Are The Economic Riots That So Many People Have Been Warning Us About Already Starting?

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For years, researchers such as Gerald Celente have been warning that the coming economic collapse is going to spark mob scenes and riots that are unprecedented in U.S. history.  Many have scoffed at these predictions and have refused to believe that anything like that could ever happen in America.  But if what happened on Wednesday near Atlanta is any indication, we could be on the verge of something really bad.  30,000 people turned out to pick up only 13,000 applications for government-subsidized housing.  Some people had waited for over two days just to get their hands on an application.  The “chaotic mob scene” that developed as the applications were being handed out left 62 people injured.  It turns out that there aren’t even any vacancies in government-subsidized housing at this time in that area.  These people were going wild just to get an application to get on the waiting list for government-subsidized housing.  Yes, this is what the American Dream has degenerated into – thousands of people rioting in an attempt to get on a waiting list for a government handout.


This is how one person who was there described the scene….

“Lot of people. People pushing people, knocking people over. People getting hurt.”

As you watch the video news report about this incident below, keep in mind that these people were going crazy just to get an application to get on a waiting list….

So what is going to happen when real hunger and real economic hardship comes to the streets of America?

What kind of mob scenes will we see then?

But it isn’t only in Atlanta where this type of thing is happening.

Just check out the following scene from Detroit from late last year….

Is this the beginning of a whole new trend of economic riots?

Let’s hope not.

But things are certainly not getting any better out there.

*New applications for jobless benefits rose last week to their highest level in almost six months.

*U.S. banks repossessed the second highest number of homes ever recorded in July.

*The number of Americans who are receiving food stamps rose to a new all-time record of 40.8 million in May.

*Even the mainstream media is acknowledging that something really historic is happening.  Recently, CNN published an article with this stunning headline: “Is This Finally The Economic Collapse?”

Things are getting really bad out there already, and when the economy truly collapses the American people are not going to have the character to handle it with grace and dignity.

No, when the poop really hits the fan the American people are going to go absolutely berzerk.  They are going to throw a temper tantrum that will top all temper tantrums.

When that day arrives, you and your family will want to be somewhere safe with plenty of food and water on hand.  Let us just hope and pray that day does not come any time soon.

  • Not so Mad Max

    One As a Black American this is embarrassing, two what dimwit thinks with a three trillion dollar government debt how long is that landlord is going to continue getting paid. This isn’t rioting by hard working laid off Americans looking for help. This is a bunch of ants looking for a hand out yes riots will happen but this isn’t it.

  • concerned Reader

    After reading this article and seeing the writing on the wall, I am now convinced that we, as a society, are heading for something big in regards to social unrest in our major cities. How bad will it get? All one has to do look across the atlantic ocean to such places as Athen, Greece. That country is tearing from the seems because austerity measures are forcing people to face the grim reality that unchecked spending and over extension of entitlement programs is going to lead th their down fall. Once this crisis is finished spreading across Europe, it will reach America and the the entire world.

    In regards to the 30,000 plus people applying for assissted housing in Atlanta, Georgia, this is just the begining when it comes to people getting upset over scarce resources. I will place my cards on the table and make a bet that soon the food stamp program will go bust, or start cutting people losse because there are way too many people dependant on the program and the taxation pool to fund the program is becoming increasing smaller by the day thanks to unemployment. When this program does go away, food riots will become increasingly common in our major cities.

    A few days ago a bunch of protesters calling themselves the “Ninety Niners” protested the fact that they would not be getting unemployment checks in the mail. On one hand, it is dangerous to pay people for not working, but it is more dangerous to have large numbers of idle hands all across the land. Remember the old saying, “Idles hands are the Devil’s workshop.” When the unemployment checks stop, the Devil’s workshop will be filled with a surplus of hands to do his bidding. Crimes rates, and even unrest, will undoubtedly follow because there will be no work or money for to gain and the ones left with anything will be become a target for a kidnapping, or even murder.

    The large influx of illegal, and even legal, immigrants is not making this situation any less than tense. For example, these immigrants are pushing black Americans, who already have a strong sense of entitlement, out of positions for social programs and even employment. They are also driving down wages of blacks and creating a strong sense of resentment. The idle hands of blacks will ultimatly cause a war with their tribe and that of the growing Latino tribe. Most of our major citites, mostly in California, will provide ample battle grounds for these groups. Race riots will be the majority of the coming conflicts and they will make the 1960s look like a Macy’s day parade.

    Word has it that people are becoming increasingly aware of the dire situation we are all in at the present time, and they are. Most people are fleeing to the untapped portions of America like the Idaho, Montana, Wyoming areas to escape the major cities. Many people are buying up guns and ammo in record numbers to protect themselves. Concealed gun carriers are becoming increasingly common. Radical groups such as malitis, extremist groups like the white supremecists and the Nation of Islam are gaining momentum once again. They are all armed, which makes this even more dangerous. I like to compare it a growing cloud of methane and a single spark will send the whole place up in smoke.

    All of this is compounded by the fact that more Americans are dissillusioned with the government than ever in our history. The United States has not seen this much turbulence since the time of its founding. People are not looking to the government for protection, and rightfully so. Law enforcemnet is becoming less relaible and is leaning more and more towards serving the prison-industrial-complex.

    Everyone talks about the dangers of socialism, or the concept of taking from the producers to serve those who are unable to produce. As the economic out look gets worse, calls for the institution of socialism and wealth redistribution will become ever more common to keep society intact. Once it has run its course, you can imagine the rest.

    Lastly, more and more people are waking up to the idea that wealth is concentrated in the hands of very few people. It is easy to imagine people’s anger being unleashed to break the coffers open and spread the wealth and I would not blame them for doing it.

  • Gary

    This is all the result of the give the rich a tax break. We are a banana republic where a few have almost all the wealth. I for one believe that there will be something akin to the French Revolution. The politicians on both side have only been representing the rich.

    The obscene wealth of the rich and corporations needs to be taxed away and the social safety net majorly strengthened. Like most of Europe-Germany is doing much better than us.

    Any thinking person can see that there is too much wealth and income in too few hands. The rich first robed the poor and now they are coming after the middle class and they have largely succeeded. They are aided and abetted by the gov who they essentially own.

    If tax cuts for the rich was the answer than there would be no recession as they have gotten nothing but huge tax breaks since the 1980’s. This clearly does not stimulate the economy. The proof is right before your eyes.

  • Jon

    So, those of you suggesting that these ‘entitlement’ programs are killing our country, or that these people don’t deserve food and shelter…

    Do you realize that the ONLY thing left is to have these people starving to death, homeless?

    You do realize that people aren’t going to starve to death quietly, or peacefully, right?

    The poor ARE you concern. You would honestly just let millions of people in the U.S. actually STARVE to death? It’s more important for you to keep the luxury of your lifestyle than for people to LIVE? It’s DISGUSTING. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Justa Guy

    Notice how you haven’t been hearing news about all of the executives at major corporations getting 10’s of millions of dollars for doing a poor job anymore? The media used to love sticking it in hard-working people’s faces how they were getting absurd amounts of money for being incompetent at their jobs and getting “golden parachutes”. Why do some always assume people like the 30,000 in Atlanta are just lazy and want a hand-out? Is it because they feel guilty that they have more, and want to justify why they have more to themselves? Sure there are some lazy people, but I have to believe that the vast majority of the 30,000 would rather have a decent paying job than being in that crowd seeking sub-standard housing like a beggar. I’m sure these people have dreams that they would be striving to achieve if they had the opportunity. Unfortunately, the money that could have been used to give all 30,000 people decent jobs is in the hands of a few dozen incompetent, non-productive executives. The media should broadcast some golden parachute and big bailout bonus stories at these locations, and give the address of where these executives live. I wonder if these people would look lazy if they showed up at their homes.

  • Greg

    Don’t worry about anything bad happening in America. This is a Christian nation. That means people will always do the right thing and it means Christian preachers will keep everyone rich. It means we will always do unto others as we would have them do unto us, therefore when there are job shortages and food shortages everyone will help their neighbor and those problems won’t last long anyway because we can just send some money to the Truly Blasphemous Nonsense (TBN) program and God will send us lots more back! It means that people won’t butcher their own children and it means everyone will obey God’s laws regarding sexual purity….oops, I forgot. Joel said there is no such thing as sin except maybe saying something is sin. It makes me feel so much better to hear Christian preachers clarify that God’s word regarding his judgment for wickedness doesn’t apply as long as we just have faith! I sure hope those people with this new insight are putting out lots of faith power right now!

  • Mr Carpenter

    Why are you taking the time to mock Christians, Greg? You’re free to do so. But you’re only damaging yourself, not us. Did you know that?

    I’ve worked at a food pantry at my prior church for years, feeding people with monies out of our congregational pockets, until recently when I changed churches. The new church is a start-up and hasn’t the means to help others with food pantries, yet. But the “old” church which I belonged to still is busy quietly helping others, most of whom not only are not congregants, but also presumably aren’t Christian, either. I even still go over and lend a hand once a week. How about you, Greg? Are you helping out at a food pantry and giving of your money for the less advantaged? I’d really like to know.

    When my wife and I took that food pantry program over 5 years ago, until we gave it up about 18 months ago, the amounts given doubled and tripled, following the increase in need. And it has increased by 50% since then, we’re told.

    The needs are huge, and as long as it is possible to do so, you’ll see real Christian folks quietly taking abuse from ignorant people who can only hate what they don’t wish to bother understanding, such as yourself, while we hand out food and necessities to those who can’t help themselves enough to get by (and who are also being badly let-down by the supposedly infallible government hand out programs).

    So feel free to mock. But be aware that whether you believe in gravity or not, if you step off the side of the grand canyon, you’ll be falling until you aren’t; and once your days on earth are done, you do have something other than your body which cannot stay in the presence of your creator unless it is perfected. And there is only ONE way for that to happen. But, hey, feel free to not believe me; you obviously haven’t believed anyone else who cared for you enough to try to warn you, why believe me, a person you only know via the web? God allows us to have free will. He did not wish to only have automatons loving him in return, only via “programming” like a computer. He gave us free will.

    So, feel free to live your life as you wish, but don’t complain when you face the consequences. Eternity is an awful long time….

  • Mr Carpenter

    Gary, you have very good points and it is shameful that greed takes ahold of people in such a way that there is “never enough” for them to take and hold for themselves.

    May I please quote Benjamin Franklin’s list of 13 virtues for everyone’s illumination? Take particular note of #’s 1 (in the broadest sense, not specific sense), 7, 8, 9 and 13, which are particularly relevant to the topic at hand. (Greed and avarice).

    1. TEMPERANCE. Eat not to dullness; drink not to elevation.

    2. SILENCE. Speak not but what may benefit others or yourself; avoid trifling conversation.

    3. ORDER. Let all your things have their places; let each part of your business have its time.

    4. RESOLUTION. Resolve to perform what you ought; perform without fail what you resolve.

    5. FRUGALITY. Make no expense but to do good to others or yourself; i.e., waste nothing.

    6. INDUSTRY. Lose no time; be always employ’d in something useful; cut off all unnecessary actions.

    7. SINCERITY. Use no hurtful deceit; think innocently and justly, and, if you speak, speak accordingly.

    8. JUSTICE. Wrong none by doing injuries, or omitting the benefits that are your duty.

    9. MODERATION. Avoid extreams; forbear resenting injuries so much as you think they deserve.

    10. CLEANLINESS. Tolerate no uncleanliness in body, cloaths, or habitation.

    11.TRANQUILLITY. Be not disturbed at trifles, or at accidents common or unavoidable.

    12. CHASTITY. Rarely use venery* but for health or offspring, never to dulness, weakness, or the injury of your own or another’s peace or reputation.

    13. HUMILITY. Imitate Jesus and Socrates.

    * ven·er·y 1 (vn-r)
    n. pl. ven·er·ies Archaic
    1. Indulgence in or pursuit of sexual activity.
    2. The act of sexual intercourse.

    It may be well my posterity should be informed that to this little artifice,
    with the blessing of God, their ancestor ow’d the constant felicity of his life,
    down to his 79th year, in which this is written.
    What reverses may attend the remainder is in the hand of Providence;
    but, if they arrive, the reflection on past happiness enjoy’d ought to help his
    bearing them with more resignation.
    To Temperance he ascribes his long-continued health,
    and what is still left to him of a good constitution;
    to Industry and Frugality, the early easiness of his circumstances and acquisition of his fortune,
    with all that knowledge that enabled him to be a useful citizen,
    and obtained for him some degree of reputation among the learned;
    to Sincerity and Justice, the confidence of his country,
    and the honorable employs it conferred upon him;
    and to the joint influence of the whole mass of the virtues,
    even in the imperfect state he was able to acquire them,
    all that evenness of temper, and that cheerfulness in conversation, which makes his company still sought for, and agreeable even to his younger acquaintance.
    I hope, therefore, that some of my descendants may follow the example and reap the benefit.

    In this piece it was my design to have endeavored to convince young persons that no qualities were so likely to make a poor man’s fortune as those of probity** and integrity.

    My list of virtues contain’d at first but twelve; but a Quaker friend having kindly informed me that I was generally thought proud; that my pride show’d itself frequently in conversation; that I was not content with being in the right when discussing any point, but was overbearing, and rather insolent, of which he convinc’d me by mentioning several instances; I determined endeavouring to cure myself, if I could, of this vice or folly among the rest, and I added Humility to my list).

    In reality, there is, perhaps, no one of our natural passions so hard to subdue as pride. Disguise it, struggle with it, beat it down, stifle it, mortify it as much as one pleases, it is still alive, and will every now and then peep out and show itself; you will see it, perhaps, often in this history; for, even if I could conceive that I had compleatly overcome it, I should probably be proud of my humility.

    Benjamin Franklin Jan. 17th, 1706 ~ 1790

    ** probity
    pro·bi·ty[ prṓbətee ]NOUN
    1. moral integrity: absolute moral correctness
    [ Early 16th century. Via French < Latin probitas < probus "good" ]
    Synonyms: correctness, scrupulousness, rectitude, integrity, righteousness, morality, justice, honor

    "The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself."

    "There never was a good war, or a bad peace."… Franklin letter to Josiah Quincy 1773

    "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little
    temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." …Ben Franklin

  • Mr Carpenter

    Apologies for the double post, Gary, but I want to take a moment to add that while I agree with virtually everything you say, I can also say that a revolution such as seen in France, and what also was seen in Russia earlier last century – did not work out so well for the general populous.

    As for what “should” or “could” be done, I have no idea. Generally speaking, the ultra-wealthy powers that be will not voluntarily limit what they believe is their right to plunder the rest of the world.

    I suspect that the reality is going to be not very nice, in that eventually the whole system will collapse, and paper money will become difficult-to-use toilet paper for outhouses, just as was seen in the German Weimar Republic in the early 1920’s, and which was recently seen in Zimbabwe, for two examples.

    This will have one advantage of levelling the playing field but that will be no benefit to the civilization which previously existed, since all the benefits and blessings of having civilization will essentially evaporate along with the perceived value of “money”. Which is no longer the same thing as “wealth.”

    What “could” save the day? Not a lot, probably. Because there is not only the ignorance of a huge proportion of the public, who’ve grown used to being given hand-outs and believe them as “rights” (even though the money to pay for them is essentially stolen from hard working people by the government by threat of incarceration or death, while the ultra-wealthy essentially give nearly nothing). But also the fact that the ultra-powerful few elitists will try their damndest (and I used that word advisedly) to keep their greedy, grasping hands on the levers of control until the proverbial Titanic which is our current civilization, sinks beneath the waves forever more.

    Survival is the key.

  • Psilocyan

    I live in ATL (Midtown, totally different neighborhood than East Point) and most of the injuries/hospitalizations were due to heat-related illness among the weak/young/pregnant (it has been hot as HELL this summer). There was apparently some sort of brawl, but I think you can chalk it up to typical Atlanta thugs succumbing to violence (nothing new down here) and wanting gov’t assistance (or needing it, as they case may be) and not getting it. When you start to see grocery stores run out of food, gas stations run out of gas, and swarms of people taking to the streets in an actual protest, then we can start making Argentina comparisons.

    Don’t think it’s not comin’ though.

  • This is where both the FEMA camps (authorized by executive order) as well as Obama’s ability to shut down the Internet (also authorized by executive order) come into play. The revolution won’t be televised and the mainstream corporately consolidated press won’t print it. People protesting for jobs and basic necessities will just be quietly put into the camps until further notice. And courtesy of The Deciderer and the Democratically controlled Congress, will be held indefinitely without charges.

  • Kenton

    Seriously?? People here in the states act worse during the holiday season than they did here. rolling eyes. Sensationalist Jerry Springering is all this article is.

  • concerned Reader

    As our major cities are going under thanks to the unrest the administrator mentioned above, middle class Americsns(mostly white) are going to hide in safety in the untapped portions of North America, and if they can not do this, they will move as far away from major cities and heavily populated areas.

    In the early twentieth century, people entered the city in mass droves looking for better employment opprotunities. Now, after a century, people are fleeing the major cities because they are becoming a conglomorated cess pool of crime, disease, poverty, pollution, corruption, ethnic tension, and countless other things. They are seeking greener pastures and a safer place to raise their kids.

  • DKC

    You would think that people applying for subsidized rent (often extremely subsidized) would be humble and thankful about it. Instead 30,000 black Atlanta residents got into fist fights, trashed the grounds with litter, and screamed and complained about not getting enough free stuff. Just as the first poster ‘Not so Mad Max’ mentioned; This isn’t rioting by hard working laid-off Americans looking for help. This is a bunch of ants (welfare parasites) looking for a hand out yes riots will happen but this isn’t it.

  • Gary

    thank you Mr.Carpenter for your thoughtful replies and observations.

    BTW-I was sort of using hyperbole with the French revolution example but I do not think I was too far off the mark.

    Thanks again

  • Greg

    My point, Mr. Carpenter, is that this nation’s supposed Christianity is a mockery to God and is another reason that we are going to face severe judgment. To address your question, I do not volunteer at food pantries but made a donation at a center shortly before logging in to see your message saving me from hell (or wishing it upon me?) and donate to certain Christian causes that feed the hungry. My dad ran soup kitchens for years and claimed to be a Christian while living a life that appeared to be quite out of God’s will so your self-aggrandizement over your good works doesn’t impress me.

    The largest “Christian” church in America is led by a man who denies that Jesus Christ is the only hope of salvation and is so Biblically illiterate that even Larry King was taken aback at his ignorance. Billy Graham was most likely a Mason and his salvation message is known to lead to most of his “converts” falling away and hating God due to the false premises of his message. America’s largest “Christian” network is operated by a homosexual who paid $450K to silence his homosexual sex slave employee and his wanna-be drag queen wife. Our supposed “Christian” founding fathers were Masons and deists with very few actually being Christians and Benjamin Franklin being one of the most corrupt, traveling to England for sex orgies during the war. Our supposed “Christian” president who preceded our current Muslim president lied repeatedly to justify the genocide he brought to the Middle East, denied that Jesus is the only hope of salvation, stated that Allah and Jehovah are the same god and was a member of the same satanic organization that molded Hitler, yet virtually every gullible Christian in this nation still believes he was a good Christian. Our churches have divorce and abortion rates that are at least as high as the non-church population. Several denominations now condone homosexuality.

    Stop wearing your feelings on your sleeve, Mr. Carpenter. If you are doing what is right, good for you but that makes you nothing more than an obedient servant who has only done what is required. You may have lost some of your blessings by being the better-than-the-Publican Pharisee in your misguided attack. Your are in a nation that makes Sodom and Gomorrah appear clean in comparison and the world sees our debauchery as an example of Christianity, making them hate and despise Jesus Christ. This nation’s judgment will start in the churches. The greatest sin that can be committed is for people to be led to hell in the name of Jesus Christ. That is what the majority of churches in America are doing. My only hatred, Mr. Carpenter, is the fact that so many people are being lied to by false preachers and the fact that these people who believe they will spend eternity in heaven are going to hear Jesus Christ say “depart from me, ye worker of iniquity, for I never knew you!”

  • MiHi

    This is just a continuance of the upheaval America was facing during the Great Depression. Back then, they too saw how the elites have failed, and how people were desperate for food and shelter.

    Had it not been for FDR’s “New Deal” programs and the ARA (no, not the American Rifle Association), there was either going to become a Communist Revolution or a Fascist coup (orchestrated by GW Bush’s grandfather, Prescott Bush, so it happens).

    And as a result America had climbed out of the pit and became a global world superpower.

    But, since 1981, the right wing slowly began to dismantle to New Deal programs that kept our country great. They “ended welfare as we know it”, starved us so badly of basic funds that our bridges are literally collapsing from underneath us, and now they are slobbering to devour the Crown Jewel of the New Deal, Social Security itself.

    Because of this ongoing campaign of cruelty, the pact between the government and it’s people have been broken, and they are angry as Hell at being treated like “lazy hobos” by the republican party.

    Now, here we are as if it were 1930 all over again, with our social programs being deliberately starved and we the people being forced to fend for ourselves.

    You treat us like animals, we will act like animals!

  • Buy American

    This is definitely getting off subject, and I hope you read this. I am an “ordained” minister, but am not practicing as a profession, nor am I attending any church. I understand exactly where you are coming from. Unfortunately being a Christian in American usually means walking around with blinders on. Defending anyone who wears a Christian name badge, without looking to see if they are bearing fruits consistent with Christ’s teachings. The truth is that statistically, church people spend more on their pets than they do on giving to others, and within the church the same types of sins are practiced as outside the church.

    The biggest failure of the church today is trying to defend itself and present itself as perfect when indeed it is really messed up. Maybe the churches do have some food pantries, but most Christians I know of, give very little to help others, even of their own congregation or family, let alone to poor and staving people.

    The first Christians were much different, they gave until they had nothing left to give. The men would often fast several meals a week in order use their food money to help families in need. Today, Christians usually feel their own country club temples and materialistic lifestyles (which they deserve for spending double tithes to finance their country club churches) are more important than helping those in need. Their lives are totally out of whack with the teachings of Jesus who told followers to give all they have to the poor, to not lay up material possessions on earth but in heaven (by doing good works to others).

    The church in American needs to realize they are the church of Laodoecia which God will vomit out of his mouth because they think they have it all together but are really lukewarm and have their priorities all wrong. What Christians in American need to be doing is falling on their faces and repenting for making a mockery of God and for failing to follow biblical teachings. You are totally correct in saying they deserve judgment. I truly believe the problems America is facing is due to the sins of the church and their lack of genuine compassion. Sodom and Gomorrah were not judged due to their perversion, but due to their lack of helping the poor (Ezekiel 16:49). How should Christians in America expect anything better.

    I encourage you to continue seeking God and truth. Only God is true and as you stated, much of what comes from churches is not. There is a remnant of truth seekers who usually find it impossible to stomach the hypocrisy of the church but find the way, truth and life is ever present in their own homes and lives as they seek God in spirit and in TRUTH. And yes, lets help widows and orphans to eat, and help needy and deserving families pick themselves up and get on the path to financial independence.

  • Greg

    Mi(ghty)Hi(larious) – that was a great joke! Fantastic use of irony to point out the absurdity that anyone could think the cessation or reduction of stealing from others to give to “me” is somehow “abusive”. And how true that once people start receiving stolen money they began to feel entitled to it. That warped mindset was so perfectly portrayed in an Al Capone movie with Kevin Costner in which Al Capone became absolutely indignant when he was confronted about breaking the law. People truly do become animals when they live outside of proper morals.

  • Greg

    Mr Carpenter – I responded to your message but have done a lot of soul searching over the weekend and discovered there is another answer to your questions. I consider Christians, as a collective group, to be the stupidest people on earth. It will be very difficult to summarize the reasons in a short blog but overall I am embarrassed and appalled at what is done in the name of Christ:

    Christians tell people God loves them as though that is going to turn them to repentance. Of course God loves us – he sent his son to die “for the world” – but he hated Esau. We only become his children when we believe in Jesus Christ. He loves those who follow his laws. We are Jesus’ friends when we follow the commands he gave us. He who is faithful to the end will be saved. That is Biblical. Repentance comes from fear of the Lord, just like the schoolyard bully who does not stop bullying until he understands the principal will make it hard for him to sit down. Hell awaits the sinner but the stupid current Christian message causes people to conclude that this love, love, loving God surely won’t send them to hell.

    Christians tell people to get saved because God has a wonderful plan for their lives, yet our savior was hated and despised and brutally murdered by those he healed and fed. Every one of our savior’s disciples was murdered or exiled as were many of the apostles. Jesus told us that if we follow him we too will be hated and be outcasts because we become enemies of the world when we convict them of their sin, yet the current moronic Christian message is that people should expect nothing but thrills and spills and good times when we “invite Jesus into our heart”.

    We state that God created the world and tell of the amazing miracles, including the expectation that he will resurrect our dead, rotted bodies and we will spend eternity in heaven with him, yet most Christians deny that God can keep his word pure for us and that he really meant what he says in the book that he provided for us to know him. Therefore, many things God called sin and abomination are accepted based on feelings or based on books that were written to tell us what God really meant.

    Why are Christians, as a group, so stupid? Is it any wonder that most of the world considers Christianity to be a joke? Is it any wonder that Christ is going to tell most “Christians” to depart from him because he never knew them? Is it not despicable for our churches to be lying to people with this false gospel that they believe is going to spare them from hell?

  • Greg

    Buy American – thanks for the post. Mostly good but you failed to read Ezekiel 16:50. It is a gross distortion of God’s word to imply that homosexuality was not the reason for the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Undoubtedly there were other sins committed as well because all people sin and persons who are caught up in that ultimate perversion and rebellion against God will be more prone to other sins. People who are locked into that perverted bondage need to know the truth and implying that homosexuality was not the stench that led to the destruction is misleading.

  • Mr Carpenter

    Greg, I only wish you well, not damnation. If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t banter with you via this method.

    First, I want to apologize if you think I have been too harsh with you. I simply thought you were yet another anti-christian and realize my error (because you used the term “our savior”).

    You have some very interesting viewpoints, as does Buys American, and I have to agree with many of them. However, don’t just pinpoint Americans as “stupid” because after all, Christ himself compared humanity to sheep when he was on earth – and sheep are nearly the stupidest animals in the animal kingdom, I think!

    Please do, both of you, look deeper though. While many people (not just in America) are shallow “christians” it can be harmful to put too much stock into how you perceive others without having a bit of charity (love) while doing so.

    As for false-teachers, they are many and yes, they are leading many astray – and wow, will they be the sorriest individuals in the universe “later on”.

    The whole, real church is growing – but interestingly (just as in the past) it is growing fastest where it is persecuted (and you are right, Christ never said life in the Way would be a bowl of cherries – quite the opposite). Christian converts are genuinely coming to faith in China, Vietnam, all over Africa and even in the middle east, and here in the states, the larger anti-Christ “traditions” are losing members hand over fist while small evangelical churches and home churches are gaining ground all the time. I also am personally of the opinion that smaller churches of about 75 or fewer, are more effective because of how human beings interact in groups larger than that (not well, generally). The church should be a local community, and no, not every dot, jot and iota of understanding about the Bible will be agreed upon by people even within any local church, never mind in different cultures. Thankfully for us, we can see the example of the individual churches in the time just after the ascention of Christ, and can realize that the model of one “main” church with control levers in Rome, was not intended by Christ as the Way (if you’ll pardon the pun). Martin Luther (initially unintentionally) and others such as Menno Simmons and others started this correction in Christianity some 500 years ago. It seems we are in need of pulling the western church ship of state out of the water and cleaning off the barnicles again, so to speak…

    Do I think God could be judging the US (and western sillivization)? Certainly it is possible, but I don’t pretend to know the mind of God. However, it’d be the height of arrogance to believe that we as a people are “so special” as to not be held accountable for our collective behavior (as a nation). Perhaps these events are a wake-up call, or perhaps the fascist regime in Washington has been intentionally allowed by God in order to indirectly grow the church (see the above comment about how Christianity usually grows best, where it is persecuted). The ignorant would say “what kind of god do you have who would do that” – but they would not be understanding the differences between just and unjust punishment, or even allowing a beloved to find out the hard way the consequences of their actions (also known in parenting circles as “tough love”, particularly useful on willful children and especially teens).

    When did the collapse of our civilization start? Perhaps 1789, when the Masons took over the fledgling colonies (it was a coup). Perhaps 1861 when Lincoln the tyrant took office (he who jailed his critics without trial). It could be 1913 when banksters stole the financial aspect of our nation via CON-gress, in the enactment of the Federal Reserve (which is neither). It could be in 1933 when Roosevelt took office. It could be in 1947 when the National Security Act came about

    It could be when the pill was first marketed, allowing sexual promiscuity a new opening, 1961. It could be when mass-murder of pre-born infants was “legalized”, 1973. You get the picture.

    The bottom line is that this nation is not what it should be, the church is not what it should be and we live on an imperfect globe. Otherwise, if it were not so, we would have no need to Christ coming to save as much humanity as is willing to follow Him, by His being born, dying on the cross as a sacrifice for our sins and exhorting us to follow Him.

    God bless.

  • Greg

    Thanks Mr C. Your comments helped me to understand myself better and we are ideally iron sharpening iron as brothers in Christ. My entire motivation is that the church not only reach the lost but that the church not lead the lost down a path that makes them believe they will have eternity with Christ in heaven, only to hear those most horrific words possible from the Lord. If people choose to go to hell after knowing the truth that is their decision and I respect their free will. False “Christian” preaching that leads people to hell is the ultimate tragedy that breaks my heart. The truth may be hated by the world but they will hate the consequences of lies much worse.

  • Qwurky1

    I would like to point out that unemployment benefits are paid from a fund that the employer, not the government, pays into starting on the employee’s first day of work. It is not a handout, but is every worker’s right, and is not “welfare.” People who say so either have cushy government jobs that are overpaid and impossible to get laid off from, or have never had to work a day in their lives. The money is already in the fund for the ex-employee, although you still have to jump through all the hoops in a guilt-inducing simulation of applying for welfare… this is because whatever funds are not used by the laid off worker go back to the employer, so they have lobbied and lobbied and gotten it to be the most humiliating and frustrating system possible. People simply stop caring and give up. Also… why is it all of these rich christian conservatives seem to have it out for the poor? I seem to remember Jesus didn’t have much of a problem with them, and said “it is as easy for a rich man to enter heaven as for a rope to pass through the eye of a needle.” Christians without compassion… sigh… try reading that book you keep thumping your fist on.

  • Greg

    Qwurky1 – if you are going to condemn people for not adhering to the Bible you would come across better if you did not butcher it while using it to hit us with. Your illogic regarding unemployment is baffling. The employer is taxed for unemployment and that tax money, like all taxes, goes into the general fund, then it is given out by the government. It is only a “right” because the government has wrongly forced employers to pay that tax and then employers are taxed again, heavily, when there are claims against the employer for unemployment claims. Lack of claims may prevent an increase in future unemployment taxes for the employer but they do not result in payback to the employer.