Americans Have Never Been More Overweight Then They Are Now – New Survey Finds 40% Of U.S. Adults Are Obese

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Americans have never needed to lose weight more than they do right now.  According to brand new numbers that were just released by the National Center For Health Statistics, nearly 40 percent of all U.S. adults are now officially obese.  That is an all-time record.  And as you will see below, more than 70 percent of us are officially overweight.  Of course most of the population does not even understand what is being done to them.  The elite that own our major food corporations know that eating heavily processed foods is a highway to heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other deadly diseases, but they keep pushing those foods on us anyway.  The average American diet is extremely self-destructive, and it is time for a change.


If we do not change, our “obesity epidemic” will continue to grow even worse.  The following comes from CNN

The United States will not be escaping the obesity epidemic crisis anytime soon: Nearly 40% of adults and 19% of youth are obese, the highest rate the country has ever seen in all adults, according to research released Friday by the National Center for Health Statistics.

Since 1999, there has been a staggering rise in the prevalence of obesity, particularly in adults, without any “signs of it slowing down,” according to the study’s lead researcher, Dr. Craig Hales, medical epidemiologist at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

1999 was not that long ago.

And of course people were definitely talking about an “obesity epidemic” back then, but now it has gotten much, much worse.  In fact, researchers say that adult obesity and youth obesity have both risen by at least 30 percent since that time…

What is “very striking” about this information is that there has been a 30% increase in adult obesity and 33% increase in youth obesity from 1999-2000 data to 2015-16, despite government-focused efforts to address the issue, according to Michael W. Long, assistant professor at the Milken Institute of School Public Health at George Washington University.

So how do you know if you are obese?

It is not as simple as just looking in the mirror.  According to health authorities, if you have a body mass index over 30 you are obese, and a recent WHO report discovered that childhood obesity has risen “more than tenfold over the past four decades”

Obesity is medically defined as having a body-mass index of more than 30. The findings on obese kids in the U.S. comes on top of this week’s World Health Organization report that childhood obesity is soaring around the world, increasing more than tenfold over the past four decades.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why this is happening.  As the world economy has become globalized, the major food manufacturers are getting their garbage into the hands of more and more people.  Today, billions of people all over the planet are eating nutritionally-empty foods that are packed with all sorts of ingredients that humans simply should not be eating.

We are literally digging our own graves with our forks and our spoons.  According to this brand new report from the National Center For Health Statistics, at this point more than 70 percent of us “are either overweight or obese”

Overall, 70.7 percent of Americans are either overweight or obese, meaning that an unhealthy weight has become the norm, with normal weight Americans — a BMI of less than 25 — now in the minority.

That means that less than 30 percent of the population is at a healthy weight right now.

So what is the solution?

Going “on a diet” is not the answer.  Any short-term changes that you make are ultimately going to be futile if you don’t make long-term changes to your eating patterns.

If you really would like to have a healthier future, some major changes will be necessary.  Here are just a few tips to help get you started…

-Get as much sugar and high fructose corn syrup out of your diet as possible.  A great place to start is by getting rid of sodas and other sugary drinks.  My wife and I will have a soda when we go out to eat as a treat, but we don’t have any in our refrigerator at home.

-Try to start eliminating heavily processed foods from your diet.  This can be very difficult to do, because most of us have become quite accustomed to eating what the large food manufacturers offer us.

-Start shopping in the organic section of your local supermarket if you can afford to do so.  Organic food manufacturers often offer similar versions of what the large food manufacturers make, but the ingredients are far superior.

-Incorporate as much fresh produce into your diet as possible.  As humans, we are supposed to be eating a plant-based diet, but most of us have gotten very far away from that ideal.

-Make exercise a regular part of your daily life.  A sedentary lifestyle kills, and those that live active lifestyles often find that they can stay active well into their golden years.

If we don’t change our ways, the cost of treating obesity-related illnesses is going to threaten to overwhelm our healthcare system.  It is being reported that our obesity epidemic is already costing us 190 billion dollars a year

The consequences of the obesity epidemic are devastating: High blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and stroke are not only killing millions of Americans annually — the obesity epidemic is also a humongous burden on the American health care system, making up $190 billion a year in weight-related medical bills.

As long as we keep eating what they offer us, the major food manufacturers are going to keep doing what they have always done.

So it is up to us to make the changes that are necessary, and this is a battle that we simply cannot afford to lose.

Michael Snyder is a Republican candidate for Congress in Idaho’s First Congressional District, and you can learn how you can get involved in the campaign on his official website. His new book entitled “Living A Life That Really Matters” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on

  • Joel W

    We can thank sedentary lifestyles and following conventional nutritional ‘wisdom’ and especially the low-fat/high-carb lies for that. Thanks USDA, or who ever makes the stupid food guide pyramid. People gots to have their sugar & wheat. Good luck with that stuff. And then people wonder why the have diabetes. And then continue eating the same garbage that caused it in the first place. Why make lifestyle & dietary changes when you can pop a pill or inject some insulin instead. Diabetes (Type 2) is more than manageable, it is absolutely curable/reversible WITHOUT toxic pharmaceuticals.

    • MEP325

      Yes, you are correct. I was prediabetic with blood sugar of nearly 200 and I’ve brought it down to almost 100 in 8 months by lifestyle changes and supplements (berberine, omega 3s) I restrict my carbs to 100 grams a day and eliminated all refined sugar and fruit juices. I cook with California Extra Virgin Oil and load up my salads with the stuff. I use mineral-rich salt to flavor my food. I eat animal protein and animal fat liberally. My acid reflux is almost gone and I’ve lost weight and no longer suffer from sleep apnea. I had to make a choice between suffering in misery but still drinking and eating garbage to really taking the bull by the horns and making permanent lifestyle changes.

      • Joel W

        Well let me start with saying congrats for fixing the problem and kudos for taking your health seriously once it was absolutely necessary. 100 lbs in 8 months is pretty impressive. Personally, once I started discovering the real truth of things, I immediately took the necessary steps to avoid having those problems down the road. Was thinking long term. Its tough at times, as I am certain you are well aware of. But worth it in the long run. And I would think being dead is a bit tougher than dietary restrictions. Note of interest, just in case you were unaware. When cooking with EVO, watch the temperature, as per my understanding it has a moderately high smoke point, but ya don’t want to go too hot. Sure you probably know that, but just in case. Lard and tallow work great for high heat applications. And I suggest trying Virgin Avocado oil if you never have. Very nice, almost nutty flavor. Green as grass and thick as motor oil.

        • iris

          and organic cold pressed naturally refined coconut oil, just about the highest in medium chain fatty acids, which is good for the brain and nervous system. It has a burning point of about 400 degrees, too. A tablespoon and an least an apple a day, will help to keep the doctor away. There is proof too, that people who eat higher fiber diets have less problems losing and keeping weight off, not to mention the benefits of fiber for the gut. Besides, it’s fun to chew your food instead of inhale it.

          • Joel W

            Oh yikes. Forgot about that one. Eat that daily. Guess it slipped my mind because I was thinking of what to use for cooking, as I don’t cook with it. Just a spoonful cold daily or make chocolate fat bombs with it. And toothpaste. Good call.

          • Joel W

            Oh just thought of it. Did you possibly mean unrefined instead of refined? Cuz personally I use unrefined. Just curious.

          • iris

            I like the unrefined, but it’s so strong on the coconut taste side (which I love) that it’s more difficult to cook with. If one gets the naturally refined instead of the harsher method, the good stuff is largely retained, but the taste is almost neutral.

            I agree with most of the comments above, too. We don’t have to cut out animal products, personally, I don’t think we should, but the key is balance, no dextrose if at all possible, and plenty of fiber, along with reduction of caloric intake to a healthy level and moderate, consistent exercise. If one does all that most of the time, they’re going to see great results. The fad diets are bogus. I know, I used to be 50 lbs overweight as a teenager, at only 5’2″. I came from an obese family, so it took me years to find out what normal eating was and what my normal appearance should be, but by God’s grace, I got there.

          • Joel W

            Amen to that. And congrats to getting all inline health wise.

            As for the coconut oil, I also forgot about that version of the oil until you mentioned it. And was just checking if the ‘refined’ was typo or not. As previously mentioned, I only eat it raw, so love that coconut goodness, but can see not wanting that flavor in everything.

            Anyway, stay strong, stay healthy. God bless.

          • iris

            Thanks and God bless you, too, Joel!

        • MEP325

          Let me correct a misunderstanding. I brought my blood sugar down almost 100 points, not 100 lbs. Although I have lost some weight as well and continue to do so. As for the smoke point of olive oil, my understanding is since it’s mostly monounsaturated fats, it’s stability is quite resistant to high heat. But I know there are different views on it.

          • Joel W

            !00 point on the glucose is still impressive, IMO. And I would assume keep doing what ya been doing and the weight will keep shedding as well. Sounds like you got what works for you figured out. Don’t let the carb-addicted distract or discourage you. As for the EVO, yea honestly I have never found a true consensus on the cooking aspect either. It does have a relatively high smoke point, but to be on the safe side, since I’m not monitoring temps on the stove, I only use it cold/room temp. I tend to get OCD-ish with things like this at times. I guess just don’t deep fry with EVO is a good way to look at it. And I just love the flavor of a good olive oil at room temp. I just eat a spoonful by itself sometimes. For me though, I just prefer the flavor animal fats give to food when cooked in it, especially bacon grease with my eggs. Yum yum gimme some. Haha. And speaking of those glorious animal juices, I recently bought some ghee for the first time. Officially a fan of that. Buttery goodness and high temp stable.

            Bottom line, so glad the truth is out about canola/corn/cottonseed/etc oils. Unfortunately, I just can’t convince friends and other loved ones of this. I get told quite often my diet is gonna kill me early and that I’m crazy for eating a high fat diet and cooking with animal fats and whatnot. Ironically, I’m under 10% body fat usually, and I get told this by friends who are definitely on the overweight side. Cognitive dissonance is a bigger killer than anything.

  • MEP325

    “As humans, we are supposed to be eating a plant-based diet, but most of us have gotten very far away from that ideal.”

    Utter nonsense. Our primitive ancestors survived and thrived off of ANIMAL FLESH AND ANIMAL ORGANS. They ate what plants they came across but they didn’t live solely off of plants. While vegetables are nutritious and healthy, they do not provide full sustenance the human body needs. Protein and healthy fats (including saturated fats) are essential for the human body, and are also necessary for all kinds of functions in the body.

    The thing that has caused the slew of modern diseases like diabetes, stroke and heart disease are REFINED CARBOHYDRATES AND SUGAR. The human body is not designed for large amounts of carbohydrates and sugars.

    • Joel W

      I always laugh at the assertion that humans never ate meat until the meat lobby or whatever boogey man is used. As if people like the Inuits & Nordic tribes were picking apples all year round in arctic climates. But liars lie and vegans seem to have cognitive deficiencies from the lack of fats ie brain food. But you know, animal holocaust and feelings or something just as silly.

      • MEP325

        “Vegans seem to have cognitive deficiencies from lack of fats i.e. brain food”

        Well said, sir. The brain needs fats to function correctly. Plenty of scientific research has proven this.

        • Joel W

          Research aside, and there is a good amount of it to back this whole thing up, its known and has been known for a long time the brain is composed mainly of saturated fat, along with various other fats. Should not be too hard to put 2 and 2 together on that one. And although it is only one study, it was a long term study of 20 years I believe, comparing vegans & meat eaters. This study determined there is literally measurable cognitive decline in long term vegans.

          In addition to this, their avoidance of cholesterol and consuming soy products like it is the savior of humanity has its own issues. Cholesterol is one of the building block of proper hormonal production and regulation, and soy is loaded with xenoestrogen chemicals (estrogen mimicking). More explanation of their behavior. Personally I sometimes enjoy clowning on vegans, even friends, but it is actually sad what they are doing to themselves. And it all based on feelings (hormonal issues). There is virtually zero, or maybe zero, clinical evidence that a vegan diet is better, or even healthy at all. So many vitamins and minerals, some of which are absolutely essential (B-12 is one I believe) that just cannot not be gotten without animal products or adding supplements. While a simple chicken egg has pretty much everything one can need in it. In a nice convenient package as well.

          • MEP325

            Every vegan that I have known looks sickly and malnourished. One particular girl I knew was always getting infections and was always sick. She had no immunity. She eventually developed some kind of intestinal disorder and the doctors told her she was killing herself. And when she introduced protein into her diet, what ya know, she began recovering.

          • Joel W

            Ain’t that the truth. Personally, I only know one vegan who looks healthy, and very healthy at that. Not sure what she does, or maybe she isn’t strict anymore (lacto-ovo vegetarian would be my guess). Only see her once every year or so, and diet doesn’t come up. Other than her, they all look like heroin addicts (fat/protein deficiency, along with B-12 I am certain) or are actually obese (starch and other bad carb overload probably). I would think the soy overload effects a lot of it too. The xenoestrogens seem to make male vegans into waif-y little girls and would assume that could contribute to overweight female vegans as well. But can’t tell them anything. They ‘know’ its the healthiest thing in the world, regardless of zero clinical proof. Why should I believe my own eyes over their unsubstantiated ‘facts’ and of course, feelings. After all, I’m just the Adolf of the Animal Holocaust who is gonna die next year from heart failure, ignoring the fact that I exercise regularly (they do not) and am no more than 10% body fat. Again, feelings. Haha.

    • 4K

      You are correct! Besse Cooper, age 116, ate meat from her own farm.
      Another person who lived to 114 ate fish all the time.

      Another story says oldest living person credits longevity to raw eggs, independence.

      The plant-based diet is hogwash. What’s important is calorie restriction & try to eat mostly alkaline.

    • Paul Patriot

      Humans were originally vegetarians, and greens are still a necessity in your diet.

      It was not until the “fall” that things changed, and after the flood, humans were no longer vegetarians.

      • MEP325

        After the flood, yes humans became meat eaters but I was not going back that far. I did point out that greens are a nutritious addition to one’s diet. The point I made is humans are not suited for plant foods only. It’s a good way to starve out your body of essential proteins and fats.

    • JAY

      Bingo – vegans – PC diet – dip sticks….

  • greanfinisher .

    I’m 5’6″ in stature, and my average weight is 145 lbs. However, my optimum weight would be 136 lbs.

  • DJohn1

    Sugar is more addictive than heroin. And it is laced into almost every processed food that we eat. How would we feel if someone put heroin in all your food products?
    Try eliminating every food with sugar in it and you might just starve!
    Read the labels before you buy. That glass of milk could have 14 grams per serving.
    Another thing is Monosodium Glumate. The food industry attempts to put that substance in just about everything in the grocery store except possibly the foods in the produce department.
    Type Two diabetes is rampant in this country effecting almost 1/3 of the population right now. And those two substances under any variety of names for the later are the cause.
    Lab sugar is even worse. But the primary substance is various forms of Corn Sugars.
    We have a Food and Drug administration. It has failed big time. Since the 1950s they have a really bad history. The guy that approved lab sugar in sofa pop retired and became vice president at one of the involved soda pop companies. Can you say conflict of interest? No one prosecuted.
    Recently the insulin based treatment was failing big time in my own case. Had several readings off the scale of 600. Had to be on two types of really expensive insulin to even bring it down to a reasonable 200 plus.That is not exactly reasonable.
    I quit drinking pop years ago. I do drink loads of tea.
    After reading about it I found an answer for me. It is still doing an excellent job.
    It is entirely natural.
    Before every meal I drink either Apple or Wine Vinegar. Just one or two teaspoons. I quit regular milk altogether and switched to Coconut milk unsweetened. The results in my case were immediate. I still take a little insulin whenever it goes over 200. But last night I hit a low of 113.
    I am gradually changing my entire diet.
    I blame the Food Administration.

  • Anita

    I definitely disagree that we as humans are supposed to be on a plant based diet. All through human history, there has never been a society that thrived and reproduced through several generations on a vegan diet. This has been debunked several times over. I do agree that it is the junk in our diet, among other things, that is killing us. The food God gave us is perfect if we will eat it in the form he gave it to us. When I realized that I was dying from the modern diet, I made a radical change in lifestyle and became a self sufficient farmer, producing most of my own food. The biggest positive factor was getting my own milk cow so I had my own raw milk. I also cut out sugar/unnatural sweets, wheat, corn, peanuts. I drink unlimited raw cream and milk. Without trying, by doing those things, I dropped 30 pounds. I am still classified as obese, I would have to loose 40 more pounds to be out of the obese range according to the charts. I pray to God I am never that small, because I would look very sick and feel even sicker. The charts do not account for everyone’s bone structure. It would basically require me developing an eating disorder and allow an obsession with loosing weight to dominate my life. Keep in mind, I am a self sufficient farmer. I buck bales of hay, milk a cow, and do any number of other assorted farm duties daily. I must keep my energy and strength up to be able to keep up this activity level. I am happy with my life and my daily activities. I am able to maintain the things I love. I run in the fields and enjoy God creation daily. I refuse to allow some man made chart somewhere to tell me that I should be unhappy with how God made me.

  • Blue Eyed Guy

    Just look at how there’s a Starbucks on every street corner. They always have lines and people don’t realize their coffee has more sugar in it than any soda.

  • Kay

    I just came across this article. I’m posting quite a while since the article first came out, but, for what it’s worth, I’ll post this anyway. I live in Scandinavia, and spend several months with family in the US each year. I am in my mid-60’s, but am very active and pretty physically fit for my age. I am not vegan. My diet in the States is pretty close to what I’d eat back home, yet I have noticed I tend to gain a few pounds here, and, I often feel somewhat bloated and uncomfortable during my visits. When I get back home, the weight goes down and I don’t feel so uncomfortable in my stomach and intestinal area. I have to wonder if “they” put something in the food here. I have friends in America who are a bit heavy for their size, and I SEE that they don’t overeat — yet, they gain weight easily which they have difficulty losing! I do agree that there is over-eating going on for many– but it’s not always the case, it seems. Is it something in the food or the way it’s processed or preserved? Interesting…..But one thing is for sure, and I hate to say it, but I feel much healthier back home than I do here.