Due To Extreme Drought, The Number Of Cattle In The U.S. Is The Smallest It Has Been Since 1951

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Drought Monitor January 28 2014The last time the number of cattle in the United States was this low was 63 years ago.  But back in 1951, there were only about 154 million people living in the United States.  Now, there are more than 313 million people living in this nation.  The size of the U.S. cattle herd has been shrinking for seven years in a row, and we are rapidly heading toward a beef shortage unlike anything that this country has ever experienced before.  Of course the primary reason for this is the extreme drought which has been plaguing the western half of the country.  As I noted recently, 2013 was the driest year that the state of California has ever experienced, and due to the lack of water ranchers across the western half of the nation have been selling off their cattle to be slaughtered.  If you check out the U.S. Drought Monitor, you can see that almost the entire state of California is officially experiencing “D3 Extreme Drought” right now.  If this drought does not end, we will eventually be facing a food crisis in the United States that is greater than any of us have ever seen in our entire lifetimes.


According to ABC News, the size of the U.S. cattle herd is already down to less than 88 million animals…

The National Agricultural Statistics Service reports that the U.S. inventory of cattle and calves totaled 87.7 million animals as of Jan. 1. That was down by about 1.6 million cattle, or 2 percent, compared with this time last year.

The agency says this is the lowest January inventory since 1951.

As I noted above, the number of cattle in this country has been shrinking for seven years in a row.  If we still had the same number of people that we did back in 1951, this would not be too much of a problem.  Unfortunately, the reality is that we now have more than twice as many people to feed.

And of course this drought is not just causing problem for ranchers.  If rain does not start falling, there are rural communities all over California that will soon have no water to drink

The punishing drought that has swept California is now threatening the state’s drinking water supply.

With no sign of rain, 17 rural communities providing water to 40,000 people are in danger of running out within 60 to 120 days. State officials said that the number was likely to rise in the months ahead after the State Water Project, the main municipal water distribution system, announced on Friday that it did not have enough water to supplement the dwindling supplies of local agencies that provide water to an additional 25 million people. It is first time the project has turned off its spigot in its 54-year history.

Are you starting to understand?

This is serious.

And according to that same article, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley believes that this is the worst drought in that area of the country in 500 years

“We are on track for having the worst drought in 500 years,” said B. Lynn Ingram, a professor of earth and planetary sciences at the University of California, Berkeley.

Already the drought, technically in its third year, is forcing big shifts in behavior. Farmers in Nevada said they had given up on even planting, while ranchers in Northern California and New Mexico said they were being forced to sell off cattle as fields that should be four feet high with grass are a blanket of brown and stunted stalks.

But all droughts eventually end, right?

Most people assume that major droughts only last for a year or two and then things return to normal.

Unfortunately, that is not necessarily the case for the state of California.  In fact, scientists have discovered that throughout history there have been many droughts that have lasted for more than 10 years in the state, and one extremely long drought that lasted for 240 years

Through studies of tree rings, sediment and other natural evidence, researchers have documented multiple droughts in California that lasted 10 or 20 years in a row during the past 1,000 years — compared to the mere three-year duration of the current dry spell. The two most severe megadroughts make the Dust Bowl of the 1930s look tame: a 240-year-long drought that started in 850 and, 50 years after the conclusion of that one, another that stretched at least 180 years.

“We continue to run California as if the longest drought we are ever going to encounter is about seven years,” said Scott Stine, a professor of geography and environmental studies at Cal State East Bay. “We’re living in a dream world.”

In a worst case scenario, we could be looking at a drought in California that does not end during any of our lifetimes.

If this drought continues, food prices are going to go up, and not by just a little bit.

In fact, there are signs that this is already starting to happen.  The following is an excerpt from a message that was recently posted on Steve Quayle’s website

I became friends with the butcher at Save A Lot, when I can meat I will bring him and the Manager a can of what ever it is I made..today it was bean soup..Anyway, he came out to talk with me he was very concerned..he bought out his sheet of the meats he was getting and ALL of it has gone up in price, the beef items went up a dollar plus per pound. He told me that his boss said that if the hamburger goes up again they will not be able to offer it on their 5 packs of meat for 20 any longer.

You can read the rest of that post right here.

Perhaps you are thinking that you will just avoid meat for a while.

Well, the truth is that prices for fruits and vegetables are going to go into the stratosphere as well.  In a previous article, I included the following quote which shows how extremely dependent the rest of the nation is on fruits and vegetables grown in California

The state produces 99 percent of the artichokes grown in the US, 44 percent of asparagus, a fifth of cabbage, two-thirds of carrots, half of bell peppers, 89 percent of cauliflower, 94 percent of broccoli, and 95 percent of celery. Leafy greens? California’s got the market cornered: 90 percent of the leaf lettuce we consume, along with and 83 percent of Romaine lettuce and 83 percent of fresh spinach, come from the big state on the left side of the map. Cali also cranks a third of total fresh tomatoes consumed in the U.S.—and 95 percent of ones destined for cans and other processing purposes.

As for fruit, I get that 86 percent of lemons and a quarter of oranges come from there; its sunny climate makes it perfect for citrus, and lemons store relatively well. Ninety percent of avocados? Fine. But 84 percent of peaches, 88 percent of fresh strawberries, and 97 percent of fresh plums?

Come on. Surely the other 49 states can do better.

If this drought does not end, it is eventually going to result in a nationwide food crisis.

Sadly, most Americans are totally oblivious to all of this because the mainstream media keeps telling them that everything is going to be just fine.

Just check out the following video of news anchors all over the country mindlessly saying “don’t worry, be happy“…

Drought Monitor January 28 2014

  • K

    My friend when you add in the loses from this extreme winter weather, the numbers look bad indeed. A few articles ago, in response to one of my postings. A dear lady from Kentucky, mentioned she had lost 20 calves to the winter weather. I know how badly that affects a small rancher. Folks many people turn up their nose at canned meat. But I can tell you I buy a couple of cans everytime I go shopping. You may find it hard to believe. But one day a simple bowl of beef stew, may be considered a luxury.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Desalination, fusion power, and clonal meat.


    Problem solved.

    • Joe Shmo

      Oi! I’m totally with you on the first two, but that last one… I don’t know…

  • Kim

    I read a couple days ago that there is a movement among water conservationists to drain Lake Powell in order to save Lake Mead. Both lakes will be dried up soon, but draining Lake Powell is an obvious act of desperation. California is wrecked. I expect people will start leaving California en masse.

    Things aren’t much better up here in the northwest. Oregon is also experience a drought.

    • K

      Desperation, is one factor, greed is another. The factions fighting to save Lake Powell, are far less powerful and numerous, than the factions fighting to save Lake Mead. Lake Mead makes Vegas possible, and Vegas makes some people a lot of money. Guess who is going to win this argument.

      • Uh-huh

        that’s all we need – a great migration of liberals…UGH!!

        • Exactly what I was thinking!

  • DJohn1

    There is an entire plain of fresh water in the midwestern part of Canada. It is in the form of tundra and bush country. The land is frozen and wet lands. I think wells from this area need not go too deep to tap into this water.
    getting it to California is quite a problem though.

    As for the cattle, I suspect that they have been fed a diet of Genetically Modified Grain.

    The problem with genetically modified food is it is designed to be sterile in one generation. That means we may possibly be gradually sterilizing the entire population of cattle. I don’t really know. But it sounds suspicious that cattle fed a constant diet of modified foods would suddenly not be producing offspring as often as before. Wonder what effects it has on humans?
    We, as a species need to be very careful about what we feed our food animals. It is likely to pass any effects on to the people that eat them. I think someone smarter than I am should be tracing the trail back to the people who produce modified foods.
    Factory farming is what it is called and it is not very nice. The profits are fairly good though. It is terribly cruel to the animals involved.
    I think somehow that might kick back on all of us somewhere down the road.
    What happens in California can possibly be the future of the rest of us down the road. I think California needs to really clean up its act and the rest of us need to follow that clean up and copy it.
    I still think the answer lies in steaming the ocean and creating pure water out of it. I suggest the engineers have to start thinking and working on making this an economical process. So far no one has stepped forward with new ways of producing water that I know of.
    (Hint: Death Valley gets really hot. Pumping water from the Pacific Ocean might be a long haul, but a lake is capable of making clouds if it is hot enough.}

    It is going to take some really good out of the box ideas and engineering to fix this problem. I wonder if we have that kind of engineering coming out of our schools.

  • Soldier

    I live in the Imperial Valley, CA.
    National Beef in Brawley just announced this past week that they will be shutting down (due to losses from a Brazilian rival, CA regulations, Teamsters, etc…). 1300 jobs will be lost…. Tip of the iceberg.
    Just bought 3 tri-tip at Vons on sale…. I better enjoy them…

  • Tom

    Let’s not forget the over 100,000 head of cattle that were killed during a wicked snowstorm in South Dakota last year (November 2013, I think).

  • FunkyWinkerbean

    we know they (military, NASA, NOAA, etc) are already busily conducting massive weather mod and weather war programs (HAARP, chemtrails) across the country and the world. also we know the Russians have this technology. could these experiments be exacerbating natural patterns? disrupting and/or reversing? could they create some rain for us? are they trying? do they want to? is this part of our owners’ (the globalist banksters’) mandate to reduce population? reduce meat consumption? Agenda 21? more things that make you go, hmmm…thoughts?

  • Captain Canuck

    Cattle require far too much water to raise. North Americans eat way to much beef as is. People will have to start turning towards back yard vegetables. Cuba was forced to convert urban land years ago when the embargo hit, and has been feeding their population ever since.

  • protect honor

    Man can change this tremendous danger. Hows this? By stopping HAARP – or also called: Scalar Electromagnetic Waves: this “STUFF: alters the climate – MAN DOING IT:
    “Weather Modification” – man made. HAARP can be used to:
    Can make DROUGHTS or stopping Droughts.
    Can create Hurricanes…or move them to make them less harmful
    Can create Tornadoes….or move them to make them less harmful
    Can even set off earthquakes
    Originally HAARP was set up by Bernard Eastman – with a good idea to help droughts – bringing rain to harmed areas.
    It’s based in Gokoma, Alaska. Alaska? Yup. Who knew?
    I actually saw a movie that a friend had recorded called THE STORM, it had in it three scientists in their 30’s who were working with “Weather Modification”. They had the great idea of having it used to stop droughts – then a large “Corporation” took it over. (Bilderberg) What was extremely interesting about the show: it actually showed how it all worked: USING SATELLITES – JUST PROGRAMING THE LATITUDE AND LONGITUDE, and telling the satellite what it was to do: Tsunami, Hurricane, Tornado – even a dust storm in Afghanistan.
    It was completely horrifying to see: destruction of lives – and doing it calmly and coolly with no human care. (The Globalist in the movie was actually playing chess and dressed in “lounging clothes”, drinking wine as he decided where a hurricane could go to destroy people)
    We have HAARP in Alaska – but, there are 15-2o?? other countries (including Russia) who also have set up for “Weather Modification”

    What can we do to stop this – and possibly stop the drought?

    ##We MUST shutdown HAARP, make it useless. OR??? can we at least use it to STOP DROUGHTS – in our favor?
    ###Possible??? Tell the government to “TAKE IT OUT OF THE “MOTH BALLS”….and use it to stop the drought (as if we don’t know that it’s currently being used.) Act dumb – the government loves that.
    ###Tell others about HAARP – to STOP it. Push it! Raise up voices!

    ###Just spread the word. Educate. Make it a BIG ISSUE. Get it in the news – by many people raising us their voices.

    >>>>>We CAN do this – we MUST do it with NON-VIOLENCE –
    Right now the Globalists: The Bilderbergs..really the top 300 people in the world. That is all there is to them – at the top: 300 IN THE WORLD. Not many! It is them who are pushing our buttons.
    They want us Fighting and Furious – so that they can bring in the UN-NATO troops.
    We don’t ever want this to happen. Together WE CAN STOP THEM. and save AMERICA. Keep her INDEPENDENT.
    Stay healthy – lift up and inspire other people.