Glenn Beck And The Federal Reserve

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Last Friday, Glenn Beck did an entire show on the Federal Reserve.  It had been a highly publicized show and many people were wondering how Beck was going to handle the subject.  Well, to his credit, the show actually contained a lot of truth and it was definitely anti-Federal Reserve.  Was the show perfect and 100% accurate?  No, not by a long shot.  But for a big name personality like Glenn Beck on a big cable network like Fox News to do an hour long show on why the Federal Reserve is bad is a very big deal.  Many of us in the alternative media have spent a lot of time bashing the mainstream media (and rightly so), but when someone does something right, we should applaud them for it.  The Federal Reserve was the topic for the entire show, and Beck and his guests discussed the creation of money, debt, the history of banking and the current financial problems of the United States.  Glenn Beck even had G. Edward Griffin on the show.  That was huge.  There is not usually much on the mainstream news worth getting excited about, but in this case Glenn Beck’s show on the Federal Reserve was a very good step forward, and hopefully more mainstream news programs will begin to feel comfortable with taking an honest look at the Federal Reserve.


Let us hope that Glenn Beck and his staff will continue to do more research on the Federal Reserve and will move that show in some more positive directions.  We should be encouraging to anyone that wants to discover the truth.  However, it is also important to note that there are quite a few things that Glenn Beck is fundamentally wrong about, and that probably is not going to change any time soon.  In fact, it would be foolish to put too much trust in anyone in the mainstream media.

But we also have to be willing to allow people to change.  Perhaps Glenn Beck really has become convinced that the Federal Reserve is bad for America.  Or perhaps at least he is a little more open to discussing it now.  In any event, a couple million Americans got exposed to a lot of truth about the Federal Reserve on Friday and that is a good thing.

So exactly what did Glenn Beck have to say about the Federal Reserve on Friday?  Let’s review some of the good points and some of the bad points….

The Good….

*Glenn Beck acknowledged that the Federal Reserve is a privately owned banking cartel.

*Glenn Beck correctly stated that the Federal Reserve creates money out of thin air.

*Glenn Beck noted that the Fed has tremendous control over economic policy.

*Glenn Beck interviewed G. Edward Griffin and didn’t even freak out when Griffin started using terms such as “New World Order”.

*Glenn Beck detailed the history regarding the infamous meeting on Jekyll Island during which the concept of the Federal Reserve was shaped and developed.

*He brought out that approximately one-fourth of all the wealth in the world was represented at that meeting on Jekyll Island.

*Glenn Beck at least mentioned some of the big players involved in the creation of the Federal Reserve such as “Rockefeller”, “Rothschild”, “Warburg” and “J.P. Morgan”.

*He told his audience that our currency is backed by nothing.

*Glenn Beck correctly acknowledged that the Federal Reserve has no elected officials and that it is an undemocratic institution.

*Glenn Beck repeatedly mentioned that we are not allowed to look into the books of the Federal Reserve.

*Glenn Beck rightly proclaimed that when it comes to the Federal Reserve there is basically no accountability.

*Glenn Beck even asked G. Edward Griffin about what it would take to get rid of the Federal Reserve.

The Bad….

*Glenn Beck implied that those that link the Federal Reserve with the Bilderberg Group are a bit nuts.

*Glenn Beck repeatedly used words such as “crazy” and “crazy town” to describe conspiracy theories about the Federal Reserve.

*He failed to get into how the Federal Reserve greatly benefits big Wall Street banks such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan Chase.

*Glenn Beck could have very easily have gotten into how essentially all of our currency is created by debt, and how this debt-based system is at the very heart of our financial problems.

*Glenn Beck only briefly touched on the relationship between the Federal Reserve and the national debt.

So it was not a perfect show.  In many ways, it just scratched the surface.  It also probably alienated a lot of people in the alternative media.  But at least it was a lot more than we usually get in the mainstream media.

So what should we conclude?  Posted below is a YouTube video that contains Glenn Beck’s show on the Federal Reserve.  Watch it and decide for yourself…..

It is no secret that Glenn Beck has lost a ton of viewers over the past several months.  It is also no secret that anti-Federal Reserve sentiment in this country is growing.  Could Glenn Beck be trying to tap into all of the anti-Federal Reserve sentiment in order to bring in more viewers?  Or is this Glenn Beck being honest and sincere about what he really believes about the Federal Reserve?

In any case, a lot of truth about the Federal Reserve was presented on Friday and G. Edward Griffin got to speak to a couple million people.  Large numbers of G. Edward Griffin’s books on the Federal Reserve will be sold.  More people will wake up to the truth about the Fed.

So a lot of good is going to come out of all of this.  Perhaps more news programs will also start doing shows about the Federal Reserve.  Perhaps more mainstream radio and television programs will have guests like G. Edward Griffin on.  Perhaps eventually the debate about whether or not to shut down the Federal Reserve will become part of mainstream political discussions in this country.

In any event, those of us that are deeply critical of the Federal Reserve should be glad that people like Glenn Beck are talking about it.  The folks in the mainstream media are not always going to get things right, but that is a whole lot better than if they were to simply not talk about the problems with the Federal Reserve at all.

  • Travis

    I have been watching Glenn Beck before he landed on Fox News. I have seen him slowly awaken to the “truths” that are around us, hidden in plain sight. I honestly believe he is trying to awaken the public with the truth about the Federal Reserve along with other major problems our country faces. I don’t think his primary motive is to attract viewers for selfish reasons. He truly wants to inform the uninformed.

  • Glenn Beck 03/25/11

    (1) Don’t tell Glenn Beck (or his fans) that he is part of the “Mainstream Media”.

    (2) His “crazy talk” was just his sense of humor – sometimes he is hard to follow.

    (3) He has talked about our debt based currency and national debt on prior programs.

    (4) I have never heard him say anything favorable about the Federal Reserve.

    (5) G. Edward Griffin suggested that Americans would be naive to think that we have any gold left in Fort Knox. This may be as important as knowing the truth about the Federal Reserve.

  • William

    The Federal Reserve Bank, and many of the central banks in other countries, particularly Europe, is but one of the tools used by the Bilderberger/Illuminati/Rothschild gang to move to a “new world order”, or one world government. It is not about money. If one has hundreds of billions of dollars, or even trillions of dollars, money does not matter. How many fabulous houses and precious gems and cars, etc is enough……these super wealthy do not want more “things”. They want POWER OVER YOU, and that is coming in the form of the one world government. If one reads the US Constitution, it is clear that the FED is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Then, WHY has the FED been allowed to exist for about a hundred years?? The answer is that the members of the US Congress, less Paul and his son, are COWARDS.

  • US Marine

    You make the claim that the show was not 100% accurate, but completely failed to provide any evidence to support your contention or to highlight any specific area where Glenn was (in your opinion) inaccurate.

  • paulie

    The bankers are rich enough to keep themselves off Forbes 50 richest.

  • “The overton Window” book by Glenn Beck is a good read.

  • Imaplaneiac

    I sent Glenn and his producer an e-mail, over the weekend; urging them to do additional shows about the ( not EVEN !!! ) ” Federal ” Reserve.I urged them to detail how / why ” quantitative easing ” devalues the Dollar and will eventually cause hyper-inflation.

  • Joe

    I find it amazing how majority of the non-mainstream media outlets failed to report the FED’s record profits of 81.7 billion in 2010 (search ‘fed profits’ from rt dot com, report from March 23, 2011). Has the non-mainstream media become infiltrated as well? We would not be in debt if we totally stopped paying debt to these bankers, debt that was fraudulent in the first place. Glen Beck at least awakened a lot of people, so after the Middle East protests, shall we see a protest against the FED in the US?

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    Glen Beck is, as I understand it is lousing his audience. Shows like this are nice but in the long run I don’t think they will amount to a hill of beans. You can educate the populace but if people are not willing to listen or think it will be something “The Children” will have to worry about nothing will change. I like Glen the hard left has been gunning for him for a wile, he has courage and I think his hearts in the right place. I just get the feeling he’s fighting a rear guard action against history, and history always wins.

  • “He told his audience that our currency is backed by nothing.”
    Worst is, they won’t do anything about this. Our debt is too massive and the Fed is too aligned with Wall St. for it to raise rates…

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  • Tao Jones

    Glenn Beck is Controlled Opposition.

    Think about it: the same corporate interests that own our government own all the media outlets as well. Do you really think they’re going to allow a voice of genuine dissent on THEIR airwaves? Do you really think they are going to give a voice to anyone who poses a genuine threat to THEIR power?

    In my opinion, such an assumption is folly. Why would they pay someone to challenge their power structure, using their own brainwashing network as a vehicle to spread the revolution that will destroy their lock on the people? Does a mugger hand you his gun and encourage you to take your best shot?

    Glenn Beck is like the whistle on a steam kettle: like the steam kettle, he is useful for venting steam harmlessly in the atmosphere. Glenn Beck exists in order that articles like this one may be written and the slightly more awake and aware of us will be reassured that something is being done.

    But nothing IS being done. The author says in his article that Beck’s show was not 100% accurate. Well, why not?

    Because 100% accuracy would demand that the Federal Reserve be dismantled TODAY, and its directors charged with crimes. It would demand that our complicit politicians face the same.

    Do you really think they’re going to put THAT idea into people’s heads? Actual accountability? Actual solutions?


    What you’ll get instead is the high-pitched, deafening whistle of bought and paid for mouthpieces relieving the steadily building pressure among those of us who recognize what a criminal cabal this nation has become.

    Beck is a sell-out; you do not reach national prominence unless you are also a sell-out. Anyone whose name is nationally recognized is either complicit, or they are a useful idiot who can be counted on to regurgitate his programming and spread the message his masters want disseminated.

    If you want to CONTROL the opposition, you must LEAD the opposition. This allows you to pretend you are addressing the issues while carefully framing the debate in such a way that all real discussion is shut down, and real solutions are never even put on the table.

    If you are a victim of the Tea Party delusion, this applies to you as well.Ron paul? He’s in the same boat. If Paul were genuine he would be leading the American public in cries for the IMMEDIATE impeachment of the entire Congress and executive. They are ALL criminals.

    If not, why do they do nothing to address the open criminality of our Rulers? Why do none of them ever suggest HOLDING ACCOUNTABLE the crooks who steal our money, trample our Constitution, and wage illegal wars in the name of the American public?

    Why do they (at most) content themselves with clasping their hands and clucking their tongues, like a fussy schoolmarm who discovers her students have put a frog in her desk?

    Because they are empty suits, steam-kettles blowing off steam harmlessly into the atmosphere while doing nothing to cut the heat driving things.

    Controlled Opposition. Coming soon to a neighborhood near you!

  • Beck essentially watches Alex Jones (infowars and prisonplanet) and rips off most of his content, repackaging it as his own. Alex is far and away more accurate.

  • Aurelius 7

    I’m with Tao… Although I wouldn’t label him as ‘controlled opposition’. I see him more or less as a political prostitute for the oligarchy that controls both sides of the political spectrum. Divide and conquer. Faux News is 19% owned by a Saudi prince. I’m a conservative and yet I can objectively say that.

    Right vs. left is passe. Both sides are being used — but the liberals are the bigger useful idiots in this case pushing the socialist/Marxist agenda. Divided we are falling, and that is the plan.

    If you believe the Illuminati/Bilderberg group nonsense, you’re crazier than Alex Jones. Sure, they exist, but they’re red herrings and you took the bait, hook, line and sinker. might be interested in knowing that a lot of what Beck says comes out of Michael Savages playbook. Alex Jones is just an opportunist nutcase.

  • The III (3rd)

    @ Tao Jones

    You are absolutely right. In order to control the dissent you must lead it and that is what Glen is being paid to do. His rant on unions is killing his credibility and opening the eyes of his viewers to whom he really takes his orders from. When ever the forces that be want to make a move unpopular with the populous, Glen is there to tell them it must be done for the good of the republic, TARP being the prime example. Social Security and Medicare are being demonized by him as well. I watch Glen as often but when I do I watch with eyes wide open “And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light”(2 Corinthians 11:14). Don’t be led a stray by a wolf in sheep clothing.

    – The III

  • Mike Moll

    Thank you very much for publishing that Glenn Beck show; I would not have seen it otherwise. I believe he is sincere – you cant do such a difficult thing as he did, preparing himself, putting that forward, and putting himself out in the open as he did without believing in it, I am sure. And isnt he saying, too, our job is to end the fed, we dont need any theories, the facts are terrible enough.
    We need to end the BOE and BIS too.

  • Tao Jones

    @ Aurelius

    I don’t DISBELIEVE the Illumanati theory.

    Neither do I disbelieve the theory that the Vatican is in control. Or that the International Banking Cabal holds the reins.

    I don’t BELIEVE in any of them, either.

    The only think I DO feel fairly certain of is that Reality as it was presented to me in school, church, and the mainstream reality tunnel is a complete lie.

    I just try to keep an open mind and remain aware of the way our perceptions are cynically engineered. The masses are controlled by means of television.

    The propaganda is pervasive and insidious. They do not come right out and SAY that we should believe X. That worked years ago, but is not particularly effective now. It is far more effective to insinuate a position as though it were already an accepted, irrefutable fact held by all sensible, progressive people.

    That’s why you don’t see propaganda posters such as the ones that were common in WW II.

    Instead, you get two ‘experts’ pretending to argue on TV. They will each hold a ‘position’; either of these positions are useful to the purposes of the real rulers, because they each eliminate the real debate. The viewer will fall in with one or the other of these ‘positions’ depending on which side of the completely false Left/Right paradigm he finds himself identifying with.

    Because he is emotionally driven to accept these ‘opinions’ he never notices that they do not arise from his own mental process. He never becomes aware for a moment that he has never given even 2 seconds of actual, internal consideration to X.

    Also, because he is being emotionally manipulated, any contrary view is interpreted as a PERSONAL ATTACK ON HIMSELF, thus shutting down any hope of engaging the person in reasoned debate on the subject.

    People are unaware of propaganda put forth in this manner for the same reason a fish is unaware of water.

    Given that this is the case, I remain open to all possibilities. Whatever is REALLY going in is bound to seem ‘out there’; if you have been convinced that chocolate is deadly poison you will naturally be surprised to find that it is a harmless and delicious treat.

    It’s sort of like the Christian viewpoint that the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled is in making people believe he isn’t real.

    The best place to hide something is right out in the open.

    I’m not trying to convince you that the Illumanati exist. I’m not trying to convince you of anything, really.

    I’m just encouraging anyone who takes the time to read my post to keep an open mind, and to be aware that the majority of what we consider our opinions have been engineered and pre-packaged for us.

    And that is a really dangerous state of affairs.

  • Art

    @Tao Jones
    You are fighting the good fight, making the case for rational thought and common sense.

    Our everyday lives are puposefully filled with ways to avoid objective thought. A silent war has been waged against the American poplulace to gain control over how we preceive the world around us. We are taught from the begining to obey authority, to listen to “fatherly” figures, that the “media” reports the truth without bias, all politicians, elected officials and public workers are above corruption and scandel. What we have been taught and trained to think is a manipulation of the mind, the exact opposite of the way we were intended to live. It is difficult to reach people and explain how this is taking place without them feeling defensive, towards the person revealing the truth, and to completely reject the rantings of a “crazed” person. The comments can be read to reveal what I am saying. People can only go as far as they feel comfortable under their current level of awareness to the reality of our situation, to the level of manipulation. People must decide for themselves to look within and self diagnos the problem, take personal resposibility for their part and become resolved to remedy the problem.

    I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do. What I can do, I should do. And what I should do, by the grace of God, I will do. — Edward Everett Hale (1822-1909)

    You are spot on when you refer to the Hegelian dialect as a means to manipulate the mind of the unaware. People must understand that it is not them who are the enemy, it is a lack of awareness that we battle against. We all must practice and become proficiant at asking questions and seeking the truth. We must not feel guilty for testing the motives of those we choose to listen to.

    Would Glenn Beck continue his show if he was not making millions or selling another book? He knows full well that there is obscene profits to be made off of the patriot movement. I have no problem with making a profit, this Country was founded on capitalism and a free market. What I do want to accomplish is to show people that the Glenn Becks are not our “saviors”, the next politician you vote for is not your “savior”. Do not turn your responsibility over to someone else, do not allow someone else to do the thinking for you because the wolf in sheeps clothing is always willing too, the wolf is always looking for the crack in your armour to promote his message of “turn your freedoms over to me and I will look out for your safety”. No one will ever be better at knowing or protecting ourselves then ourselves.

    • insomniac


  • buck

    I watched the vid. It was the first time I have watched or listened to anything Beck since his radio interview with Debra Medina in which Beck made a total ass of himself ambushing Medina with a question of national scrutiny rather than let the woman talk about the crony element of Texas government.

    Beck was rather rude to G. Edward Griffin. It seemed to me Griffin was afforded little time to speak. Beck has the control…it’s all about Beck I think.

    I watched Beck when he was on CNN during the Lou Dobbs days with that network. Beck was somewhat a refreshing twist on opinionated politics. I always however thought something was fishy when Beck associated with Rupert Murdoch so I quit watching him. I’m sure CNN “changed” after Beck and Dobbs left. I don’t watch any of the majors however so I don’t know what they do and who speaks what bias necessarily.

    This is a lot better vid of G. Edward Griffin talking about “The Creature from Jekyll Island”. Griffin explains why there is no need for Fed income tax. Evidently some people are waking to the Federal Reserve conspiracy. I like the fact Griffin calls it that. Is there enough to make a difference? I doubt it. As Griffin opinions when the dollar collapses and we enter into a one world currency we will have the same as a Federal Reserve.

  • buck
  • Tao Jones



    You understand exactly what I am trying to convey. There are times I suspect I am alone in a sea of brainwashing victims; there are even more frequent times that I question my own sanity.

    It’s like screaming the Emperor has no clothes, and people either refuse to look up from their Game Boys or they call me a crazed Conspiracy Nut.

    It’s frustrating.

    The war really is for our minds. Sadly, they are winning. I will never give up the struggle, but seriously I see no real hope.

    The programming runs too deep, the ego chains are too strong.

    People seem incapable of examining the fundamentals. You say, “Look, the foundation is rotten! The house cannot stand!”

    And they say, “What are you talking about? The windows need extra tax credits, and the storm doors support Marxist policies, and the homosexuals won’t paint the kitchen, and there’s an abortion crack in the hall mirror, and the roof is leaking illegals, and the weather vane continues to favor the rich, and the porch won’t provide a birth certificate!”

    And you say, “Yes, but look–NONE OF THAT MATTERS IF THE FOUNDATION IS UNSOUND! Don’t you see? Without a foundation the rest of your concerns are secondary! We have to fix the foundation!”

    And they say, “What are you talking about, you nut? You probably wear a tin foil hat while listening to Alex Jones! Listen, you crackpot, the living room floor is cutting funding for education, and the curtains are invading Glenbeckizthan, and the toilet is clogged with Medicare, and the wallpaper in the master bedroom is a Liberal/Conservative/Socialist/Progressive! So quit your whining and VOTE! VOTE, you fool! Otherwise you have no right to b***h about anything!”

    It’s actually very frightening, like a Twilight Zone episode come to life.

    Either I am insane, or they are.

    Either way it’s very isolating.

  • Paul

    Problem-reaction-solution. The role of the Fed has been completed with the gutting of the US economy and destruction of the US dollar. Employing people like Beck (he works for Rupert Murdoch, remember) to cheerlead for the end of the Fed is hardly an example of a truth awakening. He already knows. It is about leading you all to the solution they want you to demand. Don’t think this cretin actually cares for the truth any more than than his boss does. The question is just where do these people want to lead us by doing things like this?

    • don

      It’s called “conditioning”

  • sanityjones

    Tao Jones We are in agreement. The battle is indeed for the mind, for it is the gateway to the soul. It is refreshing to come across a philosopher such as yourself…….a rare treat indeed. It is a pity that so much capacity for reason has been lost to the “enlightenment” of mankind. Where have we seen this before?

  • Rick

    Glenn Beck is the perfect shill FOR the federal reserve. When he criticizes the FED, he becomes the goofy insane crank that ends up de-legtimizing all criticisms of the Federal Reserve.

    A perfect agent of chaos.

  • What Glenn Beck didn’t say was that the Rothschilds were involved in the creation of the Bank of America. Andrew Jackson fought them successfully, and Lincoln tried to fight them, but lost and was assassinated.

    He only told half the story, but it was a good first step.

  • Brian Bresee

    Now you know why he got fired.

  • ray elarmo


  • Facebook– Pied Piper of the New World Order’s technological control grid

  • Jaka Venet

    Great debate, thank you all.

    But where to start?

    What are foundations?

    I will point on those:

    There is no free market if some of market players can take power to himself to change fundamental free market rules as they will.

    There is no democracy if some some people are allowed to get so rich that can buy thinking and destiny of other people.

  • things are never gona change untill the people change it, and voting is not the way! america likes it in the *********, thats why they keep on voting. watch these morons as they bleed to death FROM THE REAR!