Concern Grows That A Megaquake Is Going To Hit The Middle Of The United States

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USGS Earthquake MapDid you know that Oklahoma was just hit by the largest earthquake ever recorded in the history of the state? And did you know that Oklahoma absolutely shattered their yearly record for earthquakes in 2015 and may break it again this year? According to the USGS, the number of significant earthquakes in the eastern and central sections of the nation has more than quintupled in recent years, and concern is growing that we could soon see a “megaquake” in the middle part of the country. Of course no discussion of megaquakes in the middle part of the country can leave out the New Madrid fault zone, which is approximately six times larger than the San Andreas fault zone in California. Scientists assure us that the New Madrid fault is around 30 years overdue for a major seismic event, and when it does happen it is going to be the biggest disaster in modern American history up to this point.


Late last month, eight states took part in a major drill that simulated what the damage from a New Madrid earthquake might look like. The following comes from a news report that was posted on August 24th

Eight states are taking part in a multi-state disaster drill Wednesday.

Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Tennessee, Kentucky and Arkansas all took part in the “Show Me Mass Care Exercise” to practice how they would react during a major earthquake along the new Madrid Fault Line, which is a major source of earthquakes in the Midwest and south.

As I mentioned above, the New Madrid fault zone is about six times bigger than the San Andreas fault zone, but because of the nature of the earth’s crust in the region, a New Madrid earthquake would be felt in most of the nation. In fact, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources says that earthquakes along the New Madrid fault “shake and damage an area approximately 20 times larger than earthquakes in California”

Due to the harder, colder, drier and less fractured nature of the rocks in the earth’s crust in the central United States, earthquakes in this region shake and damage an area approximately 20 times larger than earthquakes in California and most other active seismic areas. Even though large earthquakes occur much less frequently in the NMSZ than in California, the long term average quake threat, in terms of square miles affected per century, is about the same because of the approximately 20 times larger area affected in the central United States.

Back in 1811 and 1812, a series of earthquakes along the New Madrid fault were so powerful that they actually cracked sidewalks in Washington D.C. and rang church bells in Boston. Testimony from eyewitnesses to those earthquakes sounds like something from a post-apocalyptic science fiction novel

The Midwest was sparsely populated, and deaths were few. But 8-year-old Godfrey Lesieur saw the ground “rolling in waves.” Michael Braunm observed the river suddenly rise up “like a great loaf of bread to the height of many feet.” Sections of riverbed below the Mississippi rose so high that part of the river ran backward. Thousands of fissures ripped open fields, and geysers burst from the earth, spewing sand, water, mud and coal high into the air.

In those days not many people lived in the middle of the country.

What in the world would such an earthquake look like today?

I also want to point out that there are 15 nuclear reactors sitting inside the New Madrid fault zone, so if a megaquake did hit the region we could be looking at Fukushima times 15.

And the earthquakes in Oklahoma (not a part of the New Madrid fault zone) just continue to keep getting bigger and bigger. The USGS now says that the earthquake on September 3rd was the largest ever recorded in the history of the state

The earthquake that shook Pawnee, Oklahoma, on Sept. 3 is now the state’s largest temblor on record, according to the U.S. Geological Survey, which just upgraded the magnitude to 5.8.

The earthquake was previously pegged at magnitude 5.6. But further analysis of the seismic recordings from the event found the quake size to have a bigger moment magnitude, according to the USGS.

As I sit here writing this article, a magnitude 3.0 earthquake struck near Perry, Oklahoma just about an hour ago.

In the old days, you would never think of Oklahoma as a place that was at risk for major earthquakes.

Unfortunately, those days are long gone.

In the title of this article, I suggested that concern is growing that a megaquake may soon come to the middle of the country. The science definitely seems to back this up, but in addition there are people all over the nation that are having very unusual dreams and visions about such an event. One example of this phenomenon is minister Augusto Perez

“The burden of the LORD came upon me on Sunday night July 3rd, the day after we got back home from a mission trip. On the next day Fourth of July, I was still under a very heavy burden the whole day. As I was quietly sitting at my desk trying to do some work, the Holy Spirit would not leave me alone. It became so intense that I knew that I had to get up and go to my prayer closet immediately to meet with the LORD. I began to travail before the LORD with groans and moans while I was praying in my prayer language. His Presence grew so strong as I have felt at other times when He really wanted me to go get alone with Him and intercede. I continued to pray for a while until the burden lifted.

After the burden of the LORD had lifted, I continued to pray on my face when I saw a vision of a large angel of the LORD with a large sword and he plunged it into the heartland of America. As he did, blood started coming out from the ground where his sword had been plunged into. After I saw this vision, my travailing prayer grew more intense as I began to plead with the LORD regarding what He had just shown me. I felt much grief and sadness in my spirit while this was going on. Even now, I am still grieving and great sadness fills my spirit. As I continued to pray, then I heard the voice of the LORD say to me: “THERE IS NO MORE TIME, MY SON”.

But of course Augusto Perez is far from alone. My wife was sent a dream by a woman named Rebecca Barnes that seems to indicate that the big New Madrid earthquake will strike after we divide the land of Israel

In the dream I had I was above the USA, I could see all the trees and mountain ranges. I seen a spear come out of the sky, it pierced southern MO and ripped it down all the way to the gulf through Louisiana.

Then I saw it rip up through to the Great Lakes.

I saw st. Louis MO sink under the ground.

It opened in width from st. Louis to hwy 127.

I heard the following exact word’s in my spirit “if they divide my land, I will divide their nation”

Of course this fits perfectly with what I told an international television audience last month…

Over the past week, a previous article that I did about the coming New Madrid earthquake has gone megaviral. The Most Important News has gotten more traffic than ever before, and I believe that there is a reason why this old article has suddenly struck such a chord.

There are lots and lots of people out there that believe that the time for the New Madrid megaquake is drawing very close. If you are not familiar with these things, this may sound very strange to you. But the truth is that God has been showing people what is coming literally for decades, and now there seems to be a tremendous amount of urgency in the air.

So let us hope and pray that it does not happen any time soon, but without a doubt our planet is becoming increasingly unstable and we live in very unusual times.

*About the author: Michael Snyder is the founder and publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and End Of The American Dream. Michael’s controversial new book about Bible prophecy entitled “The Rapture Verdict” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on*

  • Paul Patriot

    No comments as of yet? Most folks don’t want to go here, as it is bad news. Thank you Michael for bringing this to the surface.

    I have been a faithful reader of many of your blogs daily, since 2008, and if one was to look into the archives of your articles, it is Crystal clear that we are in the last days of America.

    Even though I believe we are already under God’s judgement in this nation, if our “leader” tries to divide or harm Israel, then the judgement of God will be loosed upon this nation, in the form of natural disasters and political tyranny.

    • GetReal4U2

      get ready…obummer is going to allow the France “peace” plan splitting Israel and Jerusalem…

    • MaxRockatansky33

      Delusions… And sionist ones

      • Lazarovic

        Yep. That’s the problem with this site. There is plenty of good prepper advice here, to be sure, but also lots of political and religious fantasy/stupidity. I mean, we’re Christians too, but this particular brand of dispensationalist nonsense is disheartening; it damages the site’s credibility.

      • Paul Patriot

        Ok, no problem. We will just have to wait and see.

        You sound overly confident when you say” Thankfully nothing will happen and this is another confirmation that over-religious zealotism is not a different from a mental disorder”

        Are you sure?

        • Chris Gerber

          He is sure because he controls the earth. Obviously.

        • watchmannonthewall

          When one ignores the facts of history, one can be sure.

          How many noticed that during the exact same weekend in June 2016 the French were hosting a conference on dividing the land of Israel, Paris suffer one of its worst floods in history? Probably not many!

          Usually, one must have an awareness of what to look for to be able to connect one event to another. Since people reject, “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you”, they will never connect the destruction of Germany in WW2 to the Holocaust, or the flood of Paris to the conference regarding the division of Israel hosted by France!

          God allows people to see what they want to see, not necessarily what actually exists! It is hard to change the mind of one who is convinced one is right!

          • Paul Patriot

            I was aware of the French conference, as well as many other amazing “coincidences”

            As a student of history,I am sure you are aware of all the times American presidents have spoken of dividing Israel and natural disasters that happened within 24 hours of those proclamations.

            People simply refuse to accept that a “natural disaster” or even a “man made” disaster can be the judgement of God.

          • watchmannonthewall

            Sadly, true! Even down to the fire that occurred in Galvaston once it decided to hold Mardi Gras in place of New Orleans, the following spring after Katrina. God lets us know what is acceptable, or not, if one pays attention.

        • J. R. L.

          I’m sure Paul – there may be a big quake but it has nothing to do with God.

    • watchmannonthewall

      I have come across a number of alternaive media sites where the possibility of the Prez dividing the land during his lame duck status period has been discussed. It seems quite likely to me, considering all the harm his foreign policy missteps have caused in the ME and for Israel.

      The most likely date for him to make such a move is November 29th as this is the exact same date the UN decided to have a vote to create the state of Israel in 1947. People who hate others are often aware of specific significant dates and his bro is a supporter. Additionally, assuming this happens, if he were to do this through the UN instead of simply with U.S, authority, since it would then be a matter of international law, no future president would be able to undo such a move as international law trumps national law.

      If Israel did not comply with a requested withdrawl and abandonment of stipulated territories (East Jeusalem) identified in such division of their land, they would be charged with criminal misconduct and the entire U.N. would have the “legal” right, and obligation, to take appropriate action, as determined, against the nation.

      Then we would truely see the prophesy of Zechariah, made about 2,500 years ago, being fulfilled:
      “For I will gather ALL the nations against Jerusalem to battle, and the city will be captured, the houses plundered, and the women ravished, and HALF of the city exiled [Jews living in the “east” side?], but the rest of the people will not be cut off from the city [those living in the west?]. Then [a few years later, AFTER the Tribulation] the LORD will go forth and fight against THESE nations, as when He fights in the day of battle.” (Zech. 14:2-3)

      • Paul Patriot

        Thank you for your great comments. We do live in very interesting times indeed, and it would not surprise me if what you shared actually manifests.

  • robert

    What happened with Shemitah? I lost the thread on that one.

    Times are grim indeed. Suddenly, my wife and I have been hit with multiple issues with internet banking and dealing with scams, phishing and other disruptions. One of these days the whole bloody thing will collapse.

    • GetReal4U2

      The climax of the shemitah, year of jubilee is upon us…a major IMF currency announce is happening Sept 30th…on the next day, America loses internet control to the “world body”…Oct 3/4 is the Jewish New Year…known as the feast of trumpets…no man but the father know the day or hour..but the true believers will know the “season”…appointed times ahead…I;m looking up!

  • Dan Jones

    Time for the Saints to prepare to meet Matthew 24 head on… Why? There will be many seeking answers and we have it… JESUS!!!

    Always be a light that is shininginthedark

  • James Staten

    I just wanted Snottly and GV to know that I live on the New Madrid, and I am Looking Up for the Blessed Hope, but if He tarries 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 will cover it either way!!!!

  • God Hates Judgmental Zealots

    Looks like God’s wrath is best focused on the Midwest, rather than the goodly people of either coast. The fake Christians with their hatred for gays, foreigners, and women are finally getting “dumped” by God. God prefers the open, loving attitudes of the west coast folk. He’s saved them from every earthquake and even improved California’s business climate enough that people are going there to open new businesses again.

    • MaxRockatansky33

      More bible thumping while this quakes in Oklahoma are the results of a man-made activity (oil shale fractioning is massive there) Stop being delusional.

      • Marie Beckett

        Ahhhh, a voice of reason! Thank you!

      • Paul Patriot

        You misunderstand God judgement

        God often uses ” man made activity” to direct /allow judgement

        • MaxRockatansky33

          God often uses…OK I have enough of this religious paranoia.

    • Paul Patriot

      Lol!!! Wow!!! You obviously have not been to the Northeast.

      I guess the apostle Paul was a “fake Christian”, because if you read Romans, there is a lot of “hate” towards sinners, gays, adulterers, fornicators, etc.

      California has become a political and moral sewer. The fake Christians are those who do not warn people of the wrath and judgement to come, and those who think Jesus is a blonde haired, blue eyed, surfer dude who just loves everyone just the way they are…..this same “jesus” will never judge anyone or condemn one to hell…….

      This “jesus” is NOT the Jesus of the Bible.

  • ATrober

    The political state of Israel today is Judah, biblically. ONLY the tribe of Judah are Jews. And, the rest of Israel were NOT Jews.

    That’s a fact. Re-read all the commentaries etc. that lump all of Israel into “Jew”, or the political state of Israel as “Israel” in the Bible. Otherwise, conclusions are wrong.

    As for all the earthquakes, there is no way of knowing if they are releasing stress or increasing stress. We simply have no way of knowing. What we do know is the North American continent (craton, geologically-speaking) is actually a bunch of smaller continents (cratons) fused together. The Mississippi embayment is a “tear” or “joint” in that fusion. And, a very old one at that. It is not geologically “active” like the San Andreas or more prominent zones around the world. There really is no way of telling with any scientific accuracy what the odds of another earthquake. And, the quakes in OK are almost certainly due to fracing liquids being pumped back into the earth, totally unrelated to the New Madrid Zone.

  • paul wilson

    Dividing the land/dividing the nation could just refer to the U.S. becoming two separate countries . Period.

  • DJohn1

    WE appear to have two crooks running for the Presidency of this nation.
    Hillary is well known for the corruption involving her husband in office. The Clinton foundation appears to be a place to buy influence with the government.
    Trump is failing to pay his people. We have laws governing wages that are supposed to be enforced by the Wage division of the FBI. How come it doesn’t apply to Mr. Trump in both current and past episodes of reneging on the payment due of wages to contractors and even members of his own campaign as documented on the recent articles on the internet. Shame on the media for not reporting it more.
    Both sides appear to be contract breakers.
    Contract breakers and promise breakers cannot be trusted period.
    Do not do business with either group. At this point in time I would not elect this man to be dog catcher in my town because of his broken promise at the beginning of the Republican nomination process.
    So if “GOD” decides to punish humanity with a massive earthquake in the Midwest portion of this country I would not really be surprised.
    We have a governor who has broken his promise to his party to support the candidate that won the nomination. He has done this openly. Again we are dealing with men in office that are less than honorable in their keeping of their word.
    We have an electorial college in which Hillary appears to have an advantage even if she does not have the popular vote which at this point in time is too close to call. Hillary also appears to have a chronic disease of lying. At least if the media is correct she has.
    I do not see the justice in punishing millions of good Christian folk in the Bible Belt of this country that are devoted Christians.
    So to call it the wrath of God might be a little premature.
    I often drive by parking lots of churches in this area during Sunday Services. The lots are fairly full. Ohioans are often devoted Christians.
    I do know we are all human and all of us fall short as humans.
    If such an Earthquake occurs. Don’t blame God.

  • SantosGarcia

    For the scoffers who refuse to learn from history, and as George Santayana said- are destined to repeat it- read this with an open heart and KNOW that we as a nation are literally treading on thin ice:
    We MUST pray!

  • GetReal4U2

    obummer will go around congress and allow the UN the make a “peace” plan dividing Israel and Jerusalem…get ready for the major currency “announcement” from the IMF on Sept 30th…of course…America gives up control of the internet the next day to an “intenational body”…and then the “Feast of trumpets” occurs…interesting time indeed…

  • Michael Coleman

    There was setanic rituals in Oaklahoma lately, i am sure this is the reward from the great above

  • SpecialK

    Since I would most likely be killed without the grace of God if this did happen, I pray that it doesn’t happen but prepare as if it were coming soon. That’s what we should all do. No way to prevent it on our own except contact our leaders and tell them you are opposed to dividing Israel.

  • Oklahoma JD

    I have lived in Oklahoma all my life of 57 years. These are the shakiest of times.I too believe our country is in for another mega quake and those that think our earth is never going to have this happen are probably living with a certain amount of denial.
    My God is not please with my brothers and sisters behavior as evidence by the disease, corruption and greed that exist in my world.
    It’s coming folks but there is only one that knows when.