Arkansas Father’s Vicious Rant About His Daughter’s Black Prom Date Proves Racism Is Alive And Well In America

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How would you feel if your own father told you to never contact him again and that you are “dead to me”? This actually recently happened to a high school senior named Anna Hayes from a small town in Arkansas known as Lake Village. Even though she does not live with her father because her parents are divorced, she knew that he would be absolutely livid if she went to her prom with someone that is not white, but she did it anyway. Now the texts that Anna and her father exchanged following the prom date have gone viral, and they are sparking meaningful conversations about race relations all over America.


If you ever doubted that racism is still alive and well in America, these pictures should put those doubts to rest for good…

Normally I would be quite hesitant to have such offensive language on my website, but in this case I believe that there is a very important lesson to be learned here.

We are not going to defeat the evil of racism by sweeping it under the rug and pretending that it doesn’t exist.

Racism is actually quite widespread in the United States, and I greatly applaud Anna Hayes for being willing to take a stand against her own father

“He had always been openly racist around me when I was growing up in his household, but it never really occurred to me what it exactly meant to be racist, when you’re a child you look at the world completely different,” she said.

She added that her father’s views are especially hurtful because her half-sister on her mom’s side is biracial, so the issue is personal for them.

“He has told me that if I ever dated a black guy that I will and would be dead to him,” she said. “I stood my ground for what I believe in. He has called me several horrible things before.”

Please share this with as many people as you can. The more light that we shine on this sort of racism, the sooner that we will be able to eliminate it from our society permanently.

  • K. Chris C.

    “Racism,” just another word of self-censorship and self-loathing the Khazarians’ Frankfurt School/Critical Theory/Political Correctness have instilled into their victims, the American people, and the West in general. It is one of their instruments used to sow chaos in to our societies.

    People have a God given right to dislike whomever they wish, in the same way that they have the God given right to possession of their persons and property.

    So long as this father did not violate anyone’s person or property, he may feel, think, and say, what he wishes.

    An American citizen, not US subject.

    • Paul Patriot

      True, but father Insults his own daughter over the skin color of her date, calling him the n word, sorry, that’s racism.

      He could have said, I am not happy you are going with this loser, no, he had to make it clear it is a skin color issue.

      Do you honestly think it is honorable and respectful for a father to use the kind of language he did to his daughter????????

      • iris

        It looks like both of them were pushing at each other, but for sure, the father has a major problem, although he does have the right to voice his opinion as long as he’s not threatening anyone. Sad to say, though, people who voice that much hatred, often carry out their intentions if they do threaten. I feel sorry for her date, who was drawn into this ugly mess.

        • Paul Patriot

          Yes ma’am, me too. That is quite a family mess there. I pray they can find reconciliation

          • William Lutz

            They won’t find reconciliation. If I were her, I would tell him to piss the f*** off.

      • Jarvis

        More birth defects when parents are black & white.

        So to reduce defects black & white should marry their own color.

        • What in the actual XXXX?

          No, according to ahem, science, introducing DNA out of one’s own taxonomy aids in Hybrid Vigor. Keeping procreation too tightly intertwined with others who share your racial traits is what causes severe health issues. SO YOU HAVE THAT COMPLETELY AND THOROUGHLY BACKWARDS.

          google. com/search?q=more+birth+defects+when+babies+are+bi+racial&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8#q=more+birth+defects+when+babies+are+biracial

          • Jarvis

            Marrying in own color does not mean tightly intertwined. There’s millions/billions of each color.
            There is a slight increase in defects of offspring from parents who r totally opposite colors. I’ve seen the data.
            Science is not racism.
            Supporting science does not make me a social conservative which u obviously hate.

          • You were wrong about your earlier statement claiming that mixed offspring suffer “more” genetic issues. No matter how hard you try to re-word your earlier statement, it is still factually — and scientifically — incorrect. Racism be d#mned, your statement’s racist base doesn’t interest me; I am only concerned with the science of the matter. (Honestly, be as racist as you like. I’m white and get treated *so very well* everywhere because of it. If you want to be racist it affects me not one iota.)

            “i’m not racist. I play a black man in grand theft auto.”
            *Allllmost* funny.

          • Jarvis

            I looked up the data. Certain mixed race kids are more likely to have defects.

          • Pinto

            Clearly, you haven’t looked up anything, and are just talking out your back door.

    • Tatiana Covington

      Have them guest on Springer!

    • Indeed Jews have been behind multiculturalism, mass immigration, and political correctness. Among the reasons for this is to ease the often rocky relationships the Gentiles have had with the Jews for much of the past two thousand years and making the world safe for Judaism. What we have been experiencing is essentially an ethnic war between Jews and Gentiles with hardly anybody noticing.

      Ethnic and religious pluralism serves external Jewish interests because Jews become one of many ethnic groups. This results in the diffusion of political and cultural influence among the various ethnic and religious groups, and it becomes difficult or impossible to develop unified, cohesive groups of gentiles united in their opposition to Judaism. We have seen that historically, major anti-Semitic movements have tended to erupt in societies that have been, apart from the Jews, religiously or ethnically homogeneous. Ethnically and religiously pluralistic societies are thus more likely to satisfy Jewish interests than are societies characterized by ethnic and religious homogeneity among gentiles. (Kevin MacDonald, Separation and Its Discontents, p332)

      There is another major reason and this one is more conspiratorial. This is the deliberate destruction of Gentile race, culture, and religion by mixing all the people up and making it easier to rule over them.

      • K. Chris C.

        Last year, two years Khazarian-wise, I found myself wondering if all that I had learned and uncovered in the past two years was seeing only what I desired to see, and/or feedback from the “echo chamber.”

        I pondered this off and on for a month or so, checking sources and facts as I went. Then I came across US tyranny born Barabara Spectre in 2010 bloviating on how her and the Khazarians, she says “Jews,” are going to remake Sweden and Europe with forced immigration. She even proactively pulls the too-close-to-the-truth card, “antisemitism.” The “immigration crisis” in Europe was just getting up to steam at the time as well.

        Once the horror of what she said subsided, I felt everything that I had learned up to that point just tighten up in to a firm intellectual
        framework–no more doubt or questions. It was like she, in typical
        hubris, went around welding all of the loose intellectual joints
        together for me.

        So I must give a huge shout out and thank you to the criminal Barbara Spectre, without whom I would still be wondering of the correctness of my knowledge.

        “”To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize on Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc.”

        An American citizen, not US subject.

        • “”To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize on Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc.”

          You could add Mises to that.

    • Pinto

      So long as we’re not violating anyone’s person or property, we also have the right to feel, think, and say what we wish; and what I say is that he’s a racist control freak and she owes him nothing but contempt for his abusive racism. If a black father were to do this to his daughter for dating a white guy, we should show him the very same contempt for the very same reasons.

  • Ray S.

    You know I have seen it on both sides. Blacks don’t take it very lightly either when their sons and daughters bring home a white man/woman. They just aren’t as vocal about it but they will give them the silent treatment and you will know it. It sounds to me like this daughter may have been looking for attention from a distant father and she knew this would be one way to get it. There are probably some deeper issues that we’re not seeing here, knowing that she’s coming from a divorced home and all. I am not against dating like this, what matters to me is that two people find someone who are of their faith. So that means if two people love the Lord and they serve him then they come together as part of God’s family and in doing things for his kingdom. But when two people don’t know the Lord what happens is they get their identity from other things (race, culture, etc.) and then what you have is someone who marries into a culture and they start to act like that culture. For example a white woman marries a black man and then all of a sudden she starts to act and try to talk like a black woman. She finds her identity in his race instead of finding it in God.

    • iris

      Yours is the best comment of the bunch so far, imo, Ray. The deepest issue is that we all desperately need Jesus. When we really know Him, we love Him in return and His Holy Spirit living in us results in love for ourselves and everyone else. We shouldn’t approve of sinful behavior, but things like skin color become totally irrelevant.

    • RageHard84

      I agree with you. It’s not wrong to marry inter-racially if you’re both believers, but don’t try to find your identity in your spouse’s race.

  • Joel W

    While the father may have gone overboard with certain aspects of this, I 100% agree with him. And I would hardly consider my racist. I actually do have black friends, and a lot of them. Dozens, I couldn’t even count them all. I live in an ‘urban’ area (talk about racist code word), so naturally I am going to meet many minorities, of all races & ethnic backgrounds. And, guess what, based on conversations I have had with some, they also would 100% agree. What this is truly an example of is a victim of Mass Media Mind Kontrol, who through horrible things that pass off as ‘entertainment’ program women, western/anglo women in particular, that this is the new cool thing, and that because of the patriarchy, or whatever catch phrase you want to insert, she has no need whatsoever to respect the wishes of her father, who is more than likely a victim of divorce rape himself, thanks to the same brain washing his ex-wife received. And maybe he would like his grand children to actually resemble the family (the horror). And let’s be honest, there are tons of black men who go after white women for no other reason than the victimhood/slavery Mind Kontrol program they have been receiving all their lives (stick it to whitey type of thing), and to be even more brutally honest, are known for getting women pregnant, than disappearing.

    Don’t a single person even attempt to call me racist or NAZI, or throw any Storm Front or KKK BS at me. The real truth of matters is uncomfortable at times, and there is nothing but truth in this, so if you are going to be a child and try to insult me, don’t even bother replying. You will regret it.

    • Paul Patriot

      The father acted disrespect fully towards his daughter, and frankly sounds like a whiney child the way he is whining and removing pictures, etc.

      • Joel W

        That’s why I started my comment with

        ‘While the father may have gone overboard.’

        And bottom line is, the daughter is being disrespectful to what she knew would upset her father. Its more on a child to respect his or her parent’s (‘Honor thy mother & father’) wishes, to an extent of course. But she knew this would upset him and didn’t care. Typical of modern females. They only care about themselves and immediate gratification.

        • Paul Patriot

          A good comment.

          • Joel W

            Thank you.

        • William Lutz

          I don’t like that commandment. It implies that you’re supposed to be a slave to your parents’ authority no matter what. If your dad told you to do something obviously dangerous, would you go along with it, just because the stupid Old Testament of the Bible says so?

          • “If your dad told you to do something obviously dangerous, would you do it,”

            If you want to go to the Evangelicals’ Heaven, yes.

          • Joel W

            It most certainly does not imply that at all. That is perverting scripture in order to negate what it means. If a parent told a child to do something dangerous, that parent is violating God’s will. Parent are to protect their children at all costs. Literally. And to do anything to harm your child is one of the gravest of sins. There are exceptions to almost every rule. The only two that are absolute are to protect the innocent and vulnerable, art all costs. And the other is God is supreme. And to think that it implies what you said is just disingenuous. What parent, other than a truly evil one, would ever instruct a child to harm themselves? Obeying an evil command is obeying Satan.

          • Pinto

            So why do you think this guy’s daughter ought to obey his evil racist command not to date a guy just because his skin’s black, you goose-stepping hypocrite?

      • I can only hope this is a hoax story, one designed by the “rabid SJWs” I always hear so much about, for the purpose of making whites look obscenely racist (and petulant to boot). Fingers crossed it is not real.

        If true/real then this man may have indeed contributed DNA toward this young lady, but he is NO father.

    • “I’m not racist, I actually do have black friends, and a lot of them.”

      Oh, cool, is today Quote Dylann Roof Day?

      “Don’t a single person even attempt to call me racist or NAZI, or throw any Storm Front or KKK […] don’t even bother replying. You will regret it**.”

      Yes, you clear and obvious racist Naϟi, heaven forbid you actually face the awful, ghastly spectre of being called a name that suits you… that has got to be *way* worse than being the victim of racism.

      Here’s a little free education, as it appears to be the only kind of education you’ll ever receive: Claiming to have Black friends is the NUMBER ONE copout for the worst kind of racists-who-say-they-can’t-be-racists. Genuinely, if you want to perhaps not look as stupid as that again, please verify that independently of what *I* say.

      ** Yeah, it’s obvious to anyone with a conscience that they’ll regret correcting you. But it still needed doing.

      • Joel W

        Yo hooker, leave me alone. You bored me last night, I am not wasting my time with your childish behavior. Go try to scam somebody else out of money, Princess

        • Hooker? Yeah, you’ve confused me with probably the singular non-hooker female in your life.

          Also, you don’t have permission to instruct others as to whom they correspond when you’re on a PUBLIC POSTING BOARD for all members to post at will.

          At least I got you to stop quoting Dylann Roof for a moment before you no doubt resume, Stable Boy.

          • Joel W

            Leave me alone, you annoying little girl. You have nothing useful or insightful to say, so go say it to someone who cares. In fact, go kill yourself.

          • Mirror.jpg

          • Joel W

            Do you have nothing better to do? I’m at work passing time, so I don’t have many other options right now. What’s your excuse? What are you trying to accomplish, other than irritate me with your childish behavior?

          • Ask yourself the same thing. I rightly called you out, you became hysterical (again) and descended to some fairly humorous name-calling (again) before instructing a stranger on the Internet to kill herself because she corrected you (again).

            If you think you don’t have many options but to seethe racism and to promote suicide, perhaps the Internet is not where you belong.

          • William Lutz

            You’re being very obnoxious.

          • Joel W

            Don’t insert yourself into other people’s discussions. This ‘woman’ is nothing but an annoying troll, a petulant child, who has been stalking me on now comment sections on 3 different articles. She picked the fight, she can handle herself.

          • Joel W

            And trust me when i say this, you have not even begun to see obnoxious. I have bee playing nice with this child, due to moderation standards here. You have no clue on the background of this, so stay out of matters you know nothing about. White Knighting is not a good look, little boy.

      • ♫♫♫♫♫

        “Oh, cool, is today Quote Dylann Roof Day?”

        AHAHAHAHAAAAAAA, good catch.

    • Pinto

      “Don’t a single person even attempt to call me racist or NAZI, or throw any Storm Front or KKK BS at me.”

      Because that’s the truth, and the truth hurts, huh, you goose-stepping lying hypocritical brain-dead racist KKK member?

      • Joel W

        Wow, real original. You get that script from CNN? Sheep.

        • Pinto

          Speak for yourself, Stormfronter. You mindlessly repeat David Duke’s propaganda because you have no mind of your own and therefore no answer to the truth, which is that you’re a goose-stepping lying hypocritical brain-dead racist KKK member and as such everyone is right to dismiss everything you say as the mindless empty noise of a flaming fool.

          • ♫♫♫♫♫

            Good news: good people got stormfront and other evil hate sites removed from the web.

      • Joel W

        For the record, you mindless zombie, if you would comprehend the whole thing I wrote, I HAVE HAD THIS CONVERSATION WITH BLACK FRIENDS AND THEY AGREE. Many times I have had this conversation. Why is it ok for blacks to be against race mixing, but whites can’t? Answer me that, sheep.

        • Pinto

          For the record, it is not “OK” for blacks or to be opposed to race mixing, and if you believe black racism justifies your white racism, that means YOU ARE A GOOSE-STEPPING LYING HYPOCRITICAL BRAIN-DEAD RACIST KKK MEMBER AND SHOULD BE CALLED OUT AND BANNED FROM HERE AS SUCH ALONG WITH ALL YOUR FELLOW STORMFRONTERS!

          See, I can yell louder too, you mindless zombie; and a bunch of your fellow Stormfronters in blackface don’t count as black friends, you flaming fascist fool.

          • Joel W

            Wow, can you fit anymore childish, unoriginal insults into one comment? You think I care what you think of me? You calling for me to be banned, yet I’m the fascist? Pot, meet kettle. Now if you want to have an adult conversation about this, fine. But since I know you only have insults, I won’t hold my breath. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with anybody of any race to not want to mix races. Its mandated in Judaism that Jews only marry Jews. Chinese and Japanese families are not fond of it. So are Jewish, Chinese & Japanese people KKK members as well? Or what about Saharan tribes in Africa that don’t mix. Are they KKK members?

          • dailypnut. com/2016/09/japanes-government-gets-needed-dose-diversity/

            Perhaps you might want to update your hysteria to be more in line with 2017 facts, insult-boy.

          • Joel W

            Wow, still stalking me. Don’t you have anything better to do? One article proves nothing. Still have my Chinese and African tribal point on my side. And I’m not one who starts with insults. You came at me like an unhinged lunatic. I only returned the favor. No please leave me alone. You are seriously creeping me out.

          • Joel W

            So the unhinged stalker says I have hysteria. Pot meet kettle. Read your article. It speaks of exactly one person, hardly a talking point. And it has nothing to do with the majority of Japanese families that do not interbreed. And still stand by my China & African tribal peoples point as well. Try harder next time. In fact, don’t. Ii would appreciate you quit stalking me. I know you are just mad because you couldn’t con me out of any money, but get over it. You are acting very pathetic. And proving nothing but the fact that you are a stalker.

          • Stalking you?? Conning you out of money??? How detached from reality are you exactly (psst, that’s only a *rhetorical* question, which means I am not waiting for an answer, as G-d only knows how much more deranged you could get).

            If you find “being corrected” the same as “being stalked”, then perhaps stay off the computer until you have learned English better… of course you could try fact-checking first also, but I’m not going to hold my breath. Oh, and by the way, I can and will respond to any message posted on DISQUS, a key feature of which is DISCUSSION. (I don’t fault you for being ignorant of that correlation, as English spells things in a manner that probably confuses you quite often.)

            If Since you don’t like being corrected, the fix is simple: stop being incorrect on sites where I visit, and you won’t run the risk of being corrected by me again. See if I even *begin* to notice your absence.

  • apeiron

    Nothing wrong with wanting one’s grandchildren to bear some resemblance to one’s grandparents…most people do.

    • ♫♫♫♫♫

      Was this a prom date, or was it a Give Daddy Some Grandkids date? Because it looked like just a prom date.

  • greanfinisher

    I can certainly understand the father’s anger,and I really think that it was justified in this case. If the girl couldn’t have courted someone of her own race, then she shouldn’t have went to the prom period.

  • jaxon64

    I’ve never heard anyone decry the jewish race from being so insular and demanding their children to date and marry other jews.
    Or in China, Japan, India –etc etc, it is an affront to the family for a son or daughter to date or marry a non-Asian. The children of Asian women and American GI’s in asia were ostracized outcasts.
    I have been to Africa and I see the same thing in American blacks, it is a sort of conquest to bed the women of the white oppressors, but to seriously date or marry one is considered traitorous to the black race.
    Black women hate white women vehemently, and especially they are infuriated by the fact that almost all wealthy actors, athletes, celebrities and politicos that are black men almost universally end up with white women ( from Michael Jordon to Tiger Woods and on and on.)
    Ultimately though, racism ( not the hateful discrimination which it is incorrectly referred to as) is a natural aspect of human nature. We prefer to live among our own race/culture and value our own heritage. We want children who look like us. It is natural to perceive a “member of our tribe” who rebukes their culture and heritage as a sort of traitor to their people.
    The father is over the top and could have expressed this better but ultimately his feelings are valid.

    • jaxon64

      PS: I’d like to add that this is why “multi-culturalism” is a farce and oxymoron.
      There is no multi-cultural aspect in America–just the crap Hollywood, the media and school systems are constantly pushing.
      Blacks CHOOSE to live in black neighborhoods with other blacks. Same with latinos, American-Asians and even the muslims who come here carve out a small territory and turn it into a small Islamic country with their own laws ( they don’t even allow American flags!). I live in MD and we have “jewish neighborhoods” where pretty much the entire zip codes are jewish and they can be seen walking to synagogue and any people on the street are wearing yarmulkes.
      Why is it only “racism” when whites want a neighborhood of whites, or for their children to have white grandchildren?

      • ♫♫♫♫♫

        Not all blacks choose to live in all black neighborhoods. Many blacks and maybe even most blacks want to live in better places but can’t afford to get out of ghettoes. I know the same is true for Mexicans and Dominicans. They want desperately to live the American Dream and that means not living in the poorest places ever. But they can’t reach the steps to get out. I know white people say it’s real easy but that’s because we don’t have to jump as many hoops as them.

    • RageHard84

      I’m not against interracial marriage, but this mindset you claim exists in blacks troubles me.

    • Pinto

      Obviously, you’re lying. I hear nothing but you dumb racist goose-steppers spewing your BS about the Jews at places like this. Gonna be a sad day for you empty-headed fools when you discover Jesus is a Jew, God is God of the Jews, the Protocols is an Anti-Semitic Czarist forgery, “Christian Identity” is an anti-Christian hate group, and your idol Hitler is in Hell roasting along with every last one of your Nazi compatriots at Stormfront and Zero Hedge.

  • Paul Patriot

    Wow! What a racist fool that father is, talking to his daughter like that, no wonder the mother of this beautiful young woman divorced that loser.

    Sad indeed. All because of someone’s melanin is different than his daughters. This is pure racism in all its glory.

  • 72 Dolphins

    Racism is alive and well in America. Thing is though I never see any articles like this about racism towards white people.

    • Paul Patriot

      Very true. Because it is “politically incorrect” to write about the racism towards whites from the black community, too much fear t
      The whiney, entitlement crowd may start up the riots again….

    • Racism towards white people should have a special name — something that denotes how utterly meaningless and impotent it is. Because racism against whites is exactly that: powerless, meaningless, and laughable.

      Racism is based upon two things: your skin color and the things you cannot easily achieve because of your skin color. All the non-whites in the world could become racist/anti-white tomorrow, and white people’s lives wouldn’t suffer one little smidgen. THAT is why racism against whites (LOL!!!) is nothing.

      If a carload of non-white kids leaned out and yelled at me to go listen to my Barry Manilow or go drink my tea or go back to Europe, was I REALLLLLY a victim of racism just then? No, not in any remotely meaningful way as it would have been were the races (and “insults”) reversed.

      Blacks glowering at you because you happen to be white is not “racism” nor even “reverse racism”. Racism or any other -ism must hold institutional POWER in order to be a thing.

      • jaxon64

        Except for white genocide in S Africa, the thousands and thousands of whites murdered by blacks every year in the USA and the tens of thousands of white women raped every year in the USA–and the thousands and thousands of white women assaulted in Europe by Somalis, Algerians and other Africans.
        Then there is quota hiring, loans, business opportunities and scholarships instead of meritocracy–yeah meaningless my A*#

        • You have quoted some long-disproven claims by Stormfront, and none of those long-disproven claims negate the reality that there is NO institutional racism against whites.

          If you cared about the rapes of [white] women, you would be screaming at your fellow white men right now, as they are the ones who commit the overwhelming majority of rapes against white women (as well as white girls, white boys, and white infants). Same goes for refugees like the ones in the debunked Germany NYE “attacks” that the police and newspapers all acknowledged where fabricated… not that YOU care anyway, because those hypothetical white wimminz can only be raped by non-whites, according to nutzo racists.

          As for “White Genocide” in S. Africa… news reports do not bear those out as real, unless you are getting your “””news””” from the same sites which focus on anti-Black, anti-woman, anti-immigration, and anti-sanity. The Apartheid wasn’t against whites, although I know that Breitbart and RaHoWa beg to differ.

          Blacks killing whites is eclipsed by WHITES killing whites, so I hope that you are rightly ministering to white folk about the scourge of white-on-white crime? Because if you aren’t, then your hypocrisy is only eclipsed by your ignorance.

          And racist quota hiring? Yeah, that thing that ensures that SOME people who aren’t straight white males can actually get a job TOO? Yeah, horrid stuff! It’s easy to claim LIE that all bosses would gladly hire blaxx, jooz, wimminz, da gazen da tranneez, etc., on merit, but it is quite another thing to BELIEVE it. Especially if the above story about the insane father is even partially true. Too many people cannot be trusted to make merit-based judgments.

          • Randy Rogers

            Load of crap

          • TrollingforTrolls

            The problem, Carrie, is that while you are far too busy explaining your point, you become utterly condescending. Reread for yourself. Prove me wrong

          • “Prove me wrong”

            The day I place an iota of concern for a troll’s opinion, well, I have no ending to that, as that day will never come.
            If you ever want to be proven wrong, go find someone who places serious merit in the fear of what a random troll-named-troll thinks. That person ain’t me.

          • Jarvis

            If you look at the Quick Study on great scientists (it’s several pages long), virtually every big time inventor was a white male.

            You’re enjoying white people’s inventions and hating them at the same time!

          • A.) I don’t — nay, I can’t — hate white people, nor did I behave otherwise

            B.) You ain’t too bright, is ya? The ONLY reason that the precious inventors you’re trying to co-opt for your daft point are white/male is because up until some incredibly necessary changes in society occurred, it was ONLY EVER WHITE MALES WHO WERE ALLOWED TO ATTEND SCHOOL AND BECOME FAMOUS!!! {long, lengthy laugh at your expense}

            Yes, you historical illiterate, you couldn’t figure out on your own that after slavery was abolished, and after Blacks were allowed to finally LEARN TO READ, *they also* began inventing (although white males – as you’re find of reducing them to – still kept, AND KEEP, them down). And after women were allowed out of the kitchen and into the universities *suddenly* women also started inventing! Gosh! It’s almost as if the wholesale monopoly on bein’ smart ‘n stuff that was only ever reserved for white males ALSO happens to work on NON-whites and NON-males!

            I have to laugh at how stupid you just showed white males CAN BE without an education!

          • Jarvis

            The great scientists quickstudy covers scientists separated by many generations and different countries. You cant claim blacks were suppressed in each of those countries for hundreds of years plus they’ve had thousands of years in Africa to invent stuff but have not. Nice try.

          • You bet it was a nice try on my part; it was also a nice slam dunk.

            Your “many generations” primarily account for the generations prior to the last few (you know, the ones where segregation and sexism began to erode enough for non-whites and non-males to earn the same educational right that white males always had reserved solely for themselves).

            They’ve had thousands of years in Africa to have invented stuff, and they did. Just because they didn’t invent “stuff” that *precious little milky-white you* happen to use doesn’t negate their lived existence. Perhaps you’ve never comprehended the famed quote, Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.
            The question I have for you at this point of our journey together is…
            “What is your genius?”

            You try to come off as though your sole genius is being wrong. Aim higher than that.

          • Jarvis

            Ever heard the phrase, “You can’t judge a book by its cover”?

            Maybe try looking over the Quickstudy first before being a judge.
            Yes, aim higher than that.

          • TrollingforTrolls

            This post alone proved my point. Try and grow some compassion, Carrie. Bein’ smart aint where it’s all at

          • No, it proves MY point: Compassion is LACKING for all non-white and non-male people (on this site’s comment section anyway).

            “Bein’ smart” should naturally lead to being compassionate to those who haven’t had it all handed to them for centuries millennia.

            If you want to actually appear as though you believe what you say about compassion, show it! Show it by responding to all of the Caucasian Über Alles crowd here whom I respond to with pleas for compassion. OR… you can just keep responding to me and complaining about the actions of others which I am not committing.

          • TrollingforTrolls

            “I have to laugh at how stupid you just showed white males CAN BE without an education!I

            And this verbal assault is compassion?

          • That is fighting fire with fire.

            Do you want to pretend your reply was intelligent *or* compassionate? Because all it did was avoid the challenge you faced.

          • Concerned Capitalist

            As a libertarian capitalist, I do not think their repugnant speech should be banned (except for all the threats these far-right communists make toward different people), but should instead be met with a combination of disdain and, more importantly, logic. Also, my net worth is likely (an) order of magnitude(s) higher than these nationalist buffoons. I am Asian and white in addition to being >25 years old who is wealthy. I may start a hedge fund, and will donate to certain organizations that champion individualism.

            There is a dilemma: their detestable speech could lead to violence, but silencing them will lead to more violence, when the коммунистических сброд кто любит всё говно decide that their small brains are unable to cope with further economic progress. The rising powers of China and India create competition for an otherwise unipolar world.

          • I happen to agree wholeheartedly!

          • Mainlander

            What are your sources? What nonsense.

          • My “sources”? Why haven’t you asked the person who laid out the long-ago disproven claims what HS sources are? My “sources” are the fact that I tried to independently verify his [false] claims about The Knockout Game/whites getting punched in the back of the head by Blacks, etc., and that the ONLY sites which carry those claims are the farthest Right conspiracy sites — not one actual news source can cite any such incident in any number to call it an actual thing, nor can any police agencies. And the police would have NO reason to lie in favor of the people they aren’t too terribly fond of (you know who).

            Are you open to admitting that you are gullible enough to simply get down on your knees, open wide, and swallow any anti-Black story *simply* because you HEARD it told to you? Unintelligent people DO exactly that — they/you instantly believe things that support their preconceived notions, and they don’t bother checking to see if the story has any basis in fact before going on telling and re-telling it.

            So, “where are my sources?” My sources are in the fact-verification sites of Google, and I purposely left Google open JUST for you, so YOU too can check which stories you believe are actually based on reality or based on the gullibility of less-intelligent people.

          • ♫♫♫♫♫

            Good news kind of. Someone took down stormfront and a bunch of other hate sites. So people on this site won’t be able to eat up as many lies as before unless they learn how to use the spooky darkweb.

          • Thank G-d for little favors.

            (And thank Him for huge blessings like this one too!)

      • 72 Dolphins

        That is exactly the twisted logic that keeps people perpetually hating each other. I could care less about anyone “glowering” at me. Being sucker punched from behind because of my race is another story, and don’t tell me that’s not racist because of “Power” one way or another. Utter nonsense.

        • No, being punched in the back of the head because you’re Black/Jewish/ga y, ryc., by some tatted-ou skinhead is ABSOLUTELY racist, so there’s no worry about my telling you it wasn’t.

          Now if this were a country where the colors were reversed, where a non-white person assaults someone *simply* because they/you are white, they may be letting their lifelong receipt of bigotry rain down upon random [innocent] white people. But the closest we had to that was “The Knockout Game”, which was shown by police departments to be an Internet-only hoax. G-d forbid it happens for real ever.

      • Mainlander

        You’ve been brainwashed. Just like the poster.

    • Luis E

      No kidding. According to the so called enlightened, tolerant, educated white liberals, blacks cannot be racist. Sick people who think like that are why blacks get away with their racism

  • RageHard84

    These racists are as bad as people who believe in gay marriage I tell ya. Look at the way he gave her hate when she did nothing wrong.

    The world would be better off without racism and better off without LGBT.

  • James

    I really wounder sometimes about racist people, how can they judge anybody just because there black, or Asian, or even white, don’t these racist people realize by judging someone because of their skin color then that would really mean there judging gods creation. It’s not like before anyone is born god would ask that person first and say, well, what would you like to be, white, black, Asian, or brown, I mean racist people, come on, really, don’t you know that by judging someone’s skin color your actually judging gods creation and decision, it’s god that decides for his children what they should look like and what color there skin should be, that’s what I truly believe, I mean judging someone’s skin color I believe is really judging god for why this person looks the way he looks or by his or her skin color, it’s really no different then judging god for anything else that we don’t approve of.

    • iris

      Yes, so true!

    • Chi Sam

      Wounder is not a word. There and then are actual words…but they are not the right words. You’re stupid.

  • Ma Mor

    That is a father who wants the best future for her child. In the black community the family principles are VERY low!! So, before going towards any conclusion, first I have to know what the father knows about the man and his family! And if my child did this to me, reporting to all the world that I am a racist, when all I am doing is trying to help her, I don’t know if I could still love her the same!!

    • Pinto

      Nope. It’s obvious he’s a dumb, racist loser who hates his own daughter… but you should meet his sweet old mother… and her brother… who’s his dad.

    • ♫♫♫♫♫

      If that’s true, please don’t become a father.

  • pissedlizard كافر ‏

    The UK Daily Mail already debunked this story. The girl admitted she faked it all. She made a contact called “Daddy” on her phone and had a friend text her. Once again proving race baiters always get the headlines. Always.

    • OH, THANK YOU G-D.

      I had been hoping against all hope that this was the case. It sounded so over-the-top in a Poe’s Law kind of way.


    • Hey, can you share the link or location of this debunking please? I just read this story somewhere else a few minutes ago and it makes no mention of its having been faked.

      I already checked the UK Daily Mail and they hold it to be still true. Don’t get me wrong, I HOPE it was faked, I HOPE no father would be so filled with {whatever}, but so far it still looks to be true.

    • OK, you straight up lied for some reason. Straight. Up. Lied. Like only a liar can do.

      This story is still being reported on, specifically the aftermath of the story which prom witnesses are all backing up as true. The father (the actual, real father — “Daddy” in her phone contacts) is still backing up this story as true. The daughter is still backing up this story as true. The Black kid is still backing up this story as true. The girl’s BOYFRIEND is still backing up this story as true. (Her boyfriend is white btw, not that it matters.)

      I am so very curious… WHY did you feel the need to make up some elaborate fantasy to make this true, verified story seem a lie? Was it so you could use “race baiters” in a sentence? Even Daily Stormer didn’t sink so low as to lie about it like you did.

    • but-wut-about-da-menzzzz?

      Can you link to the debunk please? I’d love to see the girl debunk this but I’ve just seen her on tv talking about the shame her sicko father brought to the family.

      Is it possible you were wrong about what you (claim you) read?

    • In Landica Veritas

      Oh I see you come to this site and lie also.

      So it IS a compulsion that you cannot control after all. Like a mental illness. Many of your posts are lies contradicting women’s truthful statements. Or perhaps you lie when it’s relating to black people (as both this story and Bill O’Reilly’s latest victim show).

      Whatever, I guess all I can do is shiver in fear from your lyn ch threats over on Hollywood Reporter.

    • ♫♫♫♫♫

      Really? Where did you hear that? It looks like you’re lying for some reason.

      Why are you lying?

      • pissedlizard كافر ‏

        Its called google, you f-cking moron. Fingers too fat to use it or are to to dense from massive in-breeding to see the keys? Dumb-ass hick.

        • ♫♫♫♫♫

          No, Google calls you a liar too. You being a liar seems to be the unanimous opinion.

          Besides why would you have gone to Google and looked up this [apparently 100% TRUE] story? And why would Google have evidently scrubbed any trace of this supposed revelation that ONLY YOU seem to have witnessed?

          So I ask again, why are you a liar? What is so important about this dumb little story that you had to create this whole aura of fakeness around it, knowing your aura of fakeness could be brought down INSTANTLY by anyone with internet access?

          Are YOU the racist lying father from the story by any chance?

    • ♫♫♫♫♫

      OK it’s been almost 3 months, so I’m gonna ask again. Why did you lie about this?

  • Randy Rogers

    The father is a petulant ahole.

  • Zoe

    Is there proof this is a real conversation or just a hoax from a race baiter?

  • Wise Eye

    Hey Michael, with all the Christianity you preach, you’d think you might have mentioned Exodus 20:12, “Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee”. But I guess that’s not controversial enough. Or maybe you could have written about all the minority (black, asian, hispanic, hebrew, indian, etc.) parents who forbid their children to date/marry/reproduce with others outside their race. But I guess that defeats the narrative. You could have written about all the black on white/hispanic/jewish/everybody crime thats been going on but I guess that doesn’t turn heads.

    Sorry to say, your blog is slowly turning into click-bait…maybe you ought to reconsider going back to K-street.

  • William Lutz

    Sounds like that racist son of a b*tch needs a bunch of BLM thugs to kick his f***ing a**. That guy is a crazy confederate a**hole.

  • Ma Mor

    The 5th of the 10 commandments comes to mind right now! It is a disgrace that parents don’t have authority over their children these days! Paul was right when he said that in the last days people were gonna be disobedient to parents. He is just trying to save his daughter from disaster. Look At the family values in the black community and you’ll see! I am not a racist but am realistic!

    • Pinto

      This father is obviously unfit for parenting and has no authority to give such a racist command, and Paul also told us that there is no racial distinction with Jesus and that parents are not to go provoking their children to wrath the way this racist control freak is trying to do with his daughter. Jesus also said that anyone who left family (such as this racist father) for him would be rewarded many times over for it in Heaven, and that he had come to divide families, including parents against their children; also that if you aren’t willing to hate your own parents to follow him, you’re not fit to be a Christian. You are a heretic, a racist, and completely out of touch with reality.

    • ♫♫♫♫♫

      It was a prom date. You can’t just say he was just trying to save his daughter from disaster. It was an arm to hold onto at a prom. No ruination, bro.

  • GetReal4U2

    fake story?

    • In Landica Veritas

      It looks real. The daughter’s gonna be on radio shows, per her twitter line she is being asked to speak further on this. That father seems out of control and it sadly doesnt look like a hoax.

  • It turns out that she went to prom with her VERY GOOD FRIEND, a Black kid, with whom she has been friends for a very long time… because her *actual* boyfriend (who is white btw) is too old to have been her prom date.

    She needed a prom date who her actual boyfriend wouldn’t freak out over; he needed a prom date simply because he didn’t have one. There was no lusting after, there was no giggly talk of going to a motel afterward (nor any backseat action in the parking lot, etc), this was just another otherwise boring case of two non-romantically-involved kids going to prom together.

    heavy. com/news/2017/05/anna-hayes-prom-racist-father-dad-text-messages-phillip-freeman-arkansas-photos/

  • Is this your tacit admission that you’d lied earlier? Because this link doesn’t even TRY to debunk the racist father story that you promised to have debunked the racist father story.

    All you’re doing now is showing stories where men’s violence is out of control, which the non-debunked racist father story already lead to.

  • Rocky Gibraltar

    The father is right.

    • Pinto

      The father’s a retarded racist loser, and so are you.

      • ♫♫♫♫♫

        You’re one mean bean! But you’re still right.

  • Lewis Zontonas


  • Luis E

    Let me get this straight, you are using this as proof racism is still alive but give a pass to all of the sickening black on white violence that happens on a daily basis. Give me a break. The real racists are the blacks and I don’t blame this father on iota for not wanting her daughter to associate with these people. And I sure as hell don’t want to coexist with people who excuse the racism and criminality of their people and have someone like Al Sharpton their leader . I offer no apologies to anyone who is offended by this post.

  • Try not to use sites such as the K_K_K or PJMedia, you know, for the same reason. That Samantha Bee stated facts (you know, things you shy away from) about white people and how some whites’ votes have led to horrendous things. This is NOT anti-white racism. It is no more anti-white racism than skin cancer is genocidal against whites.

    Honestly, I truly understand WHY you signed out of your actual Disqus account and used the fake “Pinto” sockpuppet here. Even *you* — whoever you are — could not bear to be affiliated with the stink of your logic-less post here.

  • ♫♫♫♫♫

    Do you have OCD? Is that why you posted that so many times in a row? And what 3 different articles did she stalk you on? I think she kicked not just your azz but also your junk and I’d love to see more.

    • Joel W

      Um a little late to the conversation. Go away little child. Stay out of other people’s 4 month old and long forgotten discussions. Especially if you have exactly nothing to add to it other than kissing up to some dumb broad who is ignorant beyond ignorant. And FYI, she ain’t gonna fall in love with you for sticking up for her, Being a pansy white knight beta chump ain’t gonna do you any good. Now go run to your Estrogen Overlords and brag about how good a little boy you been today. Maybe you will get gold star.