Bilderberg 2016: What Are The Global Elite Plotting This Time Around?

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Bilderberg Is Meeting At The Taschenbergpalais Hotel In DresdenLater this week, dozens of the most important men in the world are going to gather at an ultra-luxury hotel in Dresden, Germany to discuss the future of the planet.  What will happen at this meeting will not be televised, and the mainstream media in the United States will almost entirely ignore it, but decisions will be made at this conference that will affect the lives of every man, woman and child on the entire globe.  Of course I am talking about the Bilderberg Group, and for decades you were labeled a “conspiracy theorist” if you even acknowledged that it existed.


Every year since 1954 the elite of the world have gathered at this time of the year to “discuss global events”, and since the Bilderberg Group operates under Chatham House Rules, everyone that participates is banned from revealing what goes on during the conference.

But what takes place at these conferences really matters.  For example, it has been documented that the Bilderberg Group played a key role in the development of the European Union and in the decision to create the euro.

The elitists that attend these meetings are not the kind of people that would waste their time having tea and exchanging small talk.  The list of previous attendees includes Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, George H.W. Bush, Prince Charles, David Cameron, Tony Blair, Henry Kissinger, Bill Gates, Angela Merkel, Ben Bernanke, Timothy Geithner, Rick Perry, David Rockefeller and Joe Biden.  I have included a list of those attending Bilderberg this year at the end of this article.

The Taschenbergpalais Hotel In Dresden has been transformed into a heavily armed camp for this year’s conference, which only adds to the aura of mystery surrounding Bilderberg.  The following comes from the Guardian

You know Bilderberg’s about to begin when you start seeing the guns. The Taschenbergpalais hotel in Dresden is filling up with pistol-packing plainclothes security as the last guests are ushered out. The frowning gunslingers head up and down the corridors with their hotel maps, trying door handles and checking the lay of the land while, down in the hotel lobby, corporate goons gather in muttering huddles.

I don’t know why everyone’s so antsy. According to the local newspaper DNN, at least 400 police officers will be surrounding the venue for the three days of the talks. There’s already a ring of concrete blocks around the entrance. Is that not enough? What are they expecting? The charge of the light brigade?

So what precisely is going on that is so incredibly important that it needs such protection?

Well, the following list of “key topics” for discussion at this year’s conference comes directly from the official Bilderberg website

  1. Current events
  2. China
  3. Europe: migration, growth, reform, vision, unity
  4. Middle East
  5. Russia
  6. US political landscape, economy: growth, debt, reform
  7. Cyber security
  8. Geo-politics of energy and commodity prices
  9. Precariat and middle class
  10. Technological innovation

The term “precariat” definitely caught my attention.

I didn’t know what that term meant, so I had to look it up.  Here is how one source defines it

The precariat is similar to the blue-collar workers of yesteryear in that they earn less than what Standing calls the salariat, but they are unique in that workers in manufacturing jobs, for instance, tended to have job security, benefits, and often union protection (which played a large part in the presence of the first two). Today’s precariat usually has none of that, and spans income and education levels, from sub-minimum-wage illegal migrant work and low-wage retail or service work to highly educated but contract- and freelance-dependent industries (like, ahem, journalism). Members of the precariat also, unlike their working-class forebears, have to put in an alarming amount of work that no one considers “work” or compensates them for.

But of course there will certainly be other things not on the official agenda that will be discussed by the elitists that gather in Dresden.  Two topics that will definitely be on the minds of most attendees will be the upcoming Brexit vote and the Donald Trump phenomenon

The attendance of anti-Trump Senator Lindsey Graham is an obvious sign that Bilderberg will be scheming on how to prevent Trump from defeating Bilderberg’s chosen candidate – Hillary Clinton.

As we reported during last year’s conference, Bilderberg was confident that Clinton could shake off her GOP challengers, but Trump’s self-funded campaign and his public opposition to globalism and internationalist trade deals like NAFTA has shocked the Bilderberg elitists.

Bilderberg will obviously be discussing Brexit – Britain referendum vote to leave the EU – because it threatens the future of the European Union federal superstate that was the brainchild of Bilderberg in the first place.

Ultimately, key decisions regarding the future of the European Union, U.S. politics and the global financial system will be made at this conference, but we are not supposed to know what takes place at Bilderberg and the mainstream media in the United States has always had a policy of virtually ignoring these meetings.

But some things have changed.  In the past, it always took a good bit of detective work to figure out who was attending these meetings, but in recent years an official list of participants has been published on the Bilderberg website.  Below is the official list for this year.  Do you recognize any familiar names on this list?

Castries, Henri de (FRA), Chairman and CEO, AXA Group

Aboutaleb, Ahmed (NLD), Mayor, City of Rotterdam
Achleitner, Paul M. (DEU), Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Deutsche Bank AG
Agius, Marcus (GBR), Chairman, PA Consulting Group
Ahrenkiel, Thomas (DNK), Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Defence
Albuquerque, Maria Luís (PRT), Former Minister of Finance; MP, Social Democratic Party
Alierta, César (ESP), Executive Chairman and CEO, Telefónica
Altman, Roger C. (USA), Executive Chairman, Evercore
Altman, Sam (USA), President, Y Combinator
Andersson, Magdalena (SWE), Minister of Finance
Applebaum, Anne (USA), Columnist Washington Post; Director of the Transitions Forum, Legatum Institute
Apunen, Matti (FIN), Director, Finnish Business and Policy Forum EVA
Aydin-Düzgit, Senem (TUR), Associate Professor and Jean Monnet Chair, Istanbul Bilgi University
Barbizet, Patricia (FRA), CEO, Artemis
Barroso, José M. Durão (PRT), Former President of the European Commission
Baverez, Nicolas (FRA), Partner, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher
Bengio, Yoshua (CAN), Professor in Computer Science and Operations Research, University of Montreal
Benko, René (AUT), Founder and Chairman of the Advisory Board, SIGNA Holding GmbH
Bernabè, Franco (ITA), Chairman, CartaSi S.p.A.
Beurden, Ben van (NLD), CEO, Royal Dutch Shell plc
Blanchard, Olivier (FRA), Fred Bergsten Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute
Botín, Ana P. (ESP), Executive Chairman, Banco Santander
Brandtzæg, Svein Richard (NOR), President and CEO, Norsk Hydro ASA
Breedlove, Philip M. (INT), Former Supreme Allied Commander Europe
Brende, Børge (NOR), Minister of Foreign Affairs
Burns, William J. (USA), President, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Cebrián, Juan Luis (ESP), Executive Chairman, PRISA and El País
Charpentier, Emmanuelle (FRA), Director, Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology
Coeuré, Benoît (INT), Member of the Executive Board, European Central Bank
Costamagna, Claudio (ITA), Chairman, Cassa Depositi e Prestiti S.p.A.
Cote, David M. (USA), Chairman and CEO, Honeywell
Cryan, John (DEU), CEO, Deutsche Bank AG
Dassù, Marta (ITA), Senior Director, European Affairs, Aspen Institute
Dijksma, Sharon A.M. (NLD), Minister for the Environment
Döpfner, Mathias (DEU), CEO, Axel Springer SE
Dyvig, Christian (DNK), Chairman, Kompan
Ebeling, Thomas (DEU), CEO, ProSiebenSat.1
Elkann, John (ITA), Chairman and CEO, EXOR; Chairman, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
Enders, Thomas (DEU), CEO, Airbus Group
Engel, Richard (USA), Chief Foreign Correspondent, NBC News
Fabius, Laurent (FRA), President, Constitutional Council
Federspiel, Ulrik (DNK), Group Executive, Haldor Topsøe A/S
Ferguson, Jr., Roger W. (USA), President and CEO, TIAA
Ferguson, Niall (USA), Professor of History, Harvard University
Flint, Douglas J. (GBR), Group Chairman, HSBC Holdings plc
Garicano, Luis (ESP), Professor of Economics, LSE; Senior Advisor to Ciudadanos
Georgieva, Kristalina (INT), Vice President, European Commission
Gernelle, Etienne (FRA), Editorial Director, Le Point
Gomes da Silva, Carlos (PRT), Vice Chairman and CEO, Galp Energia
Goodman, Helen (GBR), MP, Labour Party
Goulard, Sylvie (INT), Member of the European Parliament
Graham, Lindsey (USA), Senator
Grillo, Ulrich (DEU), Chairman, Grillo-Werke AG; President, Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie
Gruber, Lilli (ITA), Editor-in-Chief and Anchor “Otto e mezzo”, La7 TV
Hadfield, Chris (CAN), Colonel, Astronaut
Halberstadt, Victor (NLD), Professor of Economics, Leiden University
Harding, Dido (GBR), CEO, TalkTalk Telecom Group plc
Hassabis, Demis (GBR), Co-Founder and CEO, DeepMind
Hobson, Mellody (USA), President, Ariel Investment, LLC
Hoffman, Reid (USA), Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, LinkedIn
Höttges, Timotheus (DEU), CEO, Deutsche Telekom AG
Jacobs, Kenneth M. (USA), Chairman and CEO, Lazard
Jäkel, Julia (DEU), CEO, Gruner + Jahr
Johnson, James A. (USA), Chairman, Johnson Capital Partners
Jonsson, Conni (SWE), Founder and Chairman, EQT
Jordan, Jr., Vernon E. (USA), Senior Managing Director, Lazard Frères & Co. LLC
Kaeser, Joe (DEU), President and CEO, Siemens AG
Karp, Alex (USA), CEO, Palantir Technologies
Kengeter, Carsten (DEU), CEO, Deutsche Börse AG
Kerr, John (GBR), Deputy Chairman, Scottish Power
Kherbache, Yasmine (BEL), MP, Flemish Parliament
Kissinger, Henry A. (USA), Chairman, Kissinger Associates, Inc.
Kleinfeld, Klaus (USA), Chairman and CEO, Alcoa
Kravis, Henry R. (USA), Co-Chairman and Co-CEO, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.
Kravis, Marie-Josée (USA), Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute
Kudelski, André (CHE), Chairman and CEO, Kudelski Group
Lagarde, Christine (INT), Managing Director, International Monetary Fund
Levin, Richard (USA), CEO, Coursera
Leyen, Ursula von der (DEU), Minister of Defence
Leysen, Thomas (BEL), Chairman, KBC Group
Logothetis, George (GRC), Chairman and CEO, Libra Group
Maizière, Thomas de (DEU), Minister of the Interior, Federal Ministry of the Interior
Makan, Divesh (USA), CEO, ICONIQ Capital
Malcomson, Scott (USA), Author; President, Monere Ltd.
Markwalder, Christa (CHE), President of the National Council and the Federal Assembly
McArdle, Megan (USA), Columnist, Bloomberg View
Michel, Charles (BEL), Prime Minister
Micklethwait, John (USA), Editor-in-Chief, Bloomberg LP
Minton Beddoes, Zanny (GBR), Editor-in-Chief, The Economist
Mitsotakis, Kyriakos (GRC), President, New Democracy Party
Morneau, Bill (CAN), Minister of Finance
Mundie, Craig J. (USA), Principal, Mundie & Associates
Murray, Charles A. (USA), W.H. Brady Scholar, American Enterprise Institute
Netherlands, H.M. the King of the (NLD)
Noonan, Michael (IRL), Minister for Finance
Noonan, Peggy (USA), Author, Columnist, The Wall Street Journal
O’Leary, Michael (IRL), CEO, Ryanair Plc
Ollongren, Kajsa (NLD), Deputy Mayor of Amsterdam
Özel, Soli (TUR), Professor, Kadir Has University
Papalexopoulos, Dimitri (GRC), CEO, Titan Cement Co.
Petraeus, David H. (USA), Chairman, KKR Global Institute
Philippe, Edouard (FRA), Mayor of Le Havre
Pind, Søren (DNK), Minister of Justice
Ratti, Carlo (ITA), Director, MIT Senseable City Lab
Reisman, Heather M. (CAN), Chair and CEO, Indigo Books & Music Inc.
Rutte, Mark (NLD), Prime Minister
Sawers, John (GBR), Chairman and Partner, Macro Advisory Partners
Schäuble, Wolfgang (DEU), Minister of Finance
Schieder, Andreas (AUT), Chairman, Social Democratic Group
Schmidt, Eric E. (USA), Executive Chairman, Alphabet Inc.
Scholten, Rudolf (AUT), CEO, Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG
Schwab, Klaus (INT), Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum
Sikorski, Radoslaw (POL), Senior Fellow, Harvard University; Former Minister of Foreign Affairs
Simsek, Mehmet (TUR), Deputy Prime Minister
Sinn, Hans-Werner (DEU), Professor for Economics and Public Finance, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
Skogen Lund, Kristin (NOR), Director General, The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise
Standing, Guy (GBR), Co-President, BIEN; Research Professor, University of London
Svanberg, Carl-Henric (SWE), Chairman, BP plc and AB Volvo
Thiel, Peter A. (USA), President, Thiel Capital
Tillich, Stanislaw (DEU), Minister-President of Saxony
Vetterli, Martin (CHE), President, NSF
Wahlroos, Björn (FIN), Chairman, Sampo Group, Nordea Bank, UPM-Kymmene Corporation
Wallenberg, Jacob (SWE), Chairman, Investor AB
Weder di Mauro, Beatrice (CHE), Professor of Economics, University of Mainz
Wolf, Martin H. (GBR), Chief Economics Commentator, Financial Times

*About the author: Michael Snyder is the founder and publisher of End Of The American Dream. Michael’s controversial new book about Bible prophecy entitled “The Rapture Verdict” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on*

  • Paul Patriot

    Great article Michael.

    For those of us who are watchman on the wall, and view the geopolitical movement from a Biblical perspective may conclude that
    Hitlery will be next US president. These elite will insure that happens. People look at me funny when I say something that, but, looking at the big picture, and where we are as a nation, with a large part of population not wanting a Constitutional Republic, rather they want socialism, and want the government to take care of everything. Add to that, the globalist plans for a global system that they have patiently worked hard to create, are not going to sit back and allow trump to get elected, Hitlery will be the perfect choice to aid in the final convergence.

    I really fear for Donald Trumps safety as we near election.

    He was not my first choice, but, the last person I want to see go near the white house is Clinton.

    • solomama


    • iris

      I agree, and I worry about his safety, as well. Clinton will probably get in, possibly through election fraud with the electronic voting machines. Lots more dead people, pets, and convicted felons, may also be voting Democrat this year, than we usually see occur. God may allow all of this, but we can look to Him, regardless of what happens. If we put our trust and hope in Him, we will be safe spiritually, and have eternity with Him. As the Lord said, we should not be afraid of the one who can kill the body, but fear the only One who has the authority to cast body and soul into Hell. The fear of God leads to wisdom, and is a good thing. He doesn’t want anyone to perish, unlike the demonically influenced global elites want, in the name of cleansing.

      • Heidi K.

        Let’s pray for the rapture to happen soon.

        • iris

          He won’t wait one moment longer than His perfect plan holds. I hope He returns soon, though!

      • Paul Patriot

        Amen! Thank you for your great comments. I pray Grace and peace upon you and yours in these challenging times.

        And for those who have not sought the Lord, seek him now while there is still time, the Lord Jesus is the only refuge, peace , and hope that can be found in this life.

        Grace to all you freedom loving Patriots!

        • iris

          Thanks, Paul, and the same for you and yours.

    • police state coming

      Notice that the bankers / elites have guns to keep themselves safe from the peasants, but they want to take away the peasants guns so we can’t revolt against their progress in enslaving us.

      “All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The communist party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party.”

      When Hellary is chosen, I have a pretty good idea what she’ll do.

      • Paul Patriot

        Well said. Good quote. Wasn’t that attributed to Mao?

        Funny how the elites will admit that having/ being surround by guns is a great equalizer in preventing bad th I gs happen if to them, yet they want to disarm the populace.

        You nailed right on the head, killery ‘s intention to go after gun lobby “on her first day” has nothing to do with public safety, it has to do with weakening the citizenry, so that she can disarm and oppress those dang patriotic Constitutionalists, so an armed society will not be able to rise up when national tyranny really is implemented.

        Live free or die.

      • Lazarovic

        ” Now that Japanese imperialist oppression and the nation-wide resistance to it have pushed our labouring people into the arena of war, Communists should prove themselves the most politically conscious leaders in this war. Every Communist must grasp the truth, “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” Our principle is that the Party commands the gun, and the gun must never be allowed to command the Party.” The phrase was uttered on 6 November 1938 during Mao’s concluding speech while addressing the “Problems on War and Strategy” on the party’s sixth Central Committee’s sixth Plenary session.
        There you go.
        Notice, it’s the Japanese invaders they are concerned about, not Hillary Clinton.
        Just sayin’…

      • iris

        Given what just happened in Orlando in the last 24 hours, I again wonder how much money was paid under the table by tptb to target that club. I seriously doubt these elitists give a solitary whit about anyone, and are simply creating and using this current crisis as an excuse to disarm our citizens. The rhetoric of tweeter #1 is only that, about being sympathetic to the lifestyle of the victims, I’d bet. She’s power mad, that’s for sure. Hopefully, tweeter # 2 was actually being truthful.

    • GeeBee36_6

      I hate it when people refer to that foul succubus as ‘Hitlery’: it is a grotesque insult to a man whom history will eventually rehabilitate. The Allies’ hollow victory over him in 1945 allowed political Bolshevism to prevail over half of Europe for nearly half a century, and when the time was right (1989) the Cultural Marxist imago hatched from the spent political Marxist nymph, and now holds sway over the whole of Europe, North America and Australasia. He was our last chance at freedom, but the (((powers))) controlling the Allies in 1945 got their way as usual.

  • bob cratchette

    pansy graham what a disgusting poc.

  • Jason Santoso

    Why there is not a single name from either Russia, China or even Japan? They are also one of the powerful countries in the world.

    • NDC

      Good eye Jason, I also noticed no Israeli rep either.

      It always pisses me off when people blame the Worlds evil on Israel. If that were at all true would they not have removed the PA from their country by now?

      • iris

        Agree. It’s the only really safe place for diverse beliefs and practices in the ME. “Tptb” know that full well.

      • A.S.

        look through the bilderberg site to find their past meetings in 1996–Israel elections and 2005-2006–Israel Palestine. That sounds like to me they were trying to manipulate the elections and establish a Palestinian state during the Gaza episode. If anything, they are to blame for all the world evil. every attendee is evil and deserves a slow and extremely painful death from a disease that eats away of their whole body from inside out, may it happen soon.

    • iris


    • A.S.

      russia because obama hates putin and russia is the good guy now compared to the rest of the world.

      china because they are still viewed as communist and they have one billion slaves that can be used to amass a large army should the NWO try to take them over.

      japan because they are against GMOs and constantly innovate, while wanting to remain a closed off homogeneous society at the same time.

      • iris


    • James

      Woo hoo. Critical thinking and not submission

  • Preacher62

    Bilderberg Group = Worldly group with worldly ambitions and worldly goals. The future of this world and all who belong to it, has already been determined and foretold. Jesus said, Friendship with the world is enmity with God; come out of this world and be ye separate. Those who are putting their faith in the next government or the next business deal or their own abilities will be disappointed for eternity. Those who belong to God through Jesus Christ need have no fear of worldly groups or their plans and decisions. Repent and believe the Gospel and you will no longer need or desire to be concerned with the foolishness of this world. God Bless

    • iris


    • Heidi K.


  • Robert

    Events are spinning out of control and the upper class folks are scared. That is their agenda. The USA is an armed camp. The Middle East is an armed camp and it is relocating to Europe. Entire people groups are moving and evidently are unstoppable. Diversity sounds nice and PC but it does not function well. The problems are too big and unsolvable so they have to figure out how to protect themselves from the unwashed masses.

    • iris

      Yes, that’s their favorite phrase, Out of chaos, order. The false messiah will claim to have all the answers and folks will follow, like moths to a flame, unless they have a personal relationship with Jesus.

  • Michael Coleman

    Is it not said that Obama will be the last USA president anyway.
    44th and last prophecy

  • A.S.

    every parliament member and prime mister and in the case of the USA, our one senator, is committing treason just by showing up (even if they don’t participate). why don’t we recognize this and put them in prison?

    • James

      umm, because you don’t have data/evidence to support.
      Supporting globalization and deindustrialization is not treason, it is common sense.

      Supporting an independent Palestine state is not the religious armageddon you believe it is but rather common sense

    • iris

      Yes, if the plans approved or actions taken, knowingly harm our country, it’s treason.

  • Zuckerberg’s not on the list?

  • DJohn1

    Obviously this mafia of the rich has plans. Big plans for all of us.
    They are sitting on dynamite. If they are too obvious about it, the herd may rebel. Then you have a witch hunt on your hands that is going to get any and all that attended.
    IF after getting the largest vote in history for the Republican nomination Donald is cast aside there might just be such a witch hunt in our future.
    After ripping people off for many years with Social Security, they have embezzled too much, and the fund may go dry.
    In any given older population of humans a certain percentage are going to die. That percentage goes up with every year after 70 that most people live. You don’t have to pay them their Social Security once they die. So they may be planning something to eliminate the need to pay out so much Social Security. Like killing off the old people. I think that is happening with social medicine big time right now. Of course it is being kept quiet.
    The Congress in its wisdom threw all the Social Security Money into the general fund and then they unwisely spent it.
    So something similar might be in the works. They may be planning to quietly kill off a good portion of the old people with diseases.
    We are looking at a 20 trillion dollar debt. That is a huge problem.
    It has to be paid back somehow. The last time this happened was under Nixon. He took us off the gold standard with inflationary problems of about 12% per year. But what he did was paid back a 450 billion dollar war debt at about 10 cents value on the dollar.
    That was when people had professionals negotiating wages for them in the form of labor unions. Those labor unions no longer exist. People no longer get raises like they did in the 70s. This group may be planning a way to absorb that debt by draining the worth of the dollar again, only this time, there is no way to get part of it back with wage increases.
    They are looking at a world wide depression. How to solve it?
    The great equalizer here is the market place. Right now huge numbers of people in foreign countries are working for pennies.
    I refer to their currency vs. ours. There is no way America can compete with those wages.
    Or there wasn’t until recently. Automation of factories is one way.
    The cheapest tool maker in history is on the horizon. I refer to extensive 3-D printing not with cheap materials but with expensive materials. It reduces the cost of setting up a factory by millions.
    Right now artificial limbs can and are being produced at an extremely cheap rate by 3-D printing. That is a significant change in the economy.
    It means automation may take over the many jobs now done by labor. So even the cheap labor is obsolete to some extent.
    At best, it means a reduction in the work week for everyone to a 32 hour work week instead of a 40 hour work week. The jobs have to be distributed more evenly so that more people are employed.
    All of what I have mentioned is just the tip of a very big iceberg.
    Human lives mean nothing to this group.
    And that is where the herd may rebel. It is a tricky situation. In the past their decisions effected a lot of people. In the future, who knows.

    • iris

      Agree, but we’ll be the “witches” who get hunted. They have power for one hour (figuratively?) with the beast, and even though that’s not long, they’ll do as much damage as possible to dissenters.

  • Mistanick

    I think the Bilderberg conferences are now just show, smoke and mirrors and a diversion. The real work of the globalists lies in the connections they seek and have with the nations’ congressional representatives and the presidents of those countries. It is in the day to day workings of the government bodies imbued with the evil of global state influence that their power is actually wielded.

    Every time you hear the term “smart growth”, “climate change”(formerly known as global warming), regional planning, it is all part of the globalist planning agenda. Agenda 21 was their road map and it is being played out nationally, in every state and city to some degree.

    We can only look to our own Congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle as examples who become the most corrupt and scheming folks on the face of the Earth once they are elected and join the “club”. The globalist Supreme Court members who invoke “international law” into their decisions that are supposed to be based on our Constitution are among them too. They do not attend the Bilderberg meetings, but are there just the same. They all are.

    • iris

      Yes, indeed. The word, governance has replaced government now, too, I assume to condition the world to accept the loss of national sovereignty.

      • Mistanick

        Before we elect or re-elect a city councilman or woman, a county supervisor, a state legislator, anyone, we need to ask them about the buzz word issues that the other side uses. If they do not know about Agenda 21, regionalism, global governance, “smart growth”, and the evils thereof, quiz them further. Make them either take a stand pro or con or seek more information.

        Some simply do not know the truth. Others, especially those who have been in office and are seeking re-election do know because they have been sent away to schooling workshops where the Agenda is taught and they are programmed to walk the line to stay in office or move up.

        It starts locally for most.

        Iris, it IS about sovereignty, but more than that, it is about the foundations of truth. Anyone who does an act but does not do it in truth serves a false god and a god of the flesh–power, flesh, self.

  • Barry Goldwater

    Donald Trump’s safety will not be a concern at all if he continues to play into the Democrats hands with racially tinged comments. He cannot win the White House with the same off the cuff “surprise everyday” approach he used in the primary. The public is looking for a candidate who shows respect, grasp of the issues, and presents the leadership qualities they expect to see in the leader of the free world.
    He can also toss his chances into the trash can by selecting the wrong man for running mate. He’s said many times he’s not a politician and that’s a good thing but he’s got to get on message and stay on it.

  • Rebel w/out a Cause

    Looks like David Patraeus came out ok after his humiliation…

  • Rebel w/out a Cause

    Why the “journalists”, I wonder?

  • Rebel w/out a Cause

    And is Kissinger really still relative?