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America Is A Nation Full Of Mass Killers, And We Even Elect Them To The Highest Offices In The Land

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Hillary Clinton - Photo by Lorie ShaullThese days, it seems like mass killings and terror attacks are becoming a daily occurrence.  In fact, I just wrote a major article about this.  But let’s try to put all of this into perspective.  If the mass killings and Islamic terror attacks are unspeakably evil, and they most certainly are, then how evil are we as a nation for killing 58 million of our own babies since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973?  The truth is that we are a nation full of mass killers, and those that celebrate our slaughter are elected to the highest offices in the land.  The blood of our murdered children is crying out from the ground against us, and there is no possible way that America will ever be “great” again as long as we continue to ruthlessly take the lives of our unborn.

This week is the Democratic National Convention, and most people are focusing on all of the chaos and infighting that are taking place.  But instead, the focus should be on the fact that the Democrats unashamedly celebrate the genocide of unborn Americans.  And this time around, the Democratic Party platform openly calls for the repeal of the Hyde Amendment, which is supposed to keep our tax dollars from directly paying for abortions.  The following comes from the Washington Free Beacon

The proposed Democratic Party platform supports taxpayer funding for abortion. The platform committee endorsed the repeal of the Hyde Amendment, which blocks the use of tax dollars to pay for abortions. The party vowed to maintain funding for the nation’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, which receives roughly $500 million, or about 40 percent of its annual revenue, from taxpayers.

“We will continue to oppose—and seek to overturn—federal and state laws and policies that impede a woman’s access to abortion, including by repealing the Hyde Amendment,” the proposed platform says.

In America today, we call evil good and good evil.  And those that are butchering babies are completely unrepentant about what they are doing.  Last month, published an article that featured a particularly disturbing exchange between a pro-life activist and an extremely bitter San Diego abortionist…


Mel: “You gotta repent sir, for murdering babies.”

Santella: “Why?” (Santella strides up to within inches of Mel, coffee cup in hand)

Mel: “Because it’s a sin before God.”

Santella: “Why?… Stinky breath.” (Santella breathes into Mel’s face)

Mel: “Pretty evil of you, sir.”

Santella: “Yeah.” (Santella opens mouth wide and breathes into Mel’s face)

Mel: “I hope and pray, sir…”

(Santella growls)

Mel: “Wow, that’s what you do to babies, huh?”

Santella: “Yeah. I love it.”

Later in the conversation, Santella says he has a “darkened heart” and he will never “go to Christ” to repent for his deadly work. The exchange continued:

Mel: “All the babies that you kill…”

Santella: “I love it, I love it.”

Mel: “Yeah, keep tearing the babies apart.”

Santella: “Yeah, I will.”


But instead of putting abortionists like that in prison, officials are going after those that have been attempting to expose the horrors of the abortion industry.

In 2015, the Center for Medical Progress released undercover video after undercover video which proved that Planned Parenthood is chopping up aborted babies and selling off their organs and body parts to the highest bidder.  Since that time, nobody from Planned Parenthood has been prosecuted that I know of, but authorities sure did go after the people that made the undercover videos.  Fortunately, justice prevailed in this case, and the last charges against them have finally been dropped

The last remaining charge against two California pro-life activists has been dropped.

A Texas judge dismissed the tampering with government records charge against David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt, who made undercover videos allegedly implicating Planned Parenthood officials in arranging the illegal sale of fetal tissue to researchers for profit.

Prosecutors claimed Daleiden and Merritt used fake driver’s licenses to hide their identities when dealing with Planned Parenthood.

But this just shows how sick our society is.  Once those undercover videos came out, every Planned Parenthood clinic in the entire country should have been shut down and a whole bunch of their executives should have been prosecuted.

Instead, the country as a whole just yawned and we just continued with business as usual.

And today, the Democrats nominated for president a woman that has made “abortion rights” one of the pillars of her long political career.  Hillary Clinton’s hands are drenched in the blood of unborn children, but we aren’t supposed to mention that these days because it isn’t “polite” to do so.  This is a woman that has even admitted that an unborn baby is a “person”, but she insists that an “unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights”

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” today that “the unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights.”

Clinton made the statement in response to a question from “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd. Clinton also said that an unborn child’s constitutional rights are “not something that exists.”

Sadly, most of us believe the mainstream media when they tell us that voting for Hillary Clinton is a perfectly legitimate choice.

No it isn’t.

Any American that casts a vote for Hillary Clinton is committing an unadulterated act of wickedness.

But of course Donald Trump is not exactly a champion of the pro-life movement either.

Just consider his acceptance speech the other night.  It was the longest acceptance speech in history, and yet there wasn’t a single word in there about abortion.

Not one single word.

He was once very strongly “pro-choice”, but now he says that he is “pro-life”.  However, that doesn’t mean that he intends to change any laws.  In fact, earlier this year he made his intentions very clear to CBS News

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump told CBS News this week following controversy over his remarks about abortion that “at this moment, the laws are set, and I think we have to leave it that way.”

And Donald Trump has repeatedly praised Planned Parenthood and has publicly stated that it “has done very good work for many, many — for millions of women“.

I know that a lot of conservatives out there are very supportive of Donald Trump these days, but he is dead wrong about this issue.

As long as we continue the mass killing of the unborn in this country, it isn’t going to matter who is running this nation.

Every time we murder another child, we curse ourselves, and I don’t know if there are words to describe how evil we have become.

If we were to immediately renounce our evil and stop murdering babies, perhaps we would have a chance of turning things around.  But if we continue on the same path that we are currently on, then we are going to deserve every ounce of what is about to happen to us.

  • oUCH

    Well said.. if we vote for someone who clearly supports killing the most innocent among us; are we not as guilty as those who do the actual act of the murder ? I am very seriously considering not voting for President at all this election.. I have never missed voting since I became of age.. but in my mind; if I vote for a baby killer, whether a Dem or a Republican.. is not that innocent blood then on my hands ? Hands that are swift to shed innocent blood is one of the things that God said He hated.. and doing so simply for convenience makes that incredibly evil act even worse.

    • NDC

      I must agree. Lets do some homework though, shall we?

      HRC and her kind will never, ever, turn from their ways. She willingly belongs to the occult world, a world that thinks they have evolved to a position higher than the rest of us. Most all elite Dems are also converted Muslums, do you really think the Islamic world would give up all those Millions, perhaps Billions, to an infidel??? Anyone not with them is in their way and must be removed at all cost. Silenced, ridiculed, stripped of all inaliable rights. Along with the UN, which is complicit, she will usher in Sharia Law in America and the plan to bring the US to its knees will be complete.

      The Lib, the Green, the Indy, none of these have any chance of getting to the WH. No matter their position on Biblical rights of all mankind they have NO chance.

      Trump. Not great, not good….fair at best in his current form. He can win. He holds critical positions on Constitutional rights. He did pick some acceptable possibilities for SCOTUS judges. He has Carson and some good evangelicals in his ear. Its only the end of July and there are 12 weeks for his “current form” to be…..altered.

      We, as Christ followers, need…no, MUST pray without ceasing for the next 12 weeks. In groups, online, over the phone, at preset times from all over the Country and the World for that matter. This is it folks, this is the final litmus test….will we or will we not turn to GOD??? Will we or will we not stand for our Christian world view??? Will we or will we not call on the mercy and grace of GOD to bring revival to America????

      If these things don’t happen ^^^^ we will get HRC, hell on earth, and the wrath of GOD.

      Heavenly Father forgive them, for they know not what they do…………

      • Sm

        Sharia law? Do you know what that is? Do you know the difference between Sharia and Wahhabi (ISIS) law? People keep saying sharia law is coming without even knowing what sharia law really is.

        • NDC

          Yes, I do. Its a hideous form of total control masked by so called religion.

          Stop trying to confuse people with your shell game, it doesn’t matter WHAT form of Islam is the culprit…..ITS ALL EVIL!

          DHS, Patriot Act, Agenda 21…..wake up friend CONTROL is the game and the game is run by EVIL. What would be the most covert and complete way to gain control over a few 100 million gun advocates….turn the EVIL control based “Peaceful Religion” of Islam loose on the World.

          Oh wait, they are doing that RIGHT NOW.

      • Gay Veteran

        “…Most all elite Dems are also converted Muslums….”

        got ANY proof of that?

  • im4truth4all

    One must always vote to limit evil as much as possible if one cannot vote for the better of two goods. In the current election this means voting for the Republicans. The Democrats, in my opinion, are representatives of serious evil, much more so than the Republicans.

    • Much like the rest of the country, I was also looking forward to a Republican retaking the WH in 2016. Unfortunately the delegates did not give us one. Donald is not now — nor has he ever been — a Republican. The most “Republican” thing he has done is donate money to the Clintons.

      Meanwhile, on the supposed Left is Hillary Clinton — the candidate who is constantly maligned by the Left as being a NeoCon, a DINO, and a far-right, war-mongering zealot.

      This November we can vote for a bimbo (TV reality star Donald, with no more substance than Kim Kardashian), or we can vote for someone whom the Leftwing considers NOT a democrat… someone who’s held the title of Secretary of State.

      • Gay Veteran

        “…Meanwhile, on the supposed Left is Hillary Clinton — the candidate who is constantly maligned by the Left as being a NeoCon, a DINO, and a far-right, war-mongering zealot….”

        that’s because she is a NeoCon, war-mongering zealot

        • Agreed. Clinton IS the only Republican choice in November; Donald is the Democratic choice. It’s a Bizarro World election!

          I don’t believe in the whole “End of Times” mythologies, but if I did I’d say we were incredibly close to seeing the Tribulations.

    • Gay Veteran

      democrats = republicans

  • K

    This Country deserves Clinton. Let us pray, God in his mercy, does not give her to us.

  • Jim Clark

    And the women answered to one another as they played, and said “Saul has slayed his thousands and David his ten thousands”. 1 Samuel 18:7

    • But they were religious men, they’re allowed to murder left and right and not be called out for it.

  • Jason Santoso

    Didn’t Trump said that women should be punished for having an abortion? I have saw Hillary attack him using those words.

    • Donny has indeed expressed literally every opinion of abortion that anyone could hold. He has been wildly in favor of, and also staunchly against. The man is a buffoon who has absolutely NO real standing of his own, and he capriciously states opinions that he knows his audience wants to hear.

      In his book, The Art of the Deal, he stated that he tells everybody what they want to hear, and that this tactic has been the cause of his success. In essence, he is a bigger politician than any politician we’ve ever had before.

      • vaccine damaged eunuch

        Of course Bilderberg selects 2 prescreened puppets, like they always do. Of the 2 evils vote the least.

  • Chris P

    Without repentance we get judgment.

  • VigilanteCaregiver

    I’ve read many excuses by pro-genocide folks here about how they can get away with supporting mass murder. The usual Nazi excuse that they aren’t killing “people” always comes up. But their definition is very flimsy. Their favorite delusion is that since the baby isn’t breathing in the womb (it’s incubating- oxygen delivered via bloodstream); it’s just a “clump of cells”. That’s what I named the serial killer defense: “but, your honor, I made sure they weren’t breathing when I butched ’em. According to legal and scientist’s opinions, I didn’t kill any person. It was just a clump of cells!”

    • Gay Veteran

      just more of your “moral” preening

  • medicalkidnap dotcom

    Muslim babies should be aborted. We don’t need more subhumans like the ones who just went into a church in France and beheaded the priest. Their birthrate is way to high.

    • Sm

      Subhumans? Your mean statement stinks due to the arrogance. Arrogance is what drives ISIS due to their looking down on non-Muslims and even Muslims who don’t follow their way.

      • iris


      • Kim

        No I didn’t mean that. Wild is the real term. The Bible says the Ishmaelites are wild. The fact that they are wild is what drives ISIS. Anyone can be Muslim, but most Muslims seem to be descendants of Ishmael and are all wild with or without religion. If you are a Christian you have to believe they’re wild.

        • Gay Veteran


          • the comment was not meant 4 u but thereligionofpeace website proves in fact they r wild VISIT THE SITE!
            i was thinking i should block u until i get estrogen or tes. & dental check cause u mostly troll & wastes my time but u do leave a few ok comments

          • Gay Veteran

            sounds like you need to get some lithium

          • shots mercury

            yes the right kind of lithium is really good 4 health
            it seems like u should like unicks since i’m often barely attracted to women & have a few female features due to stopping hair loss hormone

    • Guy McClung

      no. each Muslim baby is made unique and special, in the image of the loving creating God. no baby should ever be aborted the way we do 3800 a day here. the Mohammedans who slit the priests throat were NOT subhumans. they too had been made fullofwonder in God’s image, but they were made with free will and the exercised it in doing their terrorist crime.

      • iris


        • neutered male asperger

          I’m anti-abortion and always have been but 1 exception is if the woman would otherwise die in childbirth. Also I don’t like Ishmaelites because the Bible says they’re wild. An Ishmaelite (Arab; not always Muslim but usually) baby would be like a lion that you raised from a baby. It’s domesticated but you never know when it’s going to turn on you. The Bible says he’s against every man and every man against him.

          1 thing that bothers me is if abortion became illegal then where are they going to get all the body parts from??? They’ll start mandatory organ harvesting of adults (dissenters) like they do in other police state regimes. It’s a very profitable business in other countries and America is headed the same way. No, once again I don’t support abortion but that is something to consider.

          • Gay Veteran

            “…An Ishmaelite (Arab; not always Muslim but usually) baby would be like a lion that you raised from a baby. It’s domesticated but you never know when it’s going to turn on you…..”

            you are a sad pathetic bigot

          • “bigotry” is justified when survival is at stake. MY SURVIVAL IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN EQUALITY
            Take a look at these sites.

      • Kim

        It’s not that all Muslims are bad because some aren’t but that most Muslims are descendants of Ishmael. The Bible says that Ishmael is wild. Islam is just a religion that most Ishmaelites follow; they are still wild without religion. If you believe the Bible you have to believe that the Ishmaelites are all wild. Anyone can be Muslim, but since we usually don’t know if they’re Ishmaelites they should not be allowed in the U.S.

        • Gay Veteran


  • Greg Thomson

    White trash in power with Money… The country will continue to die.

  • K

    We have just seen a terrible thing. Evil exposed, and the majority still choosing it. We are not where we are by mistake. At each turn the majority, have chosen the evil. Some because they are truly evil themselves. Many more, because it was just easier to go along. These choices will not be without penalty. As to abortion. The main reason given for this terrible thing is money. I can not afford the child, or it will interfere with my career. Whatever the excuse, it basically comes back to money most of the time. So we kill the most innocent amongst us, for money,. Is there anything more evil?

    • iris

      So true. And yet, these same women think it would be too cruel to relinquish the child for adoption. There are roughly as many people in the U.S. seeking to adopt every year, as there are babies getting aborted. God has given them a way out which would give life to the innocent child, joy and purpose to the parent/s seeking to adopt, and freedom to the mother or couple who don’t want their baby. Satan really does blind people to seeing the open doors.

      • Gay Veteran

        “…There are roughly as many people in the U.S. seeking to adopt every year, as there are babies getting aborted….”

        got ANY proof for that?

    • Gay Veteran

      “We have just seen a terrible thing….”

      we’ve seen LOTS of terrible things, like our wars of aggression

  • GV

    I thought from the title that Michael was FINALLY going to write about our massive war crimes around the world!

    should have known better

    • Yeah, he got me too.

      +1 for the successful clickbait.

      • Richard

        What is so great about “humans” anyway? Why does it matter whether they live or die? Humans are absolutely the worst thing ever to have happened to the planet. We think we “own” the planet. Sorry. The planet owns us. We are here, courtesy of the planet, not the other way around. So, we think nothing of killing mosquitos and flies (and other animals for our consumption). What on earth is wrong with us killing each other? Who cares?

        • I couldn’t agree more.

          I haven’t consumed an animal product for food, clothes, etc., in decades. We just finished building a small two bedroom guest cottage in our back yard and once I saw the ant chambers we were digging up from underground, I set out to disturb them as little as possible. It added weeks to the project unfortunately.

          We cohabit this over-populated planet. I will neither bring in more lives nor make any attempts to destroy any.

        • Gay Veteran

          “…So, we think nothing of killing…other animals for our consumption)….”

          and what does the rest of Nature do?

          • That’s because we have to. Read Extraordinary Centenarians in America. They all eat meat. Vegetarians don’t live as long. But we shouldn’t be killing white babies because the white population is decreasing in America and the people Bilderberg is bringing in have a high birth rate. They even make statements saying we’ll conquer you with the womb.
            Where I live there isn’t a whole lotta whites left.

      • MEP325

        No one is forcing you to visit the website and read the articles. Michael’s articles are far more substantive than what you have to say.

        • Well, it seems the same person who forced me to read the article also forced you to respond in a lovely childish manner I haven’t seen since the bratty six-year-old next door got removed by Child Protective Services.

          Thank you so much for your opinion, which I am at least semi-certain you incorrectly felt was worthwhile to someone other than yourself. I am going to use it as a teaching tool to show my children what the opposite of good manners are.

          But your next snitty little conniption will not be seen by them, as they oughtn’t be punished for something they didn’t do wrong.


          • MEP325

            You’re so welcome for my opinion. And you should start your own website and write articles. I’m sure it would do very well and gain a lot of followers.

          • A.) My ego doesn’t need that sort of validation

            B.) My patience doesn’t need meaningless people with even less meaningful opinions foisted upon me unbidden

            C.) Women with websites/blogs get more death threats than followers, so that’s three things I don’t need

          • MEP325

            Obviously, I was being sarcastic. Blogs written by vegan feminists tend not to have a large following.

          • Do get yourself a dictionary — you’ve accidentally used “sarcastic” when you meant “an idiot”.

          • MEP325

            I must have struck a nerve. Truth will do that.

          • Gay Veteran


  • The_Ipcress_File

    Just one more nail in America’s coffin.

  • ProclaimingGodsTruth

    I for one will not put my name on or vote for anyone that in any way – covert or overt, Republican, Democrat or whatever that does not take a stand AGAINST abortion! And publicly DECLARE it!

    Stand with God’s innocent unborn or you stand AGAINST!

    • Then you can just throw away your Voter’s Registration

      card. Despite some people still equating it to “baby murder”, it is here to stay. No top-ticket candidate can claim to be anti-choice and expect to get votes.

      Clinton’s opinion on the matter is to keep abortion safe, legal, AND RARE. She has stated she does not like abortion (truly, no one *likes* it), but to outlaw or restrict it would be too detrimental to society. If every pregnant person were forced against their will to give birth, there simply would not be enough families to take in the millions and millions of new children. As it is, The United States has over 100,000 children available for adoption, and they are aging out daily.

      We can’t afford to shove millions more children into the already over-saturated adoption market.

      • ProclaimingGodsTruth

        There is absolutely no excuse to kill, murder, maim and destroy a human life for the sake of society and/or their ability to support them.
        H. Clinton and others support PP to the tune of 500million per year. Don’t kid yourself with political speeches promising or saying things that will never happen.
        And … if needed I will throw away my voter card away. I certainly won’t fall in line with the masses and vote for the least of two evils.

        • neutered male asperger

          I’m anti-abortion but 1 exception is if the woman would otherwise die in childbirth.

          1 thing that bothers me is if abortion is illegal then where are they going to get all the body parts from??? They’ll start mandatory organ harvesting of adults then like they do in other police state regimes. It’s a very profitable business.

          • Gay Veteran

            “…An Ishmaelite (Arab) baby would be like a lion you raised from a baby. It’s domesticated but you never know when it’s going to turn on you….”

            you are a pathetic bigot

          • over half of muslims support sharia law so they are bigots
            have to be a bigot back otherwise i’d be welcoming in those who hate nonbelievers

        • Gay Veteran

          well YOU need to be willing to pay more in taxes or adopt some unwanted children.

          otherwise you’re just engaged in “moral” preening

          • ProclaimingGodsTruth

            If needed. What price do YOU put on a human life then?

      • Gay Veteran

        “…Clinton’s opinion on the matter is to keep abortion safe, legal, AND RARE….”

        she just enjoys killing people in our endless wars of aggression, like Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc.

    • iris

      Agree! If the woman’s life is in proven danger for her to carry to term, I could see a reason for abortion, but that would be the only one. Some women risk that, even so, and both they and the baby turn out fine. And the medical test results aren’t always that accurate, anyway. Know a lady who was told her baby was going to be born with disabilities, it was just fine.

      • Gay Veteran

        fortunately you don’t get to dictate other people’s choices

    • Gay Veteran

      so I guess you have already adopted an unwanted child, right?

      • ProclaimingGodsTruth

        So this makes it right to murder them then… Like pruning a vegetable garden then right …? Sick!!!

  • JB

    They plugged their ears, yelled curses and stoned Stephen when he tried sharing the truth. You see the same behaviors today – there’s nothing new under the sun. They hate having their evil, wicked deeds exposed. But there will come a day when that will all come to light, which is rapidly approaching. God is gracious in allowing us all time to repent, but because He is righteous and holy, there is a point when He must judge – both corporately (nationally) and as individuals (the Day of the Lord).

    • iris

      Yes, indeed. Jesus died for sinners, He is our hope and peace. Choose life in Him, while you still can.

  • VigilanteCaregiver

    Mike, here’s some local news from the Deseret News site. Utah Planned Parenthood revealed condom wrappers with an LDS Church copyrighted image “CTR”, which means ‘Choose the Right’; we give rings and tie tacks to children at Church to encourage and remind them to use good judgement and keep doing correct things.

    Planned Parenthood pulled the wrappers today after massive local backlash. The baby killers claim it was a tongue-and-cheek joke meant to start honest and open dialog. They were actually after free publicity and to insult the community for their own gain.

    Leftist’s and Democrats are losing badly here; so is Trump. The local Republicans are also feeling heat as we’re not going to tolerate anyone’s hubris, corruption, nor genocidal treasons. Planned Parenthood has a history of this kind of behavior of mocking and harassing the Saints out here to the point where they’re poison to know socially.

    We’ll see what happens, if they’re sued for copyright infringement with malicious intent.

    • iris

      Hope they do sue, and win. Dialogue, my foot.

      • VigilanteCaregiver

        Thanks Iris. It’s exceptionally insulting, but they’ll fail yet again. Fairly sure they’re trying to cry bully. I updated my original post with added info from a well connected friend. The Church will likely settle this in mediation. I’d prefer the baby killers to finally leave. Prison would be much better, though. Maybe next time.

        • But most of the planet strongly opposes putting non-criminals in prison, so there goes that sick wish of yours.

          Also, abortion clinics only go where abortions are in demand. If abortions are in demand in Utah, then clinics must remain.

          And lastly, abortion does not involve babies. It involves zygotes, embryos, and sometimes fetuses. If you take a baby to an abortionist, they’ll laugh you out onto your hysterical hiney.

          I hope your dislike of “killing” doesn’t just start and end at strangers’ uteri. I hope you staunchly decry all forms of war, all forms of police violence, gun ownership, and practice a vegan lifestyle. I personally don’t support any of those beliefs, but then again I am not the one claiming that babies are being killed in abortion clinics.

          • Gay Veteran

            “…I hope your dislike of “killing” doesn’t just start and end at strangers’ uteri….”

            it does, you will RARELY see a religious fundamentalist condemn our wars of aggression.

            Instead, they engage in “moral” preening by being anti-abortion

          • No, it’s not just religious fundamentalists that don’t like killing babies.

  • ” nobody from Planned Parenthood has been prosecuted that I know of, but authorities sure did go after the people that made the undercover videos”
    That’s primarily because nobody from Planned Parenthood broke any laws, while the people who made the undercover videos most certainly did break laws.

    • iris

      You don’t think profiting off of the sale of human body parts is breaking the law? It’s a felony. That was part of the reason why they had to go undercover in the first place.

      • But they were proven over and over and OVER again to not be “profiting off of the sale of human body parts”. THAT would have been a felony. They were taking already-aborted tissue which has long been labeled “medical waste” and disposed of in the trash, and instead providing it for medical research purposes… which is fully, 100% legal from start to finish. We may harbor unpleasant opinions of abortion, but you must acknowledge it does occur, and there are two things that can happen with the tissue: it can all rot in a trashcan to benefit no one, OR it can go toward saving lives. Ask yourself which is more righteous?

        Your point of them having to go undercover makes no sense. Everyone (everyone but the cuckoos anyway) knew already that aborted tissue went toward medical research. There was no need to go undercover (which is a euphemistic way to refer to ‘deception’), because PP already happily confirmed that the medical waste (aborted tissue) was being provided to medical research companies.

        There was no “profit from dead babies”, nor from “the sale of human body parts”. If someone approached pregnant women in the streets and gave them financial incentives to abort, then you would be telling some truth. But abortion is and was already happening. Delivering the tissue for a fee is NOT profiting. If it was, then PP would have been severely punished and the rats who violated federal law to videotape it would have been lauded as heroes.

      • VigilanteCaregiver

        You’re right; it is against the law. Problem is Feminazi’s and other lunatic usurpers are running their god… sorry; I mean our government.

  • VigilanteCaregiver

    What gets me is how leftist’s media is claiming to be anti-marriage anti-war, anti-gun, and pro-infanticide: guess they like their victims to not fight back. These folks are so weak and insane.

    • Gay Veteran

      last I checked the “left” and “right” loves them some war

  • Q.

    Donald Trump acknowledges that Planned Parenthood does other things than abortion, but he would not fund it as long as they abort babies.

    “You can say whatever you want, but they have millions of women going
    through Planned Parenthood who are helped greatly. I wouldn’t fund it,
    I’d defund it because of the abortion factor,” – Donald Trump

  • SantosGarcia
  • The reason for abortion is population control. The elite have 2 main goals: complete power over everyone and depopulation.

    • kfilly

      You are partially correct. Abortion alone will not achieve the population control these sick people want to achieve. That will be done through wars, famine, and disease. Abortion keeps population levels of “undesirables” in check.