangladesh pushed to step up an “ongoing social movement” to control the population:

“Mentioning that every child should be born under a plan of the family, the President said, theme of this year population day- ‘everyone counts’ become appropriate in the context of Bangladesh.”

Speaking “while inaugarating the national programme on the World Population Day-2010″, Rahman concluded the event by distributing “population awards among eleven grassroots level workers for their outstanding performance in population control.”

Another compliant nation, Pakistan, had their Federal Minister for Population Welfare Firdous Aashiq Awan announce that:

“The government is taking serious measures to control population growth in the country.”

The government in Islmabad even recruits religious leaders (a trick stolen from the UN) in order to sell population control to the masses:

“(…) religious leaders are being empowered. For the first time, ‘Imam Masjid’ is being made a partner in population Welfare programmes. He would act as a social mobilizer, she (Awan) added.”

There’s more. The United News of India put out a statement by Union Minister of Health and Family welfare “on the occasion of World Population Day”, saying among other things:

“Strict implementation of laws about age or marriage and delayed first child with proper spacing may help in dealing with the population problem.”

Do you see what is happening?

It is not just a handful of nations that are implementing population control measures.

This is literally a global movement.  We are literally witnessing a tidal wave of support for population control sweep across the globe.

The truth is that the global elite are absolutely obsessed with eugenics and with population control.  For those who are new to this and would like more information about this radical agenda, I would recommend reading the following articles that I have published previously on various sites around the Internet….

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The truth is that once you get the facts, there is no denying the reality of the radical population control agenda that the United Nations and the global elite is trying to force on the entire globe.

Population control is here.  It is much more “heavy-handed” in areas where the people cannot resist and defend themselves.  In countries such as the United States where these measures cannot be implemented by force (yet), population control is presented as a “right” or as a “choice”.

But whether by force or by persuasion, the global elite are absolutely obsessed with getting the global population under control.

To them it is simple – they believe that climate change is the number one threat to the planet, and they believe that overpopulation is the number one cause of climate change.  Therefore, the global elite believe that population control has got to be number one on the agenda.

You see, they believe that by reducing our numbers, they are actually saving the planet and doing good for humanity.  Of course they will never volunteer to be first in line for any of these population control measures, because they have to be the ones to “guide” and “oversee” this agenda.

So what do you think about all of this?  Do you think that I am making too much of this population control agenda?  Do some of you actually support this population control agenda?  Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts below….

  • kfdisme

    I think its great that governments are attempting to rein in average family size; if they dont try to educate people (women) on family planning, nature will coldy control the population thru its own tried and true methods (famine, pandemics, wars over diminishing resources, etc), which is bound to result in more net misery and pain than just having less offspring in the first place…

  • Gary

    I have never driven down the road and thought-boy, I wish there were more people to further clog up the road ways. I know this may seem a little selfish but as anyone who can see there are WAY too many people. Simply try to go anywhere in California. (I live in WI but have relatives in S. CA). Its like hurry up and wait to do or go anywhere. I think the kfdisme poster is exactly correct. Having more people will only diminish the quality of life for all. I really can’t see any upside to the US growing to 400,000,000 as it is projected to be at 2050. A large portion (at least 65%) are low skill barley educated and are probably a net drain to the USA. I would rather loose a potential Einstein and avoid the problems of the next 100,000,000 pop growth. To me this is simply being pragmatic. There is no right/left issue here for me.

  • Spencer

    You are massively oversimplifying a very complex subject – as evidenced by continuing to use the term “the global elite”. It’s almost unfathomable that there are actually people who think we don’t have a population problem, being on that side of the argument is tantamount to being part of the flat earth society.

    Overpopulation is not a problem because of global warming, it’s a problem because exponential growth is unsustainable. That’s why pyramid schemes fail, that’s why ponzi schemes fail. The end result of mankind continuing to grow exponentially will be the ultimate over consumption of resources, leading to the eventual possible extinction of our species. This isn’t a myth, or an agenda….it’s high school math. We’re already overconsuming (this means we consume more then the earth produces). Though I suppose you expect the rapture before you die, another simple way of being able to not have to take responsibility for your actions (that of aiding to destroy our planet). Consider this: since Jesus went back up to heaven, how many generations of people do you think thought they would live to see the rapture…likely every single one. Therefore, statistacally speaking you aren’t going to see it. Therefore, live with the reality that your decisions will help decide the outcome of the planet 100, 1000 and even 10000 years from now. Following high school math: take a guess at the earth’s population 10K years from now with an exponential growth rate.

    Next, and though it’s a completely different argument, overpopulation is not at all what’s causing climate change…the average person’s carbon output is dwarfed by the carbon footprint of their consumption (everything from electricity, to stuff which was transported, to the electricity/fuel used to create the products). Though, it is true, that if you increase the size of the person pool then yes, it will increase the total carbon out as well.

    With regards to Africa, or India. Have you ever been there? Have you ever walked through slums? Have you ever went to a garbage dump there and seen people kill each other over a cow carcass? The reality is that such people are reproducing much faster then you are in your cushy little house, such people are starving for scraps, and there’s absolutely no way to fix that problem when they are popping out babies like it’s going out of style.

    I went to the bronx once and was talking with some kids in Marcy. One little girl asked me how many kids my mom had. I thought she’d be impressed that my mom had had 5 children. The girl was impressed, her mom had 15, and all of her friends were similar…she hadn’t met someone with only 4 siblings before.

    China is not a saint for its one child policy. The truth is, if you educate and make having a child expensive (such as the consumption based societies of the western world), the culture itself will lead to natural birth control. Just look at most developed nations, they’re growth rates are very stable to nil (usually offset by immigration).

    The leaders of which you speak actually DO walk the talk – they don’t have 5 children, and often get fixed after they hit their limit.

    In my opinion: the most unfortunate part about pieces like these (both of your blogs) is that you not only make it obvious that you are Christian, you obviously toss around massive bias, but you also inadvertently paint all Christians as ignorant and simple minded.

  • Greg

    America has guaranteed that we will have genocide due to the law of sowing and reaping. We have now murdered over 50 million of the most innocent and have done so due to our rejection of God and the promise that he gave us – he will meet out needs. Unfortunately, the people like kfdisme who are completely brainwashed into the population reduction agenda will not recognize what they are promoting until they are part of the reduction.

  • Oil Leaker

    Everyday, I usually see Hispanic women walk across the streets with around 5 kids…2 on the rollers and a couple ones follow the moms.
    It seems like the Hispanics try to become a majority in California. I have tried to have one kid of my own, but I could not effort the health insurance.

  • Morocco Bama

    These population reduction theories make me laugh because they controvert direct observation. People who cling to this theory often cite what Henry Kissinger said back in the early seventies. That was forty years prior, and the world population has grown more than 2 billion since. If the Elite wanted population reduction so badly, they’ve done a miserable job.

    I think the Elite like to inflict misery and that’s why we see a population explosion. Most of the that population explosion has been born into misery. If you’re a Christian, I’m not, you would see this makes sense according to your precepts. Satan loves to inflict pain. The more pain, the better. Afterall, Satan isn’t referred to as The King of Pain for no good reason. If Satan kills you all off, he greatly lowers his Pain Quota. More people gauging each others’ eyes out equals a higher Pain Quota.

    Think, People, THINK.

  • Greg

    It is always surprising to see how many people support the population reduction agenda. Perhaps it shouldn’t surprise me in light of the fact that this nation has proven its death mentality for decades with the eugenics movement carried out by Planned Parenthood. The lack of understanding regarding how bloody and gruesome this human elimination process will be also amazes me. That too should probably not be a surprise in light of the dumbing down that has been carried out through our schools and through poisons in our water, air, food and medicines.

    Morono Bama, practice what you preach and learn to think. Fertility rates are dropping to zero, cancer and other diseases are ramping up. The plans put in place and that are being carried out are effective and population will be reduced. Studies have shown that feeding GMO to rodents caused a cessation of fertility after the third generation. It is so common to read people’s blogs, like yours, where a silly thought comes into your head and causes you to believe you are on to some big insight. You are clueless to what is happening and clueless to think the satanic plan is to increase population to increase misery. Satan loves bloodshed and he is about to be very gleeful.

  • Phil

    This is the best idea I have ever heard of. The Population is the biggest threat to man kind. We must take action now before we turn the whole world into a giant Easter Island.

  • Buck Eschaton

    I absolutely do not believe we have any population problems here in the USA. Yes, we do have too many cars. People good,cars bad. We need to start a car reduction program. Is there a way to abort cars? I can walk through through the central city of Mpls/St. Paul in the middle of the day and only see very few people. Our land use and transportation systems are staggeringly bad. I would guess that we could double/triple our population in the US and not even notice it, as long as we got rid of our automobile fascination.

  • The III

    There is a storm coming upon the world’s great masses that are huge. It comes in the form of a white, red, black and pale horseman riding through. When the storm has passed and the destruction is viewed. All that will be left of the world’s great masses will be just a few.

    – The III

  • J.M.

    Now I´ve heard it all…..Come on people think for yourselves, putting the religious issue for those with Pavlovian attitudes, our fertility rates worldwide are dropping to zero and when your babyboomers hit the retirement age completely and start demanding their benefits, you will know the time of reckoning (FINANCIALLY) has come

    @ Spencer
    Please don´t be so simplistic. You have shown how biased and brainwashed you are, even more than any dimwitted born again christian I´ve ever seen (and those people are very ignorant). I guess you would have cheered on Malthus on his time when he predicted England was overpopulated on his time and that wars, famine and genocide would ensue(back then only 10-13 million people with very high infant-mortality), so I guess today England´s population is about 10 million ha.

    The reality is that if Humans so wish, we can feed even a 12 billion population, with healthy and unadulterated food thanks to our proven ingenuity. However Big Business would not allow it to happen and some interests beyond my reckoning will have its way if no one stops them (genocide, mutations in the “Sheeples” new born, massive sterility for both men and women thanks to chemicals that shoulda been removed long ago from our supply chains etc.). It´s not an issue only of population but of freedom not only for you but for your descendants, no serious demographer would agree with the “overpopulation fears”.

    I fear for our people. By the way, For your information I´ve been in the third world and the main problem there is not the amount of people but the terrible and unsustainable logistic lines, patchy food regulations and generalized corruption abound as well as peoples selfishness.

  • Afi K. James


  • The Elite that we are talking about want to reduce the world population to 500 million from 6 billion. Many people are going to die. The first country I believe this will happen to is the United States. Other countries will follow suit. The FEMA camps everyone says does not exist will be the place to go for those who are left.
    You will be checked to see if you are qualified to live as useful or not. If not you will be executed. The Greatest Generation is about to be euthanized.

  • Keith

    I love how people speak of the “Elites” as if they’re one focused, homogeneous, mass of evil incarnate. Instead of the reality, which is that they have formed various self-interested groups (banksters, big oil, big media, Old Money, etc.) that all war with each other for power and use the rest of us as pawns in their rivalries.

    I know a few of the “elite” personally, including high-ups at BP, The Fed, and a major Defense Contractor. The danger isn’t that they are immoral, it’s that they’ve become extremely amoral. Right and wrong simply have no bearing on their thinking. The old ideals of serving others have fallen by the wayside. Add to that their insulation from what the rest of us would call “real life”, and you have the recipe for ignorant disaster that’s unfolding now.

  • SaraK

    If you can’t see the population problem all around us, you’ve obviously been blinded by whatever dogma you subscribe to.

    You’re all doped up on television and religion.

  • Ashvir Singh

    Everyone who believes that humans massive population of over 7 billion is not a problem needs to get their heads checked. There is no conspiracy,the world is overpopulated and we must resolve this issue. For the greater good of all humanity and the planet that we live on