Bare Supermarket Shelves In Greece Should Be A Huge Wake Up Call To Millions Of Clueless Americans

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Supermarket In Greece - Photo posted by Vasilis Dalianis On TwitterWhat you are watching unfold in Greece right now is eventually going to come to your own neighborhood.  Someday, people living all around you will be storming the supermarkets in a desperate attempt to secure the food and supplies that they neglected to store up when they had the chance.  Of course the Greeks never thought that it would happen to them either.  Their civilization had endured for thousands of years, and they were a part of the most powerful economic alliance on the face of the planet.  Most Greeks never imagined that they would be plunged into a multi-year economic depression that would ultimately lead to “bank holidays”, long lines at ATM machines, and people diving into dumpsters in a frantic search for something to sell.  And this is just the beginning of the chaos in Greece – things are going to get much, much worse for them.  Hopefully, this will serve as a wake up call for millions upon millions of clueless Americans out there, because we are on the exact same path that Greece has gone down.  The sad truth is that no amount of “American exceptionalism” is going to prevent us from suffering the consequences of decades of very foolish decisions.  We are steamrolling toward our own version of economic collapse, and when that time arrives you don’t want to be caught totally unprepared for it.


In some cities in the United States, it only takes an inch or two of snow during the winter to set off panic hoarding at local supermarkets and hardware stores.

So what is going to happen during a real crisis?

The Greek people are just like us.  They are proud, sophisticated people that are highly educated.  But now that a full-blown collapse of their economy is imminent, they are feverishly hoarding cash and food

Greeks were hoarding cash and food Saturday amid mounting fears the economy could collapse, cracking open their wallets only to stock up on essentials and stripping supermarket shelves in the process.

Mothers, elderly men and university students were spotted pushing heavily overloaded trolleys or coming out of shops weighed down by bags of food, with essentials such as sugar, flour and pasta top of the list.

In the well-off area of Glyfada in Athens residents appeared to have panicked, thrusting everything from vast rolls of toilet paper to multiple packs of lentils into their carts.

If you do not believe that something like this could happen in the United States, you are being delusional.  And someday, we may actually experience a crisis in which the store shelves are emptied and they do not get resupplied.  What would you and your family do during such a scenario?  The following photo of what is happening in Greece right now comes from Twitter…

And of course not all Greeks have enough money to hoard food and supplies at this point.  As poverty has grown, dumpster diving has become increasingly popular.  Some dumpster divers are looking for something to sell, while others are simply looking for something to eat

Piled high with rubbish congealing in the summer heat, municipal dustbin R21 on Athens’ Sofokleous Street does not look or smell like a treasure trove.

But for Greece’s growing army of dustbin scavengers, its deposits of rubbish from nearby stores and grocery shops make it a regular point of call.

“Sometimes I’ll find scrap metal that I can sell, although if I see something that looks reasonably safe to eat, I’ll take it,” said Nikos Polonos, 55, as he sifted through R21’s contents on Tuesday morning. “Other times you might find paper, cans, and bottles that you can get money for if you take them back to the shops for recycling.”

But that could never happen in America, right?

After all, aren’t we “the greatest nation in the world”?

Sadly, what we experienced in 2008 was just a preview.  We have piled up the greatest mountain of debt in the history of the planet, our financial system has been transformed into a gigantic casino, and our leaders have been making some of the dumbest decisions imaginable for decades.

In the end, all of our foolishness is going to catch up with us in a big way.

But of course most Americans don’t want to believe it.  They want to believe that we will always be the biggest, baddest, most powerful nation on the entire globe.  The following are some actual comments that were left on some of my recent articles…

-“The dollar is not going to collapse. It is too big of a cog in the global order.”

-“We’re Americans! This could never happen to US.”

-“we will have a recession nothing more. Some people will see injustice from looters and some elderly will be meet their maker b/c no one will care to help anyone. But The recession will end and we will have a real recovery.”

-“There is no collapse coming, at least not in the U.S. There will be recessions and depressions, but the resiliency and the sheer economic power of this nation means there is no collapse in any reasonable time horizon. Doomsday prophets have a history of being wrong in the United States of America.”

-“C’mon guys look around. This is the best time to be alive ever. I believe in being prepared for what you can’t see coming, but the world is doing just fine. There’s no need to EXPECT some variation of a doomsday scenario. It’s highly improbable.”

Yes, there are a couple million Americans that are actively prepping, but for the most part it appears that most people still have a tremendous amount of faith in the system.  They arrogantly believe that we are just too smart, too powerful and too wealthy to ever fall.

But I am here to tell you that the greatest economic crisis in modern American history is imminent.  That is why the title of my new book is “Get Prepared NOW“.  On the cover of the book, the word “NOW” is in larger letters than everything else.  There is a reason for that.  I am not kidding when I say that you need to get prepared immediately.  If you wait, you are going to end up like the people rushing into the grocery stores at the last minute in Greece.

When it comes to preparation, it doesn’t have to be complicated.  Initially, it is good to focus on “the big five”…

1. shelter

2. food

3. water

4. power

5. security

During any major emergency, every single one of us is going to need a roof over our heads, food on the table, clean water to drink, a back up source of emergency power and a way to defend our families and our homes.

You would be surprised at how many Americans do not even have those basic things covered.  They just trust that Wal-Mart will always be open, that Obama has things under control, and that the federal government will swoop in and save them if some sort of emergency ever does happen.

To those that still trust in the system, I would urge you to look at what is happening in Greece.  A modern European nation is plunging into a full-blown economic collapse, and the same things that are happening over there will be happening over here someday.  It is just a matter of time.

So please, get prepared now, because time is running out.

  • MIchael in Chicago

    Like I have said on here before, the packaging of just about everything sold at grocery stores continues to get smaller. This has been going on for about a decade now but, in my opinion, seems to have really ramped up the past year or two. Prices on those items always go up. It is just a matter of how soon they switch the price tag over to acknowledge the new packaging. I would imagine the phase of everything getting smaller is just about over with and the next phase of substantial price increases at all retailers will begin in a slow roll out this year. And I am not even talking about produce prices or any type of meat.

    • You need to build local groups of trust. Without trust, we are going nowhere. The chaos is coming, the first thing they do is, loose trust in humanity. Don’t repeat the same mistakes like before

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  • MIchael in Chicago

    Perhaps for America we will have a soft crash that starts as either inflation or a hyper inflationary depression. A long slow drawn out process that has happened to other countries over night. I would think the military or UN would already be in major cities but rarely does our government ever do anything pro-actively.

    • iris

      I think the military/un/foreign troops are not going to be pro-active in a good way, if things get to that point. The trouble is, tptb are just itching for the excuse of a created crisis or real problem, to put everyone under martial law. Keep calm and be prepared. They are not going to deal kindly with vigilantes and rioters.

  • pissedlizard كافر ‏

    TOO MANY refuse to see what is going on. it seems like, to me anyway, people get it now or they don’t. The ones hat don’t will be the same ones standing in lines in Greece now. People there had fair warnings, just some refused to believe it. The people we do not see pictures of are those who took the warnings seriously.

    And these trolls on your sites are just that. George Soros paid trolls. The hand that feeds them tells them to discredit anyone that could be seen as a threat. The majority of the readers here and your other sites are on the same page or we wouldn’t be here

  • K

    Michael, on your list of essentials. I do not agree that power is essential. Man lived many thousand of years without it. Power is expensive, and storing anywhere near enough fuel is difficult. Solar or wind is possible in some areas, but beyond most peoples reach economically. Also it draws too much attention, and can really make you a target. Better to spend that money on food and other essentials. As usual, I agree with everything else. Sadly throughout history. People who refused to deal with reality, have never done very well. And they won’t this time either..

    • kfilly

      Yes, a lot of preppers are worried about electricity. That is a modern convenience, and I agree that people can live without it. It will be tough to do, but it can be done. Shelter, water, food, medicine, and protection are needed pretty much that order.

      • Also natural sleeping pills. If the electricity goes out in Phoenix it’s so hot that it’s almost impossible to sleep at night.

  • Pic889

    The article is a bit bullshit-y because the supermarket shelves in Greece are being restocked every day, and after the first days of the capital controls passed, everyone had stocked up and had no need to empty supermarket shelves anymore.

    Of course, it’s the future that’s uncertain.

  • Robert

    Michael left out a big item on his list of essentials. Medicines. Americans have many health issues for which they use legitimate medications. Insulin. Asthma inhalers. High blood pressure. Cancers. Pain. Glaucoma. Antibiotics. The list is long. These items are not easy to stock up due to insurance issues, storage requirements, availability, costs and finding a doctor to prescribe beyond what is needed for a defined period.

    Power is everything. Sure, a few “Jeremiah Johnson’s” can live off the land but the vast majority need power. It is a necessity to pump water. You can store a lot of food but storing an ample supply of water is a whole other challenge.

    The challenges are endless. Most will not make it very well.

    • Alan

      Another item I’ve rarely, if ever, seen mentioned, is oxygen. In the LA riots in 92, there was a lot of smoke. Urban fires are far more toxic than forest fires. I’m not in a large city, but I’m downwind of one, and I bought several cans of boost oxygen for about $7 each. You can get 95% oxygen (we breathe 21% normally) easily online or health stores. They usually last 100-150 puffs and you don’t need to use it constantly.
      When the cities collapse, the toxicity of the air will be 10 times that of the LA riots, and it wont do much good to have food and water stored if you can’t breathe…

  • Tanya Wersinger

    get with home farming and rain barrel collecting+having a book of remedies from Saint Hildegard of Bingen is a practical idea for health remedies. This is going to be a rough ride.

  • Guy New

    but us poor people can’t afford to stock up so all we can do is pray amen and trust Jesus which we do

    • Phillygirl

      Not true and the wrong attitude to have. Buy one extra can here and one bag of beans there and it adds up. Dollar Stores are great places to go to for candles and matches and other items. You just have to try and not give up so easily.

      • iris

        Oh yes, also have lighters handy. A large coffee can with a large candle lit in it, can keep a car warm enough to survive the night in if necessary. And keep a blanket or two in the trunk of your car, also some water and maybe some food.

    • Go to the Dollar store

    • think outside the brainwashing

      Garage sales, auctions, food shelf, dollar store, Craigslist…

      Make something, like an outdoor plant holder…sell it. Put the money towards prepping…

    • iris

      Yes, be as prepared as you can, but remember, God is in control. Everything He allows is meant for the best for all, especially for believers in Yeshua, whether we see or feel it or not, for all to draw closer to Him, and for His glory. Pray goes a long way, and whatever happens, God goes with those who put their trust and hope in Him. He brings us out on the other side of every trouble in victory and wins every battle for us. That said, we will stock up on more; water, tp, batteries, beans, antibacterial wipes, spray disinfectant, disposable gloves, blankets, (thanks for the lime and bug killer advice and gatorade type drinks!). Also, besides bottled water, if you can find food grade 50 gallon closable bins, usually available at feed and farm stores, and usually cleaned out for re-sale, adding a little bleach, (I forgot the ratio, but you can look it up online) and storing the bins in a cool dry place, the water will be good for 5 years.

      Bottom line, is yes, keep your eyes on Jesus, He is our “very present help in time of trouble”. Serve God and share the gospel whenever possible! The Lord will return and as a pastor we once had said, “all of life in this present state will only seem like a night in a bad hotel, when we see Jesus”.

      • Paul F


    • Ashley

      I cut our cable/internet off and got rid of things we didn’t need on eBay. The money coming in helped me start stocking up on sale items at the grocery store as well as junk silver. I pray consistently that God will show me how to make what little money we have go as far as possible and He has been very faithful. I even pray before I go in the grocery store. God has also given me wonderful elderly neighbors who are very wise and have been showing me how to garden and farm more successfully. Food stashed away can only get you so far. I am asking God to help me learn more skills. .

      • Paul F


    • Michael Simpson

      God helps those who help themselves. He didn’t put us on this planet to be puppets. You honor him when you work and strive for the best you can be.

      As to not stocking up, find out if you have a Mormon Bishop’s Storehouse in your town. They sell huge amounts of food for very little.

  • #6 Human Waste If your talking a couple of days, NO PROBLEM but how about a few months to years. And WHEN this event happens it will take several decades to repair the damage. YOU HAVE to have plans for the human waste and digging a hole in the back yard is NOT an option. The ONLY solution I can see is what our Grandparents did and that was to build an Outhouse over a pit and use that. I know it’s messy, stinks and draws flies but it’s better and more sanitary than a bunch of shallow buried pits in your back yard full of Human Waste.
    I remember going to the outhouse at the back of my Grandmothers garden in he middle of the winter time, at 3 AM and parking my bare butt on a hole in a plank and laterally freezing it off. Only then to wipe my butt with a page from a Sears Catalogue.
    Welcome to the future….

    • Robert

      Good point. Whatever you do, obtain some quick lime to sprinkle on the “stuff” and some chemical for fly control. Can get that at a store selling horse supplies. I keep my shots up-to-date. Also need electrolytes when dysentery hits. We take clean water and generally safe food for granted. Our guts are not as resilient as our forebears.

      • thìs ìs tìps on how to refíll your bank account wìth added funds every week, check for more info in my profile

    • Guest

      Thanks for sharing.

    • Goldfinger

      I’ve got a metal trash can to put the “stuff” in, pour gas or diesel on, and burn it like the troops used to do in Vietnam.

  • Paul F

    First, have faith in GOD through MESSIAH YESHUA. HE alone will guide you.

    1. shelter: your home, bunker down, do not bug out unless you absolutely have to. Many people say bug out, but where, too? It’s easy for them to say this but they do not take into consideration people with families, financial restrictions, health, so on. Secure you home and stay put.

    2. food: there are numerous ways. Each time you pump gas, put a dollar back, go to the dollar store, buy a can of food. Before you spend 2.00 for a health decaying soda at a convenient store, pout that money toward food. My point is, make your choice on how you save and what you spend your money on. There is always an option to have food saved if you try hard enough (don’t be the grasshopper).

    3. water: 3.00 will buy you a case of water at most stores, some stores are cheaper. Buy a case a week…save three hundred pennies if you have, too. Buy more if you can. Every time you empty out a container in your home fill it with water. There is a way to have water.

    4. power: solar generators are my advice, but man has survived without power for thousands of years. Power is not needed. The Native Americans did just fine and so do the Amish. Man is spoiled to power.

    5. security: Again, secure your home. Make your home your fox hole, in a sense. You know your home more than anyone else. Do not bug out unless you have too–and then, where would you go? Mountain survival is tough, especially with a family. I suggest leaving the cities if you live on one, move to a smaller community, but still, remain in your homes if the time comes. If you have to bug out, do so at night and on foot. Go to a family members home–there is power in numbers.

    GOD has given his children common sense. We do not need others telling us how to survive. We have an instinct to do so–but most people, sadly, just want excuses and to be lazy, depending on others and complaining. The sad truth is, america can not stand up to a collapse because america is a divided, hateful, wicked, spoiled country that wants everything handed over in a nice package. We have eyes to see and ears to ear–some are waking up, some are not. Sadly, more people are still asleep.

    Prayer is our weapon and the GOD of Israel and HIS HOLY SON MESSIAH YESHUA is our Victory. We must pray to endure the coming days, for only GOD alone will carry us through.

  • vdmt55

    This is coming to America. Read , “The Shemitah” by Johnathan Cahn. You can’t make laws that are against God’s laws and continue to prosper.

  • Jed

    Who grew up with Alfred E. Newman?

    “What, Me Worry?”

    • iris

      That’s funny, thanks! W. Bush and O both remind me of Alfred, just with different colors of skin.

  • GetReal4U2

    get ready…September approaches quickly…please read “the most important thing” article above…

    • iris

      Amen! Nothing compares to the love, faithfulness and power of Almighty God! He can make a way where there is no way!

      • GetReal4U2


      • Paul F


    • Gay Veteran

      August approaches more quickly

  • No. The most important thing is UNITY and TRUST more than food even.

    In times of chaos, its the lack of trust in another human beings that gets you eventually, even if you are stocked high till your neck.

    We need to trust each other more now than ever before. They will try to divide us further in lines of racism, money, food stock, language etc etc…Don’t fall for it.

    We need to battle Mind Control more than Food. If our minds are united. All food in the universe will come. People really do not know the power they have inside you and if humans unite, they can shake the entire universe.

  • Mistanick

    Michael, I respect you, your intentions to basically help people survive, in this case, and to be aware of the evil around us in all states and nations. So, the warning within this article is well taken. Yes, we should all be prepared. of sorts. for that which we know can happen, but don’t know when. Maybe earthquake, economic demise, political usurpation, or a delta mind control activated event. Who can know when it will happen?

    Evil is here and always has been from the fall of man. The internet evolution has established the advent of instant news, to be sure, but also real time awareness of the state of so-called events meant to coerce otherwise well-meaning folks into predicable responses.

    Ya, I guess, in the short term, we should stock up on cash, food and water like the stupid socialist pension-driven Greeks should have done.

    Beyond that, however, is a much larger need: to take action so that the treasonous events of the political class do not guide the events; but that we work to expose their actions for what they are: evil, hideous, and driven by virtues that are dark.

    Donald Trump does possess the courage we must expect in all who seek support in the political arena. The sad and glaring response to Mr. Trumps “tell it like it is” speeches by the political wanna be’s is daunting. The Bush’s, and Bush wanna-be’s, and the other “contenders” can’t run away from him fast enough and this, this is the telling portrait of those who would call themselves Presidential aspirants. A bunch of crap.

    Anyone who has a trace of truth knows Mr. Trump wanted to speak of those illegal Mexicans who the Mexican government worked hard to enable their departure from Mexico into the USA.

    We need to look who did not run away, who did not climb on the popular band wagon following Mr. Trump’s recent speech. This is the value of Mr. Trump’s comments: to show us who is real and who is a political fake, not worth the ink to print the ballot they want to appear on.

    Beyond that, Mr. Trump kept in our eye the foolish consequences of coddling criminals (an illegal immigrant is a criminal) for the sake of political means. I can’t capitalize the work “FOOLISH” large enough when such actions occur. Telling, indeed.

  • VigilanteCaregiver

    Seriously – hydroponic gardening! We’ve torn up our backyard garden to only work with grains in what was the vegetable beds; potatoes growing vertically in boxes; fruit trees, brambles, and bushes.

    We converted a useless back porch to an enclosed hydroponic greenhouse (legally). We’re using rain gutter downspouts with 5″ holes in the top. Using dixie cups punched with 1/4″ holes and filled with gravel, we’re growing our lettuce, tomatoes, broccoli, strawberries, etc. with much higher yields than with traditional gardening. Our root vegetables were moved to open-top rain gutters bolted to reinforced fences, growing in potting soil medium.

    We harvested our oats a month ago. Have a second crop in place now. Will plant wheat this October.

    Mike, I sent you photos of what it looked like before – I’ll send you more when everything is cleaned up pretty and such.

  • Guest

    Those who have chosen not to prep can always hop a train to the nearest FEMA came for a hot bowl of soup, clothes, a hair cut and a camp number tattoo.

  • Annie Worsfold Papapavlos

    This photograph depicted above is not true. I live in Greece and know with 100% certainty. The isle you are looking at, if you look to the right and left of the empty shelves, the rest of the shelves are full! As are all the supermarkets and vegetable markets here. I suspect this is the fresh bread isle which usually empties about noon every day! This is just another example of scaremongering and lies spreading around the globe about Greece. Better to be reporting the truth!

    • Michael Simpson

      I also saw that the shelves were well stocked. Shortages occur when price controls are put in place. That has not happened….yet.

    • Paul F

      I looked at the photo again and saw what you described. The shelves to the far right are stocked. In a case of panic every shelf would be picked clean. With that said, because america has turned against the GOD of Israel, america is soon to be endure a serve judgement. the American people are too divided and too spoiled to handle a major crisis and survive.

  • iris

    Yes, Eric, but who already owns vast amounts of our land? China and Saudi Arabia. As for the government owned land, will we be able to trust them to let us stay on/farm/hunt that land in a crisis??? Only a tiny percent of the water on earth is fresh and many of our large cities are on coasts. Which reminds me, not to plug a particular company, but I think there’s a link on this website to a company called Earth Easy. They and Burkey, also shown here, sell various types of water purification systems, from simple one person to multiple family needs.

  • horse777res

    Hey Eric keep living in la la land! You might be an economist. But Iam a realist. They said that the Titanic would not sink, and that GOD HIMSELF could not sink it. “Professing to be wise, they became fools.” Romans 1:22

  • Richard

    “The Greek people are just like us. They are proud, sophisticated people that are highly educated.”

    Please! Americans highly educated? Highly EDUCATED??? Highly what?????

    Ha ha! Ha ha ha!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!!

  • Sumner Kagan

    interesting that this picture is just like pictures from every previous socialist/communist country.

  • ray

    Well, that Greek supermarket shelf there, wasn’t as bad as it looked. Americans are just, as you infer…. f-a-t. But they will slim down some, you’ll see. In fact in that picture I thought I saw some peanuts there and perhaps some Slim Jims?
    The peanuts yum eat right away, good preserved protein, however the Slim Jims of course are not digestible. But you could feed them to dogs, then eat the dogs.
    OK, well good luck everybody! :O) cheers.

  • DB200

    Michael, you describe Greece as “A modern European nation”. For heaven’s sake, it is not. It is a kleptocracy and a banana republic.