Divide And Conquer: Are The Left And The Right In America About To Go To War With Each Other?

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Every single day, America is becoming a little bit more divided.  It is probably not a stretch to say that there could be more political hatred in this country today than at any time since the Civil War.  In fact, there are some very disturbing signs that the very heated war of words between the two major political parties could soon spill over into very real violence in the streets.  Instead of uniting and focusing on our real enemies and on our real problems, the left and the right in America seem ready to go to war with each other.  The mainstream media and those that control both political parties love to play “divide and conquer”, and in America today we are taught to pick one political “team” and to absolutely hate those on the other side.  But instead of two real choices, what we really have is a false left/right paradigm.  The reality is that the two political parties are controlled by the same people at the highest levels.  For example, did you know that 3 of the top 7 donors to Barack Obama’s campaign in 2008 were major Wall Street banks?  Both the Republicans and the Democrats are very tightly controlled.  That is why nothing seems to really change no matter who we elect.  But rather than waking up and uniting to take on our real problems, the American people are increasingly choosing to hate one another.


What I am not saying is that any of us should just give up and agree with those that express views that we are 100% opposed to.  I am not saying that at all.

But what I am saying is that we can fundamentally disagree with others and yet still love them at the same time.

Right now, political hatred is rising to very frightening levels in America.  Just cruise around political websites on the Internet for a while.  What you will find will not be pleasant.

Just think about how Democrats and Republicans talk about each other at this point.

How would you describe the emotions that most Republicans feel for most Democrats?

How would you describe the emotions that most Democrats feel for most Republicans?

The sad thing is that the vast majority of the people representing us in Washington D.C. should never receive a single vote from any American voter under any circumstances.  We spend so much time defending them when the truth is that nearly all of them should be voted out.

But instead of waking up and understanding what the real issues are, most Americans are rallying around their political “teams” and are seething with hatred for their “enemies”.

Look, without love this country is not going to survive.  Yes, we need to vote most of the politicians in Washington D.C. out of office.  But that does not mean that we need to obsessively hate them.

The following are just a few recent examples of the rising political hatred that we are seeing in this country….

*A new online video game called “Tea Party Zombies Must Die” allows players to savagely murder notable Republicans such as Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich and Glenn Beck using a variety of weapons.

*Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa says that he is ready for “war” with the Tea Party….

“We got to keep an eye on the battle that we face: the war on workers. And you see it everywhere, it is the Tea Party. And you know, there is only one way to beat and win that war. The one thing about working people is we like a good fight. And you know what? They’ve got a war, they got a war with us and there’s only going to be one winner.”

He also added this during his recent speech….

“President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march. Let’s take these son of a bitches out and give America back to an America where we belong”

Does he really want to “take out” those that belong to the Tea Party?

*Of course Republicans have been guilty of similar language.  The following is something that Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle said a while back….

“I hope that’s not where we’re going, but you know if this Congress keeps going the way it is, people are really looking toward those Second Amendment remedies and saying my goodness what can we do to turn this country around? I’ll tell you the first thing we need to do is take Harry Reid out.”

*For some members of Congress, apparently killing members of the opposite political party would not be going far enough.  Just consider what Maxine Waters recently had to say….

“As far as I’m concerned, the Tea Party can go straight to hell”

*This kind of heated rhetoric from our “leaders” is increasingly inspiring average Americans to do some really stupid things.  For example, 6 security guards were actually held hostage for several hours by disgruntled union workers….

Hundreds of Longshoremen stormed the Port of Longview early Thursday, overpowered and held security guards, damaged railroad cars, and dumped grain that is the center of a labor dispute, said Longview Police Chief Jim Duscha.

We are creating an environment of hatred and violence in this country.  The sad thing is that it accomplishes next to nothing.

Just look at what is happening in Washington D.C. right now.  The policies of the Obama administration are extremely similar to the policies of the Bush administration.

Hopefully more Americans will start to realize that both Bush and Obama are playing for the same side.  We all need to wake up and stop hating each other because of what race, religion or political party we may belong to.

The majority of people in this nation claim to be Christians, and yet the vast majority of us seem to have forgotten the basic commandment that we are to “love one another”.

Yes, as I have written about so frequently, this country is headed for absolute disaster.  But if we allow this hatred for one another to keep growing, we are never even going to have a chance to turn this thing around.

Yes, you should never compromise what you believe just to be accepted by someone else.

Yes, you should never vote for anyone that is promoting policies that are destroying this country.

However, just because you disagree with someone does not mean that you should hate them.

We should love all of the politicians in Washington D.C., we should forgive all of the politicians in Washington D.C. and we should pray for all of the politicians in Washington D.C.

And yes, we should vote almost every single one of them out of office.

Right now, we are letting the establishment divide us.  We are letting them sow the seeds of hatred and anger.

But we should not be letting this happen.  The truth is that we are all Americans.  We were all created equal and no group of people should be hated.

If the hate in this country continues to grow, we are going to see even more chaos on the streets of America.  Things are getting very frightening out there.  Right now, the very fabric of American society is being shredded and the thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted is breaking down.

How in the world are we all going to live together if we cannot get along?

Instead of fighting with each other, we should be uniting and bringing awareness to such issues as the corruption of the Federal Reserve, the nightmarish police state that this country is turning into, and the disregard that our leaders have for the U.S. Constitution.

America could be so much more than it is today.

But instead, most of us have allowed ourselves to be trained to hate others based on what political party they belong to, what religion they belong to, what they look like or because of how much money they have.

If we stay on the road that we are on, mark my words, this country is going to descend into absolute chaos.

United we stand, divided we fall.

It is your choice America.

  • The left/right paradigm is a total illusion, neither is real or the product of someone’s independent thought.

    Both side have allegiances that have nothing to do with what their intended purposes, they are all bought out and paid for.


    • D

      The invisible elite (international oligarchs/bankers) created the left/right paradigm to distract the American people from the real problems. None of it matters – politicians are all bought out with $ (Wall Street banks). Many people don’t know this, ironically. This is why the middle class is being wiped out – they don’t provide the funds for elections and bribes. Please let me repeat:


      The hatred has torn apart our country for centuries. It is what the elite wanted all along, and it is working perfectly. Obama is nothing but a scapegoat and puppet for the oligarchs wishes – Bush was the same. It is all an illusion to make us believe we actually have a choice, but we don’t.

  • hognutz

    I hope this dont sound racist, but does anybody else notice the flash mobs such as The Fairgrounds incident. It could turn into one more nasty racewar.

    Michael, I understand if you filter this as it is an unpleasant thought……

    • Hairy Bawlz

      Pretending will not help with racial divides.

      To deny that blacks commit a disproportionate number of crimes is to deny reality. That said, whitey bears some responsibility for this, just not in the way that the indoctrination machine spouts.

      Whitey’s worst offense against black people has been since we started “helping” them. We have been training them to despise us and blame us for all of their problems for at least two generations.

      We have been quite successful in destroying the black family unit and
      somehow we are shocked at the result.

      • Colin

        Very well said. The “civil rights” movement did a lot to perpetuate this divide.

    • vened

      “I hope this dont sound racist”

      anti-racist is a code word for anti-White

  • Pamela

    I read this with tears in my eyes because every word is true. We cannot be saved now because things are out of control. Ron Paul or any of the other few candidates that are not seemingly controlled by the establishment cannot get traction in their campaign no matter what they do. The media have decided who the candidates will be and we will be forced to go along. We’re doomed!!!

    • David

      Pamela (and everybody else),

      All is not lost – yet. We can still turn this thing around IF the people will take the steps to do so – with our VOTES.

      You said the media have chosen the candidates, and we will be forced to go along. Well, huh, his is ONE voter who will stubbornly NOT go along. And how do we get Ron Paul (or whoever one’s candidate of choice is) enough votes to win? One vote at a time. Make yours count, America.

      • Nexus789

        American democracy is an illusion – both parties are the two sides of the same coin and both have been brought by the elites that control the wealth and exercise power in the US.

  • TK

    America is doomed! I have spoken to several people who voted for Obama. When they were asked why, most said “no one else promised me anything”.

    I am out numbered. Most folks vote for those who will put us into more debt, not for those who are fiscally responsible.

    It doesn’t matter about democrat or republican, it only matters if the candidate will try to save this country, or try to put it further into debt.

  • Glenda the Good Witch

    The “truth” sometimes hurts, doesn’t it. A rhetorical question. I’ve never read anything more true concerning our once Great Country, our Constitution and where we are today. The “Establishment,” is the Establishment…Democrat and Republican. Until the “Tea Party,” there has not been much difference between the two. As stated, both are controlled by the same people, or people of same thought. “The New World Order,” is an “Establishment” idea, not a Democrat or Republican idea.

    The Republicans took over the House in the last elections, with a Mandate. Basically, “Repeal Obamacare,” and repeal most of the Obama policies. My thought was, if they, meaning the Republicans, don’t carry through with this Mandate, there will be political revolution in the 2012 elections. The Republican and Democrat Establishment will be finished. We will then see a Labor Party, Conservative Party and a new political party, perhaps called the “Constitution Party.”

    The political landscape is about to change and change it will. The people want their country back. The people want the Constitution followed, not shredded by our elected officials. The people want the Government run under the Constitution, not by “Executive Order.” The people want “Honesty” in their elected officials, not being constantly lied too.

    Yes, Vote the Bums out of office. Vote for candidates who support “Term Limits.” Vote for “Honesty,” in Government. In my opinion, Ron Paul is the only candidate out there who can do what is needed…bring us back to the Constitution.


      Glenda, Glenda, Glenda,

      As the CIA would say with a sly laugh, You don’t understand. The so-called Teabaggers, with the Koch brothers leading the charge, are the establishment. The teabaggers are about as grassroots to the political system as weeds are natural to good lawn care. Billionaires, which equals money, which equals new world order, run the teabaggers. As for voting all the bums out, who do you suppose will take their place, Walt Disney characters? You are not going to vote your way out of this, you are not going to protest your way out of this and with gun confiscation you are not going to revolt your way out of this. There is no stopping the global elite, there are far too many people who have sold out and will continue to sell out for those few pieces of silver and that is why Amerikans are doomed to the current and steadily deteriorating economic apocalypse………

  • Gary2

    Michael-Hoffa’s entire statement said to take them out at the ballot box. This was very clear. I expect better than you following fox news and only reporting a snippet out of context part for sensationalism. You can do better.

  • Gary2

    I checked out the tea party zombie game-thanks for the link it was interesting.

    I agree that we need a third/fourth/fifth party.

    Republicans are so morally depraved in their tax cuts for the rich that I want to vomit.

    Dems just make me nauseous as at least their is the progressive tax plan and the group who put it together are some really good people like Dennis Kunish and Jan Schowsky. (spelled both wrong). I LOVE Bernie Sanders but he is socialist which I see as a badge of honor.

    The republes love socialism for the rich and corporations but ruthless capitalism for the poor.

    There are NO good republicans.

    • Franktruth

      Do you disagree with the Communist Party USA’s decision not to run a candidate in ’08 because Obama embraced their platform?

      From your postings it looks like a Communist Party would suit your needs. The question is would you favor Leninist, Trotskyite, Maoist or Gramscian Communism?

      Your published hostility for all the conservatives, TEA party advocates and/or Republicans looks somewhat obsessive. It seems you are comfortable with the left right paradigm as it stands.

      If the world was Communist and had 1/4 the population it has now (with no corporations, rich people, conservatives, Republicans or TEA party advocates) you would still be as angry then as you are now.

      Jesus loves you. I pray that soon you will stop hating and learn to love even your enemies. For you are one very unhappy dude. You are unloved by your fellow man because you are unloving.

  • Gary2

    Obama needs to realize that one can’t polish a turd and stop trying to work with the republican turds. He needs to flush the tea bagger ******* heads down the toilet.

    I think I need to go drop another job creator in the toilet.

  • Gary2

    Michael-if you are done playing ************************ you should know one does not negotiate with terrorists like the tea baggers.

    • Michael

      I can see that you didn’t agree with my article Gary :(


    • Guido

      Speaking of violent rhetoric…

      Can you explain how patriotic law-abiding Americans are terrorists?

      Aside from being absolutely wrong, when you bandy about something as serious as the charge of terrorism for people you don’t agree with, you weaken its meaning when we discuss truly evil people who use violence and threats of violence to get what they want.

      Seeing as we’re honoring 9-11-01 this weekend, perhaps you ought to consider the Islamists who killed 3,000 people and compare them to a grass-roots patriotic movement seeking to legally influence their government through peaceful protest, rallies, and lobbying of their elected officials. That’s the essence of Constitutional Republicanism and this nation. Calling them terrorists is just disgusting propaganda.

      By the same token, how is what they’re doing different from Code Pink and the anti-war crowd, Greenpeace, NOW, the Gay Rights movement, and other Leftist political groups do when they lobby the government?

      They seem to receive a great deal of attention and legitimacy from the media, even though their speech and actions are rather harsh and extreme. No one seems to call them terrorists, that’s for sure.

      The anti-war crowd is interesting, especially in the level of violence some of them use in their language. http://www.targetofopportunity.com/protesters-2.htm

      Also, I’ve never seen the Tea Party use violence as a part of their message, while I remember leftists creating a variety of messages regarding assassinating George Bush while he was in office. http://www.zombietime.com/zomblog/?p=621
      I think the pics of Bush being hung by the neck and him being burned in effigy are really illustrative of my point. The next time I see a Tea Party supporter burning Obama in effigy will be the first time.

  • Guido

    There’s a left/right paradigm, but I don’t think it is all that false. It’s not just a game-two distinct groups of people have been fighting over the direction of this nation for quite some time.

    I don’t merely see party affiliation-there are plenty of people in my party who are actively undermining it to insure conservatives never get a chance to really call the shots. I’ve seen it from the local level, where I used to volunteer, to the national with the constant pressure to pick mealy-mouthed, bland, inoffensive candidates.

    As a conservative, I notice there is a whole lot more violent rhetoric from the left than the right. I noticed it in college when the cars were covered with bumper stickers saying, “Kill Rush” and “Nuke Jesse Helms!” I never saw a conservative with similar statements on his car.

    When I attempted to voice my own opinions, my car was vandalized, I was slandered, and I learned you do not disagree with the left. No wonder the Republicans came out with bumper stickers that are pre-scratched, reading, “A person of love and tolerance keyed this car.”

    After debates, I even had people come up to quietly tell me they agreed, but couldn’t be seen doing it. I even had a trustee, who was hard-core liberal most of the time, agree with me the level of hate for opposing opinions surprised her when she voted to let the military on campus to present their case for recruitment. Her erstwhile friends and colleagues gave her the cold shoulder and shunned her.

    I’ve never seen the depth of violent hate speech from the conservatives I do from the libs. I won’t say there aren’t folks saying it, I know a few folks who might, but the leadership on the right certainly aren’t.

    Based on personal experience, I would assume more conservatives are gun-owners and vets, yet it’s the supposedly peace-loving left that seems to engage in the most violent rhetoric. Folks who oppose the military, hate the right, and want gun control are more than happy to talk about smashing the opposition, putting their boots on the throat of BP, or killing conservatives. Ever hear about Rahm Emanuel’s “They’re Dead” speech?

    As for the politicians-they are not at all into this conflict the way average Americans are. For them, it’s more like a pro-wrestling match, where half the show is posturing and talking tough for the cameras. How else can you explain their comfortable hobnobbing when the cameras are turned off? I think to them, folks like the hard core on both sides are an embarrassing distraction.

    • Gary2

      The most vile thing scum bag republicans say is to cut taxes on the rich. Need I say more???

      Why yes I will say more-tea baggers are terrorists by holding the nation hostage to a silly debt ceiling vote that would have had huge negative impacts to the country.

      So let me see-tea bagger scum says-do it my way or else we will crash the country. By any definition the baggers are terrorists. They are also dumber than a sack of dirt.

    • Gary2

      Guido-do not be so dumb as to spout right wing hate speech on a college campus. Its like going to a NAACP convention and saying the “N” word. DUH!!!

  • Guido

    I can feel the hatred growing within you. Turn to the Dark Side and the circle will be complete…

    And don’t forget to send a check payable to my reelection campaign. Every little bit helps.

    Thank you-Congressman XXXXX

  • Jonathan

    In the New Dark Ages, there will be two types of people: Those with guns and those that dig for potatoes. Which one will you be?

  • Ben

    Ahhh…the Hegelian Dialectic at it’s finest. Set up over a hundred years ago and perfected in this country in the 1960’s. It has been growing stronger with technology.

    Cut yourself free people! Get out of the programming! Shut off the tv, put down the smartphone and start connectecting with people. Michael is right, if we do not come together, we are doomed.

    It will be hard, and painful and unity will not happen until A LOT OF people see it for themselves. By then it will be too late, it’s already too late. We are moving toward a complete collapse. I don’t know when it will happen, or what it will look like. But I plan to make it thru to the other side. I hope that experience shapes all of us and we can put together a country, province, neighborhood, region or whatever back together again and move forward as individuals.

    I can’t help but think it will be brutal, savage and painful to reach that other side.

    Good luck to all. Prepare yourselves, find your spiritual center and pray!

    Best of luck to all.

  • Smash the control machine


  • Nathan

    We are not doomed, we still have choices. People just need to wake up. We need to shift towards a resource based economy, where we value the carrying capacity of the earth, the resources that sustain quality life, and the emotional and intellectual values that promote awareness, spiritual development, and emotional stability. We are in dire need of a shift to a new paradigm before we wipe ourselves off this earth….

  • Aurelius 7

    Make no mistake about it, it’s coming here:

    Soros fingerprints all over protests here, too
    Sordid ties of architect who specializes in crisis


    Occupy Wall Street Stages a Dry-Run


    Read daily headlines and news stories about stuff like this here:


  • anne

    we have lost civility and manners basically. When you read comments on stories (not just political stories either) the profanity and anger and obscene language is horrific. People cannot articulate their stance and revert to pettiness instead. I wish people would wake up and vote out all the incumbents and only vote for people that advocate a return to small govt focused on upholding our constitution and bill of rights and getting rid of all the garbage govt that has been created. I unfortunately believe my wish is just a dream.

    • Gary2

      people get angry when repubes are destroying their standard of living by giving tax cuts to the rich at the expense of the poor. One would not be sane if this did not piss you off.

  • Mariposa de Oro

    I’ve been trying to explain this for several years now. Nobody listens, they tell me I’m an idiot and don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m thinking about posting this to FaceBook but I know no one will read it. Ah well…..

  • Aurelius 7

    “You say to yourself: “What can I do?” Nothing, because you don’t live in a participatory Democracy. That’s the absolute truth. You’ve had your fun. You went to the polls in November — and that was your fun. That was what you’re allowed. Every two years you’re allowed to have your fun and think that you have some impact among these thieves and criminals, but you don’t. You change the window dressing. So now you went from Democrats crowing with over-sized hammers to Republicans in pink ties who are crying. But they’re still raping us. You mean nothing to them… You put in Scott Brown and everyone celebrates. Then you wake up and he’s voting with Olympia Snowe.”

    – Michael Savage

    Listen to his 09/06/2011 show. He details the trap most American’s will soon fall into. That’s to say the riots and stirred up violence to come.

  • Aurelius 7
  • Mainuh1

    Greed is the problem. The “have nots” are not going to roll over and die and the uber rich want to keep all of their wealth and get even more, exploit workers and control the “lower” classes. There will be civil war.

    • Gary2

      Don’t forget to also include the “Never Wills” along with the have nots. They will no longer stand by and let the wealth keep getting funneled to the top.

  • Great article! It sounds like you’re a knowledgeable Christian yourself — and if you are, you would clearly understand that this is a satanic divide perpetrated in the spiritual realm. That right there is the reason why this problem will not go away, but just continue to be magnified. Most people, including most Christians, have no clue that the spirit realm is more real then even the physical realm. Just read the Bible. Jesus said in Matthew 24:35, that heaven and earth “will” pass away. That’s the physical aspect of life, and when it does pass away, all that will be left is the spiritual realm. It’s this realm that has been around for all eternity.

    Satan does not want mankind to be aware of the spiritual realm, if they become aware, they may grow closer to God; if they grow closer to God and receive the Holy Spirit through acceptance of Christ, they will begin to understand true reality, which is a far cry from the deceptive reality we live today; and if man understands true reality, Satan’s doom will come sooner, rather than later.

    We are all deceived, both the left and the right. I am as right as you can get in conservative values, but I still understand that capitalism will never work because of the greed of mankind. Yet it is the best of the two evils for the rest of this temporary life. It’s the only man-made form of economics that provides opportunity to all.

    Unfortunately, there are more people that fall through the cracks of this system because they lack the skill-set to prosper — some of course, are worse off than others. Mankind was not designed for a capitalist system, nor were we designed for a man-made socialist system. We were designed for a theological form of government, which is a government under God for those who may not understand what it is.

    I already explained that a capitalist system spawns greed and an imbalance of the flow of money to those few who possess the skill-set for it. On the other hand, a socialist system claims it spreads that wealth out, but in all reality, does it? Has there ever been a socialist system that has actually worked the way they claim it should? Nope!

    Why? Because the same people that prosper and become the gluttons in a capitalist system, control and become the gluttons of a socialist system as well. Exactly what the writer of this article says — both sides are controlled by the same elite. There is a political agenda that has been concocted to form a one world government, controlled of course, by the elites. Obama is in the pocket of the elites. He is just a very small pawn, who is placed out there to do their dirty work. Just as this article explains, Obama cannot possibly be that unintelligent to realize that the only way to get out of this is to de-regulate; heavily tax imports to gain more of a balance and fair-trade; immediately stop trading with those countries that exploit human workers with low wages, and working conditions; lower the corporate tax rates to bring business and jobs back to America; start drilling for our own oil, which believe me, we have more than 200 years worth of. Oh yeah, and put an end to the hoax of global warming!!

    If those we elect will only get some balls and educate the American people on the need for these issues, we will begin to see a turn-around. But the hour is getting very late for that possibility. We are getting to close to the “point of no return,” if we haven’t passed that point already.

    However, we can only dream for this turnaround — it’s not going to happen because history and the Bible tells us so.

  • Rick

    Even as a teen, I could never understand all of the nonsense about the division of the political parties along with the blame game and the anger.

    I have lost some of my pride as being an American. It really makes you wonder, just what in the world is our government/corporations/media etc. doing to us? My eyes have been opened as to what they ARE doing to us. I have faith that things will get better, but we will have to go through much pain and turmoil before we get there.

  • MountainHome

    We watch our politicians every night fighting each other and calling out horrible names. Then, we see the Wisconsin teachers fighting the state citizens and now we see unions kidnapping security guards in Washington state.

    Red state v Blue state, class warfare, straight v gay, Christians v Muslim, north v south, city people v country people….the list goes on and on.

    It’s the old trick of divide and conquer that is being used by our politicians. They truly fear the People uniting.

    Remember, they took civics out of the public school system years ago so there is no civility in our society and I fear it’s going to get worse as the 11/2012 elections approach.

    Another good article. Thanks

  • Xenophon

    You’ll pardon me for saying it, but the USA would be better off divided. We have become an empire…an increasingly tyrannical one. To safeguard our liberties, we need a decentralized government which cannot impose its will. As it now stands, our nation was hijacked some time ago by notions that a ruling political and media elite had a right to make and enforce law. We are now seeing the dangers of this arrogance. It makes no difference which party is in power because they are both controlled by this elite. In turn, this elite derive its power directly from the concentration of power in Washington and New York. It is too late to reform this behemoth. The sooner the nation is broken apart, the better. Otherwise, we will continue our decline as surely as did the empire of Rome. And for similar reasons.

  • Gail

    Interestingly, the foreign corporations who built the grain terminal that was stormed by the longshoremen reportedly received a special state tax exemption and a sweetheart lease deal from the Port of Longview. Another way we are getting screwed. I think a lot of the violence is happening because people feel they have nothing left to lose.

    • Highspeedloafer

      For what its worth, I agree with you, they believe they have nothing to loose. This is just the tip of the iceberg I fear.

  • Michele

    How true. I believe that if one single truth needs to be repeated over and over—it is this divide and conquer strategy being used to destroy the USA. Nothing changes because the media promotes a cult of personality and divides us using these personalities to manipulate us into taking sides. A pox on the ‘personalities’ making millions from this destructive behavior. They know who they are.
    And a pox on the anarchists hiding behind a labor banner to incite violence. They know who they are and the American people need to understand where they came from.

  • JD

    Michael, This article is spot on. Boss Tweed once said “You can always hire one half of the poor to kill the other.” When I was an employed, hard working single man I used to hate liberals and I listened to conservative talk radio all the time. I looked down on the poor and others on welfare and was full of resentment. Now that this economy has brought me down, and have lived homeless I no longer feel that way. Im not a liberal by any means but I have more compassion than I ever had in my life. I believe that Jesus has touched my heart and wants me to care about my fellow man instead of hating him. This could turn real ugly next election year. I might not even vote next year I just dont care about politics anymore. Im more concerned about my next meal that the next election cycle. I am for the people standing up for their rights and I believe this is still a good country but Im at the point where I dont believe it can be saved anymore by either party. We can only save ourselves with the help of Almighty God.

  • Colin


    Here is a transcript of the speech that General President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters James P. Hoffa-


    He is not advocating for a civil war. He is advocating for a greater participation in voting. It has been proven that Fox News edited the tape.

    The hostility began when President Obama was voted into office, and has escalated. The Tea Party has disparaged our president repeatedly, and have told lies that have become truths. As the larger Republican body doesn’t generally censure the actions and words of the Tea Party, the impression given is that they support the Tea Party. I am frighten of the Tea Party. They are irrational and uncompromising.

    My ancestors came to this country in 1639, and helped to found the cities of New Haven, CT and Neward, NJ. I can point to a map of Newark in 1667 and identify the house where my ancestor lived. I had an ancestor who fought in the American Revolution as a Continental army officer against the British tyranny. My grandfather fought in WWII against NAZI tyranny. If a war comes, I will take up arms and fight against the Republican tyranny.

    • Guido

      No, what I read is what I heard in the clips-and he did use the phrase, “take these (sic) son-of-bitches out.”

      Most of the time, I do not hear that term used in polite conversation, let alone political rhetoric. Usually, you hear it in movies and TV as a euphemism for murder.

      A few pundits have made the point that this kind of violent rhetoric is at odds with Obama’s own denunciation of hard-core language in the wake of the Gabby Giffords shootings.

      I won’t dwell on the part about going to war, but I thought it was interesting he referred to the audience as an army. Politics and militant violence aren’t strangers and this kind of talk IS worthy of note, especially in our current crazy times.

      I don’t do rallies much because I don’t tend to be much of a joiner. I don’t enjoy being part of a crowd, but I know a lot of other people do. It isn’t hard to whip a crowd into a frenzy and it isn’t all that hard to get folks to do things as a crowd they would never do as individuals. Look up the Milgram and Stanford Prison experiments for how easy it is to make good people do bad.

      Whether Hoffa knows crowd psychology or not, exhorting a crowd to violence, no matter how figurative, could easily lead to real violence.

    • Gary2

      the first thing the senate gook mitch the bitch mcconnel said was the repubes main goal was to make Obama a one term president.

      The man was not even in office a month and the racists repubes were doing everything to make him fail.

      F the republicans to hell.

      • Guido

        Ohhh, yeah, I forgot, you are automatically a racist if you oppose a black or half-black president. Was Hillary a racist for opposing him, too? (It seems racist to me to suggest no one can disagree with a person who is a certain color.)

        Get over yourself, Gary. You leftists are going to wear that race card out if you keep indiscriminately throwing it out every time someone dares disagree with you. It won’t cow conservatives forever and one day, it may backfire when folks ignore real, genuine racial issues. I think THAT would be a real crime.

        The Rs you call racists supported Powell and even wanted him for president over a decade ago. How could Herman Caine be on the stump if Rs are all racists? And what about Condie Rice? How did Clarence Thomas get on the Supreme Court?

        In fact, if you dig a little, you learn a lot of interesting things about the Ds and the Progressives and their love of the black man. The Ds opposed equal rights when the Rs tried to push it and used the Klan to keep blacks down in the South. Wilson revitalized the Klan and was a big fan, going so far as to screen Birth of a Nation at the White House. He also segregated the military, which had previously been de-segregated. I find it interesting the left supports Planned Parenthood, who have set up many of their clinics in poor black neighborhoods and have, according to estimates, aborted 40-50 million black children. The Rs had helped to elect dozens of blacks to office all across the South during Reconstruction, but they were run out by the Ds and the Klan. I think it’s shameful the Ds oppose permitting poor black families to get vouchers to attend better schools. Wasn’t WV Senator Byrd a former Klansman, too? Without a pliant leftist media, I wonder how long he could have survived in the post-racial USA?

        I dunno, Gary, with a record like that, I think you might want to reconsider that accusation. And what did you mean by calling Mitch McConnell a Gook??? And why are you using the term Bitch? I would have expected a slightly higher level of sensitivity from a leftist, attuned to the victimization of minorities and women. I suppose your brand of Socialism isn’t necessarily the Scientific brand?

      • Guido

        BTW-in what way is it wrong to want to replace the president? Both sides try to do it every 4 years.

        Did I miss something, or was that changed?

        What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. You can’t have it both ways. After the 8 years of absolute war the left carried out on Bush, how can they pretend it is unfair when others oppose Obama?!

        The next time I see Obama treated like Bush was will be the first time. No one has tried to hang him in effigy yet, nor talked about assassination, nor made a movie about his assassination, nor passed around targets and bullseyes, nor called him a smirking chimp, nor any of the other disgusting things I saw for 8 years. You can’t have it both ways.

        And if the opposition doesn’t want to work with him, he only earned it starting day one with his gloating during a meeting with “I won.” The rules sure were different when the Ds ran both houses of Congress…

  • Stephen Byerly

    I say secede. The system is broken beyond repair and the only solution to me seems to be to break away from the current system and start anew.

  • David Lawn

    Please let me say this just the way it comes out and please forgive me if necessary.
    I was out in the Ardennes/Eiffel today and the sky was a deep blue and the sun was hot. 22 degrees Centigrade.
    I lay down and closed my eyes and got some fine sunshine vitamins.
    After a while I opened my eyes and saw a huge track of white yellow stuff passing accross the sky. I put my hand out at arms length and it was wider than my hand.
    Then more such came accross with the south-west wind.
    Then there were patterns in the sky – several crosses for example, painted up there. Then some jet, way above the white-yellow chemicals, flew an arc, from my point of view curving around the sun. This arc grew fatter and developed rainbow colors – red toward the sun, blue outside. By this time the whole sky – from horizon to horizon – was no longer blue, it was a grey metallic white. The sun had lost its force. I found the climate oppressive, even painful. I left to drive back and found the other drivers somewhat unconcentrated, trying to cut corners, behaving differently than otherwise.
    The sky has stayed that white metallic way all day, no gaps in the metallic clouds now, everything covered.
    So what about our health? What about the day that was given to us by God with blue sky, and has been taken away from us? What about the farmers, the gardens, the birds?

    The only things I have ever read that says it right all the way, is Jesus. His talk with Nicodemus I understand to say you’d better go back and remember your Svali-equivalent stuff, take up your load and follow him, if you’re going to see what is going on.
    If I tell someone : look up in the sky, our own government is waging war on us, we small guys – will I be believed? You only accept knowledge that passes thru the small window of conciousness you keep open (hence the Nicodemus quote I made).
    So our govermnents are killing us.
    The only way forward now is love, belief, courage.

    Thank you Michael for providing this forum for so long and for your enormous engagement.

    • Michael

      You are welcome David, and I am very glad that you are enjoying the site. :)


  • Nickelthrower


    It is a well documented fact that the suicide of a high profile individual will cause a spike in suicides. The more it is publicized then the more copycat suicides will follow as people are naturally inclined to play follow the leader even with something as serious as suicide.

    Now, think about how our local, state and federal government operate. Think about it.

    Everything done by government comes with an implied threat of violence. Take a look at something benign like hemp.

    When the government decided that you can’t use hemp they didn’t send out a fax or hold a press conference and say “pretty please”. Instead, they put armed thugs (the police) into our communities and gave them the power to inflict all manner of harm should they ever become suspicious of our activities to include seizure of all of your assets under RICO.

    To facilitate their violence they build courthouses and jails. They then hire prosecuting attorneys and judges so that they can send you along to the next stage of violence – prison. Get ready for slave labor, solitary confinement, brutalization and rape.

    The State makes it very clear that the only method to deal with a problem (even a health one) is violence. This isn’t lost on the average Joe and Jane who are beginning to understand that the reigns of power will allow them to unleash violence on whomever they wish.

    Our never ending war (the war on drugs, the war on terror) have shown that violence is the answer that everyone is looking for. The copycat fun is about to begin.

  • Glock30Eric

    It is very sad to say like this. Please remember this, that I am 100% supporter of Ron Paul since 2008 and still do. I agree with many of you that Ron Paul is the only viable candidate for 2012. However, Ron Paul couldn’t turn our country around because of our corrupted congressmen. Ron Paul couldn’t move as a President with a gridlock of our congressmen. We need to replace almost all of our congressmen and vote Ron Paul, then we will have a little hope in our country. The rest of the hope is depends on every Americans to do their civil responsibilty, live up to the sense of morality, love one each other in the truth, and understand everything before you speak, act, and vote. If you want to hear the truth, you should have a hope in Jesus Christ and be Christ-like to change our world to be brightest place to live for God’s glory.

    Be smart and have your mindset in positive things. God’s grace be with you.

  • Paul

    Yes, everything you’ve said is true. It’s called the Hegalian Dialectic
    and it works like a charm for the people who really run things.
    They are the self appointed elite and we actually are living in
    an oligarchy, not a democracy.
    And the comment above is also true; we are doomed. But the doom
    is political, financial, and the doom of a nation, which is the fate
    of all nations eventually.
    All that is very sad, but not as sad as spiritual doom which is the fate
    of anyone who rejects the Savior of mankind, Jesus Christ.
    Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Believe in Jesus today
    and you will not die in your sins.
    It’s appointed to men to die once, but after this comes the judgment.

  • physicsstudent

    You must read TakiMag too! If anyone’s not familiar, you can see a very similar article on the same subject here: http://takimag.com/article/the_stench_of_civility/print

  • Gay Veteran

    You stated: “…Hopefully more Americans will start to realize that both Bush and Obama are playing for the same side….”

    I totally agree. Both Democrats and Republicans now represent the Wall Street banksters, multi-national corporations (military-industrial complex, prision-industrial complex), and billionaires.

    However, you need to be careful of the You Tube videos you link to because the video of Hoffa was EDITED!

    Here are his exact words http://www.freep.com/article/20110906/NEWS15/110906056/Transcript-Teamsters-Jim-Hoffa-s-speech-Labor-Day:

    “…We are going to hear from President Obama in a few minutes, and I am so glad that he has come to Michigan because this is where he sees the real America. He looks out on this army of people and you know what I say? President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march. President Obama, we want one thing: Jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs…(The crowd joins the chant.)
    That’s what we are going to tell America…..When he sees what we are doing here, he will be inspired, but he needs help. And you know what? Everybody here has got a vote. If we go back, we keep the eye on the prize, lets take these sons-of-bitches out and give America back to America where we belong.”

    • Gary2

      Michael has a big blind spot called conservatism. He also misquoted Michael Moore to make him seem to say raise taxes on the middle class. I called him out then on his fox news style of writing where the facts are edited out to favor a certain point of view. The sad thing is Michael is way too smart to be this sloppy so I have to ask what his agenda is?

      Michael-I need to call you out again. You were doing so good there for a while.

      I really do like you and am pointing out your conservative charter defect/reporting biased blind spot to help you see and improve. If I wanted to hear conservative garbage I can watch fox news (although I will vomit). You are better than this and I really mean this.

  • A.S.

    The only hope is what Thomas Jefferson advocated: once a government becomes corrupt, another revolution needs to take place.

  • Randy T

    What do you expect from community organizers? Their job is to divide and to generate rage toward opponents whether real or imaginary.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    I’ve always thought we where doomed unless we got beyond this left right thing. The comments by Jimmy Hoffa kinda surprised me. I always thought he smarter then that, with BO not stopping Mexican trucks from hauling freight in the US any American trucker is the 21st century Dry Waller.
    If you notice most of the venom comes from the left when ever the right responds in kind or has any criticisms no matter how mild of the left or any of it’s pet groups it’s “Hate speech” or racist. We’ve seen it on this blog by various posters. Me I’m frankly tired of it if you have no argument other then personal attacks you’re just told me you have no argument.
    Something very bad happened to liberalism in the 1960’s and 1970’s it became angry, isolated, and intellectually vapid. Harry Truman, John F Kennedy, and Franklin Roosevelt. All would considered to conservative to be in today Democratic Party and that’s a tragedy. Some one has to look out for the interest of ordinary working people and not champion the rights of Illegal Immigrants those who don’t want to work, or simply rolled their lives on to a ditch, and expect to three hots and a cot while not changing their behavior.



    • Guido

      I’ve often thought it was funny how the unions support democrats who proceed to undercut them. I used to watch the unions come out in support of Clinton, who would then support globalist agreements that undercut the unions.

      I believe the term you’re looking for is ad hominem. If you can’t attack the facts, attack the person presenting them.

  • Suzanne

    A country is only as good as the leaders it elects, and gets the leaders it deserves.

    If God doesn’t bring judgement on the USA soon, he’ll have to apologize to Sodom & Gomorrah. (Billy Graham)

    2 Chronicles 7:14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

    Proverbs 29:23 A man’s pride brings him low, but a man of lowly spirit gains honor.

  • Kevin

    The best comedy shows are the Democratic and Republican conventions with grown adults many well educated acting like kids at Disneyland. They are caught up in the glitter and lost site decades ago of the substance.

  • angry wombat

    Actually the battle being fought now is the progressives vs. the constitutionalists. There are representatives of both sides in both parties. Progressive theory is one world government and social justice. This is antithetical to our Founders vision of a Representative Republic. This is the root of the battle currently. Progressives are stoking the hatred and discord and will continue to do so. They want chaos and unrest. It allows them to implement their plans more quickly. It is going to get much, much uglier leading into November 2012, by design. Couple this with the unraveling of the Middle East and the extremist takeovers of governments, we are in for some very unpleasant times. Our world is getting ready to change dramatically and not for the better. Prepare as best you can.

  • seejanemom

    I will heartily agree that the Puppet Bush and the Puppet Obama are simply the vanilla and chocolate of the same brand of ice cream. Five clicks of digging about the Bilderberg Group will tell you THAT.

    But you lost me at “We should love all of the politicians in Washington D.C., we should forgive all of the politicians in Washington D.C. and we should pray for all of the politicians in Washington D.C.”

    One cannot LOVE the unlovable, forgive the unrepentant, and we surely can’t pray for politicians who themselves deny the very existence of God.


  • Theresa

    I agree, however, please do not continue to post the edited and misleading excerpt of Hoffa’s speech that has been being spread around the internet. The full transcript of his speech is very clear he means voting them out.


    Most notably, the first line of his final words have repeatedly left off reports to make it sound like he was inciting violence. The full text is as follows:
    “Everybody here has got to vote. If we go back, we keep the eye on the prize, lets take these s**s-of-b*t**es out and give America back to America where we belong.”

    Why do we hate each other? Because we are bombarded with pundits and preachers and politicians who drill into us that the “other side” hates America and wants to destroy it. Because the media and same pundits doctor words and video to skew them to slant a certain way. It’s dishonest, but most people have no idea they are being lied to.

    When someone tells me something so-n-so did, is doing, is going to do, I fact check it. Most times I find that what’s being spread is a bunch of bull. More people need to take what they hear with a grain of salt and do some fact checking for themselves. I think it would do a world of good.

  • InArizona

    I recently had a discussion with a good friend, whom is a liberal, and he stated to me that he cannot talk politics because it makes him really upset. I said that was funny because I was able to discuss politics with my very best friend who is also a liberal, and we enjoyed the banter back and forth and at times we even concede points to each other. Sometimes we change the other’s perspective (we also do this over religion.. she being catholic and I baptist!). We always end each conversation with love and mutual respect.. NO matter HOW nasty it gets!

    I then ended my conversation with my good friend with, “I think you would be surprised at how much we actually do have in common and how many things we can find to agree upon.” He seemed intrigued!

    If only we could have these conversations in-person instead of the media dictating them to us. We would find a lot of common ground and I am sure we would find that we are really not that different from one another. Divide and conquor has worked for the political/ruling class. We need to continue the push for dialoge, what we cannot allow them to do is stop us from talking to each other and having honest and sincere debate.

    Do not fall for the tactic, do not allow yourself to be whipped into a frenzy and do not think for one minute that the liberal / conservative next to you doesn’t want the very same things as you… the very best life for their children and families.

  • mark

    I also do not enjoy large groups of people. Once in a while is alright as I go to church each Sunday. Most of the time I work in the garden. I find the time to be very peaceful. I like to grow food and give the extra to others. We do need to find better ways to reach out to each other. I do find it hard to fathom how the progresive mind works. Through out history the socialist system has not worked well. We know through experiance that what our founding fathers set up does work. When I was young, I felt those that had wealth should share it with me and everyone else. This really was because I did not have any wealth and did not want to go through the process to earn it. I soon learned that I needed to improve my skills to have a better job, since it turned out the world was not going to share the wealth with me. I still voted the union ticket and felt the left leaning system would be more fair. I found that not to be the case. Many people take the system for all they can. Jimmy Carter cured me of any progresive ways. Today, it seems that the left has a very short fuse when trying to discuss the troubles of the world. Nasty names seem to be the order of the day. If we do not give money to someone that dosen’t work they call us horrible things. They inject race into the discussion when no answer is easy. We have to be able to carry on conversations without the rancor of today. We are so far apart on things like debt and spending. Young people in this country have 12 years of school paid for and many seem to waste the time and money spent. Way to many do not read well, add or subtract or write well. The oportunity to excell is thrown away. Many just play video games and loose brain cells in the process. Yet the left claims we must borrow more money to have a better education system. Our founding fathers felt that charity should come from private sources. The left feels that government with all of it’s levels of labor costs should be the nanny state. I do not know where we can find common ground that would be solid under our feet. We are standing in quick sand and sinking fast.

  • seejanemom

    Rather than editing my comment down to meaningless nothingness, next time just DON’T BOTHER PUBLISHING IT, you gutless turd.

  • eyeswideopen2c

    While I liked this article, I did notice that once again the Teamsters “Hoffa” comment was misquoted which makes a huge difference…and this write should have known it!
    Hoffa’s comments were references to voting out Republican members of Congress, not to violence.

    “Everybody here’s got to vote. If we go back and keep the eye on the prize, let’s take these sons of bitches out”

  • Ron

    As you all are aware on August 18th Obama effectively amnestied up to 35 million illegal aliens. His Uncle in MA, arrested for DUI was released under this new directive.
    Now it is spreading, everywhere the Democrats hold power:

    Cook County won’t hold felons for immigration
    BY LISA DONOVAN Cook County Reporter
    Chicago Sun-Times Saturday September 10, 2011

    The GOP is saying NOTHING about this, they’re scared to talk about this treason.

    The Immigration and Nationality Act Amendments of 1965 was DESIGNED to replace the historic American people, White, Christian, with a new 3rd World demographic.
    Our very living habitat is being invaded.
    Now if you remove a species living habitat do you know what happens to that species? Yes, and futurist demographers predict that by 2200, the Whites will have joined the DoDo bird and the Passenger Pigeon. Remember this was by design NOT by chance.
    And yet here we are supposed to be worried about “hating” those who have designed YOUR DEMISE.
    However, I do believe these are Jacob’s Troubles, and that the Lord will save us, but we MUST resist and fight back against these genocidal maniacs, for that is what they are, folks the Attorney General said before Congressional hearings, UNDER OATH, that White Christians are NOT protected under the Federal Hate Crime law.
    See the video:

    Robert Reich, Obama’s economic adviser, and Charles Rangel, House Ways & Means Committee conspiring to deny White males Stimulus jobs:

    Just two examples of your government DISCRIMINATING against you.

    As the South African White woman wrote 11 years ago:
    “Once you lose social, cultural, and political dominance, THERE IS NO GETTING IT BACK AGAIN.”

    Michael is a very nice man, he is also a patriot.
    In the past, I might have agreed with him.
    In the future, he will probably agree with me.

  • Wait a minute! Al Qaeda will win if we turn against our own people so much! This is exactly what our enemies want and we may be trapping ourselves by giving them what THEY want!

  • Highspeedloafer

    scarey stuff.

  • Franktruth

    There have been a number of bloggers who have observed that most of the hatred and reference to violence comes from the left. I share that observation, but I confess that I identify myself as right of center and a Constitutional republican (notice the lowercase “r”).

    As a Christian I’m aware that I’m a sinner and have a fallen nature. So my natural inclination is to judge those who advocate the Socialist worldview (that the government should own all property and run all business) all believe the end justifies the means.
    Also I tend to be blind to my own and other people who champion free enterprise suffering the same “end justifies the means” mindset.

    This writer (Michael?) rightly appeals to us to love one another as compatriots. But it is difficult for me to love the leftist tactics advocated by Saul Alinsky, the Students for a Democratic Society of the 1960’s and the weatherman faction of the left. For they published directives to polarize society, by using dialectics and character assassination against U.S.citizens with whom they disagreed. Their published objective was to make the U.S.A. a socialist if not an outright Communist nation.

    Yet I do take the writer’s advice and look beyond the overt leftists to the Federal Reserve, the military industrial complex and transnational corporations – all of which care nothing about the sovereignty of the United States or our Constitution.

    (BTW have you heard of an illegal immigration problem in Cuba, Vietnam, North Korea, Zimbabwe, Venezuela or China – other than North Koreans?)



      To the author: Policies of Obama extremely similar to Bush? I and the few intelligent people still breathing have been saying that since 21Jan2009.

      Franktruth: As for most of the violence coming from the left, you must have hit your head and had a wet dream of Glennyboy Beck. Really? You must be kidding. But then again, statements based on fact and logic has never been a strong suit of so-called conservatives or people who claim to be right of center whatever that nonsense means.

      In the final anaylsis, Amerikan society is collapsing and it deserves to collapse. For as long as the lower tiered classes continue to fight for table scraps and worry about gays hiding under every bed and trying to tell women what they can and can’t do with their bodies, then Wall Street should strip the nation clean of every plug nickel it can find and when a critcal mass of people are dependent on government handouts then Obama or whoever the corporate puppet is in office at that moment should then turn off the spigot of entitlements including social security so the idiots in this country will finally understand that the mass murdering oligarchy is not playing games, they are playing for keeps.

      • Gary2

        The people on the right live in a fact free zone.

        • RWA

          speaking of ignorant

        • Prepping for the Future

          Leave it to Gary to expose his grossly ignornated dumb down self to the world. The radical left wing is the violent anti American scum that well bring this country down. Brain dead people like Gary well be standing around asking what happen. Duh your socialist programs killed America.

    • obviously, then, you do not read Free Republic, plenty of acid going on there and a lot of “stomp them in the face”….you are going flase L/R……re-read….

    • He said love people, no tactics…again, you are mired too much in false paradigms….as a confessed Christian, should you not love everyone? including your enemies? Most Christians in my area are flag waving state/Republican worshippers….

  • Miles

    Hello from Russia!) Just stumbled upon this site and article. Reps/Dems/anyother party issues notwithstanding (as I do not wield enough knowledge of US political system I can hardlt judge it correctly), I see a lot of support to call “let’s throw them out with our VOTES” (caps mine) All the while admitting that both parties are same-controlled at HIGHEST administrative level. I see a gpgnitive dissonance here. If the parties (thus political agenda anbd election process) are controlled at the very top, who cares for votes? I mean – formally, sure, they all care… but in reality they care not for those who cast the votes but for those who COUNT the votes… and these people are at the same top level I mentioned. Calculate the efeects of such coincidences for yourselves.

    • Sandy

      The idea behind forced retirement of sitting politicians is that any mortal will become corrupt when tempted with vast power and ill-gotten wealth. Therefore, the solution to having a more-honest-than-not elected government is to keep the politicians moving in and out of office. The more turnover in the House and Senate, the less temptation the incumbents have, and the more money and effort to corrupt must be made by fictitious persons of power and influence (corporations are fictitious persons, but they’re not the only kind of fictitious person).

  • _Underscore

    I am enjoying how this article sensibly warns against pointless partisan arguing and so many of the comments claim to agree with it but then go on to say why their political team is much better than the other one!

    • D

      Underscore: It is hilarious, and you are correct. Many people here agree that the partisan arguing is a worthless distraction.

      Then the next paragraph they try to confirm their prior beliefs on why a particular party is superior to the other. Amazing.

      This is how brainwashed the oligarchs have created society. Those elites are damn good at their jobs. I do occasionally give them damn oligarchs/elites some props!

      Oh well, soon WWIII will be here. Then there will be no one left on the earth to argue.


        With the oligarchs putting radioactive isotopes in the water and Bisphenol A in the food and plastics, any wonder why the masses are as stupid as the day is long? None of this surprises me in the least because, face it, when a mass murderer like Slic Rick Perry can ride onto the scene and people think that he is some kind of white knight then you know the nation is in trouble. Slic Rick is getting the same star treatment that Obama got in 2008. And I say, when Slic Rick crashes the system and the dollar, I say the suckers who voted for him have it coming……………

  • _Underscore

    Also the idea that the Koch funded, Fox hyped, Tea Party is some kind of grass roots solution to this problem is as hilarious as it is frightening. Their violent rhetoric is as bad if not worse than any anything else I’ve seen.

    • Highspeedloafer

      What violent rhetoric? I have never once seen it. Can you point me to a source?


      Most telling is Monday night’s debate where people were clapping slic Rick’s stance on having no conscience on executing people and the point where Ron Paul was asked do you let a critically ill man without health insurance die and the crowd yelled an emphatic “YES”! Truly sickening if you ask any sane man. But this is who the moron faction votes for. And when it all comes crashing down on their heads they will be the first to clamor for a cozy seat on a government sponsored lifeboat to evade the collaspe……………

  • Gay Veteran

    Franktruth: “…There have been a number of bloggers who have observed that most of the hatred and reference to violence comes from the left….”

    yeah, better be careful of all those left-wing militias. Oh wait! There are none, but plenty of right-wing militias.

    Most of the eliminationist rhetoric comes from the far right.

  • Gay Veteran

    Ron: “… folks the Attorney General said before Congressional hearings, UNDER OATH, that White Christians are NOT protected under the Federal Hate Crime law.
    See the video:

    Isn’t one of the Ten Commandments “that shalt not lie”? The Federal Hate Crime law, prior to being amended to include sexual orientation, protected people attacked because of their race or religion! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hate_crime_laws_in_the_United_States


      One need only remember three words when it comes to Eric Holder and his Legal Department:


      (No such thing as Justice in the Asylum States of Amerika these days)

      Would any sane, rational, intelligent being believe anything that comes out of Eric Holder’s mouth or the mouth of anyone in his Justice Department? Par for the course!

  • Yes, I have no doubt the left and right in America are going to come to blows, probably very soon.

    Since hardly a day goes by without some right-winger opening fire on his fellow Americans, for no apparent reason, it’s only a matter of time before some wingnut loses control and does something really hairy. Then the war will be on.

    It will quickly be over. The right are a creepy minority of mostly white males, and the left are everybody else. Thank goodness guns are so easy to get hold of.

    • Guido

      Obviously, Perry, you know nothing about what you speak.

      Liberals seem to hate and fear guns and people who carry them and preach the necessity of relying on the Police for protection. The irony of this belief is many of the Police the left relies on to protect them ARE the conservatives who own the guns.

      The Right is the LAST group to start using violence. They certainly aren’t the ones who resort to violent rhetoric.

      Interestingly, most of the so-called Active Shooters are leftists and lunatics. The media and the Left try to paint them all as right wingers, yet the truth inevitably shows the opposite. Like that nut who shot Congresswoman Giffords. They had to back off that claim when his nutty leftist ideals came to light.

      As for guns, most liberals have no idea what a gun is, let alone how to use one. Watch a liberal or news reporter identify a semi-automatic pistol as a machinegun some time and you will never confuse them with a serious threat.

      On the other hand, most gun owners are fairly conservative and, stats show, fairly responsible, law-abiding people. Read More Guns, Less Crime.

      While they are unlikely to resort to violence first, conservative gun owners will probably be able to handle violence and engage their targets, dooming any imaginary left-right civil war.

      Since few liberals believe in self defense, have no interest in firearms, and fewer have been in military or police service, you can expect few of them to be able to handle themselves in a violent confrontation. Read the famous article online about sheepdogs, wolves, and sheep for an explanation of just where you fit in. I would assume most, if not all, liberals are the sheep.

      To make an even more interesting point, serious gun owners, nearly all of whom are informed voting conservatives, are generally much better shots than either soldiers OR policemen. This has been demonstrated many times and the best shooters at the national level are generally private citizens.

      Were your fanciful and silly so-called revolution or civil war to become a reality, gun-toting leftists would not last long. Keep in mind, firearms may be plentiful, but you would have to buy one from one of those hated conservative gun nuts, first. Then, you would need to learn how to use it. You would probably need a conservative gun nut to for that part, too. Since it takes hours and hours of practice to get reasonably good at shooting, no doubt you would be at a massive disadvantage.

      You might try rational thought and peaceful, intelligent debate instead of ignorant and hateful rage.

  • The Idiot

    you certainly have a point about who is really running the country, but it’s nothing new. it’s been this way since the very beginning. there is a real difference in schools of thought running from left to right, but the political power in this country is money. period. change that and things may change, but, as you can see in your comments, you might wanna look first toward confirmation bias and then the study about how facts actually are processed in political discussions. then maybe you’ll wanna do like me and grab a beer and an AK and sit on my porch and just shoot whoever comes on my lawn. GET OFF MY LAWN, YOU LITTLE IDIOTS! sad, but the same as it ever was. it just gets bloody when the money is overplaying it’s hand, like it has been for the last thirty years.

  • JD

    Perry Logan,

    You are an idiot. Most of the shooters these days are Illegal alien (not undocumented) drug gangs and pissed off youths in big cities. Most liberals dont like guns because theyre too afraid they will shoot themselves with it. Damn it I hate it when I have to resort to name calling but people like you probably never hunted or has property to defend from wackos like yourself. When all this shit goes down your going to be wanting my redneck ass to protect you but you will be shit out of luck!

  • Sandy

    If Noam Chomsky can agree with Ron Paul, why can’t we all just get along? Both parties give the same results by different means. Real change will come when we see past the rhetoric and posturing, and educate ourselves before we vote.

    • yet the hype is always “hey people are changing and seeing the light”, yet in the end, 99% of votes go Repub or Democrat…ALex Jones has been on the bandwagon of “things are changing” for yrs, yet every election, nothing changes..same 99% to GOP or Dems…vote 3rd party, write in your own name or even better, boycott and refuse to be a part of the sham…

  • Don’t confuse the left and right with the Democrats and Republicans. It is the left that is at war with the right. Let’s take a look at how the modern liberal thinks versus the modern conservative.


    1. All outcome for an individual or nation can be no better or worse than any other.
    2. If an outcome is found to be better, then they must have cheated.
    3. If an outcome is found to be worse, then they must have been victimized.
    4. The amount a victim lashes out is directly proportional to the victimization. It is the cheater that is doing the victimizing.


    1. Good behavior leads to a better outcome.
    2. Bad behavior leads to a worse outcome.

    A liberal flips good and bad. What a conservative considers good, the liberal considers bad. A liberal calls good bad and bad good.

    Now you know why the liberal hates the conservative.

    • Underscore

      Congratulations Matt, commenting on an article warning of partisan differences you have revealed yourself to be utterly brainwashed to one side completely.

      Your views on what “liberals” think is nonsense of course, I know this because I am one and it’s not how I think.

      Politics is not football, you don’t have to hate the opposition like you do. You don’t have to convince yourself that everything they think is wrong in order to validate your own views.

      You seem so indoctrinated into your side that it’s more like a religion to you. Therefore your opinion in a discuss about left vs right is unfortunately completely irrelevant.

  • Anonymous

    To quote a far-right web site I recently discovered (probably a page on that ********** site):”Your skin is your uniform.”

    Political leanings have gotten to where it’s not far off from that bizarre quote. 2/3 of whites vote Republican and minorities are overwhelmingly Democratic. (Hispanic 2/3 Dem and Black 90% Dem) Down South it is nearly “your skin is your uniform” already. As the Republicans switch to a general purpose “white strategy” you have a perfect storm ready to be set off by any idiot independent operative.

    Don’t think groups all one color or the other aren’t yet talking about strategy or tactics. Both sides are. The wackos at ********** are. I can assure you the other side is too.

  • Hefsmaster

    To divide and conquer,
    1. Politically. Dem.(liberal) vs Rep.(conservative)
    2. Religiously. Christianity,Islam,Atheism, judaism, etc.
    3. Economically. Rich, middle class, poor… Unions vs. non, Govt. vs private
    4. Racially. * do i need to even go there?
    5. Nationality. *(Ditto)
    6. Old vs. young. SS, medicare, medicaid, debt…

    Mix and match as you see fit to create a “Choose your own adventure”… Or you can just watch-listen-read MSM for all of the latest propaganda..
    Because you can’t make this $hit up…

  • Anonymous

    Dear Blogger. I sure don’t blame you for editing out the name of that infamous neo-nazi hate site. That one I mentioned that contained the wacko quote from. No need to advertise a hate site!

    Great job on the redaction!

  • RWA

    only the ignorant and easily manipulated/controlled fall for this class warfare/divide n conquer crap. problem is the ignorant make up half this country’s population. and most of them are receiving $$ from the gubbermint. when they get cut off, look out

  • George Kadlec

    George Orwell stated “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

    To speak the truth is not hate speech.

    As in most analyses, the symptom is diagnosed but the actual cause is not. That is the case here. An anthropologist by the name of J.D. Unwin initiated a study with the premise that marriage was not necessary and possibly even detrimental to the development of great societies. At the end of this study he completely reversed his hypothesis.

    “Perhaps the definitive work on the rise and fall of civilizations,” writes Fitzpatrick, “was published in 1934 by Oxford anthropologist J.D. Unwin”:

    In “Sex and Culture,” Unwin studied 86 human civilizations ranging from tiny South Sea island principalities to mighty Rome. He found that a society’s destiny is linked inseparably to the limits it imposes on sexual expression and that those sexual constraints correlate directly to its theological sophistication and religious commitment.

    Unwin noted that the most primitive societies had only rudimentary spiritual beliefs and virtually no restrictions on sexual expression, whereas societies with more sophisticated theologies placed greater restrictions on sexual expression, and achieved greater social development.

    In particular, cultures that adopt what Unwin dubbed “absolute monogamy” proved to be the most vigorous, economically productive, artistically creative, scientifically innovative and geographically expansive societies on earth.

    The following are grave words for the USA that come from noted Harvard sociologist Pitirim Sorokin who found no culture surviving once it ceased to support marriage and monogamy. None.

    Now we can do a basic analysis of marriage in the USA. Current illegitimacy rates are as follows:

    Black 73%

    Hispanic 53%

    White 29%

    for an overall rate of 41%.

    The future of the USA has been written. Once the moral corruption begins the fall of a country is inevitable. Only a reversal could stem the tide but I believe that it is now too late. Once a society degenerates to the level it has in this country and the west in general, it is doomed.

    The only remaining question is how long will it take?

  • 3300-how many unborn aborted daily, roughly….end that, you might see a turn around, not? watch God continue to judge (more storms, collapse, violence)….

  • Forget the PHONY ‘Left’ vs. ‘Right’ paradigm. It’s all ONE PARTY – the DEMO-PUBLICAN Party. Americans need to seriously WAKE THE FU&$ UP! It’s US vs. Central Bankers (the ‘Fed’). Period. Anyone still voting DEMO-PUBLICAN is merely signing America’s Death Warrant.

  • THIS is how the game works: (the MSM, Mainstream Media is BOUGHT AND PAID FOR, by the ‘elites’ – Central Bankers and Fellow Wall St. FRAUDS):

    Organizer Labels Own Poll Irrelevant After Ron Paul Wins
    (Results only count if establishment Republican is victorious)

    by Paul Joseph Watson

  • Allan Immoderate “MODERATE

    I’m a person with strong opinions that fall on each side of the political divide. Really. Probably, most people on each side will seize on an opinion I have, and hate my guts…Really true! So Here’s what I really think. 1. America has been lucky for 40 of the last 70 years. We came close to losing WW II, in the first two years, but our industrial potential, and the atom bomb, turned the tide! We would have given up on beating Japan, after a half million G.I.s would have been killed trying to subdue the ultra-fanatical Japanese resistance! Think about it! 2. Our good luck, and lack of war damage gave
    us control of the world economy, after the war. We skated, and played power games against Stalin,
    and the later Red leaders in the USSR. 3. Meantime, China began to recover from a 400 year
    beating by the west. Now they are about to overtake us, on almost all levels, certainly in the next 25 years! Fact is, their culture, and to
    a slight extent, at least, they are as a group
    a little smarter than we are. Maybe if testing
    were applied, they’d beat our average by 5%. Why
    because they are the largest group of naturally smart folks in the world. The HAN group, their
    core ethnic center, feels free to dominate the
    rest of the people living within their borders!
    Not very liberal for sure. Notice the German State…Even with being bombing into the stone age, they are clearly on top in Europe in this
    21st century. They might be as smart a group as
    you’ll find among western Europeans, along with
    the best minds in the U.K. France, & Russia.
    4. The USA, unfortunately, has allowed itself to
    be “invaded” by millions, of generally likable, hardworking, well meaning people from nearby
    Mexico and Central America.At this point, they
    are not focused on science, and have been bred
    for hundreds of years as “worker bees” for the
    Hispanic ruling class, who are frankly European
    colonials of a sort. If you mix 50 or 60 million
    of these likable, even “lovable” worker bees, they bring down our competitive advantage, if they are even 5% less smart than the world’s best. 5. For now, we have to control our borders, and within Mexico, build with them a
    place to make use of these fine worker bees, to
    compete with the rural HAN, and rural minority
    folks, who are being exploited by HAN China. Eventually, Mexico may change into a source of
    scientists, engineers, etc. That can take their place in the world. But if we grant the millions
    already HERE,amnesty, and let new “worker bees”
    flood in, we will wind up a “SECOND or even THIRD WORLD continent in time…Maybe even owned by China! See…I said what I believe, and I suppose most Americans would wan’t to hang me for saying it!

  • anonymous

    The first mistake most people are believing is that our politicians care about us and the second is believing that the mainstream media is telling us the truth.