Election Fraud? Obama Won More Than 99 Percent Of The Vote In More Than 100 Ohio Precincts

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Barack Obama received more than 99% of the vote in more than 100 precincts in Cuyahoga County, Ohio on election day.  In fact, there were a substantial number of precincts where Mitt Romney got exactly zero votes.  So how in the world did this happen?  Third world dictators don’t even get 99% of the vote.  Overall, Mitt Romney received 30.12% of the vote in Cuyahoga County.  There were even a bunch of precincts in Cuyahoga County that Romney actually won.  But everyone certainly expected that Cuyahoga County would be Obama territory.  And in most of the precincts that is exactly what we saw – large numbers of votes for both candidates but a definite edge for Obama.  However, there are more than 100 precincts in Cuyahoga County where the voting results can only be described as truly bizarre.  Yes, we always knew that urban areas would lean very heavily toward Obama, but are we actually expected to believe that Obama got over 99% of the votes in those areas?  In more than 50 different precincts, Romney received 2 votes or less.  Considering how important the swing state of Ohio was to the national election, one would think that such improbable results would get the attention of somebody out there.  Could we be looking at evidence of election fraud hidden in plain sight?


Perhaps if there were just one or two precincts where Obama got more than 99% of the vote we could dismiss the results as “statistical anomalies” and ignore them.

But there were more than 100 precincts where this happened in the most important swing state in the nation.

Maybe there is some rational explanation for the numbers that you are about to see.  If there is, I would really love to hear it.

What makes all of this even more alarming is that there were reports of voting machine problems during early voting in Ohio.  It was being reported that some voters were claiming that they tried to vote for Romney but that the voting machines kept recording their votes as votes for Obama…

“I don’t know if it happened to anybody else or not, but this is the first time in all the years that we voted that this has ever happened to me,” said Marion, Ohio, voter Joan Stevens. 

Stevens said that when she voted, it took her three tries before the machine accepted her choice to vote for Romney.

“I went to vote and I got right in the middle of Romney’s name,” Stevens told Fox News, saying that she was certain to put her finger directly on her choice for the White House.

She said that the first time she pushed “Romney,” the machine marked “Obama.”

So she pushed Romney again. Obama came up again. Then it happened a third time.

“Maybe you make a mistake once, but not three times,” she told Fox News.

The numbers that you are about to see are quite dramatic.  They come straight from the website of the Cuyahoga County board of elections.  Once again, I am not alleging that election fraud has actually taken place.  What I am saying is that these numbers look very, very strange and that somebody needs to start asking some questions.

Posted below are voting results from the presidential election from various precincts in Cuyahoga County, Ohio.  If you wish to verify these numbers, you can do so right here.  In each case, the specific precinct is identified first, followed by the number of votes for Obama and then the number of votes for Romney.

In this first set of Cuyahoga County precincts, Mitt Romney received exactly zero votes in each instance…

0154 CLEVELAND -02-Q: 542 - 0
0192 CLEVELAND -04-L: 388 - 0

0204 CLEVELAND -05-E: 597 - 0

0205 CLEVELAND -05-F: 483 - 0

0206 CLEVELAND -05-G: 257 - 0

0219 CLEVELAND -05-T: 386 - 0

0228 CLEVELAND -06-H: 405 - 0

0232 CLEVELAND -06-L: 70 - 0

0233 CLEVELAND -06-M: 419 - 0

0241 CLEVELAND -06-U: 118 - 0

0248 CLEVELAND -07-F: 361 - 0

0273 CLEVELAND -08-J: 472 - 0
0280 CLEVELAND -08-Q: 49 - 0

0285 CLEVELAND -09-B: 414 - 0

0288 CLEVELAND -09-E: 478 - 0

0523 EAST CLEVELAND -04-C: 486 - 0

Are we actually supposed to believe that not a single person wanted to vote for Mitt Romney in any of those precincts?

But wait, there’s more.

In this next set of results we get to see many of the precincts where Mitt Romney received exactly one vote…

0118 CLEVELAND -01-A: 438 - 1

0144 CLEVELAND -02-G: 532 - 1
0183 CLEVELAND -04-C: 548 - 1
0185 CLEVELAND -04-E: 522 - 1

0190 CLEVELAND -04-J: 434 - 1

0200 CLEVELAND -05-A: 364 - 1

0217 CLEVELAND -05-R: 357 - 1
0240 CLEVELAND -06-T: 148 - 1

0272 CLEVELAND -08-I: 473 - 1

0274 CLEVELAND -08-K: 382 - 1
0276 CLEVELAND -08-M: 492 - 1
0279 CLEVELAND -08-P: 378 - 1

0284 CLEVELAND -09-A: 320 - 1
0287 CLEVELAND -09-D: 394 - 1

0289 CLEVELAND -09-F: 468 - 1

0290 CLEVELAND -09-G: 400 - 1

0303 CLEVELAND -10-C: 471 - 1

0312 CLEVELAND -10-L: 363 - 1

0314 CLEVELAND -10-N: 340 - 1

0315 CLEVELAND -10-O: 473 - 1

0512 EAST CLEVELAND -02-D: 437 - 1

0513 EAST CLEVELAND -02-E: 359 - 1

1040 WARRENSVILLE HTS -02-A: 523 - 1

1041 WARRENSVILLE HTS -02-B: 514 - 1

Do these numbers look believable to anyone out there?

Now let’s look at some of the Cuyahoga County precincts were Mitt Romney received exactly two votes…

0120 CLEVELAND -01-C: 531 - 2

0128 CLEVELAND -01-K: 470 - 2

0136 CLEVELAND -01-S: 635 - 2

0147 CLEVELAND -02-J: 541 - 2 

0148 CLEVELAND -02-K: 632 - 2

0149 CLEVELAND -02-L: 531 - 2

0153 CLEVELAND -02-P: 564 - 2

0155 CLEVELAND -02-R: 509 - 2
0187 CLEVELAND -04-G: 491 - 2

0188 CLEVELAND -04-H: 508 - 2

0194 CLEVELAND -04-N: 520 - 2

0211 CLEVELAND -05-L: 461 - 2

0213 CLEVELAND -05-N: 324 - 2

0222 CLEVELAND -06-B: 637 - 2

0225 CLEVELAND -06-E: 505 - 2

0226 CLEVELAND -06-F: 342 - 2

0234 CLEVELAND -06-N: 244 - 2

0236 CLEVELAND -06-P: 438 - 2
0249 CLEVELAND -07-G: 446 - 2

0250 CLEVELAND -07-H: 358 - 2

0251 CLEVELAND -07-I: 445 - 2

0253 CLEVELAND -07-K: 429 - 2

0256 CLEVELAND -07-N: 433 - 2

0262 CLEVELAND -07-T: 363 - 2
0269 CLEVELAND -08-F: 463 - 2

0270 CLEVELAND -08-G: 516 - 2

0278 CLEVELAND -08-O: 405 - 2

0302 CLEVELAND -10-B: 452 - 2

0311 CLEVELAND -10-K: 476 - 2

0511 EAST CLEVELAND -02-C: 319 - 2

0515 EAST CLEVELAND -03-A: 359 - 2

0516 EAST CLEVELAND -03-B: 459 - 2

0519 EAST CLEVELAND -03-E: 293 - 2

0526 EAST CLEVELAND -04-F: 517 - 2

0625 HIGHLAND HILLS -00-A: 377 - 2 

These numbers look even more bizarre when you start comparing them with the overall results from the rest of Cuyahoga County that you can find right here.

The results from most of the precincts look very much like what you would expect from a competitive national election.

But there are more than 100 precincts where the results look incredibly suspicious.  Here are some more precincts where Barack Obama won more than 99% of the vote…

0119 CLEVELAND -01-B: 558 - 4

0121 CLEVELAND -01-D: 452 - 3

0122 CLEVELAND -01-E: 671 - 5

0123 CLEVELAND -01-F: 704 - 6

0124 CLEVELAND -01-G: 543 - 3

0126 CLEVELAND -01-I: 674 - 4

0127 CLEVELAND -01-J: 687 - 4

0130 CLEVELAND -01-M: 781 - 4

0132 CLEVELAND -01-O: 615 - 4

0133 CLEVELAND -01-P: 733 - 5

0134 CLEVELAND -01-Q: 753 - 6

0135 CLEVELAND -01-R: 697 - 5
0142 CLEVELAND -02-E: 434 - 3

0145 CLEVELAND -02-H: 571 - 3

0150 CLEVELAND -02-M: 503 - 4

0151 CLEVELAND -02-N: 601 - 3
0152 CLEVELAND -02-O: 621 - 3

0156 CLEVELAND -02-S: 471 - 4

0157 CLEVELAND -03-A: 489 - 3

0184 CLEVELAND -04-D: 576 - 3
0186 CLEVELAND -04-F: 572 - 3
0189 CLEVELAND -04-I: 503 - 3

0191 CLEVELAND -04-K: 508 - 4

0193 CLEVELAND -04-M: 497 - 4

0195 CLEVELAND -04-O: 599 - 3

0196 CLEVELAND -04-P: 443 - 3

0199 CLEVELAND -04-S: 686 - 5

0203 CLEVELAND -05-D: 569 - 4

0207 CLEVELAND -05-H: 341 - 3

0210 CLEVELAND -05-K: 427 - 3

0212 CLEVELAND -05-M: 340 - 3

0216 CLEVELAND -05-Q: 461 - 4

0218 CLEVELAND -05-S: 515 - 5

0221 CLEVELAND -06-A: 701 - 3

0223 CLEVELAND -06-C: 462 - 4

0227 CLEVELAND -06-G: 401 - 3

0230 CLEVELAND -06-J: 475 - 4

0254 CLEVELAND -07-L: 447 - 4

0261 CLEVELAND -07-S: 449 - 4

0271 CLEVELAND -08-H: 552 - 4

0275 CLEVELAND -08-L: 499 - 3

0282 CLEVELAND -08-S: 517 - 4

0292 CLEVELAND -09-I: 423 - 4

0294 CLEVELAND -09-K: 445 - 4
0307 CLEVELAND -10-G: 428 - 4

0317 CLEVELAND -10-Q: 446 - 3

0320 CLEVELAND -10-T: 654 - 5

0510 EAST CLEVELAND -02-B: 401 - 4

0518 EAST CLEVELAND -03-D: 374 - 3

0520 EAST CLEVELAND -03-F: 457 - 3

0521 EAST CLEVELAND -04-A: 453 - 4

1045 WARRENSVILLE HTS -04-B: 598 - 4

1049 WARRENSVILLE HTS -06-B: 480 - 4

Once again, perhaps there is a rational explanation for all of this.

But I find it really hard to believe that one candidate would get more than 99% of the vote in more than 100 precincts in one of the most important counties in the most hotly contested swing state of the 2012 election.

Unfortunately, we may never know the truth about these election results.  We are just told that we can trust the voting machines and that we can trust whatever results they end up spitting out at us.

Look, I don’t know what the truth is, but where there is smoke there is usually fire.  Voters reported tens of thousands of voting problems on election day, and it will be an absolute disgrace if those complaints are brushed under the rug now that the election is over.

Setting aside who won or who lost, the legitimacy of our elections if of the utmost importance.  If we cannot even trust the ballot box, what do we have left?

I sincerely hope that authorities in Ohio and in the other swing states will investigate some of the voting “irregularities” that are being reported.

Millions of Americans are watching, and if all of this just gets swept under the rug there are going to be a whole lot more people that will lose faith in these voting machines.

I know that I already have.

  • George Kadlec

    The simple explanation is that this country is morally bankrupt and the price of corruption is decline. What individual with a little bit of common sense trusts the mainline press or the government?

  • Dave Webb

    Who watches the policeman? In this case, the ballot computer seems to be a problem. In my county, there is a paper ballot alongside the computer that prints out the vote after you have voted. It would be really interesting if they are using the same system as Montgomery County, Ohio whether the computer paper produces the same numbers as the computer vote in those precincts. It should be easy enough to check. I suggest the Attorney General of the State of Ohio should start the checking now.
    Cheating an election is a very serious charge. I think the FBI could get involved at some point if it is in more than one state. I think that is a federal crime.
    What is more important is finding the people while they are still with us. If this involves someone further up the food chain, then these people might be an effort to cut them off before they can spill the beans on someone further up. I believe that happened four years ago. The computer person involved died in a suspicious auto accident shortly after the election. Charges were being prepared and an indictment was involved.
    I believe they are required by law to keep the paper record.
    Perhaps we also need to address this in the Congress. Perhaps we need a more strict accounting less dependent on computers in our election process.

  • Graham

    This sums it up…

    “Truth is treason in the empire of lies.”
    – Ron Paul

    America wasn’t ready for this Statesman and the GOP have a massive amount to answer for in how they ensured he was ridiculed and blacked out at every opportunity. Then came the GOP nomination voting fraud.

    Sorry Republicans, you allowed your party to shoot itself in the foot, then right in the head. What goes round… comes around. You just never know from which direction. Something the ego is “far too blind” to determine.

    As many in here would say… “God works in mysterious ways”. He sure does, until you understand the fabric of corruption that underlies deception. I now expect Obama to “crush” the remainders of the “Bush Nazi Cabal”. Time will tell.

    Another wake up call:- (Watch the MSM video footage within)

  • Graham

    Comparable Voting?

    Is this also what the GOP nomination voting would have looked like when it came to “Mitt Romney versus Ron Paul”, State by State… across most of the USA?

    Republicans have four more years to shake down and waken up. Expect major changes between now and then! George HW Bush should be gone by then, or too out of his mind to count the “trillions” he has directly/indirectly controlled.

  • Marcia

    No worries, it’s just the new math. I think the banks already use it as well.

    • Graham


      ROFL! Well spotted :)

  • Rene

    Votingmachines are banned in most European countries because they can be rigged very easily.
    Most countries returned to the oldfashioned way of voting and people have to show their ID.
    Even in third world countries people have to put their finger in ink to prevent voter fraud.
    It’s really unbelievable…..

  • Just Sayin’: there are also precincts with 99% African American voters in Cleveland. Should we also be worried about that?

    Perhaps some sort of racial ghetto fraud…

    Or maybe it’s that Obama worked in the ghettos and projects of Chicago in his early career and these ghetto inhabitants are sympathizers.

    Ghetto Fraud: too many African American voters exercising their right to vote without being immorally attacked by racists.

    • jaxon64

      Actually, this is easy to fact check by looking up the precinct number at the US Census Beaurea–there is NOT A SINGLE PRECINCT THAT IS 99% “African American”…..let alone 100 precincts without any Koreans, whites, hispanics, Indians, etc etc…you can’t rationalize this–it is just plain blatant.

      Don’t worry though, there is no need to rationalize or explain. The main stream media won’t come within 100 yards of reporting this or any other possible voter fraud.

    • Robert Wilson

      Yeah, but Cuyahoga County is 65% WHITE!!!!!!!!!! And you want us to believe EVERYONE VOTED FOR BARACK?

      No way that could ever happen.

    • ugh really

      YES! Someone calling other people racists! Man, that’s definitely constructive and helpful and deeply relevant to this conversation, thanks bro. Everyone LOVES the race card!

  • Andrew

    votes counted by Spanish company owned by George Soros…

  • ConcernedCitizen

    Thank you Mike for your patriotism and for getting the word out on this critical topic. There is a rationale explanation for this. It’s called Voter Fraud. This was a sham election and we have a pretend President who won a pretend election. May God have mercy on us all.

  • WarriorClass III

    If there was any doubt before, there is now no question about it; Obama is the antichrist.

    • Chris

      This. God have mercy on us all…

  • WarriorClass III

    No longer any doubt about it; Obama is the antichrist.

  • Col. Wilson

    Yea something stinks – thanks for posting Michael


  • Jodi

    There is without a doubt something is fishy here but does it matter? Nobody in the media is going to reveal this information. As long as we keep using these fraudulent voting machines only means that your vote will never count again. Period.

  • Cleo

    Elections have consequences and the consequences from this one are already coming out. As an even larger torrent of regulations hit the market place everyday many Obamnoids will wake up and realize they made a mistake, particularly when HHS regulations change what was perceived as free healthcare becomes you aren’t getting the procedure you originally thought you were going to get because you are too old or too young, or it’s too expensive, or that procedure has been deemed ineffective. In particular, a government bureaucrat will making all decisions based on statistics, etc. Your Doctor is now making your choice meaningless as he must work with a government administrator. But the tea party was lying about all of this, right? And many other regulations will change the way you live for a long time to come, like smart meters, regulating dust on farms, CDL’s required for a farmer to drive his equipment, and more are all coming and coming soon. All designed to save Mother Earth from the wrath of the consequences of over population. To a Progressive, the means always jutify the ends. Wars and famines are good for the planet. You are now just a number to them and the UN. Your life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness is meaningless to them. After all, you are killing the planet.
    That is why we arm our enemies, create wars, and let 4 Americans die in Benghazi. If you are well informed, you know what’s going on. If you are an Obamanoid, you think Benghazi is a character from Star Wars.

    The sheeple will eventually wake up, but it will be a deep dark whole to dig out of.

  • SOme thing is really fishy.

  • Ken

    And people really believed that Bam and Hil split the vote exactly in the 2008 Democrat Primary in Unity, New Hampshire?

  • lena

    Hmmmm. Don’t seem to be hearing news on UN voter observers that were supposed to watch the US elections for problems bringing up this issue.

    This is just the beginning. If they pull this off and it goes unnoticed, I can definitely see similar efforts in Florida, Virginia and Colorado.

    Just another sogn to me that as soon as my dad passes, to move to Canada or
    Europe. Might not be better, but I just can’t watch the USA I knew commit suicide.

  • Dan Berg

    If this surprises you you must be young. I, and many others came to the conclusion that the presidential elections were rigged many years ago. I believe the whole movement towards using electronic voting machines is to make cheating easier. I stopped voting for democrats and republicans years ago for political reasons, One I realized that there is a lot of fraud during presidential elections I stopped voting in them altogether. There was a book written years ago, before the Florida fiasco involving Bush Jr. and Gore, called Votescam by James and Kenneth Collier. Every American should read it.

    • pib

      They are a whole like electronic slot machines “oh trust us, it’s legit here’s how it works….”
      I’m with you.

  • Dan Berg

    If this surprises you, you must be young. I think every American should read “Votescam” by James and Kenneth Collier. It was written before the Florida fiasco during the Bush Jr./Gore campaign. I think the whole movement towards electronic voting machines is to make cheating easier. In a transparent election, the votes are counted in the building where they are cast until 2 or 3 consecutive counts match exactly. There is a paper copy of each vote. After they are counted they are sent up the line. As it is, most polling stations don’t do the counting so they have no idea what the count is. Thus a state can tell a county that the vote was whatever they want it to be and there is no recourse or argument that the polling station can fall back on. We do not conduct transparent elections in national politics in America. For that reason I quit voting years ago.

  • alex
    • Michael


      Yes, I was not saying he got 99% of the vote from the entire county. There were only about 100 precincts where Obama got 99% of the vote. Most of the other precincts reported vote totals that looked much more “normal”.

      Overall, Romney got about 30% of the vote in the county.


  • Karen Jarrett

    I have been saying for over 2 years. “IF Obama gets reelected it will be fixed” and now there needs to be another count.. Maybe other states also.

  • Xander cross

    I see that you’re getting desperate Michael. Typical from you and your agenda.

  • Dan Flikweert

    Obviously, it is time for good people to stand up and demand honesty and accountability. No this is not over. This comes straight from the pit of hell and it smells like smoke. The Muslim Brotherhood has slithered into the WH. Deceit, dishonesty and fraud are slinking in too. This is not Obama’s country to do with as he pleases. He is only a steward and his stewardship smells to the highest heaven. Rank & file Americans must now take their country back. Regardless of what it takes. You wouldn’t let someone sneak into your house and begin to squat there with an eye to taking your home – would you? You wouldn’t let someone sneak around in your garage to take you vehicle. You would not let someone go to your bank so that they could illicitly grab your money. Why is this being allowed. America is worth fighting for. The citizens of America must reclaim that which has been stolen!!

  • PDN

    Obama are not even born in the USA. Truth are often called “conspiracy theory”. But still, Obama are probably a pretty decent guy compared to most Ame*****.

  • Robin

    This happened in the State of North Carolina. A friend in Greensboro said that after 3 times trying she had to get someone to help her correct her vote to Mitt and they said that it must have been her fingernail…We also had republicans show up in Durham and Wake Counties to vote and someone had already vote in their place. Mitt still won our state with 70 percent of the vote which is probably what would have happened around the country if they had not thrown all the Mitt ballots away. There needs to be a call for a paper ballot recount.NOW!!!

  • Deb Warix

    This is outrageous! If the GOP fails to insist on an investigation into these allegations, we need to start over with a conservative political party that will. Third world elections are more secure than ours are. My mom used to say “Fool me once…shame on you! Fool me twice…shame on me!”

  • Chris

    Your damn right there’s been voter fraud! The question is who the hell is doing something about it?!?!? Only person I see speaking out is Allen West.

    In 59 Philadelphia voting wards Mitt Romney received ZERO votes!!!

    It’s like were literally watching a live action version of The Dictator….

  • erheault

    It will be interesting how he is going to survive the Hornets nest that our economy is in and a nation of disillusioned citizens along with half of the nation receiving some sort of governmnet benifits and the other half loosing out to inflation, Hmm 47 thousand + on food stamps and growing daily perhaps Romeny was the lucky one.

  • Andrew k

    Interesting blog for a UK statistician. Can you access precinct results for 2008? If so, why not compare these precincts with last time. If Obama was on 95%+ last time, there is a good chance these are accurate. However, if the results have moved heavily in Obama’s favour, then something smells.

  • Cm

    We need to call for the people to come out in these districts. When the people come out and say the voted for Romney we can take a count. speak up those of you who voted !

  • DaytoDay

    Michael, here are more examples of how divided we are becoming as a nation.

    Thousands sign petitions in 20 different states to secede from the union.


  • Scott

    I think everybody needs to demand that an investigation by an independent source be done on the voter fraud.We have been cheated out of our rites to vote in a honest election for the person of our choice.If this is swept under the rug then it will be the downfall of the United States.Contact your congressman and state attorney general and demand an investigation to save the United States and everyone who loves there freedom.

  • Lin Branco

    Watching through the National News Channel from Canada – we saw the correct votes showing ROMNEY WINNING WITH OVER 270 electoral votes THEN THE MAIN ANCHOR MAN – GOT NERVOUS AND TOLD THEM TO TAKE IT OFF THE AIR – and then we got the voting fraud vote numbers we were told on the news that a person could not get the machine to put her vote in correctly – it always came up as the OB AMA BID LADEN [SADDAM] HUSSEIN – ALL THEIR NAMES ARE IN HIS NAME – YES – the antichrist – acting his part -hypnotizing the AMERICAN PEOPLE [ HIS ATTEMPT TO LOWER THE STANDARDS of life for the Americans shall fail!!!] but soon all will SEE AND KNOW THE LIGHT OF GOD NEVER FAILS AND GOD IS AT THE HELM OF THIS UNIVERSE. OH GOD HAVE MERCY ON AMERICA! OH GOD HAVE MERCY ON AMERICA! OH GOD HAVE MERCY ON AMERICA THE LAND OF THE FREE! – WHEN BENJAMIN FRANKLIN SAID – “LET US ASK GOD – WHO CREATED THIS LAND” – AND THE GREATEST DOCUMENT ON EARTH – THE CONSTITUTION WAS THE END RESULT. EVERY CONSTRUCTIVE LIVING AMERICAN NEEDS TO KNEEL AND ASK GOD TO HELP THEIR COUNTRY! GOD HAVE MERCY ON THEM IF THEY DO NOT ASK GOD!

  • If you go to their website, the precinct detail in 2008 is similar to 2012.


    And in 2004, the same report by precinct isn’t available but the overall vote in Ohio during 2004 was 67% Kerry/Edwards.

    In general I believe presidential candidates are “selected” more than are “elected”, but Romney didn’t lose Ohio this year because of vote machine fraud.

  • Gary2

    Michael–Bishop Mittens did not get the votes BECAUSE CONSERVATIVES SUCK!!!

    Its just that simple. Repeat after me America rejects the morally bankrupt conservative philosophy. we are thankfully a center left nation and conservatives are so 1980’s. Demographics is creaming conservatives.

  • Alan

    These results are very obviously rigged – anyone who wants to defend them as truthful is mindlessly chanting the Obama mantra and out of their mind on his kool aid. Obama has repeatedly proven himself to be an outright, ignorant, liar and manipulator of the facts who is an embarrassment to the office of the President, and our country. These dishonest results are just another example of Obama’s lying, cheating, say & do anything to keep him in his gravy train – which he has done nothing to deserve.

    Those of you that haven’t watched 2016 are completely blind to who Obama truly is, where he comes from, that he is truly a Muslim and verrrrry sympathetic to the Muslim cause & belief. That’s exactly why he didn’t take a stand in Benghazi, why he has consistently turned his back on Israel, and why he just as consistently addressed “The Prophet Mohammed”. WAKE UP!!!

    Too late now. All you stuuuuupid liberals are about to see what you’ve wrought by giving this idiot another four years to ‘finish the job’. You think his first four years was a bad record, just wait. He’s brought America to it’s knees, and has the hatchet poised – BY DESIGN!!! See 2016 – and don’t go saying it’s bunk – it’s 100% accurate. Obama gave hundreds of BILLIONS of borrowed American $s to Brazil, Columbia, and Mexico to help pay for their oil drilling but won’t allow us to complete the Keystone pipeline, or go after the vast reservoirs we have via fracking. Brazil is actually squabbling about how to divide up their new found oil wealth throughout their country. The Keystone completion, and domestic fracking BY ITSELF – would have played a huge part in reducing our debt. Forget about that now – and just watch Obama continue to blame Bush & continue to rack up the deficit.

    Obama has played more golf in his first term than all prior presidents – COMBINED! Don’t say anything about his hard work – he doesn’t know the meaning of hard work – running a business – or ANY office in government. HE’S A BAD AMERICAN – WHO IS THE MOST DANGEROUS CON MAN THIS NATION HAS EVER SEEN. Better to call him SnObama – because that’s EXACTLY WHAT HIS IS – HAS DONE – & WILL CONTINUE TO DO. God help America!

    • Gay Veteran

      “Those of you that haven’t watched 2016 are completely blind to who Obama truly is, where he comes from, that he is truly a Muslim and verrrrry sympathetic to the Muslim cause & belief.”

      really? this why is he using drones to kill innocent Muslims?

      and fracking? yeah, let’s poison our water

  • Nexus789

    You guys live in a big Banana Republic. The Democratic system is a grand but expensive illusion. A bit of fiddling on the side does not make a real difference when the whole electoral show is just that a show. The real masters are the shadow people that pull the strings in the background.

  • hello very cool post man!

  • Realist

    So, are you saying that this happened in THOUSANDS of precincts? Because the numbers in this article, and in these few precincts, in ONE county, in ONE state, are less than a drop in a whole BATHTUB, much less a bucket! These precincts have total voter numbers of 400, 500, 300 voters.The President received 332 EV’s to Romney’s 206. That is quite a spread! Even if you hate the electoral college system, which, unless we change it, is what we’re stuck with, President Obama STILL won the popular vote by over 3 million votes, about 3.3 million, actually. Do you REALLY, HONESTLY, think that anyone could pull that off, to the tune of 3 million votes? This article is a lame, sad attempt to discredit a victory that was hard won. FACE IT. PRESIDENT OBAMA WON THE ELECTION! EVEN YOUR CANDIDATE HAS CONCEDED TO THIS. WHY CAN’T YOU?

  • Don A in Pennsyltucky

    Clearly the votes that Karl Rove was expecting to get from the Cleveland area were not there. But his plan to switch votes to Romney backfired due to a programming error.



  • Imaplaneiac


    I checked the Cuyahoga County Election Chart; which you link to herein. I saw nothing on the Legend that specifies a code that identifies either Romney or Obozo. Did I overlook them?

    • Michael

      You need to scroll down a few pages.


  • Dean Jones

    Nothing surprises me when we have a Muslim Terrorist leading our country to financial ruin. That is exactly when Obama wants all the left to believe, that he is just, fair, loving but what he is really all about (look up the word Marxist) is tearing America apart at the seams so we can be just like all the other nations that are falling apart. Within a few years America will be the next Greece! Then and only then will the electorate wake up and take back this country.

    • Fact : The country was already in financial ruin when Obama took office.

      Fact : A republican president has run the country for the last 8 years before Obama, and took a surplus and turned it into a deficit.

      Fact : We have a president who represents a wider range of America, and its diversity.

      Butt sore losers, please go home and bury your head for 4 years.
      Hillary will be the next president.

  • DKC

    Remember all those lawsuits by Democrats demanding that any voter identification laws be repealed. Well, now we know why they filed them. They needed to steal the vote in certain key states so that Obama could be reelected.

    Curiously, Obama lost in every state that requires a photo ID to be produced before voting. A list of closely contested state elections with no voter ID law, which narrowly went to Obama include: Minnesota (10), Iowa (6), Wisconsin (10), Nevada (6), Colorado (9), New Mexico (5) and Pennsylvania (20). This amounts to a total of 66 electoral votes. When added to Romney’s total of 205 electoral votes, that would give Romney 271 electoral votes, enough votes to win even without Ohio or Florida.

    Romney also likely had the states of Florida and Ohio stolen from him, which don’t require photo IDs. Ohio requires a non-photo ID. Would a library card do? Florida “requests” a photo ID, but doesn’t require it. So what happens if they request a photo ID and the illegal alien Haitian doesn’t have one? Do they just count the vote anyway?

    • Gay Veteran

      DKC, you do know that in a voter ID lawsuit that the state of Pennsylvania could NOT come up with evidence of voter fraud

      • Good grief! How does one come up with evidence if no ID is required and the poll watchers are forcibly removed in 13 precincts??.

        In those 13 precincts, the REPORTED votes were 99% for Obama with a 90% turnout. If you believe those results, you deserve whatever Obama does to you.

  • Imaplaneiac


    I saw that Yahoo story and others, last night. ( I sent one to Michael ). Glenn Beck mentioned on his radio show this morning that the number of states is now uo to 27!

    I sent e-mail to BOTH of my Senators, today, on the seccission issue; to add my name to the demand to secede. ( One would be foolish to sign the White House petition. Those that do can expect some type of retribution ). Perhaps these 27 states will form a new Union?!

    Have yet to hear anything on Fox News; as they seem to be obsessed with that adultery scandal!


    In my two aforementioned e-mails, I mentioned the voting fraud in Ohio – and likelihood of others. Where there’s smoke there’s USUALLY fire!

    BTW, both of my senators are Republicans.

  • Georgiaboy61

    Obama and his Chicago thugs stole the election, with the help of George Soros and his billions. Only a useful idiot drunk on Obama’s kool-aid would dispute this conclusion. The real question remains: what are we the people going to do about it?

    • U want to Blame obama and chicago, when Mitt was another bad candidate.
      Thats all this election told us, you can’t just roll another rich stiff out there, who has no charisma, and is as likeable as a tick on your butt.
      Mass appeal Mitty, thats the difference. Obama has a diversity of votes, while Mitt’s voters are rich and/or white.
      Nothing to look at, stop being butt sore losers.

      • You have no clue as to the diversity of Romney’s votes nor their number since massive election fraud was committed.

      • Hsialin

        The only ppl that voted for obama was blacks and stupid white liberals. The rest were dead ppl and ppl voting multiple times.

        • And Chicago cemetery residents, and voting machines, and CIA hackers.. The CIA asked Jesse Ventura how the hell he won the vote for governor. Surprise!

    • Shane Simmons

      This is funny. The comment above yours starts with, “Why do people still want to believe that the wealthy is so bad?” Then the next comment claims that George Soros used his money to steal the election.

  • LEL MN

    So, anybody out looking in those 100% percincts for the guy who voted Romney?

  • Yve

    Can we get some legal action by petition?????? Can we do something except ranting about it??

    • Educate educate. Ron Paul probably figured no way they’d let him win in 2012.

      Think locally (local control), act locally…

  • futurelife

    Why do people still want to believe that the wealthy is so bad? They made jobs available and you work there, even buy their cars, but yet, you want to take the wealth away from the smart ones who knew how to use what they earned, invested that money into a business of some kind and say, ‘here, take it, I don’t want to build a business, a car, a store, a fast food joint, and etc’. They people who don’t have money either didn’t know how to invest, or didn’t know that a big house, a fancy car or eating out all the time isn’t savings, so no investments for them. Look how many people started out with nothing but ended up with much! You better be glad that we have wealthy here to give the rest of us something but NO, we elected a bigger government who will control us and take any money away from the wealthy so now we will have to work for the government and its union. UGH BAD for America.

    • Hsialin

      Liberals think money is free….along with everything else.

  • turn2

    Laugh your freedom away. Vote fraud happens all the time, and much of it, unlike the woman cited above who saw her vote switching over to Obama, is undetectable, because it’s programmed into the machine. Watch this video of testimony by a computer programmer before the Senate, and THEN tell me it can’t happen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcxGGnmRQAs

    • First they ignored him, then they laughed
      him, then they fought him, so what’s next?

  • Romney is the biggest loser. He thought he could ignore the poor, ignore blacks, and use a paint on tan to court hispanics. Those totals dont surprise, maybe Mitt needs to actual campaign where he is weakest. Instead of hanging out with rich like minded people, thats not gonna sway the 47% mitty.
    You have to be president to all of america, not just TRUST FUND america.

    • qwerty_4321

      and he’s doing such an awesome job too. Taking a vacation a month, playing more golf than retired people, lowering gas prices, helping lower unemployment .. you must be thrilled! Fool.

  • As a Cleveland resident, at a first glance, I can believe that the votes were so one-sided in those precincts. All the ones I saw were in Cleveland itself; that is, inner-city precincts where the citizenry is overwhelmingly African-American and poverty-stricken. Given Romney’s apparent dismissal of the poor (as in his “47%” comments), it’s not hard to think that voters struggling to stay afloat would overwhelmingly vote for the candidate who hadn’t written them all off as “takers”.

    Furthermore, Cuyahoga country used paper optical-scan ballots, not touch-screen devices. If you’re going to go looking for vote fraud, you’ll have to look elsewhere in the voting process.

  • Shane Simmons

    And yet, Obama got barely over 50% of the vote…had we gotten Romney, would that have been an improvement?

    Seriously, think about that. Here you have what is apparently proof that there was massive voter fraud by Obama supporters, while Obama barely got over 50% of the vote. This ain’t rocket surgery. We’re still fighting over which man is less evil. Choose the lesser evil, you still get evil.

    • qwerty_4321

      Mitt is hardly evil. At least he loves this country, at least his wife loves this country and hasn’t just recently changed her tune on that one.

  • Shane Simmons

    Where did you get those results from?


  • Shane Simmons

    I didn’t check them all, but on the ones I spot-checked, it seemed like the high-percentage Obama votes were in more urban, poor areas, while the more evenly matched districts tended to be suburbs.

    I know Occam’s Razor is a little too close to that science-y stuff, but the simplest explanation is usually the best. People in urban areas tend to be more left-wing, while the people who have the higher income with a house and/or rural tend to be more right-wing.

  • Ed

    The scam on the American people continue while they are occupied with the crap the media feeds them, namely SEX, SCREEN and SPORT.

    The sheep are content for now still taking it up the rear and seemingly enjoying it.

  • I studied polling and statisti

    1) Your numbers are off. Way off.
    2) The numbers you’re analyzing don’t actually appear to be who voted for which candidate, but rather, how many people voted vs how many are registered. ie, your analysis gets an F, as you failed to utilize the correct data set.

    I went through and double checked half a dozen of your numbers, and none of them checked out with your commentary. For example, the very first line of data you give us is –

    0154 CLEVELAND -02-Q: 542 – 0

    When one then goes to the links you provided for checking this stat, one will find this instead –

    0154 CLEVELAND -02-Q 872 . 545

    Hmmmm. Your numbers are off.

    Lets do it again.

    You say –

    0120 CLEVELAND -01-C: 531 – 2

    But the data (that you linked us to) shows –

    0120 CLEVELAND -01-C 852 . 539

    Well that is a huge change. Yours again is way off from the data you linked to. I did this check over and over. It appears your numbers were taken from
    very early results. Or made up. I will give you the benefit of the doubt
    and assume you simply took numbers from very early counts… numbers
    that shouldn’t be, you know, analyzed. But you did just that.

    Furthermore, I might be missing something, but are you sure you’re even looking at the right numbers?


    Column 02 = BALLOTS CAST

    Why haven’t you come back and corrected yourself? Promoting a book getting in the way of data analysis again?

    And then there is this –


    “An election day exit poll by NBC News found that black voters in Ohio
    picked Obama over Romney by 96 percent to 3 percent. That percentage
    matches the spread by which Obama won in Cleveland precincts east of the
    Cuyahoga River.

    For more perspective, PolitiFact Ohio turned to an authority on voting
    in Cleveland: Mark Salling, senior fellow in the Levin College of Urban
    Affairs at Cleveland State University and director of its Northern Ohio
    Data & Information Service since 1981. He is also Ohio’s liaison to
    the Census Bureau for its redistricting data programs.

    Salling cited census data that showed more than 90 percent of the
    voting age population is black in 15 of the 17 Cleveland precincts in
    which Romney received no votes. The others are heavily Hispanic, and all
    are low-income neighborhoods “where Democrats traditionally are very,
    very strong,” he said.

    “Using standard measures of probability, given the overall distribution
    of percentages in the county’s precincts,” he said, “I find that a zero
    percent vote for Romney, though somewhat unlikely, is also entirely

    Conversely, he said, those same demographics suggest it is “virtually
    impossible Obama would receive zero votes” in the county’s precincts. It
    may be surprising that no Romney votes were found in some precincts,
    Salling told us, “but it is a far reach to suggest fraud as the

    The claim that Mitt Romney received no votes in more than a dozen
    precincts in Cleveland may seem amazing. But voting history,
    registration, demographics and statistical analysis say it is both
    feasible and credible. The Board of Elections says it is actually

  • micronot

    Why did you take so much time to write your drivel, but didn’t even bother to take a few seconds to see that the numbers reported in this article are EXACTLY what is shown in the provided link?

    IF you had scrolled down to this section:

    Vote for not more than 1
    01 = Stewart Alexander/Alex Mendoza (SOC) 209 .03 06 = Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan (REP) 184,475 30.12
    02 = Richard Duncan/Ricky Johnson 591 .10 07 = Jill Stein/Cheri Honkala (GRE) 1,490 .24
    03 = Virgil Goode/Jim Clymer (CON) 513 .08 08 = WRITE IN 903 .15
    04 = Gary Johnson/James P. Gray (LIB) 3,281 .54 09 = OVER VOTES 1,468
    05 = Barack Obama/Joe Biden (DEM) 420,953 68.74 10 = UNDER VOTES 3,258

    Then go to the exact precinct you sited, you would see EXACTLY what was reported. Column 05 is Obama and 06 is Romney:

    0154 CLEVELAND -02-Q 0 0 0 0 542 0 0 0 0 3

    542 Obama, ZERO for Romney

  • Leland Whitehouse

    I also did research and found that Ron Paul received 0 votes even counting write ins. ???