Barack Obama’s Plan To Tax Americans For The Number Of Miles That They Drive Is Part Of The Radical Green Agenda Being Shoved Down The Throats Of The Entire World

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Do you know what a trial balloon is?  It is when politicians will float an idea in the media to see what the reaction of the public will be.  Well, right now one trial balloon that is being floated is the idea that we should tax Americans for the number of miles that they drive.  This proposal showed up in a draft bill that was being circulated within the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Office of Management and Budget.  You can view a copy of this draft bill here.  Of course the Obama administration is denying that this proposal will be in the final draft of the legislation.  The Obama administration is stressing that this was just “a draft” of the bill.  But this is what happens very often with trial balloons.  They are put out there and the politicians will say things like “this is being studied” or “this isn’t a serious proposal yet” and then one day we all wake up and it is suddenly being implemented.  The fact that there is even draft legislation that would tax Americans based on the number of miles that they drive should be incredibly sobering for all of us.  If the global warming alarmists have their way, there are going to be lots of these kinds of taxes in our future.


The following is how an article posted on The Hill describes some of the specifics of this proposal….

Among other things, CBO suggested that a vehicle miles traveled (VMT) tax could be tracked by installing electronic equipment on each car to determine how many miles were driven; payment could take place electronically at filling stations.

Doesn’t that just sound lovely?

How many of you are going to line up to be the first ones to have this tracking equipment installed in your car?

Sadly, if this ever does become law, the tracking equipment will probably be installed on all new vehicles.

This is just another example of how our politicians love to tax things that they don’t like.

The Obama administration is full of global warming alarmists that want to penalize Americans for anything that increases emissions of carbon dioxide.

It doesn’t matter to them that carbon dioxide is one of the basic building blocks of life on planet earth, and that our atmosphere is already starved of carbon dioxide.

It doesn’t matter to them that reducing levels of carbon dioxide will make it harder for crops to grow and could set off a global famine.

It doesn’t matter to them that carbon dioxide has nothing to do with global warming.

It doesn’t matter to them that over 95% of all carbon dioxide emissions would still occur even if humans were not present on Earth.

For those that are “true believers” in the radical green agenda, no amount of common sense will stop them from pressing forward with their militant crusade.

In Europe, the European Commission has unveiled a plan to ban all cars from major European cities by the year 2050.

Yes, you read that correctly.

In Europe, the mantra that “carbon dioxide = evil” has become gospel.  This banning of cars from city centers is all part of a draconian master plan to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in Europe by 60 percent over the next 40 years.

The sad truth is that the radical green agenda is at the very heart of the tyrannical New World Order system that the global elite very much desire to impose on every nation on earth.

Just watch the video posted below.  It was originally produced by the Forum for the Future, a major NGO funded by big corporations such as Time Warner and Royal Dutch Shell.  In this video, the Forum for the Future presents their chilling version of the future.  Are you ready to live in a “Planned-opolis”?  Are you ready to use a “calorie card” and to have what you eat determined by a “global food council”?  This is the kind of tyrannical future that these radical environmental organizations want to impose on you and I….

Are you frightened yet?

You should be.

Who could forget the “Green Police” advertisement that was run during a recent Super Bowl?

It is a very funny commercial, but the underlying message is very serious.  Audi is trying to communicate that their cars are “good for the environment” and that if you want to be a good “global citizen” you will consider their line of vehicles….

This is the direction that the world is heading.

Are you going to sit there and do nothing or are you going to speak out?

The radical green agenda is already being heavily implemented in the United States.

Today, the federal government has become so obsessed with reducing carbon emissions that now they even tell us what kinds of light bulbs we are allowed to buy.

In some areas of the United States, government snoopers actually sort through the trash of residents to ensure that environmental rules are being followed.  For example, in the city of Cleveland, Ohio authorities have announced plans to have “trash supervisors” go snooping through trash cans to ensure that people are actually recycling according to city guidelines.

Is that the kind of “Amerika” that you want to live in?

This is happening all across the United States.

If you plan to say something, now is the time.

Later might be too late.

You know what?  The international community is even considering doing some “radical geoengineering” to the earth in order to fight global warming.

In a recent article, I documented 12 of the stupidest ideas that authorities have come up with to fight global warming….

#12 One “researcher” actually seriously proposed that we should dump millions of tons of Special K into the oceans of the world.  This would supposedly alter the “reflectivity” of the oceans, thus reducing global warming.

#11 The head of the IPCC, Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, says that UN scientists will now be looking into “geoengineering” methods for fighting global warming which include placing mirrors above the planet to reflect the sun’s rays back into space, sprinkling huge amounts of iron filings into our oceans and creating “man-made volcanoes” that would shoot sulfate particles high into our atmosphere.

#10 There are some scientists that are proposing that we should have our cows eat massive amounts of garlic to keep them from farting so much.  It turns out that global warming alarmists are terrified of methane, and new research shows that garlic may help reduce the amount of methane that cows produce.

#9 On a similar note, Lord Stern of Brentford, one of the leading “experts” on climate change in the UK, says that everyone should simply stop eating meat so that we do not need to have as many cows and pigs around.  The idea is that if there are less cows and pigs there will be a whole lot less farting and thus a lot less methane in the atmosphere.

#8 Dr. Jason Box, a scientist from Ohio State University, is actually proposing that we should wrap Greenland in a gigantic blanket.  He believes that the blanket would attract the sun’s heat, and therefore the melting of Greenland’s glaciers would be slowed down.

#7 The U.K.’s Institute of Mechanical Engineers wants to cover our buildings with massive amounts of algae.  Their theory is that the algae would absorb lots of carbon from the atmosphere and therefore help reduce global warming.

#6 James Lovelock, the creator of the Gaia hypothesis, stated in an interview with the Guardian earlier this year that “democracy must be put on hold” if the fight against global warming is going to be successful and that only “a few people with authority” should be permitted to rule the planet until the crisis is solved.

#5 Paul J. Crutzen of Germany’s Max Planck Institute says that we should pump massive amounts of smog high into the earth’s atmosphere.  The idea is that the sulfur dioxide in the smog would reflect solar radiation, thus cooling the planet.

#4 The Optimum Population Trust, based in the UK, says that preventing the birth of one child in Africa is enough to “offset” the carbon footprint of one flight from London to Australia.  So they propose providing huge amounts of condoms to the developing world to “help” them have less children.

#3 Professor Kevin Anderson, the Director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, says that wealthy nations should implement World War 2-style rationing in order to cut carbon emissions to acceptable levels.

#2 Some “climate scientists” are now actually being so bold as to propose the “forced relocation” of entire human populations.  The executive summary of a key report that was discussed at the recent international climate change conference in Cancun, Mexico proposes “the implementation of relocation programs for human settlements and infrastructure in high risk areas.”  Considering what “forced relocations” have looked like throughout history, that statement is more than a little chilling.

#1 For many climate scientists, the number one reason why there are too many carbon emissions is because there are too many humans.  Therefore many involved in the fight against climate change see “population reduction” as the key to humanity’s future.

Sadly, this philosophy is now even showing up in official UN documents.  For example, the March 2009 U.N. Population Division policy brief begins with the following shocking statement….

What would it take to accelerate fertility decline in the least developed countries?

It seems like population control is very much on the minds of the folks over at the UN these days.  This was very clearly seen once again when the United Nations Population Fund recently released its annual State of the World Population Report entitled “Facing a Changing World: Women, Population and Climate“.

The following are three quotes that were pulled right out of that document….

1) “Each birth results not only in the emissions attributable to that person in his or her lifetime, but also the emissions of all his or her descendants. Hence, the emissions savings from intended or planned births multiply with time.”

2) “No human is genuinely “carbon neutral,” especially when all greenhouse gases are figured into the equation. Therefore, everyone is part of the problem, so everyone must be part of the solution in some way.”

3) “Strong family planning programmes are in the interests of all countries for greenhouse-gas concerns as well as for broader welfare concerns.”

If no human is “carbon neutral”, that means that each and every one of us is part of the problem.

To those that are obsessed with the radical green agenda, the fact that you are alive and breathing air is a problem.

Many radical environmentalists would actually cheer if a large percentage of humanity suddenly died off.

Yes, there are lots of people out there that are actually like that.  They see humanity as a “disease” the is “infecting” the planet.

If you doubt this, read my article entitled “The Green Agenda Is About Getting Rid Of As Many Humans As Possible“.

You or I would never think like this, but many of those that are true believers in the “green movement” are absolutely obsessed with rescuing the Earth from evil humans.

Look, there is certainly nothing wrong with protecting the environment.  There are very real ways that the environment is being absolutely destroyed every single day.

Unfortunately, the radical green agenda almost totally ignores most of the real environmental issues and instead focuses on things such as carbon emissions, global warming and “overpopulation”.

The solutions proposed by those advocating the radical green agenda would actually be severely damaging to the planet and would leave humanity living in a futuristic, tyrannical hellhole.

If you do not want to live in a “Planned-opolis” where your life is completely dominated by a bunch of control freaks you better say something now, because this is the direction that the world is headed.

So is anyone else out there concerned about these things?  Feel free to leave a comment with your opinion below….

  • buck

    U.N. Agenda 21 Sustainable Development

  • They offer some discount program that if you stick a monitoring device on your car you ‘may’ qualify for a discount based on your ‘good driving’!

    Or maybe it’s a way for this government program to get at us through the back door by dangling discounts in front of our faces.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    This idea was DOA when it was first announced, but it gave you a really good insight into the mindset of BHO and his minions. We have a government that thinks you’re to stupid to make your own decisions and your only usefulness is to fork over your money for their grandiose scams. The constitution means nothing to these people. You don’t have right to defend your self against the dependency class they have created.
    You are viewed as nothing but a slave for these people and thier corporate supporters to exploit. If you speak up you’re labeled a “Tea Bagger” “Racist” “An extremist”. What really gets me is there are people who support this madness, and there are people in DC who really thought this was a good idea.

  • VyseLegend

    Dumping special-K into the ocean. Handing out condoms to Africans to reduce carbon emissions.

    All these people are seriously delusional. Its quite amazing how easily people can be persuaded of one cause or another simply based on rhetoric and emotional appeal.

    What the worlds needs is a revolution in philosophy and critical thinking, not top-downa authoritarianism brandishing the axe of pseudo-science.

    • Brennan Barrington

      The condom suggestion is not absurd. Whether global warming is increased by an increasing population or not, it is not practical or helpful to the women themselves for them to be having a lot of children. Doing so forces them to remain in the home caring for the children; being a “good wife”, in short, rather than being able to get an education or a job and support themselves, if they wish. Allowing women to choose whether they want children is a step in the right direction to their empowerment in poor countries.

  • mondobeyondo

    Carbon emissions? Huh?

    Every human being (and every other non-plant creature) inhales oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide during the breathing process.

    Soooo.. in order to stop all carbon emissions and bring Mother Earth back to her pristine natural state, most humans and animals would have to be eliminated or extinct. Right? They did it to the dodo bird (it went extinct in the 16th century, Google it if you don’t know the story), and we know most Americans are as dumb as dodo birds. Voila! Darwinism at work! (cough! gag!)

    Makes perfect sense to a New World Order nut job like Henry Kissinger, “Useless eaters” indeed. Useless only to you.

    Just so 99.9% of you get to eat, shouldn’t mean 99.9% of the rest of us have to starve.

    Umm, whom shall we choose? Who, oh who??

    Poverty stricken Asians? Sub Saharan Africans? Muslims? North Americans? Europeans?

    (p.s. The choice has already been made by the elite, for the most part….)

  • Gary

    tax the rich hard to fix the environment. No need to tax miles driven by the poor. The rich have all the money. Simply take it and fix the problems we face financially

  • Geo

    There are, without a doubt, far too many self serving politicians and green freaks in the world.

  • wobbly-1

    I often wonder how much more the American citizen is going to take. I realize that the “sheeple” will go, “oh well, we’re doing our part” but the awake individual has to do more to bring this nonsense to an end. We have to wake up to our voting power. We have to act to enact change and put like-minded people in control to make the changes we support. We have to support our candidates and help them put forward an agenda that seeks to expand our freedoms….

    ok, now that I’m done with my public service announcement….nothing is going to change-Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal…in the end they are one and the same.

    Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    The future is bleak….

  • George

    We have to pay for highways. Any ideas here? We can use toll roads (pay by mile) like we do now. We could have gas tax (pay by mile/based on efficiency) like we do now. We can use general revenue (tax everyone) like we do now. This idea WAS DOA on arrival. Ideas like this get the discussion going and help find solutions. Can you help?

    Note — IN THE ARTICLE — “This is not an administration proposal,” White House spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki said. “This is not a bill supported by the administration. This was an early working draft proposal that was never formally circulated within the administration, does not taken into account the advice of the president’s senior advisers, economic team or Cabinet officials, and does not represent the views of the president.”

  • They say they want to put tracking equipment on your car to tax you on mileage.

    But what they really want is to know where you are at all times.

    Mike Dillard Elevation Group

  • mondobeyondo

    Up next: Bicycle riding tax.

    Can’t forget the smiley face and cutesy slogans too! Something like, “Your moving feet helps our moving economy!”

    You KNOW they are thinking of it.

  • Terry

    By their own logic, the best thing a radical environmentalist can do for the planet is commit a murder-suicide involving their whole family.

  • Now you can literally say that everything in this world is taxable… To think that these taxes are within the rules set forth by our extremely corrupt government. Tax rules created so our corrupt leaders can also avoid paying the same taxes that they demand you and I pay.

    Too busy for your job search? Human job search assistance –

  • pauly

    It’s not about the tax, they could just raise the federal excise tax. It’s about tracking the movement of the subjects. And eventually micro chips will be placed in the subjects bodies.

  • Climate scientists have been denying that there was no global warming. What’s up?
    If the gov taxes miles driven it will decrease purch of new cars. Will the car dealers/manu put up with that?
    What realy is happening is creating new and more ways to raise revenue. Not helping the planet. When has the gov ever helped the planet?

  • Gary

    The first thing that needs to be taxed is the rich. Tax them hard and spread the wealth!

  • Virginia

    At $4/gal+, people will just not be driving if they can help it. America has grown unchecked for 200 years. Our borders were wide open and people came by the millions to the “land of the free where everything was plentiful.” Because of massive immigration and encouragement of large families, we are a land that is unsustainable at the present out of control growth rate. We need to limit the number of children born for at least a few generations to give this planet a rest.

  • Stray Cat

    This is my tipping point. NO electronic POS on my vehicle. NO miles tax paid. Over my dead body, BARRY!

    Time to convert to diesel engines and start producing your own biodiesel supply.

  • RN

    I am a Home Health Nurse. The gas price increase is already costing me… I put a lot of miles on the car every week to see and care for patients. If they tax the miles, I will change jobs. That simple – other nurses I’ve talked to feel the same. What then? Home care keeps patients out of the nursing homes and sends them home from the hospital earlier – wound care, IV’s, etc…can all be done in the home much cheaper. Some idiot sitting behind a desk comes up with these ideas – no real world experience.

  • Guido

    I’m sorry, but I thought I already paid for those roads in the taxes levied by the city, county, and state, as well as the federal taxes. Not to leave out tolls on some roads. Don’t the feds tax us for highway funds, which are then turned over to the states, who then spend them however they see fit? Because I could have sworn the feds beat the states over the head with those funds in exchange for motorcycle helmet laws, seatbelt laws, the double-nickle limits, etc.

    This anti-carbon stuff should be dead by now, what with the obviously fake science and the fraud, waste, and abuse used to prop it up. Carbon, the most common element in the universe, is not doing us any harm and the politicos know it. This is really about control and locking us up in the cities so we can’t pollute the countryside with our presence. Let’s not forget Obama stated he wanted energy to be prohibitively expensive for us before he was elected.

    If they try to put some Tattler tracking device on my car, it’s going to be strangely damaged on a frequent basis. It won’t be long before they’re all hacked. And I’ll bet there’s some stupid exemption, like it will probably be exempted for farm vehicles, leading to a rush to re-classify trucks as farm vehicles, leading to more gas-guzzling vehicles on the road with no trackers, leading to more evil carbon dioxide in the air.

    Ever notice how many outrageous proposals these folks float on a weekly basis? They’re constantly putting new crap out there to keep you so worked up, you can’t follow it all. One week, it’s insurance reform, next it’s health reform, next it’s gun control, next it’s fuel, next it’s carbon taxes, next it’s school reform, next it’s DOJ refusing to prosecute Black Panthers, next it’s seizing hard drives at the border, next… and so it goes. You can’t follow it all and stay worked up and angry all the damn time and still be normal.

    Right now, have you heard they’re quietly working on trying to ban foreign 12 gauge shotguns based on their sporting value? The obvious target is mag-fed tactical shotguns, like Saigas and all those Turkish shotguns that have been coming in. Once they stick the sporting test on successfully, a ton of weapons will be banned. Maybe we can measure the carbon released out the muzzle of the shotguns and tax that, too! I wonder how much carbon tax money you could get charging by the bullet or shell???

  • Freedom Lover

    Anyone who donates money to any of the evil Eco Nazi groups is the problem Sierra Club Greenpeace PETA Defenders of Wildlife all these groups are as evil as they come and this is their plan to strip you of your vehicles. Stop supporting the greedy Eco Nazi as they ruin America for the Middle Class strip jobs put people out of work and close off our own oil.

  • Guido

    I hope they do come up with a gas station fill-up tax scheme. I’m sure smart folks will be filling via jerry cans and private tanks in no time. I wonder how much siphoning and gas theft will increase? I heard last year someone was actually puncturing fuel tanks and draining the fuel out of parked cars. I hope they don’t go to some kind of PrePass system. That will make life harder. I wonder if gov’t vehicles will be exempt? I wonder if folks will start selling fuel on the side of the road like they do in Russia and Iraq?

  • Guido

    Does this kind of malarky make anyone else WANT to pollute? Or am I the only stubborn one?

  • Gods Creation

    The people on this blog seem to think they have to go along with whatever these corporations propose, or even pass as “law”.

    If everybody ignored them they would go away. The problem is that everybody depends on them for “employment” and survival. As long as you remain in the corporation, you will be robbed blind and dependent on a bunch of criminals.

    Learn to make it outside of the corporate world. Make your own cash doing whatever you can do. Live within your means and focus on increasing your ability to make money.

    If that is too much for you to do, enjoy your corporate slavery. If you don’t do what it takes to escape, it is not their fault. By staying, you agree to their rules.

    It is pointless to whine about the government taking your freedoms. The government has no freedom to offer, and does not protect the ones God gave you.

    Freedom is for those who have what it takes to go get it for themselves. Slavery is for those who request freedom and protection from a politician.

  • Guido

    What are you talking about, Virginia?

    Since when do we need to force people not to have kids? America is still fairly low-population when you break down population vs. acreage. It’s just highly-concentrated on the 2 coasts.

    Your argument is a Malthusian one and every time people have tried to make it, agriculture and science have proven the Malthusians completely wrong. There was a time when they thought 2 billion people would be too many for the planet.

    I don’t feel comfortable when people bandy about the term, “sustainable,” because it seems to be a way to sound concerned about the environment without addressing the darker aspects of the issue. The real question not being addressed here is who will die in the name of sustainable living? When people talk about sustainable population, they leave out the part about the surplus people and what will be done to them.

    If some # of people is sustainable, then the rest are necessarily unsustainable; excess people. And what do you do with that excess? Who decides who is an excess person? I think that’s a slippery slope to stand on and far too important an issue to ever let government decide.

  • Maciej

    I totally agree with significant population reduction measures. It is the foundational problem that our planet faces. The more people there are the more industry, housing, and habitat destruction. Condoms are a good thing. They don’t hurt anyone. Gas is predominantly edging close to $5 a gallon because the US has to compete with 1 billion Chinese. I for one would rather live in a world with fewer people that have good welfare, then a world with lots and lots of people facing starvation and intense competition.

  • JC

    I never understand how people who claim to be so patriotic can hate our government so much.

    We’re the richest country on earth, I think we can afford to pay protect the environment. There is more to life than paying lower taxes.

    And just because you do not understand a complicated argument does not mean it is stupid. You can continue taking arguments out of context and drawing absurd conclusions, but it is really only showing your lack of education on these issues. I just hope people do not take your rhetoric too seriously.

    • Guido

      Should you love your government? An Army Chief once told me something brilliant, “Never love something that can’t love you back.” I think it is better to consider it a necessary evil; one that is best in small doses. Was it Jefferson who said the best government is the one that governs least?

      We may be the richest country, which is debatable, but that does not mean we’re all the richest. I would consider myself far from wealthy and I would love to pay lower taxes. Besides, with the government you seem to love so much, how do you know higher taxes will do squat for the environment? Because I think they’re going to be squandered on pork barrel spending.

  • Dr. Paul Anderson

    As long as this administration continues to support the United Nation’s Global Governance agenda, and it’s 2015 Millennium Development Goals, the global distribution of America’s wealth will continue. As long as the Enviromental Protection Agency continues to apply increased enviromental standards to job producing companies,more and more jobs will continue to leave this nation, for countries with lower enviromental standards.

    This global distribution is directly related to: support for the U.N.’s Social Justice or Social Distribution agenda, which the Obama Administration supports.

    Social Justice is a tenant of Marxism, and is intended to bring about a Central World Goverment.These principles were used, in the organization of the Ancient Roman Empire.

  • The ‘elites’ leave the biggest ‘carbon footprint’, when they attend their ‘summit’ meetings, to figure out how to turn all of us, into serfs – via further taxes, like a ‘carbon tax’, which would make Al Gore LOTS OF MONEY (Billions)

    Copenhagen summit carbon footprint biggest ever: report

    Copenhagen carbon load: 1,200 limos, 140 private jets

    Cancun Climate Conference (2010) ‘using as much energy as a village for a year’

  • Akiko Bittick

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