Fukushima Is Continually Blasting All Of Us With High Levels Of Cesium, Strontium And Plutonium And Will Slowly Kill Millions For Years To Come

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Fukushima is now far and away the worst nuclear disaster in all of human history.  Chernobyl was a Sunday picnic compared to Fukushima and the amount of cesium-137 released at Fukushima this year so far is equivalent to 168 Hiroshima bombs.  The crisis at Fukushima is far, far worse than you have been told.  We are talking about multiple self-sustaining nuclear meltdowns that will not be fully contained for years.  In an attempt to keep people calm, authorities in Japan (and around the rest of the world as well) have lied and lied and lied.  Over the months that have passed since the disaster began, small bits of the truth have slowly started to come out.  Authorities are finally admitting that the area immediately surrounding Fukushima will be uninhabitable indefinitely, and they are finally admitting that the amount of radioactive material that has been released is far higher than initially reported.  It is going to take the Japanese years to fully contain this problem.  Meanwhile, Fukushima will continue to blast all of us with high levels of cesium, strontium and plutonium and will slowly kill millions of people around the globe for years to come.


These days, the mainstream media does not talk about Fukushima much.  The reality is that there have been a whole lot of other disasters for them to talk about.

But just because Fukushima is a nightmare that is playing out in very slow motion does not mean that it does not deserve our full attention.

To get an idea of just how nightmarish Fukushima has turned out to be, just consider the words of nuclear expert Steven C. Jones….

By way of comparison, the Chernobyl nuclear disaster that occured in 1986 in the Ukraine, Russia- heretofore the worst nuclear disaster on record- burned for 10 days and cumulatively killed an estimated 1 million people worldwide. The Fukushima, Japan nuclear disaster has 5 nuclear reactors burning, 2 in partial meltdown and 3 in full meltdown- and they’ve ALL been uncontrollably burning since March 11th. Its been over 3 months and this nuclear disaster remains completely out of control. In fact, some industry estimates cite the possibility that these meltdowns will be contained (optimistically) in 1-3 years, at the very earliest.

The amount and intensity of the radioactive fallout from this particular nuclear disaster will assuredly kill hundreds of millions of people worldwide over time. Japan itself is, of course, the epicenter of this radioactive contamination that has spread out from these reactors.

Keep in mind that radioactivity from the Chernobyl disaster deeply contaminated 77,000 square miles.

So if Fukushima is many times worse, what does that mean for us?

Just recently, authorities in Japan confessed that the amount of cesium-137 released by Fukushima is equivalent to 168 of the nuclear bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima.  The following is a brief excerpt from a recent article in the Telegraph….

Japan’s government estimates the amount of radioactive caesium-137 released by the Fukushima nuclear disaster so far is equal to that of 168 Hiroshima bombs.

I am no nuclear expert, but shortly after the Fukushima disaster began I postulated that much of northern Japan would be rendered uninhabitable by all of this radiation.

Well, it turns out that authorities in Japan have finally reached the same conclusion.  According to the New York Times, the Japanese government is acknowledging that large areas around the Fukushima nuclear facility may be uninhabitable for decades….

Broad areas around the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant could soon be declared uninhabitable, perhaps for decades, after a government survey found radioactive contamination that far exceeded safe levels, several major media outlets said Monday.

So what is the big deal?

Unfortunately, most people do not have any concept of just how dangerous nuclear contamination can be.

At this point, the vast majority of people living in the northern hemisphere have been exposed to radioactive material from Fukushima.

We can’t see them, but radioactive particles can do an insane amount of damage.  We can breathe them in, we can eat them in our food and we can even absorb them through our skin.  Once trapped inside our bodies, these particles can slowly “bake” us for years and years.  The following is from an opinion piece by Helen Caldicott in the Guardian….

Internal radiation, on the other hand, emanates from radioactive elements which enter the body by inhalation, ingestion, or skin absorption. Hazardous radionuclides such as iodine-131, caesium 137, and other isotopes currently being released in the sea and air around Fukushima bio-concentrate at each step of various food chains (for example into algae, crustaceans, small fish, bigger fish, then humans; or soil, grass, cow’s meat and milk, then humans). [2] After they enter the body, these elements – called internal emitters – migrate to specific organs such as the thyroid, liver, bone, and brain, where they continuously irradiate small volumes of cells with high doses of alpha, beta and/or gamma radiation, and over many years, can induce uncontrolled cell replication – that is, cancer. Further, many of the nuclides remain radioactive in the environment for generations, and ultimately will cause increased incidences of cancer and genetic diseases over time.

One of the most dangerous radioactive elements being released at Fukushima is strontium.  Strontium accumulates in the bones and in the teeth.  It is also known to cause cancer in humans.

It has been estimated that approximately 80 percent of the strontium that was released during the Chernobyl nuclear disaster entered the food cycle.

Considering the vast amount of strontium that has been released at Fukushima, that is a very frightening statistic.

The following is what NHK World recently had to say about the levels of strontium that are being found around Fukushima….

The utility detected up to 480 becquerels of radioactive strontium 90 per kilogram of soil. That’s about 100 times higher than the maximum reading recorded in Fukushima Prefecture following atmospheric nuclear tests carried out by foreign countries during the Cold War era.

TEPCO reported detecting 2,800 becquerels of strontium 89 per kilogram of soil at the same location.

Once you absorb strontium, it will stay in your bones for the rest of your life.  Just consider what Dr. Russell Blaylock recently told Newsmax….

When we look at Chernobyl, most of West Germany was heavily contaminated. Norway, Sweden. Hungary was terribly contaminated. The radiation was taken up into the plants. The food was radioactive. They took the milk and turned it into cheese. The cheese was radioactive.

That’s the big danger, the crops in this country being contaminated, the milk in particular, with Strontium 90. That radiation is incorporated into the bones and stays for a lifetime.

So would you like to have radioactive material in your bones that affects your health for the rest of your life?

It may have already happened to you and you wouldn’t even know it.

Other deadly radioactive elements that are being released at high levels at Fukushima include iodine, cesium, uranium and plutonium.  Large amounts of these radioactive particles have already been absorbed in the soil and in the water in the United States.

Large amounts of these radioactive particles have also entered our food chain.

As the years go by, a whole lot of Americans are going to get sick and die and they will never even know that it was Fukushima that caused it.

Remember, just because you cannot see these radioactive particles does not mean that they aren’t incredibly deadly.  Just check out what nuclear expert Steven C. Jones recently had to say about plutonium….

To give one an example of how lethal radiation is, one pound of plutonium evenly distributed into everyone’s lungs would kill every man, woman and child on Earth. There are literally “tons” of radioactive plutonium (among other radioactive elements) that have been released into the air and ocean environments since March 11th. Another critical fact to remember is that radioactive plutonium, for example, remains lethal (killing life) for thousands years as it has a half-life of 24,000 years. Some other radioactive elements such as uranium have a half-life of 4.47 billion years.

That is the scary thing with many of these radioactive elements.  Now that they have been released, many of them will be with us for as long as we live, for as long as our children live and for as long as our grandchildren live.

Yes, things are much worse than you have been told.

Up until now, the Japanese government has insisted that those living outside the 20 kilometer exclusion zone are safe.

But is that really the case?

According to Reuters, Greenpeace has found incredibly high levels of radiation at schools up to 60 km away…..

Greenpeace said on Monday that schools and surrounding areas located 60 km (38 miles) from Japan’s tsunami-hit nuclear power plant were unsafe for children, showing radiation readings as much as 70 times internationally accepted levels.

In addition, a recent Japan Times article noted that high levels of cesium have been discovered at 42 incineration plants in seven different prefectures in Japan….

High levels of cesium isotopes are cropping up in dust at 42 incineration plants in seven prefectures, including Chiba and Iwate, an Environment Ministry survey of the Kanto and Tohoku regions shows.

Also, a recent article in the Wall Street Journal stated that incredibly high levels of cesium-137 have been found up to 100 km away from the Fukushima nuclear facility….

The first comprehensive survey of soil contamination from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant showed that 33 locations spread over a wide area have been contaminated with long-lasting radioactive cesium, the government said Tuesday.

The survey of 2,200 locations within a 100-kilometer (62-mile) radius of the crippled plant found that those locations had cesium-137 in excess of 1.48 million becquerels per square meter, the level set by the Soviet Union for forced resettlement after the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, Japanese authorities said.

Remember that Tokyo is only about 250 km away from the Fukushima nuclear facility.

So what happens if high levels of cesium start showing up in Tokyo?

According to some sources, things have already gotten very serious in Tokyo.

Dr. Chris Busby recently traveled to Japan with some very sophisticated testing equipment and found one sample in Tokyo that had levels of radioactivity that were higher than the exclusion zone surrounding Chernobyl during that nuclear disaster.

But things are much worse for those living much closer to Fukushima.  High levels of cesium have been detected in the urine and in the breast milk of those living in the region surrounding the facility.  All over the area there are reports of people coming down with the symptoms of radiation sickness.

The truth is that the “evacuation area” should be far, far larger than it is now.  Just consider what Mike Adams of Natural News recently had to say about what recent tests have shown….

One soil sample taking 25 kilometers away from Fukushima showed Cesium-137 exceeding 5 million becquerels per square meter. This level, of course, makes it uninhabitable by humans, yet both the Japanese and U.S. governments continue to downplay the whole event, assuring their sheeple that there’s nothing to worry about. By their logic, since all the people are sheeple anyway, as long as the area is safe enough for sheep, it’s also safe enough for the human population.

A lot of people in Japan are going to die, and frustrations are rising.  According to an article in The Independent, a lot of Japanese feel totally abandoned by their government at this point….

It is the fate of people outside the evacuation zones, however, that causes the most bitter controversy. Parents in Fukushima City, 63km from the plant, have banded together to demand that the government do more to protect about 100,000 children. Schools have banned soccer and other outdoor sports. Windows are kept closed. “We’ve just been left to fend for ourselves,” says Machiko Sato, a grandmother who lives in the city. “It makes me so angry.”

But just because you don’t live in Japan does not mean that you are not in danger.  The Fukushima nuclear facility sits right on the Pacific Ocean.  When nuclear material gets released into the air at Fukushima, the first time much of it will encounter land is when it reaches the United States.

Also, thousands upon thousands upon thousands of tons of highly radioactive water has been released into the Pacific Ocean at Fukushima.

What this is going to do to our oceans nobody knows for sure.  But according to the Los Angeles Times, the seawater near Fukushima has been found to be incredibly radioactive….

Tokyo Electric Power Co. had said Tuesday that it had found iodine-131 at 7.5 million times the legal limit in a seawater sample taken near the facility, and government officials instituted a health limit for radioactivity in fish. Other samples were found to contain radioactive cesium at 1.1 million times the legal limit.

All of this radioactive water is going to circulate all over the globe.  It is going to be a nightmare that is never going to end.

Just because the mainstream media is not talking much about all of this radiation does not mean that it is not affecting the United States….

*Radiation from Fukushima has been detected in seaweed in Puget Sound.

*Radiation from Fukushima has been detected in the drinking water in numerous states.

*Radiation from Fukushima has been discovered in milk in numerous states.

*Very high levels of radiation continue to be detected in rainwater in the northwest United States.

This is a slow motion nightmare that is going to play out for years and years.

Some nuclear experts claim that it could be up to 50 or 100 years before any of the nuclear material at the Fukushima complex will cool down enough to be removed from the facility.

Right now there is no viable solution to what is going on at Fukushima, so it will continue to blast all of us with high levels of radiation and will slowly kill millions of people around the globe for years to come.

Former nuclear industry insider Arnold Gundersen recently put it this way….

“With Three Mile Island and Chernobyl, and now with Fukushima, you can pinpoint the exact day and time they started,” he said, “But they never end.”

This is a nightmare that will be with us for the rest of our lives.  Millions are going to get sick and untold numbers of people are going to slowly die.

Please share this information with as many people as you can.

  • jeremy

    Well what can you do? Just trust in God and know that life is more than what’s on earth, it’s beyond in a different place with Christ.

    • Anonymous

      This is childish and absurd. Maybe you should spare us the pain of your folly and just kill yourself now so that you can meet your mythical cosmic zombie in the sky.

      • Neal

        We all feel pity for you taking time out of your busy life to mock a Christian. The good news is you won’t have to be annoyed by us after death.

      • Nexus789

        On your side – religious numpties. Lets not deal with the real world but mumble to some mythical entity.

        • DirkD

          Just because you haven’t seen something, doesn’t make it nonexistent. I could point out air and electricity are two things you can’t see, but rely on all the time.

    • Amen brother, very true. Though I am genuinely heart broken for everyone and everything that has been affected by this, I rejoice that Jesus is Lord, and has a better place in store for believers. God bless.

    • Not a Problem at all

      Sorry, US is not in trouble…

      Radiation levels in California posted frequently.


      • roberted

        It’s the nuclear equivalent of Y2K and an occasion to sell a lot of cans of SPAM

  • Ben W

    Ah hopefully it will wipe out the Usurious Shitheads of America and make the world a better place without such a butcherous, greedy, selfish soceity destroying it…

    • Michael

      Wouldn’t China take our place in that regard?

    • Bill

      It is not the society as a whole…It is the Govt. and people like you.

  • fearforthechildren

    Thank you so much for bringing Japan into the “pot of reality”. We, as a civilization, are on the cusp of extinction. Disatrous world events, weather manmade or nature is but a blip on our “radar”. Now would be a good time to educate ourselves with the likes of Edgar Cayce, the Mayans, and Native American prophecies. The latter foretells of the ‘children must run to the trees'[survival]This, I believe, will help concerning radiation. There are videos on Youtube of Native American elders who put our changing world into prospective. Peace and Godspeed…..


    Can’t they put something in the drinking water to make the people more happy?

    Cyanide or something?RADIOACTIVE???WTF

  • we knew when the MSM said all was well that they we spinning a yarn.

    I know we have not seen the worst of this yet not for years.

    The occultist call this the “AGE OF IRON AND LIES”.

    Seem they are right.


  • pranah

    I wonder why the governments of the rest of the world aren’t offering to help Japan contain the Fukushima radiation. I can’t believe they don’t know the dangers!

    I was glued to the news during Hurricane Irene for several reasons, one being that I am terrified of what might happen if any of the USA’s nuclear power plants is knocked out by a natural disaster. When I contemplate prolonged grid-down scenarios, I get cold sweats of fear thinking of all the nation’s nuke plants going Fukushima at once.

    Fortunately, there appear to be supplements you can take to help eliminate some radiation from the body and to help minimize the danger of tissue damage from radiation. Here’s an article from Mike Adams’ NaturalNews site, “How to protect yourself from radiation poisoning”:


    It discusses chelation agents (such as chlorella, spirulina, sodium alginate, zeolite clay, and modified citrus pectin) which bind to radioactive particles and carry them out of the body; supplements that support our body’s own detoxifying system; and powerful antioxidants (such as Vit. C, CoQ10, resveratrol, and astaxanthin) that combat radiation’s free radical damage. I’ve also seen articles on NaturalNews discussing curcumin, gingko, and rosemary as potent anti-radiation supplements.

    Good luck, everyone–we’re all going to need it! And thanks, Michael, for helping to keep the Fukushima disaster in the public eye.

    • Guido

      WE did offer to help. So did others. And we sent all sorts of stuff over there to assist. You can’t help that much, tho, if the government is not telling the truth about the emergency. It also doesn’t help when the immediate area is completely impassable.

      • pranah

        Guido, you’re right. I forgot, because everything was so crazy (I do recall Koreans helping with the tsunami victims) and you don’t read anything about ongoing foreign assistance now–if there is any.

  • Kindra

    A damn shame….the incompetence of our leaders is sad….very very sad. I’m beside myself

  • Richard

    Kind of a joke, really, isn’t it? The tear-jerking reaches a crescendo with, “Also, thousands upon thousands upon thousands of tons of highly radioactive water has been released into the Pacific Ocean at Fukushima” and, yes, even after the “thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands” you don’t even have the gumption to put a PLURAL verb to top it off…. I cannot remeember being so irritated by such relentless emotional prose as by your efforts to impress us with your own. GIVE IT UP! We are big boys and girls now. WE CAN THINK FOR OURSELVES…

  • nawtsurprised

    Most of this pollution is occurring in the northern hemisphere, going south of the equator may buy one more ‘time’.

  • Thank you for this excellent article.

    In response to jeremy (“what can you do?”), please check out the following:

    Don’t let yourselves be brought down by this evil conspiracy! WE MUST (AND CAN) DEFEAT THEM!

  • I don’t know why they just don’t nuke it and be done with it?

  • billybonesIII

    Ah yes, strontium 90!

    Ever since those maniacs in the USA and USSR got hold of the German scientists and brought them to our respective countries to continue developing the neuclear toys and then testing them in Nevada, Russian tundra and the Pacific atols, we’ve had strontium 90. Lots of it.

    God has let me live 77 years without cancer but I can say that 3/4 of my friends and aquaintances have died or are dying of “it”.
    So don’t talk about Chernobyll or Fukushima! We all have a piece of this insanity. They already have a newer, bigger, more effective way of mass killing. Every time we open our mouths to eat or breath we’re getting another dose.
    The good news is that Jesus is coming very soon! These bodies are dying or actually, are dead if you don’t know Him.
    Laugh if you don’t believe this, but you can still choose Him and live. It’s still your choice! It’s in the Bible!

  • billybonesIII

    Just as an adjunct, it’s sad that intelligent people, many with college degrees, need to use foul language to express themselves.
    -Billy :-)

    • DB200

      Intelligent people would take time to investigate whether God existed or that it all was bogus. Are people who use foul language, really intelligent?

  • There is protection for this radiation. Please refer to the Wellness Talk by Dr. Brazos Minshew below. The products mentioned Nopalea and Adaptogen 10 Plus are available for us now. I take these every day.


  • Judy

    I truly believe that every politician, every environmentalist and green movement activist, and every business person and engineer, (and their immediate families), who plan and build these plants should now be taken to the Fukushima plant and be required to spend just one night in this facility, in their normal clothing (since that is all the rest of us get), to ‘prove’ how safe they are. This can prove how much better nuclear plants are for the environment and people; to show how turning a blind eye to proper planning and safety guidelines to ‘save’ some time (or a few million/billion dollars), is ok because “no one will know.” I bet there would be a sudden change of policy and tone if these people were ‘allowed the opportunity’ to prove this to us in such a “practical way.”


    The answer is to seek God 1St. Seek the Kingdom, think more about eternity rather than the grass and flowers.

    Browns Gas remediates nuclear waste… but it may not be utilized for clean up, if it is being utilized, it won’t be publicized.

  • Ann

    There is a scripture that says 1/3 of all the birds and fish will die. Doesn’t seem so hard to believe now.

    • DB200

      Ann, you refer to Revelations 8.

      25 years ago we had Chernobyl. Not a big thing in the US but quite scary if you lived in Europe. I remember an article in a newspaper around 1990, when a journalist went to the Ukraine to see what happened to people living close to Chernobyl. He was told by (some of) them that they believed that the name of the star from Revelations 8:10-11 was synonymous with Chernobyl. In other words, one third of all water would be contaminated with radioactivity. I thought it silly, how could Chernobyl have this much impact outside the Ukraine, but I never forgot the contents of the article. Stupid that I didn’t keep the article, but that happens if you move a couple of times.

      Now, after reading Michael’s posting, it could be true, that actually radioactivity is meant in Revelations 8:10-11

    • Now you can see how the fulfillment of the verse in Psalm 91 can happen “a thousand shall fall at your side and 10,000 at your right hand for the arrow that flies by day and the terror by night” The arrow is the radiactive particles that once they get into your system never come out but continue to burn and burn.

  • J2201987

    Welp, the elite won’t have to concentrate on lying, manipulating, and forcing 90% of humanity into extinction; billions of people will just rot away via extreme radiation.

    I don’t understand how the Japanese aren’t heading for the hills. They’re hit the hardest, it’s like they’d rather stay and die an early death, than move far away and die a not-so-early death.

    Question: I understand food, air and water can be contaminated, but can inanimate objects be contaminated as well? I wanted to order a new PC by Sony and I’m just hoping one of the features isn’t HD Plutonium.

    • Guido

      Probably not. I’m not an expert, but I think unless your PC comes with contamination all over it, the likelihood of a radioactive PC is pretty low. Your PC would probably be manufactured in China, anyway.

  • JasonD

    There is a solution and they won’t do it: Bomb the whole area with a lot of very high explosives so that the explosives spread the radioactive material around and make them about 10x more diffuse (maybe a small nuke?)

    Yes, that would make the immediate area much more messy, but it would also make the material much cooler so that it does not continually spew into the atmosphere and into the sea. You could then ground cover the area with something to bury the stuff, like a landfill, and then pour on a concrete barrier. I’d use all the debris that the tsunami caused for the ground cover. It would kill two birds with one stone.

    Then, yes, the whole area is uninhabitable, but at least the radioactivity is not spreading around the rest of Japan and the whole world for that matter.

    • Gail

      Actually is certainly is spreading beyond Japan. The Japanese are now burning much of the contaminated material, so it goes into the air and heads east. Additionally, most of the radiation is going into the ocean. Again currents are bringing most of it to the west coast of the US and contaminating seafood throughout the Pacific. Nuclear disaster are global.

  • jackieR

    I use to eat only fish and crab. But now I no longer eat any. My protein source is nuts.

  • George

    With luck the Chinese will absorb this. There’s too many of them anyway and it would be nice to have our economy back home again.

  • Dave

    The fallout is being dropped all across the USA. It will slowly poison us all. People will start having more unexplained health problems, and won’t know what to blaim it on. This country is falling apart in so many ways. Sickening!

  • Chris

    Jesus is coming soon! We will have a new earth and a new body. Praise you lord. Repent

    • Nexus789

      Soft minded religious wacko.

      • frikitiki

        Intolerant ahole.

      • DB200

        It can also be taken as a compliment!

  • AlexxelA

    I’m not a Nuclear scientist but, cover the reactors with cement,sand, or anything that would cut emissions! Dig around the reactors and build a containment wall! Then remove small parts and send it out to space!

  • majia

    Thank you so very much for writing this article.

    Fukushima is a disaster beyond belief.

    Those wishing to follow updates can check





  • Richard Smith

    They were warned about that power plant not being in a safe area and that they needed to correct various safety factors, but would they listen? Hell, no!

  • It is very bad, believe it, there is nothing we can physically do about it, there are bigger problems ahead & soon. Get spiritually connected now, do not put it off. We are spirits having a mortal experience not mortals having a spiritual experience, we are eternal and you can believe it. Do not worry, be happy.

  • Suzanne

    It is indeed very sad…sometimes I think if only an alien planet could save us by cleaning our environment like in Star Trek everything would be alright….except life is not a movie or even a TV show. Our planet is dying it’s the year 5771 and the end will come at 6000 and we await for the Messiah.

  • Rollory

    This article is very short on measurements and details to support the “millions will die” claim, and very long on handwaving, breathless hype, and a complete inability to understand the mathematics of volume.

    Also fails to note that a study of Taiwanese people living in buildings constructed with slightly radioactive material was shown to IMPROVE health and longevity and decrease cancer rates through the hormesis effect.

    Don’t believe the liar. At the very least, check all his unproven implications for yourself.

    • Straight veteran

      a study of Taiwanese people living in buildings constructed with slightly radioactive material was shown to IMPROVE health and longevity and decrease cancer rates through the hormesis effect.

      Uh-Huh, and I know a guy who says smoking cigarette’s will reduce your chance of lung cancer. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a cool name for it like “hormesis effect” LMAO

  • I think something is going to happen here sometime soon regarding natural disasters.

    Check out FEMA Announces Nationwide Test of The Emergency Alert System on Nov 9, 2011


    • Guido

      These tests are run on an independent basis all the time. Listen to the radio and any day you can expect to hear them run a test. This is not that scary to me.

    • roberted

      I like the preciseness of your first sentence.

  • TW

    Show the actual lab results rather than news hype about mystery lab results. Millions times x is meaningless in science and useless for anything other than sensationalism when talking about atoms that can be individually measured.
    MEXT has the soil sample reports online in public access and they are not in the millions/Bq/kg so where are you getting your numbers from? Show your math.
    BTW Sr 89 has a half life of 50 days and is used in bone cancer treatment.

  • Right off the top, the author says “Fukushima is now far and away the worst nuclear disaster in all of human history.”

    An obvious question is, where’s the body count that justifies that statement. (And no, you don’t get to make up numbers.)

    I’ll spare you the trouble. The body count is zero. After 175 days of hand-wringing hyperbole by the entire MSM and now this author, Fukushima has proved to be a big fat dud in the casualty department.

    What’s next? Chem trails?

    • Rob

      Since it’s so safe, I bet you could buy a house REAL cheap in Fukushima Perfecta. I’ll pay your airfare.

    • Philip

      Does this comment mean that you are willing to go and camp out at Fukushima to prove that radiation is not harmful?

  • Jerry

    Steve Aplin,

    Are you in third Grade ?

  • Cpragman

    Let’s consult the checklist:
    – hysteria -CHECK
    – quoting anti-nuclear fear mongers – CHECK

    Oops! Forgot to mention Godzilla and Mothra!

    Try again…

  • Ron

    The day the tsunami struck is when it started March 12 was when it was clear the reactors were going. Obama COULD have IMMEDIATELY demanded that Japan ENTOMB the reactors, but what did he do? Started a war with Libya and took a trip to Brazil, AWAY from the radioactivity sweeping America.

    BTW Barak Hussein Obama authorized MORE nuclear reactors to be built in the US. Both parties are on board with the nuclear industry. Recall that George W Bush took 500,000 TONS of Uranium laden sand from Kuwait and buried it in Idaho.

    The Feds STOPPED testing water and milk 2 weeks into the Fukushima crisis. They don’t TELL US THE TRUTH.

    The food supply is TAINTED, and they won’t tell you.

    The government is the PROBLEM, not the SOLUTION.

  • Deborah

    Michael, thanks again for a well written article. I love your website. my only question is: what can i do to join into a community of people with the same views and concerns? I feel like there is not a soul here on Long Island where I live who knows how bad our world has become. If you bring up the problems you propose, people get mad and dont invite you over anymore.lol.

    • Michael


      LOL – that is very true. :)

      There are a lot of likeminded people out there, but sometimes it can be tough to find them. One of the best places to connect with people that have a similar viewpoint is online.

      I think as the problems become more severe, even more people will wake up.

      That is what I am hoping anyway.


  • Pete

    Hysteria abounds. France gets about 75% of it’s power from nuclear plants, and they don’t seem too worried. France has not had a nuclear accident, either. We need more nuclear power in this country.
    If the communist in the White House wants to shut down all coal production (insane), where do you think the energy is going to come from? How about mice running in cages. We can always harness that energy.

  • JD

    Thank you for letting us know about this radioactive nightmare. Just checked out your preivious article about radiation in milk. Have you heard about anything like this in Montana? Spokane is a little too close for confort. Also I may add we drink organic milk from our cow which I milked today. Im terrified to think that it may be poisoned. Its sooooo much better than store bought milk and I would hate to think Its killing us….:(

    • Michael


      I wouldn’t worry too much. There are going to be low levels of radiation all around us from Fukushima and we aren’t going to be able to really avoid it.

      Just eat the best that you can and pray and do everything you know to stay healthy.


  • Joe

    This story is complete Bull —-! There is absolutely no credible references that will back up your story. The worst thing about it, is that some of the people who read this stuff actually believes it.

    • Guido

      You might refer to the link majia put up, http://ex-skf.blogspot.com/ for info from someone in the know. It isn’t pretty. The author is over there and happy to relay all the news from the source, as well as some from unofficial sources.

    • Philip

      Right, and you are actually the only sentient being on the planet, no, really, and you know everything and everything is ok, no problem, for sure, really, and Obama cares about me, and building 7 collapsed due to fire and Gulf of Tonkin was not a lie and radiation is good for us.

  • DB200

    Michael, a few things to add to this good article:

    1. Today I heard in the news that Japan has been hit this year by 12 hurricanes, the last one this week. What could this have done to the pollution concentrated around Fukushima? Hint: Imagine that you empty a vacuum cleaner in the middle of the room, and then open all doors en windows of that room. Dust will be blown everywhere.

    2. The Japanese economy is taking blow after blow. Japanese debt as % of GNP is 200%, and that is before reconstruction after the tsunami and the hurricanes. Because of spooky things in Europe and the USA, the yen is up. To me it sounds like rabbits taking refuge at a tiger, to escape the wolves.

    3. I am more worried about other short term effects, refer to http://tegenlicht.vpro.nl/afleveringen/2011-2012/gasland.html
    It is 90% in English (so don’t worry about the subtitles) and shows perfectly how profit maximizing leads to environment minimizing.

    • Michael

      Good comment!


  • George

    For frequent Fukushima updates see Fairwinds.com and what Gundersen has to say.

  • Gil

    So much for the safety of nuclear power, eh? Only coal is the safest source for baseload power.

  • jadedguy

    All this contamination into our already heavily contaminated environment. We already as humans have an almost 50-50 chance of developing cancer. Mostly thanks to the military industrial complex which controls ALL. But don’t worry we have nuclear medicine to save us! What a sad, cynical joke they have played on mankind.
    We could be off carbon and nuke power by now if they had invested a fraction of what the NUKES cost. But that is cheap or even free energy and that means less profit for the Globalists and more power to the people.
    But sometimes the joke comes back to haunt the jokesters. So I cynically say this to the nuclear industry- may you enjoy the wonderful healthy planet you created. I’m sure as you die of cancer like the rest of us, you still won’t admit your folly, will you?

    • Guido

      I spoke with a long-time neurosurgeon and I asked him if our rates of cancer weren’t going up, and he said no. His statement was cancer was on the rise because we were living longer and eliminating other forms of death that probably would have killed us before the cancer could have. I have heard the rate that on a long enough time line, all men would develop prostate cancer-it’s just all those other forms of death that get to us first. I think it probably makes sense, since cancer is caused by poorly-splitting cells (if I remember correctly) and our cells are constantly splitting all the time. The radiation only helps a natural process. I still don’t want to catch it, tho. My dad had cancer and it was awful to watch.

  • Not a Problem at all

    We are not in trouble. Forget opinion pieces in papers… Heck, they even tout the global warming hoax as real.



  • It is all cumulative with medical X-Ray exposures, airport body scanners and Radon.
    In fact, one out of fifteen homes in the USA
    are over the “safe limit” of Radon. (Be that
    a high limit set in the USA with many other countries calling for a lower exposure safety limit).

    Some of the things you can do is have your home tested for radon. Ovoid medical X-Rays
    (unless absolutely needed) and avoid airport
    body scanners. Then there are “hot spots”
    around the USA that many people are unaware
    of. Such as a three State area that were contaminated from the Hanford Nuclear
    Experiments (and others). The fact is that
    there are areas in the USA that were
    contaminated decades ago and are still “hot”.
    And the government has not done much of
    anything about it, besides try to keep that
    information “censored” and “covered up”.

  • Ralph J

    Sheeple stick their heads in the sand and blindly accept what they are told.

  • Mark Palmer

    I live in Japan the opposite coast to the plant. So far we seem ok but I worry about my 2 young sons. But if I go back to England is it any safer? The radiation will be all over the planet soon. The government here is incredibly secret. During the disaster CNN and the BBC were reporting things 3 or 4 days before the Japanese news was reporting them. That’s a little disturbing. I think for me the most disturbing thing is they have many nuclear reactors, but in an emergency such as this, they don’t have a clue what to do or the equipment to deal with it. At least the Russians were quick in dealing with there disaster.

  • Chris Myers

    The author does not know the difference between radiation, and radioactive material. The author admits “I am no nuclear expert but”. … So he admits and demonstrates ignorance in the subject matter- so why read his garbage? If YOU do not know the difference between radiation and radioactivity, you are vulnerable to hype and propaganda like this. Get educated! Fukushima is the worst nuclear power disaster ever, and it won’t do anyone any good, but it is not nearly as bad as this guy’s rants… For those of us not living in Japan. I own and use radiation detectors (do you?). Radiation and radioactive material is all around and IN us from NATURAL sources. Thus, Fukushima will contribute a slight increase in some areas, to the total you already receive. It will be a completely negligible contribution for most of us. Want to cut your adult lifetime radiation dose by 25%? Sleep alone. If you think this is absurd, you need to learn about potassium 40. Get educated!