Dreams And Visions Of Jesus Are Fueling The Explosive Growth Of Christianity In Muslim Nations Worldwide

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Christian - Public DomainMillions of Muslims all over the world are giving their lives to Jesus Christ, and in many instances this is happening because of dreams, visions and other supernatural encounters. Recently I have been writing a lot about the decline of Christianity in America and about the judgment that is about to hit our churches. Fortunately, the decaying state of the church in the United States is only a small part of the overall story. In other areas of the globe, Christianity is experiencing absolutely explosive growth even in the midst of horrendous persecution. This is particularly true in Islamic nations, where we are seeing things happen that could have come straight out of the Book of Acts.


All over the planet, Jesus is personally visiting Muslims in supernatural ways, and this has resulted in an enormous wave of conversions. Earlier today, I ran across an article about a family of Syrian refugees that converted to Christianity while living in Lebanon, and it all happened because of a dream

Abu Radwan enters a church on the outskirts of Beirut with his wife and two kids. His wife removes the black headscarf covering her hair. It was here, a year and a half ago, that they converted to Christianity.

“Of course it was a difficult decision,” Abu Radwan says. “I was born into a Muslim family.”

The family is from the city of Homs in Syria. They sought refuge in Lebanon at the beginning of the war. Then two years ago, Abu Radwan says Jesus appeared to him in a dream.

“I started going to the church,” he says. “I believed that Jesus was coming to help us, to save us.”

When it comes to supernatural encounters, there is literally nobody that is out of the reach of the Lord Jesus. One of my favorite examples is a former ISIS fighter that came to know the Lord after Jesus told him in a dream that he was “killing my people”

Gina Fadely, the director of Youth With A Mission Frontier Missions (YWAM), told The Voice of the Martyrs Radio Network one of their workers met a former ISIS fighter who murdered Christians, but converted after a dream:

“He told this YWAM leader that he had begun having dreams of this man in white who came to him and said, ‘You are killing my people.’ And he started to feel really sick and uneasy about what he was doing,” Fadely continued. “The fighter said just before he killed one Christian, the man said, ‘I know you will kill me, but I give to you my Bible.’ The Christian was killed and this ISIS fighter actually took the Bible and began to read it. In another dream, Jesus asked him to follow him and he was now asking to become a follower of Christ and to be discipled.”

And what has been happening in Iran is nothing short of miraculous. In one of the most radical Islamic nations on the entire planet, millions have come to faith in Christ over the past two decades, and dreams and visions are playing a major role

As Faithwire noted back in November, an Iranian Christian pastor claimed at the time that there’s a stunning revival underway in his country, where he says the number of Christian adherents has increased from 100,000 in 1994 to 3 million today. Some claim that Jesus has been appearing in dreams and that those visions have helped spark the conversions.

This is part of the great last days move of God that I have been telling people about. In the western world, there seems to be a great misconception that there are hundreds of millions of people in the Islamic world that are “out of the reach of the gospel”. But this has never been the case, because with God all things are possible.

Just look at the wonderful revival that is going on in Bangladesh. Officially, 89 percent of the population of Bangladesh is Muslim, about 10 percent are Hindus, and less than one percent is Christian. But unofficially it is being estimated that somewhere around 10 percent of the entire nation has now come to Christ, and they continue to convert in huge waves

Pastor Khaleque, 60, a former Muslim and now a Christian street pastor who works among the hill tribes, in the northeast part of Bangladesh, told CFI, “In the last 12 months, more than 20,000 Muslims have converted to Christianity. More than 20,000 have converted, and this is becoming a real problem for the Muslims.”

The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.

Perhaps we are just way too comfortable in the western world. We don’t have to pay much of a price for our faith, and so most people don’t seem to take it very seriously.

On the other side of the world, standing up for your faith can literally cost you your life. The following comes from a Fox News report from last year

A Christian woman’s fateful and defiant stance in front of a bulldozer last week evoked the memory of Tiananmen Square and has become a rallying cry against persecution at the hands of the Beijing government.

The woman, identified by Christian activists as Ding Cuimei, wife of the Rev. Li Jiangong, was trying to stop the government-ordered demolition of Beitou Church in the central Hena province city of Zhumadian. Unlike the iconic man who brazenly stopped a tank in the 1989 uprising, Ding was pushed into a ditch and buried alive as horrified congregants watched helplessly.

Would you be willing to stand in front of a bulldozer and face potential death for what you believe?

You don’t have to be the richest, or the smartest or the best looking to be used by God.

You just have to be willing to be totally sold out for Him.

In the western world we are drowning in money and resources, and there are church buildings all over the place, and yet the United States, Canada and Europe are all becoming “post-Christian societies”.

But elsewhere we are witnessing an explosion of the faith that is absolutely unprecedented. The following comes from Charles Colson

For instance, in 1900, there were approximately 10 million Christians in Africa. By 2000, there were 360 million. By 2025, conservative estimates see that number rising to 633 million. Those same estimates put the number of Christians in Latin America in 2025 at 640 million and in Asia at 460 million.

I believe that a great move of God is coming to the western world too, but a great shaking is going to have to come first. Hearts have grown so hard and so prideful that it is going to take a great humbling before most people understand that they need the Lord. So even though the shaking will be very challenging, we should welcome it, because it will shake multitudes into the Kingdom of God.

  • Guns N Rosaries

    Only a remnant will be saved in Matthew 7 v 14. Thus, it is false christianity that is experiencing explosive growth.

    • SM

      And yet Rev 7:9 says “After this I beheld, and, lo, a
      great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands;”

      • Paul Patriot

        That describes the complete church at the end of the age, which will be many that have been saved through the ages.

        The Bible says far more will be on the wide road and end in hell.

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        • Guns N Rosaries

          That it absolutely accurate and correct.

          Romans 11:4-5
          4 But what saith the divine answer to him? I have left me seven thousand men, that have not bowed their knees to Baal.
          5 Even so then at this present time also, there is a remnant saved according to the election of grace.

          St. Paul is not speaking of a former age, or his present time, but of a future age.
          7000………if my math holds up, that’s 1 Christian for every 1 million people on the planet right now.

    • Skywatcher57

      Compared to the overall population of the world since the dawn of time until now, it is only a “remnant” that is being saved. We’re certainly not in a majority today or in any time in history.

      Therefore, I submit to you, there can be explosive growth of the REAL Christianity in the Mid East, but as most of us know, they are being culled out as quickly as possible. They will never be a majority, and the numbers can be very deceptive. RC’s call themselves “Christians”, and if this is the case, the Muslims are converting back to the same old lifestyle and teachings, just under a different name and flag.

      On the off-chance that these are really genuinely born again, blood-washed Christians who are being ministered to according to the Holy Bible and not with the counterfeit bibles that are out there, then yes, Christianity may in deed be exploding, and I truly hope it is.

      Billy Grahman could have turned this world upside down with his ministry but he erred greatly. He didn’t have proper follow-up for those who received Christ. Many of them went back to the same old religious slime that they were being saved from. There was no godly mandate being issued to encourage them to avoid RC “churches”, and all others where the true gospel of Jesus Christ wasn’t being preached. One can make a confession of faith in Jesus Christ but without biblically sound doctrine to follow it up with, they will eventually sink out of sight, and eventually be worse than before.

      • george.green.91

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        • Skywatcher57

          I’m very happy for you! Maybe you can put a nice chunk of that toward helping some homeless people or a deserving ministry!

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      • Guns N Rosaries

        Romans 11:4 But what saith the divine answer to him? I have left me seven thousand men, that have not bowed their knees to Baal.

        There was no need for St. Paul to quote the Old Testament if only to make a point of ancient history; no, his point was a point of prophesying, as we see in the Book of Acts alone that the Church was growing exponentially as the Gospel was being spread.

        Since Rome is no longer Catholic, the term “Roman Catholic” has no true meaning in the modern sense. As far as doctrine and counterfeit bibles, the Church that once did reign in Rome had the authority to compile the collection of epistles now known as “The Bible,” as well as determining which doctrine was true and which doctrine was false.

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  • oUCH

    I always bring a couple of current events stories to our weekly Bible Study group.. thanks Michael, this just made this weeks study..

  • William Lutz

    That’s a positive sign. Not that they ought to give up all the tenets of Islam, but it’s good to realize that they are embracing Christianity to some extent.

    • Paul Patriot

      “Not that they ought to give up all the principles and commandments of Islam…”


      • William Lutz

        Five pillars of Islam as an example.

        • Paul Patriot

          A true Muslim convert to Christianity will cast the five pillars of Islam and all teachings of Islam in the trash, and turn (repent) completely to the Lord Jesus Christ, not mixing a lie with “the way, the Truth and the life”

    • Paul Patriot


  • DJohn1

    IF Jesus desires . . .
    IF his Father allows . . .
    We in the West are far too complacent.
    And there is a terrible price to pay for that.
    Jesus better come with an army of angels behind him.
    Because a whole lot of people do not know what is really going on.
    They sit in churches and worship. Then they go out into the world and they do not practice what is preached in those church services.
    We have an entire Republican Congress. Yet abortion is still legal.
    Republicans represent themselves as being Christians.
    Yet they compromise what should not be compromised and Planned Parenthood is still funded.
    It is black and it is white. There are no shades of gray.
    You are either really Christian or you are not.
    Many of the true Christians here struggle.
    To those who struggle to be Christian my heart is with them.
    IF someone challenged them with a rifle in their face as to whether they are Christian or not, what would your reply be? Would you deny Christ or would you stand up and die for him? I hope I have the courage to stand up for Christ if that were the issue.
    That is what these former Muslims face.
    To their families still Muslim they are dead even though they are alive.
    Because to be Christian there is to face all kinds of physical problems including murder, rape, and slavery. They behead Christians. They crucify them literally. In one church, the women were raped as their horrified husbands looked on. That was in Africa recently.
    I suggest there must be some kind of restriction on Jesus. Someone above him, namely his Father, is keeping him from doing anything about it in this world.
    The fictional Prime Directive may be in place here. It is the only answer that makes sense.
    Life is temporary. I do not care if you are a baby or one hundred plus years old. We all die. None of us want to die in pain and misery.
    None of us wish to suffer.
    The devil is going about it wrong. He loses when people are killed because they are Christians. The go to be with Jesus and Jesus provides them with eternal life.
    He gains far more in an American Church where no persecution is going on because the people are pampered than he does in the horror that is Muslim Countries. Because those pampered here are not willing to give their everything to Jesus.
    Yet even here, true Christians do exist. And those true Christians are willing to give up their lives for Jesus. I just pray that if that decision were mine, I also would be willing to give up my life for Jesus.

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  • iris

    God will triumph over all evil and falsehood in the end. I am rejoicing to see what the Holy Spirit is doing in Africa and the Middle East. “You intended it for evil, but God meant it for good, that many people should be kept alive”, as Joseph said to his brothers in Egypt. What ISIS has done in an attempt to destroy and control, has helped many Muslims realize the evil behind it, and they have become more open to the gospel, many have come to faith in Yeshua! PTL!

  • Skywatcher57

    As a born again, blood-bought and excited child of God of many years, I carefully read all that comes before me. Michael has done a wonderful job in this story, and I thank you for that, Brother! However, something just doesn’t sit right with me.

    In the numbers of conversions to Christianity that we read in this article, a question comes to mind: What “flavor” of Christianity?

    Chrislam, Roman Cathollcism, or Born Again Christianity? Notice, I don’t use the word, “Evangelical Christianity” as that is a misnomer in these last days in which we find ourselves.

    While it is exceedlingly exciting to hear that people are having dreams and visions in these days, as foretold by the prophet Joel would happen, Joel 2: 28, one has to be careful with numbers, where they are coming from, and what the true statistics are.

    How many of these “Christians” are really Bible-believing and practicing born again followers of Christ? As we’ve seen by one commentator here, it’s quite acceptable to retain the 5 pillars of Islam and still call themselves a “Christian”. Not so, as others have graciously and correctly pointed out. Oil and water do not mix; Christianity and Islam do not mix. To be converted from Islam to Christianity is to leave all the filth and rubbish of that which you’re allegedly being delivered from in the past.

    One cannot call themselves a true follower of Christ (a Christian) and still be living an ungodly and worldly lifestyle. It just doesn’t work. Furthermore, we cannot truly love Jesus Christ if we do not follow His commandments, as we see repeated in the gospels.

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