Goodbye Middle Class: 51 Percent Of All American Workers Make Less Than 30,000 Dollars A Year

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The Middle Class - Public DomainWe just got more evidence that the middle class in America is dying.  According to brand new numbers that were just released by the Social Security Administration, 51 percent of all workers in the United States make less than $30,000 a year.  Let that number sink in for a moment.  You can’t support a middle class family in America today on just $2,500 a month – especially after taxes are taken out.  And yet more than half of all workers in this country make less than that each month.  In order to have a thriving middle class, you have got to have an economy that produces lots of middle class jobs, and that simply is not happening in America today.


You can find the report that the Social Security Administration just released right here.  The following are some of the numbers that really stood out for me…

-38 percent of all American workers made less than $20,000 last year.

-51 percent of all American workers made less than $30,000 last year.

-62 percent of all American workers made less than $40,000 last year.

-71 percent of all American workers made less than $50,000 last year.

That first number is truly staggering.  The federal poverty level for a family of five is $28,410, and yet almost 40 percent of all American workers do not even bring in $20,000 a year.

If you worked a full-time job at $10 an hour all year long with two weeks off, you would make approximately $20,000.  This should tell you something about the quality of the jobs that our economy is producing at this point.

And of course the numbers above are only for those that are actually working.  As I discussed just recently, there are 7.9 million working age Americans that are “officially unemployed” right now and another 94.7 million working age Americans that are considered to be “not in the labor force”.  When you add those two numbers together, you get a grand total of 102.6 million working age Americans that do not have a job right now.

So many people that I know are barely scraping by right now.  Many families have to fight tooth and nail just to make it from month to month, and there are lots of Americans that find themselves sinking deeper and deeper into debt.

If you can believe it, about a quarter of the country actually has a negative net worth right now.

What that means is that if you have no debt and you also have ten dollars in your pocket that gives you a greater net worth than about 25 percent of the entire country.  The following comes from a recent piece by Simon Black

Credit Suisse estimates that 25% of Americans are in this situation of having a negative net-worth.

“If you’ve no debts and have $10 in your pocket you have more wealth than 25% of Americans. More than 25% of Americans have collectively that is.”

The thing is– not only did the government create the incentives, but they set the standard.

With a net worth of negative $60 trillion, US citizens are just following dutifully in the government’s footsteps.

As a nation we are flat broke and most of us are living paycheck to paycheck.  It has been estimated that it takes approximately $50,000 a year to support a middle class lifestyle for a family of four in the U.S. today, and so the fact that 71 percent of all workers make less than that amount shows how difficult it is for families that try to get by with just a single breadwinner.

Needless to say, a tremendous squeeze has been put on the middle class.  In many families, both the husband and the wife are working as hard as they can, but it is still not enough.  With each passing day, more Americans are losing their spots in the middle class and this has pushed government dependence to an all-time high.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 49 percent of all Americans now live in a home that receives money from the government each month.

Sadly, the trends that are destroying the middle class in America just continue to accelerate.

With a huge assist from the Republican leadership in Congress, Barack Obama recently completed negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  Also known as Obamatrade, this insidious new treaty is going to cover nations that collectively account for 40 percent of global GDP.  Just like NAFTA, this treaty will result in the loss of thousands of businesses and millions of good paying American jobs.  Let us hope and pray that Congress somehow votes it down.

Another thing that is working against the middle class is the fact that technology is increasingly taking over our jobs.  With each passing year, it becomes cheaper and more efficient to have computers, robots and machines do things that humans once did.

Eventually, there will be very few things that humans will be able to do more cheaply and more efficiently than computers, robots and machines.  How will most of us make a living when that happens?

The robopocalypse for workers may be inevitable. In this vision of the future, super-smart machines will best humans in pretty much every task. A few of us will own the machines, a few will work a bitwhile the rest will live off a government-provided income… the most common job in most U.S. states probably will no longer be truck driver.

For decades, we have been training our young people to have the goal of “getting a job” once they get out into the real world.  But in America today there are not nearly enough good jobs to go around, and this crisis is only going to accelerate as we move into the future.

I do not believe that it is wise to pin your future on a corporation that could replace you with a foreign worker or a machine the moment that it becomes expedient to do so.  We need to start thinking differently, because the paradigms that worked in the past are fundamentally breaking down.

So what advice would you give to a young adult today that is looking toward the future?

Please feel free to join the discussion by posting a comment below…

  • Mondobeyondo

    If I were a young adult today… you know, this is a terrible time to be a young adult. You can go to a university and rack up a ton of debt that you’ll be paying the next 40 years. Or you can fight tooth and nail for one of those ever-decreasing manufacturing jobs. Worse case scenario: being stuck with a career at Walmart or Starbucks. Best case scenario: A trade school, where you can study automotive repair, HVAC, plumbing, etc. You’ll get a decent paying job in the end (hopefully), and no Mount Everest of debt.

    I am not optimistic about the immediate future. It’s not 1965 anymore. Our manufacturing base has been gutted, and not much is left except for the service industry. The country is in serious trouble, and it unfortunately is only going to get worse if we’re lucky. Much worse if we’re not lucky.

    And yes, I’d like fries with that please, thanks.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Well said Mondo. :)

    • taisen43255

      Absolutely correct Mondo! I am a young adult and this is exactly how I feel. I graduated 7 months ago and have found absolutely no work at all whatsoever. Jobs that I look say you need to have 3 or more years experience, be bilingual, have a resume, cover letter, 3 references,and more, and sometimes show how many people apply for the same job which are well over 100 to show how competitive it is now to even get a job. It’s to the point where I’m thinking for myself and developing my own website praying to the good lord that I can make income off of it for now. We are in an ultimate depression as over 100 million don’t have jobs,
      are on food stamps, and now 51% make less than $30,000 a year. I still try and apply for starbucks and other retail stores as well. I pray that people wake up to see what’s going on and take action before it’s too late. Stay safe Mondo, and GOD bless!

      • evidence

        There’s been several posters on this site claiming to by young adults but all are somehow socially conservative so I have my doubts.

        • James


        • taisen43255

          Trust me evidence, I am a young adult, and this article and what Mondo stated are correct. I am not a conservative nor a liberal as I finally see the truth (thank the good lord) as they are one and the same and are not helping any citizens, but are only helping and for special interests. There was an article that stated over 100 million in America do not have jobs, well this article about the middle class dying and how now 51 percent of Americans make less than $30,000 are all too clear and is the icing on the cake of where we are today in 2015, and where we’ll be headed in the future if this doesn’t change for the better. Stay safe, and God bless.

      • James

        Did you intern in college?
        Why can you not learn the languages?
        Try making a cover letter and resume.
        Try asking people for refrences.
        Professors maybe?

        • taisen43255

          Did you intern in college?- Yup, my last internship was in March and it was temporary and also unpaid. I’ve been having difficulty finding another since then.
          Why can you not learn the languages?- I do know how to speak creole, but the language they ask for is spanish, russian, and korean, and I don’t think it’s possible for me to learn any of those languages fully 100% to get the job.
          Try making a cover letter and resume.- I did, plenty of times. I changed my cover letters many times from long to short, added personality, looked for the Human Resource Director’s or Hiring Manager’s name on linkedin or other sites to add to the cover letters, fully changed my resume and included my linkedin page, and the achievements I did at my previous positions and how it helped those companies as well.
          Try asking people for references.- I did, and thankfully they did give them to me but I’m still having trouble getting a position after I’ve had an interview.
          Professors maybe?- Thanks for this, I think I’ll try this next :)

          • Robin518

            It’s Christmas hiring time. Go get a retail job. You won’t be the only college grad working.

          • James

            You should try pro bono consulting or other unpaid work to gain experience. How long did the intern last?
            What is your major that requires you to learn all 3 languages?
            Try networking instead of job boards.
            Most of my juicy finance jobs came from networking, not job boards.

      • Sandra

        It’s the same for older Americans who are being kicked out of their jobs because there are desperate young people willing to work for one third to one half the salaries. It’s caused by greed at the top. That’s where what you should be paid is going.

    • afchief

      No Democracy has survived beyond 235 years. Virtually all democracy’s have collapsed once they suffer from physical and moral bankruptcy. Alexander Tyler once noted that the average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been about two hundred years. He also said, “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largess from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, followed by a dictatorship”. The problem is “We the People” have given away everything to the elect few who have literally destroyed this country. We only have ourselves to blame!

      • memaone1

        HELLO!!!!!! THIS IS A “REPUBLIC”!!!!!!

        • jaxon64

          Don’t get so frothed up folks–a “republic” is simply a representative democracy. I’m not even sure we are a true republic anymore as states have virtually no rights and elected leaders most often go against the majority opinion of the populace ( 69% against obamacare, 70% against gay marriage etc)..afchief’s post was correct in spirit if not exacting in his choice of words——–

          Alexander Hamilton, in Senate: “It has been observed that a pure democracy, if it were practicable, would be the most perfect government. Experience has proved that no position is more false than this. The ancient democracies, in which the people themselves deliberated, never possessed one feature of good government. Their very character was tyranny: their figure deformity.”

          John Adams, in a letter to John Taylor, wrote: “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”

          James Madison said: “…democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security, or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.”

          • Gay Veteran

            “…70% against gay marriage….”

            in 2002, but not today

          • europa3962

            Agreed. We stopped being a truly federalist republic during the civil war. We are now an oligarchy which is transitioning into a corporist state. A Italian leader in the early 20s said that the merging of corporate interests and the state would define the form of government as corporatism. He renamed it after the political party he founded. That was Mussolini and he termed his form of government “Fascism”.

            Welcome to America

          • iris

            yes, and yet we are also very close to Communism. Whatever we are, we are human, and our self made kingdom has its limits.

          • Adam Abramowitz

            Mussolini didn’t actually coin the term. I forgot who. Mussolini just adopted it…

          • tanisb

            A republic is not “simply a representative democracy”. A democracy, representative or not, is run centrally with all power in the hands of elected representative. A republic is a confederation of sovereign states or city-states which have sovereignty over any central government, and where the power is in the hands, not of the elected but rather of the people. BIG difference.

          • iris

            yes, big difference. That’s the way we were set up, anyway.

          • iris

            and we were supposed to be able to vote the presidents and the congress out if they weren’t abiding by their constituents’ wishes. That was before a lot of things, and now, that includes electronic voting machines.

      • Don Fischer

        HEY DUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS A REPUBLIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • What do you think that means. That that isn’t supposed to be a democratic system of governance? A republic is simply the type of democracy we are supposed to be, and actually aren’t as our puppet politicians have been flagrantly violating it on the behalf of special interests for many decades.

          • JMWinPR

            Decades, I can trace it back to the ’30’s. As in 18, not 19. Read Life and Times of Colonel David Crockett.

        • Richard O. Mann

          Today, it is not. It started out that way, but turned into a Democracy along the way. All crash and burn sooner or later.

        • Vada

          Thank you, Don!!!!

        • afchief

          Democracy” soon devolves into tyranny, as the Founding Fathers of the United States knew all too well. That is why they designed a “Constitutional Republic”. For all of their faults (and we ALL have some), these were very wise men. However, the following quote speaks for it self:

          “Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There was never a democracy that did not commit suicide.”

          – John Adams, letter to John Taylor, 1814.

      • Mingus

        I thought David Hume said that not Tyler

      • deimos19

        A democracy is the theory that people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard. This is a representative republic.

        • Robert

          Said Mr. Mencken.

      • trudatness

        The voters haven’t mattered in nearly 2 decades. We have gerrymandered districts that ensure no unexpected results happen.

        Billionaires own government. The largess you describe is them commanding congress to print enough money to keep demand going so they can keep collecting. Otherwise, the people with their hands in the cookie jars are the ones buying candidates and elections.

        Our economic system has been designed by those who have purchased government. We have offshored as much as can be gotten away with. Our borders are wide open to illegals. Wages have stagnated for 20+ years from these suppression tactics. Meanwhile the tax code hasn’t been progressive since before GW was elected. Companies use tax shelters and pay pennies on the dollar to what they should.

        The GOP is the flat out corporate giveaway party. The Democrats play right along to keep wages low and give away the house because half the country is in poverty.

        Both parties see the middle class and an endless resource they can gouge, but after decades of reckless policy have picked it bone dry.

        No matter who you vote for it doesn’t matter, because each side has to answer to billionaires. They get their marching orders and do what they are told.

        • afchief

          Churchill said once; “the best argument against democracy, is to talk 5 minutes with the average voter!”

          Talk to any liberal and you will know why!!!

          • Joe Soap

            He also said

            “You can always rely on Americans to do the right thing….after they’ve tried everything else.”

            Maybe he meant the average American voter.

          • afchief

            If over 50 million voters can vote for an anti-american, anti-christian, lying, lawless, Muslim, traitor, scumbag who sits in the White Mosque today, over 50 million voters are STUPID!!!!

          • Joe Soap

            Actually it was 65,915,796. I’ve no doubt a similar amount will vote for Clinton next year. That’s democracy. Of course you could always move to another country. There are plenty that don’t have any democracy at all. Maybe you could try one of those? I’ve heard China is very nice this time of year.

          • Sheik Yerbouti

            It’s not at all easy for Americans to just “move to another country” and that’s certainly true for middle class Americans. Unless you are bringing a lot of wealth or rare skills with you, most nations won’t let you in. Americans are caught in a terrible trap and their hides are being sold cheap.

          • dean

            The US democracy is a fraud since parasites vote Dems to rob everyone that works. Plato predicted that as the end of any democracy

          • Joe Soap

            Actually US democracy is a fraud when the guy with the fewest votes gets elected President. Did you lose the ability to count?

          • Eric Pfeifer

            Flash forward to the future and who is in officer? The guy who had fewer votes.

          • Thomas

            Why move? China already owns us

          • dean

            Most voters are dumb as bricks and they vote Dems to get the dole and drive away those that work

          • Joe Soap

            But not you of course. No doubt you would make Einstein look retarded. Why aren’t you president? Because the whole planet is missing out on you wisdom

          • tomad

            So glib! My, you’re the clever one. Dean wouldn’t come close to being prep most likely because he has little to compromise him. Perhaps you? You’ve got soap, joe. Use your imagination on being compromised., convict. ;)

          • Eric Pfeifer

            Red states are net tax receivers, not payers.

          • dean

            Most voters are dumb as bricks and they vote Dems to get the dole.

        • The INFORMER

          You missed it by a few decades bro. It was indeed the voters (not billionaires) who voted for FDR and his New Deal in droves. They then placed democRATS in charge of government for the next 50 years. Those big govt programs became sacred cows.

          • Steve Rogers

            Duh, I’m Wepubwican, duh. I vote Wepubwican cauze dey told me demokrats are bad, bad. Duh!!

      • iris

        Imo, partially, we have given away rights and freedoms, but much of what has happened has been out of our control. Back in the early 1900s, a couple of Congressmen sold the country out by letting the Federal Reserve take over our financial governance. Following, came voluntary at first, then later, mandatory taxes and social security laws. The SCOTUS has ruled several times in a row regarding individual wage tax, as being against the Constitution, and they have never revoked their decision, as it legally only applies to corporations, yet the tax code laws are over a foot high. Lord have mercy and provide a very good tax lawyer, if an individual wage earner ever tries to cross the IRS.
        Until the Lord returns, it is the human condition that people living in a society of any kind, need government of some sort, but also, that some of those people will try to grab all the power. We now see that propensity reaching a climax at the federal level for the most part in the U.S. Kingdoms rise and fall and the U.S. is no different. Christians belong to a different kingdom, our citizenship is not of this world. Someday, and I believe it will happen soon, Jesus will return and He will rule the whole world with true justice and equity. Until that happens, we who are believers must focus our attention on sharing the good news, the gospel, in word and deed, regardless of the consequences. Those who truly know God are a “peculiar people” according to the Bible.

        • TruthSpeaks

          Amen!!! God’s Way is the ONLY way to complete peace and contentment for all of us. As far as anyone can see Man’s way doesn’t work for all of us.

      • Sandra

        No, we the people did not give this away. The greedy few who benefited gave it away. Vote Bernie Sanders, the only candidate with an interest in correcting income inequality.

        • mike

          You idiot communist Bernie followers. Bernie works for and carries the water for the most corrupt biggest bank in the entire world of which causes all that income inequality….the Federal Reserve. While at the same time saying he is against big banks. And he knows his supporters are too stupid to realize this.

          If Bernie were concerned about income inequality and government corruption he would be talking about sound money. Because when you have sound money and a real currency backed by silver/gold, then you can’t have income inequality like we have nor the waste fraud and abuse like we have. Because you can’t print trillions in funny money if you have to have it backed by real money and real money is gold and silver.

          Bernie is hoodwinking you and he will destroy what’s left of the middle class by snuffing out the little guy and handing out the country to the mega-corportations and banks. I can’t believe how STUPID so many americans are that they would vote for a communist in Bernie Sanders.

          Did you know Sanders was giving speeches to a front group for the CommunistPartyUSA in the 80’s while the cold war was still going on? That was super dangerous to be doing that because that group swore an allegiance to the “soviet union and a “soviet america” and to the “triumph of soviet power in america”

          Also, many businesses have closed shop and low income level jobs have been lost already in seattle where they instituted $15/hour minimum wage, which is what bernie wants nationally.

          It is very disturbing that so many americans are leaning socialist and communist and trusting our government and gasp, want to elect a full blown government hack in bernie sanders who never held a productive job in his life. GOVERNMENT is NOT the answer you IDIOTS. Our founders never intended for the American people to trust government. Wake up you idiots. ONLY free market capitalism works and we haven’t had free market capitalism since 1913 when the Federal Reserve was instituted. It is the Fed that is the source of all our economic ills. The reason minimum wage isn’t enough to make ends meet is because the purchasing power of the dollar has been destroyed because we don’t have sound money backing our currency. Minimum wage used to cover essentials just fine before they took the silver out of the money and unbacked the currency from gold. And you idiots want to put your trust in a government hack communist like Bernie sanders? Amazing how stupid you people are.

          • smacca

            Well said. Absolute fact.

          • jamesthepeach

            You need to do more research. Seatle businesses didnt close because of min. wage, that was a lie. Russia was never communist/socialist, the true meaning of the word is NOT synonymous with dictatorship. Im sorry you aren’t willing to actually read into something you would write such a long post about. American propaganda has really done a number on you :)

          • mike

            James –

            Google “western journalism 15$ minimum wage seattle.

            Real live business owners quoted getting screwed. People losing jobs, small businesses shutting down.

            And I never said communism is synonymous with dictatorship. But Bernie has a long history of being a communist.

            Propaganda has really done a number on me? How many people out there are trumpeting sound money and dismantling the federal reserve which is a central bank controlling the money and banks? I’m sounding the horn for free market capitalism of which we haven’t had in over 100 years since the Fed was created.

            Meanwhile, all the 20 year old degenerate economic illiterates screaming “feel the bern” aren’t slurping up propaganda from a 74 year old communist? HA. I mean how are people so stupid? If I had never heard of or knew who Bernie Sanders was…..just listening to the guy speak it is so ridiculously easy to tell the guy if full of $%&. When you have to many young idiots slurping that $%&# up…it can only be BECAUSE of propaganda. Bernie IS big government, and the whole point of big government is to put out propaganda to manipulate the riffraff to the benefit of the elite.

          • dean

            Commies are liars who live a lie. The Greek commies still deny why they are broke. they think they deserve a good life with other peoples money

          • Randy Fischer

            USSR not socialist? Whatever are you talking about? The United Soviet Sociaist Republic? Everyone got paid the same unless they were in cahoots with the govt. Oh, that’s right, that’s communism. Or is it socialism? Ultimately, not a lot of difference between the two.

          • dean

            Commies don’t like to admit USSR was a commie dictatorship

          • Eric Pfeifer

            Because communism and dictatorships are factually incompatible Dean.

          • Ed Hino

            totalitarianism+strong arm dicktator ships

          • cr

            Who would you vote for?

          • mike

            Anybody who promotes getting back to sound money. Which is pretty much nobody. Governments can’t print and spend like drunken sailors thus devaluing the unbacked currency, if the currency is backed by real money. And real money is gold and silver. When you back paper with real money, gold and silver you then have real currency. And that keeps governments in check. None of the candidates are trumpeting this, because international bankers really run the country and our candidates are bought and paid for by them.

            You can vote every day if you want, you don’t have to wait until November. Just transfer your fraud unbacked fiat dollars into gold and silver and don’t play their funny money game. Every time you purchase real money, gold and silver, that is a vote against the corrupt rotten to the core system.

            American’s think the dollar is real money. It isn’t. The dollar is the government’s debt, and debt paper is not money, no matter who issues it. The dollar only circulates because the government forces it to circulate, and forces gold not to. So the dollars you earn, a federal reserve note, you actually owe back to the Fed. Americans are actually slaves, you are earning notes which are a liability.

            So they devalue the dollar and take the purchasing power away from the people, to benefit the elite in government and banks. In 1965 when they took silver out of the coins, savvy people hoarded silver dimes, quarters, half dollars. Back in 1965 a dime bought you a gallon of gas, and today that same silver dime buys you a gallon of gas, because you will get about $2.50 for it at a coin shop in metal value. Granted to have to take it to a coin shop first, since if you gave that time to a gas station attendant at a gas station you wouldn’t even get 1/10th of 1 gallon of gas for that 10 cents.

          • nokomis

            The government doesn’t create money. Money is created by banks through the fractional reserve system. The government can manage the rate by changing reserve ratios, but banks create money. You can argue monetary policy, which is a fair target, but without even a basic understanding of the mechanism, I’m not sure how far you’ll get.

            With all due respect, it’s as if you’re discussing transmission slippage with the garage mechanic and refusing to budge from your story that the effects of the tidal surge driven by tree growth along the equator is causing power to be drawn away by left-handed people.

            Probably not.

            Let me guess … you’re not doing so well financially. Hard to make any headway when you don’t understand the basics of the system and do nothing to learn.

          • mike

            Yeah? Thats the problem…the GOVERNMENT “creating” money out of thin air through fractional reserve banking. I mean, you don’t actually think Wal-mart or some Mcdonalds Franchisee owner is the cause of all this “economic inequality” we here about today, do you?

            I mean you surely already know that 96% of the dollar’s purchasing power has been decimated by the Federal Reserve and government controlling and creating all the funny money on their printing press. But that has nothing to do with the rich getting richer at the expense of the poor right? it is those evil business owner running a Mcdonalds’ franchise that are the bad guys and the reason minimum wage isn’t enough for essentials like it used to be when silver was in the money and gold was backing the dollar.

            With all due respect, I don’t think you are nearly as smart as our great founding fathers who talked about the perils of central banking and unfunded paper.

            I’m going to leave you with a couple quotes from the horses mouth himself…Keynes…

            “By this means (central banking) government may secretly and unobserved, confiscate the wealth of the people, and not one man in a million will detect the theft.” — British Lord John Maynard Keynes (the father of ‘Keynesian Economics’ which our nation now endures) in his book “THE ECONOMIC CONSEQUENCES OF THE PEACE”

            See? He is talking about you as the 1 in a million who will not detect the bottom up theft of the wealth. That is why someone earning min wage today has about half the purchasing power as someone who made min wage in the 60’s. But the ignorant on the left want to blame business owners, and the ignorant on the right say it is because they need to get a better education and work harder. No…what we need is real currency, backed by real money gold/silver.

            “Should government refrain from regulation (taxation), the worthlessness of the money becomes apparent and the FRAUD can no longer be concealed.” — British Lord John Maynard Keynes (the father of ‘Keynesian Economics’ which our nation now endures) in his book “THE ECONOMIC CONSEQUENCES OF THE PEACE”

            See? From the horses mouth again…the FRAUD can no longer continue and the worthlessness of unfunded paper becomes apparent without regulation and taxation.

            Don’t feel bad though…It isn’t like you are the only government indoctrinated idiot. The entire country doesn’t have a clue. And don’t worry… I do fine… I have over 5 thousand ounces of silver. How much digital money on a screen at the bank do you have? Maybe you can message me back when you the govt gives you a nice big haircut to your savings.

          • Gail Jensen

            Well said. I get very frustrated when people don’t do their research behind people like Sanders; Hillary; and Obama and just have the ‘one-ear’ type of listening. Oh, I like what they said! That sounds right! I think I’ll support them. What people say, and what people DO, and who they really ARE makes all the difference in the world. If you looked at (Obama; Hillary; Sanders) through eyes that see what they DO, and researched their connections, you’d take a different stance, and become pretty horrified. Yes, I want to call people stupid also, but I refrain. I prefer to call them blind; naive; lazy, or complacent. But hoodwinked is also accurate. The masses have been completely fooled and it’s scary – very scary..

          • Joe535

            Mike, these are the facts regarding the U.S. government SOCIALISM: 2008 financial bailout of Wall Street costing $trillions was socialism, sports stadiums are often publicly funded which is socialism, school systems are funded because all pay, not those with the MOST CHILDREN, subsidies to oil industry is socialism, subsidies and tax loopholes for millionaires and billionaires is socialism because average they pay is 12% or so. The list is endless.

          • Cincinnatus

            And yet Sanders was the Senate sponsor of a bill introduced in the House by Ron Paul to audit the Federal Reserve.

        • afchief

          WRONG!!!! Capitalism is man taking care of himself in a competitive but predominately cooperative market system. Capitalism breeds independence, interdependence, personal responsibility, freedom, etc.

          Socialism/liberalism is the government micromanaging the details in everyone’s lives by means of taking from those who have and distributing it in a very unproductive way to those who don’t have so much. Socialism breeds corruption, laziness, oppression, etc.

          You can’t “spread” wealth. By “spreading” wealth you only destroy it. That has been proven again and again.

          Although the leftists deny it, wealth is nothing without the people that create it. There is a reason that some people are rich and others are not. It’s called HARD WORK!!! Something you leftist do not understand.

          After the “spreaded” wealth has been consumed it will be the same people that are rich and the same that cry for having nothing

          • iris


          • Darnel L. Williams

            So what you are saying is that we should not have bailed out the Banks? Correct?

          • afchief

            That is exactly right! If the bank executives broke the law, they should have gone to jail.

          • Darnel L. Williams

            Did you believe in the “trickle down effect?” even know it has been proven to not work. Do you believe the rich should go tax free and hope they give back to the communities?

          • afchief

            The trickle down effect HAS worked despite what your liberals sites tell you.

            So you think you are entitled to others money just because they make more than you? There is a word for that. It’s called theft.

            We’ve spent $20 TRILLION on the war on poverty. That’s $20 TRILLION in taxes, and we are more broke than virtually any point before. Our ENTIRE AMERICAN HISTORY is testimony to the fact that liberalism is wrong on every point.

          • Darnel L. Williams

            Show me where it has work… Did we get job growth? Gained more jobs? Where has it worked… show something I haven’t seen?

          • afchief

            Have you studied anything that Reagan did? Or are you another product of our indoctrination centers we call public schools? Have you studied economics at all? How does one produce wealth in world? Do you know how? There are only three ways to accumulate money and wealth in world (other than stumbling across a hidden treasure and actually finding money, that is):

            #1) Production: Offer something of value in exchange for money voluntarily traded by recipients. Working or starting a business

            #2) Coercion: Confiscate money (or stores of value) by claiming authority over those who earn it

            #3) Theft: Steal money (or stores of value) from those who already have it

            Every person in society today acquires money in these three ways (with “gifting” being a fourth way that’s in a separate category because it’s passive, not active). The office worker, the entrepreneur, the laborer, the weekend burglar and even the professional politician all acquire money in one of these three primary ways.

            Out of the three methods of money accumulation, production is the only one that adds abundance to the economy. The other two methods reduce wealth and ultimately promote poverty.

            The fall of society can be understood through these key transitions:

            Abundant society = Freedom and liberty = Production and wealth creation

            …then Production becomes Coercion

            Coercion society = High taxes, growth of government = Wealth confiscation

            …then Coercion becomes Theft

            Theft society = Looting of private bank accounts, government seizure of industry = Wealth destruction

            …Theft leads to Collapse

            It is that simple!!!

          • Darnel L. Williams

            But you are not showing me where it worked…. did we get more jobs, or was our production moved over seas. You say it work and yes the “theory ” is there, but I see nothing that said it did…. this very article is about the middle class shrinking!!! I remember when the banks were regulated in the Reagan years and he deregulated them… Look what happened…

          • afchief

            Yes, it did work! Do you own research and get off of liberal sites. They do nothing but lie and bash Reagan. Understand that people are not born will the right to wealth. It is earned. liberals. they’re nothing but destroyers.

            In a Capitalistic Free Society the demand for your skills and quality of your work drive the value of your worth. And that is the driving force that made America one of the wealthiest and greatest Nations ever on this planet. In my first job I made 3.25 an hour washing dishes. I suppose you think I should be paid as much as the Chef? America has the richest poor in the world, but if you think that setting the minimum wage at 15$ an hour to redistribute the wealth is going to fix everything I advise you check out the collapse of all the Socialist Countries around the world and pray that Comrade ZerO and his gang are run out of power soon! May God help us save our Constitutional Republic. Please don`t swallow that Marxist class warfare crap the mess this Country is in was created by the Leftist Socialists! Their Ideas have never worked once in history and will never work in the future!

          • Darnel L. Williams

            No I don’t think I’m entitled. But I do know without the people buying their products they wouldn’t have the money to begin with. However I do believe in lifting up those who need help and willing to be taxed my fair share to make sure that happens. I don’t sit around tell people they don’t deserve help when one day I may need that help. I got a question for you.

          • afchief

            Show us a single study that raising taxes makes the poor wealthier.

            High taxes means disincentive to produce future wealth which means long term less wealth for all. The wealthy can weather it, the poor cannot as their jobs are cut, tax revenues go down, businesses leave for friendlier shores, and the costs of all goods and services go up hurting the poor the most.

            It is quite apparent you have no understanding of economics. I suggest you invest in a book on economics and read it!! Because by your posts you have absolutely no clue how it works. NONE!!!

            You are posting liberal/socialist talking points.

          • Darnel L. Williams

            my proof is waiting for approval.. I have a link with a study showing how we rolled in the 50s when taxes were high.. it will post in a sec..

          • Darnel L. Williams

            And I quote: Contrary to what Republicans would have you believe, super-high
            tax rates on rich people do not appear to hurt the economy or make
            people lazy: During the 1950s and early 1960s, the top bracket
            income tax rate was over 90%–and the economy, middle-class, and stock
            market boomed. Source: businessinsider dot com/history-of-tax-rates

          • Darnel L. Williams

            I forgot to mention… I did study economics… and I have a MBA focusing on business growth. I also showed you a link to read that you yet commented on… so as for now, You said nothing to prove your case. And I gave plenty to prove mine… Thanks.. Next time you have something to add.. bring the source of your information.

          • afchief

            Then tell me, in very BASIC terms. How does taking more money away from citizens and businesses, then giving it to the government improve the economy? Tell us the mechanism, because NO STUDY of any nation in history has ever shown us that taxing the rich makes the poor wealthier. In fact, studies show us that taxing the rich more makes the poor poorer, and all seven years of 0liar’s presidency have shown us this is true, and the next year will again validate that, but here is your chance with your complex understanding of the machinations of macroeconomics to tell me/us how taking capital away improves the economy. Please, show me yours, 0lawless’s or liberals plan to fix the economy. Then I will tell you how to fix our economy explained in easy to understand terms.

          • Darnel L. Williams

            First of all.. Why is it always a War on this a War on that… not everything has to be a fight, if we gave more to helping people get up get out and get a life as much as we do in funding military we might get some where… If we stop looking down on those with less and start asking why people in Congress make $157K a year eve after they leave office. Money they get from out taxes. You might find answers and not more problems. But two my question… Sport stadiums are paid for by tax payers money… I don’t go to sports events, why should I have to pay taxes on these building when the money made from them goes to the owners and the owner do not give back to the communities?

          • afchief

            The problem is you will always have the poor with you. The bible even says so. There are people out there who have NO incentive to work. None! The Word of God states “that if a man WILL not work, neither shall he eat. Pretty clear to me.

            Look, this is America the best place for wealth generation for anyone willing to work hard. The ladder of success has many steps and the first one doesn’t start at 25.00 dollars an hour!

            It may have more to do with a willingness to work harder, having initiative, watching and learning from other people, getting experience, taking on more responsibility, etc, etc… Become an apprentice, learn a trade, and take an interest.

            Sadly, it’s easier to get section 8 housing, food stamps, odumbo-phones, heating assistance than it is to find a job or a better paying job thanks to a pResident who has no clue how to create jobs!

          • Darnel L. Williams

            Please don’t quote the Bible.. you have no idea what it is trying to tell you there… they are not talking about money.. the Bible only talks about the spirit, the soul… anything you read only talks about you getting closer to God and money don’t get anyone anywhere…

          • afchief

            Sorry, but I’m a born again Christian and the word of God is truth. The bible talks a LOT about money. In fact Jesus said you cannot serve him and money. And the love of money is the root of all evil.

          • Darnel L. Williams

            That is true… when he talks about money and god, you can serve one and not the other. However when he talks about works, he speaks of the soul and the work you put into lifting up one another… I am glad that you are born again. Make sure you read the Bible everyday and pray as often as you can. Otherwise, again you will not be able to eat and fill full.

          • afchief

            No, the Word of God is always speaking to your heart. I have been a Christian for 33 years and have studied the Word of God daily.

            Sin is always a heart issue. Whether it is greed, covetousness, lying, murder, etc.

          • Darnel L. Williams

            Your not getting the symbolism are you… You know I just read something in the Bible that says something along the line: You can study the scripture for years and still no nothing, while others can study one day and have all the wisdom of
            Christ? It don’t matter how many years you put into it, if you still think that people are below your help. You lost the battle in your heart. Are you studying the word of God now… You said you have studied, which to me says you have stopped.

          • Darnel L. Williams

            And just so we understand… When God said if a man s”hould not work neither shell he eats” He is talking about your spirit.. If you will not pass word and help those in need aka work, neither will you feel the spirit, aka eat. Meaning if you want to get closer to god you much first be willing to feed his sheep…. faith is dead without works, meaning action.

          • afchief

            That’s right! The word of God speaks to us Christians. It is all about the heart. It tells us (Christians) to give to the poor. Not the government.

            Christianity and conservative says “what’s mine is yours” Liberalism and Socialism says “What’s yours is mine” as you can see, it is the complete opposite satan works in opposites, turning the world upside down and the brainwashed think the Christians are turning the world upside down when the attempt is right side up.

            Helping your fellow man in need by reaching into your own pocket is praiseworthy and noble (the Christian way).

            Helping your fellow man in need by reaching into someone else’s pocket is worthy of condemnation (government stealing)

          • Darnel L. Williams

            If only your actions speak louder then words.. then you would have something here. Yet all I hear from you is judgement on how lazy you think people are and how they don’t deserve your help.

          • afchief

            People who live off of welfare on a daily basis for years are not only lazy, they are leeches. I believe the government should help people who are physically and mentally incapable of working. I do not believe the government should keep dolling out welfare checks and food stamps to people who WILL not work.

            If you really want jobs and lots of them and a healthy growing economy cut corporate taxes to ZERO! We have the highest corporate tax rate of any industrialized nation in the world. And who pays the corporate taxes anyway? WE do, the consumer pays the corporate tax every time they buy something, because all costs of doing business get passed along to the consumer, they have to, or you wouldn’t be in business very long. If you took the corporate tax to zero you would see business expanding and hiring almost overnight creating millions of jobs in this country and getting rid of unemployment. You would even create a situation where there are not enough people to fill all the jobs available and companies would have to start increasing pay to compete for the people they need. Lots more people making lots more money will buy lots more stuff creating the need for even more employees for companies. This will also bring in lots more income tax and sales tax for the government. Problem solved!

          • Darnel L. Williams

            did you go to that link that I posted about how taxes worked over the year… How do you know these people are leaches, do you know their story. Or are you assuming (judging) . Did you know most people on Welfare have jobs? And they give you a time limit to how much you can be on the welfare if you have no job? Do you understand how welfare works? Did you know welfare take up lest then 7% of our taxes while military takes up over 30 or 40%.

          • afchief

            Our government is efficient in nothing. There is such abuse with the welfare/food stamp debacle. We have around 100 million people out of the work force now. Why? 0lawless and his anti-american policies. It all boils down to the lowest common denominator. If you consume more than you produce, you become indebted. If you don’t contribute you take. If you look after yourself and others you are a giver and if you live off others you are a parasite. Parasites kill their hosts.

          • Darnel L. Williams

            So the banks had nothing to do with where we are at today?

          • afchief

            Bush and 0lawless bailed them out. If they broke the law, they should be in jail.

          • Darnel L. Williams

            Nope… Just Bush.. it was his plan… just like it was his plan to pull out of Afghanistan…. research… I already did.. That’s how I now.

            Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 read up on it… thanks.

          • afchief

            Do you remember the day the Democrats took over congress? Let me remind you,
            January 3rd, 2007, was the day that Barney Frank took over the House Financial Services Committee and Chris Dodd took over the Senate Banking Committee.
            The economic meltdown that happened 15 months later was in what part of the economy?

            Congress added to this CRISIS by (among MANY other things) dumping 5-6 TRILLION dollars of toxic loans on the economy from YOUR Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac FIASCOES!

            Bush asked Congress 17 TIMES to stop Fannie & Freddie – starting in 2001 – because it was financially risky for the US economy.

            And who took the THIRD highest pay-off from Fannie Mae AND Freddie Mac? OBAMA!

            And who fought against reform of Fannie and Freddie? OBAMA and the Democrat Congress.

            So when someone tries to blame Bush, REMEMBER JANUARY3rd, 2007…. THE DAY THE DEMOCRATS TOOK OVER!

          • Darnel L. Williams

            Wait…. so are you really saying that it only takes one year to cause all this…. WOW. You need to understand how loans work.. it takes way longer then that for the system to collapse… People in Europe was making fun of our Banking system 15 years before it happen…. oh man, please just please instead of believing what you are told, seek the truth. Lean the system. Even Congress knew it was the repel of the “Glass-Steagall Act”

          • afchief

            Do liberals ever have a clue? Do they ever know facts? Do you know why the crashed happened? Do you have any clue? Have you ever heard of sub-prime mortgage? The Left created and institutionalized the sub-prime mortgage, and it started in Chicago where ACORN pioneered the concept and shook down area banks for risky minority loans with protests and harassment. Clinton signed a revision to the CRA and the rest is history. Banks didn’t want to give those shaky loans and anyone with more than a few brain cells would know that. They were pushed into doing it by the government.

            0lair was an advisor to the Communist ACORN at the time they were testing the sub-prime strategy in Chicago.

            Dodd-Frank was the uber ironic legislation that moronically passed through Congress and is now destroying small and mid-sized banks. Chris Dodd and Barney Frank were the heads of their respective oversight committees and neither did anything to prevent Fannie and Freddie from churning out hundreds of billions in bad loans and worthless mortgage backed securities. It was TOTALLY the fault of the Commies, posing as Democrats. The banks are hardly perfect, but they didn’t cause the collapse.

            Banks are where capital comes from. Without capital, capitalism stalls, just like the Commies wanted. The sub-prime loan scheme, followed by the ridiculously restrictive over-reaction of Frank-Dodd has locked up a huge amount of desperately needed capital. The whole thing was planned and was intentional, per the Cloward-Piven strategy to bankrupt the economy as a way to destroy capitalism and usher in socialism.

          • Darnel L. Williams

            Can you show me your sources? if not.. stop talking. I would like to read where you got this information. Let it be a (non bias) source please.. And the Wall Street Journal don’t count. They are owned by Fox. From what I leaned the Bank were doing things that should have ended them in jail. Even you said they should go to jail for it, now you are saying it wasn’t their fault… Which one is it?….. Again, look up “Glass Seagale Act” Read it good and get back to me.

          • afchief

            Housing, especially sub-prime mortgages, was at the center of the financial crisis. The Community Reinvestment Act, which coerced commercial banks to make loans to folks who weren’t creditworthy, was a big factor. Enacted in 1977, the CRA is a Democrat policy. Fannie Mae was also a prime suspect in the crisis, and Fannie was created by Democrats in 1938, during the New Deal era. The “implicit guarantee” of certain “government-sponsored enterprises” (private companies like Fannie Mae) and the securitization of mortgages are also Democrat policies.

            Another factor that may have contributed to the crisis is the repeal of Glass-Steagall (the Banking Act of 1933), which created “firewalls” between commercial and investment banks. That repeal was signed by President Bill Clinton, a Democrat.

            Yet another factor implicated in the crisis is the “easy money” policy of the Federal Reserve. That misguided policy is attributable to the Fed’s “dual mandate,” which Democrats created in 1977.

            So some of the causes of the financial crisis are Democrat policies that were already in place when Bush took office in 2001. In his column “Blaming the Bush Tax Cuts” on October 10, Jonah Goldberg sums up the causes for the crisis like this:

            The question of what caused the crisis is obviously still controversial. But a consensus seems to be forming around the following narrative: The federal government, out of an abundance of concern for the plight of the poor and middle class, made it too easy to buy a home. Congress, on a bipartisan basis, set unrealistic affordable-housing goals for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. President Clinton used those goals to expand access to mortgages to low-income borrowers.

            A mixture of greed, idealism, cynicism, and stupidity led to the practice of bundling those iffy mortgages into financial instruments that Wall Street didn’t know how to handle and regulators didn’t know how to regulate. As Representative Barney Frank (D., Mass.) put it in 2003, he wanted to “to roll the dice a bit” on regulating subprime mortgages.

            In another recent column, “The Fed’s Mission Creep,” concerning the aforementioned “dual mandate” of the Federal Reserve, George Will on October 17 wrote:

            Before the Fed was created 99 years ago, the U.S. economy was in recession 48 percent of the time; since 1913, it has been in recession only about 20 percent of the time. The Fed has done much good. It cannot, however, do every good thing, although Congress now seems to think it should.

            In July, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke testified to the Senate, where one of Fisher’s Harvard classmates, the ineffable Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), clearly hoping the Fed would give the economy a pre-election boost, exhorted Bernanke: “The Fed is the only game in town.” Good grief.

            Is Congress a spectator at the game of governance? Does it have anything to do with tax rates, spending levels and health care and other policies that have U.S. businesses, in Fisher’s words, “inundated with regulatory overload”? Expecting — no, mandating — the Fed to perform the irreducibly political task of managing economic policy means off-loading legislative responsibilities.

            To repeat: Congress is “off-loading legislative responsibilities” for “economic policy” onto the Federal Reserve. The offloading of its responsibilities onto other bodies, like the Fed, is one of the reasons Congress is the branch of the federal government held in the most contempt. What are we paying these people for? Why not just dissolve Congress and let the Fed do everything?

            Democrats, whether it’s President Obama or members of Congress, find it difficult to accept responsibility. Maybe that explains why Democrats have a hard time demanding responsibility from the citizenry. Given this unfortunate tendency, conservatives need to erect a “firewall” against the possible re-election of Pres. Obama by returning complete control of Congress back to Republicans. Winning back the majority is paramount.

            Democrats fail to mention that during the halcyon days of Bill Clinton, when the budget was balanced and the economy was humming, America had an all-Republican Congress. We need to return to those prosperous days of yesteryear when America had an adult Congress, one that accepted responsibility. The Pelosi-Reid Congress was the worst in generations. America needs to “go back” to a Congress like that of Gingrich-Lott, one that balanced budgets and managed a vibrant economy.

            Insofar as “the policies that caused the mess in the first place,” Democrats already have a corner on that. As long as they refuse to acknowledge the consequences of their own policies, Democrats cannot be taken seriously.

          • Darnel L. Williams


          • afchief

            The delete sources around here. Research it yourself.

          • Darnel L. Williams

            Can’t find what don’t exists… Yes, I’m sure all the things you believe to be true were someone deleted from the world… :P… good day, I’m done talking to people who think so little of other people and races and can call themselves a man of God… Get real.

          • afchief

            Yes, the truth is the enemy with liberals!!! It is soooooo obvious!!!!

          • Darnel L. Williams

            If you study corporate taxes, you will see that they only pay about 11% in taxes a year.. They should be paint 39% a year.. but they have lots of loop holes…. So what are you talking about.

          • MikeCarrick

            Waded through this muck for too long.
            if you think the nation should tax its people to provide for its corporations you are a complete IDIOT. corporations need to pay for the infrastructure they use to make a profit, not suck it from my pockets.

            why Darnell continues to reason with you is anyone’s guess, but you are a tool of the machine and you live in hatred.

          • afchief

            Let me guess? Your on welfare and food stamps and don’t work!

          • afchief

            Sorry, but that is NOT what that passage says.

            2 Thessalonians 3:10 (NASB) For even when we were with you, we used to give you this order: if anyone is not willing to work, then he is not to eat, either.

          • Darnel L. Williams

            Like I keep telling you God often speaks an Parables… You have to open your heart and not you mind if you want to understand Parables…

          • afchief

            This is not a parable. This passage speaks basically the same thing; 1 Timothy 5:8 (NASB)
            But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

          • Darnel L. Williams

            Meaning if anyone don’t try to bring the spirit to his house hold. Then he is an unbeliever. Like my old friend who goes to church but wont take his kids and wife nor did he bring the church into his home… He is a unbeliever. He is denying the faith.

          • afchief

            Oh brother!!! I’m done trying to reason with you!!!

          • Darnel L. Williams

            All you have shown me today was about how to be selfish and malice. God don’t teach people to think that way. You can’t get mad because the last man who came in to work only worked an hour and got paid just as much as you…

          • JMWinPR

            There are signs throughout our park system admonishing us to not feed the animals. The reasoning is they will be unable to take care of
            themselves, people are no different

          • Darnel L. Williams

            We are not animals, we are human being… Again, you got to stop looking at people as if they are lower then you.

          • JMWinPR

            I don’t believe it!!! A liberal who denies Darwinism!! Furthermore a liberal who is also Right to Life!!
            A Miracle has occurred. Are you familiar with the phrase “if you give a man a fish……..”? Churches fed the poor for centuries until LBJ turned it into a industry, for the sole purpose of getting the” N’,.,? to vote D for the next 200 yrs”.

          • Darnel L. Williams

            Here go again with this whole judgment the… Yes it is possible to believe and god and believe in evolution. I also believe you pro choice…. But I also believe we would not have been without a higher order… get over yourself.

          • Darnel L. Williams

            And what’s the N vote… Maybe you should just stay out of this.. we don’t need to hear the thoughts of a mind that small>>>

          • JMWinPR

            I realize English is not your first language, maybe not the third. But if you live here, you should know who LBJ was and his famous statement after signing the War on Poverty into effect

          • Darnel L. Williams

            Sorry, I don’t think much of people who feel they can use the N word as some pass time product… everything you say will be ignored from this point one…

          • afchief

            It is apparent you do not understand the word of God. The word tells YOU to give. Not the government.

          • Darnel L. Williams

            I guess you missed the Casar statement. Do you even know what Jesus meant by that?

          • Hey you

            Seems that was a political statement in which the heavy hand of government is acknowledged.

          • afchief

            The current income tax structure in the United States mandates a higher tax rate or percentage the more a person makes. This tax system is contradicted by scripture, especially Exodus 30:11-15, which provided a “half a shekel” tax for everyone numbered. Verse 15 states: “The rich shall not give more and the poor shall not give less than half a shekel.” In addition, the Biblical Tithe is not applied progressively, rather it is applied equally to everyone (“And all the tithe of the land, whether of the seed of the land or of the fruit of the tree, is the Lord’s. It is holy to the Lord. . . .And concerning the tithe of the herd or the flock, of whatever passes under the rod, the tenth one shall be holy to the Lord.” Leviticus 27:30,32).

          • Darnel L. Williams

            You got to stop using the Bible to explain Malice acceptance…..

          • afchief

            Nope! It’s truth!!!

          • afchief

            It is quite apparent you do not understand the Word of God. This is talking about a husband who does not provide for his household.

          • Darnel L. Williams

            After more studies.. I found they are talking about bread.. “then he is not to eat, either”. later they say he wont eat “bread”. If you look up the meaning of bread it is also refereed as “manna”, or “bread of life” The only way to get that bread is by doing “works” or doing Christ work. His actions and what he would do, so should you…. “Give to Caesar what is Caesar and give to God what is God” This is what I was talking about… You have to look past your mind and what you see and come to understand what it means…..

          • afchief

            No, it means exactly what it says. I see this all the time with liberals trying to justify welfare and food stamps.

          • Darnel L. Williams

            And you are the type who reads with your mind and not your heart…. instead of simply reading, how about you “study” the word.

          • afchief

            It is a law of nature, and the apostle here sanctions it as a law of Christianity. There is here a reference to the sentence pronounced on man in Paradise in consequence of disobedience: “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread” (Genesis 3:19). Labor, indeed, may in one point of view be considered as part of the curse, but it is also a blessing adapted to man’s fallen nature. Labor is the law of God; idleness is the parent of many crimes and is productive of misery. He who has no business allotted to him ought to choose some useful occupation for himself.

          • shepherd

            Jesus also said to the rich man, sell all you have, give it to the poor and follow me. I don’t think many of the rich would do this. In fact many of great wealth hoard their wealth like the parable of the man who stored all his grain and then died the next day. You leave helping others to a personal choice, but many decide to ignore Jesus’s teachings. Also, we are all God’s children, so while we all have different skills and abilities, we are not better or worse than anyone else. This is why thou shall not judge. Only god is greater and judgment is his alone, so you have no place to place judgment and use this judgment as a justification for not doing what Jesus has taught to give freely, without question, and with a forgiving heart. And a final note on how people like to say the poor are just lazy and live off the gov’t. A life supported only by the gov’t is a hard and tragic life. Those on welfare on not living the hog life or anything close to easy. This is motivation enough to create the drive to do better. However, with out the opportunities to do so, the poor are stuck. You would know this if you spent time with those in need. You would see why the poor are the ones who inherit the kingdom of heaven.

          • afchief

            The word of God is quite clear; “if a man will not work, either shall he eat”. Why is that so hard for people to understand?

            We did not have welfare hundreds of years ago. What did people do? They worked!!!! Hunger is a great motivator!!!! Welfare is not!!!

            If a person is rich that is his money. He EARNED it. No one has a right to take it from him and give it to others. That is stealing.

          • shepherd

            Its not hard to understand, its just not a justification for not helping others. You say those on welfare are lazy and so they shouldn’t be helped, i.e. no work no eat. I’m saying that all people on welfare are not lazy, and you obviously have never associated with people on welfare or you would know this already. I’m also saying that you’re judging poor people, when you have no right because that’s God’s job, not yours. Your job is to give and forgive.

          • afchief

            Not judging people, but stating what I observe. I’m a project manager for a poultry company that makes the processing machines that go in the processing plants. Time after time after time after time, plants are automating their plants because of people who do not want to work. I see it everyday. Not to sound racist because I’m not, but the blacks are the worse. I have seen over 700 people get a job at a plant (99% black) and quit after 3 months. Why? They don’t want to work. The plant leadership tells me they can make more on welfare than working.

            I have been in all 50 states and travel around 260 days a year. I see this everywhere. It is a fact!!!!

          • Darnel L. Williams

            If they can make more on Welfare than working your slave driven job, how about those greedy owners start paying the black man what he is worth which is more then what welfare would give. (money is a motivator after all). They most likely quite because they know you look at them with disrespect and don’t give them the rewards that would keep them. Black people want to work just as much as the next, what we don’t want is to be treated like we don’t want to work and paid to reflect that. Because then we will quite and find a job that shows us a bit more respect than what you can’t do. If 700 are hired and 99% are black and they quite because welfare will pay more then what you are willing to pay… Then it’s simple. Pay more… After hearing this, I am done talking to you… You are what is wrong with this country. You don’t want to look at the real problem, you just want to place blame when slavery don’t work for you.

          • afchief

            So Integrity, Character, Respect, Responsibility, Accountability, Pride in oneself means NOTHING!!! Why do only 50% of blacks graduate High School? Why are 73% of black kids raised by a single parent? Why do blacks commit 50% of all murders in the US? Why do blacks commit over 60% of all major crime in the US? Why are over 50% of black pregnancies ending up with an abortion?

            Why do 90% of blacks vote for Democrats every election for the last 50 years.

            The answer to all those questions are quite simple, but I have found most blacks to not want to hear the truth.

            Once people embrace the govt sugar teat, they are only weaned away when threats of losing benefits and the teat running dry, when will the people finally realize they must take some level of responsibility for their lives

          • Darnel L. Williams

            Using your numbers: 50% Blacks, make it out of high school because the school systems are poor and education is lower. No one on the other side would give them the respect to see if they are good enough for a better future… 73% Black are raised with a single parent, because the father can’t get a good job to pay for their children and end up and jail because they didn’t use their blinkers right?? Black do not commit 50% of crimes, they are just 80% more likely to get charged for their crimes. 50% end up aborted, because the mother don’t see a equal future with a child. They have a hard enough time making it on their own. I can tell you from my own experience that we vote Dem, because we see how Rep, look at us. They way they view us. Just like the way you do. You have never lived in the Getto, yet you think you can tell me about the struggle… You never lived where cops profile you but you can tell me that they don’t. You are just another person on the outside trying to explain the reason for the inside. You don’t know, What we don’t want to hear is someone who never learned how to survive, tell us how to live. We take responsibility for our live. However it’s a bit harder when perception speak louder from those who don’t have the eyes to see the truth. Your mom gave you everything you needed until it was time to leave the nest. My mom couldn’t give me everything I needed because she was poor couldn’t get two jobs in the fear of losing us, so we had to survive and get things ourselves.

          • afchief

            You say you are educated and are this ignorant of facts??? Really? How about welfare programs that replace and absolve the father of his children from any responsibility, and penalize the recipient as soon as they choose to get married or even move a father figure into the home who can contribute to the household, married or not? Government pays single mothers to remain single. Gee, I wonder why there is 73% fatherlessness in the black community? In the 1950s, most black kids grew up in two-parent households. Today, most black kids grow up fatherless as a result of liberal policies that destroyed the black family

            How about the lowering of expectations, passing kids in schools who can pass the lowered tests but cannot write, read, or do simple math?

            For decades, liberals (Democrats, Hollywood, and the media) have been and continue serving blacks excrement while calling it filet mignon. For example: in the name of compassion, liberals routinely demean and even undermine the intellect and character of blacks. Liberals insist that standards must be lowered for blacks to get the job or pass the test. Americans are required to show a photo ID to board an airplane, cash a check, and successfully navigate countless other situations. And yet, liberals say showing a photo ID to vote is racist and disenfranchises blacks and black Americans believe it.

            According to FBI stats In the cases of homicide in 2012 in which the races of the perpetrators were known, 55 percent were committed by blacks, 62 percent of whom were under 30 years of age. Black youths are 16 percent of the youth population, but constitute 52 percent of those arrested for juvenile violent crime.

            The liberals have put the blacks back into slavery, they have been convinced that their worth is very little and their opportunity is nonexistent, and they must sell themselves for a few food stamps and a ghetto hud project apartment.

            There are too many blacks that are used to beat the blacks back into submission, (jackson, sharpton, obama, rev wright, etc) just as Judas sold out Christ they sell out the black community for a few pieces of silver.

          • Darnel L. Williams

            Like I said… a man on the outside who have no clue what it’s like on the inside, using numbers that relaxes you point of view. You don’t know what the problem is, but you are positive its all the blacks fault, why the black can’t make it in a world where black are seen as less. Stop talking to me dude… YOu know nothing of the struggle, you’ve never played this game.

          • afchief

            In order to fully reap the bound that America offers for all, the blacks must fully assimilate into the American culture. The ones that have succeeded have all done this with maybe the exception of entertainer and professional athletes. The drug, rap, gang, fatherless, dependency on government culture is not the answer. Jesus, education and attitude are the keys.

            It’s called the enslavement mentality! When 95+% of a people behave a certain way (vote for 0lawless/Dem handouts) or share the same beliefs that justify bad behavior (blaming long gone slavery and racism for ongoing dysfunction in their community), one is justified in making generalizations without the constant need to mention the exceptional minority.

          • Darnel L. Williams

            No one should have to change to be accepted… You should just stop judging and respect the difference. How about you change how you view others and get your feet dirty and find out from the others point of view rather than make up you own, with untrustworthy information that do nothing but justify you malice thinking.

          • afchief

            I work and see it everyday. I work with blacks. I supervised blacks in the military. Why, have we watched a wave of Asian immigrants open small business by the thousands all over America? Why are those businesses not owned by AfricanAmericans who have been working for centuries in America? What is stifling entrepreneurial Blacks in the same environment that is fueling Asians? Education & attitude? Have the very welfare programs put in place to help instead have they done actual damage to the entrepreneurial spirit? I believe so! Welfare causes dependency and lazyness. One of the biggest mistakes this country made!

            Blacks who live in the ghetto, culturally submit to failure, criminality and reliance on government handouts as someone else’s fault, usually “society”, translated white people. This is the prime tenet of Black Liberation Theology, 0bamas choice of “Christian” theology, taught by Jeremiah Wright and many thousands of other “churches”.

            The first step to solving a problem is admitting that you have one. The dysfunctional black culture is unable to recognize that they have a problem because they and their enablers on the left have rendered them permanent hereditary victims of conditions that existed over 150 years ago. To be sure blacks, as a race, suffered slavery and the indignity of segregation in our American experience which was dead wrong. But that is of another era and it’s time to move on now. It’s time to eschew the inner city culture that celebrates destructive behavior that segregates blacks from the population at large. But that won’t happen as long as the racist epithet muzzles those, both and black and white, from speaking the truth about dysfunctional black culture.

            Once you move into Victimville it seems like you can never get out of town. There is a big magnet in Victimville town square that just keeps you there lamenting your victimness. Only Jesus can set these people free!

          • Darnel L. Williams

            Yes… You worked over Blacks… People you don’t respect every day… That mean you know so much about it…. Asian are very much so respected more then blacks, that much is for sure.. but they too are treated the same.

          • afchief

            You seem quite ignorant of facts and truth! Blacks are the greatest success of the Progressive mythology. They destroyed the Black family and turned them into a matriarchy. They convinced Blacks to commit genocide upon themselves in the selling of abortion. They removed the ambition to advance and replaced it with total dependence upon them. All the while convincing Blacks that those who work hard to advance themselves are the enemy whether black or white.

            Leftism can liquidate a culture; it cannot create one. It has no creative impulse.

          • shepherd

            Darnel, you might want to consider ‘always fuzzy chief’ a lost cause. Its obvious he’s made his own determinations through his arm length observations of others. Its also obvious he’s looked for conservative propaganda to support those determinations. What’s a shame is that he’s taken Jesus’s message as a solely personal one and seems set in the fact that everyone is on his own and should take responsibility only for himself. He’s lost Jesus’s call for community and support of our fellow man. As a result of focusing on the personal, he can’t understand how institutions can be at fault(funny considering Jesus consistently ridiculed oppressive institutions of his day) and this allows him to ignore other aspects preventing people from improving their situations, like poverty. I can only see him changing his mind when the disgusting poultry farming business falls out from under him and he needs to rely on something besides his self reliance. Unfortunately, a lot of people believe anyone can overcome anything on their own, at least until their left lonely with no options.

          • Darnel L. Williams

            It seem you are completely against Jesus’s teaching. Again God words are meant for the heart, not the mind.. if you use your heart to understand what you think is clear and not your mind then what you believe it is will change. I challenged you to study that passage and what all the words mean, but you didn’t. You just want to use a passage to accept malice thinking, so keep doing it, just know your 33 years of being in a church was all for nothing. You just sat here and called Jesus a theft … Nice.

          • afchief

            It is quite apparent you do not know God’s word. Here is another passage; Genesis 3:19 (NASB)

            19 By the sweat of your face You will eat bread, Till you return to the ground, Because from it you were taken; For you are dust, And to dust you shall return.”

            What does that mean to you? Let me help you…….you will work for a living. You will work to eat!!!

          • Darnel L. Williams

            So let me get this clear… You think we will return to dust. We will never meet God??? If you say yes, then you can keep on going… If you say no then you admit that these words, can have a different meaning then what your mind thinks…

          • afchief

            Your flesh returns to dust. You have a soul that will end up in heaven or hell when you leave this earth. Jesus said you have to be “born again” to get to heaven. Are you?

          • Thomas Pane

            If God created all things, why did he create a devil?

          • afchief

            He created Lucifer. When Lucifer sinned he was thrown out of heaven and became satan.

          • mollysdad

            The rich man can decide not to work, yet he can eat. Where’s the justice in that?

          • afchief

            He earned it. What gives you the right to steal or take it from him?

          • mollysdad

            The fact that a rich man refuses to work justifies putting a freezing order on his bank account and other assets.

          • afchief

            Redistribution of wealth is not JUSTICE, it is THEFT. God did not give the Ten Commandments to Moses that read, “Thou shall not steal, unless Congress passes a different law.” In fact, the Ten Commandments rule out socialism because socialism legalizes theft (Eighth Commandment) and institutionalizes envy (Tenth Commandment)! Contrary to liberal thought, forced redistribution of wealth is immoral. True effective compassion is voluntary—from the heart—and for the recipient it is (a) challenging, (b) personal, and (c) spiritual. In other words, the down-and-out need more than money; they need encouragement and spiritual food. Government offers none of these criteria. Whenever wealth is redistributed, an injustice is done to at least one party. While government may legitimately encourage voluntary giving—and encourage institutions that facilitate it such as Christian organizations—it has no moral authority to force people to give by the heavy hand of the state. (Helpful book: The Tragedy of American Compassion by Marvin Olasky.)

            “The only lasting solution to poverty is wealth, and only business—not government, not non-profits, not even the church—creates wealth….The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil; its pull is powerful, causing some to even walk away from the faith (1 Timothy 6:10). And we in the U.S., who are wealthier than any people have ever been, need to be constantly warned. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a moral quality to wealth. Nor does it mean that the essence of capitalism is greed. Market economies work, Jay Richards says, because they allow wealth to be created. Only wealth can reduce poverty.” —Richard Doster,

          • Iarwain Benadar

            And you know what Bobby Bare said?

          • Darnel L. Williams

            Keep the answer short and to the point please… just like to know yes or no for the most part.

          • John Reeher

            Where do you come up with this? Seriously, just about everything you said is completely false.

          • Darnel L. Williams

            I keep asking him for sources, and he has yet to give me any… That’s the problem with some people.

          • afchief

            Get a book on economics and read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • afchief

            I see, another person from those indoctrination center we call public schools.

          • Gail Jensen

            I disagree.

        • Richard_Throbbin

          There is “income inequality” because we are all not equal. Everyone has different skill sets and education levels that allow them to do different jobs. A person that has the drive to acquire skills and education should be paid more then those who have neither.

          • Darnel L. Williams

            If only this was true.. If only…

          • Richard_Throbbin

            How is my statement not true? Should an unskilled factory worker with a sixth grade education be paid the same as the anesthesiologist who ensures you wake up after surgery just because the factory worker belong to an extortionist group, i.e. a union?

          • Darnel L. Williams

            I have a Master degree in my field and learned all the skills behind it..And I have to fight tooth and nail to get above and beyond my looks alone. So not everyone can make it with education. Talk about someone that has been driving, has the skills and different set of skills and education levels. I have done different jobs. I think I should be paid more but i just can’t get past the door. Hell, I can’t even get past my name sometimes. But also. if the factory worker is skilled at his job and it’s a dangerous job, then he should get paid what the company feels they can pay him. It don’t matter if he has a 6th grade education. And artist can have a 3ed grade education and still paint better then Monet, or play better then Beethoven.

          • mike

            You are right, but you are arguing the wrong thing. Conservatives should be arguing to audit and dismantle the Fed, which is the entity that causes income inequality, and ironically Bernie hoodwinks his supporters about how bad big banks are yet works for and carries the water for the most corrupt bank of all that causes that income inequality…the federal reserve. And they are too dumb to realize this.

            Remember, just a few decades ago minimum wage covered essentials just fine. The reason they don’t anymore is because the federal reserve and government are confiscating the wealth from the bottom up, undetected. They took the silver out of the money for a reason, they unbacked gold from the dollar for a reason. In the mid 60’s min wage was 5 silver quarters….take those same 5 silver quarters to a coin shop today and you will get about $17 dollars for the silver content in them. So someone making min wage in the 60’s was making the equivalent of someone making $17/hour today. And someone today making min wage has half the purchasing power as someone making min wage in the 60’s.

            Most so called conservatives don’t even recognize or know this…and ironically it is the most important real conservative issue of all. So even the conservatives are ignorant to what ails the economy, which is the Federal Reserve.

          • Randy Fischer

            Hi Mike… Don’t know how many decades ago you’re talking about, but I wasn’t making it too well in the late 70s on min wage.

          • mike

            I’m talking the mid 60’s before they took the silver out of the money. In 1964, min wage was 5 silver quarters. Take those same 5 silver quarters you earned in 1964 to a coin shop today you will get between $15-$17 for them. So in 1964 on min wage you were earning the equivalent of someone making $15-$17/hour today. Ironically that is what a lot of these losers want as a “living wage.”

            So someone today making min wage has roughly 50% of the purchasing power as someone making min wage in the mid 60’s.

            And sure, you probably weren’t making it too well in the late 70’s on minimum wage but the destruction of money was already 15 years in….moreover, even though you weren’t doing that well on min wage, you were defeinitely doing better purchasing power wise than someone making min wage today.

            And guess what? Nobody owes these entitled burger flippers any kind of living, nor do the tax-payers owe them any sort of living based on not having any skills. But the real problem is like stated above, is the destruction of money by the government and federal Reserve to enrich the elite.

            Here is a couple quotes from Keynes book that help illustrate things, and we currently endure the Keynsian economic model, and Keynes actually pokes the idiots in the eye who support Keynes yet cry about a living wage…

            “By this means (central banking) government may secretly and unobserved, confiscate the wealth of the people, and not one man in a million will detect the theft.” — British Lord John Maynard Keynes (the father of ‘Keynesian Economics’ which our nation now endures) in his book “THE ECONOMIC CONSEQUENCES OF THE PEACE” (1920).

            “Should government refrain from regulation (taxation), the worthlessness of the money becomes apparent and the FRAUD can no longer be concealed.” — British Lord John Maynard Keynes (the father of ‘Keynesian Economics’ which our nation now endures) in his book “THE ECONOMIC CONSEQUENCES OF THE PEACE” (1920).

          • Dale Smith

            The foreign owned Federal Reserve bank needs to audit and an the wealth it has accumulated needs to be confiscated and put into a trust and then nationalized. 90 mpefcent of our income tax goes to pay interest on a fiat currency that was created by a few keystrokes on a computer.

          • iris

            Yes, and so much is based on speculation alone. The big banks are in real trouble, because most of their wealth is based on credit issued. When that all goes South, we’re all in a heap of trouble. Do what you can to get rid of your debt, to do with less, to be self sustaining. When something is “free”, it’s only because you are the product.

          • mike

            “By this means (central banking) government may secretly and unobserved, confiscate the wealth of the people, and not one man in a million will detect the theft.” — British Lord John Maynard Keynes (the father of ‘Keynesian Economics’ which our nation now endures) in his book “THE ECONOMIC CONSEQUENCES OF THE PEACE” (1920).

          • mike

            “Should government refrain from regulation (taxation), the worthlessness of the money becomes apparent and the FRAUD can no longer be concealed.” — British Lord John Maynard Keynes (the father of ‘Keynesian Economics’ which our nation now endures) in his book “THE ECONOMIC CONSEQUENCES OF THE PEACE” (1920).

            “By this means (central banking) government may secretly and unobserved, confiscate the wealth of the people, and not one man in a million will detect the theft.” — British Lord John Maynard Keynes (the father of ‘Keynesian Economics’ which our nation now endures) in his book “THE ECONOMIC CONSEQUENCES OF THE PEACE” (1920).

          • John Lansing

            You are a laugh!!!!!

          • Gary Houseman


          • iris

            Thanks, that’s it in a nutshell.

        • Lisa Renae Holt

          I don’t recall giving away anything.

        • DenisetheCelt

          Bernie’s a JEW. His malicious Tribe WRECKED America. Adolf tried to warn us, didn’t he?

        • bizshop

          There will ALWAYS be income inequality – and there should be. Who decides what is fair?

      • tanisb

        For this we can thank the Democrats who since Woodrow Wilson have deliberately steered us away from republic toward socialist democracy.

      • Robert Sette

        Hmm, what do you call the 249 years since 1776 then?

        • afchief

          That’s my point. We are heading over the cliff and 0lawless is in the driver seat with a bunch of leeches sucking off the government teat!

      • Rick

        Afchief, The United States is NOT a democracy but rather a Republic. It was created as a republic which most Americans simply don’t realize.What it has become is another subject for discussion.

      • Valarie Murphy

        We are not a Democracy. We are a Republic.

    • Rach

      As a young adult today… I can say I save up money and live off of ramen (i make 10/hr but not enough ofc) and then pay for a few semesters of college and take time off to work full time and do the same process over again.. since I also have to pay for rent and a lot of other bills. I’m not in debt yet but I may just pull out student loans to get it over with I’m honestly not sure… As someone who doesn’t qualify for any grants/scholarships (trust me I’ve tried… they tell me I am not qualified because my parents once upon a time made too much money however won’t pay for my college) … I’ve kinda given up on the idea of finishing college in a timely manner… I’ll be 22 next month and have only been able to make it to one year of classes so far >.>

    • RedSky

      Very accurate assessment of present day America. I’d encourage a young person to go to trade school and then perhaps they could start a business and aim to be the best at what you do. So many do poor quality work and want top dollar. No one seems to care anymore.

    • LindaI

      Having retired from HVAC 2 years ago, I can tell you that HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical trades are already glutted. Employers are offering approx $10.00/hour ‘contractor’ basis entry level. Yep, you get a 1099 at the end of the year. ALL taxes are your responsibility.

      End the Wars….The Wars on Terror has been the largest drag on the economy for 14 years.

    • DenisetheCelt

      Jews did this. Follow the shekels.

    • john

      After getting a bachelors degree in microbiology I was able to pay off the loans (50k+) with a laboratory job in about 7 years and buy a house. A big problem is that money management isn’t taught in schools. I also think appreciating gaining knowledge isn’t glorified in our entertainment like P.C. nonsense. If money management was taught in schools, more popular people promoted knowledge and ethics then I think young people would have a much better chance.
      Also people must have a realistic expectation of what type of job they’ll get out of school. Trade schools will teach people a skill but really the best skill is learning how to manage a job and money. People can make money if they have a good work ethic in my opinion. I do agree if you’re good at a trade and do an honest job then you can make a lot of money- lots of people need help with maintaining their heavily taxed house.

    • Dennis M

      Riiiiight, if you went to college and wracked up a mountain of debt, that’s what you get for trying to put boot on some other chumps neck who didn’t waste four years of his life on useless degree. My ex-girlfriend never went to college. She was making $16 an hour at age 23. My sister’s ex never went to college, he was making $20 an hour at age 28.

      Its not a horrible time to be a young adult. It’s just that for the first time in about a century, there’s no giant totalitarian super power breathing down our necks, and no wars to fight, but people still need something to cry doom and gloom over, so they’ve turned their eyes on their own country.

  • rmc9

    …and after the Russian nuke attack, the lights are out and it becomes a whole new world…in the good ole USA

  • Kent Harris

    Currency Wars Often Lead to Trade Wars … Which In Turn Can Devolve Into Hot Wars. We are seeing that now all across the world and guess what if you are an unemployed male guess what you will be doing? That’s right boys and girls you will get drafted to go serve your country but the only catch is that most Americans are completely out of shape. The Georgia Guidestones as their first commandment – maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

  • K

    Yes, I am very familiar with those numbers. I live in a County, with a median household income of 31,000 dollars. And to reach that level, both people are working. Yes it takes two people with jobs. Just to reach an average of 31,000 dollars. Young people do not even consider, staying in the area. At least when things go bad. I will be around people who are already used, to not having much.

    • djc

      NE Ohio?

  • GetReal4U2

    So what advice would you give to a young adult today that is looking toward the future?
    Love God with all your heart…mind…and soul…and Love your neighbor as yourself…seek God with everything you have and draw closer to him in your daily walk…there are no second chances…

    • HeisKingofKings

      Ditto that. For those young adults considering the US Military as an option, I would say that after you speak with your designated Branch Recruiter, Seek out a recently Honorably Discharged Veteran, and ask him/her if what was promised came to fruition. Then seek out a Veteran who is enrolled in the VA Health Care system, who has been out of the Military for some time, say a decade or longer. Ask them if the care they are receiving from the VA is timely and is adequate to meet their very basic health care needs. The answers may shock your own belief system to the very core. After comparing, I would then tell them if they do enlist, they must understand that regardless of what the Recruiter told them, they will not be serving the United States of America, they will be serving NATO. Period.

      • Gay Veteran

        they would be serving the imperial war machine

        • thompson0673

          Why don’t you just move if you think America is such a horrible place to live.

          • Gay Veteran

            really? that’s all you got?

      • JMWinPR

        Good points all. When I enlisted in ’69, we had Champus. I went back in the Reserves in ’86 and accumulated another 4 1/2 years of Active Duty, and retired in ’08. The resulting Tricare is sooo bad the VA won’t accept it. As for the VA, it is impossible to say anything good about it.



    • foodandart

      Straight up, I’d tell a young adult to take an accounting class (or learn it with a business-leaning version of something like Quicken) and read up on small business management and strike out on your own. Scary yes, and few today *seem* to have the entrepreneur streak to fight for their own fiscal security – this itself a direct product of an educational system turning out debtors and conformists – but it beats standing behind a counter at Starbucks waiting for someone give you a good job.

      Kids today need to make their own jobs.

    • asher2789

      God great and all but he doesn’t pay the bills.

    • Sandra

      No. I would say get out and support Bernie Sanders, the only candidate who is willing to work to stem the flow of profits to the one percent. People are not being fairly recompensed for the work they do now.

      • miso

        Bernie AKA crypt keeper Sanders. Wasn’t he in the movie: Weekend at Bernies?

      • JMWinPR

        Bernie and his ilk, are the ones who started the process, That is what socialism is all about, stealing from the Middle class, buying the votes of the poor, and entertaining with the 1%. Where did you go to school, or more importantly, when? Please pick up a couple of books by Sowell or Williams. Any of them will do.

    • Robin518

      Sure, because praying to a god is going to really fix & improve your living conditions. God doesn’t provide a roof, food, prescriptions or a car.
      Doesn’t god help those who help themselves???

  • David

    the advice I would give to the younger Generation today is no matter what it is you study or learn for a career be at the very top of your class as it is an employers market today and employers can afford to be very picky about whom they hire.

  • Junkbox

    Manufacturing jobs are not the only means to make a living folks. For years employers and universities have been saying there are not enough people in STEM fields. There are lots of jobs out there for people who are willing to learn new skills.

  • VigilanteCaregiver

    Mormon Apostle Marion G. Romney back in 1975 said: “I do not want to be a calamity howler. I don’t know in detail what’s going to happen in the future. I know what the prophets have predicted. But I tell you that the [LDS Church’s] welfare program, organized to enable us to take care of our own needs, has not yet performed the function that it was set up to perform. We will see the day when we live on what we produce.” (Conference Reports, April 1975, p. 165.)

    That last line is the answer, Mike, “Live on what we produce.”

    I’ve been fighting local and State government to establish a set of exemptions to the statutes, taxes, and regulations through a separation of Commercial and Non-Commercial production oversight. Commercial is anything produced for sale; it’s taxed and regulated as any product on a store shelf. Non-Commercial is produced in the home by the residents only, is made with tools on-premises, and is consumed on premises by the residents of said home only. It doesn’t enter the marketplace – ever. We’ve used Non-Commercial production to supplement our income to an astonishing degree.

    Recently, I built us a new set of couches for the front room as the kids broke the previous setup: frames were easy to build from cheap 2X4’s and 4X4’s (kids can’t break it), cushions are foam pads from the hardware store covered with leftover flannel cloth. Even made the end tables with the spare lumber (first drawers I ever made! Gonna try for a dresser next). Total price: $98.35; Price of a similar set from IKEA: $1,599.00 plus tax and probably a delivery fee.

    And I’m not that good at woodworking. Took a long time with trial and error to get this far. If I can do it – ANYONE can do it!

  • Jordan

    I think people need to seriously consider some find of side income so they can begin to rely on themselves to some degree. The manufacturing jobs that left the country will never come back. We must re-innovate as a country. Right now the whole world is collapsing and it will only accelerate.

  • memaone1

    Stop feeling sorry for them ……there are other jobs out there and sometimes it takes more than one at a time to make ends meet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kirk Fraser

    Show me a job I can get in my old age that makes more than $30K and I’ll be happy to do my duty to earn more. I calculate $30K is just under $15 an hour. No wonder there is a movement to pay $15 minimum which is less than inflation since the days of the 4 cent stamp. So really you are saying 51% of working America is making what should be minimum wage or less. If I could afford kids, I would tell them they need to live by Jesus’ love and faith instead of by money.

    • swat rats

      Maybe the solution is to just not have kids anymore that way the filthy elite won’t have more people to exploit and steal from. That’s why they’re so rich because they slave others.
      Now they’re even starting mando vaccine poison injections so they can get rich off kids suffering.
      Trying to say polio went down cause of vaccines when it was actually banning DDT that got rid of it.

      • iris

        and simply chlorinating public water. I so agree with you about vaccines. Some are good to have, like rabies and tetanus. Without immediate (within 72 hours or so) they will kill. I think one of the worst things our public health system has been part and parcel to, besides elective abortion, is to administer multiple vaccines to neonates at one time. The first is within minutes of birth, and then, repeated times from infancy through the toddler years. They won’t stagger the inoculations without you fighting for it. I begged our 3 children to take the option of staggering, since they insisted on vaccinating their children as newborns, but noooo. 2 of our 4 grandchildren now have learning disabilities, one pretty severely. It costs more money for the client to stagger, because the dose is in single, rather than multi dose vials, but if you’re going to vaccinate, please consider single dose for single pathogen vaccination events. Of course, there are most probably multiple factors going on, related to the extrapolation of childhood learning problems, but do what you can do.

        • diane

          I have always done this for my dogs. There’s also the option of paying extra for “clean” shots with little or no preservatives. .

      • James

        No polio went down before DDT was banned.
        The polio vaccine worked.
        Also explain why measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis, smallpox, and TB are long gone?

        • swat rats

          Looks like you drank the MSM cool-aid. Try spending more time on independently funded sites.

          • JMWinPR

            @pepe and @swat rats. I apologize, thanks for the input. Does the new meningitis cause the same crippling effects as the old?

          • James

            Could you provide data, DNA structures, and other data that would prove you right?

        • pepe

          No, polio is a water borne disease. The polio vaccine came out around the same time we started chlorinated our drinking water, which killed the polio. Polio still exist today, it is now called meningitis. Want to fool the gullible masses that a disease was wiped out, just change the name.

          • asher2789

            Polio is not meningitis LOL.

          • pepe

            “Polio has not been eradicated by vaccination, it is lurking behind a
            redefinition and new diagnostic names like viral or aseptic meningitis…….According to
            one of the 1997 issues of the MMWR, there are some 30,000 to 50,000 cases of viral
            meningitis per year in the United States alone. That’s where all those 30,000 –
            50,000 cases of polio disappeared after the introduction of mass vaccination”—Viera Scheibner

          • pepe

            You should do a tiny weeny little bit of research before making a fool of yourself.

          • James

            Please provide that polio is meningitis such as DNA/RNA structures, mortality, and chemical structures.
            Polio vaccine came out in 1953
            Water chlorination came out in 1908

          • shots = autism

            But water chlorination took several decades to become widely available.

            I’ve read your comments on here for several months and u always say the same thing: “please provide proof.” LOOK IT UP YOURSELF you lazy bum!!!
            Unlike you, the atheist at my job knows all about vaccine neurotoxins and how its all a big fraud.

          • James

            Companies like Pfizer, GSK, and JNJ make very little off vaccines and only make vaccines because they are large companies able to have a good distribution spread.
            According to you, polio is not waterborne so therefore water chlorination would not have solved it.
            The increase in ADHD has to do with increase in detection technology not the rise of vaccines.
            Just because something correlates does not mean that it is causation.

          • shots = autism

            polio is waterborne

          • James

            Yes it is.
            Your point?

          • shots = autism

            didnt u say that i said its not?

          • James

            And then you changed and admitted the truth.
            Thank you.

          • shots = autism

            i dont get what u mean as i reply using the sidebar

        • pepe

          Measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis, smallpox and TB still exist, duh?

          • James

            They exist in countries with low vaccination rates.
            They rarely exist in countries with high vaccination rates and only due to people that are unvaccinated due to
            underaged people
            people with immune disorders.
            PS Smallpox was gotten rid of with the cowpox vaccine

          • pepe

            Ok, then you agree with me. You stated they were long gone and I said they still exist and now you say they still exist. Thanks for admitting you were wrong.

          • James

            I said that they don’t exist in vaccinated people.
            They exist rampantly in regions with very little vaccination.
            So your thesis that vaccines do not cause decline in disease is bunk

          • pepe

            “No polio went down before DDT was banned.
            The polio vaccine worked.
            Also explain why measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis, smallpox, and TB are long gone?” where does this say “in vaccinated people.” Also, not too long ago there was a measles outbreak in California. They said the majority of the sick were previously vaccinated for the measles. Do yourself a favor and see if you can find any study proving vaccinations work. All your theories on vaccinations working coincided with great improvements in sanitation. I suppose you are against washing your hands to prevent colds too.

          • James

            Sorry I made a technical error.
            However, vaccines do prevent disease.

          • pepe

            You haven’t sited one study to prove the theory that vaccines work. The reason being, is that there are not any. Not one single study to prove vaccines work. Read Upton Sinclare’s book The Jungle to learn about sanitation at food processing plants in the early 1900’s and try to grasp the idea that sanitation standards have changed since then and that is why diseases have disappeared. Big pharma wants you sick. The sicker you are the more money they make. Why do you think there’s no cure for the common cold? Duh!

          • James

            I just cited one in New England Journal of Medicine.

            However, there are many more studies published years ago that verify the fact. You could also try FDA clinical trial data.

            Sanitation works. If the drop in disease were due to hygiene and sanitation, you would expect all diseases to start going away at about the same time. But if you were to look at the graph for polio, for example, you would see the number of cases start to drop around 1955 – the year the first polio vaccine was licensed. If you look at the graph for Hib, the number drops around 1990, for pneumococcal disease around 2000 — corresponding to the introduction of vaccines for those diseases.

            The common cold is actually hundreds of diseases. Also wouldn’t Pfizer or Abbott make more money selling millions of people the cure for the common cold than they would by letting people cough it away?

    • James

      Believing in Jesus will not make life better. Religion is a way for the rich to profit off the poor.
      Only money makes life better

      • europa3962

        You are focused on the wrong Life.

        • frank

          Why shouldn’t they be focused on this life? It is after all the one they are currently living.

        • asher2789

          Religion: opiate of the masses.

          Look, there’s a space for religion in figuring out the bigger questions (like what happens when I die) but make no mistake in ignoring this life for the non-guaranteed next one.

          • iris

            But there are guarantees. God will give you what you choose. If you receive His mercy through Jesus Christ, you choose eternal life with Him, who has made the way of reconciliation. If you reject His mercy, you stand alone on your works as judge. There is such a thing as sin, and we are all guilty of it. Someday, God will convict you of this truth. Please seek His face while you can, because He does have the requirement of holiness for His creation, for we were made for Him, and in His image. Part of that image includes free will. None of us can fulfill that requirement aside from a redeemer, and that redeemer for sin, which is what separates us from God, is found in Jesus Christ. Our decision makes the difference between eternal life with Him and eternal suffering without Him.

          • miso

            Blah, blah, blah. Just a fairy tale rewritten from previous religious fairy tales from other religions long, long ago. They are not even original in their obvious plagiarism. The bible is an imitation of other religions, same with the koran, torah and what have you.

            Just something created to give the people a sense of control over their final destination. In reality we all wind up in the same place when we die.

            Our energy never dies only takes on another form.

            Reincarnating back here to earth over and over again.

        • iris


  • mtpokit

    Yes, standards are shifting and so is the climate. We are living in a state of perpetual war in order to sustain the economy. Only 150 years ago, most people were farmers. There was little else. I drive through the countryside and see perfectly tillable land used as “lawns”. As California and the southwest regions become less hospitable to agriculture, as a nation we must address this. We are in a transitional period of human labor vs. technology and the ones who can think outside of the school / work paradigm will survive.

  • Alice Young

    I have the feeling the only way out for tptb is to knock us back into the dark ages. I would like to appeal to people who havnt to add an information category to their preps. Paper books are disappearing with the net and kindle and such. As soon as it gets cold the rest will be burnt. If everyone could stick a few classics, skills books the where withall to teach someone to read and write in a sealed bag out of harms way it might be a little hope in dark times. Maybe if it all goes well youll have something quaint to laugh about in your old age :)

    • D.M. Ryan

      You might not like the religious backdrop of this novel, but if you can shrug it off I’ve got the perfect sci-fi book:

      A Canticle For Leibowitz by Walter M. Miller, Jr.

      The Leibowitz of the title became a “booklegger” after TSTF. Canticle‘s an old-fashioned novel, in that TEOTWAWKI was a nuclear holocaust, but I found it a good read.

  • Right on schedule. We knew this was coming decades ago. Oxford did study on technological unemployment published in 2013 that concludes that 45% of the few jobs that remain in the US today will disappear with two decades. The current economic paradigm is completely unsustainable.

  • im4truth4all

    The following information is for orthodox Catholics. A recent book called “The Five Beasts of St. Hildegard – Prophetic Symbols of Modern Society” describes 5 brief historical periods that must take place which are back to back and prepare the way for the Antichrist. The 5 Beasts represent the brief historical periods. There is also no conditionality to the prophecy. St. Hildegard was made a Doctor of the Catholic Church by Pope Benedict.
    The book is easy reading and only 84 pages. The author makes a very compelling case, in my opinion, that we are coming to the end of the 4th period if we have not already completed it. What is particularly alarming is the violent nature of the 5th period. At the end of the 5th period will come the son of perdition.

    • Gay Veteran

      you can find the book in the Fiction section of your local library

  • HumbleAmerican

    Actually, the only necessary things that are needed in life is water and food. Everything else is vanities. If there is an actual mark of the beast, it most definitely is money. It’s in your forehead (thoughts), you cannot purchase without it, and you cannot sell without receiving it. I’m not a bible thumper, but it makes the most sense.

  • D.M. Ryan

    You know what advice I’d give? “Stop defining yourself in terms of the Socio-Economic Scale.”

    Defining the middle class in terms of income is a recent mutation. The origins of the middle class, in Europe, were the residents of the free cities. A middle-class man was, “nether lord nor peasant he; no liege, no vassal he be.” This, not a “decent standard of living,” was the carat-stamp of the middle class man.

    In old America, the archetype of the middle-class man was the yeoman farmer. What defined him as middle class was not the money he made, or how expansive his belly, but the fact that his living depended primarily on himself. Although he ‘depended’ on his fellowman because he was an enterprising fellow, he was free of the fear of going broke that’s pervasive in today’s “middle class.” When it came time to stand on principle, he could do so without fear. Even if he were boycotted, he could still revert to subsistence farming and live off the land. It would be hard, but he would get by. Get by with a clean conscience: with nothing to justify to his Maker.

    Consequently, he could speak his mind with little fear of his fellowman. True: he feared God mightily and he had the normal-human desire to get along with his neighbours, but he had very little fear of Man. Consequently, he had no need of artifice: he only had the need for democratic courtesy.

    My first real doubt about the Socio-Economic Scale came when I realized that a junior stockbroker could brag about making more $$$ than a battle-hardened command colonel. At that point, the Socio-Economic Scale as a measure of worth looked almost inane.
    I’m making this point because the Socio-Economic Scale as a “class measurement” is aught but a self-fulfilling prophesy. It only becomes true if everyone believes it to be true. If no-one believes it to be true, and acts accordingly, then it truly is politically silly. Remember: the yeoman farmer who was also a subsistence farmer had a standard of living that was quite meager – but he was middle-class all the way. So were the “respectable poor.” Their living by middle-class norms was precisely why they were respectable.

    Funny…the supposed common-sense reduction of charity to “they need money, idiot” has ended up robbing the respectable poor of a lot of their dignity. I could argue that the cultural wreckage and savagery of the ‘Hood is a judgment from God: punishment for us adulterating the Christian virtue of charity by redefining it solely in terms set out by Mammon.

    • iris

      Good points, thanks.

      • D.M. Ryan

        Thanks yourself. A silver lining of decadent times is that you figure out truths you can safely ignore when the culture’s healthy.

  • Alleged Comment

    Demoncraps don’t like the middle class. They only see the poor and the rich.

    So, they will make themselves rich and you POOR! It’s just how they are. You cannot change a Demoncrap.

    • iris

      kinda reminds one of Feudalism, doesn’t it. But the GOP is the other side of the same animal, for all intents and purposes. There are a few good men and women in positions of power on both sides, but not many. All this just shows me that God is in control. Somehow, and I don’t presume to understand it, He is allowing this shift which has happened in our country, for His ultimate plan and glory. evil will still lose in the end, and He will win.

      • JMWinPR

        Please name one good one on the Left side of the aisle

    • Sandra

      It has nothing to do with party affiliation. That’s a distraction from the real problem, which is greed at the top. We need a change in government and Bernie Sanders is the only candidate working for policies that would benefit the broader population. Check him out.

      • Eliot Dennis

        Bernie Sanders is an avowed Socialist; Socialists universally proclaim love for the workers, but they always ensure that the workers end up impoverished and oppressed.

        • iris

          Yes, we have family who escaped Soviet Russia, we have friends, some of whom escaped from Communist countries in Europe, others who immigrated here after Communism fell in other countries there. Socialism and Communism don’t work. Democracy doesn’t work. Feudalism doesn’t work. Fascism doesn’t work. We need to stop idolizing the ideologies of men, and look to God. We need to serve others and ourselves, and that is only truly possible under the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit.

        • JMWinPR

          100% of the time, every time all the time.

        • Sandra

          Bernie Sanders is a democratic socialist or perhaps more of a social democrat. He believe in capitalism, just capitalism that work for everybody, not just the 1%. Here’s what he says about it: “I think [democratic socialism] means the government has got to play a very important role in making sure that as a right of citizenship all of our people have healthcare; that as a right, all of our kids, regardless of income, have quality childcare, are able to go to college without going deeply into debt; that it means we do not allow large corporations and moneyed interests to destroy our environment; that we create a government in which it is not dominated by big money interest. I mean, to me, it means democracy, frankly. That’s all it means.” Bernie Sanders

      • JMWinPR

        Have you visited any of the following Workers Paradises, Venezuela, Cuba, China, Argentina, Brazil? Guess what each one of these have in common?

  • Moon Unit

    Just a few years ago, my husband was making six figures working for the nation’s 4th largest homebuilder. Life was good, we had money in the bank, college savings for our kid, took vacations, ate out, went to concerts, and just had fun. Then 2007 came along, and the homebuilder released 60% of their employees. My family has been suffering ever since. Hubby has applied to hundreds of jobs, yet rarely hears back from them. Fortunately, he is skilled in all aspects of construction, so he works as a handyman to put food on the table.

    Our lives have been hell since. We went through all of our savings, the daughter’s college account is gone and recently we lost our home that we put over $100,000 into in the early 2000’s as well. Last year my husband made 14,000. He is 57 YO and has nothing to show for it. We can’t even afford the place we are currently renting. The stress of it all has destroyed our health. Every night and day for 8 years, we’ve done nothing but worry, worry, worry. I now have autoimmune disease that keeps me at home. Now our financial problem have become my parents as they have to send us money so we can eat. I’m 50 YO and haven’t had a meal in a restaurant in years, haven’t seem a movie, and I sew the last few pairs of undies I have back together because I can’t afford new. Its been so long since I’ve had a haircut, my hair is now down past my butt, but its not pretty because stress makes it fall out in handfuls.

    Our lives have been destroyed. If you had told me 10 years ago that i was going to be a pauper, I would have scoffed. We had a 1 year back-up savings account, a decent amount in my daughter’s college account, an IRA, and no credit card debt. Its all gone now. Gone.

    • Tatiana Covington

      Go to McDonalds or Walmart.

    • Sumatra

      I went through something very similar myself, so I completely understand your situation. Most say it’ll be worst for the young adults. But that’s not the case. At least they can work. But whoever is over 50 and without an exceptional amount of skill, experience, and health will have the hardest time surviving.

  • hmph

    $2500 a month is take-home for a salary of over $50K. This country is in deep trouble.

    • umph

      Actually it is $30K not $50K. Me thinks ur the one in trouble.

  • GiGi

    I’m glad this is happening because no one in the middle class is smart enough to
    Know that it is happening. Americans are a relatively dumb/ambivalent group of people.?

  • chesty52

    The American middle class of the 1950s through the early 1970s can be assigned to the dustbin of history. Why? At the end of WWII, the US was the only industrial nation in which the industrial infrastructure was intact and which had not suffered grievous losses in citizens and property. The US went from being the arsenal of democracy to being the primary supplier of agricultural and manufactured goods to the world. As such, the middle class prospered. Unions were strong and their and other demands for increased wages and benefits were easily met and the costs either absorbed or passed along to domestic and foreign consumers. By the late 1970s, the rest of the industrialized world had mostly recovered from WWII and US firms began to encounter stiff competition. That is the time frame in which wages began to stagnate, employee benefits began to diminish, unions lost ground, two income families became dominant, and Americans began to more and more maintain their middle class status through the use of credit cards. The US will continue to have a middle class, but it will be significantly smaller (i.e.., relevant to the overall population). As to the rest of the American workforce (excluding the upper class), standby for a lower standard of living. Short the government subsidizing families in order to keep them in the middle class, this (lower standard of living) is inevitable. And that will have a negative impact on the overall economy as consumption decreases and businesses struggle (i.e., more automation – fewer workers; fewer employee benefits; etc) to remain viable. It is a death spiral for the average American worker.

    • nokomis

      A very good recounting of the shift.

  • squireparty

    I’d say to someone young that it might be for the best to flee the United States permanently. I don’t see much hope or future here, I really don’t. Nor in Europe or the rest of the developed world. I’d be thinking along the lines of Uruguay or Chile myself…..

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Squire: Uruguay y Chile are definitely among the most livable and developed countries in Latin America. Good infrastructure, a large middle class and low crime rates compared to a lot of países latinoamericanos (the violent crime in Venezuela and Brazil is no joke). Walking around Montevideo or Santiago, you almost feel like you could be in Milan or Barcelona. Argentina used to be great, but after their banking crisis, things really went to hell.

      I don’t see much hope in The Banana Republic of America either, sadly. My family did well here after coming over from Europe generations ago, but these days, the BRA is screwed on so many levels. This country’s future is grim.

    • Robin518

      I’m looking at Scandanavian countries: Denmark, Norway, etc. The cost of living is about the same for me: rent, food, but the quality of life is Much better: education, healthcare, secularism.
      Plus, I love London.

      • JMWinPR

        Taxes are out of sight and they don’t like “Gringos”. Go South, Chile is the best bet, even though they elected another communist, Belize may be a choice, but they have a ways to go.

        • Robin518

          I have a friend from Costa Rica who goes back often. Large ex-pat community. At least it’s warm there.
          I’ll see….

  • Billbilly

    I don’t feel sorry for some people. So many living above their means. People would rather buy a big screen tv before paying their bills. I see all the welfare at the stores with their expensive smartphones. They are the ones always bragging about the stuff they buy.
    I got burned many times helping others. Tell you lies to get your help.

    I grew up being raised by just my mother. Father never cared. Most family didn’t care. I remember being hungry many times and walking because of no car. I also wondered later why some wouldn’t even offer help. If I seen this I would have help this person.

    Today I know someone in public services and they tell me about some in new cars getting free handouts of food and toys. We just have too many people abusing the system. The people that really need it don’t have a car.
    Now I have a good job, family, home and a good future for my children. I’m been prepping for economy crash for years. No debt….credits cards are bad. Bought gold and silver with money earned from side jobs. Paper money will be worthless someday. I know I could lose my job so I have other ways to make a living.

    • iris

      Thanks for sharing, and good points. Hardship can really build character, and it sounds like you learned some important lessons along the way. God bless!

  • Lynn Decker Kaska

    If I was a young adult today, I would move to another country.

  • Not according to the numbers published by the IRS ………..
    Tax Year, Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)
    YEAR.Bot 50%.
    2012 $36,055
    2011 $34,823
    2010 $34,338
    2009 $32,396
    2008 $33,048
    2007 $32,879
    2006 $31,987
    2005 $30,881
    2004 $30,122
    2003 $29,019
    2002 $28,654

  • Jacqueline Triplett

    Links are broken

  • gail

    The time to cut back on your lifestyle is before something happens. Take
    a hard look at your expenses and see what you can cut. Take that money
    you save and put it away.

    Stop buying new and check out craigs
    list for furniture (I don’t buy used mattresses or fabric pieces unless
    they can be recovered like dining chairs).

    I have started doing this and it is hard to get everyone on board in the family, but they are slowly coming around.

    It is so easy to spend 10.00 here, 20.00 there and these small purchases really add up.

    Just my thoughts on saving money.

  • Robert

    You would think that the state of things would draw families closer together. Instead we ridicule people who live with their parents. We ridicule and label loser the young person who is living with parents. I know parents who do not want their children moving in and make sure their retirement homes are in over 55 communities. We do not consider work as honorable but rather some types of work. What parent wants to say “my son is a truck driver”? Of course in some urban areas garbage truck drivers make a lot of money e.g. Seattle. Cops in Boston make six figures. Amtrak employees make exceptional money though they are known for lying on time sheets. Federal employees are never fired. I would suggest that a young person get in line for a government job with federal first choice. If possible go into one of the military services and try and get into a job there that gets you a security clearance. There are jobs requiring skills you do not even know exist. Whatever u do. Do not borrow money for school. Try for the military and get the GI Bill to help fund your education. Better yet, finish a degree while you are in the service. Lots of programs. Not everyone will be able to to that but the opportunities are there for many.

    If u r young, no one will feel sorry for you.

  • nokomis

    After leaving the US 25 years ago, I look back in wonder. From my side, it seems that the majority of Americans don’t even remotely get it. The world is changing at a rate that boggles the mind. Global poverty has fallen faster than even the most optimistic dreamers ever envisioned. Health in aggregate has never in history been better. Basket case countries are now encountering the middle income trap. Education levels are off the scales. You can point to black spots, but the world has never been richer, more peaceful, healthier, better educated and more connected.

    Perhaps it is that last element that has most beset the US. For a handful of decades, the US was able to remain a global outlier after the European economies were crushed following the world wars and Asia got on its feet. Now that the US has real competition and communication is nearly frictionless, the US is reverting to the mean. It’s not Obama’s fault. It’s not Bush’s fault, it’s not the fault of anyone, it’s just a byproduct of a more globalised world. It really took hold during Nixon’s time and Carter explained what was happening, so the US could get ready. US corporations understood and started to make changes to operate in a more globalised world. The American worker couldn’t really understand and continued guileless toward end of a dwindling path.

    Now, new powers are rising, the global balance is shifting in remarkable ways and the American worker still seems to be grumbling about the loss of their unsustainable advantage. The well off are making sure their kids speak Mandarin, German, Russian and Japanese and pushing them to get global experience. Face it, a lot of countries do most things better than the US and their lead grows by the day.

    This is an amazing and wonderful time to be alive. The world is better than it has ever been and its prospects are stellar. The US will fit into this as a declining but still powerful player in a multi-polar world. Americans that embrace the new globalisation will find opportunities and live rich fulfilling lives. Those that stand motionless before the great roller of history will simply be squashed. It’s entirely your decision.

  • Not to undermine the severity of low wages, but to only use the Social Security Administration as a source is suspect because a lot of people are paid “under the table” and are not accounted for by them.

  • rvhouse

    and yet we keep electing rethuglican fools who are just whores for people like the Koch brothers who bring this country to its knees

  • algol2000

    No one needs to give you a job. Go and learn how to dig and find opportunity. If you are honest, you will get some. God is no respecter of persons.

    Never put money first.

  • Kevin Takalo

    Learn to work for yourself. I have been self employed sense before the 2008 collapse. I was able to find work all through the recent bad times. All while not relying on some shifty corporation.

  • rocky

    Your faith won’t pay for food, clothing and shelter. It may comfort you as you lay shivering in a cardboard box under a bridge, but only you can decide what kind of life you want to live.

    If people did not need stuff and just had the basic necessities than 30K a year would be plenty of money.

    All the little expenses: cable, phone, etc add up. Run the numbers for the year and see what you come up with.

  • Ian

    Reinstate Glass-Stegall. Tax financial transactions. Lift the cap for social security. And get rid of Citizens United.

  • Daisee

    The link the Social Security Administration just released is broken.

  • Philip B.

    I wonder if the stupid, inflammatory author is aware that 51.4% is the LOWEST it’s ever been.

    Percentage of American Workers making <$30,000/yr

    2014: 51.4%
    2013: 52.5%
    2012: 53.2%
    2011: 53.9%
    2010: 54.7%
    2009: 55.0%
    2008: 54.7%
    2007: 55.9%
    2006: 57.3%
    2005: 58.8%
    2004: 59.9%
    2003: 61.3%

  • Pamela

    My son supports his wife and young daughter working full-time at Whole Foods. This = no health insurance for his family – having a 20 year old car – no cable TV – living in a marginally safe apartment – establishing no credit – living paycheck to paycheck, etc., etc.
    How will they possibly get out from under these wages. Cannot afford nursing school – or child care for wife to work. . .I’m so sad that I cannot help them, collecting Social Security Disability and in the doughnut hole for prescriptions. This country is a scary, scary place to live.

  • Darnel L. Williams

    And I’m sure 70 percent were against blacks being considered equal too. In the end its about human right as an American. It’s not about how you feel as a person. American is about treating everyone the same regardless of color. (insert sexuality where the word color appears)

  • Tom

    And a college degree doesn’t guarantee a thing today! I have a degree in journalism, graduating with a ba and a 3.026 average. Stocking frozen food, dairy, and groceries at 51.

    • TruthSpeaks

      I knew someone with a BA could not find work in the East coast so looked for work in the West and South coast and they either never hear from the people or the jobs paid very low wage. What did they do? They moved abroad and found a job within six months and now getting their Master Degree to make more money at the same job. The company paid for their college’s fee too.

  • Michelle Hammack

    Oh, and let us not forget about the lack of full time jobs! Or how about the over 50 crowd no one wants to hire. ..
    I am confident there must bea change in the employment system. .hold these companies accountable. .stop the lying , cheating & thieves!

  • anonymous

    I get the author’s point but to be fair, ideally, there should be two incomes in a household, not one. Which means $60,000 per household. If it happens to be a single mother with children and she is making less than $30,000 per year, she will have plenty of entitlements to assist. (Not that I condone sucking off the government teat).

    Another problem is “college”. We have such an over-saturation of BS’s, they can’t even get jobs! There are tens of thousands of people with degrees who can’t find employment. Much like our high schools, even colleges have been dumbed down to the point where an idiot can get a degree.

  • Hey you

    The figures can be misleading. For example, if a person has no debt and owns a furnished home in a low tax state, that person can live fairly well on an income of $2,000/month.

  • Darnel L. Williams

    Did you just showed me a link to a blog spot… what the what???? Really??? You must have look long and hard for that one…. Did you read any of the comments below the posting of that blog spot? LOL I’m done.

  • JaeStClair

    do not birth more humans

  • Rebel w/out a Cause

    This article made me think about something else – equally scary. A little over 51% of Americans are supported by the government. And then 51% of Americans make less than $30k. So who’s paying taxes?
    Oh… that would be me.
    You know what really bothers me about that? Well, I pay quite a bit in income tax – Federal, State, City, and School. And then they turn around and tax the income they already taxed again. Every time I buy something (sales tax), everytime I have contact with the government (fees), every time I buy gas (gas tax). So in effect, they tax the same money over and over and over again.
    And yet this government, in spite of all the taxes they collect, has still managed to rack up trillions in debt.

  • Sumatra

    Cheap only helps so much when you have no money. I know, I’ve lived it, and you can only stretch a dollar so far. But at the same time, that’s horrible, using a person’s situation as an excuse to gain votes for your favorite candidate like that! You’re on this site, and you still don’t realize that presidents have never really helped people in the past few decades?

  • jimtree

    Didn’t anyone read this article. The problem is not political but systemic. It is the result of mechanization and runaway economies of scale. You could bring back every job that has been lost overseas; and the problem might be mitigated a little for perhaps five years; but the continual downward spiral of employment would continue. Humans are being replaced by machines and by the streamlining of businesses resulting from economies of scale increasing faster than new jobs can be created. One self service checkout lane in a grocery store replaces up to six full time workers because a self service lane can operate 24/7 without vacations; and one Walmart Super Center operates with 8 managers replacing the 60+ managers required by the drug stores, clothing stores, supermarkets, shoe stores, auto parts stores, etc. that the Walmart Super Center has replaced. And these are just the tip of the iceberg as far as the job loss in the retail and distribution sector of the economy is concerned. Approximately 75% of the US economy is now controlled by the 500 largest firms which employ less than 10% of the workforce. This is not a problem that can be solved by unfettered Libertarian capitalism when even slave labor is more expensive than machine labor because machines do not buy goods. Thus, in the end even the rich are at risk because the economy will inevitably collapse as technology further accelerates job loss.

  • frostbitblue

    Depends on your idea of middle class. When I was growing up, we lived in a 3 story home on an acre of land, 4 bedrooms, pool..My father was the only one who worked and we were mid to lower middle class

  • Chris Merlino

    Commit suicide

  • Robert Sette

    This is what happens when you create a culture that blames the successful and teaches youth to expect to be given everything–from college education to health care to forgiveness of student loans or a mortgage on a home they can’t afford anyway. What happened to fostering hard work and entrepreneurism?

  • Chuck Johnston

    I would advise any young person to enter the trades.
    Carpenters, plumbers, HVAC installers and electricians all are all good paying union jobs with benefits and pensions. I sincerely wish that I could go back and give myself the same advice.
    As it stands, I’m 52, and I’m stuck in a low paying dead end job.
    I have eleven years to go before I am eligible to collect a small pension (something that I feel fortunate to have to look forward to) of around $800 a month. I hope that, combined with my earned social security retirement (provided the republicans don’t manage to take that away) are going to be enough to keep me from having to eat cat food when I am finally able to retire.

  • Margaret Flowers

    Thank you for this informative article. As far as the TPP goes, it wasn’t just Republican leadership that was involved. It would not have passed without the help of Democrats. Their votes were necessary to pass Fast Track.

  • Gail Jensen

    It’s better to have something and not need it, than need it but not have it. So, as cheaply as possible get yourself the 4 year degree. And trust me, I am not a fan of college or degrees. THEN, while you’re doing that (or before/after), get some sort of skill or trade. You want to be able to fall back on whatever you can, when you need it.
    But, besides all that, my NUMBER ONE thing I would say to a young person, is to consider yourself the smallest entity of sustainability. Consider every need you have to survive and be able to provide that without any outside source of help. Your food, your home, etc. If you can provide for yourself, why would you need a j-o-b? Reading the book “Surviving Off Off-Grid” by Michael Bunker (the title is not at ALL what you would think), really opened my eyes to a number of things. Consider yourself AS a business and depend only upon yourself and you not only will do well, you’ll be way ahead of the game in ways you never thought.

  • Darnel L. Williams

    And yet you never showed me where this trick worked… show me where the effect worked.

    • afchief

      Come on man, do some research. I’m 54 years old and voted for Reagan. Anyone who went through that era knows that Reagan created millions of jobs. I remember in In just one month — September 1983 — the economy added more than a million jobs. For the full year, the economy added almost 3.5 million jobs, a trend that continued into 1984, an election year in which Reagan
      captured 49 states in a landslide victory.

      Here we are in 0liar’s second term and where are the jobs…liberals?

  • DenisetheCelt

    This is what happens when Jews take over. Adolf tried warn us!

  • John Sandy

    Everyone has an opinion on what has happened to the vanishing American Dream, so here is my unsolicited comment. The middle class is disappearing because people with limited means, continue to vote for and elect governments that only represent the interests of Corporate America. The unions are vanishing and it is not a coincidence that their demise is directly related to the vanishing middle class. Look at the demographics of the Red States and one thing that is common among all of them is that there are few labor union members. Why are all the auto plants located in southern states with “Right to Work Laws and tax abatement?” Does Walmart pay a living wage? No, but people continue to shop there and support a system that pays its workers next to nothing while the Waltons rake in Billions. We might also look at the so-called tax structure of corporate America. When corporations like Ford, G.E. Citi Bank and many others pay no Federal Income Tax….that is corporate welfare. People like afchief, want to cite the Bible, but I believe that he is attacking the poor and giving the “money changers” a free pass. “Judge not lest ye be judged Chief!” Ask yourself this question, how many unnecessary wars has the US engage in? Korea, Vietnam, Iraq. How did we pay for all that stuff, on credit? The U S Treasury sold bonds and Wall Street, China and Saudi Arabia bought them. Hey, Chief, what does the Bible say about living by the sword? Who prospered from all that Defense spending, Wall Street, and Corporate America? While the sons of America’s poor and middle class were fighting and dying for totally unnecessary wars, corporate America was raking in the profits. Your children and grandchildren will be paying off the debt. So, when the Chief cites the Bible, he doesn’t have the high ground on moral righteousness.

  • Frank

    There are good jobs.

    Just try to get into an investment company, hedge fund or just a bank.

    You WILL get lots of money for cheating other people. And they will still hold you in high regard, as nobody is goint to admit that they have been cheated.

  • Pat

    When low wages are incentivized, gover meant has an alternative leverage in that it can subsidize prices by excise taxes, or by import taxes so that products are affordable. Government cannot afford to be a bystander while the public is price gouged turning its citizens into a public so poor it cannot survive. This was the theory behind price controls in the first place, to ensure its own survival. Government has the obligation to provide safety and security for its citizens, to prosecute fraud, and to keep America moving forward, however slowly. Enriching companies is not the job of Congress, and government is not the assigned trade representative for companies to the detriment of the American people.

  • mollysdad

    Q: What advice would you give to a young adult today that is looking toward the future?

    A: Don’t marry and don’t have children.

  • Thomas Pane

    I was making 80k at a job. I was with that company for 17 years and when I finally start to make some money they laid me off. All I can find now is 50k jobs and if I am lucky I can get hired. I am in IT and it sucks big time.

  • Bill Bober


  • jay67

    Bad SSA link to data ? They like to spoil links if the data is not good.

  • amongoose

    With each passing day, more Americans are losing their spots in the middle class and this has pushed government dependence to an all-time high.

    That’s the plan.
    Serfdom for all, but our leaders of course.

  • bizshop

    Get into the trades. Without a college degree, a good welder or plumber or electrician or appliance repairperson can charge well over $60 an hour – in my area the average is around $100 per hour.

    Forget college and forgo the debt. Spend the time instead learning the trade, and after 4 years you would have spent in college you’ll have amassed a nice savings as well as experience and can launch your own business.

  • dean

    The democrats has a vested interest in impoverishing Americans. the poor/parasites always vote Democrat. The more people on dole, the more vote Dems. The parasites then vote Dems to rob those that work. Those that produce wealth stop working or shift their enterprise and their abilities. The parasites then starve

  • john

    Are there any studies on government workers increase/decrease over the same period versus private workers? When Nixon took private sector off defined benefit vs. defined contribution in the 60s it seems most private workers (who haven’t unionized) have gotten screwed while public sector workers gets way more vacation, guaranteed paid (tenure), and a sure/ inflation adjusted source of income after a few decades of work.
    Now that the corruption in the unions have destroyed the protection they had for their workers isn’t this an inevitable effect of our governments policy of limiting private sector workers and denying them the same benefit they give to their own people?
    Also the taxes have increased astronomically for most homeowners or legal americans while their house values have dropped while illegals and those living off welfare(both for poor and wealthy) suck off the ever increasing taxes from the middle class.

  • Gary Houseman

    Are you really as stupid as you sound?

    • Dale Smith

      Well, since you have been begging for my attention, I will leave you with this one tidbit…I am infinitely smarter than you are. Your posts are nothing but lame bait and insults because that is all you have to offer…you certainly have no intellect to speak of. Hope this helps!

  • America Is InTrouble

    if you read the details on the SS website you will see it is WAGES – so it eliminates all self-employed, commission 1099, partnerships, husband-wife business – in other words people who do not file as employees:

    based on compensation (wages, tips, and the like) subject to Federal income taxes, as reported by employers on Forms W-2

    While I agree the middle class is being challenged part of the problem is the CATEGORY is based on an agency which has it’s best interest when the gov’t manipulates the economy – ie putting things in place to create …agitate…balloon the factors which put you into either a higher category of the graduated income tax table or puts you into a category more dependent on Uncle Sam for your food, clothing, housing, education, burial, medical, telephones, solar energy, etc

  • Donna Reid

    My first piece and maybe only useful advise I would offer, is that getting out and socializing away from media tools..leave them home, at least one day a week. Work up to two days, and so on until you actually got away from the news, your i phones, computers every day for some part of the day. By all means don’t watch, read, news at night. the press now is designed to hype you up, the worse kind of drug going is the stress of the press. Connect with like minded social and professional types and do activities, like hanging out, play physical goofy games, sing, dance, create together for the hell of it, you may, like others actually end up forming great music bands or acting groups, art and writing, inventions that people will buy..have no social media tech parties, only socializing in person required.. plan fun adventurous day or vacation trips that involve seeing and being in nature, this world is beautiful, amazing and doesn’t take much money, just good friends and good times to see it’s beauty..exercise the old fashioned way, so you actually are meditating in nature while you bike, walk, or jog..take off the headphones and look around.Volunteer to help others and that will come back in social networking ways, plus you will feel so good..think about giving instead of getting or taking..people who do are few and far between and draw others to them. Be happy, as best you can, and know you can’t fix it all in a day but have faith you can make it and make it better, never give up on yourself :)

  • Einelorelei

    I am glad that I didn’t have children or they’d inherit an awful life. I guess it’s a good thing that the Lupus will kill me young because that disease will eat up all my retirement money.

  • DF

    maybe the middle class should go on strike. Like now. That would be real democracy, not like rigged voting machines et al.

  • conny

    People should start preparing, if Hillary become are next president things will get worse very fast.