Globalist Mouthpiece Calls For The Entire Planet To Adopt The ‘National Identification System’ One European Country Has Established

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Identification - Public DomainWould you like to have a digital identity card that is automatically issued to you at birth?  In one European nation, residents use such a card when they go to the hospital, when they do their banking, when they go shopping and even when they vote.  This card has become so popular that this particular European country actually plans to start issuing them to millions of non-citizens all over the planet who request them.  Never heard about this?  Neither had I before this week.  The Economist, a well-known mouthpiece for the global elite, is calling for the entire planet to adopt this “national identification system” that the little nation of Estonia has adopted.  The Economist is touting all of the “benefits” of a “national identification card”, but are there dangers as well?  Could adopting such a system potentially open the door for greater government tyranny than we have ever known before?


The Economist article about this national identification scheme went largely unnoticed because it had a very boring title: “Estonia takes the plunge“.  But the content of the article is absolutely startling.  The Economist article calls the Estonian national identification system a “cyberdream” and makes it sound like it will solve all of our problems…

There is one place where this cyberdream is already reality. Secure, authenticated identity is the birthright of every Estonian: before a newborn even arrives home, the hospital will have issued a digital birth certificate and his health insurance will have been started automatically. All residents of the small Baltic state aged 15 or over have electronic ID cards, which are used in health care, electronic banking and shopping, to sign contracts and encrypt e-mail, as tram tickets, and much more besides—even to vote.

If this was just limited to Estonia, it would be disturbing enough.  But according to the Economist, the Estonian government plans to start issuing these cards to millions of “satellite Estonians” all over the world…

That has left a gap in the global market—one that Estonia hopes to fill. Starting later this year, it will issue ID cards to non-resident “satellite Estonians”, thereby creating a global, government-standard digital identity. Applicants will pay a small fee, probably around €30-50 ($41-68), and provide the same biometric data and documents as Estonian residents. If all is in order, a card will be issued, or its virtual equivalent on a smartphone (held on a special secure module in the SIM card).

Some good ideas never take off because too few people embrace them. And with just 1.3m residents, Estonia is a tiddler—even with the 10m satellite Estonians the government hopes to add over the next decade. What may provide the necessary scale is a European Union rule soon to come into force that will require member states to accept each others’ digital IDs. That means non-resident holders of Estonian IDs, wherever they are, will be able not only to send each other encrypted e-mail and to prove their identity to web-service providers who accept government-issued identities, but also to do business with governments anywhere in the EU.

The Economist hopes that Estonia will become a model that the rest of the world will follow.

But do we really want government to have that much control over our lives?

If we need this “digital identity card” to go shopping, do banking or get health care, it would also give the government the power to revoke those “privileges” in a heartbeat.

Already there are countless examples of how governments around the world are using information databases in abusive ways.  For instance, one new lawsuit in the U.S. alleges that average citizens have been put in a ‘terror database’ for doing such things as buying computers and waiting for family members at train stations.

Do we really want to go even further down this road?

And of course “identity cards” can be lost, stolen and forged.  The next logical step would be to permanently implant our identity cards.

To many older Americans, such a notion sounds ludicrous, but many younger Americans are so eager to adopt this kind of technology that they are actually doing it to themselves.  Just check out the following excerpt from a recent NBC News article about “biohackers”…

In tattoo parlors and basements around the world, people are turning themselves into cyborgs by embedding magnets and computer chips directly into their bodies.

They call themselves biohackers, cyborgs and grinders. With each piece of technology they put beneath their skin, they are exploring the boundaries — and the implications — of fusing man and machine.

Welcome to the world of biohacking.

It’s a niche community at the literal bleeding edge of body modification, and it attracts fervent fans from a variety of schools of thought. Some simply enjoy experimenting with new tech. Others use the magnets and chips for utilitarian purposes.

Does that sound creepy to you?

It should.

But it isn’t just people on the fringes of society that are interested in these kinds of technologies.

For example, electronics giant LG says that it wants to put an electronic tracking device on your child

Various tech companies have introduced wearable devices over the last few years that track your steps or heartbeat and even deliver your e-mails to your wrist.

Is electronically tracking your kid the next frontier?

LG announced a new device Wednesday morning, the KizON wristband, designed to let parents keep track of their child’s whereabouts. The KizON uses GPS, WiFi and mobile Internet signals to identify the user’s location in real time and sends the information to an Android app.

And billionaire Bill Gates is helping to develop an implant that “acts as a contraceptive for 16 years”

Helped along by one of the world’s most notable billionaires, a U.S. firm is developing a tiny implant that acts as a contraceptive for 16 years — and can be turned on or off using a remote control.

The birth control microchip, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, would hold nearly two decades worth of a hormone commonly used in contraceptives and dispense 30 micrograms a day, according to a report from the MIT Technology Review.

The new birth control, which is set to begin preclinical testing next year with hopes of putting it on shelves in 2018, can be implanted in the buttocks, upper arm or abdomen.

Whether you are ready or not, these technologies are coming.

For now, they are voluntary.

But eventually a day may come when you will be required to have an “identity chip” in order to buy, sell, conduct banking, have a job or go to the hospital.

When that day arrives, what will you do?

  • krinks

    Sounds vaguely familiar….

    Rev 13:
    15 …and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. 16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

    You will take his mark and it will be a mark of worship.

    • CRAT

      Starting to think the Beast may not be a person, but maybe an organization or movement, such as Global Bankng group, Central Bankers, etc.

      • krinks

        At the moment the Global Banking Cartel is “his” method of setting the whole thing up. Satan has always desired the worship of men though. In the end that is what he will get by any means necessary.

      • Anti-roboti

        I read somewhere that in the future there will be super-intelligent computers which have the capabilities of all the human brains in combined. The article predicted that all of the world leaders are asking these super computers for guidance and advice to their current problems.
        That article made me think that maybe the antichrist is actually a “god-like” supercomputer which acts like a God on this earth and decides how many people should live and also the remaining population would be connected with their microchip implants to this massive “beast”.
        Computers are created by humans and to see all the human population to bow down and worship this super computer for its superior intelligence would be the absolute blasphemy of all.

        • KING_K

          iT MAKES SENSE. THANX!

        • seth datta

          The beast is a supercomputer AI which ALREADY EXISTS and is gaming the world, hence all the wars and chaos.

      • Bryan

        no it will be a person the Bible says the Son of perdition the man of lawlessness the worthless shepard, the MAN of sin. the beast may be the system He will be a man like hitler he was an anitype of him i believeif you read the prophecies in Daniel it always say HE

      • Bryan

        CRAT the Beast is the kingdom the antichrist will rule and be head over with his sidekick the false prophet

      • FROG

        CRAT – you are correct. The “Beast” refers to a larger organization or governing body according to the research I have read.

      • Sandbagger

        The Beast is a real person who will be MORTALLY WOUNDED yet live because he is reanimated through possession from Satan himself.

        He is the Antichrist… who will imitate Christ Jesus who died and rose again.

    • Uh-hUh

      you only get the mark if you agree to worship the image of the beast….which could be anything…the proverbial “golden calf,” etc….it just won’t be God the Father.

      • FROG

        No, Uh-hUh, your statement is incorrect. People will accept the mark if they wish to buy, sell, or trade during the end times. Just accepting this “mark” so that you can enjoy regular commerce activities = you are worshipping or yielding to the beast.

    • BigAl D

      Interesting how things written 2,000 years ago are coming to pass… Natural disasters, global unrest, the troubles in the Middle East, the rise of Islam, etc. When things collapse, and they will, people will accept anything in order to eat and have some level of safety and order. How ready are the worlds people to flock to anyone who promises to make things better? Look for the one world leader, one world religion, one world economy. Then look up….

  • James Lewis

    Very creepy! I watched this video about what google is working on – for those to have eyes to see…

    Also, excellent new website here with lots of background on how we got here and where we’re going NOW under the false prophet…

  • Ernet Capp

    Warren Buffett is A goofy looking dude.

    • Richard

      Precisely… and to hear him speak is not much better. I have ALWAYS thought that (channelling Nicholas Nassim Taleb) on a planet of several billion people, there MUST be, by chance, someone whose so-called ‘luck’ has enabled him to become fabulously rich beyond anyone’s imagination. I’m talking pure, blind luck here.

      That person would be Warren Buffett.

      • TruthIsAll

        Maybe it’s not so much luck as deceit, narcissism, and deals with the devil.

        It’s only natural that uncaring, evil people make it in an apathetic society. For society to be good it must fight and cast out those that do it harm.

  • Ernet Capp

    Boy do I hate this planet. I’ll tell you that.

    • Kyle

      Where is a personal two seater star ship to steal?

  • Chris Sky

    nothing says “Property of the State” better than an electronic dog tag!

  • NoChip4Me

    Read my name.

  • DJohn1

    Hate to break it to you, we are all ready there.
    Only they have done it with credit cards.
    It is difficult but not impossible to get by on line without one. Some actually take a checking account number.
    All the utility companies want to be paid with one.
    All your other bills will gladly put you on a monthly bill cycle on a credit card.
    Even your video store, wants a credit card backup of your name.
    If I take a load to the free recycling of tree branches and brush with the city, they want a utility bill or your driver’s license to ID you. They write down your name and address, then let you use the place to dump tree branches and brush.
    When I was in service I had a military id. When I got out of service, I had to have a state id from the driver’s license people. Eventually I just got a driver’s license.
    Every where you go they require a driver’s license id.
    It used to be there was a 3 or 4 day delay between the time you wrote a check and the time it was cashed. Not any more. They have instant access to your accounts when you write a check and it gets transacted the same day.
    It used to be that my employer wrote me a check. Still does, only now it is direct deposited. The check is simply a record of deposit at your bank of choice. They save money doing this. It used to be a voluntary deal. Then they made it mandatory. I lost 3 days pay objecting to direct deposit about 11 years ago. And that was from a newspaper that depends on constitutional rights . . .
    What I got suspended for was telling a clerk in payroll that it is not a good idea to depend on banks as they go under and people get there money back in 6-9 months. So direct deposit was a terrible idea. I told her that if she was going to work in payroll she needed to learn as much about her business as possible. That upset people and they charged me with harassment with HR. Still remember it.
    About 3 months later I was “promoted” to a position where I directly controlled 850 million dollars worth of advertising. They had noticed that the department I was in went from 15% no charges because of mistakes in advertising to less than 1% under my control. (I dealt with $60-$500 ads at the time.) IN my new job description the average ad was worth over $6,000.
    I was a bad boy. They started watching what I was doing and like what they saw.
    Within a month, I had them on a system where they did not lose much money on advertising. They never did give me more than a routine raise in pay. It is one of the few newspapers in this country still making a decent profit.
    When they wanted to double my work load in 2006, I took the opportunity and retired from this place.

    • Ranger

      One further, regarding the direct deposit. They force people into direct deposits (the banks force this not employers) because the moment the deposit hits the bank, they call fractional reserve that amount. If you cash a check at a teller window and take the cash with you, it is therefore not deposited in the bank, and therefore can not be used as a fractional reserve deposit of funds.
      And most have no idea that in December 2012, The Federal Reserve/Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation changed the banking rules and never bothered to tell the public (except in the back pages of a newspaper) about the change.
      The second you deposit any currency into the bank, at the second it is no longer your money but the property of the bank!

  • death to NWO

    I will make a request with false information . We will see what happens .

  • Ranger

    Keep in mind that they removed all the guns from the people of Europe, so they actually have no choice in the matter.
    Soon, America will have no choice.
    The UN Trucks are here. The UN Troops are here. But, as planned, The U.S. Military Forces delegated with the protection of the nation, are on over 950 Military Bases in over 175 Countries. Which means that when the Small Arms Treaty Enforcement starts, there will be no US Soldiers to defend the nation.

    Then, we will have officially buried and put to death what is left of the Constitution.

    • MadAsHellYankee

      Sure they did. No one could have taken those ID’s. Instead they went to wherever and got them. It’s like income tax, everyone complains about it but pays it. If EVERYONE tomorrow stopped paying it, it’d be gone.

  • Vic Moore

    I don’t know if anyone else has noticed BUT, does it seem that things are getting kind a strange here in “our” world? Deceitfulness is at an all-time high. Lawlessness is following right behind it…

    Does it seem like every day a child or young person takes their life and/or the lives of others? How about the fact that now, right is wrong and wrong is right? No one is interested in the truth and those
    that are outspoken about the Truth are condemned and sited as Racists or Bigots.

    It seems to me that God is judging America. He is doing so by giving us leaders that WE deserve. Due to our apathy and the fact that we have walked away from the truth, God is Judging America and also the World. We have allowed evil people to gain access to positions of power within this country and the world and they are wreaking
    havoc on the human race. This is all foretold in the Bible. If you do not know how this story ends, you need to find out. Time is Short!

    Unfortunately folks it is going to get worse before it gets better…. And the ending is not pretty for those who do not find the truth.

    There is only one way you can be spared from the devastation
    that is in the near future of the world.

    You may ask yourself, What must I do??????

    Trust in Jesus Christ, the son of God and the Savior of mankind.


    1.) Understand that you are a sinner (everyone, EVERYONE) You may try to argue this point. That is OK, but if you have ever, lied,
    gossiped, bragged, been prideful, been arrogant, self-righteous, etc. etc. you have put the nail in your own coffin. None of that (arguments) matters, might as well just admit it. Don’t argue with GOD!

    2.) Believe that Jesus was God’s son and was the Christ the savior of the world.

    3.) Believe that he died for our sins (the sins of the whole world)

    4.) Believe that he rose on the 3 day to show us that we could have eternal life.

    5.) Ask him to save you personally and tell him now you want to live for him.

    Why don’t you take out “Life Insurance” for Eternal Life! It is FREE I hope to see you all in Heaven.

    • KING_K


  • calmo

    Like countless other technological developments, this ID system offers a great many advantages. Unfortunately, it also provides means for tyranny and abuse. The only way it can work effectively for good causes is to miraculously turn everyone on the planet into a thoroughly ethical, honorable person who pursues only good, just ends. And that ain’t gonna happen.

  • Ranger

    If you think that the United Nations and YOUR Government are not coming after your guns, you better read the following. This is a codified version. There is an original letterhead but didn’t know how to put it up.

    United Nations
    Distr.: Restricted
    5 August 2013
    Original: English

    United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs

    Disarmament Commission – Civilian Weapons Confiscation Study Group New York, 29-31 July 2013

    The issue of military grade weaponry in the hands of civilians looms ever larger in the face of the global implementation of 22/Agenda 21 by member nations. In particular, the United States of
    America has an estimated 500 million weapons in the hands of its
    civilian population. This is not just a static problem, it is a massive
    dynamic problem for the process of confiscation as there will be those who refuse to surrender their firearms.

    The conclusion of discussions by the CWCSG led to the adoption of a proposed agenda to begin the process for introducing to member nations a framework by which they can begin codification of national laws to disarm civilians within their borders through a graduated process.

    Within the discussion framework, we have identified several problem areas that must be addressed, they are:

    1. Classification of military grade weapons to be made illegal for possession.
    2. Creation of programs to provide reasonable compensation for voluntary surrender of said arms.
    3. Codification of laws to begin the restricting and strict licensing of concealable firearms.
    4. Codification of laws to begin the restricting and strict licensing of hunting grade firearms.
    5. Codification of laws to restrict the sale of, and possession of ammunition and components to manufacture ammunition.
    6.Finally, codification of laws to completely makes any and all firearms illegal to own, possess or use outside of military and law enforcement usage.
    7.Creation of a United Nations Police Taskforce with the specific mission of assisting member nations with the collection of weaponry from civilian hands.

    The CWCSG will submit its findings and final recommendations once we have created the codification framework for member nations for a full review by the Office of the Secretary General.

  • Undecider

    As someone who works with IT, the larger the management system, the greater the cluster-F. For those reasons alone, no thanks!

  • Jeff

    Suppose a billion plus in the world sign up for this card and Estonia makes a $41 times billion plus currencies for small country and the hold the data base too for these cards. WoW, profit and a powerful manipulative tool too. I hate the idea, but I do see why they suggested it, “GREED & POWER!”

  • Antoine

    I’ll blame my limited human intellect, but I just can not figure out why God is forcing such a hard trial on 7 billion souls.
    I believe in Him strongly, but this part of His plan always escapes me.

    Refusing those intrusive technologies will get increasingly harder, up to the point where you either take them or become an outcast.
    I love my family, and my family does not want me to become an outcast. God commands love and obedience towards family, but also to not take the mark… so what am I supposed to do?!!

    • TruthIsAll

      You must figure out your own relation to humanity and the divine. A church and book cannot tell you what is right because it has been influenced by powerful men. That’s something the church won’t tell you. A bunch of religious people on this blog love to purport liberty and righteousness, but they don’t give a second thought to the scripture nor words from their preachers. Face reality: all scripture was written by man, translated, and interpreted countless times throughout history. This is apparent in contradictory statements and multiple iterations. Did Jesus Christ exist? That’s quite possible. Many messiahs have come and gone. Regardless of his existence, he is an icon of true good. It takes critical thinking and empathy to do good, not blind obedience. Never forget the millions in history that have died at the whim of powerful religious leaders. Like all institutions, religion can and has been infiltrated by the deceitful.

    • MadAsHellYankee

      God isn’t forcing anything. That’s the fundamental problem. People just lay down and roll over and say “Well God is forcing it” as an excuse to not take any kind of action, such as protesting, speaking, voting, and arming heavily.

  • clackp

    Those of you that have a relationship with the God of Heaven though his son Jesus Christ: be warned that the only thing you are going to be able to do is trust the lord to get you and your families through this tribulation. I am recommending to every Christian that will listen and read this post that every Christian no matter what age creed or nationality take a very hard look at their personal relationship that they have with the lord. several will need to repent, I know I did. We need to understand that in order for us to be able to put that much trust in the lord will require a air tight relationship with him. Get your relationship as close to the lord as possible we will need it very soon.

    • MadAsHellYankee

      So, when the domestic army is running wild in the streets, will you pick up your bible or an M16?

      I’ll stick with the sweet sixteen.

      • clackp

        good luck you will be blown away in a heart beat

        • TimeHasCome

          Better to die in a pile of hot brass than live like this.

          • clackp

            Until that time I will be doing exploits and instructing as many folks as I can

  • Mike

    The Beast is a man! The image of the beast is a mystery. But the Beast is the Antichrist. The Bible also says that spirit of antichrist is already at work. And that’s what we are seeing here.

  • Kyle

    The Anti Christ will be a man *most likely homosexual* to appeal to the Liberals and then be slain. He will rise again after three days but he will be just an *image* of the original man but many will be fooled.

    I think the computer thing will help revive him and make him look good. Somebody on the inside will murder the AntiChrist then control him via holographic imaging systems connected to The Beast AI computer.

    The controller will start waging war and cause death which is when God comes and pours his wrath though personally I think God is *in* on it too actually pretending to be good so we will have two false choices.

    If there is one pattern I have notice about history is that the masses are always fooled by only two false choices making them pick the less of the evil.

  • Kyle

    Well put. If you don’t worship they will disable you’re chip so you can’t buy/sell anything till you agree to worship him.

    I don’t think the being forced to bow down will come until the Anti Christ is slain and then revived three days later as a *false* miracle.

    Our whole system including religion and Christianity has always been involved in providing the illusion of choice forcing us to choose the *lesser* of the two evil.