Eugenics In Action: 3 Year Old Girl Denied Kidney Transplant Because She Is “Mentally Retarded”

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You are about to read about a 3 year old girl named Amelia that was denied a kidney transplant because she is considered to be “mentally retarded”.  The doctor that made this decision felt as though Amelia would not have a good enough “quality of life” to justify the procedure.  Unfortunately, this is yet another example of eugenics in action and this is the kind of thing that starts happening when human life becomes cheap.  When a society decides that life is not precious, all sorts of nightmarish things begin to occur.  Women start aborting babies that are discovered to be less than “perfect”.  Life support systems are terminated for those that are considered to be “vegetables”.  Medical procedures are denied to elderly patients because they would be a “waste of resources”.  Terminally ill children are regarded as “not worth saving”.  We often look back in horror on the human sacrifices of past civilizations, but many of the things that we do today are extremely barbaric as well.  And as the population control agenda of the global elite continues to be promoted in the classrooms of thousands of colleges and universities around the globe, the value placed on human life is going to continue to decline.


The following comes from an account by Amelia’s mother of what it was like to hear a doctor tell her that her daughter was being denied a kidney transplant because she is considered to be “mentally retarded”.  You can read the full account right here.  After dropping this bomb on Amelia’s mother, the doctor and the social worker that were talking with her just got up and left the room.  Unfortunately, scenes like this play out all over America every single day….

I am beginning to realize I want this over with so I can move onto the next person who will help me with the transplant. So I say the words and ask the questions I have been avoiding.

“So you mean to tell me that as a doctor, you are not recommending the transplant, and when her kidneys fail in six months to a year, you want me to let her die because she is mentally retarded? There is no other medical reason for her not to have this transplant other than she is MENTALLY RETARDED!”

“Yes. This is hard for me, you know.”

My eyes burn through his soul as if I could set him on fire right there. “Ok, so now what? This is not acceptable to me. Who do I talk to next?”

“I will take this back to the team. We meet once a month. I will tell them I do not recommend Amelia for a transplant because she is mentally retarded and we will vote.”

“And then who do I see?”

“Well, you can then take it the ethics committee but as a team we have the final say. Feel free to go somewhere else. But it won’t be done here.”

They both get up and leave the room.

Fortunately, there has been a great outcry over this story and this decision is being reconsidered.  But the eugenics agenda has been promoted so hard for so long in this country that there are a lot of voices out there that are actually supporting the decision to deny the kidney transplant to Amelia.

For example, the following is from a Huffington Post editorial that supports denying a kidney transplant to this little girl because it would be “a waste of an organ”…..

The stark reality then, is that a kidney that goes to one patient means it does not go to another. Giving a kidney to Amelia means that someone, whose name you will probably never know, but who will be loved just as fiercely as Amelia is, won’t get one in time.

Which is why there are rules — unemotional, clinical, detached rules — for a situation that is none of those things. And it is why there are forms like the ones placed in front of Amelia’s parents. Amelia is not being denied a donor transplant because she is, as her mother writes, “mentally retarded.” She is being denied a donor transplant because she has a cascading syndrome that will shorten and limit her life, meaning that kidney will not “save” her in the way that it might someone who starts out healthier. In cold clinical terms this means that everything it takes to undergo a transplant — the medications, the repeated biopsy procedures afterwards, the constant monitoring and machinery — are difficult and sometimes impossible compared with a child who is less impaired. The less mobile a patient is, the far greater the likelihood that she will develop an infection, or pneumonia, or a host of other complications that make it probable that the transplant will eventually fail. Which, in those same cold clinical terms, would make it a waste of an organ.

If you feel like losing your lunch after reading that, it is perfectly understandable.

Somehow, millions upon millions of Americans have been convinced that just because a child is sick or disabled that they are not going to have a good enough “quality of life” to be worth saving.

In other instances, decisions about medical care come down to money.

The goal of health insurance companies is to make as much money as possible.  When they can get away with refusing to pay for expensive treatments and procedures that increases their profits.

Anyone that has ever had a claim denied by a health insurance company knows what I am talking about.  They will gladly take your money, but when the time comes that you really need them many of them will do whatever they can to wiggle out of paying.

Many health insurance companies even treat our injured veterans very badly.  The following example comes from CBS News….

John Woodson, a 51-year-old contractor from Oklahoma who was featured on ABC’s 20/20 in 2009, lost an eye and a leg when the truck he was driving hit a roadside bomb in Iraq. He is covered by an AIG government benefits program for employees of U.S. contractors working in Iraq and Afghanistan. But AIG refused to provide him with the new plastic leg his doctor had ordered, and even fought against paying for a wheelchair and glasses for his remaining eye. (He has only 30 percent vision in his remaining eye.) The insurance company eventually provided him with a better artificial limb made of replacement parts, but not the one his doctor ordered, according to ABC.

Can you believe that?

But at least that solider did not end up dead.

Other “health insurance victims” are not so fortunate.

This next example comes from a Huffington Post article….

Hilda and Krikor Sarkisyan went to CIGNA’s Philadelphia headquarters, along with supporters from the California Nurses Association, to confront the CEO Edward Hanway over the death of her 17-year-old child.

In 2007, Nataline Sarkisyan was denied a liver transplant by the company, on the grounds that the operation was “too experimental” to be covered. Nine days later it changed its mind, in response to protests outside its office. It was too late: Nataline died hours later.

“CIGNA killed my daughter,” Nataline’s mother Hilda told security. “I want an apology.” Sarkisyan was not able to speak to Hanway; a communications specialist talked to her instead. After their conversation, employees heckled the group from a balcony; one man gave them the finger. CIGNA called the police and had the family and their friends escorted from the building.

The health insurance system in America is completely and totally broken.  At some health insurance companies, employee bonuses have actually been based on who can deny the most claims.

Hopefully you are with an ethical health insurance company.  If not, you may not have the coverage that you think that you have.  If there is the smallest thing wrong on your health insurance application, they will find it.  And when they find it they will use it as justification to deny your claim.

We live in a very cold-hearted society.

Even the government is cold-hearted.

If something has gone wrong with your health insurance and you are slowly dying at home, the government is not going to save you.

But the government is very concerned about making sure that your kids get pumped full of toxic vaccines.

After all, they have to do what they can to increase the profits of the pharmaceutical companies, right?

Recently, the CDC has been ramping up efforts to put even more pressure on parents across the United States to vaccinate their children.

Unfortunately, that is probably going to mean that we are going to see even more healthy children become disabled or die.  The following example comes from….

It has been reported a fit and healthy 7-year-old girl died unexpectedly before Christmas after a flu vaccine. Kaylynne died in her mother’s arms four days after she was given a flu vaccine by her doctor at her annual check up.

Officials are now investigating Kaylynne’s death and an autopsy report is due in a couple of week’s time. Kaylynne’s mother is positive  the vaccine killed her daughter and told reporters, “We’re just waiting for an answer,” “but we believe in our hearts that it was the flu shot.”

State officials however, are not convinced that the flu vaccine was the cause of the girl’s death.

What is even worse is when pregnant mothers get injected with vaccines.  The immune systems of their babies are simply not developed enough to be able to handle the toxic vaccines and many of them die.

For dozens and dozens of stories of miscarriages that were caused by vaccines, please see this article and the comments that follow.

So why isn’t the government doing more to protect us?

Well, that becomes easy to understand when you realize that most of the people in our government and most of those that make up the “global elite” actually believe that the world is massively overpopulated.

That is why they spend so much money promoting “family planning” programs around the globe.  They are obsessed with finding ways to get us to have less children.

In fact, the global elite promote their population control agenda all over the world in dozens of different ways.  If you are interested in learning more, please see the following articles….

#1 From 7 Billion People To 500 Million People – The Sick Population Control Agenda Of The Global Elite

#2 Al Gore, Agenda 21 And Population Control

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#5 The Dangerous Myth Of Overpopulation

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#7 Hillary Clinton: Population Control Will Now Become The Centerpiece Of U.S. Foreign Policy

#8 New U.N. Report: We Must Reduce The Population To Fight Climate Change

#9 The Population Control Agenda Behind The Global Warming Movement: For The Environmental Extremists At Copenhagen Population Reduction Is The “Cheapest” Way To Reduce Carbon Emissions

#10 To The Global Elite The Math Is Simple: Human Overpopulation Is Causing Climate Change So The Solution To Climate Change Is Population Control

If we do not stand up for what is morally right now, in the future it will become “normal” to routinely deny kidney transplants to “mentally retarded” children because their lives will be considered “not worth living”.

We look back in horror at the eugenics programs of the Nazis in the 1930s and 1940s, but most Americans don’t realize that the Nazis got most of their ideas about eugenics from America.

Now many of those same concepts are being repackaged for a new generation.

If we do not value human life, our society will fail.

It is as simple as that.

Throughout human history, whenever the value placed on human life in a society declines dramatically, mass death has usually never been far behind.

So what do all of you think about the 3 year old girl that was denied a kidney transplant because she was considered to be “mentally retarded”?  Please feel free to leave a comment with your opinion below….

  • NWO Alert


    Everybody has a right to live only so long. The old are no longer useful. They become a burden. You should be ready to accept death. Most people are. An arbitrary age limit could be established. After all, you have a right to only so many steak dinners, so many orgasms, and so many good pleasures in life. And after you have had enough of them and you’re no longer productive, working, and contributing, then you should be ready to step aside for the next generation.

    • Commander Clash

      Just remember that when you’re older and need medical attention.

  • “Unfortunately,…this is the kind of thing that starts happening when human life becomes cheap.”

    Human life, like any other commodity, decreases in value as the supply exceeds the demand. This can explain why “city” folks can be more callous and unfriendly than “country” folks because they are exposed to more human life on a daily basis and they have to struggle against it for their very survival.

    Expect more of the same as there becomes more of “us” crammed into tight spaces and more “Big City” folks get their hands on the levers of government force…

    • highspeedloafer

      Thats one reason why I am Pro-Life and anti-abortion. Abortion cheapens life.

      These people think they can play God, but one day they will see how utterly foolish they have been.

      • “Abortion cheapens life.”

        You are confusing “cause and effect.” Life is already cheap for the reasons I have already stated. Abortion is more “acceptable” to society at large because to most people there are too many people. Abortion, or more correctly its ready acceptance, is a “symptom” of the disease but not the “infectious agent” that causes poor health…

  • They have built also the high places of Baal, to burn their sons as offering to Baal” (Jeremiah 19:5).

    Here the Bible implies what modern archaeologists and anthropologists have recently discovered: that Molech and Baal represent the same pagan god. The wife of Baal is Asherah and the wife of Molech is Ashteroth. Asherah and Ashteroth represent the same fertility goddess. This demon was known to the Greeks as Aphrodite; to the Egyptians as Isis; and to the Phoenicians as Tanet.

    The ancient city of Carthage was the capital of the Phoenician empire. Their civilization was advanced culturally and highly educated. But recent archaeological expeditions have revealed its most notable feature – the high incidence of child sacrifice. Archaeological relics have been uncovered, such as the altars on which children were sacrificed and stone markers, which marked the burial place of the remains. Stone carvings on the markers depict children who were sacrificed. Clay jars were used to hold the remains. Entire burial grounds full of these slaughtered children have been uncovered.

    As barbaric as this sounds, we must remember that this is precisely what we do through abortion. With one obvious exception – today we don’t honor or bury the children we kill.

    Archaeologists have established that the primary deity that they children were sacrificed to was the goddess Tanet, the name being a regional representation of the more universal Ashteroth.

    The typical rationalist would attribute these rites to superstition and would suggest that science and intellectual advancement would cause this type of unfortunate behavior to lessen and finally cease. But archaeologists have discovered that over Carthage’s history, the incident of child sacrifice, even in the face of considerable intellectual advances, actually increased until it suddenly stopped.

    And how did it stop? When God judged Carthage. Roman armies invaded and suddenly destroyed the entire civilization. The stark ruins of Carthage are a testimony that God is not mocked. We have to ask ourselves: How far are we from a judgment for our own abortion holocaust?

    • Groener

      And Rome has outdone Carthage and it is still outstanding.

      And, Cartaghe really didn’t get destroyed either. It remained one of the largest cities of the Empire, until the Vandals destroyed it around 500 AD.

      • Michael

        When you get deep into the history of Carthage it is absolutely fascinating.


      • JR

        Groener…. oh, puhleez. Carthage as a Phoenician city state was destroyed, and replaced by a totally alien culture. Moreover, the Roman Empire became nominally Christian, at least. You are making a simple category mistake.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    The Medical System is broken Carl Denninger has run several tickers about this subject. Medical costs are going though the roof and people are becoming sicker and sicker every year. I wonder if they couldn’t justify the cost of giving this girl her transplant, was the real reasion she didn’t get her kidney. I can assure you the Doctor and the Social worker didn’t make that decision on thier own somebody higher in the food chain pulled the trigger. The other two cases are not that surprising Large Corporations are going to silly lengths to prop up the bottom line. This year look for the phase Margin Compression that’s when your cost rise to the point you can’t pass them on to your customers or they’ll go somewhere else.
    Getting back to health care people need to get it though thier heads the money simply isn’t there. When the Old Soviet Union collapsed medical care took a death dive, the Russian life expectancy slammed into the ground at full afterburner and it really hasn’t recovered expect the same thing here, but only on a massive scale (too many 300 LBS plus people, folks with bad tickers, clogged arteries, than in the old SU).
    Oh Yeah, on the Eugenics thing I have no doubt there are left wing elites who would love to kill off most of us. I hear it on the lefty Peak Oil pod casts all the time, but be careful what you wish for.

  • Ken

    “I will take this back to the team. We meet once a month. I will tell them I do not recommend Amelia for a transplant because she is mentally retarded and we will vote.”

    So there are death panels after all.


  • Stumpy

    Probably a waste of time, but if you can stop the paranoia for a moment, consider a far more plausible explanation without any bogeymen and world wide conspiracy. The girl is a poor candidate because the medications could cause her a lot of harm due to her existing brain damage. Sadly she may die either way, with or without the transplant. Now add into the mix a doctor and social worker who are absolutely clueless on how to talk to parents/patients. The mother is known to be aggressive and forceful (good for her), so the doctor and social worker completely overcompensate with an awful misread of the parents and foolish strategy – they try to play hardball with her. The mother then takes her case to the web knowing the community of parents of disabled children will rally to her side and help her get what she wants.

    I’m betting you all never head of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) until today, and yet think you know everything, right? You don’t know anything. It is the first and oldest pediatric hospital in the US. It is the number one pediatrics research hospital in the world. Leading CHOP physicians promote vaccines for all kids to help them, yet continue to do so when they receive death threats from crazy people who think vaccines are evil. Instead of making up stuff behind your keyboard, why don’t you come visit the hospital and see all the unbelievably sick children being cared for. Why don’t you actually talk to some of their parents and see what they think about the place and their care. How about doctors, many of whom could have made much more money in adult medicine. How about nurses who haven’t had a lunch break in years. I dare you.

    • A Dodgy Bloke

      Stumpy you are a voice of reasion there where a couple of things that where not brought out in the article. What was the nature of the girl’s disability? What is her life span? Who’s paying for the transplant? Why does she need the transplant and is it connected to her disability? Who ever made this decision (and I still stand by my previous post somebody else made the decision not the doc and social worker) didn’t do it in a vacuum they must had had a number of reasons I’ll grant you her disability being one.
      I think it’s very easy to get emotional about the plight of any child, but the bottom line is we live in a world where people demand the use of unlimited resources. Resources are not unlimited and somebody has to do without but Westerners in general and Americans in paticular have grown up with the idea I can have what I want regardless of the effect on the greater society. You will never hear about the child who did not get this organ, or if that child lived or died.

  • guido

    I agree, but I also disagree. It is an absolute tragedy and those goons acted like they had ice water in their veins.

    That being said, I have to say I agree with the hospital, as well. There are a very limited number of organs available for transplant, so there really is an interest in trying to decide who is the better recipient for an organ.

    Have you ever heard of Triage? When medical resources are short, they weed out folks who won’t benefit from care. It’s ugly, but in crisis situations, it works.

    I think this is a similar. While it sounds absolutely ghoulish to deny a child who is retarded and afflicted with other health problems, could another person who also needs a kidney do better with it? Were there other people in the area waiting for the same kidney? How do you decide who deserves it, if not by comparing age, health, and quality of life?

    For instance, let’s say you get to pick between that poor little girl and… I dunno, how about a 20-something soldier who was exposed to a serious poison while serving his country? How about this-you get to choose between saving a leader or the kid. If you had to pick between a middle aged Ghandi or (just for the sake of the day off) Martin Luther King versus the kid, who would you pick?

    What if it was a hard-drinking bitter old man who happened to be a well-respected writer, like Hemingway? Or what if it was a choice between you, and you’re mid-30s, but you’re lazy, you’re fat, and you drink and that girl? Are you a better pick? I think it must be an awful choice, no matter how you break it down. You got a lifeboat that holds one and 2 people want in. Who do you pick? What if it were you vs. a pro-baseball player?

    I’ve got family members in the medical field and I’m pretty sure they would be pretty cold and dispassionate about the choice-they would choose against the girl. I think the folks who broke the news to the mother were pretty cold-blooded and unsympathetic people, but if I understand the facts correctly, I think I would make the same decision.

    One of my relatives was a neurosurgeon and his view of medical issues and humanity could get pretty cold-blooded. He had a very scientific, practical view of things. When I made a comment about the Tuskegee experiments, for example, he explained that he felt they were perfectly acceptable because the results helped save lives. This guy was as pro-freedom and keep-gov’t-out-of-my-life as they come, but he felt the medical benefit to the majority outweighed the interest of the minority. I strongly disagreed, since I think you deserve the right to make informed decisions in your life, and I don’t know if I ever swayed him.

    On another note, it seems silly to waste your time and resources targeting Westerners for de-populationist nonsense-we’re doing that to ourselves. Western Europe, and much of the rest of the world, is cutting back on childbirth. Even the Middle East is seeing a drop in family size. Recently, I read a book by an author who theorized the Middle East my collapse in the near future as their birth rate drops much faster then our post-Baby Boomer Baby Bust.

    If there is a threat of overpopulation, it comes from the 3rd world, such as Africa, where people who are absolutely destitute are having more kids. In West Africa, for example, the population is migrating out of the rural areas to massive run-down urban areas, deforestation isn’t helping the farmers who remain, and order, resources, industry, and medical care are diminishing. It seems like the only things they have enough of are HIV, revolutions, and Malaria. It is a catastrophe. I don’t think we can fix it, either. So in a situation like that, where you have a culture that either believes in large families or people just don’t care, doesn’t it seem like a good idea to try and convince people to make different choices? I’m not for murder, but there is something to be said for trying to convince the poorest portions of the world not to make more kids than they can support.

    That leads me to another thought. Anyone watched Freakanomics? It’s worth watching. The authors did a segment on the rapid drop in crime in the late 1980s. They put forward the theory abortion helps lower crime rates, since there are fewer potentially unwanted people around to cause crime in the first place. They showed a massive statistical drop in crime in the late 1980s and early 1990s, roughly 15-20 years after Roe V. Wade and the advent of legal abortion nation-wide. It was a fascinating argument.

    • Tao

      If a person is doing drugs, smoking, or doing excessive drinking or is obese because of an unhealthy lifestyle and shows no sign of improvement or stopping then they will be denied a transplant.

  • ScoutMotto

    I don’t know. You think society is cold-hearted now, wait until a major event happens and people can’t get food. THEN cold-hearted will come out of the woodwork, sadly. People beat each other up over toasters and TVs last November. Imagine how they will behave when food is the item they fight others for.

    This very same attitude, this lack of love for human life, could be what helps lead us to the next World War. I loathe the possibility, but there is a lot of talk about this. Several sides firing nukes at each other and destroying major cities would accomplish, in part if not the whole, their goal of population reduction.

    • Groener

      And the most loveless, the most ruthless and the most cruel and efficient will win it all and leave their genes.

      Japanese called such people “Shogun”.

  • Colin

    Absolutely great observation by the author. This is a topic of which I am very concerned that will become bigger and bigger as we move further into the new world order, a world of which the value of human life is becoming cheapened by the day.

  • mark

    It seems that the article is mixing two different ideas about medical treatments and costs. If the government did not pay for medical benifits they would not have so much control over it. This web site wants smaller government most of the time but now asks the government to protect us from vaccines. I am not for eugenics, but who is going to support the little girl through out her life if we are broke as a government. We can’t have it both ways. Do we want smaller government where we depend on ourselves or a big nanny state that takes care of our health care needs. If people want to step up to the plate and fund the kidney transplant the team should do it, but not the taxpayers. This is why I have stated that Americans will not make the hard cuts to the budget to try to stop the coming collaspe. As long as the government pays huge amounts for medical care the costs will continue to rise instead of the costs based on what the paitents can pay for themselves. The medical field knows that the government will have deep pockets as long as the voters demand that the government pay for most of the medical treatments.

  • Gary2

    Health Insurance companies are capitalist parasites. What do you expect. They are the real death panels.

    Look-neither choice is good but I would rather have a government I can vote out and hold accountable at election time than a for profit health insurance company any day.

    Yes I know voting seems like a waste but you have NO recourse over the immoral private death panel insurance companies.

    Single Payer!

    Tax the wealthy to keep us healthy.

    If we simply did this that poor child would be able to get her kidney. and yet the conservatives still want to cut taxes for the rich at this little girls expense.

    Conservatives are immoral and sickening.

    I guess all you ron paul supporters would just “let her die” as his audience shouted at one of the debates. Selfish!

  • I am not sure how Health insurance worked in USA.
    Will there be CO-payment in such case? Let said Patient pay 30% and Insurance pay the remaining 70% of medical bill?

  • Tim

    Life is cheap when there is no fear of God. Every person who has unjustly taken the life of another human being will answer for it when they stand before the Judge of all the earth. That includes every physician who has aborted an unborn child and leaders who lie to start wars that result in the deaths of untold numbers of civilians of the country that was invaded. That’s includes you Dubya.

    • Michael

      If you believe in judgement day, I have to seriously question your judgement.

  • Donald Wilson

    Freakin outrageous, insanity.

  • These problems are not new — they happen any time the supply of a medical treatment is grossly inadequate for the number of people with the condition for which it is necessary for life.

    When kidney dialysis machines were first introduced, they were so scarce that there were formal ethics boards that determined a hierarchy of groups of people who would get treated. At the top of the list was married white men with dependent children, then married white men without children (or whose children were grown and financially independent), then married white women with dependent children, and so forth down the line. If you belonged to the “wrong” group (divorced woman, even with children, was down near the bottom of the list, and African Americans and Hispanics weren’t even on their radar, which shows the values of the time), you were out of luck. If your condition couldn’t be managed without dialysis, you died.

    Of course nowadays kidney dialysis machines have become sufficiently common that there are a number of outpatient clinics doing dialysis right here in this town, and some forms of kidney failure can even be treated with a home dialysis machine. So the only question that will determine whether a given person can obtain treatment will be whether they can afford it.

    So the big question is whether insurance companies as they’re currently constituted are standing in the way of the process by which medical treatments move from experimental and very rare, to be doled out by gatekeepers on the basis of one or another schema because there simply isn’t enough to go around, to sufficiently common that everybody who needs treatment can have a reasonable hope of obtaining it.

    And unfortunately, I think the answer is yes, the penny-pinching bean-counters are holding back that process.

  • Cinderella Man

    I said it once Ill say it again… Millions will be freezing and starving to death before this decade is out! The elite are stepping up their game. Im seeing it in my own family. My parents are both Marine Corps vets covered by the VA. My mom needs surgery for a hiatial herina, she was bleeding internally for over 6 months last year, and the VA is dragging its heels giving her iron pills to keep her blood up. They have given her tests, dianosed the problem, but refuse to give her the surgery. So its only a matter of time till she dies. My father has had an appointment for a cardioloigist and they still come up with excuses not to see him. He could have blocked arteries and would never know it. This is an outrage about the govt. denying care to veterans. They take an oath to defend this country and are told that they will be taken care of when they are discharged. This is from an article on INFOWARS “Apparently humanity is the last concern for the Pentagon budget, which always seems to have plenty of money for advanced weapon systems (also privatized) but is consistently lacking in benefits for it’s veterans. By privatizing the drug war, they no longer have to concern themselves with paying for benefits for warriors who pledge allegiance to the United States and take an oath to defend it’s Constitution.” -from “War on Drugs Transfered to Private Mercenaries Including Blackwater” by Eric Blair. That what Im talking about. The elite has decided that there is too many of us. They only need so many serfs to do their menial tasks for them. If you read between the headlines you can see the patterns emerge. First Terri Schiavo, now this poor girl and veterans, next Grandma and Medicare cuts. They are doing soft-kill on us. They are putting poisons in our drinking water, fluoride causes arteries to harden along with lower IQ and sterlization, GMO corn causes obeseity and kidney failure, and as a Animal Feeds specialist, you people should see the medicines and drugs that these poultry and hog farmers are putting into their animals. Its sickening. Did you know that pour on insecticide causes cancer? Some of these ranchers pour it on their cows twice a year for several years then when the cow becomes too old and sent to slaughter, you eat years of built up toxins in your yummy Big Macs! Still lovin’ it? Wake up little sheep, the time to make your stand was yesterday! God help us all!

  • mondobeyondo

    Oohhhh brother.
    How many other Amelias are out there?

    The U.S. health care system is not about health, or care. It’s about profit.

  • mondobeyondo

    Makes you wonder sometimes. For example, WHY are our people being prescribed pharmaceutical drugs and prescription medication left and right? Why are so many kids taking Ritalin? Could there possibly be some evil plot behind this?

    Yeah, I do wonder about that. I wa-wa-wa-wa wonder.
    (Thanks, Del Shannon!)

    Some people need kidney transplants. Big Pharma, and the politicians/media who support it, needs a brain transplant, although even that may not help them. Come on guys, you need to travel to the Emerald City and see the Wizard. Ask him for a heart, because you folks definitely need one. Hey, he gave the Scarecrow a brain, and now he’s teaching at Northern Arizona University! (Harvard didn’t want him.)

    • Lunesta:= pharmiceutical BIG PHARMA HAS SIDE AFFECTS

      Anxiety; decrease in sexual desire; difficulty with coordination; dizziness; drowsiness; dry mouth; headache; indigestion; lightheadedness; nausea; nervousness; unpleasant taste; vomiting.

      Seek medical attention right away if any of these SEVERE side effects occur when using Lunesta:
      Severe allergic reactions (rash; hives; itching; difficulty breathing; tightness in the chest; swelling of the mouth, face, lips, or tongue; unusual hoarseness); aggressive behavior; breast growth; chest pain; confusion; depression; hallucinations; memory problems (such as amnesia); mental or mood changes; painful menstrual periods; seizures; severe mood swings; suicidal thoughts; swelling of hands or feet; symptoms of infection (eg, fever, sore throat, sinus or chest congestion); unusual or disturbing thoughts.!!!!!!!I THINK I’LL START SMOKING WEED AGAIN!!!!JESUS CREATED IT!!!NOT BIG PHARMA!

      • mondobeyondo

        Don’t forget the other side effects:

        – imminent death.
        – kidney failure.
        – renal collapss.
        – waving pom-poms at football games.

      • Concerned person

        Wow I’m surprised. I assumed the only side effect was seeing that stupid butterfly floating around /tongue in cheek

  • Ren

    If the parents were prominent CEOS who donated generously to that place or members of certain societies, the kid would get bumped to the top of the list and have surgery asap. That’s what happened at UCLA with yakuza bosses and liver transplants.

    Anyways, The path to the reemergence of eugenics today really took off when they used some hegelian strategy and mainstreamed the word consumer into business, economics and etc. Think about it. They switched all words that defers some worth onto people such as people, human beings and customers with one that is simply a friendlier sounding synonym for useless eater. Don’t forget, in the 19th century, consuming was a term for dying of turberculosis.

    Also remember, insurance companies are corporations. The only difference between corporations and the mafia is that one is registered with the US Govt. (aka ruling mafia) and the other isn’t. People should expect they’re going to get screwed or whacked by them somehow and try to find an decent and honest lawyer to have on hand at all times.

  • Maximus

    Most of you will probably think i’m crazy but i too would love to see a massive population reduction! I just prefer it to be an act of god then an act of the evil new world order, but either option is ok with me.

    If there weren’t so many people then there would be no control grid and no infrastructure to maintain it. In 1500 AD there were only 425 million people on this planet. The continent of north america was mostly vacant. Freedom was within anybody’s grasp by just simply going somewhere where there were few or no people and living off the land. That is no longer an option anymore on our planet because there is literally no place left on earth that is not under the jurisdiction or control of a government except maybe the north or south poles but not many people would want to live there.

    So i say bring it on and wipe out 95% of the population. Even if i had a 50% chance of survival i would still take that chance because it is THE ONLY WAY that humans can ever have a chance to fix this mess, BY STARTING OVER!!

    Just my 2 cents worth of rant.

  • Tao

    The one who wrote the article also fails to take into account the logic.

    First off if she will die with or without the organ, then there is not point wasting it on someone who will die soon. Give it to someone who will benefit in the long term from it. We don’t get organs like groceries, you know.

    Second, she is retarded. There are an insane amount of risks and medication that she’d be on for the rest of her life. The medication schedule is insane enough for someone of averadge intelligence, so how the shit is this little girl going to keep up this schedule for the rest of her life when she probably cant amd wont ever be able to tell time. Shed need to keep track of time, learn the doses, the medications so she can get more, go for checkups, spend a shit load of money on meds and the doctor, risk complications, etc.

    And what happens when her mother dies? Who is going to take care of her? Who is going to get her meds, do most of everything for her, pay the bills, take her in, take her to the doctors etc?

    I’m sorry but she literally is going to be a drain on the system and someone will suffer. If she gets the organ, then a kid who’s able to hold a job, who can think and will be able to become a working person will die, and someone will be stuck taking care of her forever. If she doesn’t get it, then she will die but someone else will get it, hold a job, make money, have kids (or not) and then die at an old age (hopefully).

    As for killing vegetables.. Do you have any idea how much it costs to keep a person alive? It’s a lot of money, money many people do not have. It also is taking away a bed and resources from people who will recover or have a chance of recovering. The families that choose to keep them living, if you can even call it that, spend thousands of dollars a month on medical bills that they can afford. So unless you are willing to take care of this person, and pay all the bills, and wipe his ass, bathe him, make sure there is no infections, turn him so he doesn’t develop bed sores, make sure all the machines and tubes are working, feed him, keep him groomed (clipping nails) and lots more, then dont bitch.

    You people are all under the misconception that it’s easy to care for people and to be a doctor/nurse. Its not. The fact is, if you have to choose between a person who will survive and will have a full life and a retarded girl who will die and need around the clock care then the healthier or the better chance one will always win.

    Being a doctor/nurse is messy, hard, has long hours, and is emotionally draining. Don’t think for a second that ‘they are cold as ice and don’t care’ they arnt and they do fucking care. But after seeing people die in surgery, or in horrific ways right in front of you, you start to develop a thicker skin. They have to make very hard choices, choices that will effect someone.

    • ME

      If doctors/nurses couldn’t stat detached, they would leave the field altogether.

      In USA we seem to have a problem with expending our resources on lost causes. Our public schools are an example of this. We expend a large portion of our resources on “at risk” students who are most likely going to spend their lives filling prison cells. We can’t save everybody. With our “benevolent” all-powerful government in charge of the medical system, this will get much worse. All of you Gary2s out there know it, but refuse to admit it, because that would be tantamount to admitting your worldview may be wrong.

      Now everybody attack me and call me a monster.

      • Tao

        I totally agree with you.

        But what can you do. One day abortion will be illegal, woman will kill themselves trying to abort. But their logic is thats ok because she deserved it.

        And hospitals will be *********. You got a bullet in your arm? Well ***** you, because 1/3 of the beds are taken by brain dead people anyways. And the other bit is taken by the dying but we will keep transplanting to keep them just alive so they will keep on suffering, while the new organ rots.

        And ******** you if you need a new organ because the sick and already dying and the too old need it more then a 20 year old who can actually use it and get better!

        How silly of us, everyone knows that the dying, incredebally sick, disabled, and retarded are worth so much more then the healthy. Well I vote we kick off all the children who will benefit becaus he’s too healthy and not disabled enough. Yeah ******** them.

        I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

  • Tao

    *cant afford

  • Groener

    Cigna was kind enough to not shoot the dead girl’s mother.

  • David Gossett

    Just one queston was the littel girl denied last year 2011 or this year 2012 because if she was denied this year then that is a perfect example of the new health care that Obama shoved down the American peoples throat???!!!!

    • Ugh

      She is having seizures and could die earlier then most. I don’t think you or many others get how organ transplants work.

      There is a huge ass list with many people on it. To become eligible you must not do drugs, drink, or have any other conditions that could render the organ useless or kill said person.

      Organs do not grow on trees. There is great demand and I would rather it go to someone who will or has a chance to become a proper and productive member of society. Then to a girl who will be on a rigorous and expensive medication and medical journey every day for the rest of her life and the person who must take care of her. She will not be able to take her medications herself, nor will she be able to afford them. When her mother dies then whoever gets to take care of her gets the insanely and expensive responsibility of buying her medications, taking her to the hospital, doing checkups, and possibly having to take an extra job to pay for all this.

      None of you think past anything but ‘omg shes retarded’

      This is why the world is going ***************. Because no one thinks ahead and just bitches.

  • mondobeyondo

    Just have someone imprint the numerals “666” in one of those chips — and the deal is done.

  • Concerned person

    To those who are arguing in favor of denying this little girl a transplant, you should know that you are essentially playing God. Who decides whose life is worth more? Cold hearted doctors? Insurance companies? The government? Where will it end?

  • Cinderella Man

    Tao, theyre people not vegetables. You have a warped view on the world my friend. Dont you get the point that Michael is trying to make when human life is looked at as cheap, its easier to off millions of us. They will say your granny is too old for heart surgery, she’s lived long enough, so just medicate her till she passes confortably. They will start aborting special needs kids and those with deformities because they wont be productive little wage slaves for the elite. This is euthinasia my friend. My very frightened when people care more about puppies and kitties than millions of starving children on the Horn of Africa. The hearts of man have indeed grown cold. When people are looked at like livestock that needs to be culled from the herd the world is very sick indeed.

    • Tao

      And once again, you and the op fail to take in the logic.

      There is no point in keeping a brain dead person alive. He or she will never recover, they will lie there forever as a shell of their former selves.

      If we use your logic, then there would be no hospital beds, no meds, no gauze, nothing. Because it would all be used up by brain dead people and others who are past help. Plus the economy would go to ****, people would need multiple jobs, other patients would be denied care because the brain dead would need constant attention and care.

      So unless you are volunteering to pay for all the adult diapers, the time, the meds, the bill. If you are volunteering to adopt and take in every special needs kids that many familys are unable to afford or properly take care of then please stop ********* bitching.

      You are exactly like pro lifers: .we only care about you when your in the womb, but when you are born then we couldn’t care less what happens to you.

      Except with you and the op it’s: we only care about you when we arnt the ones consantly on job and call 24/7, we only care when we arnt taking care or paying for these people.

      Its so easy to call doctors cold hearted when you are on the net and don’t even have a fucking clue how hard it is to do their job.

      Oh but I forgot, its super easy and they are just one dimensional, people who have super easy jobs. Oh and it’s so cheap and easy caring for people.

      Oh and its not like there’s a huge list of people for transplants. And I also forgot that organs just grow on ************ trees!

      Where the ************ do you think we get organs from? We use the brain dead and recently, very recently, dead.

      You and the op are idiots and know jack ************ about how the world works.

    • Tao

      Also there is no ************** point giving a perfect working heart to an old woman when it could go to a 20 year old man who has his whole life ahead of him. Maybe we should look at the very long transplant list and say to all the 20-40 year olds: well you’ve lived long enough but a retarded there year old who might die anyway and a 70 year old woman need it more. Sorry buddy but you will die.

      Wonderful logic there dumb ass. Once again, hearts don’t grow on trees.

      As for abortion well what do you think of harlequin babies, or babies born without their brains outside their heads or no brain at all, or even a condition that will guarantee that they will fpdie by the time they are 30. You don’t *********** think. Thereis no point putting a woman through labor if the baby will be so *********** deformed that it will die anyways, some times immediately. Not to mention that not everyone can afford to take care of a kid like that emotionally and finically.

      But I forgot, everyone is rich!

      And before you suggest orphanages then shut up. The disabled, black, and deformed do not get adopted and those that do often get horiffically abused. But my bad…that’s ok because its better then abortion.

      Every things ok when people are suffering and dying and being abandoned and the economies going to shit and overpopulation because as long as we don’t kill, prioritize, or abort then the world will be a better place!

      Cinderella man suits you will, because you are so far into your fantasy of a perfect world that you fail to see what’s happening. I suggest you start adopting and becoming a doctor because if you do nothing then you are a hypocrite.

      • JR

        Wow. Incredibly angry post. Part of the issue is that when life is disrespected, the whole culture, en toto, goes down the tube. there is a prioritization process now in place for

        What GIVES value to the 20 year old man over the retarded or 70 year old, in your estimation, anyway? As a matter of fact, most likely we are just a chance collision of atoms, and you most likely (correct me if I am wrong) an existentialist/atheist, correct? The reality is, is that life, itself, has no value, and **never can have***, in your world. So, your argument collapses on itself.

        Harlequin babies? Friends in my church just brought a baby back from Ukraine that you would likely have aborted, if I read your post correctly. The issue is that ALL life is to be treated with as much dignity and respect as possible, granting this is an imperfect world and at times it will be difficult to implement. In contrast, I submit to you that your worldview is the same one that corrupted much of the world (various flavours of materialistic communism and socialism, including Hitler’s National SOCIALIST German Workers’ Party, murdered ~ 160 mm last century according to Dr. RJ Rummel.

        You are making simple category mistakes. Moreover, there is indeed a God and He is not silent. Perhaps you need to explore this issue further…

        But I forgot, everyone is rich!

        And before you suggest orphanages then shut up. The disabled, black, and deformed do not get adopted and those that do often get horiffically abused. But my bad…that’s ok because its better then abortion.

        Every things ok when people are suffering and dying and being abandoned and the economies going to shit and overpopulation because as long as we don’t kill, prioritize, or abort then the world will be a better place!

        • Tao

          The 70 year old and the retarded baby (in the original journal thing that we are commenting on it mentions she has seizures and could die with the organ anyways) will die sooner or right away. Humans don’t tend to live past 80 anyways so what is the point in giving 10 (maybe less) years to a 70 year old who could die on the table then to a stronger 20 year old who would most likely survive the surgery and get more then 50-60 years out of it.

          And human life does have value but we need to pritoritise or we will have no resources, no organs, no beds, medical equipment, no food, nothing. Actually on our current route we are headed for not just over population but massive food shortages and more.

          I fail to see what the hell religion has to do with anything. But yes I’m an atheist but only after much thought and having religion shoved down my
          throat for the past 14 years of my life agressively and non stop. Besides, religion is pointless in this argument because it’s not about religion, it’s about something entirely different.

          What was wrong with it? You cant speak for me and I cant say anything if I don’t have the details.

          Dude, Hitler was ************** nuts and since you wish to use religion, Christian.
          So unless I personally have killed millions of people and started wars then I do believe that your assumptions or clames are nothing more then hogwash and a rather piss poor blanket statement.

          I’m making simple category mistakes? This coming from you? Oh that is rich. And I would love to see some absolute proof of god and no the bible does not count as it was made by man. Oh and religion too.

          And what is dignified about lying in a bed forever and pooping and peeing in adult diapers but not being aware of anything or anyone? What could possibly be dignified with making a person live and just having nothing more then and adult doll who needs round the clock supervision. I fail to see the dignity in that.

      • JR

        Not sure how this got cut off: There is a prioritization now in place for organ transplation, which is well known, and the best we can do to be fair to all.

        • Tao

          Here is how doctors decide who get what organ.

          First it starts with a list of sorts: do they smoke? Do they drink? will they die anyways? Are they strong enough to survive the surgery? Do they, if they smoke or drink, agree to stop? How old are they?

          So for instance if we had:

          .A heavy drinker who has drunk his liver to crap and shows no desire or signs of stopping.

          .And a healthy adult male.

          Then the one who doesn’t drink will get chosen. No point giving a liver to someone who’s going to drink until he’s destroyed it again.

          Or if you have a:

          . 70 year old woman

          . And a 36 year old man who needs a new heart

          Then the 36 year old man will get it because he’s more likely to survive the surgery and get much more use out of it.

          And there is also the length of the waiting list. The list is so long that many people die before their name is at the top. If we didn’t pritortize then the list would be so much longer that many more would die.

          There is also the question on how organs are obtained. There is three options:

          1. A live person who agrees to give part of his liver or other organ that he can survive with only one.

          2. A very,very recently dead person. If he’s a doner then his organs are removed and placed on ice. This has to be done fast because the organs need to be iced befor they rot.

          3. The brain dead. They are kept alive with machines but not really alive. They will never recover and forever be nothing more then a living doll. Families need to give consent before they can harvest the persons organs.

          That’s it. Unfortunately since there are very few ways to obtain organs the amount we do have is extremely low. And unfortunately since the amount is low many pople die anyways from the wait.

          The blood type has to match too or it will be rejected and kill The person.

          The little girl has seazures and that is not good. Each one she has will damage her body further, and I believe it mentioned that the meds could worsen her? Well that’s bad. There are more negatives then positives to her transplant. The only positive being that she survives but the negatives being the cost, the procideures, the amount of meds and the insane Schedule and the risk for further damage to her body. Not to mention the risk of her dying on the table.

          Do you kind of get what I’m telling you? Or Is this going over your head?

  • Tao

    Op terminally Ill means that they will die no matter what is done.

    Also not everyone can survive surgery. If a 70 year old woman needs a new heart then she wont get it because she wont survive it. Its a huge strain on the body and the risk for complications and rejection is huge.

    You have to take in the logic and think. How sick is this person? Can he/she handle the surgery? Is she too weak for it? Will she die anyways? Does said person do drugs or smoke? And how old is said person, and If really old then how strong or sick is she?

    All that is taken into consideration. So its not pulling out of the ass or so simple.

    A suprizing amount die on the table because of shock, complications, or juat because their body couldn’t take it.

    • Tori

      Who are you to say someone else’s life isn’t worth saving!

      Are You God?

      YOU TOO could die on the operating table! What if you got in a car wreck and they decided not to resuscitate you because they didn’t think you would live!!!

      Now I know this is going to sound terrible considering we’re talking about a child here but we have a dog that had water on her brain when she was born. The vet said she wouldn’t make it past a year of life and also said that if she ever hit her head it would kill her.
      Well I’m here to say that that dog is now 10 years old and has hit her head MANY times and she’s still going strong. I’d say she’s healthier than any of our other dogs! And she’s a Pug! Their lifespan is only 12 years!

  • JR

    I have two graduate degrees – one from U. of Illinois, one from U. of British Columbia. And – note to the elites – I have learned more about what is valuable, about what is true, and about what is important, from my mentally handicapped little brother than any graduate course I ever took.

    The so called “elites” and “brights” are simply modern day Joseph Mengeles. Nothing more.

    • Ms Anon

      Cool story with your education bro. And good job, comparing anyone ranking higher than you in your field of study with a war criminal. The ‘so called’ elites and brights, would that not make you the ‘so called’ bleeding heart moron?

      God forbid you and your brand of logic ever have the final say in a situation like the original situation stated. If you have so much rightful sympathy, why not apply it and become a better example of a social worker than the poor example shown? No, you snub your nose at people more educated in this area than yourself, they clearly are sick bastards for daring to decide on priorities you don’t agree with.


  • In the last 500 yrs, this started with the “deformation”, when leaving the one and only ark that God gace us, the Catholic Church (EENS), each man became their own pope and authority. This then devolves where man decides to go against not only scripture, but the natural order itself, with contracepting, a very un-natural practice that my countryman, GK Chesterton noted in his book Eugenics and Other Evils. Contraception then in many forms becomes an abortaficient. That failing, we have the abortion mentality and the man-as-god again, where man decides who lives and has “value” and who dies. Sanger and Hitler would be approving, for Hitler started first with this T4 program in just this manner.Man elevates himself to god and then plays judge/jury. Most Protestants of course would be horrified over this case, but again, they are part of a larger movement that began this steam roller in earnst. Most Protestants prior to 1930 would oppose contraception, but the Lambeth conference, adopting the rising Eugenics mentality in Germany, Britain and the USA, caved in and another plank in the “culture of death” was accepted. Today, very few Protestants, some Reformed and Fundamentalist, are against contraception as evil, as was Luther and Calvin. They, though, started a revolution that ended with what we have. Today, even they would be on the outs with most of their spiritual children.
    Answer? return to the One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic faith and its teaching (even the post Vatican II liberal Popes have preached against this mentality!) EENS! She and she alone is the Body of Christ and the teacher and repository of supernatural Grace and Truth…..
    Bad Catholics are not the Church, which is spotless and pure…..