America Was Founded As A Christian Nation By Christians That Believed That The Bible Is The Word Of God

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One of the reasons why America has gotten so far off track is because most of the population has forgotten that our founders intended our country to be a Christian nation with laws based upon the principles found in the Word of God. The other day I encouraged my readers “to look into why our founders came to this country in the first place, what they believed was most important in life, and how they viewed the world”, and this is precisely what I was talking about. The United States was founded by waves of Christian immigrants from Europe, and these were people that took their faith extremely seriously. These days there are so many people running around saying that we should “get back to the Constitution”, but the Constitution itself was based upon the laws, values and principles in the Bible. If we truly want to get back to the way that our founders intended this country to run, we have no choice but to get back to the Bible.


I know that there are a lot of “liberals” out there that would like to angrily deny that America was founded as a Christian nation.

But facts are facts, and nobody can deny that virtually everyone that came to this continent in the early days was a Christian. The following comes from an outstanding piece by Dr. Mark David Hall

In order to answer the question “Did America have a Christian Founding?” properly, we must first understand it. Let us begin by considering what, exactly, would constitute a Christian Founding?

One possibility is simply that the Founders identified themselves as Christians. Clearly, they did. In 1776, every European American, with the exception of about 2,500 Jews, identified himself or herself as a Christian. Moreover, approximately 98 percent of the colonists were Protestants, with the remaining 1.9 percent being Roman Catholics.

Originally there were 13 colonies, and those 13 colonies were governed by laws that were very closely based on the Bible. In fact, sometimes large portions of Biblical text were incorporated directly into the statutes

Early colonial laws and constitutions such as the Mayflower Compact, the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, and Massachusetts Body of Liberties are filled with such language—and in some cases, they incorporate biblical texts wholesale. Perhaps more surprisingly, tolerant, Quaker Pennsylvania was more similar to Puritan New England than many realize. The Charter of Liberties and Frame of Government of the Province of Pennsylvania (1681) begins by making it clear that God has ordained government, and it even quotes Romans 13 to this effect. Article 38 of the document lists “offenses against God” that may be punished by the magistrate, including:

swearing, cursing, lying, profane talking, drunkenness, drinking of healths, obscene words, incest, sodomy…stage-plays, cards, dice, May-games, gamesters, masques, revels, bull-baiting, cock-fighting, bear-baiting, and the like, which excite the people to rudeness, cruelty, looseness, and irreligion….[11]

An extensive survey of early colonial constitutions and laws reveals many similar provisions. As well, at least nine of the 13 colonies had established churches, and all required officeholders to be Christians—or, in some cases, Protestants. Quaker Pennsylvania, for instance, expected officeholders to be “such as possess faith in Jesus Christ.”

Perhaps you think that such laws are unduly harsh. But thanks to such laws the colonies did not have the same sorts of problems that plague us today. They didn’t have rampant street crime, tens of millions of citizens addicted to drugs and alcohol, and more than a hundred million citizens with sexually-transmitted diseases like we do.

This nation was founded by people that lived out their faith on a day to day basis. It was the essence of who they were, and it influenced literally every decision that they made.

I would like to share with you a list of quotes from early American leaders that show that these were Christian men that believed that the Bible is the Word of God. All of these quotes were pulled from the Wall Builders website, and as you can see they are pretty powerful…

George Washington (first president of the United States): You do well to wish to learn our arts and ways of life, and above all, the religion of Jesus Christ. These will make you a greater and happier people than you are.”

John Adams (second president of the United States): “The general principles on which the fathers achieved independence were the general principles of Christianity. I will avow that I then believed, and now believe, that those general principles of Christianity are as eternal and immutable as the existence and attributes of God.”

James Madison (fourth president of the United States): “A watchful eye must be kept on ourselves lest, while we are building ideal monuments of renown and bliss here, we neglect to have our names enrolled in the Annals of Heaven.”

John Quincy Adams (sixth president of the United States): “The hope of a Christian is inseparable from his faith. Whoever believes in the Divine inspiration of the Holy Scriptures must hope that the religion of Jesus shall prevail throughout the earth. Never since the foundation of the world have the prospects of mankind been more encouraging to that hope than they appear to be at the present time. And may the associated distribution of the Bible proceed and prosper till the Lord shall have made “bare His holy arm in the eyes of all the nations, and all the ends of the earth shall see the salvation of our God” [Isaiah 52:10].”

Samuel Adams: “I conceive we cannot better express ourselves than by humbly supplicating the Supreme Ruler of the world . . . that the confusions that are and have been among the nations may be overruled by the promoting and speedily bringing in the holy and happy period when the kingdoms of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ may be everywhere established, and the people willingly bow to the scepter of Him who is the Prince of Peace.”

John Hancock: “Sensible of the importance of Christian piety and virtue to the order and happiness of a state, I cannot but earnestly commend to you every measure for their support and encouragement.”

Patrick Henry: “Being a Christian… is a character which I prize far above all this world has or can boast.”

John Jay: “Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty as well as the privilege and interest of our Christian nation, to select and prefer Christians for their rulers.”

George Mason: “I give and bequeath my soul to Almighty God that gave it me, hoping that through the meritorious death and passion of our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ to receive absolution and remission for all my sins.”

Daniel Webster: “[T]he Christian religion – its general principles – must ever be regarded among us as the foundation of civil society.”

Noah Webster: “The moral principles and precepts found in the Scriptures ought to form the basis of all our civil constitutions and laws.”

Some that will read this article will raise the objection that there were a number of our founders that may have given lip service to the Christian faith but at the same time were heavily involved in secret societies such as Freemasonry.

That certainly is true, and the same thing could be said about many of our politicians today. The world of politics has always been a magnet for evil, and that will remain the case until the return of the Lord Jesus.

But in general, early America was a society that was absolutely immersed in the Word of God, and our founders were a product of that culture. I would like to share with you a short excerpt from an outstanding article by Dr. Daniel L. Dreisbach, the author of “Reading the Bible with the Founding Fathers“…

The founders, as I document in my new book “Reading the Bible with the Founding Fathers,” lived in a biblically literate society. Their many quotations from and allusions to both familiar and obscure biblical texts confirm that they knew the Bible from cover to cover. Biblical language and themes liberally seasoned their rhetoric. The phrases and intonations of the King James Bible, especially, influenced their written and spoken words. Its ideas shaped their habits of mind.

The Bible left its mark on their political culture. Legislative debates, pamphlets and political sermons of the age are replete with quotations from and allusions to the Bible. Following an extensive survey of American political literature from 1760 to 1805, political scientist Donald S. Lutz reported that the Bible was cited more frequently than any European writer or even any European school of thought, such as Enlightenment liberalism. Approximately one-third of all citations in the literature he surveyed were to the Bible. The book of Deuteronomy alone was the most frequently cited work, followed by Montesquieu’s “The Spirit of the Laws.” In fact, Deuteronomy was referenced nearly twice as often as Locke’s writings, and the Apostle Paul was mentioned about as frequently as Montesquieu.

No book influenced our founders more than the Bible did, and they succeeded in establishing the greatest republic that the world had ever seen.

If we truly wish to make America great again, why don’t we start by rediscovering what made America great in the first place?

Even at the very beginning of the Declaration of Independence our founders expressed an unshakeable commitment to their Creator…

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Like the men that founded this nation, I am proud to be called a Christian, and I am proud to say that I believe that the Bible is the Word of God.

The only hope for the future of this nation is the same faith that gave birth to this nation.

My hope is that my fellow countrymen will open their eyes to this fact before it is too late.

  • Bert

    And they hung people they thought were witches.

    • Joel W

      This, nor your other comment, were strictly American problems. It was the way of life all over the world. And even today there is slavery all over the world, minus Western nations. Mostly Africa, the Middle East & SE Asia. America did not invent slavery, but England, than America, were the first to abolish it. And there is the pesky fact of Irish slaves in America (conveniently called indentured servants), who were generally treated far worse than the African slaves. And can’t ignore who sold the African slaves into bondage. Other Africans, as well as Arabs, and financed by Jews. And do your homework and you will find there were also black slave owners in America as well (mainly in Louisiana). If you read the writings of many of the founders, they were very conflicted over slavery. They knew it was wrong, but that the way things were at the time. Slaves were always not treated as bad as people were taught. Yes there were violent slave owners, but it was not across the board. And lastly, the percentage of slave owners was so minute. Your average person could not afford them.

      Now as for witch burning, there was far less of that than people are led to believe. It was far more widespread in Europe than the colonies/America. Again, do your homework.

      ‘History’ as most are taught is replete with falsehoods, omissions and outright lies.

      • kfilly

        You say there is no slavery in the Western world. How so? I live in America. Our very own government runs a plantation of 320 million or so debt slaves.

        • Jarvis

          This is very true. I only made around 32000 last year but was taxed above 7 grand! Then there’s property taxes that must be paid every year or the police will evict us
          sales taxes that go up every other January, rising water bills, rising electric bills, rising health insurance, required by law auto insurance that keeps going up. Debt-based banker inflation. There is no end in sight!

        • Joel W

          I was speaking of chattel slavery. You know, like that has to do with the topic at hand. Debt slavery has nothing to do with this discussion. Or has nothing to do with the discussion I was having. The article is about the Founders. The original comment was obviously about chattel slavery. And my response was about chattel slavery. Debt slavery didn’t happen for about 48 years after the abolition of chattel slavery. Is that specific enough for you? Stay on topic.

          • kfilly

            Do you not think you are not actually chattel in the USA? Slaves cannot own property. What do you own? Nothing when you have to register it (vehicles), or for the privellege of “owning” it (property taxes). You are literally nothing more than a neo-fuedal serf. My original comment was 100% correct. You just have the illusion of freedom which your masters are taking away from you.

            PS-The USA became a corporation when the Act of 1871 passed. Got fascism? Yes, we do.

          • Joel W

            That is not what I am talking about. And you know it. You’re arrogance is very irritating. Of course we are debt slaves, nobody is debating that. And the date I was referring to was the enactment of the Federal Reserve. And no debt slavery is not the same as chattel slavery. We are free to move from job to job, city to city, state to state, to other nations even. Hell, one doesn’t even need to work. We can get out of being debt slaves, by going way off grid, and doing away with all material possessions. Not an easy life, but can be done. People choose to ‘own’ cars & property and such. Human slaves, in physical chains aka chattel slavery, is not the same. They did not choose to be in physical bondage. Americans are choosing to be debt slaves because most are petty, frivolous & materialistic. You are being purposefully argumentative because you obviously feel the need to prove something to somebody. You impress me not. You have told me nothing I don’r already know. Stay on topic.

        • Just look at the full-blown psychotic hysteria Joel W belches up and down his Disqus account.

          That is some serious, serious level of advanced and unmedicated mental problems he’s dealing with. Those people cannot be reasoned with.

      • You are monstrous, for no other fact than your mind came up with all of that sickness to post.

        “Irish slaves in America (conveniently called indentured servants), who were generally treated far worse than the African slaves. And can’t ignore who sold the African slaves into bondage. Other Africans[…]”

        Indentured Servants were called that because they WERE NOT SLAVES. Nor were they treated worse than Black slaves (an owner could ra pe, kill, whip, torture, set on fire, etc., his Black slave; not so with an indentured, i.e. “sovereign citizen on loan”, servant).

        As for your bitter little snipe, “And can’t ignore who sold the Africans… OTHER AFRICAnS!!!11!1!” <—- Yeah that is the rally song of Stormfront and The Daily Stormer, etc. It has naught to do with the evil of purchasing and owning slaves, but it still lets you feel superior to Blacks. Another thing you fail to realize is that humans who are sold into slavery are first betrayed by their own people, up to and including children who are sold into gross types of slavery (in Western countries) BY THEIR OWN PARENTS. So don't try to make Africans look extra bad for selling slaves; it is simply how slaves get sold — by people closest to them.

        • Joel W

          I’m not trying to make anybody look bad. Slave owners were guilty. The Africans & Arabs selling the slaves into bondage were guilty. The Jewish financiers were guilty. All parties involved were equally to blame. Just stating verifiable facts. And real mature leading with an insult. Do your homework. 100% of what I wrote is 100% true. And don’t put put your own twist on what I stated in plain English.

          As for the Irish, they were slaves for 7 years. Call it what you will, but I would never want to be a slave for 1 day, let alone 7 years.

          Lastly, why do you automatically assume I am white, and a white supremacist at that? Some of what I stated here is info I read from something written by a black man, Dontell Jackson. So are you implying he is a white supremacist? So until you educate yourself on real history, and cease with your lame & pathetic attempts to insult me, please do not bother me anymore. I do not discuss adult matters with petulant children.

          Research Dontell Jackson, and learn some very uncomfortable & inconvenient truths.


          • “As for the Irish, they were slaves for 7 years. Call it what you will,”

            I won’t call it slavery, because it WASN’T. They sold their own services to get a passage to the New World. That is the diametric OPPOSITE of people who were kidnapped, beaten, and stuffed onto weeks’ long voyages to a land they’d never heard of nor agreed to go to — let alone to be a slave for the rest of their natural (if short) lives. You are bereft of education. To conflate voluntary with INvoluntary is a lot like labeling ra pe and consensual s ex as the same thing.

            “Everything I wrote is true [sic]”

            No — you copy and paste some words and then draw rather hysterical conclusions from those copied/pasted words, thus trying to piggyback on what can be verified. In debate class, this shameless tactic would get you not just thrown off the team, but also out of the Honor Society.

            GREAT job

          • Joel W

            Excuse me but you are the one copy & pasting my words, and then saying offering your version of things. And don’t lecture me on the way debate works, Miss I Have Nothing To Offer But Insults.

            I copy & paste nothing. In fact, please tell me where I copy & pasted anything from. Specifics. Its from years & years of independent research. Read Dontell Jackson’s writings then get back to me. Until then, go throw your temper tantrum at somebody who cares.

          • Trying to foist me onto some books you claim to have read is a pathetic and juvenile tactic to get someone to stop holding your feet to the fire for what you wrote. I am responding to what YOU wrote here, not to what your unicorn wrote elsewhere.

            Also, you might want to check that projection problem you’ve got there, as your continual attempts to sound superior are falling quite flat since you haven’t been able to defend your [indefensible] claims.

            You didn’t copy and paste? Wowwwww, I guess you done showed me, lol! Fine, you claimed to have been “sharing” with us the words of a Black writer (so as to piggyback on his authenticity), but you didn’t lift his writings word-for-word — cool beans. For you to have nitpicked at THAT made me smile, because it was just one more instance where you could avoid addressing where you were misstating “facts”.

            Do go on, there are a handful of things I do not let lie, and pomposity and liars (whether intentional or not) are at the top of my list.

          • Ǧʉᵊṧⱦ (“Guest” in English)

            he also told you not to ‘bother’ him again cuz he didnt want to be held accountable for the stuff you pointed out.

          • Uggghhhh, yes, I saw that.

            This guy, man. {head shake in disbelief gif}

          • Joel W

            Yea you just proved right now with this comment your level of maturity.

          • Want me to lower myself to your maturity level? Cool, I’ll respond by saying… NOT!

            Just imagining you at this level all the time, it makes a good American sad.

          • Joel W

            You are funny. Keep trying to hurt my feelings all you want.

          • I’ve said this for years: No one can hurt the feelings of stupid people; it takes intelligence to be genuinely hurt.

            So don’t flatter yourself, I would *never* try to hurt your feelz.

          • Joel W

            You keep proving my petulant child theory over and over. What exactly are you trying to accomplish at this point Princess?

          • Take note of my profile’s byline — I will entertain off-topic discussions for a fee. This means if you continue to beg for my attention to continue failing at trying to convince someone of your learned nature (HA!), I’ll need your PayPal address so that I may bill you in advance. Otherwise, you’re going to have to get your attention fix elsewhere, Knave.

          • Joel W

            Yea I’m sure you do ‘entertain’ for a fee. Most women will, if the price is right.

            Oh by the way, yes I have an ego, as all humans do. But you mistaken a swollen ego for self-confidence. And that is why you cannot not hurt my feelings. You are nothing to me. Why would I my feelings get hurt by some Princess I do not know. Or even one I do know. You don’t know a thing about me, what I have accomplished in my life, what my background is, etc. And your simpleton mind and YOUR ego truly believes you are outwitting me in any way, that your words bother me, or that your actual existence has any bearing on my life. By inserting your self-righteous attitude into my discussion, your are nothing but an annoyance, who if continues to persist in whatever your goal is here, well end up crying. Trust that. I am trying to be nice, and asking you politely to go the F away, since you offered not one iota of anything useful to the discussion, yet being the princess and petulant child you obviously are, you feel the need to prove something. I do not mind having logical and rational discussion with somebody with opposing beliefs and ideals, but you showed your hand in the very first thing you said to me. You lead with ‘monster,’ then switched to the all too typical, and quite frankly overused to the point where it has no meaning anymore, white supremacist references, so how can I possibly have a logical, rational, and factually based discussion with a triggered snowflake such as yourself. You are obviously very young, my guess would be under 25 by the manner in which you carried this whole thing out, and not saying that negates you in any way. However, I am a devoted ‘student’ of history, and have read and studied it extensively in the 23 years since I graduated high school, and have learned that almost 100% of what is taught in school is distorted, key facts omitted, or are outright lies. So think of me what you will, will not effect me in one bit. But maybe get off your self-righteous, highly egotistical crusade for whatever, and open your mind to the fact that not everything is what it seems, and not everything you learned is even remotely true.

            And next time you want to lecture somebody of the proper way to debate, try not to do everything you accuse the person of doing.

          • Whoops, you forgot to include your billing email address.

          • Joel W

            Yea, you are delusional if you think I am paying for anything. I don’t waste my money on women, especially ones with the oh-so-unattractive Princess mentality. don’t know who or what you think I am, but I ain’t a little bitch boy beta manlet that would pay for a woman’s time.

            Oh kind of interesting that you mention Storm Front in a negative manner earlier, yet AmRen is listed in your ‘Frequented Communities.’ That is different how?

          • Still begging the woman for freebies, pathetic.

            Oh, the immense pity I feel for you and your ilk. If only you had the capacity to comprehend it.

          • Joel W

            I beg for nothing. I have no time, nor concern for women anymore. Had my fun using them for the only thing they are good for through my twenties. Now they just bore me, sans a handful of very close, long time female friends, and any daughters of close friends. Your gender is petty, frivolous, and generally annoying, especially with the Princess attitude you proudly display. Much better things to spend my time and money on. In fact, if I wasn’t at work right now, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. Don’t go online when home. Only do it to pass time while my machine is running at work. I am not one of the suckers you may successfully con into whatever you are peddling, whether you are some kind of prostitute or just a scam artist. So if that was your point all along, I ain’t the one.

          • Joel W

            Aww, Princess, you bored with me now that you know you can’t con me out of money, you prostitute?

          • Joel W

            Whatever, you know everything. Now leave me alone, you obviously are not open minded enough to maybe learn new things. I could care less. And there is nothing you said or wrote that disproves anything I wrote. All you did was rewrite certain aspects of my comments, and offered your opinion on it. And now after reading some of your others posts, it is quite clear that you are a mentally deficient feminist, with a twist of rabid atheism, white guilt, lame SJW attempts at humor and insults, an obvious product of the dumbed down indoctrination camps they call education these days, and completely devoid of an original thought or the ability to try to consume new information.

            Side note, calling Dontell Jackson a unicorn is literally racist. Not in the way your type call anyone you disagree with a racist, but in the actual definition of. You might as well have called him token. He is a very intelligent black man who is awakened to the lies of the world, and will not play victim, nor blame his, nor blacks in general, problems of whites. So if that makes him a unicorn, then it does. But reading his works, and reading your mindless drivel shows me one thing. You are an unfortunate victim of Mass Media Mind Kontrol (nor are you as intelligent as you think you are, and yes I spelled Kontrol that way for a reason, it is not a misspelling so don’t try it), who acts like a petulant child, and I pray for you to one day have a true awakening. He, on the other hand, is a highly intelligent and logical man, who obviously had his awakening, both spiritually and mentally.

            So, I will check back in a few for the highly anticipated next phase of your temper tantrum. I cannot wait for what gems you have in store for me.

          • I’m going to copy and paste your petulant words again: “Apologies are cowardly.”

            No wonder you stick to your absurd statements… you think apologies are a sign of your very evident weakness.

            Methinks I could bait your egomaniacal ‘tude all night long. Alas, your ego is inverse to your intelligence.

          • Joel W

            Yea apologies for things one said are cowardly. If you say something, you obviously mean it. And they are fake as well. I am assuming you are referring to what I said somewhere else (stalk people much?) about Stephan Colbert. I find him to be a disgusting human being who is not funny, but he should not apologize for what he said. He said. He meant it. What is there to apologize for?

          • Even your view of what an apology is reeks of ego issues.

            If you had a conscience, you’d be trembling with disgust at yourself.

            But don’t worry, I said “If”.

  • Bert

    All men are created equal unless they happened to be black.

    • Paul Patriot

      No, all men are created equal, period .

  • Paul Patriot

    Great article Michael

    A timely article to shine a right of history and truth in the darkness of political correctness and revisionism.

    Should be required reading in every school, especially rose in the libtard States.

    I am eagerly anticipating all the mindless sheeple, commenting on how racist bigoted and intolerant you are….for simply discussing our heritage.

    • Zlatko Milanovic

      It’s not simply a matter of “discussing our heritage”, he is distorting history by cherry picking his examples, while ignoring inconvenient facts like, genocide, enslavement of Africans, Native Americans, and Irish. I’m sure our Savior didn’t approve of genocide and enslavement. This nation was founded on exploitation of the environment and people less technologically advanced that could not defeat guns, germs and steel. This nation was founded for profit, and nothing else. His version of history is a self perpetuating myth white people tell themselves to assuage their guilt. Even John Brown understood that “the crimes of this guilty land can never be purged away but with blood.” This kind of revisionist history is a dangerous lie. Don’t get your American history from this blog. Go to college, read a book, get a real education, not propaganda from a fanatic, it’s false.

      • Paul Patriot

        Incorrect on many counts. Before this nation was “founded” the pilgrims landed and wrote the Mayflower Compact, which consecrated the land to the God of the Bible, and as a beacon of liberty and freedom from Christian persecution.

        Our Savior does not approve of many things that sinful, selfish human beings do, including many injustices in this nations past.. ..that’s not the point.

        “This kind of revisionist history is a dangerous lie. Don’t get your American history from this blog. Go to college, read a book, get a real education, not propaganda from a fanatic, it’s false”

        It is foolish to learn history from college, and revisionists history books, better to read pre-1880 American History books and resources.

        David Barton has books available that draw from early resources and writings of American history.

        Don’t let the propaganda get you.

        • casio

          Don’t forget the “strangers” that came with the pilgrims for economic reasons. It could have been half and half. Also Jamestown was founded for economic reasons. Yes, many many Christians did migrate during the early years and they might’ve been the majority but there were quite a few others, although Christians (false) did participate in having people hung so they could get their land (Salem trials).

      • Thank you. This couldn’t have been said any better and more truthfully.

  • PWE

    There isn’t much reason, IMHO, to debate this. Christians today are not willing to sacrifice, as the Founders, what is necessary to fight the evil that has taken over the USA. We are all talk and no action because we won’t risk our lives, fortunes, and worldly comforts stand against the corruption, illegalities and evil. Until, as individuals, Christian or not, we determine that “I’m not going to take it anymore”, we will go down as the generation that would not fight for liberty within our own land.

  • Jarvis


  • ck

    Anger is actually based in the hormone testosterone.

  • Paul Patriot

    Very well said.

  • greanfinisher

    Oh heck. This nation was hardly founded by Christians at all, but rather conquerors.

    • Indeed! Bloodthirsty, uncaring, murderous illegal aliens.

      Funnily enough, check out the tattoos and rosaries of today’s murderous illegals — all religious, all Mary & Jesus stuff, Bible verses, etc.

      There is just something about hyper-religiosity and hyper-violence being intertwined.

  • GetReal4U2

    but…they don’t teach this in “schools” these days…hmmmmm

  • Skywatcher57

    I find this article to be quite troubling, as most of the founding fathers of the USA were Freemasons. One cannot be a FM and a Christian at the same time, as Freemasonry is occultic, and I know that from personal experience! No man can serve two masters. Furthermore, the Bible the presidents take their oath of allegiance upon is NOT the Holy Bible; it is the Masonic bible, “another gospel”, and that’s why Pres. Trump opted to use his own Holy Bible. Even a non-Christian such as he, knew better!

    There is copious amounts of evidence proving that most of the past presidents were Freemasons, engineering the USA and the continent for their New World Order. The layout of Washington DC’s capitol is living proof of this! Doc Marquis does a wonderful expose of them, and he had been high up in the fraternity, and he knows his “stuff”.

  • “nobody can deny that virtually everyone that came to this continent in the early days was a Christian.”

    They can if they look into the facts… but what no one can actually deny is that if you were considered ANYTHING but 5000% devoted to G-d and the *Puritanical version* of the Bible, you were likely going to be inquisitioned and burned at the stake as a w!tch. That’s right… an admission that you did not believe the Bible in its entirety was akin to a death sentence. We would equate this with lslam today, not Christianity.

    “They didn’t have rampant street crime, tens of millions of citizens addicted to drugs and alcohol, and more than a hundred million citizens with STDs”

    History texts would only agree with the numbers here, not the supposed dearth of bad behavior. (There was indeed much crime, oftentimes the stockades were full, as were the whipping lines. The only difference between then and now is the “tens of millions” part. There weren’t even ten million illegal European aliens here yet.)

  • I wonder if the above-mentioned “early American leaders” were as phony Xtians as Dem0nic Donald is.

    Oh, of course they were! After all, they bought and sold their fellow humans! No good, decent, or remotely religious American would have done that! And they had no problem keeping concub!nes either (ahem, Duplicitous Donald).

  • SantosGarcia

    The dozen quotes from our Founding Fathers shows clearly that America was founded as a Christian nation. Read the entire article, then read the linked blogpost below. The outstanding book ‘The Light & The Glory’ by Peter Marshall and David Manuel is a MUST read for ALL Patriots [linked embedded in my Weblog post]. Do not accept the revisionist history of the regressive left!

  • toktomi

    “…our founders intended our country to be a Christian nation with laws based upon the principles found in the Word of God.”

    Well, I suppose that we can forgive them for that but probably not for the genocide of the indigenous population.


  • defiant rebel

    The problem with public schools / colleges is they won’t accept your paper or will take off points unless you use “credible” sources. Of course part of this means establishment sources that are full of the propaganda that the education industrial complex wants.
    They don’t want anything independent.

    • Joel W

      Oh most certainly. Turn in a term paper on the slavery issue with the info I have written above, or mention that, in his own words, that Lincoln didn’t care about the issue of slavery, that he just was willing to do whatever it took, Constitution being irrelevant, to keep the Union together, or that there were still slaves in the northern states after the war, there is a good chance that student could possibly get suspended or worse. At least a psych eval, and the wonderful drugs that go with it. Even to point out that it wasn’t even a civil war by technical definition, would heresy in modern ‘education.’ The real reason for him being killed (wanting gold backed, interest free currency, the Green Backs) is most certainly off limits as well. Gotta make the kiddies believe he was killed by a horrible, racist white man who couldn’t get over the slavery thing. I’ve come to the opinion that, not only is history written by the victors, the vast majority of it is written to make whites in general, and white Christian men specifically, to be these horrible monsters.