Apocalyptic Drone Footage Shows Giant Cracks In The Earth On Japan’s Southern Island

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2016 Kumamoto Earthquakes - Photo By Hideki KimuraThe drone footage that you are about to see is absolutely jaw-dropping.  When I first watched it, I could hardly believe the extent of the devastation that has taken place on Japan’s southern island.  Near the end of last week, a magnitude 6.5 earthquake was quickly followed by a magnitude 7.3 earthquake just 28 hours later.  Those earthquakes made headlines all over the globe, but at first glance those numbers don’t really look that big.  So why was there such tremendous damage?  Well, it turns out that those two major quakes worked in conjunction with more than 600 smaller quakes to cause historic devastation all across Kyushu.  As you are about to see, giant fissures have opened up in the ground right along a fault line that runs directly across Japan’s southern island, and this has a lot of people extremely alarmed.


Once a major disaster falls out of the news, the rest of the world tends to forget about it, but for those on Kyushu this crisis is far from over.  Authorities are still scrambling to rescue those that have been stranded by the recent earthquakes, and at this point it is a race against time

Survivors of a series of Japanese quakes are struggling with food and water shortages with rescuers digging through mud and rubble for the missing.

Two major earthquakes and about 600 smaller tremors have rocked the south-western island of Kyushu since late Thursday, leaving a total of 46 people dead and more than 1,000 injured, 208 of them seriously.

Many who abandoned their damaged or destroyed homes have had to sleep in temporary accommodation, huddle in makeshift shelters or sleep in their cars, and local media have reported problems in delivering food and other essentials.

In a previous article that I posted a few days ago, I shared a map from the USGS that showed all of the significant earthquakes on Kyushu over the previous week.  As you can see, they formed something of a straight line right across the island…

Kyushu Earthquakes

Earlier today, I went to the USGS website once again and pulled up all of the significant earthquakes on Kyushu over the past week.  So the following map contains the most updated information for the past seven days, and once again we see essentially the exact same formation…

Kyushu Earthquakes April 20

All of these earthquakes have been happening along a major fault line, and there is speculation that Japan’s southern island of Kyushu may be starting to break apart along that fault line.

Of course this kind of thing has happened a lot in the history of our planet, but nobody is quite sure what that might mean for Kyushu.

Are we witnessing the beginning of a process that could take decades to complete, or could it be possible that things might unfold much, much faster than that?

The reason why I shared all of this with you first is so that you can put the following footage in proper context.  This apocalyptic drone footage that you are about to see from Kyushu was all filmed along this fault line.  In all of my days, I have never seen anything quite like this

Some of the shots in the video look like they come straight out of a Hollywood disaster movie.  The truth is that the damage that has been done is a whole lot more serious than the numbers “6.5” and “7.3” suggest.  The geography of Japan’s southern island is being fundamentally altered, and this is going to have dramatic consequences for millions of ordinary Japanese citizens.

And of course what is happening in Japan is just part of the great shaking that we have seen all over the planet in recent weeks.  This was the primary topic for the latest episode of our new television show that you can view for free right here

Unfortunately, the shaking has not stopped.  Just within the past 24 hours, we have seen major earthquakes around the world with magnitudes of 5.4, 6.1, 5.1, 5.8, 5.3 and 5.8.

Most of the big earthquakes that we have witnessed in recent weeks have been along the Ring of Fire which roughly encircles the Pacific Ocean.  Approximately 90 percent of all global earthquakes and approximately 75 percent of all global volcanic eruptions each year occur along the Ring of Fire, and many scientists are becoming extremely alarmed that it is becoming much more seismically active once again.

Of course the west coast of the United States sits directly along the Ring of Fire, and experts tell us that the San Andreas Fault and the Cascadia Subduction Zone are both way overdue for a major earthquake.

In addition, Mt. Rainier and a whole host of other once active volcanoes are located along the west coast as well.  Even a single major eruption would cause tremendous chaos, death and devastation, and fragile financial markets would likely crash very hard all over the world.

So what has been happening in Japan and Ecuador and other places along the Ring of Fire has tremendous implications for those of us living in the United States.

Let us pray that the shaking starts to settle down, but let us also be prepared for what might happen if it doesn’t.

*About the author: Michael Snyder is the founder and publisher of End Of The American Dream. Michael’s controversial new book about Bible prophecy entitled “The Rapture Verdict” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on Amazon.com.*

  • David

    and over 1,000 lbs of hot nuclear fuel under fukushima has nothing to do with these earthquakes?

    • JF

      That was northern Japan – this is southern.

      • David

        yes you are correct. but that much nuclear fuel scorching the earth underneath the ground can’t be a good thing.

    • Rhialto the Marvellous

      Earthquakes are caused by tectonic plates in the earth’s crust which are constantly in motion.

  • iris

    Praying for all of the victims and their families and friends in Equador and Japan, and hoping that rescue and relief measures are being ramped up in both areas. Major geologic changes can happen over hundreds to thousands of years, or within a few seconds. I think these geologic events bear witness to the veracity of Biblical accounts of the Earth’s physical history and catastrophic events which are recorded there.

  • K

    If you look at a map of Japan. You will notice very large bays, and even an inland sea. I think you are about to see a second inland sea.

  • Undecider

    Just in. Earthquakes are a new phenomenon. Something we should get very excited about.

    • Jim Davis

      Michael doesn’t have a lot of economic catastrophism in the news, so he’s playing up plate tectonic events. Which is kind of strange since fundamentalists think the earth is 10000 years old, so the plate movements can’t possibly be real!

      • shadows_edge

        Or it could be the fact that it has a biblical standing. One that mike is very much aware of. But I would’t expect people to make that conection since people don’t fallow his writing and interviews on other platforms.

    • jaxon64

      An apocalypse, translated literally from Greek, is a disclosure of knowledge, i.e., a lifting of the veil or revelation. In religious contexts it is usually a disclosure of something hidden.
      Hollywood ( and fear pushers)love to use apocalypse to mean ” its the end of the world !!!!”

      • Pat

        Thanks jaxon64. I believe you are correct in your Greek. The Apocalypse is a period of time when Jesus will lift the veil – at least for a moment – according to the real mystics. From that point forward (after the days specified – approx. 3.5 years or less) and all the “pour-over” anger of God, there will be an elemental change – i.e. after the flood – elemental change (no more contact with humans and Nephilim); and after Jesus (the God-man) came and redeemed the human creature – there was another elemental change. Now the third and final. This hidden information is currently being disclosed by some quiet, saintly people chosen by Jesus to carry the information into the world. At the END OF TIME, there will be another elemental change – namely hydrogen in the all the elements will be re-ordered and this whole show will melt…..I guess I’m glad I’m not going to be on earth for that one….God bless – when the veil lifts, all of us will know exactly how our Creator sees each of us and what He thinks….some people just are not going to live through this event….even more so than natural disasters – it is said that it will be worldwide.

  • shadows_edge

    No one has made the conection to the bible and jesus teachings. Or the return of the nephilim or giants. Who are said to return from beneath the earth via earth quakes and volcanos.

    • P>Hopkins

      Ummm….where did you get that?

  • jsmith

    I pray for the Japanese people. Not only have they been hit economically, and then the Fukushima disaster, and now this. I also pray for the people of Ecuador and for ourselves here in California. We here are all in the “Ring of Fire” and are not immune to earthquakes.

  • Kim

    Sad. It’s always the little peeps that suffer.

  • Guest

    Well despite the given definition of “apocalyptic” below, to call these images apocalyptic is a little stretch. Looks bad, I’ll give you that, but to say this apocalyptic as in “run for the hills the worlds about to end” is a stretch of the imagination. Earthquake happened, the plates shifted and now there’s a crack. Mudslides covered the hills, that’s it. If this is “apocalyptic” and less than 30 died then what are we going to call it when it’s a truly apocalyptic event? But hey, sure makes the description sound very very very bad…and yet I was disappointed with the lack of “apocalyptic” damage in the video.
    Overall, weak and inappropriate description of the video. I hate to say but this almost qualifies as typical media fear mongering.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Rodan is waking up. Godzilla is coming!

  • P>Hopkins

    I don’t think this sort of thing is going to stop. in fact, I’d bet that its only going to increase in frequency and intensity.

  • P>Hopkins

    Is that true? I have never heard that

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