East Coast Tsunami: If It Happens, MILLIONS Of Americans Could Die

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Tsunami Hazard ZoneCould you imagine what would happen if a tsunami hundreds of feet high slammed into the east coast of the United States at several hundred miles an hour?  Just because it has never happened during any of our lifetimes does not mean that it can’t happen.  In fact, scientists tell us that there is a very good chance that it will happen someday.  And if it does happen, there is a very good chance that the number of dead Americans could be in the millions.  Even though there are “Tsunami Hazard Zone” signs on Florida beaches to remind us of this potential threat, we have built giant cities right along the edge of the water all along the Atlantic coast.  Today, an astounding 39 percent of all Americans live in counties that directly border a shoreline.  The potential damage that a major east coast tsunami could do would be unimaginable.  Remember, those living along the Indian Ocean never expected a tsunami in 2004, and those living in Japan never imagined what would hit them in 2011.  These things do happen, and it might very well happen to us one day.


If you do not think that this is within the realm of possibility, just consider what the Washington Post has had to say on the matter…

However, while there is no indication it could happen soon (but could), there are scientifically sound reasons for concern that at some point a mega-tsunami could engulf the entire East Coast with a wave almost 200 feet high sweeping everything and everybody up to 20 miles inland. The consequences of such a relatively unlikely but very possible event in loss of life and property are inestimable and beyond the realm of imagination (at least for me).

Yes, there has not been a major tsunami event along the perimeter of the Atlantic Ocean during any of our lifetimes.

But it has happened.

The most famous Atlantic Ocean tsunami during recorded history happened in 1755

The most widely known Atlantic Ocean tsunami struck Lisbon, Portugal on November 1, 1755 . It was caused by a magnitude 8.6 earthquake beneath the floor of the Atlantic about 100 miles offshore. This earthquake and associated tsunami destroyed most of the city of Lisbon. Waves up to 12 meters high hit the coastlines of Spain and Portugal just minutes after this earthquake. Over nine hours later waves with seven meter runup heights arrived in the Caribbean and caused significant damage. The earthquake and tsunami killed between 60,000 and 100,000 people.

And National Geographic says that there have been 37 verified tsunamis in the Caribbean since 1498.

So these things do happen from time to time.

But why should we be concerned now?

What could possibly cause a mega-tsunami to slam into the east coast today?

Well, according to the Washington Post, there are a couple of scenarios that scientists are focused on…

The first is a submarine landslide at the edge of the continental shelf off the coasts of Virginia and North Carolina where unstable sections of the shelf could collapse into the trenches of the deep ocean. Should that occur scientists believe an 18-foot-high tsunami would propagate towards the coast and strike in a matter of hours.

The second time bomb is a mega-tsunami caused by a massive landslide as a large section of La Palma, one of the Canary Islands in the Eastern Atlantic, collapses into the ocean following a volcanic eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano on La Palma. If (when) this occurs, modeling results indicate a wall of water up to 300 feet high would race across the Atlantic and reach the East Coast in about nine hours with devastating effects.

If a 300 foot tall tsunami did “race across the Atlantic” and slam into the United States, the devastation would be beyond anything that any of us have ever seen before.

The following excerpt from an article posted on Modern Survival Blog gives you a little bit of an idea how incredibly vulnerable we are…

Regardless of the factors, I felt that you may be curious to see following elevation graphics that I layered together which increment 75 feet all the way to 300 feet in height along the U.S. East Coast. I would guesstimate that if you live within 20 miles of the coast, you may be vulnerable to a Canary Island ‘event’. Fortunately, these don’t happen very often…

Several observations regarding a 300 foot tsunami would be the probable devastation of the following major East Coast cities…

Portland, ME (~ 50′)
Boston, MA (~ 30′)
New Haven, CT (~ 50′)
Bridgeport, CT (~ 40′)
New York City, NY (~ 20′)
Jersey City, NJ (~ 30′)
Newark, NJ (~ 50′)
Atlantic City, NJ (~ 10′)
Wilmington, DE (~ 80′)
Philadelphia, PA (~ 40′)
Virginia Beach, VA (~ 10′)
Wilmington, NC (~ 20′)
Myrtle Beach, SC (~ 20′)
Charleston, SC (~ 10′)
Savannah, GA (~ 10′)
Daytona Beach, FL (less than 10′)
West Palm Beach, FL (less than 10′)
Fort Lauderdale, FL (less than 10′)
Miami, FL (less than 10′)

There are countless cities in between these coastal cities. The Eastern Seaboard of the United States includes some of the largest metropolitan areas in the country. Over one third of the country (more than 100 million people) live along the East Coast. Evacuation would be virtually impossible for most (except for the astute who act quickly) due to only hours notice, probable doubt, and the subsequent immediate gridlock that would follow.

And since nearly the entire state of Florida is close to (or below) sea level, there would be next to nothing to stop it from sweeping across the entire state.  The following is an excerpt from an article about how incredibly flat Florida is…

South Florida has two big problems. The first is its remarkably flat topography. Half the area that surrounds Miami is less than five feet above sea level. Its highest natural elevation, a limestone ridge that runs from Palm Beach to just south of the city, averages a scant 12 feet. With just three feet of sea-level rise, more than a third of southern Florida will vanish; at six feet, more than half will be gone; if the seas rise 12 feet, South Florida will be little more than an isolated archipelago surrounded by abandoned buildings and crumbling overpasses. And the waters won’t just come in from the east – because the region is so flat, rising seas will come in nearly as fast from the west too, through the Everglades.

Even worse, South Florida sits above a vast and porous limestone plateau. “Imagine Swiss cheese, and you’ll have a pretty good idea what the rock under southern Florida looks like,” says Glenn Landers, a senior engineer at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. This means water moves around easily – it seeps into yards at high tide, bubbles up on golf courses, flows through underground caverns, corrodes building foundations from below. “Conventional sea walls and barriers are not effective here,” says Robert Daoust, an ecologist at ARCADIS, a Dutch firm that specializes in engineering solutions to rising seas.

Personally, I am not that concerned about a potential Canary Island event creating a giant tsunami.

I am much, much more concerned about what would happen if a giant meteor were to hit the Atlantic Ocean.

According to the University of California at Santa Cruz website, if a giant meteor did slam into the Atlantic Ocean, it could potentially produce a gigantic tsunami with a wall of water as high as 400 feet…

If an asteroid crashes into the Earth, it is likely to splash down somewhere in the oceans that cover 70 percent of the planet’s surface. Huge tsunami waves, spreading out from the impact site like the ripples from a rock tossed into a pond, would inundate heavily populated coastal areas. A computer simulation of an asteroid impact tsunami developed by scientists at the University of California, Santa Cruz, shows waves as high as 400 feet sweeping onto the Atlantic Coast of the United States.

Could you imagine?

Today, about 10,000 major near earth objects have been discovered by scientists, and approximately 10 percent of them are one kilometer or larger in size.

At some point in the future, it is inevitable that one of them is going to hit us.

And if one does splash down in the Atlantic, the resulting tsunami could potentially kill millions upon millions of Americans.

Nobody talks about this much.  And it is almost too horrifying to think about the death and destruction that such an event would cause.

But it will happen one day.  Let’s just hope that you are out of the way when it does.


  • guest

    What happened to your article about vaccinations? Did the government take it down?

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Which article are you referring to?

      • guest

        It was on this site about 2 weeks ago and had a graph or 2 about autism & shots.

  • kfilly

    Hopefully, a meteriote will strike Washington, District of Criminals during a State of the Union Address when all of the criminals are there trying to feather their nests. We could only get so lucky.

    • Nancy

      AHAHAHAHAHA! “District of Criminals”. Love it.

  • justlittlolme

    ‘Someday’, the Sun will explode. Angst over that for a while.

    • Jim Davis

      This is turning into a moon bat evangelical crackpot web site. But then I guess it always was.

      • T.

        So, you are the only one brilliant enough to dismiss any and all earthly catastrophes. Not a peep from you before the Indonesian tsunami killing more than a quarter billion people. And do not make fun of and dismiss Jesus Christ – I promise that YOU will meet Him in eternity.

        • Jim Davis

          Who is making fun of Jesus? I am making fun of evangelicals who like to THINK they are Christ-like. And many like you, delight in the thought of someone who doesn’t have their exact beliefs going to hell.

          • T.

            You are the one who brought up the “evangelical crackpot” term – which is a slur at Jesus. And, where did I say you are going to hell or in any way imply that? Man you read a lot into my words that are not there.

          • wandakate

            We are saved by grace and will be judged by our works, very true. Rev. 22:12…AND BEHOLD I AM COMING QUICKLY, AND MY REWARD IS WITH ME, TO GIVE TO EVERY ONE ACCORDING TO HIS “WORK” SHALL BE. It does appear that JESUS will come and that He will bring His rewards with Him and that’s when we will receive our crowns for whatever we do.
            Our works, our allegiance, our efforts our obedience will ALL matter at that time.

      • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

        What is wrong with being evangelical?

        • Jim Davis

          For the most part, evangelicals are naive, uneducated, scientifically-illiterate, anti-Catholic, anti-Mormon, anti-any-religion-but-theirs, and foolishly think that Israel is a friend to the US. Other than that I guess, nothing.

          • naked swimmer

            The Catholic Church did kill 50 – 150 million people. Not all of this happened long ago.

          • Jim Davis

            50-150 million? I don’t think so.

          • T.

            That is a mighty broad brush you paint with. It is also incorrect in several points and correct absolutely in only one point and No, not the one regarding Israel.

  • Jim Davis

    Absurd sensationalism. There are plenty of things happening in the world right now to be concerned about, such as the neocon chickenhawks trying to start a war with Russia. I am not losing a minute of sleep over things that might happen over the next tens of millennia such as a New Madrid earthquake, the Yellowstone volcano or a random Atlantic tsunami.

    • wandakate

      Undue “stress” is deadly. It causes heart failure and even real death. No stressing about these things may be brilliant. Because truth is, you can’t do anything about any of them anyway.

  • Robert

    Many of us are dealing with information overload. This is an example. Even as I write this some baby is being literally ripped out of a womb and discarded like garbage. Some woman is being raped. Some poor soul is on their way to work and never makes it because some fool is texting some vital info about themselves. Hardly concerned about tsunamis.

    • xbj

      If abortion is murder, your “God” is the biggest “baby” “killer” of all time. 75% of all pregnancies result in spontaneous abortion.

      The Bible and even Judaic Law clearly tells us when human life begins and exactly how: with first breath, when God Himself breathes the breath of life and a soul into each of us, exactly as He did Adam. It made no difference when the lump of clay had a beating heart, could “feel” “pain”, or LOOKED human on ultrasound.

      Fetuses are not babies, have never been babies, and will never be babies UNLESS a woman, upon her own free will given to her by God Himself, decides she is ready to be a mother. That is why Christ Himself never once mentioned it to the women around him regularly doing it with branches, falls, solar plexus punches, and herbs.

      No babies have ever been “ripped out of womb and discarded like garbage” except for the handful that were attacked by psychopath maniacs.

      You should be concerned with supertsunamis if you live anywhere near a coastline. Your god, the Father of Lies, in tandem with Netanyahu and your GOP on WWII with Putin over Iran, is working VERY earnestly on all who do going for a very long, very horrific swim.

      And soon.

      • Biff Budd

        You are so remarkably uninformed about abortion it would be laughable, if not for the tragic nature of the destruction of millions of human beings for the sake of convenience. Additionally, there are a number of “issues” Christ did not discuss, or at least were not recorded. Why? Because what has been written in the Old Testament sufficed on the subject. Did you ever wonder why so many things Christ taught on were a source of confusion to those who were closest to Him? It is because they were no born-again, yet. In a like matter – the things of God are often foolish and escape those who are not Christians. Those who are certainly do not have it all figured out, not at all. But your comment is not just an affront to God, it insults the intelligence of any rational thinking person.

        • xbj

          You stick with your monstrous hateful sadistic god who wastes souls and humanity on unborn He knows full well will be destroyed, and I’ll stick with THE Jesus Christ God who came in the flesh, Lord of my Life.

          And much luck to you too with your false christ, your false teachers, and your things that make sense to Man. And allow you to perpetuate human misery for billions of women already born and the children born into this world killed by your President’s “Shock and Awe”. You WILL answer to God Himself for that, and you will remember my Truth, and you will have NO EXCUSE.

          • Biff Budd

            I will pray you find the Jesus Christ of the Bible. The one you claim is Lord of your life is not the one of the Bible. Anyone who can claim that “fetuses” are not babies is delusional.

          • xbj

            No, it is you who are deluded by your god of hate, bigotry, and misogyny, Satanjesus.

            And you will remember you were told.

          • PastorWayne

            My, my – such vitriol – and you think you serve the Jesus Christ of the Bible! This is the Jesus Christ who clearly acknowledges the “fetus” in a woman’s womb IS A PERSON (Psalm 139:13 – 16). Indeed, He is called a child while still in Mary’s womb (Matthew 1:23).

          • xbj

            Pastor, Pastor, there’s no vitriol here except against the right wing’s genocide of the already born and already living, no more than they and you will recieve from Him when your time comes.

            We are people, indeed, children in wombs ONLY if God knows (as He knows everything) that we are going to be brought to term at the free will He gave Woman. If not, if a fetus is fruit that will drop and lie, fallow, He DOESN’T know a human being, because a human being will never exist if a woman is not going to bring to term. Just as He doesn’t the 75% of pregnancies that are spontaneously aborted. What kind of God would give humanity and a soul to a fetus He knew full well would be ripped apart before ever coming to term? What kind of God indeed?

            That’s YOUR god, the one you and yours have made out of misunderstanding and the Catholic Church’s fear that abortion and the pill would cut into the population and future cashflow.

            It is GOD who creates human life in each one of us, at birth, when HE breathes the breath of life, a soul, into each one of us, AT FIRST BREATH.

            Not man and woman during a rut, no matter how transcendent it might have seemed, or how earnestly they seek to assuage the guilt they feel at the pleasure of the act. However, truth is truth: Man and woman only make an empty container; FRUIT.

            All Scirpture supports this. Look, the Catholic Church, since Constantine, was WRONG about the Inquisition, was WRONG about the Crusades, was WRONG about Indulgences, and now, today, is WRONG about homsexuality AND the heretical blasphemous doctrine that “Life begins at conception” that makes God out to be a sadistic wasteful hateful monster granting humanity and souls to empty containers He knows full well will be ripped to shreds or flushed naturally out of a woman’s body when He doesn’t have to, just to make a “point” to people who aren’t interested in “saving” “babies”.

            No, that’s a god the Catholic Church has made in its own image, out of bigotry, misogyny, and paranoia based on greed.

            When you show me the Scripture where Jesus asked His Disciples to bring Him the women with child so He could bless the “children” within their womb, I’ll believe you. Fetuses are continually referred to in the Bible as “fruit”; some will ripen, some will not, and other will fall and rot. God Himself HAD to send angels to Elizabeth and Mary, particularly, at the very beginnings of their pregnancies, so THEY would not abort the fruit within their wombs, as most women of their day, particularly in Mary’s unmarried circumstance, would have been forced to do, or be subject to stoning.

            It’s really not rocket science, or even “new” revelation. People in Christ’s time KNEW this to be truth. Until the middle 20th century, people didn’t mourn miscarriages as “babies”. That is a recent phenomenon, as I said, built out of paranoia based on greed and the misunderstanding that can naturally evolve out of that, and then, used for decades of political power and fundraising.

            The REAL God, MY God, come in the flesh as Jesus Christ, Lord of MY Life, is NOT a sadistic wasteful monster throwing human life away on unborn He knows full well will never be brought to term at the free will HE gave Woman.

            But rather a loving merciful bountiful God, who creates human life in EACH ONE OF US, at BIRTH, whether premature or otherwise, humanity and a soul with His gift of the Breath of Life.

            Pregnancy termination is not now, now has it ever been, nor will it ever be, any kind of murder whatsoever. That is a lifelong guilt a paranoid greedy Church and their Protestant satellites and many outright cults have put on BILLIONS of women, destroying the rest of their lives. One out of three women will terminate a pregnancy in their lifetimes. These women are not now, nor have they ever been, nor will they ever be, “baby” “killers”.

            I pray that you earnestly seek His Truth and that His Holy Spirit will speak to you this Truth and you will abandon the lies you have been taught to believe over a lifetime.

            In Jesus Christ’s Holy Name, Amen.

          • PastorWayne

            Please show me the Scripture that says, “a fetus is fruit that will drop and lie, fallow” as you claim.

            You also ask, “What kind of God would give humanity and a soul to a fetus He knew full well would be ripped apart before ever coming to term? What kind of God indeed?”

            I ask you this, “What kind of God would command that newborn babies be killed as Jehovah commanded in 1 Samuel 15;3? What kind of God would?

            You claim, “It is GOD who creates human life in each one of us, at birth, when HE breathes the breath of life, a soul, into each one of us, AT FIRST BREATH.” Show me any Scripture which says that life begins “AT FIRST BREATH.” There are only two Scriptures where that happened in Scripture is Genesis 2:7 where God did this for the FIRST man; and Revelation 11:11 where he breathes life into the two witnesses who were killed. So where is the Scripture which claims that God human life begins when He breathes into a baby?

            Your claim that God sent angels to Elizabeth and Mary to prevent them from having abortions is unfounded and ludicrous. First, you show your ignorance of Scripture as no angel appeared to Elizabeth. Show me even just one Scripture that the angel came to Mary to prevent her from having an abortion. The stupidity and lack of your logic regarding the situation of Mary in this instance is evident in the fact that the angel also appeared to Joseph. He didn’t tell him to stop Mary from aborting the CHILD, but to encourage him to marry Mary, his espoused wife.

            Additionally, you fabricate culture and history for your false claim that a person in Mary’s situation would have been forced to have an abortion. If I am wrong, please give me the historical documents describing this.

            The same is true for your false claim, that “Until the middle 20th century, people didn’t mourn miscarriages as ‘babies'”. Please give me your documentation for this claim, if it is true.

            Anyone can fabricate “facts” in an attempt to lend legitimacy to their opinions. I have not seen you give ANY substantiation or documentation for any of your claims.

            Also, your challenge of “When you show me the Scripture where Jesus asked His Disciples to bring Him the women with child so He could bless the “children” within their womb, I’ll believe you,” is absolutely ludicrous. This is just as idiotic as saying, “when you can show me that Jesus said He created rain, then I’ll believe . . .”
            There are other Scriptures I have given you which speak directly to the topic at hand – unlike you which claims Scripture says things it does not say.

            You do not know what the Scriptures teach about sin and the consequences of sin. If you did you would not be teaching that the death of babies in the womb could only come from a “monstrous God.”

            If you knew the Scriptures, and the context of the cultures in which they were written, you would understand that babies in the womb are people and that terminating them IS MURDER.
            As far as your prayer goes, my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, has already led me into Truth by His Word, and the Author of that Word, the Holy Spirit. I don’t think He likes you saying that the Truth He has shown me are “lies.”
            Perhaps, though, if you are able to humble yourself before God Almighty, He may lift you up sufficiently to see the error of the lies you have told about His Word and attributing your opinions as originating with God. What haughtiness!

          • xbj

            Here’s some more haughtiness for you, since I have no time to argue with ye who call yourselves Christians, but are the Synogogue of Satan.

            Get thee behind me Satan.

          • PastorWayne

            What? When faced with the facts, and honest questions about your opinions you have nothing better to offer than to denigrate a disciple of Jesus Christ. “Wisdom is justified by her children.”

            Thank you for revealing yourself for what you are. I suggest you look into a mirror, when you hurl your insults at others.

            Since Christ said that the mark of His disciples is the love they have for each other, and you have done nothing on this site but falsely accuse those who REALLY follow Christ, you’ve shown that you are NOT one of His.

            You also go against Scripture when you think and demonstrate that your supposed “knowledge” (which is really nothing more than opinion) is the most important thing, for 1 Corinthians 8:1-2 says, “. . . Knowledge puffs up, but love edifies. And if anyone thinks that he knows anything, he knows nothing yet as he ought to know.”

            I know you have no humility or fear of God to accept any rebuke from a brother in Christ, but My Lord Jesus Christ has directed me to do so anyways, so you will have no excuse when you stand before Him in judgement – unless you do repent of the sins you committed against others on this site, you will face the judgement you’ve warned others of.

            I will also finish the verse for you since you seem to be incapable of fully understanding what you read and since you’ve proven it to be more applicable to yourself than anyone here – “Get behind Me, Satan! You are an offense to Me, for you are not mindful of the things of God, but the things
            of men.” Matthew 16:23.

            Since you attempt to be an offense with your belligerence, here are a few more words from God for you:

            “Therefore whoever humbles himself as this little child is the
            greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Whoever receives one little child like this in My name receives Me. But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea. Woe to the world because of offenses! For offenses must come, but woe to that man by whom the offense comes!” Matthew 18:4-7

            James 4:10-12 commands and warns, “Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up. Do not speak evil of one another, brethren. He who speaks evil of a brother and judges his brother, speaks evil of the law and judges the law. But if you judge the law, you are not a doer of the law but a judge. There is one Lawgiver, who is able to save and to destroy. Who are you to judge another?”

            1 John 3:10, 14 speaks to you as well when He says, “In this the children of God and the children of the devil are manifest: Whoever does not practice righteousness is not of God, nor is he who does not love his brother. . . We know
            that we have passed from death to life, because we love the brethren. He who
            does not love his brother abides in death.”

            You have been warned by the Word of God.

          • xbj

            No, YOU have been warned, AND been given notice:

            Get thee behind me, Satan.

          • wandakate

            Life is precious and our time as Christians ought also to be precious. You continue to go back and forth with xbj and “waste” an enormous amount of time on someone who may be a “troll” or on a person that just as you have acknowledged doesn’t know much at all about the bible. WHY do you waste your time with this?, let it go. Usually these people are so set in their ways, they can’t see “TRUTH” when it’s staring them in the face.
            I for one would rather construct my time into something worth while, and not waste time writing back and forth to someone that I wouldn’t be getting anywhere with…Food for thought.

      • John S.

        xbj: Exactly how many abortions have you been involved with in one way or another? Your denial of the reality of abortion speaks volumes. God will forgive you if you repent.

        • xbj

          One. The back alley one that sterilized the woman who adopted me, who endured a lifetime of horrific physical problems and self-hatred and alcoholism from the guilt put upon her by heretics and blasphemers like you. I endured much physical, mental, and psychological abuse at her hands, and I never understood the reason behind it until a few years after she died. I can forgive her now for it, and I will be dead before I allow you and those of your ilk to continue and expand forcing more women into that position. NEVER. AGAIN.

          Take your coat hangers and point them at Jesus Christ God who came in the flesh and is Lord of my Life. And it is HE who will forgive YOU if YOU repent.

        • wandakate

          That word “IF” is a small word with a huge meaning. IF is a stipulation word. IF we confess, IF we repent, and IF we forsake our sins THEN it is that GOD will forgive us. The fetus is a baby from the beginning and to rip it out of the womb can’t be anything other than murder (ask GOD about that one).

      • Not that He needs defense

        Don’t abuse your intelligence trying to find excuses for the inexcusable or blaspheming the Lord. He takes back His gifts just like He gives them, as He sees fit. Praise the Lord!

        • xbj

          Now THAT is TRULY delusional.

          Ye who call yourselves Christians, but are the synagogue of Satan.

          Much luck to you. The logical point is clear: fetuses are not babies, never were babies, and never will be babies, UNLESS woman intends to bring them to term at the free will God gave Woman.

          • PastorWayne

            Obviously, you don’t know the meaning of the word “logic,” for you offer none. All biblical, medical, and scientific evidence is that life starts once conception takes place.
            Based on your (illogical) argument, how do you account for a five-month old “fetus” [your term] being naturally “aborted” and still living to grow up like the rest of us?

          • xbj

            50%+ of all pregnancies result in spontaneous abortion, which, according to your “logic”, would make God Himself the biggest “baby” “killer” in the Universe.

            That’s your god; not mine. Bottom line; all that somehow miraculously survive become babies when they can survive outside of the womb. The rest do not, and were, are, and will be nothing more than mere human POTENTIAL.

            Fetuses are not human; they are pre-human. Man and woman do not create life; only God does. Man and woman only create the container for the soul, which comes at birth, spontaneous or otherwise.

          • wandakate

            From the time you mother was pregnant with you, you were designed to be a baby, a human soul. The fetus is a BABY in the womb in the making. It moves, it nourishes from the mother, it develops in it’s protective sac until the time of birth. Who on earth told you that a fetus isn’t a real human baby?

          • xbj

            Judaic Law disagrees with you to this day. God and the Bible tells us that a fetus is no more a baby than the lump of clay Adam was before God breathed life into it. It’s right there, irrefutable. God only knows us in the womb if the woman, whom God has given all free will int he process, decides she will bring the fetus to term and be a mother. And even then God often has other ideas.

            You fetus-elevators’ logic would make God out to be the biggest “baby” “Killer” in the universe, with as much as 50% or more (according to the March of Dimes) ending in spontaneous abortion.

            Think things through. There was a reason Jesus asked for CHILDREN to be brought to him for blessing and not women who were with child.

          • wandakate

            You are telling me what the bible says but yet you don’t show me any scriptures to back up what you are saying. Without scriptures for reference/proof then I’m not interested in your own opinion of anything…

          • xbj

            Look it up. Right there in Genesis. Of course, if you’re not interested in the truth, I can understand. Never take anyone’s word for anything on the internet. Even quoted “Scripture”. Look it up, yourself. That’s when you really learn something.

      • Christine Maranatha

        huh? “75% of all pregnancies”? Ive been pregnant 4 times. If that were true, I would have only one child, instead of the 4 that I do have.

        • xbj

          Hey, thanks for explaining that YOU, PERSONALLY, are responsible for all human statistics. I always wondered how that worked.

          And pay no attention whatsoever to the poor women, over there, who have suffered multiple miscarriages.

          • wandakate

            Jim Bakker married a woman (his 2nd wife) who had already been married and had gone through 5 abortions…

      • wandakate

        You might want to go back and understand what you read in Genesis about Adam.
        GOD breathed the breath of life into Adam (just the breath) and (then) Adam “became” a living SOUL! Adam became a human, a soul, a being, living human flesh and blood, a person…Adam was a SOUL and had a SPIRIT within Him.
        Like the saying, ” I don’t see a “soul” in the place, there’s nobody here. There was no human being there (not a soul). And I do agree if anyone lives within 50 miles west of the east coast they would certainly be in great danger at that time.

  • DJohn1

    The sky is falling, the sky is falling.
    You are correct. However, these things just happen and no one has a time table as to when it might happen.
    I have often speculated that our human race could not be this technologically behind unless a series of catastrophes continuously hits the planet in one form or another driving the survivors back to the caves from which some ancestors perhaps came from.
    Our planet is a mystery.
    We have far too much water on this planet for it to have spent the past this close to the Sun.
    There is a lot of speculation about us being the remnant of a far larger planet hit by another body that the scientists guess to be the size of Mars. Which would explain a lot of things.
    Like this planet has the thinnest crust of any planet in the known Solar System. It also has the largest moon in proportion to its size of any planet in the Solar System.
    The most fascinating thing is the oceans. Under those oceans between the Arctic, Europe, Africa, and Antartica on one side and on the other is North and South America is a mountain range under water that goes almost pole to pole. To bury an mountain range that huge takes an enormous amount of water.
    That means at some point in time, those mountains were volcanoes. The coastlines of both sides match. They fit almost together like a jigsaw puzzle that leads a lot of people to think that they were once one super continent.
    The recent St. Helens Volcano comes to mind. Almost no one believed it would blow like it did and kill many people like it did.
    Yet sitting nearby is Yellowstone National Park and Old Faithful. This could be the ultimate Volcano field of modern times with the wrong push.
    Buried under those oceans are cities! Not exactly small cities either. So what happened? When did it happen? Right now scientists are trying to study those cities that date back to the beginning.
    Some of which are in very deep water.
    The planet has a huge ditch in it. That ditch is the Grand Canyon.
    It has a river at the bottom. But it shows evidence of being around for a very long time.
    Several Southern states show evidence of inland seas.
    Basically the planet is unstable. Despite being the way it is for thousands of years, it could change at any time.
    The entire coastline of California could fall into the Pacific and that too is predicted with what they know of the fault lines.
    Egypt and other places built huge pyramids. The lined those pyramids with limestone. The very precision in which they were built cannot be duplicated to this day. But what were they really for?
    They were used for graves of royalty. But is that what they were originally built for? The older ones are better built than the newer ones. I maintain they were mankind’s attempt at a shelter against disasters.
    It has been said that the Library of Alexandria might have told us a lot about our forgotten history. I believe that might have been the case. Only was it the only library of that size anywhere?
    If I were in their shoes building a reservoir of knowledge currently known, I would build it off planet. Because that is the only reasonable safe place to build it. But did they have that kind of technology to do so? My first choice would be to build it deep underground on the Moon. But barring that, I would build it in a place like Anctartica, again far underground where conflicts and events would never reach it.
    The next event might be a flood. Or it might be a volcanic event, or even an earthquake that sets it off. The resulting disaster will kill off a good portion of civilized and uncivilized mankind.
    The question is if we are back to the stone age, what keeps the nuclear stuff from blowing up in our faces?

  • donna

    AND ? what is wrong with this man can someone tell me ? this is called weather. I am 65 I come from ROCKAWAY BEACH a barrier island in one of the most “environmentally fragile areas” in world in GUESS WHAT a northern latitude. parents remember ’38 water up to their necks, etc. Incidentally there is no place that is not EF.. My father was going to hospital in denver 30 yrs ago for birth my youngest sister’s child looking at his rear view mirror with a tornado chasing his car. He did not take this personally. Where does he suggest we live or what to do about weather. Any moron can go to the second floor and survive a TUSNAMI just like the animals around. Kid was on beach and had just had a lesson in school and cleared area in Asia everyone listening to her survived by just going to a higher floor in hotel. FINALLY our public schools working !!

  • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

    You make a valid point.

    But I am still much, much more concerned about a meteor splashing down in the Atlantic.


  • naked swimmer

    Before the news got replaced by a few lying corporations scientists used to say that part of California would sink. The L.A. area is hollowed out & has ocean water underneath. The more time that
    passes before they have the big one (earthquake) the worse it will be because it’s building up pressure.
    Since the area is hollowed out & has all the weight from the city on top I bet it will be much worse than the 1964 Alaska quake. The tsunami will probably be a lot more than 20 miles inland.

    If it happens soon after the eclipses Christians will say the eclipses were a warning from God because the Bible says there will be signs in the heavens. What they won’t say is that when the Bible was written people loved astronomy, which is why the Bible talks about it.
    You should write an article about the California earthquake but remember Google is filtered.

  • immxdmta4

    If this happens you can bet your bippy that it was the fed gov’s HAARP and geoengineering that caused it. The NY Fed Reserve didn’t just wake up one day and say “Oh my! We are on the shore of an ocean; we better move to Chicago.” This alone leads me to believe that IF a tsunami hit the USA it will be engineered (as I believe Japan’s was and maybe Haiti’s as well – practice makes perfect). Marantha and God bless.

  • xbj

    There’s a very important reason Ridley Scott chose to use a super tsunami to depict the “parting” of the Red Sea in “Exodus: Gods and Kings”.

    Did you know he filmed the beach scenes IN THE CANARY ISLANDS?

    With a VERY prominent volcano in the background of several scenes?

    You do NOW.

  • Arizona

    GO ahead FORCE NETANYAHU TO DIVIDE JERUSALEM into pieces,YOU’LL see the biggest tidal wave and earthquake this planets ever seen,and the death toll will be enormous,70,000,000 deaths in the americas alone,and desease beyond comprehenion,millions more will die from that too,and the coming invasion will kill hunderds of millions more from the russians and chinese……yea just keep messing around with GOD,you were WARNED….Remember, he already doesn’t like you…………..

    • wandakate

      GOD likes us fine…GOD loves us in fact. He gave His only son to die for the sins of humanity. We fell away, we became luke-warm, we backslid and thus sinned. Do we not deserve whatever GOD decides to bring forth? We are a corrupt group of souls now and our sins are finding us out.
      We MUST confess them, repent of them, and forsake them, otherwise GOD will bring His wrath upon us…
      We are NOT to turn our back on Israel and the Jewish nation. GOD will be very upset when we do that. He may shake the planet earth at that time, so beware, we are warned.

  • PastorWayne

    How do you know that your adoptive mother’s guilt was not from the fact that she had her baby murdered?
    BTW, no one “forced” you mother or anyone else to murder their unborn babies – it is a choice she and others made.

    • xbj

      Please see my previous post for a throrough discussion. But to sum it up here:

      Because pregnancy termination is not now, “child” “murder”, has never been “child” “murder”, and will never be “child” “murder”, because fetuses are FRUIT, not HUMAN.

      Because a loving God would not waste humanity and a soul on unborn He knew full well were going to be ripped apart before birth, or flushed naturally out of a woman’s body.

      Because a loving God would, exactly as He did Adam, PERSONALLY give each one of us, humanity and a soul, the Breath of Life, at BIRTH, with FIRST BREATH.

      That is GOD’S CHOICE.

      The summation really is that simple. God only knows us in the womb IF woman chooses to be a mother and bring us to term.

      The doctrine that a man and woman create human life during lovemaking and not God should be familiar to you (“Ye shall be as gods”). The doctrine that “Life begins at conception” is not just heretical and blasphemous because it is the promise of the Serpent; it is because it makes God out to be a hateful wasteful sadistic monster wasting humanity and souls on unborn He knows full well will never live out in the world WHEN HE DOESN’T HAVE TO.

      No, that doctrine was hatched in the mind of Satan, to, with a wave of a Papal hand, turn fully one-third of all womankind into “child” “killers’.

      Please read the immediately prior lengthy post that ends in a prayer.

      • PastorWayne

        Why did you not answer my question?
        I have to admit, it is somewhat amusing to see you publish your opinions for which you give NO Scriptural references.
        Since you make a pretence of knowing Scripture and being an “expert” on why a fetus is not a baby, I have a question for you – “If an unborn baby is not a baby, then why does Matthew 1:23 refer to pregnant Mary as “be[ing] with child”?

        • wandakate

          Because she was pregnant with “CHILD”. JESUS was inside Mary as a fetus prior to His birth, just as all of them are. We have “spirits” within us but we are (like Adam) created a “soul”. It happens at conception except in the Virgin Mary’s case where it happened by the HOLY SPIRIT.

  • xbj

    Get thee behind me Satan, and take your Satanjesus puppet with you.