America Is Being Transformed From A Wealthy Nation Into A Poor Nation At Breathtaking Speed

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America is losing wealth far faster than any other nation on earth is.  In fact, since the mid-1970s there has been a transfer of wealth of almost 8 trillion dollars from the United States to the rest of the world.  Sadly, most Americans have no idea what is happening.  Most of them are completely unaware that America is being transformed from a wealthy nation into a poor nation at breathtaking speed.  Most Americans just assume that America will always have the largest economy on earth and will always be the wealthiest nation on the globe.  Unfortunately, just because something was true in the past does not mean that it will be true in the future.  Right now, the United States is bleeding wealth at a pace that is almost unimaginable.  Every single month, tens of billions of dollars of wealth is permanently transferred from the American people to the rest of the world.  That means that the overall economic pie is shrinking.  While the rich and the poor are busy fighting over the distribution of wealth in this country, the size of the pie that they are dividing up is continually getting smaller.  America is poorer than it was last month, and next month it will be even poorer.  If this continues, it will result in a complete and total economic nightmare.


Let’s break this down to a real simple example.  Imagine that you are playing a game with a whole bunch of people, and you have been chosen to play the role of the United States.  So you go stand on a giant map of the United States and you are given much more money than anyone else in the game.  However, with each turn 50 billion dollars is taken out of your pile of money and is given to the other players.

What is going to happen eventually?

Yes, that is right – you are going to run out of money at some point.

In order to continue playing you will need to borrow more money from the other players or you will need to print up some more money.

Does that sound familiar?

In January, the U.S. trade deficit with the rest of the world hit 52.6 billion dollars.

That means that we bought 52.6 billion dollars more stuff from the rest of the world than they bought from us.

That 52.6 billion dollars is gone and it is not coming back.  Next month another 50 billion dollars will leave the country.

Are you starting to get the picture?

Imagine a giant hourglass filled with dollar bills.  Dollars are pouring out of the United States and into the pockets of foreigners at a pace that is absolutely astounding.

In 2011, the U.S. trade deficit with the rest of the world was about 560 billion dollars.

We have a trade imbalance that is more than 5 times larger than any other nation on earth has.  That means that we are getting poorer at a far faster rate than anyone else is.

Most of the money that we spend does not even do any lasting good.

For example, a huge chunk of our trade deficit is spent on importing oil.  Once we burn that oil up in our cars it is gone for good and we have nothing to show for it.

But the people we sent our money to end up with bulging bank accounts.

How in the world do you think those oil barons build those outrageous palaces and are able to afford those exotic car collections?

They buy all those things with the money that we sent to them.

Meanwhile, our once great major cities are degenerating into festering sores.

Our foolish policies are causing our own destruction.

Another reason why we have such a huge trade deficit is because of our trade relationship with China.

Our trade deficit with China was approximately 26 billion dollars during the month of January.

That is absolutely horrifying.

For the entire year of 2011, our trade deficit with China hit a grand total of about 295.5 billion dollars.

That was the largest trade deficit that one country has had with another country in the history of the world.

Back in 1985, the U.S. trade deficit with China was only 6 million dollars for the entire year.

In 2011, our trade deficit with China was more than 49,000 times larger than it was back in 1985.

That is not a good trend.

Have you ever noticed that it seems like half the stuff we sell in our stores says “Made in China” on it?

Well, that is because China is wiping the floor with us on the global economic stage.

Just look at how the overall U.S. trade deficit has exploded over the past few decades.  In the chart below, we see that the U.S. trade deficit really spiked when the price of oil reached unprecedented heights a few years ago.  Then it dropped during the recession when the price of oil fell like a rock.  But now the U.S. trade deficit is almost back to where it was before….

Today, the U.S. trade deficit with the rest of the world is about 5 times larger than it was back in 1996.

That means that we are getting poorer as a nation at a rate that is 5 times faster than back in 1996.

All of that money that is going out of the country could be going to support jobs and businesses inside the United States.

But instead we have been losing jobs and businesses over the past decade at a rate that is absolutely amazing.

According to U.S. Representative Betty Sutton, an average of 23 manufacturing facilities a day closed down in the United States during 2010.

23 every single day!

That means less jobs for American workers.

Right now, there are approximately 6 million fewer jobs in America than there was back in December 2007.

Because there are not enough jobs, we now have millions of working age Americans that simply cannot take care of themselves.

But it isn’t just jobs that we are losing.

There are a whole host of other statistics that show that economic conditions in America continue to get worse and worse and worse.  An all-time record 46.5 million Americans are on food stamps and poverty continues to explode all over nation.

Instead of addressing the root causes of our problems, our leaders continue to support our false standard of living by borrowing gigantic piles of money.

In many instances, we go back to the very same people that we sent our money to and we beg them to borrow it back.

How stupid can we be?

Debt always makes you even poorer in the long run.

Take a look at how our budget deficits on the national level have absolutely exploded in recent years….

Anyone that tells you that America is in good shape financially is lying.

Just look at that chart.

Sadly, the truth is even worse than the chart shows.  For example, there never was a “surplus” under the Clinton administration.  The U.S. government simply stole money from Social Security and used a bunch of other accounting tricks to make things seem a lot better than they were.

And the U.S. government is still using all sorts of accounting tricks to hide the true size of the national debt.  If you doubt this, just read this article.

If the U.S. government was forced to use GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), the U.S. budget deficit would be far larger each year.

But it is not just the federal government that is drowning in debt.

All over the country right now, municipalities are going broke….

*Harrisburg, Pennsylvania has announced that it will be skipping debt payments.

*Stockton, California is on the verge of becoming the largest U.S. municipality to ever file for bankruptcy.

For years, our politicians borrowed immense amounts of money to make up for all of the wealth that we were bleeding as a nation.

But now we are absolutely drowning in debt and all of this reckless spending is not going to be able to last much longer.

When all of this reckless spending ends, our false prosperity is going to disappear.

Did you know that the U.S. national debt is growing by about 150 million dollars every single hour?

150 million dollars an hour is being stolen from our children and our grandchildren so that we can maintain our false standard of living.

Most Americans expect things to get back to “normal”, but the truth is that “normal” has left the building.

Our transition from being a wealthy nation to being a poor nation continues every single day, and our politicians are doing nothing to stop it.

Enjoy these good times while you still can, because they are not going to last too much longer.  The debt bubble we have been living in is going to burst, and when it does we are going to get hit with a cold dose of reality.

  • Ameen

    It makes you cry.

  • Ameen

    God Bless America, this great country in which we all live…

    • Tim

      Used to be. :-(

  • Anonymous

    So what is the answer?

    • Mark …

      Believe it or not … $200+++ oil prices will kill all “cheap” imports from Asia, and therefore people will be forced to buy locally.

      Eventually, peak oil will become a blessing.

      • Gary2

        you know you may be on to something. Good insite!

    • Sheree

      The answer is in The Bible – God’s agenda …That if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land..
      2 Chron 7:14

      • Mark

        There is no such thing as a god.

        • jaxon64

          Mark, depth of your faith is amazing. Your belief sounds like it is 100% assured in your a way that is quite admirable……..

        • Lola

          “The fool has said in his heart, there is no God” Psalms 14:1

        • ShakaZulu

          Well, how do you explain the set up for the formation of a single global currency and a cashless society? Cant you see how most people with jobs now have to have direct deposit and bank cards? the use of cash is less and less. the dollar is about to start tanking along with the Euro and the world economy will need to be rescued.
          The one who will do it will not be a good man but everyone will love him because his eloquence will put even Adolf Hitler’s orator skills to shame. He will be a God hater and he will say blasphemous things against God. People will love him but he will be a ruthless and lawless man.
          Look at how things are shaping up in teh world economically and politically and you will see that they are intimately tied together. Also, look at the place of religion in the world among the major world powers. There will also be a one world religion that everyone will have to worship this man. he will have a prophet and everyone will be forced to worship him.
          The choice is this. Willingly love and worship teh faithful and loving God of heaven and earth Who created you, or be forced to worship a mere man who will control teh world through a single banking system…and then again be forced to bow to teh Creator before going to the lake of fire that is never quenched and your habits will never die. Jesus, the Lord says their “worm” will never die.

      • Bobbie


      • Amen! The Bible also says, “The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is sevant to the lender.” Proverbs 22:7

  • ScoutMotto

    We already have precedent in the US for a depression, and since history tends to repeat, it can easily happen again.

    Make every day count while we still have them to prepare. Redeem the time, and keep on preppin!

    • laura m.

      Scott M: I agree, prepare now quietly, low key. Find like minded folks. Voting has been for decades, totally useless as the polls are rigged electronically (puppet show) so save time and gas and stay home. E.O. are in place to trash the constitution. America is over and done big time.

      america is over and done…finished.

  • mark

    We have become bloated country in many ways. Our government is to big and sticks it’s nose into everything. Too many of our citizens want and want without working. The system can’t handle the demands placed upon it. The government in Oregon might sentence an 85 year old rancher that was found guilty of two class B felonies for polluting waters of the state and 25 misdemeanor counts to a maximum 20 years in jail and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. The rancher is selling his cattle and closing his operation. The state Rep. was asked if closing his cattle operation would bring him into compliance and he said, ” If he sold everything and cleaned up, that would. But manure is still there and is still being mixed with rain water.” The rancher hired a hydrologist and he testified that he could find no evidence of substantive or significant pollution… in the quality of water that flows into the creek as it leaves the property. All this over some cow pies in a field. How in the world can we compete or even feed ourselves with a government that treats it’s citizens like this. I have read about others being treated this way and I have cut way back on cows as a form of protection from the government. When they get done with the big guys, the little guys will be next. The food safety bill passed in the last year gave government agents the power to come into you garden to check it out. Will they shut down your garden if your manure might run off into a stream. As this economy continues to melt down for many in this country, many will need to grow freedom gardens. Will this growing police state shut down our gardens so that we might have to beg for food from the government? Things do not look to good as our wealth goes away and leaves us with a crumbling country. It is amazing on how quick a country can fall apart with debt. We really need to go back to what our Founding Fathers had in mind.

    • ShakaZulu

      The food safety bill passed in the last year gave government agents the power to come into you garden to check it out.

      Is this for real? Well, here we are, the last days. Look up! The Word says our redemption is coming close!

  • VegasBob

    Just this past Friday, a good friend of mine got his plant closing notice. Come September, he’ll be out of work after nearly 18 years on the job. This is a prime example of Mr. Obama’s fraudulent “economic recovery.”

    The only recovery has been on Wall Street, thanks to Mr. Ben “Bernokio” Bernanke printing trillion$ of counterfeit electronic dollars to bail out his bankster buddies.

    Obama, Bernanke and Geithner should be facing criminal trials for their actions, as should their predecessors Bush, Greenspan and Paulson.

    • Michael

      That is so sad to hear.


    • James

      You’ve placed the most blame on the person who had the least amount of fault. Yes, he could have focused on jobs more, earlier, but he’s been blocked by the GOP ever since the mid-terms, they want you to lose your job and blame him. So put Boehner and Cantor higher on the blame list than Obama.

      • ShakaZulu

        Yeah, but James, he’s got so many other options that he has to use that could make things better. it seems( and I hate to say this because I am a waivering Obama supporter)as if he’s making international policies that will cripple the ability of America to act as an independent and Sovereign nation.
        I personally think he capitulates too much to the opinion of other nations and he is weaving America’s economy too closely within the policies of other nations…nations who are struggling at that. We are too much in debt (not Obama’s fault) and we are too tied up woth China who really is not an Ally. I don’t get it. of course, I’m not a global mover and shaker either.
        I also think there is a plan that’s bigger than Obama that requires the weakening of America in order to go forward. Obama is being told what to do in order to make these thing happen. This way when America really tanks “they” can say it was the first and only Black President that led the country to ruin.

  • mondobeyondo

    From the most powerful nation in the history of the world, to a broke Third World country – in less than the span of a human lifetime. Wow, this is epic! Even the Roman Empire didn’t collapse this fast. If only Edward Gibbon were alive now to write “The Rise and Fall of the American Empire”.

    We’ve already hit the debt iceberg, and this ship is going down fast. WAKE UP!!!
    Quit pretending you’re sailing on the Love Boat!! We’re on the freaking Titanic.

  • “That 52.6 billion dollars is gone and it is not coming back.”

    Really? Last time I checked, the USD was legal tender in the US. There are only a few other tiny countries that use the USD as their legal tender. The USD is a legal claim on goods and services *IN THE US* and *ONLY IN THE US* (or Panama, Ecuador, San Salvador, or a handful of British Overseas Territories). If the 52.6 B USD that you mentioned has left the country, and is not coming back, that means that as a country, we got that amount of goods and services FREE, which would actually represent an INCREASE in overall wealth, not a decrease. The real situation, of course, is a bit more complicated than that. What really happens is that USD holders outside of the US must eventually purchase goods or services *IN THE US*, although not necessary directly. That is further complicated by effects such as inflation, but USD leaving the country actually reduces inflation.

    There are some major trends that will almost certainly cause the collapse of the USD — but the “trade deficit” is not one of them.

    It’s interesting that there are so many people writing about economics that don’t understand basic math, or the concept of legal tender. It’s also interesting that such folk invariably counter with arguments that reinforce that point, and I’d bet money that’s what will happen in response to this comment.

    • Michael

      But the trade deficit numbers already account for the money coming back into the United States.

      Month after month we have a massive net outflow.

      And you certainly do not understand the danger of the trade deficit – that is for sure.


    • Kevin


      “What really happens is that USD holders outside of the US must eventually purchase goods or services *IN THE US*”

      Not true at all. They buy oil and the proceeds of that is loaned back to the US or used to buy other goods that due to the unique status that the USD holds as reserve currency need not be made in the US. No shortage of currency develops in the US because we continually print or borrow from an ever increasing supply.

      When that balance was favorable we had wealth increasing but now $54 trillion leaves every month and wealth is decreasing; Yes it that simple.

    • Ralph

      My father is an inporter from Europe…
      your statement makes no sense.
      My father purchases from Europe in USD, once it goes to Europe the European bank then converts it EURO and trade continues. The problem is there is also a trade deficit of USD which can cause too much USD in circulation being “dumped” into the market causing its prices to drop.

  • VyseLegendaire

    Well, this has been abundantly clear to anyone with half a brain over the past several years. America is simply a has-been nation that a massive beer gut and a propensity for random acts of violence. Good writeup though.

  • jsmith

    Excellent article! But please don’t blame the Chinese, blame our politicians, and our own stupidity. Every import that we buy puts an American out of their job. Eventually those unemployed will put you out of “your” job.

  • Michael

    Americans are just going to have to get used to the fact that America’s time is up. Today’s Americans have to face up to the awful truth that their grandchildren are going to be as poor as Africans.

    If you want a good job and a future for your kids, then move to China.

    • mondobeyondo

      Maybe it is finally time to make that investment in “Rosetta Stone for Mandarin Chinese”. *gag*

    • Archangel

      Our time is not up. We will not accept the
      tribe that calls themselves ” The light upon
      Nations ” B.S. anymore. We were sabotaged
      from within whilst we slept. WE ARE
      AWAKING NOW ! And to hell with China. If
      you love living in a restrictive commie nation
      then you and yours go. America may not be
      as free as it was, but it is far better than

  • Chris

    Your country and the West in general has been deliberately undermined from within by corrupt politicians supporting policies of Globalisation. They knew what they were doing. The West has been undermined to enable the rise of the East, and China in particular. The undermining is not just in the financial sphere but cultural, moral and spiritual. The end result presumeably will be some sort of global mongrel race and religion and the vast majority of people on the planet working for peanuts. The fabian socialists got their wish then? Globalisation, the New World Order and the Biblical Kingdom of the Antichrist all appear to be the same thing and have elements that appeal to socialists, fascists, totalitarian control freaks, capitalists/crony capitalists, occultists etc.
    If you want a vision of the future imagine a boot stamping on a human face…forever. George Orwell

    • Archangel

      Bingo ! And those that call themselves ” The
      light upon Nations ” are leading the charge.
      They are trying to create a Neo-Tower of
      Babel. It was attempted before and struck
      down by the Lord. And before all of you ” cool”
      and “edgy” Christian haters opine,Know I used
      to be one of you.

  • Imaplaneiac

    Relative to the alarming financial status of the USSA ( Socialist States ), today, the ” 700 Club ” had a report ( of about 5 minutes long )about the severity of the national debt; its eventual impact. What was reported is much the same as Michael has continually written about in this blog. This report starts at about 17 minutes into today’s ( Monday’s ) program. I watched it on the Family Channel, this morning. This program will be aired TONIGHT – at 2300 or 11PM Eastern. ( Or whatever time where the reader … is ).

    The 700 Club is also aired on other Christian Networks – but I don’t know their schedules.

    I hope Michael expeditiously posts my comment; to allow YOU adequate time to view this report!

    So if you agree with what Michael writes … I recommend you watch the 700 Club’s report! They confirm what Micheal frequently reports on this blog.

  • Cleo

    I guess we are all a bit guilty. We didn’t pay attention to what was really going on because we were busy working, saving for retirement, etc.. We falsely trusted our politicians to do the right thing. And boy were we wrong. Now we’re wide awake and it may be too late. The reset button is about to be pressed. Even with all of the tea parties, very few in DC, the States, the counties, or the cities pay attention, as the taxpayer has been viewed as a bottomless pit of funding. Now there are less taxpayers than those who receive the payouts. Obviously, it won’t last.

    But, I remain optimistic. Once the reset button is pressed, it may get ugly for awhile. But most Americans are still a tough lot. I guess it’s in our DNA. Americans will pull together on the local and neighborhood level and take care of each other and pull ourselves out of the abyss we are about to fall into. The values, morals, ethics, and faith of hard working God fearing Americans will pull us through to the other side. I am convinced God will be there to help us through too.

  • William

    The wounded and disabled veterans of the illegal, immoral, and unjustified, unnecessary war of choice in Iraq that was based on LIES certainly deserve their benefits. But, by the time the last wounded or disabled Iraq war veteran dies, the total cost of the Shrub’s disaster will run into the $3-4 TRILLION range. Just think of what that could have done to bring America’s crumbling infastructure and dying cities back into a healthy state. From training future employees in the skills they will need in the 21st century to aiding industries establish themselves, this money could have done a lot for America. Instead, it was wasted on a pack of LIES. Now, let’s hear it for the Smirking Chimp….and be sure to vote for a Republican war monger in Nov of 2012. RVN 1969-1970.

  • don

    We must get out of the Global Economy. It is not helping us. Manufacturing has to be our strong suite. If the product you are buying is not made in America Don’t by it. The NBC TV network emptied an American home and restocked it with all American goods. The total spent on that was $800.00 less than the products that were made in china. The only thing that they could not find that was made in America was a coffee maker. WAKE UP, PUT SOME EFFORT IN TO GETTING IT RIGHT PEOPLE.

  • Gary2

    America Is Being Transformed From A Wealthy Nation Into A Poor Nation At Breathtaking Speed

    Caused by republican/conservative policies.

    • MisterC

      No, caused by toooooooo many leeches like you that want everything ‘for free’. Try working for what you want and need then you might appreciate things.

      • Kevin

        Just what the power elite want, infighting. While the right and left argue the puppet masters controlling both laugh.

        Prior to the great industrial/manufacturing evisceration the US created sufficient wealth to pay the bills. A 40+ year policy of global re-distribution of wealth (forget the domestic, it’s peanuts) has put us in terrific debt. Rather then reverse course the pedal is being put to the firewall to accelerate the demise. While 83% of Republicans voted for China Free Trade only 80% of Democrats did likewise; big difference.

        It is foolish to think all of this was just a series of very bad decisions; it’s damn sure intentional.

        • gary2

          3% is 3% Kevin which again proves republicans suck!

          • Kelly B

            Democrats and republicans = two sides of the same puppet show

  • Benjik

    BTW, love the pic at the bottom of the article, eerily relevant to current events!

  • Alan

    Let US* Lament
    *United States

    Let us lament! A nation, of humble beginning, founded by out cast pilgrims, born of a lion, to soar the highest heights on eagle’s wings. This nation upon its noble foundation “We The People”, and its cornerstone “In God We Trust” grew and prospered becoming the most powerful and benevolent nation the world has ever seen. God’s generosity overflowed its being with health, wealth, and prosperity, to the envy of the many.

    As a nation “In God We Trust” slowly drifted to “In Self I Trust”.
    Morals declined…violence increased, families disintegrated. Drugs, divorce, rape, abortion, murder, deception, fraud, and corruption plagued its society. Gifts of God given life were carelessly returned to sender. Its future sacrificed for the convenience of today’s society. By human reasoning it was deemed wise by some to end the misery of the sick and aged in the guise of dignity. As the national morals decayed, individual freedoms were taken away, as protection against these plagues. The envy of the world declined in stature. Mocked and harassed by some who desired its fall!

    The nation became arrogant toward God. Rumors prevailed that God was dead!
    God withdrew, no longer showered His love on the arrogant nation. Its people wondered why they suffered such decline, no longer knowing well being was from God. The rumor was true! To the nation, God was dead! For in its heart and soul… God had died!

    The nation was deceived into believing its founding fathers separated God from Government, when in fact the founding fathers firmly established God as its guiding light. The nation’s uniqueness, strength, and unity was born of the founding fathers faith, trust, and reliance on the Bible as the anchor to hold firm this new floundering government. They used the Bible as their foundation, creating profound documents unique to the world’s countries! The first public schools were founded to teach Christian morality using the Bible as text. The first Supreme Court session begin with a several hour prayer service. The capital rotunda was used for church services. To this day oaths of office are sworn on the Bible.

    Are “In God We Trust” and “One Nation Under God” just cliché or evidence to the importance of God as the guiding source of wisdom to this nation? Did man alone build this nation? No!.
    Is man alone destroying it? Yes!.

    To ignore and deny God is to ignore and deny that which made this nation the most powerful and benevolent to ever exist! Returning the cornerstone (“In God We Trust”) of this nation to public domain will repair its eroded foundation (“We The People”).

    If… “We The People”, the heart and soul of this nation, truly place our trust in God, In Self I Trust will return to “In God We Trust”.

    If… “We The People” make this national foundation personal, as the founding fathers had, then In God I Trust will restore… “Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity” as the preamble to the Constitution of the United States intended, when authored by our Christian founders.

    • mondobeyondo

      The beginning was in 1962 – when God was more or less expelled from public schools. (Can’t remember from history class, if it was a Supreme Court decision or exactly what it was. I wasn’t alive in 1962.) It’s been downhill ever since.

      • sej

        And of course, you conveniently forget that “under God” was added to the pledge of allegiance in the early 1950s. This country went nearly 200 years without the need to blur the line between Church and State with “under God” in the pledge, and then Congress felt a need to blur it.

        • Archangel

          Well it has been downhill ever
          since has it not ?

    • Gay Veteran

      odd that the Constitution does not even mention God

      or that the Founders were men of the Enlightenment, of the Age or Reason (NOT religious superstition)

      • Quad

        Not the Constitution, but the Declaration of Independence does mention the Creator numeous times.

      • Archangel

        Okay, so you don’t believe in God. Big
        deal, you can be as edgy as the other
        ” cool ” people in the modern hate God
        club now.

    • Some Feller from the hills

      The USA: A nice idea at the time.

    • Lola

      I loved this reply. Amen.



    Amerika has always been morally, intellectually, and spiritually bankrupt. Now, their fiscal and monetary bankruptcy is finally catching up to the abscence of the moral, intellectual, and spiritual capacities.

  • Jerry

    This has to happen, for the world`s sake. The U.S. has turned into a war-mongering, savagely pagan nation that has to be stopped. Going broke is one way for that to happen. No poor nation really can be a great military power, at least not for long. We`ll all, the rest of us, the rest of the world, breathe more easily when the wind is knocked out of the Yankee war frigate`s sails. Too bad that it had to turn out like this, but the U.S. has brought all of this upon itself.

    • Tom

      You might not be real happy with who replaces us!

      • Cynical Aussie

        Arrr yes….but who did the US Empire replace? Who is to say the British may not have remained ascendant and done a better job than the US? If the US had not pushed into the Pacific perhaps a loose federation of nations in the Mid/South Pacific may have truly had a Pacific Century?
        If Russia had not sold Alaska and poured more effort into California……if the Louisiana Purchase had failed….
        So many What Ifs and Maybes we can never know the answers to.

  • Donald Wilson

    Friends this country is beyond the point of no return. It doesn’t matter what the liars and cheats do or say the party is over. The problem is that the sheeple believed the garbage the politicans have been spewing for the past decades now it is time to pay the bill. Good luck.

  • gary2

    WWGS=What Would Gog Say???

    • sej

      Is that supposed to be God or Gaga? I vote for Gaga.

  • Get a bit of perspective here. The US has been stealing from and enslaving nations with the Reserve Dollar status tribute tax for decades. That is stealing, as in ‘Thou shalt not steal’. The reality is it is now reap time for what has been sown. God is not mocked, your delusions of freedom and land of the brave, the ‘cult of America worship’ will be turned on its head. God is righteous in being a jealous God, He will share worship with no other. Not even the American state, though you shout, ‘Great is the statue of liberty of the Americans!’
    Acts 19:27 So that not only this our craft is in danger to be set at nought; but also that the temple of the great goddess Diana should be despised, and her magnificence should be destroyed, whom all Asia and the world worshippeth.
    Acts 19:28 And when they heard these sayings, they were full of wrath, and cried out, saying, Great is Diana of the Ephesians.

  • DL

    We get what we deserve.

  • SandraO

    Why worry? Our Neo-Marxist prez and the demoncats have everything under control. Don’t worry about $5 gas prices or the jobless recovery. The stock market is soaring and the Wall Street bankers are making billions. The prez says he wants to tax the rich (wink wink) — the same ones who fork over $10K to attend his campaign fundraisers. So don’t worry. Just continue watching Amerikan Idol and using your food stamps to buy junk food at Walmart. Everything is A.O.K. Just continue believing in that hope and change.

  • Aussie Drew

    If US based hedge funds are threatening the Greeks with lawsuits if they do not pay their full debts; then it is only fair and equitable that if/when the time comes, the same tactics be used against America.

    So which States will be sold off? Remember what trouble Russia was in when they sold Alaska; not to mention the Louisiana Purchase….that was an asset firesale right there by a collapsing empire…..

  • Common Sense

    You MUST read this article:

    It makes everything discussed here look like chicken feed. This article claims the Fed created $15 trillion out of thin air, then gave it away to a Chinese bank. Nobody knows why. You need to read it. You also need to be aware of Section 16 of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. All money created by the Fed becomes an “obligation” of the United States of America. Remember, the Fed is a cartel of PRIVATE banks and super-rich families. Also note that $15 trillion is equal to the entire national debt of the entire United States to date.

  • Jeff

    It’s very easy to quantify. The 15 richest counties in America as recently reported, are within the confines of the illegitimate US Government. I am a Georgian first an American second and no longer define myself as a US citizen. They hate us and we hate them!

    Crony capitalism, a minor form of socialism, has destroyed this country. Now, we have a ‘cult of personality’ in Obama. Did you see his pic on the American flag recently? Look up cult of personality in a non google search engine and guess what the results are: Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Tom Cruise (kidding), Mussolini, Sadam, Ghaddafi, Bin Laden, etc. I would not want my face on that tyrannical version of Mt Rushmore.

    You federal government, not mine, has establish Martial Law. Read NDAA 2012 and the most recent Exec Order on 3/16 (3:16, globalists love numbers).

    Here’s the good news, and I hope every Federal son of a bitch reads this, WE have the US Military on our side. You do not!!

    If you think you can contain us and control us, you will not. People like me have been working on this for several years and you and yours are already done before you even get started. Like you, we have also been preparing.

    See terms: Asymetrical war, Guerilla warfare.

  • Passionly

    I think some people should watch the movie that already played on the big screen now on dvd named “Capitalist: A Love Story” by Michael Moore. The problems were seeing now started after Jimmy Carter warned where we’re heading for if we don’t slow down with the overspending, extravagant lifestyles, credit cards, etc. Ronald Reagan was President after that and it’s been down hill ever since. Michael Moore actually have in his movie real people like us who lost their jobs, homes everything. Rent the dvd out can also get it in your local library, you wont’ regret it. At this moment the GOP pushed in new laws where workers have less rights, no unions, less pay, and it’s been spreading around many states. Don’t forget what happened in Wisconsin last year it was all over the news. The middle class is disappearing fast and the rich are getting richer paying less tax now than they ever done since the Reagan’s era no thanks to the Bushes’ tax law.

    • Quad

      One of the clearest ways to rate the state of the economy is to look at the Misery Index, which was invented under Lyndon Johnson’s administration (a Democrat by the way). The Misery Index under GW Bush was 8.11; under Obama it is 10.75. Besides, Michael Moore is a hypocrite. He is talking bad about the same system which made him a rich man (Capitalism). It is the only system in which an individual can profit by his own efforts. What’s your answer: Socialism/Communism? where every human being is equally miserable? Look at the economic debacles of Cuba, Stalinist USSR, Mao’s China, North Korea, etc. China is now a successful economic country because they changed their centrally-planned communist economy to a free-market capitalist economy. Go live in Cuba for a while and then tell me what you think. This is coming from a Cuban-American who lived in Communist Cuba without freedoms and with only minimally satisfied basic needs.

  • “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people.” Proverbs 14:34

    Every problem America faces can be attributed to a spiritual root. God will hold us accountable for the decisions of our leaders, and our corrupt leadership is attributable to our sinful populace.

  • I just discovered how we can cut a Trillion Dollars in one year! Watch this

  • There is another way that wealth is being transferred from the multitudes to the wealthiest among us that no one seems to be aware of.

    No one has questioned “why” the price of almost everything is higher than it’s ever been in the history of this country. Gasoline is the only commodity that’s been questioned, but the prices of almost all of the commodities are higher than ever; that’s because very wealthy “market manipulators” have manipulated the price, and they are collecting the rewards in their brokerage accounts. For details, go to

  • Pamela Qarbaghi

    NAFTA was passed in 1994 and since then 12 more free trade agreements have been passed, with 20 more in negotiations. With the passage of each trade agreement, the United States goes further and further into debt. With a monthly trade deficit in excess of $50 billion, one thing has become very clear: FREE TRADE IS GLOBAL SOCIALISM – PURE AND SIMPLE!!! It is a failed social experiment and must be repealed before the U.S. economy has even a chance to recover. The developed countries can never compete with countries that pay slave wages and we should not have to – all that remains to be seen is how long it takes for the uprising in America to occur. It is coming – but when?

  • Pamela Qarbaghi

    I want to refer you to this page which demonstrates our growing trade deficit since we started passing free trade agreements in 1994. Only a nation of fools would allow other nations to plunder them in this way. Do you know that for many years, the United States had no income tax at all, but operated simply on collecting tariffs from other countries who wanted to sell us goods? We should listen to our founders who believed we should TRADE ONLY WITH COUNTRIES WITH WHOM WE HAVE A “BALANCE OF TRADE,” and that to do otherwise was to our own peril.

  • elblazer

    America IS getting poorer, but it has little to do with a trade deficit. Trade deficits are something that simply has to occur between a rich country and a poor country, all things being equal. They’ll always have cheaper labour and less value added commodities. These countries then choose to store foreign currency instead of buying value added goods from the US, in delayed hopes that they can create quaternary and quinary sectors by themselves, so investing that unused money back into the US to live off the interest, while still making money from selling cheap stuff. Nothing to be done about that and is mostly only natural and to be expected.

    The main reason the US is getting poor is because it is getting inefficient, due to the hoarding of capital so it has much less useful surface area. All that potential is sitting as dead weight in the pockets of the wealthy, in the form of gold, paintings, jewelery, real estate, facebook stock , politicking, country club memberships, and all forms of useless speculation instead of as investment in education, means of production, infrastructure, efficiency in energy, sustainable materials, proper land appropriation, R&D including outer space and social integrity

    • Excellently stated, absolutely accurate. There’s only one way out of our economic and political crisis: education. We have he resources but not the brain power and hunger, so strange that we don’t support the one thing we need to cultivate most. Suppose it’s also natural that decades of prosperity bred so much complacency. It will be interesting to see if our infrastructure can bridge us to a new phase of more enlightened motivation and innovation.

  • Your logic is so full of holes and contradictions it’s hard to know where to start, so I’ll focus one the main one… this whole piece and the point derived from stats are based on ZERO SUM assumption. You also ignore inflation and across the board growth of all nations. Readers beware!