Christian Church Burnings Are Happening All Over The World And The U.S. Media Is Deadly Silent About It

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Did you know that hundreds of church burnings have taken place all over the globe so far in 2011?  For a large percentage of those of you that are reading this article, this is the first that you have heard of it.  And do you want to know why?  News stories about church burnings and the persecution of Christians around the world are not “politically correct” enough to get into the mainstream media most of the time.  Have you ever noticed that an overwhelming percentage of news stories about Christianity in the mainstream media are negative?  There seems to be an unspoken rule that you should never report on anything that would portray the Christian faith in a positive light – even if it is reporting on how churches are being mercilessly burned to the ground.  Others fear that reporting on church burnings would somehow justify the endless wars in the Middle East.  But the truth is that many of the regimes that the U.S. government has put in place or is propping up are actively involved in the persecution of Christians.  Whatever religion you belong to, and whatever your political philosophy is, we should all be able to agree that church burnings are evil.  If you cannot agree that there is something wrong with burning churches to the ground then something is wrong.


In the United States, our founding fathers established “freedom of religion” as one of our fundamental rights.  Many of our founding fathers had escaped horrific religious persecution in Europe and many of them knew firsthand how insidious it can be.

Today, hundreds of churches around the world are being torched.  I am a Christian and I am not going to be ashamed to shed light on these great crimes.  If you don’t like that, then maybe you should ask yourself why that is the case.

The following are just a few examples of the widespread church burnings that we have seen so far this year….


In the aftermath of the U.S.-backed “Egyptian revolution”, church burnings have become a regular thing all over Egypt.  The recent burning of a Coptic church right in the middle of Cairo has plunged the provisional government in Egypt into crisis mode as a recent article in The Telegraph noted….

Egypt’s caretaker government has held crisis talks after attacks by Muslim mobs on Coptic Christian churches in Cairo left at least 12 people dead and drove the country’s growing religious tensions to the brink.

The following is the kind of video footage that is very rare to see on U.S. news programs.  This footage is of Saint Mary Church in Cairo burning wildly after it was firebombed by Egyptian radicals on Saturday….

Can everyone agree that this is wrong?

I hope so.

Unfortunately, this is not just an isolated incident.  Christians in Egypt now must watch out for attacks every single day.  This latest round of violence against Christians really got going back on New Year’s Eve when 21 people were killed and 43 people were injured when a massive bomb went off outside a Coptic church in the city of Alexandria, Egypt.

That attack was so horrific that it actually did get a little bit of attention in the U.S. press.

Egypt is spinning out of control and the horrific persecution of the Coptic Christian minority (about 10 percent of the Egyptian population) is rising to frightening levels.

Earlier this year there was an attack during which an estimated 4,000 Muslims violently assaulted Christian homes and burned a church in the Egyptian town of Soul which is about 18 miles from Cairo.

What would you do if there was a mob of 4,000 people rampaging down your street looking for Christian homes to burn?

Egypt used to be a fairly stable place, but unfortunately that is now no longer true.


It has become incredibly difficult to be a Christian in the nation of Pakistan.  Church burnings and physical attacks on Christians have become commonplace.

The following is how an article posted on Asia News described the recent problems in one particular province….

Tensions are running high in Gujranwala, a town in the Pakistani province of Punjab, recent scene of repeated attacks by Muslim extremists against the Christian minority. Yesterday, a mob attacked Christian homes and places of worship, setting fire to a number of churches. Only the action of police prevented any loss of life and injuries.

For some Christians in Pakistan, the persecution goes far beyond just having a church burned down.

For example, one Pakistani Christian named Arshed Masih died after radical Muslim leaders, backed by police, burned him alive for refusing to convert to Islam while his wife was raped by police officers.  This incident, which took place on March 19th, 2010 is just another example of how horrible things have become for Christians in Pakistan.


In Ethiopia, dozens of churches are being burned.  The international media is reporting that 69 churches in a single Ethiopian city were burned just in the month of March alone.

How would you like it if an angry horde came into your town and burned down all the churches?

The following is how Radio Netherlands describes what has been going on in Ethiopia ….

Evangelical churches and homes of Christians in Asendabo, about 300 kilometers southwest of capital Addis Ababa, and other towns in the Jimma region were torched earlier this month. Thousands of them have fled their hometowns to safer areas.

More than 46 churches belonging to the Pentecostal Kale Hiwot (Word of Life) Church and 23 belonging to other Christian groups have been burnt down, says Temesgen Wolde, coordinator of the Kale Hiwot department in Jimma City. His church shelters eighty refugee Christians in a tent.


In Nigeria, hundreds of church burnings have been reported so far this year.  Many of them took place after the Christian candidate for president defeated the Islamic candidate for president back in April.  Thousands of Christian homes and businesses were destroyed and nobody is sure how many Christians were actually slaughtered.  The following is how an article posted on FRONTPAGEMAG describes what went down….

Angry that Christian President Goodluck Jonathan defeated Muslim candidate Muhammadu Buhari, Islamists in the Shariah-ruled north began rioting on Monday, April 18, 2011, after preliminary results of the April 16 election were announced. Soon newspapers featured grisly photos of charred bodies lining the streets. Hundreds of churches were burned and thousands of Christian-owned businesses destroyed, according to the Christian human rights group, Open Doors. And International Christian Concern reported that the Kaduna-based Civil Rights Congress was still “discovering more details of massacres that have been carried out in the hinterland.” Upwards of 40,000 Christians have been displaced in the past few weeks.

But did you hear about any of this in the U.S. media?

Perhaps there was a “blip” or two about the “election violence”.

Instead of focusing on real issues, our media at the time was absolutely obsessed with promoting U.S. military action in Libya.

The truth is that the U.S. government and the U.S. media have never really shown much concern for the good people living in places like Nigeria, Ethiopia and Sudan.  For years and years, countless thousands of Christians in Sudan were being slaughtered by government-backed forces and countless thousands of Christians were actually being sold into slavery, and yet our government did nothing.

But then a handful of people died in a revolt against the government in Libya and our government “was forced” to act for “humanitarian” reasons.

What a joke.

The U.S. government does not really care for the people of Africa but the truth is that those people are just as valuable as anyone else.

When we see churches around the world being burned down we should care just as much as if churches in the United States were being burned down.

And you know what?

Persecution of Christians in the United States is growing too.

In California, one high school student named Kenneth Dominguez was suspended for talking about Jesus Christ with his fellow students.  According to The Christian Post, Dominguez “didn’t shout or preach out loud and he limited his talk to lunch breaks and the hallways, and not the classroom.”

Not only that, there is no record of anyone ever complaining about it.

But he got suspended anyway.

You see, the truth is that the word “Jesus” has become a dirty word in the United States today.

Just try saying it (not as a curse word) at school, at work or at a public event some time.

One U.S. Navy chaplain even had to face a court-martial for standing up for the right to pray “in Jesus name” in the U.S. Navy.

So, no, this is not a “politically-correct” article.

But you know what?  Since the founding of this nation a whole host of our countrymen have bled and died to protect our basic freedoms.

One of those freedoms is the freedom of religion.

When there is an attack on the freedom of religion we should all be alarmed because it is an attack on all of us.

If you say that you love liberty and freedom, you should be against the persecution of Christians wherever it is found around the world.

  • KB

    This is definitely an event that has been foretold for centuries. Interesting to watch prophesy unfold in front of our eyes. But since we have a separation of church and state, I cannot see the American goverment getting involved in protecting Christianity (well, except if you were a Muslim and didn’t want christianity being preached in your town like Dearborn, MI or were a member of any other religion except for Christianity because, you know, government has to be politically correct and show that it does not favor Christians)

  • Tatiana Covington

    So why isn’t their all-powerful god stopping it? There, you see? He doesn’t exist! Christians are just deceiving themselves, and so are Jews and Muslims.

    There aren’t any gods!

    • john

      Hi Tatiana
      You have a very pretty name.Obviously by your remark you are not a believer in God.There is a saying..for those who believe,no explanation is necessary..for those who do not believe,no explanation is possible.God does exist..but you need to open your heart as well as your eyes.All of these things that are happening in the world is of no surprise for they have been foretold.Actually it’s only going to get bad that many believers will fall away until there is very few left.I am a Catholic..there have been many things prophesied even about the scandals that are taking place now..which are being fulfilled.Many people talk about the end times as the end of the world and that Jesus will return soon..but what is coming is a chastisement..the end of evils reign..unfortunately most of the worlds population will be destroyed in the process..the good with the bad.Do not be so quick to reject God and belief that He exists.I was in the same boat as you until He made Himself known to me in ways undeniable.I used to play guitar in a punk rock band that openly mocked Him.I don’t know how old you are but try looking up Fatima…even the atheist govt that was persecuting the church at the time converted after what took place there in the early 1900’s.If you can get to Medjugorge in all means go..even as a cynic..and you will come back changed.Right now it is you who are being decieved..I will pray for you that you will come to know and believe.

    • I will not get into a debate over a permissive God or the redemptive power of suffering, though you may want to research it. I will also not debate the existense of God because to those who believe no proof is necessary and to those who don’t, no proof is enough. I think you will agree that there is evil. You need to ask yourself why it exists. However, God wants us to accept him freely, to choose the right way of living. If not for people of morality and good conscience chaos and anarchy would exist. What
      stops us from ‘taking’ what we want when we want or inflicting or eliminating anyone who hurts us… it is the innate knowlege of right and wrong supplied by God. I challenge you to look at a crucifix and challenge God to prove He exists. If he doesn’t you have only proved your own convictions. However, if He does exist you need to know before it is too late.

      • Doug Hamm

        Michael, God proving His almighty existence should be effortless for an omnipotent being. The fact he doesn’t bother is evidence aplenty that he is an utter figment of our imaginations. And trotting out Pascal’s Wager is a pretty pathetic, and oh-so-common tact of the so-called believer. If there is a God, then he knows my heart and that I am honest in my doubts. If I cling to faith out of fear, ignorance or superstition, he would know that too. If he created my intelligence, I would think he would find blind faith insulting.

        • Michael

          Christianity does not require blind faith. There is a mountain of evidence for the Christian faith if you are willing to look at it.


  • “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” – Ephesian 6:12

    My prayers go out to the people that are persecuted and martyred for their faith.

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  • It shouldn’t surprise us that the US Media doesn’t report on this. The US Media is mostly owned by Luciferians who hate Jesus Christ. And didn’t Jesus promise us persecution? Maybe instead of fussing against persecutions,we should concentrate on asking God to be glorified thru every persecution, and that the blood of martyrs will be the seed of the church!

  • It’s amazing how the media doesn’t report these type of incidents. If they happened at a Muslim temple, it would be all over the news.

    Christians definitely need to be on alert here in the U.S., as persecutions are on the increase.

    The SURVIVE IN PLACE Urban Survival Guide shows you how to survive during a crisis, and protect yourself and your family.

  • Elihu

    True Christians must realize that this is what they ‘signed up for’!

    Jesus said: “If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love you as its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.”

    It’s a blessing!

  • Terry

    The fools who work in the media do not want to admit to themselves that the islamo-nazis hate them as much as they hate the rest of us. As children, these idiots thought that if they became buddies with thhe bully the bully would be appeased and spare them. The PC crowd will run to christians or anyone else for protection when their turn comes.
    I agree that it has become Ok to bash christians in USA.
    I remember Slobo (Bosnia) being asked by an American reporter chick why his people hated muslims so much and he answered “wait till you get enough of them in your country and you will see”.
    Lest I be branded “islamophobic”, open your eyes and take a good look at “the religion of peace”.

  • mondobeyondo

    It’s only going to get worse.
    Jesus Himself prophesied it long ago: “You will be persecuted…for my name’s sake”. Can’t remember the exact Bible verse, but it’s in there, trust me. (I flunked Sunday Bible study. Shame on me.)

  • mondobeyondo

    Not a word about any of the above events in the mainstream U.S. press. Especially in the U.S. “world news” evening broadcasts.

    After watching a week’s worth of network news drivel, I’ve determined their dominant issues:

    Osama Bin Laden (certainly important international news)
    Pakistan-U.S. relations after Bin Laden’s death (certainly important international news – both countries have nukes)
    Mississippi River flooding (certainly important U.S. news)
    British royal wedding (huh? That was last week’s news)
    Pippa’s clothing (yes, Princess Kate’s sister is very cute! Will she marry Prince Harry??)
    The ubiquitous health news update on every network (gotta stay healthy, even when you’re obese!!)

    But NOTHING about religious violence in Africa, aside from the violence in Libya and Egypt. NOTHING on CBS, ABC or NBC about Christian vs. Muslim violence in Ethiopia and sub-Saharan Africa. Isn’t this important as well? These are WORLD news broadcasts after all, right? Millions and millions of people live in that part of the world, y’know.

    It does make you wonder.

  • Decentlifeministry

    I most greatful to God fgor the ability given u to write this aticle, I know some how some day all this will come to the light and ecery one both Christians and non Christians will see, I truely don’t know why those in Authority pay blind eyes and deff hear to wot is happening to Christians around the world, well I know when the pain and toment of the Isrealit came to the hearing of God he sent Moses, and at the end the Pharo tghat did not let the Children of God go, had to die with his host of soldiers, this is the same thing that will happen to those that are hoding captive and pesecuting Christians all around the world, I also know that we do not fight for our God, but our God fight for us. once again, I want to say thank you for this post, and I pray that the leaders of United State Of America come to the sense and see that what God stand for is been put to pesecution be it’s enemy. and it’s time to stand for Christians all around the world. America say,’ In God We Trust’ this is the time to stand for what God stand for.

  • Hi,
    Thanks for the good writing and hats off to you
    bringing this out.
    I’ve been following this for over 20 years- here’s a publication I’ve supported

  • jon

    I think it’s the fault of the chriustuans themselves. They should not anger muslims, for otherwise the muslims will burn their churches.

  • john w

    I listen to the BBC World Service everyday. It is available in many American markets. They have programs about this and related problems fairly often. If you want real news, go online to the BBC, Deutsche Welle, RFI and AlJazeera (They all have English services). None are perfect, but it is a lot easier to get real news from them than from most of the US media.

    One aside – the US government and the US media have never shown an interest in places like Sudan because the US population could care less – Americans could care less about civil rights in the US or the extreme poverty in places like Marin County Kentucky – why would they care about problems on the other side of the world.

    If people who read this blog really feel strongly about the persecution of Christians in Africa, they need to do something more substantial than getting their knickers in a twist for five minutes and then forgetting about it so they can concentrate on Dancing with the Stars.

  • Guido

    Tatiana-you may not be a believer, but how can you be so coarse about something like this? Faith may not be important for you, but it means a lot to other people and to have your church home torched is pretty nasty. It’s not just some place you sit for 1 hour a week. This is a true hate crime if there ever was one.

    The only time the US press covers this is when they try to show black churches are being burned and it’s proof of how racist the US is. I’ve read in the past church burnings have been on the rise in the US for years, too.

  • Edouardo

    So what…?

    Doesn’t the Bible say that the temple of God resides in each & every one of us? And nobody can burn that down.

    A Christian place of worship can be anywhere: it doesn’t need a high steeple, or tinted glass, or peeling church bells to mark its location.

  • Guido

    Excuse me, I meant to type, “coarse.”

  • nick

    Yeah prophesy has been coming true since the time of the Roman empire. When schools and libraries re torches or peoples homes hillsides is that prophesy? A church is just a structure. Faith is not dependent upon buildings but the ego needs a place of worship. Persecution is as old as religion and as long as we cling to it and our egos it will continue.

  • A. Gabriel

    Tatiana, you are an idiot.Faith requires no proof, fool.

    • Tatiana Covington

      No, you are the fool because you will not demand proof. I always demand that when people claim something, that they prove it.

      Otherwise, one is as vulnerable as a baby, for any charlatan or scam artist who comes along, as on the TV show “American Greed”.

      Quite likely, were you a landlord, you would foolishly just accept your tenant’s claims that they had already paid you rent.

      You’d not last three months doing business that way.


  • A. Gabriel

    There will be ultimate hell to pay for the muzzies when Jesus returns. . .for it is His churches the fools are burning.

    • atheist

      I hope “god” hurries up and takes all you f*ckin crazy blind idiots far, far, away from the face of this planet. Good riddance.

  • Pat Elsenpeter

    Yes, this is battle of good verses evil—God verses the devil. Yes Tatiana there aren’t gods but there is a God. He is patient but not for long. He is a God of and for all people. I hope and pray you will soon see the truth and find Him.

  • True Christians are followers of Jesus Christ. We know what these times truly mean for us. we know that the Holy Spirit is with us. Although frightening, we must strive to perservere in our faith. God will bless us for it.

  • Dave E

    Pray folks and Pray like you never have
    World is in for something massive
    we used to say God Bless America
    Now we need to say GOD SAVE AMERICA!!

    I just have a sense of dread….massive dread
    God help us all……

  • Kell Gell


    Watch the ‘Passion of Christ’…and the Crucifixion scene. Christ was mocked the same way to get down and save Himself.

    Christ’s justice is coming….I pray for the end of Islam House of War…it is so hateful and evil, misrepresenting the Good God.

    • Tatiana Covington

      That was only a movie! Made in 2004! Those were only special effects! Such as makeup and computer-generated imagery!


      I’ve always thought christies were the most credulous fools on Earth. You prove it.

      And I reject all religions equally.

  • Magneto

    Im a muslim, and I can tell you this is not Islamic…. those movements in Egypt are for secular government not Shariah wich would protect other religions places of worship. This must stop, this is what the occultist bankers want… lets help one another, its the only way.

  • stuart

    Dear Tatania Covington
    I feel so sorry for you not believing in Jesus Christ. I’m 56 and have received countless healings and Graces through prayer and going to Holy Mass.

    Please I urge you not to throw away your future in Heaven by allowing this wicked and Godless world who is being led by Satan to convince you there is no God, this is exactly what satan wants so you’re soul will be lost for all eternity. As the famous Stigmatist Priest Padre Pio once said to a lady about Hell – “you’ll know when you get there” by then its too late.

    Start praying to Jesus and getting HIM into your life NOW before its too late, these next few years are critical especially to the USA as judgements are coming, wake up! can’t you see whats happening in the world!

  • jiml

    And all these persecuting countries and states are Muslem/ it what you like.

    To all these ragheads blinded by some mad imagination of Allah….I just ask two questions.

    1. Why do Moslems fear peace-loving Christians?

    2. When was the last time that a mosque was burned down by Christians?

    So you shithead fools need to get a grip on yourselves quick

  • Byzcat

    Think it can’t happen here? Well, it’s coming. A time will come soon when churches are shut down and even burned, priests and ministers will go into hiding, and being Christian will be a crime.

  • Atheist

    This is why I’m glad I couldn’t care less about religion in general. When you have REAL problems such as food shortages, natural disasters, a monetary collapse on the very very near horizon, coupled with a complete break down of society, how the hell could anyone hold on to faith? The suffering that everyone endures is a direct result of ORGANIZED religion in full co-operation with governments to enforce their idea of how life should be lived. This isn’t freedom.

  • Islam is an evil religion. It cannot be reformed into a peaceful religion because its founder was violent. So let´s just forget it and deport muslims at every chance; make our western countries energy independent and eventually most muslim countries will be poor and we can force them to permit proselytizing in Christ´s holy name.

  • Grimnir H

    I notice that the article omits the persecution Christians have suffered for years in Israel. Just two incidents are
    1. Israeli settlers burn Christian church in Jerusalem – settlers burn church in Jerusalem
    2. Mayor of town near Tel Aviv seized hundreds of New Testaments and burned them publicly –

    Israel also has strict laws which forbids Christians from sharing their faith with others.
    I don’t know why Israel was left out of this story.

  • Christopher Faulds

    Tolerance is nonsense. In todays world Hitler would have been TOLERATED! Wake up AMERICA to the nonsense that is going on. The media are feeding us nonsense against Muslims so that we hate them.

    Mr obama is totally on a pro lesbian, gay and transgender campaign whilst apparently the whole world wants democracy don’t be conned and make your own personal choice. Family matters, love matters, Morals matter not values that change everyday or the nonsense about Osama Bin Laden being killed it was murder and so is killing millions of babies in the U.S. Of A and in the stupid wars that are going on around us.

    Are you for Jesus or against him it’s that simple? Don’t be suckered into the filthy lies that are being spread around you.


  • J2201987

    Well it has become “trendy” to ridicule/persecute Christians….AGAIN, so this is not surprising.

  • Hadenoughalready

    I have watched for years as the MSM has tried to picture Christians as intolerant, uneducated, narrowminded hypocritical bigots.

    It feels like a slowly tightening noose.

    I pray that I have the strength and grace to endure to the end.

    I pray for all, especially Muslims, and people like Tatiana that someday they finally get it.

  • Max

    A. Gabriel “faith requires no proof”

    I totally agree! Thats why I believe in the Invisible Pink Unicorn gods. I don’t need any proof to know they are real I KNOW they are. I also know they are both invisible, and actually pink, because I don’t need any proof of that either – clearly they are pink because they say they are, and being invisible and not having to prove it is just a sign of their divine power. And when mean people burned down my Invisible Pink Unicorn church I knew it was a blessing, simply fulfilling prophecy, rather than a failure of my Pink overlord to protect them!

    “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so
    unlike your Christ.” Mahatma Gandhi

    I can’t cry too many tears, certainly not when catholic churches are being burned. Sounds like the expelling of evil to me. Jesus Christ was actually a pretty cool dude, but “Christianity” has been the sickest, ugliest, most perverted, and quite possibly most destructive force this world has ever known. The psycho hate filled brainwashed Muslims have nothing on the Christians, just because alot of christianity has temporarily retreated from the extremes they pretty much wrote the book on doesn’t mean they wont return there before long. The sooner “Christianity” is exterminated the better, along with fundamentalist Muslim garbage, and maybe then the sooner people can maybe actually start acting like Jesus Christ ACTED instead of like the demonic cult that was created around him and then twisted to do the EXACT OPPOSITE of everything he lived and died for because of “Bible Worship” instead of “acting like Jesus Christ acts”.

    What is Bible Worship? The belief that the Bible fell out of the sky, in english, in a single monolithic text direct from God to modern man as the king james translation and is completely infalliable and perfect, instead of being a man assembled man edited man translated man corrupted conglomeration of politically chosen works to support a self serving point of view, conglomerated from letters and writings which weren’t even written to us, and aren’t intended for modern consumption at all, and can’t even be understood except in the culture and context of the time they were written. (has “gay” changed meaning from say 1940 to 2000? You bet it has. What else has? You’ve never even asked have you?)

    Legalistic power hungry men simply call it the word of god to make it taboo to question, and simply twisted and contorted everything to create chains upon the mind to further social manipulation and control. There are many areas for discussion, either about Jesus, or whether deism is right at all, but you can’t even get to them until you throw the bible into the garbage where most of it belongs or at the very least treat it like a controlled substance or a loaded gun, something so dangerous for being a gateway to mental illness that you only even look at it after years of training and preparation for the danger.

    If you are offended at my words, read the following fully and completely before commenting:

    I can’t be pro-Protestant either, not when the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and essentially all mainstream denominations use the already edited censored and perverted Catholic version of the Bible (aka the Catholic arguments of why X is a valid book/interpretation and Y is not) to carry out by and large the same self serving abuses even if they aren’t quite yet as corrupt of a cesspit as Catholicism.

    And btw, this is not a “troll”, if someone wants to continue the conversation i’m actually willing. I’ll bookmark it and return later, but I will only respond if there are not moron-level followups. At least one intelligent christian will have to post at least one intelligent response.

  • Max

    Matthew 7:20 “Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.”

    Matthew 12:33 “Make a tree good and its fruit will be good, or make a tree bad and its fruit will be bad, for a tree is recognized by its fruit.

    I cannot see how anyone can look upon 2000 years of evil done in the name of Christ, and tell me with a straight face that it is all justified just because they meant well, or that they were saving souls despite the apparent evils, or to look at these good things like an occasional orphanage or act of charity done in Jesus’s name, when christianity hardly has any monopoly upon ethical or good behavior. (statistically jews give far more per capita than christians ever do, and note the importance of compassion in buddhism)

    “With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.” – Steven Weinberg

    Anyone who wants to debunk me, with FACTS, please do. To be honest I hate being right. :(

    • Trimelda

      I cannot see how anyone can look upon 2000 years of evil done in the name of Christ, and tell me with a straight face that it is all justified just because they meant well, or that they were saving souls despite the apparent evils, or to look at these good things like an occasional orphanage or act of charity done in Jesus’s name, when christianity hardly has any monopoly upon ethical or good behavior. (statistically jews give far more per capita than christians ever do, and note the importance of compassion in buddhism)

      Max, you speak of the evil that is done in the name of Christ, but what about the good?

      While I like Buddhism, (I once was one) and I have studied with the Jews, there is NO comparison between the extreme good the Christian faith has done through out the centuries and any other system of faith. Buddhism is into individual compassion, not national movements towards helping others. Check this out in history:

      1) The Hospital system was started by Christians. For all of the problems it has, people are being treated and healed in a system that says people matter.
      2) Charity-Christian nation are always running to the rescue of people hurt in disasters, famines, wars, etc. IE the Red CROSS.
      3) Our school system was started by Christians who felt it was important to have everyone learn how to read and write. The Bible was at the center of that movement.
      4) Our legal system stems from Christianity with the idea of proving guilt instead of proving innocence, protecting the rights of the accused, having an advocate for the accused, etc.

      And then there is the idea of standards. Have you ever thought about that? There are rules for the waging of combat. Why? Ask the victims of the invasions of Khan whether ancient warfare had much of a notion of mercy. But Christians were commanded not to engage in war in certain seasons, to spare certain groups or populations, and to treat your enemies a certain way. Were there violations? Yes. But the violations prove the norm, don’t they? You can’t violate a nonexistent law and the fact that people like you decry the abuses of Christianity show that there is a standard that people have come to expect. And that is because Christianity normally is kind, compassionate and self giving. That’s precisely why people get so upset when we are cruel, mean, etc. People expect better! But there are no such expectations for pagans, satanists or atheists. No one gets all hurt if an agnostic tortures or rapes someone. And that’s because Christ set a standard that is way beyond that of any other faith.

      Do you know how many Christians have been killed for their faith in the past 100 years? It is staggering. Yet most of these people go to their deaths forgiving their murderers. AND WE EXPECT THAT FROM CHRISTIANS-because that is the role model Christ, (not Buddha, not Mohammed, not Moses, not Zeus), left behind for us.

      “With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things

      Really? Let’s see how many Red Crosses and orphanages and soup kitchens and shelters in disasters that are run by United Atheists?
      Hmmm. NONE.

      and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.” – Steven Weinberg

      Hahahahaha! Really?
      Nonsense! Nazism and Communism have murdered more people than all the religions of the world put together. Mao alone was responsible for 48 MILLION people dead through his policies. Look at the body count for the USSR. These all came from systems that spat on the notion of God.
      Karl Marx, the father of communism, said, “Communism begins from the outset with atheism.” (He said this in Introduction to A Contribution to the Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right).

      So the facts are that Christianity has done far more good than any other religion-and that includes Catholicism-and having no religion as the support of your governmental system leads to mass murder. No thanks.

  • It’s not a blessing to be persecuted although sometimes it’s inevitable. But it’s written in the context of standing up for Christian morals and values or proselyting. In the vast majority of these cases Christians are being killed, tortured, and their possessions being stolen or destroyed simply BECAUSE they are Christians.

    In addition there have and continue to be countries where Christians, Muslims, Hindu’s and Animist co-exist without violence. I grew up as a missionaries son in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia at the time) and then we transferred to Ghana.

    It blessed me as a child with a unique view of the world. In Rhodesia I remember seeing the awful effects of apartheid and the violence against those of a different color. In Ghana there were believers of every crazy ilk and the only violence I saw was in the bars

  • Coloradoken

    Regarding Tatiana’s comment, you just don’t understand God or Satan. Your statement was so cold during these terrible events that are happening. Like the article said, whatever religion you are you have to recognize what is happening is just horrible. Wake up and see the seriousness of this. I respect you as an atheist or agnostic. I would hope you would have some concern for your fellow man irrespective of their religious beliefs.

    • Tatiana Covington

      Why should I care a rap for such idiots? Let them destroy one another, and be done with it.

  • Ron Paul for president

    Thank you for exposing the American mass media for the evil cowards and manipulators they are..

  • Bob

    The stupidity of man never ceases to amaze me. Burning a church accomplishes what? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

  • William

    No Comment on Israel?? The Israelis have just about run off all the Palestinian Christians in the West Bank. Some say that these Palestianian Christians are the descendents of the disciples of Christ. Do YOU know what the Talmud says of Jesus??

  • WM

    There is a VAST, HUGE, MONUMENTAL difference between Catholicsm and Biblical Christianity. All of the “evils” that many have claimed Christinity has caused, was really religious systerms like Catholicism and organized religion. Read your history folks. One great deception that the devil has perpetrated on people is that Christianity is the same thing as these organized religions, it is not. No wher will you find Jesus or disciples/apostles ever advocating violence in order to conquer or convert unbelievers to the Christian faith.

    With that said…..this article does not surpise me. The Bible states that non believers ( non Christians, atheists, evolutionisrs, etc) are Haters of God and haters of the Truth….so persecution is their way of thinking they can extinguish Christianity….has never worked, will never work.

  • A.S.

    I am an Orthodox Jew and I am appalled and ashamed of my country, the former good U.S.A., for not standing up to these criminals. We should force the police of these countries to capture, try, and put away into prison forever such thugs.

    Isn’t arson, especially of a hate crime nature, punishable for many years in any country? Yet, since it is in a muslim country, we look away so as not to upset our muslim citizens. If even one mosque was burned in any country, I bet the U.S. would come to the rescue in a second!

    Barack Obama, you are not a Christian! You are a muslim (I say this with a small ‘m’ because muslims to not deserve to have a big ‘M.’ for what they have done and continue to do!!!)

  • pauly

    It’s about time, lets hope they burn all chueches and temples.

  • Tatiana Covington

    No, rubbing people’s noses in facts is not a hate crime. It is neither hateful nor criminal.

    You’ll all have to grow up and face reality. There is nowhere else to go, save the shadows of madness, inhabited by such people as schizophrenics. Surely you do not wish to go there!

    The fact is that there is only our natural world. There are no gods, so there is no God, or Yahweh, or Allah (by inclusion).

    I reject and laugh at all religions, without exceptions, and have been an atheist since I was 7. I didn’t see any angels or miracles: only plain old people.

    If I wanted food, my parents had to provide it, since they didn’t believe that rubbish any more than they believed in the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus.

    You will all have to face the awful truth, the cold reality, that if you want anything done, you’ll either have to do it yourself, or hire at least one other *human being* to help you.

    Man is alone. Face it. He’s just a species of animal, as molecular biologists have proven. This is all there is.

    • Trimelda

      Well, while there are nice people who believe in the idea of no gods and no religion, (my brother in law for example) your fellow atheists who run systems and countries suck.

      Karl Marx, the father of communism, said, “Communism begins from the outset with atheism.” (He said this in Introduction to A Contribution to the Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right).

      Vladimir Lenin similarly wrote: “A Marxist must be a materialist, i. e., an enemy of religion, but a dialectical materialist, i. e., one who treats the struggle against religion not in an abstract way, not on the basis of remote, purely theoretical, never varying preaching, but in a concrete way, on the basis of the class struggle which is going on in practice and is educating the masses more and better than anything else could”(He said this in his book, Private Property and Communism).

      In 1955, Chinese communist leader Chou En-lai declared, “We Communists are atheists” (He was quoted by Lenin, Vladimir Ilyich, Proletary, No. 45,).

      The body count for the Communists top over 100 Million people. All the religions in the world’s history didn’t murder that many people.

      And then there’s the Nazis:
      In 1941, Martin Bormann, a close associate of Hitler said publicly “National Socialism and Christianity are irreconcilable”.[52] In 1942 he also declared in a confidential memo to Gauleiters that the Christian Churches ‘must absolutely and finally be broken.’ Thus it is evident that he believed Nazism, based as it was on a ‘scientific’ world-view, to be completely incompatible with Christianity.[53]
      When we [National Socialists] speak of belief in God, we do not mean, like the naive Christians and their spiritual exploiters, a man-like being sitting around somewhere in the universe. The force governed by natural law by which all these countless planets move in the universe, we call omnipotence or God. The assertion that this universal force can trouble itself about the destiny of each individual being, every smallest earthly bacillus, can be influenced by so-called prayers or other surprising things, depends upon a requisite dose of naivety or else upon shameless professional self-interest.[54]

      Is this what you want instead of Christianity?

      No thanks.

  • Jen

    I can’t understand the comments, or focus in the article,on church buildings. People are being slaughtered and burned. Didn’t you read it?

  • mondobeyondo

    Umm, yeah. All crimes are hate crimes.
    Nobody ever commits a crime because they love someone. Well, almost nobody. Just the truly sick and demented.

    And yes, Gandhi was absolutely right. So was Jesus Himself. I’m not a Bible scholar, pastor, priest or rabbi, but I know that Jesus said “People will say, “Lord, Lord” and He would reply “I knew you not”. These people claim to be Christians, but they are anything but Christians. It’s in the Bible, but can’t find the chapter and verse.

    Lots of false Christians out there.

  • mondobeyondo

    Matthew 7:20 – the best eight words ever spoken.

  • Terry

    Tatiana is obviously one of those for whom atheism is a religion. environmentalism is also a religion for some.

    What doesn’t enrage muslims? What have muslims invented in the last thousand years (other than the suicide vest and the car bomb)?

  • 4Christ

    For all Christians,
    Let those above people say what they want about the Catholic church, we know Christ started it, let them say things about the KJ Bible, We know our Bible and why it was written for us,we Christians must keep our faith in GOD Our Father and pray, for CHRIST will be their judge.
    I know every evil thing can be done to me, but I will never turn my back on my faith or on my Lord. for HE is inbedded in my heart for ever.
    GOD BLess us all.

  • We don’t have blasphemy laws in this country. I don’t like it when people burn the flag or burn the bible. But it is the price I gladly pay for living in a free country. On the contrary, most colonies were based on religious separatism (pretty much all of New England, plus Maryland), or commercial profit (most of the middle and southern colonies). Just not sure why US does not speak a single word…

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    • GADawg4real

      What in the world does burning bibles have to do with Christian churches being burned to the ground by racist Muslims? Facist Muslim fanatics are responsible for more than 90% of the arsons described in this article. You should be asking where the supposed moderate Muslims are. Their voices are silent while their brethren murder, rape, burn and toruture anyone not like them. They hold the key to peace, if they are courageous enough to stand up to the evil mullah’s who spread the hate.

      • brenda

        Thank you for saying what needed to be said long ago. While the muslims stage a riot outside playland because their scarves are considered dangerous on rides, they are destroying churches and murdering christians and no one says a word. Also, good point on moderate muslims. What did christians do when the baptist church defiled funerals of soldiers? They formed a circle around the cermony to protect the mourners and loudly advocated this was wrong for a church to do.
        Have you wondered about all the wildfires going on in the US? No one talking about that either. God bless you for standing up for us, our culture, our ethnicity and our faith.

    • ms catholic state

      Separation of Church and State has been a failure……now secular government and establishement are quietly arranging the Islamisation of the West. Bring back the Catholic State please….for Catholics at least. We don’t want to go down with you….thanks anyhow.

      • ravenousbob

        You make my country a theocracy and I promise I will ********** every church in my neighborhood.

  • AnneM040359

    Yet, the more Christians come under attack, the more non-Christians become Christians, that it is STILL the fastest growing faith and the fastest growing in the “global south”.

  • Bo

    ….to Tatiana
    I so sorry for You !people like you and atheist, why you wasting your time and reading about religion !
    * those who burn our churches and kill & torture our brothers and sisters are like you – haters!
    *those who burn mosque – who are they ? – their own,whith twisted minds- terrorist !
    almost the same words they were saying to Jesus Christ when He hung on the Cross !
    Run, Tatiana, run,run..!

  • Guido

    Tatiana-what you said was pretty hateful. I guess it would be different if something important to you, like Planned Parenthood abortion clinics or Greenpeace offices were being burned…

  • Jheng21

    your statement was the same statement the “religious” people said when Christ was hanging on the cross dying for you. people, such as yourself, do not understand that God has given us free will. i.e. your rejecting God’s existance is free will. Yes God will intervene at certain times; maybe for a healing, answering of a prayer for a job, etc. but also understand, the reason why Christ came was because God was tired of dwelling in a box (the ark of the covenant) and dwelling within a building. He wishes to dwell within us. those people are ignorant, they burn down a building they did not burn down God’s dwelling place. Sadly, there is persecution to all faith types and in this case towards christians it is a persecution that will in all honesty bring out stronger faith of those who truly believe. we should be get protection outside the churches when there are people inside. but as far as God stopping it Tatianna, who are we to ask Him such a question?

  • Guido

    Burning peoples’ churches is just hateful. It’s a method of trying to kill the faith and the church community only second to killing the members. For those who don’t know, according to islamic shariah law, in a muslim land non-muslims aren’t permitted to build new churches or repair old ones. So destroying a church in a muslim nation that believes in shariah law is sort of like eliminating the faith.

  • Roberta Foster

    To Tatiana and others, be careful of talking about God. Let me tell you a story of a Russian Teacher teaching children “there is no God”, she taught bad words about God and said to the children “see nothing happened to me, so there is no God” well after school she was on her way home and guess what a huge bus for some reason ran off the road and ran into that Russian Teacher she was instantly killed. These like that happened to others, too many to mention them. Even a famous singer himself was shot. He mentioned about God beforehand

  • Guido

    Max, I’m sorry, but it’s hard to take your posts as just a request for serious discussion when you start them off with obnoxious comments about pink unicorns and hateful ones about rooting for Catholic church burnings. This isn’t exactly the forum for this debate, and others are more eloquent and specialized in this area than I, but I think a reasonable examination of history and the facts proves you wrong on the human end.

    Max, your statements are not very well reasoned. You can’t reasonably hold the entire extended Christian faith and its offshoots responsible for the actions of some of its members. The fundamental beliefs are unchanged by the actions of the followers. It’s not like anyone can prevent another person from claiming they’re a Christian.

    If we held every grouping accountable for the actions of some of their members, then all men are rapists and all women are whores.

    Is there any place for forgiveness in your estimation, or is that group, once a member does wrong, evil for all time?

    For instance, we’re frequently told not to hold Islam responsible for the actions of its members, even though some of them are actively trying to overturn governments around the world, they’ve killed over 3,000 people here and thousands more around the world in just the last 10 years, kill their women when they exercise free will, blow up others’ religions symbols, kill women for not veiling, kill men for not growing beards, kill people for singing, and so on. I’m a little confused how apologists can repeat this and in the next breath castigate Christianity.

    The crimes referenced on your links are generally hundreds of years old. And there’s this thing called The Reformation where they sort of cleaned up their act. A brief examination of history would show the leaders of the church were more interested in using their power to take what they could for themselves. I’ve read that’s what led the Catholics banned marriage-it prevented priests from marrying into royalty. This is sort of just human nature at work, which isn’t surprising to me, since even priests are still men. The actions of men might discredit God as they represent Him, but they don’t disprove God.

    History aside, are churches still doing these things and teaching these things? Most churches I’ve seen teach charity, love, helping others, and trying to better yourself. Pretty explosive, offensive stuff!

    Again-you can’t blame me for what others did or do. While I can’t point a telescope at the sky and point out Heaven, it would render faith meaningless if I could. It wouldn’t require faith then, just knowledge.

  • Trimelda

    I find it interesting how people attack churches. People keep screaming how there is no God and religion but they keep storming our buildings and burning our stuff down. Why? I don’t go burn down the edifices of the “godless” because that seems ridiculous to me. If it ain’t true, why bother?

    People are silly.

    • laine

      great points, probably the reason why christians are attacked is because they do not attack back, because they are good. its very poignant that the evil ones attack the harmless who will not fight them. it really shows how dark they are, and how cowardly too. they laugh and think its great but what they should do is read the afterlife experiences of their muslim brothers who have died and come back! they tell of hell and seeing Jesus. every single one of them! there are no afterlife experiences that are on records of their so called heaven according to their muslims brothers. they and all might want to check into the those stories. you will see no one sees anyone but God in the Bible and Jesus or they go a very evil place.

  • spaceman

    Religious organizations are nothing but sophisticated ways of hating others who don’t belong to your organization, to your herd, to your crowd.

    They have crippled everybody, poisoned everybody; their destruction is uncountable.

    What divides all the religions? Just small details, meaningless details, about their idea of God.

    But if there is no God, all those differences disappear.

    There are billions who say, “We believe in the existence of God.”

    But your belief cannot create a God – if he does not exist your belief makes no difference.

    The end result of believing, of having faith in a truth that you have not realized yourself. It is hearsay.

    You have heard other people saying that there is a God, but have you met anyone who has seen God?

    God is the greatest lie you can ever find, because on that lie thousands of other lies depend.

    Religious organizations go on multiplying lies upon lies, just to protect one lie.

    There exists no evidence for any God, and no theologian in the whole of history has been able to give a single proof for the existence of

    The truth is that God himself is a creation of man’s imagination.

    Peace can come only if man understands the stupidity of all ideologies and drops them.

    Nobody was a messenger and nobody was a prophet. Nobody was an incarnation of God, because there is no God.

    They were all human beings, just pretenders, preposterous, trying to be more special than you, higher than you, holier than you – and they spoiled millions of people’s lives.

    Naturally, humanity has remained in darkness.

    God is a lie.

    Life is all there is.

    The real richness comes from your awareness, your consciousness.

    Simply awaken into your consciousness and act according to that awareness.

    If authentic religiousness spreads all over the world the religions will fade away.

    Osho – The God Conspiracy

    • J2201987

      Religious organizations are nothing but sophisticated ways of hating others who don’t belong to your organization, to your herd, to your crowd.

      Me being a Christian/believer of God, isn’t that kind of mankind’s fault anyway? I haven’t read the Bible in its entirety (yet), but from what I understand about the Old/New testament, there wasn’t supposed to be any kind of “religion” anyway, for it was only supposed to be one God, Jehovah God, that we served. Only until the sinful, pompous, arrogant man decided to abandon God and to start to worship idols, plants, animals, territories, moons stars and other celestial bodies, and ultimately themselves.

      With some many entities of worship ravaging the world and mankind was on the verge of self-destruction, did God send down his only begotten Son, to give us His word and save us from ourselves. And on that faith and teaching alone, has Christianity become one of the world’s widely practiced religions.

      Surely “religion” has become big, modernized, corporatized along with its deceivers looking to seize whatever monetary desires or powers that they can, long before today and even longer before Jesus, religion was created to divide. That’s just the way it is.

      So far I’ve been looking at my life like this: I’d rather die believe in Jesus is my Lord/Savior, Jehovah God the Almighty is the Creator, Alpha Omega and all, than live denying and speaking evilly of Him and His followers. God will say [paraphrasing] that “If you didn’t know of me in life, I will not know you in Heaven.” I don’t want to be turned away from the gates of Heaven on Judgement Day.

  • terik Ororke

    The shame of Islam.

  • 4 Christ,
    Bravo! You and me both have the same belief.

    Explain the origin of Nature? Someone must have created it.

    For the Atheist and Unbelievers, even the agnostics
    Read and research the following with an open mind;
    1. The Picture of Mary in Mexico City called “Our Lady of Guadalupe.
    2. Read Heaven is For Real, a book on a 4 years old who have seen Heaven.
    3. Read on the geological findings related to the bible.
    4. Read the unfinished story about the Shroud of Jesus.
    5. Read the life of Gloria Polo from the internet, story of a Dentist hit by lightning
    died, met Jesus and came back to life.
    Read the story about Medjugorje, Fatima, and Lourdes.
    6. Read about Padre Pio, a priest from Italy.

    7. Read the Christian belief of Einstein. One of the greatest brains

    8. Finally, read about the heavenly apparitions in Garabandal, Spain. In the not too far future, all of us will see Jesus one in one, and where we will go, Heaven or Hell if at that moment, Jesus the Judge, God, and King will judge us.

    I love you all, believers or non-believers and I will continue to pray for all of you.


  • Xander cross

    I agree with everything you said spaceman. I find it absurd that people can claim what a god thinks and act upon.

  • Regina

    Please leave all hate aside, the next time it
    could be us,,,,will we stand up for Christ, if
    that time comes????

  • Tena

    To: anyone
    I am a believer. I might as well get that out there right away. But I am more than just a believer. Satan believes that God is real, but is he a Christian? Obviously no one thinks that. Being a Christian is about believing in the cross and what Jesus accomplished when he died. Jesus was a real person who died on a cross. That is historically correct. The only point of dispute is whether or not you believe that he came back to life and conquered death just because he loves you.
    I don’t know what your home life is like, how you’ve been wronged, or anything about you, but I do know that every bad thing that happens is not from God. It’s because God gave us a free will (which is how most of our problems, or at least the ones listed in the article, arise) because he wants us to CHOOSE him. He wants to help you through the tough times, and I don’t know where I’d be without him.

    To: Tatiana, spaceman, and others
    I’m sorry for the way some people have responded to you. I’m not here to argue with you. I have many atheist and agnostic friends who I love dearly, and I would be undescribably happy if I could argue them into belief, but the fact is, I can’t. It’s their decision. I try to show them Christ through my actions, because when a person really trusts Christ, their lives change. I still screw up sometimes and there will always be some hypocrites out there, but don’t let human imperfection cause you to not give God a chance. True Christians model their lives after Jesus, who loved everyone even when they despised him. He is real, and he loves you, but nothing I say can change how you believe. But I do want to leave you with a challenge: try praying or reading the bible or going to church. If you really are so sure that he’s not there, then you have nothing to worry about. Try opening up your heart to the idea, and if nothing happens, then at least you can say you gave it a chance. Proof–isn’t that what you look for and why you turn to science for answers? (which I could give you a bunch of scientific evidence that points to God, but I’m already saying too much).
    And lastly, I just want you to know that I’m praying for you. That won’t mean much to you now, but hopefully someday it will. Take care:)

  • Laurie

    And the Canadian media say nothing as well. Two peas in a pod, American and Canadian liberal anti-Christian press. Simply, they do not care about Christian persecution. They are in the business themselves.

  • Laurie

    Spaceman: come out of space and into reality or you will have a big surprise when your soul is presented before the Almighty.

  • Guido

    Right, and without God, man would no longer search for differences to separate himself from others. That would have nothing to do with that kid who was beaten unconscious at a baseball game for wearing the wrong team jersey. And party affiliation never mattered, either. And ethnic group never led to a fight before. Hell, in this nation folks have always been willing to fight each other over which neighborhood they hailed from.

  • Guido

    The way I heard that story, a professor said, “There is no God. If there is a God, let him strike me down right now!” A young Marine student walked up to the podium and cold-cocked the prof stating, “Sorry, God couldn’t make it today, so he sent me!”

    • Tatiana Covington

      The professor’s correct response (if unarmed) would then have been to have had the marine arrested, prosecuted, and imprisoned, in self-defense and rights enforcement.

      The professor’s correct response (if armed) would then have been to have shot the marine dead, in self-defense and rights enforcement.

      • Guido

        I guess you hadn’t heard that joke.

  • Xander cross

    I see that Some of my comments was not posted up. Where were all of you when the kkk was burning black christian churches in the US? Also, what about all of the black pastors that were lynched by white Christians?

    • Guido

      Where were you, Xander? Because I bet you weren’t even out of the womb the last time a man was lynched by the KKK. Got one incident you can name without researching the issue online?

      I remember when black church burnings were a big issue in the 1990s, but it turned out to be fairly even, statistically, between whites and blacks. I don’t think it really proves anything. Race shouldn’t matter here-no matter what color the church, it’s evil to torch it.

    • Yolanda Trejo

      KKK were not and will never be Christians with that behavior, they do the same practice as the knights of temple r,Their cult is satanic. Satan mislead people using Christianity.

  • Xander cross

    @ guido that don’t prove nothing except that guy who it the professor was a coward. Funny how you mentioned that guy was a marine since nationalism is a form of idolatry. Marine people are such hyprocrites especially when it comes to killing innocent people for a paycheck.

    • Guido

      Max, I don’t think it’s the faith that does that. It’s just people. Man, in general, is a low-down SOB. That’s what they’re preaching about, anyway, that man is evil. If you start from that point, it’s no surprise that men do this stuff, regardless of faith. Man has shown he can be incredibly cruel for little or no reason.

      I won’t excuse people’s conduct, but it’s no surprise that Christians fail to live up to the high standards set by Christ. You can’t blame religion for child molestation, either. The stats do not seem to suggest religion is a factor. People, really F’d up people, do it, regardless of where they go to church. According to these folks, “Child abuse occurs at every socioeconomic level, across ethnic and cultural lines, within all religions and at all levels of education.” “90% of child sexual abuse victims know the perpetrator in some way; 68% are abused by family members.”
      “The typical offender is male, begins molesting by age 15, engages in a variety of deviant behavior, and molests an average of 117 youngsters, most of whom do not report the offense.”
      -Dr. Gene Abel in a National Institute of Mental Health Study

      “…Twenty-five years of observation has also told me that criminals are more ‘made’ than ‘born,’ which means that somewhere along the line, someone who provided a profound negative influence could have provided a profound positive one instead. So what I truly believe is that along with more money and police and prisons, what we most need more of is love. This is not being simplistic; it’s at the very heart of the issue…”
      – Mind Hunter, John Douglas and Mark Olshaker

      I think people who are molested are actually more likely to molest, themselves, which may explain the seeming religious connection, especially with the many stories of priests and paritioners.
      “About 30% of abused and neglected children will later abuse their own children, continuing the horrible cycle of abuse.”

      I’m not an apologists, either. I would support the death penalty for molestation. It’s such an awful crime and it really ruins the victim’s life. There’s no way to make rape or molestation better. You might replace a stolen item or pay for stealing money, but how do you give back someone’s peace of mind? They say a molestor might hit over 100 kids, so execution might save others, too. At the very least, chemical castration would be a start.

      I also have to point out-you seem to be applying 20/20 hindsight to the past, which isn’t completely fair. For instance, one of the sources you cite mentioned burning witches, however many of the people who engaged in witch burnings, did so in an era when they didn’t know how to read and had to way to know what the gospels were.

      Slavery is another issue. I don’t think it’s right, but you can’t blame them for engaging in a practice that ran back thousands of years and was then accepted around the known world. It ain’t right now, but back then, it was an accepted system. It was part of doing business. It was widespread in Africa BEFORE Europeans ever went there and it was legal there about 1969 when I believe Sudan finally stopped. It is rumored to have continued throughout the Muslim world in some places to this day.

  • spaceman

    Explain the origin of Nature? Someone must have created it.

    It is not a creation by anybody, there is no need for anybody to begin it, because there is no beginning to this universe, and there is no end.

    And remember, if it had any beginning, then there would certainly be an end.

    Every beginning is a beginning of an end.

    Every birth is the beginning of death.

    Have you ever thought that God will not solve the question?

    On the contrary, the question will be pushed a step back: who created God?

    If there was somebody already to begin it, then you cannot call it the beginning, somebody was already there.

    Do you see the simple arithmetic?

    Any hypothesis that does not destroy the question is absolutely useless.

    Any answer that keeps on pushing the question further back but does not touch it at all, is not the answer.

    There is no need of any creator because that creator will require another creator, and you will fall into an absurd regress.

    Existence is autonomous, it exists on its own.

    It is not limited in any way; it is unlimited, infinite and eternal.

    There is no beginning, no end.

    The whole existence is intelligent, caring, compassionate, loving, but it is not a person.

    You don’t have to worship it, you don’t have to pray to it.

    Existence does not write any scriptures and does not give any commandments.

    Existence does not tell you what to do and what not to do.

    Existence is absolutely non-judgmental.

    It is as compassionate to the sinner as to the saint, it makes no difference, because in the eyes of existence everything that is natural is beautiful.

    It is continuously evolving towards higher peaks and higher peaks; it is continuously fathoming depths beyond depths.

    There are skies beyond skies; there is no end to existence, it has no boundary.

    When you were not here, it was there.

    When you will not be here, it will be here.

    We come and go; we are just waves in this vast ocean of existence.

    We come and go, existence remains.

    Existence remains always in the present.

    And to find that which remains is the ultimate truth.

    Open your eyes!

    Live it, love it, enjoy it.

    There is nothing beyond it.

    Osho – The God Conspiracy

    • D

      The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God. they are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good. Psalm 14:1
      Repent or ye shall like wise perish!

  • john

    To the atheists and non believers..answere me you honestly believe that all of creation was created by an accident?How is it that that same accident occurs over and over and over again?How is it that each and every single living organism has a specific function and role?How is it that even the smallest living things have even tinier working parts within them all with a specific role of function?How is it that this planet sustains life through it’s natural means..water..air..plants for food and medicine..meat from animals etc?Do you honestly believe that all of these things were made by accident..if so who created the means for this accident to occur?If you can not realize that everything was made by design and all assigned a specific function then it is you who are blind and ignorant.You follow angry men who do not want to acknowledge a supreme creator for whatever reason.If any of you took the time to explore the spiritual may find out theres a hell of a lot more to the physical world in which you live.The physical world is set with a certain amount of time which is ticking will decay and die as shall all of us.However..unlike the world..we are spiritual bodies as well as physical and we will exist forever in another realm with that very creator one day..or for those who ignore all these things which you cannot refute or deny..they will go to the place that was made for the one who tricked you into believing that neither he nor his creator exists.

  • Spaceman, “Explain the origin of Nature”. You gave a very good logical explanation and I admire you for that. Now I know why God did not reveal Himself to you and place Christian faith in your heart and in your mind. I will continue to include you in my prayers.

    God Bless!

    • To think of God as a person is just your imagination.

      There is no person as God; all personality is human projection.

      And God being a fiction, your prayer is false, and your religiousness is imposed.

      Anything imposed from outside destroys you, your freedom, your individuality.

      Your inner space is completely closed.

      Belief in God is keeping billions of people locked outside their own consciousness.

      True religiousness is your own interiority, your own inner space.

      It is your innermost core.

      It is an inward journey. It opens up only in deep meditation.

      You have your guide within yoo.

      It is Intuitive (No Mind)

      Intuition will give you a tremendous clarity, understanding, a new kind of intelligence of which you are absolutely unaware.

      Intuition cannot be translated into intellect.

      Intuition is given by your own nature, from inside.

      Does the Christian church know the truth?

      It has, in fact, no way to reach to the truth. Prayer is not the way, because prayer is based on belief in a God.

      So it is not a question of faith or belief, it is a question of deepest inquiry into your own being, into your own consciousness.

      Osho – Light on the path

      Love and Light

  • Max

    Point taken from another person this is not necessarily a debate form. I will attempt to be shorter in responses at least even if there’s more risk of not making a point.

    To trimelda “what about the good” <– thats just my problem. "Oh yes he raped alot of children but he also baked them cookies!" No amount of good justifies evil. Hitler was trying to fight the evil of communism, does that make what else he did okay because he accomplished some good by stopping a different evil?

    If I could wipe everything christianity has done away with a brush of my hand I would – the evils done are not justified by 'good'. Only good fruit should sprout from a good tree – so much evil HAS sprouted as a direct result of _Christianity_ and bible-worship (as opposed to christ-like behavior) that yes I DO condemn Christianity for being "evil". The religion IS the problem.

    Trimelda – "Really? Let’s see how many Red Crosses and orphanages and soup kitchens and shelters in disasters that are run by United Atheists?"

    Uhh..? There is ALOT of charity done by atheists. The difference is they don't force you to sit down and listen to a sermon while theyre feeding you, and they don't normally brag endlessly because they aren't doing PR for Jesus trying to earn brownie points in the minds of common people. I'm sorry but I think your view is very distorted. Sure you want to see the good, you haven't directly suffered so you can simply handwave away things.

    And no the evils of Mao, Nazism and the rest cannot be blamed upon atheism. (certainly not when Hitler and Stalin both appealed to churches and religion whenever it was convenient to them, only perhaps Mao and Pol Pot were strictly atheistic, and since I was already warned this is not a debate form it is too large of a discussion to have here)

    Yes I am blaming SPECIFIC evils on ALL christianity – because it all comes from _bible worship_. It has one source. It never comes from christ-like behavior because Jesus DIDNT ACT LIKE THAT. The RELIGION is the evil part.

    You cannot blame governmental mass murderers on atheism and then claim that christianity has brought only love and light. Fact of the matter is the Catholics pretty much ran much of the civilized world after the Romans, influencing every government. The popes during the time of Hitler were in support of him – this is NOT ancient history. Yes governments kill people – and they do that evil not because they are atheistic but because they are evil. They will use christians to carry out their will or atheists – the difference is that the christians believe they are doing good when they kill and torture for Jesus whereas the atheists at least can be reached with logic unless theyve turned cynically hating of their fellow man. But you will never reach a christian believing he is doing good.

    Everything "good" that comes from christianity comes by actually acting like christ. Why then do so few christians actually act like christ? THAT is what I am attacking – the religion, and the bible. Fundamentalism of any sort – christian, muslim, or humanist (ie pro atheist pro government type stuff) is what the danger is. And the bible is practically a doorway to mental illness.

    If christians actually by and large acted like jesus acted there would be no problem. If they did not keep consistently getting suckered into hurting others whether its gay bashing or supporting slavery at the time as being 'biblical' I wouldn't have anything to complain about. :( The fact is they do. They have for two thousand years, they still are now, and as far as I can tell they are only getting worse. Facts dont seem to bother them, they always handwave it away "but what about the good??" I think i'll go beat the poor widow down the street to death and steal her money then give it to a bunch of beggars… in court I will use the defense "but the beggers really benefitted by my actions! Clearly my evil was excuseable!" :(

    Communists as atheists yes I will give you that. Their arguments about government, everyone owning each other, and the state as god are as loathsome as you can get. Just because

    Still arguing 100 million dead from communism as 'more evil' than all religion isn't really valid with the rate at which the population has increased. As if beating down the straw man argument of numbers even somehow means that christianity is roses in comparison. At best its the pot calling the kettle black – you can shove both your religious fundamentalism and bible down the toilet along with communism for all I care.

    And all other forms of government worship non-communist included – government is the evil more than any theory. What a person believes doesn't matter it takes the machinery of government to make it happen. Whether led by a Marxian madman a couple times, or through 2000 years of attempted crusades, inquisitions, cleansings or whatever (a clear pattern emerges, christianity ALWAYS reverts to this) it's all garbage. Man will not be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest. Whats needed for mass murder to stop and good to flourish is true freedom, including freedom from the shackles of religion.

    You are not moral if the only reason you feed your fellow man is your quaking in your boots afraid god will send you to hell. True morality is the atheist who helps a homeless man, knowing full well there is no god to pat him on the head nor spank him on the behind for failing to do so. I do not consider most christian behavior "moral" at all. When christians actually act like christ (most dont) I will agree that it benefits others, but I still dont call it moral, because theyre just doing it for a perceived reward of getting into heaven anyways and I dont worship selfish people pursuing selfish motives.

    The atheist helping with knowledge he will never be repaid – THAT is admirable to me.

    Dang this is too long. :( But I am actually attempting to respond, if I am allowed to. My original post was not a troll – it was an expression of rage at what I see as a huge source of ongoing evil in much of the world. (attempt 3 to post unless i've been banned from followups due to bringing up uncomfortable truths)

  • Max

    (to moderator i’m really sorry for the triple post :( please delete the last two i’m not trying to spam, but it wasn’t showing up when I refreshed after a wait)

    Guido – “Max, I’m sorry, but it’s hard to take your posts as just a request for serious discussion when you start them off with obnoxious comments about pink unicorns”

    I find it equally obnoxious when christians talk to me about a god I cant see, cant have any proof of, but if I dont listen to their particular denominations interpretation of a man-corrupted book they will froth at the mouth at me screaming at me with the love of jesus that I will burn forever in hell.

    Secondhand testimony is worthless. I’ve met people who say they talk to god (some who have been dead and come back to life). They act very different than most ‘christians’ who claim the name, ready to kill and torture fags and muslims at the drop of a hat with jesus’s love.

    Guido – “Max, your statements are not very well reasoned. You can’t reasonably hold the entire extended Christian faith and its offshoots responsible for the actions of some of its members.”

    If christians actually act like christ I have no problem. I said that repeatedly. Apparently you were too busy knee jerking at my shocking statements to read them. :(

    I am simply observing that the majority of christians do not often act like christ. If it was only a minority that acted bad I would have no real grounds for argument. 2000 years of systematically repeating the same mistakes all comes from organized religion and the bible. Organized religion is the real evil. The bible is the gateway to mentally ill interpretations of christ’s behavior leading people in the wrong direction.

    And yes I DO blame the _religion_ of bible-worship, and christianity in general, because it has gone so wrong, so consistently, in so many ways, that using Jesus’s own words “you shall know them by the fruits of their labor” I see them achieving largely bad things.

    Guido: “Is there any place for forgiveness in your estimation, or is that group, once a member does wrong, evil for all time?”

    Only if they are actually sorry for what they do. Christians somehow are never sorry. They just feel offended, hand-wave away all the evils their ‘brothers’ have done and say “oh thats not us” every generation, and then go and get suckered into the same sh@t over and over again. “Christians” voted for george bush, and do stuff like the quote I heard from a US solider in iraq who was caught torturing muslims defending his actions with “I know my god is bigger than his god” feeling all righteous about it.

    That is not christ-like! “Christians” act like that. All the time. Bible-readers act like that. Consistently. They ALWAYS seem to go off track really bad, over and over again and only with hindsight do they ever say “oops we screwed up”. Jesus never acted like that but they do it alot because the organized religion, and bible, is screwed up. But they dont ask the forgiveness of their victims, they just say “oh well god forgave me so it’s okay that I destroyed those peoples lives”.

    And i’m not apologizing for islam. I said directly fundamentalist islam is every bit as stupid and deserves the same toilet flush. What about the good of the Red Crescent? (thats the muslim equivalent of the red cross, which the other person above seemed to imply doesnt exist)

    The purpose of my words is to draw a line in the sand right down the middle of christianity leaving the tiny minority of those acting like jesus did separated from the evils of the bulk that follows a religion about him but doesnt act like him at all.

    But even passing on “the crimes are hundred of years old” (the molesting of children now is not, and its not only in catholicism that it happens) what i’m saying is HOW in the hell could something supposedly so good go SO UNBELIEVABLY WRONG over and over and over and over and over? These are not isolated incidents, these are not a minority, entire populations claiming the name christian get flogged into killing murdering torturing anyone who offends them in any way. Has anyone seen Jesus Camp? This type of mental illness comes from “christianity” (the organized religion) and from “the bible”, not from attempting to emulate Jesus’s behavior. (just like there have been buddhists who go wrong too but those who simply try to act like bodhisattva avalokiteshvara dont get all caught in legalistic reinterpretations of reality either)

    I quoted it before but the christians on the board already seemed to handwaive it i’ll say it again. It takes a religion to make good people act in evil ways.

    To those christians actually acting like jesus actually acted, congratulations! You are truly the rarity. There are not many of you. I wish you well. I just wish you would self-separate from those who claim the name endlessly so you are not in my attack zone.

    The ones I have contempt for are the smarmy self absorbed ones who simply ignore every fact because it’s inconvenient, respond in ways that have nothing to do with any of the issues raised, and act like they are all superior because they believe youre going to hell and they are one of the chosen elite few, better than you. It’s already on this page directed at me from one of the respondants, if the shoe fits wear it. At least Guido made a more intelligent response and showed himself to be in the minority here and I respect that, even if I disagree on some issues of focus or relevance.

    To john: “do you honestly believe that all of creation was created by an accident?”

    No, I just believe that making the jump from “some kind of higher power must exist” to “lets follow the screwed up parts of the bible where we bash fags, kill unbelievers and torture in the name of jesus” is the mark of mental illness and most people who are offended by my words here are not seeing it.

    But enough of my spamming your board. :( If someone wants to continue an intelligent debate along the lines I already started with, post your email address – if you said something intelligent i’ll write you directly. I wont post mine because every time in the past all I get is a bunch of “UR GOING TO HELL HA AHAHA! FAGLOVER” type of responses (again typical christian behavior, by what i’ve learned) but I will continue the debate if someone really really wants to.

    I posted in the first place because I had an almost-knee jerk reaction of my own “oh bad things happening to ‘christians’? you say it like thats a bad thing” when the statistics of most christian behavior makes me think big surprise, if youre tools of evil you get what you deserve. If its really happening to people truly following christ’s example then it is sad and shocking, but I never seem to find those people in church. There are alot of nice-appearing people in church with a very thin veneer who turn on you like a pit viper as soon as they discover you are in one of the groups they consider disposible however. I stopped going to churches after visiting dozens and dozens and seeing the same turn on you behavior in every denomination I tried. Organized religion in much of the US and europe is mostly a middle class white fantasy world of cliqueish inwardly mean people who think theyre better than everyone else and love to heap judgement, scorn and shame upon anyone who doesn’t fit in to the prescribed mold. :(

    I’ll stop my side of the public conversation now, my axe has been properly ground. Followups to email, if you dare.

  • Navid

    The key words in the Ethiopia blurb are “pentecostal” and “evangelical”. Ethiopians are already Christian. They belong to the oldest church in the world — The Coptic Orthodox Church. They just don’t appreciate the presence of Rapture Bunnies in their midst.

    • laine

      the coptics are actually a cult religion. they are generally considered a spin off of catholic religion another cult. they are not following the teachings of Jesus, therefore they are not correct, ok, justified, or christian … if it dose not match the Bible its not good. neither of these religions follow the Bible, they follow something made up by men.

    • laine

      if they do not want the true christians coming in there is a reason why … they do not want the truth because the truth convicts them or is not convenient. because evil resides in them. you may kill the messengers but the truth is still the truth!

  • justmyself

    I know I am coming into this conversation very late to some of you. And I want to make one thing clear, what is going on with these burnings is wrong, but these things are happening all over the world to all peoples not just christians. Just google any keyword and something of an atrosity will come up. I am more along the belief system of spaceman, but I grew up in a christian home and served in a church for years and went to a bible college, but all I ever asked god for was wisdom and knowledge and I believe it led me down the path I am on. Most I am sure will disagree with me, but that is ok. I do not condemn any christian for their beliefs I just found something more fulfilling for myself. With all this said I think this is partially the problem with some of the world today, even on this page. We take such offense to others views. Think of how some of you reacted to some views yourself. The simple response would have been Ok so thats what you believe not me. I also remind everyone we reap what we sow and every religion has been persecuted by one another at some point in time. There is blood on most monotheistic religions hands, all have killed innocence in the name of their god. If you deny this then you need to buff up on your history. Now I am not saying this stuff should even happen, personally I think it is ridiculous. Let the other believe what they wish to. There is really no need for all the violence. We have to learn to be higher minded, all of us. jesus, muhammed, zorathrostar, buddha, brahma, whoever they did not teach violent tendencies. They taught toleration and love and being good to all. Violence is a manmade scheme to gain some type of futile control over the other. Lets stop the madness at each other live together.

  • Stephen Moyer

    Any idiot who denies “GOD” as the creator is not going to enter “HEAVEN”!!! God’s rath knows no boundries, and there is no place to hide or be bufferd from his rath in this ENTIRE UNIVERSE!!! Are you stupid enough to think that you because you choose to not BELIEVE IN GOD!!! that his rath won’t apply to you??? God can’t answer your prayers, unless you ACTUALY “PRAY”!!!, There is NO place to hide from GOD’s RATH!!! so you better head his words that he was nice enough to put in the BIBLE!, ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS!!! CRUSADERS NEVER DIE!!! DEFEND CHRISTIANITY AT ALL COST!!!

    • justmyself

      this is scarey dude. if gods wrath(notice the w that goes there,what you wrote means a circular enclosure surrounded by an earthen wall: used as a dwelling and stronghold in former times)knows no bounds then his love does. its an oxymoron what you wrote. And this is why i wrote this is the problem with our society. Just let people believe what they want to and hold to your opinion, instead of being so vehement about it. In the end if your right then your right. If your wrong then your wrong. There truly isn’t anything to defend other than your own opinion. And we all ave one of those

  • is reporting that the head of the Christian Association of Nigeria CAN in Zamfara state has told them that he was disappointed in the lack of response by state police to recent church burnings by Muslim youths writes Dan Wooding founder of .. It is unfortunate that there has been no response from the police and even the state governor has refused to meet with us the acting state chairman of CAN said the Rev. 20 and 24 respectively said the Compass story..It went on to say that in the petition dated Jan.

  • laine

    thanks for sharing. i found your blog by searching for information on church massacres. i had a dream on christmas morning 2011 about, a church in what seemed liked the usa. i knew something bad was going to happen and i went to the church. i did not want to get targeted so i waited in the bathroom and warned people who came in to quietly leave or else something bad would happen to them. i hid in what seemed like my car for hours from evening until day light. when i got out in the morning, everyone was dead. it seemed like all white people. young and old. i never heard a sound, and did not see any blood, it might have been gas that got the people. the police where called an no one seems that alarmed or upset.
    the media is against us, if you have not noticed. they support a liberal un-Godly view, the destruction of your homeland and the downfall of morals and values, and the death of christians, and fair righteous living. why do you think the borders and not being closed? to let in all those with lacking morals and no ethics who will irresponsibly out bred the good people who are reasonable and responsible. its a plan in action. wake up. if you can remove yourself from public life, that is affiliations with anything, do so. your a target. if you can leave the usa do so. the usa is not failing it a planned failure meant to take down the head of the earth, once the head is controlled the rest of the nations will follow. usa must be taken down, the politicians are in on it. i mean all of them. libs and conservs. these people are not your friends, they are helping bring in the rein of satan and are operating in the spirit of the anti-christ. they all help each other out and fulfill the plan all while people sleep and are blind. its getting worse and darker by the day. the time is very short. Jesus will return very soon. You must be ready. many are having dreams and visions. if your not awake consider this your call. ask God for wisdom knowledge and discernment, seek Him and you will find Him. God Bless You, and may our Lords return be soon.

  • Impressive! Thanks for sharing this information. An eye opener for all the Christians.

  • Liz Litts

    I have been reading all the comments with interest and I have to say that everyone that has a personal realtionship with Jesus-we don’t have to defend Him. Everyone knows in their innermost being that God is REAL. Some people are just so in deniel–most willingly, because with knowlage comes responsibility–and dirty word in our politically correct society. They lie to themselves for so long they belive it-Romans 1 spells it out clearly. God does not need to defend his reputation–His word does that. Meanwhile-follow the advice of Matthew 7:3-5 “Do not cast your pearls before swine. They will trample them and turn on you”. Yes, share your faith, pray and councel those who are truely seeking The Lord, but there does come a point when you have to ‘shake the dust” and let the ones who hate God go their way. The attack is not on you personally–just like the burning of the church is not directed by the building, but what and who it repersents. The Lord will judge in the end. Occupy until He comes–it will be sooner then we think, or later-no one knows the day or the hour, meanwhile Live for Him and for His glory. Pray pray pray! Enjoy your life and show the rest of the world your peace and joy in the mist of all the trials and percutions-that we may win some.